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Man of the Hour

The Bills make Purdue Quarterback Matt Jones their first overall pick.

A New Hope

The Atlanta Falcons have drafted Utah quarterback Donald Culver to compete with A.J. Jefferson.

Jumping Up

Tre Dikes, cornerback from Oregon, completes his massive pre-draft climb and is selected by the Redskins in the first round.


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    Admin Newsletter: September, 2018

    Soluna's Admin Newsletter No. 2 | September 2018 I was mostly successful in my predictions from the last newsletter. I was delayed on development and progressions by two weeks of IRL work that sent me to Savannah so I apologize for the delays that has caused. I successfully completed the migration of front offices to the Clubs feature. Upcoming Events NFLHC draft completes. NFLHC Rookie Minicamps, Training Camp, and Pre-Season. CFBHC progressions complete. CFBHC Spring Camps (new feature) will be announced officially and will likely take place (depends on NFL scheduling a little). What am I doing There's a big Owner Update coming out that I've been working on for the last few weeks. More will be announced in the coming days but the update will essentially give Owners a way to "make money" and shoot for the Hall of Fame in this new, unique, way. The goal will be to provide Owners with a true goal and to make team money feels like it means more than it currently does. Additionally this will tie in with marketing, stadium expansion and construction, and fan attendance. I really want to work in Marketing stuff but I'm not sure how to do it so that's holding me up a bit. What can you expect in the near future? Progression of your team (if it has not occured). NFLHC Offseason wraps up NFLHC Pre-Season CFBHC Spring Camp events Soluna
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    CFBHC v1.5f

    CFBHC v1.5f Differentiation of Conferences / Unique Experiences Update August 28th, 2018 Pre-Release v1.5.4.11 Notes: Thanks to all those who helped testing and recommended stuff as usual. General Info / Idea Two features that were requested from people. No further comment. There will be one more big feature for NFLHC Owners coming to wrap up CFBHC v1.5. CFBHC * Scholarship limit introduced. CFBHC teams are limited to 85 players on their entire roster. As most teams are likely currently above this value teams will now be allowed to only recruit 21 players each year (regular recruiting and/or JuCo). After rosters have normalized I may change this to be your decision per year as long as you don't surpass 85 but for the foreseeable future 21 a year is the max. Walk-ons are still being considered for the future but in a different capacity. NFLHC * Regional newspaper requirement removed.
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    [2022] Draftday Mock (Top 40)

    Buffalo Bills: Matt Jones, QB, Purdue Boilermakers New York Giants: Khairi Bryant, DE, Ohio State Buckeyes Cincinnati Bengals: Noah Barney, OG, Ohio State Buckeyes Los Angeles Chargers: Trevon Yeldon, RB, Oregon Ducks Los Angeles Chargers: Xavier Cuellar, C, Florida Gators Arizona Cardinals: Shamar Ware, DT, Penn State Nittany Lions Buffalo Bills: Kenyon Randall, RB, LSU Tigers Jacksonville Jaguars: Kenyon Justice, CB, Auburn Tigers Minnesota Vikings: Timothy Key, DE, Florida Gators San Francisco 49ers: Sebastian Smallwood, DE, Alabama Crimson Tide Chicago Bears: Brian Chavez, OT, Baylor Bears Cleveland Browns: Jarvis Ward, WR, Texas A&M Aggies New England Patriots: Tyrese Thompson, ILB, Auburn Tigers Detroit Lions: Ryan Harris, QB, Fresno State Bulldogs Los Angeles Chargers: Kyle Will, OT, Michigan Wolverines New York Giants: Donald Culver, QB, Utah Utes Atlanta Falcons: Markus Golden, ILB, Ole Miss Rebels Kansas City Chiefs: Tevin Lattimore, WR, Missouri Tigers Washington Redskins: Kieron Brooks, ILB, Charlotte 49ers New Orleans Saints: D.J. Franklin, OT, Montana Grizzlies Pittsburgh Steelers: David Sutton, C, Louisiana Tech Bulldogs Denver Broncos: Evan Walsh, OLB, Nevada Wolfpack Dallas Cowboys: Morgan Patton, WR, Penn State Nittany Lions Los Angeles Rams: Tre'Davious Dikes, CB, Oregon Ducks Carolina Panthers: Javon Hargrove, C, Houston Cougars Tennessee Titans: DeSean Dockery, RB, Louisville Cardinals Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Parker Holmes, DE, Tennessee Volunteers New York Jets: Ja'Wuan Howard, WR, Georgia Bulldogs Green Bay Packers: Adam Lovelace, ILB, Vanderbilt Commodores New England Patriots: Jabari Fletcher, OLB, Texas Longhorns Philadelphia Eagles: Manny Ferguson, TE, Boston College Eagles Las Vegas Raiders: Kyle Cunningham, CB, Baylor Bears New Orleans Saints: Phillip Davenport, OLB, Arizona Wildcats Los Angeles Chargers: Cameron Bowden, FS, Arizona Wildcats Buffalo Bills: Marc Allen, OT, Western Michigan Broncos Cincinnati Bengals: Shaq Turner, SS, Texas State Bobcats Arizona Cardinals: Tyler White, WR, Penn State Nittany Lions Houston Texans: Evan Grant, RB, Georgia State Panthers Jacksonville Jaguars: Fletcher Joyner, OG, Utah Utes Seattle Seahawks: Riley McDunnough, C, McNeese State Cowboys
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    Based on current team needs and PFF's evaluation of eligible talent, here's the PFF predicted Top 10 and the likelihood of pick based on only these factors for both the particular player and the position chosen: Buffalo Bills: 92% Matt Jones, 92% QB, Purdue Boilermakers New York Giants: 81% Khairi Bryant, 87% DE, Ohio State Buckeyes Cincinnati Bengals: 59% Noah Barney, 59% OG, Ohio State Buckeyes Los Angeles Chargers: 63% Trevon Yeldon, 71% RB, Oregon Ducks Los Angeles Chargers: 47% Kenyon Justice, 47% CB, Auburn Tigers Arizona Cardinals: 62% Shamar Ware, 62% DT, Penn State Nittany Lions Buffalo Bills: 38% Timothy Key, 52% DE, Florida Gators Jacksonville Jaguars: 56% Jarvis Ward, 66% WR, Texas A&M Aggies Minnesota Vikings: 51% Sebastian Smallwood, 83% DE, Alabama Crimson Tide San Francisco 49ers: 35% Brian Chavez, 43% OT, Baylor Bears
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    Just a general PSA but please for the love of god stop importing player lines from places other than this website. Don't copy stuff from Excel into depth charts/team pages, don't copy stuff from google sheets or word. Please only copy FROM someone I officially posted (like the player eligible list) to a team page. Don't even copy it from another team page to your team page, try to get it from the original source. I keep running into problems where people are guessing the player color because they copied it back black or they aren't 100% sure on the font or size or whatever. This is causing me MAJOR problems and I would really appreciate if you guys could help out with this. Even the issue where people copy with another background color is a major problem. Please please think of the problems it causes. I asked someone why they were doing it and they said someone else told them it was okay. It's not, please don't do it.
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    [2022] It's Mock O'Clock

    I'd like to thank @ImposterCauster and @deandean1998 for collaborating with me on this. Its not perfect, but its a mock. Picks reflect what we saw on your team pages. Buffalo Bills - Matt Jones, QB, Purdue. Almost as obvious a pick as there can be after the Bills traded up to #1. Upstate New York finally has a true franchise QB. There’s a small chance the Bills, known to value DL talent more than almost any other team, will take Bryant here instead and hope to land another QB at #7. New York Giants - Khairi Bryant, DE, Ohio State The Giants sitting at the second pick meant they were either getting a franchise QB in Jones or potentially the best draft prospect that NFLHC has ever seen in Bryant. Now that Buffalo has #1, the G-Men don’t need to change a thing, just sit here and take whoever of Bryant or Jones is available. Only way they could screw this up would be to trade the pick. Pick made by Imposter and Neo Cincinnati Bengals - Noah Barney, OG, Ohio State This is where the draft really begins. The Bengals could potentially go in several directions. There were rumors this offseason that the new front office wanted to move on from QB Joel King and the availability of Ryan Harris here could certainly tempt them. In this scenario, however, the team decides to give King one last shot to impress and takes one of the most impressive guard prospects to ever enter NFLHC. While the OL in Cincy still has some impressive pieces, namely LT Blake Pile and C Kevin Siemon, it is extremely lacking at Guard. L.A. Chargers - Timothy Key, DE, Florida L.A. Chargers - Xavier Cuellar, C, Florida The Chargers made what was likely a pretty easy call in dropping down from 1st overall down to 4th and picked up the 5th pick for their trouble. As much as they could have used Matt Jones, this roster has more holes than Swiss cheese run through a perforator. They need talent and now they can get a big injection of it by double-dipping on a pair from Gainesville, FL. A porous OL gets a big boost with the incredible Xavier Cuellar, who enters the league with most expectations of any Center since Enoch Dickinson, and the defensive front 7 gets some badly needed help with Timothy Key’s plug and play talent. Arizona Cardinals - Shamar Ware, DT, Penn State While the Cardinals likely wish Noah Barney had slid past the Bengals, they’re out of luck in that department here. Having hitched their horse to Paul Davenport, it seems extremely unlikely they would go for a QB. A sizeable need, however, can also be filled by arguably the best player available in the powerful Defensive Tackle from Penn State. Ware broke the Combine bench record in addition to having a dominant career in State College and looks like a truly complete player at the position. This is also a spot teams like Detroit could look to trade up for a QB like Ryan Harris, as Arizona would be well-served in snagging some extra picks in the first half of the draft. Buffalo Bills - TJ Yeldon, RB, Oregon This is another likely trading spot for a team looking to snag a new QB with Harris and Culver still on the board. If they don’t trade out, however, the Bills could decide to fill a major weakness on either side of the ball. Their ILB depth chart is a mixture of veterans and journeymen, all average at best. Auburn’s Tyrese Thompson would be a massive upgrade. However, this is a team and a fanbase used to a strong power running game and no one in this draft brings that to the table like Oregon’s dynamic back. Plus, nothing takes the pressure off a young QB like a great running game. Jacksonville Jaguars - Jarvis Ward, WR, Texas A&M The Jaguars are going through a bit of a turning point. This time last year, the fanbase held high hopes after a 12 win regular season and #1 seed in the AFC. Now, after an injury to uber RB Asante Sowell exposed Christian Barkley’s weaknesses there have been some changes. Gary Faneca was sent to Buffalo and the savings immediately went to signing QB Taylor Rodriguez. T-Rod’s rumored scheme preferences differ from what the Jags ran with Barkley under center, so all of NFLHC has its eyes on Jacksonville. Enter almost a perfect fit at WR for what an offense led by T-Rod would be. Ward is an incredibly athletic specimen and his talents just scream for getting paired with an accurate passer that can get him the ball in space. Minnesota Vikings - Sebastian Smallwood, DE, Alabama San Francisco 49ers - Parker Holmes, DE, Tennessee These two picks are about as easy as it gets to make. Plenty of teams in NFLHC need Defensive Ends, but Minnesota and San Fran are the main beneficiaries of a strong class at the top for this position. Chicago Bears - Brian Chavez, OT, Baylor New starter Mohammed Foster is significantly more mobile than Norris Brooksheer, but even he would have trouble running away from all the pressure the Bears OL allowed last year. That needs to change and Chavez is the best of a good OT class, despite his short stature. Cleveland Browns - Kenyon Justice, CB, Auburn While Cleveland is likely another team that wouldn’t mind trading down, Kenyon Justice might be too good to pass on. The Browns have a CB room full of JAGs (though Cameron Marshall is still young) and an aging Kadeem Martin is not what he once was. New England Patriots - Kenyon Randall, RB, LSU Before veteran Reggie Watkins agreed to a 3 year deal after dipping a toe in free agency, most would have penciled a rookie signal caller here. With Watkins back in the fold, however, things become more about trying to win now. With rumors flying that the new front office is displeased with Daniel Hutchins, the team may elect to reset that position with a player that has seen his stock rise greatly since the season ended. Though some have questioned Randall’s relative lack of film (only a single year in Baton Rouge), his athletic potential and readiness to contribute early has many in NFLHC quite excited. Detroit Lions - Ryan Harris, QB, Fresno State The Lions have reportedly been interested in moving on from Rob LeCount. Harris falling this far is an absolute dream. It would be unsurprising to see them trade up for him Friday night. L.A. Chargers - Cameron Bowden, FS, Arizona With the last of their picks on Friday evening, the Chargers snag one of the biggest risers in the draft class. Though few would have pegged Bowden this high a few months ago, his stock has exploded in recent weeks. Schematically, this is a good fit, but part of Bowden’s value is in the locker room. He proved to be a consummate leader in Tuscon, and no roster in NFLHC needs more of an injection of leadership than the Chargers after two consecutive earned #1 overall picks. New York Giants - Tyrese Thompson, ILB, Auburn Speaking of locker room leaders, the Giants snag a big one here to lead their new-look linebacking corps in the post-Henderson era. Thompson is a top end middle linebacker prospect that adds to what could suddenly be an elite defense in the Meadowlands Pick made by Imposter and Neo Atlanta Falcons - Markus Golden, ILB, Ole Miss While Atlanta’s front office and fanbase would gladly commit murder if it meant Shamar Ware would somehow get here, that won’t happen. With a big drop off to the next DT on the board, the Falcons will look elsewhere and discover that their LB corps could be Golden if they just make this pick. Culver is sorely tempting here, but the team was still competitive with Jefferson last year and won’t make a move at QB unless they are 100% sold. Kansas City Chiefs - Donald Culver, QB, Utah If Donald Culver is on the board, the Chiefs should run, not walk, up to the podium. Washington Redskins - Tevin Lattimore, WR, Missouri Arguably the best player available gives last year’s rookie sensation Tanner Bowman another weapon to go with Hiller-Weeden and Burkes. New Orleans Saints - D.J. Franklin, OT, Montana While the Saints mourn dreams of pairing Lattimore with Sean Jenkins after the former almost made it to 20, they instead end another slide. Franklin is a truly massive specimen and is reportedly ready to see the field, despite coming out of the FCS ranks. After trading long-time franchise left tackle Roderick White, Franklin might be too tempting to let pass. Pick made by deandean Pittsburgh Steelers - David Sutton, C, Louisiana Tech John Hinton is old, average, and unhappy. This is an easy selection for the Steelers. Denver Broncos - Evan Walsh, OLB, Nevada The Broncos’ need for an OLB is no secret and guys don’t come on the board at that position with coverage skills like Walsh every day Dallas Cowboys - Kyle Will, OT, Michigan The Cowboys’ OL has led the way for the franchise for many season now, but the graying of the unit as a whole has become plain to see. Kyle Will has a sky-high ceiling as a player and could likely take the field immediately at right tackle, then shift to the left side when Justin Campbell decides to hang up his cleats. L.A. Rams - Tre’Davious Dikes, CB, Oregon The Rams don’t have many needs outside of RB after letting Chad Dess head west to Arizona, but none of the ones that fit their offense offer much value here. As a result, they spend the pick on the player who’s stock has likely risen the most in recent weeks. After Dikes’ record-shattering Combine performance, some are regarding him as a mid-1st round pick, while others see parallels with famous draft bust Aaron Stiles. Carolina Panthers - Morgan Patton, WR, Penn State While the Panthers are likely disappointed at Sutton going to the Steelers, they could honestly use help at other positions. Kieron Brooks likely receives heavy consideration, but the flash of Morgan Patton’s reliable hands and production drawing coverage away from Monte Jackson and Curtis Henry is more that front office’s style. Tennessee Titans - DeSean Dockery, RB, Louisville Chris Bell has proven to be a bust in Nashville and John Harris is considering retirement, so the Titans elect to bring in a new toy to try complementing Thomas Wheeler. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Javon Hargrove, C, Houston I fully expect the Bucs to trade up for a Center or out of the first round entirely. Not here, though. They grab the third center in the relatively deep class at the position and fill the most obvious hole on the roster. New York Jets - Fletcher Joyner, OG, Utah The Jets are actively shopping All-Pro Joe Farmer, but will still need a guard to protect the big investment they just made in Erik Wegert. Green Bay Packers - Omar Adcock, DT, Fresno State Most teams on this end of the draft don’t have many holes and the Packers are no exception. There’s an obvious one on the inside of their DL though, with Mark Bassett considering retirement and veteran Carter Jackson being fairly average. Omar Adcock makes too much sense. New England Patriots - Jabari Fletcher, OLB, Texas With the last major compensation from the J.C. Weldon trade, the Patriots fill one of the biggest holes on their roster. That group of OLBs is atrocious. Philadelphia Eagles - Manny Ferguson, TE, Boston College In an interesting spot, the Eagles could go in a variety of directions. The still available ILB Kieron Brooks could be the pick if they prioritize finding an eventual heir for Rodrick Milligan, but the veteran is not currently considering retirement. On the other hand, the Eagles could take arguably the best TE in the class and bring a new element to the offense, making Allan Taylor even more dangerous. Las Vegas Raiders - Jahmir Rolle, TE, Georgia Tech There’s no doubt that the Raiders are one of the toughest teams to draft for in mocks this year. The Super Bowl champs don’t have many obvious holes on the roster, but salary constraints could affect how the roster looks going forward and impact this pick. TE Brian Gary seems to be on the verge of wrapping up his illustrious career, and the team has no obvious heir after the trade of Matt Thomas to Buffalo last offseason. Enter Jahmir Rolle, who would be an excellent chess piece for Nick Hall in his own right. Other options could be insurance policies for established players that could hit free agency next year, like CB Kyle Cunningham.
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    Stadium Information Database

    Updated 8/29/2018 - This has to do with an upcoming owner update to incentivize spending cap more wisely and setting clear goals for owners to make the hall of fame. More information will be posted in the near future.
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    I'm real drunk, this is smackems fault. REAL DRUNK I'm now soberish and the job officially looks open...just confirming I still want to apply and will not Inspiral out of it. 1. Please list your email address and/or your reddit username at which you can be contacted. /u/vtgorilla 2. Before continuing, please thoroughly read the coaching course and feel free to ask questions. Confirm that you have read the coaching course by writing "Confirmed" below. Confirmed. 3. What team do you want to coach? Virginia Tech 4. Please select two backup teams (in descending order of preference) in case your first choice is unavailable. Nah bro, I'll stay at Mizzou. 5. In three or more sentences, tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, what do you do, where are you from, why would you be a good fit here, etc. I've been here for years. I like drinking beer and winning Heismans. I'm 33 years; I unfortunately work Bank of America; and I'm a college football nerd and VT alumnus. 6. This site can be as time consuming as you want it to be. Weekly duties can be completed in 30 minutes or less, however interacting with your fellow players throughout the week makes it more enjoyable for most people. Approximately, how much free time do you have during a typical week? Sleeping 8*7=56 Working 5*8=40 168-96=72 free hours per week to dedicate to the site. My wife tries to occupy some of this time, but obviously VT would take priority. She's a Hokie also and would understand. 7. Losing games is an inevitable reality on this site, especially when accepting newer teams. Do you believe you can handle losing? Disappointment is expected, however we have had issues with people freaking out, and even leaving the site because of losing. I have lost the games. Losing games is acceptable, except to Kansas and UVA. Fuck UVA. 8. How did you find out about this site? If recommended by a friend, please post his/her username. I was a big redditor back in the day.
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    Jieret's Mock 2.0 (Two full rounds)

    One more mock because I have to show my Seahawks some love. A full two rounder because apparently I hate myself and can't be productive on my school work. "Previous picks" come from the previous pre-combine 40-pick mock. This got really tough at the end. (No trades this time) Buffalo Bills: QB Matt Jones 6-3 208 R Purdue [Pocket] [0] 83 - There's been talk about Buffalo taking Khairi Bryant here and drafting Harris at 7, but I think that might be too risky. I'm sure Arizona wouldn't mind trading down for more picks to let someone swoop in at 6 and take Harris if that happened. Just stay the course and ride that Purdue Choo-Choo upstate. Previous pick: Matt Jones, QB New York Giants: DE Khairi Bryant 5-10 263 R Ohio State [Blitz] [0] 84 - Biggest no-brainer. If deandean takes more than 30 seconds to make this pick he should be fined. Previous pick: Khairi Bryant, DE Cincinnati Bengals: DE Timothy Key 6-2 240 R Florida [Contain] [-1] 83 - Almost changed it to Noah Barney, because they really do need the interior help. But they can find a starting guard in the 2nd, you can't definitively say the same at DE. Previous pick: Timothy Key, DE Los Angeles Chargers: RB Trevon Yeldon 6-0 233 R Oregon [Power] [0] 82 - Despite the ratings Yeldon is still widely considered the best RB in the draft. We'll always kinda have last year, Brannon Austin. Previous pick: Trevon Yeldon, RB Los Angeles Chargers: OG Noah Barney 6-1 336 R Ohio State [Pass Blocking] [0] 83 - The Chargers continue to improve their offense and give Matty Swift a better chance to succeed. Previous pick: Kyle Will, OT (at pick 7) Arizona Cardinals: DT Shamar Ware 6-5 278 R Penn State [2-Gap] [0/C] 82 - Still not sexy, still a good pick for the redbirds. Previous pick: Shamar Ware, DT Buffalo Bills: C Xavier Cuellar 6-3 249 R Florida [Run Blocking] [+2/C] 82 - Perhaps they hope a top-end ILB lasts until their round 2 pick, but even though Mendy Morrow is young I think he went +0 so there's definitely room for improvement. Cuellar is definitely a huge upgrade. Previous pick: Tyrese Thompson, ILB Jacksonville Jaguars: Kenyon Justice, CB, Auburn Tigers - Same logic applies as above. While it would be tempting to draft Jarvis Ward to replace Faneca, there's definitely a better chance at grabbing a good WR in R2 versus a good CB. Previous pick: Kenyon Justice, CB Minnesota Vikings: DE Sebastian Smallwood 6-1 254 R Alabama [Blitz] [-1/C] 82 - You could flip a coin here between Holmes and Smallwood. Smallwood had the better combine, and that plus his better rating may push him ahead of scheme-fit Parker Holmes. Previous pick: Parker Holmes, DE San Francisco 49ers: DE Parker Holmes 6-3 247 R Tennessee [Contain] [0] 81 - San Fran will take who Minny doesn't. Previous pick: Sebastian Smallwood, DE Chicago Bears: C David Sutton 6-1 273 R Louisiana Tech [Pass Blocking] [+3/C] 81 - Even with Barney and Cuellar off the board I'm still shying away from giving Da Bears a tackle for now. Sutton here may be a bit of a reach, but NO TRADES and he's no slouch himself. Previous pick: OG Noah Barney 6-1 336 R Ohio State [Pass Blocking] [0] 83 Cleveland Browns: WR Jarvis Ward 5-9 189 R Texas A&M [Speed] [0] 82 - The Browns really need a complement to Tai Miller, Ray Lee Marconi isn't long for the gridiron. Previous pick: Jarvis Ward, WR New England Patriots: RB Kenyon Randall 5-6 209 R LSU [Power] [-1] 83 - Yeah, yeah, Shawn Cole and Elvis Williams. Neither will be on the 2023 roster and you can tell how they feel about Daniel Hutchins because they signed Shawn Cole and Elvis Williams. Previous pick: Kenyon Randall, RB Detroit Lions: QB Ryan Harris 6-4 213 R Fresno State [Pocket] [0] 82 - LeCount isn't le long for le world. Not sorry this time. Previous pick: Ryan Harris, QB Los Angeles Chargers: OT Brian Chavez 6-1 299 R Baylor [Pass Blocking] [0] 82 - Is this too much offense for LAC? Maybe, but with Miles Slater's ehh combine and pro day I think they instead address another need. Previous pick: Miles Slater, DE New York Giants: ILB Tyrese Thompson 6-3 228 R Auburn [Mike] [-1/C] 82 - This is me playing a hunch and thinking that the Giants seriously feel they can find a QB in round 3 they're happy with (Dowden? Black?) Previous pick: Donald Culver, QB Atlanta Falcons: ILB Markus Golden 6-5 240 R Ole Miss [Mike] [0] 81 - While seeing Thompson get so close might hurt a bit, Golden is more than a consolation prize. DT? There's always next year 2024.... Previous pick: Markus Golden, ILB Kansas City Chiefs: WR Tevin Lattimore 6-2 225 R Missouri [Target] [-1] 81 - It doesn't feel right to mock KC a wideout now, but it's too early to take any of the guards available. Lattimore will be a reliable target for the 10-15 times the Chiefs throw. Previous pick: Angelo Denny, G Washington Redskins: FS Cameron Bowden 5-10 216 R Arizona [Man Coverage] [+2/C] 81 - Still see a man FS as the best use of Washington's pick in this spot, although the name has changed post-combine. Previous pick: Seth Scott, FS New Orleans Saints: DE Miles Slater 6-1 248 R Washington [Contain] [0] 80 - Maybe not as enthused to Slater fall to them as they would have been a week or two ago, but the Saints still badly need a DE and there's no guarantee he makes it to 33.OT Kyle Will 6-5 272 R Michigan [Pass Blocking] [+1] 82 - Since, uh, reliable sources have pointed out that a: I forgot Kyle Will and b: NO isn't taking Slater, kill two birds with one stone, amirite? Previous pick: Tevin Lattimore, WR Pittsburgh Steelers: C Javon Hargrove 6-3 251 R Houston [Pass Blocking] [+1] 80 - This is not a good board for the Steelers. Developing Kyle Will or D.J. Franklin for a year is an option, but unless they want to roll the dice on Hinton for a year and kick the can down the road they're gonna have to bite. Previous pick: David Sutton, C Denver Broncos: OLB Evan Walsh 5-11 218 R Nevada [Coverage] [0] 81 - Walsh's combine/pro day may have pushed ahead of Fletcher by a hair. Previous pick: Jabari Fletcher, OLB Dallas Cowboys: ILB Adam Lovelace 6-2 234 R Vanderbilt [Mike] [0/C] 80 - Alright @serwendel, I'll play your silly little reindeer game and give you the "better" ILB. Previous pick: Kieron Brooks, ILB Los Angeles Rams: CB Tre'Davious Dikes 6-2 199 R Oregon [Man Coverage] [0] 80 - CB is still a need, perhaps more than RB. This seems like a great place for the most-talked about prospect in recent days to finally land. Previous pick: Kamari Cheatham, CB Carolina Panthers: WR Morgan Patton 6-3 193 R Penn State [Target] [0] 81 - If you thought the Steelers didn't like the board, the Panthers have to be sick. Instead of addressing center, they get a fresh new weapon for SKAGGSSKAGGSSKAGGS to throw to. Previous pick: Xavier Cuellar, C Tennessee Titans: RB Ricky Vega 5-10 214 R Penn State [Speed] [0] 80 - So Chris Bell is unhappy and not all that impressive for the Titans, a replacement is probably in order. I think the medical red flags on DeSean Dockery will push Tennessee to go after Vega instead. Previous pick: Adam Lovelace, ILB Tampa Bay Buccaneers: OT D.J. Franklin 6-6 302 R Montana [Pass Blocking] [+1/C] 82 - Yet another team that wants a center, but they won't want to reach for Riley McDunnough. Instead they go for value and provide a hedge against a sudden Gene Miller retirement or John Young holding out. Previous pick: Omar Adcock, DT New York Jets: WR Ja'Wuan Howard 6-2 186 R Georgia [Target] [0] 80 - They still need more than Paul Howell and Adam "What's My Name?" Coles for Wegert to throw to. Previous pick: Morgan Patton, WR Green Bay Packers: DT Omar Adcock 6-5 311 R Fresno State [1-Gap] [+1] 80 - Still a BPA pick, but with the big three OTs gone the Pack go with a good 3-tech to take over for Mark Bassett. Previous pick: D.J. Franklin, OT New England Patriots: OLB Phillip Davenport 5-11 226 R Arizona [Blitz] [0/C] 80 - The Pats want players to fit their 3-4 scheme and take the top rush OLB accordingly. Previous pick: Khalil Dennis, FS Philadelphia Eagles: OLB Jabari Fletcher 6-5 239 R Texas [Coverage] [+2/C] 81 - Just like last mock, the Iggles get a steal at OLB but with a different name. Previous pick: Evan Walsh, OLB Las Vegas Raiders: TE Manny Ferguson 6-3 205 R Boston College [Receiving] [+1] 81 - It's either him or Jahmir Rolle. What do the Raiders look at more: The superior combine workout or the injury risk? Previous pick: Manny Ferguson, TE Round 2 (fight!) New Orleans Saints: OLB Alexander Burton 6-1 237 R LSU [Blitz] [+1/C] 78 - Reach? Perhaps, but unlike their pick of Slater they'll feel pretty good about this. If you just looked at Burton's pedigree, combine, and pro day you wouldn't know he's only a 78. He'll outplay his rating and he probably wouldn't have lasted to 51 (NO's next pick) Previous pick: Phillip Davenport, OLB Los Angeles Chargers: FS Khalil Dennis 6-2 219 R Vanderbilt [Zone Coverage] [0] 81 - The Chargers want a zone safety scheme I think, and Dennis is the best of the bunch. He needs a year of seasoning, but Steven Elliott is there to be a bridge. Previous pick: Brian Chavez, OT Buffalo Bills: RB DeSean Dockery 5-10 201 R Louisville [Speed] [+1] 81 - The talent is there, even if the dreaded injury flag is also. He just looked much better at the combine than Evan Grant did. Previous pick: DeSean Dockery, RB Cincinnati Bengals: OG Josh Jones 6-4 308 R Missouri [Pass Blocking] [+2/C] 80 - All three guards in consideration have their warts, so we'll go with the safest of the three. Previous pick: Josh Jones, OG Arizona Cardinals: ILB Kieron Brooks 6-1 239 R Charlotte [Mike] [0] 81 - I surprised myself when I saw Brooks was still available. He's probably BPA and gives the Cards options when Tom Reis' contract expires after this season. Previous pick: Daniel Hobbs, WR Houston Texans: RB Evan Grant 6-0 194 R Georgia State [Power] [0] 81 - Two words. Arturo. Pacheco. Previous pick: Javon Hargrove, C Jacksonville Jaguars: CB Kyle Cunningham 6-4 183 R Baylor [Zone Coverage] [0] 80 - The best zone corner available is probably better value than the best guard available. Previous pick: Jordan North, QB Seattle Seahawks: C Riley McDunnough 6-2 268 R McNeese State [Pass Blocking] [0] 79 - Mrh. Needed pick, but... mrh. Stupid no trading clause.DE Miles Slater 6-1 248 R Washington [Contain] [0] 80 - Hmm, potential bust DE or potential bust C? Previous pick: Riley McDunnough, C San Francisco 49ers: TE Jahmir Rolle 6-1 216 R Georgia Tech [Receiving] [0] 80 - Not exactly their preferred type of TE but none of the top ones are, and Ben Thomas doesn't have that much time left in him. Minnesota Vikings: OT Anthony Krause 6-4 329 R Tennessee [Run Blocking] [0] 80 - Will eventually take over for: MacKenzie Woods Cleveland Browns: SS Shaq Turner 5-9 192 R Texas State [Zone Coverage] [-1] 82 - Doesn't fit the scheme but still a need position. New England Patriots: TE Sebastian Babb 6-6 206 R Nebraska [Receiving] [0] 80 - Will eventually take over for: Gary Jones Detroit Lions: OT Marc Allen 6-6 281 R Western Michigan [Pass Blocking] [-1/C] 80 - Will eventually take over for: Joe McCord Los Angeles Chargers: WR Marcus Holmes 6-1 172 R Tennessee [Speed] [0] 80 - WTF we're not done mocking to LAC yet? Their WR corps is Cobb and a bunch of players that may not stick around for more than two seasons. Chicago Bears: FS Tyler Patino 5-10 212 R Illinois [Zone Coverage] [0] 80 - Will eventually take over for: Alyn Namath. Besides, you didn't think @stormstopper would allow a dirty nasty Mizzou player like Jamal Barnes be a starter, did you? Atlanta Falcons: WR Marcus Holmes 6-1 172 R Tennessee [Speed] [0] 80 - Will eventually take over for: Riddick SmithWR Mike Miller 6-4 209 R South Dakota State [Target] [0] 80 - Will eventually take over for: Riddick Smith Baltimore Ravens: TE Brian Engle 6-3 201 R Colorado State [Receiving] [0] 80 - Without looking it felt like Danny Patrick was injured for the entire season last year, and meme-able names aside I don't think they want to go down the Itula Coonaha road again. Washington Redskins: RB Daveed Knox 5-11 202 R Illinois [Speed] [0/C] 79 - At least you weren't mocked the RB in the first. New Orleans Saints: OG Fletcher Joyner 6-6 261 R Utah [Pass Blocking] [0] 80 - Saints roll the dice on the talented but injury-prone guard. Kansas City Chiefs: OG Angelo Denny 6-6 268 R UCLA [Pass Blocking] [0] 80 - Their guards are getting up there in age. Pittsburgh Steelers: DE Lucas Benton 5-10 235 R Michigan [Blitz] [-1] 78 - One Michigan DE worked out pretty well for the Steelers, why not make it two? Denver Broncos: WR Mike Miller 6-4 209 R South Dakota State [Target] [0] 80 - After finding gold in the FCS ranks with DE Deyonte Davis, the Broncos try their luck again in order to replenish their WR corps.WR Sam Baugh 6-4 228 R Air Force [Target] [+2/C] 79 - They do need more receivers. Kansas City Chiefs: OLB Patrick Haines 6-2 244 R Utah [Coverage] [0/C] 79 - The Chiefs have a motley crew of OLBs already, but none of them really stand out besides aging Arlie LeClair. Haines got a ratings bump already, and I have a feeling he'outplay his rating if used properly. Los Angeles Rams: QB Jordan North 6-1 230 R Temple [Hybrid] [0] 81 - Obviously the Rams don't need a QB right now. But none of their various QBOTFs on the roster stand out, and this very well might be BPA. I like North as a prospect more than Chacko, and North's lower readiness doesn't matter because Darrell Murphy still has two good years of gunslinging left in him. Carolina Panthers: CB Kamari Cheatham 5-10 221 R NC State [Man Coverage] [0] 79 - Will eventually take over for: Nate Tensi and/or Jacoby Seaverns. At least he'll get to learn in the slot for a year.C Riley McDunnough 6-2 268 R McNeese State [Pass Blocking] [0] 79 - They really, really need a center. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: WR Sam Baugh 6-4 228 R Air Force [Target] [+2/C] 79 - WR Daniel Hobbs 6-4 219 R Missouri [Target] [0] 79 -They can probably afford to pay Richard Wilson next offseason, but will they want to? Tennessee Titans: QB Will Chacko 6-1 203 R NDSU [Hybrid] [0] 81 - The Titans do have needs; they could use a young WR, for example, but I don't know if they like Daniel Hobbs. Instead they'll grab their QBOTF here - I mean, Julius McIntosh and Bobby Kaleidoscope are the current backups. New York Jets: DT Marlon Bailey 6-7 322 R Akron [2-Gap] [0] 79 - This draft is lousy for 1-Gappers in case you haven't noticed. Maybe the Jets braintrust can get the "Eater of Worlds" back to playing the way he did his dominant junior season. Miami Dolphins: WR Daniel Hobbs 6-4 219 R Missouri [Target] [0] 79 - The Phins can afford to take a chance on him here.WR Artavius Hopkins 5-9 204 R Arkansas State [Speed] [0] 78 - Who doesn't love a speedy bowling ball? Green Bay Packers: OT Demonte Green 6-3 326 R Illinois [Pass Blocking] [-2] 78 - The Pack could use someone to backup then take over for Bouman and Hughes. Green has the skills but not the polish, he'll learn for a year or two. Philadelphia Eagles: CB Bradley Spurlock 5-10 188 R Kansas [Man Coverage] [+1] 78 - And they can use more bodies at this position too! Las Vegas Raiders: FS Seth Scott 6-2 193 R Colorado [Man Coverage] [0] 80 - Strictly a BPA pick. Scott can fight it out with James White to back up Randall Jones.
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     Flowery Branch, GA The Atlanta Falcons are excited to introduce our 2022 Draft Picks 1st round (13th Overall) Donald Culver, QB, Utah 81 Overall Clver. Donald Culver is a guy that we really like for the future of our franchise. We traded up in the 1st to make sure we got our guy. We love his potential, mentality and locker room presence and think it is something that can turn him into a future star in this league. In his senior season at Utah, he helped will the Utes to a playoff spot and was a part of one of the best storylines of the 2021 CFBHC season 2nd round (48th Overall) Bradley Spurlock, CB, Kansas 78 Overall Spurlock is a ballhawk and has a bunch of upside in one of the leagues more notorious position groups. He has had 17 interceptions in the past 3 seasons returning 6 of them for touchdowns. We loved what we saw in his pro day and really look for him to develop well behind a consummate pro in David Wilburn. 3rd round (97th Overall) Marcus Terrell, DE, Illinois 75 Overall The early declaration out of a monster defense at Illinois, Terrell was incredibly productive with 22.5 sacks in the last 2 years. We're excited to add depth to our already great set of defensive ends. Look for Terrell to be a rotational pass rusher to be called upon when needed. 4th round (115 Overall) Trevor Orlando, OLB, Oklahoma State 75 Overall A 4 year starter for the Cowboys, Orlando has been an incredible jack of all trades for Oklahoma State. Totaling 140 tackles, 10 sacks and 7 interceptions in his career, we are excited to see him in our defense a few years down the road. 5th round (148 Overall) Rentavious Rogers, WR, Butler 74 Overall A big bodied WR out of Butler we hope can get some chemistry going with Culver and AJJ in the near future to make use of his 6'6 frame. He's a bit of an unknown, but he is immediately the tallest WR on the roster. 5th round (150 Overall) Marco Crum, C, Arizona 75 Overall Crum was a member of a very impressive offensive line group at Arizona that averaged a 6.5 OL rating which was good for 7th in the country and 2nd in the Pac-12. We like him as a backup in case we have any issues at center. 7th round (224 Overall) Mason Parks, TE, Nevada 69 Overall 2020: 73 catches for 1208 yards and 12 TDs 2021: 85 catches for 1149 yards and 14 TDs Parks is a fantastic receiving threat and we are excited to see him mesh with Culver in the future. We look for him to make an impact a few years down the line. We are incredibly excited to see what these players do for us in the coming years! Akili Smash! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfx1M_geDI0
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    I Called It - Draft Predictions

    A least one team won't type their password correctly and freak out.
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    My fears about the future (personal)

    Hi all, me getting real and personal incoming. I haven't been around much lately and it has been a mix of a couple of things. First, just the general ambiance of the site was slowing down but its back to normal and I'm glad to be back and to get these seasons started with. Secondly, and most importantly, I feel like I am a point in my life where I amreally struggling career-wise, mentally, and overall anxious about everything. I feel like I don't have many people to reach out to and the ones that I do I don't want to burden my problems and worries onto. My first worry is about my education. I am a 5th year senior at the University of Minnesota studying psychology. Yeah, yeah, I know that its a pretty basic major and that you can't do much with it alone, I realize that, but the stress of what happens after college is driving me insane and I feel directionless. All I know is that I want to use my degree/s to help people. My dream has been to be a counselor or someone that can help others and not only help others, but along the way help myself. After May I'll have my undergrad done but I do not feel ready for graduate school. Due to having to work all through undergrad, I have not been able to look for internships that may help me; that's fine, there are things that I can do during my gap year that will look good on my grad school application. I honestly don't know where I am going with this, my thoughts are all over the place. I have this terrible fear of disappointment that because I may take longer than others, that I am going to fall behind and fuck up. I feel like a fuck up. Seeing everyone around me already leaving their house and being by themselves makes me feel like I am a fuck up, even though I know that lots of people go through what I am going through. I have a rough idea of what my educational path will take but the fear of the unknown drives me crazy and makes me panic all the time. Sometimes i feel like I have to struggle alone and I look at other people who are more care-free than I am and they are going through the same things. Idk, i just feel lost. I always feel like i dont have someone to talk to, and that i have grown distant with a lot of people. I don't really feel shame that i am at home, especially considering that latino culture is different and it embraces the togetherness of a family, and idk if living in America and growing up here has skewed my view. I love my family and my family loves me and we'd do anything for each other. But in regards to the career thing, i just feel lost. I know that many of you have gone, are going through, or will go through this but I just wanted to talk to someone. I know that there are backup plans for someone who does not know what they are doing. I have an idea of what i want to do and how to get there but it seems like instant gratification is the goal and if i can't achieve that then i failed. idk what to do while doing grad school whenever I do go, i dont know how to divide my time correctly after undergrad so I can gain experience and earn SOME money at the same time, doesnt have to be the same place. Sorry this seems jumbled up, i just have a lot on my mind. Thanks for reading this, whoever did.
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    Iowa City, IA - The University of Iowa football team will host its annual “Kids’ Day at Kinnick” Saturday, Aug. 13th. The annual scrimmage is an opportunity for younger Hawkeye fans to get an up close view of their favorite players. Hawkeye players will sign autographs for kids with free posters, cards, magnets, and rosters available inside all open gates. Gates to Kinnick Stadium open at 11 a.m. (CT), with practice scheduled to begin at noon. Starting at 9 a.m. (CT) fans are invited to come out and visit the Family Fun Zone where there will be activities for all ages, including inflatable games, face painting, temporary tattoos, other prizes, and a chance to meet Herky the Hawk.
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    NFL Network

    Kenyon Justice at the Draft

    Kenyon Justice, projected to be the first cornerback taken off the board in today's draft has his own story on his path to be drafted. Kenyon's girlfriend Rachel last year gave birth to the couple's first child, a son named Kaevon. Kaevon will be in attendance tonight, although backstage. "I hope tonight is the beginning of the next part of my story. I want to make my son proud. I've had issues in the past but Kaevon make me grow man. I ain't the same. I've made mistakes and I want people to know that I am absolutely ready for this challenge. I am blessed," Justice said in this morning's interview session. "I praise God every day. Kaevon about to see his daddy hit the big stage." When asked how he was going to prepare to play against some of the big names like Brian Brown, Christian Skaggs, and Darrell Murphy he responded, "One step a time [laughing]. I don't think Skaggs is that good to be honest."
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    soliunA DONT REAT THIS
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    NFL Network

    Brian Chavez interview

    Brian Chavez is the premier offensive tackle prospect of this draft. His athleticism and skill dominated in college and he hopes to continue it with a top team in this year's NFL season. Chavez was asked what surprised him most about the pre-draft process, "I was shocked how many questions about my character came up. I know they need to make a full check up but it really surprised me. They want to be able to trust their player. You don't want to invest in somebody you can't trust. They're just trying to get to know you, get to know you as a person and as a football player. I understand where they're coming from." "I had a team ask how I would react in various shady situations if I ever found myself in them. Man it was bizarre, one guy asked me if I would ever consider taking financial advice from unknown sources. He said something about 10% return on investments. I don't even know what the scout was talking about to be honest. Really crazy stuff." "I'm really looking forward to tonight. I hope I can bond with my new quarterback starting tomorrow morning. No time off for this big guy.
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    Moderator: “Today, our focus at 2022 MAC Media Days will be on the Central Michigan Chippewas. Central Michigan finished the 2021 season with an 8-5 record and 4-4 in conference play. The Chippewas finished a great season with their first bowl win in a 31-27 victory over Florida International in the Boca Raton Bowl. Head Coach johnkirk has led Central Michigan the last two seasons and went from two to eight wins between seasons. Please welcome now the head coach of the Central Michigan Chippewas, johnkirk.” @johnkirk: “Hello everyone, I'm thrilled to be here on this lovely day representing, along with all the other great coaches here, the MAC, one of the toughest conferences. I'm preparing to take over for a third season at Central Michigan University. After a difficult first year, last year's performance has been a marked improvement surpassing everyone's expectations. It's been amazing to watch guys like Byron Suggs and Joseph Aikman go from wide eyed freshman to leaders of the team. It's been great to see upperclassmen like Rory Bolin and Sebastian Simpson step up as leaders, and to be recognized for it not just in Mt. Pleasant but conference wide as well. Seeing a team start uncertain about itself in the beginning of the year to the team winning the school's first ever bowl game has been truly awe-inspiring, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it. We've grown a lot in the last year and I think we have the talent and drive to grow ever more. I've been impressed with our redshirts this year and I think many of them will have a major impact on our team next year and beyond. But the best part of my job is seeing these guys build up to their potential. If last year is any indication, I think we will have another fantastic year and continue to surprise people, including a few undecided recruits possibly. To conclude thank you for your time. I'm thrilled to be a part of the Central Michigan family and the MAC, one of the most exciting conferences in college football. I open the floor to questions.” Moderator: “We’ll begin the questions with Bart over here.” (From @tsweezy): “Bart Ryans, Ann Arbor News. Coach, I think we’re all looking forward to the offensive production this year with so many great skill players. However, looking at the defense, ILB and Safety are looking pretty thin this year and downright anemic next year with all the upperclassmen leaving. Is this an imbalance you’re looking to fix in the recruiting cycle, or are you going to lean into it and try to win games in a track meet?” johnkirk: “Thank you Bart. Those positions are certainly top targets for us come next recruiting cycle. With the allure of Michigan, Michigan State and a playoff bound Western Michigan, we focused on guys who really wanted to be a Chippewa and wanted the allure of playing for our unique culture. We've found some solid players but fewer players than what would be considered a standard recruiting class. Even still we have some exciting players coming up in those spots. Louis Dobbins has made huge strides during his redshirt season and should be a big contributor very soon. ILB we are looking forward to having players like, of course, Graham Frye, but redshirt James Burke and Justice Noriega. I will concede however we may be exploring a change from the 3-4 to the 4-3 either this season or the next.” (From @AD3378): “Kevin Moore, Athens Messenger. How much is your offense leaning on Byron Suggs this year?” johnkirk: “Thank you Kevin, Byron was the cornerstone of our offense last season and will for all intents and purposes will be for some time. However, I've been impressed with the progress of Daveed Huff. I don't want to ordain him the starter already, but I can assure you he will see significant playing time in the coming year and has the potential to light up the college football world. Expect a much more potent running game from us this year.” (From @darkage): “Landrum Vickers with the Akron Beacon Journal. Will you repeat last year and win another bowl game?” johnkirk: “That is the goal and always the goal. It goes without saying our players would love to return to the post season, but I think they are hungry for not just spending a winter week in Florida or elsewhere warm, but perhaps going up against a power five opponent and proving themselves as a forced to be reckoned with. I think we are fully capable of that next season.” (darkage): “Who are some of the strengths and weaknesses of your defense?” johnkirk: “I don't want to use the word weakness, but I think our linebacker corp will have a lot to prove in the coming season with the senior departures of Dwayne Boone and Bryce Sewell. But I do think they next men up are up for this challenge. Linebacker is very much a position of character, one willing to exploit an open gap, take a risk and make the big play with only seconds to react. While outside eyes our low on their skill, I like our chances with this group for next season.” (From @npklemm): “Nic Katz, Indianapolis Star. Byron Suggs looks to be the next big QB star in college. How do you keep him grounded and focused on football?” johnkirk: “Thank you Nic, Byron has been a professional from almost the moment he set foot on the campus. I regularly put him up against A'Shawn Ellison his redshirt season to let him know that while he is a very good football player, there are bigger fish out there. He knew that going to CMU would mean less cameras on him than if he went to a power five school just by nature, but I think he relishes that chance. He will have to be the absolute both on the field and off to earn the admiration of the NFL. I think he is poised to do that, especially after his huge growth as a player and as person last season.” (npklemm): “You finished 7-5 last season, how do you improve upon that?” johnkirk: “I'm happy with 7-5 but behind that were some painful losses. We lost both of the Michigan Trophy games, a loss to UTSA that I chalk up to too many youthful mistakes, and other issues we have to address in the off season and beyond. We have a much tougher out of conference schedule than last season and if we make those same mistakes, we won't even sniff seven wins. I want our players fighting in each and every game and playing smart, tough football at all times. I want us playing like we played against Toledo last season in every game. But it's not just what I want, it's what the players want. If they want it, we can exceed that amount of wins this season.” Moderator: “That concludes this session. Thank you, Coach.”
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    I’m going to issue a challenge to everyone on here... consider it a “cfbhc gives back to the world” thing... but I want everyone on here to make one meal this week and give it to someone less fortunate, it can be to the homeless or an elderly person. I also want you to try to have a conversation with them and learn something. The meal doesn’t have to be extravagant, if you want to do PB&J, chips, and water that’s fine. Just go make a difference in someone’s life.
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    Best Draft Through 3 Rounds?

    I'm pretty sure Detroit is absolutely killing this draft. They aren't even having to work for it either.
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    NFL Network

    Tevin Lattimore Draft Interview

    Tevin Lattimore, wide receiver from the University of Missouri, will be drafted tonight. Tevin stopped by the booth to give a short interview a few minutes ago. When asked which NFL coaches he admires most and would most love to play for Tevin responded, "I really respect Coach alienufo. His perseverance and ability to adapt is something I really admire. Plus it wouldn't be bad playing for the reigning Champions. We could make it two in a row coach." "I really look up to J.C. Weldon. We competed in past years and he really made a mark last year. I want to be that guy this year. I don't have much to say except that I will work hard, I will breathe football every day from the moment my name is called to the moment my bust is enshrined in Canton."
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    Utah Utes announce 2022 schedule

    Salt Lake City, UT The Utah Utes have announced their schedule for the upcoming 2022 season. Starting out with a bye week; the Utes first game of the year will pit them against @TuscanSota's inter-state rivals Utah State, where Coach Kirby will be looking to get off to a winning start. Other stand out games are week five on the road against fellow PAC-12 newcomer @Jieret's Washington team, and week fourteen where they face off against bitter rivals BYU in the self proclaimed 'Holy War'. There are sure to be fireworks between the players, the fans, and most definitely Coach Kirby and @NDIrish21. Savion Talley, first string running back, can't seem to hold back his excitement for the new season, as detailed in his most recent tweet last night, shortly after the schedule went public: For now we wait... the season is fast approaching and it won't be too much longer before we finally get to see Coach Kirby and his new look side take to the field. #GoUtes
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    I Called It - Draft Predictions

    Exactly six offensive linemen will be drafted in the first round. Ryan Harris goes #3 by trade-up, #6 by trade-up, or #14 naturally. One team will get jumped in the 1st for running out of time. The Reaper will be the second OLB drafted. Neo will swear a lot.
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    I Called It - Draft Predictions

    Someone makes a mistake.
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    Moderator: “Day three of the 2022 edition of MAC Media Days will feature the reigning MAC champion Western Michigan Broncos. The Broncos have set the standard for success in the conference the last three years with three straight 10-win seasons, the conference’s first appearance in the College Football Playoff and Top 15 finishes in each of the last two seasons. Western Michigan will be under new leadership with @Jieret now in Seattle to coach Washington. We wish Jieret good luck with his new opportunity and look forward to seeing Jieret and @Kirby battle each other in future Pac 12 title games. After their search concluded, Western Michigan introduced pskeate as the new head coach in Kalamazoo. Pskeate was formerly head coach at UNLV for the last four games of their season. I know he’s eager to get up here, so please welcome Coach pskeate.” @Pskeate: "First of all, I would like to thank the wonderful people and administration at WMU for giving me a chance at a great program and school. It is certainly a leap of faith to take an unproven coach on with such recent success. I hope to build on the program’s success here and maintain WMU as a top tear program. Like every year here we will expect greatness from our players and our coaching staff. We expect to win and compete for not only a conference title but a spot in the playoffs. I think we have the talent and determination to do that. Off the field our players will continue to be leaders in the classroom and the community. Our "No Bronco Left Behind" tutoring program will keep our players eligible and ready for a successful career after graduation for those not going on to the NFL. I am looking forward to a great year; I have a lot to be excited about here in Kalamazoo and I hope our fans feel it too.” Moderator: “We’ll take questions for Coach. Please raise your hand. Over there.” (From @darkage): “Steadman Elliot of The Plain Dealer. You have big shoes to fill coming into the 2022 season. How do you plan on filling them?” pskeate: “One toe at a time. Jieret was a great coach, but I think if we focus on doing the little things right we will be able to keep this success going." (darkage): “Your biggest game will arguably be against Toledo this year. How do you plan to stop the talented football team?” pskeate: “Well I won't give away any gameplans this early, but we just need to focus on the things that we can control like bring consistent effort and attitude to each game and practice." (From @johnkirk): “Coach pskeate, Tim Jasper from the Morning Sun. On behalf of our paper and the Central Michigan community, welcome to the MAC! You've probably fielded many questions regarding the massive shoes you have to fill at Western Michigan. But we at the Sun are curious, how are the players handling the move? Are they adjusting to your coaching style and the other changes this offseason? How has that process been going, and will it be a seamless transition into 2022?” pskeate: “The players are great, very receptive to our schemes and plans. I think that is a testament to their character. I think it’s hard to hope for a seamless transition from such a tremendous coach to a relatively unproven one but we are very excited about the opportunities here." (From @tsweezy): “Troy Burgett, Detroit Free Press. Congratulations on stepping in to a program with such storied success. While this year may have been slightly disappointing, it seems as though many impact players are returning. Do you aim to just continue what Jieret had going with respect to gameplans and roster building, or are you going to be putting your own spin on things moving forward?” pskeate: “I think you have to put your own spin on things. I can't try to be like Jieret or anyone else for that matter. I need to be authentic to who I am, and I think the players appreciate that. I am very excited about the team we have and am looking forward to another great season of Bronco Football." (From @AD3378): “Kevin Moore, Athens Messenger. Jieret left quite the impression with Bronco fans. How much pressure are you feeling from the community since taking the position?” pskeate: “Honestly the community has been great! I think everyone here is very invested in the football program and know what it takes to be a great program. Of course taking over from a coach like that will be tough but comparisons and what ifs won't help us win games moving forward." (AD3378): “Defensively, do you feel there’s enough experience to bring the young guys’ level of play up?” pskeate: “We are expecting a lot from our young players, but we expect a lot from all of our players. That is part of our paradigm. We are here to be the best we can be, and you don't get to be the best without being challenged to improve. We are looking forward to a lot of challenges and a lot of improvement." (AD3378): “Shawn Estes, Columbus Dispatch. How confident are you you’ll be able to keep up the success in recruiting?” pskeate: “We have a consistent message and a great program to sell here at WMU. I have no doubt that we will bring in great players and great young men." (From @npklemm): “Nic Katz, Indy Star. Western has won the conference the past two seasons, what's the blueprint to make that a three-peat?” pskeate: “Win the day. We can't talk about winning conference; we have to talk about winning each play, each day, and each game. We need to compete for everything." (npklemm): “DeSean Madison is clearly the face of the offense, but how important is Chase Sims to your success?” pskeate: "I think you'll be seeing more of Chase Sims than you might think. DeSean is of course going to be the headline but Chase is our leader and will need to control the game.” Moderator: “That’ll be the last of the questions.”
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    Going live around 10:30 AM
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