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    Recruiting v2.1 --------------------------------------------------- General Changes *Commitment threshold will reduce from 50 by 5 a week after Week 4 down to a minimum of 20. *Players who have only 1 school listed within 30 points for 3 consecutive weeks will commit to that school. *The school(s) with the most drafted players will receive +2 weekly recruiting points. If tied each tied school receives the bonus. (This year: Alabama Crimson Tide and Nebraska Cornhuskers) *The school(s) with the most drafted players from each conference (excluding any schools from the previous award, i.e. Alabama, Nebraska) will receive +1 weekly recruiting points. If more than three teams are tied, the conference is excluded from receiving this bonus. (This year: UGA/Miss State(SEC), Michigan (Big 10), TCU/Iowa State (Big 12), Southern Miss (CUSA), Arizona State (Pac 12), Air Force/Colorado State/Boise State (MWC), ND (Indy), Akron/Buffalo/EMU (MAC), No AAC Team (AAC)) <--- Someone check these they were done by a tired llamas and Darman. In-State/Bordering State Changes *In-state (and bordering state) bonuses do not occur until at least 5 points have been committed from an in-state school. At this point the player will receive the value that was given freely in the previous recruiting version. *Initial points committed to an in-state recruit are doubled for free up to 20 points. (i.e. You put 20 points on someone from your state that you had not previously put points on it will count as 40. You put 50 points on someone from your state that you had not previously put points on it will count as 70 (50+20 cap).) If these are the initial points then he will still receive the in-state bonus points. Expanded/Changed Options *Added "Star Recruit" - select one player who will receive an automatic amount of points per week based on the information below. Must be used in the first week and is independent of state location restrictions. National Champion and Runner-Up (15 points per week), 12-0 and Playoff Teams (13), Bowl Winners (12), Bowl Losers (11), Remaining Teams (9), 0-12 (7) *Added "Team Needs" designation - select two positions on your team page, any points spent on players of this position gain an additional 10% for free. (You label OG and ILB as team needs and you spend 10 points on an ILB, the player will in fact receive 11 points) *Pipeline States will now receive a 20% bonus on a foreign state and a 25% bonus if it is the home state. Pipeline states must now BORDER the state of their school or be their home state. Pipeline states remain public and must be declared before Week 1. *Added "Host Camps" - Each school can declare one state where they receive a 15% bonus on points spent. THIS STATE MUST BE A STATE WHERE A TEAM FROM THEIR CONFERENCE IS FROM AND IT CANNOT BE THEIR HOME STATE. Host Camp state must be set prior to recruiting start and can be changed during the offseason. Hosted camps will be public, to be displayed on your interface team profile. Interface/Visibility Changes *School Visits, Coach Visits, Star Recruits, and Host Camp by schools are now visible for everyone. *If a recruit has less than or equal to five points between the leader and any other schools the recruit will be marked as "Toss Up" (Note to Inspiral: Single out Toss-Up recruits to be easily visible on their own page and likely marked read or be larger or something similar)(everyone: suggest better name). *Schools within five points are displayed as toss-up (see above). Schools between 5-30 points behind are shown with their normal logo. Schools that have put any points on a player but are not listed in the previous information will be listed by hovering over the + dropdown that existed before (or some other way inspiral figures out to make it visible). NOTE: All changes are dependent on whether inspiral is able to add these.
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    These changes are all compromises from the nearly 100 suggestions I received from you guys in three request threads, several private feedback threads, and random polling I did via PM. Please understand that we cannot have 100% realism but I'm trying to balance and instill some sort of regional differentiation to make recruiting different for each school. If you do not agree with my changes that's fine but I cannot please everyone. Thank you to the 10 or so members who helped feedback these changes and please know, I do read your suggestions - everyones, even if you think I hate you.
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    So a little personal but last summer I realized how much I love the site. My mom passed away last summer and I spent a lot of time just lurking on the site as an escape. You guys were pretty much the only people I could have a normal conversation with, and it really helped a lot. The anonymity of the site has lead to some shitty people and situations, but it was what I needed most. So I just want to say thank you to everyone on the site for making some of the worst days of my life a little bit better.
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    July 14th, 2020 This off-season featured a coaching carousel that was burning around at mach-5 with new comers and long-tenured coaches jumping ship to new pastures. All in all 38 teams will trot on to the field this 2020 season with a new coach at the helm, and we here at Forbes have done the research to see just how much this schools are paying for them. Most institutions we spoke to had similar criteria for what they were looking for in a coach as well as how much they were able to offer up in ink to them. Essentially it comes down to; Track Record; Experience, Win %, Postseason Success Recruiting; General ability to recruit hot talent based off past data College Prestige; How deep into the pockets the institution can reach to put into the contract Here's this seasons newly written contracts... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iVgY7lobw70vVz5Xy2d3yHFr3r1qBiCX5vHva35f55c/edit?usp=sharing
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    Welcome to the first edition of Five By Five, a new feature where we spotlight five programs around the country. Every week, five randomly selected coaches will have the opportunity to answer five questions about their team and their players. This week, our panel consists of sleuthofbears from Texas A&M, ajyoungmark from Miami, Monda from Marshall, Isaac829 from Charlotte, and taffyowner from Wisconsin. Each coach will begin by answering the same four questions along with a fifth question unique to their program. Q1: How does your team feel about its opening matchup this season? sleuthofbears, Texas A&M: We're confident. Ole Miss is a solid team, but we've been looking at a few matchups that we think we can exploit against them, and I think it'll be enough to get the win on the road in Oxford. ajyoungmark, Miami (FL): We think that Minnesota is going to be a tough test for us, but it is a game where we should be able to compete. It will be a great experience for our young team, and we will be able to grow regardless of the outcome. Monda, Marshall: I feel confident. While I don't know particularly how we will fair, I think we'll put up a fight and keep the game close. Isaac829, Charlotte: With an improved offense and defense, I feel a bit more confident about playing USF again. My team and I definitely could close the gap this season. taffyowner, Wisconsin: The team is feeling ready to play, keeping the line and backfield mostly intact is great for chemistry and the kids are all having fun together, theyre a really loose bunch, lead by Trufant and Jarvis. Q2: Outside of the final scoreline, what's the area of the statsheet your team most needs to dominate to succeed this year? sleuthofbears, Texas A&M: I feel like it's the turnover battle. Nathan is obviously a young quarterback who has a lot to learn, so if he can keep his INTs down I feel like we have a good shot at contending this year. On the other side of the ball, I feel like if we can force the opposing QB to make mistakes, which I feel like we definitely have the ability to do with out D-Line, our offense should be able to capitalize. ajyoungmark, Miami (FL): With the loss of Brett Fisher, our rushing offense will need to take a step up and make up for some of the production lost. We are very confident in Ronnie [Peterson] he had a very successful JUCO career, and he has shown how good of a player he is in camp. But we will be in for a tough year if our run game is not able to carry some of the weight this year. Monda, Marshall: This may be cliche, but turnovers. The defense needs to be as clutch as they were last season and the offense needs to limit their turnovers. Isaac829, Charlotte: Turnover battle. Last season, we had too many turnovers from our offense and not enough turnovers given by the defense. Having Kieron and Chris will improve the difference significantly. taffyowner, Wisconsin: The area we shoud dominate in is the running game, breaking in a whole new WR corps is going to create some growing pains for the unit and we'll need Trufant to carry us early in the season. Q3: What newcomers are you expecting to make an immediate impact on your team? sleuthofbears, Texas A&M: Well obviously Nathan and Jarvis are going to be two of our key pieces on offense this year, and both are going to be making their first starts this week. On the defensive side, DaQuan Robinson and Samuel Cunningham. Both are coming off of redshirts and are going to be key in winning the turnover battle like I mentioned in the previous question. ajyoungmark, Miami (FL): On offense, Albert Palacios will be a key contributor as a Redshirt Freshman this year, particularly in the run game. Throughout camp, Palacios has shown the ability to create running lanes for our running backs. Defensively, Patrick Everett will be a significant contributor this year. Last season Patrick was turning heads on the scout team defense, and we expect that he will be able to translate to live games. Everett will have to be playing at his highest level for our defense to thrive this year. Monda, Marshall: Devon McCoy. He will be leading our thin receiving corps and will have to impact game significantly after the loss of Trung Vu. Brandon Adler will be leading the offense in his Sophomore season and will need McCoy is the leading wideout. Isaac829, Charlotte: Like I said earlier, Kieron Brooks and Chris Billings will have the most impact on both sides of the ball. Both guys are by far the best in their positions. taffyowner, Wisconsin: The big newcomers we need to make an impact are WRs Afasa Vaaelua and Chance Thurman, if they can step up and play to their potential we will have an unstoppable passing attack Q4: What player of yours has been the most successful off the field? sleuthofbears, Texas A&M: I'd really like to give a shoutout to Jarvis here. He was immensely talented coming out of high school, but didn't get any D1 offers because he had a bad drug problem. But he didn't quit. He went to rehab, got himself clean, then tore it up at Baytown and now he's here. Stories like his are ones you don't see enough of in this sport, and I think he deserves credit for turning his life around. ajyoungmark, Miami (FL): Our starting left tackle Walt Moeller has been thriving in the classroom. This past December he graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering and was a member of Dean's List each term. Because Walt is a 5th-year senior, he started his Masters in Business and Administration this past semester. He finished the spring semester with a 3.8 GPA, and we are incredibly proud of his off the field achievements as a Miami Hurricane. Monda, Marshall: Defintely safety Riley Goldberg. Goldberg is from the West Virginia area and has always given back to his town of War. His academic efforts are no joke either, currently maintaining an A average. Isaac829, Charlotte: Micah Browning is very close to graduating soon, and I'm very proud of him. taffyowner, Wisconsin: The backup Defensive End, Johan Lorenzo, has just been a perfect player off the field, he volunteers in the community, helps out at local camps, and even has time to lead tours throughout the school, we're glad to have him as an embassador for the school. He's always there to welcome our recruits to the facility and tell them how great the program is and that this is the perfect fit for them. Q5 to sleuthofbears: How are Nathan Singletary and Jarvis Ward handling fans' comparisons to Matty Swift and Adrian Jankowski? sleuthofbears, Texas A&M: They know that A&M has a long history of having an elite QB-WR tandem (namely Swift-Jankowski and Williams-Smith), and they push themselves harder everyday in order to live up to those expectations. Q5 to ajyoungmark: How does a storied program like Miami go about replacing such a unique talent like Brett Fisher? ajyoungmark, Miami (FL): It will be very tough to replace such a transcendent talent like Brett Fisher. He was a great leader and was a guy that many underclassmen looked up to. But if we can have a more balanced attack offensively and some of our upperclassmen step up as leaders we will be able to fill the massive hole that Brett left. Q5 to Monda: Marshall has been king of the C-USA East back-to-back years, but has lost to Rice twice in the conference championship game. Do you expect to make it back to the CCG, and do you expect to make it over the Rice hump? Monda, Marshall: I fully expect that we have the ability to make it back to the CCG, but I don't know if we have the talent to beat Rice yet. The Owls are a really good team, and we lost several key players from last season (where we lost 35-0). I guess we will have to see when we get there. Q5 to Isaac829: Charlotte has quietly been building talent over these last couple of seasons. What else do you think the team needs to do to challenge Marshall and Rice and win the C-USA? Isaac829, Charlotte: There never seems to be enough talent to keep up with Rice at least. By the time I finish improving some positions, another one becomes terrible. At the top of my head right now, offensive and defensive lines could be improved. Q5 to taffyowner: Wisconsin has been year-in and year-out without fail one of the most successful programs in the country. What has been the key to maintaining that kind of consistency? taffyowner, Wisconsin: The biggest key to maintaining consistency is knowing what you have and how to get success out of it. You have to be willing to adjust to the players you have coming into the school, and how they fit into the team. You can't fit a square peg into a round hole, you know?
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    Episode one of Kafka's All-Time CFBHC Team A note on selections: QB Norris Brooksheer, Oklahoma 2014-2016 Stats 2016 - 252/362 (69.6%), 3683 yards, 32 TD, 6 INT, 180.9 QBR 2015 - 277/409 (67.7%), 3851 yards, 33 TD, 6 INT, 170.5 QBR 2014 - 73/106 (68.8%), 766 yards, 7 TD, 2 INT, 147.6 QBR CAREER - 602/877 (68.6%), 8,300 yards, 72 TD, 14 INT, 172.04 QBR 30-3 record, 14-2 in conference Accomplishments Team National Championship (2015) Big-12 Championship (2015) Cotton Bowl Champions (2015) Chick-Fil-A Bowl Champions (2015) 2x Big-12 North Champions (2015-2016) Alamo Bowl Champions (2016) Bourbon Bowl Champions (2014) Individual Heisman Trophy (2016) Davey O'Brien Award (2016) All-American (2016) 2x Big-12 Offensive Player of the Year (2015-2016) Miscellaneous Only player to win the Heisman Trophy and National Championship Only All-American QB to win a National Championship 2nd all-time in QBR 2nd all-time in completion percentage 30 straight games with fewer than 2 INT Only five games with more than 30 pass attempts 6-1 postseason record Best statistical game: 2015 vs. ISU - 25/30 for 415 yards, 5 TD, 0 INT, 254.3 rating Norris Brooksheer's 2+ year run at Oklahoma is the best for any quarterback in CFBHC history. In addition to putting up eye-popping stats and taking home the Heisman, Brooksheer led his Sooners to the 2015 National Championship. His efficiency was his best attribute, as he finished second all-time in QBR and completion percentage. Despite only five games with more than 30 pass attempts, he ended his career averaging over 250 yards per game. He remains the only player to win the Heisman Trophy and a national championship. Other contenders: Brian Brown (Boise State), Aaron Shea (Missouri), Todd Jennings (Penn State) Next episode: RB
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    Leaving the Ravens. Everything else snowballed from there. With the Ravens, everything was run through Monark and TheSam. We didnt always agree on everything, but we had a solid foundation, and a team with potential. I told them the only way I would ever leave was if the Vikings opened up. Well, the Vikings opened up, and I was enthusiastic about joining my favorite childhood team. This is no offense to bellwood or bmlig, but I was hoping id have a veteran apply to be the head coach. When that didnt happen, i was forced to bring bellwood on as the HC rather than as a scout/administrative assistant, a role im not sure many newcomers to the site can handle. (Bellwood has done a phenomenal job thus far, though our record doesnt refelect it.) Then I started looking into the financials of the team, and it was an absolute mess. The team already couldn't afford to bring back Arlie LeClair, who if he was still with our team, would make us the undisputed best linebacking corps in the league. The cap sheet was messy and incorrect in a few places. There was a player who had been progressed as part of the team, who had been released and not re-signed, meaning our team page wasn't proper. Then I looked forward to the 2021 contracts, and it was clear we weren't going to be able to afford to bring Vardell back the way things were written. So i was forced to make some moves, which we all know about. Some people were like "well why not wait until next year then, you could still make the playoffs this year!" That would only be prolonging the inevitable, and we also would have the same problems on defense as we do now (lack of secondary, weak DL). Also now nearly everyone, even if they're supposedly blowing their own teams up and "everyone's available", tries to fleece me while trading, where with the Ravens, they at least seemed to somewhat respect me. And that's probably the biggest thing of it, I've seemingly lost any respect I've had at the nflhc level, and while some of that might be deserved, i think given the circumstances theres a little bit too much shitting on certain teams. Because of this, NFLHC isnt as fun to me as it once was, since every move I make is scrutinized to the maximum level (drafting a CB in the 3rd "there the Vikings go drafting another shitty CB", making it public knowledge that I was interested in getting Stiles "wtf are you even doing anymore" when the most I was going to offer the Saints was much less than the Bengals paid, etc). If i were still with the Ravens, i think people would view me differently, maybe even positively for moving up for Troy Marshall last year and for whichever other moves we may have made this off-season. Im in deep with the Vikings now, and I do enjoy working with bmlig and bellwood very much, but i definitely miss working with theSam and Monark and our hijinks both inside and outside the Ravens Cave. I dont think the Vikings are much off from whete the Packers were last year, and we've seen the success theyre having, so hopefully we can recapture some of the winning ways, and the fun of NFLHC.
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    "What two people on the site have the best rivalry?" - smokingcricket This one's tough because I'm not always privvy to your guys shit-talking to each other. I have a pretty solid rivalry with Jumbo (Jets-Dolphins, Penn State-Pitt, uh political and historical...differences) that's always good for some laughs. Kafka has a great rivalry with the site - you younger members should ask him about the Kafkacurse. Obviously I have a decent rivalry with alien because I talk to him daily. Rome has a rivalry with himself about whether or not he should blow me in the shoutbox or pile on rabid after I do. Honestly we could likely have a top 100 rivalries on this site and it would be the most interesting thing I've ever read. "Who are the most underrated coaches on the site?" - Monda I purposefully left out the overrated part of the question because that is not my statement to make. I prefer the hypothetical shit-talking to actual fact-based piling on people. I actually think one of the THE most underrated coaches, especially for CFBHC, is taffyowner. He's had like 1 year with less than 9-10 wins and I think that was his first (? correct me if I'm wrong) yet he has almost no hype. Of course his team started with amazing quarterbacks but he's been consistently good for so long and no one ever mentions him. Bingo I also find weirdly underrated - we all know he's a good coach and that he does great things with his teams but I rarely see people praising what he's done with Minnesota - MINNESOTA - and turned them into a perennial 9-3 or 10-2 team. "Did you look at any of the suggestions I made NFLHC-wise in the private question forum?" - Jumbo No. ...yes. Can people please use this forum more. "How much of an effect does changing an option in your gameplan really have - like if I change my safeties from man to split coverage or change my receivers from route tree to group assigned, does it make any kind of significant impact?" - Jumbo Of course it does! I think the biggest misunderstanding here is that the sliders themselves may not change things much but the way the calculations in the sim work (from what I understand) is that everything is magnified times the skill and attribute of the player. So if you have two man coverage safeties and you switch the slider from man to zone you will be forcing them to play out of their role by two slider positions effectively changing their skill by a square value. Some players are proficient at both attributes even though they're only listed at one and I think it's every coaches' responsibility to figure out good all-rounders themselves because these are the players who will become legends. Secondarily, even though each slider may only have a small impact changing several of them quickly compounds the changes, increases the time it takes for the negative impact to return to zero, but can also catch opposing teams by surprise. I will eventually add a practice component to NFLHC if I have time that lets this be visualized for each team's coaching staff. "What do you see as the biggest difference between a good coach/general manager/franchise and an elite one?" - SageBow I think the biggest reason certain people/franchises can't take that next step is simply a failure to adapt. People force their plans onto a franchise and retain certain expectations and then never stray from this plan. Your picks don't always work out, your gameplans aren't always perfect, there is nothing you can do to mitigate all the luck/chance - the biggest thing you should be doing is minimizing the impact of the luck/chance. Additionally, and I think this is somewhat restricted by time commitment to the site, planning really does play a major part in success. People who prepare for the draft for 3 weeks tend to do better than those who wing it on the day of. Have a Plan B, a Plan C, never be surprised by anything. If your player sucks for a week, a month, a year stop giving up on them. You're the coach (or the GM), improve their career - you are literally the only thing in the game that can turn a shit player into a good one by sheer force. Even the worse players can have a role, you just have to balance it with your budget (in the NFL, in college you don't even have to worry about that!) Stop overreacting to slight swings in luck and always continue planning - challenge yourself. In the end I think the site is a bit biased towards those with more time on their hands but I think that'll always be the case and I don't really have a problem with it. Generally when I criticize an organization it is because they've broken something I've listed above: knee-jerk draft picks, winging-it trades, impatience, or inability to adapt. "Impatience and not knowing when to fire someone are kind of at odds with each other though," you might say. Yes sometimes you need to let go of your coach or your quarterback but give them their due before you cut loose. I know that a lot of you are on a team with your friends so you obviously will not fire them, just don't expect that to go well - you might need to realize together what the problem is and address is thus. I hope you guys enjoyed Q&A Friday, please feel free to discuss these answers in here. I'll answer 5 questions each friday from the list that is located here, you are welcome to add any whenever you like! https://discord.gg/3GBn3Hp
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    Hello, it's 5:30 Eastern Time on the East Coast and welcome to ESPNHC First Take. On today's episode: Each NFLHC team is doing something. They have players that also do things. Is what they're doing good or is it bad? Here are some hot takes from each Week 6 NFLHC game. Broncos 31 - 25 Chargers The Chargers need to start Matty Swift ASAP. In 5 starts, Will Thompson's passer rating is in the league's bottom 5, and he's thrown 5 TD to 7 INT. Swift is in his second year now, and there are only 2 years left on his contract. At this point, Thompson isn't even producing, so what's the point in continuing to play him? Throw Swift into the fire. If he's even worse you just try again in the 2021 draft - even if its QB class isn't the greatest and you wait until 2022, you'll know whether Swift is worth it or not. Raiders 20 - 3 Patriots The Patriots need to start Brad Davis sooner than later. Ya sure my NEW YAHK JETS play the Patriots next week so maybe I'm a bit biased here, but Lawyer Johnson has been on a downward spiral ever since the start of this year. The Patriots are 2-4 and have a significantly hard schedule left. Once they pretty much fall out of playoff contention at 7 losses they should throw in Brad Davis. They didn't exercise Lawyer's option anyway so he'll likely be hitting free agency and if he continues to stink up the joint you may as well evaluate how Davis is as a starter for the QB situation going into 2021. Titans 29 - 22 Bills Kevin Williams is a top 3 receiver in NFLHC. As Bubada pointed out in the game thread, Williams has 97 receptions, 1,451 yards, and 11 TD in the combined 16 games he's had since last year when he first came in after Tommy Furrey tore his ACL, a higher number of yards than anyone had last year and only one fewer reception than last year's leader. And that's with elite QBs Kareem Taylor and Xander Williams throwing to him. At this point, it's hard to argue very many receivers you'd want to take over Kevin Williams, and he's currently in the midst of proving that last year wasn't a fluke, as he's #2 in NFLHC in receiving yards thus far. Who cares about his overall at that point? Browns 23 - 20 Bengals The Browns will win the AFC North. Everything is finally clicking in Cleveland. Ryan Clark and the offense are playing well even without a consistent run game, and the defense is playing well after adding two top 10 defensive players in this past draft. The Ravens are clearly not playing well enough this year, and with the Steelers missing Davenport for at least another 3 games and the Bengals starting Joel King, this division looks like Cleveland's for the taking (especially after this divisional road win). I think at this point, it's the Browns' to lose. Jaguars 31 - 28 Ravens Raheem Robinson will win Offensive Rookie of the Year. You may be wondering how this is a hottake, but Curtis Henry is currently top 5 in NFLHC in receiving yards as a rookie tight end. That's incredible. Nonetheless, Raheem's all-around work as a passer, runner, and receiver, and the Jaguars being surprisingly really good, plus him playing a more "premium" position will lead to his winning the award. Even if Henry ends up deserving it more. Panthers 17 - 16 Steelers Chester Henson will retire or not be starting in NFLHC within the next 2 seasons. Even when Paul Davenport was playing, Henson did not look too hot. Through 5 games, he has a 4.11 YPC, 5 TD, and 3 fumbles. Sure he is top 5 in rushing yards, but that's just because the Steelers are riding him. Whether he's out of juice, isn't effective with scramblers, or just isn't as good without Brian Vardell for defenses to focus on, Henson is in his 7th season and looks like he's on his last legs. Perhaps there have been too many carries in his illustrious career and the wheels are falling off. 49ers 28 - 16 Eagles The Eagles will miss the playoffs. Last year's #1 seed in the NFC is now 2-3 in 2020. With some tough games remaining including @ the Rams, @ the Jets, @ the Cowboys, and vs the Dolphins, Lions, and Seahawks, I have a tough time seeing Philly winning enough games to make the playoffs. This is especially true when taking into account the defense's current performance (bad) and QB Allan Taylor's current production (7 total TD in 5 games is not a good look for him). And with Taylor only getting older and having taken a significant beating in his career already, this should be concerning for the Eagles brass. Buccaneers 23 - 20 Saints Everyone not named Aaron Devereaux or Sean Jenkins must go. Listen, neovenator, ImposterCauster, and deandean are truly my close friends. And I say this with admiration, and I'd say that these are guys I would speak to about anything. But let me preface my comments by saying I know the men, those are my brothers, those are my friends, love them. HOWEVER, their roster is complete garbage. At the point where you're losing to the Bucs at home, you really need to reevaluate the whole roster. I'd throw overalls out the window and just start random players, and see if anyone performs. Hell, sign random street free agents and players from practice squads and see if you can find the next Kevin Williams. It's pretty clear you won't make the playoffs, so maybe you'll find a gem. What is there to lose? Dolphins 35 - 49 Cowboys The Cowboys made a potentially drastic mistake drafting Graham Burnett. This isn't a knock against Graham Burnett himself. But at this point, with their current performance and Taylor Rodriguez managing the game effectively once again after a weirdly down 2019, it's pretty clear that the Cowboys should have gone a different direction with the #7 pick. Think about how incredible the secondary could have been with Marquise Reed playing the nickel, or even how much more elite the offensive line could have been with Taylor Randolph bookending Justin Campbell. Burnett will probably be a nice QB and will likely take over for TayRod next year whether Dallas can trade him or not, I think their chances of another Super Bowl run would have been much greater using that #7 pick resource elsewhere. That offense put up 49 points on the Dolphins defense. 49! Texans 6 - 16 Colts The division is still the Colts' to win.... if they can find a running game. The Colts won despite Elijah Harden putting up a miserable 16 for 29 performance on the ground when Houston almost certainly sold out on stopping Aaron Shea. Shea, to his credit, is still putting on an amazing season and is currently 2nd in NFLHC in passer rating. After the Colts' 0-3 start, the defense is starting to pick up and Shea is playing even better. It's easy to see the Colts pulling off a winning streak and the current AFCS-leading Jaguars dropping a game or two due to inexperience and people figuring out how to defend trick plays. If Shea can get any help at all from his running game, I think Indy will take the AFC South once again this season. Washington [Redacted]s 10 - 35 Seahawks The [Redacted]s shouldn't look for Javier Fields' replacement yet. This may come as a surprise considering I trashed both Lawyer Johnson and Will Thompson earlier, and technically both are having better seasons as Javier Fields has the second worst passer rating of any QB to start a game this year (only ahead of Washington's own Yancey Musgrave). However, Washington's problem is much more drastic than Fields. This team needs talent in so many different areas that putting a rookie QB in at this point is destined to fail. And with a weak QB class upcoming, they'd more than likely be reaching for a QB in the draft. Fields has proven he can win in the past, though the landscape was different then. Still, I'd try to put at least some talent around a rookie QB before throwing them into the flames. Sam Hiller-Weeden is good and Fred Romanowski is good but name another Redskins player that's good. Go ahead, I'm waiting. Lions 15 - 21 Packers Your 2020 NFLHC Season MVP: Jason Johnson. Who'd have seen this coming? Considered a giant mistake by the Packers after they traded down from #1 to not have to choose between him and Skaggs, Johnson has seen a career resurgence this year as he leads all of NFLHC in passer rating and is 2nd in TDs. With the cast of players he has around him and with Lucas Hurd making the calls, and with the Packers one of the last two undefeated teams left in very unexpected fashion, the MVP's is JJo's to lose. And I don't see him falling off any time soon. Cardinals 0 - 45 Rams The Rams are the current Super Bowl favorites. The Rams only loss thus far is in Week 1 to the 49ers, the defending Super Bowl champions. On the road. In overtime. Starting their backup QB. In all other games, they've outscored their opponents 152 to 51 (basically 3 times the scoring), and that includes another one where the backup played. This team is absolutely ridiculous and is firing on all cylinders with Brandon Sauter looking like an early favorite for DPOY as well. Unless they choke hard like they did in last year's playoffs, I find it hard to see this team losing much this year at all. Jets 35 - 17 Giants R.J. Stanford... isn't the problem? Despite not too many TDs, R.J. Stanford is actually having a solid year this season now that the Giants have elected to run more. Here's the problem: they still haven't figured out that even though he's a hybrid, they should be using him where he's most effective anyway, as a pocket passer. O.J. Carano has struggled significantly this season with 0 TD and 3 fumbles (all lost), and I think it's partially because they're playing too much of a run-based system. If they let Stanford operate out of the pocket with Carano lining up in the backfield I'd think they'd see a lot better production out of the offense. Letting Stanford run is 1.25 years in and it hasn't worked yet. Why keep doing it? Falcons 17 - 6 Vikings Owner paperllamasunited needs to fire GM paperllamasunited. Everyone panned the Vikings' moves in the offseason, and what do you know? They didn't work out. Their kicker is bad because they traded their good kicker and their running game sucks because they trade their All-World RB, not to mention a draft that could only be considered "not good" at the time and looks possibly even worse. Llamas definitely needs some help from someone else, preferably with experience, that can teach him the ropes and perhaps help rebuild the team around Brian Vardell. I still don't understand why you'd mess so much with what was working relatively well. Anyway, if llamas truly cares about the state of the Vikings, I truly think he needs to take a step back and hire someone new to come in and fix the mess to their best ability.
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    Depth charts from now on will be due by Sunday night before your games regardless of when you play. Please have depth charts and gameplans ready by Wednesday Night at 6 PM EST for games beginning the 18th. @stormstopper, I need you to do the game prep thing again or I won't have time.
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    .tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;} .tg td{font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;padding:10px 5px;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;overflow:hidden;word-break:normal;} .tg th{font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;font-weight:normal;padding:10px 5px;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;overflow:hidden;word-break:normal;} .tg .tg-uqo3{background-color:#efefef;text-align:center;vertical-align:top} .tg .tg-baqh{text-align:center;vertical-align:top} .tg .tg-yzt1{background-color:#efefef;vertical-align:top} .tg .tg-xgyj{font-weight:bold;font-style:italic;font-size:18px;background-color:#9b9b9b;color:#ffffff;vertical-align:top} .tg .tg-5frq{font-style:italic;text-align:center;vertical-align:top} .tg .tg-jogk{font-style:italic;vertical-align:top} .tg .tg-yw4l{vertical-align:top} .tg .tg-yvo5{background-color:#656565;vertical-align:top} Preseason Coaches Poll Top 25 Rk Team Conf Pts '19 Rec. 1 Penn State Nittany Lions (6) B1G 241 16-0 2 USC Trojans (2) PAC 212 11-2 3 LSU Tigers SEC 207 11-3 4 Clemson Tigers (2) ACC 200 15-1 5 Purdue Boilermakers B1G 187 10-3 6 Alabama Crimson Tide SEC 166 11-3 7 Michigan Wolverines B1G 164 7-6 8 Auburn Tigers SEC 161 6-7 9 Washington State Cougars PAC 156 11-3 10 Illinois Fighting Illini B1G 151 11-2 11 Tennessee Volunteers SEC 114 13-2 12 SMU Mustangs AAC 104 12-2 13 Mississippi State Bulldogs SEC 87 10-3 14 Florida State Seminoles ACC 75 10-3 15 Baylor Bears B12 71 11-3 16 Air Force Falcons MWC 66 11-3 17 Georgia Bulldogs SEC 65 8-5 18 Arizona Wildcats* PAC 64 6-7 19 Wisconsin Badgers B1G 64 10-3 20 Kansas Jayhawks B12 59 9-4 21 Minnesota Golden Gophers B1G 52 10-4 22 Oregon Ducks PAC 47 10-3 23 Oklahoma Sooners B12 43 12-2 24 Vanderbilt Commodores SEC 42 10-3 25 Maryland Terrapins B1G 38 7-6 Dropped from Rankings: N/A Others receiving votes: Virginia (37), Nevada (36), TCU (33), Virginia Tech (31), Toledo (30), Oklahoma State (28), Pittsburgh (28), UCF (27), West Virginia (26), Nebraska (22), Texas (16), Missouri (15), Boston College (11), Michigan State (11), USF (11), Iowa (10), Rice (9), Syracuse (7) *Arizona's highest ranking is 7th **Wisconsin's highest ranking is 11th
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    Week 8, 2019. Tommy Furrey tears his ACL. Man I see the pain in his face. We're 1-5, in a winnable game against the Houston Texans and boom, our top receiver goes down. There's no happy ending here. He doesn't grit his teeth and say "win one for me." We don't go on to beat the Texans. We actually go on to lose every single game for the rest of the year. See growing up I always heard coach's favorite mantra. "Next Man Up." You know what next man up really means? It means you're not good enough to start. It means you're the Plan B. That's been me my entire life. Senior year at Boston College, guess what. K Will is fourth on the depth chart. Fourth. You look at the guys in front of me. Mosi Bartos is now a Colt. Tom Branch is killing it in Detroit. Hell even Allama Banta is repping that BC #WRU leading the charge for the LA Rams. But then there's me. Redshirt senior. Fourth. After the season I had no idea what I was gonna do. No invite to the combine. What am I gonna do with my communications degree you know? Sorry Pops but I didn't go to school, I went for ball. Day 3, 7th round, pick 191. Tampa Bay comes calling and I'm a Buc. All I can think about is relief. I went to offseason work outs, went to training camp, and guess where's K Will on the Depth Chart? Fourth. I play out the rest of my Bucs career, bouncing around as the fourth or fifth receiver on the depth chart. 2019, I don't even make it all the way through my contract. Legal loopholes, my agent knows. End up at Tennessee on a minimum contract. I'm not here to preach to the guys on the bench. It sucks. Here's all I got to say. You know what you're capable of. You alone. And as much as it sucks that you have to wait your chance, as much as it sucks hearing "Next Man Up," you have to be that guy. You have to take your opportunities and show the world what you got. Guess what, when Tommy went down in Week 8, the announcers said its over. Ain't receiver worth it in Tennessee and they've got no running game. Know what they were saying after the game? "Hello, Kevin Williams." I been here. I been fourth. But guess what, I'm first now. KEVIN WILLIAMS / CONTRIBUTOR
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    YEAH MAN!!! THE STREAK IS OVER Thanks to all the guys that helped me
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    April 28th, 2020 - That didn’t go as planned. 15 of 30 for 140 yards, 0 TDs and 2 INTs. My worst outing to date on the biggest stage I have ever played on. And yet… I am still the greatest. Fear. Failure. Defeat. These are not unfamiliar feelings to me. A lesser football player would crumble under pressure. But I am no ordinary football player. I am the greatest. To the fans in the stands who booed during the 2nd half, there is more going on behind the scenes then you see. You see 1 poor performance. You see 60 minutes of failure and are ready to move on. But 60 minutes of failure does not, a career break. You don’t see the fire in my belly. You don’t see how pissed off I am at myself. You have no idea how many times I have rehashed every play in my mind. You don’t see the 14 hours of film I watched over the weekend. You don’t see the hours of route work I put in with Devon [Tillman] working on timing. I will be the greatest! Go ahead and hate. Write fan posts about how bad I am. Petition coach to make Julius [Minnow] the starter. All you are doing is adding fuel to the fire. I thrive on the hatred. I thrive on the distain. I have been an underdog my entire life. I am the greatest. The gridiron isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a nasty place and it doesn’t matter how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there if you let it. Football is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done! You gotta be willing to take the hits. And I take the hits. I roll with the hits. That’s how I have done it my entire career. I am the greatest. Coach @HAFFnHAFF may be no @vtgorilla. Devon [Tillman] may be no Daniel Hobbs. Damani [Askew] may be no Justin Burris. But Tucker Dowden is no Rahim. From the ashes we will rise. We will rise together and be better than ever before because… I AM THE GREATEST!!!
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    Seahawks-Raiders was a classic head-to-head between top teams with a classic finish After dropping a week with crazy busy-ness, Bingo is back with a Power Rankings that looks at where teams are now, and whether they'll eventually finish the season higher or lower than where they currently are ranked. Who's gonna rise, fall, or maintain? You be the judge...let us know in the comments. Remember, if you don't like where you are in these rankings...play better! 1. Carolina Panthers End ranking (compared to now): Lower. Not many other places to go but down. Panthers are on an absolute, 2007 Patriots-level Eff the World tear right now, but the same old questions remain: can they win when it matters? 2. Green Bay Packers End ranking: Lower. I think the Packers have been the beneficiaries of some easy scheduling and some awkward defensive game plans. Those things will catch up with them. Jason Johnson is playing completely out of his mind right now, and there’s no way that will continue. Ultimately a playoff team, but not sure they’re a division champ. 3. Detroit Lions End ranking: slightly lower. The Lions have two Packer antidotes that others don’t: EJax and Keyshawn. Plus, Lecount has found his rhythm and isn’t turning the ball over. If the Defense stays decently consistent, they’ll win the North and be maybe a 2 seed in the NFC…but that’s big if. 4. San Francisco 49ers End ranking: Same. Yep, I figure the Niners luck had to run out some time, and it did bigly against the Cardinals. But I think they’ll snap back, if they keep on with their attack-oriented offense and rather stellar pass defense. I think they’ll finish in the Top 4 at the end of the season. 5. Los Angeles Rams End ranking: Higher. I think the Rams are, ultimately, the highest-ceiling team in the NFC, thus the League. Murphy will continue his stellar play back from injury, so the only real question in whether Coach Cricket will trust his gameplan enough to stick with what’s working. I think so, and I think the Rams will win the whole thing. 6. Seattle Seahawks End ranking: Slightly Lower. Seattle has played a lot of really tough games already, losing squeakers to the Broncos and Niners, while tripping up the Raiders this past weekend. I think they MAY be the odd-team out in the West, when all is said and done. But still one of the really good teams, if that’s any consolation. 7. Jacksonville Jaguars End ranking: Lower. I was surprised the Jags kept it up as long they did, but the dream start had to end at some point, and the OT monster jumped up and bit them. This team does, however, have some staying power, especially in the significantly weaker AFC. Can they hold off the Colts and Texans? I’m guessing one of those teams catches and overtakes Soluna’s men. 8. Dallas Cowboys End ranking: Lower. The game against the Eagles was interesting because it highlighted a slight turning point for both teams, in opposite directions. The ‘Boys started out so well, playing a host of lower-tier teams. They’ll come back to the middle a bit, but I think they can still possibly make the playoffs if they win the games they ‘should’ win. Will it be enough to hold off the Eagles? Not sure. 9. Miami Dolphins End ranking: Slightly Higher?? Just can’t figure these Dolphins out. The loss to the Texans illuminated a defensive flaw that I didn’t expect to see: a weakness in the short passing game. Miami outplayed the Houston in just about every respect, so that’s why they get the nod here over the Jets. I think the Dolphins are looking at an outside shot at the #1 seed, but probably a 2 or 4. 10. Oakland Raiders End ranking: Slightly Higher. The Raiders got bum-rushed by an opportunistic Seattle passing game in overtime in what turned out to be less a shock and more a realization that, largely due to some cap casualties, the Raiders just aren’t as dominant as the 2019 version. And that’s ok, they’re still playoff-good, with only a smaller margin for error than last year. 11. New York Jets End ranking: Same. Initially, I had the Jets at #9 and the Dolphins here (win versus loss on the weekend, ya know), but then I got to thinking about the things the Jets do well (passing game, pass rushing) and what the Dolphins do well (offense in general, creating turnovers). When you look at it like that, the Dolphins seem the safer pick. Throw in the losses for each time (really, the Bills???) and the Jets feel right at #11. 12. Atlanta Falcons End ranking: Lower. The Falcons get the two-win boost, despite that they’ve beaten very poor teams and their losses are to only slightly better teams. Atlanta needs to take down a boss, cause right now they are getting through the easy levels and that’s about it. We’ll see where that goes when they get into the rest of their NFC and division schedule. 13. Denver Broncos End ranking: Slightly Higher? I’m usually not much of a excuse-maker. If my team gets beat, it’s because either the other team played significantly better, or I blew it as a coach. In this case, however, I’m blaming our current standing on 1) a rookie RB with a case of the butterfingers in New England; and 2) a 50-yard kick that DOINKED off the cross-bar versus the defending Super Bowl champs. Broncos will be—barring injury—fine. 14. Houston Texans End ranking: Higher, slightly. Houston is such a boom or bust team, it’s kind of hilarious. One week, they’ll go out and look like a world-beater and knock off the previously-undefeated Dolphins. Just the week before, however, they get completely shut down by the Broncos. So, I’m guess that Rome, ol’ tinkerer, will eventually settle on a game plan and they’ll start to win consistently. The talent is there…can they catch the Jags and/or hold off the Colts? Maybe. Either way, looking like a #6 seed in the AFC. 15. Cleveland Browns End ranking: Higher. The Browns bye week hit at the worst time to enjoy their hype. They are starting to put things together, a little bit, and it’s getting pretty exciting in the Mistake by the Lake. Here’s a long shot: the Browns win every remaining division game and go .500 in every non-division game. That equals a playoff team, but how high a seed? I say a solid #3, much like last year’s Ravens. 16. New England Patriots End ranking: Higher. This team will compete in the East. They’re too talented NOT to. And they have the experience of the playoffs to rely upon down the stretch, but the bouts of inconsistency need to stop. They pounded J.B. Blacknall and the Broncos into submission on the weekend, so I’m guessing they make life interesting for the Dolphins/Jets. 17. Philadelphia Eagles End ranking: Much Higher. I expect the Eagles to win the East. Not a knock against Dallas, I just think the Eagles have the higher ceiling. It’s taken a small while for Philly to figure out all the game plan minutiae for Allan Taylor and Troy White, but I think they’ve got it now. That win over Dallas was BIG TIME. Says here the Eagles end up the #4 seed in the NFC. 18. Cincinnati Bengals End ranking: Same. I think the Bengals are properly ranked. They are a solid, if unspectacular team. Joel King has certainly improved, Ron Thomas is running well, and the up-and-down secondary is currently on a swell. So, nothing to loathe, nothing to love. Just a solid team. 19. Indianapolis Colts End ranking: Much Higher. I think the Colts will turn it around, but this weekend against the Texans is a GREAT litmus test. No one wants to play the Colts and Aaron Shea, so the F.O. needs to have patience that they pull a 180’ and get this ship pointed in the right direction. There’s a lot of football left, and I’ve got them down for the #4 AFC seed (yes, I think they’ll win the South, as it cannibalizes itself). 20. Arizona Cardinals End ranking: Slightly Lower. The Cards had a great day against the Niners. Everything went right, and the Niners’ usual luck did not shine for them in the valley of the Sun. But I think that was more outlier than trend. The Cardinals seem just one or two pieces away from a consistently winning outfit, and I think that’s on the offensive and defensive lines. Doesn’t help to play in the best division in football, where every matchup is in the other team’s favor. 21. Washington Redskins End ranking: Slightly Lower. I’m not really sure what to do with the Skins. They have SOME talent, and it was nice to Javier Fields back in action to get the win. But those wins are gonna be fewer and farther between, given their schedule and lack of depth. Hate to say it, but I think the Skins will fall to the bottom 10 at season’s end. 22. Tennessee Titans End ranking: Slightly Higher. These guys are playing with fire every time out. They have moments of quite good, and moments where I think LSU might be able to take them. But ultimately, their season hinges on the play of Xander Wiliams. Can he be the consistent QB they’ve desperately lacked? I think so, but playing in the South is just about the worst way to find out. I think the Titans are a 6-7 win club, and that’s good enough for low 20s/high teens. That’s about it. 23. Pittsburgh Steelers End ranking: Slightly Higher. The Steelers, after so much promise, now look like they’re searching for answers. The Chester Henson trade is looking less one-sided as the losses pile up (well, the Vikes aren’t any better, really) and Davenport is proving mortal. So, where do the Steelers go for answers? They need to reinvest in the a tricky, complex offense that gets Davenport and Henson on the move, utilizing their bevy of speedy ball-catchers. That could be enough to make the North a bit more interesting. Oh, and stop losing to the Ravens. 24. New York Giants End ranking: Same. Yeah, the Giants are a bit hosed. They needed to win this year, given the contracts they signed in the off-season, but that isn’t happening. And they need to play better defense, like last season. That isn’t happening. OJ Carano has been a battler for a long time, and he’s being completely wasted now. If I were the Giants, I would decide between making a push and finding an actual starting QB via trade, or exploring a complete rebuild by selling off some of their assets on D. Because I think we’re looking at a bottom 10 team at present. 25. Baltimore Ravens End ranking: Same. I think this Ravens team has the chance to get back into the top tier of the game, but it will take patience and lots of diligent moves by a F.O. that has not always showed the most cleverness. So, right now, I’ve got them finishing in the basement of the North, but not by much. I think the Ravens can win 5 games. That’s about it. 26. Buffalo Bills End ranking: Lower. Yeah, I think the Bills hit their SEASON PEAK against the Jets in week 2. Maybe I’m a jerk, maybe I’m a pessimist, but I try to call it like I see it. They have a tough schedule coming up (other than the Chiefs and Chargers) and they have very little prospects on Offense other than to give the ball to Dess and try to make Younger a game-manager. So, bottom of the East it is, maybe 3 wins. 27. Minnesota Vikings End ranking: Slightly Lower?? No idea. Someone posed this in the shoutbox: Vikings slightly above the Bears? But the Bears beat the Vikes. Yeah, and I think they are neck-and-neck for the bottom of the North, 27a and 27b. But the difference is: the Vikes have a chance to score once in a while, unlike the Bears. So what if the defense is rice paper, they at least have Vardell. I think that’s good enough for 3 more wins. 28. Kansas City Chiefs End ranking: Slightly Higher. Wow, what happened to the Chiefs? They can’t score, they can’t stop people from scoring. They can’t hold on to the ball, and Wheeler’s actually been kinda good. So, what’s going on? Well, it starts in the coaches box, and that change in leadership of the day-to-day has been tough. Now, the players need to gain chemistry and trust that the coach won’t trade them willy-nilly. Mimsy can do good things in time, I’m mostly sure. 29. Los Angeles Chargers End ranking: Same. Yeah, this seems right, mostly. The Chargers could pull some surprises throughout the season (hopefully not Thursday against the Broncos!!), but I don’t think they’ll win too many more. They knew it was gonna be a long slog, and they’re on track, more or less, for respectability in 2021. That’s gotta be good enough for now. 30. Chicago Bears End ranking: Slightly Higher. I’m very disappointed in the Bears. They worked their way down here first, so that’s why they’re below the Vikes for the time being. But I think they can pull back up a bit. I know that it’s a tough division with the #2 and #3 teams in this week’s Power Rankings, but the Bears have too good a F.O. to stay down here for the whole season. 31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers End ranking: Maybe Lower? Bucs have zero clue what to do now. They are trying to start over, but are getting no takers. They are trying the small fixes, but can’t pull the right strings. So, what to do? Push to the end. It isn’t gonna get easier, and they very well may end up on the bottom at season’s end, but they have the talent. Just keep on trying stuff. 32. New Orleans Saints End ranking: Slightly Higher. The Saints won’t go winless (unlike the Bucs, maybe…), they have three of the best players in the Conference, depending on the day. But…right now, they just can’t get out of their own way. I suppose I have them down for 3 wins. Probably better than the Bucs, but not much better.
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    And with that, the streak was over
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    Episode two of Kafka's All-Time CFBHC Team A note on selections: RB Sterling Brown, Texas 2013-2015 Stats 2015 - 355 carries, 2047 yards, 26 TD, 5.77 ypc 2014 - 224 carries, 1195 yards, 27 TD, 5.33 ypc 2013 - 365 carries, 1997 yards, 22 TD, 5.47 ypc CAREER - 944 carries, 5,239 yards, 75 TD, 5.55 ypc Accomplishments Team Big-12 Championship (2013) Cotton Bowl Champions (2013) New Era Pinstripe Bowl berth (2015) Meineke Car Care Texas Bowl berth (2014) Individual 2x Doak Walker Award (2013, 2015) 2x All-American (2013, 2015) Heisman Trophy finalist (2013) Miscellaneous Only player to win the Doak Walker Award more than once Only RB to be named All-America more than once Only RB with multiple 1900+ yard seasons Only one fumble in his career (final game of his senior season) Rushed for 100+ yards OR scored a TD in 37 of 40 games in his career (one was 98 yards and 0 TD) Scored a TD in 24 straight games. 2013 Week 11 - 2015 Week 8 Five postseason games: 539 yards, 8 TD Best statistical game - 2015 vs. TCU - 27 carries, 294 yards, 4 TD, 10.9 ypc Sterling Brown was one of the easiest decisions on this team. He combined longevity with an extremely high-level of play for one of the best overall offensive careers in CFBHC history. He was never injured, only fumbled once, and either rushed for 100 yards or scored a touchdown in an incredible 37 of 40 career games. Despite being one of the major workhorses in CFBHC history, he still ended his career with a 5.55 ypc average. We may never see another Sterling Brown. RB Asante Sowell, Wisconsin 2016-2018 Stats 2018 - 338 carries, 2184 yards, 22 TD, 6.46 ypc 2017 - 306 carries, 1738 yards, 21 TD, 5.68 ypc 2016 - 256 carries, 1277 yards, 18 TD, 4.98 ypc CAREER - 900 carries, 5,199 yards, 61 TD, 5.77 ypc CAREER - 25 catches, 324 yards, 6 TD Accomplishments Team Rose Bowl berth (2016) Outback Bowl Champions (2018) Navy National Bowl Champions (2016) Bahamas Bowl Champions (2017) Individual All-American (2018) Heisman Trophy finalist (2018) B1G Offensive Player of the Year (2018) Miscellaneous 24 straight 100+ yard games 100+ yards OR TD in 37 of 40 career games. Four postseason games: 562 yards, 5.98 ypc, 8 TD Career against teams who finished .500+ (23 games) - 3,046 total yards, 40 TD, 5.64 yards/touch This was a razor-thin decision among many worthy candidates. 2018 was the Year of the Running Back and Jaz Durant certainly made a strong push for this spot. Sowell averaged more yards per carry and more yards per game against teams who finished above .500 than Durant, which helped give him the nod. He did his best work at crunch time and against the best opponents. Case in point? 2018 vs. then #2 Boston College: 30 touches, 353 yards, 4 TD. Wallace, Latta, and Reed could've easily been here, but Sowell's consistency and receiving ability make him the choice. Other contenders: Jaz Durant (Auburn), Akili Wallace (Florida State), Mike Latta (Florida State), Ricardo Reed (Connecticut) Next episode: WR
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    It's 1 AM here so sorry if I forgot anyone. @grv413 If I had a dollar for every message we've ever sent back and forth, I'd have a lot of dollars. It's always great coming on to the site and having that 1 in the inbox though, and it's great just talking about literally anything even though like half is NFLHC related. This site wouldn't be the same for me without you on it, if I'm being honest. Thanks for always being around. @Soluna even though you're literally the antithesis of me as a person, apparently, at least you created this site so there's one positive thing about you @smckenz3 for being the new, shittier version of Soluna. Thanks for making it easier for me to beat my rivals. But in all seriousness, you're a great dude to talk to and talk shit with. @inspiral I know I was definitely overbearing with the Jets, but I still always thought very highly of you and you're clearly an extremely intelligent person. Sorry for all the times I annoyed you with not using all our cap space. Without you I'm not sure the site would still be running as is, but I'm sure you know that. @notoriousbigej for always keeping it dank af, and for being someone who actually knows how economics works amirite @Jumanji As your mentor, I think you should cut Todd Lester. Just saying. But in all seriousness, thanks for always being around to talk shit about the Super Bowl, it helps keep me motivated. And also, for being a great guy to talk to about anything else. @SageBow @stormstopper @Bubada I always enjoy reading your work, that type of media keeps the site worth visiting. Thanks for continuously contributing (especially you storm) @npklemm There's no particular reason for this one, you're just an awesome guy so keep being you @bingo415 I didn't even know we had a rivalry... but now that we do, screw Oregon they're not even the best Ducks on this site and a Bronco is a bad mascot @deandean1998 For being the Rome to my Soluna. And also for sharing so many interests with me, and being an awesome guy to talk with, but minus points for being a Pats fan bro. @smokingcricket Even though you're clearly a better chess player than me, you still tried to tell me that I was better than you. Something about that is hilarious to me, but it also shows that you're a great guy. @DangerZoneh those plug.dj hangouts where it's literally just us still manage to be a lot of fun. And there's so many more people really... @thatfunk @Dean_Craig_Pelton @ImposterCauster @TuscanSota and many more To be honest I could probably list like half of this site. Thanks for making this a great place to hang out no matter what else is going on in my life!
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    “What can I say, I love being the big man on campus.”- Ryan Harris, Wednesday, Februrary 1st, 2017, as he announced his commitment to the Fresno State Bulldogs. Ryan Harris addressing the media on signing day. Harris has never been a stranger to attention. Deemed a prodigy, he was recruited to De La Salle—California's most prestigious high school for football---at the age of twelve. He received the offer after throwing for six touchdowns in a U14 football game. His father, Benjamin Harris, did not even call his wife before signing the paperwork. For him, a regional manager for bank of America, the eight thousand dollar a year tuition was practically pocket change. “I've always been heavily invested into my son's football career”, the fifty year old Benjamin starts. “I saw early on that he had a special talent, and I know from my life that if you have a talent you need to go and chase it as aggressively as you can. So I signed him up to all the best football camps, I paid his way onto travel teams and private lessons, and clearly it worked. Some other parents, they'd get jealous you know, because my son was better than theirs and because I wasn't afraid to say so. What can I say, I don't believe in coddling. I think it makes kids weak.” From the day he set foot on campus at De La Salle, Harris was a controversial figure. “Well, a lot of people don't know this, but De La Salle used to run a wishbone”, Ryan said in our interview, “but my Dad, he wasn't a fan of that at all. He threatened to pull me out of the school and go down south to St. John Bosco if the offense wasn't changed to better suit me. At first the coach wouldn't back down, but when he saw me practicing, and saw how good I was, he knew he had to do whatever it took to keep me there.” “Ryan and Benjamin were sometimes...difficult.” De La Salle coach Justin Alumbaugh admitted in an interview. “The year they came I'd only just taken over for Bob Ladouceur, and you know, he was a legend. So I wanted to keep his systems in place, and he ran a wishbone, but when we got Ryan, I eventually realized that it wouldn't make sense to keep that offense anymore. So I agreed to the switch. But I'll admit, I wasn't happy about it, and if some freshman tried that on me today, I'll tell him to [expletive] off.” But the offensive gameplan wasn't the only source of drama for the young Ryan. “Yeah, I was a bit of a party boy, even as a freshman” Ryan Harris recollected, “My dad, as long as we were winning he was happy, so I was pretty much given free reign aside from practicing and doing enough homework to keep myself academically eligible.” After a variety of different dramas involving Harris including “misguided” locker room pranks, bullying and academic scandals, coach Alumbaugh had just about had enough. “I told him, “one more slip up and you're gonna be benched for a year.” But did he listen? Of course not”. “In retrospect, yeah, I probably should have controlled him better,” Benjamin Harris told me with a chuckle, “but he was a high school boy, you can't expect them to behave, especially not when they're getting visits from college scouts every other day.” It was true that, even as a sophomore, Ryan had been getting scouted significantly. “Best mechanics I'd ever seen in a sophomore”, Tim Bucknor, a scout for UCLA, told me, “I wanted him bad. But you know, just because someone is talented doesn't mean they are someone you wanna have on your team”. Harris throws a pass to his former Wide Reciever Sam Hiller-Weeden In August, the first week after the beginning of the semester at De La Salle, the campus was rocked by scandal. That weekend, after a party gone awry, Ryan had been arrested and sent to a juvenile detention center for a night. What exactly happened never went public, but the star quarterback was released just the next day. Rumors circulated that he had been caught doing hard drugs, or maybe petty vandalism. As the rumors flew around, coach Alumbaugh knew he had to act. Alumbaugh sighs, “I went up to Harris in the locker room before one of our practices and said, “I told you, son, one more slip and it's a suspension. You're not gonna suit up this year” I'm pretty sure his Dad actually tried to get in touch with St John Bosco, but they weren't having any of it. They didn't wanna deal with Ryan at all. I sat down with his Dad, and we worked out a deal. Ryan would be suspended the entire regular season. If we'd made the playoffs, he could play then. In all honesty, that was pretty stupid of me to agree to that.” Without Harris, the Spartans weren't nearly as good as in the previous year when they'd lost the state title game. They only just managed to squeak into the playoffs, and facing pressure from the team's boosters, coach Alumbaugh bit the bullet and started Harris. Ryan played lights out the team's opening two games, but ended up losing in the state quarterfinals in Ryan's worst game at De La Salle. “I'm pretty sure Ryan was playing hungover. I wouldn't doubt it one bit” an anonymous teammate of Ryan's told the local news. That off season less teams were scouting Ryan Harris than either of the two years prior. “I realized that his actions off the field were affecting his opportunities on the field,” Benjamin Harris said, “so I shortened his leash. A lot. He didn't do much for those six or so months but practice football and go to school. I wasn't about to let my son waste his god given talent by being stupid.” Ryan Harris played every game that season for De La Salle, including the state championship, which the Spartans won. He tallied 55 touchdowns and 4600 yards in fifteen games. He was rated as the #1 overall recruit in the 2017 class by 247, rivals, and ESPN. He was even given a perfect recruiting score by all three. Ryan Harris received only one scholarship offer from an FBS school. Fresno State. “I think I did push too hard,” Ryan admitted, “once we were winning again, I was able to do whatever again, and I went back to partying all the time. A couple times I was drunk for a visit from a coach, and I'm pretty sure they noticed. Word got around that I had some baggage, and for whatever reason, I guess people don't care how well you can throw if you are too much of a “problem”. But that's fine. Fresno is perfect for me anyways.” At Fresno, a known party school, Ryan Harris is an absolute superstar. He gets invited to every party, can get with any girl, and, according to some reports, even gets some “generous” grades from his professors. He's very publicly bad mouthed opposing teams, players and coaches. But the last two seasons Harris has managed to play extremely well in spite, or perhaps because, of all of this special attention. In the past month, anonymous players on the Fresno State roster have leaked that Harris is, “A toxic presence in the locker room”, but the Fresno State coaches have assured the press that the locker room is under control. Regardless, it's just more negative attention towards Harris. And as Ryan Harris gets closer and closer to the NFL, teams are beginning to look at his behavior, and already it is raising some red flags. “He's the next Onterrio Smith,” one scout reported, without a hint of a smile, “All the talent in the world with a mind too stupid to use it.” Whether Harris will really drop on the NFL big boards due to personal controversy remains to be seen. But it's certainly something worth paying attention to as the season goes on. Perhaps Ryan can redeem himself, or perhaps, like so many talents of days gone by, he'll be lost to history as someone who just could never make it work.
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    Here are some hot takes for each of the Week 1 PAC-12 games: CFBHC Kickoff Game: Notre Dame (0-0) at Stanford (0-0) Nicholas Garland puts himself in the Heisman race with a dominant week 1 performance: If Stanford is going to have success this season, its going to be on the back of Garland. With a weak OL and a 3.0/3.0 RB, Garland is going to have to shoulder the offensive load for the Cardinal. Week 1 provides him a chance to come out strong against an average Notre Dame pass defense, look for him to connect with his plethora of weapons at the WR spot (Stanford boasts 3 WRs at 4.0/4.0 or better). Oregon State (0-0) at Central Michigan (0-0) Oregon State breaks their losing streak: Oregon State is in a much better place than they were last season, and look to improve on a dismal 0-12 2019 campaign. With Ralph Julian (JR) at QB and Lloyd Samuels (SO) at RB, the Beavers look to have a threatening ground game for the first time since the Ryan Clark era. They face a first time HC at CMU, and as long as they can win the battle of the trenches, look for OSU to finally get a W. New Mexico (0-0) at Washington (0-0) Jake Davis struggles in his CFB debut: All eyes will be on Freshman QB Jake Davis as he makes his long awaited college debut. The Huskies however seem to lack the play-makers around Davis to ensure he thrives right out of the gate, and couple that with a strong Lobos D and coaching from dml1, don't be surprised if Davis's first game looks rough. Ultimately the Huskies should win this game, but if they plan on contending in the North they are going to need Davis to outplay his current skill level. Connecticut (0-0) at #9 Washington State (0-0) Washington State holds Marshawn Miller to less than 100 yards rushing: Most of the attention on Washington State is currently on QB David Oates, and for good reason. Oates had a stellar 2019 season leading the Cougars to the playoffs and looks to only improve in 2020. The defense in Pullman should not be overlooked, as they have a shutdown front 7 anchored by Beckett Couch (DT - 4.0/4.0), Riley Nichols (DE - 4.0/4.0) and Redshirt Freshman Quincy Hobson (DE - 2.0/5.0). UCONN will struggle to win the battle at the line with just an average OL, allowing the Washington State front 7 to wreck havoc and shut down Miller. #24 Vanderbilt (0-0) at #22 Oregon (0-0) Trevon Yeldon runs for at least 125 yards and 2 TDs: Vanderbilt looks to have a stout defense in 2020 with one of the best line-backing corps in the nation, but Yeldon doesn't care. Arguably the best back in the conference in 2019, Yeldon looks to have a monster Sophomore year. Oregon benefited from some key OL transfers to strengthen Tevon's support, only helping his case for a repeat, if not better, performance in 2020. While Vanderbilt has a strong LB unit, their line lacks in the same type of fire power, giving Yeldon the potential to have a huge day if he can power through the second unit. UCLA (0-0) at #15 Baylor (0-0) UCLA pulls of the upset: Baylor should have a good 2020 season if Marcus Swartz and Lamont Wilder can find some magic, but their offensive line leaves a lot to be desired. UCLA has the potential to expose this if DE Blake Tipton can create pressure and force Swartz into making bad decisions against a solid Bruins secondary. The key to UCLA's offense will be their 2019 leading reciever, Darius Waters (ATH), an explosive play maker who can turn the game on either side of the ball, as Waters starts at both WR1 and SS. If Waters can explode for a huge offensive game or force some big turnovers on D, UCLA should be in good shape to pull off the upset. Colorado (0-0) at #2 USC (0-0) Buffs lose by less than 1 TD: USC is early favorites to win the PAC-12, as they clearly have one of the most talented teams not only in the conference, but in the nation. Star QB Luke Trickett (JR) is an early contender for Heisman, and is surrounded by studs on offense. The Trojan's defense might somehow be even more talented than their offense, as they have a 4.0 potential player or better at 10 out of 11 starting spots. Colorado should have their hands full in trying to contain USC, but their roster gives them an interesting chance to win. Feeding Latvious Murray the ball as much as possible will be the Buffaloes' primary offensive goal, and should allow them to chew clock and keep the ball out of Trickett's hands. Deasean Barkley (CB) and Seth Scott (FS) give the Colorado secondary the playmaking potential to maybe not stop a guy like Trickett, but at least slow him down and force him to make a mistake or two. This game will definitely be a lot closer than most think, as Colorado should be able to slow the game down and force some turnovers to prevent USC from building a huge lead.
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    So first, this list would always be incomplete without @alienufo, @inspiral, and especially @Soluna. I can't even begin to imagine how much time and effort they put in that none of us can even see, and they've all worked tirelessly to take this game and this site from good to great and beyond. I specifically want to highlight @TuscanSota, @Minnowsotan, @HAFFnHAFF, @ChicagoTed1, @panther553212, @DangerZoneh, @AzulCaballero, @acewulf, and @smckenz3--all the members of the Big XII. It's a lot more fun to write about the Big XII, to hype up the Big XII, and to care about the Big XII because you guys care about it too. The fact that you all buy in and take pride in it is what makes this conference special. The media makers and the data crunchers deserve a shoutout too. @bingo415, @Jumbo, @SageBow, @paperllamasunited, @ImposterCauster, @Rome, @Bubada, @Yellow_Evan, @Hagan, @Jieret, @Franz Kafka, @beeznik, @Dacder, @SlinkyJr, @GK12303, and I'm probably forgetting as many people as I'm remembering--but this is what makes this experience immersive. It's hard to care about Tennessee QB 2.0/5.0. It's hard *not* to care about Adrian Goldson, the Next Great Hope of Tennessee. I try to read as much as I can, but I especially make sure to read when someone writes an article who doesn't normally write articles. Seeing people take that step and testing the water is a wonderful thing to see. And last but not least, my own list wouldn't be complete without my brother @Darman. You've always been the closest person in my life, and I love the fact that we get to work together on here. We still make a great team. *** To answer the second question, the rivalry and smack talk are that small enjoyment that I enjoy. Whether it's @vtgorilla, HAFF, inspiral, Danger, Ted, the Lions staff, the Vikings staff, or sometimes even the Falcons and Colts' staffs (because they harbor dangerous elements such as the False Prophet and Aaron Shea) (and dang, that's a long list), I've had a lot of repartee on here, and y'all are good at dishing it back and keeping me in line. I love that as a community we're able to keep that competitive edge, but we also don't lose sight of the fact that we're all here to have fun.
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    Who were this week's studs and duds? STUDS Thomas Wheeler, QB 31/49, 347 yards, 6 TD Wheeler channeled his inner Christian Skaggs against the Broncos. Quincy Honeycutt, RB 14 carries, 86 yards, 3 TD 3 catches, 30 yards, TD QTrain 2.0 brought his cheese grater to Soldier Field. Toby Madden, OT Allowed zero sacks against the Bills. Madden shutdown Ortiz, Galbreath, & Co. - no simple feat. Austin Medina, WR 4 catches, 108 yards, TD Funky Cold Medina torched the Titan secondary. The Entire Seahawks' roster during the 2nd quarter Brian Glenn, fumble recovery - 12:07 Chris Ritter, 46 yd FG - 9:56 (3-0) Jarius Jones to Gary Faneca, 7 yd TD pass - 5:44 (10-0) Christian Okonkwo, fumble recovery - 5:01 Booker T. Washington, 2 yd TD run - 4:30 (17-0) Antonio Oliver, INT return for 14 yards - 3:57 Booker T. Washington, 11 yd TD run - 3:01 (24-0) Chris Ritter, 53 yd FG - 0:00 (27-0) Morris Millen, OLB INT, 1.5 sacks, FF, 6 tackles Jason Johnson will be having Morris Millen nightmares for days. Allan Taylor, QB 29/44, 370 yards, TD 5 carries, 13 yards, TD Allan Taylor prefers both wings and flats. DUDS Ronald Daniel, K 1/3 FG (made 20; missed 44 and 56) Ronald "Noodle Leg" Daniel missed a 44 yarder short. Yes, you read that correctly. Todd Lester, QB 19/32, 237 yards, TD, 2 INT, 66.8 rating 3 carries, 6 yards, fumble lost Lester was shutdown by a smothering Loin defense Alexander Williams, QB 16/30, 208 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT, 47.6 rating Nine offensive points and two turnovers. Ew. David Hughes, OT Offensive line allowed five sacks Hughes could've been mistaken for a turnstile on the L last week. Nick Hall, QB 26/48, 280 yards, TD, 2 INT, 61.1 rating Hall scored as many points for the Raiders as he did the Rams. Cameron Newhouse, CB Demetrius Still, CB Allowed 13 catches, 199 yards, 3 TD to the Bengals' top two WRs Ew. Long live the Jankowski Revenge Tour.
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    How does any NFLHC kicker have a 61.5% FGPct with the fourth highest attempt rate. How does any NFLHC kicker miss a 44 yarder *short*. Wheelchair Jimmy can kick a ball 54 fucking yards Hopefully the last thing Ronald McFuckface misses in New England is his remaining paycheck. I'm fixing to kick his ass through the uprights of my offices front door.
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    Please update your depth charts ASAP and confirm in this thread once you've done so. Your team pages will also be updated shortly. QB Christian Coates 6-3 210 (Jr) Columbus Community (Columbus, IA) 3.5 of 4.0 [Scrambling] from Kentucky to Syracuse QB Connor Dawson 6-2 205 (So) Espanola Valley (Espanola, NM) 3.0 of 4.0 [Pocket] from Arizona State to Arkansas QB Austin Stearns 6-2 206 (Sr) Lawrence County (Moulton, AL) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pocket] from Georgia Tech to Kentucky QB Jabari Sneed 6-4 202 Jr Powell (Powell, WY) 2.5 of 3.5 [Scrambling] from Boise State to BYU QB Malik Light 6-2 215 Jr Owendale Gagetown (Owendale, MI) 2.5 of 3.5 [Scrambling] from Tennessee to Colorado State QB Harrison Lancaster 6-2 203 Sr Cook (Adel, GA) 3.5 of 3.5 [Scrambling] from Miami (FL) to UMass RB Preston Griggs 6-0 170 Sr Southwestern Illinois College (Belleville, IL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Speed] from Ohio to Northwestern RB Gabriel Shields 5-11 176 (Jr) Owendale Gagetown (Owendale ,MI) 4.0 of 4.0 [Speed] from Western Michigan to Michigan State RB Jamel Jamison 5-6 205 (Sr) Morgan Park (Chicago IL) 3.5 of 3.5 [Power] from Illinois to Eastern Michigan FB Joshua Rupp 5-9 202 Sr Acalanes (Lafayette, CA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] from San Jose State to Utah FB August Mace 6-1 243 Sr Connors State College (Conner, OK) 4.0 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] from Texas to Kentucky FB Oliver Gagnon 6-1 246 Sr Owyhee (Owyhee, NV) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] from Nevada to UTSA WR Ahe Salanoa 6-1 187 Sr New Deal (New Deal, TX) 4.0 of 4.0 [Speed] from Oklahoma to Cincinnati WR Samir Palmer 5-10 214 (Jr) Northland Christian (Houston, TX) 3.5 of 3.5 [Speed] from Oklahoma State to Arizona WR Jayden Tinsley 5-10 187 (Jr) River Road (Amarillo, TX) 3.5 of 3.5 [Speed] from Baylor to North Carolina TE Darnell McNeal 6-2 230 Sr Bourbon County (Paris, KY) 3.5 of 3.5 [Blocking] from Vanderbilt to Akron TE Jaiden Parris 6-3 235 Jr Hoosac Valley (Cheshire, MA) 3.5 of 3.5 [Blocking] from Buffalo to Arizona OT Pita Kamu 6-6 310 Sr Farmerville (Farmerville, LA) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] from Air Force to Oregon OT Arthur Haas 6-2 309 (Sr) Blissfield (Blissfield MI) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] from Purdue to Bowling Green OT Christian Ferreira 6-4 275 (Sr) Everett (Everett MA) 3.5 of 3.5 [Run Blocking] from Virginia to Wyoming OG Trevor York 6-2 314 (So) Manistee (Manistee, MI) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] from Wisconsin to Oregon OG Matthew Rector 6-5 293 Jr Gaither (Tampa, FL) 3.0 of 3.0 [Pass Blocking] from Ole Miss to Temple C Kieran Davenport 6-4 247 (Sr) Saks (Anniston AL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] from LSU to UAB C Samuel Beck 6-4 299 Sr Augusta (Augusta, KS) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] from Michigan to Stanford C Milo Goldsmith 6-4 241 (Sr) Central (Little Rock AR) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] from Louisville to Baylor DE Zion Lanier 6-2 256 (Sr) Thomas Jefferson (Bloomington MN) 3.5 of 3.5 [Contain] from Kansas to Iowa DE Darren Roberson 6-2 244 Sr Flatonia (Flatonia, TX) 3.5 of 3.5 [Contain] from Baylor to Boise State DE Thierno Hayes 6-2 250 (Sr) Bourbon County (Paris KY) 3.5 of 3.5 [Contain] from Kansas to Marshall DE Joseph Grace 6-2 240 Sr Hebron Christian (Pheba, MS) 3.5 of 3.5 [Blitz] from Georgia State to Oklahoma DE Jeremy Grey 6-2 246 Sr Aurora (Aurora, NE) 3.5 of 3.5 [Contain] from Kansas State to Oklahoma DT Thierno Pearson 6-5 313 (Jr) Rich South (Richton Park, IL) 4.0 of 4.0 [1-Gap] from Ball State to Charlotte DT Ricardo Torrez 6-3 302 Sr Manchester Central (Manchester, NH) 3.5 of 3.5 [1-Gap] from Air Force to Colorado DT Curtis Early 6-5 277 (Sr) Baker (Baker LA) 3.5 of 3.5 [2-Gap] from Miami (FL) to Florida OLB Maxim Hillman 6-1 238 (Jr) Bishop O'Dowd (Oakland, CA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Blitz] from USC to Baylor OLB Julian Nolan 6-3 240 (Sr) Patrick Henry (Ashland VA) 3.5 of 3.5 [Coverage] from Maryland to West Virginia OLB Evan Talley 6-1 250 (Sr) Portage Central (Portage MI) 3.5 of 3.5 [Blitz] from Michigan to Northern Illinois ILB Jaiden Saenz 5-11 220 (Sr) Lake Providence (Lake Providence LA) 3.5 of 3.5 [Will] from Texas Tech to Oregon State ILB Aaron Faust 6-1 235 (Sr) River Valley (Cheshire OH) 3.5 of 3.5 [Will] from Illinois to Kent State CB Elias Crawley 6-1 183 (Jr) Johnson City (Johnson City, TX) 3.5 of 3.5 [Man Coverage] from TCU to South Carolina FS Anthony Davis 5-10 204 Sr Eastern (Greentown, IN) 4.0 of 4.0 [Zone Coverage] from Toledo to Oregon State SS Jordan Harley 5-10 215 Sr Milwaukee Area Technical College (Milwaukee WI) 4.0 of 4.0 [Man Coverage] from Northern Illinois to Pittsburgh K Declan Havens 6-1 204 (So) Galileo Academy (San Francisco, CA) 2.5 of 4.0 [Power] from Nevada to Virginia Tech K Derek LeBlanc 6-1 151 (Jr) John Marshall (Chicago, IL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Accuracy] from Penn State to Miami (FL) P Tyson Evans 5-8 187 Jr Decatur (Federal Way, WA) 2.5 of 4.0 [Power] from Washington to Washington State
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    Episode four of Kafka's All-Time CFBHC Team A note on selections: OT Grey Brown, Florida State 2013-2016 Stats 2016 - 14 starts at left tackle 2015 - 15 starts at left tackle 2014 - 15 starts at right tackle 2013 - 14 starts at left tackle CAREER - 58 starts (43 left tackle, 15 right tackle) Accomplishments Team 3x ACC Champions (2013-2015) 4x ACC Atlantic Champions (2013-2016) NCAA Championship Runner-up (2014) Rose Bowl Champions (2015) Orange Bowl Champions (2014) Russell Athletic Bowl Champions (2016) Sugar Bowl berth (2013) Chick-Fil-A Bowl berth (2015) Individual Outland Trophy (2016) 2x All-American (2015-2016) Miscellaneous Only two-time All-American among all offensive linemen Most starts in CFBHC history Protected CFBHC legends Christian Skaggs, Thomas Wheeler, and Dick Cook Blocked for CFBHC legends Tony Peaks, Akili Wallace, and Mike Latta Blocked for Doak Walker Award and All-American (Mike Latta) 191 offensive touchdowns scored while anchoring the offensive line The only two-time All-American offensive lineman in CFBHC history, Grey Brown was the clear choice for the left tackle spot. He opened lanes for some of CFBHC's all-time greats and led the Seminole dynasty from 2013-2016. He won three ACC Championships and played in back-to-back-to-back national semifinals. He left college as the most experienced player in CFBHC history. OT Brandon Reamon, Texas 2014-2017 Stats 2017 - 16 starts at left tackle 2016 - 14 starts at left tackle 2015 - 13 starts at left tackle 2014 - 13 starts at right tackle CAREER - 56 starts (56 left tackle) Accomplishments Team National Championship (2017) Big-12 Champions (2017) 2x Big-12 South Champions (2016-2017) Fiesta Bowl Champions (2017) Rose Bowl Champions (2017) Chick-Fil-A Bowl berth (2016) New Era Pinstripe Bowl berth (2015) Meineke Car Care Texas Bowl berth (2014) Individual Outland Trophy (2017) All-American (2017) Miscellaneous Blocked for CFBHC legend and 2x Doak Walker Award winner Sterling Brown Protected Brad Davis' blindside during his freshman season (won National Championship) 190 offensive touchdowns scored while anchoring the offensive line Reamon started all four years for Texas, taking the field in 56 consecutive games. He ended his career on a high note as he helped the Longhorns win the 2017 National Championship. He blocked for the only two-time Doak Walker Award winner (Sterling Brown) and routinely kept his quarterback's jersey clean. Like Grey Brown, Reamon goes down in CFBHC history as an all-time great. Other contenders: John Eaton (Penn State), Blake Pile (USC), Gene Miller (Ohio State) Next episode: OG
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    With the 2020 CFBHC season about to start up and recruiting wizardry already under way, Rome presents his Top 200 prospects! Prospects are graded based on current and projected skill, potential, height, and weight. Players are projected for up to 5 years, with Year 4 getting the most weight, followed by 3 and 5, then 2, then 1. This is with the assumption that most players will redshirt or have zero impact their freshman year and many will leave after their (Jr) or Sr year. Also, some positions are weighted more heavily than others, with positions like FB, KR, and PR being the least favored and QB and OT being the most. I almost bothered to separate based on attribute, but decided against it at the last moment. Edits: v1.1 - Lessened the positional adjustment range; Adjusted height and weight factors to positional Without Further Ado OT Mareko Mea'ole 6-7 257 Fr William Blount (Maryville TN) 2.5 of 5 [Pass Blocking] (5 Stars) DE Anthony Walton 6-5 249 Fr Largo (Largo FL) 2.5 of 5 [Blitz] (5 Stars) ILB Garrett Powers 6-4 229 Fr Bryan (Bryan TX) 3.5 of 5 [Mike] (5 Stars) WR Calvin McKay 6-4 207 Fr York (York NE) 3 of 5 [Target] (5 Stars) SS Jarvis Bolton 6-1 192 Fr North Hall (Gainesville GA) 3 of 5 [Zone Coverage] (5 Stars) ILB Keshon Richey 6-3 218 Fr Archbishop McCarthy (FL) 2.5 of 5 [Will] (5 Stars) QB Jordan Harrison 5-11 188 Fr Central Community (Breese IL) 2.5 of 5 [Pocket] (5 Stars) ILB Brett Combs 6-4 259 Fr Northeast (Macon GA) 3 of 5 [Mike] (5 Stars) C Nick Vaikauskas 6-3 293 Fr Lompoc (Lompoc CA) 3.5 of 5 [Pass Blocking] (5 Stars) DT Kwon Shaw 6-4 284 Fr Port Neches-Groves (Port Neches TX) 2.5 of 5 [2-Gap] (5 Stars) CB Brendan Plummer 6-0 186 Fr Cosby (Cosby TN) 2 of 5 [Zone Coverage] (5 Stars) OT Armani Bello 6-7 316 Fr Van Alstyne (Van Alstyne TX) 2 of 5 [Run Blocking] (5 Stars) OT Isaac Decker 6-3 286 Fr Central Community (Breese IL) 2 of 5 [Run Blocking] (5 Stars) DE Landon Crowder 6-0 242 Fr Rising Star (Rising Star TX) 2 of 5 [Contain] (5 Stars) CB Branden Valentine 6-2 188 Fr Natchitoches Central (LA) 1.5 of 5 [Man Coverage] (5 Stars) DT Graham Spear 6-4 289 Fr Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks CA) 2 of 5 [1-Gap] (5 Stars) C Charlie Becker 6-2 304 Fr Flatonia (Flatonia TX) 3 of 5 [Run Blocking] (5 Stars) CB A.J. Gilchrist 6-1 184 Fr Temecula Valley (Temecula CA) 1.5 of 5 [Zone Coverage] (5 Stars) RB Julius Wesley Jr. 5-6 193 Fr J.B. Conant (Hoffman Estates IL) 3 of 5 [Power] (5 Stars) OG Will Groves 6-6 316 Fr Eastlake (Chula Vista CA) 2 of 5 [Run Blocking] (5 Stars) DT Dante Schneider 6-7 286 Fr West Monroe (West Monroe LA) 2.5 of 4.5 [2-Gap] (5 Stars) OLB Jermon Pendleton 6-1 229 Fr Pine Island (Pine Island MN) 2 of 5 [Blitz] (5 Stars) DE Terrence Perry 6-3 255 Fr Pensacola Catholic (Pensacola FL) 2.5 of 4.5 [Contain] (5 Stars) DE Vondrae Ledbetter 6-6 266 Fr New Deal (New Deal TX) 2 of 4.5 [Blitz] (5 Stars) SS Erick Babcock 6-2 179 Fr Joplin (Joplin MO) 1.5 of 5 [Zone Coverage] (5 Stars) C Bruce Hoskins 6-3 291 Fr Millis (Millis MA) 2 of 5 [Pass Blocking] (5 Stars) QB Travis Ricketts 6-4 190 Fr Brentwood Academy (Brentwood TN) 1 of 5 [Pocket] (5 Stars) DT Finn Little 6-6 309 Fr LaSalle (Olla LA) 3 of 4.5 [1-Gap] (5 Stars) DT Felix Jennings 6-0 298 Fr Oconto (Oconto WI) 2.5 of 5 [1-Gap] (5 Stars) OLB Gregory Faulkner 6-3 217 Fr Crestview (Crestview FL) 2.5 of 4.5 [Coverage] (4.5 Stars) QB Zeke Burkett 5-10 222 Fr Northeast (Macon GA) 2 of 5 [Pocket] (4.5 Stars) QB Dillon Sneed 5-11 187 Fr Eastmoor Academy (Columbus OH) 1.5 of 5 [Hybrid] (4.5 Stars) DT Hooker Jackson 6-5 285 Fr Irving (Irving TX) 1.5 of 5 [2-Gap] (4.5 Stars) OG Wyatt Beck 6-4 288 Fr Hilltop (Chula Vista CA) 3 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] (4.5 Stars) OLB Brian Suarez 6-3 236 Fr Robert E. Lee (Midland TX) 3 of 4.5 [Coverage] (4.5 Stars) WR Deontray Clay 6-0 226 Fr Cooper (Cooper TX) 2.5 of 5 [Target] (4.5 Stars) CB Isaiah Simpkins 6-1 164 Fr Elkton (Elkton MD) 1 of 5 [Zone Coverage] (4.5 Stars) CB Victor Austin 6-1 166 Fr Napoleon (Napoleon MI) 1 of 5 [Zone Coverage] (4.5 Stars) OLB Aaron Darling 6-4 239 Fr Fulton City (Fulton KY) 2.5 of 4.5 [Coverage] (4.5 Stars) WR Tyler Hansen 6-4 225 Fr Goliad (Goliad TX) 3 of 4.5 [Target] (4.5 Stars) OLB Jermaine Dockery 6-3 234 Fr Trinity (Trinity NC) 1.5 of 5 [Coverage] (4.5 Stars) WR Deon Kirksey 6-3 204 Fr Argonaut (Jackson CA) 1.5 of 5 [Target] (4.5 Stars) RB Luca Spurlock 6-1 232 Fr Calhoun Falls (Calhoun Falls SC) 2.5 of 4.5 [Power] (4.5 Stars) RB Noel Ransom 5-10 192 Fr Chula Vista (Chula Vista CA) 1.5 of 5 [Speed] (4.5 Stars) OG Philip Bowden 6-7 272 Fr Loganville (Loganville GA) 1 of 5 [Pass Blocking] (4.5 Stars) QB Marcus Burden 6-5 229 Fr Van Alstyne (Van Alstyne TX) 1 of 5 [Hybrid] (4.5 Stars) OLB Joseph Nugent 6-3 242 Fr Mesquite (Mesquite TX) 2.5 of 4.5 [Blitz] (4.5 Stars) QB Jack Ramey 6-6 218 Fr Pocono Mountain West (PA) 3 of 4 [Pocket] (4.5 Stars) QB Kyler Wilson 6-0 224 Fr Hertford County (Ahoskie NC) 1.5 of 5 [Pocket] (4.5 Stars) WR Landon Scott 6-4 169 Fr Northview (Bratt FL) 1 of 5 [Speed] (4.5 Stars) OG Joaquin Travis 6-1 264 Fr Lewis County (Hohenwald TN) 2.5 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] (4.5 Stars) CB Vincent Perkins 6-2 175 Fr Hico (Hico TX) 3 of 4 [Zone Coverage] (4.5 Stars) RB Tyler Pearson 6-0 226 Fr Sterling (Sterling IL) 1.5 of 5 [Power] (4.5 Stars) ILB Nate Garrett 6-2 251 Fr Vernon Kilpatrick (Malibu CA) 3 of 4.5 [Mike] (4.5 Stars) WR Danny Brantley Jr. 6-3 159 Fr American (Hialeah FL) 1.5 of 4.5 [Speed] (4.5 Stars) DE Jermaine Caldwell 6-0 263 Fr St. Joseph (Brownsville TX) 1.5 of 5 [Blitz] (4.5 Stars) QB Aaron Harden 6-3 218 Fr Fontana (Fontana CA) 1 of 5 [Scrambling] (4.5 Stars) OG Mario Whitmore 6-7 287 Fr Largo (Largo FL) 1 of 5 [Run Blocking] (4.5 Stars) C Byron Alexander 6-3 299 Fr Rock Hill (Rock Hill SC) 3 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] (4.5 Stars) DE Nicholas Blackwell 6-3 249 Fr Godby (Tallahassee FL) 1 of 5 [Contain] (4.5 Stars) OT B.J. Cornell 6-5 284 Fr Northview (Bratt FL) 1 of 5 [Pass Blocking] (4.5 Stars) RB Tredaveon Jennings 5-11 196 Fr Perham (Perham MN) 2 of 4.5 [Power] (4.5 Stars) C Jake Barbour 6-2 247 Fr Sandwich (East Sandwich MA) 2 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] (4.5 Stars) OT Philip Engel 6-2 301 Fr Golden Valley (Merced CA) 1.5 of 5 [Run Blocking] (4.5 Stars) ILB Jacoby Spangler 6-0 235 Fr Seton Catholic (Chandler AZ) 3 of 4.5 [Will] (4.5 Stars) DE Ibrahim Rowe 6-2 240 Fr Winter Springs (Winter Springs FL) 1.5 of 4.5 [Contain] (4.5 Stars) DE Max Abel 6-3 253 Fr La Cueva (Albuquerque NM) 1.5 of 4.5 [Contain] (4.5 Stars) OG Jerraud Weathers 6-3 275 Fr Argonaut (Jackson CA) 2 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] (4.5 Stars) DE Jon Snell 6-7 244 Fr Williams (Williams CA) 1 of 4.5 [Contain] (4.5 Stars) DE Jamal Dorsey 6-7 250 Fr Southwest (San Diego CA) 2 of 4 [Blitz] (4.5 Stars) DE Romeo Nixon 6-3 260 Fr Dwyer (Palm Beach Gardens FL) 1 of 5 [Contain] (4.5 Stars) QB Vaughn Sheppard 6-5 196 Fr York (York NE) 1 of 4.5 [Pocket] (4.5 Stars) ATH Justin Kirkland 6-3 222 Fr Blissfield (Blissfield MI) 3 of 4 [Scrambling] (4.5 Stars) DT Vincent Schultz 6-7 307 Fr Wink (Wink TX) 1 of 5 [1-Gap] (4.5 Stars) OLB Leonard England 6-3 217 Fr Eunice (Eunice LA) 1 of 5 [Blitz] (4.5 Stars) OLB Sebastian Shockley 6-3 217 Fr Morristown-Hamblen West (TN) 1 of 5 [Blitz] (4.5 Stars) QB Mike Naylor 6-2 200 Fr West Covina (West Covina CA) 3 of 4 [Scrambling] (4.5 Stars) OG Derek Quintana 6-4 338 Fr Mesquite (Mesquite TX) 3 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] (4.5 Stars) OT Matt Maynard 6-6 314 Fr Cook (Adel GA) 1 of 5 [Pass Blocking] (4.5 Stars) ILB Daniel Cahill 6-2 209 Fr Normal Community (Normal IL) 1 of 5 [Will] (4.5 Stars) QB Frederick Snyder 6-4 227 Fr Grady (Atlanta GA) 3 of 4 [Hybrid] (4.5 Stars) SS Nicolas Colbert 6-1 180 Fr Georgiana (Georgiana AL) 1 of 5 [Zone Coverage] (4.5 Stars) OLB Quay Simmons 6-3 221 Fr Andalusia (Andalusia AL) 1.5 of 4.5 [Coverage] (4.5 Stars) SS Charles Ellis 6-1 178 Fr Denison (Denison TX) 1.5 of 4.5 [Zone Coverage] (4.5 Stars) WR Marcus Hightower 6-3 192 Fr Glendale (Glendale CA) 1 of 5 [Speed] (4.5 Stars) FS Marc O'Malley 6-2 205 Fr Keefe Technical (Framingham MA) 1 of 5 [Zone Coverage] (4.5 Stars) OT Zack Oliveira 6-5 334 Fr Southern Guilford (Greensboro NC) 2 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] (4.5 Stars) QB Darion Harrison 6-1 220 Fr DeLand (DeLand FL) 1 of 5 [Scrambling] (4.5 Stars) C Jeremiah Glass 6-3 257 Fr Rice Lake (Rice Lake WI) 1 of 5 [Run Blocking] (4.5 Stars) FS Omar Powell 6-2 207 Fr Northwest Whitfield (GA) 1 of 5 [Zone Coverage] (4.5 Stars) CB Isaac Peterson 6-1 163 Fr Florida Christian (Miami FL) 1 of 4.5 [Man Coverage] (4.5 Stars) DT Isaac Escamilla 6-7 320 Fr Rayville (Rayville LA) 1 of 5 [2-Gap] (4.5 Stars) CB Dion Sutton 6-1 167 Fr Cook (Adel GA) 2 of 4 [Man Coverage] (4.5 Stars) SS Andre Barber 6-1 185 Fr Taylor County (Perry FL) 1 of 5 [Zone Coverage] (4.5 Stars) OG Wymore Mott III 6-6 264 Fr Pope (Marietta GA) 2.5 of 4 [Pass Blocking] (4.5 Stars) DE Shane Spurlock 6-0 242 Fr J.A. Fair (Little Rock AR) 1 of 5 [Contain] (4.5 Stars) WR Lukas Shapiro 5-10 189 Fr Prattville (Prattville AL) 1.5 of 5 [Speed] (4.5 Stars) OLB Mike Owens Jr. 6-2 219 Fr Southeast Raleigh (Raleigh NC) 1 of 5 [Coverage] (4.5 Stars) OLB Patrick Malone 6-4 241 Fr Apalachicola (Apalachicola FL) 1.5 of 4.5 [Blitz] (4.5 Stars) SS Dominique Waller 5-11 191 Fr DePaul Catholic (Wayne NJ) 2 of 4.5 [Man Coverage] (4.5 Stars) CB D.J. Chavis 5-10 190 Fr Athens (Athens AL) 1 of 5 [Zone Coverage] (4.5 Stars) DE Ben Morton 6-2 270 Fr Jupiter (Jupiter FL) 1 of 5 [Blitz] (4.5 Stars) ILB Alshon Sinclair 6-4 248 Fr Gleason (Gleason TN) 1 of 5 [Mike] (4.5 Stars) RB Brayden Pepper 5-11 203 Fr Cardinal Mooney (Sarasota FL) 1 of 5 [Speed] (4.5 Stars) OT Freddie Penn 6-6 271 Fr Douglas Freeman (Richmond VA) 1 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] (4.5 Stars) QB Kieron Farmer 6-5 220 Fr Bountiful (Bountiful UT) 1 of 4.5 [Pocket] (4.5 Stars) ILB Evander Lawton 6-2 223 Fr DeLeon (DeLeon TX) 1.5 of 4.5 [Will] (4.5 Stars) RB Matteo Cates 5-9 179 Fr Robert E. Lee (Baytown TX) 1 of 5 [Speed] (4.5 Stars) DT Brandon Milligan 6-6 318 Fr Chipley (Chipley FL) 1 of 5 [1-Gap] (4.5 Stars) QB Martin Hudson 6-3 201 Fr South Grand Prarie (TX) 2 of 4 [Pocket] (4.5 Stars) DE Maximilian McKinley 6-1 262 Fr Northwest (Opelousas LA) 1 of 5 [Blitz] (4.5 Stars) ATH Demetrius Clay 6-0 235 Fr Columbus Community (IA) 1 of 5 [Blocking] (4.5 Stars) DE Eric Flowers 6-0 249 Fr Godby (Tallahassee FL) 1.5 of 4.5 [Blitz] (4.5 Stars) DT Jaden Vann 6-4 297 Fr Annville Cleona (Annville PA) 1 of 5 [2-Gap] (4.5 Stars) OT Quinton Richard 6-3 325 Fr Oakdale (Oakdale CA) 2 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] (4.5 Stars) DE Alshon Wooten 6-6 269 Fr South (Bakersfield CA) 2 of 4 [Contain] (4.5 Stars) ILB Griffin Paul 6-2 230 Fr John Marshall (Chicago IL) 1 of 5 [Mike] (4.5 Stars) FS Jermaine Mingo 6-0 197 Fr P.L. Julian (Chicago IL) 1 of 5 [Zone Coverage] (4.5 Stars) CB Kendrick McAllister 5-10 175 Fr Olympic Heights (Boca Raton FL) 3 of 4 [Zone Coverage] (4.5 Stars) DE Kayden Soriano 6-6 271 Fr Glen Lake (Maple City MI) 1 of 4.5 [Blitz] (4.5 Stars) QB Nick Brohm 6-4 218 Fr Robert E. Lee (Baytown TX) 1 of 4.5 [Hybrid] (4.5 Stars) OLB Peter Whalen 6-4 217 Fr Adams City (Commerce City CO) 2.5 of 4 [Coverage] (4.5 Stars) WR F.T. Grady 6-3 211 Fr Brackett (Brackettville TX) 1.5 of 4.5 [Target] (4.5 Stars) DE Maxwell Griffiths 6-6 242 Fr Jemison (Jemison AL) 1.5 of 4 [Contain] (4.5 Stars) C Alex Ness 6-4 290 Fr L.E. Dieruff (Allentown PA) 1 of 5 [Run Blocking] (4.5 Stars) OG Angelo Chastain 6-2 303 Fr North Forsyth (Cumming GA) 2 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] (4.5 Stars) QB Storm Whittaker 6-0 191 Fr Eupora (Eupora MS) 2.5 of 4 [Hybrid] (4.5 Stars) OLB Frederick Grant III 5-11 227 Fr Limon (Limon CO) 2 of 4.5 [Blitz] (4.5 Stars) RB Maleek Parris 5-11 215 Fr South Panola (Batesville MS) 1.5 of 4.5 [Power] (4.5 Stars) WR Owen Condon 6-1 192 Fr Thomasville (Thomasville NC) 1.5 of 4.5 [Speed] (4.5 Stars) DT Kyle Pope 6-6 272 Fr Fairfield (Fairfield AL) 1 of 4.5 [1-Gap] (4.5 Stars) CB D'Andre Brock 6-2 200 Fr Rising Star (Rising Star TX) 1 of 4.5 [Man Coverage] (4.5 Stars) CB Jabari Lloyd 5-11 165 Fr Taylor County (Butler GA) 1 of 4.5 [Man Coverage] (4.5 Stars) ILB Jesse Fortner 6-1 228 Fr Chalmette (Chalmette LA) 1.5 of 4.5 [Will] (4.5 Stars) WR Christopher Phillipson 6-3 163 Fr St. Joseph (Brownsville TX) 1 of 4.5 [Speed] (4.5 Stars) CB Davion Mayo 6-1 162 Fr Whitefield Academy (Mableton GA) 1.5 of 4 [Zone Coverage] (4.5 Stars) OLB Christian Reese 6-0 219 Fr Port St. Lucie (Port St. Lucie FL) 1 of 5 [Coverage] (4.5 Stars) QB Benjamin Yates 6-4 229 Fr Shelton (Dallas TX) 1 of 4.5 [Pocket] (4.5 Stars) OLB Jonas Hooker 6-1 230 Fr Northeast (Macon GA) 1.5 of 4.5 [Coverage] (4.5 Stars) CB Nate Hutson 6-1 194 Fr Huntsville (Huntsville AL) 1 of 4.5 [Man Coverage] (4.5 Stars) ILB Jeremiah Holmes 6-0 220 Fr Tecumseh (Tecumseh OK) 1.5 of 4.5 [Will] (4.5 Stars) OT Noah Linton 6-4 271 Fr Dwyer (Palm Beach Gardens FL) 1 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] (4.5 Stars) WR Marion Reeves 6-3 226 Fr Aspen (Aspen CO) 1 of 5 [Target] (4.5 Stars) TE Kisona Vailopa 6-3 239 Fr Meigs County (Decatur TN) 3 of 5 [Blocking] (4.5 Stars) OT Morris Fontaine 6-3 260 Fr Loganville (Loganville GA) 1 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] (4.5 Stars) ATH Hakeem Easley-Andrews 6-2 224 Fr Florida Christian (Miami FL) 2 of 4 [Blitz] (4.5 Stars) WR Derek Thrasher 6-0 216 Fr Ringgold (Ringgold LA) 2 of 4.5 [Target] (4.5 Stars) DT Zachary Ledford 6-3 332 Fr St. Thomas Aquinas (FL) 2 of 4.5 [2-Gap] (4.5 Stars) OT Jonathan Lang 6-3 322 Fr Robert E. Lee (Midland TX) 1 of 5 [Pass Blocking] (4.5 Stars) WR D.D. Dyson 6-0 197 Fr Hayfork (Hayfork CA) 1 of 5 [Target] (4.5 Stars) ILB Jordan Harley 6-3 209 Fr Putnam County (Eatonton GA) 1 of 4.5 [Will] (4.5 Stars) OLB Rory Foote 6-4 223 Fr Asheboro (Asheboro NC) 2 of 4 [Coverage] (4.5 Stars) OT Brian Vandyke 6-7 315 Fr J.S. Clark (Opelousas LA) 1 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] (4.5 Stars) OG Tyler Burnett 6-3 308 Fr Donaldsonville (Donaldsonville LA) 1 of 5 [Pass Blocking] (4.5 Stars) OT Julien Reagan 6-3 326 Fr Warner Robins (Warner Robins GA) 1 of 5 [Pass Blocking] (4.5 Stars) QB Desmond Fraley 6-2 217 Fr Godby (Tallahassee FL) 1 of 4.5 [Scrambling] (4.5 Stars) OG Tristan Painter 6-1 311 Fr Alcee Fortier (New Orleans LA) 2 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] (4.5 Stars) DT Vaughn Owen 6-5 279 Fr North Delta (Batesville MS) 1 of 4.5 [1-Gap] (4.5 Stars) OG Raymond Cuevas 6-6 290 Fr Mountain View (Mesa AZ) 2 of 4 [Pass Blocking] (4.5 Stars) TE Mark Pereira 6-4 214 Fr Lake Howell (Winter Park FL) 2 of 5 [Receiving] (4.5 Stars) OT Sebastian Nash 6-2 265 Fr Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey NJ) 2 of 4 [Run Blocking] (4.5 Stars) C Martin Rush 6-1 255 Fr Longview (Longview TX) 3 of 4 [Pass Blocking] (4.5 Stars) OT Mike Gauthier 6-7 324 Fr Brevard Christian (FL) 2 of 4 [Run Blocking] (4.5 Stars) QB Travis Clinton 6-5 195 Fr Oakdale (Oakdale CA) 1 of 4 [Pocket] (4.5 Stars) CB Sammy Schuler 5-10 191 Fr Poteet (Poteet TX) 2.5 of 4 [Man Coverage] (4.5 Stars) OLB Jacob Gaines 5-11 227 Fr Newberg (Newberg OR) 1 of 5 [Coverage] (4.5 Stars) C Brian McMedley 6-3 304 Fr Kahuku (Kahuku HI) 1.5 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] (4.5 Stars) WR Devin Samuel 6-1 220 Fr Willowridge (Sugar Land TX) 1 of 5 [Target] (4.5 Stars) ILB Ted Stanford 6-2 209 Fr Houston Lutheran North (Houston TX) 1 of 4.5 [Will] (4.5 Stars) CB Da'Quan Waller 5-11 190 Fr Stephenson (Stone Mountain GA) 1 of 4.5 [Zone Coverage] (4.5 Stars) CB Donovan Gipson 6-2 165 Fr Beckville (Beckville TX) 1 of 4 [Man Coverage] (4.5 Stars) QB Max Lauer 6-5 202 Fr De La Salle (Concord CA) 1 of 4 [Scrambling] (4.5 Stars) QB Nick Carr 6-0 205 Fr Christian Academy (Louisville KY) 1 of 4.5 [Hybrid] (4.5 Stars) SS Nazir Bell 6-1 183 Fr Clairton (Clairton PA) 2 of 4 [Zone Coverage] (4.5 Stars) CB Miles Bradford 5-9 171 Fr Pacelli (Stevens Point WI) 2 of 4 [Man Coverage] (4.5 Stars) OLB Joaquin Haney 6-3 224 Fr Williams (Williams CA) 1 of 4.5 [Blitz] (4.5 Stars) DT Bruce McNulty 6-5 293 Fr Hernando (Brooksville FL) 1 of 4.5 [2-Gap] (4.5 Stars) DE Cory Andrews 6-1 249 Fr Enterprise (Brookhaven MS) 1 of 4.5 [Contain] (4.5 Stars) CB Chad Manuel 6-2 203 Fr Thatcher (Thatcher AZ) 1.5 of 4 [Zone Coverage] (4 Stars) OLB Robert Royal 6-3 225 Fr Castlewood (Castlewood VA) 1 of 4.5 [Blitz] (4 Stars) C Darren Keyes 6-2 244 Fr Florida Christian (Miami FL) 1 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] (4 Stars) CB Abdul Yancey 6-2 170 Fr North Delta (Batesville MS) 1 of 4 [Zone Coverage] (4 Stars) DT Brendan Flanagan 6-1 305 Fr White Hall (White Hall AR) 1 of 5 [2-Gap] (4 Stars) FS Ian Worley 5-10 212 Fr Crowell (Crowell TX) 1.5 of 4.5 [Man Coverage] (4 Stars) QB Eli Siegel 6-1 221 Fr Central Catholic (Pittsburgh PA) 1 of 4.5 [Scrambling] (4 Stars) DE Shia Abernathy 6-6 248 Fr Avenal (Avenal CA) 1 of 4 [Blitz] (4 Stars) QB David Barrow 6-1 225 Fr Brevard Christian (FL) 2 of 4 [Pocket] (4 Stars) DT Jeremiah Vereen 6-6 279 Fr Cardinal Mooney (Sarasota FL) 1.5 of 4 [1-Gap] (4 Stars) OG Shane Glass 6-2 277 Fr Van Alstyne (Van Alstyne TX) 2.5 of 4 [Run Blocking] (4 Stars) ILB Jake Hoffman 6-3 249 Fr Spain Park (Hoover AL) 2.5 of 4 [Mike] (4 Stars) ILB Garrett Schulz 5-11 240 Fr D.S. Jordan (Los Angeles CA) 1 of 5 [Will] (4 Stars) RB Daveed Huff 5-10 186 Fr G.A. Dondero (Royal Oak MI) 1 of 4.5 [Speed] (4 Stars) DE Geno Mason 6-2 267 Fr River Valley (Cheshire OH) 1 of 4.5 [Contain] (4 Stars) DE Frank Hinson 6-7 238 Fr Munroe Day (Quincy FL) 2.5 of 3.5 [Contain] (4 Stars) OLB Milo Mize 6-4 244 Fr Hazlewood (Town Creek AL) 1 of 4.5 [Blitz] (4 Stars) DE Austin Hinds 6-7 266 Fr Redan (Stone Mountain GA) 1 of 4 [Blitz] (4 Stars) OT Owen Lord 6-3 292 Fr Mount Carmel Area (Mount Carmel PA) 1 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] (4 Stars) WR A.K. Schwab 6-4 183 Fr Munroe Day (Quincy FL) 1.5 of 4 [Speed] (4 Stars) WR Rodrigo Marroquin 5-11 153 Fr St. Joseph (Brownsville TX) 1 of 4.5 [Speed] (4 Stars) WR Da'Quan Crockett 6-4 214 Fr Flour Bluff (Corpus Christi TX) 1 of 4.5 [Target] (4 Stars) WR Ahmed Slade 6-2 190 Fr Indian Creek (Trafalgar IN) 1 of 4.5 [Speed] (4 Stars) QB Aidan Peters 6-4 204 Fr Chipley (Chipley FL) 1 of 4 [Scrambling] (4 Stars) TE Kameron McCrary 6-5 200 Fr Brookhaven (Brookhaven MS) 2.5 of 4.5 [Receiving] (4 Stars) WR Samuel Gray 6-5 228 Fr South Grand Prarie (TX) 1 of 4.5 [Target] (4 Stars) WR Jordan Barnes 6-0 223 Fr Ada (Ada OH) 1.5 of 4.5 [Target] (4 Stars) OG Jake Cotter 6-2 267 Fr Lake Highland Prep (Orlando FL) 1 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] (4 Stars) SS Shawn Hodge 6-2 207 Fr Johnson City (Johnson City TX) 1 of 4.5 [Man Coverage] (4 Stars) CB Darius Bridges 6-1 204 Fr Spain Park (Hoover AL) 1.5 of 4 [Man Coverage] (4 Stars) TE Mario Roberson 6-1 203 Fr Chamberlain (Tampa FL) 2 of 5 [Receiving] (4 Stars) CB Ronnie Talbert 6-1 173 Fr Olympic Heights (Boca Raton FL) 1 of 4 [Zone Coverage] (4 Stars) QB Matthew McMullin 6-5 221 Fr Renton (Renton WA) 1 of 4 [Pocket] (4 Stars) WR Sawyer Vogel 6-5 233 Fr Tucker (Tucker GA) 1 of 4.5 [Target] (4 Stars) WR Maleek Abioye-Afua 6-5 233 Fr Longview (Longview TX) 1 of 4.5 [Target] (4 Stars) OLB Matthew Winn 6-1 217 Fr Munroe Day (Quincy FL) 1 of 4.5 [Blitz] (4 Stars) QB Ted Blake 6-5 222 Fr Eaglecrest (Centennial CO) 1 of 4 [Scrambling] (4 Stars) OG Vincent Bauman 6-6 289 Fr Forrest (Chapel Hill TN) 1.5 of 4 [Pass Blocking] (4 Stars) SS Abdoul Amos 6-1 200 Fr Cosby (Cosby TN) 1 of 4.5 [Zone Coverage] (4 Stars) OG Jermaine Neal 6-6 322 Fr Wayne Hills (Wayne NJ) 2 of 4 [Run Blocking] (4 Stars) CB Kristian Christian 6-2 162 Fr Robert E. Lee (Midland TX) 2.5 of 3.5 [Man Coverage] (4 Stars) OLB Jared Bass 6-3 244 Fr Grady (Atlanta GA) 1 of 4.5 [Blitz] (4 Stars) DE Arthur Trahan 6-5 254 Fr St. Philip Catholic Central (MI) 1 of 4 [Blitz] (4 Stars) QB Grant Benton 6-0 226 Fr McClellan Magnet (Little Rock AR) 1 of 4.5 [Scrambling] (4 Stars) ATH Adam Gibson 6-3 331 Fr Horizon (San Diego CA) 1 of 5 [2-Gap] (4 Stars) OG Santiago Gomez 6-5 309 Fr La Marque (La Marque TX) 1 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] (4 Stars) CB Bruce Blackwell 6-2 165 Fr Iraan (Iraan TX) 2.5 of 3.5 [Zone Coverage] (4 Stars) QB Misu Curtis 5-11 188 Fr Holland Christian (Holland MI) 1.5 of 4 [Hybrid] (4 Stars) QB A.J. Coyne 6-3 203 Fr South (Cleveland OH) 1 of 4 [Pocket] (4 Stars) RB Jaiden Douglas 5-11 215 Fr Okemah (Okemah OK) 1 of 4.5 [Power] (4 Stars) C Dwayne Horton 6-2 266 Fr Orange (Hillsborough NC) 1 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] (4 Stars) CB Jeremiah Lyles 5-11 189 Fr Normal Community (Normal IL) 1.5 of 4 [Zone Coverage] (4 Stars) SS Paul Cline 6-0 193 Fr Bentley (Burton MI) 1 of 4.5 [Man Coverage] (4 Stars) C Damien Bower 6-3 282 Fr Mt. Diablo (Concord CA) 2 of 4 [Pass Blocking] (4 Stars) CB Jamari Hargrove 6-2 194 Fr El Dorado (Placerville CA) 1 of 4 [Man Coverage] (4 Stars) CB Israel Hines 6-2 194 Fr Pelham (Pelham GA) 1 of 4 [Man Coverage] (4 Stars) WR Jude McCain 6-4 230 Fr Hargrave Military Academy (VA) 1 of 4.5 [Target] (4 Stars) QB Brody Kowalski 6-3 207 Fr Delta Academy (Marks MS) 1 of 4 [Hybrid] (4 Stars) OT Xavier Stewart 6-5 271 Fr Barron Collier (Naples FL) 1 of 4 [Pass Blocking] (4 Stars) C James Kaplan 6-2 302 Fr Floydada (Floydada TX) 3 of 4 [Pass Blocking] (4 Stars) WR Tyler Kaminski 5-11 171 Fr South Brunswick (Southport NC) 1 of 4.5 [Speed] (4 Stars) RB Marcus Branch 5-9 194 Fr False River (New Roads LA) 1 of 4.5 [Speed] (4 Stars) DE Felix Pritchard 6-7 241 Fr Marlboro County (Bennettsville SC) 2 of 3.5 [Blitz] (4 Stars) CB Omar Major 5-11 160 Fr Cary (Cary NC) 1 of 4 [Zone Coverage] (4 Stars) ILB Charlie Vazquez 6-1 262 Fr Gilman School (Baltimore MD) 3 of 4 [Mike] (4 Stars) ATH Chris Darling 5-11 236 Fr North Atlanta (Atlanta GA) 1 of 4.5 [Will] (4 Stars) RB Bryan Ellison 5-11 221 Fr Cumberland Valley (Mechanicsburg PA) 1 of 4.5 [Power] (4 Stars) CB Dylan Talbert 6-0 174 Fr El Dorado (Placerville CA) 1 of 4 [Zone Coverage] (4 Stars) RB Aden McDonough 6-1 184 Fr Dwight Englewood (Englewood NJ) 1 of 4 [Speed] (4 Stars) OT Malik Yarbrough 6-5 275 Fr Beau Chene (Arnaudville LA) 1 of 4 [Run Blocking] (4 Stars) CB Raekwon Hemphill 5-9 198 Fr Southwest (San Diego CA) 1 of 4.5 [Zone Coverage] (4 Stars) ILB Lardarius Pendleton 6-2 244 Fr New Deal (New Deal TX) 1 of 4.5 [Mike] (4 Stars)
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    I'd suggest, if possible, to make it so that the in state bonus doesn't come into play until points of some sort get put on the player. So teams like minnesots dont get a point advantage on players they don't bid on.
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    Birmingham, AL As the proud commissioner of the best conference in football, it is with great pleasure that I announce the SEC Football Hall of Fame! We here at the SEC Headquarters have been tirelessly working on creating a selection process to determine the nominations of SEC Legends to the Inaugural Class of the SEC Hall of Fame. The requirements are as follows: Must have graduated/declared early at least 3 seasons prior. For this upcoming season, players from 2013-2017 are eligible Coaches are always eligible unless they are currently still coaching The nominees will be announced on Week 7 of the 2020 College Football Season. Afterwards, they will be voted on by the esteemed coaches of the SEC. It requires a 2/3rds vote for any nominee to enter the SEC Hall of Fame (10 out of the 14 coaches have to vote yes). I would like to give special thanks to all of those who have been working with me on making this a reality! Stay Tuned!
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    Aaron Shea to Tyrone McGee, 8 yd TD pass - 3:50 (20-6) 20 points for Tyrone McGee
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    CFBHC Kickoff Game: Notre Dame (0-0) at Stanford (0-0) Oregon State (0-0) at Central Michigan (0-0) Georgia State (0-0) at Georgia Tech (0-0) Memphis (0-0) at UTSA (0-0) Bowling Green (0-0) at Colorado State (0-0) Ball State (0-0) at Akron (0-0)* Utah State (0-0) at Cincinnati (0-0) New Mexico (0-0) at Washington (0-0) North Carolina (0-0) vs. Texas Tech (0-0) (Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA) Duke (0-0) at BYU (0-0)
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    Not gonna make a big list of people because then I'll accidentally exclude people, so I'll just say @Bubada is someone that I always look forward to his articles because they're so interesting and detailed. A small little enjoyment I have that keeps me coming back to this site daily is rubbing mayonnaise all over myself while shitposting.
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    I Am the Greatest August 31, 2015 - A day that I will remember forever. I am a high school junior, about to start my first game. We are on the road for the season opener. East Central. Last year, we knocked them right out of the first round of the state playoffs.. After the season, we graduated 9 starters, including our QB and RB. They graduated only 2. And ranked preseason number 1 in the state, they are out for blood this time. The roar from the 22,000 fans is deafening as we run onto the field. I can sense that coach is nervous. But I am not. I am the greatest. The game doesn’t go according to plan. We don’t just lose, we get embarrassed. And worst of all, the blame falls on me. 15-37 passing for 220 yards, 1 TD, and 4 INTs. I vow that it will never happen again. Coach is rattled, and I know he has to wonder if he made a mistake in naming me the starter. I will show him in practice this week that he didn’t. I am the greatest. November 10th, 2015 - We end our season with a loss in the 2nd round of the playoffs. I’m proud of our team. Next year could be our year. I posted good numbers on the year, completing 63% of my passes for 3,806 yards. And after the first game I took much better care of the ball posting a 2.2:1 TD:INT ratio. I am the greatest. December 11th, 2015 - Coach calls a team meeting. He is accepting a new coaching position. The team is devastated, but no one more than me. Coach put his faith in me, and I was determined to win him a title next year. Now there is uncertainty around the program. There is uncertainty around our future in my critical Senior year. But I know we will be ok. I am the greatest. July 15th, 2016 - Our new coach announces his intention to transition to an option attack on offense. He names his son (a freshman) as the starter. What a terrible call. Not only is this going to cost me my senior year, it will probably cost me a college scholarship. My life’s dream was to suit up in the yellow and black as a Missouri Tiger, just like my dad did. The dream is dead. Life isn’t fair. The college scouts will never know that I am the greatest. October 30th, 2016 - The last game of the year. Senior night. I haven’t played a snap all year. We are a 2 win team. I’ve never felt more miserable. My parents tried to tell me to keep my chin up, but I know it is all but over for me. Scouts aren’t calling. No one knows I exist. On the opening drive of the game, the coach’s son takes a punishing hit from a blitzing OLB. He doesn’t get up.The doctors later confirmed that he has a broken ankle. Coach has nowhere else to turn. “Rahim, you are up.” We can’t run the option attack with me, so coach gives me free reign to call the offense. We haven’t run this offense this year, but our WRs are itching to catch some passes. The game turns into a shootout that no one expected, and at the end of the night we emerge victorious, 42-35. I complete 37 of my 44 passes for 489 yards and 6 TDs while throwing no interceptions. The fans go crazy and the team carries me off of the field. I am the greatest. I would be lying if I said I didn’t think that performance would get me noticed, get me a scholarship offer to Mizzou even. But the offers didn’t come. I was a local sensation but one game simply wasn’t enough. My career derailed by a fool of a coach who didn’t realize that I am the greatest. 2017 - I walk on at Moberly Area Community College. I redshirt my first year there. I thought redshirting would be the worst thing ever. I always told myself I would go somewhere I could play right away. But after my painful senior year in high school, this is a breeze. I win the starting job and a scholarship for 2018 and 2019 and perform at a very high level. We make it all the way to the JuCo national title game in 2019 where we lose a nail biter. I am proud of my team, but even more importantly, I am proud of myself. I know that Mizzou has Tucker Dowden as the entrenched starter, but I know that I can beat him out if given the chance. Hopefully Coach @vtgorilla returns my calls. Game tapes have been sent. I have called and expressed my interest. Now I have to wait. But I know deep down that I am the greatest. February 3rd, 2020 - National signing day. It is finally my chance to sign and play D-1 college ball. I have spoken to Coach vtgorilla and he told me that he doesn’t have a place for me. He is happy with Tucker Dowden and can’t offer me anything. I assure him he is making a mistake. After all, I am the greatest. Coach HAFFnHAFF from Kansas State is the only person who offers me a scholarship. He tells me that he would love to have me, but Julius Minnow is returning as the starting QB. It will come down to a spring football battle. We are both Juniors. The winner starts for 2 years, the loser never plays another snap. I sign in an instant. I’m not worried, I am the greatest. April 28th, 2020 - The day of the spring game has arrived. I have split reps with Julius all spring. Today is the final audition. Coach informed us that he will name the starter after the game. I feel bad for Julius. He is a great guy! He and I have grown very close throughout the spring, which isn’t something I expected since we were direct competitors. I feel bad for Julius, because I know he doesn’t have a chance against me. I am the greatest. This is my final last chance. One last shot to recognize my dreams. I won’t be denied. There are no nerves. I’m as cold as ice. It is my chance to show everyone what I have always known, that I am the greatest. ~ Written by Rahim Murrell Shoutout to @TuscanSota for editing... Community college grammar classes were not kind to Rahim.
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    I'm ok with the new one if it'll save enough time to keep games at the same frequency, especially if we get more statlines
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    Mine isn't coaching related. I was working for the Titans trying to make some trades and deandean messaged me on behalf of the saints. We did the usual dance and for some reason I was a MASSIVE asshole to him, which he certainly didn't deserve. I was mad/stressed about something in my personal life and let it spill over onto here. I felt terrible about it immediately, both for how I treated him and that I let personal shit affect who I am here. I like coming here to shoot the shit and get away from irl stuff sometimes so that moment was a big eye opener for me. Now if I have nothing nice to say I don't say anything and I try to not take anything too seriously.
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    PAC-12 Game of the Week Week 1 The Game: Colorado Buffaloes (0-0) at #2 USC Trojans (0-0) The Place: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum The Line: Colorado at USC (-11) The Time: Saturday Evening Why's this the PAC-12 Game of The Week? Actually, that's an easy question to answer: They're the only PAC-12 Matchup in Week 1! Besides that, both teams have very competent coaches, good teams, and USC is very high ranked. What to look for? USC's Three Headed Monster. USC's offense last year was one of the best in the country, and Trickett and Cordero coming back will only help. You take that with the addition of Gulla, and this offense might be even better. If Trickett ins given time to think what he's going to do with the football, this might be a looooong game for the Buffaloes. What's this game worths? To Colorado, this game is a very good chance to see their young players battling against a very good and very experienced squad. Besides that, every time you play a ranked team is a good opportunity to show to the other coaches that you are being underestimated, and Franz and his squad are ready to show the critics that they are better than the 8th team in PAC-12. USC is the number 2 ranked team in the country, was voted by the PAC-12 coaches as the favorite to win the conference this year and is playing at home. Every long road, especially a championship road, needs to start at somewhere, and USC journey starts here. The expectations are high, but, the question remain: can iliveinadreamatorium make it? Can he lead the Trojans to the PAC-12 title and the Playoffs? We will see, starting this saturday. Keys to the Game Colorado Running Game If the Buffaloes wants to win this game, Latavious Murray and their OL will have to do a heck of a job. USC's front seven, leaded by Ilan Kuhn, is not going to be an easy task, but, relying only on the passing game is not an option. If they need to convert a lot of third and longs, or, need to throw a lot the football, things might get out of hand pretty quickly. USC Limit Turnover USC have a more experienced and more talented team than Colorado. But, if they keep giving the ball to the Buffaloes, this maybe will not matter. They gotta play safe. In my opinion, the only way the Buffaloes could come away with the victory is if they win the turnover battle by a large margin. With that, the USC's team has to take care of the ball. Key Stat Seniority USC is a much more experienced team than Colorado. On average, USC players are almost one year more experienced and tested than Buffaloes' players. While Colorado's team is full of good players, they are still young, and, on the other hand, most of the Trojan's' best players have already played at least 3 years. To put thing in perspective, only 4 USC players are Fr, (Fr) or So, and just one of these players play on defense. While, on the Colorado's side, they're starting 8 players that are Fr, (Fr) or So. Key Matchups Colorado Receivers X USC Defensive Backs When you look at the Buffaloes Depth Chart, you clearly see that one of their weakest groups are their receiving core. When you take Ibrahim Herbert out of the equation, there's not too much left. You sum that with the fact that USC's DBs are one of the best units in the PAC-12, led by CB Jabari Thorpe and FS Gabe Bauman (Leaded PAC-12 in 2019 with 7 interceptions). Colorado is going to need to run effectively with the ball. If that's not the case, Evan Torres will have a hard time facing these USC DBs Ethan Tripp (USC's RT) X Josh Bain (Colorado's DE) If Trickett has time to throw the football, or has plenty of holes to run by, USC should not encounter greater problems to beat Colorado. That's why this is a huge matchup. Bain is the best DL from Buffaloes, and Tripp is the worst OL from Trojans. That means that Bain has the chance to put some pressure, and take Trickett out of his comfort zone, giving to the Buffaloes at least some chances. Best NFLHC Prospects OT Kevin Grey - USC CB Jabari Thorpe - USC P Giuseppe Bernstein - USC TE Ibrahim Herbert - Colorado
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    After Soluna, my CFBHC experience is really tied up in a couple "relationships" I've developed here. Franz Kafka and DescretoBurrito are my guys, two of the nicest people I've met in this setting. And, while its been an up and down road, I've come to respect and speak freely with Rome in a way I didn't think possible after his first second exile. Jieret, for a newer guy, and Smackems, Cmcgill, and Klemm are also really great guys that have been fun to exchange ideas with. We all seem to have approx. the same amount of life 'experience' so I feel like I relate well to them. I'm constantly impressed by Sage's knowledge of the players and the games, Storm's wit and commitment, SmokingCricket's smarts and conversational style, Jumanji's focus, and Taffy's ridiculous self-confidence. I have wonderful 'rivalries', too, with Alien, and Slinky, and Jumbo, and Jacobs, and Mimsy, and Inspiral--jovial rivalries that give a little extra meaning to matchups on the site. The younger guys, like Bmlig and Imposter, have put some of the fun back in the game for me. Though I know we all miss SHC a little As for the 'little enjoyments'--y'all know I don't love all the memes (even if some are pretty damn funny), but I absolutely eat up every bit of media or content. I've come to really appreciate the RP aspect of this...it's not what I was getting into at the beginning, but it's been fun to see who sticks with it. It's a great place...very happy to be part of this community!
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    The backbone of the community, eh? Well this is difficult and I feel like if I missed someone I'd hurt some feelings. But... alienufo, for running the NFLHC sim, is probably 2a in terms of most important person on the site. Whoever that guy is who made the interface that constantly breaks and is bad, On a similar note, Inspiral is probably 2b in terms of people I think are more important to the site, because without his work on the interfaces things would be a lot harder. Those two aside, stormstopper (and his alt account Darman) is probably the site superuser I think of first for his combination of media and presence. Jumbo is probably second on that list. bingo, Imposter, and klemm are my media picks. Dacder/GK/deandean - I don't know if I would be as good of a sport of constantly being shit on as they are (inb4 people start shitting on me), but they do it. I'm not sure if this is a backhanded compliment to them or not, but I think that memes aside they do try and participate in the community well. Rome and Rabid - I couldn't split the two of you, which is probably ironic... but two of the most opinionated users on the site in terms of strategies. It's interesting to hear their ideas. On a similar note, Ted and grv isn't a combination you'd think of often... but what they provide OOC is as interesting as what Rome and rabid do IC. Azul/Notorious/Cade - The Holy Fr@ Trinity, as they remind me what being a fun young'un was like. Plus they usually have good stories. Finally, Time and Vxmonarkxv - Get a room already you two...
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    I like how Hagan has an N64 poster on his wall but doesn't appear to be old enough to even have been alive when the N64 came out.
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    The University of Cincinnati Nickname: The Bearcats (Binturong) Mascot: The Bearcat (1 Arrest) Home Stadium: Nippert Stadium (40k Capacity, On-Campus) Conference: American Athletic Conference (East Division) Coach: Rome (3rd Season, 2nd Full) As a team who's mascot reportedly smells of popcorn, it's easy to see why UC is an odd program. With a campus that spans roughly half a square kilometer of downtown real estate, UC is very compact, cozy campus of roughly 43,000 students total. Nippert Stadium, where the Bearcats play, is completely built into the campus and provides a wonderful game day atmosphere that cannot be found in off-campus stadiums. Able to host 40,000 fans and design philosophies that inspire comparisons to LSU's stadium, Nippert provides perhaps the best home field advantage in the American Athletic Conference. Without further ado, meet the 2020 Cincinnati Bearcats! QB Dillon Schaeffer 6-3 221 So Walnut Hills (Cincinnati, OH) 3.0 of 4.5 [Scrambling] Dillon is coming off a freshman campaign that saw him complete only 57% of his passes and throw a 6:17 TD:INT Ratio. The scrambler also wasn't that prolific with his feet, recording less than 200 yards for a sub 4.0 YPC, breaking the plane only 4 times on the year. With a year of experience under his belt (and a +1.0 skill progression), Bearcat fans are excited to see just what they have in Dillon. A lot of his issues last year could be attributed to a very lackluster team around him, but his decision making was also a clear issue. With an upgrade behind him and a new transfer out wide, Dillon will definitely need to make great decisions if the Bearcats want to make a bowl game. RB Aaron Street 5-8 210 (Jr) Mohawk Valley Community College (Utica, NY) 4.0 of 4.0 [Power] Redshirted after transferring from a junior college last season, Street has big shoes to fill at Cincinnati. The home of NFLHC star Rickie Baird, Street will look to create a unique legacy for himself in the Red and Black. With an inexperienced and often overmatched line ahead of him, Aaron's compact, powerful build will be tested play in and play out. Current 2nd stringer O'Connell managed over 1000 yards last year, so there are high hopes for Street this season. With uncertainty about Schaeffer's actual ability and only one good receiver, opponents will definitely be keying in on this young man. There's already a petition among the students to rename "Down the Drive", the UC fight song, into "Down the Street". WR Ahe Salanoa 6-1 187 Sr New Deal (New Deal, TX) 4.0 of 4.0 [Speed] Salanoa is a big shot in the arm for a receiver corps that boasted two TEs and two RBs in it last year. A transfer from Oklahoma (among many rumors due to his unforeseen departure), Coach Rome will likely be calling his number often this year. Expecting to return kicks and be the #1 target, Salanoa will get plenty of chances to be a game changer. Cincinnati fans likely won't be too familiar with him, but the coaches and insiders on the team seem to love the kid. Can he become a campus legend in 1 season? Here's hoping so. SS Dominic Monk 6-1 219 (Jr) Norwood (Norwood, OH) 4.0 of 4.0 [Man Coverage] "Super Mario" is no longer patrolling the backfield of the Bearcats defense. This year, we get to see rise of a completely different style of Strong Safety. Built like the linebackers playing in front of him, Dominic brings the hammer down on receivers that dare come across the middle. What he lacks in ability to cover the deep ball, he more than makes up for in his run support ability. Expect him to record as many forced fumbles as interceptions and likely lead the team in tackles this upcoming season. K T.J. Bendbrook 5-9 182 (So) Columbus State Community College (Columbus OH) 3.5 of 5.0 [Power] Cincinnati is going to be relying on transfers to score this year and the place kicker position is no different. Recently transferred from JuCO, T.J. will likely get many attempts this year with his massive leg. Coach Rome is known to run a slightly conservative style at times, so expect T.J. to get any 4th down attempt from 55 yards and in. If he stays for 3 full years, it's likely Bendbrook graduates the all-time scoring leader for the Bearcats. Unless he is the next Ronald Daniel. Here's hoping that is not the case.
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    Why does Florida not have any votes? You think this is a fucking joke?
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    I'm not sure about CFBHC, but I really wanted to join and NFL team back when I joined. There were none open at the time so Jumbo let me join the Jets with a minor role. I immediately read through their forum and it made me more excited about NFLHC. It wasn't long before the expansion 49ers opened up from IPGate 2.0 but I didn't really know what was going on with that. I think Pat and Soluna were arguing in some thread Pat made about not wanting the 49ers anymore. Jumbo told me to PM Pat about the team and the team was mine within minutes. Yes, I was the benefactor of both IPGates (BC and the 49ers). Anyway I didn't realize it at the time, but I'm sure everybody was just thrilled to have a fairly new user take over an NFL franchise. I wasn't sure exactly how to do it and I kept asking Jumbo questions and he kept answering them. At one point, he's like "why don't you ask that Duncan guy if he wants to join you?" I didn't even know who Duncan was at the time but I took Jumbo's advice and brought the guy in. It was a little awkward at first but we make a pretty good team now. So I might be the only person who can say that, not only did my helper or mentor teach me a lot about this place, but he's also the reason I have an NFL organization and a Super Bowl. Typing this made me feel bad though because the Jets might have won last year's Super Bowl if he has just been a dick to me. That's why I love the guy.
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    So I see where you're coming from on this, but I disagree on the solution. I ran the numbers last year and assigned star ratings to people based on a formula (nothing fancy, just based on skill and potential) I came up with, and it basically matched up with irl numbers of 4 and 5 star recruits (~30 and ~300 respectively). I think the problem, though, is that in CFBHC it's really hard for a recruit to bust. For example, going back to 2018 (the last season we have complete stats), the worst statline for a 5.0/5.0 QB was Lawrence Pritchett, whose stats were: 194/301 (64%) for 2539 yards, 16 TDs and 12 INTs. Aside from Pritchett, none of the 10 other 5.0/5.0 QBs came close to having a TD/INT ratio lower than 2 (the next closest was Eric Jennings at 2.5), and only three had a completion percentage lower than 65%. While it's harder to assess how other positions do given how stats are presented, the same holds true with RBs. Excluding Marshawn Matthison, who at this point I think it's fair to say was being misused (sorry deandean), every 5.0/5.0 RB had >5 YPC, >1400 yards, and all but one had at least 18 TDs. In contrast, let's look at every Texas A&M (I'm using A&M since I know the program well) recruit from 2013, 2014, and 2015 who had a >.95 rating on the 247 composite rankings: 2013 Ricky Seals-Jones - Was alright but never lit the world on fire like you'd expect from the #2 WR in the country. Justin Manning - Caught 1 TD pass, then dropped out of school and then murdered a jogger with a machete. The jogger murderer was actually Thomas Johnson, got them confused. Justin Manning - Forced to quit football due to injury. Isaiah Golden - Arrested for armed robbery 2014 Myles Garrett - Will be picked in the top 2 tonight. Speedy Noil - Had a good freshman season and then had weed problems, never even came close to fulfilling his potential. Kyle Allen - Transferred due to QB mismanagement. Nick Harvey - Meh. Started last year but wasn't that great. Frank Ihenacho - Hasn't started yet for A&M. 2015 Daylon Mack - Struggled to make an impact in his first two years, we'll see if he can turn it around. Christian Kirk - Legit stud. Kyler Murray - Transferred due to QB mismanagement. So out of 11 players that were top recruits, there were: 2 great players, 5 were/are good-to-mediocre players that never lived up to their potential, 2 are no longer on the team due to transferring, and 1 is no longer on the team due to injury, and one is no longer on the team due to criminal reasons. While the transfer thing is a special case, I think think that my point still stands: players bust all the time irl, but almost never do in the sim. If I had to suggest a solution to this, it'd probably be something along the lines of decreasing the chances that players progress well, which means you'd see more 4.0/5.0 (Sr) players, or something like that. This'd mean that you'd have a reason to start a 4.0/4.0 or a 3.5/3.5 over a high potential sophomore that so far hasn't progressed well. Of course, if you were to implement changes like this, it'd impact the quality of players coming into NFLHC, which is also something that needs to be considered. TL;DR: please read the thing so I can feel validated about writing 550 words about recruiting on a fake football website.
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    Episode four of Kafka's All-Time CFBHC Team A note on selections: TE Danny Patrick, North Carolina/Penn State 2013-2015 Stats 2015 - 92 catches, 1131 yards, 12 TD 2014 - 95 catches, 993 yards, 12 TD 2013 - 2 catches, 17 yards CAREER - 189 catches, 2141 yards, 24 TD Accomplishments Team 2x ACC Coastal Champions (2014-2015*) Rose Bowl berth (2013) Chick-Fil-A Bowl berth (2014) Individual John Mackey Award (2015) All-American (2015) 2x All-ACC (2014-2015) Miscellaneous Only tight end with multiple 900+ yard seasons Only tight end with multiple 10+ touchdown seasons Both 2nd and 3rd in single-season receiving yards by a tight end 100+ yards or touchdown in 21 of 24 games Touchdown in 11 straight games (Week 5 2014 - Week 1 2015) 125+ yards in six games 10th in ypg (2015) Best statistical game: 2015 vs. Virginia - 10 catches, 188 yards, 3 TD This was a much easier decision than wide receiver. Danny Patrick has two of the best single-seasons by a tight end in CFBHC history and was the definition of difference-maker in Chapel Hill. His 6'5" 223 lbs frame made him A.J. Jefferson's favorite target and one of the greatest players in Tar Heel history. His 11-game touchdown streak may never again be replicated by a tight end. Other contenders: Matt Thomas (Hawaii), Gary Hill (USC), Floyd Arnold (Colorado State) Next episode: OT
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    A more expansive WR depth chart. A lot of coaches put their "slot" WR 3rd or 4th in the depth chart, which would make that WR the slot man when everyone is starting and playing their normal role. But if my WR1 needs to rest for a play, I've now got my 5'9" "slot WR" bumped up to WR2 (which is presumably more of an outside role) TL;DR: denote slot WRs, outside WRs, etc, similar to 3rd down back.
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    NEVER SKIP LEG DAY Panthers remain undefeated as Pittsburgh's last minute kick comes up short Skip Gibson opened the scoring with a 46 yard field goal in the first quarter
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    That's the quickest youve done something on the site in a while
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    Nautical Nonsense Giants skill position players caught partying during bye week after a poor 1-3 start.
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