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Penn State goes back to back and defends their National Championship in an explosive 44-23 match up against UCF


Rookie QB Tanner Bowman kicked off the NFLHC preseason with a very solid showing against the Rams on Thursday Night. Though it was against backups, the Redskin faithful have something to be hopeful about.


Former Pittsburgh Head Coach Jumbo was officially named the new Head Coach of the University of Southern California Trojans following iliveinadreamatorium's departure from the university.


The preseason game between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals was cancelled after Cincinnati failed to report their depth chart to league officials. Sources within the organization revealed the team may not have had a gameplan ready as well.


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    [2021] Training Camp Results

    Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins New England Patriots New York Jets Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars Tennessee Titans Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers Baltimore Ravens Oakland Raiders Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs Los Angeles Chargers Dallas Cowboys New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers Tampa Bay Buccaneers New Orleans Saints Chicago Bears Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings Arizona Cardinals Seattle Seahawks Los Angeles Rams San Francisco 49ers
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    The CFBHC Member of the Month Spotlight is an award created to recognize and thank members of the CFBHC community for their supportive efforts to the site's development and future endeavors. Coaches can submit a vote for any member on the sidebar each month and a deserving member of the month will be awarded the first one of the next month. Members of the month will be eligible to receive a CFBHC goodie box once the design has been established and the member is willing to forward me their address. October 2017: Jieret, Western Michigan Broncos/ Denver Broncos Jieret joined CFBHC on July 5, 2016, and quickly established himself as a cornerstone of the community. Known for his willingness to help, his ability to moderate, and his steadfast attitude in helping the community grow has made him deserving of the first MotM award. Whether taking it upon himself to run the NHLHC statbook or fill in with statistical/wiki/or feedback work when few others did, Jieret always outdoes himself in his efforts toward the site and for that I am forever thankful. Without helpful, friendly, and determined members like him this community would just be me and my 38 alts; functioning but without a heart. It may be overwhelming for some newer users to integrate into the established community but Jieret has shown that it's possible. Only a year after he's joined it would feel that if he were to ever be lost to us he'd at least be one of those users the shoutbox would say "wtf happened to him". Whether that means anything I don't know but Jieret you are the man. Jieret received 14 votes for Member of the Month for October 2017.
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    Coach iliveinadreamtorium looked on one last time to see his Trojans win another bowl game, defeating Kansas 33-17. LOS ANGELES, CA- I went into Coach iliveinadreamatorium’s Los Angeles home with no idea what was in store. It was shortly after the Trojans’ most recent bowl win, so I was expecting to see a man excited for what his team had accomplished and ready to prepare for the next season ahead. I was only partly correct. “I’m so proud of what these men have accomplished this year. This team was probably the best group of players that I ever had the opportunity to coach and I’m truly grateful that I had that opportunity,” the coach told me. “We really should’ve made it farther than we did. I know in my heart that we should’ve. And I’m to blame for that. It weighs heavy on my mind at night. I think about some of the wrong calls that I made. I think back to that Stanford game and I just see in my mind all the ways that we could’ve and should’ve won that game if I had done something different. But I didn’t.” I’ve followed the Trojans for the past couple of years and have developed a good working relationship with Coach Dream, the nickname the fanbase has given him. Never in my years of covering the team had I seen him like this. He seemed endlessly exhausted, had prominent bags under his eyes, and looked like the embodiment of a man who hadn’t gotten a good night’s sleep in over a year. That morning, as I watched him prepare us some eggs for breakfast, he broke the news to me. “That’ll be the last game I coach for the USC Trojans,” he said with a sigh of resignation. “I’ve loved my time with the program, but I’m no longer capable of keeping up with a program of this stature. Having to deal with everything that I’ve had to- the LA media- no offense, but y’all were worst [expletive] part of my job and I’m gonna sleep a lot easier at night not having to mess with y’all. You and the boosters- both have some amazing people, but you have very little patience and I have just as little patience. It was just never going to be a healthy relationship for me.” As we talked throughout the following days as I developed the story, it became clearer how important this decision was for him and his health. Just a few days after he told me, there was a noticeable change in his demeanor. He went from slouching around his home to walking around with a pep in his step. Several days in a row, he very excitedly discussed the garden that he had grown at his house. “People don’t realize the value in self-sustainability anymore,” he told me while he showed off some of the tomatoes he had grown. “Lots of people don’t even bother with manual labor nowadays- for the longest time, I was one of them. Why would I grow my own food if I can just go down to the local Whole Foods and get what I need and move on with my day? But it’s really worthwhile- you can see the reward of the work that you put in. I think I really got into gardening during the stretch of losing seasons for that reason. I think it’s a really important skill to have. You know, I’ve tried for seasons now to get my team into gardening, but they all just think I’m crazy and wasting my time. And maybe they’re right, but at least I have some [expletive] tomatoes.” When he mentioned the players throughout the week, it became clear why the decision to resign took so long for him to make. He had developed a real connection with these players. Every year, Dream held a Thanksgiving dinner for players on the team who didn’t have the opportunity to go back to their families. As the years went on, more and more players attended the dinners, as for many of them, the team had become their family. Luke Trickett, the star quarterback for the Trojans, who will likely be selected in the NFL Draft this year, had a lot of praise for the culture that Coach Dream had established. “Coach really helped build a sense of fraternity on the team. With a lot of teams I had played on in this past, there were always guys who were looking out for their own self-interest. They weren’t sold on being a cohesive unit, they were sold on selling themselves the best that they could. You never saw that at USC. We looked after each other, we took care of each other when one of us went down. We weren’t just a team, we were a support system. Everything that we did helped shape me as a player, but did doubly so for shaping me as a person. He’s a big part of who I am today and I’m incredibly honored to have him in my life as a mentor and as a friend.” Dream began joking around more as we continued talking. He discussed what he thought of his legacy at USC, saying that he felt like he’d be remembered positively, but that he didn’t believe that he’ll be the most fondly remembered coach the program will ever have. “I’ve been talking a lot with the AD about the coaching search for finding my replacement,” he had told me, “and I really think the school will wind up in better shape after my departure. If I had stayed here for another year or two, I think things would’ve regressed. I wasn’t really feeling on top of things anymore and I feel like some of the guys had started to figure me out. I need a blank slate, a reboot. This resignation is going to be like a controlled burn- if you weren’t paying attention, you might be like ‘oh [expletive], there’s a fire. This can’t be good.’ But I really think this is going to have a positive outcome for all involved parties.” What happens next for Dream and the Trojans? Well, as for the Trojans, it has become clear that discussions are already underway to select the next head coach. There’s no doubt that the position will bring in some high-caliber candidates and it seems like the AD might just have the pick of the litter. And as for Coach Dream, there’s no telling what exactly he’ll be doing. He discussed his future a little bit with me. He talked about the health of his grandparents in Ohio, discussing a need to be closer to them so he can help look after them as their health deteriorates. But he is still interested in coaching, but he’ll need something less demanding than the LA lifestyle that became acquainted with over his time at USC. But wherever he goes, one factor will be an absolute necessity- having land for him to continue his garden.
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    2020 Champions

    Congratulations to everyone for completing the 2020 season, our 8th as a site. Congratulations especially to the following organizations for their championships. Of special note is that Penn State has successfully become the first team to defend a title on the site. 2020 CFBHC National Champion - Penn State Nittany Lions 2nd Title Coached by grv413 2020 NFLHC Super Bowl Winner - Green Bay Packers 1st Title Organization: inspiral
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    Hi everyone. First off the bat, I'd like to thank everyone here at the University of Pittsburgh for a wonderful season. We surpassed my wildest expectations for the season, making it to the semifinals of the College Football Playoff™ and earning the first win over a #1 team in program history when we defeated the future and defending national champions, Penn State. The season ended on a disappointing note, of course, but I couldn't be prouder of the team for making it as far as we did. With that said, I am here to announce that I will be taking over the head coaching role at the University of Southern California. The job opening was an exciting opportunity for me to head closer to home and take over a storied program in college football. I'm obviously very disappointed to be leaving Pitt and everything we've built here as a program but I know that whoever will take over will do a great job. ACC commissioner @ImposterCauster, who's done an amazing job, requested my help to vet the next candidate for the position and I've agreed to honor that. It's been an amazing ride at Pitt over these last 7 seasons with a lot of great players who made our constant success possible. 2 Coastal titles and a playoff appearance ain't too shabby. It's tough to leave all the players I've brought here to the program but I know that they're a supremely talented bunch and will perform for the next head coach just as well as they would have performed for me. To everyone who's been coaching with me in the ACC the past couple of seasons, the rivalries have been great fun. @npklemm You got me this season, but I made it further in the playoffs so I'm calling this one a better season too . Thanks for the 7 seasons of banter and great competition, man. @Darman I'm terribly sorry that like klemm I'm leaving up 7-0 when you probably would have earned that 1 next year, but you can take solace in that you'll likely take it off the next coach. You're gonna take that team far bro. @Emperor_of_Orange You ruined my shot at the ACC title last year! But you're a great coach and Clemson is coming back up, I'm sure you'll be winning a title sooner than later. @brightfalls Even though we play every year the rivalry wasn't huge, but you're clearly a good coach as you outperformed my expectations in every game we played. @ImposterCauster I already mentioned you up top, but you're a great coach and NC State will do great things going into the future, I believe it. @ajyoungmark You and your Florida recruiting will be back on top of the Coastal in a couple of years for sure, you're doing great work there. @DStack11 @Broletariat @smokingcricket For the most part we never really held a rivalry since we were in the opposite division and never played, but I really respect all of you guys as coaches and people. With all of that said, thank you to PAC-12 commissioner @Franz Kafka for making this a smooth process and allowing my transition to be easy. I look forward to forming new rivalries with everyone in the Conference of Champions! I'll take questions if anyone has any. Fight On!
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    Franz Kafka

    Pac 12 Media Account Misuse

    IN THE COURT OF CONFERENCE COMISSIONERS STATE OF CFBHC PACIFIC 12, PETITIONER V. CIVIL ACTION No.: 2021CFBHC-309 CFBHC.COM, RESPONDENT MOTION TO MODIFY SENTENCE The Pacific 12 Conference, by and through below named counsel, hereby moved the Court of Appeals to modify the sentence handed down on the issue of Pacific 12 conference account misuse. 1. On or about November 9, 2017 at 8:09 PM, Pacific 12 Conference News Outlet responded to a game report. 2. On or about November 9, 2017 at 8:31 PM, Pacific 12 Conference News Outlet posted an article conerning Pacific 12 recruiting. 3. On or about November 9, 2017 at 8:46 PM, Pacific 12 Conference News Outlet responded to a free agency signing. 4. At no time did Pacific 12 News Outlet intend to post from that account, as the commissioner of said conference was in the middle of typing a news article (paragraph 2 above) 5. Commissioner of CFBHC.COM responded to the game report (cited in paragraph 2 above) on or about November 9, 2017 at 9:53 PM warning the Pacific 12 Conference News Outlet of the mistake. 6. At no time after the warning did the Pacific 12 Conference News Outlet post any improper items on the site. THEREFORE, based on no postings after the warning and the clear accidental use of the account, based on the above mentioned timeline, the Pacific 12 Conference, by and through counsel, requests a hearing to determine the validity of the recruiting point reduction. This hearing is to be scheduled before the Conference Commissioners at the earliest possible convenience to show good cause why this sentence should not be modified. This is the 10th day of November, 2017. Respectfully submitted, Franz Kafka, Esq. Attorney for Petititoner State Bar No. 24601
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    [2021] The Magnificent Seven

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Coming soon to this 2021 season - from the coach who mentored Joel King, Reshad Jenkins, Sean Bell, Philip Moore, and Hastin Rider comes the unlikely story of seven extraordinary football players. The Baylor Bears proudly present... Come join Tuscan this football season as the Bears call upon the legendary unit known as the Magnificent Seven. After an unlikely turn of events which led to the Bears missing a Bowl game, coach TuscanSota calls upon seven players to bolster the Bears’ atrocious defense and protect Waco, Texas from the devastating offenses of the Big 12 and beyond. Heads will turn when this septet graces the fields of McLane Stadium, and turn the tides of the game. Running Backs will shutter; Linemen will squander; Quarterbacks will dash away back to the sidelines to their safe-spaces right behind their head coach. Why? Because this will be the most terrifying defense anyone will face this year. Starring… Alex Whitney - The Veteran DE Alex Whitney 5-10 243 (Sr) Denison (Denison, TX) 4.5 of 4.5 [Blitz] Alexander “I’m Fucking Old” Whitney is not your ordinary Defensive End. A starter since 2018 Week 1 as a redshirt freshman, Whitney was there when the Bears pulled the upset on the Florida Gators and won 28-14. Since then, the DE has seen many battles and sacked many Quarterbacks. Now in his prime, Whitney is ready to maul through Left Tackles like scissors cutting wet paper. Andrew Newton - The Smart One DE Andrew Newton 6-1 265 (Sr) Flatonia (Flatonia, TX) 3.5 of 3.5 [Contain] According to my knowledge, Andrew Newton comes from a long line of scientists, dating back hundreds of years. So why did he decide to take up football at a Baptist University instead of work for NASA as a teenage prodigy? Because FOOTBALL SCIENCE. When Newton lines up at the line of scrimmage, he analyzes the form of his opposite adversary. He can translate audibles in three different languages, including Java. By the time the snap is made, it’s already too late - Newton’s calculated the offensive play, and he’s 95% certain that your play sucks. Ezekiel Sewell - The Ranger DT Ezekiel Sewell 6-5 325 Jr Ranger College (Ranger, TX) 3.5 of 4.5 [2-Gap] Ezekiel is unlike any Nose Tackle to line up for the Bears defense. Hailing from Ranger College near Ranger, Texas, Ezekiel trained as a ranger first - football player second. While normal football players were doing reps and practice routines, Ezekiel spent days learning to survive in the wild. And if his JUCO coach was ticked off? Ezekiel would be going toe to toe against the wildlife of the forest - fighting off mountain lions, evil bears, and tigers. By the time Ezekiel returned his sacred training in the forests outside the DFW Area, he was more of a man than a frat boy after an Elephant Walk. Despite having an interest to head to Aggieland, Coach TuscanSota made him an offer he just couldn’t refuse - a starting role on the Baylor Defense as a part of the Magnificent Seven. Zachary McHale - The Pissed Off One OLB Zachary McHale 6-4 244 (Fr) Apple Springs (Apple Springs TX) 3.0 of 5.0 [Blitz] Zach is a football player riled with anger. Promised to start as a true freshman, Zach instead found himself wearing a redshirt on the sidelines after a certain linebacker transferred to the Bears. From that moment, Zach could only watch as his team slowly failed to make a bowl game. Now after a long year of hardship and waiting, Zach’s ready to exert his bent-up anger inside, plow through offensive lines and tear your Quarterback a new one. His favorite drink is Snapple. Maxim Hillman - The Man from California OLB Maxim Hillman 6-1 238 (Sr) Bishop O'Dowd (Oakland, CA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Blitz] After his father named him after a magazine filled with scantily-clad women, Maxim abandoned his family to take up football. A proud linebacker from Bishop O’Dowd, Maxim found himself in the graces of USC under the tutelage of former head coach IHadADreamatorium. Unfortunately for Maxim, the linebacker never stepped foot onto the Coliseum to play for the Trojans. Dreading the bench, Maxim decided to leave the bright lights of LA and take his talents to small town Waco, TX. Bringing a paparazzi of pizzaz and flair, Maxim has proven in his first year with the bears that he’s more than a bench player - he’s a playmaker. Thomas Morton - The Silent One ILB Thomas Morton 6-2 254 Jr Collin College (Collin County, TX) 4.0 of 5.0 [Mike] A newcomer, Thomas Morton isn’t your ordinary Mike Linebacker. Only a few know the backstory of this cold-hearted football player. Rumor has it Morton was a star linebacker over in Collins County, Texas. The team captain by his senior year, Morton was granted a scholarship to a promising Blue Blood university and was even dating the cheerleading captain too. He had it all - until his homecoming game, when his rival school’s star running back trucked him on an HB Dive play. The wind knocked out, Morton was forced to sit on the sidelines as this RB scored for the entire game. Those who bore witness to that game could say Morton was never the same afterward. The blue blood school took back his scholarship, fearing confidence issues; worse, rumor has it that the cheer captain cheated on Morton with the running back. Why am I telling you this? Well, legend says that since that day, Morton has taken a vow of silence. Ever since he was cleared of concussion protocol, Morton has worked his way back to the top as a JUCO, and rejoining the college football ranks. Committing to a vow of silence, he will stop at nothing until he faces the rival RB and have his vengeance. Until then, every player he faces is simply in his way. And last, BUT NOT LEAST… Garrett Powers - The New Kid ILB Garrett Powers 6-4 229 Fr Bryan (Bryan TX) 3.5 of 5.0 [Mike] Garrett Powers hails straight from Bryan, TX. Born from a family of spies, Powers longed to not join the secret service and instead pursue his passion for American football. His dreams became a reality when Coach TuscanSota sailed down the river Brazos to offer Powers a chance to play for the Bears. Destined for greatness, Powers looks to be a Week 0 Starter for a refined and upgraded Baylor defense. With the speed of a mighty bear, the strength of a hundred football players, and the grooviness of his family genetics, Powers brings a certain mojo onto the field that not even the ladies can resist. Terrifying alone, these seven players together make up the 2021 Baylor Bears Front 7. Each player has their personal goals and aspirations; but together, the Magnificent Seven is tasked to bringing the Bears back from the pits of “Not-Making-A-Bowl” and become the strongest defensive unit that CFBHC has ever seen! How strong is this unit? Find out on December 1st when the Bears face against the California Golden Bears in the Bear Brawl! Tickets for Season-Opener range depending on seating. Please go to StubHub while supplies last. Also, special thanks to @Minnowsotan and @HAFFnHAFF for helping me with their amazing photoshop skills
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    It's 1:02 AM Draft's eve and I'm writing down my opinion of these players and you guys can judge afterwards how they fit with the team that drafted them. I'm using the top 25 from Bubada's final 2020 rankings (found here: Shane Easley, OLB, PSU - Honestly can't see him failing much unless he's forced into a 4-3. His coverage skills have been pretty subpar all throughout his career but he makes up for it with god-like edge rushing. I actually think the Chargers are a ridiculously bad fit because he will never work with Anthony Miller and Chung. I think trading one or the other (or both) is pretty much a requirement if the Chargers take him. The only thing speaking for him to LAC would be that I think either QB is an even worse pick for them. If the Chargers switch to 3-4 and blow up their recent drafts I would not blame them but it would probably set them back two years of first rounders... Ideal fit: 3-4 with a high skill strong safety who can bail him out in coverage. Tanner Bowman, QB, PSU - He's similar to Aaron Shea. I feel a bit less confident about him compared to Shea but I don't see him being worse than a mid-range (12-17th best QB) at peak in his career. His first or second year might be rougher but I think he's someone who excels by starting right away and not learning from the bench. I never had him on the bench, he started right away, and I think that may have shaped him. I think the Redskins are likely the best fit although the Patriots would also work out pretty well assuming they fix their receiving situation a bit. I don't particularly like him to the Bills as their receivers don't fit his style at all and Dess would be wasted in the high volume offense you'd need for Bowman (assuming those problems remain when the Bills possibly commit to him). Ideal fit: High passing offense with a #1 Target and #2 Speed receiver. Change of pace rotational backs would be helpful because Ricky Vega was wasted a bit. Sila Lotomau, DT, HAW - Very likely the most dominant college graduation DT we've had. I think Jeremy Miller was probably more flashy but I suspect Lotomau will be a rock in the middle of the D-Line for years. I doubt you'll see him on many statsheets in the NFL but don't let that fool you - judge him based on how the defense does against power running backs that are running predominantly inside. Best fit is honestly the Titans with who they face in division and their general needs. I don't know for sure if he's better as a NT or how he interacts with 4-3 or 3-4 so I don't feel qualified to say that here. Ideal fit: Definitely Titans but someone like the Chiefs might be happy with him as well. Don't think he'd be great for the Chargers because it would be a rough way to build your team unless your essentially tanking for next year. Mohammed Foster, QB, WVU - I'm somewhat concerned with injuries for Foster, especially if a team doesnt have at least an average O-Line of 85+. Foster feels like Allan Taylor 2.0 with like 20% more running and much more pocket awareness. I think Foster will either be a top 10 QB in 2025 or a backup/FA depending on where he's drafted. I think he needs a RB that he gels with otherwise he will begin to break down, he can't do it without a pressure release valve. Ideal fit: I really like him for the Bills as long as they have Dess - their receivers are fine for Foster although they should look at grabbing another in the second if that does happen. Worst fit might be the Patriots. Their offense does nothing for him and I think their one strength, TE, is something that MoFo uses very little in a pro style offense. So my one warning here is that I think if you have a great TE you may be in deep shit with Foster. If you have a #1/#2 target WR you'll be in love. Keep his blindside safe and he should be good as long as he stays healthy. J.C. Weldon, WR, WVU - I've actually totally turned around on Weldon this year. After last year I was convinced he was some weird volume abnormality in a weak conference but god damn he was dominant against decent corners this year. This could very well be Randy Moss reborn in the sim. He's definitely going to rely on a larger passing volume but he feels much like Mike Evans in real life, throw it to Weldon in triple coverage and he'll probably bail your ass out. I think the Patriots, Vikings, or Cardinals would all be awesome fits, Cardinals in particular would be pure sex. Probably the last time I mention the Chargers but, with how much I like him, it would be such a terrible pick for the Chargers because you need to finish building the defense first and then maybe bring on a proper RB before just selling out on historic receivers. I think I might actually like Weldon this year better than Raheem last year but they're both really damn good. Luke Cobb, WR, FSU - I'm not nearly as hot as others are for Cobb. Something about the lack of impact he had on a team with a fairly decent QB compared to what he could have done worries me. It could have been coaching but I really don't think it was - obviously the lack of RB tied into it but there's still something fishy going on because Weldon had no issues with no RB AND no QB (granted it was against weaker corners). I think Cobb probably needs to acclimate as a #2 on a mediocre team for a year or two and then slowly progress into the starting role. Weldon is a clear #1, I'm not entirely convinced Cobb is anything other than a #2 right now. Any team that needs an immediate #1 (which is most drafting in the top ten) I'm not a fan of taking him. I actually think his best case is the Titans because of Kevin Williams. Washington would also be good but they're obviously not taking him after SHW. I suspect there's a decent chance someone in the late teens trades up to 3, 4, or 5 and takes him which I think is the best case for him and the league. Beckett Miller, OT/OG, OKST - To be honest I don't really know enough about the O-Line people so I always defer judgement to the coach who used him as they usually are much more intimate which how effective their protection was. I think the Bears are the likely best spot for him (or the Chargers). Not really a fan of the Redskins or Patriots taking him as they have other needs. D'Qwell Moore, FS, FSU - I think Moore will be great IF, and ONLY IF, he is allowed to grow slowly and have his ass covered by a good SS early in his career. Obviously he won't end up on the Jaguars but I think learning next to Larry Reeves would be really great. Any similar situation would be pretty solid. He'll be good but I don't think he'll be Darius Jones - he should have a ton of fumbles forced but doesn't really feel like a ballhawk. I think his best fit would be on a young defense with a senior SS as stated where he can grow in chemistry with his linebackers. Marshawn Miller, RB, UCONN - I seriously doubt Miller can be a workhorse running back and will probably sound off quite a bit on teams that force him into that role. Miller is definitely a change of pace that could be paired with a slightly worse power back in a rotational role or in a pass heavy offense as the lone change of pace to 40+ passes a game. Honestly his fit with the Colts is this years version of Curtis Henry to the Panthers. Miller is born for the role next to Shea. I don't think any top ten team should realistically take him unless there's someone obvious where my above statement applies. I think Tampa would be an awful fit because that's not what he does. While I think he would mesh okay with Heiden I think the Buccaneers would actually have to UP their passing output to use Miller effectively which doesn't fit the character of the team. Browns would be the second worst possible destination I think. Dean Strauss, C, AUB - Again, O-Line so I defer judgement to Jumanji. I don't think he's as good as others have been saying based on the combine and pro day and I think he should be picked in the 15-22 range. Can't really blame anyone that needs a center but I really would be surprised if someone really wants him bad enough to take him in the Top 10. Bears should definitely take Beckett Miller over Strauss. DeNorris Jackson, RB, UCF - He'll be good, I have no doubt. I don't think he's Sowell or Abraham but he'll be good for 1200 and 8-10 TDs each year at minimum. This is my ideal pairing with Heiden for TB or with the Texans if they're already giving up on Pacheco. I wouldn't really blame anyone for taking him except I think higher than 7th or 8th is too high. Top 3 would be totally ridiculous. I would actually love if he ended up on Pittsburgh if they're starting to prepare for Henson's demise. I don't think the Titans are Jackson's kind of team so that would be my slightly dislike aside from any other team that runs a fully run based offense. I love Jackson for 15-22 carries a game and let him be aggressive. Josiah Harden, DE, UNC - Sure, whatever. I'm super meh on Harden but he's better than the garbage DEs from last year. I think he's a mid 20s pick that has been pushed up by some random waves of hype since the 2016 season. He disappointed a bit for a few years which I think has been masked by having an AI Coach so he may have lucked out. I think he'd be okay in a 4-3 as the second best DE for 2-3 years. 3-4 is a terrible fit and shouldn't be used with him. No idea where he fits best or worst but if you run a 3-4 you made a massive mistake, if you run a 4-3 you need patience. Garrett Holliday, ILB, ASU - I thought Holliday was a top 5 target in this draft until his combine and pro day stuff came out and I went back and took a second look at his game log history. I'm not even sure what his problem is because I don't need an ILB and didn't look into further but there's definitely something going on here. He may have been bailed out by his supporting cast in the ASU defense. It feels like the Brooksheer/Tai Miller debate from a few years ago where both seemed good but it was more likely one bailed out the other. I think Holliday is a bottom 1st rounder or early 2nd but will be way overdrafted. He may be good but he's not someone that should be drafted where he will be drafted. I think a poor fit is any team that isn't in rebuilding mode and needs a win-now ILB. The Saints will likely not be happy with him if they take him but someone like the Cardinals might be okay to deal with his development. Hudson Adam, DT, WVU - I think Hudson Adam will be good not great. He's got a massive amount of raw talent and his career arc will be fully dependent on coaching. I think this will definitely be one of those cases where if he ends up with a good coach he'll be great and if he doesn't he'll start to fade into obscurity. I would love to see him on the Texans or Titans or possibly the Jaguars if I could swing it but I know I won't be able to. The concerns here are mostly about raw potential versus actual skill which is something that true coaching seems to bring out. I think he's a bad fit on teams with weak/weaker DEs like the Chiefs or unbalanced lines like the Eagles (one great DE, one mediocre to poor DE). He would be excellent on the Jets but that's not happening. Caleb McNamara, OLB, VANDY - He's going to be a Brown I can feel it in my bones. I think the fit is acceptable and would help anchor down their linebackers. He's another person that I put very little time into researching because I'm assuming he goes 12th to 15th but he seems pro ready with very little downside. Poor fit here is somewhere with weak safeties where he'll be relied on as a playmaker far too early in his career. A good spot could be any place with a veteran (6+ year) OLB opposite him with comparable skillsets. Tyron Chambers, WR, ARK - This is my biggest bust flag of this draft. He feels like Aaron Stiles the WR. He blew up often in games against poor teams and had some struggles against pro level corners. He's physically raw with very little development in skill over his entire college career. Chambers needs to start slow as a #4 or #2 and be brought up slowly. Forcing him into a prime role will be a drop disaster of titanic proportions. He would be a bad choice for the Giants or any team that has a complete clusterfuck with receivers (Chiefs? Vikings?) I would love to see him on the Colts if Rashad were moved (which I know won't happen) or maybe on the Raiders behind Tripplett. Sean Taylor, CB, WMU - Do. Not. Want. Very similar to Tyron above and, I must be clear here, I think he has the potential to be really good, maybe even a top 10 corner, but I'm not the one who's going to be undertaking this project. He's a ballhawk with some coverage problems that will need to be remedied with experience and coaching. He has the potential to be utter shit at the beginning but I think you need to stick with it. Another player that can't go anywhere where he'll be relied on instantly and needs to work his way up slowly. I think this would be the nightmare pick for the Saints but I actually would like him on the Chiefs behind Teddy Walker. Javier Grady, DE, UNT - I think Grady might actually be a 3-4 DE regardless of the number of sacks he had in college (against terrible competition). I don't have a ton of opinion on him but I think if the Chargers got him at the beginning of the 2nd round it would be great to pair him with Easley after ditching Miller. Best fit to me is any 3-4 team and I think he'll be pretty underwhelming otherwise. Kevin Grey, OT, USC - I love Grey. Jesus Cordero was an awful running back who got propped up a lot by his tackles and Grey was definitely part-way the cause for Trickett's success. I have some doubts whether he translates to a left tackle in the pros based on his pro day but I think he can be a RT anchor for years to come. I would love to see him on the Raiders and progress to their LT when their current LT retires. Honestly I think Grey could even be taken to be a third best tackle on a team and just learn like that. He seems pretty versatile as OTs come (that aren't athletes). Noah Hills, TE, Kansas - Not really sure he's a first rounder I kind of had him as a "tweener" grade but he can shine in the right settings. He can easily be used as a safety net with a younger QB or as a dedicated 3rd down target for some established teams. I think he'd be pretty bad on a team with no receivers as I don't think he's strong enough to out muscle anyone. I think his best fit would be any transitional team like Arizona, Pittsburgh, etc. and he would be quite terrible for run based teams or teams that rely on rushing QBs like Tampa or Philadelphia. Brandon Thomas, OLB, Bowling Green - I pretty much have him set as the complimentary OLB to a strong edge rusher that acts as more of a hybrid. He could rush occasionally but also contribute in coverage if strong FS and SSs exist. I think he'd be quite awful on a team built like the Bengals or even the Browns (who might take an OLB) but would look pretty decent for someone like the Jets or Jaguars. Damian Mason, OT, Tennessee - Not really that much of a fan although he kept Adrian Goldson upright for his rookie season. Career RT for me, don't have much to say - I expect him to fall into the second because he just doesn't have any sort of exclamation mark for me. Not real "best fit" because he's a rotational guy. Carlos Washington, DE, Michigan - I'm gone like 720 degrees on this guy in the last 3 days. I think he's physically raw but does have a ton of potential. If he can go somewhere as a second DE in a strong front 7 that would be pretty excellent. If Miami hadn't gone Dexter Flowers last year he'd be a sick fit there but I doubt that'll happen. I've gotten to a point in this write up where I'm not even sure what kind of team could fit these players but I'm going to say he goes to the Colts if Marshawn Miller is gone - and he'd do decently well there. Geno Harris, WR, Ole Miss - I love Geno Harris but only as a #2. Any team looking for him to become a true #1 within the next 3-4 years would be making a huge mistake. I think Tampa and New York (Giants) would both be teams considering him that are making a big mistake. I would really love to see him on a young transitional team with an equally young #1 wide receiver or someone like Kevin Branch with the 49ers. LaMichael Harley, OG, Michigan - Meh. He's an offensive guard from a good college team that can probably be a decent young RG.
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    [2020] Awards

    Heisman Trophy: Mohammed Foster, QB, West Virginia Mountaineers 1) Mohammed Foster (61 Votes: 4-4-1) 2) Tanner Bowman (52 Votes: 2-2-3) 3) Nico Kaufman (43 Votes: 2-0-2) 4) Luke Trickett (39 Votes: 1-3-1) 5) DeNorris Jackson (33 Votes: 1-0-0) 6) Marcus Black (31 Votes) (0-1-2) 7) Luke Cobb (21 Votes) (0-0-1) Other overall Archie Griffin Award: MVP (Open Voting) Tanner Bowman, QB, Penn State Nittany Lions AP Player of the Year: MVP (Computer) Mohammed Foster, QB, West Virginia Mountaineers Chic Harley Award: Player of the Year (Selected by Coaches who have won a National Championship) Tanner Bowman, QB, Penn State Nittany Lions Maxwell Award: top player (Computer) Tanner Bowman, QB, Penn State Nittany Lions SN Player of the Year: top player (Open Voting) Mohammed Foster, QB, West Virginia Mountaineers Walter Camp Award: player that defined the season (Open Voting) Mohammed Foster, QB, West Virginia Mountaineers Special overall Burlsworth Trophy: top player with a current skill of 3.0 or less (Open Voting) Solomon McLaughlin, RB, Texas Tech Red Raiders Paul Hornung Award: most versatile player (Open Voting) Nate Wooten, RB, Rice Owls Offense Quarterback Davey O'Brien Award: top quarterback (Closed Voting) Tanner Bowman, QB, Penn State Nittany Lions Johnny Unitas Award: top senior/4th year quarterback (Closed Voting) Tanner Bowman, QB, Penn State Nittany Lions Kellen Moore Award: top quarterback (Selected by Coaches who have won a National Championship) Tanner Bowman, QB, Penn State Nittany Lions Manning Award: top quarterback (Closed Voting) Tanner Bowman, QB, Penn State Nittany Lions Sammy Baugh Trophy: highest qb rating (at least 200 pass attempts) (Computer) Nico Kaufman, QB, Air Force Falcons Running back Doak Walker Award: top running back (Closed Voting) DeNorris Jackson, RB, UCF Knights Jim Brown Trophy: top running back (Selected by Coaches who have won a National Championship) DeNorris Jackson, RB, UCF Knights Wide receiver Fred Biletnikoff Award: top wide receiver (Closed Voting) J.C. Weldon, WR, West Virginia Mountaineers Paul Warfield Trophy: top wide receiver (Selected by Coaches who have won a National Championship) J.C. Weldon, WR, West Virginia Mountaineers Tight end John Mackey Award: top tight end (Closed Voting) Casey Swann, TE, Miami Redhawks Ozzie Newsome Award: top tight end (Selected by Coaches who have won a National Championship) Mason Parks, TE, Nevada Wolfpack Linemen Dave Rimington Trophy: top center (Computer) Dean Strauss, C, Auburn Tigers Jim Parker Trophy: top offensive lineman (Selected by Coaches who have won a National Championship) Beckett Miller, OT/OG, Oklahoma State Defense Bronko Nagurski Trophy: top defensive player (Closed Voting) Shane Easley, OLB, Penn State Nittany Lions Chuck Bednarik Award: top defensive player (Selected by Coaches who have won a National Championship) Shane Easley, OLB, Penn State Nittany Lions Lott Trophy: top defensive player on a team that didn't make a bowl (Closed Voting) Brandon Thomas, OLB, Bowling Green Falcons Defensive line Bill Willis Trophy: top defensive lineman (Selected by Coaches who have won a National Championship) Sebastian Smallwood, DE, Alabama Crimson Tide Dick Butkus Award: top linebacker (Closed Voting) Shane Easley, OLB, Penn State Nittany Lions Jack Lambert Trophy: top linebacker (Selected by Coaches who have won a National Championship) Shane Easley, OLB, Penn State Nittany Lions Rotary Lombardi Award: top defensive lineman/linebacker (Closed Voting) Sebastian Smallwood, DE, Alabama Crimson Tide Ted Hendricks Award: top defensive end (Closed Voting) Timothy Key, DE, Florida Gators Defensive back Jim Thorpe Award: top defensive back (Closed Voting) Seth Scott, FS, Colorado Buffaloes Jack Tatum Trophy: top defensive back (Selected by Coaches who have won a National Championship) Seth Scott, FS, Colorado Buffaloes Special teams Lou Groza Award: top placekicker (Closed Voting) Mason Williams, K, Illinois Fighting Illini Vlade Award: top placekicker (Selected by Coaches who have won a National Championship) Vincent Comer, K, Notre Dame Fighting Irish Ray Guy Award: top punter (Closed Voting) Giuseppe Bernstein, P, USC Trojans Jet Award: top return specialist (Closed Voting) Glenn McCurdy, PR, UAB Blazers Other positional awards Outland Trophy: top interior lineman on either offense or defense (Closed Voting) Sebastian Smallwood, DE, Alabama Crimson Tide Coaches AFCA Coach of the Year: top coach (Open Voting) UBL, UCF Knights AP Coach of the Year: top coach (Computer) Jieret, Western Michigan Broncos North Reese's Senior Bowl Coach Jieret, Western Michigan Broncos South Reese's Senior Bowl Coach UBL, UCF Knights 2020 All-Americans QB: Tanner Bowman, Penn State Nittany Lions RB: DeNorris Jackson, UCF Knights FB: Kyle Wager, Minnesota Golden Gophers WR: Luke Cobb, Florida State Seminoles WR: J.C. Weldon, West Virginia Mountaineers TE: Noah Hills, Kansas Jayhawks OT: Beckett Miller, Oklahoma State Cowboys OT: Kevin Grey, USC Trojans OG: LaMichael Harley, Michigan Wolverines OG: Leon Slack, Wisconsin Badgers C: Dean Strauss, Auburn Tigers DE: Carlos Washington, Michigan Wolverines DE: Josiah Harden, North Carolina DT: Hudson Adam, West Virginia Mountaineers ILB: Garrett Holliday, Arizona State Sun Devils ILB: Bradley Rainey, Penn State Nittany Lions OLB: Shane Easley, Penn State Nittany Lions OLB: Caleb McNamara, Vanderbilt Commodores DB: Seth Scott, Colorado Buffaloes DB: Blaine Lewis-Thompson, California Golden Bears DB: Kenyon Justice, Auburn Tigers DB: A'Shawn Ellison, Central Michigan Chippewas K: Mason Williams, Illinois Fighting Illini P: Giuseppe Bernstein, USC Trojans KR/PR: Glenn McCurdy, UAB Blazers
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    [2020] CFBHC National Championship Game

    Congratulations to grv and the Nittany Lions! You guys were easily the best team in CFBHC this year and this championship is well earned. I'm sure you've made Soluna proud as you've established Penn State as the CFBHC dynasty. Needless to say, a national championship run was not remotely on my radar at the beginning of this season. An undefeated regular season was not on my radar. A 17 game unbeaten streak was not on my radar. The last three seasons for UCF have been average at best, going 8-4, 7-5, and 7-5 with bowl wins from 2017-2019. My main goal with this season was to make the AAC championship and a decent bowl so that this senior class would really have something to show for their talent and hard work, especially those continuing their careers in the league. I never imagined that in my entire career with this site that I would participate in a national championship, and while of course I wish the result had been different, I'm proud of what UCF has become over the last five seasons, and hope to continue that tradition of success that has been established here. Congrats again grv, be proud. (P.S. We're still forever going to claim the 2020 First Half National Championship Title, so we've got that going for us)
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    CFBHC v1.4f

    CFBHC v1.4f October 22nd, 2017 Pre-Release v1.3.3.3 Notes: Thanks to all those who helped testing and recommended stuff as usual. CFBHC * (NEW) Added medical issue recruits. High school recruits may be generated with severe injuries suffered their senior year of high school. * (NEW) Added medical redshirting/ medical hardship waivers. Medical redshirts will be declared via a thread in the NCAA forum. The injury must be season-ending as defined by the medical injury google doc. The injury must occur prior to the 5th game of the season for the school which the student attends. Medical redshirts still count towards the players five year limits and cannot be taken by players who have already redshirted through the regular means. * (NEW) Transfer rules have been updated. Players must sit out one year when transferring to another FBS school. Transfers may now also happen to Junior Colleges or FCS schools in which case the player will be eligible immediately. If they transfer to a JuCo they may return to recruiting a second time. Students who are ineligible on your roster due to transfers must be placed in a new "Transfer Ineligible" category at the tail end of your depth chart. Years sat out transferring count against the 5 year limit.
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    Welcome to Preseason Week 1 of Franz's Facts! Your home for tidbits, nuggets, leaders, factoids, and all of the above. WEEKLY STAT LEADERS Passing yards Aaron Devereaux, NO - 404 Tanner Bowman, WAS - 327 Jarius Jones, SEA - 327 Rushing yards Fred Tindale, ARI - 135 Ricardo Reed, WAS - 109 Receiving yards Sean Jenkins, NO - 194 Derrick Schwartz, LAR - 135 Tackles Randy Humphreys, TEN - 10 Bennie Richardson, CLE - 9 Eric Jones, MIN - 8 Sacks Brian Glenn, SEA - 2.5 Carlos Washington, PIT - 2.0 Adam Williams, OAK - 1.5 Penalty yards Minnesota Vikings - 109 Seattle Seahawks - 106 New York Giants - 94 WEEKLY FACTOIDS Only four teams did not suffer an injury Two teams suffered at least three injuries Only one player had 10+ receptions Sean Jenkins How did the two first round QBs fare? Mohammed Foster 16/29, 209 yards, TD; 42 rushing yards Tanner Bowman 26/37, 327 yards, 3 TD, INT Fourteen kickers weren't perfect this week Only one game featured teams who both scored 28+ points 33 31 Three players suffered season-ending injuries Steve Alexander Danny Patrick Dillon Abbrederis The NFLHC All-Time Temperature Record was set this week vs. Las Vegas, NV - 106 F It only rained during one game this week vs. Santa Clara, CA - 82 F Five QBs threw 2+ TD and 0 INT Alex Bridgewater 3 TD, 0INT Elijah Moffett 3 TD, 0 INT Thomas Wheeler 2 TD, 0 INT Taylor Rodriguez 2 TD, 0 INT Alex Leshoure 2 TD, 0 INT Only one team had an OL rating below 7.0 6.9 Four games featured teams who both failed to score 21 points vs. vs. vs. vs. Only five players appeared in the rushing and receiving statlines Bradley Cooley 17 carries, 57 yards, TD; 4 catches, 51 yards, TD Adrian Robinson 22 carries, 94 yards, 2 TD; 2 catches, 65 yards Daniel Curtis 19 carries, 50 yards, 2 TD; 2 catches, 34 yards Terrell Holland 12 carries, 55 yards; 2 catches, 24 yards Kevin McMullen 2 carries, 18 yards; 2 catches, 31 yards For the first time, a preseason game was cancelled vs.
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    Pro Football Focus Top Ten CFBHC Teams - Preseason Outlook Michigan Wolverines Auburn Tigers TCU Horned Frogs Arizona Wildcats Purdue Boilermakers Toledo Rockets Alabama Crimson Tide USC Trojans Nevada Wolfpack Texas Longhorns
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    DENVER -- The Broncos organization today announces a major media initiative in connection with COREWMAK MEDIA to produce regular, sophisticated media, articles, player/coach/staff interviews, and Denver-based news and notes for the upcoming NFLHC season. MILE HIGH TELEVISION, the first of its kind in the NFLHC ranks, draws on the experience, activity, and savvy of Owner Bingo415, General Manager Franz Kafka, Head Coach Jieret, and Director of Scouting Darkage. "Franz raised the idea of being a leader in media production in the League, and the folks over at COREWMAK were receptive to the idea. Franz's initial proposal included a fully up-to-date Wiki team page, complete with player pages for the 53-man roster. Our goal is to have consistent, sharp, and interesting media produced that features our players and staff in their football lives, and at home. We're also lucky to partner with many of the our college affiliate programs and local Denver businesses to showcase the happenings on campus and around town," Owner Bingo415 said in a prepared statement. Both the PAC-12 and MAC media centers are rumored to be considering affiliation with MILE HIGH TELEVISION to provide conference-alligned content for the network. Current productions including the NFLHC Weekly Power Rankings will also be absorbed by the new network. If you are a budding media creator and would like to have your content featured on MILE HIGH TELEVISION, please contact us. We're happy to feature the work of talented and unique voices.
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    Cincinnati, Ohio After a lot of turnover in the offseason, including the loss of owner trey_chaffin and head coach ajyoungmark, the Cincinnati Bengals are pleased to announce the addition of two new hires to the organization. The first is Swipet, who spent the past season coaching the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes. His move to the NFL will be one to help him adapt to the environment and continue to learn more about the game. He brings a lot of excitement and energy to the franchise and will take on the role of Head Scout. The second addition is for the role of Head Coach. In a hire that will excite many across the city, including first round pick Sila Lotomau, coach gigemags11 from Hawaii will be moving up to the pros to coach the Bengals. He brings a year of experience and success with a young team and has the background to jump right away into coaching at a higher level. He's another member who brings a lot of young energy to a franchise that had become stale and started to crumble. Cincinnati is currently still searching for someone to potentially fill the GM role, but as of right now, the front office is a lot less bare than it was a week ago.
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    "The Las Vegas Raiders select, A'shawn Ellison of Central Michigan University” By the time the speaker got to “A'Sh-” the Ellison household erupted. Hugs and jubilation filled the room in the Worthington, Minnesota home. A dream long pursued had come to fruition. “I am thankful for God, my family, friends, teammates, coaches, all those who helped me get to this day. I am beyond thankful.” said A'shawn in a brief pause in the celebration. His mom and dad looking on with great pride.But beyond the texts and calls from thrilled teammates and friends, congratulatory tweets from the Chippewa faithful, and some additional praise came from a pair of coaches, connected by CMU's first draft pick. But the pure joy of today very nearly never happened. “My freshman and sophomore year of high school, I have to be honest, I didn't take it seriously. I wasn't working as hard as I should in the class room and on the field. I thought I was the best athletically among my class and everything would work itself out.” We sat down with A'Shawn the week before the NFL Draft. Retracing his steps with him. How he got from Worthington High School with a stadium size of a few hundred at best, to thousands of cheering Las Vegas fans. He delved into what was a rocky start to this journey. “By the time I got to my Junior year, there was simply too much ground to make up in time for a normal route. I regained eligibility to play, but the offers just weren't there. I love football. I can't even think of my life without it. I wasn't sure what I was going to do.” We asked where he got his poise he became so known for, despite a rocky start. His answer surprised us. President Theodore Roosevelt. “It was in an English class in the first couple of weeks of my Senior year. We were given a random quote by a famous person and our assignment was the analyze it. I drew “The Man in the Arena” excerpt by Teddy Roosevelt. Something about it felt like it was speaking to me directly. I had a heart to heart with myself. I wasn't trying at the time. I had to strive for better things and the dream of playing football at the highest level would not just come to me. It had to earned. I knew it might not happen, but what was worse was not trying at all. It was an awakening.” With a renewed confidence, A'Shawn enrolled at Minnesota West Community and Technical College. A'Shawn excelled at MWCTC, walking away with a 3.4 GPA and the eyes and ears of the college football world finally on him, as he emerged as one of the top JUCO prospects. A'Shawn garnered interest from all over, with a particularly heavy push from Wisconsin. But A'Shawn drew the interest of a particular rookie head coach taking the reigns at a then little regarded MAC School. “I was welcomed to a new experience,” said ImposterCauster, now the head coach at NC State, “and while I knew that the team wasn't expected to do much, I was so ready to get into the groove of things up in Mount Pleasant. Obviously, my big challenge was to win with a roster that, while it was full of fine young men, had only five wins total in program history. The defense was unorganized and the offense was rather stagnant. I was given the reigns after a 16-7 loss to New Mexico, and let me tell you, that was an ugly game.” Looking for immediate help, ImposterCauster turned to the JUCO market, and uncovered tape on a athletic ball hungry corner back from somewhere in Minnesota “With Chippewa legend Horace Green set to graduate, I knew that this team needed someone to come in and be that lockdown corner that Horace became that season, and A'Shawn appeared to be just that. I invested in A'Shawn heavily that recruiting cycle, even taking a trip up to Worthington to visit with him. He's a really nice gentleman, as you'd know. Wisconsin tried to scare me off but I told A'Shawn that he'd make a name for himself as a Chippewa, and sure enough he did. “ “I'll never forget Coach ImposterCauster's words to me on that visit” A'Shawn shared with us a few days before the draft. “CMU wasn't the place were all the lights and cameras wouldn't be on you all the time, but should you put in the work, that can all shine through for the world to see. I felt a calling to Mount Pleasant. I don't know, I can't even explain it but there was a... pull, I knew it was where I needed to be.” Whatever that calling was, it was not a straight road. Following CMU's first bowl berth in school history and the recruitment of A'Shawn and a remarkable class for the Chippewas, a vacancy appeared at ImposterCauster's Alma Mater NC State with many clamoring for the upstart coach from the MAC. It was simply an opportunity that couldn't be missed. But' Impostercauster kept in touch with many at CMU, including Walt Sutherland, who is currently NC State's QB coach. It was nothing but pride with ImposterCauster's last remarks “While I hoped that he would get national recognition after I left, even I didn't foresee him claiming a spot on the All-American team. I'm so dearly proud of A'Shawn and I hope he makes an impact with Las Vegas.” Thus entered paperllamasunited. In a surprising MAC-to-MAC move, the former Kent State and now Iowa coach opted to take the reigns for the Chippewas for the 2019 season. paperllamasunited reflected on his move: “Now, I became the Kent State coach 3 games into the season in 2018, and then-Chippewas coach ImposterCauster had arrived on his respective campus as the head man just a few weeks prior. And though we were conference foes, there was a strong bond form early on - a lot of media was being pumped out of both Mt. Pleasant and Kent, and we both bounced things off of each other here and there, primarily through late night conversation. And, as it became ever more clear that Kent wasn't a permanent home for me, I began to look to spread my wings a bit. I applied as a dark horse for the Michigan job, but they chose (the much more qualified and deserving) jmjacobs as their heir to the thrown. Then my good friend ImposterCauster, rather abruptly, but not so much surprisingly, left Central Michigan, for his alma mater, North Carolina State. I was a bit overcome with grief, as we'd bonded over the great personalities that his Chippewas team expressed so well, especially over the unforgettable smile of spring 2019 graduate, cornerback Horace Green. And then, as the newly elected MAC commissioner for the 2019 season, I realized there was a perfect candidate to replace the first coach to get the Chips to a bowl game... myself. “ “I guess the best way to put it is this: ImposterCauster got me to CMU, but Paperllamasunited started the engine that got me into the NFL.” A'Shawn reflected. I read defenses the way I had never read them before. I don't think I would have had the success I have and I feel confident heading into the NFL thanks to the time I worked with paperllamasunited.” The working relationship was perfect: “The kid has got heart... all of these smaller schools try to talk up all their kids, saying they've got heart, and grit, and will be real champions of life, because most of them don't have a chance at the pros. But for A'shawn, we say he has heart in a different way. He was the heart of the defense, even playing way out there at corner on his own island. He inspired our young defensive ends Rory Bolin and Nazir Tatum-Kimborough, you could hear him yelling things of confidence at them from the other sideline. And while he has always shown true flashes of brilliance, he's stayed humble, and hungry.” paperllamasunited then reflected on a story that might best capture A'Shawn in a nutshell: “We were trying a particular style of route, and we had Walt Sutherland throwing passes... Walt never threw picks in practice. We had our top recruit, QB Byron Suggs, visiting us that weekend, and he had elected to watch practice from the bleachers. Well, on this particular day, Walt tossed 3 picks, in 5 passes, to end practice... all picked off by A'shawn. I wanted to be so mad at him after the 3rd one, the final play of practice and he returned it to the house. He could see me fuming, trying to pick my words wisely... all he could do is take his helmet off and laugh his ass off, and I'll always remember his dreadlocks falling out of his helmet just so, that all you could see were his glistening teeth as he laughed.” “Is there a word that describes awe and terror at the same time?” Byron Suggs laughed while confirming paperllamasunited's story. I wasn't sure what to think visiting CMU, but seeing A'Shawn play in that practice really opened my eyes to the way things are done here. I had never faced a Corner like that in all of high school. The message was clear: You will have put in work to make it here. Even on the practice field. I think that day moved CMU to the top of my list.” We asked Byron if A'Shawn was able to intercept any of his passes in practice. He could only nod with a wide eyed look. After another bowl berth, the draw of a power five alma mater brought paperllamasunited to Iowa. Then a strange word starting getting thrown around. Rebuild. So many major pieces had left that had defined the Chips for the last two seasons. There was a lot of youth on the the 2020 squad. Making matters worse a coach was hired and then quickly resigned before ever coaching a game. Just days before the season started, Johnkirk a rookie head coach was hired. “We had to make decisions that should have been made in the summer during weeks two and three.” Johnkirk said. “There was a lot of work to do and not a lot of time to do it. It was, truthfully, a scary situation and the kind of thing that can wreck a team for years to come. “ But for many on the Chippewas, spearheaded by A'Shawn, it wasn't time to pity themselves, it was time to work. Such work did not go unnoticed. “A'Shawn Ellison has been nothing short of impressive in both skill and character. A true JUCO success story. The defense looks to him as a leader and a commander. It is almost like having another coach on the field. I can very easily see him continuing his career to playing on Sundays, if not a coaching career.” A'Shawn played back the radio interview Johnkirk had with Kansas State media for us on his phone. “Hearing a comment like that one can get cocky” A'Shawn said. But I kept that quip on my mind all this year. A lot of things can be said in practice, but for the first time, in front of national media, the dream was close. It could become real. I had to keep going.” There was more work to be done. Word of which got around, even to paperllamasunited: “When Ryan White was up at Mt. Pleasant for summer workouts, he texted me "A'Shawn has changed. I don't know how to explain it, but you're going to be happy when you watch the tape." I had no idea what that meant, because he was already one of the most hardworking, upstanding kids... And then this season started, and you could just tell, the way he'd make plays on balls, or lock down a receiver on a certain play, this kid had next level talent. I just didn't know it was All-American talent, but as the season went on, he just continued to impress, and that's coming from a guy now coaching against the best of the best in the Big Ten. “ A'Shawn Ellison's 2020 campaign set the MAC on fire and was the focal point of an otherwise disappointing season for the Chips. He led the MAC with six interceptions and garnered national attention with a pick six against Kansas State in week 3 and added twenty tackles to his tally. He capped off a successful campaign with unanimous All-MAC selection and Central Michigan's first ever national All-American honor. Even with the happiness that comes with heaving the NFL dream being reached, there is also a new sense of scale. You've made it. Now you have to prove your worth. A'Shawn seems poised for this task, already earning solid performance reviews during the Rookie Mini-Camps. “I'm eager and anxious to see where Las Vegas takes me in the next part of journey. With the love and support of everyone, I think I'm ready.” As A'Shawn steps from CMU legend into the lights of the NFL. His legacy at CMU will be felt for many years. “CMU has always been a place were we strive to always punch above our weight” Johnkirk said. “Regardless of where we are at, we want teams to respect our tenacity and drive. Talent is one thing. Character like A'Shawn and many others have defined at CMU will move us forward into success. I'm sure of it. That is what I will always remember most about A'Shawn and I'm incredibly proud of him.” Analysts and pundits cannot tell us the future for A'Shawn and his story in the NFL. But A'Shawn can walk away with knowledge that for his time at CMU, he can count himself among those “who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement .” Special thanks to @ImposterCauster and @paperllamasunited for their help!
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    2021 NFLHC Combine SPARQ Ratings

    SPARQ Ratings is a test created by Nike that measures athleticism. Using the data from the 2021 NFLHC combine and these adjustments, I created an estimated SPARQ rating for the participants. I explain a little more in the thread I did for the 2019 combine here. FULL SPARQ RATINGS HERE: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1H3_XY9wS3HhZRdaewUwd3Eehrgp3A_2tUZIm_c8G6ps/edit?usp=sharing Top 5 SPARQ 1. CB Devin Little: 135.7 2. FS D'Qwell Moore: 133.4 3. RB Marshawn Miller: 131.7 4. CB Shane Brinkley: 131.5 5. PR Glenn McCurdy: 129.7 Average SPARQ is 106. I adjusted this rating by position to see who really stands out for their position. I made the average pos-adjusted SPARQ equal to 100. Top 5 Position-Adjusted SPARQ 1. TE Emory Johnson: 121.4 2. CB Devin Little: 118.2 3. FS D'Qwell Moore: 115.6 4. WR Luke Cobb: 114.5 5. CB Shane Brinkley: 114.5 I noticed that height and weight play a big factor in this. This last measure removes height/weight. This should be a measure of pure athleticism with no regard for height or weight. Top 5 Height/Weight-Removed SPARQ 1. FS D'Qwell Moore: 131.4 2. WR Luke Cobb: 131.1 3. PR Glenn McCurdy: 128.9 4. TE Noah Hills: 127.0 5. CB Devin Little: 126.3
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    Trending East A Look at SEC Championship Trends LAS VEGAS - For the last seven seasons, the SEC divisions have alternated champions. With LSU securing the SEC title last season, that means the Vegas odds makers are taking a hard look at the competitors in the East. South Carolina looks poised to make a run and Missouri may have the best offense in the country. Georgia and Tennessee are perennial contenders and can never be overlooked, despite slight drops in talent this year. The last time an SEC division won the conference title in consecutive years was 2013 and 2014.Yet, this year feels like the year we may see a break in the alternating streak. Playoff teams Auburn and LSU seem to have reloaded and Alabama has an insane amount of talent on their roster. Another trend worth considering is that no team in the East has won more than 1 SEC title and they all won the SEC on their second try. Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee have already secured their titles, leaving South Carolina and Missouri as the primary competitors. If Missouri locks up the East, which it hasn’t done since Aaron Shea’s junior campaign in 2016, it would be their second attempt at winning the SEC title game…potentially fulfilling all 3 SEC Championship trends. Missouri’s offense looks poised to break many of Aaron Shea’s records this season, with 5th year quarterback Tucker Dowden leading the charge. Coach vtgorilla scooped up extra weapons for Tucker’s receiving corps from the JuCo ranks, but it’s clear that the talent on the defensive side of the ball will be the problem this year. South Carolina has been a bit of a doormat in the modern era and has never competed for the SEC East, but clearly has the talent to rock the boat this season. But it would be a huge turnaround for a program that went 3-5 in conference in 2020. This is head coach Hagan’s second year running the program, so look for him to try prove his worth now that he has a better grasp on the mechanics of running a Power 5 team. The Vegas Sporting Trends group has predicted the SEC Championship game as Missouri 31 – Alabama 27. However, it should be noted that they’ve literally never been right before.
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    ACC News

    ACC Quarterback Rankings: Preseason

    ACC QB Rankings: Preseason Greensboro, NC-- Every week the ACC will be releasing positional rankings. For rankings during the season, the positions will be together all in one article, but for the preseason it will be individual by position. The first article in this series is the Quarterbacks. 14. Harrison Pratt - - Harrison Pratt ends up on the end of this list, but undoubtedly is in a better position than some other players near the bottom of the rankings. He has a simple job this year. Hand the ball off to the best player in the ACC Desean Dockery. If he is required to do too much, this Louisville team will struggle. Teams will key in on Dockery, which could give Pratt opportunities to show some flashes, but that feels doubtful for the first year starter. Last Years Stats: No Stats 13. Mike Lucas - - Mike Lucas is one of a handful of QBs in the ACC who have to replace star QBs at their school. Mike Lucas has the unique challenge of having to do it as a true freshman. He will have more help than some, with running back Reginald Saunders and wide receiver Hunter Crenshaw. However, this is a team that will not be able to rely on a QB to bail them out and will experience some growing pains as Lucas brings in a new era for the Cavaliers with new Head Coach Beeznik. Last Years Stats: No Stats 12. Messiah Winston - - There was a lot of change for the Pitt Panthers this offseason. Star QB Grant Mcconnell and WR Adam Coles left school for the NFL at the conclusion of 2020, and Head Coach Jumbo left for USC. The cupboard on offense is pretty empty for the the redshirt freshman Winston, who has the challenge of following some very good QBs at Pitt, but with little help around him. Freshmen tend to struggle in their first year starting, with the exception of some exceptional players, and it is hard to imagine Winston being any different. Last Years Stats: No Stats 11. Sebastian Norwood - - The Tarheels replace oft criticized QB Max Laws with the true freshman Norwood. After not landing 5.0 potential QB Kyler Wilson, UNC was able to snag Norwood in the recruiting period, ensuring that they were able to have some level of talent at QB. Norwood will face a tough challenge this year, with a running back group that is inexperienced, and doesn’t have a ton of talent, and receivers who have little upside as well. It is hard to imagine Norwood having much success in this offense as Coach Carl begins to see the impact of years of poor recruiting. Ultimately, it would not be surprising to see Norwood at the end of this list by the end of the season. Last Years Stats: No Stats 10. Jacob Eubanks - - The Wolfpack struggled at the QB position last year, and it is unclear whether first time starter Jacob Eubanks will be able to change anything. NC State switched between two QBs in 2020, neither one to provide what was needed for this team to compete in the ACC. Coach Imposter chose not to give the ball to Andrew Crockett, who started 1 game last year and struggled in that start, and instead give the ball to Eubanks to start the year to replace Blake Fry. Blake Fry also struggled, so the bar for competency for a QB is low for the Pack. This NC State offense will most likely struggle this year, especially if they cannot run the ball, and Eubanks may not be able to help out very much. Last Years Stats: No Stats 9. Jason Ledford - - Ledford leads a Miami team that is looking for the light at the end of the tunnel for a program that was reduced to shambles before Coach Youngmark took over. Reinforcements are coming for the Hurricanes, but this is another transition season for the Canes. Last season Ledford was the better of the two QBs who started games. However, that was mainly because the other starter, Aiden Benton was bad. With more talent in the run game with JUCO transfer Ronnie Peterson taking the load from the pass game, the hope in Miami is that Ledford won’t have to do too much. However, this is a Miami team that will have to win games despite Ledford, and not because of him. Last Years Stats: (6 games) Passing, 50-90 (55.56%) 3 TD, 6 INT, 624 Yards, 111.46 Passer Rating. 8. Red Mosher - - Red Mosher has the tough task of replacing FSU legend Benjamin Schuler. Adding to the difficulty of that task, is that All World Wide Receiver Luke Cobb has graduated, and the Seminoles don’t have anyone that comes close to replacing him. Though that itself would be impossible. However, while Cobb exits, the team’s leading receiver in the 2020 season, tight end Wyatt Cornett, returns. Red Mosher will have have to make connections with Cornett in order to have success. The rest of the receiving corps for FSU is young, or not talented enough to support a QB who is in his first year starting. Mosher could have a tough year for the Seminoles, as they enter an uncertain time for their program. Last Years Stats: No Stats 7. Beckett Morrison - - Morrison replaces Ralph Westfall, who was solid but unspectacular for the Hokies in 2020. Morrison’s biggest challenge this season will be his lack of weapons, but Coach Brightfalls will hope to use Morrison as a multifaceted weapon himself. The Offensive Line at VT is solid, and the Hokies have a solid Tight End threat in Senior Darnell Pierre. Throwing the ball could be a struggle for this team, but the hope in Blacksburg is that Morrison is able to make plays with his legs. Last Years Stats: No Stats 6. Jamal Armstrong - - Which Jamel is the real Jamel. The 2020 Jamel who turned in a very disappointing season in which the Clemson Tigers won the Orange Bowl despite his play, or the 2019 Armstrong who had a very strong year, but with more talent on the offense than on the 2020 team. Armstrong has less talent on this team than on either of his two previous years, which doesn’t bode well for this year. If he can’t improve on his 2020 production, he will end up lower on this list. Maybe Jamel will take on the challenge and will be able to adjust and have a production senior season. Or maybe it will be another long season for the Clemson Senior. Last Years Stats: Passing, 248-438 (56.62%) 20 TD, 18 INT, 2769 Yards, 116.57 Passer Rating. 5. James Betts - - Betts is another first year starter at the QB position. He won’t have to do much to make Demon Deacon fans forget about 2020 starter Hemena Toma. Betts represents an unknown variable for the Wake Forest team, who has talent on the offensive side of the ball. This offensive support is ultimately what leads Betts to be ranked at this position over similarly talented QBs. Last Years Stats: No Stats. 4. Josh Beckett- - Beckett being at 4 shows how shallow the ACC is for QBs this year. Beckett came into Georgia Tech as a highly regarded prospect, and going into his redshirt Junior year, it feels like his talent has not been realized yet. Beckett has suffered from hands off coaching by Coach Chaffin, but with a new sheriff in town, Beckett is looking to have a comeback year. Beckett has good weapons in WR Anthony Swanson, and TE Jamir Rolle, and looks to use them to move up this list. Last Years Stats: Passing, 249-440 ( 56.59%) 23 TD, 16 INT, 2816 Yards, 120.33 Passer Rating. 3. Christian Coates - - The second year man at Syracuse had the unenviable job of replacing Heisman winner Dylan Bishop. Coates had a solid freshman year and looks to build upon that. The Orange hope to have more stability this season, after a year with inconsistent coaching. Coates will be held back from his full potential though, because of a lack of weapons on his offense. Coates will be leaned on a lot by his team to produce this year. Last Years Stats: Passing, 196-311 (63.02%) 15 TD, 9 INT, 2395 Yards, 137.86 Passer Rating. Rushing, 52 Rushes, 309 Yards, 5 TDs. 2. Miles Carmichael- - A newcomer in the ACC, the JUCO transfer will have the targets and the opportunity to succeed for this Boston College team. Carmichael is a relative unknown, as he has never played on this level before, but given his weapons and the talent that many profess that he has, Carmichael has a chance to shine in the conference. Last Years Stats: JUCO, No Stats. 1. Bryce Thompson - - Of the returning QBs, Thompson definitely outpaces the competition, and he should be the best QB in the ACC, even with several JUCO transfers. Thompson has a deeper WR Corps from the year before, an improved offensive line, and running back Christian Collins should be improved after a solid freshman season. Bryce Thompson looks to lead his program to another level, after bringing the Devils to their first bowl game in 2020. Last Years stats: Passing, 227-370 (61.35%) 21 TD, 9 INT, 2704 Yards, 136.60 Passer Rating. Rushing, 49 Rushes, 150 Yards, 9 TDs.
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    [2021] It's Mo Time

    IT'S MO TIME Bears select Mohammed Foster with #5 Overall Pick The scene moments before the announcement that would change the course of the franchise--for better or for worse CHICAGO - From the Morgantown mountains to the prairies of Illinois, the country roads will take Mohammed Foster to a new home. In a surprise move, the Chicago Bears selected the sensational scrambler from West Virginia with the 5th overall pick in the 2021 NFLHC Draft. After much speculation that the Bears would beef up the offensive line with Oklahoma State's Beckett Miller (drafted 3rd by the Cardinals) or Auburn center Dean Strauss (still available at #5), the move to take a quarterback signals a seismic shift in direction for a franchise that has yet to make the playoffs since its inception. It also casts a dark cloud over the future of fifth-year incumbent starter Norris Brooksheer. "Mo is a pure playmaker, plain and simple," said general manager stormstopper. "A big arm, a pair of quick feet, a good head on his shoulders, a really big arm--we're very, very excited about the future of this franchise with Mohammed Foster." The Connecticut native made a dramatic first impression against Kansas in his debut in 2018: 418 yards through the air, 145 on the ground, 6 total touchdowns, and 45 total points...in a loss. Up-and-down that season as a true freshman with a 55.8% completion percentage and 11 touchdowns to 12 interceptions, his year-over-year improvement was dramatic. As a sophomore, he jumped to 61.8% passing with 26 touchdowns to 7 interceptions. Then, came his junior year. "There were two quarterbacks putting up video game numbers all year," adds the GM. "I think they're both going to be special players in the league. If you watched Mohammed play at all this year, the only reasonable reaction was 'Wow, this kid can play.'" Foster rewrote the record book in his final year at West Virginia, throwing for 4697 yards and 41 touchdowns against 6 interceptions while rushing for nearly 700 yards and 10 touchdowns in 14 games en route to winning the Heisman trophy. He completed more than 72% of his passes and had a passer rating of 181.75. The elephant in the room: those latter two stats broke the Big XII record previously held by now-teammate Norris Brooksheer. The move seems somewhat unlikely to soothe tensions that reportedly developed between Brooksheer--who is in the final year of his rookie contract after the Bears picked up his option--and the Chicago front office. Brooksheer's agent answered the Tribune's request for comment with a "What do you think?" before hanging up. Team sources are adamant that the battle for the starting job will be won over the course of the offseason. But other sources within the league are adamant that Brooksheer has played his last game in a Bears uniform. All agree that it's a question of when, not if, the Mohammed Foster era starts. Perhaps no one is more ready for that day than West Virginia head coach smckenz3, who told the Tribune: "I'm excited to see Foster in Chicago. His hard work paid off, and he's going to fit in nicely with their skill players. He's going to help them make noise in their division!" Noise is a virtual guarantee, given that this is the highest-risk highest-reward move the Bears have made in four seasons and five offseasons. Whether that noise is cheers during a playoff game in January or boos in November, only time will tell. For now, we begin the countdown to Mo Time.
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    1. Los Angeles Chargers - OLB Shane Easley 6-4 236 R Penn State [Blitz] 83 Easley's the pretty obvious pick here, unless the Chargers decide to give up on Matty Swift for whatever reason or manage to trade down in the next 24 hours. LA's pass rush will be pretty good with this pick, as they'll have used their last 3 first round picks on pass rushers. 2. Washington Redskins - QB Mohammed Foster 6-0 194 R West Virginia [Scrambling] 82 The Redskins lack any major stars on the offensive side of the ball, with Sam Hiller-Weeden being the only young and talented player there. With Easley gone, it seems obvious the Redskins go for a QB, the question is if it's MoFo or Bowman. We're going with MoFo here because we believe he has the higher ceiling and the Redskins need the firepower to turn their team around. 3. Buffalo Bills - QB Tanner Bowman 6-2 203 R Penn State [Pocket] 82 We struggled a bit with this pick as the Bills' needs don't really align with the positional value and talent available here. I think when the actual draft comes around they'll try to trade down, but since we can't do that here we do the next best thing and take Bowman. They can sit him for a year and just use Kamau Davis as a 1-year rental, which will hopefully solve their QB woes. 4. New England Patriots - WR Luke Cobb 6-5 198 R Florida State [Speed] 81 The Patriots again put us in a tough spot here, ideally they want a QB but with MoFo and Bowman off the board, the Patriots are forced to do something else here. With multiple 80+ DT's on the roster, we don't think the Pats go Sila here, instead we think they try and improve their ageing WR corps and maybe controversially go Luke Cobb. 5. Chicago Bears - OT/OG Beckett Miller 6-1 300 R Oklahoma State [Pass Blocking] 82 Former first round pick Fred Huber has been a complete disappointment at OT, and the Bears offensive line has been weak in general, allowing the 7th most sacks with the 6th lowest overall o-line rating. With Brooksheer starting to run out of time to prove himself, we think that Chicago's best bet is for the team to attempt to upgrade in the trenches here and give him more time to throw. And you know that stormstopper will love picking a Big 12 player. 6. Minnesota Vikings - DT Sila Lotomau 6-5 296 R Hawaii [2-Gap] 82 The Minnesota defensive line lacks any elite player, as Jared Lee, an 83 overall DT pending retirement is currently the highest rated player on their defensive line. Sila Lotomau looks like he's going to be a beast in the NFL, and seems like a great fit for the Vikings to be able to bring pressure to LeCount, JJ4MVP, and Brooksheer. 7. Arizona Cardinals - DE Josiah Harden 6-3 249 R North Carolina [Blitz] 82 The Cardinals have a bit of a weakness at DE right now, with Keith Hooks being more of a DT anyway. Omar McManus is an OK starter but the team could use an upgrade. Harden is the best DE available and should help improve a Cardinals pass rush that was one of NFLHC's worst in 2020. Arizona will likely go BPA anyway, but Harden likely fits both that and a need so it's a nice marriage here. 8. Tennessee Titans - C Dean Strauss 6-3 284 R Auburn [Pass Blocking] 82 The Titans seem to have a large hole on the offensive line at Center, currently playing a 77 overall Rob Johnston. With the arrival of new franchise QB Thomas Wheeler, it makes sense for the Titans to take the best Center available and shore up their OL. 9. New Orleans Saints - DE Javier Grady 6-1 238 R North Texas [Blitz] 81 The Saints could use a nice WR2 to pair up with Sean Jenkins, but they'd be fools not to make defense a priority. We deliberated between a few players here but we ended up going with Javier Grady. He has proven production (albeit in a questionable conference) but is a relatively safe pick which is something they could use on the defensive side of the ball. The secondary will remain a concern with this pick but a good pass rush should help that out. 10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - ILB Garrett Holliday 6-3 234 R Arizona State [Mike] 81 1 season after passing on Akeel at ILB and drafting Blakely, the Bucs decide to go ILB here with Holliday. He had a very solid pro day and seems to be the clear top ILB in this draft. With only 2 ILB's on the roster, and the best a 6 year 80 overall vet, it makes sense for the Bucs to go this route. 11. Cincinnati Bengals - WR J.C. Weldon 6-2 183 R West Virginia [Target] 82 JC Weldon slips out of the top 10 and the Bengals are happy to scoop him up at this spot. Joel King lost two of his top receivers, so taking Rodney Montgomery and replacing him with Weldon will make King a very happy quarterback. GM DangerZoneh will be very happy to go from being destroyed by Weldon in the Big 12 Championship to having him on his team. Danger needs to tell the shoutbox how good King's second half was again, he can only do that by taking a WR here. 12. New York Giants - FS D'Qwell Moore 6-3 203 R Florida State [Zone Coverage] 81 The Giants problem as a team is definitely on offense, but there are also issues elsewhere on the team as their safeties are pretty terrible. There's enough depth in this class that the Giants should feel comfortable grabbing someone in the 2nd if they want to fix their WR issues, and fixing the safety position could help a defense that mightily declined in 2020 recover to 2019 form. Moore had a very good pro day and combine and would be a great boost to the Giants secondary. 13. Buffalo Bills - CB Kevin McQueen 5-11 176 R UCF [Man Coverage] 80 Wow, when you look at the Bills depth chart, and their CB's... not good. The Bills somehow here have the pick of any CB in the draft, which we know won't happen irl, as like half the good CB's will be gone by this pick. Despite this, we go McQueen here, he had a solid pro day, and plays man coverage and would instantly become their CB1. 14. Kansas City Chiefs - CB Andrew Boyd 5-10 175 R Boston College [Man Coverage] 81 What the Chiefs could really use here is a QB to replace Thomas Wheeler, but obviously no one left is worth the pick. The Chiefs settle for a year-too-late replacement for George Brady in Andrew Boyd. Walker and Boyd paired up could be one of the league's better pair of playmakers at the corner position and set up the Kansas City defense to improve steadily going into the future. 15. Cleveland Browns - OLB Caleb McNamara 6-2 217 R Vanderbilt [Coverage] 81 With the looming potential retirement of both current starting OLB's, it makes sense for the Browns to go young here and get the second best OLB in the class after Easley. The Browns with a solid young defensive core of Thomas, McNamara and Marshall seems like it makes a lot of sense, and could help them compete or win the AFC North. 16. Miami Dolphins - WR Tyron Chambers 6-4 220 R Arkansas [Target] 82 Miami could really use another target for Brian Brown, and they'd be very happy if Chambers fell into their laps at #16 without even needing to trade up. Chambers could immediately play even WR1 for the Dolphins and could potentially help re-elevate this offense to the best in the league level they haven't hit in a couple of seasons. 17. Arizona Cardinals - RB DeNorris Jackson 6-0 235 R UCF [Power] 80 The Marshawn experiment will soon be over with the pick here of DNJ. There are many ways this pick can go, but I think to truly bring the Cardinals to the next level, they will need a solid RB, and DNJ, who led UCF to a title game appearance can help new QB T-Rod bring balance to the offense. 18. Pittsburgh Steelers - DE Carlos Washington 6-0 261 R Michigan [Blitz] 80 The Steelers offense is looking pretty damn solid on paper, so we projected that they're most likely to want to upgrade at DE or CB, two positions where there is a solid level of talent in this class. We ended up with Washington as there is a relatively sharp drop off in DE talent after him and Deyonta Davis. Washington blew up the combine and had a very impressive pro day so he would be a nice pick to inject some lifeblood into a Steelers DE room that might as well be geriatric in NFLHC terms 19. Atlanta Falcons - OG LaMichael Harley 6-2 297 R Michigan [Pass Blocking] 80 The Falcons after losing Hadley currently have a 75 overal player as their top OG. I think it's obvious here, one to help with run blocking for Akili, and to protect AJJ, the Falcons take the best OG here in Harley. An All-american, Harley will be an immediate starter for the Falcons, and makes too much sense here. 20. Philadelphia Eagles - CB Sean Taylor 5-9 193 R Western Michigan [Man Coverage] 81 The Eagles don't have too many glaring holes on this roster, but one noticeable issue here is that their CBs are all pretty old. Taylor is pretty solid all around and can come in immediately and at worst play slot corner for them. Taylor seems like a good draft-and-develop candidate who doesn't necessarily have to make a huge impact off the bat but should start solidly from his second year on. 21. Denver Broncos - DE Deyonte Davis 6-4 265 R Tennessee State [Blitz] 80 Denver does not shy away from taking players from small schools, and we see no difference here, as they take the last DE with first round potential here in Davis. He would become an immediate starter to play alongside Johnson. Denver doesn't have many holes on their team, and they could go CB here after Mitchell seems to be a bust, but I think DE makes more sense here for the Broncos. 22. Indianapolis Colts - RB Marshawn Miller 6-1 225 R Connecticut [Speed] 81 The Colts direction, assuming DeNorris Jackson or Marshawn Miller are still available at this juncture, seems relatively obvious. They took Elijah Harden at 65 last year but seem to have mostly given up on him as he's already been put on the block and the team's been poking around for RB help. Miller is still here, had a good combine and pro day, and seems like a slam dunk pick for an Indy team that desperately needs balance on offense. 23. San Francisco 49ers - OLB Brandon Thomas 6-3 229 R Bowling Green [Blitz] 81 SF could go a few different routes here, but Brandon Thomas makes sense here, as he'd be an immediate starter alongside Chris Reed. Marshawn going the pick before might upset the 49ers, who haven't been happy with McCray, but with him off the board, it might come down to OG or OLB. With OL typically falling in the draft, the 49ers decide to complete their LB Corps with Reed, Thomas, and Smart. 24. Detroit Lions - CB Kordell McKinnon 6-0 195 R Michigan State [Zone Coverage] 81 Kordell McKinnon is a cornerback. He is designated as zone coverage. He attended Michigan State. SlinkyJr is the Lions head coach. 25. Baltimore Ravens - WR Hakeem Black 6-2 208 R California [Target] 81 Outside of David Wells, who is currently unhappy with his counterparts, the Ravens lack a WR2 to help either Watkins or Fisher in the passing game. It makes sense here for the Ravens to take the best WR available in Black, as Smiley and Byrne are not the answer. A better passing game can only help solid looking rookie RB Moussa Goode, this pick makes a lot of sense to us. 26. Arizona Cardinals - OT Kevin Grey 6-5 260 R USC [Pass Blocking] 81 The Cardinals could go in a few directions with their third first rounder. Ultimately, we thought their most dire need still remaining was at offensive tackle where there are only two currently on roster. randy opts here for the second best OT on the board in Grey who put up an impressive 35 reps at the combine and had a solid showing at his pro day. He can slot in at LT while fellow USC alumnus Jack Allen slides over to the right. 27. Dallas Cowboys - WR Geno Harris 6-5 225 R Ole Miss [Target] 80 The Cowboys are interesting team to mock here, they can draft a future starter at DT like they've done with Burnett at QB, they could draft a CB2 finally, but does Bleeker really seem like a 1st round CB? I think the Cowboys go WR here to provide their new QB a new weapon. After seemingly ruining Franklin's development and him being already unhappy, Harris here makes sense with the pick. 28. Los Angeles Rams - OT Damian Mason 6-3 296 R Tennessee [Pass Blocking] 81 The Rams are a very hard team to pick for, and all needs that are significant in anyway don't offer any value at this juncture at all. They have two ok options at RT but both have been stagnating to an extent and have contracts expiring soon. Mason offers a high potential scouting grade and LA could sit him or even justify starting him immediately. Darrell Murphy will always welcome a boost to his o-line. 29. New York Jets - WR Adam Coles 6-0 198 R Pittsburgh [Speed] 81 The Jets really need another WR, and guess what, the best WR happened to play for Jumbo. Seems like a logical fit for him. Even after Wegert had some low-key great seasons, he needs another weapon on the offensive side of the ball. If not WR, maybe they look at ILB to replace FA Zion Adakwa. 30. Houston Texans - DT Hudson Adam 6-0 310 R West Virginia [2-Gap] 81 The Texans just traded away Kendall Hill and new GM Rome is committed to rebuilding the defense. Well guess who just fell into Houston's lap? Hudson Adam slides all the way to #30 and if this happens I think Rome runs directly to the podium without considering trades or any other players, really. 31. Las Vegas Raiders - OT Joel Snow 6-4 265 R Michigan State [Run Blocking] 81 The Raiders fresh off a super bowl appearance look to shore up their OL here with you know nothing Joel Snow. With McKelvey considering retirement and Lee not the long term solution at OT, it makes sense to go OT. We also considered going OLB here, but after +1 and +2 progressions from their current OLB's we felt this was the bigger need. 32. Green Bay Packers - ILB Jamal Harley 6-3 222 R Illinois [Mike] 81 The Packers don't have many holes, but one position where they could really use some new blood is ILB. 2019 first round pick at ILB Peyton Roaches has been largely disappointing, but he wasn't inspiral's pick so he could perhaps be convinced to use a pick on an ILB again. Harley was very solid in college and his combine and pro day shows that he has the ability to become a complete 3-down inside linebacker. Hard to pass up at this point. Send all complaints to Jumbo but if you really want to know: Jumbo did mostly even picks, I did mostly odd picks.
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    The combine comes out tonight, so I figured why not make a mock draft that'll become outdated almost immediately. Sorry if I misread your team needs/mocked you a player that you hate. Please remember to direct all salt to the Cowboys' headquarters, we're running low on ingredients for Vaughan Abraham's anti-aging potion. So with no further ado, here's serwendel's mediocre pre-combine mock draft. 1. Los Angeles Chargers - OLB Shane Easley 6-4 236 R Penn State [Blitz] 83 Even though the Chargers drafted edge rushers in the past two drafts, they aren't talented enough to pass on the best player in the draft. Adding Easley to a linebacker corps that includes Tunch Richardson would instantly solidify the Chargers run defense, and hopefully takes some pressure off of their last two first round picks. 2. Washington [Redacted] - QB Tanner Bowman 6-2 203 R Penn State [Pocket] 82 With Mohammed Foster's early declaration, Washington is guaranteed one of the two good quarterbacks in this year's draft to replace Javier Fields. I think that the [Redacted]s would prefer a pocket passer in Bowman over Foster to build up a passing game with Sam Hiller-Weeden and further differentiate themselves from a run-first division. 3. Buffalo Bills - QB Mohammed Foster 6-0 194 R West Virginia [Scrambling] 82 This is where things get difficult. The Bills have made it pretty clear that they only view Kamau Davis as a stopgap QB. While the Bills do have a few holes on their roster, they'll probably look to grab their future QB here, and try to solidify their secondary with the 13th pick. 4. New England Patriots - WR J.C. Weldon 6-2 183 R West Virginia [Target] 82 With Darren Werner's return to New England, the Patriots look to give him a WR here to line up across from Beckham. JC Weldon has had a monster season this year, which should propel him above Tyron Chambers and Luke Cobb on most teams draft boards. 5. Chicago Bears - C Dean Strauss 6-3 284 R Auburn [Pass Blocking] 82 Da Bears' disappointing season was lead by a disappointing interior offensive line performance. With a weak guard class, Chicago ends up emulating division rival packers by drafting a great center in the first round. Chicago might also take OT/OG Beckett Miller, but I feel like he projects better at tackle than guard, leading the Bears to take Strauss. 6. Minnesota Vikings - CB Kordell McKinnon 6-0 195 R Michigan State [Zone Coverage] 81 The Vikings have enough holes that they could go in a few directions here. They look to continue to rebuild their secondary by drafting McKinnon, the latest export of Michigan State coach Slinkyjr's CB cloning facility. I could also see the Vikings trying to build up at WR, OG, or RB here too. 7. Arizona Cardinals - OT/OG Beckett Miller 6-1 300 R Oklahoma State [Pass Blocking] 82 Randy marvels as he is able to grab the top OL prospect at 7. Beckett Miller is probably the safest pick in the draft, but falls to 7 due to a deep tackle class. Great value drafting a potential top tier left tackle at 7. 8. Tennessee Titans - OG LaMichael Harley 6-2 297 R Michigan [Pass Blocking] 80 The Titans look to bolster their line play by grabbing the only 80+ guard available. Harley should slot into their depth chart pretty easily and hopefully will be a contributer in the future. 9. New Orleans Saints - CB Sean Taylor 5-9 193 R Western Michigan [Man Coverage] 81 Once again, New Orleans enters a draft needing corners. They have a tough decision here between Sean Taylor and Boston College star Andrew Boyd. Boyd does have better stats in a better conference, but he seems too small to stick in the league. This choice that'll probably come down to combine and pro day performance, but size is pretty important, so I'd bet on former MAC commissioner Imposter taking the Western Michigan standout. 10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - ILB Garrett Holliday 6-3 234 R Arizona State [Mike] 81 Tampa owner/GM Rabidsnowman has made it clear that he wants a monster ILB who can rack up tackles. Holliday was a beast for the Sun Devils last season with 68 tackles, and a couple of sacks. 11. Cincinnati Bengals - OT/OG Justin Way 6-2 294 R Marshall [Pass Blocking] 80 With both guards thinking about retiring, Cincinnati needs a replacement quickly. Way is a big body who can play guard, something that's lacking in this draft. The Bengals do have quite a few holes on their defensive roster, so I could definitely see them looking in that direction with this pick though. 12. New York Giants - WR Luke Cobb 6-5 198 R Florida State [Speed] 81 The Giants desperately look to add more weapons in the vain hope that RJ Stanford will live up to his potential. They end up taking a great player in Cobb who somehow managed to live up to his hype at Florida State. 13. Buffalo Bills (from Houston) - CB Andrew Boyd 5-10 175 R Boston College [Man Coverage] 81 This pick feels like a foregone conclusion looking at Buffalo's roster. Their current number one corner, Anthony Hotchkiss, is a 77 overall veteran who is more suited to be a nickleback. They end up grabbing Boyd and hope that this early exposure doesn't end up ruining him. 14. Kansas City Chiefs - CB Kevin McQueen 5-11 176 R UCF [Man Coverage] 80 The Chiefs look to give Teddy Walker a partner at cornerback. McQueen has done a great job at top-2 UCF, and looks to parlay his great season into a high draft pick. It's quite possible that KC just goes BPA here; their roster has a ton of holes, and NMize isn't expecting this squad to be competitive next season. 15. Cleveland Browns - RB DeNorris Jackson 6-0 235 R UCF [Power] 80 The Browns finally take a NFL quality RB here. DNJ has been dominant at UCF, leading his team to the national championship. DNJ should immediately start at Cleveland over Sean Bell and his 3.38 YPC. 16. Miami Dolphins - WR Tyron Chambers 6-4 220 R Arkansas [Target] 82 Miami has a surprisingly well balanced team, but they do have a weakness at wideout with several mediocre WRs to work with Brian Brown. They'll try to fix that by taking Tyron Chambers who had yet another 1000 yard receiving season. 17. Arizona Cardinals (from Seattle) - DE Josiah Harden 6-3 249 R North Carolina [Blitz] 82 Having solifidied their offensive line, Arizona now looks to build up their defensive line. Harden had 10 sacks, helping a mediocre North Carolina team exceed expecations. 18. Pittsburgh Steelers - DE Carlos Washington 6-0 261 R Michigan [Blitz] 80 So I'm not going to lie, I have very little idea of who's on Pittsburgh's roster. They do still seem to have a weakness at DE, so it looks they'll take Michigan's star DE Carlos Washington and his 11 sacks. 19. Atlanta Falcons - DT Sila Lotomau 6-5 296 R Hawaii [2-Gap] 82 Atlanta finally gets the monster space eating DT that they've been looking for. I'm honestly a little confused at why I haven't mocked Lotomau yet, he has all the potential to be the next extremely overhyped NFC South DT. 20. Philadelphia Eagles - WR Malcolm Davis 6-6 216 R Kansas [Target] 80 The Eagles look to improve the quality of Allen Taylor's targets. What they get in Malcolm Davis is a massive receiver who should be as dominant in the redzone as he was in college. 21. Denver Broncos - DE Javier Grady 6-1 238 R North Texas [Blitz] 81 The Broncos look to replace the aging Adam Scott with the last available 80+ DE. Grady is undersized and his competition in college was questionable, so don't be surprised if Denver passes here and goes BPA. 22. Indianapolis Colts - CB Robert Bleeker 5-11 188 R Arkansas [Zone Coverage] 80 The Colts try to improve their aging CB unit by taking the JUCO transfer out of Arkansas. Bleeker has had a disappointing season for his rating with only 3 picks, but solid corner help is hard to find. 23. San Francisco 49ers - RB Marshawn Miller 6-1 225 R Connecticut [Speed] 81 With running back Mike McCray reportedly angry at his team due to usage concerns, it appears that his days in San Francisco are numbered. The 49ers respond by taking Marshawn Miller, who should be happy at being the secondary option after carrying an entire team on his back for four years at UCONN. 24. Detroit Lions - FS D'Qwell Moore 6-3 203 R Florida State [Zone Coverage] 81 Detroit finally looks to replace long time FS Kenneth Farr. In D'Qwell Moore, the Lions get a solid safety who has shown some good ability with his 3 interceptions. 25. Baltimore Ravens - WR Geno Harris 6-5 225 R Ole Miss [Target] 80 Whichever of Baltimore's QBs starts this season will need a target other than David Wells to throw at. Harris had a solidly productive season with Ole Miss this season, his 914 yards show him as a consistent threat on a spotty offense. 26. Arizona Cardinals (from Jacksonville) - TE Noah Hills 6-2 206 R Kansas [Receiving] 82 Arizona fills their gaping hole at TE with their third first round pick. Hills is a little skinny for a TE, but he should give Taylor Rodriguez a nice safety net at a position he loves to throw to. 27. Dallas Cowboys - WR Hakeem Black 6-2 208 R California [Target] 81 The Cowboys hope that Black can improve their putrid WR unit. Black had a surprisingly unproductive year at Cal this year, hopefully it's just a one time issue. 28. Los Angeles Rams - RB Daniel Hutchins 5-7 212 R Northern Illinois [Power] 80 With Chacon dissatisfied with team leadership, Los Angeles look to find a new option for the running back who they ignore. Hutchins had a monster season at NIU this year, but is dogged by competition concerns. 29. New York Jets - WR Josiah McCray 6-1 199 R Clemson [Target] 80 The Jets are pretty happy to get a second wide receiver for Erik Wegert to throw to. McCray had nine touchdowns on the year at Clemson, and New York hopes that he can reproduce that in the NFL. 30. Carolina Panthers - DT Joseph Bynum 6-6 298 R Oregon [1-Gap] 80 Cade looks to reunite with his former defensive tackle Bynum. Bynum took over as the center of Oregon's defensive line this year, where he was moderately effective garnering 13 tackles and 2 sacks. 31. Las Vegas Raiders - OT Shawaun Holsey 6-2 297 R Virginia [Run Blocking] 81 Alienufo ends up ecstatic with the lack of tackles taken this round. He manages to get a long term solution at tackle to replace John McKelvey next year. This might end up as Damian Mason out of Tennessee, although that depends on whether the Raiders view Robert Lee as a long term option at left tackle. 32. Green Bay Packers - ILB Jamal Harley 6-3 222 R Illinois [Mike] 81 Finally we have the Super Bowl champion Packers. This team is pretty balanced at the moment, but it looks to me like Inspiral will want to replace ILB Peyton Roaches. Harley is a solid pick at ILB here, he could either start from day one for Green Bay, or sit a year and learn the position before coming in.
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    Pro Football Focus Ten Rising Teams To Watch Out For/ Teams That Could Surprise - Preseason Outlook Ohio State Buckeyes Arizona Wildcats Toledo Rockets UCLA Bruins Temple Owls Duke Blue Devils Florida Gators Florida International Panthers Indiana Hoosiers Texas A&M Aggies
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    Welcome to this edition of Pac-12 Power Rankings! Here, we'll rank the top 10 players in the conference (preseason) 10. QB Sam Parish 6-1 200 (Sr) River Road (Amarillo, TX) 4.5 of 4.5 [Pocket] Parish is the second-leading returning QB in terms of rating and has a much improved WR corps this season. Couple that with the security blanket of Shane Strong and Parish could have a breakout year. 9. OLB Phillip Davenport 5-11 226 Jr Cholla Magnet (Tucson, AZ) 5.0 of 5.0 [Blitz] Davenport had a strong 2020 season (32 tackles, INT, 3.0 sacks, FR) and could vie for Pac-12 POTY this season. He leads a veteran Wildcat defense with high hopes for the 2021 campaign. 8. DE Quincy Hobson 5-11 261 (So) Ripon (Ripon, CA) 3.5 of 5.0 [Blitz] Hobson burst onto the scene last season with nine sacks and a forced fumble for the Cougars. After an incredible 1.5 progression this offseason, he's primed for a double-digit sack year in 2021. 7. OT Riley Greenfield 6-7 311 (Jr) Mid-Pacific Institute (Honolulu, HI) 5.0 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] Greenfield kept David Oates upright last season and could go down as one of the top linemen in Wazzu history. NFLHC GMs, this is a prospect to definitely keep an eye on. 6. OLB Sam Caron 5-11 228 (So) Williams (Williams, CA) 4.5 of 5.0 [Blitz] Caron was one of the top defensive freshmen in the country last season and hopes to take on a leadership role this fall. The Buffaloes will have to rely on Caron & Co. if they want to take the next step and challenge for the division 5. WR Samuel Gulla 6-3 189 Jr Harper (Harper, OR) 5.0 of 5.0 [Target] Gulla is the Pac-12's leading returning receiver after hauling in 13 TD and nearly 1,200 yards last season. The Trojans will need to rely on Gulla in Jumbo's first year at the helm. 4. CB Eric Hall 5-11 177 (Jr) Eastern Guilford (Gibsonville, NC) 5.0 of 5.0 [Man Coverage] Like BLT, Hall ended the season with seven interceptions and struck fear into every Pac-12 QB. He hopes to help the Wildcats challenge for Pac-12 supremacy in 2021. 3. CB Blaine Lewis-Thompson 5-11 193 Jr Monterey (Monterey, CA) 5.0 of 5.0 [Man Coverage] BLT was an All-American last season and the best lockdown corner in the Pac-12. He ended the year with seven INT and could push for a first round draft grade with a strong junior season. 2. FS Seth Scott 6-2 193 (Sr) Colorado Northwestern Community College (Rangely CO) 5.0 of 5.0 [Man Coverage] Scott is the reigning Jim Thorpe Award winner and All-American free safety for Colorado. Last season, he led the nation in INT (10) and added 54 tackles. He hopes to lead the Buffs to their third consecutive bowl in 2021. 1. RB Trevon Yeldon 6-0 233 (Jr) Powers (Powers, OR) 5.0 of 5.0 [Power] Last year, Yeldon led the conference in yards (1,545), touchdowns (24), and yards per carry (5.52). He should be on every preseason Heisman list and begins the year as the top running back in the nation.
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    ACC Preseason Survey and Analysis Greensboro, NC -- The Coaches of the ACC programs took a preseason survey on their predictions for the 2021 CFBHC Season. Ten coaches submitted votes, and these are the results: Question: Who Will Finish First in the ACC Atlantic? Result: 6 of the coaches voted for Clemson to make it back to the ACC Championship game for the 3rd consecutive year, while 4 coaches believe that Boston College can make their 3rd ACC Championship. Question: Who Will Finish First in the ACC Coastal? Result: 7 of the respondents predicted that Duke would win the ACC Coastal this year for the first time, while 2 voters predicted Pittsburgh would make it for the third time, and that Miami would make it also for the third time. ACC teams will be fighting to win this trophy in the 2021 season Question: Who Will Win the ACC Championship Game? Result: 4 of the respondents voted for Duke to win the ACC Championship game for the first time. 3 other coaches believe that Clemson will win their second ACC Championship, while 2 believe that Pittsburgh will win the conference, and 1 believes that Boston College can raise the trophy for the second time. Desean Dockery looks to dominate the ACC for a second season. Question: Who Will Be the ACC Player of the Year? Result: In a clear result, the ACC Coaches overwhelmingly voted for RB Desean Dockery of Louisville to win the ACC Player of the Year. More than half of the coaches who participated in the survey voted for Dockery to win, and 2 others voted for Duke QB Bryce Thompson. Question: Who Will Be the ACC Coach of the Year? Result: The ACC Coach of the Year prediction produced results for 8 different ACC Coaches. Duke Head Coach Darman was the leading vote getter here for the award prediction. Which Team Will Have the Most All-ACC Players? Result: Clemson was overwhelmingly predicted to have the most All ACC players in the 2021 season. 7 coaches believed that they would have the most All ACC players, while 3 other teams received 1 vote. Which Team Will Have the Most NFL Draft Picks in the 2022 NFLHC Draft? Result: The two teams predicted to play in the ACC Championship game, Clemson and Duke, were predicted to have the most players picked in the 2022 NFLHC Draft. 4 coaches voted for Clemson to have the most players, while 3 players voted for Duke. Analysis: This survey yielded some interesting results. Both Boston College and Clemson seem to be worthy foes for the ACC crown. Clemson’s offense could be challenged again this year, while Boston College has the potential for a very good offense in 2021. However, Clemson could have an extremely good defense if things fall into place for this team. Boston College has a really good offense this season if JUCO QB Miles Carmichael and first year starter Jorge Tovar can produce. This BC also has the potential for a good defense this season. It was surprising to me to see more votes for Clemson than BC, and that Boston College only received 1 vote to win the ACC Championship game. This is a seriously good ball club. Votes for Pittsburgh really surprised me for all of the question. Pittsburgh received 2 votes to win the ACC Coastal and to win the ACC Championship, but new Head Coach Liberator, received 0 votes in ACC Coach of the Year predictions. Pittsburgh lost a lot of talent last season, and their offense could find some struggles. However, if Pittsburgh does win the ACC Championship, it’s hard to imagine that Coach Liberator wouldn’t win the conference’s Coach of the Year. The ACC Player of the Year vote seemed predictable. The 3 players to receive votes were, 2020 ACC Offensive Player of the Year Desean Dockery, 2020 Defensive Player/Freshman of the Year Glenn Thorpe, and 2020 Offensive Freshman of the Year Bryce Thompson. These three seem like favorites to win the Player of the Year award in the ACC this year if they can continue last season’s success and build upon it in 2021. The votes for the ACC Coach of the Year award were chaotic. It seems that there were some homer votes, or people really believe in some coaches a lot. Like was said before, Coach Liberator received 0 votes, despite being predicted by 2 coaches to win the ACC. This just feels incorrect. Coaches of 3 teams who face long odds to even reach bowl eligibility received votes. Assuming these weren’t homer votes, maybe people think that these teams will outperform their expectations which will help their coaches receive votes. Even more ridiculous, was that of the 8 coaches, only 1 coach received multiple votes. Maybe the votes for those 3 teams skewed these results, as it seems strange that Coach Emperor and Coach Smokingcricket would only receive 1 vote for the prediction for ACC Coach of the Year. Good luck to all ACC teams in the 2021 season!
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    when your old front office gets the band back together, but doesn't invite you
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    What do you look like?

    Got to hang out with @SageBow last weekend for Austin City Limits. Lotta music, lotta fun.
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    CFBHC v1.4e

    CFBHC v1.4e October 19th, 2017 Pre-Release v1.3.2.10 Notes: Thanks to all those who helped testing and recommended stuff as usual. CFBHC * (NEW) Added conference prestige bonus points for recruiting. This overwrites any conflicting old system that was used for bonus points. Conference receive points based on media, commissioner work, and overall performance throughout the year.
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    Welcome to the Pac-12's 5* Film Breakdown! Each episode will analyze one of the Pac-12's elite, 5-star players. EPISODE #1 - Trevon Yeldon, RB, Oregon (5.0/5.0) 2020: 280 carries, 1,545 yards, 5.52 ypc, 22 TD 2019: 260 carries, 1,454 yards, 5.59 ypc, 20 TD Trevon Yeldon enters 2021 as the top running back in the country and looks to add some serious hardware to his mantle. Let's take a look at how Freeman has success at Oregon PATIENCE Oregon lines up in the shotgun with an RB power to the short-side of the field. Yeldon uses his great patience to let the play set up before hitting the hole north and south for the score. POWER Here, Oregon runs one of their patented read plays. Yeldon shows off his power as he bounces off a handful of Cougars CUTTING ABILITY Yeldon is famous his cutting ability, often making defenders look silly. Here, he sees a crease, cuts outside, and takes it to the house FALLING FORWARD One of Yeldon's best qualities is his ability to always fall forward with contact. Here, he gets an extra seven yards after initial contact and falls forward for the first down SPEED Yeldon hits the hole as hard as any back in the country and he can sprint with anybody on the field. Here, he's at top speed within a few strides and takes this one to the house AND DID WE MENTION...SPEED?! Despite being 6'0" 233 lbs, Yeldon has elite jets. Good luck catching him in the open field BLOCKING Here, Yeldon steps into the hole and takes on a blitzing linebacker. He will give first-year starting QB Michael Coe a nice security blanket. DECOY Even when Yeldon doesn't get the ball, his presence is enough to catch the linebackers peeking. He impacts the offense even when he doesn't touch the ball QUARTERBACK? What doesn't Yeldon do for this Oregon team? In sum, Oregon's Trevon Yeldon is a game changer who has first round NFLHC Draft pick written all over him.
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    AAC News

    AAC Linear Championship

    Starting play in the great season of 2014, the American Athletic Conference has had a proud, varying history on the gridiron. With one of the least stable casts in CFBHC, it's important to remember the former members of the nation's greatest conference. To achieve this, we here at the Roman News Network have decided to trace the linear conference championship all the way back to the very first conference game! While the road would be paved with numerous bodies, whose who held the title tended to do some in dominating fashion. Strap in as we ride the rollercoaster that is the American Athletic Conference! Reign #1 - Air Force Start: Week 1, 2014 Defenses: 0 The conference gets off to a wonderful start as we kick off a conference game the very first weekend. The high flying Falcons would take on former PAC-12 member Hawaii in a memorable game. However, they barely got to sit in the throne before a usurper would appear. Reign #2 - Boise State Start: Week 4, 2014 Defenses: 5 Victims: Air Force (C), Colorado State, San Diego State, Houston, UCF, East Carolina The early days of the AAC would be dominated by members of the current Mountain West. No team demonstrates that dominance like Boise State, then lead by Brian Brown. After clipping the wings of the Falcons, they would run through their future MWC mates before bashing some names you will see prominently later. The Broncos would hold onto the championship throughout the rest of the season, capping it off with an AAC Conference Title! Reign #3 - Hawaii Start: Week 7, 2015 Defenses: 1 Victims: Boise State (C), Air Force Boise State would start their 2015 with a bye and five straight OOC games, so we take a bit to get into any title bouts. The Brian Brown-less Broncos could not hold onto their title, however, falling to Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii. The Warriors would ground the first champion, Air Force, before stalling in their second defense attempt. Reign #4 - Fresno State Start: Week 11, 2015 Defenses: 1 Victims: Hawaii (C), Nevada Boy, oh boy, is the early AAC weird. Not only would two future MWC teams compete in its inaugural game, but the future conference completely dominates the history of the title for the first two seasons. Don't tell @Dacder about this, but Fresno actually holds a title reign. An upset win over Hawaii and again over Nevada would make this reign noteworthy. But they wouldn't be able to hold onto the title long enough to take it to the MWC, which starts up in 2016. That chance would go to... Reign #5 - Boise State (2) Start: Week 13, 2015 Defenses: 0 Victim: Fresno State (C) Our first repeat champion! I feared, going into this, that the title would make its way to the Mountain West and never return due to the champion never playing an AAC opponent in OOC. But, thankfully, with zero successful defenses in this reign, the Broncos second chance would end much, much earlier than the first. This also marks the last time a non-member (currently) would wear the big gold. Reign #6 - Houston Start: Conference Championship Game, 2015 Defenses: 7 Victims: Boise State (C), Tulane, Northern Illinois, Cincinnati, SMU, East Carolina, Georgia State, Rice THE BIG COUG IS HERE! Marking the first time a real American team would win the big gold (much to the chagrin of those socialist Mountain West teams), Houston would strike fear and assert their presence with authority. The longest reign up to this point, the Cougars would obliterate pretty much every team that got in their way. Notable non-AAC bodies would include the Huskies of the MAC, the Owls of Rice, and the current Sun Belt big fish in Georgia State! Enjoy this, as most of those teams never appear again. Two teams to keep an eye on? Cincinnati and SMU. Reign #7 - Central Florida Start: Conference Championship Game, 2016 Defenses: 6 Victims: Houston (C), Marshall, Georgia State, Tulsa, East Carolina, Connecticut, Temple Houston could not complete the year reign, falling to the Knights of Central Florida in 2016. UCF would return in 2017, running through most of their conference slate. With initial appearances by Temple and Connecticut, as well as a weird reminder that Marshall use to be a TRUE American, this might be the easiest of the long reigns we'll see. None of these teams, outside of the initial victory, would be very challenging. Reign #8 - South Florida Start: Week 16, 2017 Defenses: 0 Victim: UCF (C) A rather uninspiring reign, but one that matters. South Florida would take their in-state rival's crown and wear it proudly into the conference title game. But, about that... Reign #9 - Houston (2) Start: Conference Championship Game, 2017 Defenses: 9 Victims: USF (C, 2), Tulsa (2), Memphis, Tulane, UCF, Navy, SMU, East Carolina The King returns! Houston would seize their destiny from the Bulls and hold onto it for a very, very long time. This is the first reign in which we see multiple defenses against the same team as Houston would beat USF AND Tulsa twice. The streak encompasses both the 2017 and 2018 AAC titles, a hefty feat which may never be repeated again. The sheer dominance of this Houston team is staggering. Unfortunately, once the (Joel) King leaves, Houston's reign quickly ended. Reign #10 - Temple Start: Week 7, 2019 Defenses: 3 Victims: Houston (C), Cincinnati, UCF, USF @alienufo makes an appearance as champion! Beating the now King-less Cougars, the Owls would rack up three quick defenses in the middle of the season. As they did not manage to capture the conference crown, you could call Temple a transitional champion. And you would be a jerk. Reign #11 - SMU Start: Week 14, 2019 Defenses: 4 Victims: Temple (C, 2), Cincinnati (2), Houston A 5-game stretch that only sees SMU play 3 unique opponents! SMU would take the title from Temple in Week 14 and almost immediately defend it against them in the conference title game. SMU would squash Cincy and Houston between the matchups, and then rodeo the Bearcats in 2020. Not the most diverse resume, but you can only play who you get scheduled against. Reign #12 - Central Florida (2) Start: Week 8, 2020 Defenses: 6 (Current) Victims: SMU (C, 2), Cincinnati, East Carolina, Connecticut, Temple, USF Is it any surprise that the national runners up would be holding the Big Gold (TM)? No! Like SMU before them, they would defend the belt against the very team they took it from in that season's conference title game. Unlike SMU, this UCF run has yet to lose it! The Knights have represented the AAC well in other territories, including the previously mentioned national runners up position. Can UCF become the second team to hold the title for a full year? Only @Time will tell! Fun Facts Most Reigns: 2 (Houston, UCF, Boise State) Most Successful Defenses: 16 (Houston) Longest Single Reign: 10 (Houston) Most Title Bout Losses: 5 (Cincinnati, East Carolina) Most Title Bout Losses in a Single Season: 2 (Boise State, Temple, SMU, Cincinnati (twice)) Not only has Cincinnati lost two different bouts in the same season, but they have happened in the last two seasons! Does 2021 bring along a third double-loss? Memphis is the first team UCF plays in 2021. Can the Tigers become more than just a footnote in AAC Linear Championship history? 8 different teams only appear in history once, in a losing effort. USF and Air Force both had only a single game with the belt, losing their first defense. Houston has the best record in title bout games at 18-4 (81.8%). Runner up? UCF at 14-4 (77.9%). Worst record with a win? USF's 1-4! 20%? Do better, @Yellow_Evan!
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    ACC WR Rankings: Preseason Greensboro, NC -- The rules for this ranking is different than for the QB and RB list. Not every team will be represented on this list. Some teams will have 2 players on the list, and it will only be a top 10 in the preseason. The 2 best receivers in the ACC in 2020 went to the NFL, which leaves a void at the top of the best WRs in the ACC list. There is a lot of young talent at this position, and there are players who aren't on this list who could breakout and find their way onto this list. 10. Andrew Harrison - - Harrison faces the tough task of having to catch passes from Jamel Armstrong. Armstrong struggled last season with more seasoned receivers, and Harrison becomes the number 1 option as a redshirt freshman. Harrison is a talented player, but has a tough road ahead of him in what could be an anemic Clemson offense in 2021 Last Years Stats: No Stats 9. Felix Browning - - The NC State offense faces some potential difficulties in the 2021 season. A season after getting little production from their QBs and in the run game, the Wolfpack look to rebound with a better offensive performance. Along with RB Keith Harley, Felix Browning will be one of the primary playmakers for the Wolfpack. The QB situation is a complete unknown, and having a generally inexperienced WR corps will not make things easier. The Wolfpack need big things out of Browning this season as he hopes to build on a promising freshman season. Last Years Stats: 12 Games, 36 Receptions, 422 Yards, 3 TDs. 8. Amari Nicholson - - A second WR from the Duke Blue Devils is part of a unit that possibly is the deepest in the ACC. This receiver group has the benefit of having possibly the best QB in the ACC as well, and will be in a very balanced offense. The trio of Nicholson, Spaczek, and Stinson will give Bryce Thompson a lot of weapons as the Devils hope to march towards their first ACC Title. Last Years Stats: 12 Games, 32 Receptions, 320 Yards, 3 TDs. 7. Franklin Pineda - - The Pittsburgh Panthers lost the top 3 WRs on their depth chart after the 2020 season. This included the second best WR in the ACC last season, Adam Coles. No one expects Pineda to come close to Coles production, but there is no question that he will be expected to be the Alpha in that WR group. Pineda will have to be the primary playmaker for the Panthers, as they try to acclimate freshman QB Messiah Winston to college football. Last Years Stats: No Stats 6. Eddie Owens - - The second player on this list from Boston College, this sophomore WR will pair with Ricky Cameron to give BC a potentially explosive offense. Owens and Ricky Cameron may be the best WR tandem in the ACC this year, and will help work in QB Miles Carmichael as he gets adjusted to D1 football. Both of these WRs are young talents who should terrorize defenses for years. Last Years Stats: 12 Games, 43 Receptions, 622 Yards, 6 TDs. 5. Deshaun Pickens - - Pickens joins the Wake Forest team as a transfer, and is looked to to immediately lead this receiving group. Pickens will bring a big body target to this Demon Deacons squad, and will be used to bring balance to this Wake Forest offense in 2021. Last Years Stats: No Stats 4. Sean Spaczek - - The Senior WR from Duke is probably just glad that he will get to have the same QB for 2 years in a row. Spaczek has had a new freshman QB for each of the first 3 seasons of his career. However, this year Spaczek will lead a deep WR group in catching passes from second year QB Bryce Thompson. Spaczek is closing in on the Duke All Time Receiving yards record, and looks to have a big season in his senior campaign. Last Years Stats: 12 Games, 60 Receptions, 846 Yards, 9 TDs 3. Hunter Crenshaw - - Purely in Yards per game, Crenshaw is the leader in the ACC among returning players. However, his production could be hurt with the Cavaliers possibly switching to a more run heavy offense with the graduation of Matteo Rook. Crenshaw will be an essential safety valve for the freshman QB Mike Lucas as he transitions to college football. Last year Crenshaw was a number 2 option, but he will prove to be a solid number 1 option for this young Virginia squad. Last Years Stats: 14 Games, 76 Receptions, 997 Yards, 11 TDs 2. Anthony Swanson - - If anything, Anthony Swanson will have a lot of opportunities this season. He had a productive season in 2020 and looks to build on that this season, and Georgia Tech wants to translate some of their talent to wins. Swanson and QB Josh Beckett have shown chemistry on and off the field, but Beckett needs to be better for GT to have success. If Beckett is more successful, it will only make Swanson look better. Last Years Stats: 12 Games, 68 Receptions, 885 Yards, 9 TDs 1. Ricky Cameron - - Ricky Cameron is one of the good young WRs in the nation, and the best in the ACC. Of the returning WRs in the ACC, Cameron lead the ACC in yards per game last season, and has a chance to take an even bigger step in the 2021 season. Cameron benefits from having a good QB in Miles Carmichael, and will receive many opportunities to receive the ball. Last Years Stats: 12 Games, 72 Receptions, 982 Yards, 8 TDs.
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    Pac 12 Media Account Misuse

    No fair, the Pac 12 has a lawyer.
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    BREAK THE HUDDLE: Episode 1 Todd Jennings, 4th year pro, Penn State With the NFLHC preseason simply hours away, we caught up with Denver's second-year starter at quarterback, Todd Jennings. A Heisman winner and National Champion at Penn State University, Jennings offers his thoughts on the upcoming NFLHC and CFBHC seasons, as well as takes us inside the huddle with some of his fellow Broncos...and even dishes on teammates that are now playing elsewhere. MHTV: What's the feeling in the locker room as we approach the first preseason week of the 2021 season? TJ: We're aching to get back on the field. Last season didn't end the way we wanted. We accomplished only a couple of our goals--winning the division, getting a top 3 seed. We're proud of hitting those goals, but they are all for naught, since we got bucked out by the Raiders. It's one thing to get beaten in the playoffs...it's a completely different thing to get knocked out by your main rival. So, we're ready to get back at it. We think we've got a squad that can do some damage in the AFC and we want to show what we're working with. MHTV: You burst onto the scene with an impressive first year as starter (3,815 yards, 101.73 QB rating, 26 TD, League-low 7 INT). Are you feeling completely comfortable in this offense? TJ: Last year felt pretty good. Credit to our OLine for really good protection, and to JBB for taking the load off. This year, we're really looking forward to the shift to Coach Jieret. We love what he did at Western last year and think that he can give us a really good focus point for the offense as a whole. Coach Bingo was fine...he leaned on the run a bit more than I would have liked, but I'm excited to stretch my wings a bit this year in Coach Jieret's and OC Marc Trestman's offense. That playoff performance is still eating at me, though... MHTV: You mentioned J.B. Blacknall. How does it feel to have a guy like that in your backfield? What does he mean to this team? TJ: JBB is great. When he went out with the knee strain last year we struggled. He's such a stud, you can give him the ball 25 times a game and just about know that he's gonna get those 100 yards, and probably sniff the end zone as well. For a rookie to lead the League in touchdowns and put up 1,300 yards--in 14 games, mind you--that's really impressive. He was much more ready for primetime as a rookie than I was. MHTV: Anybody you're really excited about playing next to, on either side of the ball this year? TJ: We had a couple guys really grow up, in a sense, this offseason. Obviously, the leap that JBB took was wonderful, and our OLine is just wonderful. We think it's among the top groups in the League. My receivers are each in a really good spot in their careers--Darrell [Mack, 6th year WR1] is ready to blow up, Ken [Peelle, 8th year WR2] still has plenty in the tank, and Artemio [Ramirez, 3rd year slot WR] is a big play waiting to happen. We really like how William [Doherty, 2nd year WR4] has come along and may even get some time at WR2 this season. And Big D [Darren Jones, 4th year TE] is super dangerous all over the field. On defense, you gotta like how our DLine got after it this Training Camp. The new kid, Davis [1st round pick Deyonte Davis] has brought so much energy, and guys like Carroll [DT Michael Carroll, a 2020 Pro Bowler] and Chuck [DE Charles Johnson, 4th year] are really feeding off it. I think we're gonna shut people down this year on that side of the ball. MHTV: Where do you think the Broncos fall in the AFC West pecking order this year? TJ: We're ready to not only defend our Division Title, we want to be the top seed in the AFC. We think the playoffs in the AFC should run through Denver. But we gotta keep up with the Dolphins, Jets, Colts, and Jags. And the damn Raiders, too. Nick Hall is so good. I talked to Coach Soluna the other day [Soluna was TJ's college coach. The two are still close.] He loves this team in Jacksonville, especially the defense. He says that if we try to throw it, we're doomed. He's German, so he's always a bit dramatic. MHTV: Any other things around the League you're looking forward to? TJ: Well, I'm just so damn glad that Darren Warner has a job in football again. He mentored me for two years here in Denver and he's one of the classiest guys in the game. He's a hell of game manager, and he might be able to show those guys in New England what it means to be a starting quarterback in this League. I'm also interested in what's happening in the NFC East. I've got some buddies on the Giants roster, but also the battle between the Eagles and Cowboys should be a lot of fun. Burnett's a hell of a QB, but the Eagles might have the most mojo in the NFC right now. I sure wish hope Norris Brooksheer finds a home. He was great to play against in the National Title game in 2015. MHTV: You're a big fan of college football, too, right? You're practically CFBHC royalty with your Heisman and your title. How about your boys from PSU last year, eh? TJ: I'm very proud of the guys. I only went to school with a handful of that nucleus, but man did they do us Lions proud. Easley's gonna be a beast in this League...I've already called him a couple times and asked him to take it easy on Gary [Tomlinson, 7th year LT]. But it was great to meet Tanner Bowman...he'll be a good player. They left some talent in the cupboard in Happy Valley, too, and Coach Grv is doing some good things. Of course, I wish he'd focus on PSU and step away from the Jets...we can't seem to beat them. MHTV: Do you have a favorite for the Title and/or Heisman this year? TJ: You gotta like what's going on at Auburn, at Purdue, at LSU. Either of those teams could win it. Oklahoma's really good. But watch out for my QB brothers to keep the streak alive for the Heisman. Tucker Dowden, Marcus Black. Those dudes are awesome. Maybe a running back...who knows. MHTV: Thanks so much, Todd. Good luck this year, and Go Broncos! TJ: Thanks everybody! Go Broncos!
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    DENVER--The Broncos Organization today addresses the position of General Manager within the Front Office. "It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to DescretoBurrito, the architect of two AFC West division title teams in his three seasons in Denver," Owner Bingo415 began. "Descreto was my first call when the opportunity to take over the Broncos arose, and he will remain a loyal fan and part of the Broncos family for life. We wish him well as he focuses on the Air Force Falcons and other aspects of his life. On a personal note, Descreto is a great guy and I enjoyed getting to know him as much as possible." "But from every devastation arises a new hope and opportunity, and it is with tremendous joy that I announce our new GM in Denver: Mr. Franz Kafka!" "Franz is a friend, a hell of a GM during our time in New Orleans, and one of the most active and engaging members of this community. Jieret, Darkage, and I are pleased to bring Franz into the Broncos Organization for the foreseeable future. Together, with a new coach and a new scout, and now a new GM, Denver is poised to take the League by storm." Bingo415 indicated in a follow-up question that Franz Kafka, while the new GM, will NOT be the main contact for trade requests in advance of this weekend's draft. Jieret, our bold new head coach and Transition GM, will field all trade requests this weekend. Franz Kafka has been granted a transitionary grace period to explore the outer boundaries of the world until after the Draft. All members of the Broncos are now available for questions. Go Broncos!
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    Franz Kafka

    USC Trojans Job Search

    Following the news of @iliveinadreamatorium 's departure from USC, I would like to formally call for job applications to be the next head coach of the USC Trojans. Please PM me if interested and then fill out the standard application and post in this thread. I'd like to thank 'dream for all he's done and to wish him luck in all his future endeavors. He had a fantastic career at USC and the PAC-12 is grateful for his long-time conference contributions! This post will remain open for at least 36 hours before a decision is made.
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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The University of Wyoming is pleased to announce the hiring of alexfall862 as the next leader of the Wyoming Cowboys Football team. alexfall862 comes from relative obscurity - a part-time mall santa and volunteer YMCA soccer coach. He will lead the 'Boys program effective immediately. alexfall862 on joining the program: "Well, I suppose I must have really bowled the AD over in the interview... oh, sorry, here's where the mic is? Ok, anyway I plan to bring at least two wins to Wyoming this decade. That's a rock-solid Alexfall862 Promise™. My first order of business will be to evaluate where the program is at this point and find the student-athletes that are willing to put the work in to succeed in the Mountain West." Fall continued "My staff and I still have a lot of tape to watch, but you can likely count on more aggressive play-calling on offense and defense. We will run a multiple offense, but you'll likely see an awful lot of continuity scheme-wise on defense. I will now take questions from those in attendance."
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    Pro Football Focus Top Three Conference Favorites - Preseason Outlook AAC Temple Owls SMU Mustangs Houston Cougars ACC Duke Blue Devils Boston College Eagles Clemson Tigers Big 10 Michigan Wolverines Purdue Boilermakers Penn State Nittany Lions Big 12 TCU Horned Frogs Texas Longhorns Oklahoma State Cowboys C-USA Rice Owls UTSA Roadrunners Florida International Panthers MAC Toledo Rockets Miami Redhawks Western Michigan Broncos MWC Nevada Wolfpack Air Force Falcons Hawaii Rainbow Warriors Pac-12 Arizona Wildcats USC Trojans UCLA Bruins Sun Belt Georgia State Panthers Arkansas State Red Wolves Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns SEC Auburn Tigers Alabama Crimson Tide South Carolina Gamecocks
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    PAC-12 News

    [2020] Pac-12 Recruiting Recap

    With the 2021 Season recruiting about to begin, let's take a look back at the most recent cycle in the finest conference in the land. Note: Only players with 2.5+ potential were included. All values are potential only. California Golden Bears 25th overall, 1st in Pac-12 Key Recruits OT Philip Engel 6-2 301 Fr Golden Valley (Merced CA) 1.5 of 5.0 [Run Blocking] ATH Adam Gibson 6-3 331 Fr Horizon (San Diego CA) 1.0 of 5.0 [2-Gap] WR Marcus Hightower 6-3 192 Fr Glendale (Glendale CA) 1.0 of 5.0 [Speed] WR Calvin Levesque 6-1 211 Jr Cabrillo College (Aptos, CA) 4.0 of 4.5 [Target] The Good News The top rated class nationally in the PAC12 (#25) went to Cal. They landed three huge 5.0 prospects at key positions (WR, OT and an ATH who will play DT). This class helped to fill in a lot of the gaps on the Bears roster and provided some instant firepower for the passing game with their big Juco WR. This class is one that will help build a base to keep the Golden Bears competitive in the North against the likes of veteran coaches like Bingo and Ape. What We're Wondering About What were wondering about: Safeties. While this class helped to fill in many of the gaps on the roster, there still is a big hole that we can see emerging especially at both safety positions. The Golden Bears currently start a (Jr) at FS and a (Sr) at SS. Their backups are under 3.5 and the Bears didn’t land any safety if note in this class. This could be a huge hole in the next two years if the Bears don’t get someone to fill it this next cycle. Washington State Cougars 29th overall, 2nd in Pac-12 Key Recruits OG Will Groves 6-6 316 Fr Eastlake (Chula Vista CA) 2.0 of 5.0 [Run Blocking] TE Ezekiel Rucker 6-1 218 Fr Capital (Olympia WA) 1.0 of 5.0 [Blocking] P Lane Adair 6-4 182 Jr Minnesota State CTC (Fergus Falls, MN) 3.5 of 4.5 [Power] FB William Seay 5-9 252 Fr St. Joseph (Brownsville TX) 2.5 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] The Good News Washington State once again pulled in a class in the top ⅓ of the nation. This year the Cougars landed at #29 nationally after slipping later in the cycle. The Cougars added a lot of top flight talent in areas of need (OG, SS) as well as depth 3s and 3.5s almost everywhere on the field. The Cougars didn’t land as many top end 5/4.5s as they would have liked but this class will fill in many gaps left from disjointed classes before coach Ape took over. What We're Wondering About Wide receiver. The Cougars got one top end WR last year in Sikuli (4.5) but otherwise still are lacking NFL type talent at the position. They are still looking for the next Jeremy Cook in Pullman and if they don’t find him soon they might be left out in the PAC 12 North arms race. Colorado Buffaloes 30th overall, 3rd in Pac-12 Key Recruits DE Travis Napier 6-2 261 Jr Chandler-Gilbert Community College (Chandler, AZ) 3.5 of 4.5 [Contain] OG Wyatt Beck 6-4 288 Fr Hilltop (Chula Vista CA) 3.0 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] TE Kameron McCrary 6-5 200 Fr Brookhaven (Brookhaven MS) 2.5 of 4.5 [Receiving] OLB Frederick Grant III 5-11 227 Fr Limon (Limon CO) 2.0 of 4.5 [Blitz] The Good News Colorado hauled in the top class in the PAC-12 South and the 30th overall class in the nation. They added instant improvements at DE and OG and appear to have both lines of scrimmage shored up for the foreseeable future. Additionally, they signed a trio of 2.0+ skill, 4.0+ potential players who look to be starters in 2022. Getting a mix of instant starters and some high-quality redshirt candidates will put the Buffaloes on the right path for the next few years. What We're Wondering About Wide receivers. This class filled many of Colorado’s most pressing needs (QB, CB, OL), but if they plan on taking the next step in the Pac-12, they'll need to bring in some top-flight offensive skill players. Wide receiver could be one of the Buffs' main targets in 2021. Oregon Ducks 49th overall, 4th in Pac-12 Key Recruits OLB Jacob Gaines 5-11 227 Fr Newberg (Newberg OR) 1.0 of 5.0 [Coverage] DT Landry Everett 6-6 285 Jr Union County College (Cranford, NJ) 3.5 of 4.5 [2-Gap] C Brian McMedley 6-3 304 Fr Kahuku (Kahuku HI) 1.5 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] OLB Blake Martin 6-2 230 Jr College of the Siskiyous (Weed, CA) 3.5 of 4.0 [Blitz] The Good News The Ducks landed another stud on the defensive side of the ball in Gaines. Bingo also brought in two Jucos who should help the Ducks compete once again for a chance at a PAC12 title. The Ducks class ranked #49 nationally. McMedley was a huge get for the Ducks as he was hotly contested for by fellow PAC12 North rival Washington State. What We're Wondering About Running Back. We all know the Ducks currently have one of the top backs in CFB in Yeldon, but he’s a (Jr) and after his past season will probably declare early. The Ducks are redshirting a 3.5 but we know Bingo won’t want to roll with that for long. The next great Oregon RB is not on the roster now and will need to be found soon. UCLA Bruins 59th overall, 5th in Pac-12 Key Recruits QB Aaron Harden 6-3 218 Fr Fontana (Fontana CA) 1.0 of 5.0 [Scrambling] OLB Tavarius Hicks 5-11 233 Jr Phoenix College (Phoenix, AZ) 3.5 of 4.5 [Blitz] OT Shane Reese 6-5 314 Fr Eastlake (Chula Vista CA) 1.5 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] DE Shia Abernathy 6-6 248 Fr Avenal (Avenal CA) 1.0 of 4.0 [Blitz] The Good News It's (almost) Harden time in Westwood. UCLA got their number one target and future NFLHC Draft pick, Aaron Harden as the head of their class. They added an instant impact JUCO OLB in Tavarius Hicks and could be dangerous in the Pac-12 in the next few years. What We're Wondering About Corners. UCLA has plenty of quanity in the cornerback department, but not much eye-popping quality. They will likely have four 3.5/3.5 corners to start next season, but don't have anyone on the roster at 4.0 potential or higher. Look for them to go after a shutdown guy in this class. Arizona State Sun Devils 74th overall, 6th in Pac-12 Key Recruits WR Deon Kirksey 6-3 204 Fr Argonaut (Jackson CA) 1.5 of 5.0 [Target] FB Trevor Burgess 6-1 225 Jr College of the Siskiyous (Weed, CA) 4.0 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] KR Amari Dunbar 5-11 156 Fr Horizon (San Diego CA) 1.0 of 4.5 [Hybrid] OLB Kieran Skaggs 5-11 236 Fr Desert Eagle (Scottsdale AZ) 2.0 of 4.0 [Coverage] The Good News The Sun Devils got a pair of top playmakers, led by Deon Kirksey. Whoever wins the ASU quarterback battle next year (between their two 4.0 potential options) will have a big body to throw to, a lead blocking full back to help the run game, and a dynamic kick returner to help in special teams. The Sun Devils went hard on offense and it should bode well for them in the coming years. What We're Wondering About Offensive line. The Sun Devil OL isn't in dire straits, but they lack a gamechanger along their line. They have plenty of serviceable options in the 3.0 and 3.5 potential range, but they could greatly benefit from hauling in a 4.5 or 5.0 tackle in 2021. Oregon State Beavers 86th overall, 7th in Pac-12 Key Recruits CB Dylan Talbert 6-0 174 Fr El Dorado (Placerville CA) 1.0 of 4.0 [Zone Coverage] DE Larry Swain 6-1 242 Fr Blanchet Catholic (Salem OR) 1.0 of 4.0 [Blitz] OG Brody Harvey 6-1 283 Fr East Bakersfield (Bakersfield CA) 1.0 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] OT Nathan Baumgartner 6-3 267 Fr Harper (Harper OR) 1.0 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] RB Jayden Frey 5-8 194 Fr Corvallis (Corvallis OR) 1.0 of 4.0 [Speed] The Good News The Beavers may have lost their head coach after this class was signed but the good news is that he didn’t leave a heaping pile of garbage for a recruiting class. The Beavers got 5 NFL caliber players in this class. All of them are raw but when you’re Oregon State you take what you can get. Frey running behind Harvey and Baumgartner could bring the Beavers to a winning season sometime in the next 4 years. What We're Wondering About Coaching. The Beavers are currently the only PAC12 team with no coach. If they don’t get one before the season starts this good momentum class might be for nothing and these 5 NFL caliber players they got will be wasted. The team has a foundation now. It just needs someone to guide it up to that next level now. Arizona Wildcats 94th overall, 8th in Pac-12 Key Recruits OLB J.T. Raji 5-11 236 Fr Douglas (Douglas AZ) 1.5 of 4.0 [Blitz] ILB Terrence McIntosh 6-1 255 Fr Holbrook (Holbrook AZ) 1.0 of 4.0 [Mike] SS Thierno Herbert 6-2 189 Fr Mitchell-Baker (Camilla GA) 1.0 of 4.0 [Zone Coverage] DT Siali Ainuu 6-5 332 Fr Galileo Academy (San Francisco CA) 1.5 of 3.5 [2-Gap] The Good News DE-FENSE (clap clap) DE-FENSE (clap clap). Arizona's top three recruits are all on the defensive side and each look to be a multi-year starters in the near future. They're especially thin at strong safety afer this season, so Herbert could be called on earlier than expected. What We're Wondering About Gamechangers. Arizona still boasts a strong roster in 2020, but if they're to meet fans' expectations in 2021 and beyond, they need some high potential playmakers who can impact the game. Look for the Wildcats' coaching staff to go after a white whale or two in the coming class. USC Trojans 95th overall, 9th in Pac-12 Key Recruits ILB Nate Garrett 6-2 251 Fr Vernon Kilpatrick (Malibu CA) 3.0 of 4.5 [Mike] DE Terrell Francis 6-6 240 Fr East Fork Lutheran (Whiteriver AZ) 3.0 of 3.0 [Blitz] OLB Marc Croft 5-11 221 Fr Temecula Valley (Temecula CA) 3.0 of 3.0 [Coverage] OT Mario Barber 6-6 303 Fr Lake Howell (Winter Park FL) 3.0 of 3.0 [Pass Blocking] The Good News The Trojans hauled in more than a handful of high-skill depth who'll certainly help in Jumbo's coaching transition. Nate Garrett looks like a four-year starter for USC and reports around campus are already singing his praises. What We're Wondering About Will there be a drop-off over the next few years? USC lacks high-caliber underclassmen that they've come to rely on in seasons' past and that could be an ominous warning for Jumbo's first few seasons in L.A. Washington Huskies 105th overall, 10th in Pac-12 Key Recruits WR D.D. Dyson 6-0 197 Fr Hayfork (Hayfork CA) 1.0 of 5.0 [Target] LS Bobby Heaton 6-2 271 Fr Decatur (Federal Way WA) 1.5 of 3.5 [Traditional] TE Bart Gregg 6-1 204 Fr Richland (Richland WA) 1.0 of 3.5 [Receiving] OLB Mario Jarvis 6-4 225 Fr Bothell (Bothell WA) 1.0 of 3.5 [Coverage] The Good News Well...Washington got their guy. The Huskies pretty much went all in on getting a top WR to pair with Jake Davis. They landed their guy in D.D. Dyson and hope beyond hope that this duo lifts it up. Their class in every other way is unspectacular. No other NFL quality players, and very little depth. What We're Wondering About The Huskies defense is old. Almost all their defensive starters are Jr, (Jr), Sr or (Sr)’s. This unit is experienced now but...the Huskies have neglected to keep up on this side of the ball the last couple cycles. They are going to need to get young quickly on defense if they want to stay relevant in the PAC12. Utah Utes 107th overall, 11th in Pac-12 Key Recruits OG Fletcher Joyner 6-6 261 Jr Salt Lake Community College (Salt Lake, UT) 4.5 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] DT Marlon Spencer 6-1 294 Fr Moon Valley (Phoenix AZ) 1.0 of 3.5 [2-Gap] TE Julian Lanier 6-2 239 Fr East Fork Lutheran (Whiteriver AZ) 1.0 of 3.5 [Blocking] CB Odel Irving 6-2 179 Fr Crescent (Iva SC) 1.0 of 3.0 [Zone Coverage] The Good News They got an absolute hoss and future first round pick in JUCO OG Fletcher Joyner. Throw in a couple of 3.5 potential players and the Utes' class is....well, it's not great. What We're Wondering About Almost every position moving forward (save for OG) Stanford Cardinal 116th overall, 12th in Pac-12 Key Recruits FS Marc Fox 6-1 197 Jr Bakersfield College (Bakersfield, CA) 3.5 of 4.0 [Zone Coverage] OG Lukas Pence 6-4 327 Fr Hayfork (Hayfork CA) 1.0 of 3.5 [Run Blocking] OLB Dennis Carlton 5-11 237 Fr Needles (Needles CA) 1.0 of 3.5 [Blitz] ILB Mike Beebe 6-2 209 Fr Mammoth (Mammoth Lakes CA) 1.0 of 3.5 [Will] The Good News There isn’t much good in this class for the Cardinal. They got a Juco FS who will be an immediate impact player but otherwise this year's recruiting cycle was pretty much a disaster for them (#116 out of 119). On top of that coaching turmoil places a rookie HC at the helm. What We're Wondering About Depth. Will the Cardinal have what it takes to fill out their roster effectively after a class like this in the coming seasons? This is a tough pill to swallow in Palo Alto I’m sure. The Stanford staff will need to feast on depth in the coming class. .
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    2021 AAC Off-Season Interviews: SMU

    2021 OFF-SEASON INTERVIEW SERIES: SMU Will SMU dominate the AAC west in 2021? Probably Today we have a very special interview in an undisclosed location with the very high coach of SMU, Time. Describe your 2020 season in one sentence. Time: What is the biggest loss and gain when your team transitions to the 2021 season? Time: The biggest loss is easily Dean Burkhart. He declared as a 4.5/5 (JR). That one hurt. I was always worried that either Andre Webb or him would declare. He was one of the first big recruits I landed and helped me turn around this program. He committed while we were in the midst of a 3-9 season. The program owes him so much, and not having such a consistent target will make Andre Webb's job much harder this season. I can't blame him for leaving. It's a shame he got stuck on the Browns, but there's no way he could have seen that coming. I wish him the best of luck in the league. T.C. McGregor has to be the biggest gain. This was a JuCo class where most people thought SMU wasn't going to land a single player. McGregor considered Auburn and FAU as well but ultimately came to Dallas. As a 5 star ILB recruit he should come in and start immediately and hopefully shore up a run defense that was one of biggest weaknesses last year. A big reason why we didn't go back to back as AAC champions is that we couldn't stop DNJ and the UCF run game. Who do you think is gonna be your team's MVP of the 2021 season? Time: Andre Webb has to be the answer. If he can find success with a relatively young receiver corps this team will be nearly unstoppable. It's his senior year and he started every game since his freshman year. I'm excited to see what he can do in his last year. After going to the AAC championship game 2 years in a row, do you think SMU can surpass Houston for conference championship appearances? Time: I dont see anyone that can stop me. Also has your team gotten spoiled by going to the conference championship game every year and need a kick in the ass or are they motivated to get back to that same spot year after year? Time: Our motivation goes beyond making to the conference championship. That means nothing in the long run. I believe anything less than winning the conference is a failure. We have unfinished business from last year. Finally, predict your record for next season and who's in the AAC championship game Time: 12-0. I'm going to have a rematch with Temple in the AACCG Editors note: Time was not avalable to do this interview earlier due to him being "I am way too high to answer right now" but he came through a day later when he said "All right now I'm just high enough to answer these". We thank Mr Time for his fantastic blazed, balls to the wall, cocky son of a bitch interview.
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    Coming into the 2020 season there was a lot of uncertainty about how the West Virginia Mountaineers were going to perform. National media outlets, including the Chicago Tribune and the Big XII Network, pegged the Mountaineers as a 6 win team and questioned their ability to get necessary stops in the high-octane Big XII. The outlets were sold, however, on the ability of the Mountaineers to put points on the board. A significant reason for this confidence placed in the WVU offense was because of Jr. quarterback Mohammed Foster. After all, Foster was coming off one of the most efficient passing games in his career with a 21/28 for 309 yards and 2 TD performance against the #20 Virginia Cavaliers in the 2019 Orlando Bowl. With 10/11 starters returning on offense, the expectations were running high for Foster. But what happened next could not be predicted outside Caperton Indoor Facility in Morgantown, West Virginia. Understanding where Foster has been will help to set the stage for his rapid ascension during the 2020 season. Foster attended the Taft School, an academic boarding school in Watertown, Connecticut. Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Foster moved to the school during his freshman year of high school after he was awarded several need based scholarships to attend the prestigious school. Right away he earned the starting quarterback position on the football team, wowing people with his arm strength and running ability. By his senior season Foster had led the Rhinos to multiple New England state championships and had established himself as the best dual-threat quarterback recruit in the nation. Foster’s work ethic was evident early on as he continually honed his game all throughout his high school years. That legendary work ethic and skill caught the eye of then-coach ETMIV of the West Virginia Mountaineers. The recruiting competition was heavy, but Foster inked his intent to join the Mountaineers as the heir apparent to the throne of longtime quarterback Richmond King. Right away Mohammed Foster showed Mountaineer faithful the stuff of legends. In his debut game against the #7 Kansas Jayhawks Foster lit up the boxscore with a scintillating line of 26/34 for 418 yards, 3 TDs and 13 carries for 145 yards and 3 TDs in a losing effort. The performance earned Foster national player of the week and put the country on notice that the freshman had arrived. The very next week Foster led the Mountaineers to an upset of the # 7 Tennessee Volunteers in Knoxville, earning the Mountaineers a ranking in the USA Today coaches poll. In one of the more strange events in CFBHC history, WVU coach ETMIV, would disappear leaving the Mountaineers coachless. The University, in one of the more perplexing moves, would allow the school’s mascot, the Mountaineer, to assume coaching duties for the remainder of the season. Recruiting would suffer, Foster and the team would struggle, and the magic would not be replicated for the remainder of the season. WVU would hire Texas A&M coach and alum smckenz3 to head up the program going into the 2019 season. Throughout life Foster has shown he is no stranger to overcoming challenges; his game, forged in the brutal winters of New England football, was primed for the spotlight in the football crazed town of Morgantown. Enter 2020. As mentioned earlier, the Mountaineers were predicted to win only 6 games and finish 5th in the Big XII conference. The offensive onslaught that would follow would immortalize Foster in the minds of Mountaineer fans everywhere, and put him proudly on the parthenon of Big XII conference legends. Foster would finish the season with an amazing 4,697 yards passing on a Big XII record 72.03% completion. He would finished with another Big XII record 41 passing touchdowns, another Big XII record 181.75 QB rating with only 6 interceptions in his 14 total games. Remember those legs we mentioned? Foster would finish with a cool 698 yards rushing on 8.31 YPC and 10 touchdowns. For those of you who avoid math that brings his totals to 5,395 yards and 51 touchdowns on the year. The Mountaineers would decimate the Big XII conference winning 10 games in a row to finish the season 10-2 and qualify for the conference championship against the TCU Horned Frogs. WVU would against set records in a 49-3 beatdown of TCU to finished undefeated in Big XII play and qualify for the CFBHC Playoffs. The Mountaineers would eventually fall to the LSU Tigers of the SEC, but at this point the predictions were blown away and the Mountaineers would prove their pundits wrong. As the season moved along the media started to put Foster in the Heisman discussion. The Mountaineers were rolling and everyone was starting to pay attention to the effortless way in which Foster commanded the nation’s best offense. He could throw, he could run, he drug a predicted 6 win team to the playoffs. There were several worthy candidates: Tanner Bowman of PSU, Nico Kaufman of the Air Force Academy, Marcus Black of Auburn but their teams performed as expected. Foster went above and beyond and he was rewarded with the Heisman Memorial Trophy. The kid from Philly, who attended a prestigious academic school in Connecticut, coached by a mascot for the bulk of his freshman year had climbed the highest mountain that CFBHC has to offer. Now here we are, at the end of the 2020 season, and Foster has decided to enter the 2021 NFLHC draft. Many predict him to be a top-5 pick and give him a chance to continue the legacy of successful scrambling NFLHC quarterbacks. The tape is there. The work-ethic is there. The skillset is there. It’s not often that a University is blessed with a program changing quarterback. Until 2020 the 2017 season was the gold standard in WVU history. Richmond King, Todd Sykes, John Jones, those guys were the legends in the eyes of Mountaineer fans, now there are new legends with Foster, Weldon, and Adam. Foster changed the way football is played in Morgantown. The speed, fluidity, and precision with which he commanded the team will forever be etched in the hearts of fans. Football will continue on for West Virginia University, but the memories of Mohammed Foster will forever live on in lore.
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    Today is a sad day, but I no longer feel I can adequately fulfill my GM duties with the Denver Broncos. With a plethora of other things going on in my life, something had to give, and my role as GM is what I have decided to let go. While the timing is admittedly poor, I felt it wasn't fair to the team to continue on while being unable to give it my all. I would like to thank @bingo415 for the opportunity to help build the Broncos into what they have become. @Jieret has been enormously helpful since he joined the organization, and I have no doubt he can succeed in the head coach role. @darkage , we didn't have much opportunity to work together, but I will say that this is a strong front office. I am not planning on leaving the site, and am going to continue on as the coach of Air Force. Go Broncos!
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    LSU Returns to Baton Rouge

    After a heartbreaking loss in the National Semifinal game to top ranked Penn State, the LSU Tiger football team landed in Baton Rouge this morning to hundreds of fans waiting at the airport to welcome them back. The Tigers lead the entire game until late in the 4th quarter when PSU scored the final go ahead touchdown. Fans came out to the airport in droves to show support for the most successful LSU team since the 2013 National Championship team. After arriving back on campus head coach cmcgill held his annual end of season press conference and took questions. He started off by saying "the way we lost that game is absolutely heartbreaking because we showed we were could be the best team in the country for three quarters, but I have to give a lot of credit to PSU for putting together some amazing drives that we just couldn't stop late in the game." He also spoke specifically about PSU QB Tanner Bowman saying, "their QB showed why he is a Heisman candidate as we just couldn't stop him. Our guys would be in the positions we wanted them to be, but he was able to make NFL throws that you just can't stop." After adressing the media coach cmcgill was joined by all of the departing seniors and tackle Joel Perry (who declared for the NFLHC draft as a redshirt junior) as they released the following joint statement: --------------------------- We have all spent four or five years here in Baton Rouge and we have developed a strong bond with each other, our teammates, our classmates, and the entire LSU community. Some of us started four years and others never saw the field, but all of us share an experience that we wouldn't trade for the world. This past season has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of our entire lives. We wish it had ended differently, but we are proud of what we and our brothers have accomplished. For years we have dedicated our free time to getting LSU back to the top of the mountaintop where we felt we belonged and while we didn't reach the summit ourselves, we know we leave LSU in a better place than we arrived and have faith that this team will accomplish what we could not in the near future. The the fans, we want to say thank you for showing up every Saturday night and being the loudest most passionate fans in the country. To our teammates, keep up the hard work and make us proud in the coming seasons. We will be watching every game and we look forward to seeing you carry the torch for our Tigers. To coach, we want to say thank you for everything you did for us. You may not have been the coach who recruited us to Baton Rouge, but we couldn't imagine these past three years without you. Many of us will never play another down of organized football, but we feel more prepared for life after football because of your guidance. Forever LSU, QB Blake Craig QB Brady Fuller-McCormick RB Jayden Huff RB James Burnett FB Julius Gaston FB Aden Bunch FB Isamaeli Vaai WR Adam Vann WR Dwayne Maddox WR Andre Cannon TE Corey Garvin OT Joel Perry C Griffin Chappell DT Cameron Street DT Edward Lawler DE Luis Paz DE Brian Harvey DE Andre Seay ILB Jaiden Davenport ILB Chad Lockett OLB David Ellis CB Noah Doe FS Amir Pickett SS Kaden Bowser SS Terrence McGhee K Marcus Sewell K Jeremy Devlin K Jayden Phipps P Joel Matlock P Louis Roper
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    [2021] Preseason All-American Team

    Hello, welcome to the Preseason All-American team, hosted by the Chairperson of the Preseason Selection Committee, SageBow. I'd firstly wish to thank the esteemed members of the committee who helped select the team: stormstopper, constapatedape, Jieret, and rabidsnowman. Without further ado, here are the selections for the top players in the nation. QB: Tucker Dowden, Senior, RB: DeSean Dockery, Senior, FB: Emanuelu Tuimaleali'lfano, Senior, WR: Jarvis Ward, Senior, WR: Morgan Patton, Senior, TE: Casey Swann, Junior, OT: Alex Vasili, Junior, OT: Kyle Will, Senior, OG: Angelo Denny, Senior, OG: Donald Kendrick, Junior, C: Xavier Cuellar, Senior, DE: Timothy Key, Senior, DE: Sebastian Smallwood, Senior, DT: Marlon Bailey, Senior, DT: Rashaad Malcolm, Senior, ILB: Markus Golden, Senior, ILB: Bradley Rainey, Junior, OLB: Damian Dailey, Junior, OLB: Sam Caron, Sophomore, CB: Kenyon Justice, Senior, CB: Blaine Lewis-Thompson, Junior, FS: Seth Scott, Senior, SS: Brody Gibbons, Junior, K: Mason Williams, Sophomore, P: Graham Chandler, Senior, Returner: D.J. Barnes, Junior, Who got robbed? Who is a surprise? Any shocking inclusions or exclusions? All 5 selection committee members are now available for a press conference for any questions!
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    Bengals Sold to First-Time Owner

    In a surprising move the Cincinnati Bengals have been sold to thatfunk, who had recently taken over as GM of the Falcons. Thatfunk joined the Falcons after multiple stints with the Titans, which were separated by a quick stop as GM of the Buccaneers. Here is thatfunk in his own words: I am honored and privileged to be given the reigns of this franchise and will look to do my best, as I have done at every stop before. The Bengals are a proud franchise and even though we have recently fallen on tough times, I know that with the help of the fans we can get back to where we belong. I have already reached out to a HC candidate and am willing to take other applications for HC, as well as applications for GM. I am looking forward to hit the ground running and see what we can achieve. We are now open for questions.
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    Los Angeles, CA -- With the season looming, USC is looking to win its third ever PAC-12 title. Following former coach iliveinadreamtorium's resignation after 8 seasons, coach Jumbo has taken over the program and is looking to build on his coaching success in 2020, where he lead a Pittsburgh Panthers squad that was unranked in preseason to the semifinals of the 2020 College Football Playoff™. A San Diego native, Jumbo said he was happy to be "closer to home" and looked forward to trying to bring new heights to a program with a large amount of historical success. The new coach picked out his 5 standout players from the preseason who might be unknowns to Trojans fans for now. All of them, however, will be major contributors this year as new starters on the team. QB Marc Lockwood, 4/4 Jr, Scrambler Now on his 4th season on USC's roster, Lockwood was the primary backup to Luke Trickett for the last 2 seasons. Lockwood was expecting to take over as a senior, but Trickett surprised many by entering the draft early (he was selected in the 3rd round by the New England Patriots). Lockwood is not as naturally skilled a passer as Trickett was, as he has been criticized for his funky delivery in camp, but his athleticism is great and he will be a serious threat on the ground. Plus, he has a great proven receiver in 1st team All-Pac 12 Samuel Gulla he can rely on when the going gets tough. USC's stature as a top 10 team, as has been floated in preseason, will depend heavily on Lockwood's performance. RB Bernard Shook - 4.5/4.5 Sr, Speed Back A JUCO transfer from Chabot College in Hayward, CA, Shook faced some fierce competition from a loaded Trojans backfield but ended up narrowly winning the starting job over the more bulky Marcus Copeland and redshirt freshman power back Charles Bowser due to his electrifying speed. Shook constantly made plays with the ball during practice in the spring and it carried over to the summer as he made some Trojans defenders look absolutely silly. Shook will try to replace Jesus Cordero and try to carry the load to help out new quarterback Lockwood, though the coach noted that Copeland and Bowser will also be rotated in on occasion to take some carries. WR Marc Ponder, 3/5 Fr, Speed Receiver A very skinny receiver at 6'3 161, Ponder was a highly touted recruit but was redshirted last year as he would have likely been only the 4th receiver on the depth chart behind Sam Gulla, Sean Waller, and Emmanuel Jenkins. He came into practice this year and Jumbo expected him to play out of the slot in his first year, but a very impressive spring has landed him in the WR2 role. Ponder's straight line speed isn't the fastest, but his agility and acceleration make him a serious threat with the ball in his hands. Lack of focus on Ponder could make things dangerous for opposing defenses who already have to deal with Gulla. DE Terrell Francis, 3/3 Fr, Pass Rushing End Francis, a bit skinny for a defensive end at 6'6 240, was not recruited with the expectation that he would start in 2021 - USC's two starters, Ilan Kuhn and Nasir Womack were both juniors. However, with both declaring for the draft two defensive end spots opened up. With strong performances throughout, Francis managed to win a starting job on a defense that will feature 3 true freshman starters this season. USC's defensive coordinator is having him focus on staying committed to keeping the edge against running plays as there are some dangerous runningbacks in the conference - his pass rush skills look to be pretty refined as he already has a large set of pass rushing moves. ILB Nate Garrett, 3/4.5 Fr, Coverage Linebacker Garrett was the jewel of USC's 2020 recruiting class, but did not necessarily come in with expectations of starting as 2020 starter Kamari Wiggins was still on the roster. However, with a new coach comes a clean slate and Garrett was perhaps the most impressive player on the defense during the offseason program. Garrett is already a vocal leader who came into practices having already memorized the Trojans' entire defensive playbook, and Jumbo gave him the starting nod due to his superior coverage ability compared to Wiggins as well as the leadership he brings even as a true freshman. Wiggins is playing next to two outstanding linebackers to form one of the nation's best young linebacking corps, and he has said that he hopes to be a 4-year starter at USC. A Malibu native, Garrett is commuting from his Malibu home to practice this year. With a new coach comes a lot of new changes, as USC has new offensive and defensive coordinators and many new hopeful contributors. With expectations high and a good performance during practices, the team faces a strong challenge early as they host likely Top 10 foe TCU in the first week of the season. We'll have to wait until then to see if all the hard work this offseason paid off for these new starters.
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    Welcome to NFLHC Key Injuries! This will be a weekly article that highlights several injuries that are worth noting around the league. This week, we cover injuries that cover both training camp and preseason week one. Danny Patrick, TE, Baltimore Ravens, Severe ACL Rupture The injury to Danny Patrick suffered during their preseason game versus the Seattle Seahawks is a huge blow to the Ravens offense. Patrick was already coming off a great 2020 season, where he had 61 catches for 780 yards to go along with seven touchdowns. Patrick was set to have another huge season for the Ravens, as he was going to be the reliable target for Reggie Watkins. With Patrick done for the season, look for the Ravens to rely completely on wide receiver David Wells to move the offense. Josh Shiancoe, RB, New York Giants, Severe Meniscus Bruise A thin offense, just became a whole lot thinner. The New York Giants lose their 3rd down running back until week 8 at the earliest due to a severe meniscus bruise suffered in their first preseason game. This is a huge blow to the Giants as running back was already one of the less talented positions on the team. Now they have to rely on old, declining starter OJ Carano to carry the load of the run game, as Will Fuller looks to be used in other positions in the Giants offense. William Anderson, WR, New York Giants, Severe Achilles Rupture Another huge blow to one of the least talented offenses in the league. Anderson was set to become another key, reliable target for QB Mike Thomas, as he was slated to be the WR lining opposite of Cotton Lewis. He was looking to build off of a solid rookie season, where he had 42 catches, 561 yards, and 4 touchdowns. Sadly, Anderson’s season is done with an achilles rupture that occured during training camp. Look for WRs Tom Oldham and Art Baber to move up in the depth chart and contribute. Wayne Gelbaugh, OT, Chicago Bears, Severe ACL Rupture Whether it’s Norris Brocksheer or Mohammed Foster lining up center, one thing is for certain, they’re going to be running for their lives. The Bears lose their best offensive lineman in Gelbaugh, who ruptured his ACL during training camp. Gelbaugh started at left tackle, protecting the quarterback’s blind side. Expect to see Fred Huber to fill in his spot. Elijah Harden, RB, Indianapolis Colts , Moderate Foot Fracture The Colts losing Harden is a huge blow to the Colts offense. Harden is easily their best running back on roster, and they lose him until week 3 at the earliest due to a moderate foot fracture suffered in training camp. Though Aaron Shea and his group of talented receivers will always carry the Colts offense, losing Harden makes them completely one dimensional. There isn’t much talent backing up Harden, but look to see Lavontae Jackson to step up and be the lead running back while Harden recovers.
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    MAC News

    [2021] MAC Pre-season Overview

    Welcome to the 2021 season! It's great to be back for another season of wild #MACtion. 2020 was a good year for the conference with seven teams making a bowl and their first-ever playoff appearance. Will 2021 be even better? We certainly hope so. But let's look at the teams of the Mid-American! Along with analysis by the MAC Network, the MAC coaches were also polled and asked to rank the teams based on where they think each school will finish this year. Some also provided their comments on each team. Without further ado, in alphabetical order.... (Note: any stats provided are 2020 season stats.) Akron Zips (9-4 last year) Coach: @darkage (3rd year) Returning Starters: Offense: 5 Defense: 5 Key Losses: QB T.J. Zamora (230 of 367 for 2850 yards, 18/7 TD/INT, 57 rushes for 348 yards, 2 rush TDs, 1 Fum Lost), C Jacob Alves, CB Troy Galloway (17 TKL, 5 INT, 1 FR), SS Jadon Boykin (10 TKL) Last Year's Power Ranking finish: 3 Projected conference finish: 5th (3rd MAC East) Overview: Departed QB T.J. Zamora may have jump-started the Zips’ run to prominence last season, but it was the “Eater of Worlds” Marlon Bailey (49 tackles, 7.0 sacks) who raised the bar for an Akron team that led the conference in sacks with 28 last year. With Bailey returning for one more go-around, the Zips look to exceed expectations and challenge for the MAC East crown. Position of Strength: The defensive interior. As if dealing with Bailey wasn’t enough, Akron now features a second 5-star player on the line in DT Jeremiah Clarke. The duo is set to make life miserable for opposing offensive linemen and with JuCo MLB Devin Frazier plucked from nearby Kirtland, it’s hard to imagine many interior rushing plays going for positive yardage. Position of Weakness: Secondary. With no starters having higher than 3-star potential - and only FS Aron Ricketts playing to his potential - the Zips’ back four can expect to see a LOT of footballs chucked in their direction. Position to Watch: Quarterback. After four years of the T.J. Zamora Experience, redshirt junior Griffin Donahue will take the snaps under center. It took Zamora all the way until his senior year to put things together, can Donahue harness his talent sooner? It helps that he has underrated RB Nathaniel Ruff (287 carries for 1295, 12 TDs) to lean on. Coaches' Comments: Should run the ball well, offense capable of 25 PPG. Secondary is weakness on Defense. 6-8 Wins ceiling Expect a career year for Nathaniel Ruff, with behind a solid O-line, as opposed to an average receiving corp. Would be higher, but they have too may holes in the defense to claim a contender spot. Zips backfield is great, O-line okay, receviers meh. Running on this defense may be next to impossible, but that secondary is not good at all Strengths- run game, d-line. Weaknesses- Cbs/Wrs Ball State Cardinals (1-11 last year) Coach: @npklemm (1st year) Returning Starters: Offense: 6 Defense: 5 Key Losses: WR Chan Pease (55 rec for 696 yards, 4 TDs) Last Year's Power Ranking finish: 12 Projected conference finish: 8th (4th MAC West) Overview: In what was a shocking move to many - but shouldn’t have been- former Virginia coach npklemm left the Cavs after their first playoff appearance ever to return home to his alma mater. No one will doubt the coach’s credentials, but they do doubt Ball State’s ability to make a bowl this year. Npklemm hopes to accelerate the rebuilding process and bring the Cardinals to the same heights he brought the Hoos, sooner rather than later. Position of Strength: Defensive line. MAC coaches are tired of seeing Twin Tower DTs Isamaeli Afamasaga (20 tackles, 4.5 sacks) and Rashaad Malcolm (34 tackles, 7.0 sacks, 1 FF, 1 FR) lining up next to each other - this is their third and final year doing so. But they’re lining up differently this time; with Ball State’s move to a 3-4 defense Afamasaga has been moved to the 5-technique DE spot. Position of Weakness: Linebacker. Three of their four starters (2.5/3.5. 2.5/3.5, 3.0/3.0, 2.5/3.0) are underclassmen and wouldn’t normally be starting. But lack of depth again rears its head, forcing players to play too early. Position to Watch: Quarterback. Which one would you like to have starting? QB A: 69 of 126 for 805 yds, 6/6 TD/INT in 5 games, 114.62 QBR QB B: 100 of 170 for 1089 yds, 4/7 TD/INT in 7 games, 112.16 QBR It was a rough year for any Ball State signal caller, but with no blue-chip QB prospect in the fold coach klemm gave the starting nod to Marquis Causey. Causey didn’t take the step forward many expected him to when Chan Pease was there; can klemm do his QB whisperer magic for Causey like he did with Matteo Rook? Causey is QB B, by the way. Coaches' Comments: You can see the beginnings of a potent offense, but even a coach like npklemm needs some time to mold his team. Only the defensive line scares you here QB is an issue. Back 7 leaves a lot to be desired. 6 Wins Ceiling Potential for a fun gun slinging offense with a host of well rounded staff. Defense on the whole seems under staffed with the exception of a few standouts. This feels too low. Offensive spark and a new coach with pedigree could have them surprise people. Strengths- d-line/safeties...COACH. Weaknesses- lack of depth at key postitions Bowling Green Falcons (2-10 last year) Coach: @Popadom17 (2nd year) Returning Starters: Offense: 8 Defense: 6 Key Losses: OLB Brandon Thomas (50 TKL, 5.0 sacks), DE Theodore Bergeron (17 TKL, 3.0 sacks, 1 FF) Last Year's Power Ranking finish: 10 Projected conference finish: 10th (6th MAC East) Overview: Good news: There’s a surprising amount of continuity on the Falcons roster with 14 of 22 starters from 2020 returning including five pro-potential offensive players. The bad news: Last year’s team badly underperformed compared to their skill level. Coach Popadom17 should raise the Falcons’ win total just by being a coach with a pulse and if he can harness the talent on this roster, a bowl game may be in play. Position of Strength: Interior offensive line. Left guard Maximilian Pope (4.0/4.0), center Jonas Zambrano (4.0/4.0), and right guard Derrick Briggs (5.0/5.0) are the best center/guard combination in the MAC, and match up favorably against any other interior group in the country. Bowling Green gave up the second most sacks in the conference with 25, but that was more about the putrid tackle play they had last year. Position of Weakness: Outside linebacker. The Falcons have only three OLBs on the roster and two of them are true freshmen. Expect both Fr Joshua Lyles and Jr Thierno McNeal to get tested a lot by tight ends and outside zone runs. Position to Watch: Running back. Zack Odell returns as the starter after a not-great year statistically (234 rushes for 982 yards, 8 TDs, 3 Fum Lost). His style doesn’t seem to mesh well with BGSU’s strengths on the offensive line, plus there’s the fumbleitis he suffered from last year. How will coach Popadom get Odell on track this year? Coaches' Comments: With 4.0 LG, 5.0 C, and 4.0 LG, this would be a Power RB's dream offensive line. But with Zach Odell, a speed RB, might not have as great of gains due to weaker OTs. Despite solid safties, the defensive line is paltry and the LB corp not much better. Teams with good RB's could just chip away with 4 yard carries all game and win comfortably. Strengths-o-line/safety. Weaknesses-tackles/guards/olbs Still good pieces scattered here and there, but who is Eddie Connelly throwing to? Coaches' focus could be on the recruiting trail as much as it is on the field. Good OL. Not much else on Offense. Defense will be a struggle too. Odd blend of senior experience and young "talent". 5 Win Ceiling Buffalo Bulls (10-3 last year) Coach: @SodapopSeth (6th year) Returning Starters: Offense: 5 Defense: 9 Key Losses: RB Mamadou Wynn (268 rushes for 1349 yards, 16 TDs), OT Marcus Waterman, OG Edward Galloway Last Year's Power Ranking finish: 4 Projected conference finish: 6th (4th MAC East) Overview: Out with MAMADOU SMASH, in with the Fabulous One. Tough-nosed Mamadou Wynn graduates, but Denzel Porter transfers in from the highly-competitive Fashion Institute of Technology. But it’s reigning MAC Offensive Player of the Year QB Blair Holcomb that determines how the Bulls season will go. Holcomb clearly has the talent and the trust of coach SodapopSeth, but a suddenly weak offensive line may derail the Holcomb train before it leaves the station. Position of Strength: Quarterback. Senior Blair Holcomb (268 of 399 for 3532 yards, 35/7 TD/INT) is undoubtedly the best quarterback in the MAC, and the improvement in the Bulls’ offensive output since he arrived on campus is startling. With a quartet of experienced pass-catchers to throw to, Buffalo’s fortunes are riding on Holcomb’s right arm. Position of Weakness: Offensive Line. It almost feels sacrilegious to type this, but these are not the implacable Buffalo road graders of years past. Although junior center D.J. Wilkinson is ready for the pros now, centers are playing at both guard positions and both tackles really needed another year or two to develop (2.5/3.5, 1.5/3.5). How well will Holcomb do when he doesn’t have the pockets develop for him like they did last year? Position to Watch: Placekicker. With no true placekicker on the roster that any coach would feel good about, Mohamed Saylor is back for a second year of double duty. He struggled mightily on field goals converting only two-thirds of his attempts (24 of 36, long 42), and this phase of the game cost the Bulls at least two wins last year. If Saylor struggles again coach SodapopSeth’s best option after him is senior Charles Luther (2.0/2.0) who has never taken a snap in-game. Coaches' Comments: Blair Holcomb is the obvious front runner for the best QB in the MAC, but will probably be spending most of the time running for his life behind a weak o-line that lacks depth. Tough to tell how defense will fare... but there is potential for it to be surprisingly resolute. This alone should keep Buffalo firmly in the middle of the MAC. QB Holcomb and RB Porter are a potent backfield, but outside of center D.J. Wilkinson this O-line is bad. Worst kicking game in the conference Passing Team Now? OL will be downfall of Offense in games. Lack on talent on Defense. Plenty of shootouts this year. 7 win ceiling Strengths- Pass Game/Run game. Weaknesses- kicker/ lack of depth at d-line Central Michigan Chippewas (2-10 last year) Coach: @johnkirk (2nd year) Returning Starters: Offense: 4 Defense: 8 Key Losses: CB A’Shawn Ellison (20 TKL, 6 INT, 1 TD) Last Year's Power Ranking finish: 9 Projected conference finish: 7th (3rd MAC West) Overview: 2020 was always a bridge year for the Chips, as Matt Rowland kept the QB seat warm until phenom Byron Suggs was ready. Now Suggs is ready to show that the hype is justified. Position of Strength: Passing game. It helps that Suggs has a pair of big targets to throw to. Junior TE Jasper Rowley (37 rec for 465 yards, 6 TDs) is the reliable safety valve over the middle who has raised his game every year, and redshirt freshman Joseph Aikman is a HUGE (6’5” 227) target that will make life difficult for opposing CBs - especially when they could giving up as many as nine inches in height differential. Position of Weakness: Offensive Line. However, Central can’t be as confident in their front five to keep all their shiny weapons safe. This was the worst performing unit in the MAC last year (4.07 rating, 21 sacks allowed), and only senior LT Victor Reaves (3.5/3.5) qualifies as someone most coaches would be okay starting. Everyone else either needs another year or is “okay.” “Okay” and “needs another year” probably won’t fare well against the Marlon Baileys and Donte Pennels of the world. Position to Watch: Front seven. Even with bookend DEs Nazir Tatum-Kimbrough (17 TKL, 1.0 sack) and Rory Bolin (24 TKL, 4.0 sacks, 2 FF) back for yet ANOTHER year*, this unit failed to get any significant pressure on the QB last season with only eight sacks. They return virtually the same players, but with no one starting specializes in getting to the QB and the ROLB spot again manned by an ILB it’s hard to see a dramatic improvement in this area. Coaches' Comments: Most exciting freshman in conference (Byron Suggs). Could score a ton. Average Defense. 9 Win ceiling Strengths- Great passing game/o-line. Weaknesses- Cbs/inconsistent starters. NOT going to be fun dealing with Byron Suggs and Joseph Aikman for the next few years. LBs and O-line hold them back from making serious waves. The pieces of an offense are coming into place. But youth and large losses on defense will be the story. Should be better than last year, but another year away. Eastern Michigan Eagles (4-8 last year) Coach: @DrFootball (1st year) Returning Starters: Offense: 9 Defense: 7 Key Losses: RB Jamel Jamison (256 rushes for 1086 yards, 10 TDs), DT Shane Horton (29 TKL, 6 sacks, 1 FF), FS Zachary Dumas (8 TKL) Last Year's Power Ranking finish: 8 Projected conference finish: 11th (5th MAC West) Overview: The Eagles boast 16 returning starters including 3-year starter Giovanni Shaw so the experience is there. But the RB situation is certainly not experienced, and even with all the continuity this looks like an average roster at best. Position of Strength: Quarterback. Giovanni Shaw’s stats last year were not good (174 of 302 for 2059 yards, 9/19 TD/INT, 51 rushes for 380 yards, 3 TDs) but he and graduated RB Jamel Jamison had absolutely no help from an O-line that produced a 4.41 rating and 19 sacks allowed. Now they have a line that on paper looks competent (if not inspiring), and having an actual fullback in JuCo transfer E.J. Greer play the position will help in the run and pass game. Shaw has long been thought of as better than his stats indicate, he might get a chance to show it this year. Position of Weakness: Secondary. FS Zachary Dumas didn’t put up many numbers last year, but his graduation leaves the back four as all 3.0/3.0 Man coverage personnel. This group is probably going to get tested a lot. Position to Watch: Linebackers. New coach DrFootball has moved to a 3-4 scheme to accommodate his best player in ILB Julian Rinehart (4.0/4.0) and incoming JuCo ILB Mosi Gary (3.5/4.0). Along with OLBs Brayden Winters and Brian Pearson, this group will probably get leaned on to provide most of the defensive activity for EMU especially with Eagle legend Shane Horton no longer blowing things up inside. Coaches' Comments: Giovanni Shaw is a favorite QB of mine that isn't my own. However, A poor running back crew really holds back this offensive potential of this offense. One of the stoutest interior D's but has issues in the secondary. There are a lot of good QB's in the MAC this year to let that go. No real Cohesion on Offense. Defense is kinda average. 5 win ceiling Strengths- Decent pass game/d-line/lbs. Weaknesses- Hard team to coach since they all have different preferences on how they play the game the best. Giovanni Shaw can't do it by himself (stud RB Tyler Pearson isn't ready yet) but he may have to. Kent State Golden Flashes (6-7 last year) Coach: @TazerMan (2nd year) Returning Starters: Offense: 6 Defense: 4 Key Losses: WR Thaddeus Torrez (43 rec for 540 yards, 7 TDs), WR Iye Parris (46 rec for 628 yards, 4 TDs), WR Cayden Sampson (30 rec for 369 yards, 1 TD), CB Richard Roberts (19 TKL, 6 INT), SS Quinn Benson (20 TKL, 2 INT, 1 TD) Last Year's Power Ranking finish: 7 Projected conference finish: 9th (5th MAC East) Overview: Another team feeling the sting of coachless years past, Kent State has to take a mulligan on building off of their inspiring bowl season. They are getting much better but a lack of ready depth to replace the 12 lost starters means it probably won’t show on the field this year. Position of Strength: Quarterback. Senior John Garland (238 of 391 for 2749 yards, 19/15 TD/INT, 59 rushes for 441 yards, 7 TDs) often feels like a member of House Greyjoy: “What is dead may never die.” He’s been beaten and battered ever since stepping foot on campus, and yet here he is. He isn’t the most talented player on the roster, but coach TazerMan had him playing better than you’d expect last year. Garland is going to need to do the same this year. Position of Weakness: Cornerbacks. No one in the two-deeps at this group has potential higher than 2.5. Even with support from JuCo SS Steven Gordon, the CBs are going to get picked on early and often. Position to Watch: Wide Receiver. Kent State’s top four receivers all graduated so this position is extremely thin. With the #2 WR a 2.0/3.0 true freshman and the slot receiver a 1.0/3.5 true freshman, it makes us wonder if the Golden Flashes will move to a 2-TE base set to compensate. Coaches' Comments: Scoring won't be easy. Stopping people from scoring won't be easy either. 3 win ceiling The coachless teams of years past catch up to Kent this season. If TazerMan can get this team anywhere near a bowl berth he's a miracle worker. 2022 on looks much better. Could be a difficult year for Kent State. The only thing that could be consider a standout playmaker for them is SS Steven Gordon, a 3.5/4.5 JUCO transfer. An impressive class of redshirts waiting in the wings should make them feel better for the future. Strengths- Decent D-line/ beating akron. Weaknesses- Everyone else is on the redshirt. Miami (OH) Redhawks (8-5 last year) Coach: @caesari (3rd year) Returning Starters: Offense: 9 Defense: 8 Key Losses: WR Melvin Grubbs (41 rec for 396 yards, 4 TDs), DE Jabari Hilliard (27 TKL, 4.0 sacks), CB Shamar McClendon (17 TKL, 3 INT, 1 TD) Last Year's Power Ranking finish: 6 Projected conference finish: 4th (2nd MAC East) Overview: With an unreal 17 of 22 starters coming back, there is a lot of hype and expectations surrounding the Redhawks. Miami is the primary challenger for Ohio’s MAC East crown, and the success of that challenge is primarily going to depend on their ability to cover their one or two weak points. Position of Strength: Passing game. We know that aerial fireworks comes to town along with Zack Cera and the Redhawks. Not many teams have been able to stop them. Cera (340 of 570 for 3745 yards, 36/11 TD/INT, 1 Fum lost) has another year of experience under his belt and all his primary weapons return - the lone graduate from the receiving corps was their #3 WR. With WR Kenneth Harrison (74 rec for 787 yards, 11 TDs) on the outside and Mackey winner Casey Swann down the middle (79 rec for 1038, 14 TDs), defenses are going to have a hard time deciding where to focus their efforts. Position of Weakness: Cornerback. Your #1 CB as a 3.0/3.0 (Jr Travis Watson) won’t inspire much confidence from the fans, but coach caesari was forced to double down and put talented but raw (1.0/4.0) CB Jeremiah Christy in the fire right away opposite Watson. Miami has a very good safety duo to back them up in FS Nicholas Mingo (30 TKL, 6 INT) and Ian Huntley (18 TKL, 3 INT), but the CBs and Christy in particular will be tested a lot. Position to Watch: Running Back. As in is it worth watching to see Miami’s running game? Redshirt junior Ajani Garrett (163 rushes for 700 yards, 8 TDs) isn’t a bad RB by any means, but his carries seemed to be of the 1/2-yard TD plunge variety or else just to keep defenses honest. Coaches' Comments: Strengths-Great passing game. Weaknesses-cbs Cera will destroy MAC (again). Solid OL. Defense is kinda meh. 10 win ceiling It's all on Zack Cera again, but an improved O-line should keep him upright better than last year. Inexperienced CBs might mean a lot of their victories are "last score wins" Pray that our good lord and savior protect Miami from injuries. A lack of depth at WR, CB and RB is concerning, but should they stay healthy, I'd be surprised if they don't have the best offense in the MAC. Defense while not quite as all around amazing is still quite formidable. Northern Illinois Huskies (2-10 last year) Coach: @subsequent (2nd year) Returning Starters: Offense: 6 Defense: 6 Key Losses: RB Daniel Hutchins (292 carries for 1519 yards, 14 TDs), TE Emory Johnson (49 rec for 680 yards, 6 TDs), DT Russel Brandt (18 TKL, 2.0 sacks) Last Year's Power Ranking finish: 11 Projected conference finish: 12th (6th MAC West) Overview: Once the class of the MAC, several years of inattention are finally catching up to the Huskies. There are still talented players on this roster but zero depth, making an injury in the wrong spot devastating. Position of Strength: Quarterback. Junior Charlie Sanford again gets his chance at the head of the NIU QB Carousel. But without the likes of NFLers Daniel Hutchins and Emory Johnson it’s on Sanford’s shoulders to make plays for the Huskie offense; his skill players are talented but unproven - out of his entire WR and TE groups only WR Nathaniel Alford has any in-game experience, and that was just 5 catches for 58 yards in 2020. Position of Weakness: Defensive End. Brand new starters Miles Beasley (3.0/3.0) and Cristopher Carmona (2.0/3.5) won’t scare many tackles coming off the edge. Look for MAC tackles to be on islands while DT Thierno Thomas commands the double-teams until either Beasley or Carmona show they deserve respect. Position to Watch: Cornerback. Juniors Samuel Echols and Alpha Mitchell are a good CB tandem, but their nickel back is a (1.5/2.5) true freshman and they have no other CBs on the roster. Will teams be tempted to go 3 and 4-wide to exploit that? Coaches' Comments: 3 WR's and 3 CB's would put me in a panic, but a pretty capable roster is on the table here. I think we will be dreading facing Oliver McNeal for a long time, both CFB and NFL. They'd be much higher if I knew the coach would be capable. This year's NIU is shorter on talent than years past, but should be better with a steady coach. Strengths-lb/dt. Weaknesses- serious lack of depth on offense especially o-line/wr Offense could keep things interesting. Who starts at QB? Defense OK. 4 Win ceiling Ohio Bobcats (9-5 last year) Coach: @Chad_Michael (1st year) Returning Starters: Offense: 6 Defense: 7 Key Losses: RB Owen Walton (310 rushes for 1616 yards, 19 TDs), OG Jayden Grove, FS Robert Mahoney (34 TKL, 5 INT, 1 TD) Last Year's Power Ranking finish: 2 Projected conference finish: 3rd (1st MAC East) Overview: The MAC East winner the last two years, Ohio looks ready to make another run at the division. With stud Jeffrey Flowers ready to take over for Owen Walton and the best linebacking corps in the conference, the Bobcats certainly have the tools to go as far as their new coach can take them. Position of Strength: Linebackers. With as much talent as Ohio has at this position, it makes a world of sense to put them in a 3-4 alignment. Senior Mike LB Calvin Blue (40 TKL, 2 INT, 0.5 sacks) is the heart and soul of their defense and directs traffic for outside linebackers Donovan Pendleton (22 TKL, 3.0 sacks) and Myles Lindsay (50 TKL, 1 FR). Position of Weakness: Offensive line. Specifically the right side where two new starters are playing in 2.5/2.5 So OG Ethan Felder and 3.0/3.0 Sr Devin Golden. They’re not the worst G/T combo in the conference, but defensive coordinators will likely be looking to overwhelm the duo in order to get to the backfield. Position to Watch: Quarterback. 4.0/4.0. This is new QB Austin Lowe’s rating as a redshirt freshman. Lowe stepped onto the campus in Athens with much fanfare and expectations he’d start from day one, but then-coach @beeznik redshirted him in favor of then-struggling QB Stephen Peters. The gamble paid off as Peters had the best season of his career, but it is clearly Lowe’s time to shine in a packed MAC East. No pressure, kid. Coaches' Comments: Strength- Run game, receivers. Weakness- O-line, secondary Still a very solid team. Potent offense, but new coaching and a weakened secondary would put them just a hair below from last years prestige, but very much not a team to sleep on. Bobcats have the talent to be fighting for the MAC East again, most consistent team in the division. Right side of OL only weakness on Offense. Safeties big weakness on defense. 9 win ceiling. Toledo Rockets (8-5 last year) Coach: @deathcpo (6th year) Returning Starters: Offense: 6 Defense: 9 Key Losses: QB Benjamin Hanson (249 of 358 for 3213 yards, 28/6 TD/INT), WR Thomas Yang (57 rec for 851 yards, 9 TDs), DT Dwayne Montgomery (32 TKL, 2.5 sacks) Last Year's Power Ranking finish: 5 Projected conference finish: 1st (1st MAC West) Overview: IT’S HERE, THE PROMISED TIME IS UPON US. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, you’ve all looked forward to it for so long. Now it is… #TOLEDO2021 But in all seriousness, this is on paper the best team in the MAC and the best team coach deathcpo has probably ever had. Now it’s just a matter of turning that paper talent into on-field results. Position of Strength: Defensive line. The Rockets lose two starters to graduation (one to the NFL), and they get better? Okay, sure. Check this line out: DE Dwayne Briggs 6-1 251 (Jr) Germantown (Germantown, WI) 4.5 of 4.5 [Contain] (38 TKL, 7.5 sacks) DT De'Shawn Beckwith 6-3 285 Jr Northfield (Northfield, MN) 4.5 of 4.5 [1-Gap] DT Damian Larkin 6-2 287 (So) Lompoc (Lompoc, CA) 4.0 of 5.0 [2-Gap] DE Ezekiel Williams Jr. 6-1 265 Jr Southwestern Community College (Creston, IA) 4.0 of 4.5 [Blitz] (But really, we could choose almost any group on the field) Position of Weakness: Placekicking. 5-star redshirt freshman Sam Painter is promising but untested. Their long snapper is a 3-star tight end. Shaky special teams have cost many games over the years, could it derail Toledo’s hype train? Position to Watch: Offensive line. It’s a group any other coach in the MAC would love to have, but there is a lot of inexperience and untapped promise here. New QB Michael Thompson will need his big men to play to their potential and not their floors. Coaches' Comments: All-in this year, this team is obviously built to win NOW. A key injury could make everything fall apart though, very little depth. #Toledo2021 Not sold on #Toledo2021 (but I might get a shirt for Toledo 2022, a lot of their starters return). A few low rated - high potential guys might make the difference for Toledo. Probably best Offense in MAC (untested QB though). Very experienced & talented on Defense. 12 win ceiling Strength-Star players. Weakness- Inconsistent star players. Western Michigan Broncos (12-2 last year) Coach: Jieret (3rd year) Returning Starters: Offense: 7 Defense: 6 Key Losses: FB Marquise McQueen, DE Michael McKinney (28 TKL, 7.5 sacks, 1 FF), ILB Kareem Boykin (46 TKL, 3 INT, 1 FF, 1 FR), CB Sean Taylor (19 TKL, 5 INT, 1 TD) Last Year's Power Ranking finish: 1 Projected conference finish: 2nd (2nd MAC West) Overview: Fresh off a CFB playoff appearance, the Broncos sport an improved offense. But the early declarations of Western’s two best defensive players will make it difficult to defend their conference title, let alone make it the top eight again. Position of Strength: Running back. It’s year two of the DeSean Madison era and opposing MAC coaches are already tired of facing him. The redshirt sophomore is fresh off a 1600-yard, 21 TD campaign and looks to break New York Jets legend Emmanuel Fields’ school record of 3480 career rushing yards. Position of Weakness: Linebacker. Outside linebacker was already set to take a hit with no one on the depth chart ready to replace Shia Kenney, so the job goes to blue-chip prospect Christian Reese (1.0/5.0). But Reese’s security blanket was lost with Boykin’s early declaration, so he is going to have to learn on a VERY steep curve. The other LBs (3-stars Walter McGregor and Eric Holbrook) can hold their own but aren’t players to fear. Position to Watch: Defensive line. DTs redshirt sophomore Silas Booker (21 TKL, 4.0 sacks, 1 FR) and redshirt junior Rocco Gifford (23 TKL, 3.0 sacks, 1 FR) were sneaky-good last season, mostly because the attention was on the Broncos secondary. But with the secondary and linebacker groups taking steps backwards, these two plus redshirt freshman Victor Roberson will have to pick up the defensive slack. Coaches' Comments: Can DeSean Madison transfer pls? Defense is OK, nothing special. 11 win ceiling Strength-Secondary. Weakness- o-line can be inconsistent When the only negative thing I can come up with is something along the lines of "the receiving corp is good not great", that usually rockets a team to the top. Not an easy road to a repeat with many teams improving, but my pick to win it all again. Better offense, much worse defense. Can DeSean Madison and Chase Sims score enough to make up for losing Sean Taylor and Kareem Boykin?
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