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Backup QB Paul Davenport has the Saints out to a surprise 2-0 start. He's also 13th in NFLHC in rushing yards.

Croots Pls

CFBHC recruiting, and Local Connections, start soon!


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    CFBHC / NFLHC stat dump

    I've had this spreadsheet sitting on my computer for a while, with nothing upcoming I figured I'd give a link in case anybody wanted to peruse for memories, enjoy https://drive.google.com/file/d/15psQItOpNSlfFRAhfWhrvt8fsTuU96Or/view?usp=sharing
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    Tuesday game night

    Election is Tuesday. It's gonna suck. I want to avoid the world and I'm gonna try to avoid shit. So I am thinking about doing game shit. So if anyone wants to do game playing let's do it. Even if I break and follow the election super tight it might help others. I got zombies and warzone and civ 5 to contribute to play. Stay safe y'all idk what will happen on E Day but I feel like it'll be chaotic
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    CFBHC / NFLHC stat dump

    this is the equivalent of saying, oh yeah I had the arc of the covenant in my backyard all these years
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    CFBHC / NFLHC stat dump

    when you casually mention is passing conversation that you have the original tablets of the book of Mormon
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    CFBHC / NFLHC stat dump

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    [CFBHC/NFLHC] Available Teams

    can sign up for a team? i’m new to this
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    College Football 2020

    UCF vs Memphis - Field Goal Missed at the end
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    Xbox/PSN/Steam Names

    Yes, @Bubada @Todd @taffyowner @llamas @Minnow @DangerZoneh @Weeze @TuscanSota There is a cfbhc steam group, that hasn't been used much but it can probably be revived. It's public and called cfbhc. @Apeis one of the admins for it
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    CFBHC / NFLHC stat dump

    No one cares about the Vikings
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