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Bred First To Be Champions

The SMU Mustangs are your 11th CFBHC National Champions!

Detroit Sends Lions to Maul Chiefs

Detroit has won Super Bowl X! DE Ilan Kuhn was named Super Bowl MVP with 1.5 sacks and fumble recovery TD.

84 OVR Season

Nevada OLB Jordan Butler and Oklahoma CB Elijah Williams had great pro days, increasing their overalls to 84.

The Cleveland Browns are On The Clock

The Browns dodged a winless season but still clinched the #1 pick. Who will they take #1 overall? Will they even keep the pick?


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    [2023] CBBHC Tournament Selection Show

    2023 CBBHC Tournament Selection from J.R. Cook on Vimeo.
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    New Forum Layout

    I just designed a new forum layout that makes the site much easier to browse on mobile and for working in specific areas during the day on your computer. There's a tab menu above the first forum category. CFBHC.com is your classic browsing experience. Otherwise you can just click on the relevant area you want to observe/work in. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Soluna
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    [2024] Spring Games

    I'm not going to make you but I would encourage you to make sure your team page is updated on the wiki at least to some degree and/or that you post some media associated with your spring game and any battles that were decided by the game. Or please at least post some media about your spring games. Redshirts can play in the spring game. Please create ONE THREAD at this location titled [2024] SCHOOL MASCOT Spring Game Depth Charts and make one depth chart for each of your two teams. Players can play on multiple teams if necessary. FBS Depth Chart location: http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/forum/582-fbs-depth-chart-spring-games-2024/ FCS Depth Chart location: http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/forum/583-fcs-depth-chart-spring-games-2024/ For Gameplans create ONE THREAD at the below location titled [2024] SCHOOL MASCOT Spring Game Gameplans and make one gameplan post for each team. WE ARE NOW USING THE FOLLOWING NFLHC GAMEPLAN GOING FORWARD ( FBS and FCS Gameplan location: http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/forum/30-gameplans/ Post in this thread when you have submitted both of your depth charts and gameplans. I will do games in batches of 5-8 first come, first serve for the next few weeks. Games will be posted whenever I can so don't expect a schedule.
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    [2024] Awarded NBAHC Franchises

    NBAHC League Office New York City, NY After reviewing many applications, the NBAHC is proud to announce that twelve cities have been awarded franchises for the 2024 Season. These twelve teams will be the founding members of this young NBAHC League; hopefully, a great honor. Congratulations to the following franchises: Western Conference Central Division Chicago Bulls | @joedchi @VerifiedThing Indiana Pacers | @jared2001usa @MasonAsher Milwaukee Bucks | @inspiral2 Portland Trailblazers | @Ahven D'Gale Southwest Division Dallas Mavericks | @anonemuss Los Angeles Lakers | @kwheele New Orleans Pelicans | @cmcgill San Antonio Spurs | @Azul @smackemz Eastern Conference Atlantic Division Brooklyn Nets | @believer Boston Celtics | @rabidsnowman @lrickar1 Philadelphia 76ers | @Qupax Toronto Raptors | @CoachAnson @Rome Southeast Division Charlotte Hornets | @Darman Miami Heat | @NateTheGreat Orlando Magic | @Soluna Washington Wizards | @brightfalls
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    2023 BOFA Awards

    I CRY FOUL!!! These poll's are ridiculously rigged so hard that the world is now round! I have been tipped from a anonymous source (maybe @anonemuss) that the choices have been rigged. For proof. lets look closely at this section To the naked eye, it seems very plausible that Bingo could have done a very good job at the University of Oregon that deserves such accolades. But once we turn to the HTML code. It all becomes clear I demand that there shall be a recount and that someone else should be declared the winner. Help im so bored
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    I thought I'd look at the Mid-Tier Quarterbacks (78-79 Rated Guys). These guys aren't going to be All-Pros or Pro Bowlers, but they could be important backups if your starter goes down. Do they have the capability to step in and keep the team on track? Do they belong on an Active Roster? We'll examine that today. QB Chris Billings 6-2 213 R Charlotte [Scrambling] [0] [+] 79 Billings' troubles at Charlotte are well documented. He had a very good Senior year however, completing 66% of his passes for 3,516 Yards with 26 TDs and 6 Picks, with 468 Rushing Yards and 8 Touchdowns. That's a damn good year for a scrambler. But, was this a fluke? Hard to say no honestly, the prior 3 years of his career weren't great. His Junior Year wasn't terrible, but it still wasn't particularly good. Coaching instability was also a hallmark of the Charlotte 49ers over the past 4 Years. With all this, how does Billings fit into the Pros? I don't think Billings would ever be a true reliable backup. So, a team like Philadelphia or San Francisco probably won't give him much consideration. But, if you want to use a gimmick QB in certain schemes or short yardage, Billings might be your guy. He's rushed for 6.45 YPC over the past two years. If you need a guy for 3rd and 3 in a Spread Offense, Billings could come in and be of value. Use him a bit like Taysom Hill in the offense (if he proves athletic enough at the Combine). Get him in the game as a gimmick guy that can keep a defense guessing. But, if that's all he can be in the pros, is he worth a Draft Pick? Sure, I guess. What 7th Round DE/WR/OLB would be more valuable? You can probably stick him on the Practice Squad for a year if you don't think he's ready yet. QB David Edmondson 6-0 225 R SDSU [Pocket] [0] 79 Boy did Edmondson's career not end the way I envisioned. I was pretty hype on him entering his Senior Year, but he had stretches of real issues last year. He finished completing 65% of his passes for 3,355 Yards with 23 TDs and 4 Picks. So, not exactly a terrible year. But he just seemed off. he threw for 400 fewer yards on one less attempt than his Junior Year. He's put up good numbers and lead his team to success every year he's been the starter. I really don't understand why he's a 79, and that's the most concerning thing to me. Not his stats or his level of competition. From what I've seen, I have no reason to believe he can be a reliable backup in the Pros. But, where do you draft him? I probably wouldn't pick him before the 5th. There should other QBs lasting long enough to push Edmondson down. Ideally, I'd take him in the 6th. QB Felix Luck 6-1 234 R UC Davis [Pocket] [+2/C] 78 Luck started at TCU for a couple year, leading them to the National Title Appearance, before being supplanted in the Spring by Taylor Cook. He decided to transfer to the FCS and start for the Aggies. In his Junior Year at TCU, he completed 63% of his passes for 3,670 Yards with 32 TDs and 8 Picks. That was the year TCU made it to the Title. Luck was pretty important in that run, but he fell short in that game. At UC Davis, he was put into a high volume offense. He completed 60% of his passes for 3.834 Yards with 32 TDs and 7 Picks. Pretty even numbers year over year. Feels like he has a hard ceiling on his skill. He certainly feels like he might become a reliable backup. Is he draftable? Yeah, sure. I wouldn't take him before the 6th, and would prefer to keep him in the late 6th. QB J.T. Youngblood 6-0 215 R Hawaii [Scrambling] [0/C] 78 Youngblood has been one the most exciting players in the country for a while. He's been the engine that's powered the Rainbow Warrior Powerful Offense. He's completed 65% of his passes the past two years for a QB Rating of 153.72 with 55 TDs and 10 Picks. He's also rushed for 1,074 Yards and 16 Touchdowns on 6.8 YPC. He's been so good in his career and I want him to have success in the Pros. But, what does that look like? I think Youngblood is a true QB. He could take over as the backup in Philly after a year on the Practice Squad if the Eagles are inclined. He could probably fit in well in Baltimore or Seattle. Unlike Luck, I think Youngblood is a 5th Round Talent. He's not a starter level player, but could be someday. I'm not saying Youngblood is a future Pro Bowler, but a competent, league average starter? Yeah, I think it's possible
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    [2023] Picking a Champion

    It's time for you to fill out your bracket. You sit down and start looking through the first round games, searching for those key upsets that no one else will pick. We've all done it. The problem? Those games aren't worth very much. At least not in comparison to the rest of the tournament. With doubling point values as the rounds progress, if you want to have the best bracket, you probably need to pick your champion correctly. If you manage to do this and get every other game wrong, you will have gotten 31 of a possible 80 points. With that in mind, let's take a look at the 2023 national championship contenders. In real life, seventeen of the last eighteen national champions have been in the top 20 in the country in both offensive and defensive efficiency, according to KenPom. I decided to approach things in a similar manner. First, each team had a rating calculated for both offense and defense based on their performance up until this point. These ratings adjust for each team's schedule as well. Given our smaller field, I decided to focus in on the teams that are in the top 10 in both offense and defense. Here is how the field stacks up. The Favorites (1) Kansas Jayhawks (31-2): As everyone knows at this point, the Jayhawks have been the dominant team of this basketball season. With their only losses coming on the road at Duke and at Texas Tech, they seem poised to cap off a fantastic season with a championship. So statistically, what qualifies Kansas as a favorite? The top offense AND defense in the country. Good luck to the field! (1) Duke Blue Devils (25-8): If there is one team people expect to give Kansas trouble, it's the Blue Devils. Besides handing KU a loss early in the season, Duke cruised through a tough ACC schedule with only two losses. Despite falling to Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship, they held on to a 1-seed and have a good shot at advancing deep into the tournament. The ratings like Duke as the challenger to Kansas too. They rank second on both ends of the court. The Contenders (1) Purdue Boilermakers (29-4): The Big Ten champions come into the tournament riding a 12-game win streak. They have put together quite an impressive resume over the course of the season and have built a lot of momentum in the last month or so. They rank third in the country on defense, and the offense isn't too far behind, ranking fifth nationally. (1) Virginia Tech Hokies (25-8): The Hokies round out the 1-seeds on the list. They also come in hot, having made a run to win the ACC Championship last week. Coming in as the ACC's third place team, they showed their postseason firepower in consecutive wins over Syracuse, Notre Dame, and Duke. Virginia Tech is more offensively inclined as they rank sixth in that category, but the defense is no slouch either at ninth in the country. (2) Notre Dame Fighting Irish (26-6): Had Virginia Tech not defeated Duke in the ACC Championship, we would likely be looking at Notre Dame as a 1-seed. Instead, the Irish got pushed down a line and will face a slightly tougher path to a potential Elite 8 rematch with the Hokies. They are well-equipped to reach that game, with the fourth-best offense and fifth-best defense in the field. (2) Arizona Wildcats (25-8): After struggling in the Pac-12 Tournament, Arizona will look to regain their composure and make a run at a title. Sporting the country's sixth-ranked defense and ninth-ranked offense, they have a good shot at doing just that. However, their first game against another team on this list could come earlier than anyone else, as the third seed in there region falls into the next category. The Dark Horses (3) North Carolina Tar Heels (22-10): On their way to finishing fourth in the ACC, it seems like North Carolina has flown under the radar for a large portion of the season. If they can get by Florida in the First Round, Arizona will likely be waiting in the Sweet Sixteen. A win there could be followed by a showdown with Kansas in the Elite 8. The path will be difficult, but the Tar Heels boast the number three offense in the nation, as well as the seventh-best defense. (3) Texas Tech Red Raiders (24-9): Perhaps hiding in the shadow of Kansas for most of the year, Texas Tech has done a good job avoiding bad losses on their way to a 24-win season. The Red Raiders rely on their fourth-ranked defense to lead them, but they also have the seventh-ranked offense in the country. Can they surprise some people and make a deep run? Now that I've given you a quarter of the field to choose from, it's time for you to pick your champion! Will one of the top dogs win it all? Will a dark horse rise to the occasion? Or do you feel a run like Cardiac Kemba and UCONN coming? Just keep in mind, your champion can make or break your bracket. Thanks to @Qupax for the time he put into his primer. It was very helpful to me as I wrote this piece. If you want to know where your team ranked, please feel free to PM me here or on Discord. Also, please don't make me look bad @stormstopper @Darman @inspiral2 @vtgorilla @joedchi @brightfalls @LAX @acewulf
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    [2024] Soluna's NBAHC Mock Draft v1.0

    1st Overall: PG Jason Barnes 6-4 220 R Morgan State [Protection***] Dallas Mavericks It seems to me that Leadership is currently being valued the most for whatever reason. I think it's between Barnes and the two Leadership*** Guards for sure. Barnes being the only Protection*** gets the edge here. 2nd Overall: PG Seantrel Ellison 6-3 219 R Connecticut [Leadership***] Toronto Raptors Raptors take the smaller of the two guards (versus Barnes) in case dual attributes are added layer and there's some potential for quickness to matter. 3rd Overall: PG Phillip Gilbert 6-4 230 R Vanderbilt [Leadership***] San Antonio Spurs Spurs make it three guards in a row and take the other Leadership*** player, seems like 3rd overall has the best value in the top ten based on what we know right now. 4th Overall: SG Sean Coleman 6-4 219 R Stanford [Slasher***] Indiana Pacers Coleman has really good value at #4 because Guards are clearly the highest value and he's the only three-star attributed guard. 5th Overall: PG Andrew Cobb 6-3 219 R Virginia [Ball Hog***] Milwaukee Bucks This spot is honestly really open to what inspiral wants to do because after the top four I think it's much more open to what you plan on doing with your team. I loved what inspiral was doing with Ball Hog in his Elite 8 game I watched last night so I think it makes sense for him to take a comfort pick. 6th Overall: SF Travarius Mosley 6-6 245 R Dayton [Quick***] Brooklyn Nets There's value in the shooting guards and small forwards just because of how few top level players they have so the Nets sweep up the likely best small forward at six. 7th Overall: SG Tyson Jackson 6-5 242 R Colorado State [***] Charlotte Hornets Three-star players have very value in my mind but you should go for it right now versus giving up on star levels you might not see again until next year. 8th Overall: C Eli Hart 6-8 241 R Oregon [***] Boston Celtics The first center off the board isn't flashy but he will produce a fairly high expected point average for a position that doesn't score as much. 9th Overall: SG Frederick Jackson 6-1 194 R ECU [Press**]  Miami Heat Similar to the above Celtics' pick, Jackson could be an immediate non-flashy high impact player that you can build your starting lineup around that doesn't look you into any specific strategy right away. 10th Overall: SF Demondre Myers 6-6 232 R West Virginia [***] New Orleans Pelicans It seems around the 10th pick is when it starts getting much more questionable as to who can be taken. I'm sticking with the "stars as value" thing I'm going for in this mock so the Pelicans take the best remaining small forward from the non-attributed players list. 11th Overall: SG Julian Hollis 6-6 228 R Florida [Talent**] Philadelphia 76ers Three stars are hard to come by but Talent players can really count as an additional star more that can synergize with other attributes. Taking attributed players lock you into more of a strategy but there's no doubt in the importance of Talent** players. 12th Overall: SF Delmetrice Thornton 6-8 244 R Michigan State [Fatigued***] Washington Wizards The Wizards are stuck in an awkward position here but take a gamble on the physically imposing fatigued three-star small forward from Michigan State. 13th Overall: PG Marquan Gamble 6-3 214 R North Carolina [***] Portland Trailblazers At this point the value has returned for point guards so this pick and the next are the less flashy players left from the top of the board at that position. 14th Overall: PG Diontray Wilkins 5-11 170 R Stephen F. Austin [***] Orlando Magic 15th Overall: PG Derreck Benson 6-0 180 R Ohio State [Aggressive**] Chicago Bulls I continue the run on point guards with an aggressive player taken here. This can lock you into a strong defensive lineup but would be pretty awesome to just full out go for. 16th Overall: SG Adrian Wallace 6-5 229 R Western Kentucky [Physical**] Los Angeles Lakers Wallace is quite large for a shooting guard and physical really should work well for him. As I said above this might lock you into a strategy but it seems like it could work if the team wants to do it.
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    CBBHC Gameplan Overview and Thoughts

    Alright, so in 2024 we are going to be using gameplans to help better your team. After a couple of test games and such, I have decided to make a general definition of each gameplan and whats their pros and cons. Gameplans: http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/30303-cbbhc-gameplans/ Attributes: http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/29986-cbbhc-attribute-balance-changes-for-2024/ We are gonna go by category, so let’s start with: Full System Gameplans These gameplans will affect how the entire game is played by both teams. Up-Tempo System Description: Your team runs with maximum effort to put pressure on your opponent, get teammates open, and create more opportunities for both teams’ experienced players to score. Effect: Players on both teams will receive (+1) if they have any stars in their player line. Thoughts: Alright, this is the easiest one to go over because it is straight forward. If your player has one of these *, you get +1. That’s it. Pros: If your team is reliant of stars and you need points, you’re fine, and with the order of scoring, you are basically guaranteed the stars in the line, barring you don’t lose he gained points. Cons: Other than the fact that your opponent can use his (as with all the Full System Gameplans), if your team lacks stars, you won’t able to benefit. Grinnell System Description: Your team operates a chaotic scheme that relies on fast perimeter offense but gives up fast breaks on defense. Effect: All players will score a minimum of (+2) points a quarter but players won’t trigger any stars on initial rolls of 1. Thoughts: Ok, this gameplan goes out to all of my people who hates their original dice roll. Every player scoring at least 2 points is big and will promote high scoring. However, there is always a catch, if you get a reroll (barring a Sharpshooter rolling a 2), of any kind, if you have players with stars, you can kiss that goodbye for the quarter. Good for the struggling/desperate team, but if you’re a good team, it’s risky. Pros: If you occasionally roll 0s, this system is for you as a fallback to you not scoring single digits (unless your opponent removes points). Cons: So, if you roll a 1, you really have lost before you began if you rely on stars to get you points, as your reroll removes any chance of receiving that star. Spread Delay System Description: Your team is instructed to consciously slow the game down as to control the tempo and produce less mistakes. You may reroll the initial roll in a quarter one time in a game. Effect: Reroll will occur after processing the doubling rolls, however, the reroll will not allow you to reroll any of the doubling rolls. Thoughts: So I wasn’t able to really test out this one because I honestly want to see how this one would see this used between two human players, however, from this, this is really a battle between risk vs. reward. Good for the ones who gain low rolls, bad for the ones who roll high, a tossup for everyone who rolls in between. Also, that whole “no reroll” part and you can only use it once a game. Pros: If you have that one dice roll that’s bad, this is your Get Out Of Jail Free card, you can try and improve the roll that you got, and salvage that quarter. Cons: No reroll, the possibility of a worse roll than before, can only bail you out once. Full-Court Press System Description: Your team is built around putting maximum pressure on the opponent and requires players to fully buy-in to a system that requires intense effort. Effect: Players with the [Aggressive], [Double-Teamer], [Rebounder], and [Press] attributes will have their attributes’ effects increased by (+1) under this system while your players with all other attributes will incur a (-1) penalty every quarter played. Thoughts: Teams who rely on Aggressive, Double-Teamer, Rebounder, and Press, welcome to a good friend. Especially with three of these 4 attributes being defensive, this is basically can be your best friend on the defensive end. I would also remind you that there 21 other attributes that will get affected by this negatively. Pros: If you have those 4 attributes, they will make your day on the defensive end with +1 on the attribute effect. Cons: There are 21 other attributes, and you have at the minimum one of them, and will have to play one of them. And they lose -1 of their attribute ability, so yea... Deep Rotation System Description: Your team relies on all players and constantly rotates players in and out of the bench to keep them fresh. Effect: Every player that comes off the bench (not listed in the starting lineup) receives (+1) per quarter for up to 2 quarters of play. If a player plays 3 quarters or more, they incur a penalty of (-2) per additional quarter of play, not including overtime. Thoughts: So if you have a deep bench, this gameplan is for you. Your bench players will get that 1 extra point as long as they don’t play 3 quarters or more. That’s when they overstay their welcome and get -2. Pros: If your bench is deep, and you love to get your players game time, then you get +1 for coming off the bench twice. Cons: If you come off the bench 3 times, however, that -2, (or you know no effect if you play your starting lineup). Offensive Gameplans These schemes will generally only affect your team and focuses on scoring more points on offense. Pick-and-Roll Offense Description: Your team will utilize the PnR to gain dribble penetration to draw defenses and allow the offense to kick out to a player near the basket or to a three-point shooter. Effect: Your team’s score will be modified (+1/+1/-1/-1/+1) every quarter of the game. Thoughts: This is straight forward, PG, SG, and C get extra points, PF, SF lose points. It will be good for teams who want to stack up scoring on PG, SG, C and/or feel that the PF, SF are good enough to score on their own, and help out around the offense. Pros: I mean, if you have faith in your PF and SF to score, then you’re fine. Cons: If you don’t have faith in your PF and SF to score, then you’re not fine. Either way, it is what it is. 3-Out, 2-In Offense Description: Your teams allows the post area to become open for isolation plays and opens up dribble penetration and backdoor cut plays. Effect: Your team scores one additional point for every opponent that rolled a zero in each quarter. The additional point is given to the player of the same position as the opponent who rolled the 0. If the opponent SG rolls a 0 your SG gets the additional point as a "Point from Gameplan effects" Thoughts: This is a nice way of making Rebounder into a gameplan, in the “rub salt in the wounds variety”. If your opponent rolls a 0, then congrats, you get a point. Pros: If your opponent rolls a 0, then you get a point. Cons: If your opponent does not roll a 0, then you do not get a point. 4-Out, 1-In Offense Description: Your team opens up the lanes for dribble penetration and can focus on shots behind the arc, however, your team overly relies on strong big man play in the paint to keep defenses off the perimeter and to be a crutch for offensive rebounding. Effect: Your center scores (+1) for every player on your team that has an initial roll of 0 plus an additional (+1) bonus if this perk is activated, however, if the center scores a 0 then your team receives a penalty of (-2/-2/-2/-2/0). For example, if your PG and SG roll 0s, your center scores (+2) for each zero roll plus the bonus (+1) for activating this perk for a total of (+3) points. Thoughts: Ok this one is interesting because you can see this gameplan in two different ways. If your C does not roll a 0, and one of any of the other 4 positions doesn’t score, C will get a point pending on how many 0s from the PG through PF positions gets and an extra point for fun. But if your C rolls a 0? Chief, that when you pray that your other four positions can make up that -2. To each position minus the C. Pros: 2/3 chance that you activate part 1 of this gameplan, plus the possibility of someone rolling a 0 from PG-PF, then your C will be in business when it comes to scoring. Cons: 1/3 chance your C rolls a 0. Then you pray that your other four positions can make up that net total loss of -8. Isolation Offense Description: Your team puts full reliance on strong guard play and allows them space to operate in one-on-one situations. Effect: Your team’s score will be modified (+3/+1/-1/-1/-1) every quarter of the game, and every initial roll of 0 by your PG is a turnover and give the opponent’s PG (+3) along with no score modification. Thoughts: If you wanted to simulate Allen Iverson in a sim, here you go. Guard play is key, your PG is now your most prized possession. He will get that +3, SG +1, and the rest -1. That’s nice for a team who rely on guard play to win them games. But there is always a catch. If your PG rolls a 0, than that a free 3 points. To the other guard on the other team, but hey, no score modification. Pros: PG will be the leader and will rack up a lot of points. Also that SG will get to shine as well but not as much as PG, but enough to be noticed. Also if that PG rolls a 0, there is no score modification. Cons: If he doesn’t roll a 0 (6/7), then I hope that your SF, PF, and C can score. Also, that part of giving free 3 points to the other PG if your PG rolls a 0. Small Ball Offense Description: Your lineups sacrifice height, physical strength and low post presence in favor of a lineup of smaller players for speed, agility and increased scoring. Effect: Every SF, PF, and C that is shorter than the opponent of the same position receives (+1) every quarter of the game. Thoughts: So, you like to shoot I see. Let’s get this mini Quick gameplan out the way. If you are taller than your said counterpart (SF to C) you get a point for the quarter for that position (Max 3 a quarter). Pros: If you have a short frontcourt (SF to C), then consider yourself good for a possible 3 points a quarter. Cons: If, you have a tall frontcourt, why are you even looking at this gameplan. Defensive Gameplans Gameplans that will mainly target your opponent's offensive production in a variety of methods. 2-3 Zone Defense Description: Your team will focus on protecting the paint and the driving lane, but allow some perimeter motion. Effect: The opponent’s score will be modified (-1/0/+1/-1/-1) every quarter of the game. Thoughts: I mean, there isn’t much to say then, you give them a net -2 point score, attacking the PG, PF, and C, but no effect to the SG, and allowing the SF to get free. Pros: Good to stop the PG, PF, C. Cons: Bad to stop the SG and SF. 2-1-2 Zone Defense Description: Your team will focus on protecting the middle and low posts, but allow space under the basket and at the wings. Effect: The opponent’s score will be modified (-1/+1/-1/-2/+1) every quarter of the game. Thoughts: Another net loss of -2, but its the PG, SF, PF getting targeted. However, SG and C will be scoring Pros: Good to stop the PG, SF, PF. Definitely the PF. Cons: Bad to stop the SG and C. Man-to-Man Defense Description: Your team will man-up on a premeditated player when on defense. Effect: The opponent receives (-1) every quarter of the game when you play a player at PG, SG, or SF that is taller than the opponent they’re defending. Thoughts: The old school, classic, basic defense. If your PG, SG, and SF have height over their counterparts, they will get a possible -3 toward the other team for each quarter. Pros: If you have a tall frontcourt (PG and SG), and SF, then you got a possible -3 towards the other team. Cons: If you have a short frontcourt and SF, move on. Transition Defense Description: Your team hustles in transition to prevent the opponent from scoring easy lay-ups on the break. Effect: Every time your guards (PG and SG) score 0 in the quarter, the opponent’s corresponding guard receives (-3) in the same quarter. Thoughts: So this is basically that you have the overwhelming confidence that your PG (1/7) and SG (1/6) can roll a zero, I mean whatever works. Cause if you do get a 0 roll from either position, then the guard you are going against in the quarter will get -3. Pros: That -3 to a guard is big, especially since those positions are known to score the most points. Cons: High risk, high reward. 1/7 and 1/6 chance respectively to get a 0 from either player. Meaning you are most likely not hit a 0. (But knowing some of you guys, you roll 0s like it’s free candy on Halloween.) Box-and-1 Defense Description: Your team knows defending a team with a star player is always a challenge; they shift their defensive scheme to neutralize a single player. Effect: Select a single player to target before the game begins and said player will have each roll reduced by (-3) when they play. Thoughts: So, there’s one player on the other team that’s always going off. So you need something to stop him. Here’s your gameplan. -3 every time he touches the court. Pros: I mean the guy you want to shut down, will be shut down, with a possible -9 (-12 for my Tenacity players) Cons: There are 10 players minimum barring Tenacity that will play in a CBBHC game. So yea don’t forget about them. Or you know, they just don’t play that player. Final Thoughts: After testing all (see: most) of the gameplans used, all I can say is, get into test games, see if you like them, and be ready for the 2024 season. Also if you got any questions, post em.
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    Favorite Chatbox Quotes

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    [NFLHC] Draft Lottery Suggestion

    While I think this would be interesting, I think a large part of what draws people to NFLHC is the sense of realism they get from it. And frankly, anything that deviates from how the real NFL operates is immersion-breaking. But you do have some really interesting ideas, and don't feel like you should clam up because people don't seem to be into this one.
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    [2023] NCAA Championship Game

    Saturday, April 4, 2020 - 6 PM #1 Duke Blue Devils (29-8) vs #1 Purdue Boilermakers (32-4) There is no HSA and Purdue may choose the order they want to go (as they were the higher seed overall) and post it in this thread.
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    Saints ownership change

    After discussions with Lucas and with imposter being almost fully inactive for a few months I am officially stripping him as owner/GM and selling the team to @lucas. In normal circumstances I would open this up for others to apply but given Lucas showed interest in becoming owner of the Saints and is already a member of the organization he would be my top choice anyways and have first dibs. I also think it’s important that New Orleans has the opportunity to compete in FA which they can’t do currently with Imposter as owner and GM.
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    [2024] NBAHC Draft Order

    The League Office has decided to announce the order for the inaugural NBAHC Draft just as final discussions are underway at the NBAHC Offices regarding an approved rule book and organizational roles. The structure of this draft will be unique as teams must build their rosters from scratch: 10 rounds in a snaking-order. In future seasons, a 2 round system will become the norm with a Lottery to determine order. Because the Lottery can not be fairly implemented in the inaugural season, this year's draft order will be selected purely at random. 2024 1st Round Order Dallas Mavericks Toronto Raptors San Antonio Spurs Indiana Pacers Milwaukee Bucks Brooklyn Nets Charlotte Hornets Boston Celtics Miami Heat New Orleans Pelicans Philadelphia 76ers Washington Wizards Portland Trailblazers Orlando Magic Chicago Bulls Los Angeles Lakers This order will snake for all subsequent rounds. Organizations may begin trading picks, if desired. Rosters will be required to have a minimum of 13 players and a maximum of 17, so additional players will likely have to be picked up as free agents after the Draft. Further updates on contracts, rules, etc. are to come soon. Good Luck!
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    [2023] CBBHC March Madness - Primer

    Should help with the Bracket Challenge. Good luck! #1 (31-2) Kansas Jayhawks (Big 12 Champion) Kansas started their year off great, defeating Syracuse in the Maui Invitational. After an early-season loss to Duke, the Jayhawks rattled off 25 straight wins until a late-season loss at Texas Tech. The Jayhawks went 17-1 in the Big 12 and posted an undefeated mark at home and at neutral sites (13-0, 6-0), along with defeating Texas Tech in the Big 12 tournament. Led by Dashaud Washington and Head Coach Stormstopper, this team will be the one to beat in March. #1 (29-4) Purdue Boilermakers (Big Ten Champion) The Boilermakers have also had a very successful season. Their high-flying offense scores on average 75.3 PPG. Purdue’s best regular-season win was a 21 point rout over #14 Coastal Carolina on the road. The Boilermakers posses one of the strongest resumes in the field, beating #9 Temple by 13, #2 Gonzaga by 18, and #6 NC State by 34. Purdue is arguably one of the strongest teams at home, posting an undefeated record of 13-0. Watch out for this team to make a deep run in the tourney. #1 (25-8) Virginia Tech Hokies (ACC Champion) Virginia Tech got off to a hot start, rising to 4-0 and the #1 team nationally. Led by their star SG, Demarien Williams [Talent***], the Hokies were overperforming expectations. Naturally, they cooled off and regressed back to the mean, finishing 4-4 down the non-conference stretch. Impressive non-conference wins include #25 West Virginia and #7 Temple. In conference play, the Hokies went 14-4, then shocked Duke in the ACC tournament final to secure a bid. #1 (25-8) Duke Blue Devils (ACC Regular Season Qualifier) High offensive output (#2 in the nation, 77.9) 15-0 at home Shaky on the road (8-7) Lost in ACC title game to VTech Impressive wins: #2 ND, Swept #6 UNC home and away, #13 Syracuse, #17 NCSU Lowlights: Lost @ UNT #2 (26-6) Notre Dame Fighting Irish Notre Dame is another team with strong offensive output, scoring 76.4 PPG. This helps compensate for their average defense, which ranks 25th nationwide by letting up 65.3 PPG. The Fighting Irish went 11-1 in non-conference play, with a confusing loss on the road at Maryland. However, Notre Dame never lost at home, going 14-0 throughout the season. After a disappointing loss to Virginia Tech in the ACC conference semifinals, they’ll be looking to rebound with a strong March performance. #2 (25-8) LSU Tigers (SEC Champion) One can say that LSU, the preseason AP Poll #1, failed to live up to expectations throughout the season. LSU struggled to find a successful rhythm on offense during the first few games of their non-conference schedule, which includes their 56 point output against a terrible VCU team. They also put up 59 points against a Boise State squad that usually allows 70.1 PPG. However, in conference play, the Tigers figured out their struggles and put up an impressive 15-3 record, including winning the SEC Regular Season title. They took this momentum and crushed Tulane, Alabama, and Florida in the SEC tournament final by 15. The Tigers have a lot of momentum going into March, and whoever plays them should be afraid. #2 (25-8) Arizona Wildcats (Pac-12 Regular Season Qualifier) Average offensive output (#24, 66.2), 4th best defensive team (60.4 allowed) 15-0 at home Shaky on the road (8-7) Lost in PAC title game to Colorado State Impressive wins: #13 Duke, #12 Creighton, #3 Gonzaga, #6 CSU Lowlights: Lost by 20 @ #11 Kansas #2 (25-8) Colorado State Rams (Pac-12 Champion) Above-average offense (#15, 67.8), #8 defensive (61.9 allowed) 11-2 at home 10-4 on the road Beat Arizona in the PAC title game Impressive wins: #9 Villanova, @ #13 Gonzaga, #6 Gonzaga Lowlights: Lost by 16 to #15 Oklahoma on neutral site #3 (24-9) Texas Tech Red Raiders 11th best offense (70.3), #5th best defense (61.1) 12-2 at home 9-4 on the road (3-3 neutral) Lost in B12 title game to Kansas Impressive wins: @ #14 LSU, @ #24 Baylor Lowlights: None #3 (22-10) North Carolina Tar Heels #1 offense, 79.4 PPG, #39 defense (67.1 PPG) 11-3 at home 8-5 on the road Lost in ACC Semifinals to Duke Impressive wins: #16 OU, #11 Syracuse Lowlights: Lost @ UNT #3 (21-11) Oklahoma Sooners #7 offense (72.8), #25 defense (65.3) 9-3 at home 8-4 on the road Lost in B12 Semifinals to Texas Tech Impressive wins: #13 CSU Lowlights: Lost by 16 @ #1 Kansas #3 (20-12) Air Force Falcons Armed Forces Classic Winner #22 offense (66.4), #12 defense (63.4) 10-2 at home 6-9 on the road Lost in PAC semifinals to Colorado State Impressive wins: #20 Kentucky, swept #8 CSU Lowlights: Lost by 36 @ #3 Texas Tech #4 (20-12) Temple Owls #13 offense (69.0), #33 defense (66.3) 10-3 at home 7-7 on the road Lost in BIG Semifinals to Purdue Impressive wins: @ #12 Mississippi State, @ #14 Loyola-Chicago Lowlights: None #4 (20-12) Alabama Crimson Tide #14 offense (68.0), #9 defense (62.5) 10-5 at home 7-5 on the road Lost in SEC semifinals to LSU Impressive wins: #19 Maryland, swept #5/#13 Kentucky Lowlights: Lost to South Alabama at home by 13 #4 (19-12) Gonzaga Bulldogs #20 offense (66.7), #26 defense (65.4) 13-2 at home 6-9 on the road Lost in PAC Quarterfinals to Colorado State Impressive wins: #8 Syracuse, #10 Butler, #3 Texas Tech, Lowlights: Lost @ Illinois State by 14 #4 (18-14) Washington Huskies #10 offense (70.6), #30 defense (65.7) 12-3 at home 4-8 on the road Lost in PAC semifinals to Arizona Impressive wins: #15 OU, #3 Gonzaga Lowlights: Lost @ Oregon by 13 #5 (19-12) NC State Wolfpack #21 offense (66.6), #36 defense (66.7) 13-2 at home 6-9 on the road Lost in ACC Quarterfinals to North Carolina Impressive wins: #2 Gonzaga Lowlights: Lost @ #9 Purdue by 34 #5 (19-12) Kentucky Wildcats #12 offense (69.9), #10 defense (63.0) 9-4 at home 8-6 on the road Lost in SEC Quarterfinals to Alabama Impressive wins: #9 Villanova, #8 LSU Lowlights: Lost by 23 to Coastal Carolina on neutral site #5 (18-13) Mississippi State Bulldogs #18 offense (66.8), #28 defense (65.5) 10-4 at home 7-6 on the road Lost in SEC Quarterfinals to Florida Impressive wins: #3 Villanova, #15 WVU Lowlights: Lost by 10 to New Mexico on neutral site #5 (18-15) Northwestern Wildcats #9 offense (71.8), #45 defense (68.8) 10-5 at home 6-6 on the road Lost in BIG championship to Purdue Impressive wins: #9 Kentucky, #3 Purdue, #8 Marquette Lowlights: Started season 1-7 #6 (18-13) Coastal Carolina Chanticleers Battle 4 Atlantis Winner #16 offense (67.6), #22 defense (65.1) 8-4 at home 7-8 on the road Lost in BIG Quarterfinals to Temple Impressive wins: #14 UNC, #9 Kentucky Lowlights: Lost @ South Alabama by 8 #6 (18-14) Auburn Tigers Champions Classic Winner #24 offense (66.0), #21 defense (65.1) 11-3 at home 5-9 on the road Lost in SEC semifinals to Florida Impressive wins: #15 Florida, #1 Duke Lowlights: Lost @ #7 Villanova by 19, lost @ Marquette by 29 (1pt scored in the 4th) #6 (18-16) Florida Gators Champions Classic Runnerup Armed Forces Classic Runnerup #42 offense (58.5), #2 defense (59.4) 7-5 at home 5-8 on the road Lost in SEC championship to LSU Impressive wins: #10 LSU, made a conference championship run Lowlights: Lost @ Xavier by 9 #6 (17-14) Oregon Ducks PK Invitational Winner #19 offense (66.8), #29 defense (65.7) 10-3 at home 4-10 on the road Lost in PAC quarterfinals to Washington Impressive wins: #1 Duke, #2 Colorado State, #4 Arizona Wildcats Lowlights: Lost @ Seton Hall by 21 #7 (17-14) Marquette Golden Eagles #28 offense (64.1), #7 defense (61.8) 11-6 at home 6-7 on the road Lost in BIG Quarterfinals to Maryland Impressive wins: #14 Auburn, #19 Temple, #11 Coastal Carolina Lowlights: Lost @ #7 Kansas by 16 (0pt 1st Quarter) #7 (16-16) Maryland Terrapins #26 offense (65.1), #32 defense (65.9) 10-4 at home 4-9 on the road Lost in BIG semifinals to Northwestern Impressive wins: #17 Syracuse, #9 Temple Lowlights: Lost by 14 at home to #20 Oklahoma #7 (15-16) Syracuse Orange #17 offense (67.1), #42 defense (68.3) 8-5 at home 5-9 on the road Lost in ACC Quarterfinals Impressive wins: #3 LSU, Lowlights: Lost @ Marquette by 7 #7 (14-17) North Texas Mean Green #39 offense (59.8), #15 defense (64.1) 8-6 at home 5-8 on the road Lost in B12 Quarterfinals to West Virginia Impressive wins: #8 Loyola-Chicago, #5 UNC, #13 Duke Lowlights: Started season 1-7 #8 (15-17) Creighton Bluejays #30 offense (63.2), #27 defense (65.4) 11-4 at home 3-12 on the road Lost in B12 Quarterfinals to Kansas Impressive wins: #18 Loyola-Chicago, #9 Texas Tech Lowlights: Lost @ UNT #8 (14-17) Loyola-Chicago Ramblers #50 offense (51.2), #1 defense (53.6) 8-8 at home 6-8 on the road Lost in BIG first round to Illinois State Impressive wins: #4 Texas Tech, #4 NC State, #4 Temple Lowlights: Lost back to back to 0-4 Boise State and 0-5 UNT. #8 (14-18) Butler Bulldogs #25 offense (65.8), #37 defense (66.8) 8-7 at home 5-10 on the road Lost in BIG quarterfinals to Northwestern Impressive wins: #1 Virginia Tech, #16 Marquette Lowlights: Lost at home to #4 Purdue by 23 #8 (13-19) West Virginia Mountaineers #27 offense (64.7), #34 defense (66.3) 6-5 at home 5-8 on the road Lost in B12 Semifinals to Kansas Impressive wins: #25 Air Force, #19 Maryland Lowlights: Lost @ #1 Kansas by 22
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    Steelers Acquire Quarterback Taylor Heiden and Linebacker Eric Jones We all knew the quarterback position was going to be addressed but just didn't know how. Around noon on Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers announced that they had acquired quarterback Taylor Heiden from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In addition to Heiden, the Steelers also receive a 3rd round pick. Tampa Bay receives the Steelers' first round pick, #13 overall and embattled quarterback Norris Brooksheer. With three quarterbacks at the top of this year's draft, many expected the Steelers to go that route. But there was uncertainty if any of them would be available at the #13 pick. Any even if one did make it to 13, would it be the one that the Steelers wanted. There was also speculation they could go the free agent route again with a guy like Ryan Clark or Jarius Jones. Rumors swirled of trade talks with guys like Todd Jennings and Eric Wegert. In the end they pulled the trigger on Heiden in a franchise changing move. Heiden is easily the best quarterback in the history of this franchise. Did they overpay for him at this stage in his career? Possibly. But if he can bring this team back to the playoffs with a chance to get to the ultimate goal, it will be well worth it. A few hours later, the Vikings reported that they were sending linebacker Eric Jones to the Steelers. While reinforcements were expected at the position, the move to acquire Jones was unexpected. The team likes Abdoul Gordon but his versatility may have hurt him as this now allows them to slot him as the backup to both inside linebacker positions. Enter Jones who takes over for the retired Ron Mobley. Being overshadowed a little in Minnesota by Cleveland Merrill, he's still been a solid producer. He was forced to play out of position often but has the chance to slide back to his natural Will spot. The moves not only improve the team on the field but also in the clubhouse. Both Heiden and Jones are well respected and looked at as leaders and captains. Stay tuned for more Steelers updates.
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    Survey Results and Discussion

    Hey Yall, I'm hoping to do this again if yall wouldn't mind helping me out. This Covid stuff has killed my dissertation and this would really help out. I can post the link later today or tomorrow
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    14-2 - Clinched share of ACC Title. Remaining games Syracuse, North Carolina Duke wins ACC Regular Season Title outright with a win in either game or a loss by all 3 teams below. 12-4 - Remaining games at Xavier, Villanova 12-4 - Remaining games at Seton Hall, at Duke 12-4 - Remaining games Villanova, Syracuse If Duke loses both games and any of these three win out, multiple teams could tie for the title. 14-2 - Clinched Big Ten Title. Congrats @inspiral2 15-1 - Clinched Big-12 Title. Congrats @stormstopper 13-3 - Clinched share of Pac-12 Title. Remaining games Oregon, at Gonzaga Arizona wins Pac-12 Regular Season Title outright with a win or Colorado State loss in remaining games. 11-5 - Remaining games at Gonzaga, at Air Force Colorado State wins share of title if they win out and Arizona loses out. 13-3 - Remaining games ULM, Auburn 13-3 - Remaining games at Auburn, Tulane LSU and Mississippi State would share the title if they win out. Either LSU or Mississippi State wins the title outright if they win more than the other in the final 2 games. 11-5 - Remaining games Mississippi State, at LSU Auburn wins a share of the title if they win out and both LSU and Mississippi State lose out.
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    [2024] Long Time Dolphins Retire

    This week, two long time Miami Dolphins' players announced their retirement from NFLHC. Defensive Tackle Josh Wilson and Fullback Alex Engram were among the handful of Miami players who decided to hang it up at the end of the 2023 season. Alex Engram Engram, the big fullback out of TCU, came to the Dolphins through a 7th round selection in the 2015 NFLHC draft. Immediately earning the starting position he was known for his versatility in the college ranks where he took his fare share of snaps at the half back position. Engram finished his NFLHC career with 122 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns. However, what he will most be remembered for is his clutch play during Miami's 2 Super Bowl victories. In the 2015 Super Bowl, Alex Engram had 4 carries for 11 yards and a TD and he followed that performance up with 3 carries for 10 yards and another TD in the 2017 Super Bowl. Outside of his ability to open holes for both James Otero and Marcus Barry, Engram was a favorite both in the locker room and in the community. Engram, through his "Froggy Dayz" foundation, would host a big food drive each year for Miami area food banks and was known far and wide as a generous and approachable player. Prior to being drafted by the Miami Dolphins, Engram spent his time in college at TCU playing for the Horned Frogs. One of the stars on the 2014 TCU team that pulled a massive upset over the Texas Longhorns in a game that's still talked about on Saturdays in Fort Worth. Alex Engram played 9 seasons in the NFLHC all with the Miami Dolphins. Josh Wilson Wilson taken with the 48th pick of the 2016 NFLHC draft out of Texas Tech University decided to hang them up after 8 seasons in the NFLHC. Starting with his rookie season Wilson quickly became a fixture on the Miami defensive line where his versatility allowed him to succeed in both 3-4 and 4-3 primary sets.. Wilson finished his career with an impressive 192 tackles, 38.5 sacks, 5 FF, 7 FR, and 1 TD. Wilson's 38.5 sacks are 2nd all time in Dolphins history and his 5 FF and 7 FR are Miami career records. As with Engram - Josh Wilson saved his best play for the big moments, in the 2017 Super Bowl against Seattle he tallied 4 tackles, .5 sack and 1 FF to help the Dolphins land their 2nd title. Wilson had a combined 6 Tackles and 2 sacks in their 2022 and 2023 AFC Championship appearances. In college Josh Wilson only started one season where he had 19 tackles, 6 sacks, and 2 FF for the Red Raiders of Texas Tech. Another active member of the community Josh would lead his yearly "Sacks for Kids" event where players from the Dolphins would be paired with kids in need for a school shopping spree. Josh Wilson played 8 seasons in the NFLHC all with the Miami Dolphins. Both players leave GM @tsweezy with holes to fill at their respective positions. When asked about their contributions Head Scout and team fun coordinator @vtgorilla applauded both guys for their professionalism, "These guys were great locker room guys, always helping young guys learn the ropes and understand the game. They brought it all in big moments and their presence is going to be missed." As the Dolphins continue through the 2024 off-season, they will do so without a couple of long time stars.
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    [2024] Awarded NBAHC Franchises

    Final Organization Additions We're happy to announce four new franchises have also been approved for the 2024 season. This will round out the final 16 team class of teams. Please welcome: Boston Celtics | @rabidsnowman @lrickar1 Los Angeles Lakers | @kwheele Philadelphia 76ers | @Qupax Washington Wizards | @brightfalls
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    2023 BOFA Awards

    No offense to Bingo, he had a great year but I feel they ended up right around where we thought they would. I would like to see others get recognition. I would prop myself as I feel winning 10 games with my schedule when we didn't get any preseason votes seemed like a better coaching job this season. But someone like @Todd who turned Navy around after a couple early losses and turned Lombardi into a Heisman contender was a great option. Or guys like @tsweezy and @Jamzz who weren't expected to do much this season and took their teams to 9 wins were more deserving. Again, no knock on @bingo415. Congrats on winning!
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    Swipet's High School All-Americans Below is a collection of High School Talent that i have come across in my research into the 2024 class that jumps off the page and will be the recruits that high school coaches will gossip about like middle school girls. Some of my pick's may be based upon pure star rating and some may have a specific attribute that will flow well with a certain playbook or game plan. 10.G Kedarion Curtis 6-1 202 Fr St. Anthony (Long Beach CA) [Rebounder*] Probably the most "true" guard on this list, he can either direct the offense at the point or become a shooting guard that excels in penetrating the defense ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). He shows a knack for long rebounds and has the quickness to beat his larger opponents to the ball. 9. F Kyle Fuller 6-7 249 Fr Cleveland (Rio Rancho NM) [**] If you like a 3-4 combo forward that is a deep threat from 3, you will like Kyle Fuller. Was the starting point guard last year at a staggering 5 foot 11, he quickly grew 8 inches over the summer and has kept his point guard skills and deep shooting. You've probably seen this guy on SportsCenter last week as he went off for 53 points in a playoff and topped that off by dunking on two poor defenders during a fast break. Although he can do it all, he has developed quicker than usual and does not have a true attribute to his game which could turn away coaches who are looking for a scheme guy. 8. SW Jervonte Reeves 6-6 240 Fr Bloom (Chicago Heights IL) [Blocker*] On of the top two defensive players in this class, he has played against the top talent in the country and every time he hold them below their season average. A massive defensive upgrade for your team. 7. FG Kreighton McKinney 6-8 252 Fr Mount Horeb (Mount Horeb WI) [Rebounder*] Like Kyle Fuller, McKinney was also a point guard before he grew 8 inches. The only thing that separates them is that McKinney STILL PLAYS POINT GUARD! If you want to see a massive mismatch just look up his gametape on YouTube. It looks like he could absolutely bully the opposing player and still be quick enough to get by him. Even when playing at National Tournament's, he has shows the skills to keep up with the best of them. 6. PG Jakobe Jordan 6-3 209 Fr Grand Prairie (Grand Prairie TX) [Gunner*] The second best scoring threat on this list is without a doubt Jakobe Jordan. Has had a average of 32.5 points per game his senior year but what suprises scouts is that he is not simply a high volume shooter, he also plays very efficiently as well. Even though opponents have resorted to double-teaming him, he has the vision to see the pass for the easy points. 5. PF Phillip Stone-Willis 6-11 294 Fr National Christian Academy (Fort Washington MD) [Protection*] Has length to die for and a nice mid-range jumper too. A really raw player that has some weight control problems but the good thing is that he probably wont come across any physical players who will bully him in the post. 4. SF Freddie Davis 6-2 210 Fr East Limestone (Athens AL) [Steal Artist*] Even though he is undersized at the Small Forward spot, he has is the best defender in this class as he has just enough length to make the best offensive players complete fools. 3. SF Jevon Logan 6-4 218 Fr Brandeis (San Antonio TX) [Physical**] Another great all around player he has shown to be more physical with his opponents than most undersized players but that doesn't knock against him as he can shoot tremendously from any spots on the floor. 2. SW Dushane Flowers 6-6 245 Fr Beulah (Beulah ND) [Gunner**] It's a shame that most of the United States has not heard of this talent from North Dakota because he is legit. Has not taken his talents on the AAU circuit like the other players on this list, but he has spread his fame through mix-tapes of his highlight dunks and sick play. Will take some time to adjust to better competition but he will probably be a one and done and declare for the NBA after his freshman season. 1. FC Jordan Peters 7-0 268 Fr Simeon (Chicago IL) [Rebounder**] Without a doubt the best high school basketball player we have seen by a long shot. I dare you to name a weakness on this guy as he has the size to tower over any forward, the quickness to get by centers, and even a shooting stroke that can make any guard jealous. Remember when i said fellow Chicagoan Jervonte Reeves held his opponents below their season average? Well that's technically true except when he allowed Peters score 28 on him, but even then that was below his season average of 38.9. Expect a ton of coaches to be trading up for him in this scouting draft because he is a once in a generation type talent that could probably play in the NBA next week.
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    CFBHC Talks: How Are You Doing?

    I figured I would drop a line in here to explain my recent lack of presence on here. Grad school has been tough both work wise and socially. My program is really splintered and I really don't have an "co-workers". Meanwhile I'm very busy trying to publish and do conference presentations which is basically how you are judged on getting a job. I was in the middle of exams both written (four straight days of 8 hours of writing roughly 25 pages a day) and oral (hour and a half for the professors to grill you). Then I split with my girlfriend in the middle of a ton other work which is probably for the best as she was getting a bit emotionally abusive and unstable. I then started to plan for my dissertation which has since been shot down with COVID.. I'm trying to back track and figure out other things to do but its been tough. I will say its been great talking to some of yall. Much appreciated! TL;DR - sorry for the absence I've been riding the struggle bus for a bit.
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    [2024] Tampa Bay Buccaneers Make Changes

    Changing of the Guard Buccaneer Front Office Make Major Changes 8 Year Vetrian QB Taylor Heiden, 27976 Yards, 177 TD 67 INT Around 2:30 on Sunday afternoon, the Pittsburg Stealers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers announce major Changes for their respective club in the form of a big time trade. The Buccaneers will be sending Taylor Heiden and a 3rd round pick(67th over all) to the Stealers for their 1st round pick(13th over all) and quarterback Norris Brooksheer. A major trade for the club. The Buccaneers drafted Heiden in the 2016 Draft, where he would play 5 games that same season. Since then, he has been the only QB to start for Tampa with the exception of one game in 2018 when Alex Beidgewater got the nod in order to rest Heiden for the playoffs. For 8 seasons he lead the team and have set franchise records at the quarterback position. He threw for 27,976 yards, 177 touchdowns and 67 interceptions. Current Headcoach inherrited Heiden in the middle of the 2019 season. Under his coaching, Heiden threw for 19,077 yards, 128 touchdowns and 56 interceptions. The 2021 season, the duo saw their greatest success with the headcoach getting COY honors and Heiden throwing for over 4200 yards and 31 touchdowns. Career high for both sats. After the trade was announced, Coach Weeze had this to say: "Heiden was a phenmonial player, and an amazing man. He was a true leader and commanded the huddle. Over the last 4 and a half seasons, he and I spoke a lot on and off the field and it truly saddens me to see us losing such a great human being. I wish nothing but the best for him and his family and can't wait to see what he can do in a new enviroment." With the change in the QB room, all eyes have already turned toward evaluating Brooksheer. Having played in only 10 games last season, he threw for 2400 yards, 16 Touchdowns and 11 Ints. Some fans are calling for the heads of the front office, but others are seeing what perhaps the front office sees. Potential, a cheaper contract, and an extra first round pick for a team filled with holes and needs. Trading Heiden allowed the Buccaneers to really free up cap space and hopefully make a bigger play in the FA market. The extra pick also gives them two picks in the top 15 and 3 picks in the top 35. The front office has to hit on all targets and replace some of the stars they've lost over the last couple seasons. Especially along that defensive front. After trading away Big Frank, the defensive front just was not the same. The Buccaneers have really shook things up, and the future of their QB position is now in question. Only time will tell what kind of season they will have. Can they restart Brooksheers career? or will he be a place holder for one of the future Quarterbacks coming up in next year draft?
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    COVID 19 Thread

    I'm a resident assistant at my school. Initially, the buildings were closed, but were opened to provide housing for students who didn't have any other options. Classes are completely online until April 6th, however I have no doubt that will be extended. The first day we reopened the hall we had hundreds of people show up and just move their stuff out. Currently I would say there's 10-15 people living here out of the 250-300 capacity. Everything is so quiet, its surreal. They have one of the cafeterias open, but it's set up completely different than normal. You enter one side and you tell workers wearing masks what you want out of some portioned options, and they put it in a bag and you just leave. For some reason, getting food was made it 'click' for me the reality of living in a quarantine. I mean I always thought this was going to be a big deal but I guess I wasn't ready to see how it would change my life so fast. I mean I left for spring break on March 6th, and by today everything feels so different. All of the things that stressed me regarding school and personal life feel so minimal and irrelevant right now. My internship has told me not to report for the time being so I don't have my main source of income. My job as an RA required me to interact with people constantly, so the shock of basically not seeing anyone has made me feel isolated. Which I suppose is a good thing, and I know so many people have it so much worse.I appreciate you for making this thread Darman, and I hope you all can stay healthy.
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    Good one from my area today, he responded to his own post pretending to be someone else.
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    COVID 19 Thread

    I think it might be good for us to have a thread to talk about the Coronavirus. I think it can be pretty broad. Things like quarantine/isolation tips. Best places to find good and true information on this. I think a lot of people have questions, concerns, and general speculation about this. I know in my circle, unfounded rumors and fears have been spread around. I don't think anyone here is an expert in public health, but we have some of the tangential knowledge about laws and practices involved in this. So if you get an email/text/call/etc that may be a scam, posting about it could help keep others from getting screwed by a scammer. If you have things you are trying to do to keep yourself entertained or even just sane, I bet a lot of people would appreciate it. I also feel like this could take a toll on mental and emotional health of people, which is where I think we can be a big resource to each other. Some of us are separated from family during this, or separated from grandparents that you're worried about. Some have to miss work and may feel anxiety about that. I know I'm always able to talk about it, and if you want to share your anxieties or fears, you can put them here if comfortable or discord me. This is an amazing community, and I think we can use our collective talents and knowledges, and whatever else to help each other and our larger communities through this.
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    [2024] NBAHC Draft Book

    After a couple of folks asked, I figured "why the hell not." https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1M57vYo_u5_Z_rSzp9Pv2EOppwg-YLJ2av02AUyMcr8o/edit?usp=sharing Works just like the NFLHC one, except I'm not keeping track of what was drafted from whatever school. BTW, the Picked column has a note at the top explaining how it's used.
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    Update on the Bracket Challenge situation: Qupax: Needs a Duke v Arizona final, with Arizona winning. @acewulf: Needs ND to beat Duke. @imerman: Purdue winning NC. Easier win chance here @MasonAsher: Duke winning NC. @Duncan: ND win. (eliminated either way) @TheLiberator: Duke winning NC.
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    Favorite Chatbox Quotes

    Day 16 of quarantine: brightfalls gets desperate
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    Survey Round 2

    Hey Everyone, Some of you may remember I sent out a survey to help me with some classes last year. My supervisor loved it and I was able to do some good stuff with it. With the COVID cancellations I have had to scrap my entire dissertation. With your help, I can get back on track and turn this into a larger project. I would really appreciate your help! I would like to invite you to take a brief 20 minute survey on your experiences on the site and with your fellow users. We would like to know about you and the type of social support that might be available on a site like this through the connections you may make with other users. Username information will be converted to an ID by the survey software to maintain confidentiality. Please answer honestly as this data will be used to hopefully benefit yourself and others in the future. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact me by phone, email, or discord. Thank you very much for your time! https://bit.ly/CFBHCsurvey
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    Let's assume no trades in the upcoming Draft. Where do the 82 Overall Defensive Ends go? *I'll post these guys in the order I think they're taken DE Oghale Adelangwe 6-4 241 R Penn State [Blitz] [+1] 82 Adelangwe is considered by many to be the top Defensive End in the Draft. A top tier Blitzing Defensive End are always high in demand. Adelangwe's senior campaign saw him get 10.5 Sacks and 15 TFL while making 9 Statsheets. He had 11.5 Sacks and 7 TFL as a Junior for Penn State. There's no doubt he's a high impact player, maybe not as consistently in the statbox as some would like to see. But, who takes him, and where? The Browns pick 1st, and I have to imagine they're taking QB. I wouldn't mind the Browns taking a DE here honestly, I just don't think they do. Quarterback is a sexier position, and the Browns already have Ray McBride and Gabriel Beauchamp. So, they take a QB here. The Giants are up next. If any team is going to trade down, it'll be the Giants and it would likely be for Adelangwe. But they already have Curtis Lewis and Khairi Bryant. And they have many other needs. RB here feels early. OG Cyrus Naylor is a trendy pick to the Giants, and for good reason. I'm not sure it's a good value at #2, but let's assume he goes there. No Oghale here. Tampa Bay up next at #3. The Bucs have Charles Johnson and a ready to retire Darris Hayes at DE. Not a great duo, but serviceable. Let's take a look at their Cornerbacks...and oh my god. Lock in top Corner here and move on, jesus. This brings up the Broncos. Denver has Deyonte Davis, who's mad, and Andrew Phillips at Defensive End. They've made quite a few moves to bring in some talent around Troy McMurray, but they still desperately need a RB. I don't like the RBs in this draft that much though. And they have Ryan Harris and Nick Hall in their Division. This feels like Oghale's time. The Broncos may hesitate ever so slightly and consider a CB, but having taken Jordan Westbrook last year, I think they make the smart move and take Oghale. DE Cece Condon 6-1 263 R Ohio State [Contain] [-2] 82 Condon has been one of the most consistent defensive playmakers over the past two seasons, getting himself on 24 out of a possible 27 Statsheets. In that time, he's gotten 25 Sacks, 5 Forced Fumbles, and 36! TFL. He's a monster, who's done it all for the Buckeyes. He projects more as a 3-4 End, but he doesn't feel like he has to be in that role solely. He's my favorite Defensive End in this draft. So, where does he go? The Saints pick at 5. And they'd be stupid to not take Condon. They have Charles Woods and Shamar Manning (I think? Their team page isn't updated). The Saints could use a OT, but their defense was horrendous last year (I had them ranked 29th Overall). They need help there more than on Offense. This was a quick. DE Damien Atkins 6-0 262 R Ohio State [Blitz] [0] [#] 82 Atkins was a JUCO transfer to Ohio State, and he absolutely benefited from playing with Cece Condon. He had 16.5 Sacks and 17 TFL last season. It was only one season, but Atkins was very impressive. If you want a Blitz DE and you get Atkins, it's not a bad "Consolation" Prize. Up next at #6 are the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals drafted Samir Sample in the Top 10 last year, so I don't see them going DE again. I can see the Cardinals taking a Corner, some of their guys are getting up there in age. I see them taking the next best Corner. Up next are the Cincinnati Bengals. I don't think the Bengals are great at DE outside of Timothy Key. But, their OLB Corps is dire. They need a starter right now, there's Jordan Butler, Sam Caron, and Zack Temple all at 82+. That's where they should probably go. Atkins stays on the board. The Vikings pick next at #8. They picked Smallwood in 2022, and have Jamal Patton opposite him. Vardell is getting up there and starting to regress, but I don't see the Vikes taking a QB this year. This feels like the right place for Atkins to come off the board. Pairing him opposite Smallwood will give the Vikings a potent pass rush to take down JJ, LeCount, and MoFo. Recap: Oghale Adelangwe - #4 Denver Cece Condon - #5 New Orleans Damien Atkins - #8 Minnesota
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    [2023] Fan Final Four Prediction

    With 24 hours to go here's what the fans think will happen. Who advances to the Final Four from each region?
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    Chargers Introduce Three New Signings

    The Los Angeles Chargers held a press conference earlier today to introduce the latest additions to their team. The team aggressively targeted wide receiver Kevin Garvin on Day 1 of free agency, and was able to add him to their depth at wide receiver. Garvin, who had just 25 receptions in a run-first offense last season for Cleveland, joins the Chargers who see him, initially, as their #4 wideout. But make no mistake, the team plans on giving him opportunities within their offense. Garvin, who twice caught more than 60 passes while a member of the Bills, provides quarterback Matty Swift with a veteran target. The Chargers hope that 2024 will be a much healthier year at the wide receiver position than 2023 was, but the addition of Garvin provides insurance. With all of the injuries that plagued the team last season, the Chargers have hinted that they might not be done at evaluating talent at receiver this offseason. The next signing for the Bolts was cornerback, Jeremy Evans. Evans, a former Dallas Cowboy with six career interceptions, was brought in to provide depth and veteran leadership to the secondary. Expected to play the nickel corner spot for the team, Evans' addition was much celebrated by the club. In a division with the Chiefs and Raiders, improving the pass defense was a key element of the team's offseason plans. Evans also could line up outside if needed, something the team would have been hesistant to do with the other reserve corners on the roster. Much like the signing of Garvin, the addition of Evans gives the team much-needed depth, but may not fully address the team's need at the position. The final signing by the Chargers is that of Sam Chapman, formerly of the Jets. Chapman was a back that the team had targeted in the 2020 draft, but barely missed out on. As a rookie, the speedy Chapman scored 12 touchdowns. In his sophomore season, he ran for over 900 yards. A healthy competition between Chapman and incumbent starter, Brannon Austin, is anticipated, but the team is also expected to utilize both young runners in some two-back sets. Their different styles appear to compliment each other nicely and should bolster the Chargers' running attack. The team is not expected to make any additional free agent signings, but are rumored to be involved in a few different ongoing trade discussions.
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    What To Know: Air Force Spring Game Details Colorado Springs, CO. – Air Force football will wrap up its first spring under head coach Kwheele and for the 12th consecutive year will recognize the nation's armed services during its annual Spring Game at Falcon Field starting at 2 p.m. With the inaugural season of the Kwheele era set to begin, spring practices have been filled with the Falcons football players learning a new offensive scheme, and tweaks to an already solid defense plus many anticipated battles for starting positions heating up. Coming off a rather lackluster and underperforming season in 2023, the new Falcons football staff has placed a focus on getting better each game, week, half, quarter, series, play and rep. The Falcons will be looking to rebuild into the premier service academy as well as compete in the Mountain West Conference on a weekly basis. "This is a really big deal," Kwheele said. "Our spring game at Falcon is a huge deal, and we want to make sure that place is rocking. It's another opportunity to show what we are. We want to make sure our playmakers are on the field and putting on a great show for our fans. We want the entire country to see what our stadium is like on game day." The annual Spring Game will also display the depth Coach Kwheele and his staff have worked to establish, as the roster will be split into two teams instead of the offense vs. defense format from a year ago. Rosters for the "Blue Team" squad and the "White" team will be unveiled soon. WHAT TO KNOW SPRING GAME SCHEDULE 10:30 a.m. – Parking Lots Open – free for those that arrive earlier than noon Noon – Parking Lots start charging $5 per car Noon – Shuttle begins from Air Academy High School and Chapel Hills Mall Noon - Holoday Athletic Center Opens 1:00 p.m. – Falcon Stadium Gates Open 1:00 p.m. – Men's Tennis vs. San Diego State (Cadet Field House Tennis Center) 1:00 p.m. – Autograph Session with Men's Basketball team on the Falcon Stadium Concourse 2:05 p.m. – USAF Thunderbirds Demonstration team fly over 2:07 p.m. – 2024 Spring Game kick off OFFENSE Quarterbacks With the introduction to their new coach, Falcon quarterbacks were put on notice that their level of production needed to match the intensity and effort that the rest of the team puts in and that the starting position will go to the quarterback that has the best off season and spring game. This puts the competition squarely between incumbent starter Ted Blake and redshirt Freshman Matt Mosley. “Both quarterbacks are at square one and have a clean slate in my eyes since both are having to learn my offense. No one has the advantage and the quarterback that can adapt to the new scheme and limit their mistakes (physically and mentally) will win the starting position. PERIOD,” Coach Kwheele stated at the pre-spring game press conference earlier this week. Running Backs Running back is one of the main strengths of this year’s team, even though they are few in numbers. The new offensive scheme will focus on having both Bobby Crews and Matt Schilling on the field to take advantage of each player’s unique skill sets and to provide some consistency and leadership on this Falcons offensive squad. Both players have adapted nicely to the new offensive scheme and are very focused on being the work horse of the offense. Coach Kwheele has praised the work ethic of both Crews and Schilling for their work ethic and leadership during this installation process. Coach Kwheele also noted the improve play of fullbacks Elijah Peters and Kahale Maeaeafeleasiolagi in this new scheme. Wide Receivers and Tight Ends Last year was the introduction of Tran Nguyen to the Mountain West Conference secondaries. The wide receivers are a deep group with a wide array of talent lead by the Sophomore Nguyen. A particular focus this off season was developing and rounding out the skills of this group to be truly a strength of this team. This group has the flexibility to attack the varying defenses of the Mountain West and have been hard at work learning their new role in the offensive scheme. The tight ends are being asked in this new scheme to add some flexibility to the offensive attack and are lead by senior tight end Andrew Sample. This spring has seen a very deliberate focus on developing the tight end group as a viable part of the new offensive scheme and to get their talents matched up against opposing linebackers where possible. Offensive Line The offensive line, with it’s veteran leadership of OT Pat Linder and C Terrence Gilmore, have seen their work load simplified in the new offensive scheme. With a strong focus on building strength as a group and scheme knowledge, Coach KWheele is confident his offensive line will quickly develop into a dominant group in the Mountain West Conference. DEFENSE Defensive Line Defensive Line one of the stronger units in this spring ball and a lot of that comes from very little change in the defensive scheme as a whole. Senior DE Derrick Dukes has been a strong performer in spring practices and off-season training session while still keeping a very high grade point average in Aeronautical Engineering here at the Academy. DT Fredick Stone and DE (ATH) Donte Lawton have also had extremely productive spring practices as well, showing their understanding of the new techniques defensive line coach and defensive coordinator Richard Scott has brought with him from his days in the National Football League. Linebackers Linebackers are a position that may be thin in numbers, but the defensive coaching staff feels very comfortable about in terms of skill across the unit. OLB Cameron Kelly and ILB Keenan High have been instrumental in leading this unit during the off-season and getting to know defensive coordinator Richard Scott’s plan for them this season. Linebacker coach Stephen Garza was especially impressed with the development of ILB Simon Keene this offseason both in the weight room and the classroom, and looks forward to seeing great things from him as the season progresses. Secondary This group is also coming together quite nicely in blending the multitude of skills and experience. The Falcons secondary will highlight the versatility and experience as DC Richard Scott has adapted the traditional 3-4 defense with his nickel defense background into a very strong hybrid. The flexibility the secondary brings will be able to highlight and support multiple coverages and defensive looks allowing the entire defense to paly a more aggressive style of football this season. Special Teams The kicking department will be holding a tryout to backup standout senior kicker Sebastian White. The consistency provided by White will be key to sustaining drives and putting points on the board for the Falcons this year and is a main point of emphasis with the entire special teams unit. Redshirt sophomore Theo Ray will be called upon to help the Falcons establish and control field position as the offense adapts to the new scheme and to keep the defense off the field.
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    [2024] Off-season Schedule

    Trading opens: Noon Eastern tomorrow for players already under contract and picks only, then for all players once re-signings are complete Re-signings Due: March 10th 11:59 PM Eastern OC/DC bidding: opens March 4 at 7 PM eastern Free Agency Opens: March 21 @ 4:00 Eastern Combine: TBA Draft - Round 1-3: Aiming for 4/18 6 PM Draft - Rounds 4-7: Aiming for 4/19 4 PM UDFA bids due: TBA Rookie Camps: TBA Training Camps: TBA First Pre-season games: TBA
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    COVID 19 Thread

    I do maintenance/truck unloading at an upper midwestern convenience store (think similarly to Wawa/Sheetz, or so I've been told). I know the site has quite a new Wisconsinites and some Minnesotans and Iowans, so you probably know which one I mean . So far corporate's stance has been we're going to be open no matter what, or at least as long as I don't have coronavirus, I'll still have to come to work to do sanitation if we can't unlock the doors to the public, though that's the last thing they want to do - someone has to be open rn because people need essentials still. I think most if not all people on this site are taking the response to COVID19 seriously enough/appropriately, but some of the things I observed today while at work were relatively alarming, so if you do need to venture out, here's what's been going on at our store/some things you would think would be obvious that apparently aren't for the average person lol: -mass buying of bread/milk/eggs/butter. I know you need to stock up for a bit, but like, please don't buy 10 loaves of bread, be reasonable (or if you want 10 loaves, call ahead like a day or two beforehand so I can custom order it). Corporate hasn't set a limit on stuff like that yet, but we can only get so much at a time, especially since our company makes all of their own bread and ships it out to us daily. We do have like 300lbs of butter in backstock at our particular store because it's going on sale on Friday anyway and we've been stocking up for a little bit, but the other, more perishable stuff, we have limited quantities of - especially eggs, which are now already on backorder. -don't just let your kids wander now that they don't have to go to school, or if you're still in school, don't just fuck off. All day kids were riding their bikes around town (it wasnt even nice out, it was like 36 and snowy so wtf) and coming in, and while the ones who came in were well behaved, I'd prefer to have less people exposing a lot of the elderly customers who were coming in. -feel free to (and please) use the hand sanitizer we have all over the place, I had to drop money at the bank today and they had a sign about using it before making transactions and then once you leave, and I think thats a good idea no matter where you're going, especially if handling money -we're at winter hours for our store, meaning staff is cut to like ~60% since its the "slow season", and there's also people calling off because they're sick, so while I'm doing my maintenance/unloading job, I'm also like the 4th/3rd/2nd register at times. Things are hectic for everyone right now, so please be patient if you need help with anything, since I now have hours of sanitation added to my daily/hourly task list and its higher priority than most of my other things that I still need to get done. -this one feels like a major WTF but seriously, wash your hands after using the bathroom. I had to piss during work and while doing so, two guys in stalls and one using a urinal just walked out of the bathroom without washing their hands. Bruh that's not okay ever but especially rn wtf. My home county, where my grandma and quite a few friends still live, has 11 confirmed cases so far which is wild. I live 3 hours away and fortunately there aren't any confirmed cases up here yet.
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    Current: Sean Jenkins Mike Tripplett Raheem Robinson JC Weldon Adrian Jankowski Paul Howell Kevin Williams Monte Jackson Rodney Montgomery Marvin White All Time: Dan Nomellini Walt Peck Sean Jenkins Gary Faneca Sr. Rodney Montgomery Mike Tripplett Riddick Smith Kevin Williams Mosi Bartos Adrian Jankowski
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    Pet Picture Thread

    I forgot to post this earlier but just recently my fiancé and I brought this good boi Moose home
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    [2024] 4 Colts Retire

    This week, 4 Indianapolis Colts announced their retirement. RB James Otero, WR Douglas Chadwick, OT Craig Foster, and DE Charles Lewis. RB James Otero Otero came to Indy via a trade in Mid-2020 with the Detroit Lions. He was instantly named the starter, and started almost 2 full seasons in Indy. He was supplanted in 2023 after the trade for J.B. Blacknall early in the year. Otero attended Kansas University, and started one season under Coach stormstopper. He had a near 1,700 Yard Season with 30 Touchdowns. He won the Doak Walker Award and finished 4th in the Heisman Trophy Voting, and was named an All-American. Afterwards, he declared for the Draft early and entered the 2015 Draft. He was picked in the 3rd Round by the Miami Dolphins. He was the starter Day One and helped lead the Dolphins to a win in Superbowl II as a Rookie. He spent another season in Miami before being traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (the Dolphins would go on to win Superbowl IV with Marcus Barry in 2017). He spent the next couple of years in Tampa, but the Bucs weren't able to make it to the Superbowl and decided to trade Otero to the Detroit Lions in 2018. He took over as the starter and was in that position for nearly 1.5 Seasons, when he was traded to Indy. He finished his career with over 8,000 Yards and 77 Touchdowns on 4.64 YPC. He had 4 1,000-Yard Seasons and 3 13+ TD Years. He as named to the Pro Bowl for the AFC in 2015, but never made it back in his career. In Indy, he had 1,603 Yards and 14 Touchdowns in 33 Games Played. In his Instagram Posting Announcing his Retirement, Otero specifically thanked Coach Stormstopper of the Jayhawks for giving him the opportunity to prove himself. He also thanked Dolphins Owner Soluna for giving him his dream of playing the game at the biggest stage. Lastly, he thanked the Bucs, Lions, and Colts for allowing him to continue his dream. WR Douglas Chadwick Dougie Chadwick broke onto the National Scene as a Sophomore at Indiana University in 2014. He had 90 Receptions for 1,252 Yards and 11 Touchdowns. However, with the graduation of Kamau Davis, the Hoosier Offense stagnated over the next two seasons. He had 891 Yards and 4 TDs combined over his Junior and Senior Years. He was drafted by Cincinnati in Round 4 of the 2017 Draft. He had a semi-successful Rookie Year, posting 234 Yards and 5 Touchdowns. But, soon found himself out of favor with the coaching staff. Over the next two years in Cincy, he had 272 Yards and 1 Touchdown. He was then traded to Buffalo for K Vincenzo Aiola prior to the 2020 Season. He spend the next two years with Buffalo, playing sparingly. He had 89 Yards total. The Jets signed Chadwick in the 2022 Pre-Season, but he didn't make their active roster and wasn't signed during the season either. He wouldn't be back in the Pro Game until Week 16 of 2023 when the Colts signed him to bolster their WR Depth. He didn't see the field much in Weeks 16 and 17, and did not record a stat. Chadwick finished his career with 52 Receptions for 595 Yards and 6 Touchdowns. OT Craig Foster Foster played for Neovenator's Arizona Wildcats as a Junior and Senior, starting both years. He was picked by the Ravens in Round 6 of the 2015 Draft. He would start in Baltimore from 2015 - 2021, but was benched in 2022 in favor of the younger Mendy Cheney. The Ravens released Foster following the 2022 Season, he was then signed by the Colts for the full 2023 season, serving as a Veteran presence in the locker room. T Kenyon Hendricks posted this on Twitter: "C Fost is a great dude. I'm going to miss playing with him, he'll always have me as a brother". The two had become very close during Pre-Season and were often seen eating out together during the season. DE Charles Lewis Lewis was a 3-Year Starter as Mississippi State, recording 9 Tackles and 9 Sacks. He was not a highly rated prospect entering the 2016 Draft, and was undrafted. He signed a two-year deal with the Green Bay Packers, starting for a couple years before being supplanted by Barron Anthony. He then spent the next few seasons as a backup for the Packers. Prior to the 2022 Season, the Packers traded Lewis to the Houston Texans, where he was a backup. He was released following the season, and the Colts signed him to fill the backup role in Indy. He didn't see the field a ton in his career, finishing with just 11 Tackles and 1.5 Sacks. Former Packers Teammate Mike Taylor, now a radio personality for ESPN, said on his show earlier this week: "Charles is real. I don't know anyone else I trust more than him to be honest. He is one of the happiest people I know, and I know he'll have fun in retirement. Maybe he'll come join me here in the studio."
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    OC/DC Issues

    The Jacksonville Jaguars did not have any OC or DC on their roster, nor did they bid on any, despite this being a required part of the sim. The Jags will be fined $2M for this error @Soluna The New York Giants do not have their OC/DC listed on their cap sheet, they will also be fined $2M for this @Dean and are now like Baltimore on probation for this off-season. The Buffalo Bills signed Mike Munchak then the following offseason signed Clyde Christensen they will also be fined $2M ,and Clyde will be listed as a OC FA as he shouldn't have been signed in the first place, please list Mike Munchak on your cap sheet. @fever_ful The Baltimore Ravens listed Marc Trestman as their OC for 2023 on their Depth Chart which is incorrect, as Trestman was signed by Dacder for the 2022 season they then erroneously signed Marty Mornhinweg  who was the Texans OC, (this was not Baltimore' fault, he shouldn't have been a FA OC) but even then didn't list him on the cap sheet as their OC and only had the Trestman contract. They will be fined $3M as they are already on probation. @Dr_Novella @Azul
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    [2023] NIT Discussion

    Please do not play games outside of the selected dates even if the rounds are completed early. We want to build some hype for the post-season tournaments. @Vivid@DarthJarJar@rocksaucesundae@mahrowkeen@Swipet@VerifiedThing Round 1 (Thursday, March 26 - Sunday, March 29) Game 1: #1 Baylor Bears (13-19) vs #8 Illinois State Redbirds (10-22) Game 2: #2 Tulane Green Wave (12-20) vs #7 VCU Rams (10-22) Game 3: #3 New Mexico Lobos (11-20) vs #6 Kansas State Wildcats (10-21) Game 4: #4 South Alabama Jaguars (11-20) vs #5 UTSA Roadrunners (10-21) Round 2 (Monday, March 30 - Wednesday, April 1) Game 5: #1 Baylor Bears (14-19) vs #5 UTSA Roadrunners (11-21) Game 6: #7 VCU Rams (11-22) vs #3 New Mexico Lobos (12-20) NIT Championship (Thursday, April 2 - Friday, April 3) Winner Game 5 vs Winner Game 6
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    1) Nick Hall (but mostly because I know i could pay him with a loaf of bread and pay everyone else) 2) Ryan Harris 3) Carlos Washington 4) Matt Jones 5)Marcus Black 6) Yeldon 7) Raheeeeeeeeeem 8) SKAAGGGGGGGGS 9) Shea 10) Kenyon
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    COVID 19 Thread

    Our state superintendent is recommending to the board of education today that our schools remain closed for the year. So it looks like I will continue to be home for quite a while. A few things I've been doing to help pass the time: I just enrolled in this free online course titled "The Science of Well Being". It is the online version of the class that the podcast, "The Happiness Lab" came from. So I'm anxious to dig into it and get going. The class technically started yesterday but it has about 2 hours of course work per week and you can enroll late and catch up. Various household projects - I finished the Pergola I was building and helped my wife finish the laundry room renovation. I think these projects are pretty much done now though. Reading - I love reading but got away from it for a long time. I set a goal this year to read a book a month and I'm going to easily surpass that. I've already read 4 and started my 5th this morning. Podcasting - I started a daily devotional podcast at the start of the year and had a hard time keeping up during basketball season but I've been using this time to record several episodes a day to build a buffer back up. Working on math and reading and generally hanging out with my kids - basketball season was tough with how much I was gone, so it's been great having so much time home with my two 5 year olds. We go for walks and ride bikes nearly every day and surprisingly do very little screen time. I've also started working on reading sight words with them and using legos for basic addition and subtraction. That's a little challenging because my son is super smart and my daughter struggles with it a little bit and can get emotional really fast when she doesn't get something (some trauma issues from her past popping up there) but overall it's going well. Working out every day - I said I was going to start working out this summer when I was out of school so I guess I'm starting that early. I get up and do a workout first thing every morning while I listen to an episode of American History Tellers. I've found that I have a lot more motivation if I do that instead of just kind of existing for the first few hours of the morning. Finance meetings - I've been meeting with a few people from my church and friends from college and stuff (all virtually of course) to talk about investing/finances. It's helping me channel what I would have been teaching my financial literacy classes right now and hopefully helping them as well. Writing novel - I haven't started this yet, but about 2 years ago I mapped out an outline for a novel and started writing it. Then I stopped about 1/4 of the way through bc I got frustrated and thought it sucked. I found it on my computer the other day and read it and it actually wasn't half bad. So now I'm thinking I might try to start writing a chapter a day and see what it turns into. What is everyone else doing to help pass the time?
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    T-Mobile Arena | Las Vegas, NV | 3/16-3/22 Regular Season Champion: Arizona Wildcats (23-7; 15-3) Defending Champion: N/A Participating Coaches: @brightfalls@kwheele@Ahven D'Gale@bingo415@Jieret@mahrowkeen@DarthJarJar@SyndaKyt@Azul
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    2024 Offseason Interview Series: Iowa State Minnow has brought the magic into Ames. Can he do it again? 1. Describe how last season went for you. This last season was a complete surprise to me. This last season had a lot of doubt going into it, I know with the progression of Sheppard had helped me since the 2022 season when I was forced to play a inexperienced Sheppard at QB. Luka Snell really stepped up and was a general surprise to have a receiver of that grade to play above and get open. With us winning all but one of our OOC games and a close loss against Iowa, the season got off to a way better start than 2022. When it came to conference games I was nervous since historically this is when the Cyclones tended to fall apart, I assumed if I could just go .500 and make a bowl that would be a win in my book. Our win against Oklahoma in the hardest conference slate of my schedule proved to be the best game I have coached while at ISU, to go against the number 1 team in the country and come out on top is going to be a confidence booster for the rest of the season. 2. What is the biggest loss this season? The biggest gain? The biggest loss this season in terms of production would have to be my defensive backfield graduating, my SS and FS I recruited are not ready to start and will be benched in order to progress. In terms of loss of game, that West Virginia game hurt to lose, that game controlled my fate in the Big 12 championship, once I had lost that game and the game to TCU, TTU, and OKSt (all really good teams might I add) just WVU is a team that I should have beaten and it costed me in the most important time in the schedule. 3. I’m pretty sure nobody expected the Cyclones to go 7-5 last season. In your words, how did that season happen? This season did not change much last year in terms of the gameplan, a few minor adjustments were made game to game and a position change was made before the season moving ATH Demetrius Clay from DE to OLB (a move that would end up not helping me or hurting me). This season happened I want to say by luck, when my team played well they could take down any team in the country, just when the gameplan wasnt exactly right my team would come up short. 4. What will you do that makes 2023 seem like the start of something brewing at Iowa State? As for 2024's gameplan I now have more power in the recruiting field, this last season I recruited heavily out of the G5 pool due to my lack of points and competitive ability against teams like TCU (who would run laps around me point wise) With these talented recruits incoming, something is starting to brew here at Iowa State. I was able to land a recruit for the eventual replacement for Vaughn Sheppard and Kofi McCullough, I only graduated my defensive backfield and I still have a lot of returning young players who are able to step up and get things done in key situations, so I would have to say at the very least ISU will be competitive in a very hard Big 12 conference this next year. 5. Who will play in the BigXII championship game and what will be your record next season? The Big 12 Championship in my words will contain TCU and Oklahoma. There is no way that those two teams with how much talent they have to not be able to make it to the championship. My record for this next season will probably be better considering my offensive talent increased, but with my defense graduating that will hurt me. Overall with all the improvements I can see a 2 game improvement in the win column from last season. 9-3 Overall
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    COVID 19 Thread

    For the people like me in apartments without a yard or any kind of green space, do squats. I'm really committing myself too not leaving the house and being a liability (except for midnight walks when I know nobody's going to be around). It keeps me feeling like I'm doing something productive and it doesn't require any space. Every time I feel like I'm bored or forgot why I walked into a room, I do 20 or 25 and feel a little better. I find it's been helpful.
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    [2024] Projected Ball State Depth Chart

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    I'm so down to run OOTP. I run an online league already and would be very willing to run one for this community as well.
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