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The Game lives up to the hype this year as (10-1) Michigan traveled to Columbus to take on (10-1) Ohio State for the right to take on Purdue in the B1G Championship. After a grueling battle that took 2 overtimes to decide, it was the Wolverines who stood victorious 36-33 in what was possibly the best game of the season.


The Las Vegas Raiders and the Denver Broncos both won their games Sunday, setting up a week 17 showdown to decide the AFC West. The Raiders toppled the Chiefs 24-14 and the Broncos survived the Jaguars 27-23.


As the final week of the regular season wraps up, teams turn their attention to the conference championships and bowl season. There are some solid match ups to look forward to with big implications.


The Detroit Lions and the Indianapolis Colts won this week, while the New England Patriots and the Minnesota Vikings took losses, all becoming 6-9 on the season.


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    [2019] Human vs. CPU: Week 5

    Welcome, to the first edition of Human vs. CPU! I recently did an implementation of fivethirtyeight's Elo algorithm for gridiron football against NFLHC. Then I asked Bingo to chime in on my rankings and Week 5 spreads against his power rankings, as well as matchup thoughts. Here are the results. More to come if it's something you guys enjoy. Starting with Week 6 I will also release a period ranking of all teams by Elo, likely along with Bingo's Power Rankings if this well-received. It would be great if someone was interested in keeping score, between Bingo and the Elo implementation (in terms of pure wins and point prediction vs. actual for the Elo-based spread), so let me know if you want to contribute. For background, I distributed the teams normally on an Elo curve from 1300 to 1700 from last season (so Cleveland had ~1300 and Dallas had ~1700), then I moved each team 2/3rds closer to 1500 assuming more instead of less league-wide parity after the offseason. Then, I calculated Elo gain/loss for the first four weeks of the season. Finally, I started calculating point spreads for active weeks taking into account homefield advantage (which also impacts the point differential that feeds into the Elo recalculation for each team after each game). So without further adieu, let's jump into it. Kansas City [1535] at Denver [1570] Human Says: #8 vs. #13. Computer sees this as #7 vs. #11, slight bumps to each team. Impressed with the Chiefs' Elo rating. CPU Says: Denver by 4. Miami [1489] at New England [1461] Human Says: A true toss up, and on the heels of a narrow Miami win in the opener, Computer and Human agree here: #21 vs. #22. Despite the lower Elo, Miami gets the home field advantage. CPU Says: New England by 1. Houston [1439] at New York Jets [1502] Human Says: A pair of 1-3 teams see a decently big spread for the # 28 Jets over the #23 Texans. Human and Computer are on different sides of the coin: Elo says J-E-T-S are #17 and Texans are #28. CPU Says: NYJ by 5. Dallas [1495] at Philadelphia [1511] Human Says: Elo has these teams MUCH closer than I do: Eagles check in at #14 while the 1-3 Cowboys are at #26. The Computer thinks the Eagles only get home field advantage: #14 vs. #19. CPU Says: Philadelphia by 3. Pittsburgh [1380] at Cleveland [1371] Human Says: Bottom-feeders (#30 and #31) are very close in the Computer's eyes, too. CPU Says: Cleveland by 2. Chicago [1485] at New York Giants [1552] Human Says: Fascinating matchup here, Computer says the Giants are a bit better than Chicago. Human take? NYG is #7, while CHI is #20. Human doesn't think it will close. CPU Says: NYG by 5. Green Bay [1419] at Washington [1500] Human Says: Human sees this is a close win for the Skins, but Computer sees this as a big divide. Human says #19 over #29 by a field goal; Computer says #18 vs. #30 by a touchdown. CPU Says: Washington by 6. Tampa Bay [1574] at New Orleans [1453] Human Says: A gigantic mismatch, according to Elo, with the visitor getting the nod. Human says this may be closer than Computer thinks it will, and in fact I'll take the home-standing Saints in a mild upset. CPU Says: Tampa Bay by 2. Cincinnati [1506] at San Diego [1426] Human Says: Human: #17 vs. #32. Computer: #16 vs. #29. Elo is a bit more forgiving to San Diego than I am. We both agree, however, that the Bengals ought to win this one. CPU Says: Cincinnati by 1. Indianapolis [1609] at Jacksonville [1459] Human Says: Human is much more lenient on the Jags than the Computer. I've got them at #12, the Computer sees them at #25. Colts are heroes to both rankers. CPU Says: Indianapolis by 3. Minnesota [1494] at Detroit [1610] Human Says: Elo's #1 team (DET) ranks as #4 for the Human. They are favored significantly here by Elo, but I think the Vikings (#15 for me, #20 for Elo) could surprise. CPU Says: Detroit by 7. Seattle [1512] at Los Angeles [1562] Human Says: Computer sees this as #8 vs. #13. I'm less bullish on the 1-3 Seahawks--Human has them at #18. LA's pass attack vs. Seattle's Secondary. CPU Says: Los Angeles by 5. Atlanta [1543] at Arizona [1418] Human Says: Biggest argument here: Human has the Falcons at #2, but Elo sees them at #10. Either way, they'll out-strip the Cardinals, near the bottom for both rankers. CPU Says: Atlanta by 2. Carolina [1573] at San Francisco [1518] Human Says: A dead heat for Elo: Computer sees #6 vs. #12 + home field advantage. Human sees it about the same: #5 vs. #9. CPU Says: Push. Baltimore [1507] at Oakland [1606] Human Says: Human's #1 team (Elo's #3) are favorites against #11 (Elo's #15), but matches the biggest spread due to home field and Oakland dominance. CPU Says: Oakland by 7.
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    [2019] Rice Owls Season Preview

    Bubada returns for his 4th season with most likely his best squad to date. Playing in the lowly CUSA, this team should probably be the favorite to win the West. Bubada has gone 22-25 (11-11) and 0-1 in Bowls in his tenure. Rice was a perennial cellar dweller in the Big XII and then the AAC before they joined the CUSA, where they instantly turned into a Conference Champion. That should continue this season for the Owls. Let’s take a look at their schedule: I’m so excited to see what Eric McLean can do in the CUSA. He’ll be a man amongst children and it will be so fun to watch. But there are concerns here. He really doesn’t have a good group of receivers to throw to. Terrell is probably the best of the group, but he’s nothing special. The Offensive Line is below average, which with a freshman quarterback is a huge concern for a team. The defense is also below average. Whitten is going to have to work overtime to stop opposing Quarterbacks. The linebackers are average starters, so not the worst group of players. The Corners are concerning. Mix of Man and Zone, and both are 3* players, so not great individually to begin with. The safeties are talented, but young. It’s going to be tough for them to cover up for the Corners’ mistakes. Still, this team should be the favorites in their division and they have a very exciting Quarterback to watch over the next 3-4 years. Let’s look at their Red-Shirts: Lots to like here. Braxton-Borden-Brannon will be bruising defenses for years to come. McCollum can help too I guess. Outside of Bales, everyone should start and represent an improvement at most positions. Another really good class for the Owls, and they could start winning some OOC games. Speaking of scheduling, let’s peek at theirs: I’ll give you props, you challenge yourself outside of your conference. The only weak team there is NC State, who you should beat. The CUSA is still building itself, so you should go 7-0 again and reach the CUSACG for a 2nd consecutive season. I see wins against: NC State, UAB, WKU, La Tech, Southern Miss, UTEP, UTSA, and North Texas. I see losses against: Michigan State, SMU, Kansas, and TCU. For a record of: 8-4 (7-0). I like what you’re doing here, and winning your conference will give you an edge in recruiting for the near future. If you exploit that advantage, you could dominate the conference for a long time.
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    [2019] Human vs. CPU: Week 5

    You would have so many trophies by now
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    [2019] UAB Blazers Season Preview

    Wonderbread returns as Head Coach of the Blazers after a mixed season in which they finished 5-7 but all 5 games they won were in conference. Which would typically create hope, but I think this team’s outlook is more pessimistic than that. They have a couple tough teams in their division and they have a tough OOC where they’ll be the dogs in every one. Let’s get into it. Here are their projected starters: Like last year, the Running Back will be the main focus of the offense. Instead of it being Marty Kiesel, it will be J.B. Blacknail What an absolute get in recruiting. Sure, you only get him for a season, but he should run through the CUSA on his way to 1600+ yards and 20+ Touchdowns. Only issue is if his Offensive Line gives him the space to run through. Simmons just needs to avoid turnovers and complete passes on 3rd downs. Liam Fleming is going to have to really come up huge if this defense will get enough stops to win some games. Outside of Fleming, Johnson and Jones will also have put up big years. Wins will be hard to come by, but in J.B. we trust. Let’s look at who their Red-Shirts could be: It’s not a bad start, but Wonderbread will have to step it up next season. I suggest Red-Shirting Rodriguez because he won’t get much action this season and I’ve learned that playing (Fr) 2/4 Running Backs is not good. Deaton will need another season on the bench after this season before he’s ready for action. So, you’ll need Rodriguez on the field next season. Shaw, Black, Currie-Madison, and Slack are a nice little core of players to build around on offense. Nothing special, but good glue players down the line. Let’s look at their schedule and see how they’ll do: Well, this is a tough OOC slate here. You’ll lose all of those games, just like in 2018. I also think you’ll do worse in Conference this season (by 1 game). I see wins against: UTSA, Southern Miss, La Tech, and UTEP. I see losses against: Alabama, California, Rice, Texas, Charlotte, North Texas, USF, and Georgia State. For a record of: 4-8 (4-3). You’re still a program finding it’s way. 4-8 is never fun, but there growing pains associated with building a team from the ground up. Keep pluggin away and you’ll start winning some games in the near future.
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    Coach pizzarolls enters his first season at the helm of the North Texas Mean Green. He takes over a program that has never had sustained success. But pizzarolls hopes to be able to change that. He has a couple of nice pieces to build around: QB Kamari Terry, DE Javier Grady are just a couple of good players on this team. Playing in the CUSA has it’s bonuses for teams like North Texas. In the AAC, they’re a 4-5 win team. In the CUSA, they’re a 7-8 win team. Let’s look at their starters: Kamari Terry and Javier Grady are absolutely the faces of this team. They will have to lead their respective units for this team to string together wins. Sousa is one year away from being a real compliment to Terry though, and that should concern Mean Green fans. The Offensive Line is a little concerning as well, they are below average. Hopefully, they’ll be able to create enough holes for Kamari to run through. Javier will terrorize QBs all season long. He’s a threat every single play. Opposing offenses have to scheme around him. Unfortunately for the defense, if he is neutralized, there isn’t too many guys you can count on to make plays. They’re firmly average or below average at every other position. Guys like Swain, Smith, and Giles are going to have to come up big for this team to get stops consistently. Let’s look at their Red-Shirts: This wasn’t pizzarolls’ class of course, but he’s going to have to do better in order to keep up with Rice. Breen, Boyle, Sheldon, and Bernstein are fine players. But they’re not enough. Bellamy is a good start, but he needs some support around him. Finney and Crisp are Special Teams players and that’s probably all. Time to take a look at their schedule: Like that the school has decided to challenge itself outside of their conference. Unfortunately, those teams are almost all better than you. Fortunately, you’re better than most of the conference opponents you’ll face. I see wins against: Utah State, Southern Miss, TEP, FIU, UTSA, UAB, and La Tech. I see losses against: Penn State, Georgia State, Michigan, Arizona, and Rice. For a record of 7-5 (6-1). Not a bad season, it will get you to a Bowl Season and a chance to gain a recruiting advantage over your conference opponents. You really need to catch up to Rice, who’s just a step above you. But, you are poised for a winning record and that’s nothing to take lightly.
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    CIRCLE THE WAGONS Burning Question: Oklahoma is coming off of the worst season in school history. Can these Sooners circle the wagons and bounce back? Last year's record: 4-8 (3-4) Key departures RB Sean Egloff OG Daniel Keene OLB Dennis Himes OLB Jeffrey Aranda FS Michael Bryan K Alejandro Aguirre Key returnees QB Graham Burnett WR Jacob Lewis C Rory Early DE Thomas Goss ILB Ernie Crawford Impact newcomers RB Maurice White (2018 redshirt) OT Jason Dotson (2018 redshirt) OLB Jeremy Green (2019 recruit) Four-Year (Five-Year) Average Recruiting Rating: 65.52, ranks 4th in the Big XII (67.04, ranks 5th) Schedule and Projection at Pittsburgh at Buffalo Iowa Michigan State at West Virginia vs. Texas at Kansas at Texas Tech Iowa State Kansas State at Colorado Oklahoma State Projected record: 8-4 (5-2) Best-case scenario: 10-2 (6-1) Worst-case scenario: 5-7 (3-4) Bellwether game: Week 1 at Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is the first in a series of good-but-not-great teams that headline Oklahoma’s non-conference schedule this year. The ACC Network is projecting a 7-5 season for the Panthers—which would be within one win of the Pitt team that beat Texas last year. Pitt’s offense is designed to hit the edges on the ground, but it can spread the field vertically and horizontally through the air. In other words, this game will be a test of what they can do against the threats posed by Iowa State (and to a lesser degree, Kansas). Three Strengths Graham Burnett had the highest 2018 passer rating of any returning Big XII quarterback. The receiving corps gets another year of development, to the point where Burnett has three fully solid options now. Pass defense is well set up with a solid pass rush and solid secondary. Three Weaknesses Offensive line projects to be one of the worst in the conference, with redshirt freshmen Jason Dotson and Rory McKay likely being pushed into early duty Linebacker corps is two men deep, and true freshman Jeremy Green is the best OLB on the roster Not a lot of players who can put the team on their back—it will be hard for one position group to make up for another’s weakness NFLHC Comparison: Minnesota Vikings Outlook For a proud Sooner program that had never lost more than 4 games in a season, the 2018 season was humbling. The Sooners finished with 8 losses after having dropped 7 games in the previous three seasons combined. That leaves this 2019 team with a large task ahead of them: Circle the wagons, get back on the horse, and prove that last year was a fluke. The Sooners got better in some areas and slid back in others. Graham Burnett is poised for a breakout year, and if he can find a playmaker among his receivers then his biggest problem is solved. On the other hand, Sean Egloff graduated and the offensive line is lacking, meaning the run game will be a huge question mark. The defensive line and secondary should make it tough to throw on Oklahoma; the graduation of Jeffrey Aranda and the early declaration of Dennis Himes will make it easier to run on them. Their schedule looks a lot more manageable this year, though—their air superiority should make them the favorite in all three cross-division games, they’re still more complete than West Virginia and Kansas State, and none of their non-conference competition thoroughly outclasses them like Boston College last year. We may have a dead cat bounce incoming—a situation where the win total improves even if the team didn’t get any better. But that’s okay. Oklahoma pulled in the #5 recruiting class last year. That won’t have much of an immediate impact, but it’s the reason why Oklahoma needs to bounce back to at least a bowl game this year. If they can build on that class, the Sooners can put together something special in a few years—and their national championship trophy could sure use some company. Presented by the Big XII Network
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    [2019] Louisville Media Day

    We are in Louisville, Kentucky speaking with some impact players on the Louisville Cardinals Football Team. They are: QB Ayden Steele, LT Theo Swift, OLB Prince Matos, and FS Jacory McMillan. Ayden, you only got 2 starts last season and let’s be honest, they weren’t great, how do you improve on last season and help your team win? Well, when you play as poorly as I did last year, it’s not hard to improve. I’ve gotten more accurate for sure, and I’m making better decisions. I’m not throwing the ball into coverage, I’m not scrambling just to scramble, I’m scrambling now if nothing is open and I have a lane. Otherwise, I throw the ball away. So basically, everything about being a QB I have to better at and have gotten better at. Your team is seemingly void of star players, in the ACC, how does your team win games? Don’t turn the ball over, follow the game-plan, play as a team, be technically sound and understand what the other team wants to do. Other teams may have more star players, but we’re a team and we play like one. When you do that, you have a chance in every game. Is the designed Quarterback Running play going to be a staple of the offense this year? I hope so. That’s an area of the game I really excel in. If I can keep the defense guessing on if I’m going to pass or run, that opens so much. I’ll either get an open lane to run through or a wide open receiver. I’m excited for our offense this year, I think I’ll really play well in it. There were rumors you might transfer to a MAC or CUSA team, were those true? And why didn’t you transfer? No. I was approached by a couple coaches, but sent them packing immediately. I knew I’d have the upper leg at getting the starting job here. I love this school and I want to finish my career here. I know I probably won’t get a shot in the NFLHC, so I want to end my career here for better or worse. Theo, what’s the key for the offensive line this year? Teamwork. An Offensive Line is only strong if they play as a team and understand each other. We might be the strength of the team, so there is a lot of pressure on us to perform. We accept that pressure and embrace it. We believe in ourselves 100% to lead this team and win games. But we can only do that if we play as a team. You’re eligible for the draft after this season, you thinking about declaring? Man, you ask everyone that. No. I love these guys, I wouldn’t want to leave these guys early. I’m confident in my ability and know I’ll be a good player at the pro level. But I want to finish out here and see my college career to it’s real end, graduation. Speaking of graduation, you’re majoring in Finance and Accounting. Why the double major? It has to be tough to balance on top of football. Diversity. I think they go really well together and give me such a solid depth on the back side of business. I’d love to become a CPA, but I don’t know if that’s in the cards for me. And yeah, it’s tough. But I like it. I take summer classes so that I can graduate on time. Being Red-Shirted would have really helped my academics haha. I’m on pace to graduate on time though, so it’s all good. Are you concerned that the draft process will impact your grades in a year? Uhh, no, I don’t think so. I’ve always been taught to value my education over football. So if the draft stuff gets in the way, it gets skipped. It might impact my possible pro career, but I’m more worried about getting my degrees. I won’t always be athletic and be able to play football. I have to make sure I have a professional career after football. Prince, you didn’t make that big of an impact for the team last season. How do you correct that this season? I was so disappointed with myself. I would watch tape and just see myself fail at every turn. It was crushing, really. I wasn’t playing anywhere near to my potential or what I knew I could do. I spent so much time just watching tape and seeing what I did wrong. I learned so much from that alone, Then I took what I learned there and brought it onto the field and it was like Night and Day for me. I’m everywhere, I think I had 12 tackles in the Spring Game. That’s already better than my entire 2018 season. I’m on a different level right now and I’m just soaking everything up and getting better. You’re originally from the Virgin Islands. How did you get into football? Highlights. I started watching highlight tape of Tyrone Jones when he was in High School. And I just wanted to be like him so much. A club team formed on the Island and we started playing against other teams in the islands. Then we played against a couple schools in Miami in a summer exhibition, that’s when I realized I’ve got real talent. Scouts were out to watch these Americans destroy us. I think in the 2 games I had 28 tackles and like 4 sacks with an interception. Afterwards, scouts from about 25 schools came up to me and talked to me. That’s when my recruiting trail started. Then how did you end up at Louisville? I just liked what coach Broletariat was pitching. Playing immediately, getting a scholarship, graduating. Everything just seemed right at Louisville. I’m still happy I came here, the campus and community has just welcomed me with open arms and I couldn’t be happier. Let’s get back to football. Who are you most excited to play and why? Ohio State. We aren’t going to be able to play them much in my career, so I’m excited to go out there and test myself against Albright and Goode. Plus, it’s at home and I love home games. Our fans get crazy and loud. Even for teams like Ohio State, it’s a tough place to play. Jacory, your parents have a history at Louisville. Mind telling us what that is? Well, I don’t know if it’s anything exciting. But my parents met here. My dad was a grad student getting his MBA and my mom was in her last year getting her teaching degree. They fell in love and got married and had me and my sisters. Growing up, my parents brought us to Louisville as much as possible. It’s 3 hours from home, so we couldn’t just go any day. But we went to Homecoming every year, we went to the UK-UL game every year. We bled Louisville football and really anything Louisville. I was destined to go here haha. Initially in High School, you had very few offers. How did you feel when Louisville finally offered? Amazing. At first, only D3 and some D2 teams were interested in me. I would have loved to play anywhere, but I had my eyes on Louisville. So I did everything I could to get better, to get noticed. And when coach Broletariat called me one day after months of recruiting and finally offered me that scholarship. That was it, I was in. I cried. I’ve been trying to get to Louisville to play football since I started and I finally got there. I called my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, cousins, friends, whoever would answer the phone and just tell them that I was going to Louisville to play football. One of the happiest days of my life. Pivoting to football, one theme we’ve heard from the other guys is the emphasis of teamwork. On playing as a team. How has the secondary embraced that mantra? A secondary inherently is a team unit. We’ve always played as a team just because of how much we rely on each other. I rely on the Corners to play tough coverage, I rely on Marlon to cover the other half of the field. They rely on me to read the Quarterback correctly and break on plays and also to not let anyone get past me. So, it’s something we’ve always done in our positions going back to pee-wee. What do you think you as a team can accomplish this season? Well, we want to win every game. But, other than that, go Bowling. It’s been a couple seasons since Louisville has played in a bowl game, so we really want to strive to get back there this season.
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    [2019] Human vs. CPU: Week 5

    WOOOOO ON PAPER #1 Give us the trophy now no take backsies
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    JULIAN LEGION Burning Question: Kansas State is in full rebuild mode, but the opportunity to reach the postseason is there for the taking. Can the Wildcats earn their second bowl bid in school history? Last year's record: 1-11 (0-7) Key departures FB/RB Dylan Stewart FB Gary Richardson TE Grover Shaffer CB Ahmad Williams Key returnees QB Julius Minnow WR Devon Tillman OT Ari Kern DE Matthew Mayfield ILB Julien Daly FS Christopher Figueroa Impact newcomers TE Jayden Ware (2019 recruit) Four-Year (Five-Year) Average Recruiting Rating: 27.10 (28.06), both ranked 10th in the Big XII Schedule and Projection Utah State at Duke California at Florida Atlantic at Kansas West Virginia at Baylor Wyoming at Oklahoma State Texas Tech at Oklahoma Iowa State Projected record: 3-9 (0-7) Best-case scenario: 6-6 (2-5) Worst-case scenario: 3-9 (0-7) Bellwether game: Week 2 at Duke. Kansas State’s path to a bowl game is narrow. They shouldn’t have a problem beating Utah State in week 1, but the Fightin’ Darmen present one of their two toughest challenges in the non-conference schedule. Kansas State struggled mightily against the pass last season, and they’ll be trying to defend the likes of Danny Paz, Sean Spaczek, and the True Prophet Kyle Jefferson. If they can pull off the win anyway, a bowl game could very well be in the cards. If they’re competitive, they might be able to rebound the following week against California. If their secondary proves leaky once again, then we’re looking at a 3-win season. Three Strengths Julius Minnow is one of the most promising young quarterbacks in the conference. Defensive ends Matthew Mayfield and Javier Tovar should be able to win battles on the edge, and Julien Daly is a tackling machine up the middle. The senior safeties should be able to limit any deep gains even if the cornerbacks get burned. Three Weaknesses Minnow may be promising, but he’s still a developing quarterback with a developing wide receiver corps Cornerback figures to be an extreme weakness, as the top two CBs on an awful pass defense graduate. Lots of unproven talent across the entire depth chart. NFLHC Comparison: Cleveland Browns Outlook We’re not at the point where Kansas State should be expected to be good, but that’s okay. They should be able to improve their win total, they should be able to get a sense of who their leaders will be in years to come, and a bowl game still isn’t out of the question as they play 8 teams that missed bowl games last year. Three wins should be their floor—last year’s debacle against Louisiana Tech shouldn’t be repeated under Coach Haff. They should be relatively balanced on offense. Julius Minnow isn’t ready to carry the team on his back, and Elijah Humphrey should be able to step into the starting role and be serviceable at least. Ari Kern will anchor the offensive line. Lanky speedster Devon Tillman and smallish possession receiver Ricky Seau are guys to watch out for as well. The defense looks like the weaker unit. Julien Daly’s going to make a lot of tackles, but that’s partially going to be because he’ll have opportunities galore after his teammates miss the ballcarrier. Matthew Mayfield can be an effective pass rusher and Javier Tovar has potential, but the rest of the front seven is question marks. The secondary is going to struggle up front but might be able to limit the deep ball. The team as a whole is a couple of years away at a bare minimum. But for the first time in a while, there’s reason to be excited for the distant future in Manhattan. Presented by the Big XII Network
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    TEAM RAHEEM Burning Question: The rebuild is slowly coming together for Oklahoma State. In Raheem Robinson’s senior year, how far along is the project? Last year's record: 3-9 (1-6) Key departures OG Sawyer Dougherty DT Devontae McKinnie Key returnees RB Afasa Neru WR Raheem Robinson ATH/OT Beckett Miller C Jay Sotelo OLB Trevor Orlando Impact newcomers QB Ian Baldwin (2019 freshman recruit) CB Noah Crawley (2019 Juco recruit) Four-Year (Five-Year) Average Recruiting Rating: 46.20 (39.21), both ranked 8th in the Big XII Schedule and Projection at Marshall Mississippi State Ball State at Western Kentucky at Texas Tech Texas Baylor at TCU Kansas State at Kansas Virginia Tech at Oklahoma Projected record: 4-8 (1-6) Best-case scenario: 8-4 (4-3) Worst-case scenario: 3-9 (0-7) Bellwether game: Week 2 against Mississippi State. The Fightin’ Clangas used six picks to annihilate Oklahoma State in their opener a year ago. For true freshman QB1 Ian Baldwin, that sets a low bar to clear. For the team as a whole, though, this is a reach game—one that might not be winnable but a close loss would still be a good result. The Bulldog receivers will test the Cowboy secondary, and an athletic and aggressive defense will be a trial by fire for Baldwin and company. The biggest advantage Oklahoma State has: There’s no one like Thomas Patterson who can consistently win matchups with Raheem Robinson. Get the ball into the hands of their star often enough, and good things will happen. I’m not expecting a win here, but I have a feeling we’ll know exactly how good Oklahoma State is after this one. Three Strengths They still have Raheem Robinson, one of the most dynamic players in the country. Their offensive line has some low-key high upside, with freshman guard Edward Meyer, sophomore center Jay Sotelo, and junior tackle Beckett Miller taking key roles. Ian Baldwin presents a significant upgrade at quarterback, and Noah Crawley does the same at cornerback. Three Weaknesses Returning starter Afasa Neru showed positive signs last year, but still averaged 4.4 yards per carry for the season The front seven remains a front one. Trevor Orlando will be a menace, but who else can step up? Despite Ian Baldwin being an upgrade at quarterback, he’s still a true freshman being asked to take a massive role. NFLHC Comparison: Jacksonville Jaguars Outlook Unlike their counterparts in Norman, Oklahoma State’s clearly better on paper than they were a year ago. Will it be good enough to launch them into the postseason, though? There are a lot of unknowns for this team, starting under center. After Lukas Burke and Samuel Raymond combined for 18 interceptions last year, the reins are being turned over to true freshman Ian Baldwin. The Broken Bow native will have one of the best receivers in the country to throw to in Raheem Robinson, and we’ll see whether the Cowboys use Raheem the Dream in the various creative ways that marked last season. He’ll also have a better-than-expected offensive line to protect him—and if that line can give Afasa Neru some room to run, that’ll take even more pressure off of him. The offense is in decent shape; the defense is more concerning. Trevor Orlando and Noah Crawley are names to know while Kahoni Vaaelua and Adrian Connor have some nice upside as well. If that defense can rally around those four guys, maybe they can steal a couple games from Texas or Texas Tech, maybe they can take one from Mississippi State or Virginia Tech, or maybe they can get on the board against Oklahoma. If not, watch out for Kansas State sneaking up from behind. I still think Oklahoma State’s at least a year away, but there’s now enough talent on the roster that the Cowboys can’t simply be written off anymore. Presented by the Big XII Network
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    [2019] Louisville Media Day

    I'm really excited about Prince Matos on the edge in a 3-4 defense this season. Awesome job, thanks klemm.
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    [2019] Human vs. CPU: Week 5

    Well below where you are in the Power Rankings: #21 (1490 Elo)
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    [2019] Human vs. CPU: Week 5

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    [2019] Human vs. CPU: Week 5

    This is the a very awesome media piece. Only problem is that you did it during my teams bye week I'm super curious to where the CPU would rank us at.
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    [2019] Human vs. CPU: Week 5

    Elo bros
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    [2019] Human vs. CPU: Week 5

    This was fun, and now that I see how you're going to do it, I know how the "Human" should provide analysis even better now. Thanks!
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    Who will you look to in order to make plays for your offense? We'll be looking to Ayden to take control of the offense as a red-shirt junior and command the new scheme we'll be implementing this year. We gave it a shot last season and I think he just wasn't quite ready so we went back to our Pro Style scheme. This season, though, the offense is all his and I think his dynamic play-making ability under center will make us more competitive at game speed than we may look on paper. That said, there is still a lot of work to be done on a team that has had some drafted stars the last couple of seasons but virtually no depth, especially on the offensive line and at wide receiver. Why Red-Shirt DeSean Dockery? Red-shirting DeSean was a difficult choice and ultimately, like so many things in the world of college football eligibility management, came down to timing. We had a really nice recruiting class and I'd like DeSean to be a part of that, even if he's a couple years ahead of those guys. With a year to figure out our game-plan with Ayden, develop some of our young lineman and receivers, and build our defense, DeSean is poised to have a really nice career here starting in 2020. DeSean understands the reality of our roster and also knows that sitting a year will give him the rest a RB needs to have greater longevity, including into a potential career in the NFL. He wants to win bowl games here and unfortunately we may not be that team this year. Who needs to step up on your defense for you to win games? I'm really looking to our young linebackers, Beckett and Prince to step up for us in a big way this season. We're transitioning to a 3-4 scheme primarily to take advantage of Prince's vicious pass-rushing ability (though our other pieces fit well there as well), and so I'm hoping for a big season out of those guys. Between them, Logan (Swain, 5.0 freshman defensive end), Damien (Holley, 4.0 freshman defensive end), and Donte (Whitfield, 4.5 freshman free safety), I cannot wait to see the trajectory of this defense. With how shallow you are at almost every position, are you going to recruit for depth or for star power? Well, it's true we are very shallow almost across the board (excluding RB, C, DT) but we had quiet but very nice recruiting class this season both in terms of depth (ten 3.5 star recruits) and star power (four 4.0 or higher recruits). I'd like to replicate that success and that model (maybe 60-40 in favor of depth) for the foreseeable future, until we have a stable of CFB-ready players at every position group. The biggest hurdle is recruiting in the Ozark sub-region, but I've heard rumors that those rules will be redrawn a bit which should help to uplift teams previously in poor sub-regions. What are your expectations for 2019? As I alluded to earlier, our expectations in 2019 are modest. We only have a single senior starter this season (think about that) and some dynamic talent in our red-shirt pipeline, so we are absolutely rebuilding and rebranding this team for the future. That said, our goal every week is going to be to win games, win our division, win the ACC, and win a bowl game, but realistically we're not there yet. Overall, I'd like to find the identity of this roster and figure out where our up and coming stars fit into that identity in 2020 and beyond.
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