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The Mississippi State Bulldogs pulled off a close 27-23 win over the Iowa Hawkeyes behind a gutsy performance from QB Ryder Shipman who stayed in the game and threw for 323 yards and 3 TDs despite having fractured his thumb late in the third quarter.


The Philadelphia Eagles topped the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football 31-28. The three headed monster in Philly's backfield: Allan Taylor, Troy White, and rookie Marshawn Miller put the whole league on notice with their performance.


The hype around North Dakota State QB Will Chacko continues to grow following a 389 yard 3 td performance which nearly resulted in an upset win for the Bison over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets


The Kansas City Chiefs beat the New York Football Giants 27-0 despite only throwing the ball 6 times largely because of the legs of Terrence Rodgers and Justin Buchanan.


Hockey is back! And the Chicago Blackhawk's rookie sensation Anatoli Kolchenyuk picked up right where he left off notching yet another goal early in his rookie campaign.


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    These rankings were made by Bingo415, and Emperor wrote the descriptions for each one. Remember, if you don't like where you are in these Ramblings... wait what was I saying? 1. Oakland Raiders (11-1) à With a tough loss to the Chiefs, the quest for an undefeated season is over. But does it matter? No. Oakland is still the class of the league, and a two point loss on the road to a strong division foe isn’t going to change that. Point differential alone is enough to keep the Raiders at the number 1 spot (Oakland’s +196 differential is 59 points better than anyone else), and Emmett Spears is closing in on 1000 yards rushing. The race for the AFC #1 seed is reopened due to the loss, but I doubt Oakland won’t be the one that ultimately gets it. 2. New York Giants (9-3) à The New York Football Giants did what they were supposed to against the hapless defending Super Bowl Champion Dallas Cowboys. The defense did what they always do, forcing 3 turnovers (two for TDs) and not allowing Dallas any room to breathe. The only potential worry I see is if the Giants face a team that can overcome their defense, if that happens, I doubt their offense can keep up. Canaro is a great option when the defense is playing up to its standard and the going is easy, but it’s hard to mount comebacks with a QB like RJ Stanford at the helm. Last year Stanford looked like the 2nd best QB is his class (behind God-Czar Shea), but his lackluster performance this season is showing that may not be true. 3. Philadelphia Eagles (9-3) à The Eagles were on a bye this week, no reason for their ranking to change. Their balance on offense is wonderful to see and AT has been a great QB to run their offense. Ryan Frey is only half a sack behind the league lead and DeAndre “Ball” Hawkins is back to his ball-hawking ways with a share of the league lead in picks. The loser of the race between the Giants and Eagles will almost undoubtedly take a wild card spot and make a 3 or 4 seed very unhappy in the first round of the playoffs. 4. Indianapolis Colts (10-2) à Aaron Shea overcame a tough first three quarters against the powerful Rams defense and led an inspiring 4th quarter comeback with two touchdowns in the last 6 minutes to win it. The Colts gave it to Mamadou more this week, mostly because they learned the hard way what happens when you never hand it off. Both teams seemed pretty even, and left the organizations yearning for a match-up between the teams when both are at full strength (Rams QB Darrell Murphy and Colts RB Tony Peaks both being absent). The Colts clinched their division this week with Houston’s loss, and they’re gunning with the Ravens and Raiders for a first round bye. They’d be happy with that, especially considering they’re being forced to start a rookie they picked in the 7th round at running back instead of team leader Tony Peaks. 5. Baltimore Ravens (9-3) à Much like the Colts, the Ravens are probably going to be the lone playoff team in a division of bad teams. They beat a Bengals team that, at this point, is hard to lose to, and they did it without much protesting by the Bengals; allowing just 6 points. Unfortunately, Booker T went down with an ACL injury and it doesn’t look good. Now it’s on Watkins at QB and the backup RBs to maintain into the playoffs. 6. Kansas City Chiefs (9-4) +3 They did it, they won. They beat the unbeatable Raiders and shutdown Nick Hall in the process. In a game filled with missed field goals, unconverted 3rd downs, and general sloppiness, you’d expect the more polished, more experienced team to prevail, but the Chiefs didn’t let that happen. People were calling Teddy Walker a bust last year, but he’s really starting to come on the scene (maybe a sign we should wait a few years before calling someone a bust). Thomas Wheeler has been surprisingly efficient, despite the offense not being the most explosive in the league (bottom half in PPG and # of TDs, plus having the 5th worst OL). The future is looking good in KC, and their fans are happy that they’ve “trusted the process.” 7. San Francisco 49ers (8-4) -1 Well, the niners won, which is good, but it wasn’t in an impressive fashion. They played the lowly Titans and beat them by a score of… 13-7. A far cry from the high-flying speedster offense we’re used to out of San Fran and Todd Lester left early, which is more than just a little worrying. All's not lost, however, Orly Vaccaro looked fine in replacing Lester, and the defense didn’t flinch, but it will be interesting to see how the next few weeks unfold in the Bay Area. 8. Carolina Panthers (9-4) -1 The Panthers got lucky this week. They handed the ball off a mere 4 times and the defense (Nate Tensi in particular) had to bail the team out. They weren’t very efficient, and this style of play will not hold up once the playoffs come around (and the Panthers probably know that by now). Mike Latta is gone for the year, so it seems the Panthers felt it was time to put it all on Skaggs’ shoulders, and while it didn’t bite them this week, it will when they face a team with a stout pass defense. 9. Miami Dolphins (7-5) +3 It took a while, but Miami is finally surging, they beat #4 Indianapolis last week and handled business against the Saints this week, and now sit atop a (now all 7-5) division once thought to be under complete control of the Buffalo Bills (who have lost 3 straight). Brian Brown has been his old self again, throwing for 314 and 4 TDs this week, despite a dull performance on the ground by Marcus Barry. It will be fun to see how the AFC East shakes out now that all the teams are essentially tied, but Miami looks to be a worthy challenger for the AFC East Crown. 10. New York Jets (7-5) +3 Another team competing for the AFC East title is the New York Jets. Much like the ‘Fins, the Jets have gotten their stuff together late. Emmanuel Fields looks like the RB he should look like (another example of being patient before declaring a bust), and Erik Wegert is back to his form as the ultimate game managing QB. After a slow start, Alvis Brumm is back near the top of the league in sacks, and the defense as a whole seems to be improving. But before we get too excited about the possibilities of the Jets, we must remember they played this well against a team in Tampa that has utterly collapsed. 11. New England Patriots (7-5) +5 The Third in our run of 7-5 AFC East teams (all of whom played NFC South teams this week) is the Patriots, and much like the ‘Fins and Jets before them, the Patriots are streaking at the right time, winning 4 in a row. The Pats lost Rob Blackmon to yet another injury, this being his last in the NFL, but Josh Shiancoe came in and had a fine game, rushing for 85 yards and a TD. The story of this game with the Falcons, however, was the Falcons’ shortcomings. The Falcons offense was just bad, passing was bad, rushing was sloppy, they couldn’t convert a 3rd down to save their lives, and the team was penalized 10 times. Atlanta is trending down, New England is trending up, and which team this shutout should be credited to, is in the eyes of the beholder. 12. Detroit Lions (8-4) -3 Detroit’s win over Washington wasn’t quite as close as the scoreboard says, but they’re probably dropping because of the emphatic wins by the teams now above them. They were about on par before, but their win just wasn’t as impressive. Otherwise, it still looks bright for Detroit, they’re on a win streak and have a commanding lead over their division rivals in terms of conference wins. This is a team that just does what it has to, it may not be the flashiest team, but it just wins when it needs to. Rob Lecount just never turns it over, and Elvis Williams seems to have his reputation for fumbling under control. 13. Chicago Bears (7-6) +7 Chicago jumped hard in this week’s power rankings, and it’s not completely clear why. Probably partially because so many teams that fell just fell right below Chicago and Chicago lucked out a little bit. Some of the credit has to go to Norris Brooksheer’s play of late, with having 410 yards and 4 TDs against an, admittedly pretty horrid, Minnesota pass D. If Chicago can build up their defense a little more, I think they can become the class of the NFC North in a few years. 14. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-8) +10 Paul Davenport just wins. Pittsburgh defense wasn’t overly impressive, their running backs were fine, the offense couldn’t convert on third down, and Davenport turned it over twice (including a pick 6). But none of that mattered. Pittsburgh has won 5 in a row, and the future's looking bright now that the organization finally decided that Davenport was ready to take the helm of this team. 15. Denver Broncos (8-4) -5 Now dealing with back-to-back losses, Denver just can’t seem to catch a break anymore. Jerry Rambo is a shell of his rookie self, rushing for only 27 yards in the loss to the white-hot Steelers. The defense didn’t look that bad, holding Pittsburgh to 4-15 on third down, but the offense was a worse 2-14 on the same down. Denver’s problem seems to lie in offensive efficiency, with the aforementioned Jerry Rambo’s weak rushing numbers and Darren Werner only completing about half his passes. Their OL rating is average, so maybe adding more talent there and some more receiving options would be a smart move. If they do that they might be able to balance the offense out and bring Jerry Rambo back up, but only time (and the front office’s decision making) will tell if they can actually make that happen. 16. Los Angeles Rams (8-4) -8 The Rams lost a heartbreaker this week to the perpetually just-good-enough-to-win Colts, losing their grip on the game due to an Aaron Shea late game comeback. This team is without their all-world QB Darrell Murphy, but even without him, they’re a very good team. Jeremy Henry was fine in replacement of Murphy and Frederick Chacon performed about as well as you could ask, but the real story here is the defense. This talented group had Shea rattled for about 75% of this game, picking him off twice, once for a TD, and made him move around more than he wanted to. Penalties and a missed long field goal try were just about the only thing standing between LA and a win, showing more that when Murphy is healthy (and the coaching staff doesn’t get too cute in their game planning) this is one of the best teams in the league. 17. Seattle Seahawks (6-6) +2 It’s starting to look like Seattle is playing in hopes of teams in front of them falling apart with their 3-5 conference record, but that doesn’t stop them from trying. Their burgeoning running game that pairs Alexander Williams with upstart running back Michael Duckworth had enough power to go through a Houston defense that is normally stout against the run. And the Seahawks defense made it hard enough for Blake Shell to not be able to sustain drives. Seattle’s defense finally started showing a bit of life, but that is definitely a spot that needs improvement in the coming seasons. 18. Buffalo Bills (7-5) -3 I am involved in NFLHC, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee, Buffalo. The shine of Buffalo’s amazing start has begun to really wear off, with this week making three consecutive losses that are making many users shout “razorcakes”! The Bills’ O-line woes are really starting to catch up with them, Chad Dess isn’t reaching the endzone very often and Joaqin Younger doesn’t have the weapons (or the line in front of him) to perform well enough to carry this team. The defensive front is still amazing, leading the league in sacks by a wide margin (although Chicago and Indianapolis are gaining on them), but once the pass is out of the QB’s hands it gets much easier. They’re in the bottom half of the league in yards allowed through the air and don’t pick the ball off that often. Adding another weapon on offense and a new piece or two in the secondary could really help this team. 19. Minnesota Vikings (6-6) -6 The Vikings were on the wrong end of a fun Thursday night game against the Chicago Bears, and it’s becoming more and more evident what this team’s flaws are. Their most glaring problem is their complete lack of a pass defense, if you can throw the ball, you can probably put up serious points on the Vikes. To just add onto that, they also don’t seem to get a true rush on the QB consistently, adding players that specialize in pass defense is an absolute must for a team that seems to have just about everything else. 20. Atlanta Falcons (6-6) -5 Remember that bell thing I said about Buffalo? Yeah, well it turns out that some other bell is also tolling for Atlanta. The exhilarating start by Atlanta is over, and the Falcons have fallen to 6-6 after three straight losses. A.J. Jefferson was out and the Falcons seemed to hit rock bottom, losing 33-0 in Atlanta to the Pats. These guys couldn’t be happier that the (contentiously named) TD Jesus is almost back to take the helm once again, as all is not lost and the playoffs are still in reach, but you can’t have another performance like this. 21. Washington [Redacted]s (6-7) +1 The [Redacted]s had a fine game against the Lions this week, losing 28-14, moving up solely because almost all the teams around them moved down. Javier was fine at QB for the [Redacted]s, as he has been all season, but the run game just hasn’t been able to do enough behind this bad offensive line. On top of the OL, the defense as a whole is just underwhelming, they reach the passer a decent amount, but the can’t really stop the run, and are somewhat easy to beat through the air. Shore up those spots and the [Redacted]s can get out of their funk. 22. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-7) +3 The promising Jacksonville offense is still humming right along, but it’s clear that it’s much better on the ground than through the air. Shore up the OL and add a new receiving threat and this promising offense gets even more exciting. Their defense isn’t bad, but it could use some more pass rushing ability. (Knowing Soluna and UBL, they already started working on this) 23. Houston Texans (6-6) -2 A promising few weeks for Houston seem to be in the rear-view mirror, after a demoralizing loss to Seattle where the defense seemed to put up not even a semblance of a fight. The Seahawks ran for 162 and 3 TDs on just 28 carries and Alexander Williams was impressive through the air. We know Blake Shell has the ability to be great (and if he doesn’t have any more of it, Alex Leshore will happily take over for him), but the supporting cast just isn’t talented enough to get this team to a new level. The Texans are going to have to draft well for a few years in order to truly compete with Indianapolis for the AFC South title. 24. New Orleans Saints (3-9) -1 The worst pass defense in the league didn’t really stand a chance going up against Brian Brown and company, and it was clear from the start. BB threw for 314 and 4 TDs, and it once the scoring started, it was never very close. This Saints team has the core of young players needed to form a good team, it just needs a few years to develop some talent on defense and the OL as well as find the strategy that works. 25. Cleveland Browns (3-9) +1 Despite being only 3-8 coming in, Cleveland was a team that many thought should take care of business from a downtrodden Chargers team, and it was a little too close for comfort. Ryan Clark was great, but the offense wasn’t explosive enough to pull away. This team is clearly on the rise, but it’s going to be a season or two of good executive work before they’re competing for a playoff spot. 26. Green Bay Packers (4-8) à Well the Packers were on a bye, and so there’s not a ton to say. Their defense is bad. Their OL is bad. They’re bad. (but their schedule is hard so none of it matters) 27. Arizona Cardinals (2-11) -3 START C.J. LOGAN 28. Dallas Cowboys (3-9) +1 The reigning Super Bowl Champs didn’t really stand a chance against the elite Giants defense, and they couldn’t hold onto the ball long enough to drive down the field for a score (the only TD coming when the game was well out of reach). Dallas is in full rebuild mode and it may be a while until they’re on top of the league again. 29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-9) -1 Tampa is missing a lot of key pieces (including their front office that began the season) and the new guys need to get their feet under them and sort out the cap before they can start to compete in the NFC South again. 30. Cincinnati Bengals (2-10) à While I would be gloating in the lack of effectiveness of Joel King, but as I’ve stated, I don’t like calling “bust” on players this early. Cincinnati baffles me, they have talent at just about every position. Their OL is filled with highly rated players, but it still sits at the bottom. They have 3 WRs rated in the 80s being thrown to by a highly touted QB and behind them is a RB that is second in the league in rushing. But despite that they are last in the league in YPG and PPG, and 2nd to last in point differential. The biggest weakness I see is the pass rush, but what does that have to do with the offense? Almost nothing (especially considering the defense isn’t THAT bad). The Bengals have a ton of weapons on offense but just can’t seem to figure it out. Once they figure out the gameplan (going on 4 years of having problems with it, IIRC) they could be good. 31. San Diego (1-11) à 32. Tennessee Titans (1-11) à These two are so riddled with injuries that talking about them becomes pretty hard. This season has been a lost cause for both of them, and I expect both teams have been planning out their offseason for weeks, as they are likely to get some great draft picks. If I were both of these teams, I’d try and trade down and get as many high round draft picks as possible, as these team need to hit on as many players as they can. If you noticed any typos, and would like a correction, please email JeremyClarkson@BBC.co.uk
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    Sitewide Survey II

    I don't see many of Canes ideas here
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    [2019] Week #13 - Headlines

    The Only Ten I See Titans losing streak reaches 10 as offense struggles against the Niners
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    CFBHC v1.3 User's Update Results

    The features above the dash will be included in the next patch (which will come out in November or early December (maybe later). Thank you for voting. 8.63 - Position change requests. 8.45 - Fake site advertisements/ Advertising group to be elected. 8.40 - College Tradition bonuses. 8.28 - Add UMass to the Independents for 2020. 7.92 - Hiring former players as OC/DC with stats. 7.85 - Add inactive subdesignation to depth charts. --- 7.46 - Bowl chairmen 7.38 - Monthly Coaches Tiers 7.23 - Homecoming games 7.21 - Rookie Minicamps 7.14 - TV Announcer pairings 7.13 - Coaching Prestige 7.05 - Top 4 best high schools for recruiting 6.63 - Conference Bowl Revenue 6.51 - Rookie premiere and symposium. 6.48 - Replace two week limit with a group of judges. 6.42 - Hiring users as OC/DC. 6.30 - Referees 6.24 - Remove Probable Injury Designation 6.20 - Off the field incidents and player suspensions. 5.92 - Credits as owner currency/stadium construction. 5.53 - Relocation 5.50 - Automatic Firing 5.45 - Harsher requirements for new users. 5.11 - CFL Additionally, the following rule remains the same for the site: Conference Realignment *Mirror real life: 62% *Conference decision: 35% *None: 3%
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    27. Arizona Cardinals (2-11) -3 START C.J. LOGAN No fuck off.
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    shouldn't this stuff have been voted on for more than a day? I didnt even see the surveys until I got home from work and the results were already out.
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    What? Why didn't people want the referees or TV dudes? Those are minor but cool additions
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    [2019] Week #8 POTW

    Week #8 OPOTW QB Luke Trickett, USC, 24 of 36 for 288 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT, 8 carries for 57 yards, 1 TD vs #5 Oregon Luke Trickett dominated the previously #5 Oregon Ducks last week, scoring 3 touchdowns in that PAC-12 route. He was able to sit down for a quick interview with me to reflect on his game. "Luke, congrats on the big win against Oregon. 3 total touchdowns as you scampered and threw your way victory against the ducks. What led to this offensive outburst?" "A lot of it comes down to what we did in practice. Coach had a really solid gameplan for us coming into this game and we executed it to a T, but I'd say the offensive line really played a huge role in getting us going offensively. They have some big boys on that Oregon defensive line, probably some of the best in the nation, and we were able to pretty much shut them down and that was huge for us, for sure." "There's a lot of attention around LA and nationally over USC football. How are you handling all the noise?" "Really, you just have to tune all that stuff out. The good and the bad, because you can't let it get to you and affect your game. Which is hard because I'll get like a lot of texts from distant relatives about what they heard such and such person say on ESPN or they saw someone saying some really crude things about me on the internet. So, sometimes you just gotta leave your phone on airplane mode for awhile. Some stuff will still sneak through, but it keeps me from getting overloaded with things that don't matter and keeps me strong mentally. The stuff that sneaks through, that's the stuff I use for extra motivation on gameday." "USC is one of the current title contenders. What are your thoughts on lifting the championship trophy at the end of the year?" "That's the absolute dream, that's what I came to this school to do. I wanted to become a better player and a better person, but more than anything, I wanted to win a national championship. And I think that this team, more than any team I've played on, is equipped to do just that." "Thanks for sitting down with me Luke. Before I leave do you have any shout outs?" "Yeah, I'd like to give a shout out to my mom for always being there for me and helping me become the person I am today and to my high school ball coach Kellen Peters for helping me get to this point in my football career. Go East Linn Eagles! Hope you guys kick some ass this Friday!" Week #8 DPOTW DE Javier Grady, UNT, 4 Sacks, 8 Tackles vs UTEP Javier Grady came up big, but the Mean Green still lost last week. Even so, we wish congratulations to our first 2x winner of a National Player of the Week Award for 2019! Grady was unable to interview with us due to the birth of his son this week! Congratulations Javier, for all you do on the football field and off it! Many thanks to Dream for the interview! Best of luck to all the players next week! List of Past National Players of the Week
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    [2019] Week #13 - Headlines

    Falcon Punched New England's defense shuts out the Atlanta Falcons in a 33-0 rout.
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    [2019] Week #13 - Headlines

    Actually, It's Still Ours: NFC East leading Eagles take a well-earned rest before final push
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    NEVADA'S BIG WIN PUTS THEM IN A CLASS OF THEIR OWN IN THE MOUNTAIN WEST Game of the Week: Among the in-conference match-ups, the likely winners look clear, so top billing goes to the nationally-ranked Wolf Pack. Between Akeel and a touchdown throwing punter, this team has too much talent to have any trouble with Utah State this Saturday. Nevada- A massive win for the Wolf Pack behind an incredibly strong showing from their defense. They’re up to #17 in the National Poll. Nevada has already clinched bowl-eligibility, but clearly have much higher goals. Look for Goodwin and the rest of the squad to keep the ball rolling against upstart Utah State in Week 9. Air Force- Air Force was also led by a strong defense in their blow-out win over New Mexico. The Falcons snagged 3 interceptions, and held the Lobos to only 68 yards on the ground. Air Force has a tall task ahead this week, as they go on the road to play #15 Tennessee. Hawaii- Hawaii held off Colorado State to bring their record to 4-2 for the season. The Rainbow Warriors have a bye this week. Fresno State- Fresno State switches spots with San Diego State after their dominant performance Saturday Afternoon. The Bulldogs are back at .500, and will look to build off of last weeks game against Colorado State this week. The march to a bowl game must start with a win over the Rams. UNLV- UNLV had a nice break this week. The Rebels get back at it this week with a game against San Jose State. An easy win here will keep their bowl hopes alive. San Diego State- San Diego State is left looking for answers after getting beaten handily by Fresno State. They should have an easier time this week against Wyoming. Boise State- The Broncos really struggled this week against Texas Tech, a team they thought they could beat. Boise State could prove a lot to themselves this week with a win over East Carolina. Colorado State- The Rams have confidence going into Week 9 after playing well against Hawaii this last week. A win over Fresno State would do the squad a lot of good. Utah State- CoachEdwards has enjoyed quite the honeymoon in Logan but the joy ride ends this weekend. New Mexico- Looked hapless against Air Force. Perhaps a bye this week will help the Lobos regain some of their early season successes. Wyoming- Wyoming had a bye this week. The Cowboys play San Diego State this week, and I have a strange feeling they’ll pull off the upset… San Jose State- Takes on UNLV after having Week 8 off.
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    [2019] MAC Week 9 Preview

    Last week's pick record: 2-3 Pick reaction gif: "I would give my spleen to see the time of possession numbers for that NIU-Buffalo game. At least Sedale's spleen. Man, Mamadou pounded the Huskies so hard they could arrest him for beas-" "Bruce! We're live, man!" "...What?" *ahem* And welcome back for some hot Week 9 #MACtion! As always I'm your host Bruce Baguen, and this week I'm joined by guest silent partner Derrick McKey! Every MAC team now has at least one conference game under their belts, and while no one has pulled away from the pack yet some teams are in danger of falling into a hole they can't climb out of. We have a lot of games to totally mostly get wrong look at for this week, let's get to it! Bowling Green (3-4, 0-2 conf.) at Akron (2-4, 2-1)* Last week: Akron needed a big last-second interception by FS Javier Lopez to hold off the pesky Ball St. Cardinals (W 33-28), while Bowling Green fell before the scorching right arm of Zack Cera (L 24-28). When Bowling Green has the ball: This remains one of the harder offenses in the conference to get a handle on. The Falcons look like a balanced offense, but while Eddie Connelly put up a better than average (by MAC standards) passing line last week the running game barely got more than three yards per carry; not enough to keep Miami at bay. While coach Groobs03 tries to kick-start his RB corps, Connelly may have to assume more of a do-everything role in this game. Akron's defensive line feasted on Ball State (3.7 O-line grade!), and BGSU will need big bounce-back games from their interior linemen if they want their QB to not repeatedly taste the Zips' turf. Akron's four picks came once Ball State fell behind and was forced into catch-up mode; Bowling Green would do well not to fall behind early in order to avoid a similar encore. When Akron has the ball: T.J. Zamora had an excellent game last week (24 of 40 for 299 yards, 1/0 TD/INT) but faces a stiff test against bookends Isaiah Hall, Malachi McKnight, and the rest of the Falcon defense. It will be fascinating to see how the Zips gameplan to limit the damage the stud defensive ends: Quick passes? Runs up the middle? Extra tight ends? Prediction: Akron 24-16 We still have some questions about Bowling Green's offense, and going against one of the best defensive lines in the MAC is not a good week to work the answers out of the fly. T.J. Zamora won't have to do everything himself, Nathaniel Ruff will get enough quality carries to keep the Falcons defense honest. Western Michigan (4-2, 2-0) at Eastern Michigan (2-3, 1-0)* Last Week: While the Broncos debated the merits of Harnessed Lightning vs. Galvanic Bombardment in the R/W Vehicles deck with BYE, the Eagles were rudely reminded that extra points were not automatic (L 29-30). When Western Michigan has the ball: It all starts with RSo RB Gabriel Shields. The WMU offense revolves around its star back, but with the improved QB play coming from Chase Sims (48 of 77 for 709 yards, 4/0 TD/INT in 3 games) teams cannot sell out to stop the run. WR Josh Whitt (25 catches for 441 yards, 4 TDs) is the primary beneficiary of Sims taking over as the starting QB. RIP Brayden Gruber, your not-quite-caretaker-level QB play will not be missed. The Eagles defense is led by Jr DT Shane Horton and Jr FS Zachary Dumas, but a true team tackling effort will be needed to reign Shields and company in. When Eastern Michigan has the ball: Converted FB Mohammed Lackey is hammering opponents as though he were still a lead blocker, so it's understandable a defense would key on him. Giovanni Shaw's statline last week was really good - early against UCF, smart play-action calling took advantage of the Knights' zealousness on stopping their ball control offense. Shaw's 2 INTs came in obvious passing situations, whether it was driving for an end of half score or marching down the field to try and take the lead. WR Daniel Lentz is the obvious target for Shaw, but RFr TE Amir Nixon will make teams pay down the middle if they forget about him. The heart of the Broncos defense is in the back seven with JuCo transfer ILB Kareem Boykin (45 tackles, 1 INT in 6 games) and a pair of excellent CBs in So Jaylin McQueen and RSo Sean Taylor. The defensive line does not make a lot of plays on their own (5 sacks); their primary job seems to be keeping the linebackers clean enough to make plays. Prediction: WMU 28-21 In Gabriel Shields' worst game he still ran 24 times for 113 yards and 2 TDs. It's gotten to the point some are tired of his constant appearances on MAC POTW lists (#AnyoneButShields, really?) EMU's effectiveness on play-action will keep this game close, but a steady dose of Shields and a knockout blow of Sims to Whitt will be enough for the Broncos to continue rowing the boat. Wake Forest (0-6) at Buffalo (3-3, 1-1) Straight off a trampling of NIU, Buffalo welcomes the hapless Demon Deacons to their stadium for a huge serving of MAMADOU SMASH. 30+ carries for MAMADOU SMASH? Check. 5 of 8 passing for under 70 yards? Check. Rolling over Wake Forest like a Katamari full of butcher knives even though everyone knows what's coming? Check. Prediction: Buffalo 24-7. MAMADOU. SMASH. Kent State (1-5, 0-1) at Northern Illinois (2-4, 0-2)* Last Week: Kent State spent the week bonding with the Sabre Slug (BYE), while the Huskies were shut down in convincing fashion by MAMADOU SMASH (L 21-44). When Kent State has the ball: Poor John Garland. Poor, poor John Garland. He has as many games this season with more than 200 passing yards as he does with less than 110 (two game each). He doesn't have much of a supporting cast either; the first 100-yard rushing game came in Week 6 from a converted FB and no WR on this team has a 100-yard receiving game. The Huskies defense looks to redeem themselves against an O-line that doesn't have anyone over 3 stars. Yeah. When Northern Illinois has the ball: The Sanford and Hutchins Show looks to rally from a sub-par showing against Buffalo. Without a stud RB (MAMADOU) grinding them down (SMASH) and keeping the Husky offense parked on the sidelines, this could get out of hand quickly. SS Quinn Benson (31 tackles, 1 INT) is the best player on the Golden Flash defense, who may be in for a long day. The talent isn't there to prevent The Sanford and Hutchins Show from going primetime. Prediction: NIU 52-10 NIU takes out their Week 8 frustrations on Kent State and keeps their slim Threepeat hopes alive. Central Michigan (2-4, 1-1) at Miami (OH) (2-5, 2-1)* Last Week: Walt Sutherland and Chippewa friends discover the hard way that repeating 3 and outs is not conducive to success (L 7-34), while the FLAMETHROWER ZACK CERA hangs in tough against a fearsome Bowling Green defensive line and throws the game-winning TD with 30 seconds left. (W 28-24) When Central Michigan has the ball: Frankly, we're not sure what happened to the CMU offense last week. They only lost the yardage battle by 50 or so yards to Ohio, yet they couldn't gain the yards when it counted (1 for 13 on 3rd down conversions). If Sutherland needs help to carry this offense, he may try to get underrated WR Mendy Schofield more involved in the offense. RB Justin Brunson will try to keep the Redhawk D honest. Miami's bend-don't-break defense held up long enough for Cera to win the game. Although lacking in the splash categories (no turnovers, only 1 sack) holding Bowling Green to 4-16 on 3rd down conversions and 5.0 O-line rating suggests they did their job. They'll need to repeat that workmanlike performance. When Miami has the ball: Proved us wrong, Zack Cera. We thought it would be a Brett Favre-like performance, and it was! It was just more "snipe my WR from 40 yards with my eyes closed" excellent Favre than "eh throw it into double coverage and pray" gunslinger Favre. We know what the Redhawks like to do, and favorite Cera target Kenneth Harrison will be matched up repeatedly against CB A'Shawn Ellison. This is probably the best 1-on-1 battle to watch in this week's slate of games. Prediction: Miami 28-24 CMU's depth and coverage skills will be sorely tested, and after last week's impressive showing it's hard to see Cera not having a performance nearly as good. We're still not sure what happened to the Chips offense, but Sutherland may have even more pressure on him to play catch-up if Miami starts scoring quickly. Toledo (5-1, 3-0) at Virginia Tech (4-2) Toledo has a chance to prove that they are not just one of the best in the MAC, but that they belong in the national rankings when they travel to Blacksburg to take on the Hokies of Virginia Tech. Overall, the Rockets are probably the most talented team in the conference; they certainly have the best overall offensive skill position players led by Jr QB Benjamin Hanson (113 of 179 for 1599 yards, 13/2 TD/INT) and RFr RB Gabe Ciamo (128 carries for 717 yards, 9 TDs). The WR group aren't that special but Hanson is elevating them to his level. He'll need to keep that going against an extremely tough Tech defense. On the flipside Toledo will need to contain the one-two punch of QB Matthew Dobbs and RB/FB Maurice Ervin. But if they do force Dobbs to throw, will they be able to make enough plays? Prediction: Virginia Tech 27-24 We'd love to predict a MAC win but in a contest that is more even than it seems, the differences are in the small things: VT's Dline vs. Toldeo's Oline, and the homefield advantage. Byes: Ball State, Ohio For the MAC Network ("If it's not MAC it's wack"), this is Bruce Baguen and Derrick McKey. Until next time!
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    CFBHC v1.3 User's Update Results

    RIP dream of early 90's conferences.
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    "26. Green Bay Packers (4-8) à Well the Packers were on a bye, and so there’s not a ton to say. Their defense is bad. Their OL is bad. They’re bad. (but their schedule is hard so none of it matters)" Dank meme bro. Misdirected, but spicy all the same.
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    [2019] Episode 2: Defensive Ends

    We have a few months to analyze, to dissect, debate, to potentially disagree, there might be disagreements here… welcome to Los Angeles, from SageBow, Pumph, and myself, paperllamasunited, this is Path to the Draft. Today we’re going to be talking about the defensive ends of this 2020 class. When you look around NFLHC rosters, the overwhelming theme among them is that defensive end tends to be a weak spot. At least two thirds of the teams could use an upgrade in talent for at least one of their two end positions. To the rescue, is the 2020 draft class, where we could see as many as six to eight defensive ends taken in the first round. This draft is loaded at the defensive end position, and there will be great value in the second half of the first round.That said, there are two players that rise above the rest in Tennessee’s Anthony Miller, and Tyler Jones from Mississippi State. Both players possess the talent and raw physical traits to get to the passer, and have racked up impressive highlight footage while playing some of the nation’s toughest talent in the SEC. One of the nation’s leading sack artists is Bowling Green’s Isaiah Hall, with 10 sacks in his account after Week 8. Hall shunned the opportunity to play under brighter lights, and has built himself a reputation by punishing passers in the MAC. He has the kind of size and talent that translates to the pros, and I think you’ll see him taken in the middle of the first round. Without a doubt, this is the deepest class of defensive ends we have ever seen. Besides your two mercurial talents at the top of the draft, there are still guys like CUSA superstar Dexter Flowers (11.5 sacks, 1 FF, 1 FR, 36 tackles) and Michigan’s Jared Self, who has punished Big 10 left tackles for years. Even from the MAC, the aforementioned Isaiah Hall and Akron’s Gabriel Beauchamp follow in the footsteps of Joseph Randolph and Charles Johnson as dominant pass rushers from G5 schools. Panel Picks DE Anthony Miller 6-3 253 R Tennessee [blitz] 83 Pumph: I see Miller as a generational talent, and the probable #1 overall pick in this draft. Even if the team picking first doesn’t need a defensive end, Miller is the kind of player you trade up to go get. He's a franchise-changing talent.At 6’3”, 253lbs, possessing elite quickness and body lean coming off of the edge, Miller is a heat-seeking missile coming off of the corner. Miller has just 4.5 sacks so far this season, but he’s facing constant double-teams after the past two seasons with double-digit sack totals. He can beat offensive tackles with his quick first step, but also has a repertoire of pass rush moves to use at his disposal.Following a long line successful pass rushers from the University of Tennessee, I believe that he will come to the league ready to be a Pro Bowl type player almost immediately.If he is not the first player taken in this draft, I think some GM will have made a mistake that will ultimately cost them their job. Sage: What more can I say about this kid. He’s the best player I have ever had the pleasure of coaching. Physically gifted and hard working, he’s going to make any franchise happy at the next level. Miller has an immense amount of game experience, with double digit sack seasons since the Volunteer’s sophomore season. He might be the most “sure-thing” player in this draft, and I have him rated as the best pass rushing defensive end in this class. DE Shah Vereen 6-1 259 R South Carolina [blitz] 81 Sage: Shah Vereen does not have the big name attention that Jones or Miller does. He does not have the eyes on him like Flowers or Jennings do. The easily forgotten Vereen is simply another great pass rusher in a class and conference of great pass rushers… or is he? Looking at the film tape, there is not a more athletic defensive end in this class than Vereen. He excels as a down lineman in the 4-3, as a stand up pass rusher in the 3-4, and anywhere in between. His speed allows him to blow up screens, sprint pass offensive linemen, or even cover tight ends 1 on 1. Pre Week 8, Vereen has 4 sacks and 18 tackles, including a dominating 2 sacks and 8 tackles against Florida. Vereen is definitely a player to watch out for in this upcoming draft. DE Eric Jennings 6-3 259 R Oregon [blitz] 81 Pumph: Oregon’s Eric Jennings is an interesting talent at 6’3” 259 lbs. He and teammate Christian Okonkwo make up a fearsome Duck defensive line. Scouts can’t tell how good either is on their own, because opposing offensive lines tend to crumble under the pressure these two can put on working together, though the pair was stymied against USC. I love his measurables, and I think he could excel at the next level, but the question mark about him is where has he been in big games? When Oregon beat Iowa State in Week 3, his name was buried in the box score as an afterthought, and now the Southern Cal debacle. DE Isaiah Hall 6-2 246 R Bowling Green [Contain] 81 Llamas: I like Isaiah Hall, especially in a 4-front, A LOT. Hall is overshadowed by teammates OLB Brandon Thomas and playmaker SS Antonio Jackson, but there’s no doubt he’s the best at getting after QBs. His 2018 season could have been a bit better, with just 4.5 sacks, but he added 31 tackles, the most at his position in the conference, and good enough to earn him 2nd-Team All-MAC. This year, he’s off to a great start at terrorizing opponents, pulling down players for 28 tackles, and wrangling QBs in for 10.0 sacks… in 7 games, making just 5 stat sheets. While some might point to his playing in the MAC as the cause of his high numbers, potentially inflating his stats, he’s actually only faced two MAC opponents thus far this season, recording 2.5 sacks against Toledo and 2.0 against Miami of Ohio. With an average opponent he’s faced being about 6’4”, 300 (and those numbers are extremely brought down by Arizona State’s 6’3”, 255 Tywin Babcock), Hall has used his shiftiness to overcome his overmatched frame, absolutely dominating Marshall’s stud 5.0/5.0 junior Justin Way to the tune of 6 tackles and 2 sacks. The road ahead should be similar, if not even more encouraging, facing an average opponent of 6’2”, 302 stature, and rated 3.1/3.8. Oh, and after all of this… he specializes in containing, not blitzing. An ideal left end, or perhaps a 3-4 OLB, at the next level. DE Jacob Kirk 6-3 242 R South Dakota [blitz] 75 Pumph: You won’t see this kid go in the first two days of the draft, but he’s an interesting case. He has the prototypical measurables you want to see from a defensive end, but he was actually a high school quarterback that didn’t get any scholarship offers and wound up going to FCS school, South Dakota. They gave him a chance to play quarterback, but after an arm injury and the emergence of another player, they asked him to flip sides of the ball and become a defensive end, where he has excelled the past two seasons. He’s not going to come in and start for an NFLHC team, but I wouldn’t bet against this kid, and I think he can make his mark as a rotational player and special teamer. Sage: Its pretty rare to see a guy with this much talent end up in the FCS. One big thing to note out of Kirk is his motor. He’s a kid that will never stop working. This guy is a lunch-pail superstar. Everyday he’s going to work on improving and then let his play do the talking on the field. He’s the top defensive end in the FCS, and even though he doesn’t have the stats yet he’s going to really wow some people at the next level. His work ethic is simply to good. (Draft-Eligible Seniors in 2019) DE Tyler Jones 6-1 257 R Mississippi State [Contain] 83 DE Anthony Miller 6-3 253 R Tennessee [blitz] 83 DE Dexter Flowers 6-1 265 R Southern Miss [blitz] 82 DE Jared Self 6-2 256 R Michigan [blitz] 81 DE Eric Jennings 6-3 259 R Oregon [blitz] 81 DE Isaiah Hall 6-2 246 R Bowling Green [Contain] 81 DE Shah Vereen 6-1 259 R South Carolina [blitz] 81 DE Gabriel Beauchamp 6-1 256 R Akron [blitz] 80 DE Luke Lyles 6-0 249 R Vanderbilt [blitz] 79 DE Omar McManus 5-11 258 R Fresno State [blitz] 78 DE Charles Fowler 6-2 250 R Oregon State [blitz] 76 DE Jacob Kirk 6-3 242 R South Dakota [blitz] 75 DE James Carter 6-1 255 R Air Force [blitz] 75 DE Kareem Yancey 6-1 249 R Nebraska [blitz] 74 DE Kenneth Stanford 5-11 258 R NC State [blitz] 74 DE Thomas Goss 6-3 257 R Oklahoma [blitz] 73 DE Larry Scott 6-3 255 R Nebraska [blitz] 72 DE George Calvert 6-2 267 R Minnesota [blitz] 71 DE Ethan McCall 6-0 263 R Nevada [blitz] 70 DE Darius Smith 6-4 242 R Wofford [blitz] 69 DE Samir Dixon 5-10 253 R Stanford [blitz] 69 DE Charles Anderson 6-3 245 R BYU [blitz] 69 DE Timothy Heller 6-1 253 R Indiana [blitz] 68 DE Derrick Woodward 6-2 245 R Iowa [Contain] 68 DE Donald Gordon 6-3 245 R Arizona [Contain] 67 DE Joe Flores 6-2 253 R UNLV [blitz] 67 DE Brayden Whitten 5-11 236 R Rice [blitz] 67 DE Russell Dietrich 6-2 262 R Utah [Contain] 67 DE George Smith 6-2 254 R Iowa [Contain] 67 DE Darwin Zavala 6-1 259 R Connecticut [Contain] 66 DE Russell Greer 6-1 262 R Oklahoma [Contain] 66 DE Albert Alvarado 6-2 248 R Alabama [blitz] 66 DE Bryce Littlejohn 6-0 244 R Kentucky [Contain] 66 DE Richard Hebert 73 249 R Ohio State [blitz] 65 DE Declan Culver 6-0 256 R Boise State [Contain] 65 DE George Pacheco 6-2 244 R Miami [blitz] 65 DE Greg Lambert 6-3 255 R Georgia [Contain] 65
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    [2019] Week #13 - Headlines

    Faiders: Chiefs End the Raider's Perfect Season for Their Second Division Win in As Many Weeks
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    Sitewide Survey II Part 2

    Suggestions in Survey 1 and 2--damn near all of them are super awesome. Thanks for considering, and for using a survey to guide priorities.
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    [2019] Week #13 - Headlines

    Steelers Flying Mile High Late defensive stand leads Steelers to fifth straight win, keeps playoff hopes alive.
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    [2019] Week #13 - Headlines

    LeCount your blessings: Redskins defense can't stop the pass game; fall 28-14 to lions
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    [2019] Week #13 - Headlines

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution We Fought the Law and the Law Won
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    [S01E02] Heisman

    I would like to place 1,000,000 credits on the following players to win the Heisman... Raheem Robinson 5-1 Benjamin Schuler 5-1 Graham Burnett 15-1 Trevon Yeldon 25-1 The Field 25-1
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    [2019] Week #13 - Headlines

    Arrowhead To The Knee Vazquez's Two Misses End Raider's Win Streak at 11.
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    Great job, Emperor! Thanks for taking this on...fantastic write-ups!
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    CFBHC v1.3 User's Update Results

    well thats surprising considering I've gotten 16 pro bowl ballots in ~1.5 weeks.
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    A lot of people (myself included) didn't read the disclaimer that it needed to hit 7.5 to pass, because we're dumb.
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    CFBHC v1.3 User's Update Results

    RIP in peace 7.14 - TV Announcer pairings 6.30 - Referees
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    I know Wolfpack is the right way to spell it, but those folks in Reno spell it as Wolf Pack. Just to let you know. Nice write-up!
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    [2019] Week #13 - Headlines

    THIS IS OUR DIVISION NOW: Defensive dominance keeps the Giants rolling in a 21-7 win over Dallas to complete the 2-0 season sweep
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    [S01E02] Heisman

    --- Raheem Robinson Sr. // WR // Oklahoma State (4-3) Week 8 vs #12 Baylor // 10 for 113 yards, 1 TD Week 7 vs Texas // 3 for 48 yards, 0 TD Week 6 vs BYE Week 5 vs Texas Tech // 11 for 160 yards, 2 TD Week 4 vs Western Kentucky // 11 for 169 yards, 2 TD Week 3 vs Ball State // 10 for 124 yards, 2 TD Week 2 vs #23 Mississippi State // 9 for 120 yards, 0 TD Week 1 vs Marshall // 15 for 127 yards, 1 TD --- 2019 Season // 69 for 861 yards, 8 TD Raheem Robinson is the unquestioned superstar of college football without a doubt. He's improved marvelously all four years at Oklahoma State and, although he has played with some very mediocre teams, has consistently performed at a high level. Frequently expected to declare early after his junior year, he surprised everyone by coming back for one last swing and, surprisingly, is near the top of the current Heisman pack. Other than the hick-up against Texas in week seven, Robinson has performed divinely for a receiver. Currently averaging just under 10 catches (TEN, think about that for a receiver) and just over 120 yards per game (again, think about this!) he is one on pace for a statistically top five season receiving performance in CFBHC history. His exceptional pass catching and tackle breaking abilities will lead to his further success at the next level and his Heisman bid should be unencumbered by the lack of Oklahoma State's supporting cast. --- Graham Burnett Jr. // QB // #8 Oklahoma (6-0) Week 8 vs Texas // 19-25 (76.0%) for 240 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT (175.0 Passer Rating) Week 7 vs West Virginia // 17-30 (56.7%) for 237 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT (138.4 Passer Rating) Week 6 vs #24 Michigan State // 16-30 (53.3%) for 169 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT (111.7 Passer Rating) Week 5 vs BYE Week 4 vs Iowa // 20-30 (66.7%) for 291 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT (163.5 Passer Rating) Week 3 vs Buffalo // 24-33 (72.7%) for 389 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT (211.8 Passer Rating) Week 2 vs BYE Week 1 vs #24 Pittsburgh // 18-30 (60.0%) for 233 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT (151.6 Passer Rating) --- 2019 Season // 115-178 (64.6%) for 1559 yards, 14 TD, 4 INT (159.6 Passer Rating) Graham Burnett, now in his third year at Oklahoma, can finally be called a worthy successor to the famed Chicago Bears' quarterback Norris Brooksheer. Averaging about 200 yards per game in an extremely balanced offense, Burnett has led the Sooners to their first top ten ranking since their national championship run in 2015. While his stats may not seem comparable to Schuler or Robinson his leadership and unquestioned authority of the field should make up for any of the doubt surrounding his bid. Undoubtedly, Burnett will end up with his share of Big 12 passing records if he stays on for his senior year and his pro readiness is one of the reasons he's been scouted heavily all throughout this year. In a season lacking extremely top tier quarterback play across the board Burnett has cleared his path to the Heisman finalists - his conference slate will determine his final ranking. --- Current odds by computer projection based on players featured in this show: Player Position School Odds Raheem Robinson WR OKST 5-1 Benjamin Schuler QB FSU 5-1 Graham Burnett QB OKLA 15-1 Trevon Yeldon RB ORE 25-1 Other -- --- 25-1 --- Trending Graham Burnett // QB // Oklahoma: Up Benjamin Schuler // QB // Florida State: Steady Raheem Robinson // WR // Oklahoma State: Steady Trevon Yeldon // RB // Oregon: Down Benjamin Schuler Jr. // QB // #1 Florida State (6-0) Week 8 vs Ohio State // 18-28 (64.3%) for 207 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT (161.7 Passer Rating) Week 7 vs Louisville // 23-40 (57.5%) for 350 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT (142.5 Passer Rating) Week 6 vs BYE Week 5 vs Duke // 20-25 (80.0%) for 340 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT (247.0 Passer Rating) Week 4 vs BYE Week 3 vs NC State // 18-25 (72.0%) for 243 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT (180.0 Passer Rating) Week 2 vs Army // 17-23 (73.9%) for 290 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT (237.2 Passer Rating) Week 1 vs #20 Mississippi State // 17-27 (62.9%) for 210 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT (140.5 Passer Rating) --- 2019 Season // 113-168 (67.3%) for 1640 yards, 16 TD, 1 INT (179.5 Passer Rating) Trevon Yeldon Fr. // RB // #5 Oregon (6-1) Week 8 vs USC // 16 for 87 yards, 0 TD Week 7 vs Washington // 24 for 141 yards, 2 TD Week 6 vs BYE Week 5 vs North Carolina // 26 for 148 yards, 2 TD Week 4 vs Temple // 20 for 99 yards, 1 TD Week 3 vs Iowa State // 16 for 69 yards, 1 TD Week 2 vs Texas // 17 for 89 yards, 1 TD Week 1 vs Vanderbilt // 20 for 148 yards, 4 TD --- 2019 Season // 139 for 712 yards, 11 TD
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    [2019] Week #13 - Headlines

    OUT OF GAS Cardinals struggle on offense and defense as coach Ted tries anything to just get through the rest of the season.
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    [2019] Week #13 - Headlines

    Bye Bye Playoff Hopes on the Bye Week The Green Bay Packers have been eliminated from playoff contention on their bye week.
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    MWC Week 8 POTW Voting

    Congratulations to UNLV RB Noel Minor, the MWC's Week 7 Player Of The Week winner. Minor rushed for 188 yards and 3 touchdowns on 26 carries, carrying UNLV to a win over Fresno State.
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    What is this? Media about the PAC 12?
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    [2019] Week #13 - Headlines

    NORSE, MEET NORRIS Norris Brooksheer throws for career-high 410 yards, 3 touchdowns; Bears move into 2nd place with 5th win in 6 games Norris Brooksheer inquires as to the Minnesota crowd's level of entertainment (or lack thereof) after a touchdown pass to Peter Foster in the third quarter.
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    Offensive Player of the Week: Eric Jennings, KAN, 26 of 37 for 359 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT Defensive Player of the Week: Bradley Spurlock, KAN, 1 INT, 2 Tackles, 1 TD Special Teams Player of the Week: Will Ladd, TEX, 2-2 FG (48, 54), 2-2 XP Link to podcast: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwbJoM4rbJ5Lb0tFcGNrQTFFMGM/view?usp=sharing Note: Will try to post timestamps in the morning.
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