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#1 Auburn vs #4 USC: Marc'ed for Battle

Auburn and QB Marcus Black take to USC and QB Marc Lockwood in a battle for the first spot in the natty.

#2 Oklahoma vs #6 TCU: Third Time Tiebreaker

Oklahoma and TCU meet for the third time this season to claim the Big 12's spot in the natty. TCU won the first, but OU won the second to win the Big 12 title. OU RB Maurice White and TCU QB Felix Luck are keys in the matchup.

AFC CCG: Titans @ Dolphins

The Titans knocked out the defending Super Bowl Champion Raiders, while Miami destroyed Pittsburgh 38-10 in last week's slate. Two aerial attack based teams will try to make it to Super Bowl IX in this exciting matchup.

NFC CCG: Eagles @ Packers

The Eagles won a crazy 41-38 game over the Falcons while the Packers won a slugfest in the snow against the Lions in the last round; another snow game might favor an Eagles victory if they can keep up the run game from the prior week, but it will be tough against the well-rounded Packers.


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    [CFBHC] Coaching Feats

    Coaching Feats are a secondary portion of your coaching skills that allow you to active what is essentially a special ability at various times throughout the season (if it occurs during a game it is automated). Every four full years of accredited coaching you've had allows you to select one additional feat up to a maximum of five. If you get to five you will have to replace one or choose not to take any more. Coaching feats will be displayed on your sidebar coaching profile. Coaching Feat Database (more to come - stay tuned) ______'s Rival: Certain schools increase your motivation and you impart that feeling onto your players. Effect: Select another school. Each game played against that school your players receive a 10% skill boost for the duration of any game against them. Conditions: You can select this feat multiple times and must declare a school each time you select it. Cannot change the school until a new version of this feat is taken but then can replace the old one if you wanted to remove it. Focused Discipline: Flavor: Structure and the right mentality underlie the ethos of a winning team and you're primary make is the establishment of this culture. Effect: Gain +3 to discipline as long as you have this feat. Conditions: Discipline cannot increase beyond 20. Local Connections Flavor: You have a good level of influence with your local high school and the graduating players dream of signing on with you. Effect: Prior to the first week of recruiting you gain a choice of two random players from one of your local high schools that isn't listed on the recruiting board. The other player not selected is then added to the board. Minimum potential for the randomly generated players is 3.5. No upper limit but percentage chance of generation is the same as regular recruits. Conditions: None. Miracle Adjustments: Flavor: You are adept at analyzing your opponents and your quick mind has the ability to rectify a horrendous first half. Effect: When down by two or more touchdowns at the half all of your players get a 10% boost in skill for the remainder of the game. Own the Youth, Gain the Future: Flavor: From the beginning you realized how powerful tutoring the youngest was and you pride yourself on shared experience. Effect: Gain +3 to youth management as long as you have this feat. Conditions: Youth management cannot increase beyond 20. Seeing Red Flavor: You have a good background understanding of refereeing and have the wit to make quick decisions when necessary. Effect: Challenge flags thrown by you are 100% more likely to result in a successful challenge. (I will likely begin listing how often you have challenged and how often you've been successful) Strength in Growth: Flavor: Players can become so much more than what we witness in high school. You know how to build up the ones that have shown flashes and they trust you for it. Effect: Each year, prior to progressions, you may select one player to get to increase their potential skill 0.5 points permanently. Conditions: Any player can only ever be selected once in his career for this feat. Teacher of the Game: Flavor: You have an exceptional understanding of the fundamentals and are skilled in passing it on to those you spend the most time with. Effect: Each year, prior to progressions, you may select three players to get a guaranteed 1.5 skill progression. Conditions: Does not affect potential skill, skill cannot increase beyond the potential skill. Time is not wasted...: Flavor: Your eyes are locked on the clock and your mind established in the moment. You are a master manipulator of the game. Effect: Gain +3 to clock management as long as you have this feat. Conditions: Clock management cannot increase beyond 20. Unexpected Flexibility Flavor: You've spent your years of coaching honing your ability to adapt on the fly and have the ability to instill new schemes to your players on even the shortest of timescales. Effect: Your scheme change penalty is reduces by 50%. Conditions: Cannot stack with any other scheme change penalty reductions. If this is active 50% is the lowest you can go. Weathering the Storm: Flavor: Rain, Snow, Sleet; none of them have ever bothered you. Your players observe your persistence through all manner of weather and the team is stronger for it. Effect: Your players suffer a 50% reduced penalty for each type of weather compared to the default value for that weather.
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    Associated Press

    Thank You, Texas Tech

    by Solomon McLaughlin My first year at Texas Tech, I used to sneak onto the field late at night when the stadium was completely empty and just sit down at the fifty to take it all in. The past three years have been filled with huge moments. Though the biggest stages have mostly eluded our team we far outmatched any of the goals we set for ourselves at the very first meeting I attended. I remember sitting at the back of the room that first day thinking "Don't blow it. This is your one chance at this level.". I still remember that long ride up to Lubbock to enroll in classes. I was nervous the entire time. Dad told me, "I know you'll be the best you can be. Show them who you are." I'll never forget how surreal it was when we arrived on campus and it dawned on me how big this moment was for my future. I was always first in, last out at the practice facility. Some days it was hard to push through the exhaustion but I think it all paid off. I never got to lift the National Championship trophy but I promise to give it my all for my final game. It'll be hard to leave the field no matter the outcome and I'd like to take in the moment as best I can. Thank you Coach Acewulf. Thank you team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I've decided that it's time for my new story to begin but I'll miss you all. And now, as I prepare for this next step, I find myself extremely thankful to this university for the greatest gift imaginable: the ability to see ahead and set my own goalposts. My goal is to become one of the greatest and I hope you guys will watch me on my journey and rememeber that you helped start it. Solomon
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    BOFA Awards: The BOFA Awards celebrate accomplishments by the players on the field and the coaches on the sideline and in the community. Most of the awards will be revealed after the conference championship games, but there are a few that will be revealed in the run up to the games. The first BOFA Award to be named is the Imposter Award for New Member of the Year All of the candidates for this award were excellent candidates, who showed the ability to learn the game quickly, and be valuable additions to CFBHC. Before I announce this award, I want to thank the other BOFA voters for getting their votes in promptly, and I want to thank the people who were nominated for this award. Your coaching, your media, and your presence in the shoutbox has not gone unnoticed and we at BOFA hope that as you become more veteran members of the site, your growth on the site helps inspire members even newer than you to continue this sites excellence. The Candidates for this award were: Mahrowkeen, Coach of UTSA SolutionA, Coach of North Dakota State Suffocation, Coach of James Madison DarthJarJar, Coach of New Mexico Some highlights from these coaches: Mahrowkeen was a very active coach in both the shoutbox and in media on the site. Contributing heavily to BOFA. While he did have a vote in these awards, he did not vote for himself in these awards. He led his team to an 8-4 record, putting his UTSA team in a bowl for the first time ever. SolutionA and Suffocation were the most recognizable faces of the FCS in their inaugural season having coaches in CFBHC. They contributed in media for the FCS power rankings and FCS players of the week, helping other members become invested in what was going on in the FCS. SolutionA's North Dakota State team finished the season at 10-2, first in the FCS division, and earned a bye in the first round of the playoffs. Suffocation's James Madison team finished at 9-3 in the FCS, which ranked third in the division and also led to a first round bye. DarthJarJar was a constant presence in the shoutbox this year. Like SolutionA and Suffocation, he contributed heavily to media within his conference. While his New Mexico struggled on the field, DarthJarJar's contributions elsewhere helped the Mountain West Conference have a strong media presence. All of these coaches should be lauded for their contributions to their teams success, to their conference, and to CFBHC as a whole. However, we can only have one winner. The winner of the first ever award given by the publication of Bad Online Football Amateurs, the Imposter Award for New Member of the year is…. @mahrowkeen Head Coach of the University of Texas at San Antonio Road Runners Again thank you to all the members who were nominated for this award for your contribution to this site. And another thank you to the voters, who got their votes in promptly. This includes @Soluna, who we asked to submit a vote for this award as well.
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    Football is in my blood. Always has been; always will be. The passion started young, watching from the bleachers with my dad and listening to his old stories of playing running back for the the Faith Christian Lions. In middle school I finally got a chance to suit up in the red and white for the Faith Christian 7th grade team. Chad Wilson was our starting running back and I only got a few carries a game. I was a better athlete, but being the coach’s son has its perks. Coach Wilson gave me a few carries a game on offense, but asked me to primarily play linebacker instead. I’m always #2. In 9th grade a new coach came, Coach Hank. And with the coaching change I finally got my chance, on a level playing field, to win the running back job. I never felt more alive than I did with the ball in my hands, slashing through the line and bowling people over into the endzone. The high school coach asked me to come play linebacker for the J.V. team but I declined. I was a running back at heart, just like my dad. I was a 3 year starter in high school at running back and shared a backfield with QB Austin Bowman. Austin was a gunslinger and had great command of our offense. Our vertical style attack didn’t give me the most opportunities, but I managed to put up back to back 1,000 yard seasons as a sophomore and junior. I didn’t get any attention from the news or scouts though because of a running back from Broken Bow, TX named Shamar Burroughs. I’m always #2. Burroughs was a class ahead of me in grade, but worlds behind me on the field and yet no one could seem to see it. Burroughs played in a power running attack for the Broken Bow Savages, our rivals from down the road. He put up huge numbers in High School and led Broken Bow to 2 consecutive conference championships his sophomore and junior season. His numbers were impressive at a glance (and massively inflated by his offense) but anyone should have been able to see that I was the better player. His senior season we were the only thing standing between him and a 3rd consecutive conference title. The Savages were protecting a 3 point lead with 2:30 to go and they went into their 4 minute offense (which is pretty much the same thing as their normal offense). But OLB Jonathan Shultz burst through the line, laid a monster hit on Burroughs, and knocked the ball lose. A scrum ensued but we emerged with the ball! Three plays later, I burst through the line for a 43 yard TD run to win the game and prevent the 3-peat. It wouldn’t be the last time we would meet on the field. Shamar signed with TCU following a widely covered recruiting battle. He had all the hype going into his freshman season. Meanwhile, I quietly returned for my senior year of high school and signed with the University of Oklahoma without much fanfare. Burroughs’ “Horney Toads” and my Sooners met on the gridiron twice in our collegiate careers. The first time was in 2020, Week 11. We won 22-17 and I outrushed Burroughs 129 yards to 88. The second time was 2021, Week 7. This time we lost in a blow out 35-3. I outrushed Burroughs 98 yards to 29, but he had the benefit of a much better team. Shamar finished his college career with 3,705 yards (#9 on the Big XII leaderboard) and 48 TDs. I finished mine a year later with 6,579 yards (#1 on the Big XII leaderboard) and 68 TDs. Shamar got all the hype in high school, but I was the better collegiate player. Last I heard he was hanging out at Broken Bow, working out with the High School team while he waits and hopes for a call from an NFL team looking to add him to their practice squad. He got all the hype while I was considered second best, because I’m always #2. Soon I will play my last game for my beloved Sooners (hopefully in the National Championship) and then I will enter the NFL draft. My illustrious college career has gone by like a flash. I will always fondly remember my days in Norman, but I am looking forward to the next challenge in the NFL. I’m widely considered the #1 RB in the draft and my agent has heard rumors of a top 5 pick. And then I got the call, Solomon McLaughlin from Texas Tech has decided to forgo his senior season and enter the NFL draft. And just like that, I’m back to #2. Solomon is a fantastic player and a great guy. We got the opportunity to hang out at the Heisman ceremony and he is one of the most authentic, humble people I’ve ever met. In his 3 year career he has put up eye popping numbers. 5,587 yards rushing and 73 TDs. He is only 2 TDs away from breaking the Big XII record. He has been the entire offense in Lubbock since day one. He will get drafted before me, I’ve accepted that as a fact. But here is what you need to know about me: I have been pushed aside and cast as the 2nd best option at every step of my career. I’ve been doubted and met with low expectations, all while my colleagues have been lauded with fanfare. And every time I have risen to the occasion. I may always start as #2, but I never stay there. I always rise to the top. Solomon may be a consensus top 5 pick and I may slide in the first round; but I promise you this: the GM that writes my name on a card and hands it to the commissioner on draft day will look back on that moment as the defining choice of their career. There is no player that has ever worked harder than I will work to prove you right. There is no student of the game that has ever watched more film than I will watch. There is no team that will ever be changed more by the addition of one player than the one that calls my name. Take a chance on me, and I will make your career. I may be #2 now; but if history has proven anything, it is this: I never stay there for long.
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    The Danger Award for Recruiter of the Year is given to the coach who had the most impressive year of recruiting in the most recent season. While it is obvious for most awards, it is important to note that this is a judgement vote by our BOFA staff. Teams in areas with more recruits and teams with more recruiting points will naturally flow to the top of the recruiting rankings. However, BOFA feels that simply posting a list of the top ranked recruits doesn't properly celebrate the accomplishments of teams as a whole. Some of the methodology of the voters included, but was not limited to: how the coach did relative to the amount of recruiting points they had, how the coach did relative to the strength and amount of recruits in their area, inspiral's recruiting rankings, and positional value on the recruits. As JUCO recruiting has not begun, this award does not factor the recruitment of JUCO players. The staff of BOFA would like to congratulate all those who were finalists for this award, and are excited to see your players on the field. Before we get to the winner of this award, here are the finalists: Flutie Flakes, Illinois Gigemags, Hawaii Alien, Temple Vtgorilla, Virginia Tech Deandean1998, Boston College TheTodd15, Navy A quick summary of each of these players and why they ended up on the shortlist: Flutie Flakes, the coach of Illinois finished this season with the 4th ranked recruiting class in the country. He recruited 5 5.0 players, 4 4.5 players, and 3 4.0s, and a total of 19 total recruits. Gigemags of Hawaii finished the season with the 7th ranked class. He signed 2 5.0s, 5 4.5s, and 7 4.0s and a total of 18 players. Alien_Ufo, coach of Temple finished with the 8th ranked recruiting class in the tough state of Pennsylvania. He signed 3 5.0s, 5 4.5s and 2 4.0s and a total of 20 players. Vtgorilla of Virginia Tech finished with the 58th ranked class from a difficult state of Virginia in a fairly sparse region. He signed 2 4.5 players, and 3 4.0 players and a total of 16 players. Deandean1998, the coach of Boston College finished with the 14th ranked class. He signed 3 5.0s, 3 4.5s, and 2 4.0s. All together he signed 13 players. TheTodd15, coach of Navy, finished with the 11th ranked recruiting class. He finished with 1 5.0 player, 5 4.5s, and 6 4.0s. In total, he signed 20 players. All of these coaches, and many others who are not on this list, have put their teams in good positions to succeed in the future with these classes. These young men incoming will be the future of these programs and possibly the NFL. Now that I've made you read all of this, it is time to reveal the winner: But first, a big thank you to the writers of BOFA and a special thanks to @inspiral who we gave a vote to as the recruiting czar of this site. Without you, recruiting would not be as seamless and all the additions to recruiting would be a lot harder. Our winner, for the 2022 Danger Award for Recruiter of the Year is……. @deandean1998, Coach of Boston College Congratulations to deandean! Thank you all for reading, and stay tuned for our other awards and an announcement for our live awards show.
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    Moses said to Pharaoh, “I leave to you the honor of setting the time for me to pray for you and your officials and your people that you and your houses may be rid of the frogs, except for those that remain in the Nile.” 10 “Tomorrow,” Pharaoh said. Moses replied, “It will be as you say, so that you may know there is no one like the Lord our God. 11 The frogs will leave you and your houses, your officials and your people; they will remain only in the Nile.” 12 After Moses and Aaron left Pharaoh, Moses cried out to the Lord about the frogs he had brought on Pharaoh. 13 And the Lord did what Moses asked. The frogs died in the houses, in the courtyards and in the fields. 14 They were piled into heaps, and the land reeked of them. Exodus 8:9-14
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    With rivalry week finally upon us, the playoff picture and its ensuing big bowl games got quite the shakeup over the last two weeks. Gone from the playoff discussion are Penn State and Duke, while Ohio State and Nebraska remain firmly alive in the race. Oklahoma State and Oregon took a couple of lumps that shook up the pecking order for their respective conferences, putting both teams' hopes of a top tier bowl appearance on life support. The playoff field is shuffled but remains unchanged; most of the excitement in this edition comes deeper into the bowls. As is the norm, my task is to outline the playoff picture as well as the potential destinations for every other bowl eligible team (and then some). A few notes before we kick off: All of these projections are subjective. If you disagree with a match-up or a destination or a team in the playoff field, feel free to state your thoughts in the replies. This is simply how I see the season playing out, which of course will change when I release the next set of these. The Group of Five is easily the hardest to project since they, unlike the Power 5 conferences, don't have their pecking order as, well, a pecking order. These will vary wildly until the official list is out. Most notably, there is a change in the Big Twelve's pecking order due to a lack of depth of teams. Projections are done in a spreadsheet that tracks every game for every team on every week. This also includes a subjective poll to account for the new changes to the playoffs. Before we begin, I'd like to give a special shout to Bad Online Football Amateurs for sponsoring this article and the content I produce. BOFA, as the premier media outlet in the country, aims to bring quality, accurate, and discussion-provoking media to the masses week in and week out. The playoff picture naturally kicks us off in our projections. No teams enter the field as all have taken care of business so far, but I've made a conscious decision to remove my current ruling on quarterfinal rematches. The one thing that unsettled me every week was justifying a 1-loss Alabama team outside the Top 5 after having led for half of the season up until, as projected, after rivalry week. Undefeated San Diego State deserves credit of course, but if we're ranking the five at-large slots, Alabama is head and shoulders a better team than the Aztecs. Therefore, my current Top 8 pans out as so. Quarterfinal #1 (New Orleans, LA) Playoff #1 (Conf. Champ) vs. Playoff #8 (At-Large) Clemson Tigers (Proj. 13-0, 1st ACC) vs. Oklahoma Sooners (Proj. 11-2, 2nd Big 12) Clemson: ACC Champ, lone P5 unbeaten, wins on Duke and Mississippi State, #1 team in poll entering the CCGs Oklahoma: both losses to TCU, wins on Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, and Stanford, #6 team entering the CCGs Quarterfinal #2 (Miami Gardens, FL) Playoff #2 (Conf. Champ) vs. Playoff #7 (At-Large) Auburn Tigers (Proj. 12-1, 1st SEC) vs. San Diego State Aztecs (Proj. 13-0, 1st MWC) Auburn: SEC Champ, wins on Alabama, Texas A&M, Georgia (x2), and TCU, #2 team entering the CCGs SDSU: one of two unbeatens, wins on Hawai'i, Nevada, and Stanford, #7 team entering the CCGs Quarterfinal #3 (Arlington, TX) Playoff #3 (Conf. Champ) vs. Playoff #6 (At-Large) TCU Horned Frogs (Proj. 12-1, 1st Big 12) vs. USC Trojans (Proj. 12-1, 1st PAC) TCU: Big 12 Champ, lone loss to Auburn, wins on Oklahoma (x2), Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech, #3 team entering the CCGs USC: Pac-12 Champ, lone loss to Oregon, wins on Oregon, Washington, Tennessee, Stanford, and Colorado, #8 team entering the CCGs Quarterfinal #4 (Glendale, AZ) Playoff #4 (At-Large) vs. Playoff #5 (At-Large) Alabama Crimson Tide (11-1, 2nd SEC) vs. Michigan Wolverines (Proj. 12-1, 1st Big Ten) Alabama: lone loss to Auburn, wins on Texas A&M, Mississippi State, and Michigan, #4 team entering the CCGs Michigan: Big Ten Champ, lone loss to Alabama, wins on Penn State, Ohio State, and Michigan State, #5 team entering the CCGs The following field: Texas A&M is the team hoping for chaos, but not too much chaos, if that makes any sense? San Diego State somehow not winning the MWC or USC falling to likely Oregon in the Pac-12 title game would be the easiest way in, followed by Oklahoma falling in Bedlam to the rival Cowboys. What qualifies as too much chaos? Ohio State winning the Big Ten means the Big Ten can likely get two teams in, with two-loss Michigan not being a guarantee to be booted with a loss. Oklahoma losing to Oklahoma State but beating TCU in a rematch for the Big 12 title game is a scary prospect as a two-loss conference champ in Oklahoma would be hard to turn down. Ohio State has a pretty simple task on paper: beat Michigan and Nebraska. Is it possible for Ohio State to make it in by losing to Nebraska? No. They need to win out, especially given that their marquee non-conference win in LSU hasn't exactly looked as great as it did at the time. Beating Nebraska, a feat they weren't able to accomplish in the regular season, would reaffirm the Buckeyes as a Top 5 seed given that the Buckeyes would have shown that the original loss was a fluke. Nebraska? Beating Michigan or Ohio State in the conference title game should give them a shot right? With a loss to Auburn, you'd assume yes, but a baffling loss at home to Indiana might keep a championship Huskers team out of the title race despite owning wins over Ohio State (possible twice or once with a Michigan win), Purdue, and Tennessee. Colorado picked up strong wins on Washington and Oregon, thus shooting the Buffaloes up the ranks. Unfortunately, not having a shot at the Pac-12 title has already ruled out the Buffs, not to mention that SMU (projected at 8-4) is their best non-conference win. Stick a fork in the Buffs. Georgia doesn't really go away, do they? Their only losses are to Texas A&M and Auburn, and they'll either get a shot at the Tigers again in the SEC Championship Game, or they'll play top-ranked Bama. Who have they beaten? Wins on Kentucky and Tennessee highlight the Bulldogs resume.....that's not exactly a good look. It's hard to imagine the SEC champ not making the playoffs, especially given that Georgia was very competitive in both of their losses, but with one truly notable win coming in the title game, would Georgia be fit for a playoff spot? Give them a hard maybe. For an idea of where each team lands, feel free to check out my projected final poll listed below. As always, this is only a projection. Proj. Top 8 1 Clemson 2 Auburn 3 TCU 4 Alabama 5 Michigan 6 USC 7 San Diego State 8 Oklahoma Outside Looking In 9 Texas A&M 10 Colorado 11 Georgia 12 Hawaii 13 Duke 14 Ohio State 15 Virginia Tech 16 Penn State Without further ado, here are the rest of the bowl projections. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * = fill-in due to conference being unable to fill their slot ^ = 5-7 team New Orleans Bowl New Orleans, LA C-USA vs. Sun Belt UAB Blazers (Proj. 6-6, 8th C-USA) vs. Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns (Proj. 6-7, 4th SBC) Previous Projection: Old Dominion vs. Louisiana-Lafayette Camellia Bowl Montgomery, AL MAC vs. Sun Belt Akron Zips (Proj. 7-5, 5th MAC) vs. Coastal Carolina Chanticleers (Proj. 8-5, 1st SBC) Previous Projection: Toledo vs. Arkansas State Disney Bowl Orlando, FL AAC vs. Sun Belt UCF Knights (Proj. 7-5, 6th AAC) vs. South Alabama Jaguars (Proj. 7-5, 3rd SBC) Previous Projection: UCF vs. Coastal Carolina Arizona Bowl Tucson, AZ MWC vs. Sun Belt *Eastern Michigan Eagles (Proj. 6-6, 8th MAC) vs. ^Arizona State Sun Devils (Proj. 5-7, 9th PAC) Previous Projection: Eastern Michigan vs. Arizona State Gasparilla Bowl St. Petersburg, FL AAC vs. C-USA Navy Midshipmen (Proj. 9-3, 3rd AAC) vs. Florida Atlantic Owls (Proj. 8-4, 4th, C-USA) Previous Projection: Navy vs. Southern Mississippi Boca Raton Bowl Boca Raton, FL C-USA vs. MAC Rice Owls (Proj. 11-2, 1st C-USA) vs. Western Michigan Broncos (Proj. 10-3, 1st MAC) Previous Projection: Florida Atlantic vs. Central Michigan -C-USA champ hands pick their bowl from the list of C-USA affiliated bowls Bahamas Bowl Nassau, Bahamas AAC vs. C-USA Temple Owls (Proj. 8-5, 2nd AAC) vs. Florida International Golden Panthers (Proj. 9-4, 2nd C-USA) Previous Projection: Tulsa vs. Florida International Detroit Bowl Detroit, MI ACC Tier 2 vs. Big Ten #8 Pittsburgh Panthers (Proj. 7-5, 8th ACC) vs. Illinois Fighting Illini (Proj. 6-6, 9th Big Ten) Previous Projection: Louisville vs. Rutgers Heart of Dallas Bowl Dallas, TX C-USA vs. Big Ten #9 Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles (Proj. 8-4, 5th C-USA) vs. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (Proj. 6-6, 10th Big Ten) Previous Projection: Rice vs. Minnesota Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Boise, ID MAC vs. MWC Ohio Bobcats (Proj. 8-5, 2nd MAC) vs. Air Force Falcons (Proj. 7-6, 4th MWC) Previous Projection: Akron vs. BYU Bay Area Bowl Santa Clara, CA Big Ten #7 vs. Pac-12 #4 Northwestern Wildcats (Proj. 6-6, 8th Big Ten) vs. Stanford Cardinal (Proj. 8-4, 5th PAC) Previous Projection: Wisconsin vs. Stanford Cactus Bowl Phoenix, AZ Big 12 #6 vs. Pac-12 #7 Kansas Jayhawks (Proj. 6-6, 6th Big 12) vs. Arizona Wildcats (Proj. 6-6, 8th PAC) Previous Projection: West Virginia vs. Arizona New Mexico Bowl Albuquerque, NM C-USA vs. MWC UTEP Miners (Proj. 7-5, 6th C-USA) vs. ^Minnesota Golden Gophers (Proj. 5-7, 11th Big Ten) Previous Projection: UTEP vs. Air Force Texas Bowl Houston, TX Big 12 #4 vs. SEC Tier 1 Texas Longhorns (Proj. 6-6, 5th Big 12) vs. Missouri Tigers (Proj. 6-6, 10th SEC) Previous Projection: Texas vs. Missouri Sun Bowl El Paso, TX ACC Tier 1 vs. Pac-12 #5 Miami (FL) Hurricanes (Proj. 8-4, 5th ACC) vs. UCLA Bruins (Proj. 7-5, 6th PAC) Previous Projection: North Carolina State vs. UCLA Tampa Bowl Tampa, FL Big Ten #3 vs. SEC Tier 1 Penn State Nittany Lions (Proj. 9-3, 4th Big Ten) vs. Tennessee Volunteers (Proj. 8-4, 6th SEC) Previous Projection: Ohio State vs. Tennessee Pinstripe Bowl Bronx, NY ACC Tier 1 vs. Big Ten #6 Florida State Seminoles (Proj. 8-4, 7th ACC) vs. Wisconsin Badgers (Proj. 7-5, 7th Big Ten) Previous Projection: Virginia Tech vs. Illinois Independence Bowl Shreveport, LA ACC Tier 2 vs. SEC Tier 2 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Proj. 7-5) vs. *Northern Illinois Huskies (Proj. 6-6, 7th MAC) Previous Projection: Miami (FL) vs. Northern Illinois Birmingham Bowl Birmingham, AL AAC vs. SEC Tier 2 *Old Dominion Monarchs (Proj. 7-5, 7th C-USA) vs. ^Baylor Bears (Proj. 5-7, 8th Big 12) Previous Projection: UAB vs. Northwestern Alabama Bowl Mobile, AL MAC vs. Sun Belt Toledo Rockets (Proj. 8-4, 3rd MAC) vs. Arkansas State Red Wolves (Proj. 8-4, 2nd SBC) Previous Projection: Ohio vs. South Alabama Liberty Bowl Memphis, TN Big 12 #5 vs. AAC West Virginia Mountaineers (Proj. 6-6, 7th Big 12) vs. *Buffalo Bulls (Proj. 6-6, 6th MAC) Previous Projection: Kansas vs. SMU Armed Forces Bowl Fort Worth, TX AAC vs. Big 12 #7 SMU Mustangs (Proj. 8-4, 4th AAC) vs. *Army Black Knights (Proj. 6-6) Previous Projection: Army vs. Buffalo Music City Bowl Nashville, TN ACC Tier 1/Big Ten #5 vs. SEC Tier 1 Virginia Cavaliers (Proj. 8-4, 6th ACC) vs. Florida Gators (Proj. 7-5, 9th SEC) Previous Projection: Michigan State vs. Mississippi State Alamo Bowl San Antonio, TX Big 12 #2 vs. Pac-12 #2 Oklahoma State Cowboys (Proj. 8-4, 4th Big 12) vs. Oregon Ducks (Proj. 9-4, 3rd PAC) Previous Projection: Oklahoma State vs. Colorado Gator Bowl Jacksonville, FL ACC Tier 1/Big Ten #5 vs. SEC Tier 1 Michigan State Spartans (Proj. 9-3, 6th Big Ten) vs. Mississippi State Bulldogs (Proj. 7-5, 7th SEC) Previous Projection: Florida State vs. LSU Military Bowl Annapolis, MD AAC vs. ACC Tier 2 Memphis Tigers (Proj. 7-5, 5th AAC) vs. Louisville Cardinals (Proj. 6-6, 9th ACC) Previous Projection: Temple vs. Notre Dame Hawai'i Bowl Honolulu, HI C-USA vs. MWC UTSA Roadrunners (Proj. 8-4, 3rd C-USA) vs. *BYU Cougars (Proj. 8-4) Previous Projection: UTSA vs. Colorado State Charlotte Bowl Charlotte, NC ACC Tier 1 vs. SEC Tier 1 North Carolina State Wolfpack (Proj. 9-3, 4th ACC) vs. LSU Tigers (Proj. 7-5, 8th SEC) Previous Projection: Pittsburgh vs. Florida Citrus Bowl Orlando, FL ACC #1/Big Ten #2 vs. SEC #3 Ohio State Buckeyes (Proj. 10-2, 3rd Big Ten) vs. Kentucky Wildcats (Proj. 9-3, 5th SEC) Previous Projection: Penn State vs. Kentucky Frisco Bowl Frisco, TX AAC vs. MAC Tulsa Golden Hurricane (Proj. 11-2, 1st AAC) vs. Central Michigan Chippewas (Proj. 8-4, 4th MAC) Previous Projection: Memphis vs. Western Michigan Holiday Bowl San Diego, CA Big Ten #4 vs. Pac-12 #3 Purdue Boilermakers (Proj. 9-3, 5th Big Ten) vs. Washington Huskies (Proj. 9-3, 4th PAC) Previous Projection: Purdue vs. Washington Las Vegas Bowl Las Vegas, NV MWC #1 vs. Pac-12 #6 Nevada Wolf Pack (Proj. 8-4, 3rd MWC) vs. Washington State Cougars (Proj. 6-6, 7th PAC) Previous Projection: Nevada vs. Washington State Orlando Bowl Orlando, FL ACC #2 vs. Big 12 #3 Virginia Tech Hokies (Proj. 10-2, 3rd ACC) vs. *Hawai'i Rainbow Warriors (Proj. 10-2, 2nd MWC) Previous Projection: Virginia vs. Hawai'i Orange Bowl Miami Gardens, FL ACC #1 vs. Big Ten #2/SEC #2 Duke Blue Devils (Proj. 10-3, 2nd ACC) vs. Georgia Bulldogs (Proj. 10-3, 4th SEC) Previous Projection: Duke vs. Georgia Rose Bowl Pasadena, CA Big Ten #1 vs. Pac-12 #1 Nebraska Cornhuskers (Proj. 10-3, 2nd Big Ten) vs. Colorado Buffaloes (Proj. 10-2, 2nd PAC) Previous Projection: Nebraska vs. Oregon Sugar Bowl New Orleans, LA Big 12 #1 vs. SEC #1 Texas Tech Red Raiders (Proj. 8-4, 3rd Big 12) vs. Texas A&M Aggies (Proj. 10-2, 3rd SEC) Previous Projection: Texas Tech vs. Texas A&M *Editor's Note: I'm exhausted, but we've got one more to go after this. I'm really looking forward to see if the logjam at the top sorts itself out of it we have to figure out how to seed this thing. Let me know if I left anything out as always. Be sure to reply if you have questions or if you'd like for your voice to be heard! Causter out.
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    [2022] ALL ACC Recruit Team

    2022 ALL ACC RECRUIT TEAM OFFENSE QB Joey Wolfe 5-11 229 Fr Unionville (Kennett Square PA) 2.0 of 5.0 [Hybrid] Pittsburgh RB Demarion Moore 6-0 210 Fr Dreher (Columbia SC) 2.5 of 5.0 [Speed] Clemson FB Kenyan Everett 5-10 216 Fr McLean (McLean VA) 1.0 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] Virginia TE Bryce Echols 6-3 222 Fr Bowman (Bowman SC) 2.0 of 5.0 [Blocking] Clemson WR Logan Miles 6-3 205 Fr Archer (Lawrenceville GA) 2.0 of 5.0 [Target] Duke WR Raekwon Burrell 6-3 221 Fr Stonington (Stonington CT) 1.0 of 5.0 [Target] Boston College OT Jacob Jameson 6-2 287 Fr Trinity (Louisville KY) 1.5 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] Louisville OG Sean Davenport 6-7 291 Fr Pensacola Catholic (Pensacola FL) 3.5 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] Miami (FL) C Oliver Swan 6-2 247 Fr Tucker (Tucker GA) 2.0 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] Georgia Tech OG Vincent Costa 6-2 315 Fr Port Charlotte (Port Charlotte FL) 1.0 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] Miami (FL) OT John Marshall 6-7 319 Fr Hargrave Military Academy ( VA) 2.5 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] Virginia Tech DEFENSE DE Oluwafemi Okoye 6-5 250 Fr McLean (McLean VA) 2.0 of 5.0 [Contain] Virginia DT Travaughn Melvin 6-3 314 Fr Cook (Adel GA) 1.5 of 5.0 [1-Gap] Clemson DT Harrison Bruno 6-4 283 Fr St. Cloud (St. Cloud FL) 2.0 of 4.5 [2-Gap] Miami (FL) DE Janoris Lyles 6-0 268 Fr Lake Gibson (Lakeland FL) 1.0 of 4.5 [Contain] Miami (FL) OLB Jay-Jay Scott 6-0 220 Fr Eastern Guilford (Gibsonville NC) 1.5 of 4.5 [Blitz] Wake Forest ILB Khalil Maddox 6-3 259 Fr Frankfurt ( Germany) 2.0 of 4.5 [Mike] Pittsburgh OLB Trevon Hunter 6-1 225 Fr Deerfield Beach (Deerfield Beach FL) 1.0 of 5.0 [Coverage] Florida State CB Brendon Irving 5-9 164 Fr DeLand (DeLand FL) 3.0 of 5.0 [Zone Coverage] Miami (FL) CB Cordell Drake 5-11 196 Fr Twin Valley (Pilgrims Knob VA) 1.0 of 5.0 [Man Coverage] Duke FS Damani Turner 5-10 199 Fr North Florida Christian ( FL) 3.0 of 4.0 [Man Coverage] Miami (FL) SS Michael Dykes 5-11 200 Fr Manchester (Midlothian VA) 1.5 of 4.0 [Man Coverage] Virginia Tech SPECIAL TEAMS K Ben Hess 5-8 208 Fr Lake Highland Prep (Orlando FL) 1.5 of 5.0 [Power] Miami (FL) P Dennis Pearson 5-8 182 Fr Armwood (Seffner FL) 1.0 of 5.0 [Power] Florida State KR Mark Sheppard 6-1 159 Fr Rock Hill (Rock Hill SC) 1.5 of 3.0 [Hybrid] Clemson PR Prince Brandon 5-11 166 Fr Cary (Cary NC) 1.0 of 5.0 [Hybrid] NC State LS Mauricio Zambrano 6-0 259 Fr Annandale (Annandale VA) 1.0 of 4.5 [Traditional] Virginia Tech
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    First off, thanks to the BOFA team for putting this together. Thanks for the support. We gotta keep this going. I’d like to thank a few of the coaches that helped me a lot since I started: @Jieret @bingo415 @DangerZoneh You were all especially helpful and never had an issue answering my millions of questions. Thanks to @stormstopper for humoring me and my endless excel questions. Thanks to @Jumbo for the recent depth chart help. *wrap up music starts* Any coaches I missed, thanks for the help. Thanks for creating the site big brother @Soluna And, I guess, thanks to my wife for allowing me to spend hours on the site. Been fun, can’t wait for the off-season.
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    Future Benchwarmers of the ACC I know you’ve seen some All-Conference teams of recruits in media lately, but I wanted to try something new. I found a list of the future unsung heroes of the conference, the guys that you’ll regret taking a roster spot, the players who don’t even earn their free meal plan. I mean, yeah, they show up to practice everyday - but they’re no Rudy - they have to or they lose their free ride. They’re just happy to have that free education. They have no expectation to actual touch a ball during a game, unless you’re up by 45 on Liberty in the 3rd quarter...and even then, you’re likely to send in some young guns that might start in the future. Have you ever given a standing ovation of applause to a redshirt Senior who was allowed to take the game winning kneel during his last game as a student? Because that player is on this list...you just have to wait 5 more painful years to get that worthless turd off your roster. Without further drunken bullshittin, here is your All-ACC Future Benchwarmer Team of 2022: OFFENSE Quarterback Miami (FL) QB Hunter Thurman 6-3 231 Fr Pensacola Catholic (Pensacola FL) 1.5 of 3.0 [Scrambling] Miami (FL) QB Javon Seals 6-3 207 Fr Rickards (Tallahassee FL) 1.0 of 3.0 [Scrambling] Miami (FL) QB Tom DeLaney 6-4 218 Fr Gaither (Tampa FL) 1.0 of 3.0 [Hybrid] We start off with a ridiculous 3-way tie for the worst rated quarterback recruit in the conference. Good job, Miami. Maybe one day, one of these guys can hold the clipboard next to the coach and signal fake plays to a quarterback with talent. Running Back Clemson RB Calvin Reese 5-9 207 Fr Emma Sansom (Gadsden AL) 1.0 of 2.5 [Speed] Your 2022 ACC Champions decided a 2.5 star running back is a great addition to the team. He’s a speed back who weighs 207 lbs, while only being 5’9” with his cleats on. He was probably really good in 7th grade. Wide Receiver North Carolina State WR Samasoni Polamalu 6-3 181 Fr Joaquin (Joaquin TX) 1.5 of 2.5 [Speed] North Carolina State WR Thomas Biggs IV 6-1 208 Fr Robert E. Lee (Baytown TX) 2.0 of 2.5 [Target] Pittsburgh WR Brandon Seay 6-5 198 Fr Serra (San Diego CA) 2.5 of 2.5 [Target] Slappy Slippy slappy swanson...O right here SAMASONI....huh i was way off! NC State focusing on building that Wide Receiver depth. You never know when you might need two guys who shouldn’t start on an FCS squad. At least Pittsburgh’s receiver is 6’5” and already maxed. I mean, he probably wasn’t even the #1 WR for his high school team, but he’s tall sooo... Tight End Clemson TE Devin Rees-Kruse 6-2 229 Fr Chapin (Chapin SC) 1.0 of 2.5 [Blocking] Louisville TE Matthew Shipp 6-1 192 Fr Christian Academy (Louisville KY) 1.0 of 3.0 [Receiving] Clemson with the strong depth play again. A 2.5 blocking TE probably can’t stop Colonel Sanders from filling a bucket with chicken, but you have to trust the ACC Champs to make the right recruiting moves. Louisville gets the honorable mention here for recruiting a TE who weighs less than 200lbs. Offensive Tackle Clemson OT Jonah Eastman 6-7 291 Fr Hico (Hico TX) 1.0 of 2.5 [Run Blocking] Louisville OT Santiago Lemus 6-7 329 Fr William Blount (Maryville TN) 1.5 of 2.5 [Run Blocking] Prepare for the worst pun you’ve ever read...the tackles are *offensive*. Got em. Yes, Clemson really did import a 2.5 star player from Texas...there’s an assistant coach somewhere who’s trying to rack up those company airline miles to get his family on a vacation this summer. Offensive Guard Clemson OG Ralph Jensen 6-6 268 Fr Edisto (Cordova SC) 1.5 of 2.0 [Run Blocking] Boston College OG Albert Davies 6-4 255 Fr Liverpool ( England) 1.0 of 3.0 [Pass Blocking] I’d love to stop shitting on Clemson at this point, but it’s very clear that they believe in giving the underdogs a chance. To hell with 4 and 5 star players, the Tigers are built on work ethic and apparently going 2-10 in about 4 years. Boston College finally gets on the board by bringing a freaking soccer fan in to play Guard. Center North Carolina C Filipo Eteuati 6-3 291 Fr North Lincoln (Denver NC) 1.5 of 2.5 [Pass Blocking] At least UNC recruiting bad players makes sense - they blend right in. You wouldn’t want to make your current starters feel uneasy by putting talent behind them. DEFENSE Defensive End Clemson DE Erik Richmond 6-5 268 Fr Fluvanna County (Palmyra VA) 1.0 of 2.5 [Blitz] North Carolina DE Harry Stahl 6-3 238 Fr McCormick (McCormick SC) 1.0 of 2.5 [Contain] I don’t know much, but I bet these two absolutely live in the backfield. Pure terrors to opposing quarterbacks, shredding 2 star OTs on every snap! Defensive Tackle Clemson DT Kevin Jarrett 6-7 304 Fr Calhoun Falls (Calhoun Falls SC) 1.0 of 2.0 [1-Gap] Florida State DT Omar Clemons 6-2 310 Fr Coconut Creek (Coconut Creek FL) 1.0 of 3.0 [1-Gap] How can you be 6-7 300lbs and not be rated higher than 2.0? If you can’t successfully clog a lane at that size, you’re literally a fat statue. The Noles finally get on the board as well, with a morbidly obese guy they’ll have to order a special jersey size for. Outside Linebacker Clemson OLB Theodore Queen 6-1 239 Fr Twin Valley (Pilgrims Knob VA) 1.0 of 2.5 [Blitz] North Carolina State OLB Roman Hale 6-1 221 Fr Horizon (San Diego CA) 1.0 of 3.0 [Coverage] I’m beginning to understand that Clemson wants to field a Championship caliber team, as well as an 0-12 team on the roster for practice. This will boost the confidence of the starters to think that they’re amazing, and won’t at all backfire when they play another team. Inside Linebacker North Carolina ILB Evan Lindsay 6-2 248 Fr Lejeune (Camp LeJeune NC) 1.5 of 2.5 [Mike] Boston College ILB Jonas Svensson 6-0 216 Fr Stockholm ( Sweden) 1.0 of 3.0 [Will] I’ve been drinking for some time now, and I’m really running out of bad jokes. The only thing I can think of worse than my bad jokes is an undersized LB named Svensson from Sweden, who shouldn’t ever start in the ACC but probably will. Cornerback North Carolina CB Seneca Minor 5-10 194 Fr Davie County (Mocksville NC) 2.5 of 2.5 [Man Coverage] Virginia CB Andrew Pickett 5-10 174 Fr Killian (Miami FL) 1.0 of 3.5 [Zone Coverage] I have no real complaints here. I just feel bad for Pickett because he has to attend UVA. Free Safety Clemson FS Jeremiah Epps 5-11 206 Fr Patrick Henry (Ashland VA) 1.5 of 2.0 [Zone Coverage] It’s pretty clear that Clemson is the national champion of giving free rides to terrible players. If it wasn’t solidified already, here’s one more: Strong Safety Clemson SS Ian Wooten 6-0 211 Fr Patrick Henry (Ashland VA) 1.0 of 2.5 [Man Coverage] Atodaso. SPECIAL TEAMS Kicker Miami (FL) K Ivan Ferraro 6-1 204 Fr Fort Lauderdale (Fort Lauderdale FL) 1.0 of 3.0 [Power] This one is especially awesome because Miami also landed a 1.5/5.0 Kicker. Poor Ivan will literally never have a chance to kick. Punter Clemson P Griffin Vickers 6-3 181 Fr Stephenson (Stone Mountain GA) 1.0 of 3.0 [Accuracy] Is this the new #Clemsoning? Kick Returner Clemson KR Mark Sheppard 6-1 159 Fr Rock Hill (Rock Hill SC) 1.5 of 3.0 [Hybrid] Yeah, it is. Punt Returner Pittsburgh PR Caleb Dudley 6-4 190 Fr Central Catholic (Pittsburgh PA) 1.0 of 3.0 [Hybrid] Eat. Shit. Pitt. Long Snapper North Carolina LS Matias Benavides 6-0 272 Fr DeLeon (DeLeon TX) 1.0 of 2.0 [Specialized] Everyone needs a 2.0 long snapper. I'm really tired of this and excited to be finished. You ever been 14 beers deep in an Applebees? nah me either. Players by team: Boston College 2 Clemson A MILLION Duke 0 because they only recruited enough players for a basketball team Florida State 1 Georgia Tech 0 Louisville 2 Miami 2 North Carolina 3 NC State 3 Pittsburgh 3 Syracuse 0 Virginia 1 Virginia Tech 0 Wake Forest 0 The fact that Wake had 0 of these players means that anyone on the list is terrible at decision making. I double-checked that VT was clean to make sure I didn’t drunkenly insult myself. BYE
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    It's no secret that Anthony Miller's prowess on the field is matched by his desire to intiate change in the lives of people across the world. Speaking to NFL Network on Wednesday afternoon, the Indianapolis Colts defensive end reiterated his plan to donate all of the endorsement money he receives this upcoming season to charities supporting inner-city programs. In addition, he's committing half of the proceeds he receives from jersey sales to helping support inner-city garden projects. "It means a lot to me to be in this position," said Miller, speaking to NFL Network's Kevin Richards. "To be conscious to the social economics to different people in different communities. ... To have an opportunity for my family and my wife are dedicated to the same thing. My whole family is passionate about giving back and helping people in need." In addition to his ongoing support of programs helping minorities and women in the United States, Miller recently teamed up with wide receiver Rex Walsh in his efforts to send aid to famine-stricken Somalia. Later this offseason, Miller said he and Colts teammate Mosi Bartos will be traveling to Haiti to assist charitable efforts within the Caribbean country. Miller has been one of the NFL's most vocal advocates in raising awareness to the problems affecting minorities and their communities. Last year, he called upon NFL players to do more and criticized those who remained silent on social issues. He told NFL.com that he has seen a renewed effort by players to be more involved. "I think it's growing among players," Miller said. "People are paying so much attention now that they are getting an opportunity to really speak. And I think (players) have to use our platform for the right reason." "At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how many touchdowns you're going to get because your record is going to be broken. It's about how many seeds you plant in your community to change kids' minds, change their trajectory in life and give them the opportunity to do more."
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    Lincoln, NE-- Billy O'Neill knows how to have a good time. It is common knowledge in Lincoln that wherever Billy goes, the party follows. His reputation arose shortly after arriving on campus, one of two kickers in his class. Two nights after classes began, Billy threw a dorm party that remains part of campus lore. His roommate, fellow kicker Connor Dykes, described it in detail. "It was the best f***ing night of my life up to that point. We lived on the second floor of Harper, at the north end of campus, and the entire floor was there. I'm talking girls, drinks, everything. I'm having a great time chatting with a girl from down the hall when Billy walks up to me. He looks pissed, so I ask him what's wrong, thinking someone had f***ed something up in our room. But he just said, 'It's not good enough.' I didn't know what he meant." Billy disappeared for the next few minutes, according to Dykes. Suddenly, the music stopped and Billy was standing on a counter, yelling. "He was rallying the people at the party like William Wallace rallied his army in Braveheart. All of a sudden, someone grabbed the TV and handed it to him. I had no clue what was going on, and then Billy throws the TV out of the f*cking window," Dykes said, shaking his head in disbelief even four years later. "He'd gone across the street with a few buddies, into the neighborhood, and stolen someone's trampoline out of their yard. They put it under our window, and we began throwing s*** onto it and watching it fly." About that time, Melissa Guthridge, the floor's RA, had caught wind of the party. "I usually tried to let small stuff go, but I'd never heard anything like it. The party was so loud. So after I tried and failed to break it up, I called the University police, just to see if they'd come bust it. When they walked into the room, I'll never forget Billy, wearing a Hawaiian shirt a mullet wig, screaming, "SCATTER!" and then watching him jump out of the window himself. He flew off the trampoline into the bushes and ran away." Billy was reprimanded severely by his coach at the time, Rabid. He was suspended for the start of the season, and he sustained a sprained ankle in the escape that lingered for the rest of the year. He and Dykes also received a few misdemeanor charges against them for hosting the party. Dykes smiles remembering it. "Yeah. It was f****ing awesome." Billy the Kid had been born. By the start of his redshirt freshman season, Billy O'Neill had become a cult hero at Nebraska. His nickname came from his outlandish reputation, which included a suspension, some arrests, and his ability to kick an empty beer can into a trash can 30 feet away. Everyone loved the zany backup kicker, the life of the party who always had the best stories to tell. When Nebraska won the Sugar Bowl against Big 10 opponent Michigan during Billy's redshirt season, a GIF image went viral of Billy grabbing his private area and strutting along the sideline. Then in the spring game, Billy threw a touchdown pass on a trick play and celebrated by doing the coordinated dance from the song of Drake's "In My Feelings" that was so popular at the time. Connor Dykes took over the kicking duties for Nebraska at about the same time as Billy's popularity was soaring. Despite struggling throughout his three years as the primary kicker, Dykes never relinquished his starting role, and Billy only saw the field as an emergency holder on an extra point once. It was an early September home game during his third year on campus, but the crowd roared for him and began to chant his name after the successful kick. There were times, when Dykes really struggled, that the student section would chant "We Want Billy" and boo Dykes. Still, Billy never got his shot. "It wasn't for lack of trying," Billy explains, a wry smile on his face. "I worked hard. Really! I have always had a reputation around campus, but that was loose-tie Billy. When I was at the office-- you know, at practice-- I was laser focused. I felt really bad for Connor, because he's always been a damn good kicker and a damn good friend. Of course I wanted to play, but hearing all the people on campus talking trash about Connor just because they wanted to see me kick so they could laugh about it later. I had Connor's back, but I was also trying to set myself up to succeed if my number was ever called." He thought he was going to get his shot when Caesari took over midway through the 2021 season and the team sat at 3-6, 0-6 in conference. The attitude was abysmal around campus, and Billy fully expected Caesari to give him some game time to try and shake things up. But Nebraska won its last three games of the season, and Connor Dykes stayed as the kicker. "I always supported Connor, but at that point, with one year of eligibility left, I was going to quit and focus on my other campus commitments. I was busy and thought that I had put in so much work into being a Kicker, and nothing was coming from it. So I went in to Coach's office after the season to inform him of my decision, but I told him that I wasn't 100% sure either way. And all he said was, 'the best kicker is going to start next year. If you prove to me this spring you're the best, that will be you. And if it isn't, we will still honor your scholarship next fall.' I figured one more semester couldn't hurt." Connor Dykes had kicked every single kick for the last three seasons for the Huskers. When Billy took the field for the opening kickoff of the 2022 season, Nebraska fans went wild. Some were relieved; some were excited; most just wanted to see what kind of crazy season this would turn out to be. "Most Husker fans didn't have high expectations for 2022," Billy explains. "They would have been fine with just making a bowl game. So I think when I became starter, I was seen as a sideshow distraction that could make the season somewhat more interesting." Billy O'Neill warms up during a commercial timeout before his game winner against Illinois. Billy had another thing in mind. He came up big against Tennessee, and then Auburn, and then Wisconsin. Around campus, people were absolutely buzzing about having a consistent kicker, and that of all people, it was Billy the Kid. By the time the Illinois game rolled around, the Huskers had set their sites on making the Big 10 Championship. The path was clear, and despite a stumble against Indiana, the Huskers controlled their own destiny. They knew that Illinois would be the biggest test left. Billy made 4 field goals that day, the last of which came from 45 yards away when Nebraska was down 10-9 with 3 seconds left. The game winner started wide right and curled back inside the upright, and "That was the biggest kick of my career." Billy went out to the local bar that night and wore cowboy boots and athletic shorts. When ESPN ran highlights of the kick, he grabbed the mic from the DJ at one point and lifted a foot up, declaring, "Billy's got that BOOT!" And thus, Billy the Kid became Billy the Boot. In his only season of game action, Billy O'Neill did not miss a kick until the B1G Championship Game. He was a perfect 29/29, including 15 from beyond 40 yards. His 29 made were the most in college football in 2022. He sits first all time in Field Goal percentage at Nebraska and holds the record for most field goals made in a season. The Big 10 named him the conference's Special Teams Player of the Year. He was hailed by the local media as the greatest kicker in Nebraska history in the lead up to the Rose Bowl, and there is talk he may be able to make a practice squad in the NFL come next season. But Billy the Boot isn't finished yet. "Of course I'm disappointed we missed the playoffs. That was bull****. But I hear there are great parties in L.A. and I know that Rose Bowl Champions will be hitting the town. So I plan on doing everything I can to make sure that it's Nebraska, not Oregon, that gets to celebrate." When asked about his future, Billy shrugs. "I'm gonna finish my degree in special education this year. And I have a few initiatives that we have to wrap up." He pulls out a crumpled paper to explain. It features a full page portrait of himself with the phrase "Vote for Billy the Kid: Student Body President" across it. The backside had his platform listed and included a philanthropic focus, specifically regarding students with disabilities, something Billy has always been passionate about. Oh, did I forget to mention that he was student body president? Well, he was. And he won with nearly 80% of the vote. Two years in a row. May the legend of Billy the Boot never die.
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     Welcome to the Kafka's 5* Film Breakdown! Each episode will analyze one of the SEC's elite, soon-to-be drafted stars. Episode #1 - WR A.J. Edwards 6-4 217 R Alabama [Speed] [-2] 81 2022 stats: 70 catches, 838 yards, 4 TD 2021 stats: 71 catches, 993 yards, 11 TD 2020 stats: 67 catches, 970 yards, 8 TD SPEED It's almost impossible to overthrow Edwards - his speed and quickness are elite and should translate well to the next level. Here, he burns a defensive back for the easy score. CIRCUS CATCHES Edwards uses every inch of his 6'4" frame to leap for this sideline grab. He's a jump-ball nightmare for smaller corners. ACCELERATION Edwards can go from 0-60 in a heartbeat. Check out how he plants his foot and heads upfield for a huge gain. ROUTE RUNNING Here, Edwards finds the soft spot in the coverage and stops his route before the far-side corner can make a play. And again, he shows off his speed by immediately turning upfield after the grab. BIG PLAY THREAT Edwards has always been a big-play machine, something that has NFLHC GMs salivating. Throw it up and let him work. WEAK BLOCKER Blocking is perhaps Edwards' weakest part of his game and an area he needs to improve. He's got great NFLHC size, but needs to learn to be more physical in the run-game. FIELD AWARENESS CAN BE LAZY Here, Edwards let his route drift to the outside instead of keeping a tight cut. He turned what should've been a first down into an incompletion. Edwards has everything you would want in a big-bodied, playmaker at WR. He won't last long in the NFLHC Draft and could be the first receiver off the board. @CadeRich5
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    Fargo, ND - North Dakota State University Athletic Department today announces a proposal for an annual exhibition game showcasing the top FCS team with the top FBS representative. North Dakota State University president, Bovini Yellowstone, in an open letter to the FBS states, "We would like to formally challenge the winner of the FBS national championship game to a no-holds-barred, one-on-one, against the spread match up against the FCS National Champion at the end of the season to once again (annually) settle the debate as to which is better - the FBS or the FCbeSt™. Cult classic head coach SolutionA was quoted saying, "The winters are really g*******d cold, so we need something to keep us warm over the long winter months." Quarterback Zack McAllister was heard off-camera asking other teams to "at least send us some blankets and boardgames or something. Also the Internet speeds here are barely fast enough to stream 4k K-pop videos." Press inquiries can be directed below.
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    Berea, OH Today marks the day of a new era for the Cleveland Browns. After extensive negotiations, @Kirby has officially purchased the Browns and will be the new owner, effective immediately. The front office staff have gone under intensive scrutiny and it has been announced that current General Manager @brightfalls will retain his job at the franchise for the 2023 season. Speaking to the media for the first time, Kirby opened the press conference with following speech: “Gone are the days of turmoil and controversy. Cleveland deserves a football team to be proud of, and I am fully confident that I can help guide this franchise to the next level. Over the coming days, weeks, and months myself and the General Manager will be sitting down with each of the players and will be making our own assessments of who fits the mould of our vision for the future, and who doesn't. In order to run a successful franchise, I believe you must be fair, but you must also be ruthless at times. Unfortunately it seems that mediocrity has plagued this side for too long, and I vow to change this. I have to be honest, when I first found out that my offer had been accepted and that I was officially the new owner, I was strongly considering a complete overhaul of the staffing. However, upon speaking to GM Brightfalls, his vision seems to match very similarly with my own, and the passion he has shown me not only for the franchise, but also as a GM in general, has made me realise that he deserves the opportunity to work with me on this journey.” When questioned about who will be coaching the side for the upcoming 2023 season, Kirby informed the media that it will be himself, as an Owner/Head Coach. This may raise a few eyebrows, however Kirby has reassured Cleveland fans that this is the right decision for the time being: “Many will already know that I have a history of coaching, both at the college level and in the pros. I feel like at the moment it is best if we keep the coaching in house and it also gives me the unique opportunity to be hands on with the players and the other coaching staff. I am not going to be the sort of owner to sit in the stands and point fingers when things go wrong. I want to put the weight of expectation on my own shoulders.” Kirby then went on to explain that there is however a vacancy within the organisation, for a new Head Scout: “We will be actively seeking a new Head Scout to come and join us here in Cleveland. We are looking for someone that is willing to give their all into the role, helping with scouting upcoming college players, and also to also assist with gameplanning for future opponents. This will most certainly be a developmental role and I want to stress that this entry level role has the potential for progression. If the correct candidate shows willing, and dedication, then they may find themself as the Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns at some stage in the future.” #NewEra #DawgPound
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    (Note - This is entirely Roleplay purposes. Don't think this is a complaint, I just thought it would be a fun roleplay article write) Earlier today the NFLHC Announced the Salary Cap was increasing by $5 Million to $160 Million. The League has slowly been raising the cap over the past few seasons. At the same time, Draft Contract Dollars were increased as well. Every 1st Round Pick will make at least $1 Million per season more than they did in 2022. 2nd Round Picks will make an extra $1 Million Per season, 3rd Rounders will make an additional 750K, 4th Rounders an additional 500K, 5th/6th/7th Rounders will make an additional 250K. In the past, 6th and 7th Round Selections were structured to make the League Minimum (500K Per Season), but will now make 750K Per Season. This should increase the stakes of these late round picks, as they would typically find their way on the Practice Squad. Their contracts are still fully non-guaranteed, but will teams be willing to pay a Practice Squad player that much? This might drive down the trade value of these later picks. often thrown in to sweeten deals and help teams fill out their roster with cheap players. But the meat of the increase comes at the top. The #1 Pick in this draft will make $30 Million over 4 Years. QB Matt Jones of the Bills was taken #1 last year, he's due to make $26 Million over his 4 Year Deal. If a team has all of its Picks in this draft, the net change will be $1 Million in Cap Increase. It appears the Cap Increase was instituted to fund the increase in Draft Salaries. It should be noted that Draft Salaries were reduced between 2018 and 2019 and kept frozen from 2019 through 2021 before increasing in 2022. But, some owners are still not happy with these changes. One said to me today "Our Cap now is unsustainably low. Any team with a Quarterback will become noncompetitive after the rookie deal. Keeping a QB past that deal will become silly eventually. We'll have to continuously draft QBs every 3-4 years to stay competitive". Others weren't so bleak, another owner said "I think the cap needed to increase by another $5 Million. Players are demanding more and more money as the game gets bigger and the TV money gets larger. It's natural, we just don't have the cap to do it. Another $5 Million would have been nice". Lastly, a third owner reached out to me "Some teams that have older vets will be unable to keep them past the next season or two. We'll see large amounts of players switch teams, and many players will end up getting less money just because of the lack of cap space around the league. This is bad for players". I did have one owner who was just fine with the changes "I think it's ok. There are ways to maximize the talent on your roster within the current cap rules. We are gaining extra cap and that will be helpful for all teams and players will benefit too. I don't want to spend too much money on payroll". The NFLHCPA was not happy either. The Player Rep for the Union is Washington's Patrick Burke. Burke released a statement on behalf of the Player's Union today stating: "We do not believe the changes announced today benefit the players for the long term. We feel these rules will allow for players to earn less over their careers as more and more of every team's Cap will be devoted to Rookie Contracts. Our current system only allows for players to be paid their actual value once they complete their first 4 Years, and if that deal is a higher percentage of overall available cap space, veteran players will earn less over their careers. We do not believe the Draft Salaries should be reduced, we feel the Salary Cap should be raised to $165 Million starting in 2023 and progressively increasing from there." There is no indication that these rules will change, Teams and Players will have to adjust to these new rules and find ways to stay competitive in the near future of the league.
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    Boulder, Colorado Rick Reardon, The Denver Post "It's an absolute disgrace," commented the University of Colorado student newspaper. "Quite frankly, I think it's a little immature, and shows a sign of impatience," added Colorado Buffaloes redshirt wide receiver LaRon Quarless. Yes, times are rough if you're a Buff. It has been confirmed by sources within the Colorado athletic department that Buffaloes coach paperllamasunited will resign following the 2022 Holiday Bowl that will pit the Buffs against the Michigan State Spartans. The somewhat surprising announcement comes on the heels of being snubbed from the Rose Bowl for the Oregon Ducks (a team the Buffs beat head-to-head in season), wide receiver Patrick Reardon announcing early declaration for the draft (despite many high hopes about pairing him and Quarless next season), and star running back Latavious Murray declining to suit up for the upcoming bowl game, all things weighing heavily on the coach. Coach Llamas declined to take an optional press conference due to the rigorous practice schedule for the upcoming postseason bout with Sparty, but released the following statement to the media: The 2022 season was one for the ages. We faced hardship on the recruiting trail, but we felt we set Colorado up for the future with the guys we managed to sign. We had record breaking seasons and caps to careers, from DeSean Barkley to Latavious Murray to young Mike Naylor and Kameron McCrary. I am grateful to the University of Colorado, and this team, for extending me this great opportunity I've had here, and just like the hope there is for the first CU bowl win, there is hope for this program in the future. Coach Llamas looks on during Buffaloes bowl practice The Buffaloes indeed set a multitude of records in Coach Llamas' full season at the helm of the team. Offensive (Previous Record Holder) Quarterback Mike Naylor 220 Pass Completions (203, Evan Torres, 2020) 2,564 Passing Yards (2,399, Evan Torres, 2019) 20 Passing Touchdowns (19, Evan Torres, 2019) 50 Rushing Attempts by a Quarterback (6, Robert Hayes, 2014-17) 365 Rushing Yards by a Quarterback (62, Robert Hayes, 2014-17) 7.30 Rushing Average by a Quarterback (Min. 5+ attempts) (No Prior Qualifiers) 2 Rushing Touchdowns by a Quarterback (No Previous Record) Running Back Latavious Murray 48 Sheets Appeared Rushing in a Career (48, Brian Schlichter, 2015-2018) 1,044 Rush Attempts in a Career (944, Brian Schlichter, 2015-2018) 5,069 Rushing Yards in a Career (4,532, Brian Schlichter, 2015-2018) 59 Rushing Touchdowns in a Career (47, Brian Schlichter, 2015-2018) Wide Receiver Ronan Watts 47 Sheets Appeared Receiving in a Career (39, Calvin Zimmerman, 2015-2018) 149 Receptions in a Career (148, Calvin Zimmerman, 2015-2018) 2,073 Receiving Yards in a Career (2,044, Calvin Zimmerman, 2015-2018) 13.91 Receiving Average in a Career (13.81, Calvin Zimmerman, 2015-2018) Wide Receiver Patrick Reardon 21 Receiving Touchdowns in a Career (14*, himself) Tight End Kameron McCrary 53 Receptions by a Tight End in a Season (35, Jason Kearns, 2021) 668 Receiving Yards by a Tight End in a Season (425, Jason Kearns, 2021) 12.60 Receiving Average by a Tight End in a Season (12.56, Chris Walters, 2017) Defensive (Previous Record Holder) Defensive End Travis Napier 11 Tackles for Loss in a Season (5*, himself) 16 Tackles for Loss in a Career (5*, himself) 20.5 Sacks in a Career (15.5, David Medley, 2015-2018) Cornerback DeSean Barkley 10 Interceptions in a Season (10, Seth Scott, 2020) 9 Pass Deflections in a Season (4*, himself) 23 Interceptions in a Career (13*, himself) 13 Pass Deflections in a Career (4*, himself) Coach Llamas wraps up his full season as Buff's HC with a 10-2 record, 7-2 in conference, and an overall Buffs mark of 11-7 (7-7) as Buffaloes head coach. His 61.11 win% is tops among all Buffaloes head coaches, and his .500 conference record is second to Buffaloes sideline legend Franz Kafka, who posted a .588 conference mark across 2019-2021. "I'm excited for what the future holds," said Llamas to a group of insiders at Buffs practice, per Chicago Bear/Buffaloes alum David Medley, who was in attendance Note from the editor: The Denver Post will be looking for a new copy editor, as the past one, Denver Post intern and Colorado Buffaloes wide receiver Patrick Reardon, in a haste to leave the team early to jump to the NFL, neglected to include hyphens throughout this article, creating many potential reading comprehension issues. If you would like to apply, visit the Buffaloes Student Resource Center for more information on this and other Denver Post internships. Terms of Llamas extension were not specified, though many consider it a year-to-year contract, with options for an immediate out if a certain limestone-based-slogan-toting University would have their coaching position become open.
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    Welcome to the Kafka's 5* Film Breakdown! Each episode will analyze one of the SEC's elite, soon-to-be drafted stars. Episode #2 - QB Marcus Black 6-6 225 R Auburn [Hybrid] [+2] 82 2022 stats: 156.95 QBR, 65.87%, 3,625 yards, 27 TD, 6 INT, 33 carries, 162 yards, 6 TD 2021 stats: 173.9 QBR, 71.2%, 3,425 yards, 27 TD, 3 INT, 41 carries, 144 yards, 4 TD 2020 stats: 180.12 QBR, 71.47%, 3,354 yards, 33 TD, 3 INT, 47 carries, 298 yards, 7 TD BALL PLACEMENT Here, Black pumps to freeze the corner and fits the ball into the only place possible. If he floats it or leads his receiver to the inside, the safety will make a play. ARM STRENGTH Nearly 60 yards in the air with just a flick of the wrist. Black utilizes his 6'6" 225 lbs frame as well as any QB in the draft when it comes to arm talent. THE DEEP BALL Black excels at the deep ball and has the rare combination of arm strength and touch. Here, his receiver only has a yard of separation, but he drops it in the bucket. REDZONE RUNNING THREAT Black's running style doesn't lend itself to eye-popping rushing yard totals, but he's incredibly effective in the redzone. He has 17 rushing TD the last three seasons and is both elusive and powerful near the goalline. READING THE DEFENSE In the first clip, Black properly reads the defensive end and hands the ball to Sean Meade for a nice gain. In the second, he keeps it for a tough run and first down. KEEPS EYES DOWNFIELD Here, Black eludes a handful of Missouri defenders, keeps his eyes downfield, and makes an accurate throw on the run. CAN FORCE THE BALL Black sometimes forces the ball into tight windows, an area that he'll need to improve on. He has a wide-open check down to his right, but decides to heave it up instead. FUNDAMENTALS...SOMETIMES. He can also get a little lazy with his fundamentals at times. Here, he throws an interception off his back foot Black will most certainly be in the discussion for a top five pick and could end up going #1 overall with a strong combine and Pro Day. He's big, he's strong, and most importantly, he's a winner. @Rome
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    SAN FRANCISCO--PAC-12 Coaches and Media have produced this season's All-PAC-12 Individual Awards and All-PAC-12 1st and 2nd teams. Some awards, denoted with an *, were voted on by all Conference coaches, others by media. The All-PAC-12 1st and 2nd teams were compiled by @bingo415, @Jieret, and @paperllamasunited, with our thanks. There is one more game on the PAC-12 Conference schedule: the Conference Championship Game between the USC Trojans and the Oregon Ducks. Tune in on Friday, March 1st for what should be a fantastic game! Player of the Year Troy McMurray, QB, Senior 230 of 323 passing (71.21%) for 3,014 yards, 24 TDs, 2 INTs, 2 FUM (lost both) 101 rushes for 868 yards, 11 TDs, 0 FUM McMurray's brilliance all season has been historic for a Stanford program that won 1 game in 2021 and started three freshman WRs and a 3.0/3.0 JR running back. Simply the most exciting player in the country, McMurray led the Cardinal to an impressive 8-4 record and bowl berth in the face of the most difficult schedule in the nation. McMurray's one season in the PAC-12 will live on in glory in what could be the Conference's first Heisman trophy. Offensive Player of the Year Troy McMurray, QB, Senior Defensive Player of the Year DeSean Barkley, CB, , Redshirt Senior 18 tackles, 10 INTS, 9 PDs, 1 TD Barkley's incredible 19 defensive "touches" sparkled among a bevy of talented cornerbacks in the Conference. His swagger and big-play ability lifted Colorado to a surprise 10-2 finish, nearly winning the PAC-12 South division. A leading candidate for the Thorpe Award as the nation's best defensive back, Barkley caps a phenomenal career with 22 career INTs for the Buffaloes. Offensive Lineman of the Year Emil Colon, OT, , Senior The best blocker on the Conference's best offensive line, Colon led the way for freshman sensation Josiah Smallwood to run for more than 1,000 yards while protecting quarterback Adam Slone's backside brilliantly (5.31 rating, 6 sacks allowed). Defensive Lineman of the Year Quincy Hobson, DE, , Redshirt Junior 32 tackles, 11 sacks, 10 TFLs, 2 FF Hobson was a disruptive force on the defensive line all season, co-leading the PAC-12 in sacks and tackles for loss. *Freshman of the Year Aaron Harden, QB, 274 of 455 (60.22%) for 3,190 yards, 26 TDs, 9 INTs, 32 rushes for 182 yards, 1 TD Harden lived up to the recruiting hype as a phenomenal redshirt freshman, leading the UCLA Bruins to a somewhat surprising 7-5 record for first-year head coach Cultur3. Tops among freshman signal callers in the Conference with 26 touchdowns, Harden appears poised to carry the mantle of great UCLA quarterbacks with aplomb. Coach of the Year @paperllamasunited, 10-2 (7-2), 2nd in the PAC-12 South Preseason polling pegged the Buffaloes at no better than 5th in the Conference. Colorado's roster had talent, but a (FR) quarterback and dire inconsistency on both sides of the ball plagued the Buffaloes. Enter coach Llamas, who managed to get the most out of standouts Latavious Murray, DeSean Barkely, and Travis Napier, while allowing quarterback Mike Naylor to grow into a consistent threat running and passing. Quarterback of the Year Troy McMurray, , Senior Running Back of the Year Israel Carlson, , Redshirt Sophomore 249 rushes for 1,280 yards, 16 TDs, 2 FUM (lost none) Defensive Back of the Year DeSean Barkley, CB, Linebacker of the Year Dillon Hall, ILB, , Redshirt Sophomore 58 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 sack, 6 INTs, 2 PDs, 1 FR Receiver of the Year Luke Sikuli, , Redshirt Sophomore 79 catches for 1,135 yards, 12 TDs, 3 DRPs, 0 FUM Tight End of the Year Andre Riggins, , Redshirt Junior 66 catches for 824 yards, 8 TDs, 1 DRP, 1 FUM (lost none) Kicker of the Year Dillon Burkhart, , Redshirt Senior 98 pts scored, 17/18 FGs, long 50 Punter of the Year Salvatore Gillette, , Redshirt Senior 42.18 yard average Return Specialist of the Year Amari Dunbar, KR, , Redshirt Freshman Media of the Year PAC-12 Weekly Power Rankings and Article Series curated by @Jieret Media Writer of the Year @Jieret, Special to the PAC-12 this season: The Tre'Davious Dikes Newcomer (Juco/Transfer) of the Year Oluwatoke Abiodun, DT, , Senior 22 tackles, 5 TLS, 8.5 sacks, 1 FF 1st Team All-PAC-12 QB: Troy McMurray, RB: Israel Carlson, RB: Latavious Murray, WR: Luke Sikuli, WR: Noah Tumaalii, WR: Samuel Gulla, TE: Andre Riggins, OL: Emil Colon, OT, OL: Logan Romano, OG, OL: Riley Greenfield, OT, OL: Maurice Poindexter, C, OL: Conor Hall, C, DE: Quincy Hobson, DE: Travis Napier, DT: Oluwatoke Abiodun, DT: Alpha Goldman, ILB: Dillon Hall, ILB: Nate Garrett, OLB: Tavarius Hicks, OLB: Riley Nicholas, CB: DeSean Barkley, CB: Jamir Lacey, FS: Jacob Donald, SS: Chad Hinds, K: Dillon Burkhart, P: Salvatore Gillette, KR: Amari Dunbar, 2nd Team All-PAC-12 QB: Jake Davis, Washington RB: Josiah Smallwood, Arizona RB: Charles Bowser, USC WR: Jason Ivy, Washington WR: Davis Harley, Washington WR: Jake Britton, Stanford TE: Kameron McCrary, Colorado OL: Wyatt Beck, Colorado OL: Luka Pratt, Arizona OL: Anthony McGregor, USC OL: Nikolas DeJesus, Arizona State OL: Alan Robertson, Washington DE: Donte Floyd, Oregon DE: Antoine Dudley, Washington DT: Christian Callahan, USC DT: Villamu Kamu, Oregon State LB: Aaron Mathis, Washington LB: Ryder Gruber, Oregon LB: Sam Caron, Colorado CB: Kofi Dennis, Washington CB: Eric Hall, Arizona FS: Avery Gilmore, Utah SS: D'Andre Curry, UCLA K: Luka Jacobson, Washington P: Emiliano Feliciano, Washington RS: Patrick Reardon, Colorado
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    Stillwater - Ok In a season defined by heartbreaking losses it's only fitting that West Virginia would travel to Stillwater and pull of a monumental 27-16 upset of the #13 Oklahoma State Cowboys. Coming into the do-or-die game the Mountaineers had 5 of their 6 losses by one possession or less including the week 14 collapse in Norman where West Virginia would give up a 10 point 4th quarter lead in the 24 to 20 loss at #5 Oklahoma. The mindset in the Gaston Caperton practice facility leading up to the match-up with Oklahoma State was honed in and focused on the task at hand, when we caught up with coach smckenz3 he echoed the sentiment "We understood we let one get away with Oklahoma and we weren't about to let it happen again, the fans deserve a team that makes a bowl." Red-shirt Junior quarterback Martin Lake would treat the fans to one of his best performances of the season when he would carve up the Cowboys with 23 completions for 264 yards and 2 touchdowns. Lake would also get a touchdown on the ground with a 2 yard scamper into the end zone to combine with efficient 91 yards from freshman back Bryce Madison. Lake scampers into the end-zone against Oklahoma State The calling card of the 2022 season has always been the play of the Mountaineer defense and this game would prove to be no different. Coming into the game Oklahoma State star back Amral Brown would have no less than 105 yards and 5.0 YPC in a game, but the boys up front, led by Senior Aaron Pagan, would bottle up the typically dominant Brown. The West Virginia defense would hold Brown to a less than stellar 82 yards on 20 carries which put the pressure on quarterback Ian Baldwin to carry the load for the Cowboys. With the success of Brown this season, Baldwin had yet to be put in a position to carry the team to victory and his relatively ineffective performance was the nail in the Cowboys' coffin on Saturday. The quarterback's ineffective 166 yards were paired with a turnover that allowed the Mountaineers to keep the game out Amral Brown's hands. The defense has been there all season for the Mountaineers, and when the team has one of its better offensive days it can line up and compete with nearly anyone in the country. The win puts the Mountaineers at 6 wins which makes them eligible to play in a bowl game. The current national projections have West Virginia playing the MAC's Buffalo Bulls in the Liberty Bowl. West Virginia will look to utilize the extra practice time and bowl game status to help propel them into the 2023 season where 20/22 starters will be returning combined with a whole host of talent coming into the program. For right now the coaches and players are focused on getting better each day and awaiting their bowl invitation and who they will line up against. Martin Lake looks to join Mohammed Foster and Richmond King as the only quarterbacks in Mountaineer history to lead the team to a bowl victory. Speaking of 2023 one of the rumors flying around the athletic department is that coach smckenz3 and coach @vtgorilla of Virginia Tech are looking to renew the Battle for the Black Diamond Trophy at FedEx field in Landover, Maryland. The athletic departments are still working through the scheduling details and ensuring the schools have open dates that match, but all signs point towards the rivalry being renewed. The Hokies currently sit at 9-2 on the season so it has the potential to be an exciting game for both fan-bases next season. Preliminary discussions have also begun with coach @bingo415 and the Oregon Ducks to make a trip to Morgantown for the 2023 season which will provide an exciting early season match-up for both squads. Coach smckenz3 has also expressed interest in continuing the Friends of Coal bowl with in-state rival Marshall University for the 2023 season. It's an exciting time to be an Mountaineer fan that's for sure. At the beginning of the 2022 season the Chicago Tribune predicted the Mountaineers would win "1.7" games this season, so being able to clinch bowl eligibility has to be considered a big win for the program. Fans around the state have shown excitement in the way the program is trending and look for big things in the upcoming seasons.
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    Metaire, LA The New Orleans Saints conducted a week-long search for the next coach of the franchise after the sudden removal of vollmagnet at the season's end. It is with great pleasure that I can personally announce former Browns head coach and personal friend lucas95 as the next man in charge for this team. Of the candidates that applied for the position, Lucas presented himself in a way that checked all of our boxes when evaluating the candidates, and the organization agreed that he would be the right man for the job. We are happy to have Lucas as part of our organization and we will be more than happy to work with him in our push to get us over the hump and into the playoffs again. The entirety of the Saints organization will be available to questions from the media at this time. @neovenator250 @ImposterCauster @lucas95 @caesari
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    Atlanta, GA Owner acewulf would like to address the media following Week 17 games RB Akili Wallace 5-10 180 6 Florida State [Speed] [-1] 94 WR Riddick Smith 6-0 185 8 Texas A&M [Target] [+2/C] 85 OT Julian Sykes 6-6 307 6 Boston College [Pass Blocking] [-1/C] 90 OG Tom McKelvey 6-6 312 7 UCLA [Pass Blocking] [0] 84 CB David Wilburn 5-10 195 8 Stanford [Man Coverage] [0/C] 90 These are the only players left on the roster from the 2016 Super Bowl winning Atlanta Falcons. This has been a long and humbling road going from newly minted owner of the Falcons to where we are now. I spearheaded a trade that has gone down as one of the most vilified in NFLHC history. I have always felt awful for the decisions I made as a new owner and thought that I had squandered the career of a few of the best players in the sim. But slowly and surely the team rebounded from my dumb mistakes. I learned from my mistakes and feel that I have grown as a member and football mind. Over the years, I have had plenty of help along the way in learning and growing in the NFL. @randye4 and @tctykilla were there from the beginning and reached out to me at the beginning to take over as owner. They helped get me more involved in NFLHC and learn more about the professional game and I am grateful they convinced me to take over as owner. @statsheetstuffer had multiple roles in the front office and I believe handled draft duties when I was not able to be there one night for us to take Darius Jones and I will be forever grateful at his help in those first transitional years. @SageBow helped guide and transition me from someone who just took shots at players to someone who cared deeply about fit and scheme and where we wanted to see the team in the future. He changed my mind on a lot of things and I always enjoy discussing prospects with him and picking his brain for advice. @thatfunk was also another fantastic GM for me and helped in my scouting and talent evaluation a ton for the draft that I feel really took us over the top in a few key places that have led us to where we are today. And finally the current Front Office: @Rocketcan, @Quasar and @Ricky Campbell. You guys are fantastic and I am so glad to have a group of guys who work so well together. Having the rational discussion and evaluation that we have in our Discord is wonderful and I look forward to even more drafts to come with you guys. This season has been a roller coaster of emotions. I honestly didn't think we would be here from the start of the season. Having key injuries to AJJ, Erwin, Akili, Early Davis, John Griffin and Mario Ruff made me question everything at times and write things off as all hope is lost. But somehow we kept it up and I can only thank my Front Office and coaching staff for all of the hard work that was put in for this. Thank you all for all that/ you have done. I had definitely have had personal lows in all of this with the biggest one letting Falcons great and a key missing piece to that list up there RC Rone slip into free agency. I have always regretted letting that happen and I thought that in missing that chance that our window had closed and we were toast from here on out. It is one of my biggest regrets and I was in a funk for a week after it had happened. It felt just like the time when we were trying to figure out AJJ and I felt that I had ruined the Falcons. On a personal note, I was working a baseball game when I was waiting for these games to post. I had been nervous all morning for it and had no idea what to expect. We've been in playoff contention in the past and have been disappointed before. I remember the 2020 season when we were 10-3 and lost 3 straight games to lose out on playoff contention with AJJ coming back from injury too soon only to get injured again. The Falcons and unclutch performances at the end of the year went hand in hand for years. I was nervous and tried to focus on the baseball game at hand. The game was weird, but that is a story for another day. When 4pm came up, I kept refreshing my phone trying to see the scores and then when they were posted my heart almost sank as I looked to open the thread. As I opened the boxscore, I started almost shaking as I read over the score and it didn't feel real that we had actually won. To a certain extent, it still doesn't feel real. From where I thought this team was going to go at the start of the year, being where we are is a blessing and I am just happy to be here. Sorry if this is just a long rambling mess of feels and reminiscing. Thank you for reading and listening. Akili Smash <3
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    Welcome to the final edition of our bowl projections! Between the lack of font-changing editing and me rushing to do this before the bowl announcement is made, this won't be as neat or as detailed as previous editions, but with everything all squared up off the field, why go into detail about who should be where? Before we begin, I'd like to give a special shout to Bad Online Football Amateurs for sponsoring this article and the content I produce. BOFA, as the premier media outlet in the country, aims to bring quality, accurate, and discussion-provoking media to the masses week in and week out. Quick look at our playoff eight first! Quarterfinal #1 (New Orleans, LA) Playoff #1 (Conf. Champ) vs. Playoff #8 (At-Large) Auburn Tigers (12-1, 1st SEC) vs. San Diego State Aztecs (13-0, 1st MWC) Quarterfinal #2 (Miami Gardens, FL) Playoff #2 (Conf. Champ) vs. Playoff #7 (At-Large) Clemson Tigers (13-0, 1st ACC) vs. TCU Horned Frogs (11-2, 2nd Big 12) Quarterfinal #3 (Arlington, TX) Playoff #3 (Conf. Champ) vs. Playoff #6 (At-Large) Oklahoma Sooners (12-1, 1st Big 12) vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers (11-2, 1st Big Ten) Quarterfinal #4 (Glendale, AZ) Playoff #4 (At-Large) vs. Playoff #5 (At-Large) Alabama Crimson Tide (11-1, 2nd SEC) vs. USC Trojans (12-1, 1st PAC) And now for the remainder of the projections! * = fill-in due to conference being unable to fill their slot ^ = 5-7 team New Orleans Bowl New Orleans, LA C-USA vs. Sun Belt Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles (8-4, 4th C-USA) vs. Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns (7-6, 1st SBC) Camellia Bowl Montgomery, AL MAC vs. Sun Belt Central Michigan Chippewas (8-4, 4th MAC) vs. Arkansas State Red Wolves (8-4, 2nd SBC) Disney Bowl Orlando, FL AAC vs. Sun Belt UCF Knights (7-5, 6th AAC) vs. Coastal Carolina Chanticleers (7-6, 4th SBC) Arizona Bowl Tucson, AZ MWC vs. Sun Belt Air Force Falcons (6-6, 4th MWC) vs. ^Arizona Wildcats (5-7, 9th PAC) Gasparilla Bowl St. Petersburg, FL AAC vs. C-USA * Eastern Michigan Eagles (6-6, 8th MAC) vs. Old Dominion Monarchs (7-5, 6th C-USA) Boca Raton Bowl Boca Raton, FL C-USA vs. MAC Florida Atlantic Owls (7-5, 5th C-USA) vs. Ohio Bobcats (8-5, 2nd MAC) Bahamas Bowl Nassau, Bahamas AAC vs. C-USA Temple Owls (9-4, 1st AAC) vs. Florida International Panthers (9-4, 2nd C-USA) Detroit Bowl Detroit, MI ACC Tier 2 vs. Big Ten #8 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (7-5) vs. Illinois Fighting Illini (6-6, 9th Big Ten) Heart of Dallas Bowl Dallas, TX C-USA vs. Big Ten #9 Rice Owls (11-2, 1st C-USA) vs. Wisconsin Badgers (6-6, 10th Big Ten) -C-USA champ hand picks their bowl from the list of C-USA affiliated bowls Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Boise, ID MAC vs. MWC Toledo Rockets (8-4, 3rd MAC) vs. *Rutgers Scarlet Knights (6-6, 11th Big Ten) Bay Area Bowl Santa Clara, CA Big Ten #7 vs. Pac-12 #4 Northwestern Wildcats (6-6, 8th Big Ten) vs. Stanford Cardinal (8-4, 5th Pac-12) Cactus Bowl Phoenix, AZ Big 12 #6 vs. Pac-12 #7 Kansas Jayhawks (6-6, 7th Big 12) vs. Arizona State Sun Devils (6-6, 8th PAC) New Mexico Bowl Albuquerque, NM C-USA vs. MWC UTEP Miners (6-6, 8th C-USA) vs. ^Baylor Bears (5-7, 8th Big 12) Texas Bowl Houston, TX Big 12 #4 vs. SEC Tier 1 Texas Longhorns (6-6, 5th Big 12) vs. Missouri Tigers (6-6, 10th SEC) Sun Bowl El Paso, TX ACC Tier 1 vs. Pac-12 #5 Virginia Cavaliers (8-4, 6th ACC) vs. UCLA Bruins (7-5, 6th PAC) Tampa Bowl Tampa, FL Big Ten #3 vs. SEC Tier 1 Michigan State Spartans (10-2, 4th Big Ten) vs. Tennessee Volunteers (8-4, 6th SEC) Pinstripe Bowl Bronx, NY ACC Tier 1 vs. Big Ten #6 Pittsburgh Panthers (7-5, 7th ACC) vs. Minnesota Golden Gophers (6-6, 7th Big Ten) Independence Bowl Shreveport, LA ACC Tier 2 vs. SEC Tier 2 Florida State Seminoles (7-5, 8th ACC) vs. *Navy Midshipmen (9-3, 3rd AAC) Birmingham Bowl Birmingham, AL AAC vs. SEC Tier 2 * Northern Illinois Huskies (6-6, 7th MAC) vs. *UAB Blazers (7-5, 7th C-USA) Alabama Bowl Mobile, AL MAC vs. Sun Belt Akron Zips (8-4, 5th MAC) vs. South Alabama Jaguars (7-5, 3rd SBC) Liberty Bowl Memphis, TN Big 12 #5 vs. AAC West Virginia Mountaineers (6-6, 6th Big 12) vs. Memphis Tigers (7-5, 5th AAC) Armed Forces Bowl Fort Worth, TX AAC vs. Big 12 #7 SMU Mustangs (8-4, 4th AAC) vs. *Buffalo Bulls (6-6, 6th MAC) Music City Bowl Nashville, TN ACC Tier 1/Big Ten #5 vs. SEC Tier 1 Penn State Nittany Lions (8-4, 6th Big Ten) vs. Mississippi State Bulldogs (7-5, 7th SEC) Alamo Bowl San Antonio, TX Big 12 #2 vs. Pac-12 #2 Texas Tech Red Raiders (8-4, 3rd Big 12) vs. Oregon Ducks (9-4, 3rd PAC) Gator Bowl Jacksonville, FL ACC Tier 1/Big Ten #5 vs. SEC Tier 1 Miami Hurricanes (8-4, 4th ACC) vs. LSU Tigers (7-5, 8th SEC) Military Bowl Annapolis, MD AAC vs. ACC Tier 2 * Army Black Knights (6-6) vs. Louisville Cardinals (6-6, 9th ACC) Hawai'i Bowl Honolulu, HI C-USA vs. MWC UTSA Roadrunners (8-4, 3rd C-USA) vs. *BYU Cougars (8-4) Charlotte Bowl Charlotte, NC ACC Tier 1 vs. SEC Tier 1 North Carolina State Wolfpack (8-4, 5th ACC) vs. Florida Gators (7-5, 9th SEC) Citrus Bowl Orlando, FL ACC #1/Big Ten #2/ND vs. SEC #3 Duke Blue Devils (10-3, 2nd ACC) vs. Kentucky Wildcats (9-3, 5th SEC) Frisco Bowl Frisco, TX AAC vs. MAC Tulsa Golden Hurricane (10-3, 2nd AAC) vs. Western Michigan Broncos (10-3, 1st MAC) Holiday Bowl San Diego, CA Big Ten #4 vs. Pac-12 #3 Purdue Boilermakers (9-3, 5th Big Ten) vs. Washington Huskies (9-3, 4th PAC) Las Vegas Bowl Las Vegas, NV MWC #1 vs. Pac-12 #6 Nevada Wolf Pack (8-4, 3rd MWC) vs. Washington State Cougars (6-6, 7th PAC) Orlando Bowl Orlando, FL ACC #2 vs. Big 12 #3 Virginia Tech Hokies (10-2, 3rd ACC) vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys (8-4, 4th Big 12) Orange Bowl Miami Gardens, FL ACC #1/Big Ten #2/ND vs. SEC #2 Michigan Wolverines (10-2, 3rd Big Ten) vs. Georgia Bulldogs (10-3, 4th SEC) Rose Bowl Pasadena, CA Big Ten #1 vs. Pac-12 #1 Ohio State Buckeyes (11-2, 2nd Big Ten) vs. Colorado Buffaloes (10-2, 2nd PAC) Sugar Bowl New Orleans, LA Big 12 #1 vs. SEC #1 * Hawai'i Rainbow Warriors (10-2, 2nd MWC) vs. Texas A&M Aggies (10-2, 3rd SEC) *Editor's Note: Sorry this isn't nearly as pretty as the other editions. I'll find a way to make these cleaner next year, or I'll use the old format if I get my fonts back . Thank you all for reading this and giving me the motivation to keep doing this and giving it out to you all! I'm glad I could be able to provide you all with this kind of content! Good luck on the postseason for those that have qualified, and until next season - Causter out.
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    [2022-2023] Donation Match!

    Hey everybody! We're wrapping up the 10th season of CFBHC simulation with Championship Games right around the corner. Shortly after, the off-season will be here, and with it the exciting time of Progressions and THE DRAFT! With all the new features being added daily, take a moment to think about just how much you appreciate the work of the Administrators and Founder. Now...dig into your wallet, and please consider making a gift to the site, as a way of saying Thank You for hours of free entertainment it provides, and the Community we are building together! This place is no one's job, but the activity and workload of some continue to make it a fun and uplifting place. That is worthy of your support. So that every dollar is maximized to help support the site, Bingo415 will match the first $200 donated between now (Feb. 25th) and after the 2022 Super Bowl--that means your donation DOUBLES--for Free! Any gift helps: $5, $10, $500... At the top of any page is the +Create tab: click on that and select DONATE to go to a donation portal. Or just click here. It's easy, it's worthwhile, and it is very much appreciated! Thank you for your support!!
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    WELCOME TO KAFKA'S 2022 CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME PREVIEWS ep. 1: Clemson Tigers (12-0) @Emperor_of_Orange vs. Duke Blue Devils (10-2) @Darman  Can Clemson continue their undefeated season against Bryce Thompson and the high-flying Blue Devils? Three important matchups: QB Akiem Williams III 6-3 235 Sr Hutchinson CC (Spring TX) 5.0 of 5.0 [Scrambling] SS Jordan Reeves 5-10 182 (Sr) Central Carolina Community College (Pittsboro NC) 4.5 of 4.5 [Zone Coverage] ILB Mayer Olson 6-4 234 Jr Seneca (Seneca SC) 4.0 of 4.0 [Mike] RB Christian Collins 5-8 197 (Jr) North Lincoln (Denver, NC) 4.5 of 4.5 [Speed] DE Glenn Thorpe 6-0 271 (Jr) St. Thomas Aquinas (, FL) 4.5 of 5.0 [Contain] OT Israel Stewart 6-5 264 (Sr) Wilkes Community College (Wilkesboro, NC) 4.5 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] First off the bus: OG Philip Bowden 6-7 272 (Fr) Loganville (Loganville GA) 2.0 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] DE Austin Hinds 6-7 266 (Fr) Redan (Stone Mountain GA) 2.0 of 4.0 [Blitz] CLEMSON's strengths AW3 Clemson's phenom quarterback has been almost unstoppable this season. Williams has 37 touchdowns and over 4,000 yards from scrimmage and has shown no signs of slowing down. He's done it through the air and on the ground, completing more than 70% of his passes and averaging more than eight yards per carry. It will take a Herculean effort from the Blue Devil defense to keep the soon-to-be Heisman finalist under wraps. CLEMSON's weaknesses Lack of a bell-cow pass rusher It's hard to find a flaw in this Clemson Tiger team, but they lack a true game-changing pass rusher. While they have six players who have recorded at least one sack, they don't have a single player in the top 100 individually in quarterback takedowns. With a skilled signal-caller lining up on the other side this week, they'll need to manufacture a pass rush to make Thompson uncomfortable. DUKE's strengths Anything you can do... Duke's Bryce Thompson has had an incredible season of his own, scoring 39 touchdowns and totaling nearly 4,000 yards. He's especially potent in the red-zone as he's scored 12 rushing touchdowns on only 82 carries. He's totaled at least three touchdowns in nine games this season and hopes to put an exclamation point on his Heisman campaign with a strong performance this weekend. DUKE's weaknesses Field goal trouble Duke doesn't attempt a lot of field goals (17 attempts on the year), but junior Jeremy Arndt has been abysmal from distance. He is only 1/6 on attempts from 40+ yards and has only four makes from longer than 35 yards. In a game as evenly matched as this, special teams could play a major role. PREDICTION CLEMSON 33 DUKE 27 MVP: QB Akiem Williams III
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    Bro von Broski, The Western Independent Rumors circulated this morning as coach TuscanSota submitted a proposition to the Pac-12 conference this morning. In recent news this season of the v1.6 update making crooting nationally for all 5* high school recruits, the Washington State head coach sent a proposal for a border to be constructed in the Western United States. The wall is intended not prevent coaches from entering into the West Coast recruiting hotbed, but to keep the competition fair for schools out west. We managed to catch up to the head coach during his morning jump rope session. He was quoted with the following: “I’m just thinking with the conference and west in mind. Them coaches out east are gonna come houndin’ about and try to take our croots. I want to make sure that we in the Pac 12 can make the West great while being competitive with teams out east.” “So are you saying that you want to make the West great again?” “I’m sorry, what?” Reception to the news of the proposal has been buzzing both in Pullman, Washington and all over the West Coast. We’ve received notable responses from folk around the country based on the proposal and its potential impact: @BillTheCougsFan wrote on Twitter: That’s coach Tuscan there for you - thinking with what’s best for Wazzu and the conference. Go cougs! #Wazzu #Prop001 All_In4Harden wrote on the /r/CFBHC subreddit : Walls don’t keep people safe, they keep people out. I’m wholeheartedly against this. I despise everything about this coach. If you support the Cougs, you are not American and you are CERTAINLY not for the Pac 12. Ken M from Yahoo’s comment section wrote: “The wall is nice, but who’s going to install the doors? Who’s gonna lock those doors?” @MountainMan42 wrote on Twitter: Finally! Our croots can sleep safely knowing that they have a border to protect them from those damn easterners #Prop001 @MarquiseThePolynese wrote on Twitter: Border or not, I’m still signing with #Ducks @DubDubHuskyFan wrote on Twitter: If I had a recruiting point everytime Tuscan complained about a loss or a recruiting battle, he would’ve have enough points to sign Kevin Manley #UW #Huskies #JieretIsTheBest Regardless of the reception, we here at The Western Independent remain unbiased on the matter. The proposal is certainly new ground both for the coach and for the conference, and could change the recruiting landscape of the United States. This is certainly something we’re going to keep observing both in the postseason and the offseason.
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    Twitter Tuesday (2/19/19)

    Darren Jones @djones_bears13 I don't care what anyone thinks, Frozen 3 was the greatest movie of all time. Curtis Lewis @crushngusher Ya'll ever think about what happens below your house? I mean there's a whole world down there and ya'll just go about your life smh Fred Romanowski @romanfreddie only chubby in the bedroom should be coming from me Darrell Murphy @murphy_law Interesting exchange at practice today. Coach AJ: "Does anyone want this last piece of ice cream cake?" Nijrell:(raises hand) Coach AJ: "Nobody? Guess I'll throw it away." Alex Leshoure @LeshoureToWin excuse me @romanfreddie what the fuck
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    [2022] All-MAC Team + Season Awards

    First off, I'd like to thank all the coaches who participated in the 2022 MAC Season! It was a fun season with lots of highlights and great performances. We'd like to honor some of those performances tonight with our Season Awards and Announcement of All-MAC Team. Coach of the Year @Pskeate, Western Michigan Coach Pskeate lead the Broncos to a 9-3 Regular Season, including 8-0 in Conference Play. The Broncos finished on a 9-Game Winning Streak and then beat Ohio in the MAC Championship Game. Offensive Player of the Year RB DeSean Madison, Western Michigan Madison was a threat every time the ball was in his hands. The Standout Junior helped lead the Broncos Offense to be among the best in the Conference. Defensive Player of the Year DE Kayden Soriano, Western Michigan Soriano burst onto the scene for a Broncos defense in rebuild mode. He helped steady the Pass Rush and finished among the top of the Country in Sacks. Offensive Freshman of the Year WR Dontae Peppers, Central Michigan Everyone knew about Suggs and Aikman, but Peppers seemed to come out of nowhere to lead the Chips in receiving yards. MAC West Defenses have another Chip to be scared of going forward. Defensive Freshman of the Year DE Kayden Soriano, Western Michigan Soriano brings home a pair of awards, deservedly so. NFLHC Franchises better start scouting this kid, he'll be in the league before you know it. All-MAC Team QB: Byron Suggs, RB: Gabe Ciamo, RB: DeSean Madison, WR: Dontae Peppers, WR: Maxwell Rider, TE: Casey Swann, OL: Western Michigan* DE: Julian Whaley, DE: Kayden Soriano, DT: Israel Parson, DT: Jarvis Ware, LB: Devin Frazier, LB: Arthur Henson, LB: Ryan Carr, LB: Jackson Greenberg, DB: Reginald Blakely, DB: Zaire Hooker, DB: Henry Krause, DB: DeSean Mathis, K: Eric Caudill P: Sam Painter, Congratulations to all the Players who were selected! Your hard work was recognized by the Coaches who decided you were the best in the Conference. * @paperllamasunited broke the tie for the OL Selection.
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    [2022] Week #17 - 4 PM

    Akili ran for a 64 yard touchdown to put the Falcons up 38-31 with 0:54 left.
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    Love all you new guys, special shout out to the fcs crew for picking up a whole new part of the sim and running with it as if you've been here since the beginning.
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    Little Caesars

    This is a push poll and I can’t participate in it. Little Ceasars is exactly as promised. It’s Hot and it’s Ready. It doesn’t claim to be the best pizza in the world. It’s super convenient and isn’t the worst thing. I love the Pretzel Crust Pizza though and will defend that shit all day
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    Stanford Quarterback Troy McMurray celebrates after throwing a touchdown pass. McMurray would lead Stanford to a 42-35 victory over rival California The locker room was joyous. Everyone in the Stanford was celebrating the Cardinal’s win over California in the Big Game. Stanford had finished the season 8-4, going 7-2 in conference play. However, in all the commotion, one player was the most emotional of the bunch. Hugging surrounding teammates was quarterback Troy McMurray, eyes streaming tears.Senior night was a shootout, and he, alongside runningback Bryce Newby, led Stanford to the 42-35 victory. “This win means so much to me and my path as a football player,” McMurray said. “It’s always been my dream to play in this game, let alone win this game.” McMurray had carried this Stanford team to new heights not many expected. Now at the end of his lone season at Stanford, McMurray has a possible conference championship game and one bowl game before he is expected to go in the first round in the upcoming NFL draft. However, with all the hype and hope that surrounds McMurray now, one may never realize the trials and tribulations it took for McMurray to be in this spot in the first place. *** Our story begins in the Bay Area, in the town of Brentwood. Residing in the East Bay, about forty-five minutes from San Francisco and thirty from Oakland, McMurray was born to parents who were Stanford University graduates. Since birth, he was a Stanford fan. His parents would take him to games, and with eagerness, a young Troy would watch. Troy was such a huge fan of the Cardinal, you could ask him anything about the team, and he would provide you with the correct statistic or fact about them. “Ask me anything about Stanford, and I’m going to give you answer,” McMurray said laughing. “It’s like I literally am the university knowing all these things.” When Troy turned six, he began to play organized football. He found his niche playing quarterback, but would play running back on occasion due to him being faster than the other kids. As McMurray continued to play, he had one goal in mind, play for Stanford. “My parents went there, and I grew up as fan of them” McMurray said. “Who wouldn’t want to play for their favorite team?” In order for McMurray to play for Stanford, he’d have to impress scouts in high school. However, when most players start generating hype around their freshman or sophomore years, McMurray never had his shot until late his Junior season. McMurray had finally joined the varsity football team at Liberty High School in his Junior year after being the quarterback for the freshman and junior varsity teams. However, he would sit on the bench for a majority of the season due to the varsity team having an entrenched senior starter. “It was frustrating man,” McMurray said. “You always want to be on the field, and there’s only one quarterback. So if you’re not starting, you’re not going to play.” However, McMurray would get his chance halfway through the 8th game of the season. With the starting quarterback injured, he was thrust into the role. Down 21-10 in the third quarter versus Bishop O’Dowd High School, McMurray took over the game. Throwing 13/16 for 264 yards and 2 touchdowns to go along with 8 carries for 65 yards and a touchdown on the ground, McMurray willed Liberty to a 31-28. McMurray would continue this stellar play with his first varsity start versus Heritage High School. Putting up more video game numbers of 20/27, 283 yards, and 4 touchdowns, Liberty blew out Heritage 44-7. However, his Cinderella start would come to an end in the playoffs with a lose to De La Salle. McMurray would continue his great play his senior year. He finished the year throwing for 65% completion, 2,200 yards, 18 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. He also ran for 508 yards and 8 touchdowns. Yet, McMurray would not receive any scholarships from FBS school. Even his dream and favorite team Stanford wouldn’t offer him. Still persistent on playing college football, he went the JUCO route, staying in California and playing for Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria. “I think it was the lowest point of my life,” McMurray said. “But I love this sport, and JUCO was the way to go. I still wanted to find a way to go play professionally, and I needed to take any way possible.” The lack of offers motivated McMurray. In his three years playing for Santa Maria, he lead the Bulldogs to three straight Pacific League Championships. He would finish his career at Allan Hancock throwing for 7,240 yards, 66 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, while also running for 2,100 yards and 14 touchdowns. Before his Senior year, which also was his final year of eligibility, colleges began to take notice and began to recruit McMurray. His first choice was to play at USC, but then he got the call he’s always waited for. Stanford called McMurray and told their recruiting pitch. Even with his pain from not being asked before, his family ties and his personal love for Stanford still prevailed. Troy McMurray would finally play for Stanford University for his final season of college football. “I told my family I was coming home,” McMurray said. “I finally had the opportunity to play for the school I always dreamed of playing for. When I committed to that school, I promised myself that I would take this team to new heights and make something special there. Even if I only get to play one season in Palo Alto, I accomplished one of my biggest goals in life.” *** McMurray kept true to his word. McMurray mystified the country and put Stanford on the map. He even is a Heisman trophy candidate putting up the following statline: 71.6 completion %, 3,014 yards, 24 touchdowns and 2 interceptions, as well as adding 101 rushes for 868 yards and 11 touchdowns. With McMurray leading the team, the team jumped from 1-11 to 8-4 and to the Cardinal’s first bowl game since 2018. Even then, his team has a shot at playing in the conference championship game. He was living his dream, even if it wouldn’t end in a National Championship or Rose Bowl victory. “It would’ve been nice to win the natty or the Rose Bowl,” McMurray said “We had those goals in the beginning of the season, but tough games happen. Regardless, what this team accomplished is amazing, and I loved being part of the journey. Winning the Heisman is something I never thought was possible for me, and it would be the icing on top.” To many, it would seem that McMurray was doing this all on his own. His flashy style of play, his efficiency and command of his offense have wowed fans and scouts alike. However, he credits his success to head coach Believer. “I can never thank coach enough,” McMurray said. “He came into this program and was just as new as I was. Yet, he took command of this team and earned the respect of everyone. I’m blessed to have built a great relationship with him. I love talking football and the intricacies of our offense with him. Coach has opened my eyes to so many new plays and concepts. He’s helped me to become a quarterback and person, and I’m forever thankful.” The next step forward is the NFL. McMurray’s play has garnered the attention of many quarterback needy teams in the league. Teams such as the New York Giants, Los Angeles Chargers, Arizona Cardinals, and Denver Broncos have been floated around with possibly taking McMurray and making him their franchise quarterback. Regardless of whatever happens, McMurray will be happy to where he goes. “Look, it’s been an unbelievable journey,” McMurray said. “I completed my dream of being the starting quarterback for Stanford and leading them to something great. Now I get to live the dream of going to the NFL, something that I never thought would be possible. I’ll be ecstatic to whoever picks me. I just want whoever picks me to know one thing, it’ll be the best decision they will ever make.”
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    Favorite Chatbox Quotes

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    Harrisonburg, VA and Fargo, ND- James Madison University head coach @Suffocation and North Dakota State University head coach @SolutionA announced Monday afternoon that the two teams have decided to place a friendly wager of $10/£10 on the results of the 2022 FCS National Championship Game. The two coaches have agreed that no matter what happens on the field, the most important match up will be the one against cancer. Coach Suffocation has selected Cancer Research UK as his charity of choice and Coach SolutionA has decided on The ChadTough Foundation. "The ChadTough Foundation is an organization that I greatly respect and I strongly believe in their message and goals," said Coach SolutionA. Both coaches are available for questions.
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    Coming this Bowl Season, it's... Alright, folks. Welcome, welcome. I’ve been very inconsistent lately - not as consistent as Oregon’s Conference Championship losses - but we’ve made it to the Bowl Season for our final PAC-12 After Dark of the season! Before we go through our bowl games, I want to give a special thanks to the Pac 12 teams who will be at home this holidays and staying up to watch their fellow Pac-12 Brethren play some damn east-coast schools. Oregon State Beavers The best way I can describe your season would be… awful results but great execution. Just like this photo of starting LG Jacob Tucker: California Golden Bears Last time I talked about the Bears, I spoke about how USC RB Bowser was going to chow through the entire team which consisted of noodle brands, guitar brands, and sandwiches. It unironically happened - you don’t fight a giant koopa playing RB unless you grab an ax - and the Bears missed the bowl season. On the bright side for the Golden Noodlz, if you look at their cupboard, the flavors they’re saving for next season are so spicy you’ll wonder how hot this team will get. You got the McFadden, a seasoned veteran at this point, Adam Gibson Les Paul also returns as the sole benefactor for their Defensive Line - and How could I forget about their most important player? Starting TE Kaihau A-llama. They got a llama on their team. Still sucks to be a Golden Bear because they have to watch ALL THREE OF THEIR CALIFORNIA RIVALS ACTUALLY PLAY IN A BOWL. Arizona Wildcats The crazy kitties’ season was so wild that after their 5th win, they forgot how to play football and win a game. I swear, if you watch their final game against the Sun Satans, you could tell that someone put cat-nip in their Gatorade halfway through the 4th Quarter. How the crazy kitties started the season A defense with future 1st Rounder Eric Hall. Tyler Toney the Tiger. And even Josiah Benton could stop Israel Carlson, but remains practically wasted. How they ended the season I don’t want to end this on a negative note for the Crazy Kitties. Honestly, their one beacon of hope for their offense was in the Lone Kitten, Josiah Smallwood. This freshman is currently 3rd in Rushing Yards for all Pac-12 runningbacks. I can’t say much on how the Kitties roster will look next season, but I’ll be damned the last thing you’ll want to face in the Arizona desert is the Lone Kitten. Utah Utes There’s not much to say as Kirby’s already done a good job of thanking his transition QB for the season. Their stadium is still filled with cardboard. Okay, I think that’s all of the Pac-12 teams that will be plugged into their TVs this Christmas. Onto the important matchu- bah Gawd! Tuesday, March 12th, Miami Gardens (USC vs. Alabama) @ 8:00PM EST Coach Djambo is at it again bringing his team of Trojans to the playoffs! After their glorious victories over Aaron Hard-on and Oregon’s Jason Lip-Balm, Carlos Bowser and his band of Koopas are heading into the playoffs. This time, the Trojans are doing us West-Coasters a favor and fending off the Crimson Tide-Bottles in what looks to be a heated matchup in Miami. Now because this is a playoff game, I’m supposed to keep this game as unbiased as possible. Even though ‘Bama is a team in the Southeastern United Stated States. So let’s do a quick comparison of these teams… The Trojans have Bowser. The Tide have Edward Cullen. USC QB Marc Lockwood is known for his stiff-arm. Tide QB Linus Petty lost his blankey to his little sister. The Trojan’s defended the city of Troy for ten years straight. The Tide can’t even clean a beet stain from my dirty laundry. Coach Djambo is a man of culture who’s actually won a PAC 12 championship. Coach Cade could not win a PAC 12 Championship at Oregon. He also has yet to win an SEC Championship at Alabama. We know how this game’s going to end folks. NEXT. Wednesday March 13, Cactus Bowl (Nevada vs. Washington State) @ 11:00PM EST If you want to know the definition of disappointment, it’s TuscanSota’s squad in Pullman, Washington. The cougars can roar all they want with their talented DE Quincy Hobson, but this team’s stuttered since their match against the Oregon Cyber-Ducks. Their bowl is in Las Vegas of all places in a clearly-no-home-bias matchup against the Nevada Wolf-Pack-O. This Reno team historically is known for their Linebacker corps as the anchor of their defense. And while at a glance you’ll see that their OLBs are desperately thin, the players still standing happen to be players that make you wonder “How the fuck did the Mountain West poach all these NFL-Caliber players from the PAC12?” Wazzu is known to roll with the punches whether it makes or breaks their team. But if you look closely at their gameplan - and I mean REALLY closely - it’s clear Tuscan’s too busy crying his eyes out over lost croots to really make the most out of this team. NEXT. Sunday March 17th, Vegas Bowl(Hawai’i vs Arizona State Sun-Satans) @ 11:30PM EST [Meta]: If you somehow keep up with the articles I write on this site, then you’re probably aware that the Rainbow Warriors are led by a man who spends half of his days at the only Chick Fil’ A in Honolulu. J.T. Youngblood is all you need to know about the Rainbow Warriors. A man both a threat in the air as he is on the ground. He ran for over 500yds in the regular season, not including the sprints he makes to Chick Fil’ A after practice. He’s passed for over 3,000 yards, with both footballs and chicken nuggets. But will this poultry-obsessed player be enough to take on the Arizona State Sun Satans? Let’s see… On blazing fields of Hell Stadium in Tempe, Arizona, the Sun Satans performed rather mediocre. Finishing out the season at 6-6(-6), it took the final game of the season -- where the team ironically banished the Crazy Kitties from the bowl season -- for the Sun Satans to make it to their bowl game. Sparky is staring into your soul Don’t let their record fool you. As a team from the Conference of Champions, the Sun Satans are stacked with talent. Israel (Irony) Carlson is the top RB in the PAC 12 in terms of both rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. A RB who is very consistent at ~106ypg, the Sun Satans are guaranteed to have production on the ground no matter how Israel plays. Sun Satan QB Parker Townsend isn’t the greatest runner, but that’s because his name isn’t quite as holy as Israel’s. Their WR core consists of two guys who I’d say are likely to make it to the NFL. Jordan Scott and Deon Kirksey have the potential to make big plays, but their stats combined only comes up to 1,314 Yards and 13 TDs. So I guess with their strength combined, the Rainbow Warriors are going to have to be extra careful with this double-trouble duo. Overall, the Sun Satans did their duty this season: They made it to a bowl game; and not only that, they shut out their rival from even making it there. So the question remains, who comes out on top of this game? Depends on how badly Arizona State fries JT Youngblood’s chicken wings. NEXT. Monday March 18th, Holiday Bowl (Michigan State vs. Colorado Bye-Sons) @ 10:00 PM EST F. Also Monday, March 18th, Sun Bowl (Miami (FL) vs. USCLA Bruins) @ 9:00PM EST The Sun Bowl is what I would call the game between two Sleeping Giants. Like coach AJ has been stocking the top shelf of his liquor collection, Miami has been restocking its roster since their Golden Age of Paul Davenport, Onterrio Smith and Brett Fisher, and other forgotten Miami QBs. Two straight seasons of 3-9 and an Independence Bowl victory later, AJ is back to bring the Hurricanes to victory. Seniors Jason Leadfoot and Ronnie Peterson are playing in their final game and remain eager to win out in a bowl game set in the sacred desert of El Paso, TX. And the team they face? No one better than the USCLA Bruins. Aaron Hard-On's pre-game ritual The Bruins finally have a coach who is willing to use a scheme that isn’t the air raid. And yet, Aaron Hard-on showed off his stiff throwing mechanics by throwing over 270 yards (57% Pass Completion) in their loss to the Trojans. His USC counterpart Marc Morningwood has ran for more yards than this scrambling bruin has. Granted, he’s a freshman who’s busy bathing in his personal dorm jacuzzi, so who am I to judge? The Bruins managed to pull a 7-5 season, and Cultur3 himself is both behind and loyal to his young QB. The future looks bright for USCLA, but it all comes down to whether Aaron Hard-on can show the world he’s the next great USCLA QB. So, who wins? Miami has the talent, but USCLA has the quarterback. The Bruins are on the west coast, so my choice goes to the Bruins. NEXT. Sunday, March 6th, 1836, Alamo Bowl (Oklahoma State vs. Stanford Cardinal) @ 7:00PM EST When Coach Tack left the promised land that is Utah State for Oklahoma State, he was relieved that he wouldn’t have to face Coach Believer ever again. Jokes on him, because now Tack is about to coach in the game of his life. Not only is he coaching against Believer, his team is going up against the most outstanding player of the college football season: Redshirt Freshman Linebacker Roman Winkler. Roman is a descendant from a long line of Italians who managed to trace their lineage back to the age of the Holy Roman Empire. Standing at 6’ and weighing 219 pounds, Winkler is the perfect specimen and build for a Roman soldier. With over 9 statsheet appearances, Winkler led his team with 38 tackles, managing to tackle the likes of Luke Sikuli, Josiah Smallwood, Zachary McFadden, and even Gael Trujillo. The man alone has deflected passes from Adam Slone, caught interceptions from Jason Baum. If you think Amral Brown and Samuel Barfield are going to waltz through the Cardinals defense, THING AGAIN. Roman Winkler is all OVER the field. He’s in the backfield, he’s in the air. He’s coming for the ball, and he ain’t letting no Cowpoke get away from him. BOOM. And that’s only the Cardinals defense. Their offense? The perfect run game led by Bryce Newby. The Cardinals RB has led the team in rushing with 1,143 yards, and securing the endzone with over 15 TDs. In his final regular season game, he tore the Golden Noodlz apart with 182 rushing yards and 3 TDs. To cap off how good this Cardinals team is, there’s also Heisman QB Troy McMurray. If I was Coach Tack, I’d be scared right now. NEXT. Wednesday, March 20th, Minnesota vs Dub-Dub Okay, this game looks pretty interesting. The Dub Dub Huskies have been doing the same thing every year, and that’s surprisingly an improvement with how they ended last season. Djake Djavis finished the regular season tapped at 3,325 Passing yards, 28TD 7 INTS and a QB rating of 154.35. For those unaware, that’s a better QB rating the Cougs’ QB (F). Djavis manages to distribute the ball evenly in the air, with wideouts Jason Ivy, Davis Harley, and D.D.D.D.D.Dyson each catching for at least 700 yards. The Huskies also boast of having one of the better Offensive Lines in the league, (5.06), which is about .16 points better than Minnesota’s. The only caveat here is that their top defensive lineman Julius Mercer made the surprising (and right) move to sit out of this bowl game, in preparation for his future career in the NFLHC. Minnesota is a squad that’s at least upgraded itself twice since coach Lucas rolled into his Alma-Mater. The Gophers picked up Robert Lynch from the JUCOs, and he’s been lighting it up since he was deemed the starter. We’re talking 3,486 passing yards, 26 TDs, and 6 INTs. Overall, a 151.33 QB rating as the icing on the cake. Tredaveon Jennings running for 1,237 yahds (you know what, I’m not going to correct this misspelling) and garnering 12 TDs on the ground. This gopher team knows how to throw the ball in the air, and run the ball through their gopher holes. Truly a balanced threat to take on my rival. The one thing I hate about this game is that I have a West Coast bias, but this game also involves my rival. Regardless, I’m calling for this game to be a shootout. In which case it being a game with SO many points on the board, its called both a loss for the Gophers and for the Huskies. NEXT. Saturday, March 23rd, Rose Bowl (Nebraska vs. Oregon) @ 10:00pm EST. By losing in the Pac-12 Conference Championship, the Oregon Cyberducks have ultimately blessed the Pac 12 with the gift of a playoff Berth. Their reward in return is the Rose Bowl. Against Playoff-Snubbed Nebraska. If you think that’s going to stop Coach Bingo-Is-His-Name-O, you are badly mistaken. Jason Baum has proven time and time this season that this Oregon team is capable; and despite a sputter towards the latter half of the season, the Cyberducks managed to kick their little brother where it hurts and make it to the PAC 12 championship. Sure, this Huskers team has made a few surprises. Sure the Huskers have managed to pull near losses to playoff teams *cough* Auburn *cough*. The truth lies in the cornfield empire; and despite barely not making it to the playoffs, Julius Caesar’s Huskers team has shown they belong on that stage. Despite this bowl being Franklin Riggins’ last game as a senior, the Cornhuskers are cracking their knuckles. They’re fastening their helmets, and they’re gonna be grabbin’ at pigskin. If the Cyberducks don’t show up in Pasadena, I’m afraid they’ll likely revert their mascot back to Donald Duck until Disney flips another lawsuit on them, that is. I too would fear this Husker This game is gonna be so amaizeing, there’s gonna be karma on the field y’all. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand that wraps up PAC-12 Afterdark for the season. Thank you again for everyone on the west coast for watching this on primetime. For everyone on the east coast, god bless you for staying up so late. Will Coach Djambo and the USCLA Trojans show the Alabama Tide how to properly wash out stains? Will Tuscan finally stop crying and focus on winning? Will JT Youngblood’s chicken be crispy enough for the Sun Bowl? Will Michigan State show mercy on the husk that is Colorado? Will Cultur3 finally have control of his QB in time to face the Convicts of Miami? Will Minnesota and the Dub Dub actually lose their game? Will Oregon avoid the wrath of Disney’s lawsuits and Nebraska’s run game? Find out THIS BOWL SEASON. Be there. Be Square. ToucanSoda out.
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    Twitter Tuesday (3/5/19)

    Darren Jones @djones_bears13 coach bingo asked blacknall to get an accurate headcount of offensive players at our last practice and my man said "coach I'm sure everyone's only got one" im cryin Allama Banta @RighteousBanta Normal person: I'm in a bad mood. LA peeps: It's like, uh. Do you - there's like a weird energy out there today, right? Curtis Lewis @crushngusher Ya'll ever realize how crispy is just crunchy... but thin? Brian Vardell @brian.vardell1 Man people who think Americans won't take trains just because they're slower than planes need to meet some of these metro Minneapolis folks who are like "why bother flying it's only a ten hour drive" Fred Romanowski @romanfreddie thots need less cardi b and more cardi o
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    We are pleased to announce that we have hired @Suffocation as our new scout.Suffocation lead JMU to a 9-3 in their inaugural season and helped establish the FCS as the premier subdivision. We are excited for him to help bring the Ravens back to the top of the AFC North.
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    Wednesday, February 27, 2019 72° Hawai’i QB J.T. Youngblood Celebrates Career Milestones The Rainbow Warriors hosted Fresno State week 16, in what was a typical J.T. Youngblood, dog fight of, a win. Down 24-17 at the half, J.T got the offense on track for 2 touchdowns in the 4th to put the Bulldogs away. He finished with 281 total yards and 3 TDs. In the postgame J.T. compliments the opponent, “Fresno State always puts up a good fight and never gives up”. Something happened that evening that Youngblood himself admitted is something he doesn’t keep track of.During the match, Youngblood scored his 100th career TD, reached the 10,000th total yard marker, and won his 30th career game . “Those numbers are great and all, but I still have more to prove”, said Youngblood when approached with the numbers. “Honestly, I didn’t realize I was close to those marks. Winning ball games for my team is the number 1 goal”. His career numbers are now 8,830 P Yds, 76/24 TD/INT, 66.85%. Along with 1,391 R Yds, 24 TDs. Totaling 10,221 Yards and 100 TDs. -- Youngblood throwing the game winning TD vs Fresno State -- Reporters asked J.T. what inspires him the most when the days are long and difficult. “Grandpap’s crispy fried chicken back home, all the way. I still vividly remember going to his house after HS practice to talk ball and eat his famous chicken. Grandpap was one of the hardest workers I’ve ever known and taught me a lot”. It’s very clear that J.T. has an affection for the culinary arts and learned some very valuable lessons about hard work from his talks with Grandpap. The regular season is over and because of the loss to SDSU, Hawai’i will not be making the return trip to the MWC Championship game. When asked his plans, Youngblood sternly said, “We’ll be getting ready for our bowl performance, whoever we get matched up with. Then it’s time to prepare for 2023. My #1 goal is to bring home a conference title to Honolulu”. Wednesday, February 27, 2019 72°
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    2023 FCS Addition

    Thanks for voting everyone, the following teams will be available beginning with the 2023 season.
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    Little Caesars

    $5. Hot. Ready. I'm poor. Match made in heaven.
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    WELCOME TO KAFKA'S 2022 CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME PREVIEWS ep. 2: Ohio State Buckeyes (11-1) vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers (10-2)  The 'Huskers won the matchup in Week 5, but Ohio State has won eight in a row since. Who will clinch their spot in the playoffs? Three important matchups: TE Jonas Schumacher 6-5 209 Jr Eastmoor Academy (Columbus OH) 4.5 of 4.5 [Receiving] OLB Peter Amador Jr. 6-1 239 Fr Aurora (Aurora NE) 1.0 of 4.5 [Coverage] ILB Nazir Flowers 6-3 206 (So) Brecksville-Broadview Heights ( OH) 3.0 of 5.0 [Will] RB Franklin Riggins 5-6 195 (Sr) Southeast Community College (Lincoln, NE) 4.5 of 4.5 [Power] DE Cece Condon 6-1 263 (Jr) Sandwich Community (Sandwich, IL) 5.0 of 5.0 [Contain] OT Rafael Vitale 6-7 284 Sr Augusta (Augusta, KS) 5.0 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] First off the bus: DE Jude Kimball 6-5 266 Fr Jesuit (Tampa FL) 1.5 of 3.0 [Contain] OG Brady Lane 6-6 267 Fr Thomas County Central ( GA) 1.0 of 2.5 [Pass Blocking] OHIO STATE's strengths Getting to the quarterback Ohio State boasts the nation's top pass-rushing duo in DE Cece Condon (11.0 sacks) and OLB Drew Edge (10.0 sacks). They consistently make life miserable for opposing offenses and spend as much time in the backfield as some quarterbacks. The Husker offensive line will have their hands full keeping QB Sean Connell upright and unharmed. OHIO STATE's weaknesses Punting problems Ohio State has one of the worst yards per punt average in all of football. They rank 7th worst among power five teams at a paltry 37.79 yards per punt. In their previous matchup with the Huskers (a 45-17 loss), Ohio State's P Enrique Vela averaged just 36.4 yards per punt and their return unit allowed 47 yards. The Buckeyes will need to win the special teams battle to punch their playoff ticket. NEBRASKA's strengths Run, run, run the ball Nebraska's two-headed rushing attack of QB Sean Connelly and RB Franklin Riggins combined for over 1,900 yards, 21 touchdowns, and nearly 5.6 yards per carry. They've gone over 175 yards combined on four separate occasions and show no signs of slowing down. The last two weeks, they've ground out 351 yards and four touchdowns - if they get a lead, the clock could run dry in a hurry. NEBRASKA's weaknesses Ball security Despite winning seven of their last eight games, Nebraska has had trouble at times holding on to the football. During that stretch, QB Sean Connell has thrown all five of his interceptions on the season, fumbled three times, and lost two of them. He'll need to be efficient and turnover free if the Cornhuskers are to take home the 2022 Big Ten title. PREDICTION OHIO STATE 27 NEBRASKA 24 MVP: RB Julius Wesley Jr.
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    I don't know why NDSU is assuming the game will involve them at all.
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    [2022] Semifinal Preview

    Hello people! The playoffs are heating up, as the top 4 teams in the FCS all successfully defended home turf last weekend and advanced to the semifinal round. We have two exciting football games coming up, and next week we will crown the first ever FCS Champion! Exciting times indeed. I can only imagine what these 4 head coaches are going through emotionally. While all 4 of these schools have a legitimate argument to be in the Championship, only 2 will move on. Will we get a Dakota Rivalry Rematch? Will Samuel Connor go scorched Earth and lead the Eagles to the promised land? Can James Madison continue their incredibly successful run? Tune in next time on Dragon Ball Z These questions will be answered in the coming days, but to tide you over until then here's a preview and prediction of what might happen this week. Last week I picked 3/4 games correctly (Raekwon Thomas is human after all), but I was an embarrassing 0-for-4 against the spread. So don't take any of these predictions to your bookie. Let's get it on! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #4 Eastern Washington (9-4) at #1 North Dakota St. (11-2) (-8) The BiZon Express has no breaks (except for Red Raiders or Redbirds, wait a minute, I'm sensing a pattern...) and they look to continue their dominance against the Eagles. Luckily for the BiZon, this game will NOT be played on a red turf, which is where these two met the first time in week 0! It feels like it's been years since week 0 happened, and at the time this game was thought to be a preview of the FCS Championship. That prediction was not too far off, however these two will only be playing for the right to participate in the Big Game. NDSU was barely able to hold off EWU, but back then Connor didn't know how powerful he could become. NDSU has also improved in that time span, and it's very hard to predict a winner here. But, I will go with my head and choose the more complete team, which is the BiZon, because if Connor is even a little off, the Eagles are barely above average. We have talked about Connor a lot on here, and for good reason, but Zack McAllister of NDSU has been a super-efficient passer and a great leader for the BiZon. Last week he went 25/34 for 305 yards and 3 touchdowns. He had a few positive running plays as well, making him an elite quarterback that can burn you through the air and the ground. His season stats are a statistician's dream (236/366, 64.5% comp, 2852 yds., 24 TDs, 4 INTs) and he was also in the running for FCS POTY (the award was won by Connor). He was honored as the 2nd Team All-FCS QB, but Zack doesn't care about individual awards. He wants to win rings, and the Sophomore will be one win away after this week. Prediction: North Dakota St. 31, Eastern Washington 28 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #3 James Madison (10-3) at #2 North Dakota (10-3) (-4) The Dukes of James Madison have accomplished a lot to get here, and most of the credit should go to Coach Suffocation. He has done extremely well with the talent he was given, now just one win away from reaching the Championship game. Unfortunately, this will be where the road ends, as the Fighting Sioux (or Fighting Hawks if you work for UND and are forced to call them that) are looking to make the hometown fans proud. These two played each other wayyy back in week 1, and that game Robbie Koehler formerly introduced himself to the FCS world. He has since put up crazy numbers (339/575, 59% comp, 3808 yds., 34 TDs, 11 INTs), and has carried the Sioux-Hawks to the #2 seed. He couldn't beat rival NDSU to get the 1 seed, but nevertheless the 2 Dakotas are on track to meet again for all the marbles. James Madison's defense did get torched for 45 points the last time these two played, and even with improvements I don't see them stopping Koehler enough to get the upset. Last week we highlighted the Offensive Line for North Dakota. This week I want to highlight 1st team All-FCS Tight End Gabriel Sorensen. He has been Koehler's #1 target all year, and he has put up great receiving stats (74 rec., 939 yds., 11 TDs, 2 drops). Dominik Hebert has been great as well, but he has a whopping 9 drops on the year, which makes him a less reliable option compared to Sorensen. Both have been integral to UND's success, but Sorensen has far surpassed expectations, as he is only rated as a 1.5/2.5 player. It will be interesting to see how he does next year with Koehler graduating. But he doesn't have to worry about that yet. For now, his mind is set on winning playoff games. Prediction: North Dakota 34, James Madison 23 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All stats listed, unless otherwise noted, are from the consolidated statsheet.
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    Next up in the BOFA Awards are the Defensive Position Awards. These players all had excellent seasons, and all the finalists should be proud of the seasons they had. Now for the awards... Tyler Jones Defensive Lineman of the Year: Deontre Graham, Alabama - 25 tackles, 7 TFL, 11.5 sacks, 1 FF, 1 FR Brandon Dawkins, Rice - 38 tackles, 10 TFL, 13.0 sacks, 1 FF Anthony Walton, Florida State - 27 tackles, 12 TFL, 11.5 sacks Samir Sample, Texas Tech - 39 tackles, 16 TFL, 8.0 sacks, 1 FF Cory Joseph, UAB - 36 tackles, 12 TFL, 12.0 sacks, 1 FF, 1 FR, 1 safety Our winner: Samir Sample, Texas Tech Brian Hernandez Linebacker of the Year: Miles Reinhart, Louisville - 58 tackles, 13 TFL, 10.5 sacks, 1 PD, 1 FF, 1 safety Tanner Madison, Georgia Tech - 65 tackles, 3 TFL, 1 INT, 1 FR T.C. McGregor, SMU - 62 tackles, 6 TFL, 0.5 sacks, 1 INT, 5 PD Micah Wahl, Boise State - 52 tackles, 2 TFL, 6 PD DeAndre Simon, New Mexico - 56 tackles, 3 TFL Our winner: Miles Reinhart, Louisville Mike Gradishar Defensive Back of the Year: DeSean Barkley, Colorado - 18 tackles, 10 INT, 9 PD, 1 TD Ashton Evans, Virginia - 24 tackles, 9 INT, 6 PD, 1 TD Branden Valentine, Ole Miss - 27 tackles, 9 INT, 7 PD, 1 TD Khalil Harrell, Florida State - 15 tackles, 7 INT, 8 PD Eric Hall, Arizona - 10 tackles, 6 INT, 10 PD, 1 TD Davion Mayo, Georgia - 22 tackles, 9 INT, 6 PD Akiem Pryor, Miami (FL) - 13 tackles, 5 INT, 10 PD Jamir Lacey, Oregon - 13 tackles, 7 INT, 7 PD, 1 TD Trevor McKinney, Virginia Tech - 15 tackles, 8 INT, 13 PD, 1 TD Elijah Williams, Oklahoma - 11 tackles, 5 INT, 9 PD, 3 TD Our winner: DeSean Barkley, Colorado Rodrick Braxton Defensive Playmaker of the Year: Elijah Williams, Oklahoma - 11 tackles, 5 INT, 9 PD, 3 TD Zaire Hooker, WMU - 22 tackles, 8 INT, 4 PD, 2 TD Ivan Bentley, Hawaii - 39 tackles, 5 INT, 1 FF, 1 FR, 2 TD Ashton Evans, UVA - 24 tackles, 9 INT, 6 PD, 1 TD Brayden Reeder, BYU - 47 tackles, 4 TFL, 3.0 sacks, 6 INT DeSean Barkley, Colorado - 18 tackles, 10 INT, 9 PD, 1 TD Our winner: DeSean Barkley Congratulations to all of our awards winners and all the finalists.
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    Now that the 2022 Regular Season has concluded, players from across the nation have decided to forego their final year of eligibility and enter the NFLHC Draft. Here, we'll grade each of the SEC's seven early entrants. WR Quinn Walters 6-4 216 R Kentucky [Speed] [-3] 80 Walters had an exceptional year for Kentucky, hauling in 80 catches for 1091 yards and 10 touchdowns. The Wildcats had a great season and Walters' quarterback, Eli McManus, graduated. His stock likely won't get any higher and he's now he's tied for the fourth highest WR in the draft. C Dominick Mize 6-2 266 R Alabama [Pass Blocking] [+2/C] 78 Mize was a standout for the Tide this year, earning first team All-SEC honors and widely considered one of the best interior linemen in the country. He enters the draft as the third-ranked center and his locker room rating and captaincy make him an intriguing day two draft pick. K Neal Watson 5-10 187 R Mississippi State [Accuracy] [+1] 80 It's not often that a kicker leaving early is a good decision, but it absolutely is for Neal Watson. He made 86% of his field goals this season, including a career long 56 yarder. He enters the draft as the third best kicker and has shown quite the leg for one who's more known for accuracy. WR Jariel Martinez 6-0 199 R Auburn [Target] [0] 76 As only a moderately-sized target receiver, Martinez' physical limitations won't improve with another year on campus. Marcus Black is graduating this season and despite being a central figure in the 2023 Auburn offense, Martinez' draft stock probably won't increase by staying. OLB Evan Belcher 6-2 230 R Texas A&M [Coverage] [0] 75 Belcher would be one of the cornerstones of the A&M defense next season, so his decision to leave school is a head-scratching one. He has all of the physical attributes of an NFLHC linebacker, but his meager production this year (12 tackles, sack, TFL, PD) will cast strong doubts in general managers. He ranks as the 9th best OLB in the draft. SS Jayden Nash 6-2 189 R Alabama [Zone Coverage] [0] 75 Another head-scratcher. Nash had a good year in 2022 (21 tackles, 2 INT, FF, FR) but he has joined an incredibly deep strong safety class. While there are only three 80+ SS, there are 16 who are rated 75+. He'll have to show out at the combine to go before the final round. P Louis Flaherty 5-9 163 R Alabama [Accuracy] [0/C] 76 Flaherty is only tied for fourth among punters and when you factor in locker room grades, he's fifth. There's a very good chance he goes undrafted. Unless he was having academic or financial problems, he should have absolutely returned for his senior season.
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