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    Let's transition into the obvious weaknesses of the Jets and then go around the room, having each person stating how they would defeat the Jets pls.
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    Week 14 Recruiting Update Commitments ILB Andres Arriaga 6-3 240 Fr Lafayette County (Lewisville AR) 2.5 of 5.0 [Mike] C-USA Rankings Formula: all stars added/signees number of signees in parentheses Rice - 6.75* (2) FAU - 6.66* (3) UAB - 6.5* (1) UTSA - 6* (2) Charlotte - 6* (2) Old Dominion - 5.5* (1) UTEP - 5.5* (3) Western Kentucky - 5.25* (4) North Texas - 5.166* (3) Marshall - 2.25* (1) Middle Tennessee - 0* Southern Miss. - 0* FIU - 0* Louisiana Tech - 0* Recruiting Thoughts Rice lands their cow bell of the class in the 2.5 of 5.0 star linebacker. He should be a problem for years to come for CUSA offenses. Look for Rice to land another superstar next week at WR.
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    OT Nick Grant 6-6 296 2 LSU [Pass Blocking] 80 2020 7th rounder guaranteed The 7th rounder can become the following 6th rounder - More than 75 Carries 5th rounder - More than 175 Carries for OT Mike Ledbetter 6-1 313 3 Georgia Tech [Run Blocking] 84 RB Don Williams 5-10 226 5 Washington [speed] 85 Don Williams had 75 carries exactly so he did not have more than 75 carries.
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    Memeber when people use to shit on the 49ers for their rookie safeties? I member
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    Well, we had an amazing run, and AT is worth every cent and every pick, but all things must end Was not expecting this team to lose to the Niners in the end, but hey, we beat the Giants three times this season so that takes the sting out.
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    Hmmmm... their safeties aren't good you say?
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    Try changing the font color - nice little article, though!
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    I think the Niners are just really sneaky good. They (IMO) quietly had a very balanced team. Top 10 offense and defense. Not many Pro-Bowlers but lots of players that can make a big play and contribute on both sides of the ball. We all knew about their speedy offense, but what's more impressive to me is how good their "bend-but-not-break" defense has been this season. Job well done with both personnel and coaching. And yes, losing one game short of the big game sucks, but 7-0 against the G-Men makes me feel much better.
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    If you made a trade that had conditions, please post the results here. Link to the original trade thread, post whether each condition was met, and what the final trade ends up being. All teams involved in a trade must post or confirm the results of each trade.
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    Coach grv has really utilized Manny Fields catching passes out of the backfield over the past few weeks.
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