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    Well of course. We dont want you casual live having plebs on our fake draft. We only want the most dedicated no lifers making sure their team gets the best players from the draft!
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    Detroit, MI -- "Thank you everyone for being here. The Detroit Lions have had an excellent season, and are positioned to draft well and keep the bulk of the hard-nosed defense intact. I look forward to watching General Manager jmjacobs and Head Coach SlinkyJr work their magic next season. Unfortunately, I will be unable to join them on this journey. I am here to announce that I have sold the Detroit Lions franchise to current Detroit Lions General Manager jmjacobs. "Effective Immediately, I will be assuming the position of Head Coach of the Seattle Seahawks. I am pleased to join forces with Owner TuscanSota and General Manager LamboThrone. Together, we will take this franchise to the next level. "Thank you everyone for your patience. I will now open the floor for a brief Q&A."
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    DALLAS, TX - The Auburn Tigers' college football playoff run came to an end today, defeated by the Boston College Eagles 24-36 in the Cotton Bowl semifinal game. Ending on a sour note, the final play was a heave towards the end zone by junior Jacori Kessler, unwilling to let the Cinderella season come to an end. "I feel like I let my team down today. I'm going to work harder than ever, and hopefully we can be back here next year." He was quoted as saying, after walking off the field, surrounded by celebrating Boston College players. The player of the game which many expected to be either the Heisman winner or runner-up was instead a surprising performance by redshirt senior Ben Curry who managed 140 yards on 22 carries and two touchdowns, adding another with a short reception in the corner of the end zone. Jaz Durant did have a good game himself, but it was not his day to be the victor this time. Sitting in the locker room afterwards the junior seemed to be reflecting, sitting alone with his jersey around his shoulders and pads already packed away. It will be the last time he will wear an Auburn Tigers uniform as he did commit early to the NFL draft. As coach Artenger took the podium after the game, he did answer a few questions. "Obviously not the preferred ending to our day, but I am extremely proud of this team and what we have accomplished this season. Coach Jumanji has a fantastic squad in Boston College and we are not embarrassed in the slightest to have lost to such a talented group. Our only two losses this year have come from the national championship contenders, I call that a pretty damn good year. I do think Jacori will get over this tough loss and move on to be an even more effective quarterback next season - he has a lot of fantastic leadership qualities and a great arm." When asked about his Heisman winning back he just gave a smile. "Yes, of course I will miss having a guy like Durant on the team. He is an absolute athletic freak and I think he will make an NFL team very happy with their selection. I wish him the utmost of luck at the next level." As he began walking away from the microphone, he paused just a moment and returned for a quick statement. "Oh and one more thing...Woo pig sooie."
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    Number of journalists: 7 Coach of the Year: Bubada Offensive Player of the Year: J.C. Weldon, WR, Marshall Defensive Player of the Year: Eugene Logan, SS, Old Dominion Specialist Player of the Year: Leon Augustine, K, North Texas All-Conference Team: QB: Demetrius Morris, Marshall RB: Daniel Nance, Marshall FB: Richard Reynolds, Southern Miss OL: Marshall (Justin Way, Paul Blackwell, Terrance Acosta, John Tucker, Joseph Hamm) WR: J.C. Weldon, Marshall WR: Randall Johnson, Southern Miss TE: Bryan Nicholson, Western Kentucky DE: Dexter Flowers, Southern Miss DE: Graham Grubb, UAB DT: Shane Whitley, Florida Atlantic DT: James Barnes, UTEP ILB: Alexander Hardison, Western Kentucky OLB: Matt Godfrey, Louisiana Tech OLB: Steven Bass, Florida Atlantic CB: Thomas Marino, Rice CB: Dan Comer, Old Dominion FS: Koren Donahue, Rice SS: Eugene Logan, Old Dominion K: Leon Augustine, North Texas P: Harrison Mueller, Marshall
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    Pittsburgh's Luke Williams finished the regular season at #6 on the passing yards list, throwing for 4,204 yards. The quarterback on the other sideline takes a look at that number, scoffs, and calls it child's play. He is Brad Davis, and he edged Sean Sitton for the top spot on that list with 4,665 yards. If you're looking for hard-nosed, run-first football, look somewhere else. We're here in Orlando to fly. This is the second time we've seen Pittsburgh and Texas match up in a bowl game. They met four years ago in the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Houston, and a disappointing season came to a disappointing end for the Longhorns. Despite having beaten the Panthers soundly earlier in the season, the Longhorns looked listless in losing 35-21. Sam Light, taking over the starting duties from senior John Jones, tossed 3 picks to more than make up for Sterling Brown's three-touchdown game. The Longhorns' pass defense was shellacked to the tune of 284 yards and 4 touchdowns from James Dale. The pass defenses defined the 2014 rematch. They'll undoubtedly define the 2018 re-rematch as well. The Pittsburgh secondary has been mostly rock-steady all year. They've given up 300 passing yards once all year (to Georgia Tech); they've given up three passing touchdowns once all year (to Auburn). There are games when they'll be less efficient, but they've never been outright burned up through the air. This is a defense that's very good at keeping the ball in front of it. The secondary relies heavily on its safeties: Darren Rucker and Corey Davis are both guys who can take care of half the field at a time. Rucker leads the team with 3 interceptions, Davis adds 2, and the rest of the team combines for just 3 more. The safeties carry the pass defense; the cornerbacks and linebackers are at best a net neutral in that regard. The safeties are also there to punish any mistake a quarterback makes under pressure--and that's where big Michael McBride comes in. The hulking, 313-pound nose tackle has racked up a team-high 8.0 sacks and recorded a safety. He will pose a challenge to a strong Texas interior line; whether or not the Longhorns can hold him off will go a long way in determining Texas's offensive success. Texas has to like the matchup against Pittsburgh's defense. Can Pitt cover Roy Davis, Abdoul Causey, and Steven Maloney at the same time, on every play? Not likely--as stated earlier, the secondary isn't elite up front. It'll also be tough to match up with Maloney in particular--their outside linebackers are the weak link in the defense despite specializing in pass coverage, and their interior linebackers are better against the run than the pass. The Panthers should be able to keep them from outright going over the top of the defense (those safeties really come in handy), but with the amount that Texas throws they're going to need to make plays on the ball and make plays on the receivers. Texas can win by chipping away at the Pitt defense--so long as they can reach the endzone, which will get harder and harder the shorter the field gets. Pittsburgh's offense is structured much the same as Texas's, more out of necessity than convenience. Jaeden Daniel has not cracked 70 rushing yards in a game. He has rushed for 4 yards a carry or more on just four occasions. He averages 3.65 yards per carry and has scored 6 rushing touchdowns all year (three in the last three games, to be fair). Pittsburgh doesn't rely on him; they place the entire weight of the offense on Luke Williams. And the senior quarterback has not shrugged off the weight of the sky; like Atlas, he bears that burden. He isn't a model of efficiency, but nobody can do that when throwing nearly 50 times a game. He completes 60.3% of his passes, gathers nearly 7.4 yards per attempt, and carries a 137.1 passer rating into this game--good for his level of volume. Most importantly, he can make a defense pay for not respecting him. He put up 588 yards and 6 touchdowns on Georgia Tech, 476 yards and 4 touchdowns on Virginia Tech, and 405 yards and 3 touchdowns on West Virginia. While he's the primary engine of the offense, he has a pair of targets in sophomore Samuel Ritter and true freshman Adam Coles. The two top receivers have put up similar stats: Ritter has pulled down 85 receptions for 986 yards and 6 touchdowns while Coles has reeled in 83 catches for a team-high 1083 yards and another 6 scores. But what makes them deadlier is tight end Hunter Goodson, whose 13 touchdowns receptions led all tight ends in the country in the regular season. Just as Texas relies on having too many different threats to cover, so does Pitt. Texas's starting secondary is much stronger than Pitt's, however. Troy Marshall is an All-American and led the nation with 10 interceptions in the regular season. Demetrius Patterson has been solid in the #2 slot. Rodney Olson and James Shade make for a very good back line, even if it's not quite as good as Pitt's. But this strength at the top is balanced by a lack of depth--Michael Gilbert is the only other cornerback on the roster, and strong safety Chase Wilder is the only other safety. Neither are guys Texas wants seeing the field too often, even if Gilbert's coming on in nickel sets. Look for the speed demons--Adam Coles and slot receiver Mark Farrar--to try and make something happen. Texas isn't the kind of team that can get a lot of pressure up front and Pitt's offensive line is good enough to keep them at bay, so they'll really need the secondary to step up here. Fortunately for the Longhorns, that's what they've done all year. They gave up a 47.56% completion percentage over the course of the season, including 4.59 yards per attempt and 19 interceptions to 7 touchdowns. This comes with the massive caveat that Texas's awful non-conference schedule inflates (deflates?) those numbers, but they also represent a continuation from the pass defense that won them the 2017 national title. The X-factors will be the run game and special teams. Texas has a slight advantage on the ground--Troy Booker's had a bad season (4.09 YPC, 9 TD) despite getting virtually no attention from the defense, but Jaeden Daniel has been worse. They'll be most important at the goal line; this game could come down to who can turn red zone trips into touchdowns instead of field goals. Texas has the advantage in the kicking game as well; Xavier Jernigan's a good kicker, but Pittsburgh's Benjamin Rincon has not done well from any kind of range. He's hit three field goals all year longer than 30 yards, and two of them were against West Virginia. Pitt will have the advantage in field position, though: Mason Singleton won the Ray Guy award with a punting average of more than 45.2 yards. Texas's Tyrell Johnson has been fine at more than 42 yards per punt, but Singleton's adds a good bit of touch on those coffin corner punts, even if he is primarily a power punter. I think Texas has the better offense. I think Texas has the better defense. That doesn't necessarily mean that Texas wins this game--after all, they finished 4-3 in conference play and haven't really looked great since walloping Kansas back in week 10. However, I think they've got just enough in the tank to pull away from Pitt late and get revenge for the 2014 Meineke Car Care Bowl. #15 Texas 35, Pittsburgh 21
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    I'm still making realism adjustments every season.
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    All-MWC 1st Team 1st Team QB Devin Conroy, Colorado State: 12 Sheets, 362 of 604 for 4608 Yards, 31 TD, 10 INT 1st Team RB Grady Mitchell, Boise State: 12 Sheets, 307 Rushes for 1758 Yards, 21 TD 1st Team FB Andrew Lilly, San Diego State: 6 Sheets, 151 Rushes for 704 Yards, 7 TD 1st Team WR Jeremy Scarborough, Colorado State: 12 Sheets, 130 Receptions for 1715 Yards, 14 TD 1st Team WR Marcus Ratterman, Hawaii: 11 Sheets, 95 Receptions for 1344 Yards, 12 TD 1st Team TE Matthew Barone, New Mexico: 9 Sheets, 41 Receptions for 556 Yards, 8 TD 1st Team OG Michael Bush, Nevada 1st Team OG Kevin Levy, Boise State 1st Team OT Patrick Wheeler, Air Force 1st Team OT Johnathan Silva, Hawaii 1st Team C David Greene, Hawaii 1st Team DE Joseph Randolph, San Jose State: 8 Sheets, 27 Tackles, 15.5 Sacks 1st Team DE Marlon Clay, Hawaii: 7 Sheets, 18 Tackles, 7.0 Sacks, 1 FR, 1 INT, 1 TD 1st Team DT Michael Carroll, Hawaii: 6 Sheets, 28 Tackles, 12.0 Sacks, 1 Safety, 1 FR, 1 TD 1st Team DT Kahau Posala, New Mexico: 7 Sheets, 23 Tackles, 8.5 Sacks, 1 FF, 1 FR 1st Team ILB Akeel Morris, Nevada: 11 Sheets, 85 Tackles, 5.0 Sacks, 1 FR, 1 INT 1st Team ILB Jimmy Rendon, Utah State: 10 Sheets, 68 Tackles 1st Team OLB Jake McCann, Boise State: 5 Sheets, 26 Tackles, 2.0 Sacks, 1 FF, 1 FR, 2 INT, 1 TD 1st Team OLB Evan Walsh, Nevada: 5 Sheets, 34 Tackles, 3.0 Sacks, 1 INT 1st Team CB Patrick Mitchell, San Diego State: 8 Sheets, 36 Tackles, 6 INT, 2 TD 1st Team CB Prince Williams, Air Force: 7 Sheets, 36 Tackles, 3 INT, 2 TD 1st Team FS Samuel Porter, Boise State: 6 Sheets, 25 Tackles, 6 INT, 3 TD 1st Team SS Jeremiah Joseph, New Mexico: 5 Sheets, 26 Tackles, 7 INT, 1 TD 1st Team K Edward Staples, New Mexico: 19/20 FG 1st Team P Thomas Purcell, Air Force: 42.9 Punting Average All-MWC 2nd Team 2nd Team QB David Kaplan, San Jose State: 12 Sheets, 364 of 584 for 4502 Yards, 28 TD, 10 INT 2nd Team RB Charlie Pennington, New Mexico: 12 Sheets, 264 Rushes for 1275 Yards, 13 TD, 10 Receptions for 181 Yards, 3 TD 2nd Team FB Michael Hagen, UNLV: 6 Sheets, 174 Rushes for 718 Yards, 4 TD 2nd Team WR Sam Hiller-Weeden, Fresno State: 11 Sheets, 109 Receptions for 1284 Yards, 14 TD 2nd Team WR William Fowler, San Jose State: 10 Sheets, 88 Receptions for 1245 Yards, 8 TD 2nd Team TE Arthur Pearce, San Jose State: 7 Sheets, 45 Receptions for 527 Yards, 6 TD 2nd Team OG Thomas Rodriguez, Hawaii 2nd Team OG Nick Ramos, Colorado State 2nd Team OT Elbert Finch, Hawaii 2nd Team OT Paul Henson, Air Force 2nd Team C Maxwell Escobar, Nevada 2nd Team DE Ethan McCall, Nevada: 4 Sheets, 13 Tackles, 4.5 Sacks, 1 FF, 1 INT 2nd Team DE Omar McManus, Fresno State: 3 Sheets, 12 Tackles, 4.0 Sacks 2nd Team DT Danny Davis, Nevada: 3 Sheets, 9 Tackles, 5.5 Sacks 2nd Team DT Andrew Pearson, Boise State: 3 Sheets, 11 Tackles, 4.5 Sacks 2nd Team ILB Joshua Olson, Air Force: 9 Sheets, 64 Tackles 2nd Team ILB Michael Andrews, UNLV: 9 Sheets, 64 Tackles 2nd Team OLB Zack Fink, New Mexico: 6 Sheets, 38 Tackles, 1 INT 2nd Team OLB Joel Navarro, Colorado State: 4 Sheets, 25 Tackles, 2.0 Sacks 2nd Team CB Israel Greer, Nevada: 4 Sheets, 12 Tackles, 4 INT 2nd Team CB Eric Houser, San Jose State: 8 Sheets, 41 Tackles, 3 INT 2nd Team FS Damani Crump-Jackson, Colorado State: 6 Sheets, 22 Tackles, 5 INT, 2 TD 2nd Team SS Antonio Paige, Wyoming: 5 Sheets, 19 Tackles, 1.0 Sack, 4 INT, 3 TD 2nd Team K Lorenzo Rodgers, Air Force: 13/15 FG 2nd Team P Cornelius Rivera, Colorado State: 41.9 Punting Average Players of the Year: Offensive Player of the Year: WR Jeremy Scarborough, Colorado State: 12 Sheets, 130 Receptions for 1715 Yards, 14 TD Defensive Player of the Year: DE Joseph Randolph, San Jose State: 8 Sheets, 27 Tackles, 15.5 Sacks Offensive Freshman of the Year: QB Ryan Harris, Fresno State: 12 Sheets, 345 of 598 for 3837 Yards, 31 TD, 13 INT Defensive Freshman of the Year: SS Antonio Paige, Wyoming: 5 Sheets, 19 Tackles, 1.0 Sack, 4 INT, 3 TD Coach of the Year: nephewjack, Nevada: 10-3 Record, 6-1 In-Conference, Conference Championship
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    Orange Bowl | Alabama vs Ohio State Cotton Bowl | Auburn vs Boston College
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    Philadelphia, PA - Myself, coach DStack, and the rest of the Eagles organization would like to welcome QB Allan Taylor to Philadelphia. As a young team with a promising future, we're ecstatic to have a proven signal caller and true elite player at the helm in Allan. We expect to go great places with this roster, not in five years or three years - this year. Allan is of course sad to be leaving the Jaguars but excited about the opportunity to play with Troy White, Michael Hawkins, and the rest of our young and talented core. I will now field questions from the media.
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    Combine will be Sunday, May 22nd. Also moved the start time for the final day of the draft back an hour.
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    In the last two Cotton Bowls, he has 45 carries for 268 rushing yards and 5 rushing touchdowns. He also has 5 catches for 54 yards and a touchdown. Curry keeps daring teams to not play the pass against us but they do it anyway and he's been burning them for it I didn't sell out on the run against you because I was hoping to force some interceptions. Glad the secondary came up big today. It was an exciting game and its unfortunate that one of our teams had to go home. Best of luck with Arkansas and I'll look forward to going up against you again next season. I am both excited and terrified to go up against you and your talented squad. Looking forward to it and hoping for a great matchup. Good luck to you as well.
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    Congrats to Bama (Randye) and BC (Jumanji)! Great seasons, and this is gonna be on hell of a National Title game. Top Defense against one of the best Offenses. Well done. And shout out to OSU for carrying the banner of the B1G into the national semis!!
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    Ok so apparently Jumbo went ahead and scheduled our pre-season. Jumbo I'm asking nicely to please don't do this again. vs. LA @ MIN EDIT: Updated, second game added.
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    Philadelphia @ Los Angeles San Francisco @ Philadelphia
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    Great question - I originally reached out to the Jaguars front office last week and we reached an agreement on general terms fairly quickly. Most of our negotiation was spent on conditions for the 2020 picks. I think we struck a great balance where we can win or lose the trade together.
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    Cronin man.. you really fucked me over here. Now I have 0 good receivers in an offense that was only slightly above average as is. RIP OSU playoff hopes.
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    OLB Dennis Himes 6-0 228 R Oklahoma [Pass Zone] 77 You mother fucker.
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