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    SMALL WONDER: The Story of CFBHC's First Great Upset 1. 2014, the second season in the life of CFBHC, did not start pleasantly for Head Coach DangerZoneh and the TCU Horned Frogs. A 35-7 blowout loss at Ole Miss to open the season, followed by a 42-14 drubbing at the hands of the 20th ranked Tennessee Volunteers left Coach Danger scrambling for answers. A week 3 Thursday night win over the Duke Blue Devils did little to remove the specter of the 2-11 opening season record of the Frogs, but did give the faithful a small dose of hope as fullback Alex Engram rumbled for 111 yards and 3 touchdowns in Durham. That tiny ray of sunshine was quickly blotted out, as TCU lost its next five games. Missouri won 31-14 in Waco behind three touchdowns from quarterback Gerald Bright, while TCU managed just 205 yards of offense. Nebraksa blitzed the Horned Frogs 31-21 on a neutral field in Kansas City, with TCU quarterback Johnny Green providing the lone Horned Frog highlight with a dazzling 34 yard TD run. Green and Engram did their best, but couldn’t compete with Christopher Brooks and All-Big-12 running back James Otero, who led Kansas to a week 6 shootout win over the Frogs, 35-31. In Stillwater, OK, TCU walked into a defensive buzzsaw in the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The Horned Frogs turned the ball over twice and could get no offense rolling as the Cowboys slammed the door 24-0. The week 8 loss to the mighty Oklahoma Sooners had an outcome that diminished even the 42-21 final score. Defensive captain Ray Lee Coia was lost for the season after taking a blind hit on an interception return by Sooner Tai Miller. Both players suffered broken arms, and TCU was suddenly staring at a 1-7 record, and entering a contest with the #4 team in the land, the defending Big-12 champion, the hated Texas Longhorns, WITHOUT their best player and inspirational team leader Coia. 100 miles to the southwest, the flagship program in the state of Texas was flexing muscles first stretched in a dominant 2013 campaign that saw the might Texas Longhorns win the Big 12 with an 8-0 record en route to a 11-3 Cotton Bowl winning-season. 2014 was to be the year Texas would challenge for the national title, beginning the season ranked #2 and opening with 7 straight wins before a mid-season bye in week 8. Wins over Arkansas, Pittsburgh, and Navy, all in Austin, showed that the Longhorns could handle three very different types of offenses with their thoroughly stout defense. Travelling to West Point turned into a walk over Army. The visiting Minnesota Golden Gophers, with All-American OJ Carano, gave Texas a scare in Darrell Royal Memorial Stadium in a narrow 21-17 win for the Longhorns. Iowa State provided little resistance in Ames, rolling over for 28-3. With the bye week looming, Texas snuck past a game Kansas State squad with kicker Gino Chiaverini providing the bulk of the scoring in a 16-14 win in Austin. The Longhorns, and Coach DollaBill, were certainly looking forward to the Red River Rivalry game with Oklahoma following the bye and an easy date with the 1-7 TCU Horned Frogs. The clouds were beginning to part for the Longhorns, the path to the Playoff clear and present. 2. When CFBHC began in 2013, most teams were at the mercy of their sim-generated rosters, which were, to some extent, based on the school’s all-time “prestige.” Usual college bluebloods like Alabama, USC, Michigan, and Texas were generated with rosters that helped their coaches overwhelm teams with less traditionally-powerful rosters. In the case of the Longhorns, and first coach DollaBill, that initial roster led to an 8-0 Big-12 campaign, finishing 11-3 in 2013. TCU found themselves severely short on generated talent, and that was compounded by rotating through three coaches in 2013—Coach HookEm, clearly a puppet coach installed by a bitter booster from Austin, departed following a 1-4 start. Coach Pepper was hired, only to lose two games before receiving his pink slip. Stability finally arrived in the form of Head Coach DangerZoneh. The Horned Frogs finished a devastating opening slate at 2-11, with Coach Danger managing a closing 1-5 record playing in a modified Big 12 Conference with Houston, Rice, UCF, and Boise State. Just how deficient was the TCU initial roster? Saying that TCU was severely overmatched talent-wise in this game would be a major understatement. The TCU team only had 4 players total that had a potential rating of 4 and only one of those players had a potential rating of 4.5. From a skill perspective only one of those players had reached 4.0 and that was fullback turned running back Alex Engram. To put in perspective how vastly different the talent level between the two teams was TCU’s average skill-level on offense was a measly 2.36 and an even lower 2.09 on defense. That brought TCU’s average starting player to a skill level of 2.22 which is comparable to a C-USA team. Texas on the other hand was chock full of talent. If you examined the depth-chart for the 2014 Longhorns you would find that they only had one starter below a 3.0 skill rating and that was a redshirt freshman right-guard who had a potential rating of 4.5. The only TCU player who would have a chance to start on this Texas team was fullback Alex Engram and that would have been a toss-up since he shared the same rating as his Texas Counterpart. The Longhorns had twice as many (8) 5.0 Potential players as the TCU team had 4.0 and 4.5 potential players. Texas oozed talent at every position and realistically TCU was outmatched at every position. They play the games for a reason, however; and what those ratings don’t measure is the amount of heart and pride that TCU had during that game. 3. It was a picture-perfect day for football in Fort Worth, Texas on that November Saturday evening. The attitudes on the field couldn’t be more different as the Texas Longhorns were calm, cool, and confident heading into their matchup with the 1-7 TCU Horned Frogs. Texas saw this game as a formality on their way to Dallas for famed Red River Rivalry with Oklahoma. The Longhorns had been brilliant all season and their confidence was apparent as the teams took the field. Sterling Brown, Running Back: “We had it rolling, man. We had a little scare against Kansas State and Minnesota, but this year was our destiny. We had the defense, we had the offense, we had the kicker. They were a speed bump to roll over on our way to Dallas for the Oklahoma game.” John Jones, Quarterback: “Our offense had been clicking pretty well against some really good defenses. I could hand the ball off and watch Sterling do his thing. Our offensive line was opening up holes all over the place. Yeah, we gonna kill TCU...they were so small! And when they lost Coia, he was the only one that could have provided a challenge.” Boomer Roberts, Defensive End: “They had this great big back, Engram, who was a fullback playing running back. Dude couldn’t run, it was that simple. Shut down the running game, from him and the quarterback, and TCU is done. Our D-line was ready and out-weighed their O-line by something like 100 lbs. That’s four guys versus five.” Gordon Moreland, Cornerback: “I don’t think we really considered their passing game much of a threat at all. They had maybe broken 200 yards once in the previous 8 games, so we were mostly concerned with coming up to help stop Engram the giant.” TCU on the other hand entered the game without their defensive captain Ray Lee Coia and his loss weighed heavily on the team during warmups. From the pressbox it almost seemed like the Longhorns were about to take on a high-school team, but a sense of looseness started to come over the team. This was a school that was given no chance by anyone, the media predicted a blowout, the Longhorns didn’t respect TCU, and it started to sink in that they literally had nothing to lose. Vagas Strong, Inside Linebacker: “We were down. Most of us weren’t even sure it was worth practicing that hard. I mean, we were on our third coach in less than 20 games, we had barely won anything. I came to TCU to get a science degree, but since I had played a little football in high school, Coach said to try out for the team and here I am starting...against Texas...as a senior walk-on. You get a bit star-struck.” Johnny Green, Quarterback: “We just didn’t have anything to lose, that was our mindset. But at the same time, we didn’t have any expectation about winning, not against those guys. I know I can play a little, but we were overmatched. Watching film just put that in our minds.” Andre Gaffney, Defensive End: “When Ray Lee broke his arm, we were hopeful he could play a little with the arm in a cast. Looked like he was gonna play even on Wednesday, but then the docs and coaches said he was out. So that meant Kory Sapp had to step into his place. So we got a freshman stepping into the shoes of a senior, our leader. Yeah, that’s not gonna be good.” Head Coach DangerZoneh, TCU: "I'm not sure there was a feeling of doom going into the game, honestly. We were 1-7 but had actually played a lot of teams close. We felt that the we had faced the best defense we were going to see all year in Ole Miss and the best offenses with Kansas and OU. Our boys believed we could win, That being said, I'd be lying to you if I said I thought we'd win - or even really be that close." The Longhorns elected to receive the opening kickoff and sophomore WR Jacky Walters would take the kick out to the 25. John Jones would lead the Texas offense out on the field, but they wouldn’t stay very long when 2 short Sterling Brown runs and an incomplete pass on 3rd down would lead to a Ken Phillips punt. Johnny Green would lead the Frogs out on the field, and like the Longhorn offense, they would have little success leading to another 3 and out. Lightning would strike as Sterling Brown would take the ball right off the left tackle Brandon Reamon for a 43 yard scamper and Texas score giving them a 7-0 lead. The TCU offense would come back on the field and after 3 more plays they would give the ball back to Jones and company. The field position game would work out well for the Longhorns as Jones would complete passes to Walters and Billy Williams to get into field goal range where Gino Chiaverini would knock in a 40 yarder to make the lead 10-0. Another TCU drive ended poorly as QB Johnny Green would stare down his receiver and give Texas CB Gordon Moreland the perfect chance to pick it off. John Jones would get the opportunity to lead another Texas drive that ended with a Jacky Walters TD on a short 11 yard crossing route to extend the lead to 17 as the 1st quarter ended. John Jones, Texas QB: “We got on the field and things just felt...slow. Like we couldn’t get going. Punt for a series, get the ball back, and then Sterling rips off this awesome run around right end for the opening score. We’re thinking: “Ok, now we’re moving, no worries.” Brandon Reamon, Texas Left Tackle: “Two good early drives, 10 points. Gordon gets the pick to put us at their 30 with 1:00 to go in the quarter. After Jones hits Jacky on that crossing pattern, it’s 17-0 at the end of the first and we’re already thinking about what kind of post-game dinner we’re gonna have.” Johnny Green, TCU QB: “Well that was a stupid throw, the interception. I totally rushed the out route and threw it before the receiver was really even ready. That guy made a nice jump on the ball and grabbed it. Wouldn’t have been a problem if it were on the other end of the field, but giving it back to them on our side hurt.” Feeling the game starting to slip away from them the Frogs would receive the ball to start the 2nd quarter and reach deep into their bag of tricks. , Johnny Green would lead a methodical drive that included a healthy dose of Alex Engram, along the way Green would complete passes to tight end Tony DeMarco and WR Patrick Womack and suddenly the anemic Frog offense was driving down the field. Once the Horned Frogs reached the red zone that’s when coach DangerZoneh decided to pull a little trickeration. Here’s what it sounded like on the Frogs Radio Network “Johnny Green steps under center for 1st and 10 on the Texas 18 yard line. The ball is snapped, Johnson is coming around behind the quarterback it looks to be a wide receiver sweep, wait… he’s dropping back to throw.. DeMarco’s open in the end-zone and it’s caught!!! Touchdown Frogs!!!!!!” The play would bring excitement to the crowd and get cut the Texas lead to 17-7. Butch Johnson, TCU WR: “When Coach called the double-pass, it was the 2nd time that season that it had been called, but the first for me at the X. I was pumped. Tony got a little separation from their linebacker and I hit him with a perfect spiral. I didn’t have a big day catching the ball, so I was just excited to help out in some way.” Dan Bruce, TCU DE: “That got the whole sideline fired up. We were down, but that was a great drive and a great play. We got a little pep in our step.” Texas would not be fazed initially as they were set to receive the kick. Coach DollaBill wanted to get back to his bread and butter and pound the undersized TCU defense. However, the stadium would fall silent, as on a routine sweep, Sterling Brown would be taken down by redshirt Freshman Kory Sapp and he would stay down. The team doctor would diagnose him with a knee injury and he would be forced to miss the remainder of the game. Texas would balance the attack out and grab two more field goals before the half to take a 23-7 lead into the locker room. Gino Chiaverini, Texas K: “The long one was tricky because the wind picked up right as I kicked it, I didn’t think it was gonna go. Hitting at the end of the half was easier...the offense did good just getting me in the middle of the field, and 40 yards is pretty simple with no wind. Sucks to lose Sterling, though.” John Jones: “We knew we had to answer that trick play, and we did, pretty quickly. Just stalled out on 3rd down. We wanted to go in with 30 at half...that would have put it away. But when Sterling went down, we lost a juice in our run game, kind of made it easier for them to load up on the pass.” Brent Ring, TCU ILB: “We were able to hold them to Field goals, which helped. The trick play gave us a bit of momentum and our D played pretty well toward the end of the half. I didn’t really see what happened with We were going in without the lead, but we felt like maybe, if we executed a little better, we could get back into the game.” Halftime...where coaches make their money as motivators and master strategists... Alex Engram, TCU RB: “Coach kept telling the Defense that they were in control. He just kept repeating that: you’re in control...you own this game...you’re in control. Those of us on the offensive side, well we started to get that mindset where we jumped on the defense’s momentum.” Andre Gaffney: “We had a little success at the end of the half, and Coach made a fantastic decision to move us to a 3-5 front to better help with the short passing game. He said we were gonna put 11 guys in coverage at one time...we were like: “Coach, don’t do that!” He really meant just changing up coverages giving the QB as many looks as we could.” Coach DangerZoneh: ““I gathered them in and looked at them and said ‘Are they special? Are they better than anyone we’ve played so far? We’ve faced better teams than this. We can beat these guys. Trust me. Play our game and we’ll win.’ And that’s all I said. After that I stopped game planning. They didn’t need me to yell at them, they knew what they needed to do. Ray, on the other hand, got emotional. He got in the defense's face and was the leader he had been all season, even in a sling. Afterwards, I could see the fire in their eyes. I knew something special would happen." Jacky Walters, TEX WR: “We knew we were gonna throw the ball a little more with Sterling out. I was hoping for a big day. Their DBs were shaky in the first quarter, but you could tell, they just meant to hurt you after the second quarter. They were trying to kill us.” Willard Arnold, TEX ILB: “Having a little cushion of 23-7 felt great. We’d given up maybe 100 yards is all in the first half, some on penalties, and then the big trick play. We definitely thought we still had the physical advantage, so we were confident at halftime. Coach didn’t really give us any new looks or anything…” As the teams came out of the locker room for the second half, there was a noticeable difference in the swagger of the TCU Horned Frogs. The team was amped up, they were confident, and they believed they could pull the upset. The Frogs would return the kick to the 27 yard line and Johnny Green would go to work in the spread offense, which coach adjusted to during the half. Green ran the read-option to perfection, switching between hand-offs to Engram, QB keepers, and quick passes to Johnson and DeMarco. Green would lead the Horned Frogs all the way to the Texas 38 yard line, where they would call a Power-O off the RT for Alex Engram. “Engram takes the hand-off from Green and navigates behind the RT, he breaks through the line and is into the second-layer of the defense. Arnold gets around his block.. Engram bowled him over! There goes Alex Engram.. He could take it all the way home Touchdown!!!!! What a run folks by Alex Engram, he absolutely runs through Willard Arnold.. The extra point is good bringing us closer and a 23-14 game. Willard Arnold: “I’ve never been hit like that on a run EVER. Engram straight ran over me. I was backpedaling a little after getting around the block, but that guy trucked me good.” Boomer Roberts: “I’ve never seen Willard get hit like that. The part that was unfair was that Engram turned on the jets after running over our leading tackler. He was a fullback playing running back...what?” Butch Johnson: “I didn’t think Engram could run that fast, especially after knocking that dude flat on his ass. He took off!” Texas would take the kick looking to styme the Horned Frogs sudden momentum. Jones and the Longhorns would start the drive at the 26 yard line, but there was noticeable difference in the way they were playing. Jones would complete a nice pass over the middle to Walters to grab a first down, and Billy Williams would catch another pass to give the Longhorns a second first down, but the TCU defense dug in and forced a punt which landed at the TCU 8 yard-line. Johnny Green would pair with Alex Engram to lead another methodical TCU drive getting first down after first down with smart reads on their read-option plays and smart passes thrown in when the Longhorns would stack the box. The Frogs, who had taken up nearly 7 minutes of game clock, would drive all the way to the Texas 19 yard line. “The Frogs are in the redzone, 1st and 10 from the Texas 19. Green is under center, DeMarco comes in motion, the ball is hiked and it’s a handoff the Engr.., no wait it's a QB keeper! Green goes off right tackle slips through the arms of Arnold, and there he goes folks!!! Touchdown Frogs!!” The extra point was good bringing TCU within 2 23-21. John Jones: “We wanted to answer their touchdown run with a sustained drive, if not a score. We made two first downs, but then had to punt. Our O-line just didn’t have a lot of fire at this point, with a 9 point lead.” Johnny Green: “They pinned us at the 8 yard line, so we had 92 yards to go to this thing to a field goal. The big guys up front just started going to work, and Coach was calling some nice variations on our standard option set. Alex and I were finding some holes with a stretched out front 7.” Butch Johnson: “Johnny had some clutch throws on that drive, but he really did it with his legs. That drive ate up, what, like 7 minutes of game time?! Keep their offense on the side, let our boys go to work. That TD run from Johnny was a thing of beauty.” Gordon Moreland: “I spent that whole drive on a island, so I just got a front row seat for the butt-whipping our D-Line was getting...from these scrubs! We’d seen their QB do some nice things on film, but that run was slick.” Willard Arnold: “I should have had him wrapped up for a 2 yard gain, but he slipped out. I got freaking beat for two scores in the 3rd quarter. Not a good one for me. Our defense walked off the field sweating and hands-on-hips breathing hard.” Texas would get the ball back and go to work. Jones would lead a methodical drive down the field, and in a rush to get one more play off before the quarter ended they would call a Draw with backup running back Hugh Ledbetter. Ledbetter would get smashed however and the ball would pop loose allowing Vagas Strong to recover for the Horned Frogs. Vagas Strong: “After Johnny’s touchdown, we were fired up. Brent hit their backup tailback and popped the ball loose, right at the end of the quarter. I looked up, and saw the ball, and jumped on it!” TCU would not capitalize on the turnover, however; and would be forced to punt after a quick 3 and out. The Longhorns would come back on the field in good position, and drive down the field to set up another 40 yard field goal. The field goal attempt would go right through the uprights giving Texas a 26-21 lead. Coach DollaBill sensing it was time to put the game away went into his bag of tricks and pulled out the onside kick. TCU wasn't ready for the call and the Longhorns were able to recover the kick, giving them a chance to extend the lead and put the game out of reach. Vagas Strong: “They hit a field goal, no problem. We hadn’t given them anything since the first quarter. We called that a win. Then they try this bullshit onside-kick…” Andre Gaffney: “I’m on kick return team, and we were not ready for that. Nice for them to have a little momentum to pick that up, but we’re all like “why did they do that?” Good if it works, and it did...but it didn’t matter.” Texas had great field position and a chance to put the game away. The drive started with a short Ledbetter run, but on 2nd down Jones would take his chance. “Jones takes the snap and rolls out to the right, he sees the tight end crossing the other way and fires, but there's Kory Sapp!! Sapp picks the ball off! Sapp picks the ball off! The freshman replacing senior leader Ray Lee Coia has made the biggest play of the game!” Kory Sapp, TCU OLB: “Jones was rolling out and he looked back across the field to the tight end. I was coming across the middle from behind the play, so I saw everything. Must have just missed me in his view. Easiest INT I’ve ever had.” Johnny Green would lead the TCU offense out on the field with a chance at taking the lead. The drive didn't start as planned when he was sacked on first down. Second down Green was able to find a crossing Butch Johnson to get the ball deep into Texas territory. The pass was followed by a quick Alex Engram run to get the ball to the Texas nine yard line. “Green under center, two receivers split out wide, he takes the snap and rolls out right. Womack breaks down the middle, he's got a step, Green fires the pass. Touchdown!!! Lord, he caught the ball Touchdown Horned Frogs!!!! The extra point is good, folks we have the lead, the Horned Frogs are beating the number four team in the nation 28-26. Andre Gaffney: “We told the offense to go down and get the lead...we’d done our job.” Alex Engram: “The D played out of their minds all game...we had to do our part. We thought that Coach’s adjustments--making the game about tough vs. tired--really opened things up for us in the 2nd half. We just mimicked the 3rd quarter drives...they were done.” Boomer Roberts: “I thought the sack was going to end their drive, but that QB made some plays with his feet and kept their drive going. And the receiver made a hell of catch on the touchdown.” Gordon Moreland: “Heck of a catch...that’s not my guy, but I got caught in a motion-switch and he just beat me to the spot. Nice catch.” Vagas Strong: “Holy shit, we were leading Texas! The crowd was crazy, some lady ripped her shirt off right behind our bench. We were all fired up!” Texas would take the kickoff and promptly go three and out and punt the ball to TCU. The Frogs would gain 9 yards, but were unable to convert forcing a punt which Walters returned to the Texas 28. John Jones would be sacked on first down making it 2nd and 18. The Longhorns suddenly playing very tightly would gain 3 yards on a busted Walters screen making it 3rd and 15. Promptly the Longhorns would be called for holding making it 3rd and 25 from their own 3 yard line. “It's 3rd and 25 from the 3 for Texas and Jones takes the snap, he hands the ball off the Ledbetter, Andre Gaffney breaks through and tackles him behind the line, folks did he get him in the end zone?! They're calling it a safety!!! Gaffney with the safety and TCU takes a 30-26 lead, the crowd is going crazy!!!” Kory Sapp: “The play before, their Left Tackle got up a little slow. I thought for sure they’d pass the ball on 3rd and 25 from their own 3. Nope, handoff to the backup. Andre was right there.” Brandon Reamon: “I twisted my ankle after getting rolled up the play before. I just didn’t have good footing for a run, and he made a great play. I’m sorry it wrecked our season, but it was about the only time he got me all game.” TCU took the safety and promptly went three and out, the killer being a Butch Johnson drop on what would have been a first down. Johnny Green: “We were too hyped for the next possession...we dropped an easy pass, their D-line got some penetration. Had to kick, put it back on the D, baby.” Texas would go to work and John Jones was locked in finding Walters on a crossing route, and Williams on a deep fade that would put the Longhorns in the redzone. “Jones is under center, he motions Walters out wide, and takes the snap. Walters breaks wide out towards the back off the end-zone, Jones lofts it up there, bit there's Curtis Howard!!! That's the ballgame folks, Curtis Howard intercepts the ball and the TCU Horned Frogs have just upset the number four team in the nation!!!!!!!” John Jones: “Getting the ball back was probably a bit luckier than we deserved. But we made the most. Hit a couple of crossing routes and one deep out. Put us in good position, just inside the red zone. I made the wrong read, that’s all. Should have checked down.” Andre Gaffney: “Curtis locked that guy up good. A true freshman making that play, easily the biggest in his life. Awesome!” Curtis Howard, TCU CB: “I didn’t really get my head turned, but since we were in the endzone, I figured it had to be a fade, and it just came down so slow. It was just sitting there.” After the game, players and coaches from both sides found themselves at a loss for words to describe the scene. Johnny Green: “Just couldn’t believe it. We held our own and knocked off the #4 team in the country. We hadn’t had much to smile about, but this was a day we’ll never forget.” Alex Engram: “Man. That was a great game. We just stuck to our gameplan and played with more intensity than I could have imagined. Execution, especially in the 2nd half, was amazing. The O-line played great for us, and our Defense was awesome.” Andre Gaffney: “Something I’ll always remember, and tell my kids about.” Coach DangerZoneh: “Could not be prouder. So many players made big plays in big situations. Alex, Johnny, Curtis, Kory - all of them. I can't say enough." Brandon Reamon: “We didn’t think we’d go into that cow-town and lose to a bunch of 2-star and no-star recruits. No Sterling really hurt the offense, and Jones didn’t have one of his best games.” Gordon Moreland: “Kind of couldn’t believe it! Clock hit all zeroes, and we just stood there like zombies.” John Jones: “You come in so confident and so ready to play well. When you hit a snag like that, it takes you completely by surprise.” 4. Buoyed by the homestanding win over Texas, TCU won their next two games, over Baylor (17-14) and Iowa State (10-3), before a season-finishing loss to the Red Raiders of Texas Tech (34-7). But finishing the season at 4-8 hardly dampened the spirits of Coach Danger and his crew. The coaching staff got right to work identifying the kinds of players they would need to pull off a similar upset in the future. TCU grabbed a couple of studs in the 2014 JuCo recruiting sweepstakes in RB Bradley Cooley, TE Paul Carter-Williams, OT Charles Mahan, and a pair of Free Safeties Andrew Wright and Quinn Cooper. The overall 2014 recruiting class was ranked in the Top 10 by numerous services and featured eventual All-American wide receiver Jamel Beckham. 2015 began with much promise, still riding the high of knocking off mighty Texas. However, the youth movement needed one more season to develop, and the Horned Frogs lost their first six contests before finishing 3-9. The Horned Frogs were unable to repeat their success versus Texas in Austin in 2015, as the Longhorns enacted a measure of revenge with a 51-7 victory over a young TCU squad. Another stellar recruiting off-season saw TCU again surge in the national eye, and 2016 saw the Frogs sneaking into the Top 25 for parts of the campaign. A season-opening loss to the Georgia Bulldogs was the only blemish through much of the season--TCU went on to win 8 straight before finally dropping consecutive games to Oklahoma and, yes, Texas. The Frogs did finish the regular season with a win over Baylor, leading to a win in the school’s first bowl game, the Bourbon Bowl over Ohio State. Flipping their record from the previous season completely around, TCU finished 2016 10-3. It led to even bigger things, and bigger wins, in 2017 (13-2, a Pinstripe Bowl win over Air Force and Top 5 national ranking, but with a loss at Texas in week 12) and 2018 (won first 11 games, lost final three including Conference Championship Game to Kansas and Alamo Bowl to USC). In the 2018 season, TCU was finally able to recreate their famous victory over Texas, bringing their all-time record versus the Longhorns to 2-4. 2019 began with the same promise, and a Top 10 national preseason ranking, but the talent losses from the Horned Frog heyday led to a dismal 1-8 opening to this current season, of course including a 31-27 loss to Texas. But the mark was clear: the 2014 TCU Horned Frogs found the right mix of emotion and execution to pull off the most remarkable upset in site history. Several players from the game went on to be drafted in the NFLHC draft. Jacky Walters, Alphonso Greisen, and Alex Engram can reminisce about the game together as they now share the same uniform suiting up for the Miami Dolphins. Willard Arnold plays a big role for the New England Patriots starting at inside linebacker for them. Offensive Tackle Brandon Reamon, a freshman during the game, was drafted in the 2018 draft by the Tennessee Titans and currently is their starting left tackle. Harry Whiteside, a freshman slot receiver for the Longhorns, currently is a starter for the Kansas City Chiefs. Willie Wood is manning the safety position in New Orleans and finally Gino Chiaverini is still kicking field goals with the Atlanta Falcons. Texas, for its part, did not exactly let the defeat to TCU in 2014 derail their future success. But it certainly dampened the spirits of the 2014 campaign. The next week, Texas went to Dallas for the Red River Rivalry game against #15 Oklahoma. They came out flat and uninspired in a 24-14 loss. With the dream of a national title season evaporating, Texas dropped a third straight game to Oklahoma State (10-7) before re-grouping and closing out the regular season with two wins, over Texas Tech (35-7) and Baylor (35-7). The solace of a Meineke Car Care Bowl proved just beyond inspiration as the Longhorns closed out a disappointing 2014 season with a loss to Pittsburgh, 35-21. Coach DollaBill, midway through a potentially promising 2015 season which finished 7-6, was dismissed for IPGate violations. Replaced by former Arizona State head man AzulCaballero, the Texas faithful felt they had finally found their man. 2016 was a turnaround for the Burnt Orange, as the Longhorns responded to Azul’s coaching with a 12-2 season, Big-12 championship, and close loss to Notre Dame in the Peach Bowl, to finish ranked #5 in the country. But it was all a prelude to the magical 2017 season. Texas, despite a 2OT loss to the West Virginia Mountaineers in week 8, ran the table all the way to a National Title, defeating Nebraska in the title game. 2018 and thus far in 2019, the dice haven’t fallen as grandly for the Longhorns, but a National Title is worth its weight in gold in the land of CFBHC, and much is forgiven after. Texas came back from their disastrous night in Fort Worth in 2014 stronger than ever.
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    Since I am no longer gameplanning, I felt it would be nice if I spent 30 minutes a week doing NFLHC media. This week I will be looking at the top rookies on both sides of the ball. Top Offensive Rookies RB, Asante Sowell, Jacksonville Only in his first year, Sowell has quickly emerged as one of the league's top backs this season. The #2 overall pick, the highest a RB has ever gone, is averaging 4.68 YPC and 101 running yards a game. This is in despite being on one of the worst offensive lines in the league; the Jaguars have given up a league-high 24.5 sacks, granted with an injury prone QB, WR, Monte Jackson, Carolina The rookie from Miami slid under the radar for most of his senior year. However, a strong pro day, combine, plus his 6'6 bulldozer-like size, had made him a great redzone threat early on. After bursting on to the national scene hours before the first NFL Live show of the year, Jackson leads all rookies in receiving yards (980), footballs caught (67) and touchdowns (7). Of course, having Christian Skaggs throwing to him makes life moderately easier to say the least. TE, Matt Stone, New York Jets A rare tight end taken in the 1st round, Stone has proven to be 1st round worthy this season. Despite a mere 11.6 YPC, Stone leads all rookie tight ends with 487 receiving yards in 9 statsheets, good enough for over 50 yards per game. RB, Marshawn Mathison, Arizona Last NFLHC draft, there was a major run on runners in the 2nd round. Yet Mathison slid to the 4th round, much like fellow rookies Josh Taylor and Sean Egloff. Despite having a horrid season on a 1 win NC State, Mathison made up for it with a solid pro day. After initially being benched for the first three games, Mathison has average 4.46 YPC and a rookie-high 10 touchdowns, with a net total of 1,133 yards gained. This comes despite being on a team with Sam Armour, CJ Logan, and Robert Price as QB's for most of the season. Top Defensive Rookies CB, Troy Marshall, Baltimore What's been impressive about Troy Marshall, the #6 overall pick who I've been high on since 2017, hasn't been his picks. Rather, his coverage stats. The Ravens secondary seems improved from last season, and I won't pull up exact numbers since the CB1 does not always cover the WR1, but I will say this- the Ravens have been good at stopping WR #1's this season, largely due to Troy Marshall. DE, Robert Fulton, Houston Last season, I coached the Texans. So it was nearing the end of the season, and naturally, as any good coach-GM pair would do, start preparing for the off-season. When talking about team needs, my GM brought up Robert Fulton, the junior from LSU that the day before declared for NFLHC. After doing some research, I quickly became high on Fulton, and liked him almost as much as Jeffery Chung (DE from Alabama). While I've parted with two organizations since then, I've been right on Fulton. He is one of many rookie DE's with 6.5 sacks this year, but Fulton has statistically speaker, greatly improved the run defense of the Texans, and has also recovered a fumble. DE, Jonathan Goodwin, Indianapolis Coming into the draft, I didn't really like this guy. At the time for whatever reason, I thought his pro day was mediocre, had only average size, and wasn't exactly productive, nor was I thrilled with his combine, and with defensive ends in general being risky picks, there was strong consensus within my front office not to take him over the 81 rated defensive ends. Boy, I have been wrong. Goodwin is a member of one of the league's best front sevens, and has a rookie-high seven sacks to show for it. ILB, Christian Haywood, Jacksonville I have no idea why Haywood fell so late, and as usual, became the one gem each draft that falls to Soluna. Haywood currently leads all rookies with 65 tackles, in addition to a forced and recover fumble.
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    Jeremy Henry takes a sack against Washington We saw some movement in the division and Playoff races this week, but we also saw a lot of failure to move. This week, the Power Rankings offer a prediction on the upcoming games. Remember if you don't like where you are in these rankings...play better. 1.Oakland Raiders (12-1) à Building momentum for the Playoffs with big win over Cincy. Aside from a key injury to Marvin White, this has been a very healthy season so far for the Raiders. Prediction for week 15: OAK 50, TEN 7 2.New York Giants (10-3) à Giants stick with that magic formula of Carano + Defense + timely RJ = wins. Really 2a and 2b with Philly…will come down to their next meeting, which will be huge. First, though, a tussle with the Vikes. Does RJ have enough in his arm to take advantage of the Vikings pass defense? Prediction: NYG 14, MIN 15 3.Philadelphia Eagles (10-3) à Eagles shutdown the hot Niners (albeit with Orly at the helm) and continue to keep pace with the Giants. They may actually be playing better, but we’ll keep them here for now. Would rather have the Eagles last three games than the Giants last three. Prediction: PHI 31, DAL 21 4.Carolina Panthers (10-4) +4 Pretty impressive to slowdown the red-hot Bears in Chicago. Panthers are getting it done with Skaggs, but the defense is underrated and potent. They’ve clinched, so unless they want to shoot for the #1 seed, Cade ought to consider resting King Christian. Prediction: TBB 22, CAR 20 5.Kansas City Chiefs (9-4) +1 Late bye week is awesome for the Chiefs to get healthy. Quite amazing they’ve played as well as they have considering the long-term injury questions this season. Chiefs will coast in their final 3 games, bastards. Prediction: JAX 21, KCC 24 6.New York Jets (8-5) +4 FOR NOW, the Jets are the top dog in the clusterf*ck known as the AFC East. If they get production out of Manny Fields, look out. This team is built to win in the Playoffs, but the question remains: with such a crowded field, can they get there? Big step this weekend: Prediction: Decline to offer prediction as to not jinx my team 7.Indianapolis Colts (10-3) -3 Ouch, rough game for Shea. Sweet meme, but who cares? Colts are cruising into the Playoffs. Only real question is how will a pass-only team (in essence) fair in the Playoffs? I’m guessing Shea’s solid play will be enough for one win, but not more. Prediction: IND 31, CIN 24 8.Baltimore Ravens (9-4) -3 Ravens starters are dropping like flies. This team has tons of talent on D, but the O has to be able to score some points. With a new C and new RB, Reggie is freaking out. Prediction: BAL 9, HOU 17 9.New England Patriots (8-5) +2 So tempted to give the Patriots the top spot in the East, as they probably deserve. I’m damn proud of this team, who has always been a doormat. They’re straight killing dudes right now. Rock on, Lawyer & Co. (No, I don’t think they’ll make the Playoffs, sorry.) Prediction: SDC 14, NEP 21 10.San Francisco 49ers (8-5) -3 The Orly Vaccaro-led Niners played tough at Philly, but it wasn’t enough. They need Todd Lester back something awful. His ability to extend drives and keep the overmatched defensive front 7 off the field is vital to their success—and my guarantee that they’ll make the playoffs! Battle for (injury-plagued) NFCW supremacy this week is huge, but also giant let-down from Lester-Murphy to Vaccaro-Henry. Prediction: SFO 17, LAR 15 11.Miami Dolphins (7-6) -2 Fins had it rollin’, now take a small step back. Certainly played hard at the Jets on Monday night, but that was the type of game they needed to win to take the next step. Will the Dolphins be able to cool off the Steelers? The strength of their D is the secondary, so Paul D. could run wild. Prediction: PIT 25, MIA 27 12.Denver Broncos (9-4) +3 Maybe this is a little low for 9-4 team, but we also just barely beat the freaking Chargers. Rambo spent that game on the bench. He, and Zatkoff and Mack, are back for the Jets. I’m so damn nervous for this game that I can’t think straight. ASLDJLAHBNIEA Prediction: Bingo pukes twice around 4pm Sunday 13.Pittsburgh Steelers (5-8) +1 Sorry not to have the Steelers up higher, but they were on bye. I’m guessing that alone will cool the jets a bit. A trip to Miami is a much more certain way of slowing down the train that is Pittsburgh offense of late. Can’t wait to see what PIT does in the off-season. Prediction: PIT 25, MIA 27 14.Seattle Seahawks (7-6) +3 Holy balls the Seahawks absolutely blew the doors of the Cowboys. You gotta feel pretty good when you cause a coach to quit after playing you. Knowing Sophos, he probably read YE’s resignation post and immediately lathered himself in Seahawk blood and turned off the lights. Still think they have too big a hill to climb in the NFC, but this team is scary. Prediction: SEA 34, ATL 31 15.Detroit Lions (8-5) -3 Oh, Loins. You had a chance to put the NFC Norris completely on ice—against the Bucs—and blew it. I know the feeling a bit, but this was bad. Now, you have to actually prepare for the surging Packers with the Vikes and Bears breathing down your neck. Prediction: DET 32, GBP 27 16.Chicago Bears (7-7) -3 Whoops. Would have been nice heading into the bye week by picking up a game on the Lions. Carolina is certainly a tough outfit, but this was your chance. Spend the week getting better and ready for the stretch. Prediction: Chicago spends the bye week deciding between the Jekyll and Hyde masks they’ve worn all season. 17.Buffalo Bills (8-5) +1 The Bills are better than 17th, I believe that. I just didn’t have the guts to move them up , since a win over the Titans is hardly a harbinger of success. The front 7 is scary, but teams have been able to pound the ball and soften them up a bit. And if they don’t run the ball on O, Buffalo looks ordinary. Prediction: BUF 14, CLE 10 18.Minnesota Vikings (7-6) +1 Henson and Vardell with classic Vikings games last week to knock off the Falcons. I say the Vikes get lucky facing a Giants offense that doesn’t throw the ball real well. They have a good run defense and that might be enough for the offense. Will a win be enough for the division? Prediction: NYG 14, MIN 15 19.Washington [Redacted] (7-7) +2 I really want to move the [Redacted] higher than 19. That was a good win in LA over a solid Rams team that is fighting for a playoff spot. The [Redacted] have coached like crazy to get to 7-7 and that deserves at least a handshake. For your bye week you get one (1) handshake from the Broncos. Prediction: Washington rejects said handshake on security grounds. 20.Los Angeles Rams (8-5) -4 Absolutely brutal to be down here at 20 with an 8-5 record. However, watching Jeremy Henry drive this Cadillac into the river has been brutal as well. Still don’t think they’ll make the Playoffs, but they could give me a big middle-finger if they win this weekend. Prediciton: SFO 17, LAR 15 21.Houston Texans (7-6) +2 Calmly lurking in the wings, Houston has a decently favorable schedule to close out the season. But something is still not right with this team. I just can’t tell what it is. Maybe it’s the lack of ball-hawking on D, maybe it’s the lack of real power on O. I got it: it’s the lack of a true IDENTITY. The Texans are milquetoast because they are the great middle. Prediction: BAL 9, HOU 17 22.Cleveland Browns (4-9) +3 Way to step up and beat the Ravens! Knocking their center out of the game wasn’t too shabby either. I’m sure if you keep it up, Browns, the entire AFC East will send you a Thank You card and Fruit Basket. Prediction: BUF 14, CLE 10 23.Atlanta Falcons (6-7) -3 Getting AJJ back was pretty nice for the Falcons…too bad it was against a team that could expose their defense on the ground and through the air. Falcons have the chance to play spoiler, though, and I think that suits them just fine. Prediction: SEA 34, ATL 31 24.Green Bay Packers (5-8) +2 Don’t look know, the Packers have won 5 games!! With a defensive roster as bare as that, 5 wins is a minor miracle for Green Bay and a testament to Dacder’s coaching…I think. It also could be that the NFC sucks and they have yet to play all their division games. Yeah, I’m thinking it’s the latter. Prediction: DET 32, GBP 27 25.Jacksonville Jaguars (5-8) -3 I really thought the Jags would trip up the Texans’ playoff bid last weekend. Close, but no Cuban. They can do cause some havoc in the AFC this weekend, however. I think they match up well against the Chiefs—good ball-control offense, solid pass D. We’ll see. Prediction: JAX 21, KCC 24 26.Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-9) +4 Ok, what the hell, Bucs. Great time to figure out your defense and hang a howler on the Lions. If the Panthers are smart, you’ll be playing against a backup QB, so I think a big win is in the offing again. Prediction: TBB 22, CAR 20 27.New Orleans Saints (3-10) -3 The Saints have turned to an expanded staff to conquer the troubles of the 2019 season. Caeseri coming in is an interesting addition, since he’s been here for all of two weeks. Still, the Saints have some serious work to do in the off-season, so more hands on deck is probably good. Prediction: NOS 42, ARI 37 28.Arizona Cardinals (2-12) -1 Jarius is back! Marshawn hit the rookie wall! Why is this team still this bad?!? Well, roster questions aside, I’m guessing we see one of the most entertaining games of the season against the Saints. I hope Jarius throws for 1,000 yards, literally. That would be fun. Prediction: NOS 42, ARI 37 29.Dallas Cowboys (3-10) -1 New coach is really the old coach. Serwendel stepping back into the chair is probably good for the Cowboys and likely very good for Taylor Rodriguez and Vaughan Abraham. I’m guessing we see some pluck from the ‘Boys this weekend, giving the Eagles a fright. Prediction: PHI 31, DAL 21 30.Cincinnati Bengals (2-11) à Bengals appear to be circling the drain a bit here in the late going. They’re falling down on the job on-the-field and off, missing Headline deadlines. They get the Colts this week and have a chance to be a thorn in the AFC playoff race. Can they make the most of the opportunity? Prediction: IND 31, CIN 24 31.San Diego Chargers (1-12) à Matty Swift played pretty well against the Broncos, and the D also showed up nicely. But for a quirky overtime run by McMurtry, the Chargers could have pulled a big upset. I suspect they’ll get one sometime in the last three weeks. Sunday? Doubtful… Prediction: SDC 14, NEP 21 32.Tennessee Titans (1-12) à Titans welcome back ThatFunk and immediately they run into the Playoffs!!! Ok, maybe not this year, but possibly later, after the MASH unit that is the Titans locker room clears out. Good luck this week, at least try to take out Nick Hall for us, will you? Prediction for week 15: OAK 50, TEN 7
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    Chargers confirmed to be cursed. Rob Blackmon, NE, RB, ACL
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    I mean, Bierria did take them to the superbowl before getting benched. Haven't been back since. Coincidence?
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    Hello football fans everywhere! This is ImposterCauster announcing that Gameday will be visiting Starkville, Mississippi for a pivotal SEC West matchup between the #8 LSU Tigers and the #12 Mississippi State Bulldogs. The LSU Tigers have dominated opposing teams with an absolutely suffocating defense led by Eugene Malone and Ronnie Bailey. In their last outing, LSU went into The Jungle and rallied from a 17-9 deficit to defeat #20 Auburn by a score of 23-20, with Elias Allen-Hollis providing the go-ahead score on a 7-yard touchdown pass to Brandon Foster with just over a minute left in the game. At 6-0 with wins over Alabama and Auburn already, LSU can almost become a lock to win the SEC West with a win in StarkVegas. But Mississippi State has other plans. Behind the stellar play of Heisman candidate running back Terrance Rodgers, the Bulldogs have rocketed out to a 6-1 start, with their only loss coming to the top team in the nation in Florida State by a field goal. While Rodgers uses his blistering pace to run past opposing defenses, Tyler Jones terrorizes front sevens with serious size and amazing movement. The Bulldogs can cement themselves as the team to beat in the SEC West with a win at home over an unbeaten LSU team. It's unstoppable object meeting immovable force in StarkVegas. The road to the SEC Championship Game will run through StarkVegas tonight, and the winner will no doubt find themselves in the thick of the playoff conversation. Will Terrance Rodgers do what no other team has done in making the LSU defense look silly? Or will the Tigers prove to be too much to overcome and put an end to the Bulldogs' blistering offense? Find out this Saturday night!
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    It's finally time for one of the premier games in the best damn conference in the land. At the beginning of the year, the ACC saw three teams, all in the Atlantic, get ranked in the Top 10 of the Coaches Poll. Two of those teams, Clemson and Boston College, meet this week in Chesnut Hill in Edition One of the Atlantic Trifecta Games, with matchups against the Seminoles for both teams still awaiting. #4 Clemson's dominant defense has kept them among the many unbeatens, and while #13 Boston College can't claim that themselves, the Eagles have remained a team to be feared throughout the season. A matchup not getting much news is Duke-Pittsburgh. With Virginia falling to this Pitt team last week, the Coastal Division has once again opened up, and both the Blue Devils and the Panthers are in the running to lay claim to the division and set up a trip to the Conference Championship game. This game will go far in deciding who comes out of the messy Coastal. Three other conference teams face varying out-of-conference opponents, ranging from a thrilling Georgia State team to a hapless Ball State squad. Friday Night Miami (FL) (1-5) at Georgia Tech (2-5) Well that was better than expected for these two teams last week. Miami actually played BC close in a rematch of last season's ACC Championship Game, falling 28-24 in a game where the 'Canes were huge underdogs. The Yellow Jackets finally tacked on a conference win in handling the Tar Heels at home. Brett Fisher looked human against BC's middle-of-the-road front seven, and against that talented secondary, the quarterback simply couldn't get anything going. Richard Holt, however, looked so much better than in previous weeks, rushing for 128 yards on 25 carries, adding a score in the 3rd quarter. Holt/Fisher will have to do more of the same, if not better, against a Yellow Jacket front seven that really took it to Logan Pruitt last week. The ground game is not something that Tech's defense is known to struggle against, with the likes of Brent Oullette and Tasaru Lesu being absolute forces against opposing rushers. The secondary is a weakness, however, and Fisher has proven that he can expose weaker secondaries even with his average receiving corp. On the flipside, Josh Beckett, a week after his career-best performance (349 yards, 3 TD), will have to go against Nathaniel Woodworth and this 'Canes secondary that struggles the later games go on, as seen by Randy Roberts' performance last week (20/29, including a 30-yard TD pass late in the 3rd). Tech is a lot more one-dimensional than BC, however, and Beckett will have to play into the hands of that secondary, and that does not bode well for the freshman. Tight game again between two teams desperately trying to avoid that 6th loss, but the defending conference champs will get it done in Atlanta. Prediction: Miami 20-24 Georgia Tech Saturday Morning #1 Florida State (7-0) at Wake Forest (0-7) I really really want to make this as short as possible, but I'll do my job and actually preview this game. Florida State is good, and Wake Forest is bad. Elijah Harden and Benjamin Schuler make for two Heisman-caliber players, whereas Wake's defense has been terribly maligned by everyone and everything, from EMU's Giovanni Shaw to Buffalo's Mamadou Wynn. Wake's offense is one of the worse at keeping the ball, and FSU's defense has high-caliber players at almost every position, most important at outside linebacker (Shamar Addison). Will Elias Milner and Kyle Palmer put together a game for the ages against the best team in the nation? Can Wake's defense, unlike anyone else, figure out how to stop Schuler and Harden? I'll spare you some time: no. Prediction: Florida State 48-3 Wake Forest Duke (4-2) at Pittsburgh (4-3) The Coastal Division race got a lot more interesting last week as Pittsburgh held off a furious rally to knock off the 21st-ranked Cavaliers of Virginia., leaving every team but Virginia Tech (who lost to Toledo) with at least one conference loss. Every conference game from here on out is a must-win to keep pace at the top, and this could very well be an elimination game for either team. Pitt only has losses to teams in the Top 10 of the Coaches Poll, and they proved that they were among the best 3-loss teams with that win over UVA. Duke lacks true marquee wins so far, but they've looked impressive in those wins, including the win over Georgia State earlier this year. The big question around this game is whether or not Kyle Jefferson can return to that early-season form. Since hitting the wall that is Florida State, KJ has looked more and more like a rookie, struggling against even Central Michigan. Pitt boasts a talented secondary led by Corey Davis and Khalil William, with the latter being matched up against Duke's top target in Danny Paz. That coupled with the ever-so large presence of sack monster Michael McBride, and KJ could be in for a very rough night at Heinz Field. Duke has the challenging task of stopping Rodrigo Rogers and Grant McConnell on the ground, but to think they'll do better than the Cavs is tough, as the Cavs, who boast arguably a better front seven, gave up a combined 199 yards to the rushing duo. Omar Vasquez and Kai Betts are going to have to apply pressure (much easier for Vasquez against RT Matthew McDonalds) and get into the backfield to bring down McConnell and Rogers before they can get outside and expose the soft spot that is Duke's outside linebackers. The matchups favor Pitt, and my score will do the same. Prediction: Duke 21-35 Pittsburgh Virginia (5-2) at Ball State (0-7) A rather interesting out-of-conference matchup for the Cavaliers, with UVA coming off that crushing 33-28 loss in Pittsburgh. The timing is quite right, however, as the Cavs can clinch a bowl berth while earning back some momentum with a win in Muncie. Matteo Rook has to shake off that 2-interception performance, but his ability to spread the ball out definitely showed, with Rook finding four different receivers for scores. To say that this is a possibility against the Cardinals is an understatement; this offense is going up against a Ball State defense that has struggled at times with stopping anyone (except Oklahoma State again, for some odd reason). Harold Feller can try all he can to defend Rook's throws, but he cannot do it all on his own, nor can Isamaeli Afamasaga or Rashaad Malcolm provide the pressure needed to rush Rook into poor throws. What they can do is make the Cavs more one-dimensional than they already are, as the two aforementioned defensive tackles can slam the door shut on Reginald Saunders before he can get pounding. Perhaps that, along with whatever pass rush they can provide, can keep UVA from scoring at will. Speaking of one-dimensional, however, the Ball State offense only really has one method of moving the ball, and that is through Austin Laws. Cameron Faulk has to be on his toes to combat one of the more underrated backs in the MAC, as Laws has consistently put out great numbers in an otherwise struggling offense. Getting into the backfield has been a problem for the Cavs outside of Faulk, but James Mixon and Steven Proctor have a solid opportunity to gain confidence against an overmatched Ball State offensive line. The Cards can keep this close for about a quarter, but the Cavs are going to be bowl eligible once again. Prediction: Virginia 38-13 Ball State #15 Tennessee (6-1) at North Carolina (2-4) What happened to the Heels? A week after taking down Miami and earning their first conference win, they blew it against Georgia Tech, with Max Laws returning to the struggling quarterback we've all come to love. Logan Pruitt was kept down by Tech's solid front seven, leading to an offense that couldn't move the ball against an average defense at best. It was such a complete turnaround from the Miami game, and it really doesn't make any sense. Against Tennessee, we'll see more of the same from last week out of this offense. Let's start with the most obvious problem for the offense: how do you stop Anthony Miller? Surely a Top 5 pick in this upcoming draft, Miller has terrorized stronger O-Lines than what the Heels bring to this matchup. We saw UNC struggle to keep Christian Okonkwo and Eric Jennings out of the backfield when they took on the Ducks, but Miller is a different animal entirely, and this could be even worse considering that Nathaniel Jeffries lurks from the linebacker position. Laws can move the ball given time, however; Justin McCain and Evan Medley provide quite the mismatch against UT's corners, so if given enough time, Laws could expose them with a few good throws. Michael Williams is all that stands between UNC's receivers and the endzone, but Williams has mirked many receivers before, and given Laws' inconsistency, this could be a long day for the Tar Heel offense. As we've seen with Miami, what should be a dominant defense has struggled at times due to fatigue, and given the opponent, this talented defensive unit could very well see twice as much playing time today as the offense. They have the talent to get after Julius Thomas and Nikita Crowe; Josiah Harden can burst into the backfield quicker than Laws can throw an interception, and Michael Avery is fantastic at plugging holes up the middle. The corners leave a glaring weakness, and Eli Austin can leave a thorn in the secondary's side if Thomas can get the ball to him. Defensive fatigue will be the big factor in this game for UNC; I just can't see Laws moving the ball against this Tennessee defense. Prediction: Tennessee 31-13 North Carolina Georgia State (5-2) at NC State (3-4) It's been a while since the Wolfpack have won, and that's something that should've been expected at the beginning of this season. Unfortunately, Georgia State is the worst possible opponent for the Wolfpack to face in an attempt at putting a W in the win column. Evan Grant has been terrifying this year, and while he couldn't will his team to an upset win over Florida State, he still looked impressive throughout that game. It hasn't been a Buffalo-like system for Grant either; he puts up these numbers in a balanced offense with quarterback James Jordan. While the Pack have the talent in the secondary to beat Jordan and his receiving corp, the front seven has posed several problems in blowout losses before, most notably to Elijah Harden and Timothy Cano. Behind a solid offensive line, Grant can power his way through front sevens, and if he can get past Kenneth Stanford and Isaac Holley, there's no telling just how much damage he can do. Matthew Mayberry has been rumored to get a start for this game, however, and going up against two talented defensive tackles might slow down the young running back. The Pack offense has faded during this losing streak, with Keith Harley finally looking like the raw freshman that many expected. A favorable defensive line provides Harley and Blake Fry with time to move to the outside, but Mohammed De Luca will be on the outside to meet them. Speaking of Fry, the junior quarterback has gone back to throwing picks, and this Georgia State secondary could keep picking on him; while Travis Charles is undersized compared to receiving counterpart Omari Ruff, he has that playmaking ability to find the ball and break up any passes that he himself can't catch. Gregory Noel awaits in the deep secondary, and you better believe that he'll pounce on the first mistake that Fry makes. State can win this game if they can score with Georgia State, but unlike the Panthers, they lack a solid playmaker on offense that can be relied on, and that alone should carry the Grant train to their sixth victory of the season. Prediction: Georgia State 38-28 NC State Saturday Evening #4 Clemson (6-0) at #13 Boston College (6-1) Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the first heavyweight matchup in the ACC has arrived. While the game itself has lost a bit of luster since BC's unfortunate loss in Madison to Wisconsin, the impact this game will have on both the conference and the playoff race remains monumental. Clemson has kept with Florida State step-for-step, but this without a doubt their toughest test so far. Boston College knows this is a must-win to even be considered for the playoffs, and losing here means that they'll be outsiders in the ACC Atlantic race. Jamel Armstrong's offense has been clicking of late; last we saw them, they were putting 52 points on Syracuse in the Carrier Dome thanks in part to Armstrong's 399 yards and 3 TDs. Timmy Mark has been a great short-yardage back, and that was evident as the Tigers turned to him down at the goal line many times during that trip to Syracuse. Their swarming defense led, by the Double Marquise Dip, has yet to be beaten this year; only one quarterback has succeeded in not being picked off multiple times (Grant McConnell of Pitt). That's a huge concern for Randy Roberts and this BC offense. The main knock on Roberts this year has been his inefficiency, missing the mark on more than a few balls per game. That came back to bite them against the Badgers, but since then, he's found his great receiving trio more often than not, toning down those accuracy mistakes. He'll have to be accurate in these tough 1v1s between Clemson's talented secondary and BC's star-studded receivers: Gerald Morrison has a massive size advantage over Malachi Douglas, but William Moore and Patrick Lambert lose out on the size battles to the likes of Marquise Reed, Marquise Holliday, and DeAndre Nobles. Clemson has to be able to get pressure to Roberts; Ivan Castle and Jamir Sample have the ability to get into the backfield along with defensive tackle Marcus Brown, and against this BC line, it has to be expected. Not being able to, however, can lead to Roberts making a lot of those throws to those receivers. The same has to be said of BC's front seven, although the Eagles have been lackluster at best in getting to the quarterback. Armstrong has a decently solid offensive line protecting him, though Ronald Barker could prove to be a nuisance right in front of the sophomore quarterback. Josiah McCray will look to utilize a sizable height advantage over Andrew Boyd in his favor, and Reed, when on the field, has to do the same to Robert Mann. They'll have all the time in the world, more often than not, to provide Armstrong with a suitable target. Timmy Mark won't have an easy ride getting yardage against Barker and Darius Butler, but his importance in this game cannot be stressed enough. In a game where quarterbacks are going to struggle against talented secondaries, it comes down to how successful the running backs are. I'd rather take my chances with Mark against a BC team that gave up 95 yards to true freshman Jamal Trufant over Zahir Watts against a really solid Clemson team on the edges. One thing is for sure, however: this game will live up to the hype, and the price of admission will be well worth it. Prediction: Clemson 20-16 Boston College
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    Let's turn this comment section into a place to brag about your own unmentioned rookies. I like it.
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    Whoa, I was just reading this over again and it just occurred to me that you were talking about Time.
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    I don't even know where to begin, so my reactions in order: Fire Paul McGowan for those two misses plus a blocked XP. Then hire him back for that clutch 50-yarder. Cliff Chamblin put the team on his back. 49, 52, 44, and 58, are you kidding me? Nobody else should be on the ballot for NFC STPOTW. Duncan, what is with you and dramatic game-winning fumble recoveries for touchdowns? Speaking of which, have we ever had a finish like that, especially in overtime? San Francisco may have won the battle, but they may have lost the war. The Seahawks might be the real winners tonight.
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    The New York Giants would like to nominate CB Will Hall for his "Hall Monitors" program. Within this program Hall encourages inner city youth to keep each other accountable when it comes to attending school. Groups of students who had perfect attendance while enrolled in the Hall Monitors program last year won prizes including a pizza party with the Giants secondary, a kick ball game with the special teams unit, and, most importantly, tickets to New York Giants football games.
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    The opponent: Bye week Our Record: (2-5, 2-1) Weekly Marshall NEWS: Marshall is on a 2 game winning streak, beating their past two opponents by a score of 58-10. Marshall still has a chance at a bowl game, having to go at least 4-1 for a shot at a bowl game. Marshall has yet to verse Charlotte, Middle Tennessee, FAU, UCLA, and Old Dominion. These 5 teams have a combined record of (10-21, .323%), with 7 of those wins coming from UCLA and Old Dominion. 2 Weeks Ago: Our winless Herd traveled to Kentucky to take on the Hilltoppers. 1st Half:The first quarter was scarce scoring wise, with the only touchdown coming from a Brandon Adler pass to running back Orlando Baker. (7-0) In the second, Brandon Adler scrambled for 43 yards for a touchdown. (14-0) Late in the half, Adler struck again for his 3rd overall touchdown on the day with a 19 yard pass to Trung Vu. (21-0) 2nd Half:The third quarter was dominated by Marshall's run game, with Orlando Baker and Brandon Adler both scoring touchdowns within 6 yards of the goal line. (35-0) No points were scored in the fourth, with the only action being 2 interceptions by the Marshall defense. --END GAME-- Last Week: The 1-5 Herd played at home against UTSA. 1st Half: ​To start the game, UTSA kicker Douglas Cisneros nailed a 37 yard field goal to put the Roadrunners ahead. (0-3) Later in the 1st, Brandon Adler threw a 10 yard touchdown pass to Carl Lloyd to give Marshall its first lead of the game. (7-3) 3 minutes later, Marshall defensive back Wilson Allen recorded an INT for the second straight week, except this time he returned it for a touchdown. (14-3) Late in the 2nd, Frank Reeder made a 29 yarder. (17-3) ​2nd Half: ​Off of a Curtis Benton interception, Orlando Baker ran the pigskin for 1 yard into the endzone. Frank Reeder missed his first extra point of the year, however. (23-3) In the fourth, the final touchdown happened, when David Starkey connected with Ian Gaston to give UTSA 10 points. (23-10) --END GAME-- Marshall won 2 straight into the bye, giving them a slight chance to make a bowl run. Brandon Adler has had a magical 2 weeks, scoring 5 total touchdowns. Adler currently has 9 passing touchdowns on the season, compared to 6 interceptions. The Western Kentucky game was very refreshing for Marshall and its fanbase, finally getting a W and the UTSA win was icing on the cake. Looking AHEAD: Marshall has a bye and returns to take on the Charlotte 49ers, then ​Middle Tennessee. I'm Ike Johnson, and thanks for reading The Marshall Report.
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    1. Please list your email address and/or your reddit username at which you can be contacted. brunoligieri@hotmail.com 2. Before continuing, please thoroughly read the coaching course and feel free to ask questions. Confirm that you have read the coaching course by writing "Confirmed" below. Confirm 3. What team do you want to coach? Oregon State Beavers 4. Please select two backup teams (in descending order of preference) in case your first choice is unavailable. San Jose State Spartans - Houston Cougars 5. In three or more sentences, tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, what do you do, where are you from, why would you be a good fit here, etc. I'm a 21 year old guy from São Paulo in Brazil. I'm at the law school and just loves football. I was part of an exchange program and got introduced to football in Los Angeles. Since then, I just watch as much football as I can. I think that's a good fit because when i was in L.A, I watched a lot of Beavers football. Besides that, i can afirm that I enjoy the tactics part about the football. 6. This site can be as time consuming as you want it to be. Weekly duties can be completed in 30 minutes or less, however interacting with your fellow players throughout the week makes it more enjoyable for most people. Approximately, how much free time do you have during a typical week? I have about 2-3 hours a day of free time. 7. Losing games is an inevitable reality on this site, especially when accepting newer teams. Do you believe you can handle losing? Disappointment is expected, however we have had issues with people freaking out, and even leaving the site because of losing. I'm a Chargers fan, and my soccer team in Brazil isn't good as well, and I keep cheering for them. 8. How did you find out about this site? If recommended by a friend, please post his/her username. Reddit, while looking for Bowl Bound
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    The Baltimore Ravens nominate 2016 Walter Peyton Man of the Year, running back Booker T. Washington for his fight towards racial equality.
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    Denver Broncos Owner/Head Coach Bingo415 announces new staff addition DENVER--Broncos Owner/Head Coach Bingo415 and General Manager DescretoBurrito today announce the hiring of a new Director of College Scouting. "We are thrilled to bring Western Michigan Head Coach Jieret on to the Broncos management team. We feel that he is an excellent fit for our organization, brings a fresh perspective to the NFLHC overall and the Denver Broncos in specific, and will extend our Scouting reach with his ties to the MAC. Heck, Jieret now works for two teams named the Broncos! His role will primarily be in the collegiate scouting area, as we prepare for a draft that we feel will put the Broncos over the top in the AFC West. However, he will also assist with game planning and advanced scouting of opponents. We in Denver are beyond blessed to have Executive of the Year DescretoBurrito on staff as our inimitable General Manager, and Jieret will complete a forward-thinking and ambitious staff. Former Scout TDenverFan, who has been away dealing with a personal situation, will be re-assigned within the organization." Jieret and the Western Michigan Broncos currently sit at 5-2 overall, with close losses to Colorado and Arkansas, and 3-0 in the MAC. The three CFBHC teams of the Denver Front Office are a combined 15-3 in the B1G, MWC, and MAC. The floor is now open for questions for Bingo and Jieret.
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    idk what if Shea is holding the Colts back and Bierria is the answer?
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    Yes, but no one respects a cat on the internet. At least not until they wear some fruit on their head.
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    k now im starting to get very slightly uneasy
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    Prince McGill has 38 tackles, 3 interceptions (1 for a TD) and a forced fumble
  26. 2 likes
    Cameron Jones pls 47 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 INTs, 2 FRs
  27. 2 likes
    Hey I have twice the amount of losses on my own than the entirety of the Broncos FO!
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    Grady had the flu. .. and chicken pox,...hay fever... he's been sick man.
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    1. Florida State (7-0) Week 9 Result: W, 27-13 v Georgia State Change: N/A The Noles win again, they look like the best team in the country right now. 2. Clemson (7-0) Week 9 Result: Bye Change: N/A The Tigers got a week off in advance of their huge match-up at Boston College in Week 10. This is their hardest test to date. 3. Boston College (6-1) Week 9 Result: W, 28-24 at Miami Change: +1 Boston College sneaked away with a win over the Canes, they'll have to play better this week if they want to upset Clemson. 4. Pittsburgh (4-3) Week 9 Result: W, 33-28 v Virginia Change: +2 The Panthers took a huge step towards winning the Coastal with a win over the Cavaliers. 5. Virginia (5-2) Week 9 Result: L, 28-33 at Pittsburgh Change: -2 The Cavaliers lost a tough one at Heinz Field in Week 9, they look to rebound in Muncie as they take on THE Ball State University Cardinals. 6. Virginia Tech (4-3) Week 9 Result: L, 17-21 v Toledo Change: -1 The Hokies dropped a weird one, Toledo isn't awful, but VT should not have lost this game. Weird game out of Tech. 7. Syracuse (5-3) Week 9 Result: W, 27-13 at Louisville Change: +3 Syracuse won a nice one over the Cardinals of Louisville and are one step closer to Bowl Eligibility. 8. Duke (4-2) Week 9 Result: Bye Change: +1 The Blue Devils had a week off and look to get back to winning. 9. Georgia Tech (2-3) Week 9 Result: W, 31-21 v North Carolina Change: +3 Josh Beckett looked pretty good against a very tough Tar Heel Defense. Georgia Tech has a large uphill battle to Bowl Eligibility. 10. NC State (3-4) Week 9 Result: Bye Change: +1 The Fightin' Causters had a week off to focus on the home stretch and get to 6 wins. 11. Louisville (3-4) Week 9 Result: L, 21-31 at Syracuse Change: -4 Louisville lost a closer than expected battle against Syracuse and like the 2 teams ahead of him, face a tough battle to try and get to 6 wins. 12. North Carolina (2-4) Week 9 Result: L, 21-31 at Georgia Tech Change: -5 Back down to earth, the Tar Heels lost one of their only remaining winnable games. 13. Miami (1-5) Week 9 Result: L, 24-28 v Boston College Change: N/A Well, they played a Top-15 team very tough and took them right down to the wire, but just lacked the talent to get over the hump. 14. Wake Forest (0-7) Week 9 Result: L, 14-21 at Buffalo Change: N/A Wake is very, very bad. They will not win a game this season.
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    Great game, I really think we could have made some noise with Murphy in the playoffs. Also, if we can't win the division y'all should go ahead and do it because fuck Seattle
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    Have fun with Donald "The Mormon Lasercannon" Culver!
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    Sorry about the delay of these, I took a couple days off of work last week for my birthday and I've been sick/really busy at work since then. They won't be as detailed as usual, but I'll try to get next weeks out earlier. Week 7 OPOTW - RB Gabriel Shields, Western Michigan, 26 carries for 205 (7.88 avg) 3TD DPOTW - DE Isaiah Hall, Bowling Green, 5 tackles, 2.5 sacks STPOTW - K Timmy Wilhelm, Ohio, 4/5 FG (48, 42, 34, 42, missed 45) Isaiah Hall is not only gunning for QBs, but also for a chance at being a 1st-round pick Week 8 OPOTW - RB Mamadou Wynn, Buffalo, 30 carries for 188 (6.26 avg) 4TD DPOTW - SS Thomas Gordon, Buffalo, 5 tackles, 2 INT, FF STPOTW - P Dovid Gunter, Northern Illinois, 48.3 AVG Thomas Gordon continues to be one of the better secondary players in the MAC. Week 9 OPOTW - RB Gabe Ciamo, Toledo, 23 carries for 115 (5.00 avg) 2TD DPOTW - OLB Julius Cooke, Kent State, 6 tackles, 1 sack 48.3
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    Bodes well for me I have them on the schedule for late in the season
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    For the first time in site history, EMU will not win the Michigan MAC trophy. Also, this actually makes me really happy.
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    The Detroit Lions nominate P Bryan Johnson for his work with the Angel Wings Fund, a Michigan born organization that provides financial support to children who have lost a parent or parents to cancer
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    Before I begin, I want to thank Bingo415 and DescretoBurrito for the opportunity. The Broncos are a proud franchise and I am honored to be a part of shaping their legacy. The offense is definitely a concern, but there's a lot of tape to sort through - it doesn't seem like there's a single point of failure to identify. I hope to help with fixing the offense sooner rather than later but I am only a part of any solution, I'm not a magic bullet. I definitely will be focusing on scouting. I mean, the Jets will be moving ahead of us in the draft order after this week, so that always has to be taken into account.
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    Denver's offensive struggles have been evident of late, with the big three of Werner, Rambo, and Mack all performing poorly this season. What will this hire do for your offense going forward?
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    Now that you've said Wake won't win a game, they'll go and beat me!
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    She pushed hard for him, I wasn't initially all that high on him. But LaserCats and Emp both convinced me. I'm so glad it happened. I couldn't have done this by myself, she was critical for the success the Colts have right now.
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    I think it's going to be the same deal with Miami (OH)
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    Obviously Javier Grady isn't skipping his POTW interviews for practice... shows bad character.
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    I feel bad for both of you
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