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Tiger! Tiger! Burning Bright

#1 Auburn wins the championship with a decisive win over #6 TCU, becoming the kings of the 10th CFBHC season.

Pack Up The Playoffs

The Packers steamrolled the playoffs, defeating the Dolphins by 20 to win Super Bowl IX; this is their second title in three seasons.

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  2. They can get salary relief and a prospect or pen arm probably. I don’t know how many years he has left but I’m sure they’ll be fine with him platooning with Thames and sometimes starting in the OF if they can’t unload him.
  3. Well. If that's the case then Maybe Braun gets traded to the Angels for Cron and a lower level prospect. I don't think they'll get a lot out of Braun in trades at this point in his career.
  4. He’ll platoon at first with Thames. Or they’ll trade him to an AL so he can DH (but I think he has 10/5 Rights and only wants to be traded to a team in Cali.
  5. I dont see them moving Braun to third... he couldnt play it when he was 22... I dont think hes going to play it now... he'll probably be a bench bat I would think... But yeah I expect the Brewers to make a move for a starter like Archer with a nice package.
  6. Broxton will be gone before the regular season starts if I had to guess. The Yelich trade was great. The Brewers have a deep minor league system and can afford it. Yelich has already proven himself and is under control for a steal of a price until 2022. Lorenzo Cain is 31, but his legs, bat, and defense are all on the right side of that age. 5yrs/$80M is nothing for a player that's been averaging 5+ WAR for the last 4 seasons. It's not like they're paying him $153M over 7 years like the Yankees did with Ellsbury. If they can trade for or sign Darvish/Arrieta they will heavily compete for the Central.
  7. I could see them trade Phillips/Broxton for a Starter, Have a outfield with Yelich, Cain and Santana and move Braun back to 3rd. But moving Braun is a stretch on it's own.
  8. I mean. The most stupid thing that the Brew Crew did was to get Yelich and sign Cain knowing they have Braun, Phillips, Santana AND Broxton already atm.
  9. Cain's just returning home... also that is setting the market a little more for JD Martinez, even though we already knew his value... but that is a stupid contract for someone whos game somewhat relies on speed and is about to start his age 32 season...
  10. Hot stove is getting very hot. Christian Yelich for Lewis Brinson, Isan Diaz, Monte Harrison and Jordan Yamamoto. Brinson and Diaz 2 of the Brewers top 10 prospects. Then they go out and sign Lorenzo Cain for 5yr/80M. Wow.
  11. Now McCutchen is on the San Francisco Giants. I still don’t understand why they’re attempting to compete when the Diamondbacks, Dodgers and Rockies are all in your division.
  12. I mean. I think that was their only option TBH. The Yankees would’ve needed Frazier/Andujar to make the deal work. Yanks didn’t budge and they were forced to take this deal. I’m guessing nobody else gave a better deal than this.
  13. As an Astros fan, we just stole Cole from the Pirates. Musgrove has looked like he's destined to be a back of the rotation guy ever since being called up. Plus now we have Keuchel, Verlander, McCullers, Cole, Peacock, Morton, and McHugh. He was never going to make a start on this roster barring the aforementioned players stay healthy. Feliz has been pretty solid in the bullpen, but I still think he walks too many batters and gives up too many hits. Francis Martes is basically just a 21-year-old version of him anyways. Moran is blocked at the MLB level and was pretty much going to be for years. I actually really like Moran and think he has the potential to be a top 10-15 3B in the league. Bregman is just better and younger. Jason Martin barely even cracks our top 15 prospects list on several sites. I can't say much about him except for I'm glad we're trading him and not Kyle Tucker. Our outfield is stacked for now anyways. #FLEECED
  14. Joe Musgrove: 4.77 ERA and 98 strikeouts in 109.1 innings at the MLB level. Gave up lots of homers with 18 HRs allowed. Michael Feliz: 5.63 ERA and 70 strikeouts in just 48 innings at the MLB level. Strikeout machine. Colin Moran: Slashed 308/.373/.543 with 18 HRs at AAA, 4 hits in 11 ABs in the Bigs. Also struck out only 55 times in 79 games. Jason Martin: .278/.332/.487 with 18 HRs in A+ and AA combined
  15. Cole to 'Stros for Feliz, Musgrave, Moran and Martin
  16. Rockies lowkey killin it this offseason...
  17. Rockies settled with DJ LeMahieu! Hype!
  18. All the teams will be getting a like $40-50MM revenue sharing check this month so we should see some movement soon. White Sox tried to ignite the stove with a trade and starting pitcher signing at least
  19. Stove is really cold. Now we're waiting on a possible Machado trade and Darvish signing and even Darvish might hold out till Spring Training, just like J.D Martinez has said he's open to.
  20. I don’t understand that one either, but maybe Adrain Gonzalez will sign and then they won’t spend money on Hosmer
  21. I still don't get the Padres trying to sign Hosmer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  22. They never should have been sold to that ownership group. It’s ridiculous.
  23. At this point. Marlins are blowing everything up. Now, they'd need a big package from J.T Realmuto or Christian Yelich to make this offseason go from worst of all time to bad. Maybe Realmuto goes to the Red Sox or to the Cleveland Indians.
  24. Sounds like a whole lot of nothing. Lotto tickets for the Marlins.
  25. P Alcantara, CF Sierra, RHP Zac Gallen, LHP Daniel Castano https://twitter.com/clarkspencer/status/941079922134736896
  26. We being St. Louis in case you didn’t know his team. Any idea what you’re giving up?
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