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Tiger! Tiger! Burning Bright

#1 Auburn wins the championship with a decisive win over #6 TCU, becoming the kings of the 10th CFBHC season.

Pack Up The Playoffs

The Packers steamrolled the playoffs, defeating the Dolphins by 20 to win Super Bowl IX; this is their second title in three seasons.

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  2. npklemm

    [2023] FCS Schedule

    Can I get some MAC games scheduled against you mad lads?
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  4. serwendel

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    Updated Week 1 to Louisiana Tech. Confirmed with @Bubada since Louisiana Tech is currently coachless.
  5. PM me to schedule Marshall or Louisiana Tech. They both have week 2 open. Marshall is looking for a highly rated team to play. LA Tech is looking for a mid-level team to play.

  6. Western Kentucky: Week 1: @ Iowa Week 4: Louisville Week 5: @ Liberty  Week 7: Western Michigan
  7. Tyrone28

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    week 3 home vs FAU confirmed @bugspit1 week 6 home vs rutgers confirmed @jmjacobs
  8. If you wanna schedule open MAC teams (Akron, Bowling Green, Kent State, Miami, Eastern Michigan), hit me up. Preferably on Discord.

    1. NDIrish21


      The new guy backed out of my game in Week 5.  Can I get Akron at my place in week 5? @npklemm. If not them, pick one.

    2. npklemm
  9. Last week
  10. The Taylor Cook/Felix Luck dilemma is one that I'm struggling with a bit. I always favor youth but I find it hard to turn away from a 26-5 QB who owns every school passing record, but the upside is crazy. I think that if I go with Cook I should also experiment with McHanna at RB. That could be a scary combo. Especially with Cates as his third down back, that's a lot of speed.
  11. Pitt: Week 2: vs Temple Week 3: vs Penn State Week 4: vs Tennessee Week 9: at Cincinnati
  12. After I submitted my answers, I looked one of the questions up. There are TWO teams with the same number of wins in the Rose Bowl, tying them for second. But only one has 20 appearances.
  13. Man, I didn't realize, Phil really had some stinkers in there. Shot an 85 in the '98 US Open, SHEESH.
  14. Oof, changed my answer on the Buttgers question. Tried to apply "logic," ended with up an answer that was WAY off. At least I was fairly confident in Miami(FL). Viva Steve Walsh!
  15. lmfao I guessed like 207 for the Rutgers question. had no idea it would be that close until I checked the stats after I was done. But uhhhh gonna trust my gut more for CFBHC questions
  16. @Jamzz @stinsy @jared2001usa @stormstopper @Time @Jumbo I had a typo in question 4. It should say "In the 2015 CFBHC Season" not 2014. If you want to change your answer (full question in the same link in the OP), you can PM me it. I'll trust you didn't look it up.
  17. You are absolutely ridiculous. What a wild ride this was.
  18. I put Wisconsin because I was so sure that we were ranked 1 when we were 12-0 two years ago and I couldn’t imagine another time we’d be ranked one. Turns out I was wrong and we were never ranked first despite being the only P5 undefeated team but we were ranked first a half century ago at some point. Other than that I got unlucky to miss the next three. I was told I was less than 10 yards off on question 2, I was randomly considering USC for the third one and went Ohio State, and then on the fourth question at the last second I switched from Bama to Penn state.
  19. what the hell I got the first one right lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rampant binge drinking and alcoholism finally comes through clutch. And so did @Jamzz Looks like we have to go to Pooley's next year when you're back at school and celebrate, when your parents ask if you're out drinking, you can be like "No Im studying." and then when they're like "mmmhmmm I bet you're at a bar" you can be like "well yes, but actually, Im studying the walls above the urinals for this triva thing." My life is complete though, what a total shot in the dark.
  20. Ten...Ten. Ten. TenTENTENTENTEN. First of all, here is the link to episode 10 trivia: https://forms.gle/qDR8fkq4S9b7mQz48 Submissions will be closed Monday May 20th around 12PM ET. Please note, I will be out of town until the end of May, so results may be very delayed. I will try my very best to keep up with this, though! Here are the answers to last episode's quiz: As with everything else I do, if I made a mistake, please do let me know! Question Answer(s) %Correct Episode 09 Name any FBS school (current or former) that has been ranked #1 on the AP Poll for exactly ONE week. Arkansas (1965), Boston College (1942), North Carolina (1948), Wisconsin (1952) 6.67% In 2016, Rutgers (2-10) had a historically poor season. How many more total punt yards did they have compared to yards of total offense (within 50 yds)? Total offense yards: 3,398 Total punt yards: 3,618 220 yards 13.79% Two schools share the record for most players selected in an NFL Supplemental Draft. Name either of them. Miami (FL), USC - 3 players 20.69% Which CFBHC team has had the most players selected in an NFLHC? Alabama (53) 20.69% There were 83 players with 75 or more rounds played in majors from 1997 through 2009 (52 tournaments). Tiger Woods has the best cumulative score to par in that span at -134. Phil Mickelson was in second during this period with what score (within +/- 10 strokes)? Phil Mickelson scored +99 (233 shot difference) 3.45% Isn't it ridiculous that the 2nd best player during that span was 99 strokes OVER? Saying that, isn't it ridiculous how stupidly difficult OP made this week?... This one was entirely too difficult... Sorry guys. I got way too excited to share random facts with you all. Episode 9 User name 1 2 3 4 5 Total correct % correct DangerZoneh X ✓ X X ✓ 2 40.00% AzulCaballero X ✓ ✓ X X 2 40.00% Jumbo X X ✓ ✓ X 2 40.00% Bingo415 X ✓ ✓ X X 2 40.00% Jieret X X ✓ ✓ X 2 40.00% Pumph X X ✓ X X 1 20.00% Jamzz ✓ X X X X 1 20.00% ImposterCauster X ✓ X X X 1 20.00% Babaganoush ✓ X X X X 1 20.00% TheTodd15 X X X ✓ X 1 20.00% VerifiedThing X X X ✓ X 1 20.00% cultur3 X X X ✓ X 1 20.00% npklemm X X X ✓ X 1 20.00% Rocketcan X X ✓ X X 1 20.00% Soluna X X X X X 0 0.00% Qupax 0 0.00% thatfunk 0 0.00% SyndaKyt 0 0.00% Serwendel 0 0.00% Toucan X X X X X 0 0.00% Rome X X X X X 0 0.00% deandean1998 0 0.00% alienufo 0 0.00% Stinsy X X X X X 0 0.00% jared2001usa 0 0.00% caesari X X X X X 0 0.00% smckenz3 X X X X X 0 0.00% Bubada X X X X X 0 0.00% stormstopper X X X X X 0 0.00% FlutieFlakes 0 0.00% rabidsnowman 0 0.00% Boogyman10 X X X X X 0 0.00% Swipet 0 0.00% Ahven D'Gale X X X X X 0 0.00% Caderich5 0 0.00% TazerMan 0 0.00% Emperor 0 0.00% AD3378 0 0.00% Minnowsotan 0 0.00% DarthJarJar X X X X X 0 0.00% sleuthofbears 0 0.00% Quasar 0 0.00% Randye4 0 0.00% robcarlson77 0 0.00% Time X X X X X 0 0.00% Osukid2811 X X X X X 0 0.00% Iimerman 0 0.00% wrigleyfan 0 0.00% SlinkyJr X X X X X 0 0.00% Kirby 0 0.00% Total correct 2 4 6 6 1 0.38 % Correct 6.67% 13.79% 20.69% 20.69% 3.45% Notable/funny answers: Question 1 Babaganoush / @paperllamasunited - "So this is going to sound entirely random, and I could be way off base here because I usually am already inebriated by the time we get there so I could be remembering things wrong, but in Madison, WI, there's a sports bar called Pooleys, and they have a whole bunch of old magazine and newspaper articles framed around the walls and even above the urinals in the bathroom. Most of them have to do with the Packers or Badgers, and Im pretty sure one of them said something about Wisconsin having unclaimed national titles. So, they'd almost HAVE to have been ranked #1 by the media at some point to be able to claim a title, right? But then again, if they're not claiming these titles, maybe they WEREN'T #1, which is why they aren't claiming them. But also, I'm thrown off because Alan Ameche won the Heisman and like, would his national relevance also have made Wisconsin both relevant and good during his playing days? And I know they were good in the Alvarez years, and Ron Dayne won a Heisman, but I have no memory if they were actually #1 good, or if people were just fond of Barry for making Wisconsin relevant again. Soooo its probably either someone like Wisconsin with weird, unclaimed titles, or some school from long ago that had a football team earlier than others, so like a Rutgers or Cornell, so I guess Im going with drunk Llamas gut and saying Wisconsin, but damn that feels like a shot in the dark lol." Um... the mystery is solved? Question 2 @pumph - "275 anyone who gets this right is either a great guesser, or a bad cheater." You were 5 away from being one of those two Question 4 @ImposterCauster "Nebraska Cornhuskers, because Alabama would be too obvious" Oh no Causter... Oh no... Question 5 @DangerZoneh - "Idk like 95" Alright, you lucked out and got the 2nd question correct, but there's no way yo- Oh. Lifetime standings: User name Lifetime correct Lifetime % correct Qupax 10 66.67% thatfunk 3 60.00% Jamzz 23 57.50% Soluna 17 56.67% SyndaKyt 17 56.67% Serwendel 14 56.00% DangerZoneh 25 55.56% Pumph 11 55.00% AzulCaballero 24 53.33% Jumbo 24 53.33% deandean1998 8 53.33% alienufo 10 50.00% Toucan 19 47.50% jared2001usa 19 47.50% ImposterCauster 21 46.67% Rome 16 45.71% Bingo415 20 44.44% Stinsy 17 42.50% caesari 14 40.00% smckenz3 14 40.00% Bubada 18 40.00% FlutieFlakes 2 40.00% rabidsnowman 10 40.00% Swipet 2 40.00% Jieret 15 37.50% stormstopper 15 37.50% Caderich5 11 36.67% Babaganoush 12 34.29% Boogyman10 10 33.33% TheTodd15 6 30.00% VerifiedThing 12 30.00% TazerMan 3 30.00% Emperor 3 30.00% AD3378 7 28.00% cultur3 4 26.67% npklemm 10 25.00% Rocketcan 8 20.00% Ahven D'Gale 2 20.00% Minnowsotan 4 20.00% sleuthofbears 3 20.00% Quasar 2 20.00% Randye4 1 20.00% robcarlson77 1 20.00% DarthJarJar 8 17.78% Time 5 14.29% Osukid2811 4 13.33% Iimerman 1 10.00% wrigleyfan 1 6.67% SlinkyJr 0 0.00% Kirby 0 0.00%
  21. Ran into a minor issue, but I think it's because I'm using this through a mobile device. Overall, I like it.
  22. alienufo

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    Temple: Week 1: Mississippi State Week 2: @ Pittsburgh Week 5: Penn State (Metlife Stadium) Week 14: @ Army
  23. i disabled that part when i posted it because i didnt want you guys to break it.
  24. Pretty cool, this must have taken a while to make! For whatever reason it doesn't seem to be saving plays, though.
  25. the people have spoken. Draft marathon it is.
  26. Middle Tennessee Week 2: at Arkansas State Week 3: vs Georgia State Week 8: at Vanderbilt Week 11: vs Liberty
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