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The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl XI champions!

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  2. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may be awful but the Tampa Bay Leonard Englands had a banner day
  3. The Seattle Seahawks activate TE Matt Stone from Long-Term IR.
  4. Heartbreaking one score loss. Glad to see Khairi back in the stat sheet. Clutch kicking from the Eagles with 2 minutes left. GG Philly.
  5. Bryce Thompson is inevitable
  6. I cannot explain it. I'm not sure I want to try.
  7. That game deserved the tie smh
  8. GG, it's never a fun time playing you all.
  9. Who would have thought Chiefs and Raiders would be the basement dwellers in the AFC West this year
  10. Great game @Jieret! I was really worried about this one, went right down to the wire.
  11. Philadelphia Eagles (5-2) at New York Giants (4-3)
  12. Top 10 CB by passer rating in the league, struggles with run heavy team. Any chance this is because he was already playing hurt?
  13. Yesterday
  14. Fan expectation: 4-6 Wins FUCK THE GODDAMN FANS, WE'RE WINNING MORE
  15. a great day in Detroit is an average day anywhere else
  16. A great day for Detroit and therefore, the world.
  17. gg bengals and i take full credit for this win /s
  18. GG Bengals, always a good sight to see when the defense gets back to doing what it does best.
  19. ggs. Glad our defensive gameplan did alright but oof we have a lot of work to do. Always scary looking down your defense
  20. Troy McMurray, pictured here winning the starting job in Miami likely for the rest of the season Miami has their franchise QB. Denver has their 2027 4th Round Pick.
  21. Offense didn't fold and the defense made King's day a bad one, good. Gg @ImposterCauster
  22. Leonard England, pictured here not taking "no" for an answer. Troy McMurray, pictured here winning the starting job in Miami likely for the rest of the season Nathaniel Jeffries, pictured here with his 6th lowest-grade performance of the season
  23. So proud of TMac. This trade is going to look historically bad for us. But good to know we’ll have a 4th from the deal. (Which is all we got for a starting QB…)
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