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    I feel like this is a good opportunity to redeem myself in front of the football community. There are some challenges regarding my legitimacy as coach, whether it's that my record is not great, or that I have not as much experience as other coaches, but what I do not shy away from is the fact that I am open to listen to suggestions within the organization and like to work together. This isn't a one-person job. To be frank with you, I have never tinkered with a roster that had as many good players as the one I am on now, so I am excited for the challenge. As for the progress I expect to make, I want to improve the record, get wins, simple as that. I want to put Ryan Clark near the top of the league in passing offense. I want to learn more about the nuances of coaching an NFL franchise.
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    Sensibly, Browns fans are going to be outraged with this hiring. Do you have any words for what is without a doubt one of the most passionate and angry fan bases in the United States?
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    Welcome to the first ever edtion of C-USA Preview week where I look in to how the teams stack up and who has the advantage this week. We have got a good slate of games coming up so let's get into it. Charlotte 49ers Vs. FIU Panthers This Charlotte team had put their best performance yet last week when FB turned RB Carter Helms found the end zone a astounding five times with 207 yards and on the defensive side dominating FAU and holding Gregory Crowder to 2 TD in a winning effort against FAU with the score being 38-24in Charlotte's favor. FIU last game in week 11 Vs. WKU was a game to forget even with Evan Spurlock throwing 2 TD he also had 1 INT which was a Pick Six and while offensively their were doing their job, on the defensive side they really collasped and blew the gae wide open for WKU and FIU lost 49-24. The Charlotte 49ers will have the upper hand and with Carter Helms showing what he can do and with the defense really not doing well, Carter and the 49ers will have a easy game. Clemson Vs. UTSA This UTSA team has disappointed many people, especially with that defensive and what Elias Cameron has to offer. UTSA last week against Rice was good but once again the defense didn't show up and with Eric McLean throwing 3 TD and Nate Wooten with 2 on the ground but David Starkey having 2 TD didn't help as Rice won against UTSA 38-24. Clemson, on the other hand is probable to end the year as the #1 team in the nation and with Clemson being a force to be reckoned with as they have Jamel Armstrong and Heisman Canidate Marquise Reed, they dominated the Louisville Cardinals as they beat them, with Jamel's 3 TDs, 31-16 The advantage goes to Clemson. This is probably the best team in the nation and could obliterate UTSA, we have to wait and see but Clemson offense will be too much for UTSA. Old Dominion Vs. Western Kentucky Old Dominion is coming off a loss after being shut out by Georgia State. Dylan Hamlin is a key factor on why they loss as Dylan threw 4 INT and their offense just wasn't clicking and same could be said for their defense as their F7 let Dylan get sacked twice in the game as Old Dominion lost 0-38. Western Kentucky and Ohio both had terrible games from their QBs as both Peters and Bass both had 3 INT and 352 yards combined but their defense was on point as Herrera and Whitehurst had both 1 INT each but that didn't help WKU as they lost 24-10. The advantage goes to WKU as Bass could have a bounceback game and their defense can hold off Dylan Hamlin just enough in order to win. Vanderbilt Vs. Middle Tennessee Middle Tennessee has done better than last year but not good enough as Michael Flanders is struggling to find his balance and even though their defense and run game was solid, it wasn't enough as MT lost to Marshall 13-31. In their last game against Kentucky, Vandy showed out as Stephen Waters had 105 yards with 1 TD and their defense picking up a pair of INT against Kentucky. The advantage goes to Vanderbilt. Their are the better team in everyone eyes and they will dominate MT. UAB Vs. North Texas The UAB Blazers have been decent this season and on their best day they are shown to do good. Their RB J.B Blacknall is amazing and has carried this Blazers team a lot. His presence on the field has helped as UAB, riding on J.B Blacknall's 2 TD, beat UTEP 21-7. North Texas has a suuperstar of their own in Javier Grady but these last few weeks he's seems to be lost but UNT knows what kind of monster they have and without Javier Grady to lead their defense, UNT looked lost as they lost to UTSA 21-7 after Kamari Terry had a pair of INT that close the door on their chances of winning that game The advantage goes to UAB. UAB has a superstar that they can rely on whilst UNT has a superstar that been lost and needs to be found. Southern Miss Vs. Colorado Southern Miss has been clicking on all cylinders this whole season and they have continued this upwards trend as Johnathan Keller had 4 TD for 300 yards, Dexter Flowers having two sacks and Kevin Higgins having 1 INT on the day as Southern Miss beat Miami (OH) 34-28. Colorado on the other hand has also been good so far, even with the HC change at the start of the season. Even with some offensive problems, the Buffaloes held on to a hard-fought win over Arizona with the score being 20-17. The advantage goes to Southern Miss and they been shutting out opponents early in games and never looking back and this might be one of those games. That is all for this week's C-USA Preview. Have a good day and enjoy TNF, FNF, Saturday Morning, Afternoon, and Evening games this week.
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    ~Berea, OH The Cleveland Browns are excited to announce their new head coach. But before we introduce our man we’d like to explain our process and how we reached our decision. Last season, we fired Lucas95 as head coach. This came not out of lack in faith in Lucas, but out of lack of faith in myself. I had trained Lucas in coaching whenever he came onto the site and after the way our season had went the year before Lucas came in, I no longer had faith in my coaching ability. Plus, I had sent out some feelers for replacements and Artenger, a top coach in CFBHC, was interested. Whenever Artenger told me he would he accept the position, I thought it was time to part from Lucas. Lucas is a close friend of mine and the decision was tough on me. I was telling a mutual friend of ours about the decision and how I didn’t want to have to tell Lucas because I didn’t want to hurt our friendship over a game. However, my friend was a jerk and just called Lucas and told him the news and ended the call. The situation was handled in the worst way possible by both my friend and I. I should have told Lucas my intention and talked to him about my concerns, that way we could have worked through it. I shouldn’t have been sending feelers around during the season when I had a coach, especially doing so behind his back. Lastly, I shouldn’t have fired Lucas in the first place. It was his first year as a Head Coach and he was dealt a terrible hand. As GM, I’ve tried to learn from my mistakes and not make the same one again. During this hunt, I knew I had to hire someone who I could trust to be active and post gameplans weekly, who could have a conversation with me about the state of my team, and I knew I needed someone I could trust. I trust no one more than Lucas95 and that is why I am proud to announce that he will return as Head Coach. We will now be taking questions.
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    Forty teams nationwide get lucky week 13 off--or maybe that makes it unlucky week 13. That includes four teams in the Big XII, including both Oklahoma and Baylor. That also means the nation's most exciting conference has to pack its drama into just three games this week, but that's an order we should be able to fill. Four out of six teams playing this week are scrapping for bowl eligibility. Texas Tech and Kansas State are crabs fighting each other to get out of the barrel, Iowa State is looking to clear their last roadblock against TCU, and Kansas will take on Raheem the Dream and the 6-3 Oklahoma State Cowboys in the aerial duel of the season. It should be another fun week in the Big XII, so let's talk about the games. Thursday Night Texas Tech (4-5) at Kansas State (3-6)* The stakes of this game are simple: whoever loses this game will be staying home this postseason. For Kansas State, that's literal: a loss would be their 7th of the season, which would make them the second Big XII team to be formally eliminated from bowl contention. For Texas Tech it would only be a sixth loss, but with Baylor's deadly offense coming to town next week a loss to the Wildcats would put them squarely behind the 8-ball. Much of this game is going to come down to quarterback play. Both teams' signal-callers have shown bright spots and shown signs of struggles this season. Chase Shapiro has completed just 55.1% of his passes, thrown for 2 touchdowns (with one score on the ground), and he's been intercepted 9 times. Julius Minnow had fared better, at a 58.6% completion percentage, 8 touchdown passes, and 10 interceptions. But after his fourth multi-interception game of the season in a loss to Oklahoma State, Minnow appears headed to the bench in favor of junior Aiden Higgins. Higgins captained a run-heavy attack as Dylan Stewart's partner in the backfield for the first 7 games of last season, completing 34-77 passes for 431 yards, no touchdowns and 3 interceptions while running for 108 yards and 3 scores on 36 carries. Higgins adds a degree of multidimensionality that Minnow doesn't have, and his ability to scramble or to take designed runs should come in handy against a Texas Tech run defense that was nuked by Maurice White in their most recent game. Combine Higgins with Elijah Humphrey, a workhorse back who's averaging nearly 100 yards per game on 21.6 carries, and maybe the Kansas State ground game can get going. The trade-off is an even more severe disadvantage in the passing game. Higgins had the fifth-lowest single-season completion percentage in Big XII history (min. 50 pass attempts), and Texas Tech's secondary is one of the toughest in the conference. It's a unit that's been playing together for three years, anchored of course by the ever-dangerous Cameron Riley. Higgins will need to be very careful, because the Red Raider secondary will make him pay for any mistakes. Can the same be said for Kansas State's defense if Chase Shapiro makes a mistake? The Wildcats have been on more of a ballhawking streak than they were able to find last year. They've picked off 4 passes in the past 3 games and 7 passes overall this season. This is a significant improvement over last season. They've also allowed 14 touchdown passes, a 61.5% completion percentage, and a 137.7 passer rating, so there's still room to get better next year. Texas Tech's offense is dead last in both yards per pass attempt and yards per carry; Kansas State's defense is 9th in yards allowed per attempt and yards allowed per carry. Something's gotta give, but I think they end up meeting in the middle. Texas Tech still hasn't scored more than 16 offensive points in any game this season--they've won games entirely with suffocating defense. That means the offense can afford to meet Kansas State's defense in the middle, because the defense is probably going to lock Kansas State down. If Higgins turns out to be significantly different from the player he was last year, then this will be the Wildcats' best remaining chance to snap their 13-game conference losing streak. Unfortunately for them, I think Texas Tech will pull this one out to move to the precipice of bowl eligibility. Texas Tech 16, Kansas State 3 Saturday Afternoon Iowa State (5-4) at TCU (1-8)* Ever since Iowa State went on the warpath in the second half of the 2017 season, they've beaten every team in the Big XII Conference at least once--except for one. TCU has matched up with Iowa State four times, defeating the Cyclones 10-3 in 2014, 23-20 in 2015, 24-17 in 2016, and 21-17 in a win that ultimately denied Iowa State a Big XII title game bid in 2018. Four close games, all of which have gone the Frogs' way--but given that TCU's undefeated runs against SMU and Baylor both fell to ashes this year, maybe that doesn't mean much anymore. What does matter is how each team will bounce back from devastating losses last week. Iowa State watched a two-touchdown lead collapse in the fourth quarter against Oklahoma, and TCU was powerless in a 59-21 loss to rival Baylor. The Cyclones have now dropped three of four after a promising start, holding all their opponents to 18 points or fewer in regulation (but never scoring more than 20 themselves). The Horned Frogs have lost back-to-back games after their shootout win over West Virginia. Both teams like to rely on their senior stars on offense, but both Nathan Burden and Arturo Pacheco have been going through down seasons this time around. Burden, who lost his top five wide receivers to graduation last offseason, is maintaining the lowest completion percentage and passer rating of his career. Pacheco, who posted 6.1 yards per carry and more than 150 yards per game in his breakout 2018 campaign, is maintaining his lowest yards per carry average (4.91) of his career and hasn't breached 5.0 in a game since week 2. Who is more likely to right the ship this week? Iowa State's defense has been a tough nut to crack, as they allow the fewest pass yards per attempt (6.69) and fewest yards per carry (4.30) in the conference. They're an aggressive defense, collecting 11 sacks and 11 picks on the year. Meanwhile, TCU's run defense is coming off of a torching by the scorching-hot duo of Sean Bell and Marcus Swartz, and the I-State coaching staff will no doubt be scouring that tape for anything they can find. They haven't been able to make virtually any big plays on defense at all, collecting just 7 sacks and a league-low 2 interceptions (everyone else has at least 7). The key for the Frogs on defense will be Daquan Darcey. His season's been low-key, but he's producing at the same level as ever. He's accounted for 3 of the team's 7 sacks, he leads the Big XII's outside linebackers in tackles with 42, and he's the only Big XII player at any position with 40 or more tackles and 3.0 or more sacks. The problem is he needs more help from a very young defensive line. The Frogs don't get any kind of push up front, so their opponents have all the time in the world to let holes open up in the run game and let receivers get open downfield. With Clifford Wilcox and his blend of quick feet and a strong arm, that's going to be TCU's downfall. Iowa State should hold serve and reach bowl eligibility for the second time ever--and the second time in a row. Iowa State 24, TCU 17 Oklahoma State (6-3) at Kansas (5-4)* Time for a good, old-fashioned shootout on the prairie. Riding into town are a bunch of mean ol' Cowboys from Stillwater. The band of famous outlaws includes Raheem Robinson, the fastest draw in the West. It includes Chester Brenner, the man with a cannon for an arm. It includes Noah Crawley, the hired gun who can snatch your shot out of the air and be gone in a flash. These outlaws go up against the blue-clad sheriff's force of good ol' Lawrence. There's the sheriff himself, Eric Jennings, a senior on his last tour of duty ready to go out in a blaze of glory. There's his deputy, Malcolm Davis, who fancies himself a steadier aim than Robinson even if Raheem the Dream may be quicker to draw. And, riding on defense, there's the sophomore Bradley Spurlock who came out west from Indiana to start a new life in Kansas. Dropping the Wild West extended metaphor for now, we have the two most pass-heavy offenses in the conference going toe-to-toe. Chester Brenner throws 44.8 times per game to lead the league, and his 305.6 yards per game, 2750 yards overall, and 20 passing touchdowns are all either second or tied for second. Eric Jennings "only" slings it 35.8 times per game to place second in that category; however, he's in first with 318.8 yards per game, 2869 yards overall, and 25 passing touchdowns. Both teams have gobs of talent on offense. Oklahoma State has Raheem Robinson, of course, who needs 5 receptions to break Todd Sykes's career record and 39 yards to break Tai Miller's career record. Odds are, he does that this week. But even outside of Robinson, sophomore flanker Xavier Gant and freshman tight end Christopher Vinson have both shown the ability to make outsized impacts on the ballgame: both have had at least one game with 10 receptions, 100 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Kansas has a few weapons of their own as well, of course. Malcolm Davis is the Big XII's third-leading receiver after Robinson and J.C. Weldon. Timmy Sutton and Chris Burgos are chipping in, and tight end Noah Hills has caught 9 touchdown passes in 9 games. These offenses both have too many weapons to shut down--which is why they're both at or above 28 points per game for the season. In a possible shootout, then, the big question becomes whether either defense can make plays. Both defenses have come up with 9 interceptions for the season--which mostly comes from skill in the secondary, since neither have excelled at getting to the quarterback. Oklahoma State allows a somewhat higher completion percentage (61.75% to 59.23%) and yards per attempt (7.67 to 7.20), and therefore a slightly higher passer rating (132.12 to 126.78). That's not a particularly significant difference, and that lack of difference is backed up by the teams' near-identical adjusted points allowed numbers. So if the defenses are approximately equal (and either one could truly step up and take over the game), we have to circle back to the offense. Kansas has the advantage in the passing game with Jennings, Davis, and Hills. They have a slight advantage in the running game, but both teams are so infrequent on the ground that it won't matter much. They have home-field advantage. I'm going to take Kansas in a closer-than-expected duel here, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it go either way. Kansas 31, Oklahoma State 28 Byes: #4 Oklahoma (9-0), West Virginia (4-5), #12 Baylor (9-1), Texas (5-5)
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    It's always a good sign when you start off with "Now hear me out..." before you even announce your decision
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    Week #12 OPOTW QB Marcus Black, AUB, 22 of 29 for 304 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT, 4 carries for 37 yards, 1 TD vs #1 USC Freshman quarterback Marcus Black tore up the #1 USC Trojans defense last week in an emmaculate performance. We were able to sit down with the young SEC starlet for a quick interview. "Congratulations Marcus on your first of what I predict to be many national awards! Stunning victory against #1 USC, how were you feeling out there on the field?" "Well coach told us to treat it like any other game, but I ain't gonna' lie to you. I saw it as an opportunity to show the nation what I can do and I did just that. We didn't play good in the Arkansas game and worked on some things this week and it made a difference. Hit Jacory on that post early and knew we was gonna' have a big day. After that, there was no stoppin' us. We wasn't about to lose another game on a field goal." "You've had to step up and start at quarterback in the middle of your freshman year. Tell me about your transition from backup to starter." "You know, I wasn't expecting to be in this situation but we here now. It didn't take long to learn Coach's offense and I knew I'd be ready when the time came. When they called my number, I knew it wasn't gonna' be nothin'. I don't practice any different. With the style of game we play, you always gotta' be ready to come in. Shame I probably ain't winnin' Heisman this season, but that can wait 'til next year." "You've instantly formed a dangerous chemistry with former quarterback Jacory Kessler. What's your relationship like with him? Are there any hard feelings since you took his starting job?" "Nah there's no hard feelings between us. He's had my back since I got here and still helps me prepare for each game. Jacory is a team-first kind of guy. He'd do anything to win. By him switchin', its openin' up so much the game for us and he know that. Its really easy to find him on the field since he's the biggest guy we got. Not sure how defenses be losing him though." "Thanks for sitting down with me today. Before I leave do you have any shout outs you'd like to give out?" "Gotta' give a shout out to my mom. She's the reason I'm where I am right now and I couldn't have done it without her. Love you mama!" Week #12 DPOTW SS Cameron Whitney, UCONN, 3 INT, 9 Tackles vs Louisiana Tech UConn strong safety Cameron Whitney dominated Louisiana Tech and QB Lukas Shea had to call him his daddy after a huge game from the defensive back. We were also able to get a quick interview with him. "Cameron, congrats on the big game and the win over Louisiana Tech. How did you manage to get 3 interceptions?" "I think it comes down to my teammates, hard work and my coaches, it's exciting to see how much we have grown over this season. You realize in your head that this is our purpose: being apart of a team, staying humble and being part of an amazing organisation that develops players into their best selves on and off the field. I think this is especially true in the Huskies family were building here." "UConn has been pretty low key in national media. Whats the feeling like around town about this football team, and where do you see them being able to go this season?" "Coach Will has done a great job in being back pervious alumni and important figures in the region. He really emphasis community involvement and showing how football can make a difference. Overal the entire Connecticut athletics department as a whole appreciate and respect the fans and their passion that they bring. For where the team is going, were just looking at getting better every week as a players, as teammates and as individuals , We have terriomeous trust in the Coaching staff and if we just go out on game day and do our jobs, the results will show." "You're not a very well known name nationally. Does the lack of attention bother you, or do you like flying under the radar like this? By my records this is your first career national award!" "That's ok with us, we're here to win games not get attention. It is my first award at the college level, I'm incredibly honoured but things like this belong to my amazing family and team mates. We win together, We lose together. I'm just grateful to have an opportunity on this platform." "Thanks for sitting down with me today! Do you have any shout outs before I leave?" "Thanks so much and thanks to the awards committee it's a great honour And just a shout out to the fams and the great 'huskie nation of UCONN" Many thanks to Jumanji and Will Pipe for their interviews. Best of luck to all the players next week! List of Past National Players of the Week
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    Also, it's not smart for any middle schooler to tell internet strangers what school they go to
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    1. Please list your email address and/or your reddit username at which you can be contacted. Hysteria4u 2. Before continuing, please thoroughly read the coaching course and feel free to ask questions. Confirm that you have read the coaching course by writing "Confirmed" below. Confirmed 3. What team do you want to coach? Houston Cougars 4. Please select two backup teams (in descending order of preference) in case your first choice is unavailable. North Carolina Hawaii 5. In three or more sentences, tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, what do you do, where are you from, why would you be a good fit here, etc. I am 24 years old. I love to play guitar and I enjoy every college football sim / game out there. I am from Nebraska but currently reside in Nevada. I will be a good fit here because I am active, and I love college football just about as much as anyone else here, if not more. 6. This site can be as time consuming as you want it to be. Weekly duties can be completed in 30 minutes or less, however interacting with your fellow players throughout the week makes it more enjoyable for most people. Approximately, how much free time do you have during a typical week? I have about 2-4 hours each day to spend with my fellow players. 7. Losing games is an inevitable reality on this site, especially when accepting newer teams. Do you believe you can handle losing? Disappointment is expected, however we have had issues with people freaking out, and even leaving the site because of losing. Losing is part of the game. My team will continue to fight on, keeping their heads up and worrying about the next game. 8. How did you find out about this site? If recommended by a friend, please post his/her username. I was recommended by google.
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    Why not wait until later into the off-season to see potential staff changes? It seems like this hire was rushed when there won't be any Browns games for a while
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    This read like an abusive relationship. I can see both sides saying "It will be different this time, baby." Question for the staff: Huh?
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    PLAYERS OF THE WEEK WEEK 12 OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK Donald Culver, QB, Utah 27/45, 355 yards, 3 TD vs. UCLA --------------- DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK Blaine Lewis-Thompson, CB, Cal INT, TD, 2 tackles vs. Oregon State --------------- SPECIAL TEAMS PLAYER OF THE WEEK Elliot Beatty, P, Stanford 45.6 yard average vs. Washington ------------ Congrats to all the winners! Week 11 (David Oates; Louis Landry, Jaden Chappell) Week 10 (David Oates; Dwayne Tatum; Patrick Wolff) Week 9 (Luke Trickett; Hunter McNair; Sam Walsh) Week 8 (Luke Trickett; Tyler Toney; Giuseppe Bernstein)
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    Last week's pick record: 2-4 Pick record to date: 10-16 Reaction gif: Along with this week's silent partner Xavier McDaniel, I'm Bruce Baguen; glad to have you back with us for this week's #MACtion slate! And now a sacred tradition, the ceremonial lighting of the torch by #MACtion Jenny. Jenny? Kent State (4-5 overall, 3-1 conf.) @ Buffalo (6-4, 2-3) Last Week: Kent State(!) pulled ahead of Ohio to take the MAC East lead (!!) by beating Eastern Michigan and running their win streak to three (!!!) (W 20-14), while Buffalo’s MAMADOU SMASH had an off day, had a fumble, and ran the ball less than 30 times. They still beat up on Akron though. (W 24-16) We think QB Stephen Coates got ahead of himself. Emboldened by his 7 of 7 performance the week prior, he tried throwing the ball a number of times in double digits! The results? 7 of 13 for 93 yards, 0/1 TD/INT. Well, you tried! MAMADOU SMASH did actually have a decent day (27 carries for 136 yards, 1 TD, 1 FUM), but lines that look good on mere mortals are but mere triflings on all that is MAMADOU SMASH. One thing we will give Buffalo full credit for; their big uglies in the trenches simply wore Akron down. They were instrumental in taking a close game and turning it into a relentless flood of power in the 4th. Also, we just wanted to point out that we did call the lost fumble. We didn’t get much else right last week, let us have this. Akron actually outgained the Bulls in yardage 328-264 but Buffalo ran a “bend don’t break” defense to perfection, holding the Zips to a TD and three FGs (and one miss). We’ll see if Kent State can change that to “bend and break.” The Golden Flashes were efficient in taking what Eastern’s defense gave them last week until it was time for the game-winning and TD pass from John Garland to Justin Maurer. Harrison Mullin did yeoman’s work for Kent State, but he (and Garland) will have to do more because the Bulls won't give you many chances if you miss your shot. Prediction: Buffalo 21-13. Buffalo must win out if they want a chance at claiming the MAC East title. Unfortunately for the Bulls the majority of their losses have come in-conference, putting them behind the 8-ball. Kent State has lowkey been one of the MAC’s surprises (seriously lowkey, no one realized they had a three-game winning streak), but we expect that MAMADOU SMASH will defend his turf and keep Buffalo’s division hopes alive. Ohio (4-4, 2-1) @ Bowling Green (4-6, 1-3) Last Week: Ohio came alive in the second half to pull away from a game Western Kentucky squad (W 24-10), while Bowling Green let Austin Laws run for 170 yards en route to Ball State’s first win of the season. (L 14-28) Owen. Freaking. WALTON. had 180 yards and 2 TDs against the Hilltoppers. The man has been unstoppable of late, rushing for 475 yards and 6 TDs in his last 3 games - all Ohio wins, by the way. You’d think a defensive line as formidable as the Bowling Green Sack Factory would be up to the challenge, but Ball State laid down the Laws against them - and held Isaiah Hall completely off the statsheet! We know the Sack Factory will be looking to redeem themselves against the Bobcats but they'll need that extra motivation; Ohio is one of the hottest in the conference right now. Outside of the bad line play and Makai Petty’s paltry 68 rushing yards (think they’re related?), the Falcons actually didn’t have a horrible offensive game. Eddie Connelly’s final stat line (20 of 38 for 217 yards, 1/1 TD/INT) is decent by MAC standards, but that pick came as they were driving for a tying score in the 3rd Quarter. When Ball State’s Marquis Causey scored with seven minutes left to extend the Cardinal lead to two scores, Bowling Green’s... deliberate (deliberate? Yeah, let’s go with deliberate.) offense was unable to go up-tempo and pick up the points. Prediction: Ohio 24-14. On of the hottest teams in the MAC, the Bobcats are more than capable of using the same game plan Ball State used: Run the ball and throw safe, short passes to neutralize Isaiah Hall and company. We trust Ohio’s offense more than we do Bowling Green’s, and we don’t think Owen. Freaking. WALTON. will be denied this week. Northern Illinois (1-4, 3-6) @ Western Michigan (6-3, 3-1) Last Week: Northern Illinois got their groove back against Central Michigan (W 28-14), while Western Michigan fell flat on television against Toledo. (L 6-24) We’ve seen this before. Northern Illinois showed what they can do when they play to their potential, but it comes and goes. Coach robcarlson77 is hoping that he's got the right gameplan to keep the party going for Sandford & Hutchins. How will Coach Jieret plan to stop the Huskies? His defensive gameplan against Toledo didn't seem very effective, and he vowed to rectify that against this week. Will he have his linebackers play closer to the line and let the secondary work on islands? The Broncos offense will be looking to wipe the dirt off their face after that faceplant against Toledo. Gabriel Shields won't say anything about it, but the rest of the offense is upset that they weren't good enough to keep his streak of 100+ yard games going. Chase Sims in particular knows he must be better. And he needs to be - expect NIU to imitate the Rocket gameplan and sell out to stop the run. Prediction: Western Michigan 24-17. Oh NIU, we want to love you, really. Some day we'll actually get a read on you and figure out when you'll play well and when you won't as much. But the Broncos have been very consistent and good for the majority of the year, and we're valuing that in making our picks. #20 Toledo (8-1, 5-0) @ Central Michigan (3-2, 4-5) Last Week: Toledo continued its cruise through the MAC, convincingly dispatching Western Michigan (W 24-6) while Central Michigan’s defense allowed the NIU offense to methodically do whatever it wanted. (L 14-28) At its best the Husky offense is a balanced machine. Toledo presents a better version this week, and if the Chips’ defense looked out of sorts against NIU what will happen Saturday? Coach llamas said after the Husky loss that they struggled to get players in the right spot and hinted that they would work on cleaning up their fundamentals. DE Nazir Tatum-Kimbrough, MILB Graham Lankford, and CB A’Shawn Ellison are excellent players, but they can’t do everything on their own. We expect that the Rockets will force Sutherland to beat them through the air and would happily take a stat line similar to his output against NIU last week (14 of 18 for 173 yards, 1/1 TD/INT). The Chips will try to get linemen to the second level to block standout ILB Shia Reeder, but Toledo will likely have a second linebacker tasked with containing the CMU QB. Prediction: Toledo 31-14. Unless the Rockets are looking way too far ahead to the MAC Championship game, there’s no compelling reason we can see to predict a Chippewa victory. With a few defensive exceptions, Toledo just has a better roster and CMU’s recent inconsistency certainly won’t help. We expect Coach deathcpo and his players to be celebrating the MAC West title in the locker room after the game is over. Note: Either SageBow or Stormstopper pointed out the conference division clinching scenarios after Week 12 (can’t find it), so a big h/t to whoever it was that pointed out Toledo’s magic number is 1 (Toledo win OR CMU/WMU loss). Ah hell, h/t to both of them for the great work they’ve been doing all year. Byes: Akron, Ball State, Eastern Michigan, Miami(OH) On behalf of the MAC Network ("If it's not MAC, it's wack!"), for Xavier McDaniel and #MACtion Jenny this is Bruce Baguen. Until next time!
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    I do feel like I have a clean slate. Going through what I went through humbled me and I hope to fix any mistakes that I previously had. Me and the rest of the staff have already worked together on a variety of ideas in regards to the upcoming draft and the next season. As for your second question, there are specific rules about inactivity, so it was through no fault of mine that coach Artenger had his contract terminated. So if he wants to come back to the league, he'll have to do it through another team unless the GM and the owner feel like we should go in separate ways.
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    I understand frustration, I am frustrated. But give us a chance. We have a plan here, you may not agree with it but we need to actually see something out. We've had such a revolving door in our front office and we need to find some stability. Constant turnover does not make a playoff team. We have Ryan Clark, We have Tai Miller, and we have a bright future. Let's see it play out...
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    Higher bowls can forego their conference affiliation for a much better matchup, so it's always possible you can move up, mostly depending on polls.
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    Don't forget to write in DeAndre Ball Hawkins for Comeback Player of the Year!
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    Great slugfest, Ravens. We needed this more than you did, and our guys listened. You'll go far this season...
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    GG. I didn't expect a great showing with a scheme change but I got excited when I got a pick and a fg. All downhill from there. Maybe next year we can make a bowl.
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    Here's the proper link: http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/forum/76-non-updated-teams/
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    I was going to apply in the offseason but Lucas ruined everything! Andrew Wade <3 miss u bby
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    This is a fair point. However, I didn't foresee many other changes happening. Anyone who was going to be fired likely would have been at this point as I doubt anyone who is in the playoffs is getting fired over a loss. Also, it was rather well known that Artenger had left the site and I doubt there was anyone who would want to apply who hadn't heard that news yet and if there was a person they likely wouldn't have been a good fit anyways as if they had just now heard that they likely aren't all that active. I will admit I was probably a little over anxious to bring Lucas back as we working on the Wild together and it reminded me of what it was like to have someone to talk to about our team. But I don't think I will regret this in the slightest. Though there may be other things I regret, I doubt they will pertain to Lucas.
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    Thanks for your participation. Next time you come into a press conference, try bringing a real question.
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    First non- Oates or Trickett winner of OPOTW this year
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    You're approved for Houston! Go here (http://cfbhc.com/ind...-updated-teams/) and make a new thread entitled "Houston Cougars". Please decorate it with pictures and stats of your team. Your roster will be posted there, please be patient. The 2019 CFBHC season is underway, check out the CFB General Discussion subforum to see upcoming game schedules. Go here (http://cfbhc.herokuapp.com/) and create an account with the same username; this is where gameplanning, scheduling, and recruiting occurs. You can also request to have your team assigned there. If you have any further questions, concerns, or comments don't hesitate to PM or ask in the shout box. Thank you for joining the greatest conference on earth, the AAC
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    UCONN doesn't have that pulling power to cover up rape in court
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    take some lessons from the Bills special teams and block those fucking kicks.
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