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The Mississippi State Bulldogs pulled off a close 27-23 win over the Iowa Hawkeyes behind a gutsy performance from QB Ryder Shipman who stayed in the game and threw for 323 yards and 3 TDs despite having fractured his thumb late in the third quarter.


The Philadelphia Eagles topped the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football 31-28. The three headed monster in Philly's backfield: Allan Taylor, Troy White, and rookie Marshawn Miller put the whole league on notice with their performance.


The hype around North Dakota State QB Will Chacko continues to grow following a 389 yard 3 td performance which nearly resulted in an upset win for the Bison over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets


The Kansas City Chiefs beat the New York Football Giants 27-0 despite only throwing the ball 6 times largely because of the legs of Terrence Rodgers and Justin Buchanan.


Hockey is back! And the Chicago Blackhawk's rookie sensation Anatoli Kolchenyuk picked up right where he left off notching yet another goal early in his rookie campaign.


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    Orlando's Blooming Young receiver hauls in game-winning TD to lead Panthers past Falcons Your Loss, Our Gaines David Gaines' late two scores ruin Jets perfect season Home, Sweet Home Former Patriots Standouts lead Lions in victory against New England Not Joaquin Around Former Oregon standout leads Bills in blowout of struggling Packers Funky Cold Medina Austin Medina's 19 yard touchdown with 35 seconds to play lifts Pittsburgh over Arizona Don't Call it a Comeback Allan Taylor's vintage performance keys rout of Texans Vaughan and On Dallas' lone star scores three times as Cowboys ride past New York Pounding Across the Pond Washington dominates in London behind 5 TD passes from Javier Fields McCrayCray Electric game from San Francisco rookie leads to a rout of the floundering Browns The Future Is Now Desean Jenkins' electric performance leaves Cincinnati fans with Super Bowl dreams The One Man Show Brian Glenn swarms the Baltimore offense to the tune of a safety and two fumble recoveries in Seattle's win Just Another Sapp Story Bradie Sapps Denver's strength and throws AFC West into chaos Sound the Buchanan The Kansas City back runs for 150 yards and 3 TDs while the Cheifs fall short in the 4th and the Raiders keep pace in the AFC West Seeing White, Feeling Blue, Waiting For Brown Ugly offensive performance doesn't slow Dolphins thanks to Josh Wilson's scoop 'n score CHARGE! San Diego routs Indianapolis to move within one game of the AFC West lead
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    Fair enough, but look at the top NFC vote-getters compared to my guys: Wide Receiver Dan Nomellini (15 votes) - 94 catches, 1140 yards (12.3 ypc), 8 TD Marcus Banks (11 votes) - 82 catches, 1111 yards (13.55 ypc), 6 TD Walt Peck (9 votes) - 60 catches, 772 yards (12.87 ypc), 9 TD David Gaines (6 votes) - 73 catches, 1036 yards (14.19 ypc), 7 TD Kevin Branch (5 votes) - 72 catches, 1041 yards (14.46 ypc), 7 TD Jarius Shaw-Dodd (4 votes) - 45 catches, 828 yards (18.4 ypc) 7 TD Running Back Mike Latta (26 votes) - 1327 yards (4.84 ypc), 12 TD, 110.58 ypg | 11 catches, 166 yards, 2 TD Vaughan Abraham (24 votes) - 1330 yards (4.93 ypc), 11 TD, 120.91 ypg | 8 catches, 196 yards, 3 TD Akili Wallace (12 votes) - 1099 yards (4.88 ypc), 8 TD, 99.91 ypg | 5 catches, 60 yards, 0 TD Troy McCray (10 votes) - 1301 yards (4.68 ypc), 12 TD, 100.08 ypg | 6 catches, 74 yards, 2 TD Quarterback Christian Skaggs (37 votes) - 3712 yards (69.49%), 29 TD, 5 INT | [no rushing stats] Darrell Murphy (30 votes) - 3973 yards (64.52%), 29 TD, 6 INT | -21 yards rushing, 0 TD (-7 ypc) Alexander Williams (16 votes) - 3086 yards (61.95%), 22 TD, 4 INT | 317 yards rushing, 3 TD (5.37 ypc) Todd Lester [missed 2 games to injury] (9 votes) - 2820 yards (60.4%), 19 TD, 3 INT | 321 yards rushing, 8 TD (4.79 ypc) __________________________________________________________________________________ Bottom line: No respect for San Francisco.
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    You guys are killing me. San Fran has the #1 scoring offense in the league (with 60 points more than the #2 team). We have the most rushing yards in the league. We have the most total yards in the league. We have the best deep threat in the league (check JSD's yards per catch compared to the other guys). We have one of the best possession receivers in the league in Kevin Branch. We have 0 QBs, RBs, or WRs going to the pro bowl so far. WHAT THE FUCK, CFBHC?
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    Hello, paperllamasunited here, announcing that I've been approved to take over the "MAC Players of the Week" thread from LaserCats. We appreciate all that you do for us, LaserCats, but I'm glad to be getting my hands on another MAC thing. For weeks 9 and 10, I named the Players of the Week. Starting with this past week, Week 11, and going forward, I want to conduct a poll to help determine players of the week. This poll is open to all members of CFBHC and NFLHC who want to vote. Week 9 Players of the Week For Week 9, the Offensive Player of the Week is Charles Conley, QB, Buffalo. Conley went 18/25, a 72% completion percentage, for 238 yards, 9.52 yards per attempt, 2 passing touchdowns, and no picks in a win at Central Michigan. The Week 9 Defensive Player of the Week is Justin Rouse, Cornerback, Akron. Rouse picked off Bowling Green QB Eddie Connelly twice, as well as recording 4 tackles. The Week 9 Special Teams Player of the Week is Ohio kicker Timmy Wilhelm. Wilhelm hit kicks from 45 and 35 yards out, as well as adding 2 extra points to total 8 points overall, at Ball State. Week 10 Players of the Week The Week 10 Offensive Player of the Week is Marquis Causey, QB, Ball State. Causey went 18/25 (72% completion percentage) for 248 yards, 9.92 yards per attempt, and 3 touchdowns in his debut at Western Michigan. The Week 10 Defensive Player of the Week is Jeff Martino, ILB, Bowling Green. Martino had 7 tackles and a pick at Kent State. The Week 10 Special Teams Player of the Week is Robert Morris, Northern Illinois. Morris returned a kickoff 103 yards for a score, and a punt 60 yards for a score, vs Akron. Congrats to all of our players of the week!
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    [2018] Week 11 Coaches Poll

    That B1G bias, 5 teams in the top 10. Cannibalize yourselves already!
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