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Tiger! Tiger! Burning Bright

#1 Auburn wins the championship with a decisive win over #6 TCU, becoming the kings of the 10th CFBHC season.

Pack Up The Playoffs

The Packers steamrolled the playoffs, defeating the Dolphins by 20 to win Super Bowl IX; this is their second title in three seasons.

Black or McLean?

Following the Giants trade-up to #1, will they take Rice QB Eric McLean or Auburn QB Marcus Black?


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    [2023] Official Draft Guide

    Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1n1V2pE-8QuUa0hl6He3gpwzNE5e1ob-f/view?usp=sharing Big thanks to: @Jieret @mahrowkeen @acewulf @SageBow @paperllamasunited @DarthJarJar Don't say anything mean, this took forever to do.
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    With free agency fairly well wrapped up, the Chargers have already had a successful offseason. The team had a number of big question marks entering the offseason, and has addressed several of them. Just a few short weeks ago, the team had no quarterback under contract (other than career backup Elijah Moffett), did not have anyone at the center position who had ever snapped a ball in the pros, and had dismissed their starting left tackle, with no succession plan in place. Say what you will about Matty Swift, but he did just set career highs in every passing category, while throwing for the 3rd-most yards, 4th-most completions, and 8th-most touchdowns in the league. While he did throw 17 interceptions in 2022, his interception rate was lower than guys like Ryan Clark, Taylor Heiden, Alex Leshoure, Norris Brooksheer, and Tanner Bowman. The Chargers were able to extend him for three seasons, in a very cap-friendly deal, that allows them to continue to add pieces around him, and hopefully finally give him the protection and running game that every quarterback deserves. Matty will either excel and his contract will look like a bargain, or he'll struggle and the team will be looking for his replacement sooner rather than later. His deal does allow the team to draft a successor and cut Swift loose in the near future. The other key retention that the Chargers had was the transition tagging of Center, Martin Terry. While not a Pro Bowler, a team can't build a strong line without at least a serviceable center. Terry is a top-half of the league center, and bringing him back was a must for the team. Sure, they would have preferred to ink an extension with him, but it was vital to at least bring him back for 2023. Perhaps if the team turns things around a bit, he'll be more inclined to stick around. Speaking of the center position, the Chargers aggressively went out and added a player that has starting experience, that could possibly replace Terry should the veteran decide to walk away, or get hurt this season. Mendy Morrow is a young player with potential that the team identified as someone they had to have. GM Pumph has this to say on the addition of Morrow: "Mendy's a guy who could step in if needed, and gives us a little insurance in case Martin decides to go elsewhere. Having depth at center is important in this league, and to be honest, it might be the hardest position in the league to fill right now, so getting a player like Mendy for just two late picks was a no-brainer for me". The biggest move the Chargers made this offseason was a trade for Broncos' tackle, Mario Hill. The team gave up a 4th round pick this season, and their 3rd next season to acquire the stalwart left tackle. Said Pumph of the Hill trade: "Coming into this offseason, beefing up the offensive line was something we felt we had to continue to do. We have been trying to focus on that in recent drafts by taking guys like Noah Barney in the first last year, and Anthony Krause and Justin Way in the high second round the last two years. But this trade should immediately make a big impact on our pass protection and ability to run the football. This trade allows us to look elsewhere with our draft capital, while really strengthening what has been the team's biggest weakness." The Chargers had a quiet free agency signing period, completing just one deal, but not for a lack of trying. The Bolts were actively pursuing the top Guard of the free agency class, Kevin Levy, but bowed out when the price tag became too cumbersome. The team did ink free agent wide receiver, Darryl McGlockton, formerly of the Las Vegas Raiders, who caught 50 passes in 2022. McGlockton is seen as a depth piece for the team, who could compete for the number four or five wide receiver position. In addition to the Morrow and Hill trades, the Chargers have been active in various other trade talks. The team sent linebacker Bryan Jones to the Colts for a 2024 6th round pick and safety Steven Elliott to the Rams for another 2024 6th rounder. However, it is the trades that have not been finalized that have kept the Chargers in the news. The team has been fielding offers on future Hall of Famer, Scott Howard, and seems intent on moving him. "Scott has meant so much to this franchise", remarked Pumph, "but as good as he has been, and continues to be, I have that much confidence that our number two guy [Damian Mason] can fill that role sufficiently, and allow us to address some other needs". He followed up by saying, "I know our fans, and heck, even our coaching staff won't be happy if we lose Scott, but we have some other holes to fill, and I firmly believe that tight end will still be a position of strength for us, even if we lost Scott." The team is rumored to have multiple suitors for Howard, but is patiently waiting for those teams to assess their offseason plans. Pumph closed the Howard discussion with, "The good thing is, we don't have to do a thing. While I do want to try to fill some other holes, keeping Scott Howard in a Chargers' jersey is not a bad thing at the end of the day". The Chargers have also looked at trading the likes of defensive tackle Andrew Pearson, cornerback Kevin Potts, fullback John Bills, offensive tackle Charlie Ellis, linebacker Paul Floyd, safety Robert Shipp, and punter Nick Baldwin, among others. The team reported that some of those players have been involved in talks, while moving some of the others may just be wishful thinking. Looking ahead to the draft, the Chargers currently hold the #2 overall selection, a pick that they seem content to keep, but would not turn down the chance to talk about moving down. "This draft board sets up really well for us", remarked Pumph, "unlike years past, we could pick #2 or #10, and I feel that almost no matter what anyone else took in front of us, could be happy with whoever is sitting there when we pick. Our needs and the top players available just seems to mesh pretty well. We'll get one heck of a football player at #2, but we'd also be very happy to move down and collect some other assets and take whoever falls to us. Everything will just depend on what offers might be out there". Despite Swift's signing, the team seems destined to look at a quarterback in this draft, with several quality signal-callers available. The team also has needs at defensive end, running back, offensive line, and linebacker, and could also look to improve their defensive backfield. With the draft board the way that it is, the Chargers are certain to be able to fill a need almost no matter where they pick. If the team remains at #2, the most-likely selections would be Auburn quarterback, Marcus Black, Rice quarterback, Eric McLean, Alabama defensive end, Deontre Graham, or Texas Tech Running Back, Solomon McLaughlin. The Chargers have retained six selections in the upcoming draft thus far. The team holds their picks near the top of Rounds one through three, the Cardinals and Patriots' picks near the top of the fifth round, and the Chargers' own seventh round pick. With 57 players currently under contract, the team has announced that they are mostly looking for future picks, but could easily cut a few players or move some players to the practice squad if they were to add additional picks in the upcoming draft. Los Angeles is hoping to improve on their 2022 record of 3-13. It feels like this team is close to turning a corner, but they need to continue to stock the roster with quality young players, and continue to build around their scheme. Bringing Matty Swift back for another trial will help with the cohesion on the offensive side of the ball, but the team still had the 32nd-ranked scoring defense, and was 31st on 3rd down, 31st in yards allowed, 30th in sacks, and tied for next-to-last in interceptions. Some say that a better offense will take pressure off of the defense. The team still has their work cut out on both sides of the ball if they are going to turn this team into a winner, but some of the foundation pieces have been laid, and the team will look to continue adding to that.
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    1. Christian Skaggs, QB, Florida State to Carolina Panthers Schefter's Grade: A+ PFF Grade: 97.5 Positive: Lock for Hall of Fame Negative: Has struggled in the post-season but not everything may be on him. Player's Fate: At Panthers, unquestioned starter and team leader 2. Jason Johnson, QB, UCLA to Green Bay Packers Schefter's Grade: A- PFF Grade: 88.6 Positive: Two Super Bowls Negative: Traded down from #1 to take Johnson, looked shaky for years but has cemented his status in recent years Player's Fate: At Packers, unquestioned starter and team leader 3. Allan Taylor, QB, Virginia Tech to New Orleans Saints Schefter's Grade: C PFF Grade: 85.6 Positive: Player evaluation was good Negative: Did not leave a mark with Saints before being shipped off, mismanagement of the pick Player's Fate: At Eagles, unquestioned starter and team leader and best dual-threat Quarterback in NFLHC 4. Walt Peck, WR, Penn State to St. Louis Rams Schefter's Grade: A PFF Grade: 90.0 Positive: Top wide receiver in the early years of NFLHC and likely Hall of Fame candidate Negative: Has fallen off significantly, though still active, position may have been overvalued Player's Fate: At Rams, unquestioned starter and team leader 5. Larry Reeves, SS, Tennessee to Jacksonville Jaguars Schefter's Grade: B- PFF Grade: 75.6 Positive: Still active, still with team Negative: Extremely overdrafted with who was left on the board Player's Fate: At Jaguars, unquestioned starter and team leader 6. Chester Henson, RB, USC to Minnesota Vikings Schefter's Grade: B PFF Grade: 91.1 Positive: Lock for Hall of Fame, likely the reason for the first Super Bowl Negative: May have overvalued position in the initial draft, lacked depth at key positions because of pick Player's Fate: At Steelers, transition toward retirement workload 7. Marcellus Peterson, OT, Alabama to Miami Dolphins Schefter's Grade: A PFF Grade: 95.5 Positive: Lock for Hall of Fame Negative: - Player's Fate: At Dolphins, unquestioned starter and team leader 8. David Wilburn, CB, Stanford to Atlanta Falcons Schefter's Grade: A+ PFF Grade: 97.2 Positive: Lock for Hall of Fame Negative: - Player's Fate: At Falcons, unquestioned starter and team leader 9. Andre Brooks, ILB, Wisconsin to New England Patriots Schefter's Grade: A- PFF Grade: 88.5 Positive: Lock for Hall of Fame Negative: Patriots shipped him off at the right time but got most of his value, has struggled in recent seasons but mostly due to aging Player's Fate: At Buccaneers, unquestioned starter and team leader 10. Jim Otto, OT, Colorado to Pittsburgh Steelers (became Indianapolis Colts prior to season) Schefter's Grade: F PFF Grade: 19.5 Positive: Appears to be a decent offensive line coach Negative: Let me tell you the story of Jim Otto the fat Player's Fate: Retired, bust. 11. Darrell Murphy, QB, Wisconsin to St. Louis Rams Schefter's Grade: A PFF Grade: 80.9 Positive: Career starter for the Rams and has been a rock through turmoil Negative: Good but not great Player's Fate: At Rams, unquestioned starter and team leader 12. David Wilson, G, Oklahoma to Oakland Raiders Schefter's Grade: A PFF Grade: 93.1 Positive: Lock for Hall of Fame Negative: - Player's Fate: At Raiders, unquestioned starter and team leader 13. James Bush, RB, Notre Dame to Jacksonville Jaguars Schefter's Grade: D PFF Grade: 61.9 Positive: Showed flashes but never truly developed Negative: Bust but not complete garbage. Will not be remembered. Player's Fate: Retired, bust. 14. Kareem Taylor, QB, Notre Dame to Jacksonville Jaguars Schefter's Grade: C- PFF Grade: 66.3 Positive: Journeyman quarterback, decent backup Negative: Seemed to be an okay starter in early years but had no longevity. Player's Fate: At Titans, backup to Thomas Wheeler 15. Don Williams, RB, Washington to Cleveland Browns Schefter's Grade: C- PFF Grade: 68.2 Positive: Decent in early years, the RB version of Kareem Taylor Negative: Flamed out early, partially due to injuries Player's Fate: Retired. 16. Alvis Brumm, DE, Penn State to New York Jets Schefter's Grade: A+ PFF Grade: 98.6 Positive: Lock for Hall of Fame Negative: Never truly dictated the game himself with monster games. Player's Fate: At Jets, unquestioned starter and team leader.
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    CFBHC v1.6d

    CFBHC v1.6d May 22nd, 2019 Pre-Release v1.6.3.26 Notes: Thanks to all those who submitted feedback to Jumbo's committee and thanks especially to Jumbo for helping me process some of the information. As usual thanks to all those I asked to test various parts of this. Thanks to the users who gave me the idea for this. General Info / Idea Requested feature suggested by a few users in the past. Builds on the coaching skills and differentiation of conferences ideas. Conferences are going to be brought more to the forefront with a dedicated area of the website catered to each conference where each can stand out as unique and show off why that conference is the best. CFBHC Added Conference Identity Each offseason conference commissioners will conduct a "conference identity" draft to determine the bonuses that conference will receive for the next season. Selected bonuses may also bestow future benefits upon the conference. The 10 conferences + Independents (functionally an 11th conference) will be seeded in a two round draft by the number of ranked teams (not receiving votes) they have in the final poll of the previous season. Tiebreaker for the ranking is the highest ranked team from each conference. If conferences are tied with no ranked teams then the order will be decided by random draw. Only for this second case the order will be inverted in the second round. During the Identity draft each conference commissioner may select an available identity (only one of each available - i.e. can be blocked for other conferences) or skip their pick to choose one of the possible alternate identities (infinite of each available - i.e. cannot be blocked for other conferences) The FCS commissioner will be allowed to choose one from 5 randomly selected ones given to them or pick one of the alternates. Going forward the FCS choices will be a random five of the top ten picks of the previous year) It is up to commissioners whether they want to select the pick themselves, delegate it, or have it up for a vote. Elect good commissioners. Drafting a non-alternate Identity also gives the conference 50 media points (MP). MP will be spent on recruiting camps, high school scouting info, and more to come in the future. Identities +10% QB Skill for the Year (+2.5% QB Skill Permanently) +10% RB/FB Skill for the Year (+2.5% RB/FB Skill Permanently) +10% WR/TE Skill for the Year (+2.5% WR/TE Skill Permanently) +10% OT/OG/C Skill for the Year (+2.5% OT/OG/C Skill Permanently) +10% DE/DT Skill for the Year (+2.5% DE/DT Skill Permanently) +10% ILB/OLB Skill for the Year (+2.5% ILB/OLB Skill Permanently) +10% CB/FS/SS Skill for the Year (+2.5% CB/FS/SS Skill Permanently) +10% K/P/LS/KR/PR Skill for the Year (+2.5% K/P/LS/KR/PR Skill Permanently) -20% Scheme Change Penalty for the Year (-5% Scheme Change Penalty Permanently) -20% Weather Penalty for the Year (-5% Weather Penalty Permanently) +10% Homefield Advantage for the Year (+2.5% Homefield Advantage Permanently) +2 Recruiting Points for every conference school (No Permanent Advantage) Alternate Identities +5% QB Skill for the Year +1% QB Skill Permanently +5% RB/FB Skill for the Year +1% RB/FB Skill Permanently +5% WR/TE Skill for the Year +1% WR/TE Skill Permanently +5% OT/OG/C Skill for the Year +1% OT/OG/C Skill Permanently +5% DE/DT Skill for the Year +1% DE/DT Skill Permanently +5% ILB/OLB Skill for the Year +1% CB/FS/SS Skill Permanently +5% CB/FS/SS Skill for the Year +1% K/P/LS/KR/PR Skill Permanently +5% K/P/LS/KR/PR Skill for the Year +1% Homefield Advantage Permanently +1 Recruiting Point for every conference school
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    CFBHC v1.6d

    I've seen you provide help in the same fashion, I figured you would appreciate someone doing the same for you. I got your six, as they say.
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    [2023] Team and Coach Prestige

    Here is the worksheet. Some reminders: 1. Coaches are graded on a bell curve, teams are graded linearly. Exactly a quarter of all coaches in the database are 3 stars, but just under 10% of teams are. 2. There are expectations based on your prestige for wins and recruiting rank. This is to simulate expectations. This also reduces the prestige of inactive coaches. 3. @Jieret did most of the work. If anything stands out are particularly wrong, @ me. I would also like to congratulate the schools and coaches who have made it to the 5 star penthouse. Edit: FCS schools are treated as a half star lesser than what their prestige would actually be, but FCS coaches will be treated like everyone else. The mobility of coaches and having to match similar standards as FBS coaches would be held too made docking them seem unfair and unfun.
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    Idol As of last year all players have hard coded idols that will guide their development paths via the most recent stats from the "idol" in NFLHC. Players with an idol will develop to adjust their game similar to the perceived gameplay of their idol over time. Idols do not have to be the same scheme but will help develop game knowledge and game instinct stuff directly from the idol's background. Preferred Offense This is the offense the player either ran in high school or is most familiar with. Familiarity can be built in any offense and prior to this year all players came in with 0% familiarity in specific offenses. As of 2023 all players get 20-30% (at random) for their preferred offense to start with. The intention here is to help them transition to college from high school. Game Tape Computer weighted evaluation (with randomized error) that evaluates their skill from their high school games. Scouting Computer weighted evaluation (with randomized error) that evaluates their future potential ASSSUMING NO CHANGES to their development in the future. Does not count future impacts from coaching, idols, schemes, etc. PFF Reliability Projection How confident the computer feels in their future capability. (Accuracy) NFL Computer Projection How confident the computer feels in its skill evaluation. (Precision)
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    To most of the world, it's mock draft season. While the paper that's three sheets to the Windy City may get in on that action at some point, our analytics department (which we've upgraded to two squirrels each with their own typewriter) has been hard at work projecting the college football landscape next fall. Last month, we published our 2023 Outlook Ratings to predict which teams are on the rise and which teams are set to fall heading into the second decade of CFBHC football. Today, however, is the day that we rank everybody in the country from bottom to top. As always, this formula relies on each team's past season's performance (measured by adjusted margin of victory), the last five years' worth of recruiting rankings, as well as a formula for the level of returning production adjusted by position. Last year's rankings included each team's projected record; we won't be able to project that for this year until the full schedule is out. This edition of the preview, however, will seek to rank every division, conference, FCS team, and FBS team in the country. Some teams have links to relevant supplementary material. I. Projected Division Rankings 20. Sun Belt East 19. FBS Independents 18. MAC East 17. MWC Mountain 16. Sun Belt West 15. C-USA East 14. MAC West 13. AAC West 12. Pac-12 North 11. C-USA West 10. AAC East 9. MWC West 8. Pac-12 South 7. Big Ten West 6. ACC Atlantic 5. ACC Coastal 4. Big Ten East 3. Big XII Conference 2. SEC East 1. SEC West II. Projected Conference Rankings 11. FBS Independents 10. Sun Belt Conference 9. Mid-American Conference 8. Conference USA 7. Mountain West Conference 6. American Athletic Conference 5. Pac-12 Conference 4. Atlantic Coast Conference 3. Big Ten Conference 2. Big XII Conference 1. Southeastern Conference III. FCS Rankings 12. South Dakota State 11. Montana 10. New Hampshire 9. Delaware 8. Youngstown State 7. Harvard 6. North Dakota 5. Illinois State 4. Eastern Washington 3. Northern Iowa 2. James Madison 1. North Dakota State Note: FCS teams are listed separately this year due to how little data exists to compare them to FBS teams. Over the long run, we hope to unify all teams into one projection. IV. FBS Rankings 130. Liberty 129. UMass 128. Appalachian State 127. Marshall 126. Wyoming 125. New Mexico State 124. Louisiana Tech 123. Troy 122. Kent State 121. Miami (OH) 120. Georgia Southern 119. Connecticut 118. Eastern Michigan 117. Tulane 116. San Jose State 115. Utah State 114. Bowling Green 113. Louisiana-Monroe 112. UNLV 111. Oregon State 110. Louisiana-Lafayette 109. Northern Illinois 108. Houston 107. Kansas State 106. New Mexico 105. Colorado State 104. Ball State 103. Middle Tennessee 102. Buffalo 101. North Carolina 100. Arkansas State 99. Old Dominion 98. Akron 97. Cincinnati 96. Georgia State 95. Coastal Carolina 94. Texas State 93. Georgia Tech 92. Charlotte 91. Rutgers 90. Wake Forest 89. Northwestern 88. Utah 87. Ole Miss 86. North Texas 85. South Alabama 84. Florida Atlantic 83. Army 82. Iowa 81. Kentucky 80. Indiana 79. UTEP 78. Florida International 77. Boise State 76. Iowa State 75. Syracuse 74. NC State 73. Stanford 72. Arkansas 71. Western Kentucky 70. Ohio 69. BYU (somewhere, notoriousbigej is smiling) 68. Central Michigan 67. Air Force 66. Tulsa 65. Wisconsin 64. Arizona 63. West Virginia 62. California 61. Memphis 60. Vanderbilt 59. Texas 58. Kansas 57. Nebraska 56. Maryland 55. Texas Tech 54. Louisville 53. Baylor 52. Fresno State 51. Arizona State 50. Western Michigan 49. Virginia Tech 48. South Carolina 47. Colorado 46. Toledo 45. Oregon 44. UCF 43. UAB 42. UCLA 41. East Carolina 40. Washington State 39. Michigan State 38. Notre Dame 37. USF 36. USC 35. Southern Miss 34. Pittsburgh 33. Virginia 32. Washington 31. UTSA 30. Nevada 29. Alabama 28. Miami (FL) 27. Purdue 26. Boston College 25. Minnesota 24. Florida State 23. Michigan 22. Navy 21. Florida 20. Illinois 19. Ohio State 18. Clemson 17. Temple 16. San Diego State 15. Rice 14. Hawaii 13. Penn State 12. Missouri 11. Oklahoma State 10. LSU 9. SMU 8. Tennessee 7. Georgia 6. Texas A&M 5. Auburn 4. TCU 3. Mississippi State 2. Duke 1. Oklahoma
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    [2023] Depth Chart Party #1

    What we're here to do is to all take one roster (provided by a willing user) to have people openly post depth charts so we can compare and contrast different approaches. This should be a benefit for both the coach we're discussing but also the coaches who participate. I feel like taking a moment to look at a different team and think about how you'd coach under those circumstances can provide useful insight into your approach for your own team. This time, @smckenz3 has offered his team up to be dissected.
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    KC and Cleveland issues

    WR Lindsey Thomas 5-11 163 2 Arizona [Speed] [-1] 77 was on KC's roster the entire 2022 season but was actually on the Packers. Unclear whether he played for them (was inactive on latest depth chart), but he was a FA the previous season. In addition, they removed player colors during re-signings. (minor issue) KC will lose their 4th round pick in 2023 as well as a 3 million cap penalty. @Nmize0 Browns mistakenly listed a player that was not a FA in their released players during re-signing. The player went to FA and was signed by Atlanta before the error was found out. They then released the player to waivers and claimed by the Colts. Cleveland's 2023 7th round pick will be forfeit. @brightfalls @Kirby Because Atlanta kind of got screwed in the above issue, I am awarding them a compensatory 5th round pick. It will be the final comp pick in the 5th round. @acewulf @Rocketcan @Quasar
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    CFBHC v1.6d

    Bahamas Bowl Temple: 38 Rice: 35 Final Coaches Poll #25: Rice Others receiving votes: Temple (19) Identity Draft CUSA - 1 (25) AAC - 0
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    [2022] Final Coaches Poll

    20 Colorado Buffaloes 10-3 71 ↓7 ↓7 YOU DID THIS TO US, TRAITOR. ENJOY YOUR LIFE AS A SCRUB BACKUP
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    Associated Press

    2022 CFBHC Awards

    Presenting the 2021 CFBHC Awards: Overall Heisman Trophy: Troy McMurray, QB, Stanford Cardinal Archie Griffin Award: Troy McMurray, QB, Stanford Cardinal AP Player of the Year: Chic Harley Award: Pending Maxwell Award: SN Player of the Year: Troy McMurray, QB, Stanford Cardinal Walter Camp Award: Special Overall Burlsworth Trophy: Deontray Clay, WR, Rice Owls Paul Hornung Award: Demetrius Clay, ATH, Iowa State Cyclones Offense Davey O'Brien Award: Eric McLean, QB, Rice Owls Johnny Unitas Award: Eric McLean, QB, Rice Owls Kellen Moore Award: Pending Manning Award: Marcus Black, QB, Auburn Tigers Sammy Baugh Trophy: Eric McLean, QB, Rice Owls Doak Walker Award: Solomon McLaughlin, RB, Texas Tech Red Raiders Jim Brown Trophy: Pending Fred Biletnikoff Award: Deontray Clay, WR, Rice Owls Paul Warfield Trophy: Pending John Mackey Award: Jeremiah Kendrick, TE, Southern Miss Golden Eagles Ozzie Newsome Award: Pending Dave Rimington Trophy: Kualii Umaga, ATH, Western Michigan Broncos Jim Parker Trophy: Pending Defense Bronko Nagurski Trophy: Myles Wallace, DE, Auburn Tigers Chuck Bednarik Award: Pending Lott Trophy: Joshua Bullock, ILB, Connecticut Huskies Bill Willis Trophy: Pending Dick Butkus Award: Devin Frazier, ILB, Akron Zips Jack Lambert Trophy: Pending Rotary Lombardi Award: Myles Wallace, DE, Auburn Tigers Ted Hendricks Award: Oghale Adelangwe, DE, Penn State Nittany Lions Jim Thorpe Award: DeSean Barkley, CB, Colorado Buffaloes Jack Tatum Trophy: Pending Special Teams Lou Groza Award: Eric McCurdy, K, Auburn Tigers Vlade Award: Pending Ray Guy Award: P.K. Crowe, P, Indiana Hoosiers Jet Award: Art Vogt, KR, Louisville Cardinals Other Outland Trophy: Tyson Chadwick, OT, TCU Horned Frogs Coaches AP Coach of the Year: Rome, Auburn Tigers AFCA Coach of the Year: DangerZoneh, TCU Horned Frogs North Reese's Senior Bowl Coach: caesari, Nebraska Cornhuskers South Reese's Senior Bowl Coach: DangerZoneh, TCU Horned Frogs All-Americans QB: Eric McLean RB: Solomon McLaughlin FB: Isaac Kohler WR: Deontray Clay WR: Ryan Childs TE: Jeremiah Kendrick OT: Tyson Chadwick OT: Dahntay Dickerson OG: Kualii Umaga OG: Cyrus Naylor C: Conor Hall DE: Myles Wallace DE: Oghale Adelangwe DT: Oluwatoke Abiodun ILB: Devin Frazier ILB: Brett Combs OLB: Chance Herring OLB: Miles Rinehart DB: DeSean Barkley DB: Branden Valentine DB: Trevor McKinney DB: Devon Braxton K: Eric McCurdy P: P.K. Crowe KR/PR: Art Vogt
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    CFBHC v1.6d

    Weeze56mToday 10:34 AM the mac wants to be the aac so bad @Weeze56m Bitchhhhh
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    (Hattiesburg, MS) The Southern Miss Golden Eagles have officially released their 2023 football schedule, which includes multiple exciting out of conference games. In the first game of the season, the Eagles will travel to Los Angeles to face coach @Jumbo and the 2022 Semifinalist Trojans of USC. Fans will also be excited that in-state rival Ole Miss, led by coach @HughFreeze$$, will be coming to The Rock in week 9 for the first time in program history. Coach Ricky Campbell and the Eagles will travel to face Louisiana Monroe in week 5. This will be the third straight meeting in the series. Coach @jared2001usa and Ricky Campbell have developed a friendly rivalry over this time, and the game in 2022 gave the Eagles quite a scare. The out of conference schedule wraps up with the Minutemen of UMass coming to Hattiesburg in week 3. Coach Campbell spoke briefly with the press today discussing the newly released schedule. “We’re really excited to expand out and take on teams that have had substantial recent success, like USC. If we want to be respected as one of the top G5 teams, we must travel and compete in these kinds of games. Also, I also think our fanbase and college football in general wants to see more games with in-state rivals playing, so I will be looking forward to facing Ole Miss this season as well.” The Eagles have high expectations going into 2023. They return 20 out of 22 starters from 2022, including senior QB Alexander Cassidy and the National TE of the Year award Winner, Jeremiah Kendrick. Coach Campbell was also busy on the recruiting trail last season, bringing in the #65 recruiting class in the country. The Chicago Tribune recently published a pre-season ranking that had the Eagles just outside the top 25 at #35. 2023 Football Schedule Week 1 – at USC* Week 2 - BYE Week 3 - vs UMass* Week 4 – @ UTEP Week 5 - @ Louisiana Monroe* Week 6 - BYE Week 7 - vs UTSA Week 8 - @ North Texas Week 9 – vs Ole Miss* Week 10 – vs La Tech Week 11 - @ UAB Week 12 - BYE Week 13 - @ WKU Week 14 – vs FAU Week 15 - vs Rice Week 16 - BYE
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    [2023] Auburn Tigers Draft Class Review

    Coach Rome brings you his view on his eligible players. With the future of Pro Days and/or Pro Day style data uncertain, I wanted to provide franchises with some personal takes on how my eligible players played this year. My goal is to provide a public record of tactical information on Auburn players to answer as many questions that front offices may have about my players as I can. I will attempt to highlight what I believe their strengths and weaknesses are, as they pertained to the system I ran this year. Scheme: Pro Style/4-3 QB Marcus Black 6-6 225 R Auburn [Hybrid] [+2] 82 Strengths: Mobility, Decision Making/Mentality Weaknesses: Arm Strength Playoff Performance: 72 of 117 (61.5%), 846 Yards (7.2 YPA), 6 TDs, 0 INTs, 11 Carries, 87 Yards, 3 TDs, 1 Sacked Fumble Rome's Draft Grade: Top 10 Marcus Black was not the most accurate player in the playoffs. His WRs would drop 4 passes during those 3 games and he would have pass defended. We were only overmatched in the air game by TCU, but I think the overall quality of competition we faced in the playoffs should provide some excuse to his lower accuracy. I feel like he is good enough on completing passes to make in the NFLHC. I have major question marks about his Arm Strength, but the combination of Pro Style scheme and my game-to-game management meant it wasn't test much through the season. The one game I feel I tested it out the most was also his most disappointing, so a vertical offense likely will not suit him. Marcus Black was touched just once throughout the playoffs and did not only didn't throw an interception, he only had one pass defended. I think both of those facts speaks well to what I feel puts Marcus Black on the path to pro greatness. Black's ability to extend plays with his feet, even if he doesn't always scramble, buys any receiver corps more time to get open. And when Black does run, he proves to be quite lethal, racking up 3 rushing TDs (9 all season) in a system that doesn't call that many QB runs. Marcus Black's also proven himself to be a winner, grabbing 7 wins by 7 or fewer points, and providing 2 4th quarter comeback (including his only close playoff game and conference title victory). He also grabbed 4 overtime wins this season (again including his first playoff game and conference title game). This is a young man who can will teams to victory and, while his introductory years may be rocky, has the tools and mentality to be a winner in the pros as well. WR Jariel Martinez 6-0 199 R Auburn [Target] [0] 76 Strengths: Route Running Weaknesses: Separation Ability, Hands Playoff Performance: 11 Catches for 144 Yards (13 YPC), 2 TDs, 1 Drop Rome's Draft Grade: Day 3 Jariel Martinez is an early declaration player. This is a young man who was likely pushed out, not one that believes he is actually ready. Our #1 WR to start the season, Jariel was quickly moved to #2 to let star WR Kelvin Andrade shine. Despite being the best WR by skill and the only target of the top 3 players, he only had the 3rd most receptions all year--and managed to lead in drops. Our #4 WR was only 5 receptions behind him. Jariel did managed a strong YPC throughout the season (15.68), which I believe attests to his route running ability. If it was his separation/yards after the catch ability, I suspect that Martinez would not have struggled to get catches--an open WR gets the ball. But his ability to run the called play and be where he is suppose to be is still useful. At the end of the day, his inability to surpass a 1/5 Speed slot WR in the stats (Less catches & yards, same TDs) spells doom for his pro prospects. There are plenty of lower rated WRs that deserve to go before this young man. Maybe he can learn from a good pro WR or maybe he just was not compatible with Black, but I do not hold my breath. OT Kendall Gresham 6-5 275 R Auburn [Run Blocking] [0] 79 OG Charlie Cooper 6-7 282 R Auburn [Pass Blocking] [0] 82 OG Kieran Moser 6-2 278 R Auburn [Run Blocking] [-1] 76 Performance: 4.8 OL AVG Playoffs; 5.49 OL AVG All Season Rome's Draft Grades: OG Charlie Cooper = Top 10; OT Kendall Gresham = Late 2nd/Early 3rd; OG Kieran Moser = Day 3 I'm grouping my OL together because it's hard for me to say a whole lot uniquely about these players from the information we have. I have high, high hopes for Charlie Cooper. He's a big hoss with good mobility against the pass rush. He won't go as high as I think he should, but I think Cooper is one of the best players in this draft. Gresham and Moser feel more like "what you see is what you get". It's important to know Gresham played RT despite being a higher skill than our LT, so he's definitely got experience where most Pro Teams will likely slot him. DT Jordy Magana 6-0 304 R Auburn [2-Gap] [+2/C] 68 Strengths: Space Eating Weaknesses: Pass Rush Season Performance: None Rome's Draft Grade: Undrafted To Jordy's defense, he was DT #2 in a 4-3, but he did not manage to make a single impact all season for me. Players usually had to force a turnover or grab a sack to make our sheets, so it was clear he was not generating a lot of pass rush compared to the rest of my front seven. My entire DL was playing out of scheme this year, so I feel Jordy's growth was stunted in favor of me putting the best players on the field. While he may prove to be a fine enough practice squad player, do not draft him. CB Miles Keys 6-0 194 R Auburn [Man Coverage] [0] 71 Strengths: Physicality, Instincts Weaknesses: Speed Season Performance: 5 INTs, 3 PDs Rome's Draft Grade: Late Day 3 Keys was our #2 CB in a defense that relied on their corners to manage their WRs. Keys did not manage to make a stat sheet during the playoffs, so his stats are a little better than they seem at first glance. He lead our defense in interceptions, showing that he was capable of baiting quarterbacks against a team's 2nd best WR. I don't think he's going to be that good in the pros as we tended to get absolutely shredded by teams with multiple great WRs (MSST, Texas A&M). He's a boom or bust corner and one of the worst rated ones on the board. A player you draft just to fill roster depth at CB for preseason.
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    CFBHC v1.6d

    As someone who certainly doesn't have the permission to speak for the entire ACC; I'd like to speak for the conference. We would like the ranking to be based on level of annual under achievement of ACC teams relative to the pre season polls.
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    Ravens anounce new GM hire

    This is hopefully the last press conference we have to do in awhile. After some talks, the Ravens organization and @AzulCaballero have come to an agreement that will have him join as our new General Manager. Azul has plenty of experience GM'ing and the front office in general, and I look forward to working with him to set this team back on the right track.
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    [2023] Official Draft Guide

    Man I've hoped for something like this for years. I'm not going to say thank you, I'm going to say Congratulations for the best thing I've ever seen on here.
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    MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – West Virginia University Football coach smckenz3, in conjunction with the Big 12 Conference, has announced the 2023 football schedule. Six home dates, three Power 5 non-conference games and four Big 12 Conference road dates comprise the upcoming schedule. “Filling our schedule with 12 Power 5 games is exciting for our program, but more importantly for our fans,“ smckenz3 said. “I am proud of how we scheduled and am excited to bring in local rivals combined with our conference slate.” The top two finishers in the regular season standings will compete for the conference title in the Big 12 Football Championship Game, which is scheduled in 2023 for the end of the season. The championship game will be played in Arlington, Texas at AT&T Stadium. Details for the 2023 schedule can be found below: Week 1 - Virginia Tech (@vtgorilla 2nd season) - FedEx Field - The Mountaineers will open up 2023 with the Battle for the Black Diamond Trophy at FedEx field. Coach vtgorilla is in his second season with the Hokies after finishing the debut campaign with his alma-mater at 11-2. Coach gorilla is the only coach in cfbhc history to coach 2 different Heisman winners. Week 2 - UVA - Scott Stadium (@beeznik 3rd season) - In Week 2 the Mountaineers will travel to Charlottesville to take on the Virginia Cavaliers. Coach beeznik is in his third season with the Cavaliers and is looking to build off a 9 win campaign during the 2023 season. The Mountaineers and Cavaliers last met in 2021 with WVU winning a close battle in Morgantown. Week 4 - Texas - Mountaineer Field (@constapatedape 2nd season) - Week 4 will see the Mountaineers play host to the Longhorns of Texas. Coach ape is in his second season with the Longhorns and is ready to build on Texas’ 6 win 2023 campaign. The Longhorns were able to pull out a 20-17 victory over the Mountaineers in 2022. Week 5 - Oregon - Mountaineer Field (@bingo415 4th season) - Week 5 will have the Ducks of Oregon coming to Morgantown. Coach bingo and Oregon are fresh off a 10 win 2023 season that saw them reach the PAC-12 championship game. Oregon hauled in the #11 recruiting class in the nation in 2022 and is poised to make another run at the PAC-12 championship Week 6 - Kansas - Mountaineer Field (@stormstopper 9th season) - The Kansas Jayhawks will travel to Morgantown for week 6. Coach stormstopper and his super quarterback Christian Graham are coming off a 6 win campaign in 2022 and are looking to get the coach his 3rd conference title. West Virginia was able to defeat Kansas 21-17 during the 2022 season. Week 7 - Kansas State - Swipet Family Stadium (@Swipet 3rd season) The Mountaineers will travel to the Little Apple for a week 7 showdown with the Kansas State Wildcats. Coach swipet appears to be handing the reins to the redshirt freshman QB Shane Cruise who is primed to lead KSU back to a bowl. West Virginia defeated the Wildcats 35-8 during the 2022 season. Week 9 - Texas Tech - Mountaineer Field (@acewulf 7th season ) West Virginia plays host to the Texas Tech Red Raiders during this week 9 showdown. Coach acewulf and the Red Raiders are coming off a stellar 9 win campaign led by All-American back Solomon McLaughlin that culminated in a Sugar Bowl victory over Georgia. Texas Tech defeated the Mountaineers 16-10 during the 2022 season. Week 11 - Oklahoma State - Mountaineer Field (@ZackTyzwyz 3rd season) The Oklahoma State Cowboys travel to Morgantown for this week 11 matchup. Coach Zack and the Cowboys return one of the most talented teams in the conference from their 9 win 2022 campaign. The Mountaineers pulled off a 27-16 upset of the Cowboys to clinch bowl eligibility in 2022. Week 12 - TCU - Amon G. Carter Stadium (@dangerzoneh 9th season) The defending Big 12 champs play host to the Mountaineers during this week 12 battle. Coach danger and the Horned Frogs have national championship aspirations after making a second consecutive run to the playoffs during 2022. The Frogs easily dispatched the Mountaineers 45-17 during the 2022 season. Week 13 - Iowa State - Jack Trice Stadium (@Minnowsotan 9th season) West Virginia travels to Ames to take on the Cyclones in week 13. Coach Minnow and the Cyclones are looking to dynamic duo David and Kofi to build off their 2 win 2022 campaign. The Mountaineers pulled off a 35-24 victory during the 2022 campaign. Week 14 - Baylor - McLane Stadium (@tprochnow 2nd season) The Mountaineers travel to Waco to take on the Bears during week 14. Coach tprochnow and the Bears are looking to return to bowl eligibility after a 5 win campaign in 2022. Baylor pulled off a 20-17 victory over the Mountaineers in 2022. Week 15 - Oklahoma - Mountaineer Field (@HAFFnHAFF 3rd season) In the season finale the Mountaineers will welcome the Oklahoma Sooners to town. Coach HAFF and the Sooners are fresh off a run to the 2022 playoffs and are poised to make another run to the Big 12 championship game. Oklahoma defeated the Mountaineers 24-20 during the 2022 season. (Note - credit to @HAFFnHAFF for helping with the awesome graphic
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    Transaction Log

    2023 Season 4/6/2019 | Cardinals trade QB Paul Davenport 6-0 198 5 Miami [Hybrid] [-2] 85, 2023 7th, 2024 6th, 2024 7th to Giants for 2023 6th 4/6/2019 | Jets trade CB Samuel Shaw 6-0 180 3 Nebraska [Zone Coverage] [0] 81 to Steelers for CB Ronnie Bailey 5-9 186 3 LSU [Man Coverage] [0] 81 4/6/2019 | Bears trade ILB Akeel Morris 6-5 234 3 Nevada [Mike] [-2/C] 87, 2023 1st (8th) to Cardinals for 2023 1st (5th), 2023 2nd, 2023 7th, ILB Tom Reis 6-2 225 4 Alabama [Will] [+1] 85, FS Damani Crump-Jackson 5-11 198 2 Colorado State [Man Coverage] [-1] 79, K Cliff Chamblin 6-4 191 8 LSU [Power] [0] 95 4/6/2019 | Redskins trade OLB Nathaniel Jeffries 5-11 253 2 Tennessee [Blitz] [-2] 80, 2023 4th to Buccaneers for OLB Derrick Martin 6-0 241 8 UCLA [Blitz] [+1] 92 4/6/2019 | Bears trade DE Andrew Fazande 6-4 265 8 Alabama [Contain] [-1] 87, 2023 4th (100) to Raiders for FS Randall Jones 6-2 190 8 California [Man Coverage] [0] 94, 2023 4th (122) 4/6/2019 | Buccaneers trade WR Quintavius Pearson 6-0 196 5 Louisville [Target] [-3] 82 to Colts for SS Chris Brown 5-11 176 6 Alabama [Zone Coverage] [0] 85 4/6/2019 | Broncos trade TE Darren Jones 6-7 241 5 Baylor [Receiving] [-1] 92, DE Charles Johnson 6-8 261 5 Hawaii [Blitz] [0] 88, 2023 6th to Buccaneers for DT Frank Williams 6-8 293 8 Alabama [1-Gap] [+1/C] 93, CB Cameron Newhouse 5-11 177 8 Oklahoma State [Man Coverage] [0/C] 92, 2023 2nd 4/6/2019 | Cardinals trade DE Charles Fowler 6-2 250 3 Oregon State [Blitz] [0] 75 to Colts for WR Vincent Ortiz 6-1 174 3 New Mexico [Speed] [0] 73 4/6/2019 | Steelers trade OG Phillip Dickson 6-7 289 6 Boise State [Run Blocking] [+1] 80, DT Toussaint Tasker 6-5 2 94 6 UC LA [2-Gap] [0] 77, 2023 6th to Jaguars for DT Ronald Barker 6-4 299 3 Boston College [2-Gap] [-1] 82 4/7/2019 | Panthers trade 2023 3rd, 2024 3rd to Patriots for OG Delvin Hodgins 6-5 287 8 Michigan [Pass Blocking] [0] 88 4/7/2019 | Cowboys trade OG Barry Waterfield 6-7 284 7 Syracuse [Run Blocking] [0] 85 to Titans for 2023 5th 4/8/2019 | Browns trade WR Tai Miller 6-4 186 6 Oklahoma [Target] [-2] 90 to Bills for WR Kevin Garvin 6-4 224 3 Boise State [Target] [0] 81, 2023 2nd 4/8/2019 | Redskins trade FS Patrick Parks 5-9 184 6 Texas A&M [Zone Coverage] [0] 81 to Patriots for FS Robert Pendleton 6-1 203 4 Michigan [Man Coverage] [0] 80 4/8/2019 | Broncos trade K Sam Sarahi 6-1 203 5 Hawaii [Power] [0] 90 to Giants for 2024 4th, 2024 6th 4/9/2019 | Broncos trade 2023 5th to Cardinals for SS Rob Evans 6-3 182 5 West Virginia [Man Coverage] [0] 85 4/9/2019 | Giants trade OLB Aaron Hammond 6-1 223 4 Purdue [Coverage] [0] 90, 2023 2nd (36), 2023 5th to Bills for WR Tyron Chambers 6-4 220 2 Arkansas [Target] [-1] 83, OLB Cyrus Paulsen 6 -3 227 1 Ohio State [Coverage] [-2] 79, 2023 1st (10) 4/10/2019 | Redskins trade DE Mike Hill 6-7 289 8 California [Blitz] [-1] 81, WR Patrick Lambert 6-1 228 3 Boston College [Target] [0] 81 to Dolphins for DE Isaiah Riggins 6-3 253 4 South Carolina [Blitz] [+1] 81, WR Marion Reeder 5-11 210 7 Nebraska [Target] [-1] 79 4/11/2019 | Chargers trade 2023 4th, 2024 3rd to Broncos for OT Mario Hill 6-7 290 5 Mississippi State [Pass Blocking] [0] 89 4/12/2019 | Packers trade CB Antonio Burch 6-2 188 7 Michigan [Man Coverage] [0] 82 to Raiders for OT Charles O’Keefe 6-3 257 3 Alabama [Pass Blocking] [0] 80 4/12/2019 | Giants trade WR Tom Oldham 6-0 155 3 Iowa State [Speed] [0] 82 to Dolphins for 2024 7th 4/14/2019 | Seahawks trade OG Bret Pate 6-3 310 7 Texas [Pass Blocking] [0] 84, ILB Brick Madden 6-3 239 3 Oregon [Mike] [0] 82, 2023 7th to Bills for ILB Richard Suarez 6-4 219 4 Boston College [Mike] [0] 80, 2023 6th 4/20/2019 | Browns trade ILB Lance Nattiel 6-0 239 5 Texas [Mike] [0] 84 to Colts for 2023 6th 4/23/2019 | Jets trade CB Corey Quinn 6-0 191 6 Oregon [Zone Coverage] [-1] 89, C Aden Hastings 6-2 282 3 Iow a State [Pass Blocking] [-3] 8 0 to Cardinals for C Mayer Cornelius 6-2 287 1 Utah State [Run Blocking] [0] 74, CB Eugene Malone 6-0 190 3 LSU [Man Coverage] [0] 82, 2024 2nd 4/23/2019 | Chargers trade OLB Bryan Jones 6-3 225 4 Ole Miss [Coverage] [0] 79 to Colts for 2024 6th 4/23/2019 | Chargers trade 2023 5th, 2023 6th to Bills for C Mendy Morrow 6-4 254 2 Arizona [Run Blocking] [0] 79 4/23/2019 | Chargers trade FS Stephen Elliott 6-3 197 9 Cincinnati [Zone Coverage] [0] 83 to Rams for 2024 6th 4/24/2019 | Buccaneers trade WR William Moore 6-1 173 3 Boston College [Speed] [0] 77 to Cardinals for C T.J. Brumm 6-1 267 6 Arizona State [Pass Blocking] [ 0] 82 4/25/2019 | Dolphins trade DT David Lee 6-3 278 8 Mississippi State [1-Gap] [0] 81, 2023 7th to Bills for 2023 6th 4/25/2019 | Cardinals cut RB Edwin Forster 6-3 221 4 Michigan [Power] [-1] 75 4/25/2019 | Cardinals cut OG Thomas Rodriguez 6-2 287 4 Hawaii [Pass Blocking] [0] 74 4/25/2019 | Steelers cut QB Jeremy Henry 6-3 204 5 USF [Pocket] [0] 82 4/25/2019 | Steelers cut CB Joel Prince 6-1 207 9 NC State [Zone Coverage] [0] 77 4/25/2019 | Patriots cut WR George Lewis 5-11 181 5 UCLA [Speed] [0] 77 4/25/2019 | Browns cut QB Ryan Clark 6-1 187 7 Oregon State [Hybrid] [0] 89 4/25/2019 | Giants cut FB Harlon Collins 6-1 226 6 LSU [Run Blocking] [0] 84 4/25/2019 |Titans cut OG Lyle Matthews 6-1 343 6 Arizona State [Pass Blocking] [+1/C] 63 4/25/2019 |Titans cut CB Allen Foster 6-1 172 6 Missouri [Man Coverage] [+1] 77 4/25/2019 |Titans cut FS Clyde St. Pierre 6-0 175 5 SDSU [Zone Coverage] [0] 75 4/25/2019 | Bills cut OT Bert Scott 6-8 301 6 Missouri [Pass Blocking] [0] 77 4/25/2019 | Eagles cut C Joseph Colbert 6-1 241 6 Valley CC [Pass Blocking] [0] 79 4/25/2019 | Packers cut QB Alex Rodgers 6-3 198 5 Kentucky [Pocket] [-1] 81 4/25/2019 | Redskins cut WR Tyrone McGee 6-3 205 4 Nebraska [Target] [-1] 75 4/25/2019 | Redskins cut DE Matthew Mendoza 6-4 254 4 Wisconsin [Contain] [+1] 74 4/25/2019 | Cardinals waive ILB Mark Hills 6-3 246 3 Virginia [Will] [+1/C] 74 4/25/2019 | Cardinals waive DT Corey Johnson 6-4 317 3 Mississippi State [1-Gap] [0] 71 4/25/2019 | Texans waive RB Arturo Pacheco 5-10 194 3 Iowa State [Speed] [-1] 81 4/25/2019 | Seahawks waive QB Sean Sitton 6-4 196 3 Arkansas [Pocket] [0] 79 4/25/2019 | Seahawks waive ILB Michael Avery 5-11 247 3 North Carolina [Will] [-2] 75 4/25/2019 | Giants waive QB Cody Albright 5-10 237 3 Ohio State [Pocket] [-1] 7 9 4/25/2019 | Eagles waive RB Kevin Muse 5-8 193 3 SMU [Power] [0] 79 4/25/2019 | Colts waive K Leon Augustine 5-9 200 3 North Texas [Power] [0] 75 4/26/2019 | Vikings sign FS Donovan Faulk 6-2 214 4 BYU [Man Coverage] [+1] 84 4/26/2019 | Seahawks sign RB Emmanuel Fields 5-7 213 4 Western Michigan [Power] [0] 80 4/26/2019 | Seahawks sign WR Claudio Howard 6-2 187 2 USF [Speed] [0] 75 4/26/2019 | Cardinals sign WR Tyrone Cunningham 6-0 222 4 Arizona [Target] [0] 82 4/26/2019 | Cardinals sign QB A.J. Jefferson 6-3 194 6 North Carolina [Pocket] [+1/C] 89 4/26/2019 | Cardinals sign DT Wilburn Ball 6-6 290 4 Notre Dame [1- Gap] [0] 77 4/26/2019 | Cardinals sign DE Brian Bynum 6-6 275 6 Kansas State [Blitz] [0] 77 4/26/2019 | Seahawks sign OG Jim Hutchinson 6-1 302 6 UCLA [Pass Blocking] [0] 80 4/26/2019 | Browns sign OT James Poindexter 6-6 296 4 Nebraska [Run Blocking] [0] 83 4/26/2019 | Vikings cut FS Eric Sochia 5-10 169 5 Minnesota [Man Coverage] [-1] 82 4/26/2019 | Cardinals sign SS Jared Calloway 6-1 196 4 Duke [Zone Coverage] [0] 78  4/26/2019 | Cardinals sign FS Jose Ortiz 6-1 204 4 Tennessee [Zone Coverage] [0] 81 4/26/2019 | Dolphins sign FS Michael Bryan 5-10 177 4 Oklahoma [Zone Coverage] [0] 81 4/26/2019 | Bills sign WR Ray Lee Marconi 6-5 180 9 Syracuse [Speed] [0] 80 4/26/2019 | Bills sign WR Glenn Franckowiak 6-0 201 7 Nebraska [Target] [0] 77 4/26/2019 | Patriots sign WR Vontae Powell 5-11 199 4 Navy [Target] [-1] 79 4/26/2019 | Falcons sign QB Darren Werner 6-1 206 9 Iowa [Pocket] [+1] 80 4/26/2019 | Falcons sign DT Darius Greene 6-6 328 2 Connecticut [2-Gap] [0] 77 4/26/2019 | Redskins sign P Graham Chandler 6-0 156 1 UTSA [Accuracy] [0] 81 4/26/2019 | Saints sign WR Cameron Lindsey 6-3 207 4 Missouri [Speed] [0] 76 4/26/2019 | Cardinals trade WR Butch Harper 6-5 165 5 Florida [Speed] [-1] 78, 2023 6th to Panthers for WR Jay Arreola 5-10 161 1 UCLA [Speed] [+1] 75 4/26/2019 | Redskins sign QB Matteo Rook 6-1 231 2 Virginia [Pocket] [0] 78 4/26/2019 | Vikings cut C Tim Beban 6-1 301 6 LSU [Pass Blocking] [-2] 77 4/26/2019 | Colts sign OT Kenyon Hendricks 6-7 285 7 USC [Pass Blocking] [+1/C] 86 4/26/2019 | Saints sign OG William Kinard 6-5 294 5 Texas [Run Blocking] [0] 81 4/26/2019 | Saints sign OG Sawyer Dougherty 6-4 298 4 Oklahoma State [Pass Blocking] [0] 78 4/26/2019 | Saints sign RB Quincy Turner 6-1 200 8 UCLA [Speed ] [-1] 79 4/26/2019 | Cardinals sign OLB Alexander Baumgartner 6-0 224 6 Oklahoma [Coverage] [0] 78 4/26/2019 | Steelers sign OLB Samuel Weiner 6-3 235 4 Penn State [Coverage] [0] 78 4/26/2019 | Redskins sign OG Virgil Madison 6-6 293 7 NC State [Pass Blocking] [0] 82 4/26/2019 | Giants sign OG Eugene Giles 6-4 290 4 Washington St ate [Pass Blocking] [0] 78 4/26/2019 | Bills sign TE Anthony Fasani 6-6 222 7 Nebraska [Receiving] [0] 83 4/27/2019 | Patriots sign RB Chris Bell 6-3 198 4 Navy [Speed] [-2] 84 4/27/2019 | Dolphins sign C Joseph Colbert 6-1 241 6 Valley CC [Pass Blocking] [0] 79 4/27/2019 | Browns sign FB Alex Broughton 5-9 229 2 UAB [Pass Blocking] [0] 80 4/27/2019 | Cardinals sign OG Brian Olszewski 6-6 274 5 Florida [Run Blocking] [0] 85 4/27/2019 | Giants sign OT Clifford Santiago 6-6 305 4 Syracuse [Run Blocking] [0] 81 4/27/2019 | Vikings sign RB Emmett Spears 5-10 195 5 Kent State [Speed] [0/C] 80 4/27/2019 | Bears sign WR Ryan Mitchell 5-11 176 8 Ohio State [Speed] [-1] 85 4/27/2019 | Buccaneers sign WR Ken Peelle 6-6 214 9 Florida State [Target] [-1] 82 4/27/2019 | Buccaneers sign WR Jamaal Brown-Sanderson 6-1 211 4 Penn State [Target] [0] 76 4/27/2019 | Bengals sign WR Tommy Pottios 6-6 183 5 Georgia Tech [Speed] [+1] 80 4/27/2019 | Chargers sign WR Darryl McGlockton 6-1 199 4 USC [Speed] [-1] 75 4/28/2019 | Eagles sign OLB Dennis Himes 6-0 228 4 Oklahoma [Coverage] [-1] 83 4/28/2019 | Broncos sign TE Shane Kaufman 6-2 237 5 LSU [Blocking] [0] 80 4/28/2019 | Lions sign OT Alan Holmes 6-7 301 7 Arizona [Pass Blocking] [0] 81 4/28/2019 | Bills sign C John Hinton 6-2 298 7 Michigan State [Pass Blocking] [0] 79 4/29/2019 | Packers sign WR Dan Murphy 6-1 196 4 Iowa [Speed] [0] 74 4/29/2019 | Lions sign OLB Donnie Bavaro 6-2 239 8 Florida [Coverage] [-1] 83 4/29/2019 | Browns sign WR Darrell Mack 6-2 156 6 Alabama [Speed] [0] 86 4/29/2019 | Eagles sign WR Richard Wilson 6-5 173 8 Purdue [Speed] [0] 87 4/29/2019 | Bengals sign OG Dejuan Holmes 6-7 283 6 USC [Pass Blocking] [0] 82 4/30/2019 | Browns sign OG Kevin Levy 6-5 261 4 Boise State [Run Blocking] [-1] 87
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    I reran my Elo formulas year and year and kept a history of the final elo for each team, each year. Below is the top 25 all time as of the end of the 2022 Season. Rank Team Year Final Elo 1 Penn State 2020 1921 2 Auburn 2022 1887 3 Purdue 2021 1884 4 Penn State 2019 1858 5 Alabama 2018 1845 6 Oklahoma 2015 1831 7 Penn State 2016 1828 8 Alabama 2016 1824 9 Texas 2017 1821 10 Penn State 2015 1817 11 Missouri 2021 1816 12 Notre Dame 2016 1789 13 Clemson 2019 1788 14 TCU 2022 1784 15 Auburn 2021 1784 16 UCF 2020 1782 17 Oklahoma 2016 1781 18 Iowa 2016 1774 19 Alabama 2014 1774 20 Alabama 2019 1770 21 Auburn 2020 1767 22 Ohio State 2022 1765 23 Purdue 2022 1761 24 Washington 2016 1760 25 Florida State 2015 1759
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    EUGENE, OR--University of Oregon Head Coach Bingo415 announced the full football schedule for the 2023 season today, noting specifically the inclusion of three P5 opponents based in the Southeast for upcoming out-of-conference games. "We're thrilled to announce another difficult OOC slate, one that will battle-harden this squad for the rigors of PAC-12 football," cliched Coach Bingo. Oregon's out of conference schedule in 2022 raise eyebrows for the depth and breadth of the competition, through which Oregon went 2-1. Wins over Western Michigan (in Kalamazoo) and South Carolina (in Eugene) preceded a flat effort against upstart Texas A&M, led by Nathan Singletary and his cadre of excellent pass catchers. That schedule gave Oregon a solid schedule bonus for recruiting, a figure that will likely be met by the 2023 slate. The Ducks open 2023 with a Week 1 trip to neutral site Mile High Stadium in Denver. CO to take on defending national champions Auburn Tigers. While Marcus Black is gone to the NFLHC, the returners for Coach @Rome's Tigers appear top-shelf in all three aspects of the game. Sophomore defensive end Myles Wallace will provide plenty of heat on whichever Oregon QB wins the job in Spring Ball, and RB Sean Meade will put pressure on the stellar Oregon linebacking unit. After a bye to heal all wounds, Oregon fulfills the home-and-home schedule with South Carolina, traveling to Columbia in Week 3. Milo Condon has moved on, but the Gamecocks still have an SEC caliber defense. Pivotal in the win last year in Eugene, Oregon's OLine simply overpowered the 'Cocks at times, a feat the Duck blockers will look to repeat in 2023. Thanks to Coach @Hagan for a great couple years of games! After traveling to face the revamped Cal Bears in Strawberry Canyon in Week 4, Oregon continues the road journey, this time to Morgantown, WV for a date with Coach @smckenz3's Mountaineers of WVU. The Week 5 tussle will feature two teams in a rebuilding mode, hoping that key youngsters will have 'come of age' at this point in the season. Thankfully, a second bye will help the Ducks regroup for the bulk of the PAC-12 season, staring with a visit from the rebuilding Stanford Cardinal in Week 6, before Oregon tries to avenge one of two PAC-12 losses from a season ago in Boulder, CO against Coach @paperllamasunited's Colorado Buffaloes in Week 7. The meat of the Conference schedule arrives in weeks 9-11, with the USC Trojans and Arizona State Sun Devils coming to Eugene, followed by a treacherous trip to The Palouse to face and angry and motivated Washington State squad. A timely Bye hits in Week 12, followed by a trip to Arizona before finishing with the two most important Rivalry games on the schedule: home against Coach @Jieret's hated Washington Huskies--who, by this point in the season, will likely be reeling from either a career-ending injury to quarterback Jake Davis or the suspension of star receiver D.D. Dyson for taking money from an agent--followed by the Civil War against Oregon Agricultural College in Corvallis. The yearly "misses" on the Conference calendar in 2023 are the Utah Utes--Coach @Kirby has GOT to be excited about freshman QB Finn Leonard--and QB Aaron Harden and the UCLA Bruins. Oregon's secondary is tailor-made to defend these two daunting QBs, so these particular misses hurt the Ducks' chances slightly. Overall, the coaching staff is excited about the upcoming season. "We think we have a PAC-12 Conference title team here this year, though we need a few newcomers--(QB Josh) Allman and (WR Benjamin) Solomon in particular--to step up in a big way. We think we might be looking at 10-2, depending on how ready we are against Auburn, and how quickly the new guys at WVU are up to speed," said Coach Bingo. The coach is available for questions. Go Ducks! Oregon's 2023 Schedule Auburn (N) Bye at South Carolina at California at West Virginia Bye Stanford at Colorado Bye USC Arizona State at Washington St. Bye at Arizona Washington at Oregon State
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    Photo from 2023 Spring Game - Berkeley, CA California Golden Bears 2022 Record: 4-8 (2-7 Pac-12) Chicago Tribune Preseason Rank: 62 WEEK 2 - @ KANSAS STATE 2022 Record: 2-10 (0-9 Big XII) Chicago Tribune Preseason Rank: 107 The Golden Bears kickoff their season against Kansas State as both teams aim to make a statement against another Power 5 opponent early on in the season. There's a lot of question marks that need to be answered for Cal, and that will have to happen against an interesting Kansas State ball team bouncing back from a rebuilding season. California has a boat load of talent returning on the offensive ball this season and will be looking to rebrand it's offensive image from last season. Wildcats Head Coach @Swipet has agreed to a home and home series with the Golden Bears, so whoever wins this one will hold onto bragging rights heading into 2024. WEEK 3 - HOUSTON 2022 Record: 3-9 (2-6 American) Chicago Tribune Preseason Rank: 108 This is an exciting matchup for Head Coach noodlz2 as his team welcomes the program he joined the Golden Bears from. In 2020, Head Coach noodlz2's first season on the site and at Houston, he led the Cougars to the Birmingham Bowl where they lost in a 9-6 defensive matchup against Ole Miss. The difference between 2020 and 2023 is that noodlz2 has an experienced offense predicated on speed. Houston and Head Coach @Curby4 is excited as well for this game because it's now his first full season in control of a Houston team that went through a rough rebuilding year, which could be contributed to noodlz2's midseason departure last season. Hopefully the Golden Bears can find their identity after weeks 2 and 3, and enter conference play full throttle. WEEK 7 - @ MICHIGAN 2022 Record: 10-2 (7-1 Big Ten) Chicago Tribune Preseason Rank: 23 By the time week 7 rolls around and the Battle of the Blue and Yellow is here, Head Coach @jmjacobs and the Wolverines will most likely still be ranked in the top 25. After starting conference play with Oregon and then at USC, Cal comes off of a bye week to figure things out on both sides of the ball for when they head to Ann Arbor. This can be a really make or break point in the season for the Golden Bears as they head out to Washington State the following week. Starting with week 7, the following weeks 8 and 9 will be important in Cal's bowl destiny heading into their next bye week 10. 2023 SCHEDULE Week 2: @ Kansas State Week 3: Houston Week 4: Oregon Week 5: @ USC Week 7: @ Michigan Week 8: @ Washington State Week 9: Washington Week 11: @ Oregon State Week 12: Utah Week 13: @ Arizona State Week 15: UCLA Week 16: Stanford
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    The Titans are excited to announce that we have hired @SageBow as a scout. Sagebow has plenty of NFLHC experience, working for the Rams, Falcons, and Steelers between 2015-2021. He is currently the coach of Harvard and coached the in-state Tennessee Volunteers for five seasons. We believe Sagebow can help bring the Titans to the next level. Feel free to ask any questions for Sagebow, @TheTodd15, or myself.
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    Pre and Post Progression thoughs

    ECU: PreProgression
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    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1p4qGSxyE54NdeDLths9n2TcutkvfE2gMHg2fJTemkH4/edit?usp=sharing Games will be flexed into Week 0 after OOC has been scheduled. OOC game registration slated to start this weekend. To give the Independents some help with scheduling all 12 of their games, they were given the opportunity to schedule games ahead of time.
  31. 6 points

    [2023] FCS Schedule

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1COIBv3KZF0V3klOk-rTGga6d51BhLmB2rxhSmByw_rc/edit?usp=sharing Every team plays all 7 games against their conference foes. They get 4 "non-conference games" that will rotate between the sorta pods I've listed. These pods are purely geographical and are only designed to create a smooth rotation of those four games. The conferences themselves will not change. Every team also gets to play one FBS school.
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    Draft Broadcast Sign Up

    I'll try
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    Draft Poll

    option 1 would probably be: 5/25 - 6pm est 5/26 - 4pm est option 2 would probably be: 5/25 - 8pm est 5/26 - 7pm est 5/27 - 4pm est
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    Favorite Chatbox Quotes

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    Pre and Post Progression thoughs

    Coastal pre-progression: hoping my redshirt 1/3.5 freshman OLB progresses well because I thought my senior OLB last year was a junior for some reason so I didn't really recruit anyone for the position.
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    CFBHC v1.6d

    Can this be changed from number of teams ranked to percentage of teams ranked? The Big XII has 40% of their teams ranked while the SEC and B1G both only have 35%. Why do they get a bonus because they have four more teams in their conference?
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    The Florida Atlantic Owls, fresh off arguably the top C-USA recruiting class and the hiring of rookie Head Coach @bugspit1. have released their 2023 schedule. The Owls return most of their starters from their 7-5 2022 campaign, but with a new and untested head coach, it's still to be seen whether the team takes a step forward or backward. FLORIDA ATLANTIC OWLS Week 1 - @North Carolina Week 2 - Bye Week 3 - @Northern Illinois Week 4 - v. Arizona Week 5 - v. Old Dominion Week 6 - Bye Week 7 - @MTSU Week 8 - v. Charlotte Week 9 - v. Liberty Week 10 - @Marshall Week 11 - v. Western Kentucky Week 12 - Bye Week 13 - UTSA Week 14 - @Southern Mississippi Week 15 - Bye Week 16 - @ Florida International
  38. 5 points

    Draft Poll

    I already planned everything around the other 3 days that were posted in the offseason schedule thread. I love the draft but I'd be in favor moving it further out so people can plan around it.
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    The Hawaii Rainbow Warriors program has finalized their 2023 CFBHC schedule. The out of conference slate includes 3 P5 games along with up and coming G5 stud UTSA. Two neutral site games in NFL stadiums in Glendale and Dallas to kick off the season. Hawaii makes the return trip to Stillwater to finish up a home/home series. Meanwhile, Washington State heads to the big island to kick off a home/home series. Week 1: UTSA Roadrunners (University of Phoenix Stadium - Glendale, AZ) * Week 2: Washington Huskies (AT&T Stadium - Dallas, TX) * Week 3: BYE Week 4: Oklahoma State Cowboys (Stillwater, OK) Week 5: Washington State Cougars (Honolulu, HI) Week 6: BYE Week 7: New Mexico Lobos (Honolulu, HI) Week 8: Boise State Broncos (Honolulu, HI) Week 9: Nevada Wolf Pack (Honolulu, HI) Week 10: UNLV Rebels (Honolulu, HI) Week 11: BYE Week 12: SDSU Aztecs (San Diego, CA) Week 13: SJSU Spartans (San Jose, CA) Week 14: BYE Week 15: Air Force Falcons (Colorado Springs, CO) Week 16: Fresno State Bulldogs (Fresno, CA) * Denotes neutral site
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    S01E05 - CFBHC Trivia

    gets two answers mentioned in the funnies section Yeah I'm like known as the CFBHC class clown around here, nbd.
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    S01E04 - CFBHC Trivia

    We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this breaking news bulletin. Episode 04 of the inaugural season of CFBHC trivia has just landed. First of all, here is the link to episode 4 trivia: https://forms.gle/QkGmZHAn8no767SB9 Submissions will be closed Monday April 29th at 12pm ET. Here are the answers to last episode's quiz: As with everything else I do, if I made a mistake, please do let me know! Episode 03 Which was the last team not named Michigan or Ohio State to face Penn State in their White Out game? Alabama (2011) 30.43% The Cotton Bowl Classic is an annual college football bowl game played at AT&T Stadium after it moved there in 2010. Where was it originally played? Cotton Bowl 86.96% The NFL Europa lasted began in 1991 and ceased operations in 2007. Name the last champion. Hamburg Sea Devils 17.39% Which NFLHC team holds the distinction of being the only team to lose back to back Super Bowls? New York Jets 73.91% According to (a popular rendition of) Greek mythology, Phillippides, the Greek messenger, ran from the plains of __________ to Athens to deliver news of the Greek Army's victory of the Persians, an event which later inspired the creation of the marathon race. Marathon 65.22% I got a lot of responses, but yes, the Cotton Bowl and Marathon questions were written that way on purpose. Wanted to see who I could make second guess themselves. Worked alright, I guess. Notable/funny answers: Question 1 @stinsy "The Sister Fuckers. Roll Tide" @rabidsnowman "Wharton School of Finance" if UPenn had been the answer, I might have accepted that one... @DangerZoneh"I know they had a white out against Bama a few years back... idk if they've had another one. it feels like they trade between those two schools every year. I'm gonna go with Bama" Nice work Question 3 @Jamzz "Hamburg (only team I remember for Madden)" Man, you guys are good at guessing and throwing up hail marys @stinsy "Россия всегда побеждает" Sorry, Russia did not win this time @TuscanSota "I don't know, but they could probably beat the NFLHC Baltimore Ravens in an exhibition match" ohhhh shots fired Question 4 (two dynamically different kinds of responses here) @Jumbo " Go to hell. The Jets :(" @TheTodd15 @serwendel @DangerZoneh - " J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS" Serwendel still reminding Jumbo about his 2018 Super Bowl Win I suppose Question 5 @stinsy - " Nothing wrong with a little stank on the hang down. Nothing wrong with a little hizzin’ in the skizzins. Nothing wrong with a little shot twist winds and waters. Nothing wrong with building the blanket monster, a little pituitary poke." I'm not sure what Letterkenny has to do with anything And here's how we did: Episode 3 User name 1 2 3 4 5 Total correct % correct Soluna ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ 5 100.00% Toucan ✓ ✓ X ✓ ✓ 4 80.00% Jamzz ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ X 4 80.00% Serwendel ✓ ✓ X ✓ ✓ 4 80.00% DangerZoneh ✓ ✓ X ✓ ✓ 4 80.00% caesari X ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ 4 80.00% Jumbo X ✓ X ✓ ✓ 3 60.00% Bingo415 X ✓ X ✓ ✓ 3 60.00% smckenz3 X ✓ X ✓ ✓ 3 60.00% AzulCaballero X ✓ ✓ X ✓ 3 60.00% Stinsy ✓ ✓ X ✓ X 3 60.00% stormstopper X ✓ X ✓ ✓ 3 60.00% Babaganoush X ✓ X ✓ ✓ 3 60.00% SyndaKyt X ✓ ✓ X ✓ 3 60.00% ImposterCauster X ✓ X ✓ X 2 40.00% Boogyman10 X ✓ X X ✓ 2 40.00% alienufo X X X ✓ ✓ 2 40.00% Caderich5 X ✓ X ✓ X 2 40.00% Jieret X ✓ X X ✓ 2 40.00% Bubada X ✓ X ✓ X 2 40.00% npklemm X X X ✓ ✓ 2 40.00% AD3378 ✓ ✓ X X X 2 40.00% Rome X ✓ X X ✓ 2 40.00% TheTodd15 X ✓ X ✓ X 2 40.00% rabidsnowman X ✓ X X ✓ 2 40.00% TazerMan X X X ✓ ✓ 2 40.00% DarthJarJar X ✓ X X ✓ 2 40.00% Rocketcan X ✓ X X ✓ 2 40.00% deandean1998 X X X ✓ X 1 20.00% jared2001usa X ✓ X X X 1 20.00% VerifiedThing X ✓ X X X 1 20.00% Time X ✓ X X X 1 20.00% cultur3 X X X X ✓ 1 20.00% Iimerman X ✓ X X X 1 20.00% wrigleyfan X ✓ X X X 1 20.00% Osukid2811 X ✓ X X X 1 20.00% Swipet 0 0.00% Emperor 0 0.00% Quasar 0 0.00% sleuthofbears 0 0.00% Kirby 0 0.00% Total correct 7 31 5 20 22 2.07 % Correct 19.44% 86.11% 13.89% 55.56% 61.11% Special shout out to @Soluna for (seemingly easily) getting a perfect score this week! Soluna now has a one (1) week streak, tying our all time record of one (1) week set by Jumbo back in week 1. Lifetime standings: User name Lifetime correct Lifetime % correct Soluna 8 80.00% Jumbo 11 73.33% Toucan 7 70.00% Jamzz 10 66.67% Serwendel 10 66.67% DangerZoneh 10 66.67% Bingo415 9 60.00% caesari 6 60.00% ImposterCauster 8 53.33% deandean1998 8 53.33% smckenz3 8 53.33% AzulCaballero 8 53.33% Boogyman10 5 50.00% Stinsy 5 50.00% alienufo 5 50.00% Caderich5 7 46.67% Jieret 7 46.67% Bubada 7 46.67% jared2001usa 6 40.00% npklemm 4 40.00% Swipet 2 40.00% AD3378 4 40.00% stormstopper 4 40.00% Rome 4 40.00% Babaganoush 4 40.00% TheTodd15 2 40.00% rabidsnowman 2 40.00% SyndaKyt 6 40.00% Emperor 3 30.00% TazerMan 3 30.00% VerifiedThing 4 26.67% DarthJarJar 4 26.67% Rocketcan 4 26.67% Quasar 2 20.00% sleuthofbears 1 20.00% Time 2 20.00% cultur3 1 20.00% Iimerman 1 20.00% wrigleyfan 1 20.00% Osukid2811 1 10.00% Kirby 0 0.00% Total correct % Correct
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    Syracuse Releases 2023 Schedule

    Syracuse, N.Y. -- The schedule for the 2023 football season at Syracuse has been set. CoachAnson revealed the slate today, expressing his excitement for his second season at the helm of the program. "We have a tough schedule this year," he said, "and I think that will really help us start to move this program in the direction that we want to go. This being the first year that I got to schedule the non-conference games, I wanted to put together an exciting home schedule that will get fans invested in this team and test us before conference play." The trajectory of Syracuse Football has certainly shifted upward as the 2023 season draws closer. CoachAnson closed out the recruiting season strong, moving up to the 60th ranked class nationally, good for 10th in the ACC. The two JUCO transfers should provide an immediate talent boost, and some of the incoming freshmen appeared to be competing for starting positions throughout spring practice. The Chicago Tribune recently released their preseason rankings of all 130 FBS teams. Syracuse checked in at #75, an improvement of 23 spots over last year's team. All rankings provided in this article will be based on these projected rankings. For the second straight year, the Orange's season will open with games against Purdue (#27) and Army (#83). This season, those games will be at home, giving Syracuse six home games. Following a Week 3 bye, the team will travel to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to take on the Crimson Tide (#29), who are fresh off a playoff appearance this past season. In Week 5, the Orange will square off with Notre Dame (#38) at Yankee Stadium, followed by a second bye week leading into ACC play. The ACC Coastal crossover games this year are on the road against permanent partner Pittsburgh (#34) and at home against Georgia Tech (#93). The home games against the Atlantic Division will be Louisville (#54), NC State (#74), and Florida State (#24). The divisional road games will be against Clemson (#18), Wake Forest (#90), and Boston College (#26). It will be a challenging road to bowl eligibility, but there should not be a game where the Orange don't believe they have a shot. Full Schedule Purdue Army BYE at Alabama vs. Notre Dame BYE at Clemson at Wake Forest Louisville Georgia Tech NC State BYE Florida State BYE at Pittsburgh at Boston College
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    Ahven D'Gale

    CFBHC v1.6d

    Is there a fear here of enticing people to place teams from their conference in the polls? Or elevating their top team a couple spots?
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    [2022] Final Coaches Poll

    Fight me IRL
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    Football Play designer

    I made this for my web development class this past semester. thought you guys might think its cool. https://football-plays-brian-becker-alienufo.c9users.io/play_designer.php
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    [2023] Depth Chart Party #1

    Quarterbacks QB Martin Lake 6-1 228 Sr College of Central Florida (Ocala FL) 4.5 of 4.5 [Hybrid] <- Obvious QB George Story 6-1 233 (So) Wissahickon (Ambler PA) 3.5 of 4.0 [Scrambling]QB Bryan Colvin 6-3 235 Sr Bridgeport (Bridgeport WV) 2.5 of 2.5 [Hybrid]QB Gerald Parson 6-4 196 So North Forsyth (Cumming GA) 2.0 of 3.0 [Hybrid] QB Stephen Hilton 6-5 230 Sr Wheeling Central Catholic (WV) 2.0 of 2.0 [Pocket] Running Backs RB Bryce Madison 5-6 195 (So) Bryan (Bryan TX) 3.5 of 4.0 [Power] <- Don't be tempted to play the new guy! Let him sit for a year - Bryce is good enoughRB Jamel Herron 5-9 203 (Sr) Swain County (City, NC) 3.0 of 3.0 [Speed]RB Joshua Burroughs 6-1 175 Jr Faith Christian (Grapevine TX) 2.5 of 3.5 [Speed]RB Nicolas Ceja 5-10 201 Jr Pocono Mountain West ( PA) 2.0 of 2.0 [Power] Fullback FB Eli Keener 5-10 229 (Sr) Pendleton County (Franklin, WV) 4.0 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking]FB Stephen Grimm 5-11 258 (Sr) T.C. Roberson (Asheville, NC) 3.5 of 3.5 [Run Blocking] Wide ReceiverWR Corey Easley 5-9 192 (So) University (Morgantown WV) 3.5 of 4.5 [Speed] WR Christian Nash 6-3 230 (So) Greenhill (Dallas TX) 2.5 of 4.0 [Target]WR Etena Catingub 6-3 201 (So) Hico (Hico TX) 2.5 of 3.5 [Target]WR Miles Lindsay 5-9 157 So Castlewood (Castlewood VA) 2.5 of 3.0 [Speed]WR Eddie English 6-5 201 (Fr) Castlewood (Castlewood VA) 2.0 of 3.5 [Target]WR Mahamadou Reaves 6-1 200 Jr Pendleton County (Franklin WV) 2.5 of 2.5 [Target]WR Jamal Pickett 6-2 180 So Graham (Bluefield VA) 1.0 of 1.0 [Speed] Tight End TE Jermaine Barrow 6-5 197 (Fr) Robert E. Lee (Baytown TX) 2.0 of 4.0 [Receiving]TE Bobby Spikes 6-0 217 Jr Penn Cambria (Cresson PA) 3.0 of 3.0 [Blocking]TE Olivier Finley 6-1 242 Jr Manchester (Midlothian VA) 2.5 of 2.5 [Blocking]TE Josiah Mays 6-0 220 So Westside (Macon GA) 2.5 of 2.5 [Blocking] Offensive Tackle OT Cameron Hanson 6-7 268 Jr Kishwaukee College (Malta IL) 4.0 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] OT Julien Vincent 6-4 324 So Kashmere (Houston TX) 3.0 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] <- I would really, really want to redshirt this guy but it's not worth it I don't thinkOT Patryk Bassett 6-7 268 (Sr) Wayne Hills (Wayne, NJ) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking]OT Dylan Kruse 6-3 315 (So) La Marque (La Marque TX) 2.5 of 3.5 [Run Blocking]OT Devin Otero 6-3 270 Jr Killian (Miami FL) 2.5 of 2.5 [Pass Blocking]OT Ayden Pearce 6-3 263 So Floydada (Floydada TX) 2.0 of 3.5 [Run Blocking] Offensive Guard OG Mario Lawton 6-3 273 (Sr) Roane State Community College (Harriman TN) 5.0 of 5.0 [Run Blocking]OG Derrick Sanders 6-6 264 So St. James (St. James LA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] OG Ryan Baumgartner 6-3 313 (Fr) Anson (Anson TX) 2.0 of 4.0 [Run Blocking] <- Other guys are better but I would want him to get at least some PT rotating in. Development of the 3.5s is irrelevant when he's your starter next yearOG Kahikina Kasimani 6-6 305 (Sr) Unionville (Square, PA) 3.5 of 3.5 [Run Blocking]OG Milo Gannon 6-1 300 Jr Van Alstyne (Van Alstyne TX) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking]OG Ronald Peralta IV 6-2 283 So Goliad (Goliad TX) 2.5 of 2.5 [Pass Blocking] CenterC Ethan Schulz 6-3 277 (Jr) L.E. Dieruff (Allentown PA) 3.0 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] C Jackson Kaufman 6-4 299 Fr Eunice (Eunice LA) 2.0 of 3.0 [Pass Blocking]C Andres Benitez 6-2 272 Fr Mitchell-Baker (Camilla GA) 1.0 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] Defensive End DE Dominic Acuna 6-5 255 (Fr) Pottsboro (Pottsboro TX) 2.5 of 5.0 [Blitz] <- Screw you for getting this guyDE Elvis Cornejo 6-6 257 (Jr) Williamson (Williamson WV) 4.0 of 4.0 [Blitz] DE Joshua Spiller 6-3 249 Jr Elsik (Houston TX) 3.5 of 3.5 [Blitz]DE Alan Fitch 6-4 269 Jr Thomas County Central (GA) 3.0 of 3.0 [Contain]DE Albert Goddard 6-0 244 (Sr) Twin Valley (Knob, VA) 2.5 of 2.5 [Contain] Defensive Tackle DT Riley Reardon 6-0 315 Sr Nicholas County (Summersville WV) 4.0 of 4.0 [1-Gap] DT Mordechai Chappell 6-7 310 (Fr) Wink (Wink TX) 2.0 of 4.0 [1-Gap]DT Eli Nobles 6-3 305 (So) Woodsboro (Woodsboro TX) 2.5 of 3.5 [1-Gap]DT Ralph Salisbury 6-0 286 Sr Wahama (Mason WV) 2.5 of 2.5 [2-Gap]DT Sione Tupa'i 6-0 326 Sr Tucker County (Hambleton WV) 2.5 of 2.5 [2-Gap]DT Dontae Hester 6-2 286 Fr Brevard Christian ( FL) 1.0 of 3.0 [1-Gap] Inside Linebacker ILB Lavonte Jones 6-1 252 (Fr) Cooper (Cooper TX) 3.0 of 4.5 [Mike]ILB Brandon Boyd-Richmond 6-1 243 (Jr) Big Creek (War WV) 3.0 of 3.0 [Mike]ILB Ricky Peralta 6-1 226 Sr Atchison County Community (KS) 3.0 of 3.0 [Mike]ILB LaRon McLeod 6-2 220 Fr Parkersburg (Parkersburg WV) 1.5 of 2.5 [Will]ILB Marcedes Holmes 6-2 226 Fr Denison (Denison TX) 1.0 of 3.5 [Mike] Outside Linebacker OLB Luke Lacey 6-1 228 (Jr) Saint Albans (St. Albans WV) 3.5 of 3.5 [Coverage]OLB Bryce Bennett 6-0 242 (Fr) Amarilla (Amarillo TX) 2.0 of 4.0 [Coverage] <-I like the youth, sue me OLB Prince Monroe 5-11 217 (Sr) St. John's (Washington, DC) 3.5 of 3.5 [Coverage]OLB Philip Geary 6-4 219 Sr Pendleton County (Franklin WV) 2.5 of 2.5 [Blitz]OLB Mike Early 6-3 227 Jr Van Alstyne (Van Alstyne TX) 2.5 of 2.5 [Coverage] Cornerback - Definitely the hardest position. Where do you put Moussa is the real question. Also Aidan or Adrian? Scheme or potential?CB Harry Conner 5-11 185 (Jr) Saint Albans (St. Albans WV) 4.0 of 4.0 [Man Coverage]CB Adrian Clemons 6-2 170 Jr Princeton (Princeton WV) 3.0 of 3.0 [Man Coverage]CB Aidan Nobles 6-0 167 (So) Pendleton County (Franklin WV) 3.0 of 3.5 [Zone Coverage] CB Moussa Lacy 6-0 203 (Fr) Irving (Irving TX) 2.0 of 4.0 [Man Coverage] CB Nehemiah Zeigler 6-2 179 (Jr) Wahama (Mason WV) 3.0 of 3.0 [Zone Coverage]CB Jaden Daniel 5-10 169 Fr Prestonwood Christian Academy ( TX) 2.0 of 2.5 [Man Coverage] CB Keith James 5-11 178 Sr Williamson (Williamson WV) 2.0 of 2.0 [Zone Coverage] Free Safety FS Preston Evans 6-0 190 (So) Joaquin (Joaquin TX) 3.5 of 3.5 [Man Coverage]FS Isiah Gipson 5-10 210 Jr Wetumpka (Wetumpka AL) 2.5 of 2.5 [Zone Coverage]FS Moussa Staples 6-2 199 So Barron Collier (Naples FL) 2.5 of 2.5 [Zone Coverage] Strong Safety SS Bucky Richardson 5-11 209 (Fr) South Grand Prarie ( TX) 2.0 of 4.0 [Man Coverage]SS Bronson Stinson 5-10 216 (So) Mount Carmel Area (Mount Carmel PA) 2.5 of 3.5 [Man Coverage] <- This guy sounds like a fake persona of a guy in HIMYM Kicker K Mario Bales 6-4 165 So Hoggard (Wilmington NC) 2.5 of 3.5 [Accuracy] K Francesco Silver 5-9 186 Jr McLean (McLean VA) 2.5 of 2.5 [Power]K John Bock 5-11 193 Sr Guyan Valley (Branchland WV) 2.0 of 2.0 [Power] PunterP Willy McGuire 5-11 166 Jr Corry Area (Corry PA) 3.5 of 3.5 [Accuracy] Long Snapper LS Gabe Caron 6-3 269 Fr Southaven (Southaven MS) 2.5 of 3.5 [Traditional]LS Christopher Caffrey 6-2 269 So Crestview (Crestview F L) 2.0 of 3.0 [Specialized] Redshirts K Zane McRae 6-2 184 Fr Moorefield (Moorefield WV) 1.0 of 5.0 [Power]P Kelly Stacey 5-7 181 Fr Page County (Shenandoah VA) 3.0 of 4.5 [Accuracy] FS Oscar Hitchcock 6-2 202 Fr Richmond Hill (Richmond Hill GA) 1.0 of 3.0 [Zone Coverage]OLB Hudson Collins 5-11 221 Fr Scotland (Scotland PA) 2.5 of 4.0 [Coverage] DE Nazir Earl 6-1 245 Fr Martin County (Stuart FL) 1.0 of 3.0 [Blitz] DT Jack Yazzie 6-5 294 So Azle (Azle TX) 2.0 of 4.5 [2-Gap] <- One hundred percent not what you're gonna choose to do but you get an extra year of this guy for a slight detriment of play for the season RB Mike Freeman 5-10 229 Fr Manchester (Midlothian VA) 3.0 of 4.5 [Power] OT Henry Fitzpatrick 6-7 306 Fr Saltsburg (Saltsburg PA) 1.0 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] WR Dion Stovall 6-4 186 Fr Evarts (Evarts KY) 1.0 of 3.0 [Speed] TE Jesus Marquez 6-6 211 Fr Faith Christian (Grapevine TX) 1.0 of 4.0 [Receiving]
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    We have talked yes, I will be keeping him as General Manager. Though I has made clear that we need to avoid any more cap mistakes.
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