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Titans win Super Bowl XII

Tennessee wins its first title after a victory over Chicago.

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  3. Jets trade: OG David Schlereth 6-4 298 10 Wisconsin [Pass Blocking] [0] [₡] [+] 87 Schlereth makes 10.5M this year, 3.5M gtd. Seahawks trade: WR Josiah McCray 6-1 199 5 Clemson [Target] [0] [+] 84 OG Robert Fontenot 6-5 278 7 LSU [Run Blocking] [0] 82 McCray makes 3M this year and next. 2M gtd in 2026, 0.5M in 2027. Fontenot makes 3.5M this year, 3M gtd. Seahawks confirm. @Jumbo #GoHawks #J-E-T-E-S
  4. Detroit trades: WR Jeremy Cook 6-0 217 6 Washington State [Target] [0] 88 Makes 6M this year, 3M gtd. Seattle trades: OLB Kenji Sagatomo 6-1 234 6 New Hampshire [Blitz] [+1/C] 85 2026 4th round pick (#121) KENJI makes 3M this year, 2M gtd. Seattle confirms, bye KENJI. #GoHawks #OnePride
  5. Updated as of: Free Agency 2026 On the Block: WR Josiah McCray 6-1 199 5 Clemson [Target] [0] [+] 84 Makes 3M this year and next. 2M gtd for 2026, 0.5M gtd for 2027. McCray is going to be our WR3/4 this year. Since he's making less than starter-level money I don't mind hanging on to him (especially because Pipe), but he deserves a chance to be a WR2 somewhere. He was good for us when we needed him to be our WR1, it's not his fault those were the days we considered the forward pass to be an affront against God. OG Miles Herman 6-3 259 3 Kentucky [Run Blocking] [0] 80 Makes 1M this year fully non-gtd. Unhappy about being passed up by Alex Lawson. Just like McCray he's Pipe insurance, but if a team needs a young 80 guard I'll listen. C Nate Gardner 6-0 284 7 Texas Tech [Pass Blocking] [+3] 77 Makes 0.75M this year, 0.5M gtd. That +3 tho. Wants: Backup OG, Picks. Something else? We might be able to make it work.
  6. At @acewulf's request, added a column for Locker Room ratings. IMPORTANT: If you want to sort by Locker Room, you MUST do it on the Big Board. Trying to sort the individual position pages won't end well.
  7. Oh yeah. I can definitely see that being a pain.
  8. I'm still stuck on "PMP-ifying my work experience" enough to satisfy their requirements. Kinda hard to square a lot of military experience into "Project Management Plans" and "Kanban charts" and proper ways to identify stakeholders that doesn't get repetitive.
  9. Seattle trades: WR Ahmed Slade 6-2 190 1 Notre Dame [Speed] [0] 79 Makes 1M per year through 2028 (500K GTD in 2026, fully non-gtd in 2027/2028) 2026 3rd round pick (#89) Indianapolis trades: WR Quinn Walters 6-4 216 3 Kentucky [Speed] [-3] [+] 80 (reverts to black) Makes 2M this year, 500K GTD DE Jonathan Goodwin 6-2 246 7 Utah [Contain] [+1] 89 Makes 12M per year through 2027, 9M GTD each year. Indianapolis retains 4.5M (50%) of the gtd. money for 2026 Seattle confirms. #GoHawks #ForTheShoe @Ape
  10. Yo when are you in Ashville? You could swing by Boone!
  11. Updated post Masterson Trade: 6/6/22
  12. Quick weekend trip to British Columbia later this month for my cousin's wedding. It'll be the first time in I don't know how long that I'll have seen them. It'll actually be the first time I'll get to meet my nieces - they're only like 8 or 9 at this point! Plus study for and hopefully take PMP and CCSP soon.
  13. Deontray Clay is a big fan of Rice. They should get along well.
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