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The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl XI champions!

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  2. Chad doesn’t feel like the most “Vertical style” RB to me. I could be wrong, but I think he’s been at his best when pounding the rock with a more traditional set of blockers in front of him - blocking TEs, FBs. Just my thoughts
  3. Steelers place the following on Short-Term Injured Reserve: C Riley McDunnough 6-2 268 3 McNeese State [Pass Blocking] [0] 86 - He suffered a Mild Shoulder Rotator Cuff in preseason week 2 and is OUT for 4 weeks. He is out weeks preseason week 3 and regular season weeks 1-3 and doubtful week 4.
  4. Lots of good information in the additional info. Both our games have been a player missing time due to an injury. And our starting center is out for 5 weeks. Really getting tired of the pipe.
  5. Oh cool it was two qbs that I coached playing each other
  6. Plummer is gonna be an animal this year
  7. We beat Brian Brown, no I won't elaborate
  8. Vega! So many teams didn’t trade for you when they had the chance. Now look at you go
  9. I unoffically bet because I don't want to drive to Iowa to bet... but last week my picks were Dallas and the points and the Vikings to cover
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  11. I mostly bet NFL and I had a good week week 1 going up 2.9 units. This week I have bets on: Antonio Gibson over 16.5 carries vs NYG WFT -3.5 vs NYG KC -3.5 @ BAL DEN -6 @ JAX Eagles moneyline vs 49ers ARI over 27.5 points vs MIN DAL over 26 points @ LAC LAC over 29 points vs DAL
  12. i did some bets on the last super bowl, ended up losing like 80% of my initial bet. last time i bet on sports
  13. So I finally got around to putting my money where my mouth is, putting up a parlay for Miami -6.5, BYU +3.5, Cincy -3.5, USC -8.5, and Auburn +6.5 Who here bets on games? College or pros? Spread, money, props? What bets do you have this weekend?
  14. Last week
  15. QB Kyler Wilson 6-0 224 R ECU [Pocket] [+1] 82 Yuge test for the Pirate Captain out of the gate. Clemson was ranked 30th on RNN's Program Rankings, but ECU wasn't far behind at 36. While Wilson doesn't have that talented of pro WRs to throw to, he does have a solid power back and o-line ahead of them. A strong home showing against the premier ACC program would do a lot for his draft stock.
  16. Pretty impressed with the performance for a preseason match. The rookies played really well. Not much I can complain about sans the injuries. Absolutely wonderful introduction for Sean Bell.
  17. Preseason Week 2 Gameplan Primary Offensive Formation: Spread Option Secondary Offensive Formation: Pistol 2RB Primary Defensive Formation: 3-4 Secondary Defensive Formation: 4-4 Coaches   HC Jon Gruden (Age 62) Descended from Ray Rhodes QB Progression Level 4; WR/TE Skill Level 4 OC Freddie Jordan (Age 63) Descended from HC Jon Gruden QB Skill Level 3; O-Line Chemistry Level 2; Offensive Scheme Change Penalty Level 1 DC Matt Patricia (Age 51) Descended from Bill Belich
  18. Ravens place: RB A.J. Garrett 6-1 189 R SDSU [Speed] [0] 80 on Long Term IR. He suffered a severe MCL rupture in rookie minicamp and is out for the season. OT Sawyer Dobbs 6-7 258 1 Texas State [Pass Blocking] [0] 82 on Long Term IR. He suffered a Severe ACL Rupture in Pre-Season Week 1 and is out for the season. OG John Young 6-6 291 6 LSU [Pass Blocking] [0] 80 on Short-Term IR. He suffered a Moderate Shoulder Rotator Cuff injury in Pre-Season Week 1 and is out through Week 7.
  19. I would also be ok with a system where you can pick one player who is graded above say 85+ even if they havent reached 5 years... or instead of years you can do years or overall... for example I have Marcus Golden, who is an 88 player in his 4th year... he has to play
  20. Tennessee Titans (0-1) at Pittsburgh Steelers (0-1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-1) at Denver Broncos (1-0) Carolina Panthers (1-0) at New York Giants (0-1)
  21. My point was that he might not play the same way he played when faced against starters, and plus the Giants are a banged up team at the moment.
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