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  4. Horizon: Zero Dawn on its way toward joining The Witcher 3 near the top of my all-time favorite games list

  5. Conor or Floyd?

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    2. rabidsnowman


      The punches thrown/landed numbers will be absolutely laughable.  Floyd will be well north of 50% landed with Conor's hands-down defense, and Conor will hit nothing but gloves.

    3. Hagan


      Floyd will not reach 50 wins. Mayweather is so old that McGregor should just drop him off at the nursing home after he pounds his skull off the canvas. Conor is younger, taller, and has reach advantage. He has been training non-stop for Floyd for almost a year at this point. He's grossly underrated as a boxer, I know he has some to learn when it comes to boxing, but he has such power and is the best standup fighter in the UFC. His punching power, heart, and determination are unmatched. Floyd better hope he still has the reaction speed that he used to have. I bet Mayweather hasn't been training anywhere near as hard as McGregor, Floyd is also going to have to get back in the groove of boxing after so much time off. Sure Conor is used to being able to kick, knee, etc.. but it can't be hard to take that out of your style. Mayweather is used to conventional boxers and I think that one thing McGregor has in his favor is that he doesn't fight in that style. He switches stances and maybe that is what will be able to open up the space McGregor needs. If it was just a straight up fight to the death, McGregor wins anyday, boxing rules are the only thing saving Mayweather.

    4. noodlz2


      Rabid explained it well, I just dont see McGregor competing with one of the best boxers of all time. 

  6. Just got a Gamecube emulator working on my computer, it's summer time, any gamecube games you'd like to see a BaP of?

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    2. Isaac829


      Super Smash Bros. Melee BaP

    3. Minnowsotan
    4. Minnowsotan


      Nevermind it was just for Ps2 and Wii


  7. My Big Board for tonight's NBA Draft (not how I think it'll actually be drafted)
    1. Markelle Fultz
    2. Josh Jackson
    3. DeAaron Fox

    4. Lonzo Ball

    5. Jayson Tatum

    6. Dennis Smith

    7. Jonathan Issac

    8. Lauri Markkanen

    9. Luke Kennard

    10. Justin Jackson

    11. Frank Ntilikina

    12. Bam Adebayo

    13. Malik Monk

    14. Zach Collins

    15. John Collins

    16. Jarrett Allen


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