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Illini Fight Off Huskies

The #25 Illinois defense stifled Washington's star QB Jake Davis as Illinois won a more defensive game 19-17, although QB Jordan Harrison did help with over 300 yards in the air.


Panthers QB Christian Skaggs throws for 506 yards on 49 attempts, adding 6 TD to 0 INT, as the Panthers rout the Bucs at home 42-12.

Hokie-Pokey Defense Turns Game Around

In a game that was 0-0 at the half, Virginia Tech managed to pull the upset of #12 Ohio State through a stifling defense that held OSU to just 3 field goals.

Sustainable Bills Sneak Past Saints

The Bills scored in every quarter, putting up 35; they nearly lost anyway as the Saints scored 27 in the 4th quarter in a close 35-33 game.


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    There is no more hopeful, yet frustrating situation than starting a young QB in college. Whether it's an oversized ego from a small town cult, bad high school coaching that needs ironed out, or just a new playbook that needs to be learned, there is no shortage for pitfalls for an underclassman signal caller. But with every overthrown pass comes a ray of hope, a reminder of the hype he got out of high school. Let's take a look at every teenage starting QB, (redshirt) freshman and true sophomores, and see how each future star is faring. Fr Riley Arledge, Portland State, Pocket Player Line: 40/80 (50%), 473 Yards, 2 TDs, 4 INTs, Wins: None Losses: JMU, at SJSU, at Florida A&M Rome's Hot Take: I could not find a Portland State depth chart and that sums up my take on Arledge. Could be a good FCS starter with a coach and some good recruiting around him. So Jameson Beckwith, Northern Iowa, Pocket Player Line: 43/85 (50.6%), 460 Yards, 3 TDs, 4 INTs, 1 Fumble Wins: None Losses: New Hampshire, at Tulane, at Harvard Rome's Hot Take: Another coachless QB. Shows some promise, but such a low completion rate and yards/attempt for a pocket guy has be selling hard. (Fr) Taylor Cook, TCU, Hybrid Player Line: 49/87 (56.3%), 547 Yards, 4 TDs, 2 INTs, 1 Fumble Lost Wins: at Penn State, at Texas, Michigan State Losses: None Rome's Hot Take: Cook obviously has a fantastic team around him, but I'm not holding that against him with his stats. He's making freshman mistakes and the team around him is keeping them from mattering in the long run. Bright future ahead of him. (Fr) Ryan Corbin III, Iowa, Hybrid Player Line: 55/99 (55.6%), 644 Yards, 4 TDs, 3 INTs, 5 Carries, 30 Yards, 1 TD Wins: Western Kentucky, Iowa State Losses: at Penn State Rome's Hot Take: With an expected loss to PSU, where he threw 2 of his 3 INTs, Ryan is on the path Iowa's hoping for from him. His future will depend on the talent around him, but he could contend for that division. (Fr) Lucas Elizondo, Nebraska, Scrambling Player Line: 47/93 (50.5%), 429 Yards, 2 TDs, 4 INTs, 10 Carries, 42 Yards Wins: None Losses: Auburn, at Texas Tech, Central Florida Rome's Hot Take: Nebraska has a lot of problems this year, but Lucas is not helping in the slightest. A liability with his arm and seemingly toothless on the ground, I wouldn't be surprised to see Lucas's reign as starting QB cut short with a JuCo replacement in the next season or two. Maybe he makes a Kessler transition to try and make a pro practice squad. (Fr) Jack Evans, South Alabama, Scrambling Player Line: 23/49 (47%), 326 Yards, 1 TD, 3 INTs, 4 Carries, 0 Yards Wins: None Losses: at Virginia, Mississippi, at LSU Rome's Hot Take: Evans has been coachless so far this season, so it's hard to blame him. But neither USA QB has shown any ability this season. Hard to judge until they start playing conference foes. (Fr) Tausa'afia Faletolu, Nevada, Scrambling Player Line: 57/101 (56.4%), 690 Yards, 4 TDs, 3 INTs, 14 Carries, 91 Yards, 1 TD Wins: Montana, Miami (OH) Losses: at Clemson Rome's Hot Take: Most of his impressive stats come from a battering of Montana. They struggled against Miami and Clemson otherwise. Potential is there, but he's struggling against actual competition. (Fr) Grayson Gillette, Texas Tech, Pocket Player Line: 57/87 (65.5%), 682 Yards, 5 TDs, 1 INT Wins: Nebraska, Marshall, Kansas State Losses: None Rome's Hot Take: An impressive start for a new offense in Lubbock. Gillette has been in control so far this season, but the meat of his schedule is ahead of him. How Grayson reacts to making mistakes as the season goes on will tell us a lot about his future. So Logan Hayes, Yale, Hybrid Player Line: 39/83 (47%), 389 Yards, 2 TDs, 5 INTs, 2 Rushes, -1 Yard Wins: None Losses: North Dakota, at North Dakota State, at Wake Forest Rome's Hot Take: I feel like bad or a lack of coaching plus poor performance can really snowball and ruin a players development. Hayes may start until he graduates, but he definitely won't lead them to many wins. So Gabe Kerns, Georgia Southern, Hybrid Player Line: 53/100 (53%), 537 Yards, 4 TDs, 3 INTs, 2 Carries, 6 Yards, 1 TD Wins: New Mexico State Losses: at Minnesota, Wyoming Rome's Hot Take: Gabe actually wasn't that bad against Minnesota, only turning it over once and grabbing two TDs. His lack of success otherwise is concerning and he's already reached his potential. (Fr) Shane Kruse, Kansas State, Hybrid Player Line: 78/136 (57.4%), 905 Yards, 7 TDs, 2 INTs Wins: at Air Force Losses: California, at Texas Tech Rome's Hot Take: Kruse has had a strong performance so far. I always expect young players to have lower completion rates due to lack of experience and chemistry, but throwing up almost 1k yards and 7 TDs in 3 games is strong. I'd like to see him win more and against P5 competition, but he's got 3.75 seasons for that. Fr Finn Leonard, Utah, Pocket Player Line: 64/115 (55.65%), 734 Yards, 4 TDs, 4 INTs Wins: Utah State Losses: Southern Cal, Washington Rome's Hot Take: Leonard has faced some strong competition and is on an offense that looks to need another season or two to mature, so I'm not concerned about the true freshman getting a rattled by USC and Washington. (Fr) Thomas Maddox, Texas State, Scrambling Player Line: 41/83 (49.4%), 435 Yards, 2 TDs, 3 INTs, 1 Fumble Lost, 12 Rushes, 37 Yards Wins: None Losses: at Indiana, Charlotte, at UTSA Rome's Hot Take: Not great so far. Only two players on the offense have a 3.5 skill or better, though, so hard to be that upset. (Fr) Luca Maguire, NC State, Hybrid Player Line: 67/109 (61.5%). 722 Yards, 6 TDs, 2 INTs Wins: at East Carolina, Wyoming Losses: at Louisville Rome's Hot Take: I like Maguire a lot. He had a pretty good game against Louisville and I think he can lead NC State to conference contention in 2-3 years. So Zachary Mattson, Georgia State, Scrambling Player Line: 51/90 (56.7%), 605 Yards, 4 TDs, 2 INTs, 1 Fumble, 17 Carries, 105 Yards, 1 TD Wins: UMass, at Middle Tennessee State Losses: at Connecticut Rome's Hot Take: Great numbers, but against what competition? So Gavin Orr, Florida A&M, Pocket Player Line: 46/90 (51.11%), 495 Yards, 3 TDs, 4 INTs, 1 Fumble Lost Wins: Portland State Losses: at Eastern Washington, at Florida Rome's Hot Take: I don't think this kid has a future in FCS, let alone the Pros. He's a 2/2.5 now. He'll likely get replaced by AI recruiting in two seasons. (Fr) Erik Parker, Ball State, Hybrid Player Line: 54/80 (67.5%), 652 Yards, 5 TDs, 1 INT, 1 Fumble Lost, 7 Carries, 28 Yards, 1 TD Wins: Liberty Losses: at UCLA, vs Indiana Rome's Hot Take: Looked pretty good vs Indiana last week. With the coaching Ball State has, definitely see this kid being All-MAC at some point. So Mario Pierre, Toledo, Scrambling Player Line: 39/66 (59.1%), 440 Yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT, 7 Carries, 37 Yards, 2 TDs Wins: at Kentucky, UNLV Losses: Central Michigan Rome's Hot Take: Definitely a dual threat to keep MAC defenses up at night. Losing to CMU is a bitch of a scratcher for Toledo, though. Growing pains? (Fr) Jacob Ramsey, Georgia Tech, Pocket Player Line: 61/111 (55%), 608 Yards, 5 TDs, 3 INTs Wins: None Losses: Florida Atlantic, at Arkansas, Duke Rome's Hot Take: Despite being 0-3, I think the kid has winning potential. The team around him needs to get better, but the Jackets have their QB. (Fr) Omari Ricks-Hargrove, Rutgers, Scrambling Player Line: 44/75 (58.7%), 512 Yards, 5 TDs, 1 INT, 13 Carries, 60 Yards Wins: at Army, Miami (OH) Losses: Michigan Rome's Hot Take: A QB who definitely isn't asked to throw much, but is effectively when he does. He wasn't that amazing vs Michigan, but the team still almost won. Will almost certainly beat Penn State a few times. Fr Riley Sharpe, Southern Cal, Pocket Player Line: 54/80 (67.5%), 656 Yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs, Wins: Southern Miss, at Utah, SDSU Losses: None Rome's Hot Take: While RB Bowser is taking a lot of pressure off Riley, he's been sharp on his drop backs. A lot of potential for the kid and the coaches seem to be easing him into college play. Can he carry this team against a great run defense right now? Time will tell. (Fr) Dominic Sherman, Auburn, Scrambling Player Line: 51/91 (56%), 622 Yards, 4 TDs, 3 INTs, 1 Fumble, 2 Carries, -3 Yards Wins: at Nebraska Losses: vs Oregon, LSU Rome's Hot Take: Rough start. Has a lot of talent around him and a fantastic line, so it feels like he needs development or coaching is letting him down. Fans need to be patient, but failure can snowball. (Fr) Max Walker, BYU, Pocket Player Line: 76/130 (58.5%), 836 Yards, 6 TDs, 2 INTs Wins: Buffalo, New Mexico Losses: at Iowa State Rome's Hot Take: Walker is asked to pass the most out of the young QBs and he's succeed so far. His game at Iowa State isn't that great and suggests he'll struggle against good competition, but he's beat teams he should. (Fr) Logan Wilson, Miami (FL), Hybrid Player Line: 66/112 (59%), 815 Yards, 5 TDs, 3 INTs, 1 Fumble Wins: Central Florida Losses: Florida, at Missouri Rome's Hot Take: Logan has showed potential so far, against strong competition. He wasn't as accurate on the road at Missouri, but he still threw 2 TDs. I like Wilson a lot and think he has a New York visit in his future. This originally started at looking at only Fr and (Fr) starters, but I added in true Sophomores after I thought of the title. I'm a big champion of letting stars get playing time early and often, so I've been looking into this over the year. I may revisit this article towards the end of the season, but this should provide a lot of comparisons for teams and give others an idea of what to expect should they move to a young QB in the future.
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    2013 CFBHC Season: The Inaugural Season The first season of CFBHC started off with the CFBHC Kickoff Celebration, a Virginia Tech win over Penn State. This game featured future Heisman Winner Allan Taylor of Virginia Tech (now starting with the Philadelphia Eagles), and featured three players who would make the inaugural All American team (Taylor and Artie LeClair of VT, and Alvis Brumm of Penn State). It ended with an LSU win over Michigan in the National Title game. Each episode of this series will go over the teams that made the playoffs, players that had exemplary seasons, prominent storylines each season, and other events in the season that made that season special. The CFBHC Playoffs CFBHC Playoffs Round 1: The Rose Bowl Game: #1 Michigan Wolverines vs #4 Penn State Nittany Lions Result: Michigan win 20-10 Star Players: Michigan: QB Rob Lecount (Lions) DT Fred Romanowski (Redskins) DE Ron Rice (Jaguars) OG Delvin Hodges (Panthers) WR Tony Gross (Retired) Penn State: WR Walt Peck (Rams) DE Alvis Brumm (Jets) DT Bob Ballard (Texans) RB Keith Dunn (Cardinals) OT Justin Campbell (Cowboys) Coaches: Michigan: Sophos Penn State: Soluna Season Summary Michigan: The Wolverines started their season off as the number nine team in the country. They proved worthy of their ranking, even in a loss against number four USC, in a closely contested overtime defeat to the Trojans. They rebounded with two blowout wins against UCF and NC State, and continued their win streak with close contests against their conference schedule and their eventual playoff opponent, Penn State. They swept the rest of their schedule, including a Big 10 Championship win over Nebraska. Michigan, with their 11-1 regular season record made it to the top of the polls as the number one team in the country before conference championships and bowls commenced. The Wolverines were led this year by a strong group of future NFL stars. Rob LeCount and Ron Rice are probably the most well known of the former Michigan stars, as LeCount both players have been consistent presences in the playoffs and have been stars of their teams as well. One player that was lost to history that was on this Michigan team was Mario Rattay. Rattay was the fourth leading rusher and had the second most rushing TDs in the nation in his only season in CFBHC. While he played a few years in the NFLHC, it is likely he wouldn’t have gotten a shot at playing pro football if he came around now. Rattay was later drafted in the marathon inaugural NFLHC draft, where he was drafted in the 11th round by the Miami Dolphins. He had a very solid rookie year, finishing second in NFLHC in rushing touchdowns, but found his role disappear after that. This Michigan team ended up having twenty players who were on the roster for the future national finalists drafted into NFLHC, with five being taken in the first ever NFLHC draft. Penn State: The Nittany Lions are one of the premier programs in college football. They have appeared in three national title games, winning back to back titles in 2019 and 2020. However, in the first year of CFBHC, they had none of these accolades. In the first official poll of the season, Penn State was unranked in the first poll of 2013 (only twenty teams were ranked in the first poll). After the celebration kickoff game, which Penn State lost, but didn’t count towards their record, Penn State found themselves quickly ranked after a week one win against Virginia. Penn State started out strong, with six consecutive wins, including one against then number two Ohio State in a classic game that needed extra time to conclude. Penn State peaked at number four after this win, but suffered two conference losses to Michigan and Nebraska. Ironically, the later loss to Nebraska may have been a blessing in disguise. Penn State finished the regular season as the number five team in the country, but missed out on the Big 10 Championship Game. In front of Penn State for the four playoff spots entering conference championship week were #1 LSU, #2 Michigan, #3 Florida State, and #4 Miami. Penn State was technically on the outside looking in, but they were in a prime position to take a playoff spot with Miami and FSU playing in the ACC Championship game with only the winner of that game in a position to make the playoffs. Penn State was led this year by a trio of legends, both in CFBHC and on the professional level. Justin Campbell, Walt Peck, and Alvis Brumm are arguably the best players of their position of all time, and helped a Penn State team play probably above their skill level in 2013. Quarterback Derek Keys was a dual threat player, and his ability to run the ball aided Keith Dunn in the run game. Both of the players were fine and solid players, but they weren’t the caliber of backfield players on the other side of their playoff game. The Nittany Lions ended up having five players taken in the 2014 NFLHC draft, and a total of eighteen players who was on the roster for this playoff team ended up being drafted. Matchup Summary: This was a repeat matchup between Penn State and Michigan, with the Wolverines having taken the first game early on in the season. Michigan had handed Penn State their first loss of the season with a 20 to 19 victory in a game where the scoreline truly reflected the outcome of the game. Michigan’s kicker, the versatile Dennis Carson, who last played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, drove home a 46 yard field goal as time expired to overcome the Nittany Lions. This game was sloppy offensively, with each team collecting two turnovers and neither QB able to record a passing touchdown. Future NFLHC stars Alvis Brumm of Penn State, and Ron Rice of Michigan both recorded two sacks as they set the pace for this field goal fest of a game. Game Summary: Michigan and Penn State met up ia Rose Bowl game with ideal weather conditions for a December contest. It was 72 degrees and sunny for this game, and both teams entered this game hoping for a cleaner offensive performance from their teams in the second matchup of the season. Both teams entered the game with some optimism. Michigan was on a roll coming into this game, and had swept their conference schedule already, and while Penn State had lost to Michigan in week eight, it took a last minute field goal for them to win the game, and Penn State had arguably the best two players on the field in Walt Peck and Alvis Brumm. The game started out all Michigan. Rob LeCount, who had struggled with turnovers in the first matchup with a fumble and an interception, opened the game up with a twenty yard touchdown pass to Tony Gross less than two minutes into the game. Penn State was unable to get any momentum offensively and at the close of the first quarter, Michigan scored a second touchdown, this time a two yard run by Mario Rattay to put the score at 14 to 0. Neither team was able to create any offense in the second frame, as the game went into halftime that same score. Penn State looked to cut into the deficit going into the second half with their offense struggling to put up points for a second consecutive game against Michigan. They opened the second half’s scoring with a 41 yard field goal by Ken Chatham, but that was quickly matched by Dennis Carson, the hero of the first matchup, as he nailed a 35 yard field goal to keep the lead at fourteen going into the fourth. Michigan quickly gained back possession, and was on the march again. Penn State managed to slow them down, but not before the Wolverines were able to get into field goal range and Dennis Carson cooly knocked in a second field goal minutes into the final quarter. With this now seventeen point lead, Michigan seemed to be on the path to the first National Championship game. Though Derek Keys and Walt Peck were able to connect for a seventy yard touchdown pass later into the fourth, it proved to be too little as Michigan was able to run out the clock and win the game 20 to 10. Ron Rice and Alvis Brumm again combined for four sacks this game, with Brumm contributing three sacks to the Penn State ledger. Walt Peck showed off his future NFLHC chops with a ten reception, 162 yard performance but that was not enough for the Nittany Lions to come on top. Neither team managed to force any turnovers, and Michigan QB Rob LeCount was efficient in this rematch. Michigan would move on to the National Title game, and Penn State’s season came to a close. The Sugar Bowl: #2 Louisiana State University Tigers vs #3 Florida State University Seminoles Result: LSU win 21-13 Star Players: LSU: RB Vaughn Abraham (Bears) WR Rodney Montgomery (Cowboys) OT Andrew O’Neil (Patriots) OLB Tyrone Jones (Ravens) SS Dane Wilson (Steelers) FSU: QB Christian Skaggs (Panthers) RB Tony Peaks (Retired) WR Ken Peelle (Buccaneers) CB Tony Ross (Retired) SS Keyshawn Ayanbadejo (Retired) Coaches: LSU: TheUgly FSU: jborgs/Weis Season Summary: Louisiana State: LSU started their 2013 campaign as the number seven team in the country. They were led by the young duo of future NFLHC stars in freshman QB Aaron Devereaux and sophomore RB Vaughn Abraham. The Tigers started off their season strong with six consecutive wins, but faltered in their first big test of the season against a strong Alabama team who gave LSU their only loss of the regular season. LSU rebounded behind a balanced offense and strong defense led by Tyrone Jones, who has become arguably the greatest defensive player in NFLHC history. The profile of Tyrone Jones’ game in 2013 would be almost unrecognizable to an observer now. Jones has always been an elite player, but in his first year in college he had not refined his craft as a pass rusher. He finished 2013 with more interceptions than sacks with four interceptions and only three sacks. The next season he was tied for second in CFBHC with twelve sacks, and hasn’t looked back since joining NFLHC. Both he, and the freshman Devereaux had fine campaigns, but were still raw products in the 2013 season. After their loss to Alabama, they wouldn’t lose again in the regular season. The Crimson Tide, who were coming off of two consecutive blowout losses in non conference games, now held the poll position in their division’s race to make the conference championship game. LSU needed two losses from Alabama for the right to play in the SEC Championship, and Alabama delivered for them with a blowout loss to Texas A&M, and a close loss to unranked rival Auburn in the last two weeks of the season. That, paired with LSU running the table in the SEC put the Tigers in the SEC Championship game, where they defeated the #6 Florida Gators, who had playoff goals of their own. The Tigers had eighteen players from this team eventually taken in the NFLHC draft, including six in the 2014 draft, and ten in the 2015 draft led by #1 overall pick in 2015 Tyrone Jones. Florida State: The Seminoles were also a highly touted team coming into the 2013 CFBHC season. Fellow coaches rated them as the number 1 team in the country, and expectations were high. Led by the star senior tandem of Christian Skaggs and Tony Peaks, Florida State looked to have an explosive offensive coming into the inaugural season. Florida State came out of the gates strong offensively with a 52 point explosion in their opening game against Syracuse. There was no slowing down for the Seminoles as they followed up their opening week victory with an offensive salvo against Hawaii, scoring 73 points in their second week victory. Christian Skaggs was a bonafide star for this team. He finished the season with the second most passing yards in CFBHC, and most incredibly, he only threw one interception in 439 attempts. It was a balanced attack for the Seminoles, as running back Tony Peaks finished in the top ten in rush yards with over 1600 yards, and rushed for over one hundred yards in ten different games in the season. The Florida State offense was only really slowed down by one team in the regular season, when they only scored fourteen points in a win versus Auburn. The Seminoles faced some turbulence in their season after an eleven point victory against UCLA in week four. Their next four games were all decided by four points or less as they went 2-2 in this stretch including their only conference loss to Virginia Tech. Florida State got back on track with double digit wins against every other opponent of their schedule, including in their conference championship game against rival Miami. Christian Skaggs ended up finishing second in the Heisman race in his lone season at FSU, and won the Davey O’Brien trophy for the top QB in college football. After this season, Skaggs was the number one overall pick in a draft that saw ten Seminoles drafted. In total this team would have twenty five total players drafted into the next level. Matchup Summary: Unlike the first playoff matchup, the FSU-LSU game was the only game between the two programs that year. They both played Auburn and Florida that season, with LSU defeating both of the teams, while FSU beat Auburn and lost to Florida. Both teams were coming off of double digit victories in their conference championship games, and both teams were riding long win streaks entering this game. The Florida State offense had been clicking coming into this game, averaging just over thirty points per game since losing to Virginia Tech. By contrast, LSU hadn’t scored thirty points in a game since defeating Ole Miss in the four most recent weeks. Only Auburn had held FSU to less than twenty points this season, and LSU’s best chance to win this game seemed to be in a low scoring slug fest and somehow slowing down Skaggs and Peaks Game Summary: This was essentially a home game for LSU, playing in New Orleans, just about an hour from the campus of the Tigers. This matchup between future star NFL QBs and highly touted running backs started off slowly. Vaughn Abraham of LSU opened up the scoring in the first quarter with a thirteen yard touchdown run. Dennis Scott of Florida State nailed a 42 yard field goal with four minutes left in the quarter to make it a four point game, but LSU quickly struck back with a Aaron Devereaux touchdown pass to Shane Kaufmann to make the margin eleven points. Surprisingly for Florida State, the three points they scored was the only offense they were able to manage in the first half. Scott scored the only points of the third quarter with a short field goal make to narrow the game back to a one touchdown score. However, LSU continued to play keepaway from the Seminoles, as Abraham scored his second touchdown of the game early in the fourth, which all but put this game away. Florida State earned themselves one more opportunity to get back into the game after their first touchdown, a nine yard Tony Peaks run, cut the deficit to eight, but they were not able to find paydirt to finish the game. LSU became only the second team all year to hold the Seminoles to less than twenty points, as Skaggs and Peaks had underwhelming games. None of the future offensive stars had great games on either side, but future number one overall pick Tyrone Jones showed out with a fifteen tackle, one sack game. LSU would move on to the national title game, while Florida State was left wondering how the team would bounce back the next year with the departures of Skaggs and Peaks. CFBHC National Championship Game: #1 Michigan vs #2 Louisiana State University Matchup Summary: This was the only matchup between the Wolverines and the Tigers. Michigan was coming into this game having not lost since their opening week defeat to USC, and LSU was coming off of a dominating performance against Florida State. While Michigan was not quite the offensive juggernaut that Florida State was, they were still a good all around team. An offense led by Rob LeCount and Mario Rattay had scored thirty or more points in eight games this season, and their defense had given up twenty points or fewer in nine games. However, this game seemed destined to be a defensive battle as neither team was able to muster much offense in their playoff appearances, and the defensive stars were poised to make an impact. LSU wasn’t a team that relied on high scoring games to pull off victories, and having come off of a strong defensive performance against an offensive power, the less explosive Rob LeCount led offense seemed like less of a challenge. In Michigan’s favor, Vaughn Abraham and Aaron Devereaux had not been playing up to their talent in recent weeks. While Abraham had been scoring touchdowns, he had not reached one hundred yards rushing in his previous three games, and Devereaux had not passed for over two hundred yards or for more than two touchdowns in his past four games. Game Summary: The inaugural National Championship game started off slowly, and sloppily offensively for both teams. After LSU’s Cliff Chamblin, who was perfect on all kicks in 2013, scored the first points of the game on a 42 yard field goal attempt, Dennis Carson of Michigan missed his own kick which would have drawn the game even. Tyrone Jones, who was a monster in these playoffs, intercepted Rob LeCount early in the second quarter, which quickly led to points as Vaughn Abraham would run in a three yard touchdown less than a minute later. No more points were scored in the half, as the Tigers went into the locker room with a 10-0 lead. The third quarter started slowly as well, until Mario Rattay put Michigan in the scoring column with six minutes remaining in the frame, with a short touchdown run. This was quickly answered, as Aaron Devereaux found Rodney Montgomery for a nine yard score to push the lead back up to ten going into the fourth. The fourth quarter started with Michigan desperately needing some momentum in order to close the gap. Tyrone Jones quickly put an end to that, capping off a performance that should go down in history as one of the best defensive performances in National Championship Game history. Less than one minute into the game, Tyrone Jones made a remarkable play that led to a safety, and after a second Chamblin field goal less than four minutes later, this game was all but over. Michigan was not able to find any sort of offensive momentum in this game, as both LeCount and Rattay struggled. Star defensive end Ron Rice was also not able to make an impact, and he was overshadowed by the performance of Tyrone Jones. The future number one overall pick ended up with an interception in this game, a sack, a safety, and nine tackles as well on his ledger. Coach TheUgly, and his LSU team became the first National Champion with a defensively dominant 22-7 win, capping off a defensively dominant tournament run. Future of the Playoff Teams: Penn State: The Nittany Lions would struggle some in their sophomore campaign, going 9-3 overall. The next year, QB Todd Jennings who was a redshirt during Penn State’s run, would end up winning the Heisman and bringing his team to the National Championship Game where they would lose to Oklahoma. Florida State: Despite losing Christian Skaggs, Tony Peaks, and eight other players to the NFLHC draft, the Seminoles reloaded quickly. Behind quarterbacks Thomas Wheeler and Dick Cook, Florida State would go on to play in three more consecutive ACC Title games, and make the CFBHC playoffs in both 2014 and 2015. Michigan: Like Penn State, Michigan would struggle in their second year after an injury to Rob LeCount. They didn’t bounce back as strong as Penn State, as they would not make the playoffs until the 2017 season and they wouldn’t make a conference championship appearance until 2018. Louisiana State: After TheUgly rode off into the sunset after his National Championship, the Tigers faced some lean times. They wouldn’t win ten games in a season until the 2019 season, and it took until 2020 for them to make a reappearance in the playoffs. The Heisman Race The Contenders: QB Allan Taylor, Virginia Tech, 67 points QB Christian Skaggs, Florida State, 53 QB Onterrio Smith, Miami, 51 QB Jason Johnson, UCLA 45 RB Sterling Brown, Texas, 45 RB Chester Henson, USC, 38 QB Aaron Devereaux, LSU, 24 The Heisman Memorial Trophy is awarded to the Most Outstanding Player in College Football. In the history of CFBHC, an offensive player has won it every season and a Quarterback has won it all but one year. In the 2013 season, four of the six top vote getters were QBs. The top three vote getters, led by Virginia Tech’s Allan Taylor, all played in the ACC. Christian Skaggs and Aaron Devereaux would later end up meeting in the CFBHC Playoffs, with Devereaux’s LSU Tigers stonewalling the Skaggs led Seminoles. Taylor, Skaggs, Smith, and Henson would move on to the NFLHC the next season but even without them, neither Devereaux or Brown would make a reappearance as Heisman Finalists the next season. Allan Taylor: If you were to look just at Taylor’s passing numbers, you wouldn’t be unimpressed, but you would wonder how he won the Heisman. He passed for just over 1800 yards, with an impressive fourteen to two touchdown to interception ratio. However, these passing numbers paled in comparison to Christian Skaggs’ numbers in this season. Naturally, the passing game doesn’t tell the story of either Taylor’s season, or this somewhat bizarre Heisman race. Allan Taylor finished with over 1500 rushing yards and nineteen touchdowns on the ground. In eleven games (recorded on the wiki), that gave him a yards per game average of 137 yards. Though this wasn’t the most impressive rushing total among the Heisman candidate Quarterbacks, it was still enough to push him over the top of the race. The ACC was tough this season, and Allan Taylor performed well against pretty much all of his opponents. One of his best moments came in an overtime loss to Penn State, where he ran the ball in from twenty yards out to give VT a temporary seven point lead. While a Bradie Sapp fumble spoiled a chance for the Hokies to keep the game alive, Allan Taylor was phenomenal in the week 14 game, rushing for 205 yards and three touchdowns. Christian Skaggs: Skaggs had a 34 to 1 touchdown to interception ratio. Let’s read that back. For every one interception Christian Skaggs threw in 2013, he also threw thirty four touchdowns. Surprisingly, even with those numbers he failed to win the Heisman. In 2013, Skaggs had two games where he threw for five touchdowns, and threw multiple touchdown passes in ten out of the fourteen games he played that year. Florida State had a balanced attack with Skaggs and running back Tony Peaks leading the attack. This helped Skaggs and the Seminoles survive subpar games by the Quarterback, which were rare occurrences, but may have had a factor in Skaggs not winning the Heisman. It is possible that Skaggs peaked too early in this season. He came out the gates strong with his back to back five touchdown performances, and while he had good showings to end the year, nothing was as spectacular as his start and some more mediocre games in the second half of hte season were burned in the minds of Heisman voters when it came time to cast ballots. Skaggs had multiple games that could be considered Heisman moments. His opening season salvo against Syracuse and Hawaii where he combined for 879 yards and ten touchdowns in the two games certainly qualify. Florida State didn’t play top tier opponents in the second half of the season after their loss to Virginia Tech in week seven, with none of their opponents posting a .500 record or better in that stretch. Late season performances have an outsized impact on the Heisman race, and playing low leverage games for that time can damage chances to win. The best opponent they faced before the playoffs started after the VT game was Miami in the ACC Championship Game. Skaggs was solid in this game, completing around 71% of his passes for 232 yards and two touchdowns in a win to put the Seminoles in the playoffs. Though this could qualify as a Heisman moment, it proved not to be enough. Onterrio Smith: Though Onterrio Smith later went on to make a controversial Pro Bowl appearance, he was the least successful of all of the Heisman candidates at the pro level. However, he was one of the first true CFBHC legends and his 2013 season was both bizarre and incredible. This was the year of incredible rushing performances by QBs, led by the two Heisman candidates Taylor and Smith. Onterrio Smith was spectacular in 2013, with over 2600 passing yards and 1800 rushing yards for a Miami team that came one game away from making the playoffs. Like Taylor, he was incredibly efficient in the air and deadly on the ground. Like Skaggs, Smith made an immediate splash against a Hawaii team that was prone to having big games against them. He threw for over three hundred yards with three touchdowns, and added three hundred more yards on the ground with five additional touchdowns. That was easily his best game of the season, though comparing the rest of his outings to this one would be irresponsible. Smith’s Heisman hopes were hampered by his late season run where he wasn’t able to continue his strong early season play. In his first eight games, Smith averaged around 244 passing yards and 161 rushing yards per game, with 32 total touchdowns and one interception. In his last six games, he averaged 148 yards passing and 91 rushing yards, with 12 total touchdowns, a steep drop from his early season numbers. Jason Johnson: The future Two Time Super Bowl winner Jason Johnson had the most eyepopping passing stats of the year. He led the nation in both passing yards, with 4392, and tied for the most passing touchdowns with 45. He started off the season with a bang. In a loss to Oklahoma and a win against Wake Forest, Johnson passed for a combined 1024 yards and 14 touchdowns against only one total interception. While Johnson threw more interceptions than other top QBs, he also dropped back far more than any of the other Heisman finalists. His Heisman hopes were likely dampened by a trio of bad games against Arkansas, USC, and Washington. In all three of those games he ended up with less than 200 yards passing and finished underwater in TD to Interception ratio. Including his opening stretch of games against Oklahoma and UCLA, Johnson would have eight total games where he threw for more than three touchdowns, and seven games above 300 yards. In a lot of other years he would have been the front runner for the Heisman, but he’s been more than rewarded on the pro level with two Super Bowls to his name, the only QB on this list who has been the starting QB on a Super Bowl team. Sterling Brown: The standout Texas running back was only a sophomore in his Heisman finalist campaign. He finished the season with the third most rushing yards and tied for the second most rushing touchdowns of 2013. Brown was the driving force of a Longhorn team which dominated the Big 12 on route to a conference championship. He started off his season slower than some of the other Heisman candidates, though it was still a strong performance as his team started off 0-3. Relativity is the key word, as Brown averaged over one hundred yards on the ground in the first two games, which is impressive but not as impressive as some of the other names on this list. He finally exploded in a loss to Nebraska, when he rushed for 243 yards and three touchdowns in a three point loss to the Cornhuskers. He followed that performance by going on a strong run of games where he averaged almost 177 yards per game from week three to week nine. Brown capped off his strong season with a three touchdown, 209 rushing yards game in the conference championship game against UCF. Ultimately his chances for the Heisman were hampered by a couple things. Running backs struggle to win the Heisman. Only one running back has ever won the award. The Big 12 was also weaker overall than the ACC or SEC and his numbers against some of his conference opponents flucuated too much for him to win the award. Chester Henson: The future Minnesota Vikings star from USC had a good year in the PAC 12. He was the main man in the Trojan attack that season, rushing for over 1600 yards and 25 touchdowns. Like Allan Taylor’s Virginia Tech team, USC missed out on the Big 12 Championship Game after a midseason conference loss to eventual conference champion UCLA in an up and down game for Henson. While Henson rushed for 130 yards in the contest, he needed 33 carries to do so, and lost a fumble in this contest. The high water game for Henson this year was against Central Florida, when he rushed for an absurd 301 yards on only 23 carries in the blowout performance in week three. Henson topped the two hundred yard mark one more time in the season, but his up and down performances led him to have five games with less than eighty yards rushing compared to eight games with over one hundred. It would have been hard for Henson to win the Heisman Trophy in any situation this year. His numbers were good, but not an outlier in the season and as a running back, his chances of winning were low anyways. Aaron Devereaux: The eventual National Champion Quarterback is probably the strangest name on this list. It isn’t rare for the star QB on the best team in college to have outsized credit given to them, but the freshman QB wasn’t all that remarkable in 2013. He only passed for more than 200 yards five times all season and had the worst game of any of the Heisman finalists, in a 7-3 win over Washington State, where he completed only 11 of 50 passes for 78 yards. Devereaux had some high water games, particularly in the two game stretch against Rice and Vanderbuilt, where he averaged over 400 yards and threw for ten touchdowns, but too often he wasn’t able to show those kinds of flashes. He finished outside of the top 10 in passing yards, was tied for tenth in touchdowns, and was far down on the leaderboard for Passer Rating and completion percentage. He did play well, especially for a freshman, and would go on to have an excellent college career. However, with the dud against Washington State and a handful of other forgettable appearances in 2013, it is surprising that Devereaux ended up as a Heisman finalist this year. Other players in the future like Tanner Bowman, have been the star QB on the nations best team and made it as a finalist, but he turned in a much more Heisman worthy season than the Tigers QB. Season Trends Rushing QBs: The high water marks for rushing Quarterbacks came in this season, as both Allan Taylor and Onterrio Smith rushed for over 1500 yards and combined for 45 touchdowns on the ground. No Dynasties Allowed: While Florida State would go on to have four consecutive appearances in the ACC Title game, all the other divisions in college football would have different contenders for the conference crown in 2014. Some teams were strong in both 2013 and 2014, as USC and Washington would go from losing the tiebreak to play in the PAC 12 Championship in 2013, to playing for it the next year. Florida State was the only team to make the playoffs in both 2013 and 2014, as they would lose in the title game to Alabama in the second CFBHC season. Goodbye to theUgly: The first national championship coach was not long for CFBHC, as theUgly stepped down soon after defeating Michigan in the title game. LSU would not make another playoff appearance for a few years and would struggle to make it back to the top of the SEC after his retirement. QBs Dominating the Heisman: Running backs always find their names peppered in the Heisman finalist list. The 2018 season is still the only season that a running back has won the Heisman trophy. Several other players, like Texas Tech star Solomon McLaughlin have come close, but the trophy has been dominated by the QB position. 2013 CFBHC Season Project (3).pdf
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    2014 CFBHC Season The First Expansion The 2014 season marked the first expansion in CFBHC. 28 new teams were added in the FBS division, which added in the American Athletic Conference and three new Independent teams. New legends were born in this season, many who were overshadowed by the stars of 2013. Only one team from 2013 made a repeat in a conference championship game, or in the playoffs as a whole. There were no repeat Heisman finalists, even with a handful of players returning. The season kicked off with a matchup between the North Carolina Tar Heels, led by “Touchdown Jesus” AJ Jefferson and the Pittsburgh Panthers led by James Dale. It concluded months later with an Alabama Crimson Tide win over Florida State in the National Title Game. This episode of the BOFA Ten Year project will highlight the teams and stars of the season, and all the other events that made this season special. The CFBHC Playoffs CFBHC Playoffs Round 1: The Orange Bowl Game: #1 Boise State Broncos vs #4 Florida State Seminoles Result: Florida State win 27-26 Star Players: Boise State: QB Brian Brown (Dolphins) WR Rashad Simon (Lions) DT Shawn Bowers (Retired) ILB Erik Rogers (Retired) SS Walter Valdez (Retired) Florida State: QB Thomas Wheeler (Titans) RB Mike Latta (Panthers) WR Rex Walsh (Lions) CB Jim Milloy (Retired) ILB Timmy Flanigan (Retired) Coaches: Boise State: Kah32 Florida State: Weis Season Summary: Boise State: Boise State was one team that moved conferences in 2014. After a 9-4 season playing in the Big 12, they moved to a more favorable AAC conference the next year which had only four bowl eligible teams in it. The Broncos cruised through the season, with their 21-17 victory over defending champ LSU being a one possession contest. Though LSU wasn’t as highly ranked as they were the previous season, they were only four teams Boise State played that finished the season over .500. Quarterback Brian Brown, who would go on to win the Heisman, had had an excellent 2013, but he emerged into a star in 2014 as Boise State would rise from preseason number twelve to the number one team in the country. Boise State’s blitz through the conference was unstoppable. They averaged 47.5 points per game, while allowing only 11.75 points per game in conference, including two shutouts. They had players rank in the top 15 in pass yards, rushing yards, receiving yards, and defensive interceptions. The schedule they faced wasn’t daunting, but with an undefeated season, they became the first non Power Five team to make the CFBHC Playoffs. The Broncos ended up having two players picked in the 2015 NFLHC draft, including future three time MVP Brian Brown. Ten more players on the active roster from this team ended up being drafted, for a total of twelve players who ended up being selected in an NFLHC draft. Florida State: The Seminoles were the only team who made the 2013 CFBHC playoffs, to play in the playoffs the second year. They had some new faces leading their team this year, after the departures of Christian Skaggs, Tony Peaks, Ken Peelle, and Tony Ross. However, this team reloaded quickly. New starters on the team, such as Thomas Wheeler and Akili Wallace, along with the returning talent on the team, led Florida State to a perfect conference season and one total loss in the regular season. The ACC wasn’t as daunting in 2014 as it was the previous season. Florida State was the only true playoff contender as the season wound down, but though there weren’t any top tier contenders for their spot in the ACC Championship game, the conference did feature nine total teams that would go on to play in a bowl game. Florida State kicked off the second season of ACC play with a win against Boston College, who would go on to finish second in the Atlantic Division. A brief three game winning streak was snapped against Mississippi State, in a shocking three point win for the Bulldogs. Florida State quickly rebounded, lodging nine consecutive wins leading up to the first playoff matchup, which helped them to seal their place in the ACC Championship game en route to the playoffs. The Seminoles had some close contests this year, including a sloppy double overtime win against rival Florida. Despite struggles against these unranked opponents, Florida State managed to keep piling up the wins. They faced the University of North Carolina, led by Heisman contender A.J. Jefferson, in the ACC Championship game. The number fourteen Tarheels put up a good fight up until the fourth quarter started, when Akili Wallace scored two rushing touchdowns to put the game out of reach. Florida State came into this game as the number four team in the country, and before the game there was some anxiety over what would happen if FSU won, and #5 Wisconsin defeated #9 Ohio State. However, with the Ohio State win over Wisconsin in the Big 10 Championship game, the Seminoles went to their second consecutive CFBHC playoffs. From this Florida State team, seven players were picked in the 2015 draft, and fifteen others were picked in future drafts for a total of twenty two players from this Seminoles team who were selected in the NFLHC Draft. Matchup Summary: Both of these teams ran through a mediocre conference schedule, with neither of them dropping a game in conference. Florida State had their surprising loss to Mississippi State balanced out by an impressive win over a ten win Oklahoma team that barely missed out on the Big 12 Championship Game. While the Seminoles didn’t put up as prolific numbers as their future opponents, the level of competition than Florida State played was a big factor in that. Both teams had strong backfields, and defenses that had played well. Florida State had a marked advantage in depth, experience, and overall talent, especially on the defensive side of the ball. However, there was one big problem for Boise State. Brian Brown. Brian Brown had been dinged up a few times this season, leaving the less talented and less experienced Steve Bowers having to step up. In a week thirteen showdown against an overmatched Illinois team, the death blow was struck. After a magnificent first half from Brown, he suffered a leg injury. Immediately this injury looked like a season ending injury. These fears were confirmed shortly after the game ended, and Brian Brown’s season was over. Though the Broncos handled Central Florida in their next matchup, hopes for a playoff run seemed all but extinguised. Game Summary: With Steve Bowers at the helm instead of Brian Brown for Boise State, this game seemed like it should have been an easy win for the Seminoles. Boise State however had other ideas. The first score of the game didn’t come from Thomas Wheeler or Akili Wallace of Florida State, but instead, scoring was opened up by a Walter Valdez pick six less than thirty seconds into the game, immediately putting the Seminoles on their back feet. No scoring would occur for either team, until Boise State kicker Paul Compton nailed a 37 yard field goal to extend the lead to ten, and giving the momentum all to Boise State going into the second quarter. The Seminoles struck back early in the second quarter as Wheeler found Tight End Ben Thomas for an eight yard touchdown, which was followed by a disastrous missed field goal by Paul Compton about four minutes later. Though it was still early in the game, this field goal miss looked like it could be costly in a game where Boise could afford to make very few mistakes. Compton drilled a 41 yard field goal as time expired in the first half to make it a six point game as the teams went back to the locker room. The second half featured more of an offensive explosion than the first, with Florida State striking first on a Wheeler to Wallace connection, followed by a Dontrell Jackson touchdown run to keep the score at six. Kicker Dennis Scott of Florida State cut the lead to three near the end of the third, with a 45 yard field goal with three and a half minutes left in the third. He doubled up on his scoring with a second field goal, this time a 43 yarder, three minutes into the fourth and suddenly this ball game was tied. Dontrell Jackson, who was poised to be the hero of this contest, found his way into the end zone with 6:41 on the clock to give Boise State the lead. The extra point, however, was blocked by Florida State, which gave the Seminoles a chance to win this game in regulation. This second deflating play with the Boise State special teams unit on the field ended up killing their chances to win this game. On the very next drive for the Seminoles, Wheeler and co. marched down the field, and seldom used fullback, Barrett Goode bruised his way to a two yard score, and with a successful Scott extra point, they took a lead that they wouldn’t give back. Florida State would win this topsy turvey, surprisingly competitive game, 27-26. Thomas Wheeler settled into this game after his early pick six and Dontrell Jackson gave a noble effort trying to spark the Boise State offense. However, this game was decided ultimately by the poor special teams performance by Boise State, which left four points off the board. The Seminoles would go on to play in the National Championship Game, and Boise State was left with a bunch of “what ifs”. The Cotton Bowl: #2 University of Southern California Trojans vs #3 University of Alabama Crimson Tide Result: Alabama win 30-10 Star Players: USC: RB Jerry Rambo (Retired) C Sid Henson (Cowboys) OT Blake Pile (Bengals) DE Barron Anthony (Packers) CB Wayne Hape (Retired) Alabama: RB Bobby Givan (Retired) C John Zatkoff (Broncos) DE Andrew Fazande (Raiders) ILB Tunch Richardson (Chargers) CB Mike Gradishar (Raiders) Coaches: USC: iliveinadreamatorium Alabama: randye Season Summary: USC: USC was a strange team in the 2014 season. They finished the regular season undefeated en route to the playoffs, but the level of competition they faced was suspect. Only one team they played in 2014 finished the season with a winning record. They played five games decided by eight points or less this season, and though they were the two seed in the playoffs, they were likely the least talented team in the playoff field. But wins, no matter how they come and no matter who they are against, still count as wins. When you finish the season with no losses, it helps your case to make the playoffs. USC was well positioned to make the playoffs from the very start of the season. They started out as the number six team in the country, right ahead of the eventual National Champion Alabama, but were quickly put to the test against Nick Hall and Syracuse. They started out well in this game, with a 14-0 lead in the first half, before Syracuse tied the game. USC eventually pulled out a 28-14 win which started their season long win streak. They weren’t dominant by any means throughout the season, winning three games by a field goal, including an overtime win over a mediocre Colorado team. Luck can be a teams best friend in a playoff chase, and luck was on the Trojans side at times. This team was built in the trenches. USC had running back Jerry Rambo, who was a fine player, but after that it is tough to see where the stars were among offensive skill position players. This team was good enough to win games in their schedule which delivered them to the playoffs after an 11 point win against a Shawn Cole led Washington team in the Pac 12 Playoffs. This USC team ended up with four players taken in the 2015 NFLHC draft and 18 others taken later, for a total of 22 players from USC ending up being drafted into NFLHC. Alabama: The Crimson Tide came into the season with high expectations, and as much talent as any team in the nation. They returned running back Bobby Givan and brought in talented new QB Erasmus McCready. The SEC this year was very top heavy, with three teams surpassing the ten win total, one team with nine and a bunch of other teams from the four to seven win total. Alabama kicked off the season with a blowout win against San Diego State, which was the start of an eight game win streak that ended with a loss to the 2013 National Champion LSU Tigers by three points. This was the only loss for the Crimson Tide, who scored impressive victories over Ohio State during the regular season and Georgia in the conference championship game on the way to the playoffs. For all the talent that Alabama had, they had some close calls during the season. They had a couple low scoring close wins over a mediocre Arkansas and a SEC contender in Ole Miss and a third one in the SEC championship game against Georgia. Despite some of their offensive struggles during the season where they only scored thirty points or more in three regular season games, All American’s DE Andrew Fazande and CB Mike Gradishar led them to a dominating defense. The Crimson Tide defense pitched two shutouts, and only two teams managed to score twenty or more points against them. Despite the loss and the close victories, they were seen as a strong contender for the Championship after wins against multiple playoff contenders in Ole Miss, and Ohio State and ten win Georgia. This Alabama team ended up having three players selected in the 2015 NFLHC draft, sixteen others taken in future drafts. Matchup Summary: Alabama had faced a much tougher schedule than USC, but they did have one opponent in common in 2014, that Utah Utes. Both of the teams defeated Utah, but in different ways. Alabama jumped out to a a 31-0 halftime lead before Utah gave them a scare and cut it to ten before the Tide put them away. USC defeated Utah in a three point game in a back and forth contest. Utah was bad this season, and it is surprising in retrospect that the two teams added some gray hairs over this game. Alabama was the more talented team heading into this matchup. They had Fazande and Gradishar as All Americans, while USC had no All Americans and they had definite advantages with a supremely talented defense and a deep Wide Receiving corps. The key matchup to watch for was along the offensive line on both sides. USC didn’t have an NFL caliber player at Wide Receiver but perhaps their strong offensive line would be able to keep USC in the game. On the other side, Alabama had more holes on their offensive line. Not enough that it would seem they were in deep trouble, but the USC defensive line had talent and might have a chance to control this game and keep it low scoring. Game Summary: The first quarter of this game had a flurry of action. USC took an early lead off the boot of Fred Irvin, who kicked a 46 yarder to give USC the first lead of the game. Alabama scored a touchdown on their next possession, on a run by Bobby Givan to take back a lead that would never be relinqushed. Following a Grant Phillips interception near the end of the period, Givan scored again to push the lead to eleven. The second quarter belonged to the defense of Alabama, and the foot of Bama kicker Ryan Levcik. The defense posted a shutout in the second phase of the game, and Levcik nailed a pair of field goals to make the score twenty to three at the end of the half. Levcik scored a hat trick in this game early in the third to extend the lead to twenty early in the period, and USC followed that up with a Nate Craig touchdown pass to give the Trojans some hope. Two special teams failures, a missed kick by each side, closed out the third quarter and kept the game at a thirteen point lead going into the fourth, 23-10. There would be no more opportunities for USC to come back in this game, as Erasmus McCready threw an 18 yard touchdown pass early in the fourth to put the lead back up to twenty and to seal the game. Neither offense was particularly electric in this game, with the teams combining for less than 300 rushing yards and less than 200 rushing yards. After scoring the initial points of the game, USC was never able to get back the lead and was forced to play from behind. Alabama proved to be the better team on this day, and looking back on it, that wasn’t surprising. Alabama would move on to face Florida State in the National Championship Game with a 30-10 victory, hoping to bring a second National Championship to the SEC. The College Football Championship Game: #3 Alabama Crimson Tide vs #4 Florida State Seminoles Result: Crimson Tide Win 27-23 Matchup Summary: These two teams did not meet up in the regular season, but they did have a couple of opponents in common. Both teams handled a mediocre Clemson team, winning by double figures in each of their contests. The Tide and the Seminoles both faced off against another mediocre common opponent in Mississippi State. Alabama routed Mississippi State in a 35-7 victory on the road, but the Seminoles were not so lucky. They dropped their only game of the season against the Bulldogs, as they surprisingly fell at home to them in a three point loss. Florida State came in with a stronger looking offense than the Tide, having scored thirty or more points in nine of their contests in 2014 compared to the Tide’s three. The defense of the Tide looked to be their advantage, with only allowing two opponents to score more than twenty points, compared to Florida State who allowed more than twenty points eight times coming into this game. This game looked like they could meet in the middle of FSU’s 30 point offense and Alabama’s 20 point defense and was set to be a thrilling contest. Florida State had more of a test in their first playoff game, with a one point victory over Boise State, whereas Alabama handled USC fairly easily. Looking back, there wasn’t a clear talent gap as there was in Alabama’s first playoff game, and this game had the potential to go either way. Game Summary: This game was an all time classic football game, but it started off fairly quietly. There was no scoring in the first half of the first quarter, until matching field goals by Alabama’s Ryan Levcik and FSU’s Dennis Scott ended the period at 3-3. The second quarter was a flurry of action. First, Mike Gradishar intercepted Thomas Wheeler and gave Alabama a shot at taking the lead. Levick went ahead to miss a 48 yard field goal which set Florida State up in favorable field position. FSU capitalized soon after with a four yard run by star running back Akili Wallace to give FSU a seven point lead. FSU got a turnover of their own not too much later, which led to a Dennis Scott field goal which pushed the lead to ten for the Seminoles. The quarter closed with a Trevor Reed fumble recovery for Alabama, which set up the Tide for a 40 yard Levcik field goal, which he nailed, to cut the lead back to seven. The second quarter featured three takeaways, and sixteen total points, and Florida State went into the half with a 13-6 lead. The third quarter was not short of any turnovers either. It opened with interceptions by each team, which kept the scoreline the same from the half for the first five minutes of the quarter. Perhaps the most thrilling play of the season came with 10:07 left on the clock, as Mark Baker of Alabama took a punt 74 yards to the house to tie the game back up at 13. No scoring occured in this game, until the end of the third, when Alabama struck again with a 28 yard touchdown run by Bobby Givan to give Alabama the lead back. Florida State struck back early in the fourth, scoring ten unanswered points off of a Dennis Scott field goal and Thomas Wheeler’s only touchdown pass of the game to put the score at 23-20. With 3:31 on the clock, Bama’s Erasmus McCready found Ricky Chambers for a 17 yard touchdown pass to give the Tide the lead back at 27-23. Florida State had one last drive in them. The Seminoles were pushing the ball down the field as the clock was winding down and ended up in a fourth and three situation, only eleven yards away from winning the game. Thomas Wheeler, who had struggled some in this game dropped back to pass with seconds on the clock, possibly needing to get all eleven yards on this play to win the game. His pass was intercepted by Tavian Oliphant with a mere three seconds on the clock, sealing the game for the Crimson Tide. Alabama would kneel the ball to end this game, and win their first national championship 27 to 23 over the Florida State Seminoles. This was an exciting game, which came down to the last seconds of the contest. There were six total turnovers, including the game winner by Oliphant and a punt return touchdown was a huge momentum swing in favor of Alabama. This would be only the first championship for Randye as he later won a second title. Florida State came oh so close to winning this game, but fell just eleven yards short. Future of the Playoff Teams: Boise State: The Broncos would once again have a strong season in 2015, even after the graduation of star QB Brian Brown. They fell short of the playoffs and lost their conference championship game by one point to Houston. They would later lead the formation of the Mountain West Conference where they would never find the same level of success as they did in the American Athletic. USC: The Trojans also made it to back to back conference conference championship games, and like Boise State, they did not win. However they did make the playoffs for a second time in 2015 as the playoffs expanded to 8 teams. In 2016 and 2017 they would finish below .500, before ascending back to the top of the Pac 12 in 2018. They have come back as a premier program in CFBHC under coach Jumbo in recent years. Alabama: The Crimson Tide were still a good team in the 2015 season, though they weren’t title contenders for a second consecutive season. They had a couple up and down seasons the next few years, making the playoffs in 2016, going 3-9 in 2017, and then winning the whole thing again in 2018. Florida State: Florida State would make the playoffs again in 2015, this time falling in the semifinals of an eight team playoff. They would make it to the ACC championship game in 2015 and 2016, winning in 2015, before hitting their slight downturn. They weren’t bad or even mediocre the next few seasons, but they were just below the cut of true playoff contenders. They did end up hitting a true rough stretch recently, but they look to be turning things around. The Heisman Race The Contenders: QB Brian Brown, Boise State, 88 Points OLB Tyrone Jones, LSU, 81 Points QB Thomas Wheeler, Florida State, 70 Points RB James Otero, Kansas, 60 Points QB AJ Jefferson, UNC, 43 Points RB Chad Dess, Virginia, 34 Points RB Travis Diana, UCF, 16 Points The Heisman Memorial Trophy is awarded to the Most Outstanding Player in College Football. In the history of CFBHC, an offensive player has won it every season and a Quarterback has won it all but one year. Tyrone Jones, an Outside Linebacker, came close to winning this award as a defensive player, and three other finalists were non QBs Thomas Wheeler and Brian Brown, whose teams played each other in the CFBHC playoffs (though Brown missed the game), were both in the top three vote getters. No one from the National Championship Alabama Crimson Tide ended up on this list. No one on this list would be a Heisman finalist after this year. Brian Brown: The Boise State Quarterback had a phenomenal season, but that could be said of any player on this list. After all, that’s why they are on this list. Brian Brown was top ten in passing yards, number one in completion percentage, second in TDs with a healthy TD to INT ratio, and first in Passer Rating this year. Brian Brown only played 11 games this season, after missing time with injury, but still his numbers were impressive enough to give him a slight edge over Tyrone Jones. There are a couple games that could qualify as signature performances for Brown, though his level of competition wasn’t high. In week six of the 2014 season, Boise State faced off against a Hawaii team that would go 1-11. Brian Brown helped make sure that his team didn’t overlook this game. He racked up 623 yards passing with an 85% completion percentage, and an eye popping nine touchdown passes which is still the CFBHC record for most touchdowns. While his easy schedule kept the door open for a defensive player in Tyrone Jones, and Thomas Wheeler, his eyepopping numbers against these teams made him look like a future NFL star and the Heisman winner. Tyrone Jones: For a defensive player to compete for the Heisman, he has to have an especially elite season and maybe get some luck. Tyrone Jones had 132 recorded tackles in 2014. That’s a lot. He led college in tackles that season, and while tackle numbers could be a bit inflated early on in CFBHC, it’s still noteworthy. He added 12 sacks, two interceptions, and two safeties to his tally, showing the versatility that led to him being the first player off the board when he was drafted. His two most signature games, may have been in games that he lost in. Against both LSU and Wisconsin, he recorded both two sacks and recorded an interception. Against Auburn, this time in a win, he had 18 tackles and two sacks on top of that in a dominating victory. Thomas Wheeler: Wheeler led his team to the National Championship game with a strong season for the Seminoles. He finished 5th in passing yards, fourth in TDs, third in passer rating, and second in interceptions. The one thing that may have slowed down his Heisman campaign may have his higher interception total as he had nine during the season. However, his turnover total was a bit inflated by his poor performance in the National Championship game where he threw three interceptions. His signature performance may have been in a comeback win against NC State. Down two points midway through the fourth quarter, Wheeler threw a 50 yard touchdown pass to Ben Thomas to steal victory from the Wolfpack. James Otero: The running back from the Jayhawks might be stormstopper’s favorite player he ever coached (besides maybe Paul Gibbs). He led the league in rushing yards in the 2014 season with over 1600 yards, and he led the nation in rushing TDs with 30. He had an insane 6.8 yards per carry as he helped lead Kansas to a Big 12 Championship. Otero had four games with three touchdowns, six other games with two touchdowns, and was never held off the board running the ball. His signature performance may have been in a midseason clash against Oklahoma, who finished second in the division, when he rushed for 174 yards on twenty carries with three of those going for touchdowns. Otero was responsible for all three offensive touchdowns in the 28-14 road upset (Kansas also scored on an Interception return for a TD), and thoroughly dominated the game from start to finish. It is hard for running backs to win the award, and Otero finishing first in voting among all the running backs is an accomplishment, even if he didn’t come out on top in voting. AJ Jefferson: The holder of one of the great CFBHC nicknames of all time, “Touchdown Jesus” incredibly made this list as a true freshman. Jefferson was given a great deal of latitude by his coach, as he threw the ball 642 times, nearly 60 more times than Joshua Andrews of Baylor who was second in pass attempts. He easily led the league in passing yards, with over five thousand yards, and led college football in touchdowns with 45. With all that volume, came some turnovers too. He was second in interceptions in college football with 21, but given the volume, it’s not as shocking as it seems. His signature performance was most likely when he took down the defending Coastal Champs Miami in a low scoring game. It was somewhat of an up and down game for Jefferson, but it really defined his season. He threw the first and last touchdown passes of the game which helped give them the margin of victory, however, he also threw a pick six. All in total, Jefferson threw for over four hundred yards, two touchdowns and an interception in the upset of Miami. Jefferson never quite had a dud this season but his win loss total was sure to have hurt him among the voters. Chad Dess: Chad Dess of Virginia had a very consistent season for the Cavaliers in 2014. He finished the season second in total rush yards, and actually outpaced James Otero in rush yards per game. He rushed for 100 yards in all but one game during the season, but also only surpassed 200 yards once. His signature performance of the season was also against Miami. In a four point win, he rushed for 203 yards and three touchdowns in this game. He broke off a 94 yard run, a 43 yard run, and a 6 yard run to win the game with four minutes left in the contest. Again, running backs seldom have a chance in this Heisman race and ultimately there weren’t enough votes for Dess. Travis Diana: Of all the names on this list, Diana is the least well known. Diana was actually a junior this year, but he never received a snap after this season. He also was the only one of these players who didn’t have an NFLHC career. While his one year was lost to history before this, it deserves some recognition. Diana didn’t really have a chance to win this award. For one, he was a running back, who always face a tough challenge to win this award. He also played for a struggling team, as his team finished the season 5-7. There are a few things that I think could be considered his Heisman moment. He had a strong performance in a win against Stanford in the opening week, and a strong game in a loss to Arizona. To me though, his most impressive performance was in an upset win against ECU, who won their AAC division. Diana dominated early and often in this game, with three rushing touchdowns in the first half, as they gave ECU no chance of winning a game that was decided by halftime. https://cfbhc.herokuapp.com/stats/players/rb-travis-diana-69-178-3.0/ Diana deserves to be remembered more than he has been, and if you want to check out his stats from this season, you should click on that link. Season Trends The First Randye Championship: I don’t know if you can talk about legendary coaches without talking about Randye. He was the first coach to win multiple national championships, and he even did it with his own players both times. While Penn State coach Gravy has also won multiple championships, there is nothing like being first. Expansion: CFBHC expanded a lot after the inaugural season. This continued after this season as CFBHC gained even more new teams and new conferences. Last Year of the Four Team Playoff: These articles are about to get a lot longer. After this year the playoffs expanded, to different amount of teams over the next few years, before finally settling at an eight team playoff. Untitled document.pdf
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    Survey Results and Discussion

    Hey All, As some of you might remember I am working on my PhD and asked for people to fill out a survey last year to help do some research. I used several different ways to analyze this data and will try to break down some of it below. If you want to know more let me know. I am making sweeping conclusions based on the collective results and it may not represent everyone here; however, I would like to hear your thoughts on what you think about it. I apologize if the below is phrased overly "scientific" its largely copied from a draft I am working on. In short, I used network correlation/regression models and exponential random graph models to analyze the patterns in depressive symptoms, social support, and speaking to others online about important life matters. 37 members filled out the entire survey. Members who responded to the survey were on average 24.76 years old. Members reported they spent, on average, 12.57 hours (SD=8.60) on the site per week. To measure depression a standardized scale was used called the PHQ. The average PHQ score was 6.92 (SD=5.86). By using the suggested score of 10 as a cut-point, 13.5% (5 members) of the sample would be listed as depressed or at-risk. Members reported significantly more support from their “in-real-life” network, when compared to the support they reported from their online network. When asked to nominate other members with whom they spoke to about important life matters, members reported an average of 6.11 other members. Using this network I was able to analyze network effects. Depressive symptoms, online support, and IRL support were not spatially autocorrelated. This means that these features were not clumped in certain areas of the network. Members were significantly more likely to reach out and speak to other members about important life matters if they reported more site hours, more depressive symptoms, and less IRL support. When a model was developed to predict depressive symptoms, IRL support decreased the severity of depressive symptoms;however, members who reported more online connections also reported more depressive symptoms on average. The model also showed a significant network effect. A significant network effect means the depressive symptoms present within a someone’s network were significantly associated with the depressive symptoms of that person. Too long; Didnt read summary: Thank you to everyone that did this. I am eternally grateful and this is really cool stuff. I think this site is a very unique place where people can reach out and create connections regardless of IRL. Depression is a very real thing and people shouldn't be hesitant to reach out to formal and informal ways of helping.
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    BOFA Presents: The 10 Year Project

    BOFA Presents: The Ten Year Project There was once a football game played between Virginia Tech and Penn State. It was a 41-24 victory for the Hokies that was halfway through the 4th quarter. If you just look at the scoreline of the game, you'll see some prominent names. Allan Taylor, Alvis Brumm, and Walt Peck all inhabited the rosters of these two teams, and have become staples of NFLHC since entering the league. While the players on the field were quite remarkable, the biggest moment of this game was that there was a game at all. This game marked the first game in CFBHC history. We are now in the tenth season of CFBHC. There have been many changes in football since the VT-PSU matchup. The original FBS division had 53 teams in five separate conferences and no FCS teams. Now, there is an FCS division with 16 teams, and the FBS division has blossomed into a 130 team division, with ten separate conferences. Those players who exhausted their college eligibility or decided to leave school early, have joined the NFLHC which has also grown since it’s inception. The story of CFBHC has many chapters now, and while it is not close to being completed, the tenth anniversary of CFBHC calls for some reflection and storytelling. In this series we will highlight the seasons of CFBHC. Storylines, legends, stories that may have been lost to time as seasons stack up. The CFBHC project will pull from the memories of many coaches and individuals around the league who helped build up the league and are helping to bring it into the future. This will not be the complete story of CFBHC, as there is no way to completely chronicle everything that has gone on. However, the unique perspectives that will be given by coaches in CFBHC and NFLHC will try to honor coaches and seasons of past, and celebrate the monumental 10th season of college football. If you would like to participate in this project, feel free to PM me or just write your own article. We’d love to hear from the perspectives of other members of the site, not just members of BOFA.
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    Floorplan of the first exhibit in the Purdue Boilermakers Hall of Fame which documents the rise of Purdue Boilermakers football in its first decade from 2013 through 2022. WEST LAFAYETTE - The Purdue Athletic Department announced the opening of its first exhibit in the newly opened Purdue Boilermakers Hall of Fame. Purdue has inaugurated former football members into a Hall of Fame each season since 2018; however, their acknowledgement was limited to murals in the stadium. The department stated the plans of the new Hall of Fame will provide a permanent home to honor those players as well as the achievements of all former Purdue Boilermakers. The Hall of Fame will display the 7 bowl trophies, 2021 B1G Championship Trophy, as well as the 2021 National Championship Trophy along with acquired memorabilia. The new exhibit features Champions Rotunda, a large domed room with a painted ceiling depicting scenes from the 2021 season, to document the 2021 National Championship team. The grounds will feature artwork as they expect the building to be used for events beyond exhibits honoring the players. The Hall of Fame has employed a curator, former Purdue Boilermaker inside linebacker Nicholas Marr, to document and acquire memorabilia from the team's past. Marr stated, "its an honor to be trusted as a storyteller for this historic program." Marr said the Hall of Fame plans to announce new exhibits at a later date, as well as new artwork and important memorabilia as it becomes available to the public. Longtime head coach inspiral said, "I feel the Hall of Fame is a great addition to our program. Its a way to connect more with our past and immerse ourselves in Boilermaker football. A perfect example is the inclusion of the importance of the Air Force-Purdue games in the exhibit--one of the most heated series in our early years."
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    [2023] Week 4 - SageBow's Stewings

    Welcome to my first semi-occuring column with the BOFA news organization - SageBow's Stewings. These will be full of musings and ruminations of what I'm thinking so far this season about various topics. Hope you enjoy! MVP - MVP - MVP The race is on for the Most Valuable Player award, and in the driver's seat it has to be Kansas City's QB Ryan Harris. A perfect start to the season for the Chiefs, including wins over Miami and Jacksonville, has the City of Fountain's gushing in awe of their young signal caller. He's been unstoppable, relying on second year local boy WR Daniel Hobbs and veteran TE Spec Davidson with the bulk of his targets. Even rookie speedster WR Ryan Childs has been an early contributor. Still, you wonder how long this streak can last. Week 7 and Week 8 sees the Chiefs traveling north to face the Lions and Packers in back to back weeks. Perennial favorite QB Christian Skaggs is close behind. Though the Panther's record has them at .500, it's been no fault of Skaggs. 1450 yards, 15 touchdowns, and the team has a jaw dropping 129 points for, 3rd in the league. The Panthers see a well needed bye to refresh after a dominating performance against the seemingly hapless Tampa Bay Bucs, but Week 6 has them running into the Detroit Lions. If Skaggs performs against Keyshawn and crew, Ryan Harris needs to watch his back. Speaking of the Lions, good lord. Perhaps the most balanced offense in the league, LeCount has been sharp, throwing 7 TDs to 5 different players and 0 picks. Kenyon Randall leads the league in rushing. CB Keyshawn Thompson and OLB Cameron Jones highlight the best defense in the league, with only 37 points against despite facing fearsome QBs like Aaron Devereaux and Darrell Murphy. This may hurt them in the MVP race, but can anyone really stop this team? It'd be criminal to not list one of the best players in the league despite his position and team's record. DE Carlos Washington has not taken a step back since his Defensive Player of the Year campaign in 2022. Going up against a murderer's row of offensive linemen like OT Brandon Reamon, OT Walter Adair, OT Marcellus Peterson, and OT Ryan Robinson, Washington somehow 5 sacks, 3 TFLs, and 1 FF through 4 weeks. Despite looking disappointing through the first 4 weeks, the Steelers have won and loss their games perfectly matching the SageBow El Formulo Preseason Predictions. I see this team winning their next 5 games. Rookie Starlets A number of rookies have made a great impact for their teams, but QB Marcus Black has shined immediately for the Ravens. His scintillating performance against the Browns in Week 4 highlights his ability to pass and run and he's been simply unstoppable. There are extended concerns about the offensive line in front of him (Baltimore's line is rated 32nd in the NFL) and if Black keeps taking these hits (13 sacks against) how long can he really stay healthy and confident? Ravens have time to sort out around this franchise piece, and so far Black looks to be a long term solution in Baltimore. Meanwhile, 2nd round pick ILB Devin Frazier has quickly become the punishing leader and tone setter for one of the best defenses in the league. The Falcons have the 2nd best defense by points, and Frazier's communication to his teammates and own ability at making the plays has been a big piece of that. It looks like the Falcons picked up a great piece here to go along with Early Davis, Darius Jones, and the timeless David Wilburn. Can't end this section without discussing Viking's first rounder OT Shane McCord. The big mauler out of Georgia has ransacked opposing defensive linemen and is a big reason why the Brian Vardell has only gone down 6 times this season. His best performance was a Week 1 clash against New York Giant DE Khairi Bryant. McCord beat down the elite defensive lineman repeatedly in a huge coming out party for the former Bulldog. The much maligned rookie season for RB Evan Grant seems to have turned a corner as he now averages 4.84 yards per carry and has scored 3 touchdowns this season, much due to the big bruiser on the right side of the Viking's line. Sign of the Times The Dallas Cowboys' leading rusher has 100 yards on the season. Meanwhile, four different receivers have over 100 yards, and QB Graham Burnett is quietly putting together a Pro Bowl level season deep in the heart of Texas. The former Sooner gunslinger is the only surviving starting quarterback of a putrid 2020 class, and has found himself a comfort zone sitting behind the best offensive line in football throwing to weapons like Rodney Montgomery and rookie sensation DeAndre Felder. Can Burnett keep up this start? If he can, the NFCE looks to be in trouble. The Eagles, Redskins, and Giants all allow over 225 passing yards per game. Burnett currently averages 330, and if he can sort out his penchant at turning the ball over, we could be seeing the rise of an elite QB. Put Him in Bubble Wrap Nick Hall's been around long enough that we know his tendencies. Yes, he's a gunslinger, an aircraft carrier of passing destruction to opposing secondaries. Yes, he is Mr. 4th Quarter, and the amount of mental trauma he's given to opposing fans late in the game is basis for a large class-action lawsuit. But we can't keep overlooking the other obvious. He holds on to the ball trying to gamble and make the play, and his offensive line just isn't good enough for that anymore. Hall has been sacked a staggering 62 times over 1 and 1/4 seasons. He's willing his team to win games, but at some point the hits are going to get to him. Football is a violent sport, and Hall is getting tee'd off by the likes of Bronco's DT Frank Williams and Charger's OLB Shane Easley multiple times a year. When you hit the quarterback, you tend to win games, and the record is starting to reflect this through the early going of 2023.
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    [2023] Week #5 - FNF

    Yes my first win here at CFBHC. Feels pretty good. The road to 6-6 and bowl eligibility begins now with Richter and Driver taking the lead
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    Running Back U I am back with another Position U and today, we will be acknowledging the Top 10 programs that have produced the best running backs in CFBHC. While picking the Top 10 programs of QBU, I noticed dominant programs like Missouri , Florida State , and Wisconsin . This was not the case however, when it came to picking the Top 10 programs of RBU. Almost every college football program has had talented running backs and many have had more than one. Some programs like Auburn and Florida State rose above the rest of the competition but, I cannot fail to mention the smaller programs like Western Michigan , which may soon be in the Top 10. Just like last time, I chose my Top 10 programs based on where their running backs were drafted, their stats, individual awards, and the longevity of their NFL career. I was torn between Florida State and Auburn on who to give the number one spot to but, I ultimately went with Auburn because they have the only running back to win a Heisman (Jaz Durant). The 10th and final spot was also tough because I was trying to decide between Florida and LSU . Florida's running backs had better college stats than LSU but, LSU has had running backs that were drafted higher and have had better NFL careers than that of Florida's running backs, so I went with LSU for the final spot. *Heisman Winner ^Doak Walker Award (2x Winner Sterling Brown (Texas) ) Top 10 RB Programs 1. Auburn Notable Running Backs: Rob Blackmon (2010-2013), Lionel Dickinson (2012-2015), Ben Offerdahl (2013-2017), *^Jaz Durant (2015-2018), and Jermaine Lockett (2016-2019) 2. Florida State Notable Running Backs: Tony Peaks (2010-2013), Akili Wallace (2012-2015), ^Mike Latta (2013-2016), and Elijah Harden (2016-2019) 3. UCF Notable Running Backs: Trace Buchanan (2010-2013), Travis Diana (2011-2014), Buzz Etcheverry (2012-2016), and ^DeNorris Jackson (2016-2020) 4. Oklahoma Notable Running Backs: J.J. Hammond (2010-2013), Greg Hadnot (2012-2015), Sean Egloff (2014-2018), and Maurice White (2018-2022) 5. Wisconsin Notable Running Backs: Asante Sowell (2014-2018) and Jamal Trufant (2018-2022) 6. Texas Notable Running Backs: ^^Sterling Brown (2012-2015) and Simeon Wells (2019-2022) 7. Oregon Notable Running Backs: Shawn Anderson (2013-2016) and ^Trevon Yeldon (2018-2021) 8. USC Notable Running Backs: Chester Henson (2011-2013), Jerry Rambo (2013-2015), and Bernard Shook (2018-2021) 9. Notre Dame Notable Running Backs: James Bush (2010-2013), Nick Engelberger (2013-2016), and Kalei Keil (2017-2020) 10. LSU Notable Running Backs: Vaughn Abraham (2011-2013), Ed Latta (2011-2014), Jayden Huff (2017-2020), and Kenyon Randall (2017-2021) Honorable Mention Kansas Virginia Tech Florida Mississippi State Iowa Boise State Purdue SMU Western Michigan Once again let me know what teams should be higher or lower on this list. Also let me know what teams or players I missed entirely.
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    Surprises Atlanta Falcons (2-1) The Falcons released QB AJJ and handed the reigns over 2nd Year QB Donald Culver. Many (myself included) figured Atlanta was in for a down season. But, their defense has been incredibly strong and the running game has carried this team to wins over Green Bay and Philadelphia, and a close win at Miami. The Falcons have played perhaps the toughest opening schedule of any team in the league, and have been very impressive so far. The Falcons are allowing just 174 YPG Passing, no other team is within 25 Yards. Atlanta is also tied for the lead in Defensive Interceptions. They have also held opposing offenses to 5.33 YPA, the best in the league. They seem to be middle of the pack in defending the run. Offensively, RB Akili Wallace is averaging a 7.66 Yards/Carry and RB Bradley Cooley is averaging 4.55 Yards/Carry. This running game is top notch, and has carried it's passing game so far. Culver has been the one blight on this offense. But his most recent game was his best, and if the Falcons can get that out of him more consistently, we're talking about a team that should win the division. I'm going to watch Atlanta very closely for the remainder of the season. San Francisco 49ers (4-0) The 49ers rolled to a Top 5 Pick in the 2023 NFLHC Draft thanks in large part to injuries at QB and bad RB play. This lead to one of the worst offenses we've seen. New GM @randye4 made a ton of moves during the draft and brought in possibly two generational prospects on offense in RB Solomon McLaughlin and TE Garrett Taylor. Solomon has been incredible so far. he has 435 Yards with 4 Touchdowns on 5.3 YPC. He has looked every bit of the part so far. Taylor has been bitten by the injury bug so far, but played very well in their Week 4 game. They have been very stout on defense as well, giving up just 268.25 Yards Per Game. For Reference, they have played Tampa, Houston, Arizona, and Minnesota so far. Not the toughest schedule, but Houston and Minnesota have some intriguing players on offense. QB Todd Lester is playing very well so far, and shouldn't slow down anytime soon. The biggest question I have about this team is how they fare against better competition. The Rams appear to be mostly back, so the West should have 2 good teams this year instead of none. Something else to keep an eye out for is the performance of McLaughlin, is he able to keep up this pace all season long? If so, I think the West is already wrapped up. Kansas City Chiefs (4-0) Kansas City is off to a white hot start for Owner/GM/Coach @Nmize0. QB Ryan Harris is off to an incredible start, passing for 1,298 Yards with 14 Touchdowns to 0 Picks. Holy Hell. he currently leads the league in Passer Rating with 127.03! We can't forget about RB Terrence Rodgers either, he's gotten 366 Yards and 2 Touchdowns on 5.08 YPC. KC has beaten Chicago, Miami, Buffalo, and Jacksonville so far. Miami was my pre-season favorite to win the AFC, Buffalo should contend for a Playoff Spot, and Jax should either win the South or get a Wildcard spot. Chicago is super young, but full of potential. KC looks like the real deal so far. The Chiefs are tied with the Lions for most points scored so far with 130. KC is top half in the league in Yards/Game allowed on Defense, and has created 5 Turnovers in 4 Games, while not turning it over once on offense. The Chiefs are allowing the 5th fewest Yards Per Carry in the ground game on defense, and are just out of the top 10 in YPA allowed through the air. Kansas City is playing out of their minds on offense and are very stout on defense. We'll have to see how they handle the Raiders, but the Chiefs should be the favorite to come out of the West right now. Honorable Mentions Philadelphia Eagles (3-1) Buffalo Bills (3-1) Disappointing Teams Pittsburgh Steelers (1-3) I predicted the Steelers to go 12-4 in the pre-season, and they are making me look bad right now. They've beaten the Giants, but lost to Tennessee, Washington, and Miami. A rough stretch to go through. But, I imagined the Steelers being better at this point in the season. QB Norris Brooksheer has been plain bad. He's completing just under 56% of his passes with 8 Touchdowns and 4 Picks, good for a QB Rating of 82.88. RB Ricky Vega has been pretty good on the ground, getting 150 Yards and 2 TDs on 4.84 YPC. But with just 31 Carries so far on the season, his impact is incredibly limited. RB Chester Henson is clearly done and RB Kalei Keil definitely doesn't have it. DE Carlos Washington is doing what he does best, he's got 5 Sacks and 3 TFL, but he's not getting a ton of help. This defense has forced just 2 Turnovers so far, and allowed 13 Touchdowns. Pittsburgh has given up the 7th Most Yards/Game on Defense and are getting gashed in the passing game. They've been pretty average defending the run, but just can't seem to defend the pass. This team has plenty of time to turn it around, and they play in the worst division in the league. If they can go 6-0 or 5-1 against the North, this team could crawl it's way back to 10-wins. Denver Broncos (1-3) I don't think many expected much out of Denver, but they've looked much worse than anticipated. Their lone win came against the Pats, and have lose to the Lions, Bills, and Colts. The Lions are probably the best team in the league right now, Buffalo is off to a great start, and the Colts are a Division Contender. QB Todd Jennings has not looked like his old self pre-ACL. He's completing just over 55% of his passes, with 5 Touchdowns and 3 Interceptions for a QB Rating of 80.82. RB J.B. Blacknall has looked pretty good in the game, getting 288 Yards with 2 TDs on 4.88 YPC. But he's now in Indianapolis, and in steps...RB Brendan Milton and his 1.67 YPC. The Broncos have a couple receivers I really like in Anthony Swanson, Sean Waller, and Aaron Thibodeaux. But, those guys are young/inexperienced and won't give the Broncos a ton this season. Denver has been pretty average on Defense, they're actually in the top half of fewest Passing Yards Per Game Allowed, which is a huge improvement over where they've been recently. The run defense could use some work, but overall, the defense is in pretty good shape. But, they don't create turnovers and can't get pressure on the QB. They've forced 2 Turnovers, and have only had 3 Sacks on the season. They play bend, don't break defense with an offense that struggles to move the ball. I don't see a path forward for the Broncos this year, it's another lost year. Get your Top-10 Pick (and our 2nd, and our 1st the year after) and rebuild your team. The OL is among the best in the league, so going out and grabbing a new QB is probably a prudent move. New Orleans Saints (1-3) The Saints escaped the Bears in OT, but have lost to Washington, Detroit, and Buffalo. Like with the other three disappointments, they've played a tough schedule. But still, this team has a good QB and some playmakers on Defense. They should not be in this situation. QB Aaron Devereaux has been just ok so far, completing just over 58.5% of his passes for 10 Touchdowns and 4 Picks, a QB Rating of 91.28. Devy is always going to be that type of player, as long as the Saints require him to throw the ball 40+ times a game. It just comes with the territory. Second year RB DeSean Dockery has been...bad. He has 3.11 YPC and just 1 Touchdown so far. WR Mike Miller is still recovering from his devastating injury last season, but seemed to be back to his old self in their last game. WR Sean Jenkins is a stud as always. The Saints are allowing 353.5 Yards Per Game, 241.25 Passing Yards (hey pretty good!) and 112.25 Rushing Yards (oh no). The Saints have the 3rd worst Rush Defense in the league right now, and with a pass heavy offense that typically doesn't convert 3rd Downs very well, that's a bad combination. Unlike Denver, I think the Saints have a path towards competence. First off, their schedule has to get somewhat easier. Second off, Tampa Bay is a complete and utter disaster. Third off, they have a very good QB, that's usually enough to win you a few games. Honorable Mentions Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-4) Cleveland Browns (0-4) Cincinnati Bengals (0-3) Breakout/Surprise Players QB Marcus Black, Baltimore - Marcus Black was the consensus #1 QB all of 2022, but then fell out of favor during the post-season/pre-draft process. He fell to Baltimore in the Mid-Teens, and the Ravens were widely mocked (by yourself included) for the pick. But, Black has been very good so far. He's completed over 64% of his passes for 1,036 Yards with 7 Touchdowns and 2 Picks. His QB Rating is 98.06 (10th in the League). I didn't expect much out of him, or this Ravens offense, this season. The WR Corps is gross and the OL continues to be bad (worst in the league currently), but Black just keeps making it work and the Ravens lead the North at 2-2. QB Ryan Harris, Kansas City - See above section about Kansas City. Harris has been the best QB in the league and has to be on top of the MVP Race right now. RB Jaz Durant, Green Bay - Duran has been very good this season. For most of his career now, Durant has been mostly average. But, he's rushed for 351 Yards with 5 Touchdowns on 4.88 YPC. The Packers are running the ball better than they have in recent memory, and that's clearly due to Durant's play. Green Bay is still one of the top teams in the NFC, and if Durant continues to play as well as he has, look for Green Bay to be the top dog again. WR DeAndre Felder, Dallas - Felder was a "controversial" prospect in that many (including me) didn't see much to him. While many others loved him. He's proven the latter group right so far, catching 26 Passes for 344 Yards and 5 Touchdowns. He's getting about 86 Yards Per Game, and is clearly the top Rookie WR early on. Dallas has taken a radical new approach to football, and DeAndre Felder appears to have a big role in that. CB Devon Braxton, Cleveland - Cleveland is a dumpster fire this year. But, rookie Corner Devon Braxton has made an impact early. He is tied for 2nd in the League with 2 Picks so far. Braxton fell quite hard in the draft (we were at one point looking at him with our 1st), but has been very good so far. Cleveland needs as much help as possible from Braxton. Disappointing Players QB Erik Wegert, NYJ - Wanna take a guess at who has the 2nd Worst QB Rating right now? If you guessed Erik Wegert, you'd be right. He has a 68.47 Rating right now, thanks to his 56.14% Completion, 3 Touchdowns, and 4 Interceptions. Wegert is one of the best QBs in the league, so to see him struggle so hard is a surprise (in a bad way). The Jets receivers aren't great, but they didn't get worse from last season. The Running Game is bad, but that's not new either. So, I really don't understand what's going on with Wegert. I still think the Jets can make a push for the playoffs, but that doesn't happen unless Wegert gets back to himself. QB Taylor Heiden, Tampa Bay - Well, all of Tampa has struggled, so it only makes sense that Heiden does as well. Heiden is completing 54.2% of his passes for 6 Touchdowns and 3 Interceptions for a QB Rating of 79.98. He has done virtually nothing on the ground either. Tampa made a ton of moves in the off-season, and now have the worst WR group in the league. A.J. Edwards is probably their best player right now, and they still have Cotton Lewis for some reason. That's definitely hurt Heiden, but the whole team is playing poorly. We know Heiden is better, and I expect him to normalize a little as we get further into the season. RB Moussa Goode, Baltimore - With Baltimore's QB playing so well, having a good running game could make the Ravens a true contender in the AFC. But, Moussa Goode has played very poorly so far. Yes, the OL is bad, but they've always been bad and Goode has found ways to be good. But, not this season. He's rushed for 237 Yards with 1 Touchdown on 3.76 YPC. The Ravens Offense really needs another dimension to it to challenge the top teams, and Goode has to be that other dimension. WR Tyron Chambers, NYG - Chambers was a big acquisition by the Giants this off-season. They went out and got a young stud WR for their young stud QB to throw to. But, Chambers has been mostly invisible. He has 8 Catches for 88 Yards and 1 Touchdown so far. I know the Giants offense is going to take some time to get better, but I did expect more out of the passing game early. And Chambers has to step up and help out McLean. WR Jarvis Ward, LAC - The 2nd-Year WR in Los Angeles has been plain bad this season. He has 9 Receptions for 103 Yards and 2 Drops. With how much the Chargers pass the ball, I would expect Ward to have an actual impact. But, at just 25 Yards/Game and no Touchdowns so far, Ward has been ineffective at best. The Chargers are 2-2 somehow, and you have to think they'd have a better shot at finishing .500 if their stud WR started playing football.
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    [2023] NFLHC Power Rankings Week 4

    I'm keeping the write-ups short and sweet today, and letting the group titles tell you more about where I'm at with these rankings. Lots of shuffling this week in the mid- to low-tier teams, and yes, I included the TNF win for the Texans over the Colts. Why not? Since it's my birthday, I'd love to hear what YOU think about these rankings, and what you think about everyone's chances and positions moving forward. Comment away, ye lads. On with the show... Remember, if you don't like where you are in the rankings...play better! So Far, Unstoppable 1. Detroit Lions 2. Kansas City Chiefs 3. San Francisco 49ers  Not at all sure how two of these teams are still undefeated (well, I kind of do: SF has played a super-easy schedule so far, and KC caught MIA with some injuries), but I've been very impressed. The Chiefs taking out the Jags last weekend was eye-opening, to say the least. Do I think that San Francisco is ACTUALLY the 3rd best team in the League? No, I do not, but as of today, 4-0 is only wearable by three squads. That counts for something. Right There, Waiting for a Slip-Up 4. Green Bay Packers 5. Miami Dolphins 6. Philadelphia Eagles 7. Tennessee Titans 8. Jacksonville Jaguars Quite honestly, I believe that all of these teams have more "promise" than the Chiefs and Niners, but have somehow slipped, at least once. Green Bay just keeps finding ways to win, and even though the AFC South teams each took a tumble, they'll right the ship and charge hard into the Playoffs. Philadelphia is doing plenty well with a caretaker QB, and Miami is Miami: Brian Brown leading a killer supporting cast. Ho hum, another blowout win. Ho hum. Very Solid, Need to See More 9. Atlanta Falcons 10. Washington Football Club 11. Las Vegas Raiders I have lingering concerns about all of these teams, and almost all of it hinging around QB play. In the case of the Raiders...can their QB actually stay upright long enough to will his team to victory? I'd put the over-under at "most likely yes, dammit." Washington, while still capable of the occasional slip, sure looked good in beating DAL without Sam Hiller-Weeden. Very impressive. Figuring Out How to be REALLY Dangerous 12. Buffalo Bills 13. Houston Texans 14. Dallas Cowboys  Hot Take of the day: I think one of these teams will win a Playoff game. Not exactly sure which one, but each have slowly started to put it together. Long-term success is still along way away, but young QBs learning how to step up and be killers is really fun to watch. HOU needed to step forward to make the AFCS a true bloodbath, but two wins in a row in-division is incredibly exciting. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back 15. Carolina Panthers 16. New York Jets 17. Los Angeles Rams 18. Indianapolis Colts 19. Baltimore Ravens  The title of this bucket is a little misleading. The Ravens are honing in on a winning record, which in the AFC North is down-right shocking. The Rams have been essentially the most mediocre team in the League this season, but it's an improvement from the dreck of 2022. Carolina just can't seem to get out of their own way. Every time the JETS have a nice game, they turn around and puke up the following week. My question: do any of these teams have what it takes to mount a serious Playoff run? Let's Get Real, Playoffs are Unlikely 20. Minnesota Vikings 21. Los Angeles Chargers of San Diego 22. Pittsburgh Steelers  23. New Orleans Saints  All of these teams have real players. And all of them have shown flashes of brilliance this season. But those flashes are increasingly few and far between. Only the Steelers have jumped into this group with a win recently. I think we're staring at 8 win ceilings for each of these squads...and that might be generous. That might be real generous. Let's Get REALLY Real, Consider Rebuilding NOW 24. Denver Broncos 25. New England Patriots 26. Seattle Seahawks 27. Chicago Bears Each of these franchises are going through some sort of rebuild at present, and that's to be expected. Only SEA has been to the Playoffs recently, and each team has the option to look at young QBs in new roles, though some are still not taking that option. What I appreciate about all of these teams is that they KNOW there are a couple of major hurdles in the return to prominence, and all are taking meaningful steps to get there. This is the year of experimentation--or should be--for this group. Let's see who uses this time wisely. Plan A, Plan, B...Yes, We're Looking at Plan C 28. New York Giants  29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30. Cincinnati Bengals 31. Arizona Cardinals  32. Cleveland Browns  Take the write-up from the group above, remove a couple key elements per team, and you have this bottom-feeding group. SOME recognize the need for change. SOME have young QBs/players that need to, and are, receiving quality playing time, SOME are making meaningful steps to improvement. But not all, and not all are hitting each benchmark. The road to rebuilding is long and bumpy...the long and short of it is that these teams just have further to go.
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    [2023] Week 2 C-USA Roundup

    Winners Losers Conference Leaders Standings PFA= Points For Average PAA= Points Against Average Recruiting Rankings: TBD
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    [2023] Week #5 - Saturday Afternoon

    BREAKING NEWS: After nearly 4 weeks of searching, missing person Calvin McKay has been found in Lincoln, Nebraska. "I'm so relieved to have my son back," said Cavin McKay, Calvin's father. "We had scoured the statsheets every day of every week, looking for any sign of him. There was nothing. We'd nearly given up hope." Prior to his disappearance, McKay was a 1,000 yard receiver and widely considered the most talented player on the Nebraska offense. His disappearance was a tragedy which had the whole country talking, asking themselves, "Hey, wait a minute... isn't Nebraska supposed to have a good WR? Where is he? Did he get hurt?" after each of the Husker's first three games. 4.5/4.5 WR Alshon Collier's missing person case was solved as well, although it is rumoured Coach caesari didn't care about that because the dude sucks anyways. More on the story next week.
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    [2023] Week #5 - FNF

    Aye first win for me as well. It's a good feeling. Time to get the season turned around!
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    [2023] Week #5 - FNF

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    The Clorox Bleach Report Presents... The Bleach Report's Week 3 Bottom 10 I'm not in a funny mood, so I'm sorry that this article is less sassy than normal. Maybe read it like its a parody of a parody and you'll get an extra chuckle somewhere. I don't know, whatever. With apologies to everyone who reads it, here is your Bottom 10: 10. The Big 12, Mountain West, and FCS Have not once updated the wiki conference standings this season. It’s really not that hard, but these conferences haven’t even tried. The SEC is also on notice for only updating after Week 1. 9. Miami OH (0-3) When you’re 0-3 after week 3 you make the list. That’s all there is to it. Miami hasn’t looked awful, but hasn’t won a game either. It’s not like you can blame it on bad luck when you have two turnovers and get a kick blocked. 8. Temple (0-2) There weren’t enough 0-3 teams to fill the list, so Temple gets the nod. They’ve really run out of excuses for why they might be competitive this year. They scored that QUALITY LOSS to Miss St early on, but now the Bulldogs have proven they can’t beat any other opponent by more than 4. 7. Texas State (0-3) In 3 Thursday night performances, the Bobcats have lost. This week they got blown the F out by 0-2 UTSA. None of their opponents had a win when they faced the Bobcats, but they all have one now. 6. Troy (0-3) Troy didn’t cross the 50 yard line against Baylor this week. No joke, they completed 1 out of 10 third down attempts and had a total of 139 yards. Honestly not bad for a high school team. 5. The entire state of Alabama Mark your calendars because it’s not often that two of the most talented teams in the country lose on the same day. Technically South Alabama was on a bye, but since they’re already 0-2 it seems safe to assume they would have lost had they suited up. 4. Georgia Tech (0-3) I don’t know why I’m surprised by the Ramblin’ Wreck being a wreck. It’s one of those programs you actually expect to recover, but somehow never does. I honestly just feel bad for them, surrounded by all that talent but losing year after year. 3. Nebraska (0-3) The huskers have not looked good this season. They were on the Preseason Bottom 10 and appear to be here for the long haul. But they had a pulse this week against UCF, ultimately losing by just 4 points. The season would be awful, but at least they’re not... 2. Wisconsin (0-3) Wisconsin also made the Pre-season Bottom 10 this season and has shown nothing to prove their not the worst P5 team in the country. They did score a few points on Maryland, which will look nice on a plaque in their trophy room as their best accomplishment in 2023. 1. UVA Now UVA lost this week, which is embarrassing, but in and of itself not enough to garner a spot on the prestigious Bottom 10...otherwise they’d make it every week amirite? The real problem is the reason they lost - which had remained unknown until a Twitter post this afternoon. During a national shortage of drinking the most embarrassing beverage since Zima, the UVA football team pooled their money and ordered a legitimate pallet of White Claw. Not only is it rude to be so greedy during a national shortage, but to drink something so embarrassing to celebrate a 1 point loss to Illinois is the ultimate in Bottom 10 criteria. Booo, your team is bad and you should feel bad. I have a mood disorder, sorry.
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    [2023] Week #3 - 1 PM

    Well shiver me timbers, Davey Jones put up a 3 TD day with 11 yards of rushing.
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    [2023] Week #3 - TNF

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    Welcome back to the Post-Week #2 edition of Rocketcan's CUSA Power Rankings! GAMES PLAYED TNF Charlotte (0-0) at Texas State (0-1): Charlotte 24-17 Coastal Carolina (0-0) at Old Dominion (0-1): Old Dominion 23-7 FNF Connecticut (1-0) at UAB (0-1): Connecticut 31-24 Louisiana Tech (0-1) at Tulane (0-0): Tulane 24-21 Middle Tennessee (0-0) at Arkansas State (0-0): Arkansas State 28-24 UTEP (0-0) at Eastern Michigan (0-1): Eastern Michigan 26-20 Saturday Morning North Texas (0-0) at Louisville (0-0): Louisville 28-24 Afternoon Texas (0-0) at UTSA (0-1): Texas 35-17 Florida International (0-1) at Illinois (0-0): Illinois 38-7 Evening Navy (1-0) at Rice (1-0): Rice 27-17 Night Marshall (1-0) at Texas Tech (1-0): Texas Tech 20-6 BYE Western Kentucky (0-1) Florida Atlantic (1-0) Southern Miss (0-1) MAJOR TAKEAWAYS Another rough OOC week for the C-USA, posting a 3-8 record overall. More tough competition as C-USA teams went 0-4 against teams in P5 conferences. The 3 wins all were against G5 teams, two from the Sun Belt. Friday night and Saturday morning was also rough for the conference. Both time-slots had every C-USA team lose 1-score games. If any of those games had gone the other way, it could have resulted in a vastly different story than what we have now ("WHICH IS THE C-USA IS DOOMED!!! ABANDON SHIP!!!!") "Wait a second, we still have Rice! It's gonna be ok everybody!" Rice once again saves the C-USA from complete shame, by beating a good Navy squad that received votes in the latest coaches poll. A major test awaits the Owls though, as they travel to Tuscaloosa to take on a Crimson Tide team that is sure to be out for blood after losing to Duke in front of a national audience. (Good luck @Bubada, our prayers are with you!). If Rice DOES beat Bama in their own home, it will move Rice's record against the SEC to 2-0!!! And will surely launch Rice into the conversation of playoff contenders. One last tidbit that should lighten the mood in here: the first conference games begin this coming week! (Florida International at Western Kentucky) That means we have a guarantee that at least one C-USA team WON'T LOSE!!! UPCOMING GAMES (Week 3) TNF Florida Atlantic (1-0) at Northern Illinois (0-1) Texas State (0-2) at UTSA (0-2) FNF Charlotte (1-0) at Wake Forest (0-1) Florida International (0-2) at Western Kentucky (0-1)* Georgia State (1-1) at Middle Tennessee (0-1) UMass (0-1) at Southern Miss (0-1) Saturday Morning Boston College (1-1) at Old Dominion (1-1) Afternoon SMU (1-0) at North Texas (0-1) Evening Rice (2-0) at Alabama (0-1) Night UTEP (0-1) at UNLV (0-2) BYE Marshall (1-1) Louisiana Tech (0-2) UAB (0-2) Thanks for tuning in this week! Be sure to be around next week for the Week 3 edition! Also, if you guys have any suggestions, corrections or criticisms, let me know!
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    [2023] Week #5 - FNF

    Tonight's Vegas South Dakota State Golden Knights Jackrabbits Records and Marks Most Passing Yards in a Game - 294 Isaiah Best (previous record 250 Isaiah Best, 2023 W4 at UNC) Most Combined Yards (Passing/Rushing/Receiving) in a Game - 323 Isaiah Best (previous record 294 Isaiah Best, 2023 W1 at Delaware) Most Receiving Yards in a Game - 112 Francesco Cottrell (previous record 110 Francesco Cottrell, 2023 W4 at UNC) Jackrabbit QB Isaiah Best shows why he's the best not only by defeating Yale in Brookings this evening, but by eluding a mythical Drake defender in the same contest. Most Points Scored in a Game - 27 (Ties Week 5, 2022 vs New Hampshire) Third 100 Yard Rushing Game in School History (1st for Amadou Munnerlyn) First FG Miss of 50+ in School History (Harrison Hacker went 9/9 from 50+ in 2022) Fastest QB to Reach 2 or More Wins in School History (Isaiah Best 4 games, beating Calvin Koehler's 10 games) First Win on Friday Night in School History (previously 0-2 in the time slot) South Dakota State has never lost in Week 5 (2-0 All-Time)
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    Andrew Miller, TUL, 22 of 71 for 119 yards, 0 TD, 8 INT
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    Everyone shittin on my game, and I'm over here like...
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    1. Please list your email address and/or your reddit username at which you can be contacted. jimmypoo02@gmail.com Reddit: Rocksaucesundae 2. Before continuing, please thoroughly read the coaching course and feel free to ask questions. Confirm that you have read the coaching course by writing "Confirmed" below. Confirmed! 3. What team do you want to coach? South Alabama 4. Please select two backup teams (in descending order of preference) in case your first choice is unavailable. San Jose State or Eastern Washington 5. In three or more sentences, tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, what do you do, where are you from, why would you be a good fit here, etc. I hail from Oregon, my favorite school is Wazzu, but for some reason I have an affinity for SJSU. I don't really expect to win a lot of games with them, at least for several years, but I think it will be fun. 6. This site can be as time consuming as you want it to be. Weekly duties can be completed in 30 minutes or less, however interacting with your fellow players throughout the week makes it more enjoyable for most people. Approximately, how much free time do you have during a typical week? 7-8 hours a week 7. Losing games is an inevitable reality on this site, especially when accepting newer teams. Do you believe you can handle losing? Disappointment is expected, however we have had issues with people freaking out, and even leaving the site because of losing. Losing is apart of any game. I am pretty even keel when it comes to life, I don't really see myself getting mad over losing. I also coached SJSU for 1.5 seasons and South Alabama for a season. 8. How did you find out about this site? If recommended by a friend, please post his/her username. I saw an old post on Reddit about this site and game.
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    [2023] Week #3 - Saturday Evening

    even on here, bama losing is 8/10, 10/10 with Rice
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    Pittsburgh, PA - The Pittsburgh Steelers after a slow start to the 2023 season have decided to bring in some new blood. The organization has announced the hiring of @StorMy as the new head scout. While new to the site, StorMy will be brought in to provide some fresh ideas and work directly with head coach @TuscanSota and owner/GM @joedchi. We would like to welcome StorMy aboard and answer any questions at this time.
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    Welcome back to the Post-Week #4 edition of Rocketcan's CUSA Power Rankings! GAMES PLAYED TNF Liberty (0-2) at Charlotte (2-0): Charlotte 34-17 Louisiana-Lafayette (1-1) at Louisiana Tech (0-2): Louisiana-Lafayette 24-17 FNF UAB (0-2) at East Carolina (1-1): East Carolina 27-24 Middle Tennessee (0-2) at Marshall (1-1): Marshall 24-13 Colorado State (2-0) at North Texas (0-2): North Texas 41-28 Southern Miss (1-1) at UTEP (1-1): Southern Miss 38-20 Saturday Morning Arizona (1-1) at Florida Atlantic (1-1): Arizona 17-9 Afternoon Louisville (2-0) at Western Kentucky (0-2): Louisville 35-3 Evening None Night None BYE Florida International (1-2) Old Dominion (1-2) Rice (3-0) UTSA (1-2) MAJOR TAKEAWAYS A couple division games with Marshall coming out on top over MTSU at home and Southern Miss going on the road to UTEP and heading home with a victory. North Texas took an unbeaten Colorado State behind the damn woodshed. They dropped 41 points on them at home. FAU lost a very close game against Arizona at home. This was unfortunate, because coming out with a win would have made some serious noise. I am finally giving Charlotte some love, but I am still wary about their schedule so far. But wins are wins. By the way, Rice's win over Bama puts their record against the SEC to 2-0 and pushed them into the roster of ranked teams at #22. Big win, congrats @Bubada. UPCOMING GAMES (Week 5) TNF Old Dominion (1-2) at Florida Atlantic (1-2) Southern Miss (2-1) at Louisiana-Monroe (1-2) FNF Louisiana Tech (0-3) at Florida International (1-2) Western Kentucky (0-3) at Liberty (0-3) UTSA (1-2) at UAB (0-3) Saturday Morning Rice (3-0) at Marshall (2-1) Afternoon None Evening None Night None BYE Charlotte (3-0) Middle Tennessee (0-3) North Texas (1-2) UTEP (1-2) Thanks for tuning in this week! Be sure to be around next week for the Week 5 edition! Also, if you guys have any suggestions, corrections or criticisms, let me know!
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    [2023] Week 4 Coaches Poll

    I didn't even vote for myself. I think the win discredited Ohio State more than it means VT is good. A defensive struggle in windy conditions should not definitively lock in the winner as 'better'. Also, most of the other turmoil in the thread is definitely my fault. I changed my methodology to value MoV more, this means UCLA, Texas Tech, and Washington State, for example, got some large bumps. It should settle down more as the season progresses. I think prior to this week I was unfairly giving some teams the nod for MoV, but not others. VT was the only team on my list with a negative MoV, for the official record. Unrelated rant, I still don't understand why the other pollsters think TCU is good.
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    Akron - 1:01 Ball State - 5:43 Bowling Green - 10:51 Buffalo - 15:31 Central Michigan - 20:49 Eastern Michigan - 25:47 Kent State - 29:45 Miami (OH) - 33:18 Northern Illinois - 37:03 Ohio - 41:43 Toledo - 46:05 Western Michigan - 50:35
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    Atlantic Coast Conference Quarterly Report Quarter 1 Conference Standings Notable Stat Leaders Awards and Accolades Offensive Player of the Quarter QB Bryce Thompson, Duke Blue Devils 51/69 (73.91%) for 838 yards, 8 TD, 0 INT; 22 carries for 170 yards (7.73 YPC), 4 TD Defensive Player of the Quarter CB Trevor McKinney, Virginia Tech 4 tackles, 2 INTs, 2 PDs, 1 TD Special Teams Player of the Quarter KR Caleb Stuckey, North Carolina 108 punt return yards, 1 punt return touchdown, 157 kick return yards Offensive Freshman of the Quarter RB Demarion Moore, Clemson 70 carries for 513 yards (7.33 YPC), 7 TD, 1 FUM Defensive Freshman of the Quarter OLB Lawrence Echols, Clemson 7 tackles, 3 TFLs, 3.0 sacks Three Biggest Surprises True Freshman Running Backs The ACC has featured four true freshman running backs so far this season (Miami's Javorius Monroe is a redshirt), and all have made a notable impact in some way or another. The most obvious example comes in the form of Demarion Moore, Clemson's quick and furious running back. After usurping incumbent Josiah Brock in the spring, Moore has gone on a tear in non-conference play, racking up 513 yards and 7 touchdowns while becoming the main focus of the Tiger offense. Takoda Sheldon of NC State doesn't have the explosive nature of Moore, but he's filled in nicely for the graduating Keith Harley thus far, rushing for 256 yards and finding the endzone on five separate occasions while proving to not carry the butterfinger trait that plagued his predecessor. Franklin Bell (BC) and Mario Stewart III (LVL) haven't yet exploded on to the scene, but the former is adjusting to BC's pass-oriented offense while the latter has done what has been asked of him in the Cardinals' air raid system. Virginia Tech's Season-Saving Defense Crushing loss to Oklahoma, the current #1 team in the country, aside, Virginia Tech have made the most of a more brutal out-of-conference schedule. Few fancied their chances against a West Virginia team revitalizing their program or an Ohio State team expecting to challenge for the Big Ten Conference Title, but the Hokies were able to KO-punch both by means of a very stingy defense. In those two win, the Hokies forced three turnovers - two being McKinney interceptions with the one against WVU being the deciding factor as it was returned to the house - gave up 182 passing yards on average, sacked the opposing quarterback four times, and gave up a total of 33 points, most notably a solid 9 from the Buckeyes. The offense hasn't done the Hokies many favors, but how much will that matter if the defense is able to keep them in games? A bleaker outlook at the start of the season should be adjusted to expect at least a bowl game from VT. The 'Noles Have Their Offense It's been a rather difficult road for Florida State since the departures of Benjamin Schuler and Luke Cobb, but sticking to QB-RB tandem of Brett England and Noah Wooten is finally paying dividends for a Seminole team looking to upend Clemson and return to their throne atop the conference. England has shown impressive efficiency in the early stages of the season, completing 70.27% of his passes and throwing for 732 yards with 5 touchdowns and zero turnovers. Wooten has 60 carries for 284 yards with 4 touchdowns of his own while failing to cough up the ball to the other team (he has put one on the floor however). The development of receiving weapons Mateo Gates and A.K. Schwab as well as the emergence of Marshall Egan and the consistent presence of tight end Wyatt Cornett provides the Seminoles with an entire arsenal of options in the passing game, and England has used them all magnificently as each have over 130 yards on the season with at least one score apiece. They appear to be Clemson's closest challenger, so can the offense keep up their pace? Three Biggest Disappointments A Steeper Drop-Off Than Expected 2023 was always going to be a rough year for Georgia Tech, with the departures of longtime quarterback Josh Beckett and his favorite target Anthony Swanson coupled with what's been described as a massive failure on the recruiting trail setting up the Yellow Jackets for a few rough years of transitioning. Freshman quarterback Jacob Ramsey has shown his rookie woes, throwing three interceptions and owning a sub-55% completion percentage. Top receiver Gabriel Sewell is tied with two others for the most drops in the conference and has only one touchdown to his name. The running game has long been a mark against the Yellow Jackets, and that remains as true as ever with Jonah Crawley taking snaps. The defense has been beyond atrocious, allowing opposing QBs to complete over 70% of their passes while giving up over 150 yards per game on the ground. Nothing about their first quarter to the season has been pretty, and with road trips to Pittsburgh and Virginia Tech fast approaching, it appears that it's only going to get worse. Their trip to DeKalb to play Northern Illinois in Week 5 might well be their only victory of the season, although trips to Syracuse and North Carolina give a little bit of hope. A Soldier Gone MIA For the past three years, the most consistent part of Virginia's defense has always been Soldier Brooks, the Cavaliers' marshal and bonafide leader. While the Cavaliers have rocketed off to a 2-1 start (a start that could well be 3-0 had the leg of Simon Morton worked against a challenging Illinois team), they've done it mostly in no part to the senior linebacker. A sole statsheet appearance against West Virginia is all Brooks has to his name so far, with his only impact in that tight victory being half a sack and six tackles. It hasn't really hurt Virginia so far, but arguably THE most heralded defensive player in this draft class has to find his groove again if the Cavaliers are truly to challenge Duke for the Coastal title. A Year Away....Again It's been hard to gauge the Hurricanes thus far. An opening loss to rivals Florida shouldn't be as damning as it's shown to be. An escape against a talented UCF team shouldn't be seen as shocking. Getting so close to knocking off Missouri shouldn't be a disappointment. So why are things this way? Because The U is supposed to be back this year, not next year. Sure, the 'Canes scheduled a bit too tough out-of-conference (praise Bowling Green although it's late in the season), but the bar was set high for this team - this is supposed to be the year they take the Coastal mantle from Duke and return to Charlotte for the first time since the Brett Fisher era. Logan Wilson hasn't looked awful but he's looked like a freshman quarterback, moreso than fellow freshman dual-threat Luca Maguire of NC State. Javorius Monroe had an extra year to learn the playbook but looks worse than the other freshman running backs so far. Mario Roberson appears to be the only real receiving threat. They've struggled quite a bit defending the run, which bodes horribly ill given the rushing threats at Duke and Virginia. There's still time to right the ship but until they can prove that, The U is not back. Three Games to Watch, Quarter 2 Miami (FL) at Pittsburgh, Week 5 I just mentioned that the Hurricanes have time to right the ship. That starts this week in a hostile environment against a tough division foe in Pittsburgh. The Panthers have struggled against a tough non-conference schedule, taking a heavy loss to Tennessee while coming just shy of the upset against Penn State. Pittsburgh have issues of their own, but one that isn't really talked about is the lack of production from sophomore running back Brayden Pepper (38 carries for 113 yards, 2 TDs). Miami's porous rush defense might prove to be what Pepper needs to jump-start his season, whereas Miami's stout pass defense is well-prepared for Messiah Winston and his dangerous wide-outs. This game is pivotal for both teams as they try to assert themselves as true challengers to the Blue Devils. Virginia at Duke, Week 6 Speaking of challengers to the Blue Devils, the Cavaliers - currently regarded as Duke's nearest threat - get their shot at the two-time defending Coastal champs in Week 6. Solder Brooks has a prime example to show up and put an end to Duke's insane rushing game, as both Christian Collins (126.67 YPG) and Bryce Thompson (56.67 YPG) have kept the pedal to the medal since that defensive bout against Alabama. The Cavaliers only give up 70.67 rushing yards per game, so something's going to give come that time in Durham. On the flip side of the coin, Virginia's offense looks to take advantage against a recently rattled Blue Devil defense, although they're going to need more from Mike Lucas (or does Coach Beeznik make the change to the highly touted Jeremy Ellington?). The winner of this game is in prime control of the Coastal, and a Virginia win could very well lead to a changing of the guard at the end of the season. Virginia at Clemson, Week 8 Perhaps that changing of the guard might have to wait, however. If Virginia were to beat Duke, they'd have a significantly less margin for error as they visit Death Valley just two weeks after their divisional showdown. If Duke's rushing attack is insane, Demarion Moore is just straight up loco. Perhaps more importantly, however, is just how multi-dimensional this Clemson offense has shown to be, albeit against weaker opposition. Theo Chamberlain has been superb out wide thus far while Andrew Harrison has been the favorite target inside the red zone. Virginia has the kind of secondary that can slow down Clemson's pass attack, but will they be able to contain both Moore and the receivers? Will their offense, which has mostly struggled in the air, be able to keep up with the Tigers if the defense can't hold serve? Duke may be the most important game on Virginia's schedule but Clemson is certainly a team the Cavs want to punch in the jaw.
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    Davie, FL - The score was 20-13 as the Dolphins entered Patriot territory with a chance to score a game-clinching touchdown during their visit to Gillette stadium. As he has done many times in his career D.J. Gibson noticed something in the Patriots coverage and brought it up in the huddle, "Davenport is cheating down every time, hit me on the slant he's gonna be out of position." Brown broke the huddle, sent Jermaine Jennings in motion, snapped the ball and exactly as D.J had predicted Davenport was out of position and Brown hit him in stride for the touchdown. The score not only put the game out of reach for New England, it gave the Dolphins tight end his 46th career touchdown with the franchise, and put him in sole possession of 1st place over former wideout Greg Cobb. Those who have been around the Dolphins a while know that outside of the size and athleticism that make Gibson special he has an incredible football IQ and knows exactly where to find those soft spots in the coverage. The chemistry that has developed between Brown and Gibson has led to a lot of success on the field. There were questions around the league when former head man Soluna traded franchise cornerstone Derek Harrison prior to the 2018 NFLHC draft. Those questions were quickly answered when the Dolphins took the big tight end out of North Carolina. Gibson found immediate success in the league posting a respectable 661 yards and 8 touchdowns during his rookie season. His sophomore campaign would bring similar results with 668 yards and 7 touchdowns on a team full of weapons. However, the 2020 NFLHC season is when it would all come together and Gibson would have arguably the greatest season in league history from the tight end position. Gibson would pace the team with 87 receptions, 1,217 yards, and a league leading 15 touchdown receptions. The 2020 season is the only time in NFLHC history that a tight end has lead the league in touchdown grabs and Gibson stamped his mark on history that season. As sure-handed as they come Gibson has only four recorded drops in his career and has provided the ultimate security blanket for MVP Brian Brown. "I've been lucky that Brian and I always seem to be on the same page, I love it here in Miami and it's cool to be able to hold the touchdown record. I'm ready to get many more and drive us to another Super Bowl win." The time for celebration is short as the Dolphins will welcome their bitter rival the New York Jets to town this Sunday in an highly anticipated game. Look for D.J. to continue to be Mr. Reliable as the Dolphins push through in an effort to bring another Super Bowl trophy to Miami. Dolphins' Players with more than 10 Touchdown receptions for the team. Player Receptions Yards TD D.J. Gibson 286 3985 46 Greg Cobb 352 4972 45 Rodney Montgomery 383 5717 35 Derek Harrison 154 2032 28 J.C. Weldon 194 2713 25 Riddick Smith 118 1836 16 Marcus Barry 62 782 14 Bill Hardy 67 830 12 Marion Reeder 94 1295 11 Kendall Brandon 40 527 11
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    Sorry, folks! The last few weeks have gotten the best of your trusty Bingo, and Power Rankings have been absent. Not to worry! I'm back, baby, with hot takes and lots of mumbo jumbo about YOUR favorite teams! Interesting week 3 games shifted the balance in a few very bunched divisions. The "best teams" are beginning to standout, but many will be meeting in the next few weeks. So, who will triumph? Remember, if you don't like where you are in these rankings...play better! One of These Things is Not Like the Other 1. Detroit Lions 2. Tennessee Titans 3. Jacksonville Jaguars 4. Kansas City Chiefs 5. Green Bay Packers 6. Miami Dolphins The Lions look unstoppable. LeCount is getting it done, Kenyon Randall leads the League in rushing, the D is scary, Artemio Freaking Ramirez is taking the ball to pay dirt on kick/punt returns...what's not to love? Lions have, of course, some divisional concerns with Pack and Vikes left on the docket, but at this point, Lions have earned the top spot. The Titans and Jags, similarly, seem to be plowing through opponents, and have all facets of offense working nicely together. Taylor Rodriguez was a nice addition for the Jags, who are getting surprisingly strong play from Jay Wade at CB1. The Titans rely a tiny bit too much on the passing game (IMO) so their spot here feels only a little precarious. What's more surprising: that the Kansas City Chiefs would be looking like world-beaters at 3-0, or that Ryan Harris would be the best QB in the League through 3 games? Doesn't matter, they're both true. Chiefs have dragged the pole position of the AFC West away from Las Vegas, and are looking to do the same across the AFC with two wins already over the two contenders in the East. One note of caution: even though he has performed sublimely thus far, relying SO heavily on Ryan Harris in his 2nd year does not inspire full confidence--this is a plug for "more Terence Rodgers." Green Bay and Miami, despite one slip-up each, still have all the makings of teams that are bound to win much more than they lose. Week 3 wins over CAR and PIT, respectively, signal that both teams are not going to falter often. INCREDIBLY excited for KC-JAX this weekend! Great Start, What's Left? 7. San Francisco 49ers  8. Atlanta Falcons The Niners have looked extremely likely to be the Comeback Team of 2023 through three games, hitting opponents with a fast, physical, and diverse offense. What has perhaps been more surprising is that the Defense has been playing very well these first weeks, even striking Top 3 in 3rd Down %. I do believe that many would have figured a healthy (and since weaponized) Todd Lester might encourage a resurgence on the SF offense, but I doubt many saw the D playing this well early. Atlanta, on the other hand, knew that they were going to have a formidable defense. Their recent win over PHI turned heads and may have finally given Head Man @acewulf a reason to lay off the TUMS for a week. Donald Culver and the passing offense still gives this writer pause on the full season ahead, but as long as Akili Wallace is back there taking handoffs, the Falcons can still put points on the board. I think, barring injury, both squads are looking at 13-3 ceilings (much more likely: 12-4 for SF, 11-5 for ATL). Plugging Away 9. Philadelphia Eagles 10. Dallas Cowboys Sunday's loss to the Falcons notwithstanding, Philly has not skipped a beat with Alex Bridgewater at quarterback. Had I been on the ball and produced Power Rankings after week 2, the Eagles would have been a Top 5 team. As it is, they looked a tiny bit...tired?...against the Falcons. The Eagles are not running out a bunch of young players in the same way that a couple teams above them here are doing--they're a veteran bunch who knows how to do what they do, and they do it well. Occasionally, however, that veteran presence might mean it's a bit difficult to sustain energy throughout a tough season. Likewise, veteran savvy can help in the event of a needed comeback. The Cowboy's out-of-nowhere victory to keep the Bengals winless on Sunday had everything to do with a defense that knows what it's doing, and an offense that is beginning to find itself (as much as it does with Cincy's ineptitude). Dallas struck gold with rookie WR DeAndre Felder, and watching him grow with Graham Burnett is going to be a lot of fun for neutrals. Both these franchises are looking over their shoulders at Washington as they continue to lock horns with each other. Prone to the Occasional Bad Day 11. Buffalo Bills 12. Washington Football Club 13. Las Vegas Raiders 14. Carolina Panthers When your entire identity, at least vis-a-vis League-wide perception, is wrapped up in your quarterback, that quarterback has to ALWAYS play well for you to win. And, as these squads found out once in this early season, quarterback play can be fickle, even from the GOAT. The Bills and Washington are two peas in the same pod: very exciting and promising young QBs, seemingly energetic running games to take some pressure off, and opportunistic defenses. Against the Chiefs in week 3, the Bills could not get away with some of sloppiness exhibited in their week 2 win over Denver. Similarly, Washington bumped into a Baltimore squad that is beginning to figure it out with Marcus Black and that nasty D. In both games, Matt Jones and Tanner Bowman, forever linked as Class of 2018 recruits, failed to produce their best play. Even veteran quarterbacks are not immune. Despite throwing 61 (!!!) times, Nick Hall couldn't pull the comeback rabbit out of his hat in Minnesota. And the rest of the Raiders simply aren't good enough to take the heat off this season...that much is clear. The Raiders, like the Panthers, are STILL one of the best teams in the League, but look a little different this year. CAR has opened with extremely tough games at Miami and against the Packers. Their week 2 win versus Minnesota is looking better now than last week, but who's going to step up to help the Panthers out if Christian Skaggs has only a human (as opposed to super-human) game as in week 3 in Green Bay? That D should be playing better...there, I said it, and I meant it. Surprise 2-1s 15. Los Angeles Rams 16. Los Angeles Chargers of San Diego 17. Minnesota Vikings We knew the Rams would likely have a bounce-back season, just like their NFC West counterpart 49ers. The Rams have benefitted from a slightly less-challenging schedule, but it's hard to quibble with balance on offense, the continued ascendance of Allama Banta as a WR1, the addition of Allen Lara-Cruz to a veteran WR group, and better performance in the secondary. One gets the feeling that Brandon Sauter took last season's debacle quite hard, and is willing his mates on the D to victory. The Chargers, however, have shown Owner/Head Coach @pumph's faith in his system well-placed, with Matty Swift registering a 9.35 player rating that this writer would have thought virtually impossible even two weeks ago. Now, wins over the Giants and Texans aren't dramatically impressive, but two wins ain't nothing to shake a stick at. Minnesota scored a slightly more impressive win--technically two "wins", as getting Evan Grant to 100 yards is nothing short of a miracle--with the victory over the Raiders at home on Sunday. Again, 2-1 is probably ahead of where even the Vikes thought they'd be at this point, and that speaks volumes. No, I don't particularly think either the Chargers or Vikings will keep it up, but let's savor the hard off-season work by both franchises to get here. Both teams can really "prove it" this weekend: Chargers, by whipping the Raiders this Thursday, and Vikings by knocking the Niners down a peg on Sunday night. Signs of Life 18. New York Jets 19. Indianapolis Colts 20. Houston Texans 21. Denver Broncos 22. New England Patriots 23. Seattle Seahawks 24. Baltimore Ravens 25. New Orleans Saints Not a ton to say here about these teams: only the Broncos, Saints, and Ravens won this week, so the rest are literally on the down-swing. Signs of life only in that these teams have at least shown one decent Sunday that might give observers a hint there is something there. Broncos-Colts on Sunday seems like a HUGE game for both teams to break free from this pack. The interesting thing: most of these teams have long-term, highly valued QBs that are searching for players around them right now. Only SEA and BAL have young and truly unproven starters, and Marcus Black is quickly leaving THAT designation. Side note: Erik Wegert only leads Jordan North in QBR through 3 games. Wut? One Win per Quarter (of the season) 26. Chicago Bears 27. Pittsburgh Steelers 28. New York Giants The Steelers can't do anything right at present. Granted, a disgustingly difficult schedule has left them at a head-scratching 0-3, but that still doesn't mean things are O.K. The team with the most off-season promise in the AFC North is merely one of three winless outfits. The Bears and Giants, still finding their way with young but talented QBs, just aren't at the level as full squads in comparison to the group above them. Grasping at Straws 29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30. Cincinnati Bengals 31. Arizona Cardinals 32. Cleveland Browns I was tempted to put the Bengals at 31, with the Cardinals playing a little better, but really, what's the point? Tampa is going nowhere quickly, Arizona has serious growing pains, Cincinnati is a rudderless ship, and Cleveland is starting the worst quarterback in a quarterback-heavy League. Not much more to say. My gut says the Cardinals get the first win from this quartet...but not this week. What do you think? Where am I off-base, or just plain crazy? Leave a comment...
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    [2023] Hogs Haven Week 3

    Baltimore, MD - Life is a series of moments, any one of which can change everything with no notice. For the Washington Redskins, that moment was when Sam Hiller-Weeden went down after blocking on a 1st quarter running play and didn't get up. The offense wouldn't recover from their top weapon's early exit and struggled for the rest of the game converting only 21% of their 3rd downs and managing only 3 field goals on the day. Ricardo Reed came back down to earth with a 9 carries for 7 yards performance, Tanner Bowman tossed an interception, and Patrick Burke and Ty Royal each dropped a pass. The miscues weren't limited to the offense, as rookie kicker Neal Watson continued his streak of games with a missed FG, clanking one off of the right upright from 49 yards in the first quarter. That miss would prove to be costly. Watson hit his other 3 attempts on the day, but his season percentage now sits at 66.7%. It wasn't all bad for the Redskins though. The defense turned in another strong performance with 4 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. They stifled the Ravens' young offense all day, but it wasn't enough to get the job done with such a meager effort from the offense, as the Redskins fell in overtime. Maurice White had the best game of his pro-career rushing for 60 yards on 12 carries. His yards per carry has risen in every game and it will be interesting to see if the coaching staff tries to get him more involved after such a disappointing effort from Reed. Another pleasant surprise was the debut of TE Frank Moffett. Moffett was selected in the 4th round of the 2023 NFLHC draft to be groomed behind veteran TE Tony DeMarco. But DeMarco was unavailable on Sunday after his 2nd concussion in as many weeks, and Moffett stepped up to the tune of 102 yards receiving on 8 catches. If Moffett can continue his production it could help the Redskins survive this stretch of games without Sam Hiller-Weeden. One player that Coach HAFFnHAFF didn't mince words about was DT Malik Dawson. Dawson turned in yet another poor performance in week 3, grading as the lowest player at a 1.3 rating. Coach called out Dawson's effort on the field and insinuated that veteran DT Brad Mungro will be getting extended looks in practice this week. The Eagles travel to Dallas this week in a vital divisional game before traveling to New York and then hosting the Eagles. This 3 game stretch, all without Sam Hiller-Weeden, will be critical to the Redskins staying afloat in the NFC East.
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    Offensive Player of the Week RB Demarion Moore, Clemson Tigers The freshman running back has been electric in his first two performances for the Tigers. If you thought his 184 rushing yards last week couldn't be replicated, Moore quickly upped his performance by dominating Northern Illinois for 218 yards and 4 touchdowns on 23 carries. Clemson's offensive reputation in years' past has been as a predominantly passing team, but Moore is blowing that reputation out of the water. Reviews last week stated that Moore would have plenty more appearances in this series; with performances like these, Moore is absolutely validating their point. Honorable Mention: WR Ricky Cameron, Boston College Defensive Player of the Week CB Darius Banjo, Clemson All the talk surrounding Clemson has been about their offense, but how about the defense? Darius Banjo tuned in to this game looking not to be overshadowed yet again by the high-flying offense, nabbing two interceptions - one that was returned for a score - and swatting away two other passes to go along with his four tackles. This marks Banjo's first major impact on a game; it'll be be hard not to hear this melody again if he continues playing to this potential. Honorable Mention: SS Javari McGhee-Key, Syracuse Special Teams Player of the Week K Jeremy Arndt, Duke Close low scoring game? Check. Playing against a ranked opponent from a strong conference? Check. Have the leg to carry the scoring? Check. Duke and Alabama met in Charlotte to open their seasons, and while Alabama's kicker had a rough night, Arndt was perfect in securing the Blue Devils' upset of the Crimson Tide. All three field goals came in the first half, but with the game already under so much pressure given the lack of scoring, Arndt kept his cool and hit kicks from 28, 37, and 42 to gift Duke a 16-14 win. Honorable Mention: K Simon Morton, Virginia Offensive Freshman of the Week RB Demarion Moore, Clemson I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say. This guy is an absolutely nut and teams should be terrified of him every single week. He will be back here repeatedly this season. Honorable Mentions: QB Luca Maguire, North Carolina State AND WR Atuma Tatupa, Pittsburgh Defensive Freshman of the Week DE Jamir Woodson, Virginia Speaking of repeat appearances, Woodson returns to his rightful throne as defensive freshman of the week. Virginia's bright defensive end showcased his potential against a much tougher opponent in West Virginia, picking up three tackles and being credited for 1.5 sacks in the Cavaliers' narrow win over the Mountaineers. Woodson's performance against South Alabama could be discredited, but a second strong showing against a much tougher opponent from a tougher conference should prove that the kid will be a force to be reckoned with for the following years. Honorable Mention: OLB Abdoul Armstrong, Syracuse
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    The Venting Spot

    I’m going to apologize (even though i’ve not erred, really) for recent inactivity on the site. After a week vacation in the Black Hills, with no cell/internet, we returned home to two hectic work weeks. Tomorrow (Friday) BingoJr heads in for his first surgery—a relatively common and low-risk surgery for kiddos to remove a thyroglossal cyst under his tongue. Understandably, that has eaten an amount of my focus. The following week, BingoJr (the source of all the consternation in life at present) starts kindergarten. Holy shit! How’d that happen!?!?! I started on this site in late 2013 when we were expecting the birth of our first child, BingoJr (actually, his name is Alder...after the alder or alderwood tree...kind of a long name story). And now he’s 5 and getting on a bus at 6:30am to be in school. Damn. Shit went QUICKLY. Anyway, long story short: i’ve been absent, not from a lack of desire to be here, but from that squishy thing called real shit. I’ma be back shortly...after I finish this 6 pack because I HAVE A KINDERGARTNER! Fuck! cheers!
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    [2023] Hogs Haven Week 2

    Washington D.C. - The Washington Redskins are fresh off an impressive victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 2 and are preparing for a week 3 date with the Baltimore Ravens. The Redskins defense has performed at an elite level through the first 2 weeks of the season, forcing a total of 3 interceptions, and notching 8 sacks. The front office invested a lot into the front 7 this offseason, trading for OLB Derrick Morgan and DEs Isaiah Riggins and Jonathan Bridges. The early returns have been great and the pass rush is on pace to shatter the NFL record team sacks mark set by the Ravens last season at 52. Marcus Black has looked good in limited action in his rookie season, but the Redskins pass rush has to be licking their chops to get after him. On the offensive side of the ball the offensive line has picked up right where they left off last year, which has made life easy for the rest of the offense. Tanner Bowman is coming off of the 2nd best statistical performance of his career, in which he completed 77% of his passes throwing for 2 TDs and 13.75 yards per completion with a 136 QBR. WR Sam Hiller-Weeden is always good and it should come as no surprise that he has picked up where he left off last season. But 2nd year slot WR Ty Royal has taken a leap in production this season tallying 11 catches for 149 yards and 2 TDs through 2 games. On the ground the Redskins 1st round pick hasn't stood out yet. His 32 carries for 134 yards and 1 TD is below the mark set by Ricardo Reed last season, but he is just a rookie and there is every expectation that he will get it figured out. But Ricardo Reed seems to have revitalized his career sliding into the role of a rotational/3rd down running back. He is averaging over 6 yards per carry so far this season. Coach HAFFnHAFF has spoken very highly of Reed citing his veteran leadership and work ethic. "Ricardo continuing to perform at this high level is huge for our offense. It allows us to keep defenses off balance and keep both of our running backs fresh. I challenged him to play his way into a continuing role with this team and so far he has done just that." The Redskins start a 3 game road trip this week going to Baltimore before they travel to Dallas and New York in back to back divisional games before playing at home against the Eagles. This 4 game stretch will be critical for the Redskins in their quest to bring home their first ever division title.
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    With week 2 done, the Sun Belt's coaches voted and ranked how they view each team in the conference. Let's take a look at what they think: Notes: 1 - UL-Lafayette remain the undisputed number 1 team in Sun Belt, receiving all the 1st places votes. 2 - The same can be said about Troy and Appalachian State, who received all the votes for 9th and 10th places, respectively. 3 - We saw some movement on the upper middle class of the conference. Every team between 2nd and 6th place changed. 4 - Both Georgia Southern and Arkansas State went up 2 positions. Arkansas State started the season ranked 8th, and is in the 3rd place now. 5 - Coastal Carolina can be considered the biggest loser. They went down 4 positions.
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    [2023] Week #5 - Saturday Evening

    No option to donate $30, so had to split it up. I'm also going to end this here. Losing Joiner is a huge injury that creates a massive hole in our defense and I don't feel comfortable betting money on such a gimped defense.
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    It was over when... The LSU players didn't get lost on the way to the stadium. Listen here you little shit...
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    [2023] Pac 12 After Dark: Week 5

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Coming to Week 5 of the 2023 Season it’s... Where we bring you the latest news happening in THE premier conference on the Best Coast of the United States. Thank you for joining us. I know it's been awhile, but thank you for your patience for this week’s episode on West Coast Football. If you’re an east coast softie and hoping to get a glimpse at true American football, then I suggest you watch this instead. It’s family-friendly, nonviolent, and will not trigger your sensitive emotions. Now go on. Git.
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    [2023] Week #4 - Saturday Evening

    I hope you lose out.
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    [2023] Week #4 - Saturday Evening

    Ian Todd's 56-yard field goal in the second quarter was the longest in the Big XII since at least 2020 (for some reason I haven't put in long FG makes before 2021, not sure why). Then he went and made a 59-yarder in the same quarter. He's the first Big XII kicker to hit two 50-yarders in the same game since West Virginia and Detroit Lions legend Brent Hankton against Arkansas in 2014. Jurrell Jordan, uh...can we draft him this year and just stash him until he's eligible? He's the first Big XII player with 9+ tackles, 1.0+ sack, and 1+ INT in the same game since Texas's Lance Nattiel against Notre Dame in 2015. The other Big XII players to do it: Ray Lee Coia against Kansas in 2014 (KU still won, don't worry) and Louis Peterson against TCU in 2014 a week afer that. He's also the first Big XII player with 9+ tackles and 3+ TFL since TFL have been a tracked stat. Purdue's streak of 31 consecutive wins in nonconference play is snapped with their loss to Notre Dame. Their previous nonconference loss before this was also to Notre Dame, by a 3-point margin in West Lafayette in 2017. The Boilermakers have lost 8 nonconference games ever now, and 4 of them have come at the hands of Notre Dame all by margins of 3 points or less.
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    Welcome back to the PAC-12 Superlatives blog! This is where we'll hit on trends in the Best Of the Conference, semi-weekly. The PAC-12 is off to a great start this season, especially in the high-profile non-conference match ups that everyone loves to nitpick and scrub over. Look at those Freshman RBs Oregon, UCLA, and California have all started 2-0 on the young season, and all three are leaning heavily on touted young RBs. UCLA's Tremaine Clemons is currently 9th nationally in per game yardage at a blistering 139 YPG, while also averaging a mind-blowing 8.18 yards per carry and 5 TDs. Granted, the Bruins have played some unimpressive competition, but the true freshman RB is clearly the real deal. Oregon's true frosh RB Luke Cleary isn't too far behind at 112.5 YPG as the new bell cow for the Ducks. Cleary even managed to top 100 yards against Auburn's stingy DLine and give the Tigers a reason not to load up against fellow first-year starter Josh Allman's passing game. CAL, on the other hand, is utilizing (FR) Naiquon Barner as a change-of-pace back after senior Zach McFadden leads the way. Barner has been decently successful in the 2nd Banana role, with 72 YPG but a seriously ridiculous 14.4 yards per carry average that makes fellow PAC-12 coaches wonder what Coach @noodlz2 is putting in the recovery shakes down in Strawberry Canyon. And, while not currently a successful football team, Stanford's (FR) RB Jeremiah Bonner is running well and averaging over 100 yards a game. Veteran running backs Israel Carlson, McFadden, Charles Bowser, and Josiah Smallwood may still be the lightning rods for their offenses this 2023 season, but clearly the future is bright in the PAC-12 with these high-productivity RBs. Race for 1st Team All-PAC QB is gonna be goooooood PAC-12 quarterbacks are all over the top of the statistical charts in CFBHC this season, with three among the top 6 in TDs thrown thus far (Brad Hassan, Aaron Harden, and Jake Davis). Davis, as the elder statesman in the Conference, has led Washington to a good start and a big win over Hawai'i and fellow stud QB JT Youngblood. He's being pushed intently by Hassan--no longer just a gunslinger, Hassan's accuracy is up and his INTs down through two games--and Harden, not to mention some of the younger QBs in the Conference as well. Harden, in particular, has looked excellent, with 8 TDs and no picks, and not completely relying on Noah Tumaalii as much as one would think. STRONG Safeties Almost as intriguing as the proliferation of freshman running backs is the rise of the game-changing young Safety in the PAC-12. USC's (FR) Ryan Smiley leads the PAC-12 in tackles with 14. UDub's D'Onta Streeter, a Top 25 national recruit in 2022, has 11 tkls, 2 picks, and a PD through 2 games. Other young studs at the position include Arizona's excellently-named (SO) Thierno Herbert, Colorado's (FR) free safety Gabriel Trammel, and Oregon's true freshman Taye Williams. With PAC-12 linebackers seemingly taking a small backseat in 2023, these Strong (and one Free) Safeties are changing the game with their big-play ability.
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    Franz Kafka

    [2023] SEC Network: Week 3 Recap

    WEEK 3 RECAP Tulsa Golden Hurricane 31 (1-2) Arkansas Razorbacks 13 (1-2) It was over when... Tulsa scored a late third quarter touchdown, giving them a 24-7 lead. Game ball goes to... QB Charles Palmer 25/40, 300 yards, 3 TD, INT Palmer was on fire against the Hog defense, throwing for 300 yards and three touchdowns to three different receivers. Stat of the game... 12 Arkansas finished the game with only 12 rushing yards. Next game: Tulsa vs. Cincinnati (Week 5) Arkansas vs. Ole Miss (Week 5) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #7Oregon Ducks 30 (2-0) South Carolina Gamecocks 14 (0-3) It was over when... The Ducks flew out to a 21-0 halftime lead, taking full control of this Power 5 matchup. Game ball goes to... RB Luke Cleary, 18 carries, 117 yards, TD Cleary ripped off big run after big run and finished the game averaging a cool 6.5 ypc. Stat of the game... 0 South Carolina's defense managed zero impact plays against the Duck offense. Next game: Oregon at California South Carolina at LSU (Week 5) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #10 Missouri Tigers 42 (2-0) Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns 3 (1-1) It was over when... The Tigers exploded for two quick second-half touchdowns to salt this one away. Game ball goes to... QB Travis Ricketts 24/32, 319 yards, 3 TD Ricketts was almost perfect against the Cajun defense, accounting for three scores on nearly 10 yards per attempt. Stat of the game... 279 Missouri finished with 279 more yards of offense in this one-sided affair. Next game: Missouri vs. Miami Louisiana-Lafayette at Louisiana Tech -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #9 Texas A&M Aggies 45 (2-0) Arkansas State Red Wolves 10 (1-1) It was over when... Nathan Singletary scampered in for a touchdown right before the half, giving A&M a 28-3 lead. Game ball goes to... QB Nathan Singletary 19/31, 256 yards, 2 TD; 5 carries, 37 yards, TD Singletary followed up his fantastic opening week performance by piling up nearly 300 yards of offense and three touchdowns. The Red Wolves never stood a chance. Stat of the game... 2/11 A&M held Arkansas to a paltry 2/11 on third downs. Next game: Texas A&M vs. Ole Miss Arkansas State vs. Memphis -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #6 Mississippi State Bulldogs 27 Memphis Tigers 24 (OT) It was over when... Jalen Britt picked off Cooper Spillman in overtime to end the game. Game ball goes to... QB Storm Whittaker 19/35, 199 yards, TD, INT; 2 carries, 4 yards, TD Whittaker did not have his best performance, but he simply would not let this Mississippi State squad lose. He orchestrated clutch drive after clutch drive and willed the Bulldogs to victory with his two TD. Stat of the game... 2 Despite the loss, Memphis had two 100 yard receivers in this overtime thriller. Next game: Mississippi State at Alabama (Week 5) Memphis at Arkansas State -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rice Owls 28 (2-0) #16 Alabama Crimson Tide 17 (0-2) It was over when... Alex Terry scored his second touchdown with under five minutes to play. Game ball goes to... RB Alex Terry 18 carries, 102 yards, 2 TD Terry was electric in the upset, grabbing nearly six yards per carry and finding paydirt twice against a stout Tide defense. Stat of the game... 1/3 The kickers had a rough night, going a combined 1/3 on field goals. Next game: Rice at Marshall (Week 5) Alabama vs. Syracuse -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #21 Georgia Bulldogs 30 (2-0) Colorado Buffaloes 24 (1-1) It was over when... Georgia's defense forced a turnover on downs late in the game. Game ball goes to... QB Zeke Burkett 19/23, 280 yards, 2 TD Burkett was firing on all cylinders for Georgia, dissecting the Buffalo defense to the tune of 82.6% and 12.17 ypa. Stat of the game... <40 All four made field goals were from inside 40 yards. Next game: Georgia at Oregon State Colorado vs. Washington State -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #8Tennessee Volunteers 26 (2-0) #13 Florida Gators 24 (2-1) It was over when... Tennessee recovered the Gators’ onside kick in the final minute. Game ball goes to... QB Adrian Goldson 23/40, 351 yards, 3 TD Goldson showed out on the biggest stage, earning his team an important SEC East victory. He also earned SEC OPOTW for this performance. Stat of the game... 5.0 Both teams registered a solid 5.0 OL rating. Next game: Tennessee at Pittsburgh Florida at Utah State (Week 5) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #4 LSU Tigers 16 (2-0) #12 Auburn Tigers 13 (1-2) It was over when... Liam Holder made a short field goal as time expired. Game ball goes to... OLB Leonard England 5 tackles, sack, INT England made an impact early and often for LSU, helping their defense shutdown Auburn's attack. Stat of the game... 2 In this battle of defensive juggernauts, there were only two touchdowns. Next game: LSU vs. South Alabama Auburn vs. Oklahoma (Week 5) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    The Gahsode

    [2023] Week 3 Computer Poll

    What utter BS. We beat the number 7 team in the nation and dropped 3 spots!! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!!
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    SMU (1-0) at North Texas (0-1) Denton, TX - 90 F 1ST 2ND 3RD 4TH OT1 OT2 OT3 SCORE SMU Mustangs (1-0) 21 7 14 7 - - - 49 North Texas Mean Green (0-1) 3 14 6 0 - - - 23 SMU (1-0) at North Texas (0-1) Denton, TX - 90 F 1ST 2ND 3RD 4TH OT1 OT2 OT3 SCORE SMU Mustangs (1-0) 21 7 14 7 - - - 49 North Texas Mean Green (0-1) 0 14 6 7 - - - 27 Without looking, can you guess which box score has the result from the sim and which one is the IRL UNT-SMU score? (Ignore location and records)
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    [2023] Week #3 - Saturday Morning

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    Welcome back to the Ramming Reporter Colorado State's Student News Source! When the latest computer poll came out, the students at Colorado State went wild. Never before has Fort Collins hosted a top 10 matchup, and oh, boy are the students excited. All across campus are hand painted sheets to pump up the team. "Go Gahs-tomp them!" "Each year, you can only eat as many fish out of the Hocking as OU has wins...talk about overpopulation!" "M ediocre A mateur C ow-tippers" "Make them Bob on..." Well...maybe some of the frat sings on campus aren't appropriate for the newspaper. Of course, that's not all! We've all seen them calling OU's ranking a crock, and saying that being #10 is way underrating the Rams. As is well documented, West Coast football is far superior to the Midwest football played at THE Ohio University! Coach Gahsode spoke at a pep rally hosted by the Athletics Department after hearing that CSU has been ranked, "We know who we are! We know what we do! There's no way that we're gonna let @bbates728 and the Bob-by pins come in here, to OUR Rockies, and take a win! This week, we're ranked #10! You all want more! I want more! The players want more! We play in the Mountain Best! We've already got a solid Out of Conference win against a Traitor! Let's go win this one to show that bland state over there who's boss! Let's go Ram our superiority down their throats!!!!!" The rest of the rally had football players coming up, attempting trivia about OU. Games trying to name the most exciting thing to do in the state of Ohio (correct answer: drive down I-71 and take pics of all the Billboards threatening Hell), assistants trying to draw a bobcat, and viewing the mounds that OU students complain about having to walk up and down because their campus is "hilly". It was a great event with the above festivities, free food, and some school spirit behind a team that couldn't muster too much last season! Hopefully, we'll be able to get College Gameday to come out for our next ranked matchup!
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    FCS Statistical Leaders - Week 2 Team Statistics Individual Statistics Please note: Asterisks (*) is used to state that 1 or more player(s) are tied but do not appear in the top three due to space.
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    [2023] Week 4 Coaches Poll

    Which Pac12 coach is stuffing the ballot box?
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    [2023] C-USA POTW Week 2

    Week 2 POTW Awards Offensive and Newcomer POTW RB Gray Stewart - 21 carries 135 yards 2 TD Defensive POTW ATH Brandon Dawkins - 4 TKL 1 TFL 2.0 Sacks Special Teams POTW K Rory Bowser - 3/3 FG (39, 28, 36), 2/2 XP @Qupax @Bubada @TheTacoOfDoom
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