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Bred First To Be Champions

The SMU Mustangs are your 11th CFBHC National Champions!

Detroit Sends Lions to Maul Chiefs

Detroit has won Super Bowl X! DE Ilan Kuhn was named Super Bowl MVP with 1.5 sacks and fumble recovery TD.

Training Camp SZN

Training camp has now opened up. The defending AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs got to it early as they try to make their way back to Super Bowl XI.

The Cleveland Browns Select Zach Lombardi

With the first overall pick in the 2024 NFLHC Draft, the Cleveland Browns select Zach Lombardi, Quarterback, Navy.

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  3. This is the best media I've ever seen on the site.
  4. CUSA's TOP RECRUITS As expected, there should be a lot of hype for the upcoming freshmen. Overall, the C-USA have made really great picks when it comes to recruiting. There is no doubt (in my mind) that we can see at least one of these players hit the top tier -- which is the NFL -- whether it be with a C-USA team or not. They could play well on their respective teams, but the entire process is unpredictable -- they might transfer to another team or so. Nevertheless, this is a great recruit class for the entire conference as a whole. However, as we always do each year, we are going to look at the top upcoming freshman for each team. Let us take a look: (COMING SOON, busy rn)
  5. I thought this was for this season at a glance and I was like "those are some bold nfc takes, especially NFCS"
  6. I want to apologize and give a shout out to rabid for giving me my first coaching opportunity. I wish him and mason the very best and will be watching and hoping to see where they bring this team
  7. Sorry for my prolonged absence. I had a death very close to me and it hit me extremely hard. I will be trying to make every effort to come back full time shortly now that I have had some time. Hopefully I haven’t lost ECU, but I know I’ve been gone for a minute and I know the rules. 

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      Still here for you, weeze. Let us know how we can help

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      I don’t think you hit two weeks so you should be good, just make sure you post your depth chart in the 2024 forum and get your game plan set on the interface for our game this week if you haven’t already. So sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you. 

  8. I have Baltimore at 11-5, but I could see them flaming out and going 8-8. Other than them, I'm really not sure who would miss it from last season.
  9. You predicted only one team that made the playoffs last year to miss it (Buffalo at 10-6). Have a reeeeeeeeally hard time seeing that happening
  10. I'm taking the records from my Divisional Previews, but I do have a couple alterations to those records. Tampa Bay is now 0-16 This makes the Falcons to 11-5 After trading for DNJ, I reviewed the Giants Record, and only could find one more win. Over the Cardinals, this moves both teams to 3-13. AFC Playoffs 1. Kansas City Chiefs (13-3) 2. Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4) 3. Miami Dolphins (11-5) 4. Tennessee Titans (11-5) 5. Baltimore Ravens (11-5) 6. Las Vegas Raiders (11-5) 7. Jacksonville Jaguars (10-6) Just Missed: 8. Buffalo Bills (10-6) 9. Indianapolis Colts (9-7) The Jags make the playoff over the Bills thanks to W/L Record in Common Games. Wild Card Round: 2 Pittsburgh Steelers host 7 Jacksonville Jaguars. I think Jags have enough firepower to take on the Pit Defense. Jacksonville Wins 3 Miami Dolphins host 6 Las Vegas Raiders. I have concerns about aging stars on Both Teams, but I think the Raiders can't keep up. Miami Wins 4 Tennessee Titans host 5 Baltimore Ravens. I don't think the Titans can handle the Ravens Defense. Baltimore Wins Divisional Round: 1 Kansas City Chiefs host 7 Jacksonville Jaguars. Chiefs Offense is too good at home for the Jags. Kansas City Wins 3 Miami Dolphins host 5 Baltimore Ravens. Brian Brown is very hard to beat at home, I like the Phins in this one. Miami Wins AFC Championship Game: 1 Kansas City Chiefs host 3 Miami Dolphins. KC has a great Offense, but Brian Brown has magic left in him. I think the Phins take it this year. Miami Wins NFC Playoffs 1. Detroit Lions (13-3) 2. San Francisco 49ers (12-4) 3. Washington Redskins (12-4) 4. Atlanta Falcons (11-5) 5. Green Bay Packers (12-4) 6. Dallas Cowboys (11-5) 7. Philadelphia Eagles (11-5) Just Missed: 8. Carolina Panthers (9-7) 9. Chicago Bears (9-7) Wild Card Round: 2. San Francisco 49ers host 7 Philadelphia Eagles. I love the Eagles Offense, but I think the 49ers Offense can keep up and outscore them at home. San Francisco Wins 3 Washington Redskins host 6 Dallas Cowboys. At this point, these teams are very familiar with each other. Washington is a deeper, more complete team. Washington Wins 4 Atlanta Falcons host 5 Green Bay Packers. I love the Falcons Defense, but I think the Packers have the talent to beat them. Green Bay Wins Divisional Round: 1 Detroit Lions host 5 Green Bay Packers. Another two teams very familiar with each other. The Loins have the league's best Defense, and I think that's enough to win at home. Detroit Wins 2 San Francisco 49ers host 3 Washington Redskins. I think the Redskins will struggle to keep up with the Niners on the Road. San Francisco Wins NFC Championship Game: 1 Detroit Lions host 2 San Francisco 49ers. Detroit is still a good team, but I don't think they have enough offense to win this one. San Francisco Wins Superbowl: 2 San Francisco 49ers versus 3 Miami Dolphins. Two Veteran, and former SB Champs, QBs lead their teams back in the Big Game. Phins have a more complete defense, but SF has a more balanced offense. I think the SF Offense beats out the Phins Defense. San Francisco Wins Top 5 Picks 1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-16) 2. Cleveland Browns (1-15) 3. New Orleans Saints (3-13) 4. Arizona Cardinals (3-13) 5. Seattle Seahawks (3-13) With the Giants winning over Arizona, they went from picking 3rd to picking 6th. The Saints, Cardinals, Seahawks, and Giants all tied with 3-13 Records. Saints had 46% SOS Cardinals had 48% SOS Seahawks had 51.1% SOS Giants had 51.9% SOS
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  12. Lubbock, TX 2024 Texas Tech Schedule Poster The season is just around the corner and the excitement from the fans is at one of the program's peaks. The season ended with a bang with a Bowl win over former Big 12 conference rival, and current preseason top 25 Missouri, and fans feel that this season can be just as exciting. The Texas Tech Athletic Department has released this season's schedule poster just in time for the season to start which includes some of the new faces of the program: QB Grayson Gillette, WR Dominique Dixon and WR Jeremiah Shackelford. These guys are only some of the faces that fans will be familiar with as the season goes on as the real buzz of the offseason was the rumored improvements to the offense that the program hasn't seen in a number of years. Texas Tech Football Announces 2024 Team Captains The Texas Tech Football Program is also proud to announce that the team has elected 2 main captains for the 2024 season. These Red Raiders are longtime mainstays of the program and the players feel that their leadership will be needed for this 2024 campaign. Offensive Captain C Charlie Becker 6-2 304 Sr Flatonia (Flatonia TX) 5.0 of 5.0 [Run Blocking] Charlie is a 4 year starter on the offensive line for the Red Raiders after starting as a true freshman. He has been the anchor of the OL during the Solomon era and has been a the consistent rock that the offense could look toward for leadership. He had the opportunity to leave for the NFLHC draft this past season, but elected to stay for his Senior season citing that he wanted to continue what he started here in Lubbock with one last go around with the boys. Defensive Captain: OLB Austin Callahan 6-3 224 (Sr) Van Alstyne (Van Alstyne TX) 4.0 of 4.0 [Coverage] The former Big 12 Defensive Freshman of the Year, Austin has also been a 4 year starter for the Red Raiders, but has been the anchor in the LB corps for his 4 years. He has played in both the inside and outside of the Front 7 on defense and has always been a playmaker. He is tied for 2nd all time in Texas Tech career interceptions after an incredible freshman season. Austin was happy to step up to the task of leading this defensive group after learning tremendously from Curtis Jones over the past few seasons.
  13. I like seeing the other opinions on our depth chart that I didn't even consider. Like I don't think we even considered Samuel Weiner to start there, that may be a good idea if our guy doesn't work out though. I am curious to see who you think the ILB starters are if Mathis isn't one of them though. Eric Jones?
  14. Tbh I have no respect for you. 

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      Good night to all, including the haters and losers!

  15. Baltimore Ravens 2023 Record: 13-3 Offense Ranking: 20th Defense Ranking: 2nd Overall Rank: 5th 3 Key Players Offense QB Marcus Black 6-6 225 1 Auburn [Hybrid] [+2/C] [+] 86 RB Moussa Goode 6-1 198 4 Ohio State [Speed] [-2] 85 WR David Wells 6-5 187 8 Oregon State [Speed] [+1/C] 88 Marcus Black had a very good Rookie Year. He completed over 63% of his passes for 4,030 Yards with 28 Touchdowns to 9 Picks, he also rushed for 226 Yards and 4 Touchdowns. The Ravens OL allowed the 2nd most Sacks in the league with 48. All year long, he was running for his life, and still turned out a good rookie year. Definitely something for the Front Office to build around. If he takes a further step, and the OL improves, Baltimore's offense could be really good at times. Moussa Goode is kinda Moussa not Goode. he had 835 Yards and 7 Touchdowns last year on 4.24 YPC. The Ravens definitely need help on the ground from Goode, so hopefully he improves and becomes a real threat on the ground again. Wells has been Baltimore's best receiver since, he was drafted it feels like. He had over 1K Yards last year, but 3 Touchdowns. The Ravens certainly need him to stretch the field, and could use him to get in the End Zone more. 3 Key Players Defense OLB Tyrone Jones 5-11 233 9 LSU [Blitz] [-1/C] 99 OLB Kenyatta Henderson 5-11 228 8 Ole Miss [Blitz] [-1] 98 CB Troy Marshall 6-1 163 5 Texas [Zone Coverage] [-1] [#] 95 Tyrone Jones is an absolute beast. He's been one of the best Linebackers in the league since he was drafted. In 2023, he had 12.5 Sacks and 16 TFL (2nd and 1st on the Team). On top of that, he had 75 Tackles and 2 FF. He's the best Pass Rushing OLB in the league and is a guy you to have to shift your gameplan around. The only Raven to get more sacks than Jones in 2023 was Kenyetta, he had 14 Sacks and 13 TFL (1st and 2nd on the team). This two are an incredibly difficult duo to stop. Both are guys you have to gameplan around, and having both on the field on the same time makes your offense limited. You have to run lots of draws/screens to slow them down, and run quick passing plays. If you try to stretch the field too much, you will get sacked multiple times. When you do try to pass the ball quickly, you're being forced to throw against a secondary lead by Troy Marshall. Marshall had 8 Picks and 9 PD last season, which is insane. No other player in the league had more INT+PD combined (next closest was 13 - Travaris Jackson). Jones/Henderson gives Marshall and the boys the opportunity to be very aggressive in coverage. They know teams have to get rid of the ball quickly, and they can jump those routes and take the ball the other way. This is a very difficult Defense to attack. Biggest Losses None The Ravens didn't really lose anybody worthwhile talking about. They bring back their entire starting lineup. Biggest Additions OT Sawyer Dobbs 6-7 258 R Texas State [Pass Blocking] [0] 80 OG Raphael Brannon 6-2 334 R Rice [Pass Blocking] [-1] [#] 81 DE Michael Britt 6-5 258 R Boston College [Contain] [+1/C] 80 The Ravens have had major issues on the Line for a long time, they allowed the 2nd most Sacks last year. You have to protect your Franchise QB, so I love the moves to take Dobbs and Brannon. Dobbs likely won't start right away, but Brannon might. Either way, you've got two young guys to build around your OL (and also Tyson Chadwick you took last year). The DE spot has been a bit of a weakness for the Ravens as well. Benton/Davis are just meh. Britt may not be a stud prospect, but I think he'll fit the scheme well and play off of Jones/Henderson well. Strengths Growth of Black. Marcus Black went +4 in the off-season. After what he's done so far, he should be primed for a great 2024. OL Depth. While I don't love the starting OL, they do have solid depth now. In the past, they've been injury prone and unable to replace those guys. Now, they can take an injury and not miss a beat. Stability on Defense. All 11 Starters are back. The league's 2nd best Defense is in great position to take over the top spot from the Loins. Weaknesses Running Game. Moussa Goode really hasn't done much the past couple seasons. Young QBs really benefit from a reliable running game, and Goode is certainly a question mark if he'll do that. WR Depth. Wells is good, but they don't really have much behind him. Patrick Lambert, Hines Mertens, and Zahir Wall are the next guys up. I don't like that too much. Schedule Having won the Division, the Ravens have a tougher schedule this year. Coupled with an improved Pittsburgh, I think Baltimore "regresses" to 11 Wins. Cincinnati Bengals 2023 Record: 4-12 Offense Rank: 24th Defense Rank: 26th Overall Rank: 27th 3 Key Players Offense QB Joel King 6-1 220 5 Houston [Pocket] [0] 89 WR Adrian Jankowski 6-4 194 5 Texas A&M [Target] [0] 94 WR Jamir Blackburn 6-4 196 3 Minnesota [Speed] [-2] [#] 84 No one threw more passes in 2024 than Joel King. After the departure of Ron Thomas (fuck you), the Bengals had 0 running game. This forced them to air it out 47 Times/Game. King threw for 4,700 Yards (58% Completion), with 37 Touchdowns and 22 Picks, the most picks thrown in the league. Of course, when you throw it that many times, you're going to throw picks. I think King is an above average Quarterback, and you can definitely win with him. But, you need a running game. Of course, his job is made a little bit easier thanks to Jank. Jank lead the team with 1,332 Yards and finished 2nd with 7 Touchdowns. He just always seems to find himself open. His partner in Crime, Jamir Blackburn, had a great season as well. He had 1,037 Yards and 12 Touchdowns (lead the team). With how one-dimensional this team is going to be, the opposing defense is going to focus on this trio. 3 Key Players Defense DE Timothy Key 6-2 240 2 Florida [Contain] [-1] 87 OLB Damian Dailey 6-0 230 1 Vanderbilt [Blitz] [0] 81 SS R.C. Rone 6-1 204 10 Oklahoma State [Zone Coverage] [+1/C] 88 Key was a very hyped prospect, who had a tough sophomore year. He finished with 17 Tackles, 3 Sacks, 1 TFL, and 1 FF. Given where he was picked, the Bengals absolutely need Key to do better. The Defense isn't good enough for a Top 3 Pick to be quiet. He has to be a constant force in the backfield. Dailey finished 2nd on the team with 5 Sacks, and tied for 1st with 6 TFL. The Bengals LB Corps got very old, and Dailey was much needed infusion of youth. Cincy is hoping he improves on last year and becomes a much bigger threat rushing the passer. Lord knows they need it. Rone is one of the OGs, and continues to put up numbers. He had 44 Tackles with 3 Picks, 3 PD, 1 TFL, and 3 FF. He's a do-it-all kind of player, which is something the Bengals desperately need. Biggest Losses OT Blake Pile OLB Germane Dixon ILB Nick Upshaw OG DeJuan Holmes PIle and Holmes were both starters for the Bengals in 2023. Holmes was replaced by a stud Rookie, but Pile really wasn't. There's a huge Question Mark at Left Tackle right now, and with how much they throw, that's a massive issue. Losing Pile will really hurt. Nick Upshaw had just 29 Tackles in 2023. It's clear his time as an effective player was over, his loss won't be massive. Germane Dixon tied for the team lead in tackles with 59, while adding 2.5 Sacks and 4 TFL. He decided to hang them up, paving the way for a promising rookie to start. Biggest Additions OG Cyrus Naylor 6-4 322 R Florida [Run Blocking] [0/C] 82 OLB Miles Rinehart 6-1 242 R Louisville [Blitz] [0] 80 ILB DaeSean Woodard 6 -3 206 R Notre Dame [Will] [+3] 78 ILB Brick Madden 6-3 239 4 Oregon [Mike] [0] 82 Naylor is a stud in the making. He graded out very well, and the Bengals got a cornerstone of their OL for a long time. Loved that pick. I liked Rinehart a lot as well, he was super productive at Louisville and I think he'll pair with Damian Dailey pretty well. Really liked that pick as well. DaeSean Woodard is a player who needs some development, but he was also super productive in College. Daniel Watkins is still a good player at Will, but I think the Bengals got his replacement lined up already. The Bengals brought in Brick Madden to take over for Upshaw. He wasn't great in 2023, but did better than Upshaw. He's likely a 1-for-1 Replacement there. Strengths WR. Jank-Blackburn-Whelehan is a good trio. Any of these guys could go off in any game. Defending all three is hard to do. Weaknesses Running Game. Worst in the league. Linebackers. Youth at OLB could lead to inconsistent play. Losing Upshaw hurts chemistry, and Madden is far less experienced. CB. Zion Evans had a very good 2023, but the rest of the unit is very bad. Aaron Stiles and Russ Barker are not good. Kamari Cheatham and Darren Logan are also not good. This group will get toasted often. Schedule I like this Front Office/Coaching Staff. They'll turn this team around, but they just lack talent. The OL will be a mess at times, the offense is too one-dimensional. The Defense has almost no positives to take away. Cleveland Browns 2023 Record: 1-15 Offense Rank: 29th Defense Rank: 31st Overall Rank: 31st 3 Key Players Offense QB Zach Lombardi 6-3 200 R Navy [Hybrid] [0/C] 82 RB Sean Bell 6-1 209 4 Baylor [Speed] [0] 89 WR Jarius Shaw-Dodd 5-11 213 6 Virginia Tech [Speed] [-1/C] 89 Lombardi takes over for Mathew Dobbs and Jordan North. Both of whom sucked ass. I immediately think the Browns now are capable of winning upwards of 3 Games now. There are lots of questions surrounding his selection of course. All evidence points towards him only succeeding in a Pass Heavy Offense, while the Browns just gave Bell a big extension. Bell absolutely has to play a big role in he offense, he was the lone saving grace on it last year. How these two guys mesh together will go a long way to determining if this team can turn it around. Bell had 1,499 Yards with 10 Touchdowns on 4.7 YPC. That's insanely impressive to me. Every single team was putting 8 guys in the Box all the time, and he still managed to put up those numbers. JSD put up OK numbers with Buffalo last year. He had 846 Yards and 7 Touchdowns. I don't think he's all that good, but the Browns needed help at WR desperately. They have to hope he starts playing up to his Draft Pick Selection. 3 Key Players Defense DE Ray McBride 6-6 275 8 Alabama [Blitz] [-1/C] [#] 96 ILB Mark Craig 6-1 230 9 Penn State [Mike] [+1] 88 CB Cameron Marshall 6-1 170 4 Penn State [Zone Coverage] [-1] 86 McBride lead the Browns in both Sacks and TFL in 2023 with 11 and 8 respectively. No one else was really close to him, he was over 50% of their Pass Rush. He took on Double-Teams all year long. With suck little talent on the team, it's easier for opposing Offenses to isolate them and minimize their impact. He's a very good player, but he does need his teammates to show up. Craig was brought in to replace C.J. Thomas. In New England, he had 57 Tackles with 1 PD, 1 Sack, and 2 TFL. Solid, but not great production. The Browns are just hoping he's a more stabilizing presence in the locker room and he continues to be solid on the field. Marshall hasn't reached the potential he showed early in his career. He had 2 Picks and a PD last season. Cleveland will need to see more out of him this year. If they want to improve, all 3 guys above have to have standout years. Biggest Losses WR Kevin Garvin ILB C.J. Thomas Garvin is whatever. I don't think he's ever been more than a depth guy, so him leaving isn't a big deal. C.J. Thomas does hurt. He was a cornerstone guy on Defense, but his time in Cleveland had clearly run its course. The Browns did a good job of replacing him, but it's a short term replacement. Biggest Additions QB Zach Lombardi 6-3 200 R Navy [Hybrid] [0/C] 82 WR Jarius Shaw-Dodd 5-11 213 6 Virginia Tech [Speed] [-1/C] 89 OT Blake Pile 6-5 311 8 USC [Run Blocking] [+1/C] 90 OT Emil Colon 6-7 327 R Arizona [Pass Blocking] [0] 81 ILB Mark Craig 6-1 230 9 Penn State [Mike] [+1] 88 We've already discussed ZL, JSD, and Craig. The Browns had the 8th Worst OL Rating in 2023. They needed help. Getting Pile was a great move in my mind. OT was a huge issue prior to his arrival, and now is a strength. I also liked the picking of Colon in the 2nd Round. Cleveland used to have a good OL (back in my days), and it looks like they're back on their way to that. Strengths New QB, New Me? ZL has to be a significant improvement over North/Dobbs. If he isn't, then Cleveland will start feeling buyer's remorse pretty quickly. Weaknesses WR Depth. JSD is fine, but then you roll out Ricky Chambers, Darrell Mack, and Joseph Thurston. Oof. Linebackers. OLB is a huge question mark for me. Stephen Cannon, Caleb McNamara, and Jabari Fletcher all feel mediocre to me. Mark Craig is fine at Mike, but he definitely has lost a step. This group will struggle. Schedule I don't think Cleveland is good. They'll be bag again this year, and will be saved from a Winless Season thanks to the Bucs. Pittsburgh Steelers 2023 Record: 6-10 Offense Rank: 31st Defense Rank: 7th Overall Rank: 18th 3 Key Players Offense QB Taylor Heiden 6-3 197 8 Arkansas [Hybrid] [+1/C] 91 RB Ricky Vega 5-10 214 2 Penn State [Speed] [0] 82 WR Ja'Wuan Howard 6-2 186 2 Georgia [Target] [0] 83 Heiden did what he could in Tampa last season. He had 62% completion for 3.814 Yards with 25 Touchdowns and 12 Picks, while rushing for just 85 Yards and 3 Touchdowns. I loved the move to bring him to Pittsburgh, Brooksheer was clearly garbage. The Offense completely screwed this team over last year, and getting a legit QB will go a long way to fixing that. Vega got off to a slow start, but finished strong. He had 758 Yards with 7 Touchdowns on 4.28 YPC. I don't think Vega will ever be a Pro Bowl Player, but I do think he can play well along side Heiden. If Pittsburgh can now have a dangerous running game, that will open up everything for them offensively. Howard lead the team with 782 Yards and tied for team lead with 5 Touchdowns. The Steelers' Passing Game was atrocious last year, so him putting up those numbers is impressive to me. Heiden has shown the ability to be hyper efficient throwing the ball, and Howard is primed to benefit more than anyone else. 3 Key Players Defense DE Carlos Washington 6-0 261 3 Michigan [Blitz] [-2] 96 OLB Charlie Johnson 6-2 230 7 South Carolina [Coverage] [+1] 85 CB Kordell McKinnon 6-0 195 3 Michigan State [Zone Coverage] [0] [#] 90 No one had more Sacks + TFL Combined than Washington. He had 21 Sacks (most in the league) and 17 TFL (most in the league). He's a gamebreaking type of player. The entire Defense revolves around him. He's an insane player who will get his sack every game (or almost every game, 14 Statsheets in 2023). I don't have enough good things to say about him. Charlie Johnson returns from a ACL Rupture in 2023 to start once again in 2024. With the Injury to Patrick Murphy (6.5 Sacks, 9 TFL), Johnson will be super important for the Steelers. OLB is again an issue, and the Veteran will have to play well. McKinnon lead the team with 5 Picks and 6 PD in 2023. Like most teams with elite Pass Rushers, it allows your Corners to be aggressive and go after turnovers. McKinnon has benefited greatly from playing with Washington. Biggest Losses QB Norris Brooksheer RB Chester Henson Brooksheer was bad before getting benched for Rory Weston/Kyle Jefferson. He was barely completing over 1/2 of his passes, and was turning the ball over at a high rate. Losing him was addition by subtraction. Henson was never very good in Pittsburgh, last season he had 367 Yards and 4 Touchdowns playing mostly a RB2 role. Still, he was an experienced veteran and a good presence in the locker room. Biggest Additions QB Taylor Heiden 6-3 197 8 Arkansas [Hybrid] [+1/C] 91 RB Sean Meade 5-11 218 R Auburn [Power] [-2] 80 DE Miles Slater 6-1 248 2 Washington [Contain] [0] [+] 80 ILB Aaron Mathis 6-3 223 R Washington State [Will] [+1] 82 We've talked about Heiden. I love the pick of Meade, a good Power Back goes a long way in the Pros. I don't think he'll be a starter year one, but he should still be productive playing a RB2 Role. Slater was brought in on the cheap just to add some depth at DE. Outside of Washington, the Steelers are a Black Hole at DE. Slater busted in Houston and is just hoping to try and resurrect his career in Pittsburgh. Not many players better to feast on opposite of Washington. Mathis won't start year one, but could be a very good player in the middle of their defense for years to come. Strengths Update at QB. Trading Brooksheer and getting Heiden is an immediate improvement. The Offense should move at least to Middle of the League this year. Carlos Washington is a human cheatcode. Weaknesses Patrick Murphy's Injury. Murphy was 2nd on the team in 2023 with 6.5 Sacks. In his place will be Samuel Weiner, who starter for Charlie Johnson in 2023. Weiner didn't do much on the field, he's a clear step down from Murphy. This puts another big hole right in the middle of the defense. OL Depth. I still don't love the Steeler's OL, and they have virtually no one in place to take over in case of Injury. Given the injuries they've had on the OL the past couple of years, this is a huge concern heading into the season. Schedule I like Pittsburgh a lot this year. The Defense will still be very good, and the addition of an actual QB should make the offense scary again. Divisional Standings I like the Steelers to win the Division, but Baltimore will be right on their heels. Cincy will be bad again, and the Browns will be saved from the #1 Overall Pick thanks to the Bucs.
  16. Ugh. The Fuskies. Ended the dream last year, and we’re looking for revenge this year. Holmes is gonna take some lumps but should be really solid. That D though...just nasty getting after the QB. I think UDub will miss Dominique Black in the middle occupying blockers, so schools with strong line play should be able to open some holes. Our second favorite team, as Duck fam, is whomever is playing Washington. Huskies go 8-4 and should be happy about it.
  17. Anthony Holmes passes the eye test coming in at 6’6 , 239 lbs and with experienced receivers to help him along there is potential for him to break Jake Davis’ school records. Excited to see how he does this year just not against my team!
  18. Notes: None of these previews will predict records or standings, those will come in a future post. All stats are from 2023 unless otherwise mentioned. Washington Huskies: 8-1 conference, 10-4 overall Last Year's Conference Finish: 1st (1st Pac-12 North) Coach: Jieret (3rd year) Returning Starters: Offense: 4 Defense: 7 Key Losses: QB Jake Davis 6-3 227 Sr Skyline (Sammamish WA) 5.0 of 5.0 [Pocket]: 314 of 470 (66.81%) for 4046 yards, 36/7 TD/INT, 289.00 YPG - Drafted 15th overall by JAX OT Alan Robertson 6-1 298 (Sr) Bothell (Bothell, WA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Run Blocking] OG Logan Romano 6-6 257 (Sr) Shelton (Shelton, WA) 5.0 of 5.0 [Run Blocking] - Drafted 69th overall by NO OT Patryk Lawson 6-4 290 (Sr) Palmer (Palmer, AK) 3.5 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] DT Dominique Black 6-2 287 Sr Raritan Valley Community College (North Branch NJ) 5.0 of 5.0 [1-Gap]: 14 TKL, 5 TFL, 3.5 Sacks - Drafted 26th overall by MIA OLB Jaden Grace 6-2 239 (Sr) Eielson (AFB, AK) 4.0 of 4.0 [Coverage]: 21 TKL, 1 FF Key Returnees: RB Kofi Walls 5-10 180 (Sr) Soldotna (Soldotna AK) 4.0 of 4.0 [Speed]: 254 rushes for 1156 yards, 10 TDs, 3 Fumbles (1 lost), 4.55 YPC. 3 catches for 24 yards. WR D.D. Dyson 6-0 197 (Jr) Hayfork (Hayfork CA) 4.5 of 5.0 [Target]: 93 catches for 1345 yards, 13 TDs, 4 Drops, 1 Fumble (0 lost), 14.46 YPC WR Charles Kemp 5-9 175 (Sr) Shorecrest (Seattle WA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Speed]: 62 catches for 970 yards, 8 TDs, 2 Drops, 15.65 YPC OG Charlie Barker 6-4 324 Sr Colorado Northwestern Community College (Rangely CO) 4.0 of 4.0 [Run Blocking] DE Cassius Garner 6-3 247 So Tekoa-Oakesdale (Oakesdale WA) 2.5 of 5.0 [Blitz]: 27 TKL, 6 TFL, 13.5 Sacks, 2 FF DE Antoine Dudley 6-5 271 (Sr) Service (Anchorage AK) 4.0 of 4.0 [Blitz]: 27 TKL, 6 TFL, 10.0 Sacks OLB Solomon Wheatley 5-11 229 So McKinley Tech (Boston MA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Blitz]: 55 TKL, 5 TFL, 4.0 Sacks, 2 INT, 1 PD CB Kofi Dennis 6-0 162 (Sr) Columbia (Burbank WA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Man Coverage]: 8 TKL, 2 INT Key Newcomers: (true freshman unless noted otherwise) QB Anthony Holmes 6-6 239 Fr Grand Junction (Grand Junction CO) 1.0 of 5.0 [Pocket] WR Jeremy Thompson 6-3 207 (Jr) Carl Sandburg College (Galesburg IL) 4.0 of 4.5 [Target] (JuCo) OT Sawyer Randall Jr. 6-1 297 (Fr) Tekoa-Oakesdale (Oakesdale WA) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] (Redshirt freshman) DT Khalil Prince 6-3 308 (Fr) Charles Wright (Tacoma WA) 2.0 of 4.0 [1-Gap] (Redshirt freshman) 2024 Depth Chart: http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/32221-2024-washington-huskies-depth-chart-rs/ 2023 Review: Regular season: WON vs. Hawaii 28-24 WON at Utah 31-10 LOST at Illinois 17-19 WON vs. Oregon State 41-21 WON vs. Arizona 27-23 WON vs. Stanford 38-0 WON at California 20-14 LOST vs. USC 17-24 LOST at SMU 20-23 WON vs. Colorado 52-18 WON at Oregon 24-23 WON at Washington State 30-20 Postseason: WON CCG vs. Arizona 31-23 LOST CPF Quarterfinals vs. SMU 24-27 For all you proponents of Strength of Schedule, we present your poster child: The 2023 Washington Huskies. How does a three-loss team make the College Football Playoffs? By winning the conference, first of all, but also by having an absolutely brutal OOC schedule. They played Hawaii, Illinois, and SMU, and none of them were at Husky Stadium - Hawaii was a neutral site game in Texas, Illinois and SMU were away. The away games were both losses but tight affairs (2 and 3-point margins respectively), while the 28-24 Hawaii win opened the season. Following the week 4 loss to the Fighting Illini, the Huskies seemed to alternate efficient wins and blowout wins until back-to-back losses to USC and SMU dampened the mood on campus. But a week 13 Oregon loss to Arizona meant the Oregon-Washington game in Eugene was a winner-take-all affair, one the Huskies pulled out with three Jake Davis touchdown passes. The dream carried through the Apple Cup, then a rematch with Arizona in the conference championship game. It continued when the pollsters and computer selected Washington as the eighth seed. It then ended in a rematch with SMU the same way the first game did - a three-point loss. But the CFP Quarterfinal was almost a bonus game; the seniors got the prize they sought for so long, the Huskies' first Pac-12 title since 2016. 2024 Key Points: Le roi est mort, vive le roi! Jake Davis is the best quarterback in Washington history, end of story. A four-year starter, he left Montlake with nearly every Husky passing record in his pocket and now plays in the pros. Anthony Holmes could someday get there. But he's at the very beginning of his journey, and who knows where he ends up. Coach Jieret recruited him as the QB of the future, but didn't expect him to be the QB of the present too. But he won the job in camp, and here we are. We don't know how he'll do in the real games, and with the West Virginia tilt bumped to opening weekend he doesn't get to ease his way into the college world. We know you have a strong arm, Anthony. Hope you learn quickly too. Livin' on the edge. There's offensive turnover almost everywhere for the Huskies, not just at QB. Washington had four starters on the offensive line graduate plus their starting tight end. Senior Kofi Walls is a three-year starter but hasn't shown that he can be a bellcow-type back (to be fair, he hasn't been asked to yet). That leaves the wide receivers as the clear strength of the offense. D.D. Dyson's 2023 set Husky season records in all three categories (receptions, yards, TDs), and the hope is that he can use that experience and skill to bring Holmes along. He won't have to do it by himself though, last year's WR2 Charles Kemp technically doesn't count as a returning starter; he's moving to the slot to make way for JuCo signee Jeremy Thompson. The trio is probably the second or third-best WR group in the conference, behind USC and maybe ASU depending on how you feel about KR Amari Dunbar. They'll need to show their quality and lead the way. The best offense is a good defense. With so many questions on the offense, the one thing that could reassure Husky fans is that they asked the same questions of the defense last year and they passed with flying colors. Despite playing four true freshmen Washington finished in the top three of the conference in many defensive metrics. One of those was sacks per game; the Huskies averaged 2.43. Bookends Cassius Garner and Antoine Dudley both recorded double-digit sack totals, and Dudley only needs five to become Washington's all-time sack leader. The Huskies will need them to continue their productive ways to compensate for their offense. From first to? Washington was considered a conference favorite going into 2023, based on a potent offense led by the Davis to Dyson combo and a talented-but-inexperienced defense. Now the reverse is almost true where the Huskies have a skilled defense and an offense with promising pieces but only has four returning starters. You have to imagine a bowl berth as the team's floor, but the volatility around Anthony Holmes (and the talent levels of the North teams in general) is way too high to try and confidently predict where the Huskies finish. Schedule: 0 West Virginia 1 at Middle Tennessee 2 California 3 at Oregon State 4 Bye 5 Maryland 6 Arizona State 7 Bye 8 at Stanford 9 Oregon 10 at Colorado 11 UCLA 12 at Arizona 13 Washington State
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