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Big Points at the Big House Spur Big Poll Jump

#22 Michigan and California played an awesome game involving TDs in all 3 phases, 4 turnovers, and nonstop fun plays. Now, it's #15 Michigan and #25 California.

Adroit Kenyon in Detroit

RB Kenyon Randall capped off an epic game, as the 5-0 Lions defeated the 6-0 Chiefs 33-27 in overtime. His 71-yard run left the Lions as victors.

Massive Victory

UMass beat Eastern Michigan 20-17. This is their third win in program history, second over an FBS team, and the first FBS victory not over Liberty.

Bow to Royalty

Washington's offense put up 49 on the Bengals. Tanner Bowman had 459 yards and 5 TD for a perfect passer rating, as first rounder Maurice White added 150 on the ground.


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    [2017] ACC Mid-Season Awards

    We’ve reached the mid-point of the season in the ACC so that means it’s time to look back on the first half and see who’s made an impact so far. The Offensive and Defensive Players of the Mid-Season we’re decided after consulting with some ACC coaches. There have been many impressive players this year in the ACC and it's important that they receive some recognition. Superlative Awards Offensive Player of the Mid-Season: Alex Leshoure, Boston College, 113-155 for 1903 Yards, 17 TD, 4 INT, 317.17 YPG, 203.98 QBR Marshawn Matthison was the only other choice here, but Leshoure’s effiiciency and flashy numbers, combined with leading BC to an undefeated record made him the choice. Leshoure is the leader of the T-3rd best scoring offense in the nation, has the 2nd best completion % among those with at least 100 attempts, and has the highest QBR among those with at least 100 attempts. Leshoure has been a force for BC and it’s a shame that this might be his last season playing in ACC stadiums. Defensive Player of the Mid-Season: Josiah Harden, 6.0 Sacks, 23 Tackles The top Freshman in the ACC faced competition from only one Benjamin Robinson of BC. While Benjamin Robinson has done it all for the Eagles, Josiah Harden has proven to be a reliable playmaker for the Tar Heels. He’s tied for 3rd in the nation with 6 sacks and averages a sack along with 4 tackles a game and has done it all as a true freshman. Offensive Freshman of the Mid-Season: Luke Cobb, Florida State, 59 Receptions for 644 Yards, 7 TD Other contenders for this award we’re FSU teammate Benjamin Schuler and Clemson WR Josiah McCray. In the end, Cobb’s performance so far has outshone McCray and has been a big factor in how Schuler has played so far. Cobb has been on par with Walsh in YPG, but averages nearly 2 more YPC and has 2 more TD’s. Defensive Freshman of the Mid-Season: Josiah Harden, 6.0 Sacks, 23 Tackles There weren’t many other choices here, Harden has been outstanding in the first 6 games of his college career. He has shown he has potential to be a star and will terrorize opposing ACC offenses for at least 2 more years. Coach of the Mid-Season: trey_chaffin, Georgia Tech, (5-1) (3-0) Boston College Head Coach Jumanji has a case for this award, but everyone expected him to have a good season and potentially be undefeated in half way through the season. Trey however, has managed to steer GT towards a 5-1 record and was a blocked FG in a 4th OT from possibly being 6-0. The offensive line is very mediocre, and outside of Tommy Pottios there is no playmaker on offense. Yet, Jamie Avery and Calvin Jones have had their best seasons and the defense has played well enough to not cost the team any games. All-ACC Team QB: Alex Leshoure, Boston College, 113-155 for 1903 Yards, 17 TD, 4 INT, 317.17 YPG, 203.98 QBR RB: Marshawn Mathison, NC State, 152 Carries for 945 Yards, 9 TD, 6.22 YPC, 157.5 YPG FB: Richard Holt, Miami WR: Rex Walsh, Florida State, 72 Receptions for 662 Yards, 5 TD WR: Jarius Shaw-Dodd, Virginia Tech, 29 Receptions for 580 Yards, 4 TD TE: Nathan Fournier, Georgia Tech, 28 Receptions for 340 Yards, 6 TD OT: Darnerien Sohn, Miami OT: Donald Reed, Virginia Tech OG: Vincent Peck, NC State OG: Clayton Williams, North Carolina C: Angelo Huddleston, Boston College DE: Josiah Harden, North Carolina, 6.0 Sacks, 23 Tackles DE: Damian Johnson, Duke, 5.0 Sacks, 16 Tackles DT: Michael McBride, Pittsburgh, 3.0 Sacks, 9 Tackles ILB: Ray Taylor, Syracuse, 47 Tackles, 1 INT ILB: Ahmed Mark, Duke, 37 Tackles, 1 INT OLB: Benjamin Robinson, Boston College, 42 Tackles, 1.5 Sacks, 1 INT, 1 TD OLB: Matt Okoye, 32 Tackles, 1.0 Sacks CB: Sean Benson, Georgia Tech, 2 INT, 18 Tackles CB: Jaylen Harris, Louisville, 2 INT, 16 Tackles FS: Martin Hernandez, 24 Tackles, 1 INT, 1 FR SS: Christopher Williams, Florida State, 14 Tackles, 3 INT, 1 Sack K: Hunter Leone, Virginia, 8-8 FG, 5 from 40+ Yards P: Scottie Ware, Clemson KR/PR: Tommy Pottios, Georgia Tech, 1 KRTD, 2 PRTD
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    [2017] Week 8 Coaches Poll

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    As you all know, Pro Bowl Quarterback Onterrio Smith broke his groin early on in the Pittsburgh-Houston game this past Sunday. While we wish Onterrio a speedy recovery, his backup is a very wet-behind-the-ears rookie named Rob Corp. He almost certainly cannot hope to carry this team the way Onterrio did, and that is why we are now looking at this season in full-blown panic mode. However: The truly tragic part of all this is that we are past the tough part of our schedule. Barring this injury, we were set to cruise control. Our remaining schedule: Buffalo Bills (3-5) Atlanta Falcons (1-7) Baltimore Ravens (6-2) Cleveland Browns (3-6) BYE Kansas City (2-6) Jacksonville (4-4) Cincinnati (3-5) If we'd won the Houston game (a virtual certainty with Onterrio) we'd be 5-4, and even if we lost to Jacksonville and Baltimore, we'd coast to 10-6. That's a virtually guaranteed Wild Card spot in the playoffs....for an expansion team whose first draft pick was #26 of the first round. and whose only significant free agent acquisition was a quarterback that everybody said was worthless. This injury flips us from ten wins to ten losses. The scheme change penalty will likely cost us even more.
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    [2017] Jumbo's Afternoon Draft: Week 9

    The players have been revealed, the early declarations are about to start, and it's time for another edition of the Afternoon Draft. This is a column that delves into the past weekend's action from an NFL Draft perspective. As the season goes on, the draft picture and slotting will become more clear, but every Sunday will provide a few hints for 2017's draft. Let's see how things are shaking out thus far. Pray for Shea New York Giants (1-7): How did it come to this? Just one year removed from a first round bye and an 8-4 record and two years removed from taking a QB at #4 overall in the draft, the Giants find themselves with probably the worst QB situation in the entire league. After 7 games of terribleness from QB Aaron Kotar, the Giants made the switch to Dick Cook this week and picked up their first win in a shocking overtime thriller against the previously undefeated San Diego Chargers. Cook had probably the best passing game of his entire career, including college, but still threw 2 picks. The Giants still do clearly have talent, especially with Kenyatta Henderson's performance (1 sack in regular time, and a strip sack that he recovered to set up the Giants win in OT). The Giants lack talent at a couple of positions but without the garbage at the QB position they definitely would be a winning team - hell, just look at last year when Thomas Wheeler led the team. Losing every single game from here on out is the ideal scenario. That said, I highly doubt Cook is the answer and the Kotar experiment has obviously failed; the Giants will be hoping to pull off a super tank job and are probably the top team that is in #PrayforShea mode. And since they are, they should even consider going back to Kotar to help the tank job. Should the Giants pull off a couple more wins and land outside of Shea striking distance, Michigan's Tommy Jones and Arizona's Taylor Rodriguez could also be some nice options in the first round. The Giants desperately need a QB, like, now. Another option could potentially be signing Darrell Murphy from St. Louis; the Giants don't have great cap flexibility but could get rid of a couple of contracts to make it work properly. The G-men could stand to upgrade at a few other spots outside of the glaring QB hole. First round pick WR Mark Harrington has done OK for someone who has had absolutely no one throwing him the ball, but third rounder Cotton Lewis has outperformed him for the most part. Those two seem to be a decent duo, but the Giants could stand to upgrade their depth at WR. TE Joe Barrett is mostly OK but it feels like the Giants could stand to upgrade at the TE spot. Similarly, nearly every single offensive lineman on New York is nothing more than average; the Giants could afford to spend a 2nd rounder or so trying to upgrade at the tackle or guard spots. On defense, Curtis Lewis and Kenyatta Henderson are both home run players, but no one else on defense is anything special. FS Alex Collins is highly rated by some but he's never been the most turnover-heavy safety. The Giants could really use a playmaker in the secondary if possible. #1 CB George Brady feels like he's peaked and so has #2 Shawn Tennell, and neither of them are all that great. The position will need to be upgraded at some point. The Giants could also stand to upgrade at ILB, but it's not as necessary. Ultimately, the Giants have a few holes, but none too pressing outside QB. That being said, they're 1-7 for a reason and it doesn't all fall on the QB position. Atlanta Falcons (1-7): Clearly, the Falcons won't be drafting Aaron Shea. That being said, the fact that the defending Super Bowl champions are 1-7 and have about no shot to make the playoffs is pretty shocking all in itself. Similarly to the Giants, the Falcons cut bait with last year's starting QB, Javier Fields, in order to move up and grab AJ Jefferson in a highly questioned move. Though the critics seem to be right so far, it's hard to blame Atlanta with sticking by their guy for now. Jefferson has struggled in his first year, throwing entirely too many picks thus far. That being said, he has shown some signs of life recently and there are reasons to think he'll begin improving soon (or that he's just a gunslinger, but we knew that already). The Falcons were on bye this past week, but they lose a close 35-40 game in Landover against the Ravens in Week #8. Akili Wallace had a solid game, but that's expected of him at this point - 25 carries for 130 yards and 2 TD. Jefferson had some nice moments, throwing 3 TD in the game - but he also threw 3 picks to go with them. Ultimately, there were some problems with the Falcons' plan to bring in a rookie after winning the Super Bowl that were fairly predictable - but to be honest with you, I think the Atlanta FO thought they couldn't repeat with the team as it was and so they went for the shake-up a year too early instead of a year too late. Obviously, the season isn't going the way anyone in Atlanta would have wanted, but if Jefferson develops properly after a year we could see him be much more successful in Year 2 - interceptions and all. Part of Jefferson's problem is that he relies on the TE more heavily than any QB we've seen outside of possibly Christian Skaggs - and while Skaggs made it work with scrubs like Bob Branch for years, Jefferson is struggling with an average quality TE in Preston Gold. Gold has led to Jefferson throwing multiple picks to linebackers this year and the Falcons should look to upgrade at the tight end position ASAP. There are a couple of very good ones in this draft class - former Tar Heel teammate D.J. Gibson and Baylor's Darren Jones. And better yet, Atlanta can likely grab one at the top of the second round - since the Danny Patrick experiment has failed so horribly no one will be grabbing a TE in the first round in all likelihood. Pairing Jefferson up with Gibson could be a dream scenario for the Falcons. Outside of TE, a new #2 WR could be added - Art Baber is very mediocre. Riddick Smith is a solid #1 target for Jefferson but he's used to having some weapons around him - grabbing an upgrade at WR could be advisable. The Falcons actually have done a great job of building the offensive line overall - while Jefferson has been sacked a bit this year, the line ratings indicate that it may be more on him than the line play. An upgrade could be in play but I see Atlanta going into next year starting the exact same offensive line. On defense, the Falcons are filled with holes throughout the front 7 - while DT Cris LeBaron has done an admirable job this year, appearing on the statsheet 3 times already, the Falcons could use a better DT if they can grab one at some point. Blair Kopay is a solid run stopper but Atlanta could go for a better #2 DE than Michael Schuster. Both OLBs could be upgraded - they have solid ratings but performance-wise they haven't been great. David Wilburn and R.C. Rone are two of the NFL's top players defensively, but Atlanta desperately needs better players across from them at #2 CB and FS respectively. That would truly give them a fearsome secondary, though I understand why they've addressed other positions first. Ultimately, the Falcons have some holes to fill but the real point of improvement lies wholly on Jefferson's shoulders. Also in the Hunt: Philadelphia Eagles 1-8 Chicago Bears 1-8 New England Patriots 2-7 Houston Texans 2-6 Kansas City Chiefs 2-6 Let's Play Matchmaker This section will look at some of the top talent in college football and match those prospects up with teams that have a dire need at the position. Seattle Seahawks: OT Darnerien Sohn, Miami (FL) Xander Williams, fresh off his big deal, has struggled a bit in Seattle this year due to the lack of help on the line. Walter Adair, who is a very clear RT, has been forced to slide over to the left because the Seahawks have no one at the position. The Seahawks drafted a couple of solid linemen in the past draft, but they still need to improve and the Seahawks still need upgrades on their line - especially at left tackle. Enter Darerien Sohn (sounds like Daenerys from Game of Thrones) from the Hurricanes. Sohn has experience blocking for a scrambler, as Paul Davenport has been his QB for the majority of his time as a starter at Miami. Sohn (6-7, 306) could very well be the top OT taken in the draft depending on his combine, but I think the Seahawks will end up picking in the mid-teens once again and upgrading the o-line to help Williams should be their top priority, though they do have a couple of others needs. Pittsburgh Steelers: QB Taylor Rodriguez, Arizona With Onterrio Smith having torn his groin last week, the Steelers have officially turned to Rob Corp and it has been leaked that coach rabidsnowman would like to "tank for the rest of they year at this point." Smith was a 1-year rental, and with the Steelers virtually out of playoff contention (for reference, Corp never started a game in college) it seems almost inevitable that Pittsburgh will go for a QB in the next draft. There are a few highly rated ones not named Aaron Shea that should be available at their first rounder, assuming they want to use one on a QB. Rodriguez (6-1, 209) has been perhaps one of the most underrated QBs in college football these past couple years languishing out in the desert. Rodriguez hasn't been amazing statistically but he hasn't had all that much to work with either. I think Rodriguez could potentially even be available in the second or third round based on his lack of gaudy statistics, but at the very least he should end up being a good game manager in the NFL. He could be a nice fit in Pittsburgh with how the offense has been built. Kansas City Chiefs: CB Will Hall, USC Has any position at any point been this much worse than the league average compared to Kansas City's CB situation? It's awful, teams know it, and it gets exploited each week. The Chiefs defense gives up an astounding 368.36 yards per game through the air - that's 80 more yards per game than the next highest team. If you average that out over a full season, the average QB that plays the Chiefs would throw for 5,894 yards in a 16-game season. Clearly, this needs to be fixed. Everyone gushed over Ivory Hull before ratings came out, but Will Hall (5-10, 224) is actually the best CB in this class - and I'm not surprised. Hall is a beast in zone, and he's possibly the best tackler from the CB position we've seen coming out of college ever, with his nice size helping to take down heavy ballcarriers. His coverage ability is pretty great as well - the only place he truly lacks is in the turnover department but that's remedied by the rest of his performance. Barring a horrid combine, I think Hall to the Chiefs is possibly one of the easiest matches to make in the upcoming draft - especially with a lack of need at QB. Cincinnati Bengals: DT Malik Dawson, Illinois Though the Bengals could probably most stand to upgrade at RB, with Etcheverry on a decently expensive contract I think Cincy would be better suited to just take a RB late and try to upgrade elsewhere in the draft, as they clearly have other problems. The defensive line is one of those - they have just 4 sacks this year after trading DE Barron Anthony to division rival Baltimore. The Bengals could definitely use help in the trenches. Malik Dawson (6-3, 281) is probably the best DT in this class. With 25 tackles and a forced fumble this year, Dawson has the best stats among all DTs even without a sack recorded. Dawson has even proven a good pass rusher without the sacks, constantly pressuring the interior. If he starts piling up some sacks, he'll definitely move up his stock and change his status from borderline first rounder to solid first rounder - likely around where the Bengals will be picking. With a lack of players at DT, the Bengals adding Dawson could also help out Nick Upshaw, who saw more success when the team ran a 4-3 in 2014 and 2015. Jacksonville Jaguars: WR Tommy Pottios, Georgia Tech Allan Taylor has had a nice improvement as a passer this year, with a 13 TD / 3 INT ratio. With teams often playing the run against scramblers, teams try to take advantage by passing more - but Taylor needs some playmakers in order to improve even further. Wesly Chandler and Buddy Heap are both highly mediocre to below average, and the Jaguars adding a player with huge speed to take the top off the defense could hugely improve their offense. Pottios (6-6, 183) has had a great year for the Jackets, with 31 catches for 462 yards and 5 TD as a receiver thus far with a below average QB getting him the ball. But even besides all that, he's added a kickoff TD and 2 punt return TDs just halfway through the college season. Pottios would immediately boost the Jaguars' return unit while also offering speed to take the top off the defense and for Taylor to use his strong arm to bomb down the field with throws that Chandler and Heap couldn't dream of catching. Taylor-to-Pottios would be a solid NFL combination. Denver Broncos: FS Oronde Jackson, Air Force Though the Broncos have definitely improved this year from their 1-11 season in 2016 - where the complete lack of talent on the roster showed - Denver could still stand upgrades at many positions around their team. Their OLBs and DEs are both garbage, some better WRs could be brought in, etc. etc. But since they're currently starting natural CB Tony Smith at FS I figured I'd slot in a FS who I think will go mid-first round to them for now. Jackson (5-10, 173) is a bit on the small side for a safety but is still a thumper in the run game with 25 tackles for the Falcons this year. Much like Laurent Christensen last year, Jackson received an exemption from service for the Air Force due to his football abilities and draft projection. Though he has just 2 interceptions over the last 2 seasons, he's a good fit in any defense which fits the Broncos' flexible defensive scheme. With the lack of true FS talent currently in the league Jackson is almost assuredly a first rounder this year. Team Draft Report In this section, we take a deeper look at a specific team and where they stand in regards to the 2018 NFLHC Draft. Arizona Cardinals: One of this year's expansion teams, the Cardinals are the only one with a winning record currently - 5-4. That being said, it seems clear based on recent weeks that Arizona feasted early on an easy schedule and should be coming back down to earth in the coming weeks. That said, their 5-1 run to start the year was very exciting and showed a lot of promise for this team. Though there are areas that still need upgrading, they are an expansion team in Year One so that should be expected anyway. Even a 5-win season, if they somehow lost 10 straight to end the year, can be something to build on for a team in that position. The Cardinals' draft class, as a whole, has been relatively mediocre this year. QB Jarius Jones looked very good to start the year, but much like Arizona he has come back to earth in recent weeks. He has an 84 QBR on the year with 9 TD and 8 INT - certainly nothing to be ashamed of for a rookie with a lack of weapons. DE Richard Hicks, taken in the 3rd round, has done almost nothing, while 5th rounder CB Paul Olson has looked better with 13 tackles and an INT on the year. RB Joseph Bowen has been solid for a 6th rounder and seems to have a nose for the end zone. K Daryl Lemus, taken with their last pick, hasn't missed a kick this year. Something to build on but the merits of the class ultimatley rest on Jones' development anyway. The Cardinals could look for upgrades at a lot of positions. While the aforementioned Bowen has looked pretty good for a 6th rounder, a 4.38 YPC is pretty mediocre and definitely needs to be improved upon. I think the Arizona front office will end up giving him another year unless he really trails off at the end of the season before deciding whether to look for a new RB. But 8 TDs through 8 games is certainly nothing to sniff at. Marcus Banks has been a pretty good #1 receiver for Jones, with a 14 YPC and 4 TD on 37 catches thus far, but Jones could use a better 2nd receiver than Drew Jackson. Jackson has actually been relatively serviceable so it's not a desperate need but a mid-round selection could be used to find a better starter next year. Someone like Pitt's Jermaine Bishop (HOMER ALERT) or Kentucky's Derrick Schwartz could be a solid #2 for a few seasons and would be an upgrade over Jackson. The Cardinals have some decent depth already so there's no need to draft a guy late - it's preferable for them to grab someone in the mid-rounds. TE Wilbert Stoutmire has been OK but depending on his progression he may need to be replaced within a year or two. The whole interior offensive line, and possibly right tackle, could all use an upgrade. Arizona's line rating is in the bottom ten overall this year and though they spent a high 2nd on current LT Greg Sewell last year, guard talent isn't as sparse this year and so they could spend another 2nd on an offensive lineman - there is a dropoff after Clayton Williams of North Carolina, so they may want to make sure they grab him or someone ranked above before all of their upgradeable options are gone. USC's Matt Cole is very highly touted and could be a nice signal caller and pass blocker with size to pair with Jarius for an entire career, but other than that rookie Jonathan Jimenez has been serviceable and no one else available would be enough of a boost to take. The Cardinals defensive line is pretty pitiful, and it shows with just 3 total sacks on the year thus far. 3rd round DE Richard Hicks is a disappointment and there is no one there at the DT position. New blood could be infused on this side of the trenches as well. The aforementioned Malik Dawson could be a nice option at DT while Penn State's Anthony Beltran may be better than we think and struggling to find room to make plays on a crowded Penn State defense. At DE, the Cardinals have two highly rated players but neither have performed. Someone like Arizona State's Freeman Schubert, currently tied for 2nd in the nation with 7.5 sacks, could be a nice addition in the mid-rounds as an attempt to jumpstart the Cardinals' sack efforts. Arizona's linebacker corps could also stand an upgrade, at least on the outside. ILB Johnny Grossman has been really good and seems to fit nicely in the Cardinals' scheme, but depending on whether they want to run a 4-3 or 3-4 another ILB could be added. Considering their entire back 7 seems to be zone players, I'm assuming they'd rather run a 4-3 for the purposes of this article. OLB Charley Rivers has been solid but may have already peaked, while the other starter, John Woodley, is mostly just a filler. Maryland's Brian Hernandez could be worth looking at as a playmaker to pair with Grossman - or if the Cardinals want to go after more pressing needs (like the secondary) a later round flier on Rice's Adam Taylor shouldn't be out of the question. The highest rated player in the Arizona secondary is a 73 - aforementioned 5th round CB Paul Olson. Their highest rated safety is a 70. The front office should be looking at any and all secondary players who could come in and make an impact. To bring up some names that haven't been brought up already: though I doubt FS Darius Jones will make it to Arizona, he is the best coverage FS we have seen come out of college and can actually make plays on the ball when he's asked to. He also fits nicely in the Cardinals' zone scheme. Nebraska's Dwayne Harden is serviceable but probably not the best option for AZ. At SS, Willie Bratkowski has notched an interception this year but could also be upgraded on. A mid-round option like Maryland's Bennie Richardson (with 2 interceptions this year) or Iowa's Myron Loud (with awesome name services this year) could be options in that case. The Cardinals could also definitely use a #1 CB - I don't think Will Hall, and based on the hype, Ivory Hull will be available for them if they notch another win or two, but Boise State's Jayshawn Watts and preferrably Penn State's T.J. Hunter could be solid first round picks depending on their respective combines. Similarly, mid-round options like Air Force's Stephen Mitchell-Morrison or Utah's Brent Johnson could be in play. The Cardinals could look to add one or multiple corners this year, especially considering current #1 Olson doesn't seem to fit what they want to do on defense. Finally, a true fullback could be added and an upgrade at punter could be used, but neither are pressing enough to cover in depth.
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    [2017] SEC Network: Mid-Season Awards

    Halfway through the season, lets take a sweet recap at the stars all around the SEC. A conference that has dominated its OOC schedules and currently has 6 ranked teams and 2 other teams receiving votes is a prime place for future NFLers to sharpen their skills. This (along with the weekly POTW articles) will help show who the best of the best have been so far, and increase hype as NFL GMs look to find great players for their teams. First Half Awards Offensive Player of the First Half - QB Aaron Shea, Missouri Defensive Player of the First Half - CB Teddy Walker, Kentucky Offensive Freshmen of the First Half - RB Jayden Huff, LSU Defensive Freshmen of the First Half - SS Christian Pugh, Arkansas Coach of the First Half - Franz Kafka, Georgia First Team OffenseQB Aaron Shea, Missouri - 173 of 245 for 2211 yards, 19 TDs, 3 INTs RB Jim O'Neal, Georgia - 151 carries for 854 yards, 8 TDs RB Will Fuller, Mississippi State - 153 carries for 773 yards, 10 TDs, 5 receptions for 66 yards, 1 TD FB Owen Durham, Florida - 69 carries for 280 yards, 2 TDs WR Adrian Jankowski, Texas A&M - 55 receptions for 698 yards, 7 TDs WR Cameron Whelahan, Arkansas - 56 receptions for 690 yards, 7 TDs TE Frank Edwards, Missouri - 39 receptions for 508 yards, 8 TDs OT Fred Huber, Tennessee OT Ricky Edwards, Auburn OG Brian Olszewski, Florida OG Jim Thomas, LSU C Tim Thomas, Florida First Team DefenseDE Jeffrey Chung, Alabama - 17 tackles, 8.5 sacks DE Anthony Miller, Tennessee - 13 tackles, 7.5 sacks DT Jude Ferry, Vanderbilt - 18 tackles, 2.0 sacks DT David Crawford, Georgia - 14 tackles, 1.0 sacks, 1 FF, 1 FR, 1 TD OLB Kristian Little, Alabama - 31 tackles, 2 INT, 2.0 sacks OLB Asante Willis, Kentucky - 32 tackles, 1.0 sacks ILB Andre Carter, Mississippi State - 44 tackles, 1 INT ILB Peyton Roaches, LSU - 39 tackles, 1 FR CB Teddy Walker, Kentucky - 28 tackles, 5 INT, 3 TD CB Eugene Malone, LSU - 16 tackles, 3 INT, 1 TD FS Prince McGill, Florida - 22 tackles, 1 INT, 1 TD SS Christian Pugh, Arkansas - 19 tackles, 3 INT First Team Special TeamsK Kevin Marinovich, Ole Miss - 12/12, 6 from 40+ yards P Yuri Garisov, Auburn KR/PR Butch Harper, Florida - 1 Punt Return TD Second Team OffenseQB R.J. Stanford, Arkansas - 225 of 369 for 2459 yards, 20 TDs, 8 INTs RB Robert Hall, Alabama - 193 carries for 857 yards, 8 TDs RB Larry Holleyman, Tennessee - 188 carries for 816 yards, 6 TDs FB James Bryant, Georgia - 4 carries for 16 yards, 1 TDs WR Cameron Lindsey, Missouri - 43 receptions for 581 yards, 6 TDs WR Alex Gash, Texas A&M - 51 receptions for 596 yards, 4 TDs TE Paul Rector, Arkansas - 30 receptions for 384 yards, 6 TDs OT Emerson Ware, Florida OT Travis Clatterbuck, LSU OG John Young, LSU OG Ruben Winstead, Florida C Jack Podolak, Georgia Second Team DefenseDE Ricky Mayo, Vanderbilt - 13 tackles, 5.5 sacks DE Charlie Bacon, Ole Miss - 19 tackles, 4.5 sacks DT Ricardo Walter, Tennessee - 12 tackles, 1.5 sacks DT Josh Brown, South Carolina - 7 tackles, 2.0 sacks, 1 FF, 1 FR OLB Kevin Little, Texas A&M - 42 tackles OLB Eric Burden, Florida - 27 tackles, 1 INT, 0.5 sacks ILB Tom Reis, Alabama - 41 tackles, 0.5 sacks ILB C.J. Thomas, Georgia - 31 tackles, 1.0 sacks, 2 FR CB Thomas Patterson, Mississippi State - 9 tackles, 3 INT, 1 TD CB Adam Goss, Texas A&M - 23 tackles, 2 INT FS Haven Wiley, LSU - 8 tackles, 3 INT SS Michael Williams, Tennessee - 15 tackles, 2 INT, 1 FR Second Team Special TeamsK Zachary Becker, Tennessee - 9/9, 4 from 40+ yards P Bud McCullough, Georgia KR/PR Jabari Branch, Georgia - 1 Punt Return TD
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    [2017] Week 8 Coaches Poll

    There will be five ranked-versus-ranked matchups this week. #13 Arizona at #9 Washington* #17 Kansas at #3 West Virginia* #6 Texas at #14 Arizona State #24 Purdue at #15 Minnesota* #8 Florida at #18 Tennessee*
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    [2017] Week 8 Coaches Poll

    Okay I think this is the first time Oklahoma has ever been unranked which breaks a 68 week streak. This is also the first time since week 1 of 2013 season that Penn State has been unranked (67 week streak). Georgia is now the only school to be ranked every week in this sim (69 weeks). Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    [2017] Week 8 Coaches Poll

    Don't forget the much-awaited Civil Conflict
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    MAC Coaches Poll, Week 8

    This MAC Coaches' poll is sponsored by Laser Cats, one of our own coaches who joined the coaches' poll this week to bring us up to four total contributing coaches. We've had some interesting results and changes. MACtion for everyone!
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    [2017] Recruiting Rumours

    Updated for JuCo.
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    [2017] Week 8 Coaches Poll

    Can't wait to play you in the Outback Bowl this year. It should be a good one!
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    Windows 10

    It has something to do with having Windows 95 and 98 already.
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    I think you underestimate pretty much everyone on your schedule. I highly doubt you would end the season with just two losses even with PBQBOS. Atlanta is the worst and theyve been showing signs of life and KC is a pretty solid team outside the corners. And I am fairly confident you guys would drop at least one between the Bengals and Browns. Heck of a first season though I have known since I was writing my share of the AFC North Preview you guys would be better then people expected.
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    RIP MEEK MILL https://soundcloud.com/octobersveryown/drake-back-to-back-freestyle
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    Windows 10

    So far so great
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    [2017] Week 9 Roman Metrics

    one thing I like to do for RBs is remove their TD runs from their YPC calculation to see how they did when they didn't run out of room. A 1 yard TD counts as 1 carry for 1 yard, so it skews things a bit, especially with low carry amounts.
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    [2017] AAC Week 8 Coaches Poll

    #14 Memphis (0-6) Last Week: 7-21 Loss to Tulane Avg Rank: 13.0 (Highest: 12) Halfway through their season and the Tigers are still struggling, but they have acquired the most important member of their team: a coach. Memphis is still hunting for that first win, but they have definitely shown signs of improvement in the past couple of weeks. A decent game against Stanford and a not-atrocious loss to Tulane are definitely better results than the Memphis we saw earlier in the season. This may even be the week for them, with a game against the dilapidated Thundering Herd coming up this week. Stay tuned. Next Week: @Marshall #13 Georgia State (0-6) Last Week: BYE Avg Rank: 13.0 (Highest: 11) At least Memphis has an excuse, Georgia State has had a coach this entire time and still hasn't managed a win this season. A scheme change a few games in may give them some hope later on, but at this point it's looking like Georgia State's only hope for a win this season is Marshall in two weeks. Next Week: Tulane #12 Cincinnati (1-5) Last Week: 34-7 Loss to Rutgers Avg Rank: 12.0 Last season the Bearcats were legitemate contenders for the AAC title. This season they're throwing 40 times a game with a 2.5 QB and are very close to being at the bottom of the league. Unless something major changes for the team from Ohio soon, they may actually find themselves in last place by year's end. Next Week: @Kansas State #11 Rice (1-6) Last Week: 23-3 Loss to Colorado Avg Rank: 11.75 #HireDacder Next Week: BYE #10 Marshall (2-4) Last Week: 3-31 Loss to Iowa State Avg Rank: 9.75 Last season the Bearcats were Thundering Herd was a legitimate contender for the AAC title. This season they're throwing 40 times a game with a 2.5 QB playing with decent skill positions but can't seem to get any offensive production going, and are very close to being at the bottom of the league. Unless something major changes for the team from Ohio West Virginia soon, they may actually find themselves in last place by year's end. Next Week: Memphis #9 ECU (2-4) Last Week: 24-16 Loss to UCF Avg Rank: 9.25 ECU is really going to hate the middle of Florida after this week. The Pirates have shown some promise ont he field, but are still searching for production in the W column. With how this season's been going, USF almost certainly won't let that happen. Next Week: @USF #8 Tulane (3-4) Last Week: 7-21 Win over Memphis Avg Rank: 7.75 Well, they were promising for a little bit. Whatever spark Tulane had to start the season seems to be gone, and with a 1-3 record in the West they are essentially out of the title race. However, bowl eligability is not out of the question for the Green Wave. Whether or not they finish as a Top 5 team in the AAC though, is. Next Week: @Georgia State #7 SMU (2-4) Last Week: 14-23 Loss to Tulsa Avg Rank: 7.5 It looks like Time and SMU's title campaign hit a few roadblocks. However, they are (somehow) only half a game back from the 2nd spot in the West. Could a late-season push be coming for the Mustangs? Probably not, but they'll make the championship scenarios interesting for the next few weeks. Next Week: @TCU #6 Temple (5-2) Last Week: 38-7 Loss to Louisville Avg Rank: 6.0 Has Temple played a weak schedule? Yes. Is their 5-2 record a bit misleading as to their true level of skill? Yes. Is this Temple team miles ahead of last year's squad and on their way to bowl eligibility? Hell yes. Next Week: BYE #5 Tulsa (5-2) Last Week: 14-23 Win over SMU Avg Rank: 4.75 If there was any doubt before about this Tulsa squad, it's certainly gone now. Somehow this first year program without a permanent coach has fought its way to the second spot in the West, and if any coach tell you they're not nervous about having to play them, they're lying. With Cincy, Rice, and Memphis remaining in their schedule, the Golden Hurricane can start booking those plane tickets for bowl season. Next Week: @Cincinnati #4 Houston (5-2) Last Week: 23-17 Win over UConn Avg Rank: 3.5 Apparently a win over UConn was not enough for Houston to jump them in the rankings, but I doubt the Cougars care. The only numbers they care about are 4 and 0, the conference record that is keeping them atop the West. Next Week: BYE #3 UConn (5-2) Last Week: 23-17 Loss to Houston Avg Rank: 3.25 The Huskies faltered against Houston, but there's no time to be worried about that right now. UConn is one of three favorites to win the East, and this week they face one of the other two: UCF. With the Huskies sitting at a 1-1 conference record and UCF at 4-0, this is a must-win for UConn to keep their AAC title hopes alive. Next Week: @UCF #2 USF (4-2) Last Week: BYE Avg Rank: 2.25 Perhaps the most dangerous team in the league, the Bulls have one plan for this season: championship. With the two other major contenders in the East facing off this week, USF will be following their game closely, as the result will drastically determine what USF needs to do at the end of the season to take the division. Next Week: ECU #1 UCF (6-0) Last Week: 24-16 Win over ECU Avg Rank: 1.25 The team to beat. They've managed to make it out of the first half of their season undefeated, but now the real challenge for the Knights begins. UConn, Penn State, Maryland, and USF remain on their schedule. If UCF continues to play down to their competition, they will not win the division, that is a fact. UConn will be UCF's first test, and a very important test at that. Next Week: UConn
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    [2017] Week 8 Coaches Poll

    Shout-out to the homie Franz...#2 woot All of Saints staff in Top 15, combined 1 loss
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    [2017] Week 8 Coaches Poll

    You people can kiss the fattest part of my ass.
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    [2017] Week 8 Coaches Poll

    You got doubled up.
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    [2017] AAC Week 8 Coaches Poll

    poll pls
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    Steelers might be fucked without Onterrio but they are in a great position to start next season. I would probably move on from Onterrio, but if they have another draft as good as the last, they could be a playoff contender.
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    [2017] ACC Mid-Season Awards

    The Miami Redhawks faced 4 ACC teams and we don't get like secondary ACC status? #rude Seriously though, looks like a lot of work went into this. Good job.
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    looking merely for a winning record, without considering SOS and closeness of scores, isn't enough.
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    [2017] ACC Mid-Season Awards

    I can't stand the thought of Leshoure leaving at the end of the season and I wish there was a way to convince him to stay. If this is indeed his last year with us, at least he's going out with a bang. He's doing things right now that he's never come close to doing before. He's currently averaging 15 fewer attempts/game than he was last season and he's putting up 50 more yards/game. His TD% has more than doubled and his career YPA of 7.84 is being shattered this year with a mark of 12.28. Part of that is just him progressing as a player, but I think the other part is that I did a horrible job of coaching him last season. It took me a while, but I finally figured him out pretty early into this season. The other guy I want to talk about is Josiah Harden. Man, I knew he was going to be a great player. The guy is a beast and I honestly think he may already be the best defensive end in this conference. Can't wait to see how his career unfolds and I'm glad he isn't in my division. Oh and great work on this, Lambo. I agree with pretty much all of it, especially head coach award. trey has really turned GT around.
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    [2017] ACC Mid-Season Awards

    20 yards per catch for JSD lol, he'd be unstoppable in the right NFL offense
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    Let's just kick out the AFC South champion.
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    I think you underestimate the Bills.
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    Windows 10

    Damn that looks sexy af
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    Windows 10

    I'm also waiting for windows to pop up telling me to upgrade. I'm also not upgrading for a couple of months until growing pains are out of the way.
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    Even if you managed 10-6 im not sure thats a guaranteed wild card.
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    Windows 10

    Good, I hate that fucking dashboard
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    Windows 10

    That is the most welcome change though. Windows 8 wasn't great and I'm stoked about 10. Mine's installing right now.
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    Oh you were were you...? The disrespect.
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    You really think you'd coast past us? You barely beat us right after we lost Blackmon...
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    Week 8: West Division wrap up

    Sorry this is so late. Utah State (0-7) 7 @ North Texas (3-4) 28 The nation's longest losing streak continues as Utah State drops yet another game. Mean Green QB Fabian Moran looked like his old self, completing 18 of 29 passes for 218 yards, 2 TDs, and 0 picks. UNT RB Paul Cleveland also had a great game, averaging over 5 ypc with over 100 yards and 2 TDs. With the win, UNT's bowl hopes remain alive. USU has been mathematically eliminated from bowl contention. Hawai'i (3-3) 37 @ Stanford (1-5) 14 Hawai'i fans combine to watch a frustrating season. The Rainbow Warriors alternate between looking really good and really bad every week. This week, on the road against Stanford, they looked good. Charlie Walter had a vintage performance, throwing for over 300 years and 4 TDs. The Warriors are now. 500 on the season, while the Cardinal drop to 1-5. Nevada (4-2) 13 @ San Jose State (0-7) 7 It wasn't pretty, but it was a win for the Wolf Pack. The winless Spartans played one of the best games of their season, and we're in it until the very end, but SJSU QB David Kaplan threw a costly pick with just 4 minutes left in the game. This mistake lead to a UNR FG, and the Spartans were unable to come back from the 6 point deficit. SJSU out up over 350 yards, about 100 more than Nevada, but it was all for naught with only 7 points to show for it. SJSU is still seeking their first win, while Nevada is one step closer to bowl eligibility.
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    [2017] SEC Network: Week 8 POTW

    After an incredible week of upsets and insanity, we look back to see who put up game-winning performances in the SEC. All three winners this week were instrumental to their team's victories. Offensive Player of the Week RB Ben Offerdahl, Auburn One of the top 4 running backs in this year's draft class, Offerdahl went for 128 yards and 1 touchdown in Auburn's big win over Oklahoma. His 9 yard touchdown run opened the scoring for the Tigers, and his consistent gains all day left Oklahoma's defense gassed on the field. Offerdahl was a massive part of the #17 ranked team in the nation going down, and for his performance he wins this week's award. Past Winners: Week 1 - WR E.J. Steed, Arkansas Week 2 - RB Jim O'Neal, Georgia Week 3 - QB R.J. Stanford, Arkansas Week 4 - RB Caleb Sherwin, Missouri Week 5 - QB Aaron Shea, Missouri Week 6 - QB Aaron Shea, Missouri Week 7 - QB Justin Hunter, Mississippi State Defensive Player of the Week SS Michael Williams, Tennessee Michael "Cookie" Williams led the #25 Volunteer's defensive effort against the #4 Mizzou Tigers as the Vols came out with the upset in Columbia. Throughout the game, Williams came up strong in run support against Caleb Sherwin, and covered for his cornerbacks by stopping Frank Edwards. In the third quarter, he killed Mizzou's momentum with a critical interception of QB Aaron Shea. For his part in the weekend's biggest upset, Cookie wins the award. Past Winners: Week 1 - CB Eugene Malone, LSU Week 2 - CB Aaron Stiles, Tennessee Week 3 - CB Jabari Branch, Georgia Week 4 - CB Teddy Walker, Kentucky Week 5 - CB Thomas Patterson, Mississippi State Week 6 - FS Prince McGill, Florida Week 7 - DE Jeffrey Chung, Alabama Special Teams Player of the Week K Kevin Marinovich, Ole Miss Marinovich is slowly becoming well known as the best kicker in the conference. Against Alabama this past week, the Rebel's kicker went 3 for 3. He struck from 33 yards, 51 yards, and 41 yards, scoring all of his team's points in Ole Miss's 9-6 victory over the Crimson Tide. The 2.5/2.5 senior has been 12/12 this season, striking 6 times from 40+ yards. Past Winners: Week 1 - CB Jabari Branch, Georgia Week 2 - K Zachary Becker, Tennessee Week 3 - K Kevin Marinovich, Ole Miss Week 4 - WR Charles Smith, LSU Week 5 - K Eric Holder, Alabama Week 6 - K Jack Dunham, Georgia Week 7 - K Jeremy Holland, Florida
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    [2017] Week 9 Roman Metrics

    Of course it does lol. what did you expect? YPC dont vary enough for these not to have high correlations
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    [2017] Week 9 Roman Metrics

    He gets a reward for it when he posts the stats, that's the whole point. To me, it's Rome saying the time he's spending is worth more than the time other people spend on media. That being said, I do understand where he's coming from, some media is better and more involved than other and yet is given the same reward. I don't however, see this as a good idea at all about going about it. Just my opinion, I think this system is a bad idea and among other things, sets a bad precedent. I have had a few conversations about this, and like I said, I understand. I'm just not going to be spending on it because I don't think something like this is good for the site.
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    20. Washington State 21. Washington
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    Join the fucking club man
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    2. Michigan 105. Michigan State
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    Number 6. Fite me noobs
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    [2017] Week #8 POTW voting

    Matthison's performance against a solid defense behind an awful line in a one-dimensional offense is one of the best performances of the year. He should win this week hands down
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    East Rutherford, New Jersey With the latest rounds of contract extensions having finished, it appears the New York Giants will be moving on from 3rd year QB Aaron Kotar upon completion of the 2017 season. " We feel that Aaron hasn't quite lived up to the standards we hold our organization to and will most likely not pursue a new contract with him", says owner/GM notoriousbigej. Kotar was brought back in a controversial trade with the Kansas City Chiefs after New York let him leave in the expansion draft. In the deal the two sides swapped Kotar for QB Thomas Wheeler and the Giants picked up a 1st round pick, later used on WR Mark Harrington. Notorious had the following comments regarding that trade:"Sometimes you take a risk and it pays off, sometimes it doesn't. I think its clear the direction this move went." That direction he refers to is obviously down, as the former #2 NFC seed and NFC Central champs from just one season ago currently see themselves at the bottom of the league at 0-7. It already seems the fans have reacted positively to this front office move as a tweet from one fan said "thank god that piece of shit QB is gone, hopefully our front office can address their mental handicaps and have us go from #loltar to #winningitall". Similarly this fan thinks its time for NYG to move on tweeting: "Fuck that pussy ass bitch Kotar, we want a #WeenieRoast #WeWantTheD".Another fan tweeted "it seems like #pray4shea is on now, time to break out your tanks!!!". Notorious is quick to say that tanking was "never in the plans, we tried to win every game but were quickly realizing that was not possible (with Kotar)". We reached out to Kotar for a comment on the lack of extension but were not able to reach him. Rumor has it that Kotar will finish the season as starting QB, but be on the look out for rookie QB Dick Cook to get a shot at the starting job. Giants QB Aaron Kotar looking frustrated after throwing an INT
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    What Are You Reading?

    Brave New World was good, but a bit odd.
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