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Big Points at the Big House Spur Big Poll Jump

#22 Michigan and California played an awesome game involving TDs in all 3 phases, 4 turnovers, and nonstop fun plays. Now, it's #15 Michigan and #25 California.

Adroit Kenyon in Detroit

RB Kenyon Randall capped off an epic game, as the 5-0 Lions defeated the 6-0 Chiefs 33-27 in overtime. His 71-yard run left the Lions as victors.

Massive Victory

UMass beat Eastern Michigan 20-17. This is their third win in program history, second over an FBS team, and the first FBS victory not over Liberty.

Bow to Royalty

Washington's offense put up 49 on the Bengals. Tanner Bowman had 459 yards and 5 TD for a perfect passer rating, as first rounder Maurice White added 150 on the ground.

Coaches Corner


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