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Titans win Super Bowl XII

Tennessee wins its first title after a victory over Chicago.


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  1. congrats Isaac on the championship!
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  2. On the heels of their best season of their current regime, and arguably looking like the Cardinals team with the best potential to date, the Cardinals have decided to make a statement move going into the offseason. ”Yeah Matt Ballard is good, but he can’t slam PBRs the way I like” drunkenly cited quarterbacks guru and Cardinals All-Time Win% Leader Greg Bierria. The rest of the Cardinals front office has yet to comment, but Bierria went on and on about the mobile success of quarterbacks like Allen Taylor and Bryce Thompson and other scramblers I can’t remember the name of since I haven’t paid attention for the last 7 months. “Isaiah… gives us the… *chortles*…. *wheezes*… BEST shot at winning the West.” The former FCS Player of the Year, previously drafted in the 7th Round by the Cardinals, spent the last year off an NFL roster, but spent his days I watching game film and becoming a fan favorite by attending Cardinals tailgate parties and supplying his own beer. “He’s certainly the best transaction of the last 6 months, and has a higher ceiling than that scrub TrashRod” noted Art Baber, Cardinals VP of Being a Legend.
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