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Tennessee Tumbles in Tuscaloosa

The Vols nearly take down #1 Alabama, but the defense can't keep up for long enough as Abdoul Pearson rushes it in to clinch it 26-23 in 2OT.

Ceci N'est Pas Un Pipe

The pipe stepped up this week, taking out Malcolm Davis, Norris Brooksheer, Kenji Sagatomo, and LaMichael Jones among others.

Rumblin' Raekwon

Northern Iowa RB Raekwon Thomas is looking to prove himself to NFLHC scouts, putting up 125 yards and 3 TD in a convincing win over Montana.

Fib Uring It Out

The Lions clinched at least a .500 record as they knocked off the Packers, 17-12, to jump to a surprising NFC North lead.

McLean on Me

Rice QB Eric McLean becomes the presumptive #1 QB prospect after receiving an 83 overall grade from scouts.


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    CFBHC v1.6

    CFBHC v1.6 December 25th, 2018 Pre-Release v1.6.1.27 Notes: Thanks to all those who submitted feedback to Jumbo's committee and thanks especially to Jumbo for helping me process some of the information. As usual thanks to all those I asked to test various parts of this. General Info / Idea I'm continually working on improving recruiting and I've been playing with some major changes the last few weeks, thanks to some input and a whole lot of testing here is what I've started with for the 2023 season. This update is only an initial look at the changes and further updates over the next few weeks and months will add on to the changes. The big goal for 1.6 beyond this initial update will be to continue to work on recruiting and to create more transparency in the ability to see what coaching attributes are affecting teams. CFBHC Added visible eight visible coaching characteristics that affect the modifiers for your team that will be visible under your avatar in topic view. (I will need a new admin to help with this and an events moderator will be needed in the near future. Both can be the same person - just help delegating). Characteristics range from 0 to 20. 10 is average and any value above is a boost to that characteristic to your team and any below are a detriment. After each fully completed season you will be allowed to add 5 points to any category/categories but you must also deduct 2 in any category to represent your shifting coaching abilities. There will also likely be goals to meet for each category that let you get a boost at any time. (Score 50+ points to get a point in offense, etc - something like this). This will be fleshed out more in upcoming patches and may not take place until the 2024 season based on how I like the effects. I will likely also make this retroactive for past seasons. The goal here was to make it more obvious what you are good at as a coach and to let others, quickly/at-a-glance, see how they measure up against you. Offense - Buff to skill value of players on your offense, can exceed potential skillcap of players. Defense - Buff to skill value of players on your defense, can exceed potential skillcap of players. Special Teams - Buff to skill value of players on special teams, can exceed potential skillcap of players. Clock Management - Buff to how your team reacts in high-pressure situations. Discipline - Buff to rigidity of units under stress (and likely reduction in penalties). Youth Management - Buff to development of players in the off-season. Recruiting changes for the 2023 season. MAIN: All bonuses (in-state, border state, team needs, etc) now only apply to recruits up to 4.0 star rating. 4.5 and 5.0 star players are no longer bound to a state or region and do not receive any benefits that apply to "regular" recruits. Changed conference prestige from a behind the scenes value based on performance, media, and commissioner work to the following formula. The 2023 season conference points look at the stuff from the 2022 season and so on. Conference Points can be up to 7 additional per week. For each team with at least 10 wins you gain 1 point per week up to 3 total points. For each weekly media piece that's posted by the conference at least 14 of the 18 CFBHC weeks you gain 1 point per week up to 3 total points. If the conference completes an end of the season award voting and post (all conference team, conference OPOY, etc) they may gain an additional 3 points for doing that. Coaches visits may only be assigned to 4.5 and 5.0 star recruits. School visits and scholarships are unaffected. Base Recruiting Point/Visit Value Changes Border State changes (Note: with the above listed changes this only affects 4.0 star and below recruits) Pipeline states can now be any state and bonuses are applies as follows: Home State: 20% Border State: 18% Other State: 16% Recruiting Talent Changes (only changed talents are listed) Tier 1 Choices (1/2/3 wins) Strong Recruiter: +1/+2/+3 weekly recruiting points. School Spirit: +2/+3/+4 school visits. Well Traveled: +1/+2/+3 coaches visits. Tier 2 Choices (4/5/6 wins) Quality over Quantity: Your "Host Camp" state will allow 20%/22%/24% bonus on recruits instead of base 12%. (Host Camp states are in states where a team from the same conference is from and it cannot be the home state of the school.) Supreme Need: You received 2/3/4 additional "team needs" slots. Tier 3 Choices (7/8/9 wins) National Exposure: Automatically sign a 5 star JuCo recruit generated to fit a team need and checked with the coach prior to signing. You may reroll the recruit one time after checking. Tier 4 Choices (10/11/12 wins) Legacy Locks: Claim a 1.0/5.0 (or below) player from your home state/Claim a 2.0/5.0 (or below) player from your home state/Claim any player from your home state. Rising Star: Select three Star Players to receive 7/9/11 weekly points for free. Can be 4.5 or 5.0 star recruits. Strong Academics: Scholarships provide an immediate boost of 30/33/36 (instead of 20).
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone, whether you celebrate today, tomorrow, or not at all. I hope everyone has a wonderful holidays.
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    CFBHC v1.6b

    CFBHC v1.6b January 7th, 2018 Pre-Release v1.6.2.9 Notes: Thanks to all those who submitted feedback to Jumbo's committee and thanks especially to Jumbo for helping me process some of the information. As usual thanks to all those I asked to test various parts of this. General Info / Idea Requested feature suggested by a few users. Additional features related to conditional recruits will be added in the future. CFBHC Changed the coaching skills rules as follows: For each year you coached at least 80% of your teams games you may +4 to attributes and -2 to different attributes. You cannot raise and lower the same skill in one offseason. When you add or subtract skills in a year they can split amongst all categories, they just cannot be +/- in the same year, you don't have to add 4 to a single category. For example if you coached 11 games of a 13 game season for a specific school you coached 85% of that teams season and will be allowed to credit that year to be added for your skills. You choose to add 2 to offense, 1 to defense, and 1 to discipline, you then choose to remove 1 from special teams and 1 from youth management. Added conditional recruits beginning with the 2023 CFBHC season. Conditional recruits cannot be recruited by using recruiting points. Conditional recruits will commit to a school based on which school fulfills the conditional goal of the recruit. Current examples include: specific conference champions, best record or highest ranking in a specific state, depending on results of rivalry games, and several other conditional goals. Added base framework for active offseason "recruiting camp" mini game that will occur during the site progression-offseason and will tie in with the conditional recruits.
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    Note: These are the highest sim generated season grades for the offensive skill position players which take opponents into account as well as the skill of players associated with their role. So a QBs rating takes into consideration how well his o-line and receivers have played as well as how high of a skill the opponents have been. Maximum rating is 100.00. All ratings are through Week #9. This is not necessarily a comparative ranking of players in each group but more of a rating how well they've played this year up to this point. Quarterbacks Troy McMurray (94.39) - Senior (129/171 for 1847 yards (75.44%), 16 touchdowns, 1 interception; 49 attempts for 419 yards, 5 touchdowns) Eric McLean (92.64) - Senior (191/277 for 2567 yards (68.95%), 25 touchdowns, 3 interceptions) Akiem Williams III (90.53) - Senior (146/211 for 1939 yards (69.19%), 16 touchdowns, 3 interceptions; 45 attempts for 380 yards, 6 touchdowns) David Edmondson (87.85) - Junior (144/212 for 1844 yards (67.92%), 17 touchdowns, 2 interceptions) Bryce Thompson (87.61) - Junior (137/198 for 1900 yards (69.19%), 15 touchdowns, 3 interceptions; 51 attempts for 407 yards, 7 touchdowns) Running Backs DeSean Madison (95.15) - Junior (157 attempts for 1056 yards, 9 touchdowns, 2 fumbles, 1 lost) Solomon McLaughlin (95.09) - Junior (184 attempts for 1119 yards for 14 touchdowns, 4 fumbles, 3 lost) Franklin Riggins (91.25) - Senior (162 attempts for 1001 yards, 13 touchdowns, 1 fumble, 1 lost) Stephen Cunningham (89.63) - Sophomore (152 attempts for 928 yards, 14 touchdowns, 1 fumble, 0 lost) Maurice White (89.44) - Senior (161 attempts for 1029 yards, 12 touchdowns, 1 fumble, 0 lost) Wide Receivers Tyler Sterling (89.67) - Sophomore (49 receptions for 727 yards, 6 touchdowns, 0 drops) Gavin Faulk (89.46) - Senior (62 receptions for 843 yards, 9 touchdowns, 2 drops) Ryan Childs (89.02) - Senior (38 receptions for 706 yards, 10 touchdowns, 0 drops) Deontray Clay (87.26) - Sophomore (48 receptions for 733 yards, 6 touchdowns, 2 drops) Andrew Harrison (85.57) - Sophomore (43 receptions for 661 yards, 6 touchdowns, 1 drop) Tight Ends (Receiving) Jonas Schumacher (88.07) - Junior (37 receptions for 567 yards, 6 touchdowns, 0 drops) Jaime Bautista (86.59) - Senior (55 receptions for 695 yards, 6 touchdowns, 2 drops) Garrett Taylor (85.02) - Senior (36 receptions for 546 yards, 4 touchdowns, 0 drops) Kameron McCrary (82.46) - Freshman (44 receptions for 565 yards, 5 touchdowns, 0 drops) Anthony Adams (81.26) - Freshman (47 receptions for 624 yards, 4 touchdowns, 0 drops)
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    The idea behind this concept is to look at how teams are doing relative to their available points (where a team is ranked via the CFBHC Recruiting Rankings and their Available Points). The first 2 tables look at the % difference between those numbers. This rewards a jump from 31st in points to 1st in recruiting ranking more than jumping from 60th to 30th for example so I found it interesting. The second 2 is ranking the top 10 and bottom 10 by just straight difference. Therefore 31st to 1st is valued the same as 61st to 30th. % Diff Top 10 Team Recruiting Ranking Point Ranking % Diff 1 20 180.95 10 67 148.05 11 59 137.14 9 47 135.71 2 8 120.00 12 47 118.64 13 47 113.33 6 20 107.69 5 16 104.76 17 54 104.23 % Diff Bottom 10 Team Recruiting Ranking Point Ranking % Diff 87 8 -166.32 50 5 -163.64 28 3 -161.29 7 1 -150.00 43 10 -124.53 133 32 -122.42 26 7 -115.15 48 13 -114.75 16 5 -104.76 32 10 -104.76 Actual Diff Top 10 Team Recruiting Ranking Point Ranking Diff 68 141 73 10 67 57 49 99 50 75 124 49 11 59 48 81 126 45 39 82 43 62 104 42 55 94 39 9 47 38 Actual Diff Bottom 10 Team Recruiting Ranking Point Ranking Diff 133 32 -101 87 8 -79 130 59 -71 141 73 -68 105 38 -67 134 67 -67 118 56 -62 121 73 -48 50 5 -45 131 87 -44
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    Can now click the Withdraw checkbox by a recruit and they will not sign with you, or if they already signed then they will unsign and other teams will be able to bid on them. Don't fuck around with it because I won't undo mistakes. Can also turn off AI recruiting for your team with the button at the top of the page.
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    I've been tracking the PFF Top and Worst Grades on a weekly basis. I thought it would be a fun little piece of media to post the guys who have been the highest rated. What I took into Consideration: Number of Times Listed. If a player has been listed 4 times, with an average of 9, I'd pick that guy over a player with 1 Time Listed and a score of 9.5. Consistently high play outweighed a player who got a very high score once. The Same applies to the Worst Rated. No Top Player could Also be listed as a Worst Rated Player. i.e. Norris Brooksheer was ineligible because he was the worst rated player for Pittsburgh in Week 9. Enough dilly dally, let's get into the teams: All-Top Team: All-Worst Team: Teams Represented (Both Teams): Arizona - 1 Atlanta - 4 Baltimore - 1 Buffalo - 1 Carolina - 1 Chicago - 1 Cincinnati - 3 Cleveland - 1 Dallas - 1 Denver - 4 Detroit - 1 Green Bay - 1 Houston - 1 Indianapolis - 1 Kansas City - 2 Las Vegas - 2 Los Angeles Chargers - 2 Miami - 2 Minnesota - 1 New England - 1 New York Giants - 1 New York Jets - 2 Philadelphia - 2 Pittsburgh - 1 San Francisco - 2 Tampa Bay - 2 Tennessee - 1 Washington - 4
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    Ravens Announce New Hirings

    After a long and extensive search, the Ravens are pleased to announce that we have hired a new head coach and general manager. @rocksaucesundae will be our new general manager. Rocksaucesundae was a scout for the Ravens in 2020 and we are happy to welcome him back. @Kirby will be our new head coach. Kirby previously served as the scout for the colts and we are excited to welcome him to Ravens family.
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    With the season now just past the half way point I figured it would be a good time to look at potential bowl games for the Big Ten teams, as well as who they may be playing, and who will be watching the post season form their couches. Obviously it will take some predicting to figure out who will make a bowl and who won't, but for the most part I'm going to try to keep these as projections, meaning where the teams stand as of this moment. Also this will be using the 2021 Bowl template, so if that changes this will as well. Playoffs: Nebraska Cornhuskers Michigan Wolverines Potential Opponents: , , , The Big Ten currently has three teams in the top eight of the coaches poll but with those teams set to play each other as the season goes on it would be wishful thinking to assume three would get in the playoff. However, the new playoff format will certainly benefit the Big Ten as it looks like the SEC, Big 12, Big Ten, and ACC will all be in the running for the automatic bids for conference champions, and then the Big Ten could come up big with at large bids. One would think if the Big Ten misses out on an automatic bid that they'll have one of the top at larges. You have to imagine Nebraska is the most likely team to make the playoff from the Big Ten right now, as their only loss comes in a close one to #1 Auburn, and then they've already taken down the next two best teams on their schedule in Purdue and Ohio State. The championship game seems all but certain at this point, and even with a loss there they'd have a solid case at an at-large. In the East the big game is coming this upcoming weekend between Penn State and Michigan, the winner in the driver's seat for the playoff. That said Ohio State could certainly be a wild card as they have Penn State and Michigan to finish off the season, and winning those games could give them a rematch with the Huskers. Outside of those four teams it's tough to find a route to the playoff for anyone else. Purdue is the only other ranked team in the conference, and with the championship game out of reach outside of a Nebraska meltdown, they would need a lot of chaos to go down since they have no big games remaining on their schedule. The potential opponents are the top ranked teams from each conference currently ranked in the top 10, obviously there are many others who could find their way into the playoffs. Rose Bowl: Penn State Nittany Lions Potential Opponents: , , , The Big Ten orders their bowl games by conference record, so you have to imagine the Rose Bowl bid will go to whoever finishes second in the East, and right now that spot is currently held in a tie by Michigan and Penn State. If Ohio State manages to go 1-1 to end the season against Penn State and Michigan, this then brings Purdue into this discussion. On the other side, the Pac 12 currently looks like they're in jeopardy of missing the playoff altogether, so their Rose Bowl participant could be their conference champion. The four teams listed are the two highest ranked in their division, while both Washington, Arizona, and UCLA could have a shot if they won out. Orange Bowl: Purdue Boilermakers Potential Opponents: , , With Ohio State's two projected losses to Michigan and Penn State, Purdue is expected to overtake them for the Orange Bowl spot assuming they win out. This bowl could end up being the Citrus Bowl, which is dependent on a few other things, and would mean that Purdue would go up against an SEC team instead of an ACC team. For now we'll keep it as the Orange Bowl since it is much less confusing for us to figure out with a few weeks still remaining. The three potential opponents are the three ranked teams within the ACC, but with Clemson currently expected to be playoff bound, it would be more likely to see Duke or Virginia Tech in this game. Tampa Bowl: Ohio State Buckeyes Potential Opponents: , , , It would be a disappointment for the Buckeyes for sure, considering they began the year with playoff aspirations, but someone has to go to it in the Big Ten, and with five really good teams it's going to be someone who didn't originally expect to be there. They could certainly prove me wrong, as a few wins to end the season could put them right there in playoff talks, but as of right now I have to put them here in Tampa. For their opponent, they will be given an upper to middle of the pack SEC team. This bowl is listed in the same tier as bowls like the Charlotte Bowl and Music City, but you have to imagine if Ohio State is on the other side that the SEC will send one of their better teams. A few of them are listed here, with Kentucky as a dark horse as they've started 3-0 in conference. Holiday Bowl: Michigan State Spartans Potential Opponents: , , , Next in line for the Big Ten is Michigan State, who are currently experiencing a nice turnaround led by young QB Isaac Tyson. Following a year of missing out of a bowl game, you have to imagine the Holiday Bowl would please many Spartan fans as it would mean they're the best Big Ten team outside of the top 5, who are clearly ahead of the rest. A few teams from the west could definitley contend for this bowl, but it looks like there could be some cannibalism among those teams, allowing Michigan State to take this bowl. As stated earlier, the Pac 12 is currently in a very murky state right now so it is hard to project for the future there, so there are around a half dozen teams who could take this bowl, and I just listed the four I see as the most likely. Gator Bowl/Music City Bowl: Minnesota Golden Gophers Potential Opponents: , , , This bid could be either the Gator or Music City Bowl, and both of those would be against the SEC. In that spot we have another team who didn't make a bowl last year, but has benefitted from some wonderful recruiting lately, and that is Minnesota. I'm sure fans would be happy with this, especially considering their tough non conference schedule they gave themselves. There are multiple teams from the west who could take this spot, but I'm giving the edge to the Gophers as they have the best current conference record and still have a few games you'd expect them to win. They will presumably face a middle of the pack SEC team, and many of those feature from the SEC East, as the West is much more top heavy. Pinstripe Bowl: Wisconsin Badgers Potential Opponents: , , , Next up is the Badgers, who have not been able to break into the top echelon of the Big Ten as some hoped they would at the beginning of the season. Some fans will probably be disappointed with this bowl, considering it will be Jamal Trufant's last, but the Big Ten has just been too rough this season and that means not everyone is going to be happy. That said, they still could have a chance to knock some of their rivals out of a bowl and play spoiler with some of the top teams, so the season still could be redeemed. As for their competition in this game, a decent ACC team is to be expected and there are a few teams that fit that billing at the moment. Bay Area Bowl: Northwestern Wildcats Potential Opponents: , , , Coming in closer to the bottom of the bowl bids is Northwestern, who would be making their second straight bowl appearance if they can get to six wins. They've started the season well and would be giving a good sendoff to QB E.J. McGuire who's given the program a lot over his four years. This bowl game, despite being well down the Big Ten's list, is fourth on the Pac 12's list, right behind the Holiday Bowl. In that spot could be a multitude of teams, as stated earlier, including another team not mentioned earlier like Washington State. Detroit Bowl: Illinois Fighting Illini Potential Opponents: , , , Last but not least for projected bowl eligible teams in the Big Ten is Illinois. In what looks to be a down season for the Illini, they just eke into a bowl, and are in a decent risk of missing one if things don't go their way this season. I'm sure fans will be able to deal as the have had some great seasons recently and have a really bright future for their team. If they do make this bowl they would face a lower end bowl eligible ACC team, which has some up and comers like Miami, and some teams on a downswing like Boston College. Bowl Ineligible: Rutgers Scarlet Knights - Rutgers is certainly in the running for a bowl, but a tough upcoming schedule has me leaving them out for now. Maryland Terrapins - Maryland hasn't had much to cheer about after losing some of their best players and not being able to recover. Iowa Hawkeyes - Iowa still hasn't been able to turn it around lately and find themselves in the bottom of the Big Ten. Indiana Hoosiers - Indiana, like Maryland, lost some key players and are too young to find themselves in a bowl this year.
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    [2022] JuCo Recruiting Master List

    It'll take me a few days to add all positions, once all positions are added I'll populate the schools for primary/secondary/etc. JuCo recruiting will begin with the recruiting week that ends on January 5th. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AK-lDw0Ym1cj11_JGv5dnFVhK15SjV-et1zSL-DusjY/edit?usp=sharing
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    [2022] Week #10 - Saturday Evening

    ME IRL
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    [2022] Week 9 PAC 12 AFTERDARK

    Coming this week, it's... Alright folks, we've got an interesting week here for PAC 12 After Dark. Trust me, because our first game of the week is so important... it's not even after-dark. It's just... dark. That's boring. WHO SCHEDULES A PAC 12 GAME BEFORE SUNSET, SOME STORMTROOPER WHO CAN'T PROPERLY SPELL?! Sigh... I can't even insult this matchup properly. No one wants to watch a washed up coach lead a band of cougars to Eugene, Oregon to mess around with some Ducks who can't even dress in their school colors. So, the REAL first matchup of the night we've got the Trojans going against California Berkeley. Now, this is a real matchup. We've got everyone's favorite coach Django leading his Trojans to against the lefty Californians led by their new coach, a bowl of noodles. I know' what you're thinking - the Trojans are gonna play it safe and wrap it up. A bowl of noodles is NOT something you mess with. I think you're wrong though. When you're going up against noodle flavors such as BLT and Adam Gibson Les Paul, you gotta bring out the big guns. Not Magnum, the big guns. That's why Django's been unleashing Carlos Bowser. You can't stop the Trojans when they have a massive Koopa rushing all over the field. And this Saturday? His diet consists of noodles and bears. (Shoutout to @TheSam for his photoshop skills) That's a real dangerous match... but if you think that's the only one YOU'RE IN FOR A TREAT BECAUSE WE'VE JUST STARTED. The Washington Good Bois are heading to the backwaters of Oregon Corvallis to face the Oregon State Beavers. If you think this Beaver team is the same team from yester-season and if you also like Nickelback, you'll be in for a treat. Or rather - you'll be seeing Djake Djavis receiving plenty of treats for how he'll be playing this Saturday. Now now, I can't just leave this game behind with only that statement. I mean, I could. It's not my fault the Beaver's spent their bowl money investing a new dental program for their mascot . NEXT MATCHUP OF THE NIGHT IS OUR FINAL PAC 12 GAME OF THE NIGHT BETWEEN THE LAST OF THE COLORADO BUFFALO AND THE ARIZONA CRAZY KITTIES. If you want to see two teams in their prime, this is it. Arizona's team from last season is putting together one final hurrah of relevance by facing the last of the Buffalo on the Colorado Prairie, Latavius Murray. If you want to see two Pac 12 teams fight to stay off the Endangered teams list, you'll love this matchup. Okay, and that's it. Clearly it. No other games tonight... ...sigh... we have one more. USCLA GOES TO SALT LAKE CITY TO ATTEMPT TO CALIFORNICATE THE MORMONS OF THE PAC 12. AND THEIR MESSIAH IS FRESHMAN QB AARON HARD-ON Based off what I've read in the discussion thread, Cultur3 really needs to win this game. Unfortunately for him, it appears that his star quarterback is busy fitting a jacuzzi in his dorm room. Has Cultur3 lost control of his team?? Doubtful. While his QB might be busy impressing college girls in his dorm room, the coach is prepping the rest of his team for an impressing showing this Saturday. Coming Soon to 2023... It won't take much to impress anyone still up for Pac 12 Afterdark. After all, the Bruins are playing a rebuilding Utes team. How bad? Well, Kirby and the Mormons are patiently waiting for next season as their new messiah Mormon Laser Cannon - Finn Leonard - is expected to arrive and fix their promised land. Speaking of their stadium - it is STILL covered in cardboard from their season opener against the Great Value Aggies (TM). Anyhow... THAT'S ALL, FOLKS. FOUR MATCHUPS. WILL DJANGO AND BOWSER WRAP UP THE BALL BEFORE FINISHING OFF NOODLES & BEARS? WILL OREGON STATE FIX THEIR BEAVER'S TEETH BEFORE DJAKE DJAVIS AND DDD DYSON ROLL INTO TOWN? WILL THE BUFFALO OR THE WILDCATS COME OUT ON TOP? WILL CULTUR3 MAKE AARON HARDON GET RID OF THE JACUZZI IN HIS DORMROOM? WILL TUSCAN EVER RETURN TO HIS PROPER TIMESLOT? Find out this week! Be there. Be square. PAC 12 AFTERDARK -ToucanSoda
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    Favorite Chatbox Quotes

    Merry Christmas
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    My Resignation Note

    With all do respect, if you are going to leave writing a note about everything you perceive to be wrong with the site isn’t how you should do it. There are are ways established to submit feedback. If you want to do it utilize the proper channels and then stay and be a part of the solution. If you don’t want to stay just leave quietly and say you have enjoyed being here. I say this as a guy who runs a madden league and gets tired of people complaining about stuff in it all the time. Are there things I wish were a little different on here? Sure. I’m sure we all have little things. But it’s a free experience with an established way to give feedback.
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    The Cougars Den: Episode 1

    Intro Hello and welcome to the first episode of our local sports TV show, The Cougars Den! I am your host Robert Williams, alongside our crew at Channel 21 News and our guest of the evening Curby4, the new Head Coach of the Houston Cougars! Our goal of this show is to update Cougar fans on what exactly goes on in a week of college football and how Curby4 prepares his team to face it's opponent, week in and week out. We will update you on any injury reports, game plans, committed or signed recruits, and any other updates that contain Houston Cougars football. Along the way we will get to know the new Head Coach Curby4 and we hope to bring current players and opposing coaches to the show as well! The show will be held here, on campus at the Run N' Gun Sports Bar and (excluding bye weeks) will air every Wednesday at 11 pm on Channel 21. Most of the show will be mostly Question and Answer based and the last Question will be from a Houston Cougar fan on social media and will be known as our "Question of the Week". If you miss the live coverage on Wednesday, be sure to tune in to our replay of the show, Thursday afternoon at 3 pm. So! Without further ado, lets Paw It Out! Robert: Welcome Curby4, I hope everything has been well, with settling in Houston and meeting your new team! Curby4: Thank you! You know it really has been an easy process for my family and I. We have really enjoyed Houston and everyone has just been so welcoming through this whole process! Robert: Alright, lets get to it! Tell us about your previous experience and your journey that brought you to being head coach of the Houston Cougars? Curby4: Most of my football background started from my home state of North Carolina. I played football for the ECU Pirates from 2006 to 2009, under head coach Skip Holtz. I wasn't a very good football player in college but, I was able to make the right connections and land a job as a Graduate Assistant at South Florida from 2010 to 2011. In 2012, I became the Wide Receiver Coach for Texas A & M and stayed there until 2014. After 2014, I became the Quarterbacks coach at Tulane from 2015 to 2016 and then became the QB Coach and Offensive Coordinator for the East Carolina Pirates from 2017 to 2018. Most recently, I had been the QB Coach and Offensive Coordinator for the NC State Wolfpack, since 2019. Robert: Any other positions that you considered before taking this job? Curby4: Yes! I had received an offer from Appalachian State to be their Head Coach and it was a difficult decision to reject a job in my home state but, my family and I felt that the University of Houston was the best environment for me to be able to succeed as a coach. Robert: What swayed you? Curby4: Meeting with the Athletic Director of the University of Houston and the Commissioner of the AAC was an important factor in making my decision. I truly believe that the AAC has the ability to compete with the Power 5 conferences in college football. Texas is also a hotbed for recruits and I wanted a challenge in bringing in recruits to Houston. There are so many good football programs here in Texas and I want Houston to be considered one of the best! The final thing that swayed me, is the University of Houston has tremendous resources and facilities that not only attract recruits to the university but, help our current players improve in the classroom and on the field. Robert: How have you prepared the team for Tulsa on Friday? Curby4: First of all, Tulsa has a great team and beating them will be no easy task. However, I believe we have made enough changes in our scheme and game plan to compete with Tulsa on Friday and get the win. Our team may not have the record that we had hoped for right now but, I have no doubt the players will give 100 percent on Friday. Robert: How is recruiting going? Curby4: Recruiting is going well, I've just recently talked to a lot of the recruits that have already signed and they feel comfortable with me as the new head coach. We currently have 6 recruits signed, with the 6th one signing this Sunday and we are looking at signing a QB, FS, WR, and a Corner-back in the near future. Robert: What about future scheduling? What college football teams do you plan on scheduling in the future? Curby4: Well... I haven't had the chance to look at our schedule in 2023 yet but, I plan on scheduling out of conference games with college football teams around the state of Texas. I want to show our fans and future recruits that we can compete with some of the top programs in Texas and I want both our fans and players to take great pride in beating home state teams. Robert: Alright it is about that time to wrap up the show with our Question of the Week! This question is from I_LIKE_BIG_COUGS24 and he asks, who is your favorite Houston Cougar of all time? Curby4: That's easy! It has to be Joel King, he was such an impact player for the Houston Cougars and its great to see him continue his success for the Cincinnati Bengals. Robert: Alright folks! That about wraps it up. I hope you enjoyed our first episode of The Cougars Den!? Make sure to follow Channel 21 News for your latest updates on local news and weather! I'm your host Robert Williams, saying Goodnight and Go Cougs!
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    Big 12 News

    [2022] Midseason All-Big XII Team

    OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE MIDSEASON: Solomon McLaughlin, Texas Tech: 159 carries for 994 yards, 12 TD, 4 fumbles (3 lost) DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE MIDSEASON: Devon Braxton, Texas: 16 tackles, 2 TFL, 5 INT, 4 PD OFFENSIVE FRESHMAN OF THE MIDSEASON: Corey Easley, West Virginia: 40 receptions for 614 yards, 5 TD, 3 drops DEFENSIVE FRESHMAN OF THE MIDSEASON: Josh Poe Jr., Texas Tech: 25 tackles, 2 TFL, 3 INT, 1 FF, 1 TD COACH OF THE MIDSEASON: acewulf, Texas Tech MIDSEASON ALL-BIG XII TEAM QB: Ian Baldwin, Oklahoma State: 137-190 for 1760 yards, 16 TD, 4 INT, 72.1% completion percentage, 9.3 YPA, 173.5 rating RB: Solomon McLaughlin, Texas Tech: 159 carries for 994 yards, 12 TD, 4 fumbles (3 lost) FB: Brendan Rector, TCU: 2 carries for 4 yards, 1 TD, blocked for Martin Gifford and Felix Luck WR: Corey Easley, West Virginia: 40 receptions for 614 yards, 5 TD, 3 drops WR: Samuel Barfield, Oklahoma State: 35 receptions for 583 yards, 7 TD, 1 drop TE: Jaime Bautista, Kansas: 45 receptions for 569 yards, 5 TD, 2 drops OT: Tyson Chadwick, TCU: Team OL rating of 5.63 OT: Benjamin Driver, Oklahoma: Team OL rating of 5.25 OG: Walter Shannon, Texas Tech: Team OL rating of 5.65 OG: Edward Meyer, Oklahoma State: Team OL rating of 5.57 C: Charlie Becker, Texas Tech: Team OL rating of 5.65 DE: Aaron Pagan, West Virginia: 16 tackles, 6.0 sacks, 6 TFL DE: Charles Brock, Baylor: 17 tackles, 5.5 sacks, 8 TFL DT: David Kaiser, Oklahoma: 14 tackles, 4.5 sacks, 5 TFL ILB: Josh Poe Jr., Texas Tech: 25 tackles, 2 TFL, 3 INT, 1 FF, 1 TD ILB: Ian Johnson, Iowa State: 29 tackles, 1 TFL, 3 INT, 3 PD OLB: Chance Herring, TCU: 18 tackles, 3.0 sacks, 3 TFL OLB: Zachary McHale, Baylor: 17 tackles, 1.0 sack, 1 TFL, 1 INT, 2 PD CB: Devon Braxton, Texas: 16 tackles, 2 TFL, 5 INT, 4 PD CB: Elijah Williams, Oklahoma: 4 tackles, 2 INT, 5 PD, 2 TD FS: Prince Pruitt, Oklahoma State: 12 tackles, 3 INT, 2 PD SS: Anthony Easter, TCU: 3 tackles, 2 PD K: Jesse Cantrell, Baylor: 17-19 FG, 12-12 XP, 9-11 FG40+ P: Evan Coon, TCU: 42.9-yard punting average KR: Daniel O'Hara, Kansas State: 403 kick return yards PR: Jamel Herron, West Virginia; 327 punt return yards, 1 PRTD If you prefer, this can also be referred to as the [2022] Large Half-Dozen Team
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    Offensive Player of the Year QB Eric McLean 6-2 206 (Sr) Blanco (Blanco, TX) 5.0 of 5.0 [Pocket] 2,058 yards, 20 TD, 3 INT, 67.8% comp, 166.5 QB rating McLean is likely on his way to winning his fourth Offensive Player of the Year award, a feat that I'm going to assume has not been done before. Although his total numbers are down from his marks last season, he has been more efficient this year despite playing against some of the best secondaries in the country in TCU and Alabama. McLean is second in the nation in passing yards and passing TDs while being 15th in pass attempts. Fellow 5.0 of 5.0 C-USA QB Chris Billings has the same amount of attempts as McLean but has 436 less yards, 7 less TDs, and 1 more INT. Contenders: None that are close Defensive Player of the Year ILB Cordarelle McGill 6-3 222 Jr Blinn College (Brenham TX) 4.0 of 4.5 [Will] 36 tackles, 6 TFL, 1 INT, 3 PD New to the C-USA after dominating the JUCO ranks, McGill has been all over the field for FIU. He is tied for the nation's lead in tackle with 36 and is tied for second for inside linebackers with 6 TFLs. He also has a strong presence against the pass with an interception and 3 PDs. He is a key factor to FIU's hot 5-1 start to the season and may lead them to winning the East Division. Contenders: (Rice) ATH Brandon Dawkins 6-7 268 (So) Floydada (Floydada TX) 3.5 of 4.0 [Blitz] 23 tackles, 10 TFL, 6.0 sacks (UAB) DE Cory Joseph 6-1 258 (So) Oak Mountain (Birmingham AL) 3.0 of 3.0 [Blitz] 20 tackles, 9 TFL, 7.0 sacks, 1 FF, 1 FR (UTEP) CB Kevin Miles 6-1 171 (So) Van Vleck (Van Vleck TX) 3.0 of 4.0 [Man Coverage] 14 tackles, 5 INT, 2 PD Special Teams Player of the Year K Jeffrey Warren 5-10 223 Sr American River College (Foothill Farms, CA) 4.5 of 4.5 [Power] 8/8 FG, 23/23 XP, long of 55 After converting 20 of 22 field goals last season, Warren has continued his success as he has not missed a kick this season. He has displayed his powerful leg, making two kicks over 50 yards including one from 55 yards. He will have his shot at an NFLHC roster/practice squad next season. Contenders: (CHAR) K Nathan Shell 6-1 213 So Manchester (Midlothian VA) 2.0 of 4.5 [Power] 12/13 FG, 14/14 XP, long of 53 (FIU) K Luka Ledford 5-10 180 Sr North Central (Kershaw, SC) 3.5 of 3.5 [Power] 11/11 FG, 17/17 XP, long of 46 Freshman of the Year TE Jeremiah Kendrick 6-5 197 (Fr) Eupora (Eupora MS) 2.0 of 5.0 [Receiving] 47 rec, 589 yards, 6 TD, 0 drops Part of this new age of tall, thin tight ends with elite receiving ability, Jeremiah Kendrick is quickly making a name for himself. He is the leading tight end in the country in receptions and yards and is second in touchdowns. He has accounted for 40% of Southern Miss' passing yards and 46% of their passing touchdowns. He has a shot at winning the Mackey Award for the nation's best tight end. Kendrick has a bright future in Hattiesburg. Contenders: (UTSA) RB Samuel Laws 5-7 228 (Fr) Anton (Anton TX) 2.0 of 4.5 [Power] 105 att for 480 yards, 6 TD, 4.57 YPC (UTSA) WR Jermon Bailey 6-0 181 Fr DeLeon (DeLeon TX) 2.5 of 3.5 [Speed] 24 rec, 420 yards, 5 TD, 3 drops, 1 KR TD (FAU) DE Terrence Perry 6-3 255 (Fr) Pensacola Catholic (Pensacola FL) 3.5 of 4.5 [Contain] 14 tackles, 8 TFL, 4.5 sacks, 1 FF (ODU) OLB Bruce Turner 6-1 229 Fr John Carroll (Bel Air MD) 3.0 of 3.0 [Blitz] 22 tackles, 6 TFL, 3.5 sacks, 1 FR, 1 TD J.B. Blacknall Award ILB Cordarelle McGill 6-3 222 Jr Blinn College (Brenham TX) 4.0 of 4.5 [Will] 36 tackles, 6 TFL, 1 INT, 3 PD The J.B. Blacknall Award is a special award given to the best new transfer from either JUCO or a FBS/FCS program. Read more about McGill under Defensive Player of the Year. Contenders: (UTEP) WR Uzumati Jones 6-2 233 Jr Ranger College (Ranger TX) 4.0 of 4.5 [Target] 32 rec, 434 yards, 3 TD, 0 drops Coach of the Year LamboThrone UTEP 5-1 (2-1) Originally projected as being the #10 team in the conference and finishing at 4-8 by me at the start of the season, LamboThrone has turned around UTEP much faster than anticipated. The National Coach of the Year winner in 2015 while at Texas Tech is proving he is still one of the top gameplanners in the game. UTEP is 5-1 with an impressive win over a ranked (at the time) BYU and only loss is to Rice. UTEP will likely make their first bowl game in team history. However, LamboThrone has been struggling on the recruiting trail with only the #126 class headed to UTEP right now. Rocketcan of FIU is hot on his tails, especially if FIU can win the East Division. Contenders: Rocketcan FIU 5-1 (3-0) Bubada Rice 4-2 (2-0)
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    [2022] AAC Seasonal Rankings

    Week 10 Rankings AAC Season Rankings SMU Mustangs Leads the AAC with 276 Points. Week 10 has come and gone, and with it, so has another round of exciting AAC match ups. Temple(4-3) was almost upset by ECU(1-7), UCONN(1-7) gave UCF(5-3) more of a fight than they were expecting, and Tulsas(6-2) magical season continued as they knocked off Toledo. Despite Win-loss records, some teams have been far more successful than what their record currently shows. We will take a look at both offensive, and defensive standings for the conference as a whole. Point For Rankings Looking at the Point For Rankings, the top two, Temple and SMU, probably doesn't surprise many people. SMU and Temple have probably been the two most dominate teams in the AAC for the last five seasons. UCF, Navy and other teams have competed with them, but Temple and SMU still are usually the top dogs of their respective divisions. Tulsa however..Tulsa has long been a bottom dweller. For them to come out this season and play to a 6-2 record, as well as being one of the top scorers..That is one hell of an accomplishment and their coach should be proud. While they may not have the hardest schedule in the conference, they manage to beat SMU..At SMU. Oddly enough however they were trounced by ECU 42-10. Still, the West continues to grow stronger and become way more competitive. Hopefully they can keep this up, and make the big strides like Navy and Memphis has. SMU is still the team to beat, but they shouldn't be able to roll through their division anymore. Especially since four of the top 6 teams are all in the west, with Temple and ECU being the only two teams from the East. ECU is a surprising member of this list considering their 1-7 record on the season, but also because they have not been able to run the ball at all this season. For them to still find a way to score, and keep all of their games close, has been a miracle. Houston has been disappointing this season. They struggled early in the season putting up on 12.6 points a game. They've seem to have found their way a little bit, but the defense has just not been there for them. Passing Yards This is probably the most mind blowing part of this list. At the start of the season, if you would have said ECU, Tulsa or UCONN would be the top three passing teams..at any point in the season, I would have laughed and just said "K." However, here we are. With only 4 games left in the season for most teams, ECU, Tulsa and Uconn are the three best passing teams up to this point. A good thing to for ECU because how damn..their run game is awful. Awful as in, if it isn't the worst in the country, its pretty close. Uconn has been one of those teams that has had a good passing offense for the last few seasons, but their defense, and lack of coaching consistency has really hurt them. Temple being in the bottom half is surprising, but they have a young QB, a great coach so i expect next season we will see them bounce right back. Rushing Yards Again we see Temple and SMU atop of the list. Both of these teams have been dominate up front and control the clock with their running game. We saw Temple this week struggle to throw the ball against a team who..well hasn't been very good against the pass. But they were able to keep the ball, and limit the time the opponent had to make a big comeback and win. A Surprising team being as high up as they are is Cincinnati. They are a team to watch for the rest of the season as they have won 3 of their last 4 games. Houston and USF have been struggling, and UCF just managed to escape UCONN. We could very well see a bowl Bound Cincy team if they can keep it together moving forward. At the Bottom, we have UCoNN and ECU. As we already mentioned, ECU is..deplorable on the ground game. While Uconn is doing a little better, they aren't doing much better. Points Against Navy is the best defense in the conference. They have been consistent in all three categories that we have been looking at. Given who they have remaining on their schedule, they will probably stay near the top. They have been very impressive so far this season. Only three teams have manage to score 20 or more against Navy. ECU, Notre dame and SMU. Temple, while they have been impressive, Navy really has been in a whole other league. As much as we've been bragging about Tulsa, it is surprising to see that they are low. They've played very welll offensively, but if they ever expect to compete and hang with the big dogs year in and year out, then we need to see that defense grow. They have to play better. As well as ECU. They have too many good players on the defensive side of the ball to be as low as they are in every category. They are young, but they need to step it up and help what has been an over all impressive offense win games. Cincinnati Continues to take steps to be a better team. They have done well with keeping opponents off the board. They held ECU for example to their lowest score of the season, something Temple and Navy both didn't do. Passing Yards Against Temple's secondary has been a model of efficiency. They have dominated most receivers and quarterbacks this season. They have let only one team throw for more than 300 yards on them so far this season(and that team can't run so it almost doesn't count). USF and Navy has been solid as well. Tulsa..has not been. ECU is doing slightly better than them..but SMU is not a team we would have expected to have this low. They have given up 1860 yard through the air. They still have to play ECU, but Houston and Memphis are also left on their schedule. Seeing as neither of those two have been dominate through the air, they should improve as far as their ranking by the time the season ends. Rush Yards Against Navy Continues their defensive dominance against the run as well. It does help that combined, ECU and UConn totaled 34 yards rushing against Navy..but even against everyone else they have been very good. Their only two losses are also the only two times they allowed more than a 100 yards rushing. And again, Cincinnati pops up on a defensive list. If they can work on their pass defense, and figure out their offense, they really could have a good team. At least better than whatever thought they were. We still have a few games left in the season, but this is a very good look at where each team is compared to the other teams in the conference. While there are some expected outcomes, a few of these teams surprised us.
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    [2022] Week 9 PAC-12 Superlatives

    With Stanford and Arizona State on bye weeks, this version of the PAC-12 Superlatives is T-Mac and Iz Carlson free for the first time all season. We take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly in a fascinating slate of PAC-12 Week 9 games. Best Road Comeback - Washington Huskies The Dawgs spotted the home standing Beavers a 17 pts early lead, with Bad Jake Davis making an unexpected appearance in Corvallis to the tune of two ugly picks, and Lloyd Samuel getting some chunk yardage through the Huskies' soft interior D. Then, the blood started to flow back to Husky brains via a nice TD spring by Kofi Walls and the comeback was on. 21 unanswered points in the 4th, saw Washington hold off a game Oregon State team by a final score of 31-28. Davis finished with a balance of picks/TDs on 270 yards passing. This was certainly a letdown game for Jieret's men after the big win over Arizona (ever-so-slightly less impressive today compared to last week) and the approaching bye week. So, we'll give the Dawgs a pass on this one. Still, hell of a comeback for the Purple and Gold. Best Breakout Game as a (SR) - Jason Baum Jason Baum woke up on Saturday morning feeling oddly calm about facing a menacing Washington State defense and front-line monster Quincy Hobson, especially considering the new coach the Cougars were trotting out. That early-morning calm led to a career highlight performance in a big win over Wazzu in Eugene which saw Baum 1) throw 3 TDs for the first time ever; 2) pass for over 300 yards for the first time ever; and 3) add solid ground numbers with a touchdown in a poor man's impersonation of that stud QB from Palo Alto. Baum, fresh off a redshirt year where he revamped his throwing motion and took the year to settle a family matter, couldn't be happier in his role as caretaker QB for this transition season for Oregon: following the departure of Trevon Yeldon, and before the ascension of 5* Alex Gruber, the offense has had to shift to pass-heavy option outfit that relies on a 3.5 RB, a motley crew of receiving talent, and a young but enticing OLine. After the game, Baum credited the big uglies up front for keeping his jersey clean and Hobson (and all the other Cougs) off the sack board, and bringing the Ducks to bowl eligibility in 7 total games. Best Defensive Battle, aka My CB is Stronger than Your CB - Colorado vs. Arizona The Wildcats, coming off their first loss of the season up in Seattle, thought that coming home against a hurt Colorado team that won a hard-fought squeaker against UCLA the week before, was just the recipe to get back into the Win column. Alas, this one turned into the place where Dreams of Beautiful Offense go to die. CU--make that DeSean Barkely--picked off Adam Slone three times and held the Wildcats to 9 points on 127 total yards. Arizona's Eric Hall, who had a fantastic game as well with 3 pass break-ups and a pick, temporarily relinquished his title of PAC-12 Cornerback Flavor of the Week to Barkley, as CU had just enough offense with Latavious Murray and Mike Naylor to sneak in two scores with just over 220 yards of total offense. Colorado, 5-2 with only ONE home game played, is in an interesting position to play spoiler to the rest of the PAC-12 while still playing for meaningful post-season status. Games remaining against both Washington schools, Oregon, Utah and an intriguing late-season OOC trip to SMU mean that CU will need to find some offense somewhere if they want to get to 9 or even 10 wins. Arizona, also 5-2 with a back-loaded schedule, is eyeing bowl-eligibility with some skepticism, as the 'Cats travel to Oregon, UCLA, and ASU with visits from USC and Stanford remaining on their schedule. Yikes. Best Imitation of a PAC-12/G5 clunker - USC vs. CAL The two newest coaches in the PAC-12, @TuscanSota and @noodlz2, both suffered disappointing losses this week as they look to put their stamp on each program. Of course, those two games were against the top two teams in the Conference in Oregon and USC respectively. The Trojans walked into Memorial Stadium and barely got out of 3rd gear to waste the Bears 31-0. Lockwood and Bowser were excellent, and the young Trojan defense held CAL to 168 yards of total offense. That's nice...if you like Song Girls and Will Ferrell. Most impressive was how the defensive line for SC--almost entirely first- and second-year players--throttled Zach McFadden, who was starting to put together a really nice season running the ball. SC has three more prolific offenses to come in their quest for the PAC-12 South division title, including next week on The Farm against Troy McMurray and surprising Cardinal rocket offense. Can the youngsters hold up? Will it matter, since the Trojans can score on absolutely anyone? Says here this matchup is looking like a repeat of the Stanford-Washington game in Week 3, and what's not to love about that?! Best/Quickest Rebuild...? - UCLA Bruins Coach @cultur3 is one of the more active new members to the site, and his positivity, enthusiasm, and no-holds-barred attitude has been a wonderful addition to the PAC-12 and the community at large. And he's got things on the up-and-up in Westwood, with freshman sensation Aaron Harden playing big-boy football and the Bruins sitting in the Top 10 nationally in recruiting through 9 weeks. UCLA is 4-3 with a nice mix of games remaining: both Arizona schools, Oregon State, at Stanford, and USC in the Crosstown Rivalry game. The Bruins are certainly pointing toward bowl eligibility and that would be a nice step forward for this program. Harden, outside of his first career start against Oklahoma State, has been really solid...avoiding turnovers and occasionally putting up eye-popping games like the 400 yard job against Boise St. in week 4. The Head Bruin will add impact players at DT, RB, SS, and WR this recruiting cycle, plus enjoy the maturation of sneaky-productive guys like DE Shia Abernathy. 7-5 would be a pretty great season in LA.
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    Panthers' Mid-Season Report Coach Rocketcan gives instructions during a timeout against Army in Week 4. by Rusty McPherson - Panthers beat writer We have just passed the mid-way point in the 2022 season, and there is plenty to talk about here in Miami. Let's not waste any time and dive right into it. Another Home Victory Junior QB Gavin Copeland walks off the field after a 28-21 home victory over the UTSA Roadrunners. The Panthers brought the home crowd at Riccardo Silva Stadium another victory over a C-USA opponent. This time, UTSA were the victims of a 28-21 affair. This game that has potentially one of the most balanced box scores in history, as each team scored one touchdown in every quarter, except in the first for UTSA. Once again, the Panthers' offense was efficient, but this time there were flashes of what could be in the future. Redshirt sophomore tight end Brandon Reinhardt had only a single catch...for a 54-yard touchdown. This was the only score that junior quarterback Gavin Copeland would throw, but it wouldn't be the only one he scored. Copeland added another two touchdowns on the ground including a beautiful 35-yard touchdown run off of a read-option fake. Senior tailback Mayer Ewing turned in another 100-yard game and contributed a touchdown on 21 carries, but did allow a fumble that was recovered by UTSA. Defensively, the Panthers continued to be solid. Senior cornerback Devin Carrington picked off UTSA quarterback Justin Radford to kill a Roadrunner drive. Other stops were made by junior nose tackle Jude Connors and senior linebacker Miles Mosley as both contributed a sack and Mosley delivering another forced fumble and tackle for a loss. By the end of the day, the Panthers would only allow 285 yards. What Brought Us Here? The Panthers' offense lines up against Marshall in Week 7. FIU would go on to win 38-13. The only loss for FIU on the year was a 3-point home loss to Illinois. Everywhere else, the Panthers have been great. Undefeated in conference play against the likes of division-rivals Middle Tennessee State, Marshall, and Charlotte as well as an out of division game against UTSA. The Panthers also scored a statement out-of-conference 23-17 victory against Army in Week 4 that stunned many coaches across C-USA and even the nation. Here is where the brakes might need to be pumped, though. The combined record of FIU's defeated opponents is 10-28. The only team with a winning record that the Panthers have played, they lost to (Illinois [4-2]). Regardless, the Panthers have put together the best scoring defense in the C-USA East and are only behind Old Dominion in scoring offense in the East. The Panthers have built a good foundation that has ensured post-season play for the second consecutive year: a first in school history. What To Look For Going Forward? Rice Owls quarterback Eric McLean slices up the University of Houston's secondary in Week 7. McLean is second in the nation in passing yards and TDs, and is potentially the best passer in the country. Despite what coach Rocketcan might like me to do (we get it coach, one week at a time), everyone interested in C-USA football is looking forward to Week 11 as FIU takes on Rice in Texas. There are rumblings that if things continue on the track that they are, that this could be a preview of the C-USA championship game. Once again, ol' Rusty is here to be a bucket of cold water and point out that this would obviously favor the Owls over the Panthers, even if the Panthers get a second shot at Rice in Championship week. Rice simply has very few weaknesses and possesses a quarterback (redshirt senior Eric McLean) that one could easily make the argument is the best in all of college football. Talk about an uphill battle. The good news is, (and this will make coach Rocketcan come down from his potential stroke-inducing rage) the Panthers don't play Rice next week. Next week, the Panthers take on the Old Dominion Monarchs, which is a much more winnable match-up. This game will certainly be interesting, though, as the Monarchs are coming off of an upset loss against North Texas and will likely be angry and looking to take out that anger on the Panthers. Will the Panthers be able to contain Old Dominion's aggressive and productive offense? Why not see for yourself? To purchase tickets, call 305-FIU-GAME.
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    [2022] NFC (B)East Rookie Report

    We are through 8 weeks of the 2022 NFLHC season. The Cowboys and Redskins are have hit the halfway point of their seasons, while the Eagles and Giants lag behind by virtue of an early season bye. It is time to check in on our rookies and see what impact they have made in their first season. Washington Redskins 1x26 - CB Tre'Davious Dikes Dikes has played as the nickel back and the PR/KR for the entirety of the season. He is currently tied for the league lead in interceptions. Current Stats: 12 tackles, 4 INT, 1 PD with 515 special teams yards On Pace For: 24 tackles, 8 INT, 2 PD with 1030 special teams yards. 2x50 - OG Angelo Denny Denny was inserted into the starting lineup for the first time in week 8 and had the worst player grade on the team 4x118 - RB Johnny Taylor Taylor has served as the 3rd down running back for the majority of the season Current Stats: 37 carries for 165 yards (4.5 ypc) and 3 receptions for 20 yards On Pace For: 74 carries for 330 yards and 6 receptions for 40 yards. 5x151 - WR Ty Royal Royal had a great rookie mini-camp and has been the #2 WR on the depth chart and the slot WR all season. Current Stats: 28 receptions for 400 yards and 4 TDs with 1 drop On Pace For: 56 receptions for 800 yards and 8 TDs with 2 drops 6x192 - Kyle Davidson Davidson looked good in the preseason and has been active every game day but hasn't yet seen any action 7x226 - TE Keith Tinsley Samuels Keith Tinsley Samuels suffered a season ending injury in rookie minicamps Dallas Cowboys 1x23 - OT D.J. Franklin Franklin is the starting RT for the Cowboys 3x69 - WR Gabe Barrientos Barrientos is the WR5 for the Cowboys Current Stats: 5 receptions for 64 yards with 1 drop On Pace For: 10 receptions for 128 yards with 2 drops 3x87 - ILB Sam Richardson Richardson is the backup Mike LB for the Cowboys Current Stats: 10 tackles, 1 TFL On Pace For: 20 tackles, 2 TFL 4x122 - TE Charles Sherrill Sherrill is the TE2 for the Cowboys Current Stats: 5 receptions for 67 yards and 1 TD On Pace For: 10 receptions for 134 yards and 2 TDs 5x156 - FS Omar Bush Bush is the backup FS for the Cowboys 6x195 - ILB Abe Rock Rock is currently inactive for the Cowboys 7x230 - OT Lawrence Miller Miller is not on the Cowboys 53 man roster Philadelphia Eagles 1x31 - FS Cameron Bowden Bowden is the starting FS for the Eagles Current Stats: 8 tackles, 3 INT, 1 PD, 1 TD On Pace For: 18 tackles, 6.8 INTs, 2.3 PD, 2.3 TDs 2x63 - TE Sebastian Babb Babb is the starting TE Current Stats: 23 catches for 281 yards and 2 TDs with 1 drop On Pace For: 52 catches for 642 yards and 4.6 TDs with 2.3 drops 3x95 - CB Logan Holmes Holmes is the CB3 for the Eagles Current Stats: 5 tackles and 1 PD On Pace For: 11 tackles and 2.3 PD 4x130 - WR Justin Evans Evans is the WR3 for the Eagles Current Stats: 8 receptions for 76 yards On Pace For: 18 receptions for 173 yards 5x164 - OG Zach Carpenter Carpenter suffered an ACL rupture during rookie minicamp 6x203 - QB Marquise Simpkins Simpkins is currently inactive for the Eagles 7x238 - DE Malachi McKnight McKnight is currently inactive for the Eagles New York Giants 1x2 DE Khairi Bryant Bryant has been the starting LDE for the Giants for the entirety of the season Current Stats: 12 tackles, 3 sacks, 5 TFL On Pace For: 27 tackles, 6.8 sacks, 11.4 TFL 1x16 WR Tevin Lattimore Lattimore has been the WR2 for the Giants behind Sonny Beckett Current Stats: 18 receptions for 253 yards and 2 TDs On Pace For: 41 receptions for 578 yards and 4.5 TDs 3x82 TE Brian Engle Engle is the TE 2 for the Giants Current Stats: 13 receptions for 140 yards with 1 drop On Pace For: 30 receptions for 320 yards with 2.3 drops 5x136 OG Xavier Werner Werner is the backup OG 5x139 QB Andre Webb Webb has been inactive on gamedays 6x173 TE Julio Cass Cass is the TE3 7x209 RB Ethan Newby Newby is currently inactive for the Giants Current Stats: 17 carries for 62 yards (3.65 ypc) and 1 TD On Pace For: 39 carries for 142 yards and 2.3 TDs 7x227 RB Joseph Saunders Saunders is not on the Giants 53 man roster Midseason Draft Grades: Washington Redskins CB Tre'Davious Dikes has been very productive for the Redskins out of the slot. If he can continue his production as he makes the transition to the outside in future seasons, he could be a potential star in this secondary. The jury is still out on Denny although the early indications aren't good. The 2 missed 3rd round picks really hurt what could have been a really good class. 4th round pick Jhonny Taylor has performed well in limited reps as a 3rd down back and 5th round pick Ty Royal has been a breath of fresh air for this offense, and he trails only Sam Hiller-Weeden in receiving production. Kyle Davidson looked promising in the preseason, but the Redskins hope he doesn't see the field anytime soon. B+ Dallas Cowboys This class is really difficult to grade because individual offensive linemen are difficult to evaluate. Then without a 2nd round pick, the Cowboys didn't draft another starter. Incomplete Philadelphia Eagles The Eagles managed to grab a player that is contributing to the team with each of their first 4 picks. FS Cameron Bowden appears to be a rising star in the league, TE Sebastian Babb has found a niche as Allan Taylor's security blanket, CB Logan Holmes hasn't shown up much but has managed to stay ahead of Tim Kassell in the battle for nickel corner, and Justin Evans has settled into the slot WR role, although he has been very unproductive in that position. B New York Giants The Giants found themselves in the enviable position of having 2 top 16 picks. With pick #2 they managed to snag one of the few 84 overall players that have been available in NFLHC drafts. Bryant hasn't made the impact that the Giants would have liked to have seen thus far, but that may be more due to the porous secondary behind him. WR Tevin Lattimore has shown himself to be a capable, sure handed receiver but has been limited by shaky QB play. The Giants would like to have seen more production out of their 2 top picks, but they have both shown they can hold their own in less than favorable circumstances. B-
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    Auburn Announces 2023-25 Season Openers

    Auburn, AL Auburn released their next 3 opening out-of-conference games over the weekend. After the wild success that was the neutral site opener against TCU, the Tigers athletic department has been working diligently to capture that magic for the foreseeable future. The goal was to create matchups that fans, recruits, and players would enjoy. "Neutral site games are the best for all parties," Auburn coach Rome said during his weekly presser. "The fans love it, the boosters love the national attention, and the recruits love the idea of playing in these types of games. Plus the school makes basically as much as a home-home series would." After traveling to New Orleans this year, the Auburn Tigers will start 2023 flying to the Rockies. In a match up of East vs West, the Oregon Ducks will provide the first hurdle of eventual starting quarterback Sherman. Two explosive offenses will surely debut under the bright lights of Mile High. Trading a national matchup for a regional showdown, the Tigers will meet the Miami Hurricanes of the ACC in 2024. Barring the two post seasons between the announcement and the game, this will be the second match between the two programs. The Tigers would emerge victorious in 2018 after an MVP performance by Auburn legend Jacory Kessler. The formidable Hurricanes will descend upon Jacksonville to avenge that loss, loaded to the gills with talented recruits. After that it's onto Auburn's hollywood debut! Their opening game will shine in beautiful Los Angeles, playing the Huskies of Washington. Another foe from coach Rome's Colorado days will look to remind him why he never succeed in the PAC-12. But Auburn will be boasting a team that has plenty of experience under it's belt and could be poised for another National Title run. No matter what, expect a movie script ending when the two teams clash in 2025.
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