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    A few disclaimers before we get underway: *These are simply projections on the year. Feel free to disagree; a good healthy argument is always fun! *At-large bids are fun to predict. Win more games people. *Last time out, we had 64 teams. This time, we have 67. Sorry [insert Big Ten team here]. Now, let's get into the juicy stuff. Sugar Bowl (New Orleans, LA) Playoff #1 vs. Playoff #8 #1 Clemson Tigers (Proj. 13-0) vs. #8 Washington State Cougars (Proj. 11-2) Clemson took care of business against FSU this past week, meaning only SC and Pittsburgh (ACC CG) stand in the way of a playoff berth. Wazzou, on the other hand, escaped Eugene with a win over the Ducks and a one-way ticket to the Pac-12 CCG if they can beat Stanford. Washington State could be the last chance of a playoff appearance for the Pac-12. Peach Bowl (Atlanta, GA) Playoff #2 vs. Playoff #7 #2 Oklahoma Sooners (Proj. 13-0) vs. #7 Penn State Nittany Lions (Proj. 12-1) The Sooners have nothing but green in front of them...literally. Barring a major collapse against Colorado and OK State, OU will have to go through Baylor en route to a Big 12 championship and a spot in the coveted playoffs. Penn State should beat struggling Michigan and Northwestern, but their Big Ten CCG will go awry against Wisconsin. They'll still easily make the playoff though. Rose Bowl (Pasadena, CA) Playoff #3 vs. Playoff #6 #3 Nevada Wolf Pack (Proj. 13-0) vs. #6 Alabama Crimson Tide (Proj. 10-2) Nevada-Air Force is shaping up to be a doozy, but I still see the men from Reno edging out the Falcons for that perfect record - they'll be 1 of 3 teams to achieve perfection in the regular season. I wrote off Bama earlier this year, and it's proven to be a huge mistake as the Tide have come roaring back. Expect a win over Auburn to cement themselves in the Top 8. Fiesta Bowl (Glendale, AZ) Playoff #4 vs. Playoff #5 #4 Wisconsin Badgers (Proj. 12-1) vs. #5 LSU Tigers (Proj. 12-1) Wisconsin got a nice push from Illinois' upset of Purdue, meaning the Badgers have the inside path to the B1G CCG, where I feel they can beat Penn State. LSU suffered a dreadful setback against Utah but still can reach the SEC CCG, where they should beat the Volunteers in a tight one. And now the rest of bowl season: Citrus Bowl (Orlando, FL) vs. Illinois Fighting Illini (Proj. 10-2) vs. Tennessee Volunteers (Proj. 11-2) What a win by Illinois. Unfortunately, the Illini will be the first team left out of the playoff, but the Citrus Bowl against a strong Tennessee side will be reward enough, especially given previous years. The Vols should handle Vandy to win the SEC East, but LSU will remain too strong, dropping them out of the Top 8 (by virtue of Bama, ironically). Outback Bowl (Tampa, FL) vs. Mississippi State Bulldogs (Proj. 9-3) vs. Purdue Boilermakers (Proj. 10-2) A rough outing in Tuscaloosa foiled playoff plans in Starkville, so they'll settle for an Outback Bowl showdown with the Boilermakers, another team who saw they're playoff hopes dashed against Illinois (they still have a chance to make noise if Minny beats Wiscy). Alamo Bowl (San Antonio, TX) vs. Baylor Bears (Proj. 11-2) vs. USC Trojans (Proj. 10-2) Baylor is locked into a Big Twelve CCG showdown with Oklahoma, but I don't think they'll pull off that miracle. San Antonio is a virtual lock barring a win over the Sooners, but the opponent should be surprising. USC dropped the ball against the Sun Devils, and now they no longer control their own destiny to win the division, let alone the conference. USC will not want to be here this bowl season. Cactus Bowl (Phoenix, AZ) vs. Kansas Jayhawks (Proj. 8-4) vs. Oregon Ducks (Proj. 10-2) Kansas has rebounded nicely from the ECU loss, and with a win over Mizzou, they'll put themselves back in the Cactus Bowl. Oregon's loss to Wazzou will end up costing them a division/conference title and a playoff shot, and Phoenix isn't quite the vacation in mind for these dangerous Ducks. Liberty Bowl (Memphis, TN) vs. Vanderbilt Commodores (Proj. 9-3) vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys (Proj. 7-5) Vandy will fall short of the East again with a loss to Tennessee...again. That said, the Liberty Bowl will be a warm welcome, having a home field advantage against the Cowboys of Oklahoma State. The Big Twelve isn't that deep this year, but this is huge for the 'Pokes, having not been to a bowl since 2015. Gator Bowl (Jacksonville, FL) vs. Missouri Tigers (Proj. 7-5) vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers (Proj. 9-3) Missouri was here in my last projection at 8-4, but they'll stay in Jacksonville despite the shocking loss to SC. Nebraska was also here, but nothing has changed really in front of them to allow them up the pecking order. Oh well, looks like we'll be stuck with this juicy game. Sorry folks. Holiday Bowl (San Diego, CA) vs. Minnesota Golden Gophers (Proj. 8-4) vs. Arizona State Sun Devils (Proj. 9-4) Oh how the mighty have fallen. From playoff contender to getting handily beaten by Maryland, Minnesota's disappointing finish will roll into San Diego for a showdown against the red-hot Sun Devils, who can and should win the Pac-12 South after beating USC. Watch out for the Sun Devils in Tempe, people. Music City Bowl (Nashville, TN) vs. Pittsburgh Panthers (Proj. 9-4) vs. Arkansas Razorbacks (Proj. 7-5) Pitt did what they needed to do after suffering setbacks against the current Top 3 teams in the nation. That 4th loss, not surprisingly, will once again come to a Top 3 team in the nation, this time in the ACC CCG. Arkansas, now under Slinky's management, won't have enough in them to beat LSU, but a 7-5 finish will take them up to Nashville. Weis Bowl (Charlotte, NC) vs. Georgia Bulldogs (Proj. 7-5) vs. Virginia Cavaliers (Proj. 10-2) Georgia gets the job done in the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party and the Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate, rolling in at 7-5 and above Auburn in the pecking order. UVA's strong season will conclude in Charlotte after beating rivals Virginia Tech. You'd feel that UVA would be a bit disappointed for not playing in Orlando against Clemson. Frozen Bowl (Green Bay, WI) vs. Auburn Tigers (Proj. 6-6) vs. Temple Owls (Proj. 10-3) Auburn took a hit against Mississippi State, and they'll take another lick in the Iron Bowl, falling to a less desirable matchup in the Frozen Tundra that is Lambeau. Temple, despite the loss in Dallas to SMU, should beat the 'Stangs in a neutral field matchup and end up in Green Bay. Texas Bowl (Houston, TX) vs. SMU Mustangs {Proj. 10-3) vs. Texas Longhorns (Proj. 6-6) A revenge loss to the Owls will send SMU a short distance to Houston, where they'll take on the Longhorns in an in-state bowl game. Who comes up with these ideas? Seriously? Arizona Bowl (Tuscon, AZ) vs. Air Force (Proj. 10-3) vs. Georgia State Panthers (Proj. 8-4) Air Force will feel as if they can take Nevada, which is true, but I don't see it happening quite yet. Tuscon will await the high-flying Falcons, where they'll meet the best team available, the Georgia State Panthers. Evan Grant didn't do poorly against Wisconsin, and GSU still look to be a super solid team. Russell Athletic Bowl (Orlando, FL) vs. West Virginia Mountaineers (Proj. 6-6) vs. Boston College Eagles (Proj. 9-3) WVU has two very important showdowns with Maryland and Pitt, and I think they'll split those to reach Orlando. BC's big win over FSU is the tiebreaker between the two, as I've changed my mind about Cuse beating these Eagles. Armed Forces Bowl (Fort Worth, TX) vs. Colorado Buffaloes (Proj. 8-4) vs. Hawai'i Rainbow Warriors (Proj. 7-5) The Buffs' magical turnaround won't be enough to beat the Sooners, but 8-4 is beyond expectations for this season. Hawaii will drop these last two games to Air Force and Fresno, but Fort Worth is still a desirable location in what should have been a rebuilding year. Land of 10,000 Lakes Bowl (Minneapolis, MN) vs. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (Proj. 8-4) vs. Toledo Rockets (Proj. 10-3) The Fightin' Moffetts still drop that game to the Giant Slayers in Maryland, meaning a return trip to the cold North for their bowl game is imminent. Toledo is used to the cold weather, but they'll come in with one more loss after dropping another game to the Chips. Military Bowl (Annapolis, MD) vs. East Carolina Pirates (Proj. 8-4) vs. Florida State Seminoles (Proj. 9-3) That win over UCF moves the Pirates over the Knights in the pecking order, although that's not favorable in this case. FSU's disappointing season will conclude in Annapolis more than likely, but they still remain a very dangerous team. Peony Bowl (Ann Arbor, MI) vs. California Golden Bears (Proj. 8-4) vs. Michigan Wolverines (Proj. 7-5) Cal dropped one to the Sun Devils, and that puts them here in Ann Arbor against, well, the team from Ann Arbor. Michigan's underachieved heavily this season, but at least they won't be sitting at home this bowl season. They'll just be playing at home. Independence Bowl (Shreveport, FL) vs. Syracuse Orange (Proj. 8-4) vs. UCF Knights (Proj. 8-4) Remember when I said moving up wasn't favorable for ECU? Yeah, Cuse isn't any easier. The Orange have been electric with Dylan Bishop behind center, but that won't get them a win in Chestnut Hill. UCF can edge out USF to claim this spot in Shreveport, but losing to ECU sucks. Pinstripe Bowl (Bronx, NY) vs. Virginia Tech Hokies (Proj. 6-6) vs. Ohio State Buckeyes (Proj. 6-6) The Hokies have underachieved given the circumstances, and a 6-6 record with a berth in the Bronx isn't exactly what many fans in Blacksburg had in mind. Same could be said with those in Columbus, although losing Isaiah Cronin at least gives the Bucks a reason to expect a season on the down. Heart of Dallas Bowl (Dallas, TX) vs. Arizona Wildcats (Proj. 6-6) vs. Rice Owls (Proj. 9-4) Remember when I had the Sun Devils here? Pepperidge Farm remembers. The 'Cats will fall to their in-state rivals and land in Dallas, where Rice awaits after winning their conference championship game with relative ease. Mile High Bowl (Denver, CO) vs. Louisville Cardinals (Proj. 6-6) vs. Utah Utes (Proj. 6-6) The Cards should have enough to get by Georgia Tech and make the postseason. That's all I can really say about this team. Utah, on the other hand, showed me up by shocking the world in Baton Rouge. They'll have the momentum to knock out rivals BYU and land in Denver. Hawai'i Bowl (Honolulu, HI) vs. San Diego State Aztecs (Proj. 7-5) vs. South Florida Bulls (Proj. 8-4) A win over rivals San Jose State will put the Aztecs in Honolulu, where every team wishes they could be when we're not in bowl season. South Florida completes the AAC's 8-4 trifecta, but the loss to UCF pins them in Hawai'i. Still, this is an exciting offense in what's become a pretty solid year in Tampa. Bahamas Bowl (Nassau, Bahamas) vs. Western Michigan Broncos (Proj. 8-4) vs. Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles (Proj. 9-3) I take back what I said about teams wanting to be in Hawai'i; now THIS is the place to be. Barring some collapse from Ohio, this will be WMU's bowl destination, regardless of if they take home the Michigan MAC trophy. USM can handle Louisiana Tech to finish 9-3 on the year, which is seriously impressive for the folks in Hattiesburg. Bourbon Bowl (Louisville, KY) vs. Maryland Terrapins (Proj. 6-6) vs. Iowa State Cyclones (Proj. 6-6) The Giant Slayers have one more slaying in them when they knock off Rutgers to clinch bowl eligibility. Seriously, though, this Maryland team has to stop doing this for the sake of complacency. Iowa State decided to take the camouflage route in preparation for this game, appearing as a measly 6-6 team instead of the playoff team that they were last season simply so Maryland can't slay another giant. Poinsettia Bowl (San Diego, CA) vs. New Mexico Lobos (Proj. 7-5) vs. Buffalo Bulls (Proj. 8-4) The Lobos made the plays to get them back into the bowl season after a less-than-stellar start. Buffalo ends up here simply because Kent State couldn't beat Ohio. Thanks Kent. Killing two birds with one poorly thrown stone. Boca Raton Bowl (Boca Raton, FL) vs. Ohio Bobcats (Proj. 7-6) vs. Navy Midshipmen (Proj. 6-6) Ohio takes the MAC East in back-to-back years but doesn't quite clip Toledo. Navy proved me wrong in handling Houston, and with a win over Army, they'll land in the Boca Raton Bowl, which is better than no bowl. Famous Idaho Potato Bowl (Boise, ID) vs. Central Michigan Chippewas (Proj. 7-5) vs. Fresno State Bulldogs (Proj. 6-6) CMU did the unthinkable...twice. After knocking off Toledo in a surprising upset for the second year in a row, the Chips took out an OOC opponent as an underdog, this time beating the Hawkeyes of Iowa. They'll claim the Michigan MAC trophy just to keep the 3-game winning streak thing going. Fresno can knock off Hawai'i at home to close up shop at 6-6, putting them back on the Blue Turf. New Orleans Bowl (New Orleans, LA) vs. Marshall Thundering Herd (Proj. 6-7) vs. BYU Cougars (Proj. 6-6) Marshall got help from WKU beating ODU, but the Herd will still have to beat the Monarchs to reach the postseason. Marshall is the only team here with a losing record, falling to Rice in the CCG. BYU took a hard fall against Tulane and should do the same against the Utes. Not quite what Provo expected this season. New Mexico Bowl (Albuquerque, NM) vs. NC State Wolfpack (Proj. 6-6) vs. Michigan State Spartans (Proj. 6-6) Sorry Indiana, but a loss to Sparty will doom you to a missed bowl appearance. State fills in to avoid back-to-back games between the Hoosiers and Sparty, and that's definitely suitable for the Pack after a 1-23 record in the last two season. Sparty barely gets in thanks to that win over rivals Michigan, and the season has taken a bit of a turnaround after a dreadful few weeks.
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    Precision Passing Best Hands Power Relay Challenge Dodgeball
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    O.J. Carano, 5 for 0 yards, 0 TD bringing that Giants offense to the pro bowl I see.
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    This is the first time I've ever: Reached 11-0 with Clemson Beaten FSU and BC in the same season Involuntarily jizzed my pants
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    Most Valuable Player Offensive Player of the Year Defensive Player of the Year Coach of the Year Executive of the Year Offensive Rookie of the Year Defensive Rookie of the Year Comeback Player of the Year Pepsi Rookie of the Year Walter Payton Man of the Year
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    Central Michigan beat Iowa, who ran off Purdue, who beat Wisconsin, who blasted Michigan State, who had crushed Central Michigan way back in week 2. What even is this team? (But congrats on the bowl!) Maryland-Minnesota doesn't surprise me one bit, though. The Terps can beat anybody in the country. I'm just shocked that they scored 32 points on one offensive touchdown. The ACC is now the first conference with its CCG set. Pittsburgh will rematch with Clemson, who beat the Panthers 20-17 in Pittsburgh in week 3.
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    Dates are subject to change. Trading allowed: 10:00pm EST on Sunday, December 25th Re-signings due: 8:00pm EST on Tuesday, January 3rd Free Agency begins: Thursday, January 5th. Combine: TBA NFLHC Draft Round 1: Friday, February 3rd at 8:00pm EST Rounds 2-4: Saturday, February 4th at 1:00pm EST Rounds 5-7: Saturday, February 4th - 2 hours after the conclusion of round 4 UDFA Bids due: Monday, February 6th at 8:00pm EST (assuming I get the UDFA list up at a reasonable time after draft) Team pages and cap sheets up to date: Wednesday, February 8th at 8:00pm EST
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    NFC Confimed super bowl winner thanks to dodgeball win
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    I actually almost had a heart attack when I saw it
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    If one is interested, they can look at the CFBHC schedule this year, and see games at the following times. #16 Temple (8-2) at SMU (7-2)* All Time Series: Never met And this game stands out. Between SMU and Temple. For two reasons, first both teams have great records. Second of all, it's kind a unique sitatuion, with two teams destined to meet AAC CCG again in a few weeks, making this a play for pride game more than anything else. Being in Dallas, and with two prolific coaches, this game is likely to be highly attended, with several coaches rumored to be attending. From week to week, Temple has been the best team in the AAC this year, with two close losses to Oregon and Minnesota, and a 30-23 win against USF in their most recent outing, and are led by an improved QB in JJ Robinson (16 TD's 7 INT's, 65% completion, save a 2 pick performance against the USF Bulls), and FB turned RB Ricky Lewis (4.3 YPC average). Their main passing threat is WR Lamont Crawford, the best NFL prospect in the AAC in this draft class. On defense, the Owls front line is decent, but their linebackers are even better- led by OLB's Salvatore McKinney and Gregory Jenkins. Their secondary, much like their D-Line, is decent but not elite, with 4 guys on their front seven getting a sack this season, but none have more than 3 sacks. However, alienufo is one of the, if not the best, coach in the nation, or at least the Group of 5, and has been quite evident in NFLHC this year, and seems to be carrying over decently well to his Temple squad. THeit team is not without flaws though; their safeties, a strength of the Mustangs, is a major gap in their defense, one that was exposed in thier win over USF a couple weeks back. Furthermore, LEwis isn't exactly consistent- against the Bulls he got around 2 yards per carry. if SMU can expose those weakness, I feel SMU has a great shot in this game. For the SMU side of things, their offense is led by sophomore standout QB Andre Webb, who is a very consistent this year with a 19:3 TD:INT ratio, with a great WR core in sophomore standout Dean Burkhart and Peter Marsh, and with star (although in my view slightly overrated) RB Kevin Muse in the backfield, veteran head coach Time can and often does run a balanced offense (199 runs vs. 253 passes). Their offensive line is fairly young and their biggest weakness on offense, if they have one, seems to be scoring- they regularly earn great yardage yet only amassed 14 points against TCU, and 21 points against Rice. On defense, SMU has been surprisingly adequate, with a secondary led by freshman standout CB Adam Young, CB/FS Gabriel Blackwell, FS Sergio Munoz, and SS Blake Goodwin; those three have a combined 10 (of the team's 12) picks on the season, with Young alone having half of them (making him #1 in the AAC in picks). SMU hasn't exactly been consistent, well sorta; they've beaten most of their opponents with ease and strong play for 60 minutes of football but also have losses to a 1 win Army team and a CUSA team in Rice (2nd CUSA team to beat an AAC team). Like most teams with lots of highly rated croots on offense (like Kansas and Tennessee), they are prone to slips up and highs and lows. Not sure if this is one of them, but my gut has more confidence in the Owls, even on the road.
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    Ronald Daniel, 51 yd FG - 0:00 (7-10) (BAY) Liam Noble, 45 yd FG - 0:00 (24-23) What do these two events have in common? They were the last-second field goals that Baylor used to clinch their first and second Big XII South titles. Congratulations, Tuscan!
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    Other Big XII milestones today: Eric Jennings crossed the 11,000-yard mark for his career (11,142 now). He is the only Big XII quarterback with 10,000+ yards (Nathan Burden has 9,998). He has also broken his own school single-season passing touchdowns record with his 29th. He will not likely hit Christian Barkley's conference record of 37. Ted won career game #69 (nice) and Graham Burnett is now over 8,000 yards for his career. If he stays, he will have a shot to break Jennings's record next year. Chase Shapiro had his first career multi-touchdown game, and Aiden Higgins had his first career passing touchdown. Baylor, of course, clinched the division for the first time since 2014. Now, with our 11th game of the season in the books, we can finally turn our complete and undivided attention to the destruction of that one team across the eastern border. ROCK CHALK!
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    Good win, you guys really are the giant slayers (not to imply we're giants, but I'd say this qualifies). INT for TD, Safety, and Kickoff Return for TD...not gonna win with those non-offensive scores. Poop. Also, Iowa, for losing to a MAC team, has been temporarily excommunicated from the B1G.
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    Alien wins COTY after nearly going undefeated, but I can't win coach of the year when I do that
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    Well it wasn't 80-0 thankfully. Not excited about a win-or-go-home against Wake. LLAMAS MY BOY YOU DID IT! BACK-TO-BACK FOR THE CHIPS! SAM THE GIANT SLAYER!
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    Oh my gawdddddd now I'm really hating losing to uconn..this could have been huge for me ugh good job smu to beat temple
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    Did you catch the Baylor-Texas Tech game this week? I couldn't quite place it, but a late field goal by the road team to win it 24-23 seems oddly familiar for some reason.
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    #20 Boston College (7-3) at NC State (5-5)* Duke (4-5) at Miami (FL) (1-8)* #22 Pittsburgh (7-3) at North Carolina (3-7)* #24 Virginia (7-2) at Georgia Tech (4-5)* Notre Dame (3-6) at Charlotte (3-7) Iowa (4-6) at Central Michigan (5-5) Ohio (5-4) at Kent State (4-6)* #19 Vanderbilt (8-2) at Florida (3-6)* #10 Minnesota (8-1) at Maryland (4-5)*
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    damn, close one. My TE actually did something for once. amazing. The rematch on a neutral field will be epic
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    I need to see some scenarios but I'm pretty sure Illinois is still in the thick of the West race
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    See you in Santa Clara nephewjack! Common opponents: BSU @ AFA: 3-51 BSU @ Nevada: 28-29 FrSt @ AFA: 7-19 FrSt @ Nevada: 14-16 Nevada @ USU: 26-0 USU @ AFA: 7-17 Upcoming: Hawaii @ Nevada: 10-13 Air Force @ Hawaii: Week 15
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    LIAM NOBLE FUCKING CLUTCH Edit: pardon my language, I've been waiting for this game for 3 weeks
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    Offensive POTW: RB Preston Tolliver, TUL, 26 for 180 yards, 2 TD Preston Tolliver had 180 rushing yards leading little-known Green Wave to a win against an established program Honorable mentions: QB Daniel Lentz, USF, 25 of 34 for 370 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT RB Kevin Muse, SMU, 24 for 150 yards, 1 TD RB Zaire Tolliver, HOU, 26 for 142 yards, 2 TD Defensive POTW: DT Guillermo Murphy, USF, 1.5 Sacks, 5 Tackles Guillermo Murphy had yet another 1.5 sack game in a rout over hapless Tulsa. Honorable mentions: SS Blake Goodwin, SMU, 1 INT, 5 Tackles DE Adboulaye Hannah, NAVY, 1.5 Sacks, 5 Tackles Special Teams POTW: K Joel Cordero (3 for 3 FG, 44, 40, and 23 yarder GW) SMU Cordero's kicking, much like they're win over MSU a couple years back, won it for the Stangs against a ranked teamgot his third special teams TD of the season.
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    "a win over Mizzou" This is how you identify low quality media pieces.
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    If you can dodge a meme you can dodge a ball. #ballsoutforHarambe
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    Fitting that a game between the two best teams in the AAC would come down to the final minute. See you in New Orleans.
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    I have Stanford and Washington left on my schedule. I have one Pac12 loss and Oregon now has 2. I'm pretty confident. COUUUUUGGGGGGSSSSSSSSS
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    Wow upset city! Looks like WSU is in control of the PAC-12 north now
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    Prince Williams, AF, 1 INT, 2 Tackles That's INT #8 for Williams, #16 for my D. First FF of the year too. Nico Kaufman broke 5000 career passing yards, 2000 more than any other AF QB (he's my third starting QB, with each having 2 years starting).
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    Sorry Dean, had to take it out on somebody. GG
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    Sage <3 Akili is MVP of my heart
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    So pumped that Ohio is now bowl eligible. Now 6-4 after having a rough start to the season!
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