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Cotton Bowl: #1 SMU vs. #8 Washington

In a rematch of Week 12, where SMU defeated Washington 23-20, QBs Marcus Burden and Jake Davis face off once again.

Fiesta Bowl: #2 LSU vs. #7 Tennessee

In a rematch of the SEC Championship Game, won by LSU 13-7, Tigers OLB Leonard England will try to get the better of Vols QB Adrian Goldson for a second time.

Peach Bowl: #3 Oklahoma vs. #6 Duke

In a matchup of noted Heisman candidates, the Sooners and CB Elijah Williams will try to stop the potent Blue Devils offense led by QB Bryce Thompson.

CFBHC Bowl: #4 Michigan vs. #5 Florida

A playoff matchup of last year's bowl season, where Michigan won 24-17, sees Wolverines RB Nick Rowland try to outpace Gators QB Darion Harrison.


In the final week, the Browns, led by RB Sean Bell's 156 yards and 2 TD, avoid a winless season by the skin of their teeth in Week 17 by defeating the Bengals 30-24 in OT.


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    For immediate release, January 14, 2020. The Hawaii Rainbow Warriors Athletic Director, David Matlin, and Head Coach, GigemAgs have concluded additional meetings in regards to the future of the program. There have been rumors swirling about the HC making a move to his Alma Matter, Texas A&M, after the job became open recently. Meetings were held all weekend but a decision could not be made until today. It's no secret that Texas A&M is a highly coveted job with advantageous SEC/Texas recruiting ties, coming off a recent playoff appearance. Losing a coach to a school of this magnitude is something the fans should understand and realize the Warriors' program is on the right trajectory regardless. When asked to comment on the subject, the HC said, "Texas A&M is a special place for me. Not only did I meet my wife there, but I also got my start as a grad assistant and spent time learning the ropes. Every time I go back, it feels like home. Hawaii is great but A&M doesn't always call. You don't want to turn them down as that job doesn't open very often." Earlier this afternoon, HC GigemAgs and the AD have agreed to a multi-year extension with a large buyout to keep the HC from moving on. He has decided to stay around for at least a couple more seasons to mark his legacy on the Program and the MWC. The buyout includes a clause for a future move to Texas A&M if that job were to open and HC is approved. But for now, the Warriors will continue on their path to MWC greatness. After going 22-3 the last 3 years in the MWC with #7 and #15 ranked recruiting classes on their way, the sky is the limit for the future of the program. "I have too much-unfinished business here on the Islands to jump ship just yet and made too many promises to the young men coming into the program about the heights we can reach. I'm very thankful for A&M responding to all my requests and the potential opportunity in the future. I'm very excited to see where I can take this program from here" Coach @GigemAgs will be around for questions if anyone has them.
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    Happy New Year

    I wish everyone and their families all the best for 2020. Hope everyone finds success and fulfillment and nothing but the best in the next year.
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    The President's Final Address

    This is for all of Cougar Nation, Cowboy Nation, and last but not least Blue Hen Nation. A lot has happened over these past five years of football, but I wouldn't trade a second of it for anything else. When I first stepped on campus at Saint Charles I was an ignorant and arrogant kid. I had no respect for my coaches or my teammates. As I found out later though, the lessons I would learn right there, at a community college of all places, would set the foundation for the man I've become today. As I've said, I was a terrible person. I was disappointed in myself for not being able to attract any attention from major D1 colleges. I weighed all of my options and decided, with the help of my Mama, that I'd just stay at home and go to community college. I was dead set on my one goal, the NFL. My best chance of making it to the league at that point was to just go to to community college and transfer upwards. So I stayed at home, I trusted my Mama. That first year was abysmal. I couldn't stand the feeling of knowing I could do bigger and better things. I never would really end up connecting with any of the other coaches in Missouri, but I would find a brotherhood of players, and a community I'm proud to call home. Even if I didn't like them, I learned to respect my coaches. Even though we never captured that JUCO championship, I'm proud of all that me and the boys did. I appreciate all of the time I spent back at home, and it was the place I really became a man. Following that 2020 season the offers began to roll in. I struggled with the decision until one decisive offer rolled in, Oklahoma State. To be honest my Career at OSU didn't really end how I wanted it to, but where one story ends another begins. I regret nothing about how I handled the situation I was put in. Coach wasn't even the one who recruited me but he kept his trust in me even after a rough start to the season. That 2021 season was quite honestly the most fun I've ever had playing football. I finally felt like I was where I belonged. I seriously cannot thank coach @Kremit and Oklahoma State University enough. I feel like my time at OSU was when I best developed my skills at the running back position. The first TCU game is one of the highlights of my whole career. The feeling of finally winning on the big stage was something I'd been waiting for my entire life. The same happened against LSU in the Sugar Bowl. Finally things were coming together, everything was looking up. Then another roadblock appeared. When Amral was brought in after the 2021 season I was kind of upset at first. I felt as if I had earned my playing time, I was the best back on this team! Obviously I was incorrect, Amral is an incredible talent and I learned that after spending my redshirt season learning and training with him. We are still great friends to this day, and plan to do much of our draft combine preparation together. Despite our friendship, I expected him leave OSU for the NFL last year. Banking on that happening, I decided to take my redshirt senior season. Like I said, things didn't really work out the way I expected them to. I talked with coach after the spring game and we both decided it would be best, for my sake, if I transferred somewhere where I could get more playing time. I love all of my brothers from my OSU days, and I'd be lying if I didn't say I miss all of you guys. Despite the disappointment of having to leave OSU, I knew I still had a chance to do something special somewhere. A big disadvantage of taking the JUCO route, was that I had very little eligibility left by the time I made it to the big time. Being a redshirt senior, I had to go to the FCS in order to gain immediate eligibility. I began to look into the top teams in the FCS. Originally I was looking at the very top with teams like North Dakota State and James Madison, but they showed very little interest in bringing me in. I wanted to go somewhere that would appreciate me, a team where I could have a tight knit community just like at my previous two schools. Just a few weeks before the portal closed I got an email from coach Osu saying he wanted to meet with me. I have to admit, initially I laughed at the email. After I sat down and thought about it, however, this was the first time an FCS team had actively tried to reach out to me personally. I set up the time and visited the school. It was very nice, everyone around me was helpful and smiling. I felt it for the third time, the sense of home. I had found my landing spot. Immediately following my visit I accepted coach's offer to join Delaware. It was hard to get acclimated, the east coast was somewhere I had never really been before. I have cousins in California, and an aunt I visited once in Minnesota, but never had I been out east. I had to get used to the food, the people, the slang, and most importantly the team. In a way Delaware was the best of what both of my previous schools had to offer. It had all of the togetherness and homeliness of Saint Charles combined with the elite football program of Oklahoma State. While technically I took a step down on the football ladder, Delaware would be the place where I shined the brightest. The first thing coach Osu told me in the first pre-season meeting was, "Son, this is your team. This is a young and inexperienced team. You need to lead." He was right, many of the starters this year had never even played college football before. I knew we had a special team regardless. Everyone counted us out from the beginning of the season. The highlight for me had to be beating JMU, one of those top tier FCS schools who underestimated me. I am the best running back in the FCS. Undisputed. I really wish it could've all ended in a different way, and I'm sorry to all Blue Hen fans and my teammates for not being able to finish what we started. To one of my best friends, Antonio, you were the first one to come up and greet me at practice. All of the late nights working out and watching film. It's crazy, I've never seen a freshman who works as hard as you do for your team. I know you'll do great things in the coming years, ball out and come meet me in the league. As I move on from this chapter in my life I will never forget all of the friends and mentors i've met, and all of the memories I've made. Moving on was hard the first two times I had to do so, but this time it's a bit different. I don't know where I'm going to land after this, many assume I'm not going to be drafted, but I've proven so many people wrong before that it wouldn't even phase me. One way or another I will make my name known to all. Thank you. Everyone. Prez Out.
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    SAN FRANCISCO -- The PAC-12 Conference Office announces today that a replacement for @TuscanSota at Washington State University has been selected. In consultation with Coach Tuscan, the Conference office is happy to announce that, following the bowl season, Coach @Ricky Campbell will become the Head Coach in Pullman. Coach Campbell brings plenty of experience and loads of success at Southern Miss, where he is 24-14 since his debut in the 2021 season. This season, while only 6-6, the Golden Eagles have become a force offensively, with quarterback Alexander Cassidy and tight end Jeremiah Kendrick both bona fide award candidates. Coach Campbell, who also holds an M.D., will be a wonderful addition to the PAC-12 coaching ranks. Coach Tuscan, Coach Campbell, and Commissioner Bingo are now all available for questions. We want to congratulate Coach Tuscan on his fantastic run as head coach at Wazzu, and wish him well at the Cougars' bowl game, and beyond. He has been a class act, and valued member of the Conference.
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    Coaching Carousel Heating Up

    Recently we've had startling developments as the regular season draws to a close. Both UGA and Texas A&M have opened up their head coaching positions, leading to some new intrigue as to the programs targets. There are, in my estimation, currently 3 interesting programs to watch. 1) Washington State This isn't technically open yet, but coach Touscansota has announced his retirement at the end of the season. Coach @rocksaucesundae is on record as having Washington State as his childhood favorite school but that doesn't mean he's a lock for the position. Coach @Ape has also been a fan, but it would be a very difficult pull to hire away the Texas head coach so we can drop this line of thought. @VerifiedThing Rumors are swirling about me leaving ISU. I'd just like to say that it would have to be an offer I couldn't refuse to get me away from ISU this early in my tenure. Other than Michigan somehow opening up, I expect to be the Redbirds coach for 2024. I am hearing some rumors that a certain coach from the state of Mississippi is in backroom talks with the AD so we may see a surprise hire here. 2) Georgia The first of 2 SEC openings, UGA has one of the best recruiting situations, has had an incredible 70% all time win percentage and is by all definitions a top-10 program. With Franz's mysterious disappearance the school is looking for only the best of the best. As their AD put it in our interview "We would like somebody with connections to the school, but more importantly someone who has proven they can win." Rumor has it that coach @Darman was seriously in the running for the job 6 years ago. An attractive option with a current heisman candidate and playoff contending school, he has to be one of their first calls. Darman had this to say, "I intend to retire at Duke and continue building something special. Hopefully whoever sticks around at Georgia sticks around for a while" Beyond this, there are very few top-tier coaches with ties to the peach state, so we reached out to coaches who were rumored candidates @Jumbo about USC "I reckon myself the Jürgen Klopp of college football. I want to try to build up the program, give me at least seven seasons. I'll re-evaluate with where myself and the program are at then." @mahrowkeen ”Any rumors are just that. We feel like we’re building something special here in San Antonio. Being considered to lead a blue blood program is flattering, of course. We have an opportunity at a conference championship this weekend, and hope to continue that success and gain more attention. I hope those schools find their guy.” @Jamzz has been a name thrown out as well after his quest for #9windiana became popular nationally This is for sure the most intriguing search as there is no clear leader here. In fact, despite their success sources say Georgia has drawn considerably less attention than the other job opening: 3) Texas A&M This one is a little bit more cut-throat as there are several coaches with ties to the aggies. Number 1 obviously @GigemAgs who still says gig 'em even as the Hawaii coach. It is assumed that he is the top candidate and that they are just working on contract terms, but when reached for comment he only broke into song. TBD what this means Alternative rumored candidates include @stinsy, mahrowkeen, @Bubada Stinsy had this to say ""Texas A&M is obviously a very high profile job coming off a Playoff appearance just a season ago. I think they've been pretty disappointing this year, especially on the recruiting trail, but I'll be interested to see where the next Head Coach takes them. I, however, am happy where I am at and have no intention of leaving." It seems unlikely Bubada leaves such a program he has built up, but after this disappointing season maybe he takes off. He certainly knows the area for recruiting and could provide a spark. The AD did however say "Texas A&M is not a stepping stone program. We aren't looking for someone who did ok and is just moving around. This is a destination job and we are treating it as such" Second-Order Openings The current expectation is that Hawaii coach gigemags leaves, and Hawaii is a very attractive job. The biggest rumors have @cultur3 eyeing a move to the islands. He has a well-documented fascination with Samoans and has called polynesians "the cutest croots" so he is the odds-on favorite there. Which of course means UCLA would then open up. Early looks have pegged this as one of the most eventful seasons in recent memory if all these moves come to fruition. I am also hearing that there are other Prestigious programs that will be opening up at the end of the season. So this isn't even all the big moving that will happen.
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    Big XII Penalties vs Coaching Discipline Rating One of the biggest changes to the way that people plan out their team occurred in one of the Sim updates. The addition of the Coaching Skills system. It gave teams a bit of autonomy in helping tailor a fit for their team in a way that doesn't give established coaches too much of an advantage, but allows for coaches to customize their coaching style. There were a lot of opinions on the matter: which skills were important, which needed to be the highest, which could be sacrificed. The debates lasted for a while and after the pilot season we have the data on how some of this fits in the grand scheme of things. From CFBHC v1.6: Discipline - Buff to rigidity of units under stress (and likely reduction in penalties). Whereas some of the other skills seemed to give more tangible and exciting benefits, Discipline, Clock Management and Special Teams tended to be some of the more overthought skills. Offense, Defense and Youth Management were incredibly popular (and for good reason). But we are not here to discuss trends in how these skills were applied or the distribution of who chose what. We are here to look at data that we have from this 1st season with Coaching Skills and see if this has any affect on tangible data that we can track the progress of. I think first it is important to list the Discipline skills for everyone in the conference so we can get a baseline for the conference identity. [2023] Big XII Coaches Discipline Ratings : 8 : 9 : 10 : 10 : 10 : 11 : 11 : 12 : 13 : 15 Generally, the conference hovers within 2 of the starting value of 10 with 8 of 10 schools fitting this description. And it is also important to mention that the highest Discipline rating from this season was 17 (Ohio State). This skill has a much different distribution than a lot of others in that regard. But now that we have our baseline ratings established, now we can look at the data itself. https://imgur.com/LtpAcWN There is a lot to unpack here. So first, the Dark Blue column is for Average Number of Committed Penalties in a game over the 2023 season. The Light Blue column is for the Average Number of Penalties that the opposing team commits against said team. The Orange Column is the Average Yardage amount per game that the team in question commits per game while the yellow column is the average yardage amount per game that is committed against that team. And for the 2nd graph, this is just a visualization of the difference in penalties and yardage committed by the team in question and opposing teams. Orange for Difference in Number of Penalties and Blue for Difference in Yardage. As you would expect, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, and Iowa State were 3 of the highest penalty committing teams in the conference. Having a lower Discipline rating would tend to point toward that conclusion. Same with Texas Tech, Kansas and Oklahoma. Higher rating tends to point toward a lower total of penalties and yardage. The part that is interesting to me is the middle. TCU, Texas, West Virginia are all interesting cases of the range of outcomes here. TCU was 4th in conference in committed penalty yardage with a perfectly average Discipline rating. Texas was surprisingly low for committed yardage, but didn't gain much of an advantage overall as the opponents committed about the same amount in return. West Virginia committed a higher number of penalties, but benefited from opponents committing more on average against WVU allowing for them to gain a net positive in yardage. Why would there be such a wide range of outcomes from similarly rated teams? Style of play. I would tend to bet that TCU plays more aggressively, Texas plays more neutral to even a bit conservative and West Virginia is probably right in the middle. Similar with OU as well. 2nd highest in rating, but is significantly lower in the net difference and I bet it has to do with style of play. Conclusion From the looks of it, the Discipline Coaching skill makes a tangible difference in the number of committed penalties and those committed against said team. Those with higher Discipline ratings tend to have fewer committed penalties which results in a net positive in yardage and vice versa for lower Discipline ratings. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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    Finally got around to making updates for the 2023 cycle. The idea behind this concept is to look at how teams are doing relative to their available points (where a team is ranked via the CFBHC Recruiting Rankings and their Available Points). The first 2 tables look at the % difference between those numbers. This rewards a jump from 31st in points to 1st in recruiting ranking more than jumping from 60th to 30th for example so I found it interesting. Formula: The second 2 is ranking the top 10 and bottom 10 by just straight difference. Therefore 31st to 1st is valued the same as 61st to 30th. A few notes/observations: UNT is doing well but appears to have benefited from a G5 class in TX that affords them a big bonus with few in state competitors Pitt is killing it TAMU is doing bad, very very bad. No bueno. Nevada is low in % diff but has a 5.0 DE to justify it SMU shows up in the bottom 10 for diff % but also has a quietly good, top heavy class Temple with only 4 total signed (a 5.0 OG is nice though) is interesting after a great class last go round Vandy making an impressive jump, especially with the amount of high point teams around them % Diff Top 10 Team Recruiting Ranking Point Ranking % Diff 10 114 167.74 7 57 156.25 5 37 152.38 4 28 150.00 17 94 138.74 19 94 132.74 9 43 130.77 3 14 129.41 31 129 122.50 23 91 119.30 % Diff Bottom 10 Team Recruiting Ranking Point Ranking % Diff 100 11 -160.36 142 22 -146.34 36 6 -142.86 15 3 -133.33 20 4 -133.33 131 28 -129.56 32 7 -128.21 82 22 -115.38 25 7 -112.50 48 14 -109.68 Actual Diff Top 10 Team Recruiting Ranking Point Ranking Diff 10 114 104 31 129 98 17 94 77 19 94 75 23 91 68 38 106 68 54 117 63 45 101 56 79 133 54 55 108 53 Actual Diff Bottom 10 Team Recruiting Ranking Point Ranking Diff 142 22 -120 131 28 -103 140 43 -97 100 11 -89 106 32 -74 138 69 -69 108 43 -65 136 72 -64 82 22 -60 120 63 -57 % Diff Closest To Expected Team Recruiting Ranking Point Ranking % Diff 1 1 0.00 2 2 0.00 53 53 0.00 84 84 0.00 141 140 0.71 132 131 0.76 144 145 1.00 97 99 2.04 139 136 2.18 126 122 3.23 Actual Diff Closest To Expected Team Recruiting Ranking Point Ranking % Diff 1 1 0 2 2 0 53 53 0 84 84 0 6 7 1 132 131 1 141 140 1 144 145 1 28 26 2 30 32 2
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    [2023] With All Due Respect

    Dear @SolutionA, Well, here we are. Two teams with tremendous talent playing for the ultimate prize. Some say we've been on this collision course since the pre-season, that this matchup was inevitable. But that really takes away the tremendous work that the other coaches in the league have done this year. We both saw firsthand that anything can happen on any given day. Despite the rest of the league's best efforts, we still stand. For now. I wanted to congratulate your program on another successful year. The North Dakota State Bison have a proud history and you have done well to add to that history with some hardware. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous. The Bison are going to be a top contender for a long time thanks to your leadership. As it stands, North Dakota State is currently the undisputed King of the FCS. But, with all due respect sir, your time is up. You and I both started our coaching careers at around the same time. Me at ISU, you at NDSU. Naturally, we would become rivals. This town ain't big enough, et cetera. And while last year did not go the way I had planned, I doubt you could have come up with an even better ending for your school. While your team had parades thrown in their honor, our guys went to work. We had a goal, and we weren't going to let anyone get in the way of that goal. Nobody has stopped us yet. And now, you're in the way. We both had lots of ups and downs this year. You managed to beat Youngstown State, something I was unable to do. And I was able to beat UC Davis, something you were unable to do. On paper we match up as evenly as it gets. We both want this. But only one of us can have it. And at the end of the day, it will be us that triumphs. It will be us that gets the parades and the rings and, most importantly, the eternal glory of being a National Champion. I also wanted to thank you for setting an example of what a National Champion looks like, for making the blueprint on how to succeed. I hope to carry the mantle with honor and grace (and just a little bit of snootiness). Come Championship day, our teams will take the field, battle it out for 60 minutes (and possibly overtime) and at the end a champion will be crowned. May the best team win. But, with all due respect sir, we will crush you. Your friend, VerifiedThing
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    [2024] NFLHC Gameplan

    Changes summary: Added triple option and expanded gameplan options Core Gameplan Information Formatted Base Gameplan Example Base Gameplan Expansion Gameplan Information (Optional) Expansion Gameplan Usage Example
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    Missoula, MT - It is signing day across the nation. As high school players are currently putting their signatures on Letters of Intent around the country, one storyline has developed that is one of the weirder ones to have ever happened on signing day. It is about what the Montana Grizzlies did with their class. They signed four Long Snappers. Yes, you read that right. Four. Who are these four young men, why did they all decide to come to Montana, and what exactly were the Grizzlies thinking? We'll try to answer all these questions for you. First, let's meet the players. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LS Mochni Meeks 6-2 255 Fr Mount Carmel Area (Mount Carmel PA) 1.0 of 2.5 [Traditional] Pictured: Mt. Carmel football team. Not Pictured: Mochni Meeks. Our first long snapper hails from the state of Pennsylvania, where he played football at the Mount Carmel Area High School, home of the Red Tornadoes. How can a tornado be red? That wasn't a question we promised would be answered so just drop it. Mount Carmel is actually quite successful at the high school level, despite their confusing nickname. And that is due to one person: Quarterback Drew Light. He has broken multiple school records and is only a Junior, but he has received very little attention from college scouts so he is one to watch in the future. But this isn't about Drew, it's about Mochni, the long snapper. Not much is known about this player. He doesn't have any social media, and when we asked the coach about him, he gave us a confused look as if we had just told him the banana caught fire and we need to get ahold of the princess. Legend has it that Mochni is actually home schooled but had to be enrolled into a high school in order to play football. They say he comes to practice in full gear and leaves practice in full gear. Not a single one of Mochni's teammates have ever seen his face. Mochni is an enigma. He'll fit right in at Missoula, where people allegedly live. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LS Zachary Shipp 6-0 258 Fr Dale County (Midland City AL) 1.0 of 2.0 [Traditional] Zach is the guy wearing the hat Unlike Mochni, we actually do have some information about Zach Shipp, the second of four Long Snapper signings made by the Montana Grizzlies. We know he likes football, and his pick-em-up truck, and he's a staunch supporter of gun rights. But when you ask him what his favorite guns are, he flexes and excitedly yells "THESE GUNS!" Zach is just a guy being a dude, a perfect man according to Steve Addazio. He tried to do one of those long snapper trick shot videos where they hike the football and hit a beer can 50 yards away but he keeps missing. He is a 2.0 after all. Zach looks to make a new start with the Grizzlies and long snap his way into America's heart. Seeing as he's the lowest ranked LS of the group, though, it's gonna take a lot of lovin'. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LS Miles Holcomb 6-1 240 Fr Boulder City (Boulder City NV) 1.0 of 2.5 [Specialized] Yes, this is Miles Holcomb. We'll explain Ok, so you're probably wondering why you're still reading this piece of trash meme media piece about why Montana signed four long snappers, but I promise you that the story only gets weirder from here. Pictured above is the Boulder City High School mascot, Goldy Eagle. Goldy can be seen walking the halls during school hours and even going to classes. But one place you'll never see Goldy is at a football game. Why? Because the man who plays Goldy, Miles Holcomb, is the team's Long Snapper, and he refuses to let anyone else wear the outfit. He hides the suit in a different part of town before every home game so nobody can use it. For Miles, Goldy is his calling, and he looks to be a professional mascot performer when he graduates from Montana. We asked coach to describe Miles in one word, and after thinking about it for awhile, he said that Miles was "...……..special?" Therefore, we've labeled him as a specialized Long Snapper. And if you haven't figured it out yet, yes, he does wear the costume to class. There was also a popular social media post that showed Miles dragging a suitcase to the airport and leaving a trail of brown feathers in his wake. Perhaps we haven't seen the last of Goldy... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LS Mark Keyes 6-2 263 Fr Olympic Heights (Boca Raton FL) 1.5 of 2.5 [Traditional] Mark cheering for the other team scoring a touchdown Out of the four Long Snappers the Grizzlies signed (did you know they signed four Long Snappers?) Mark Keyes looks to be the most talented. How can you tell the difference between an average LS and an above average LS? You guess. So we guess that Mark is the most talented. He's certainly the nicest, seen above cheering for the other team scoring on a blocked XP attempt. His teammates try to calm him down but you can never wipe the smile off of Mark's face. One of his teammates said that he smiles for everything, even things you and I would consider soul crushing: getting an F, being rejected, finding out they cancelled Firefly, etc. But Mark keeps on smiling. And considering he lives in fucking Boca Raton, life seems to be pretty easy for Mark. Well guess what Mark. We'll see if you're still smiling after being forced to live in bumf*** Montana for four years and competing with three other guys for a job that nobody really cares about. I mean do you even NEED a Long Snapper? Just have your Center do it! Anyway, Mark is cool I guess. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Reasoning Why here? We asked the four recruits (or "croots" if you're cultured) why they chose to come to Montana. Here's how they answered: Mochni: "I don't like people. I figured going to Montana would be the best way for me to get away from people. If I end up being cut from the team, that's actually good because it's less people I have to interact with." Zach: "They were high up on my list of preferable schools, especially since they were the only ones to offer me a scholly. Oh sorry, you're old. A scholly is short hand for scholarship, like saying swag is short for swagger. Sorry, swagger is when you have a lot of confidence in your abilities. Like when you see somebody flossing and think "damn, they got swag." Sorry, flossing is when y-" Miles: "*muffled noises*" Mark: "I was just SO HAPPY when coach gave me the call that I immediately said I would go! I did get offers later from other schools, and I said yes to all of them as well! Unfortunately the NCAA said I could only attend one school, darn! So they enforced my original commitment to the Grizz, and I am just happy to be here! Go Grizzlies!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Conclusion But what does it all mean? So what exactly were the Grizzlies thinking? We may never know the truth. Mostly because, when we went to the Athletic Department to interview some folk, the hallways laid barren. It's as if nobody had stepped foot in the building in years. Until we realized that we actually took a wrong turn and were in an abandoned K-Mart. When we did reach campus we talked to the AD and he said that the school is proud to welcome all incoming freshman regardless of their background. When asked about the football team he said he was excited to see what the new year would bring. And when asked about the four Long Snappers he said he was happy with the bountiful harvest this past fall then he offered us crackers he apparently keeps in his coat pockets. We weren't gonna get anything out of him nor anyone else here. So we'll just have to guess why they did what they did. My hypothesis is that Montana may be onto something here. When nobody was looking they signed four players who's positions and backgrounds would make most people question everybody's sanity. But think about geniuses and how they were treated in their time. Virgin Nikola Tesla was less popular and way less rich than Chad Thomas Edison even though Tesla was arguably the more brilliant one. Steve Jobs was mocked for thinking Apple would be anything more than a computer company. Now they have stupid shows that are exclusive to their streaming platform that is probably broken. And Pythagoras continues to be made fun of to this day about the Earth being a globe and his dumb theorem about triangles. What I'm saying is that in 100 years when we are all wishing our teams would sign three to five Long Snappers with every recruiting class, let us all remember the geniuses who started this trend: the Montana Grizzlies.
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    I changed how this works this year so it's entirely self sufficient and evenly fair. Find the category that applies to find your bowl bonus. Rankings here refer to the Post-CCG Coaches Poll ONLY Both teams are unranked and have 9 wins or less: +2 for winner, +1 for loser. Both teams are unranked and one (or both) has 10 wins or more: +3 for winner, +2 for loser One team is unranked and one is ranked: +3 for winner, +2 for loser Both teams are ranked: +4 for winner, +3 for loser Playoff Quarterfinals: nothing for winner, +4 for loser Playoff Semifinals: nothing for winner, +5 for loser National Championship: +7 for winner, +6 for loser
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    QB Elias Goff QB Isaac Westbrook RB Ted Finley WR Raphael Hatfield WR Nicholas Howell WR Alan Hewitt WR Ron Smith III WR Andrew Beebe TE Siali Papalii OT Levi Bond DE Nathaniel Bennett IV OLB Zahir Quarless OLB Aaron Moran ILB Micah Prince CB Kameron Muhammad CB Tyus Spiller FS Curtis Dukes K Johnny Bello P Aden Moran P Jeremey Franklin LS Ian Fontenot
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    [2023] Week #16 - TNF

    Congrats UTSA! The C-USA championship will be FIU at UTSA. Should be a great game. This ends my 5 year streak as conference champion
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    How the B1G was won

    An oral history of the transition as told by me Inducting me as the UMD coach @jmjacobs originally taking over I start getting ambitious Playoff time After a harrowing loss My takeover commences My first order of business And the ultimate goal and that's pretty much how it happened.
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    Another coach asked about this so I figured it would be fair to let everyone know. The following characteristics are part of the progression formula: Inherent progression value of the player. Age modification to that progression value based on their position. Inherent preferred scheme of the player. Evaluated by how closely the used scheme average is to what the player wants. Average team chemistry for the year. Team Chemistry is affected by people being traded in/out or signing/cutting players. Moving players from your practice squad onto the team or from the team onto the practice squad has negligible effect because the practice squad is considered part of the team. Practices modify the values. Choosing not to take part in practices can severely destroy progressions. Repeatedly doing the same practices will put the player on a progression path thats severely limited to whatever that practice path is. A lot of strength training will cause a decay in all his values that are not strength related for instance. Consistency in Coaching Frequently switching Head Coaches and Coordinators will negatively impact player progressions. Switching in the offseason is the best time to change coaches, during the season is the worst, and multiple different coaches continue to stack massive negatives onto the progression. This normalizes with each subsequent year using the the same coach. A randomized value for each player that represents unpredictability. Inherent fitness value and injuries suffered through the year. In summary the worst things you can do: Experiment with schemes without a coordinator who mitigates those, change coaches frequently, Trade a ton of players too frequently at the wrong time, and not participating in practices.
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    From -10 (no ability) to +10 (100% success on first broken tackle). Data standardized to offensive line ability. Minimum 100 carries.
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    [2023] Week #17 - 1 PM

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    Introducing your CBBHC Admins

    I've appointed @Azul and @joedchi as shared CBBHC administrators. Going forward they will make all decisions regarding CBBHC outside of the actual game development. We will also closely work together to improve CBBHC each season. @Azul@joedchi I'll give you guys admin ability for the CBBHC area when I get a chance in the next week or two. I'm thankful for them helping out as much as they have. If you aren't already playing CBBHC I recommend you check it out sometime!
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    (yes these are real photos) Grand Forks, ND Coach Taffyowner shows up with a full size grinder from Red Pepper, extra white sauce. Hello everyone! Man I am so glad to come back to this beautiful town. As you all know, I spent 5 wonderful years at this school. I want to thank the AD for allowing me to come back, for paying all my NCAA fines when I refuse to use the new name. I look forward to bringing a national championship to North Dakota, and since we somehow found the Nickel Trophy again, playing for that as well. I look forward to being a key part of the annual French Fry Feed at University Park. I look forward to bringing the football team to the second most relevant team on this campus. Speaking of which, do I get free hockey tickets for this gig, or do I have to buy them? I will be taking questions at the Splashers of the Seven Seas water park inside of the Canad Inn.
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    From the Office of Head Football Coach Ricky Campbell: I wanted to finally officially address the rumors about the Washington State job. The rumors are true, and I will be the next head football coach of the Washington State Cougars in the 2024 season. This decision was not made in haste – leaving behind what is being built in Hattiesburg was a difficult decision to make. I am very proud of our accomplishments at Southern Miss in just a short amount of time. But now is the right time for me to continue on my journey to achieving my lifetime goal of participating in and winning a College Football Playoff National Championship. To the fans who filled up The Rock every single week, I want to give my sincerest thanks. Coming into Hattiesburg and earning a win was never easy for an opposing team because of the home-field advantage you guys gave us. To my players who work hard and buy in every single day, you all have made me so proud over the years. You are all great football players and even better people off the field. What makes me the proudest of all is that our graduation rates have never been higher. I specifically wanted to mention our team Captains for 2023 - Alexander Cassidy, Jeremiah Kendrick and Micah Griffin. I am confident all three of you young men have successful NFL careers in your future. I wanted to thank some other coaches in the conference as well. To my good friend @Rocketcan, congratulations on your C-USA championship! You really deserved this season for all of the hard work you’ve put into the FIU program. @Qupax – it was an honor showing you the ropes when you first joined, but I have to admit it hurt when you upset us in your first season coaching. You’re a great coach and UNT is lucky to keep you from being poached by other Power 5 schools. My door is still always open if you have questions or need advice. @Bubada I always wanted a victory against you. I almost got there but just couldn't pull it off. Keep up the great work at Rice, you've built quite the machine in Houston. @Isaac @Wonderbread @kwheele Thank you for making the CUSA such a pleasure to coach in as well. And finally, to the athletic department of Washington State and Pac-12 Commissioner @bingo415 – thank you for believing and buying into my vision for the future of this program. @TuscanSota has done such a wonderful job and I look forward to continuing what you've built so far in Pullman. I understand having never coached in the Power 5, some may be skeptical of the hire, but all I ask for is a chance to prove myself at this level. And trust me, I plan on making the most of every opportunity I receive. One last time - Southern Miss To The Top!! Coach Ricky Campbell
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    For Immediate Release from the North Texas Athletic Department, 01/15/2023 Denton, TX To the Mean Green Faithful, do not be alarmed. We too have heard the rumors swirling around Head Coach Qupax. He has been upfront with us through the entire process, including when the first offer call came in. As friends, I told him to do what was best for him. As his boss, I asked him to seriously consider staying. After an excruciating 24 hours, he finally got back to me with his decision. He was going to take my advice and do what was best for him. He then handed me the offer from Texas A&M. When I finally made eye contact with him again, he was smiling. “5 million. Come close, and I’m yours. I want to be here, I just can’t pass up that large of a paycheck.” In the middle of these crossroads, our athletic department made a decision. While Coach Qupax is a little green, he has already shown a drive and capability to win here. Equally important was his ability to connect with local recruits in convincing them to stay home and play for the Mean Green. Thanks to his success on an off the field the Athletic Department, our entire school has agreed to offer him a 5-year, $35 million deal. Under the new contract, he will run not only the football program, but the basketball program as well. Under his tutelage, we believe that both sports will thrive. Coach Statement: “I love Denton and everything it has to offer. My whole football career has revolved around this place, starting early with the 6AM Whataburger runs until practice. These boys have given me 100% day-in, day-out. That being said, when a prestiguous offer like Texas A&M comes around, everyone has to consider. Great recruiting, SEC bias, everything one could want. After constructive discussion with Wren, I knew that Denton, along with Apogee [Stadium] and The Super Pit was the place to stay. I am excited for the future of this program and continuing to represent both the Mean Green and the Conference-USA. Go Mean Green.” We all are very proud of being able to secure Coach Qupax for both the future of both the football and basketball programs. Yours truly, Wren Baker The University of North Texas Mean Green Athletic Director
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    THEY DID IT FIU players and coaches celebrate their 35-14 victory over UTSA by Rusty McPherson - Panthers beat writer The Florida International Golden Panthers are the champions of Conference USA. The Panthers won the C-USA East for the second year in a row, putting them in position to travel to Texas for a another appearance in the C-USA Championship Game. Only this year, it was against the UTSA Roadrunners. The Roadrunners had proven themselves to be giant killers, taking down Rice in Houston, and wresting control of the C-USA from the Owls after 5 years of dominance. The world of college football was quite surprised to see the Owls fall from grace this year, but UTSA proved they were certainly worthy of their replacement as they were ranked #23 in the USA Today Coach's Poll prior to this weekend. The Panthers have a lot of players to thank for their victory, but the likely MVP is redshirt freshman RB Marcos Orellana. He carried the ball 26 times for 139 yards and 2 touchdowns and generally kept the chains moving for the Panther's offense. Without Orellana's performance, the rest of the offense would surely have fallen apart. Supplementing Orellana's running were timely zone read runs by senior QB Gavin Copeland (6 carries for 32 yards) that again kept the chains moving and put the Roadrunners on their heals. On top of providing a change-of-pace in the running game, Copeland was dynamic in the passing game. He completed 16 of 29 passes for 241 yards and 2 touchdowns. One of those touchdowns was to redshirt junior WR Gary Holguin who also had a big day, bringing in 5 receptions for 109 yards and the aforementioned touchdown. With their win over the UTSA Roadrunners, the Panthers have done something that no other team in the C-USA other than Rice has ever done: win a conference championship. The Panthers have also tied a school-record for wins in a season with 9, and look to try to break it in whatever bowl bid they receive. Bowl announcements are still TBD and will likely be announced following the final conference championship games. Be sure to follow the Miami Herald to stay up to date.
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    From the desk of The Duke Athletic Department: The Duke Blue Devils Congratulate Quarterback Bryce Thompson for winning the Heisman Memorial Trophy. This is the first ever Heisman win by a Duke player, and the third ever win by an ACC player. Bryce had one of the most illustrious careers in ACC History, capping it off with a Heisman win, in the most efficient season by a Heisman winning Quarterback.
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    TheTodd's Post-CCG Playoff Voting Primer and Sample Ballot So I guess copying and pasting from Google Docs fucks the formatting all up. I had to rush to get this up before polls are released, so excuse any errors and the bolding/lack of formatting. Here is my guide to voting for the at-large teams on the ballot with key stats, game outcomes, and my personal write up on how to weigh each team. Autoqualifiers SMU Michigan Oklahoma Duke LSU At-Large Candidates: Florida (11-1) Sos: 74 MoV: 36.7-14.5 (+22.2) Head to Head: L @ #7/5/5 [computer, coaches, AP] Tennessee (Week 4: 24-26) Best Victory: W vs #5/3/3 LSU (Week 10: 38-34) Win profile OOC (4-0): Opponent average wins (all opponents) - 3.75 W Florida State (6-6) W Utah State (1-11) W Florida A&M - (2-10) W Miami (6-6) Conference (7-1) wins against teams with winning records: 2 Loss profile: see Head to Head My opinion: Few teams have seemed as dominant as Florida since their loss over 12 weeks ago. They solidify their position with a win over Top 5 LSU. Outside of that, they played a weaker SoS, but few could account for FSU and Miami’s lackluster seasons. Their SoS is further hit by a top heavy SEC East with 4 teams without winning records. Their second best win is 8-4 Missouri. Despite this, you cannot leave out a team that lost to the SEC runner-up by 2 points, away, 12 weeks ago. They also have a signature win over LSU, and they are the only 11-1 team in contention. There’s no way I would leave them out. Oregon (10-2) SoS: 13 MoV: 28.8-19.7 (+9.1) Head to head: L vs #10/13/13 Washington (week 16: 23-24) Best Victory: W vs #16/19/23 Auburn Week 1 (23-20) Win profile OOC (3-0): Opponent average wins - 6 W Auburn (8-4) W West Virginia (6-6) W South Carolina (4-8) Conference (7-2) wins against teams with winning records: 4 Loss Profile L @ (8-5) Arizona (week 15: 28-29) L vs (10-3) #10/13/13 Washington (week 16: 23-24) My Opinion: The write up of Washington explains why, in my mind, Oregon should be left out. First though, the positives. Oregon went 10-2 against the #13 SoS. None of the other contenders faced a stronger schedule except for [drumroll please] Washington! Oregon only has a single ranked win over #16/19/23 Auburn. Good, but not the best on this list. It can be said that their losses are excusable -- both by 1 point to the Pac-12 Champion and the runner-up. I like Oregon’s totality of wins and success against a very tough overall schedule. Still, if we bring up 2 close losses to good teams, we should mention Oregon won five of their games by less than a touchdown. This is a very tough team to weigh. They have a good aggregate record against a tough schedule but one real ranked win. They also have a loss to a conference champion that is actively vying for a spot as well… Which brings me to Washington. Washington (10-3) Conference Champion: Yes SoS: 10 MoV: 28.8-18.3 (+10.5) Head to Head: W @ #11/12/10 Oregon (week 16: 24-23) Best victory: W vs #17/18/17 Hawaii (week 2: 28-24) W @#11/12/10 Oregon (week 16: 24-23) Win Profile: OOC (1-2) average wins: 10.3 L SMU (13-0) W Hawaii (9-3) L Illinois (10-3) Conference (9-1) wins against teams with winning records: 4 Loss profile: L @ #13/11/9 Illinois (10-3) (Week 4: 17-19) L @ USC (8-4) (Week 11: 17-24) L @ #1/1/1 SMU (13-0) (week 12: 20-23) My opinion: I don’t think there is any way a voter can put Oregon ahead of Washington. When weighing the most important tie-breaking metrics in my mind, Washington wins all of them. They have a Pac-12 championship. They have SoS. They have head to head. And, they even beat the other team Oregon lost to. They also have a similar best victory (Hawaii compared to Auburn). In addition, they have a better second victory, over Oregon itself. Washington lost 3 games, but they are to the undefeated #1 team, a top 20 Illinois team, and one less forgivable drop to USC. Washington’s loss to USC, is in no way worse than Oregon’s to Arizona, however. If we are looking at letting the Pac-12 in, it has to be Washington. They are too comparable to Oregon, but they have a CCG win and the H2H. There’s no doubt in my mind that Washington should be over Oregon. Tennessee (11-2) SoS: 65 MoV: 27.5-13.3 (+14.2) Head to Head: L @ #5/3/3 LSU (CCG: 6-13) Best victory: #4/2/2 vs Florida (11-1) (Week 3: 26-24) Win Profile: OOC (4-0) average wins: 5.5 7-5 Boston College 6-6 Pitt 4-8 NC State 5-7 USF Conference (8-2) wins against teams with winning records: 2 Loss profile: L @ Georgia (6-6) (week 8: 14-17) L vs #5/3/3 LSU (12-1) (CCG: 6-13) The only team to beat Florida, but they lack any other signature wins. Their next best win is 8-4 Missouri or 7-5 Boston College. Their close loss against LSU, in my mind, should not be punished. The real question is whether that 14-17 loss to Georgia counts significantly. It was away, and it was potentially when Franz was actively coaching. Still, it is unquestionably the worst loss of any of the playoff contenders. Tennessee is one of the hardest teams to peg. Because their loss to LSU was so close, I would vote to give them another shot. They don’t have many pros outside of 11 wins and the victory against Florida. But they also don’t have any huge reasons to doubt them. I personally am forgiving the Georgia loss, other voters might not be so kind. At the end of the day, I could see them matching up favorably against any of the playoff teams, including LSU again. Navy (10-2) SoS: 70 MoV: 31.6-21.2 (+11.4) Head to Head: W vs #12/9/12 Notre Dame (Week 13: 31-14) Best Victory: see head to head Win Profile OOC (3-1) average wins: 6.5 L #22/24/22 Rice (10-2) W Air Force (5-7) W Army (1-11) W #12/9/12 Notre Dame (10-2) Conference (7-1) wins against teams with winning records: 0 (sheesh, 3 6-6 teams tho) Loss Profile: L @ #22/24/22 Rice (10-2) (Week 2: 17-27) L vs #1/1/1 SMU (13-0) (Week 4: 10-27) My opinion: The computer loves Navy at this point, probably more than I do myself. I really like a 17-point win over Notre Dame in week 13, but there is nothing else there to boost the resume. The next best win is either 6-6 Tulane, 6-6 Tulsa, or 6-6 ECU. That double-digit win over Top 15 Notre Dame cannot be discounted however. It compares more favorably to Oregon’s best win against Auburn, similar to Washington’s over Oregon, but not to Tennessee’s over Florida or Notre Dame’s over Michigan. Navy hasn’t lost in 12 weeks, but there was only one matchup in that time that should have challenged them. Ultimately, if they beat Rice, they’d be in the playoffs. Navy’s losses have a combined record of 23-2. Nobody’s losses compare to that, but neither of those losses were particularly close. Further, Rice has proven itself to be a team hovering around the top 25, not the 12-0 team it was originally looking like. Unfortunately, there was just not enough meat outside of those tough games for Navy to prove themselves. I have them just outside the playoffs. Though, if we want to do a true comparison, Navy has a similar SoS to Tennessee, a similar (though slightly worse) win over a Top-10 team, but way better losses (13-0 SMU and 10-2 Rice compared to 12-1 LSU and 6-6 Georgia). Ultimately, I think Navy has to prove it in a bowl game that they should have been there, and then carry that momentum into next year. Notre Dame (10-2) SoS: 47 MoV: 29.1-20.4 (+8.7) Head to Head: L @ #8/10/11 Navy (Week 13: 14-31) Best Victory: W vs #2/6/7 Michigan (Week 0: 38-28) Win Profile OOC (10-2) average wins (excluding losses): 5.6 Wins against winning programs: 5 Loss Profile: L @ #8/10/11 Navy (Week 13: 14-31) L vs North Carolina (7-5) (Week 4: 27-31) My Opinion: Notre Dame - Navy occupies a similar conundrum to Washington - Oregon. In my mind, both teams are below Washington and Tennessee so it doesn’t really matter. Notre Dame has a better win against Top 5 Michigan, but worse losses to Top 10 Navy and 7-5 North Carolina (who is no means bad, but worse than Rice). Notre Dame’s SoS is a clear head above Navy’s but they lack any signature win outside Michigan. There is 9-3 BYU, whose wins were inflated by an incredibly weak schedule. There is also 8-4 USC, 7-5 Boston College, and 8-4 USC, which are all better than Navy’s remaining wins against teams not named Notre Dame. There’s no contention that Notre Dame had a tougher overall schedule. When just evaluating Notre Dame’s record, best wins, losses, and overall SoS, I have them with a slim but definite edge over Navy. That is until I get to that head to head. There is no way I can put a team in the playoffs that JUST lost to a team I’m holding out by 17 points. We have two decently similar teams with 10-2 records, I’m always gonna weigh that head to head. And that is where I land with Notre Dame last in my rankings. My make-believe ballot:
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    What keeps you coming back to CFBHC?

    @stormstopper is the best commish ever and I wouldn't trade him for the world. @lucas, @Time, @llamas, @Rome, @ImposterCauster, @TuscanSota, @mahrowkeen, @TheTodd15, @Jieret, @pumph, @Jumbo, @Darman, @bingo415 are all fantastic people and I'm glad that I've had the chance to get to know them over the time I've been here. All the Large Dozen guys @HAFFnHAFF, @Kremit, @DangerZoneh, @Minnowsotan, @Swipet, @Vivid, @Ape, @smackemz make conference play a hell of a time and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have a huge amount of respect for all of you and the personalities of the different programs. And of course my Falcons FO: @Rocketcan, @Quasar and @Ricky Campbell. You guys are the best and keep me more sane than I would be otherwise My time on the site has been a bit tumultuous at times. I came close to having to withdrawn during undergrad due to academics, I had to pick a new career path, I had to transition to a new job and move halfway across the country away from everything I knew. The site has been there for me every step of the way and I appreciate all that everyone does to make the site a great hobby. If I had to point to one thing that keeps me coming back it has to be the personal connection I make with players. I am a sentimental bastard at times and it shows a lot on here with the rosters of literal text that the players are for how much I care about them. I am truly thankful that everyone puts up with my roller coaster of emotions at times. Thanks guys. Thanks to @Soluna, @alienufo, and @inspiral2 for all the work and thankless effort to keep the site running.
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    Friday, January 3rd, 2020 (FNF) #9 Eastern Washington (6-6) at #8 James Madison (6-6) #12 Northern Iowa (3-9) at #5 South Dakota State (8-4) Saturday, January 4th, 2020 (Saturday Evening) #11 New Hampshire (4-8) at #6 Delaware (8-4) #10 North Dakota (6-6) at #7 Youngstown State (7-5)
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    [2023] Bowl Games - Day #9

    Holy shit. What a game. It’s crazy how nervous I was for this game, your team has some young, talented players. I really thought this could have been the end of the road for my dream season. Once again, we get it done in the fourth quarter. It’s been about four years since we’ve played in a playoff game and it’s been a long road to get back here. GG @Soluna thank you everyone for all the recognition, especially my fellow G5 teams. We still got one more.
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    10 voters selected at random from eligible FBS coaches Closed Voting Results Heisman Voting: QB Bryce Thompson (Duke): 64 votes (6 firsts, 2 seconds, 2 thirds) QB Zach Lombardi (Navy): 54 votes (2 firsts, 3 seconds, 2 thirds) CB Elijah Williams (Oklahoma): 46 votes (1 first, 3 seconds, 2 thirds) QB Jake Davis (Washington): 34 votes (1 first, 0 seconds, 1 third) RB Robert Harden (Florida): 31 votes (0 firsts, 1 second, 2 thirds) RB Noel Ransom (Cincinnati): 29 votes (0 firsts, 0 seconds, 1 third) DE Damien Atkins (Ohio State): 22 votes (0 firsts, 1 second, 0 thirds) Outland Trophy: OG Isaac Bonner (Florida) Davey O'Brien Award: QB Zach Lombardi (Navy) Johnny Unitas Award: QB Bryce Thompson (Duke) Manning Award: QB Zach Lombardi (Navy) Doak Walker Award: RB Robert Harden (Florida) Fred Biletnikoff Award: WR Jarvis Heard (LSU) John Mackey Award: TE Jonas Schumacher (Ohio State) Bronko Nagurski Award: CB Elijah Williams (Oklahoma) Lott Trophy: SS Jaylin Glenn (Middle Tennesse State) Dick Butkus Award: ILB Xavien Bowers (Penn State) Rotary Lombardi Award: DE Damien Atkins (Ohio State) Ted Hendricks Award: DE Damien Atkins (Ohio State) Jim Thorpe Award: CB Elijah Williams (Oklahoma) Lou Groza Award: K Jay Vela (North Texas) Ray Guy Award: P P.K. Crowe (Indiana) - Unanimous Jet Award: ATH Griffin McHanna (TCU) Computer Results Archie Griffin Award: QB Zach Lombardi (Navy) AP Player of the Year: QB Zach Lombardi (Navy) Maxwell Award: RB Robert Harden (Florida) Sammy Baugh Trophy: QB Bryce Thompson (Duke) Dave Rimington Trophy: C Miguel Prieto (Michigan) AP Coach of the Year: cmcgill, LSU North Reese's Senior Bowl Coach: HaffnHaff, Oklahoma South Reese's Senior Bowl Coach: cmcgill, LSU All-Americans QB: Bryce Thompson, Duke RB: Robert Harden, Florida FB: Louis Hyde, Temple WR: Jarvis Heard, LSU WR: Luke Sikuli, Washington State TE: Jonas Schumacher, Ohio State OT: Dahntay Dickerson, Temple OT: Gabe Morrison, Michigan OG: Isaac Bonner, Florida OG: Philip Bowden, Clemson C: Miguel Prieto, Michigan DE: Damien Atkins, Ohio State DE: Oghale Adelangwe, Penn State DT: Shawn Marshall, Rutgers ILB: Xavien Bowers, Penn State ILB: Alshon Sinclair, Kentucky OLB: Jordan Butler, Nevada OLB: Leonard England, LSU DB: Elijah Williams, Oklahoma DB: Trevor McKinney, Virginia Tech DB: Logan Swain, Louisville DB: Preston Cleveland, SMU K: Jay Vela, North Texas P: P.K. Crowe, Indiana KR/PR: Griffin McHanna, TCU
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    do u guys think smu can make the playoff?
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    Ape’s FCS Open Job Power Rankings All Programs are unique butterflies that deserve the best coach possible. The FCS programs that are open represent a wide array of options and I’m ranking them because I fucking can. Let’s Go. #1 Florida A&M Rattlers Rationale: FAMU ranks high on my list for many reason. First off look at that fucking logo. That god damn snake is out for blood and should intimidate any opponents. Secondly, c’mon we all know Florida is probably the best place for croots in the nation and believe it or not Florida A&M is in located in...Florida. Third, this job has huge potential for role-play (kinky I know) and articles, as an HBCU you could completely only recruit minority players and lean into that aspect of the program. #2 Youngstown State Penguins (currently AI-coached, only available to players with experience) Rationale: The fucking Penguins aren’t playing around. They made it to the Quarters this year with an AI Coach. Just look at that Penguin, ready to fuck shit up with a real coach. That could be you. Also exclusivities are cool so only experienced players can get this. As Mugatu would say, “Experienced Coaches only, so hot right now” #3 Montana Grizzlies Rationale: These fucking Grizzly Men are waiting for someone to come and inspire them. They have some of the best unis in the FCS. They have arguably the best stadium at the level also and they are fucking Grizzly Bears. #4 Eastern Washington Eagles Rationale: My boy Sammy Connor is moving onto the NFL but the Eagles are ready and so is Inferno. YOU CAN COACH ON A FLAMING RED FIELD. Yes you heard me right, EWU has one of the most annoying fields out there and you can be the coach that calls it home. Do it. Just do it. #5 North Dakota Fighting Hawks Rationale: I heard North Dakota has a 4.5 QB or something like that. If you actually like winning this should be a good start for a turnaround. Plus they arent the Fucking Bizon, which is an automatic plus. Fuck The Bizon. #6 Northern Iowa Panthers Rationale: You can drink all the Busch Light you want and still keep this job. Seriously the police will escort you from the bar as long as you bring someone in that slightly resembles Raekwon. Restore that ground game and you’re Gucci my friend. #7 Yale Bulldogs Rationale: Who doesn’t want to be an Ivy league snob? You can coach one of the oldest most stuck up programs if you take Yale. You get to play in “The Game” each year. You’ll probably get stomped by @SageBow for a while but at least you can both have a laugh about it while you wait for Daddy to get you an internship at a law office. #8 Portland State Vikings Rationale: I’m sorry but Portland State sounds the most like a Community College to me. You’re last place. Sucks to suck. Don’ like it? Disagree with me? Put it in the comments.
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    What keeps you coming back to CFBHC?

    Man this list is going to be longer than the older list I had. I honestly love the community of people we have. I don't dislike anyone really anymore, honestly being here for as long as I have, it's been a genuine ride of ups and downs and the love I have for people in this community will never go away. @Hagan For being a dope ass owner, and always being someone fun to shoot the shit about random things and making being with the Giants an absolutely fun time. @mahrowkeen For being one of my favorite people on this website and always being a fun person to talk site or football or anything about. I appreciate your friendship a ton. Go SLC and the Braw. Y @ImposterCauster Willllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll you're dope <3. @DangerZoneh You're one of my favorite people to talk to on the shoutbox, and I'll be honest, I lowkey root for TCU when it doesn't impact my teams at all. I hope you keep kicking ass there. @Soluna You do a fuck ton for the site, even though I would have given up years and years ago with the amount of setbacks this place has gone through. You've been fun to finally get to know and talk to over the past year or 2, and I appreciate it genuinely @tsweezy Another congrats on being GM, and kicking ass in general. Another one of my favorite people on the site. @caesari I wish I saw you around more often, I loved talking to you a bunch when we were on the Saints, I know you will kick ass. Hit me up sometime @Rome You brought me to this place, and for that I am grateful for. Yes one day I will go and smoke with you. Eventually. @Darman Who? @Jieret For taking JD and DD into insanely high places, places I didn't think that was possible. I love you as a person, you're one of my favorite on the site. @Kirby Brothers in Tanks, I hope you get that last win and don't be the first 0-16 team. I've been down there, losing a bunch. It's brutal. You'll climb out of it, I believe in you. @TazerMan ˙ɟlǝsɹnoʎ uo pɹɐɥo ooʇ ǝq ʇ,uop ˙ʇno ʇᴉ ǝɹnƃᴉɟ ll,noʎ ʇɐɥʇ puɐ ɥɔɐoɔ ɐ ɟo llǝɥ ɐ ǝɹ,noʎ ʍouʞ I 'ᴉʇɐuuᴉɔuᴉƆ ɹoɟ llǝʍ op noʎ ǝdoɥ I @Jumbo For being the Rome to my Soluna. And also for sharing so many interests with me, and being an awesome guy to talk with, but minus points for being a Jets fan bro. @smackemz Every time we've ever talked I've genuinely enjoyed it. You're an extremely kind person and I feel like you deserve to hear that. I hope things with Miami turn out even better than they already have. @stinsy You suck. <3 There's even more I haven't mentioned, and not to mention @smokingcricket, @neovenator250, @Jumanji, and @Franz Kafka Who i know aren't on the site anymore/aren't on the site as much. You guys are all amazing, and honestly helped me become a better person the more I've gotten older. It's been a hell of a ride so far, let's hope I actually fucking win in NFLHC yeah?
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    I. Projected Playoff Picture AFC In: 1. Kansas City Chiefs (12.4-3.6) (+1) 2. Baltimore Ravens (12.3-3.7) (+1) 3. Jacksonville Jaguars (12.2-3.8) (-2) 4. Buffalo Bills (11.2-4.8) (+2) 5. Las Vegas Raiders (11.2-4.8) 6. Miami Dolphins (11.1-4.9) Out: 7. Tennessee Titans (10.0-6.0) NFC In: 1. Detroit Lions (13.3-2.7) 2. Washington Redskins (13.0-3.0) 3. San Francisco 49ers (10.3-5.7) (+1) 4. Atlanta Falcons (9.7-6.3) (-1) 5. Green Bay Packers (12.1-3.9) (+1) 6. Philadelphia Eagles (11.3-4.7) (-1) Out: 7. Dallas Cowboys (11.3-4.7) 8. Da Bears (9.0-7.0) II. Week 16's Biggest Games Green Bay Packers (11-3) at Detroit Lions (12-2) Rematch of a snowy 15-6 Packers win at Lambeau Field merely two weeks ago Detroit can clinch the NFC North and a first-round bye with a win. They can take back control of the race for the #1 seed with a win and a Washington loss (or a tie and a Washington loss, or a win and a Washington tie). Green Bay also controls their destiny in the division. With a win, they would clinch the division and a first-round bye with a win over Minnesota or Detroit loss to Chicago next week. The winners of the NFC North and East are guaranteed the top two seeds. Dallas Cowboys (10-4) at Washington Redskins (12-2) Rematch of a 28-14 Washington win in Dallas all the way back in week 4 Dallas will likely need a win to stay on pace with Philadelphia in the wild card race; they own the tiebreaker against the Eagles and would win the division in case of a three-way tie. Washington can clinch the division and a first-round bye with a win or tie. Their conference record means they control their destiny for the #1 seed and home-field advantage if they win out. They would clinch the #1 seed with a win and a Detroit loss. The winners of the NFC East and North are guaranteed the top two seeds. Jacksonville Jaguars (11-3) at Tennessee Titans (9-5) Rematch of a 30-6 Jacksonville win in Jacksonville week 10 before Ryan Clark got his sea legs. Jacksonville can clinch the division with a win but trails the Chiefs in conference record if the two were to tie in the conference standings. However, the Jaguars own the head-to-head tiebreaker over Baltimore and hold superior conference records to Miami and Buffalo at the moment. Tennessee needs a win or tie to stay alive in the playoff hunt, as their conference record and head-to-head would eliminate them in any tiebreaker against Buffalo, Miami, or Las Vegas. A loss or tie would eliminate them from the division race--but if they win out and Jacksonville loses out, they would win the division on common games. III. How In Is In? Clinched Baltimore Ravens (AFC North champions) Atlanta Falcons (NFC South champions) San Francisco 49ers (NFC West champions) Kansas City Chiefs (clinched playoff berth) Washington Redskins (clinched playoff berth) Locks Jacksonville Jaguars (magic number to clinch AFC South over Tennessee is 1) Detroit Lions (magic number to clinch a playoff bid is 1) Should Be In Las Vegas Raiders (magic number to clinch playoff berth is 1) Miami Dolphins (magic number to clinch playoff berth is 1) Work Left To Do Buffalo Bills (magic number to clinch playoff berth over Tennessee is 1 if they win SOV tiebreaker and 2 otherwise) Green Bay Packers (lead Dallas and Philadelphia by 1 game but losing that lead would put them behind in the tiebreaker against both) Philadelphia Eagles (layup against the Giants will likely give them a shot headed into the final week no matter what happens elsewhere) IV. How Out Is Out? One Push Away Dallas Cowboys (clinch a playoff bid if they win out due to head-to-head over Philadelphia; for all intents and purposes the Washington game is their big test since they have the Giants week 17) Hanging On By a Thread Tennessee Titans (a win over Jacksonville, a win over Indianapolis, and a Houston win over Jacksonville would put the Titans in, as would two wins plus two losses by any of Las Vegas, Miami, or Buffalo. None of these routes are totally implausible, but none are likely.) The Walking Dead Da Bears Formally Eliminated New England Patriots New York Jets Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts Denver Broncos Los Angeles Chargers New York Giants Minnesota Vikings Carolina Panthers New Orleans Saints Tampa Bay Buccaneers Arizona Cardinals Los Angeles Rams Seattle Seahawks V. Bust for Bryce/Break for Butler 1. Cleveland Browns (0.5) - can clinch #1 overall pick with one loss or a win by both NY Giants and Tampa Bay 2. New York Giants (2.4) 3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2.7) 4. Denver Broncos (3.6) 5. Arizona Cardinals (3.7) 6. New Orleans Saints (4.6) 7. Minnesota Vikings (4.7) 8. Los Angeles Chargers (4.8) 9. Cincinnati Bengals (5.1) 10. Seattle Seahawks (5.8) 11. Carolina Panthers (6.0) 12. Pittsburgh Steelers (6.1) 13. Houston Texans (6.8) 14. New England Patriots (6.8) 15. New York Jets (6.9) 16. Los Angeles Rams (7.2) 17. Indianapolis Colts (8.0) 18. Da Bears (9.0) 19. Tennessee Titans (10.0) 20. Dallas Cowboys (11.3) - 21. Atlanta Falcons (9.7) 22. San Francisco 49ers (10.3) 23. Miami Dolphins (11.1) 24. Buffalo Bills (11.2) - 25. Las Vegas Raiders (11.2) 26. Philadelphia Eagles (11.3) 27. Baltimore Ravens (12.3) 28. Washington Redskins (13.0) - 29. Green Bay Packers (12.1) 30. Jacksonville Jaguars (12.2) - 31. Kansas City Chiefs (12.4) 32. Detroit Lions (13.3)
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    David Edmondson, the most prolific passer in Aztec history, leaves the program with a career record of 33-14, one Mountain West Conference Championship, two different bowl victories, and team records in completions, passing yards, passing touchdowns, completion percentage, and passer rating. Over the course of his career, Edmondson amassed 1001 completions for 12,633 yards, 102 touchdowns, 24 interceptions, and a completion percentage of 65.73%. He led the team to an undefeated regular season and conference championship in 2022, qualifying for the College Football Playoff. The Aztecs would finish the season 13-1, ranked 9th in the end of season Coaches Poll. Having already obtained his degree, Edmondson has signed with an agent and left school to begin preparing for the upcoming NFLHC Draft.
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    [2023] FCS Awards

    FCS 2023 Awards The first 5 awards were a community vote whilst the rest were an FCS vote. Thanks a lot to everyone that responded to the polls, it is much appreciated and congratulations to all of the 2023 FCS award winners! Please note: *indicates unanimous decision and all stats are regular season only. Player of the Year Isaiah Best - Quarterback Passing: 253/383, 66.06%, 3059 yards, 23 TDs, 4 INTs, 150.88 QBR 67 carries, 523 yards, 10 TDs Offensive Player of the Year Isaiah Best - Quarterback 253/383, 66.06%, 3059 yards, 23 TDs, 4 INTs, 150.88 QBR 67 carries, 523 yards, 10 TDs Defensive Player of the Year Will King - Cornerback 22 tackles, 8 INTs, 5 PDs Freshman of the Year Samuel Jones - Running Back 278 carries, 1469 yards, 16 TDs, 2 fumbles lost, 5.28 YPC, 122.42 YPG Coach of the Year @VerifiedThing Record: 10-2, Big Sky Champion, #1 Playoff Seed Quarterback of the Year Isaiah Best Running Back of the Year* Barack Holmes Receiver of the Year* Dareion Stallworth Tight End of the Year Gabriel Sorensen Offensive Lineman of the Year John Torres Defensive Lineman of the Year* Leeshawn Barrett Linebacker of the Year Brandon Mullen Defensive Back of the Year Will King Kicker of the Year Nikolas Finn Punter of the Year* Brian Leon Return Specialist of the Year DeMarco Jackson Media of the Year ISU Opponent Watch @VerifiedThing Media Writer of the Year @VerifiedThing 1st All FCS Team QB: I. Best RB: B. Holmes FB: K. Howard WR: D. Stallworth WR: T. Bolden TE: G. Sorensen OT: J. Torres OG: R. Culp C: J. Smith OG: C. Shannon-Hicks OT: S. Avea DE: L. Barrett DT: V. Valentino DT: F. Bledsoe DE: T. Monroe OLB: J. Galloway ILB: B. Mullen ILB: D. Jacskon OLB: F. Wallace CB: W. King CB: A. Jones FS: J. Chappell SS: I. Tinsley K: N. Finn P: B. Leon Returner: D. Jackson 2nd All FCS Team QB: F. Luck RB: S. Jones FB: W. Hamilton WR: M. Chambers WR: N. Murphy TE: J. Ouellette OT: D. Goodrich OG: P. Brito C: E. Neff OG: N. Gunderson OT: D. Klein DE: S. Clemsons DT: V. Taylor DT: L. St. Oliver DE: C. Allen OLB: S. Castillo ILB: E. Mills Jr ILB: J. McCall OLB: C. Betts CB: T. Walford CB: D. Gay FS: T. Werner SS: A. Dixon K: E. Tilley P: K. Miles Returner: W. Goldstone 2022 FCS Award Winners
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    UConn in 2024

    To match up with the IRL move the Connecticut Huskies will be moving to Independent for the 2024 season. The AAC will switch from divisions to a round-robin format. Schedules will include eight conference games - four home games and four road contests - for each team in each season. Each team will face the other 10 teams at least once in the two-year cycle.
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    Coming to this bowl season, for the final time, it’s… Hey, hey and helloooooo this is Toucan here. Back again with some Pac 12 After-Dark action. If you’re from the East Coast and attempting to read this -- you know what, stay. Normally, I’d say something snarky like go to bed or send a link to Pee Wee football or flag football, but today is different. And I’mma probably be banned from providing true content such as this because let’s get it straight: You east coasters have been sucking on that Disney tit for a little too long. Your eyes have literally been glued to ESPN and you believe the SEC is the best and only league worth watching. Im’ma tell you right now that you’ve been lied to. Because let’s be real. Since y’all are on that Disney kool-aid, you probably think that streaming is a whole new technology because Disney released Disney+. You’ve never heard of it before until Disney started doing it. You probably don’t know what Netflix is. Maybe Hulu, but to you, that’s just TV on the internet. It’s not really streaming. You’ve been taking the Red Pill, and Pac 12 After-Dark is your blue pill. Welcome to reality. Now sit on down because this is gonna be worth the read. We’re going through everything from each Pac 12 team, their performance overall in the season and how I think they’ll do with their bowl Matchups. Arizona Silly-Kitties It’s all fun and games until you realize the jokes you made earlier this season and last season aren’t really relevant anymore. Christian “Paul” Noonan has bamboozled us. First, there was the scandal in Boca Raton where he released his contraband cookies “Noonan-O’s”; but now? The dude has literally upset Oregon. Literally. I’mma talk about them later but they’re in therapy now after what Christian “Paul” Noonan did to them earlier this season. Arizona isn’t mild anymore. They’re just silly. They’ve literally turned the tables on the Pac 12 Championship, and they’re showing the entire West Coast they’re on the upswing. The Arizona Mascot was given permission to wear this after their victory against Oregon And it’s too late y’all. Go into any organic grocery store. Your Trader Joe’s, your Whole Foods, anyone of them. This guy doesn’t just have cookies. He’s got pasta jars. Just ignore the fact it says Newman. I've been using this joke for weeks now. We’re in Arizona’s endgame now. And want to know a little irony? The Silly Kitties are facing against West Virginia -- who got their asses whooped by the Cyberducks earlier this year. Now that’s not saying that West Virginia isn’t a bad team. The Pac 12 is just superior in nature. The Mountaineers are a team that went to definitely-not-bowl-bound to wtf-why-is-this-team-winning-so-much-oh-god-theyre-in-the-big-12-championship-oh-what-sort-of-suicide-did-the-large-dozen-go-through-to-allow-this. Seriously, it’s like Martin Lake to that ass beating to heart, and when he got his job stolen by Curious George Story he remembered that he was playing football. And he started making the right passes and playcalls. And they also beat Baylor. Their reward? They get to play the team that upset Oregon by 1 point. They’re fucked. Arizona State Solar Satans Arizona State will always remain this enigma to me. You’ve got Israel Carlson at runningback; a scrambling/hybrid QB, and two 5* wide receivers who names I can’t remember simply because they literally do nothing. No, seriously. Neither of those two receivers got more than 800 yards. Maybe the excuse is that Israel Carlson’s just that good of a playmaker. It just baffles me that Arizona State is making a literal hell out of their wide receiver core when they’re supposed to be torching offenses. Perhaps it’s an enigma I’ll never know about. QB Parker Townsend is in his final game, his swan song. Maybe he’ll show us what he’s made of. Maybe the heir apparent for the Solar Satans will do what Parker couldn’t. You know what Parker will do though? Light up the Vegas Bowl against the Denver Broncos. After being relegated from the NFL to CFB, the Broncos went 10-2 under returning coach Azul. With their QB Hydra named Ian and JUCO rb named C.C. Henderson the Broncos quickly turned around their franchise program and won the Mountain Best. The only problem for this Broncos team -- which lost to Baylor btw -- is that they now face probably the hottest team in the Pac 12 in one of the hottest stadiums in the Western United States. QB Cannon showing off his NFL-Talent arm For a team that high up in the mountains, they’re fucked. Colorado (One) Buffalo If you’ve been keeping along with Pac 12 After Dark, you know about the tragedy of the Buffalo. If you’re an east coaster, this is something you’ve missed from the history books. You see, we almost endangered the Buffalo. Historically, the Colorado Bison we’re very well known program, trouncing teams left and right and pillaging through defenses with their famous run game. Unfortunately their golden age is long gone, and there’s so few of them left. Of those remaining, these Bison remain vigilant. They live in a sanctuary close to Boulder, Colorado, where they’re slowly rebuilding their program as we speak. One of the finally Buffalo remaining. Don't worry, we were well protected when we took this photo Will we see the reign of the Buffalo ever again? We sure hope so. Just beware, o’ east coast tourists who visit Boulder: trespassing onto Folsom Field will warrant you a ‘trampling. [[Insert shameless plug for Be A Bison here]] California Golden Noodles I think my favorite success story so far in the Pac 12 is with the California Golden Noodlez. Back in my day as the Baylor Head Coach, we faced off against California twice -- and this team hit rock bottom during one of those years, I think 1-11. Thankfully under the former coaching of coach Kwayzarr and coach Noodles, the Golden Noodlez are back in town and back to bowling. Their much-earned season has earned them a trip to the Holiday Bowl where while on vacation they get to face the Michigan State Not-Trojans. The Bears are going on Vacation! This Thpartan thquad ithn’t what you’d expect folkth. Thith ith not the 11-2 team of yethter year. Ithaac ‘Mike’ Tython might be hyping up hith thquad ath part of the team pre-game ritual, but thith ith their firth vithit to the weitht coatht. They might’ve earned their bowl birth to vithit Than Diego, but thith ith a thquad not prepared to fathe a Pac 12 team. QB Isaac Tyson wouldn't be happy if he read this. Thankfully, he can't. You see, Zachary McFadden and Naiquon Barnhouse are a force to reckon with -- when one of these star runningbacks gets tired, the other simply takes their place. The Golden Noodlez are known to pile drive the ball straight stacked boxes and flimsy defensive lines. And when coach Noodlez feels like mixing it up, the ball is aired straight to Spencer Sharpe. Michigan State doesn’t know what they’re walking into. They’re fucked. Oregon Cyber Ducks This season of the cyber ducks feels like one of those Oscar-nominated movies. The protagonist/team takes a gamble (takes some jucos), and make it all the way to hero-dom. The Ducks are on top of the college football world at #1. If their win against #1 (at the time) Auburn wasn’t enough for the east coast to blackout that game from viewership, it was the Ducks doing so well by forcing those fat-cat-suited pollsters to finally rank a west coast team as #1 in the nation. And as the Cyber Ducks were on top of the world, so was their fall back to Earth. Two quick upsets from the Arizona Silly-Kitties and their nemesis has landed this very disgruntled and angry quacker to the Rose Bowl. Bingo is just happy he no longer has to see these mascots together in Pac 12 Media ever again How fucked is Illinois? Let’s put it like this: Oregon just lost to their rival from up north. They get snubbed out of the Playoffs by that very rival -- who has three losses, mind you -- and is given the Rose Bowl as a consolation prize. Yeah, I would be pissed too. Illinois might’ve allegedly ‘won’ against DubDub, but they’re fucked. Oregon State Krypto-Beavers How quickly can you rebrand the laughing stock of the Pac 12 into an up and coming program all in one season? You disguise yourself as Clark Kent and take the coaching job in Corvallis, Oregon. You joke, I’m being serious. The beavers went from being dental-impaired beavers to the Krypto Beavers. They picked up the #58 recruiting class, yes, but a lot of that class is made up of seven 4* guys and two 4.5* fellows. Small class, big energy. This Beaver Squad might’ve missed their dentist appointment and a chance at a Bowl Game, but this is a squad that seems to have finally sound some stability. And with that stability, there’s some change going on in Corvallis. Power-5 teams looking for a cupcake, beware. You’re fucked. Stanford The biggest mystery of this season -- where did the Imagine Dragons band go to? After a successful season under coach hit-song Believer, the Cardinal went off the charts into obscurity. Their head coach now remains anonymous, and so does the future of this program. The Former Coach and hit song is rumored to be somewhere in southern Utah, but this is only a rumor. This should bode well for Stanford. After all, the program hits gold when teams least expect it. In other words, coaches looking for an easy win are fucked. USCLA Bruins This is my favorite team in the Pac 12. Like, how can you go wrong with Aaron Hardon? Dude has lit up Los Angeles and given the city a purpose in life. They --- its hard to believe --- have a good football team. This squad is going to continue to get better, even by next year. Coach cultur3 is a man of class, one that USCLA is confident in leading and mentoring the young men of this USCLA Bruins team. The man is bringing in talent not just all over California -- but all the way from Florida too. Kids are excited to play for this coach. It shows. Watch out for this squad for seasons to come. Aaron Hardon answering questions after the team's bowl announcement While the Bruins fell short in the Pac 12 South Division, this squad will be facing the Virginia 9th Cavaliers Division in the Sun Bowl. A squad with much young talent, led by Cpt. Soldier Brooks, the 9th Cavaliers Division has shown flashes of potential through their own season. Corporal Jeremy Ellington has grown into his own role as the starting QB, upending former starter Sgt. Mike Davis, Pocket Squadron. Ellington, despite winning the starting job, took some growing pains. Had it not been for Ellington’s passing game and work ethic, the Cavaliers might’ve not made a bowl game. Coach Beeznik discussing the team's plan to face the Bruins So here we have, two young up-and-coming teams facing off in the deserts of West Texas. QB Aaron Hardon leading the USCLA Bruins, and QB Cpl. Jeremy Ellington leading the 9th Cavalry Division. I’ve seen people hunting bears, but this is a no brainer. The USCLA Bruins are a Pac 12 team, after all. 70-3, Bruins. Cavs, y’all are fucked. USCLA Trojans This is my least favorite team in the Pac 12. Like, how did USCLA go wrong with Riley Sharp? Dude has attempted to light up Los Angeles and give the city a purpose in life. They, unfortunately, have not done well this season. Despite the plethora of talent, USCLA has been hampered by Sharp’s horrid QB play. 2,696 yards, 14 TD, and 9 interceptions?! That’s not USCLA quality. This team might be 8-4 and somehow ranked #25 in the nation, but this team underneath is a hollow resemblance of the playoff team from last year. It’s debatable if this squad will continue to get better. Sharp is a freshman, yes, but coach Jambo is a man of debatable work ethic. The man might do the best to utilize his teams talent, forcing RB Carlos Bowser to run the ball and then suddenly not, but it’s hard to argue that this is the man that should be mentoring the young men of this USCLA Trojans team. The man is using his past achievements, but at what cost? Kids might want to come to USCLA to play, but the man is searching elsewhere out of California. Washington? South Carolina? Colorado? Really? There’s no talent in those states. You have high school athletes dreaming of going to school at USCLA and this coach is searching for elsewhere. If this coach was really looking for talent reload talent at USC, maybe instead of looking over the fence at his neighbors, he take a look at what’s in his own backyard. Kamar Brandon gifting his mom with a new car after signing with USC To top off this disastrous USCLA season, they’re going against Iowa in the Bay Area bowl. Two inconsistent teams that will struggle to make it to Santa Clara, park, and then struggle on the field. I love the Pac 12, but it’s very obvious that this is going to be a very close game for these two teams. 42-21, USCLA. Iowa is still fucked. Utah SharkFinns The season might’ve been lost to Ute fans, but there’s hope on the horizon. QB SharkFinn is getting used to the salt water over in Salt Lake City, and despite making 14 throws to players that aren’t Utes, his ceiling is higher than his current passing game. Recruiting-wise, the Utes are taking advantage of their situation and will soon be reeking havoc along the Rockies and beyond. Freshman Finn Leonard Fellow Pac brethren, beware. Teams doubting the utes, beware. Prepare to be fucked by SharkFinn Leonard. Just not now, probably later. Dub Dub Good Bois Oh, look. It’s the talk of the town. The Pac 12 winning DubDub Good Bois. Djake Djavis has finally accomplished what the Good Bois haven’t done since 2016. Coach Jieret has pulled off his statsheet excel magic once again and have not only brought the Pac 12 trophy to Seattle, they’ve magically made it to the College Football Playoffs. Hold on while I puke… Dubs celebrating UW's victory in the Pac 12 Championship Okay, I’m back. I’m happy for them. Djake (hold on… heart attack) is a good quarterback. A good one, yeah. They get to rematch against the Smoo Mustangs, a team lead by a figment of our imagination. Imagine it now, Djake getting a chance of redemption, again, throwing to D.D.D.D.Dyson. Will the Good Bois triumph past the Smoostangs? Will DubDub get redemption for their infamous loss in the 2016 National Championship? I have one better: Will someone figure out what each D. stands for in Dyson’s name? Wazzu Cougartown Things seem to repeat for the Cougs. They begin the season with a winning chance of taking the Pac 12 North, and always they coug’ their way to a lesser bowl game. There’s DE Quincy Hobson, ILB Aaron Mathis and CB Darron Rucker. On offense you have WR Luke Sikuli and OG Will Groves. It’s difficult to pinpoint where things continue to go wrong with this Cougs squad. Maybe their coach is out of touch. Maybe Hassan isn’t the Quarterback the Cougs expected him to be. Last season, they faced a Nevada Squad with two crazy OLBs including Jordan Butler. This bowl season, they’re miles from the West Coast and facing Louisville. A squad known for -- you guessed it -- an OLB named Zack Temple and a cornerback named Logan Swain. Eh, this isn’t really a complaint. Just something of note. Coach Toucan might finally be seeing things for once. He’s coached middling squads since his tenureship at Baylor. A miracle run that took Baylor to the playoffs all thanks to the talents of one playmaker. Since then, the teams he’s coached teeter the fine line of bowl eligibility, and the talent of his squads continues to meddle and squander. Throwing in the towel is one thing, but one is left to wonder whether he could coach in the first place. Coach Toucan exhausted after complaining about recruiting for the third year in a row This season wasn’t entirely a favor. The damn bird himself managed to bring some talent to the fields of Pullman, Washington. Jared “Big Dick” Raddick from the heathens of Florida, has signed and made his way to the promised land that is the West Coast. One may never know what a Toucan-coached Raddick would look like. Will these coug squads get the shaft, or will finally swing the fences and win the Pac 12 North. Unfortunately, we will never know. So, the question remains -- will the Cougs triumph over the Louisville Cardinals? Hard to say. All we know is that one of these teams is fucked. Anyways, thanks everyone for tuning into Pac 12 After Dark. We had one helluva run -- granted one that is very inconsistent. We hope you enjoyed these articles, and that you would continue to tune into Pac 12 games and content in the future. East coasters, we hope that you end up taking the blue pill this time and realize that this is where true football is played. Will Oregon triumph over the Fighting Illini and redeem their season? Yes. Will the Huskies finally defeat the Mustangs and continue through the playoffs? Maybe Will the Golden Noodlez continue to surprise everyone with their football and their ramen? Yes Will coach Cultur3 bring victory for the USCLA Bruins? Yes Will coach Jambo bring victory and prestige to the USCLA Trojans? ……….yes Will the Buffalo roam the plains once again and take the Pac 12 South? We hope so Will Arizona finally earn the title Wildcats? Likely Will the Solar Satans finally provide the West Coast with clean energy and amazing football? They already are Will Stanford finally understand the importance of football like they understand academics? Yes Will Oregon State become the Kryptonite of the North? Yes Will Utah and Kirby unless the wrath of the SharkFinn beyond the summer of Shark Week? Yes Will the Washington State Cougars break their Couging tradition and win something? Find out in this final rendition of PAC 12 AFTER DARK
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    Tremors in South Bay?

    SAN JOSE, CA -- Rumors are circulating that embattled first-year coach @redeye4 may be eyeing a move from the furthest end of Silicon Valley. The coach was recently spotted in a conference with the school president and board of directors. Only one recording, made by a student waiting to pitch his 'sick startup idea that'll be the Uber of Crooting,' is available. It reveals a particularly heated exchange audible from the lobby, as transcribed below: Board Member #1: "[sighing]... enough about that, we can talk about your training habits later. We need to have a talk about your coaching strategy. I understand that you wanted to run Vertical Offense, but why on earth would you choose Slightly More Pass on top of that? It was already a bit too pass-heavy for our comfort." redeye4: "Well to be honest, I'm not sure that you understand the situation we have on the ground. When I came in we had a OL and TEs meant for some outside runs, but we don't have any starpower at RB and we have one (1) fullback... a Fr 2/2.5 [Pass Blocking], no less. We tried the run - " Board Member #2: [interrupting] "Look, you need to figure out how to bring balance to this team. You were called 'one-dimensional' by the Colorado State coach, that's not a great look on us. And podcasts are saying that we should have been beaten down even MORE by SDSU. AND, on top of all that, I think we all agree that this year's round of croots are underwhelming to say the least." redeye4: "I'll admit I could have been quicker to adapt our tactics, but when I came in you were handing out offers to 2s and 2.5s like they were Stefon Diggs. I'm not sure what you expected from me at that point. How did we even get C Nick Vaikauskas, the kid is a 5/5 true Junior. He should be playing out east! I honestly feel a little bad for him. Y'all brought me in mid-season; I saw a receiver corps, OL, and QB that work for vertical so that's what I played!" Board Member #2: "[incredulous] You ran the ball once against New Mexico! You made Travis throw 68 passes in one goddamn game! Why the [expletive removed] do you think his arm made a popping sound every throw for the next two weeks? I bet we could go down the street and get Google to make a bot AI better than you!" [audible gasping] redeye4: "... you don't mean that." Board Member #2: "You know what, the only game we won this season was while you weren't here. So yeah, you know what, I think I mean it." At this point the coach leaves the room and the recording ends. Insiders report that the coach was recently overheard saying "... this school will never be THE Sparty..." while ordering ice cream from the local Salt & Straw. This news is surprising as he has previously expressed his pleasure with the Mountain West Conference as a whole. There haven't been any formal announcements, but sources indicate that redeye4 may be eyeing Tulsa. When looking at the Job Market he is reported to have said "I can't believe FAU and Southern Miss have graduation rates below 50%, that's so sad. But look at Tulsa... quality education, good looks, and VERY well-endowed." We may be seeing this coach attempt to move from the sunny South Bay to Tornado Alley, a stormy destination that may be milder than the current conditions at the San Jose State coaching office. Further updates will be posted when an official announcement is released. Posted January 17th
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    [2023] Bowl Games - Day #1

    I really like the star designating the bowl player of the game!
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    NEW ORLEANS -- The Sun Belt's coaches gathered and voted on the all conference teams, as well as the conference awards. Every team is represented (a lot of Louisiana-Lafayette players). Thanks to all the coaches that voted, and congrats to ULL team, on winning the conference championship title! Offensive Player of the Year Leonard Williams, RB, Jr, South Alabama 228 atts; 1,197 yds; 13 TDs; 5.25 yds/car Defensive Player of the Year Reece Matthews, ILB, Jr, Louisiana-Monroe 63 tackles; 5 TFLs; 6.5 sacks; 1 FF Offensive Freshman of the Year Jack Evans, QB, (Fr), South Alabama 178/297; 59.93%; 2,084 yds; 10 TDs; 9 INTs Defensive Freshman of the Year Keenan McAfee; SS, (Fr), Troy 37 tackles; 0.5 sacks; 1 INT; 3 PDs Coach of the Year BuckyB; Troy All Sun Belt 1st Team QB: Eugene Salas, Arkansas State RB: Leonard Williams, South Alabama* RB: David West, Troy WR: Rakeem Brown, Louisiana-Lafayette WR: Elijah Stephens, Arkansas State WR: Shaquille Jones, Coastal Carolina TE: Abdoul Brinson, Louisiana-Monroe* OT: Sawyer Dobbs, Texas State OT: Joshua Lee, Louisiana-Lafayette OG: Matthew Jones, Troy OG: William Jenkins, Georgia Southern C: Samuel Cornell, Louisiana-Lafayette DE: Dwayne McCrary, Georgia State* DE: Thomas Newsome, Louisiana-Lafayette* DT: William Lovelace, Louisiana-Lafayette* DT: Milo Gardner, South Alabama OLB: Tristan Norman, Coastal Carolina* OLB: James White, Appalachian State ILB: Reece Matthews, Louisiana-Monroe* ILB: John Small, Georgia Southern CB: William Jackson, Louisiana-Lafayette CB: Lardarius Beasley, Georgia State FS: Rocco DeLaney, Troy* SS: Keenan McAfee, Troy K: Vaughn Hudgins, Louisiana-Lafayette P: Lukas Parr, Coastal Carolina* All Sun Belt 2nd Team QB: Emory West, Louisiana-Lafayette RB: Messiah Sheppard, Georgia Southern RB: Raymond Herrera, Louisiana-Lafayette WR: Thomas Hough, Arkansas State WR: Lawrence Strange, Troy WR: Karl Craig, Louisiana-Monroe TE: Adoree Young, Louisiana- Lafayette OT: Allan Hinojosa, Georgia State OT: Ben Boggs, Georgia State OG: Luka Bliss, Georgia State OG: David Delgado, Troy C: Tom Dougherty, Georgia State DE: Sean Boone, South Alabama DE: Ryan Starling, Texas State DT: Jeremy Spears, Texas State DT: Russell Nadeau, Arkansas State OLB: Jeff Evans, Louisiana-Lafayette OLB: Jude Herring, Georgia Southern ILB: Joleon Pratt, Coastal Carolina ILB: Carl Booth, Arkansas State CB: Seantrell Dyer, Arkansas State CB: Nijrell Wade, Troy FS: Benjamin Beach, Texas State SS: Odel Goins, Louisiana-Monroe K: George Bloom, Coastal Carolina P: Felix Branham, Texas State
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    [2023] The Browns: Any Given Sunday

    Berea, OH. As the 2023 NFLHC regular season draws closer to its conclusion, the Cleveland Browns are fighting to defy the record books. The record they are attempting to avoid breaking is not the kind you want to brag about to your family and friends. If the Browns fail to defeat or tie against the Bengals on Sunday, they will be the first franchise in the history of the NFLHC to fall to a winless 0-16 record. They have come close to winning on a couple of occasions this season, none more so than this past week on the road in Pittsburgh. They came within three points of sending the game to Overtime but unfortunately the defense, void of Cameron Marshall (who was ejected from the game in the third quarter), couldn’t hold out in the final moments of the game. The Cleveland Herald can now report that this week Owner/Coach @Kirby gathered all of the players on the roster in a huge huddle on the practice field and gave a speech similar to that of Al Pacino from one of your favourite football movies. You know the one I’m talking about. He was heard mentioning inches throughout the speech although it is still not confirmed in what context he was referring to this. Rumour has it he has also promised every player a Nando’s black card for a years unlimited use if they come away with the victory. Apparently this was met with mixed reactions. One player supposedly asked: “What is this Nando’s you speak of?”... Sunday’s game will be Kirby’s final as head coach of the organisation which he also owns. He has already announced that he has lined up his coaching successor and Kirby is excited to be able to fully commit himself solely to his Ownership duties after this season and beyond. The new head coach remains a mystery but we expect to hear more on this in the near future. Only time will tell if this pep talk gave the players enough of a boost to take the game to the Bengals on Sunday right here in Cleveland, Ohio. One thing is for sure though: No player, coach, or fan wants to be representing the first franchise to ever go 0-16. So let’s hope it’s not our boys. Bring it home, our favourite dawgs. #DAWGPOUND
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    [2023] Bowl Games - Day #9

    Congratulations @Time, I knew when I was scouting your team that this would be the end-station for me unless literally everything clicked. I wish you all the best in the final, you're a very underrated coach. I would be honored to lose to the first G5 champion in the semifinal.
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    Madison I know that over in Ann Arbor, Coach Jacobs shocked the world by stepping down at his alma mater to move on to UCONN. While I know this will also come as a shock to some, seeing as I am the longest tenured HC in the conference, but I have decided to step down as well as head coach at Wisconsin. I have talked to tsweezy about it and we have made sure the Badger football team is well taken care of. I will always be upset that I was never able to get Wisconsin over the hump to the national championship, or that our recruiting was never at the level it should be. I will always have love in my heart for this school. I know the next coach will put it in a place I could never get it to and I wish him nothing but the best. My future is still on the site however, as I will be going home to my alma mater and joining the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux Hawks! I look forward to a new chapter in my coaching career and to hopefully regain my standing as a recruiter. I will now take questions.
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    ~ USAFA News The United States Air Force Academy would like to announce that Kwheele has been named the head coach of the Falcons football program. Coach Kwheele had this to convey - "I want to start by thanking General Goodwin, Mr. Knowlton, Mr.Pine. The process, the professionalism was just incredible. Just the process of being hired as the next head coach of the United States Air Force Academy, and how that felt to be approached by these professionals,leaves one with such a sense of gratitude and graciousness. It is just such an honor to be a part of the great traditions here at Air Force and work with such great student-athletes. The Air Force Academy is a special place, and I am excited for the opportunity to lead this program at this elite institution. This is a tremendous time to build upon the foundations laid in place by my predecessors and within the athletic department. I am excited to get started and work through this process to build this program for long term success, and to be an elite football team. We are going to build a program that our Air Fore is going to be proud of, our Air Force deserves the best and we are going to give them that. We are not going to masquerade who we are. There will be very few Saturdays where we are bigger, faster, more athletic or stronger than the teams that we play. We believe it doesn’t always take the best players to win, it takes the best team to win. And we are going to field the best team. We are going to be tough, disciplined, and play with pride, passion, with great effort. We are going to field a team everybody is going to be proud of, that our servicemen and women can be proud of, and opponents respect and don’t look forward to having to play each week. That doesn’t guarantee victory, but without that it, we aren’t going to have a chance."
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    Norlfolk, VA. – Monarchs Head Coach Kwheele has announced not one new offensive coordinator, but co-offensive coordinators by naming former Michigan State quarterback coach Bobby Viger as Co-Offensive Coordinator/Passing Game and former West Alabama Offensive Coordinator Kevin Richards as the Monarchs Co-Offensive Coordinator/Running Game. Coach Kwheele had this to say about the hirings: “Greetings. As many of you know, we have been progressing through a very thorough search to fill our vacant Offensive Coordinator position on our staff. The search drew interest from several strong candidates through all levels of the college ranks and a few from the professional ranks as well. I am fired up to say that the Monarchs got two of the strongest offensive minds to be co-coordinators and to help develop our student-athletes to their best potential. Both coaches are excellent teachers, recruiters, and men of character and their addition will be instrumental in the Monarch’s long term development, and fully understand where we are going with this program over the next several seasons. Everyone is very familiar with both Coach Viger and Coach Richard’s stories, and I believe those very human stories are going to be a benefit to our program as we continue in our development. Both men have very strong teaching skills and already know each other, and in fact it was them that brought the idea up of being co-coordinators together. Coach Vigor has shown that he has the strongest of abilities to develop quarterbacks and get them to perform at their best - from a mechanics and game management levels. He has a very relatable story and development and I can see his attention to detail being very helpful for the stable of quarterbacks we have on the roster. Everyone knows Coach Richard’s journey and challenges throughout his college and professional careers, they are well documented, but what most people don’t see is the enormous grit and determination he brings to the table. Coach Richard’s was able to develop one of the most explosive run games at West Alabama and is know for developing well-rounded running backs as well. Both the coaches believe, as I do, that an offense needs to be aggressive, disruptive and keep defenses off balanced by using our athletes to their best abilities, and through innovative use of personnel groupings and formations. Most importantly they are both great people and coaches that have the ability to communicate with our younger players, and articulate and teach concepts. I am very excited to work these coaches and continue to surround them with excellent staff and student-athletes to work with.”
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    [2023] Week #17 - 1 PM

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    [2023] Week #16 - TNF

    Thank you! F to pay respects to Rice's run. With all due respect...
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    Berea, OH. After another disappointing loss, the Cleveland Browns have fallen to 0-14 and are two games away from a winless 0-16 season. Although hopes for this season were relatively low from the get go, no one ever anticipates to lose every game, and both the players, and fans, have become restless at the situation unfolding in Cleveland. Following their most recent defeat on the road to the Washington Redskins, Owner/Head Coach @Kirby has called an urgent press conference to address the elephant in the room and put to bed various rumours within the press: "Firstly I want to congratulate the Redskins on a dominant performance today. Best of luck to your organisation for the rest of the season. I wanted to call this press conference just to express my disappointment in this season so far, and to announce that the next two games, which are both key divisional games at Pittsburgh and hosting Cincinnati, will be my last as the head coach of the organisation. As of next season I will be be focussed solely on my Ownership duties. I feel it is the best thing for the franchise and at the end of the day, this is my organisation, I have to put the team first. I am simply not a good enough coach to lead us to where I ultimately want us to be, and I can feel the frustrations are now really affecting the players and that's something we just simply can't have developing. I am pleased to say that my replacement has already been drafted, and I am very excited to be able to announce our new head coach once this season is a wrap. I want to reassure the fans that I love this football team. I love this city. I love these players, and I love all of you, the fans. We are going to do great things in the coming years, and I urge you all to just have patience. I can only apologise for this season, it has been poor on all fronts but we are doing everything we can to turn the corner. To my players, we have two more games left on the schedule. Two huge divisional games. Let's go and get a W in one, or both, and lay silence to some of those critics out there. Next season we are going to try and bring winning back to Cleveland. I have complete faith in my team, my coaching staff, and this organisation as a whole, and I am confident that we can achieve this. Thank you, and let's get to work!" #DAWGPOUND
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    1. Please list your email address and/or your reddit username at which you can be contacted. /u/SageBow also SageBow#4429 on Discord 2. Before continuing, please thoroughly read the coaching course and feel free to ask questions. Confirm that you have read the coaching course by writing "Confirmed" below. Confirmed 3. What team do you want to coach? Colorado 4. Please select two backup teams (in descending order of preference) in case your first choice is unavailable. Harvard/Tennessee 5. In three or more sentences, tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, what do you do, where are you from, why would you be a good fit here, etc. 25 year old genderless being living in Nashville TN. I love football, to the point where I had to tell the girl I'm currently talking to "hey listen, this may come as a surprise, but I'm really into sports. Like really into sports. 6. This site can be as time consuming as you want it to be. Weekly duties can be completed in 30 minutes or less, however interacting with your fellow players throughout the week makes it more enjoyable for most people. Approximately, how much free time do you have during a typical week? Not as much as back in the 2016 season when I was in college Akeeling up the universe, but enough to take Colorado to unknown heights/valleys 7. Losing games is an inevitable reality on this site, especially when accepting newer teams. Do you believe you can handle losing? Disappointment is expected, however we have had issues with people freaking out, and even leaving the site because of losing. I got knocked out of the FCS playoffs by a QB that I turned down in the transfer portal and did not throw a bitchfit. 8. How did you find out about this site? If recommended by a friend, please post his/her username. @Rome
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    Appalachian State 2023 Football Post-Season Awards As the 2023 season wraps up, Appalachian State held its end of the year Football Awards Banquet. Coach Nittany Boiler stated "We are the happiest 2-10 team in CFBHC. We are better now than at the start of this year and have exceeded the expectations coming in cold into the 2023 season. For the most part, we competed relentlessly this season. The future looks bright for this team with a foundation being built and recruiting adding to the team. Why is the Awards Banquet so early? So we can move on from this season, digest the lessons learned, recruit relentlessly and start on the 2024 season. I want Appalachian State to be jealous of other teams still playing and winning - I want to continue to fuel that desire for us. I also want to stop and take time to recognize the outstanding efforts and achievements of this team and the student athletes. With that said, here is the recognition for the 2023 Appalachian State Football season." Offensive MVP, Running Game MVP DeVante Mingo (FR) RB - *867 yards, *8 TD, 4.25 ypc Passing Game MVP Ronnie Wallace SO WR - *35 receptions, *440 yards, *2 TDs Defensive MVP James White SR OLB - *41 Tackles, 2 TFL, *3 Sacks, 1 INT, *1 FR, *1 Def TD - First Team All Sun Belt Conference OLB Line MVP Danny Burgos JR DT - 20 Tackles, *5 TFL, 2 Sacks Special Teams MVP Gary Smith JR K - 20/20 XP, 12/19 FGs, 11/12 FGs inside 39 yards, 56 points scored Senior Leadership Awards Kareem Witherspoon (SR) QB William Slater SR FS True Freshman Standouts Bobby Keller FR OT - started all 12 games at OT Kayden Whitfield FR ILB - 25 Tackles Unsung Heroes Luca Warner FR OT - 1.5 of 2.0 - started all 12 games at OT Benjamin Martin SR P - 1.5 of 1.5 - handled punting duties all 12 games Game of the Year (tie) Week 10 Win versus Texas State (first win!) Week 11 Home Win versus Arkansas State (first home win!) - pictured Looking forward to 2024! Go APP STATE!
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