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    Four years ago BLUEchip put out the recruiting rankings for every recruit in the 2015 recruiting class, and while the recruiting service is no longer operating we can look back at their rankings of the top prospects of the time. Below are the top 10 prospects from that recruiting class and a bit of a look back on their careers so far. DISCLAIMER: Yes these are bad when I first did them I wanted these rankings to be as realistic as possible and I figured generally the more polished (talented) guys coming out of college get graded higher even if they didnt have as much potential because potential is impossible to estimate in real life. The season after had rankings designed to better guess future production. 10 - OT Taylor Randolph 76 278 Fr Bettendorf (Bettendorf, IA) [Pass Blocking] While Randolph is currently only a redshirt junior for the Iowa Hawkeyes he is considered by many to be one of the top OT prospects in the country. Randolf has anchored the Hawkeye line for three years and will be faced with a tough decision whether or not to declare early at the end of the season. 9 - WR Arturo Beckham 73 176 Fr Thunderbird (Phoenix, AZ) [speed] 3.0 of 4.5 Beckham has really struggled making the transition from high school to college. Beckham has never amassed a 1,000 yard season and despite never having star talent at QB he hasn't shown great flashes for the pro scouts. He has shown some development improving every season but he has been overall very disappointing at ASU. Beckham will likely be a late round selection in the 2020 draft. 8 - OLB Austin Olson 71 234 Fr Garrett (Garrett, IN) [Run Man-to-Man] 2.5 of 5.0 Olson was a first round selection in the 2018 NFL draft to the New Orleans Saints. Rated as an 82 coming out of college, Olson has averaged over six tackles per game in his rookie season. While Olson has not be a playmaking OLB he has caught one interception and got to the QB four times so in 2018. 7 - CB Teddy Walker 71 177 Fr Hickman (Columbia, MO) [Man Coverage] 3.0 of 5.0 Walker also declared for the NFL draft early and was the third player taken in the 2018 draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. While Walker has not caught many interceptions or been a playmaker in his first season as a pro he has be the key piece in a turnaround for the Chiefs secondary. The Chiefs have gone from the worst past defense in the league in 2017, giving up over 316 yards per game, to the second best pass defense in the league giving up less than 215 yards per game. The Chiefs staff believes Walker's addition played the biggest role in the turnaround. 6 - SS David Pennington 73 192 Fr Lee Academy (Marianna, AR) [Zone Coverage] 3.5 of 5.0 Pennington is the best strong safety in the 2019 draft class. At Vanderbilt during the 2018 season Pennington has the third most interceptions of any player in the league and tied Romulus Jackson's record for most interceptions in a season by a strong safety (7), is tied for the most defensive touchdowns by any player, and averages just under six tackles per game. 5 - QB Joel King 73 220 Fr S&S Consolidated (Sadler, TX) [Pocket] 2.5 of 5.0 King was considered the best prospect by many in the 2015 class but BLUEchip had him ranked as the third best QB and fifth overall. King has had a somewhat controversial career as the Houston QB as he has never really lit up the scoreboard in college, but has been maybe the most consistent player in the league the past four years. King protects the ball really well, having thrown less than five interceptions each season since his true freshman year in which he threw seven. King is considered by many to be the third best QB in the 2019 draft, but a strong showing at the combine could push him as high as first overall. 4 - OT Donald Reed 77 293 Fr Lakeland (Lakeland, FL) [Pass Blocking] 3.0 of 5.0 Reed was the top ranked OT in the country in 2015, but he still has a year of eligibility left at Virginia Tech. After redshirting his freshman year Reed has been the most consistent player for the Hokies the past three seasons. Reed will have to make a decision soon as well about declaring for the NFL draft or staying for his senior season in Blacksburg. 3 - QB Matthew Dobbs 73 213 Fr Landstown (Virginia Beach, VA) [scrambling] 3.0 of 4.5 Dobbs is the second player in a row on this list that attended Virginia Tech. Dobbs has clearly busted compared to his ranking coming out of high school. While he hasn't been terrible he really hasn't shown any ability to take over a game. Dobbs will look to find a spot on an NFL roster as a backup and maybe eventually get some playing time in the future, but he has shown no reason to expect he could play in the NFL. The good news for Dobbs is he will have his redshirt senior season in 2019 to prove to NFL scouts he is worth a late round pick 2 - QB Charlie Walter 75 228 Fr Pendleton (Pendleton, OR) [Pocket] 3.0 of 4.5 Walter is in the same boat as Dobbs is, but without the extra season to prove he can play at a professional level. While Walter has been better than Dobbs so far in their careers Walter is entering the 2018 draft and will be looking to get on a teams bench. While he has shown that he can protect the football and not cost his team games, he hasn't shown the ability to make the hard throws a starting QB has to make in the NFL. He will likely get picked up in a later round by a team desperate for a backup, but dont expect to hear his name again until his retirement. 1 - DT 1 David Medley 79 310 Fr Owyhee (Owyhee, NV) [Run Stop] 3.5 of 5.0 Medley is considered the top defensive tackle prospect in the 2019 draft, but that isn't really saying much. Medley is the best of a bad bunch, as there are only four defensive tackles rated above 76 Medley may go high but it isn't because he has stood out so far in his four years. Now that isn't to say Medley isn't a good player, he is, he just hasn't been as dominate as would be expected of the highest rated player in the 2015 rankings. He has put up solid numbers every season at Colorado, but he only accounted for more than 30 tackles once and has never had six sacks in a season. Even though defensive tackles aren't known for racking up stats left and right we expected more out of Medley.
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    Time for some stats. Most Pro Bowl Appearances 5 appearances: Christian Skaggs, Vaughn Abraham, Dan Nomellini, Walt Peck, Marcellus Peterson, Quentin Smith, Alvis Brumm, Rodney Galbreath, Andre Brooks. 4 appearances: Darrell Murphy, Chester Henson, Mike Triplett, Gary Faneca, Justin Campbell, David Wilson, Tyrone Jones, Keyshawn Thompson, David Wilburn, Sean Burton, Ben Morrison Streaks 5 year streak: See above. Same players. 4 year streak: Mike Triplett, Justin Campbell, Tyrone Jones, Keyshawn Thompson, Sean Burton 3 year streak: Nick Hall, Darrell Murphy, Scott Howard, Jace Brown, Curtis Lewis, Kenyatta Henderson, Forest Garrett, David Wells, Bashir Rodriguez 2 year streak: Marcus Barry, Mosi Bartos, Bernard Taylor, Sid Henson, Jeremy Miller, David Doherty, Daleroy Smart, Adam Newman, Brandon Sauter, Jeff Mangum Breaking a 4 year streak of being in Pro Bowl: Chester Henson, Gary Faneca, David Wilson, David Wilburn Breaking a 3 year streak of being in Pro Bowl: Brian Brown, Rodney Montgomery, Tron Moses, Earl Jackson, Steve Noonan Other Fun Facts -Justin Buchanan has the longest period between Pro Bowls. He made it in 2014 and 2018. -The 2014 AFC QB's were Darren Werner (NE), Kareem Taylor (JAX), and Onterrio Smith (NYJ). All play for different teams now. Werner (DEN) will be facing Taylor (TEN) in the wild card round this year. RIP PBQOS. -David Wells has been the returner for the AFC all 3 years that there were Pro Bowl returners. The NFC has had three different players (ML Kriewaldt, Sean Jenkins, and Bashir Rodriguez). -The Miami Dolphins drafted a Pro Bowl WR in the 4th round or later in the draft from 2014-2016: Riddick Smith (2x Pro Bowl, 7th round 2014), Rodney Montgomery (3x Pro Bowl, 4th round 2015), and Marcus Banks (1x Pro Bowl, 4th round 2016). -From the top 10 picks of the 2014 and 2015 draft, only 3 players have not made the Pro Bowl: Thomas Wheeler, Blake Shell, and Jim Otto.
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    Dates are subject to change. Trading allowed: 1 hour after the conclusion of Superbowl V Re-signings due: Friday, May 20th at 8:00pm EST. Free Agency begins: Saturday, May 21st (whenever I can get it up) Combine: Sunday, May 22nd NFLHC Draft Round 1: Friday, May 27th at 8:00pm EST Rounds 2 & 3: Saturday, May 28th at 8:00pm EST Rounds 4,5,6 & 7: Sunday, May 29th at 5:00pm EST UDFA Bids due: Monday, May 30th at 8:00pm EST (assuming I get the UDFA list up at a reasonable time after draft) Team pages and cap sheets up to date: Wednesday, June 1st at 8:00pm EST
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    Adrian Jankowski is suiting up for his final game when the Aggies play in their bowl game. Posted by Jimmy Wexler - The Eagle COLLEGE STATION - In college football, it’s a fact that most players come and they go, and that’s just the way it is. However there are those few who never leave. Their spectacular careers live on in legend and are celebrated by fans, their stories are passed down through generations. Their pictures live on through facility walls, their great moments remembered in game-programs, and t-shirts and jerseys continue on throughout time. Success helps us to remember the great ones, but that’s not the only criterion it’s also how they carry themselves, showing a humbleness and humility that allows us to relate to them. Then showing a ferocity and passion on the field that makes us feel as if they are going to battle for us. Adrian Jankowski is and will always be one of Texas A&M’s most prized possessions. A tall and lanky receiver out of Euless, TX who was considered a good receiver but nowhere near the best in his class, happened the be the same young man who was a perfect match for College Station and their new undersized prized quarterback recruit. Fred Biletnikoff Award winner as a freshman, two-time All-American, CFBHC’s all-time leading receiver warrants a great deal of respect, but in College Station, respect is barely the way Adrian Jankowski is viewed. Instead if there were a Mount Rushmore of Aggie athletes, Jankowski would firmly be entrenched as one of the four to be featured. With that being said – Saturday’s victory over Ole Miss is the last time Aggie-faithful will get to watch Jankowski suit up in a regular season game. All that remains is whatever bowl the Aggies get invited to, and it is during this time that we as fan must cherish how lucky we are to have witnessed such humble greatness. “My Freshman year was so much fun,” Jankowski said, “Matty and I kind of came on the scene together and instantly clicked.” Greatness exuded from Jankowski that year as he teamed up with Swift to lead the Aggies to an 11 win season including a 76-3 drubbing of TCU where he had the type of game in which legends are remembered. Jankowski torched the Frog defense for an astonishing 19 receptions for 335 yards and 2 touchdowns in what is simply known as “The Game” in College Station. “That game was a lot of fun,” Jankowski said, “We had squeaked by in a few of our prior games and I just had this focus to win and focus to make the crowd proud and everything just clicked.” Life hasn’t always been easy for Jankowski in College Station however, and the turmoil around the Aggie program really had an effect on the young receiver. “Coming into my sophomore year, with the sudden disappearance of coach, we just really didn’t have a lot of direction that year. I just felt I really let the team down, the fans down, the community down, and vowed personally to never let it happen again.” Jankowski said with obvious pain in his face, we all remember the 2016 and first half of the 2017 season where the Aggie administration couldn’t find a coach and our boys had no guidance. However they never stopped competing – they never stopped representing the Maroon and White with everything they had. Even without a coach for the better part of the 2017 season Jankowski rebounded with a spectacular 102 catch season where he grabbed 12 touchdowns and piled up 1,403 total receiving yards, added another All-American honor to his resume and finished the season as a Heisman and Biletnikoff finalist. In week 11 of the season, when the Aggies finally found coach Smackems, Jankowski exploded for 15 catches, 277 yards, and 2 TDs. “We finally had a game-plan and I was just so excited to go out and play” Jankowski recollects about the game. These are the moments we remember. Coming into the season the question was not whether Jankowski and the Aggies would be successful, but rather how successful would they be? “We finally had a coach and the pieces were in place – I really want us to end on a high note and give the fans something to be excited about.” Jankowski said about the season, “I’m glad Matty is finally getting the recognition he deserves I would be crazy if I didn’t think that I wouldn’t be where I am today without having such a great QB – we have always just been in sync.” These are the qualities that make Jankowski so beloved in College Station; he’s built on humble greatness and ferocity on the field. Coach Smackems added “Adrian works so hard, he doesn’t crave the spotlight, but damn if he won’t crush you on the field. He’s got the drive and determination to be the best WR to ever play, and yet his desire to win goes so much beyond just winning for himself.” These are the things that make Jankowski an Aggie legend. “I love College Station and I love Texas A&M, I’ve been so blessed to call it my home the past four years”. No, Adrian – it’s been a blessing to have you the past four years. Aggie fans, when you are deciding on whether to pick up tickets to our first bowl game in three years – remember this. This will be the last time you will see one of the greatest Aggies ever put on the Maroon and White – which brings me to my final question – Where were you when Adrian Jankowski played his last game?
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    RIP smackems with the chiefs. 11:25 to 1:38, you will be missed
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    Well of course. We dont want you casual live having plebs on our fake draft. We only want the most dedicated no lifers making sure their team gets the best players from the draft!
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    Sadness here from Sadness Inc. Reporting. There are reports that you enjoy ripping owners' hearts out and stomping on them. What do you think about these rumors?
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    It's playoff time, which means it's time for RSN to rank the QBs of NFLHC! The ranking stat is "Passer Rating Above Replacement", or PRAR. A replacement is considered any player who played a snap at QB in 6 or less games. The 7 game requirement was decided upon to include players who missed a significant amount of the season due to injury. Also, this is based on passing stats, so scrambling QBs will be a little undervalued. Without further ado, here is the rankings! The top five will all get a brief write up, but the rest will be listed in rank. Edit: This is literally just an adjusted Passer Rating. It's not anything ground breaking, but I don't have "Yards in Air" or anything to do more advanced stuff with. #1. Christian Skaggs PRAR: 52.37 Completeion %: 69.5 Yards/Attempt: 10.143 TD:INT Ratio: 5.57 I don't think it's any surprise that this gentlemen is sitting at the top. 39 touchdowns to only 7 interceptions, an awesome completion percentage, and he's getting a first down per attempt. It will be interesting to see if Skaggs can keep his momentum up during the playoffs without his coach, but there's no denying that he had a MVP caliber season this year. Just truly spectacular. #2. Brian Brown PRAR: 42.55 Completeion %: 63.9 Yards/Attempt: 9.416 TD:INT Ratio: 14 Winning silver this year is the golden boy, Brian Brown. The Miami QB missed a lot of games due to injury, but he was setting the world on fire when he was on the field. A fantastic 14:1 TD:INT ratio in his seven games highlights his decision making and accuracy. It's really quite a shame he got hurt, otherwise he might have had a legendary season. #3 Nick Hall PRAR: 41.1 Completeion %: 64.8 Yards/Attempt: 8.903 TD:INT Ratio: 4.85 I don't think Nick Hall really ever gets the love he deserves. I feel like a lot of people dismiss him due to the nature of his team's offense, but it takes a great QB to pass and pass well when everyone and their mother knows it is coming. Hall would miss two games this year, but that didn't stop him from throwing 34 touchdowns and managing only one interception every other game. #4 Will Thompson PRAR: 37.0 Completeion %: 64.3 Yards/Attempt: 8.82 TD:INT Ratio: 3.8 I was not expecting this name to pop up this early, but here's the San Diego surfer! Thompson only appeared in 11 games and didn't throw a whole lot, but when he did he was effective. Like a lot of the top 5, Thompson excelled in keeping his INT rate down, throwing only 5 in 11 games. And say what you want about having a superstar under center, but not turning the ball over can be a game winning attribute. #5 Darrel Murphy PRAR: 36.02 Completeion %: 64.2 Yards/Attempt: 8.48 TD:INT Ratio: 5.125 I like the Rams starting QB a lot. He threw the ball a lot this year, but like Nick Hall, he did it well. He would go on to lead the league in passing yards and TDs, but only throw 8 interceptions in starting every game for the Rams. I just don't know what else you could want from a QB. I can see him as a MVP candidate purely for his counting stats. #6 Ryan Clark, CLE - 35.21 #7 Rob LeCount, DET - 31.16 #8 Aaron Shea, IND - 30.98 #9 Reggie Watkins, BAL - 30.42 #10 Todd Lester, SF - 30.08 #11 Darren Warner, DEN - 28.93 #12 Brian Vardell, MIN - 28.17 #13 Allan Taylor, JAX - 28.04 #14 Taylor Heiden, TB - 27.57 #15 Javier Fields, WAS - 27.14 #16 Blake Shell, CIN - 26.19 #17 Kamau Davis, DAL - 25.85 #18 Kareem Taylor, TEN - 25.82 #19 Alexander Williams, SEA - 23.7 #20 Jason Johnson, GB - 23.58 #21 R.J. Stanford, NYG - 22.76 #22 Thomas Wheeler, KC - 22.59 #23 Erik Wegert, NYJ - 20.4 #24 Jarius Jones, ARI - 20.2 #25 Rob Corp, PIT - 19.42 #26 A.J. Jefferson, ATL - 18.55 #27 Norris Brooksheer, CHI - 17.63 #28 Lawyer Johnson, NE - 12.83 #29 Aaron Devereaux, NO - 11.95 #30 Joaquin Younger, BUF - 11.35 #31 Ken Eller, PHI - 8.77 #32 Tommy Jones, HOU - 6.31
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    I've called everybody here today to announce that I am taking over the Miami Dolphins organization. I understand that this has been a whirlwind day, and I'm sure many of you have questions for me. I'd like to thank Nmize0 for his understanding, and allowing me to pursue such a once in a lifetime opportunity. I plan to immediately shift my focus to our playoff game this weekend, but I open the floor to questions, comments, etc.
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    Thank you for coming again on such short notice. After a season in which we did not perform quite up to expectations, I set out to find a new Head Coach that can bring us to the next level with the immense talent we have on the team. I am happy to announce that our search ended incredibly fruitfully. Texas A&M coach, Smckenz3, has put pen to paper on his new contract to become the Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. He has burst onto the college scene, beginning towards the end of last season. He turned a struggling team around, leading the Aggies to a 3 game win streak to close the year last year, and getting them into the top 25 this year. He has coached very well this season for the Aggies, with most of his losses coming to highly touted squads by narrow margins. He was a top candidate when I set out on our search. We are both available for questions at this time.
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    Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons Baltimore Ravens Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers Chicago Bears Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Houston Texans Jacksonville Jaguars Indianapolis Colts Kansas City Chiefs Miami Dolphins Minnesota Vikings New England Patriots New Orleans Saints New York Giants New York Jets Philadelphia Eagles Oakland Raiders Pittsburgh Steelers San Diego Chargers San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks St. Louis Rams Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tennessee Titans Washington Redskins
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    I might do more, no promises. Cleveland- 83 ILB Christian Haywood 6-3 243 R Arizona [Pass Man-to-Man] This is a tough one, Cleveland doesn’t need a QB, DE, OT, or OLB, which accounts for many of the elite players in this draft class. They do however need RB and FS but I don’t see them spending the first overall pick on either. Haywood is the only player in the draft at a need position for Cleveland that wouldn’t be a reach at #1. The secondary was problematic this year, but their cb1 did progress to an 81. It’s possible they go CB here but honestly if I was Cleveland I’d look to trade down, last year the trade for the #1 overall pick turned worked great for both parties. Moving down to 10-15 would allow them a shot at one of the top OLs, RBs, and maybe Prince McGill which would all be solid pickups at the positions they need first round talent at. Plus they pickup whatever else in the trade. Jacksonville- 81 CB Troy Marshall 6-1 163 R Texas [Zone Coverage] This one was just as tough as Cleveland. I could totally see the Jags take Early Davis here but their pass defense last year was absolutely atrocious. Part of it could be blame on a pass rush that only produced 14 sacks last season. But when you’re dead last in pass yards allowed and your CBs only combined for 1int on the year, you pretty much have no choice. This is another pick I would not be surprised to see traded down, however it’s pretty paramount that JAX gets help in the secondary and it may not be wise to leave a player like Marshall on the table. Arizona- 83 DE Early Davis 6-3 259 R Georgia [Run Stop] Okay wow these first few teams are dumpster fires, but none have as many gaping holes as Arizona, Randye and Ted certainly have their work cut out from them, both have had great past accomplishments and I expect they will keep the same tradition at Arizona. Knowing Randye, I once again, I know I’m doing it AGAIN I think they will try and trade back. This team has so many holes they needs as many draft picks as they can get. Even if they go Early Davis like projected, they’re front 7 is still bottom in the league. Davis is a truly elite player who should help improve the run and pass defense for this Arizona team that’s dead terrible at both. He will be able to set the edge even against veteran tackles to help stop the bleeding for a defense that was dead last by a mile in rushing yards allowed per game last year, 160 per game, at 31st was ATL at 112. It should also boost a pass rush that only netted a pitiful 9 sacks, that's 1.5 less then Early had this year at UGA. Atlanta- 81 DT David Medley 6-7 310 R Colorado [Run Stop] The falcons are going to be sad to see Davis gone at this point. Dline is the top need for this team. I think it’s a bit of a reach at this point and I don’t want to say they will trade back any more so I think they have to go Medley here. With Haywood off the board too already there isn’t any truly elite talent at their biggest needs. Medley is a great player none the less and should certainly help clog up those running lanes next year for Atlanta. Buffalo- 82 QB Matty Swift 5-11 198 R Texas A&M [Pocket] Before seeing the combine, Swift has to be the top QB on the board. He has great stats, and is truly battle tested, playing one of the most gruesome schedules in cfb. He also has faced and excelled in adversity both on the field and off due to instability at A&M. Some critics believe Jankowski makes it easy for him, but I’d have to disagree I think they’re both good players and given Buffalos terrible decisions at QB recently, I think they make the right one here and draft a franchise QB that’s ready to go on day 1. Baltimore- 82 QB Alex Leshoure 6-1 205 R Boston College [Pocket] Reggie Watkins is serviceable but Baltimore is going to find itself in awkward position in the draft where all their needs are going to be reaches. This offense is on life support and needs a play maker. Though the offensive line was abysmal last year, a lot of it had to do with injuries and Baltimore is pretty set at OT right now which is the only OL available that wouldn’t be a reach. The defense was pretty good last year. CB might be a consideration for the Ravens but I think the offense needs to be addressed first and foremost. A new face could revitalize this franchise and Watkins isn’t getting any better. Leshoure looks like a long term bet at QB. I see him as more of a development guy who is going to be just average his first couple years but has a high ceiling with experience. This would be a good long term approach to rebuilding this team. It might also pay to invest in Sowell as Brooker T. appears to be on the downswing. Houston- 83 RB Asante Sowell 6-3 194 R Wisconsin [Power] Pending TJ progression could determine whether or not Houston drafts QB. With King still on the board the opportunity is there to grab the last of the top prospects at QB. Seeing as they just drafted TJ last year, I think they shy away. He had a “rookie” type year and he has virtually no run game to lean on. The pressure was always on him to win games and frankly he just isn’t ready. Next year he will be a year older and perhaps slightly better? With that said I think Asante Sowell is the pick here. Houston needs to give TJ some help, Sowell is the answer. Sowell is good in pass pro, and is one of the best RB prospects in sim history. He should fit perfectly into their offense. Houston- 80 CB Aaron Stiles 5-11 180 R Tennessee [Man Coverage] I think it would be smart for Houston to upgrade the interior O-line and invest in Sowell but defense is more pressing right now. If Houston is smart I think they use this pick on defense and still get an elite blocker for Sowell by grabbing one of top FBs a little later on. It’s hard to say where they will go, they need CB, DE, OLB, and maybe SS. CB seems like the one they need the most followed by OLB and DE. I like Stiles here, who is the #2 CB on my board pre combine. He has faced many top tier quarterbacks this season including being tasked with covering Adrian Jankowski with Matty Swift tossing him the ball. I think that experience plus his production sets him apart from the other CBs Minnesota- 81 CB Ian Garner 6-0 199 R Minnesota [Zone Coverage] As it stands now CB is the glaring hole in this team. With me and the new crew rolling up in here we are going to try and make some changes but until we make something happen in the trading market, CB has to be the pick here. We are fortunate enough to grab Garner who is a home town hero, scheme fit and Elite player who will immediately contribute. Steelers- 83 OT Mike Woods 6-2 317 R Michigan State [Pass Blocking] Easy pick here, the Steelers believe in Corp so I don’t think they will draft King. Their O-line has been terrible and nabbing an OT this good, this late is a Godsend for this organization. This should be a tremendous impact in 2019 and a great investment in the franchise.
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    2018 Mid-American Conference Graduates It is that time of year to honor the graduating class of 2018. His is a list of all graduating seniors from the MAC schools. Good luck to all in your respective fields. Go forth and represent the MAC off the field as you have on it! Akron Zips Quarterbacks Michael Briscoe Running Backs Ken Barron | Vincent Frank | Michael Hooper Receivers Christopher Rosario | Sean Tran | Clarence Tran Offensive Line George Gallagher | Donald Grimm | Rick Baer | Nathan Washington Defensive Line Douglas Fox | William Terry Linebackers James Mason | Anton Nichols | Stephen Taylor Secondary - Special Teams Brandon O'Brien | Joseph Flores Ball State Cardinals Quarterbacks John Reynolds Running Backs Henry Clark | Norris Horton | Brad Rollins Receivers Ira Crawford | Theodore Rounds | Josiah Stevens Offensive Line Mike Cunningham | John Morris Defensive Line James Finney | Antonio Becker | Joseph Fitzpatrick Linebackers Tory Sykes | Ryan Brown Secondary Jan Parker | Ryan Richardson | Ian Williams Special Teams Charles Fisher | Jonah Forbes Bowling Green Falcons Quarterbacks John Rogers | Carl Wing Running Backs Charles Hall | Gilbert Hayes | Brandon Houghton Receivers Richard Dodge | Robert Rodriguez | Victor Acker Offensive Line Adam Eckert | Javier Rose | Kenneth Torres | Larry Williams Defensive Line Jamie Cole Linebackers Robert Nelson | Ricky Richards | Christopher Cox Secondary Michael Stubbs | Todd Graves Special Teams Michael Wright Buffalo Bulls Quarterbacks Charles Conley Running Backs Mark Soto Receivers Alexander Richardson Offensive Line Jason Boyles | Gary Bagley | Claude Lamb | Thomas Maxwell Defensive Line Edmond Farr | Samuel Blodgett | Leroy Bonner Linebackers Gary Shook Secondary Stacy Meyer | Charles Jones | Joseph Duran Special Teams David Gonzales Central Michigan Chippewas Quarterbacks Ronald Alexander Running Backs Stanley Carrillo | John Murray | Thomas Conrad Receivers James Armstrong | Christopher Thomas Offensive Line John Guy | William Romero | George Wynn | William Romero | George Wynn | John Harvey James Daniels Defensive Line Mitchell Warren | Brandon Norman | Benjamin Fulton Linebackers John Fay | John White | Thomas Peterson | Frank Sears | Thomas Peterson | Frank Sears Secondary Horace Green | David Boyle Special Teams Timothy Estrada Eastern Michigan Quarterbacks Darryl George Running Backs Mark Macleod | Alvin Robbins Receivers Adam Oliver Offensive Line Matthew Watson | Eric Valentine | Travis Burke Defensive Line Frank Gates | Gregory Montgomery Linebackers Secondary Melvin Morris | Brett Boone | James Blair | Vincent Ayala | John Bolden Special Teams Nathan Grant Kent State Quarterbacks Howard Stevens | Ruben Tillman | Joel Spivey Running Backs William Gray | Jeffrey Randall | Michael Webb Receivers Richard Hunter | Julian Singleton Offensive Line Robert Hirsch | John Allen | Jeffery Johnson | Peter Corbin Defensive Line Michael Garcia | John Tubbs | Ronnie Murray Linebackers David Garcia | Harry Waugh | John Yates Secondary Jeffrey Lutz | Joseph Lowe | Ryan White | Jerry Brown | Wilbert Brown Special Teams - Miami University (Ohio) Quarterbacks Douglas Graham | Randy Miller Running Backs Warren Trent Receivers Edmond Kerr | Donald Hall | Walter Parris Offensive Line Bryant Vargas | Dennis Holliday | Jeffrey Blanco | Cecil Phillips | Alan Polanco | Brian Murdock Defensive Line Carl Schwartz | Keith Shaffer Linebackers Tony Smith | Ronnie Kent Secondary William Fanning Special Teams James Taylor | Marty Howe Northern Illinois Quarterbacks Andrew Davis Running Backs Christopher Harrison Receivers Bobby Turner | Larry Frazier Offensive Line Greg Coughlin | Nicolas Slack | Ben Vega | Edward Johnson Defensive Line Michael Woods Linebackers Nicholas Smith | Dave Price | Kevin Villegas Secondary Robert Morris | Frank Walker | James Sandoval Special Teams Ohio Quarterbacks Garry Hart Running Backs Justin Couture | Taylor Olson | Jonathan Pena Receivers Winfred Sinclair Offensive Line King Armstrong | Michael Brown | Alfred Padilla | Craig Crisp | Michael Wilburn Defensive Line Zachary Walker | Charles Martinez | Eddie Milton Linebackers Joseph Dixon Secondary Aurelio Best | Joseph Hatton | Jack Hayes | Joshua Nelson Special Teams Charles Hamm | Eric Thomas | Allen Clark Toledo Quarterbacks Hector Hsu | Steven Ferguson Running Backs - Receivers Christopher Jackson Offensive Line - Defensive Line - Linebackers Jaime Stewart | Thomas O’Hara Secondary Keith Hatfield | John Torres Special Teams - Western Michigan Quarterbacks Morris Jacobs Running Backs Emmanuel Fields Receivers Fred Ramsey Offensive Line Robert Williams | Marvin Correa | Garrett Roberson Defensive Line Samuel Barnes | Thierno Mingo | Louis Stiles Linebackers Raymond Campos | Adrian Day | Steven Field Secondary Manuel Morrison Special Teams
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    Hello everyone, and thank you for gathering for this quick announcement. As the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, it pains me to announce that our DOPP, DeanDean, has been relieved of his duties in order to allow him to seek new opportunities. With the GM position being permanently filled by myself, it was seen as a hinderance to his development. We both agreed he should move on to somewhere that will allow him new exposure to different methodologies and, more importantly, somewhere where there is opportunity for upward mobility. I wish him immense luck and good fortune in his new position, wherever that may be. I will now take questions.
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    Thanks for the kind words everyone. I hope to help build this organization from the ground up, and assist in making it into a contender in the AFC.
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    MINNEAPOLIS--The League Office issues this statement regarding the spate of recent coaching changes and job openings. All coaching moves will be finalized following the B1G Championship Game, with the exception of Soluna to Northwestern, and will follow the usual tenure protocol. Please follow the job application process to apply for any open positions. B1G coaching jobs at present-- B1G East Ohio State--fever_ful Michigan--Sophos Michigan State--SlinkyJr, opening following the B1G CCG Penn State--currently open Maryland--grv413, opening following the B1G CCG Rutgers--Vollmagnet Indiana--TheSam B1G West Minnesota--Bingo415, Conference Commissioner Purdue--inspiral Northwestern--Soluna, assumes duties immediately Nebraska--Nmize0 Illinois--FlutieFlakes Iowa--JmJacobs Wisconsin--Taffyowner
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    In a sudden and shocking announcement - Smackems has abruptly resigned from the Kansas City Chiefs. I'd like to thank the Chiefs for the opportunity to coach their fine football team.
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    Fuck yourself. I think it would be better to learn an alternative way of running a team. This is not to say that Mimzy's way of running a team is bad. Not at all. I believe if I hadn't been thrown into a fire in New England, and gone to mimzy I'd be somewhere sipping kool-aid on a beach, but life is as life does. i wasn't ready, and as I may believe I have learned, I need to keep proving myself until I am seen as ready by others.
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    Ah the ole Browns guilt them into becoming HC by announcing it strategy
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    Offensive Player of the Week: Sean Bell, BAY, 26 for 155 yards, 2 TD Defensive Player of the Week: David Tolliver, ISU, 1 INT, 3 Tackles, 1 TD Special Teams Player of the Week: Eric Graves, ISU, 3-3 FG (46, 34, 40), 3-3 XP Podcast link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwbJoM4rbJ5LRTZJYXBxX3hGREE Timestamps 0:00-0:29 Intro 0:29-4:13 Virginia Tech 31, Oklahoma State 3 4:13-9:03 Maryland 24, West Virginia 7 9:03-12:15 Iowa State 30, Kansas State 7 12:15-15:50 Kansas 35, Oregon 17 15:50-20:04 Colorado 21, Oklahoma 13 20:04-23:50 Texas Tech 34, BYU 24 23:50-29:11 TCU 31, Rice 6 29:11-36:22 Baylor 27, Texas 24 (OT) 36:22-42:26 Look ahead to Week 16 42:26-43:04 Conclusion
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    you aren't even on a team. stop bitching.
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    I am pleased to announce Rutgers Head Coach, Vollmagnet, has agreed to terms with our organization to become the Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. He has done a splendid job with the Rutgers Scarlet Knights in his tenure there, losing some close games. With the whirlwind of events happening recently, we are open to questions at this time. Thank you.
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    Good hire! Vollmagnet is awesome needs to deepen his relationship with the site.
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    except he's taken them further in the playoffs than the Panthers have been so idk dude
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    Serious talk, I feel like we shouldn't be allowed to vote on pro bowl stuff until the season is over. Everybody votes halfway through the season and it really skews the results. Especially with how stubborn most of the people on this site are (myself included)
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    Bedlam has always belonged to Oklahoma. The Sooners have won all three times they played in Norman. The Sooners have won both times they played in Stillwater. And now, they look to make it six straight wins against their in-state rival to try and put some shine back into what has become the worst season in school history. Oklahoma State is looking to finally break through against the big brother of their state. They're looking for revenge for their last matchup in Stillwater, when Alejandro Aguirre's 45-yard field goal as time expired completed a come-from-behind 24-23 Sooner win to block Oklahoma State from a Big XII South title and a conference championship game berth. With Oklahoma having the down year of its life and the game coming to Stillwater, this is perhaps the Cowboys' best chance to get on the board--if only the 3-8 squad looked ready to take advantage of it. For Oklahoma State, it was widely known that this was going to be a rebuilding year. When Lukas Burke threw 6 interceptions in his very first game as a starter, any doubts of that fact were erased. The Cowboys have shuffled between quarterbacks over the course of the year, going between Burke and Samuel Raymond. Neither has been able to find consistency; both are hovering around the 50% completion rate mark, and they've thrown for 11 touchdowns to 16 interceptions. Six of those touchdowns and twelve of those picks are Burke's in just 5 appearances. Oklahoma's pass defense has not been particularly great this year (with the caveat that they've had to face a lot of strong passers), ranking in the bottom 3 of the conference in completion percentage allowed, yards allowed per attempt, and opponents' passer rating. They're not the type of defense that gets burned deep easily, so they'll have to work on making Lukas Burke's throws as difficult as possible. If they can snag a couple of interceptions off of a guy averaging more than 2 picks per game, they'll be in great shape. The Cowboys will likely try to throw a few wrinkles in there. Runningback Afasa Neru and wide receiver Raheem Robinson have both thrown passes, and on a few occasions they've even been successful. Robinson struck fear into the hearts of defenses over a two-week stretch where he rushed for 300 yards on 9 carries, including three lengthy touchdown runs. With quarterback being a struggle, Oklahoma State's tried as hard as possible to put the ball into the hands of their playmaker. However, other teams seem to have caught onto it to some degree and Robinson hasn't had more than 25 rushing yards in a game since then. The Oklahoma defense will need to know where the Stillwater star is at all times, and they have to be ready for him to do anything. They'll also have to be wary of Afasa Neru--the junior tailback isn't necessarily the go-to threat that guys like Sean Bell or Arturo Pacheco have been, but he can make a defense pay for ignoring him. Just see his 24-carry, 125-yard, 3-touchdown performance in Oklahoma State's win over Kansas State for evidence. Oklahoma's 3-8 start came as a surprise to virtually everyone, even though the signs were getting clearer that it wasn't going to be the same team we saw in 2015. It's difficult to point to what went wrong. Part of it was strength of schedule--five of their eight losses were to teams ranked at gametime, and ECU turned out better than anyone expected. Part of it was an inability to close out games or come from behind--they're 0-5 in games decided by 8 points or fewer this season. Part of it is that things just didn't quite click right. Graham Burnett was mostly fine, but for portions of the season he struggled with interceptions. Sean Egloff was mostly fine, though his yards per carry average is down to 4.79 from last year's 5.45. The offensive line got worse, and the secondary's taken a dip as well. There's obviously a lot separating 3-8 from 11-0. But it's fair to say that only a few bad breaks separate 3-8 from 6-5 in this case. I like how Oklahoma matches up with Oklahoma State. The Cowboys' defense virtually matches the Sooners' defense in every statistical category except two: passing touchdowns and interceptions. Oklahoma's given up 18 scores to 6 picks; Oklahoma State's yielded 21 scores to 3 picks. Graham Burnett is an efficient quarterback under reasonable volume, and Oklahoma State doesn't really have a way to stop him from making those quick little passes to pick apart the defense or force him into bad throws--and that's before considering the fact that Sean Egloff can rip a defense to shreds if you oversell on Burnett. I'm liking Oklahoma in this one. We saw a litmus test for both teams last week against similar competition. While Oklahoma struggled to score against Colorado, they also kept the Buffalo offense relatively well checked. Oklahoma State couldn't do much on either end against the Fightin' Dobbies of Virginia Tech. Oklahoma still looks like the better team on the field, they're still the better team on paper, and they have the matchup advantage. A few bad breaks in Stillwater could definitely flip this the other way, but Oklahoma has to like its chances to remain perfect in Bedlam. Oklahoma 24, Oklahoma State 14
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    So you think LeCount is a bottom 10 QB.
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    He coaches Rutgers, he's used to people having to use plan b around him
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    DevX is an excellent talent that will guide the Saints to many more victories. His mid-year shortcomings had more to do with injuries to the talent around him rather than his own abilities. Devie and I will definitely keep in touch in the future as we became close trying to right the ship this season. No. You don't mess with perfection.
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    Did this have something to do with the non-updated Depth Chart the Saints had for 2 months?
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    I am ranked 23rd. I just turned 23. 23 is one of my favorite numbers. 23 is also Michael Jordan's number. 23 is also a number featured in lost, along with 4, 8, 15, 16, and 42. 4 and 42 are also some of my favorite numbers. NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW!!!!!!
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    Nope. Ravens not drafting LeShoure.
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    Goodbye, Sweet Prince. We'll see your son Herman in 2036. Raise him right.
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    Ohhh shit my first draft. Getting pumped.
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    If I'm honest, I had a feeling that if he got offered the MIA gig, he would leave. But I thought signing him up couldn't hurt and maybe it'd guilt him into staying
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    Thank you! Although it would have been an honor to be involved with an organization with as much success as the Dolphins, I've not been approached by anyone to work in that organization. "Mimzy" approached me, we discussed ideas for the future, and it just seemed like a great fit. I'm excited to be here in Kansas City - I think we have a really good shot at getting into the playoffs next year. I think it's no secret that I love coaching Matty and Jank, they are great players who allow me to run a few different offensive game plans. However great coaches should be able to tailor a game plan to the pieces they have, and adapt to ultimately be successful. I plan on spending the off-season studying up on the players we have here in Kansas City and ultimately finding the best approach, with the players we have, for us to be successful. I also have faith that Mimzy and I will work together to help identify potential areas of need and bring in players that match my preferred style of attack.
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