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    Posted it on General Discussion because idk where else to put it. 

  3. So that answers questions we had, got some great production, clearly we need a lot of D-line help (nothing we didn't already know) and a lot of help at CB (again, nothing we didn't already know) but it's nice to see our passing game the way it should look once we can get our defense off the field. Just too bad Monte Jackson was the way we got our defense off the field tonight. 23 tackles by our safeties might just be a record....but it only speaks to the ineffectiveness of our front 7.
  4. Absolutely, but Lacey is a rookie, who is forced into a CB1 role that he's not ready for, and just got boatraced by uber-pro Monte. I hope he recovers and ends up having a decent career, but that's tough.
  5. We had someone get a 0.25 last week
  6. New England Patriots select Secondary Skill Level 1.
  7. But you have seen it https://youtu.be/27mB8verLK8
  8. That's one of the worst player grades I've seen
  9. Another loss via a game winning FG. Also, I’m not sure how to fix our secondary. I feel good about 20% of our team and awful about 80%. It’s a never ending cycle and feels bad man.
  10. I feel like their d-lines are just as bad as their o-lines.
  11. Also not sure if it was a sign of trash DL play or what considering the OL were at or below league average, but 99 combined dropbacks and only one sack allowed is a hell of a day in the trenches
  12. Sus jk their secondary is soooooo bad
  13. Brooksheer played his heart out only to be bested by Monte going full 9.98... Panthers still don’t have a reliable ground game but if they can throw 20 passes to Monte each week I guess why even try. Just have to figure out how to keep tossing him the ball
  14. Carolina in 4-4 as the bucs throw it 50 times lol
  15. Jesus Christ Monte. I'd love to see the number of targets he had.
  16. I'm interested. Would need some guidance to get started.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Houston Texans select Linbacker Skill Level 1. The option is staying the same but I am the new scout.
  19. After a long and hard search, the Houston Texans have finally hired a new Head of the Scouting Department. Please welcome @Imdood! While he may be new and inexperienced, @cmcgill and I believe that he is a great addition to our FO that will help us greatly.
  20. I mean you guys are in the playoff hunt, right? So its probably working, whatever it is
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