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Illini Fight Off Huskies

The #25 Illinois defense stifled Washington's star QB Jake Davis as Illinois won a more defensive game 19-17, although QB Jordan Harrison did help with over 300 yards in the air.


Panthers QB Christian Skaggs throws for 506 yards on 49 attempts, adding 6 TD to 0 INT, as the Panthers rout the Bucs at home 42-12.

Hokie-Pokey Defense Turns Game Around

In a game that was 0-0 at the half, Virginia Tech managed to pull the upset of #12 Ohio State through a stifling defense that held OSU to just 3 field goals.

Sustainable Bills Sneak Past Saints

The Bills scored in every quarter, putting up 35; they nearly lost anyway as the Saints scored 27 in the 4th quarter in a close 35-33 game.

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  3. Winners Losers Conference Leaders Standings PFA= Points For Average PAA= Points Against Average Recruiting Rankings: TBD
  4. UConn 2023 <<< Viva Los Lobos @alienufo Good game, I was worried about this game because of your NFLHC record against me.
  5. Good win for OU, certainly. VERY nice win for CAL. Naiquon Barner and Tremaine Clemons (UCLA) are the TRUTH. PAC is North-heavy, the World is OU’s and Amral Brown’s. Oh, and Bryce Thompson’s too.
  6. Dammit, Gophers... Floyd belongs in Minneapolis.
  7. The Iron Bowl is going to be subpar this year
  8. That would be the ultimate poetic irony. The guy I recruited and abandoned destroys my season.
  9. Sun Belt goes 2-1 in non-conference games. Wins: Louisiana - Monroe and Texas State Loss: Georgia Southern Sun Belt Conference games: Georgia State and South Alabama with wins; Coastal Carolina and Troy with losses. Appalachian State, Arkansas State and Louisiana-Lafayette with byes.
  10. Maybe the only thing that could destroy it is a Kruse Missile? I'll see myself out
  11. GG @Rome. Not really how I expected that to play out. Nice to see Brohm shine under the big lights. I was afraid this would be the game that made me regret playing him over Pope.
  12. Holy shit. I knew we were dangerous. Look out everyone else. We coming for you
  13. Yesterday
  14. I'm not so confident about the Marshall game anymore
  15. Well I guess this is why Oklahoma is number 1.
  16. Elijah Williams is looking really good
  17. Auburn and Alabama a combined 2-6. They combined for 2 losses last year (1 if you don't count the game against each other)
  18. Mississippi State's last three wins have come by a combined 10 points. Given that their only win by more than 4 points came against a Temple team that's been blown out three times, anyone who's got a closer eye on them want to say whether this should be mildly concerning or majorly concerning?
  19. Side note: Kinda disappointed at the Harvard loss, I don't think NDU is that good.
  20. If you told me last year that Delaware can beat Northern Iowa, I'd have laughed at you. The Raekwon-less Panthers is sad...
  21. Nice win by the Jackrabbits!
  22. Can we stop ranking Auburn now?
  23. As far as I am concerned, Oklahoma is the best team in the country. I feel like they could beat most teams even if everything is at 80% capacity. When they're playing like this, the Death Star is fully operational.
  24. How is UCONN doing this? Mad lads!
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