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Tennessee Tumbles in Tuscaloosa

The Vols nearly take down #1 Alabama, but the defense can't keep up for long enough as Abdoul Pearson rushes it in to clinch it 26-23 in 2OT.

Ceci N'est Pas Un Pipe

The pipe stepped up this week, taking out Malcolm Davis, Norris Brooksheer, Kenji Sagatomo, and LaMichael Jones among others.

Rumblin' Raekwon

Northern Iowa RB Raekwon Thomas is looking to prove himself to NFLHC scouts, putting up 125 yards and 3 TD in a convincing win over Montana.

Fib Uring It Out

The Lions clinched at least a .500 record as they knocked off the Packers, 17-12, to jump to a surprising NFC North lead.

McLean on Me

Rice QB Eric McLean becomes the presumptive #1 QB prospect after receiving an 83 overall grade from scouts.


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    [2019] Bowl Games - Day #1

    GG USF! Holy cow. This season has been SO much better than I hoped for when I started playing. I can't wait for the next one! #IsIt2020Yet
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    While I love seeing these, it's important to note that these rankings only encompass half of the equation. I'd like to see a further adjusted ranking to account for supply of talent relative to competition for those croots in a particular region. It's not a secret that Minnesota benefited from the new rules that heavily favor in-state crooting (not saying that Bingo isn't already a very good recruiter, he is) which is reflected in the standings we've seen so far. I wish I could do this myself, but I certainly don't have the know-how to compile these rankings. Florida and Georgia were especially difficult to recruit in. While 10 schools are from these two states in the sim, only 2 were in the top half of these rankings. Perhaps we're all shit recruiters. While that's a possibility, I don't think it's likely; especially after inspecting the croot distribution spreadsheet of ajyoungmark. While we're on the topic, I think teams that are listed as leading on a croot by default (in our state, USF) had a distinct advantage, especially for the 3.0 and 3.5's. While the rest of us have to guess whether a team like USF has bid a single extra point to have the "default" lead or did not bid at all; only that coach knows for sure. That will certainly help those coaches leading by default land a handful of extra lower end talent/depth. Perhaps we can have an indicator for croots going forward that when "discretionary" points (those outside of any automatic state/region bonuses) have been spent, we all know. Not complaining, just pointing some things out. While 73rd doesn't sound impressive, I'm actually quite happy with what I managed to pull in considering the competition.
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    Avatar Updates

    What? You're Miami (OH)
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    Just two rings? Second most in the SEC now.
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    [2019] Bowl Challenge Cup

    Bowl Challenge Cup The Bowl Challenge Cup is awarded at the end of bowl season to the conference with the highest winning % in their bowl games.(Min of 3 games required) Standings through Bowl Game Day #3 AAC - 0-1(.000) ACC - 1-0(1.00) B12 - 1-2(.333) B10 - 1-1 (.500) USA - 0-1(.000) MAC - 1-1(.500) MWC - 1-1(.500) PAC12 - 0-1(.000) SEC - 2-0(1.00) Independents - 2-1(.666)
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    [2019] Awards

    Also Alaska and Hawaii clearly belong in South when you are look at where they are on the map.
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    [2019] Bowl Games - Day #1

    fml gg Jieret.
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    True frosh 2/5 FS. 9 INTs, 29 Tackles, 3 TD on the year.
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    Favorite Chatbox Quotes

    A Series of Unfortunate Trades
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    -by Kenny Oberst, special to the MAC Network "Supposed To." There was a lot of talk before the MAC Championship game kicked off, and very little of it had to with the game itself. After all, it seemed pretty straightforward. Under the guidance of their longtime coach deathcpo, Toledo was the class of the MAC, its “Chosen One.” In a conference still searching for relevancy, the Rockets were far enough ahead of the rest that their sights were set on something higher than winning the conference; an eventual place in the CFBHC playoffs. It almost felt like winning the MAC was just something Toledo was supposed to do on their way to the playoff conversation. The Ohio Bobcats, on the other hand, weren’t supposed to be here - a 1-4 start to the season will put that in many people’s minds. Ohio then hired coach beeznik after NDNathan departed from the program, and the turnaround was stark even if no one noticed. The Bobcats went on the quietest tear you’ll ever (not) see, winning five in a row and six of their last seven to end the season. Included in that winning streak was a 24-21 victory over Buffalo in week 10 that gave the Bobcats the MAC East division, spoiling the storyline of the two last original MAC coaches facing each other in the Championship game. Even with Ohio’s stud RB Owen Walton piling up over 1200 yards and 12 TDs, it somehow felt to many like the Bulls were supposed to be here instead. Things went as they were supposed to at first. A 45-yard opening kickoff return by WR Thomas Yang gave the Rockets great field position on their first possession and not even four minutes later, QB Benjamin Hanson found his big tight end Nate Linsley down the middle for an 8-yard score. And then the game stalled. For nearly twenty minutes of game clock neither team could consistently move the ball, trading punts and possessions like hot potatoes. Toledo linebacker Shia Reeder and his Ohio counterpart Calvin Blue made their presences known during this time, snuffing would-be third down conversions seemingly at will. Toledo would finally break through again, with Noah Cohen connecting on a 39-yarder to give the Rockets a 10-0 lead. And yet…. And yet there was a sense in the stadium that things may not be playing out exactly like they were supposed to. Wasn’t Toledo a multiple-score favorite? Aren’t they supposed to just blow out their opponents in the first half like they’ve done multiple times this season? CB Adam Haywood did his best to calm the Rocket fans’ fears, picking off a Stephen Peters pass at the Toledo 27 and giving the Rockets one last chance to extend the lead. However, Cohen’s 52-yarder pushed wide right as the half expired, and the teams entered the locker room with the score Toledo 10 - Ohio 0, and with those worried mutterings still in the air. The Bobcats came out for the second half determined. They felt they had taken Toledo’s best yet were within striking distance. Bookended by a pair of pass interference penalties, Owen Walton began to exert his will on the Toledo defense with bruising downhill runs - 30 of his 148 total rushing yards came on this drive. Not even three minutes after the half started, Timmy Wilhelm kicked a 37-yard field goal to give the Bobcats their first points of the game and suddenly Ohio was within a score. Toledo answered with a long drive, ending in Cohen kicking his second field goal of the game to restore the Rockets’ 10-point lead. But the uneasiness remained for the Toledo faithful. “This isn’t how this game is supposed to go,” was written all over their faces. And then Ohio’s next drive happened. On third-and-four from the Bobcat 31 Walton plunged into a stacked line of scrimmage, but he didn’t have the ball. The playcall, taking advantage of a hyper-aggressive defense, instead went from Peters to TE Caleb Holman on a corner route for 23 yards. On the very next play, Ohio ran a counter. Walton took the handoff, juked a linebacker that drifted too far inside, and went off to the races. Toledo’s safety knocked him out of bounds at the four, but it didn’t matter. Walton took it up the middle for the score on the very next play. The funny thing is that at this point Toledo is still winning. Maybe it was because Ciamo was finding no room to run or maybe it was because Toledo felt like they needed to reestablish their swagger by scoring quickly, but the Rockets chose to pass and pass often. It worked before - during Toledo’s week seven game against Bowling Green, Hanson tossed two fourth quarter touchdowns to give the Rockets the comeback win. It didn’t work here. Ohio CB Michael Newman made a beautiful play on a deep route, snaking his hand in between the two belonging to Yang and stealing the ball from the wideout. Then after seven minutes of nondescript back-and-forth resembling that long stretch in the first and second quarters, Toledo found themselves with a second-and-five at midfield. Hanson threw a slant behind WR Aaron Hughes who could only futilely swipe at it. FS Robert Mahoney was there to catch the deflection and return it to the Toledo 22 and now with just under four minutes to go, the promised land was within sight for the Bobcats. Steady was their march. 1st & 10, Toledo 22 - Owen Walton off left tackle for six yards. 2nd & 4, Toledo 16 - Owen Walton up the middle for two. 3rd & 2, Toledo 14 - Jeffery Templeton on a speed out for his only catch of the game, but a crucial three yards and a first down on the reception. 1st & 10, Toledo 11 - Owen Walton tackled in the backfield for a three yard loss. 2nd & 13, Toledo 14 - Play-action faking the toss to Walton, Stephen Peters to Caleb Holman for 12 yards. 3rd & 1, Toledo 2 - Owen Walton, 2 yd TD run - 1:30 (17-13) “This wasn’t how the game is supposed to go!” screamed the announcers in their booth. “Has Ohio just done what everyone said they couldn’t and knocked off Toledo?!” The following squib kick was returned to the 29 and Toledo had 71 yards, 82 seconds, and 1 timeout to pull off their own miracle. But the Bobcat defense, which had been so strong throughout the entire game, rose up and met the challenge once more. If it was a throw near the sidelines, Ohio was there to knock it away. A throw down the middle was caught if short but always seemed to have multiple defenders nearby if it traveled more than 10 yards. Toledo was put in a sandbox that was nine yards deep and as wide as the hash marks, and all the while the clock ticked, ticked on. The final play seemed almost anti-climactic. Ohio was made of magic during the game – in how they held Gabe Ciamo to 57 yards, in how they came up with two crucial interceptions, in how a playfake and a juke result in momentum turning for the Bobcats even though they were still losing. They were so magical that there was none left for the Rockets, Hanson's Hail Mary knocked down eight yards shy of the endzone. Hordes of Ohio fans stormed the field past stunned Toledo supporters, jumping and screaming joyously. In their midst a sideline reporter interviewed coach beeznik, “Coach, congratulations on an incredible victory. All the pundits had Toledo winning this game easily, how did you pull off the upset?” The coach smiled. “What were we supposed to do, let them win?” Final Score: Ohio Bobcats 17 - Toledo Rockets 13
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    [2019] Bowl Games - Day #1

    Is Marquise Holiday a freshman? GD!
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    [2019] Bowl Games - Day #1

    Tyler Dotson, ND, 10 for 180 yards, 3 TD He's ready for the NFL Go Irish!
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    [2019] Bowl Games - Day #1

    Thank you for coming to Central Michigan and taking the program to new heights, Walt. The community at Mount Pleasant appreciates what you've done for this school.
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    [2019] Bowl Games - Day #1

    Sean Taylor!
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    [2019] Recruiting Rankings Adjusted

    The following is the rankings of the recruiting values provided by Inspiral, but adjusted to the points available to the team. This is to show who did the best relative to what they had to work with from a value standpoint. Oklahoma State - 203.9027803 Minnesota - 195.9443842 San Diego State - 190.4286062 Oregon - 173.8121312 SMU - 166.259908 Temple - 164.4832508 Auburn - 163.8552574 Duke - 162.7243414 Toledo - 159.9435018 Oklahoma - 158.3743992 Michigan - 153.5997172 Boston College - 149.2958923 Penn State - 142.2538932 Texas A&M - 141.0050343 Missouri - 140.5444741 Washington State - 139.1309649 Cincinnati - 137.3317031 Ohio State - 133.9492539 Washington - 130.6625297 USF - 129.6708645 LSU - 126.4074163 Rice - 125.9585482 Ole Miss - 122.7322504 Purdue - 119.4764555 Hawaii - 118.473156 Baylor - 116.4805271 Clemson - 113.8186085 Vanderbilt - 113.1510266 NC State - 111.8026404 Navy - 110.3388104 California - 110.191945 Maryland - 110.1483105 Alabama - 108.1436624 Arkansas - 107.4937641 Northwestern - 107.3949017 UTSA - 103.3674028 New Mexico - 100.9697699 Arizona State - 100.1330959 Ball State - 99.26385593 Western Michigan - 99.09655047 Kentucky - 96.98850155 Kansas State - 95.82496806 Charlotte - 95.45841699 Miami (FL) - 94.20002318 Middle Tennessee - 94.06235439 Central Michigan - 92.72215607 Mississippi State - 92.65899201 Old Dominion - 92.24463102 Michigan State - 91.82940926 TCU - 91.0516682 Illinois - 86.86347874 WKU - 86.26867036 Wisconsin - 86.22787344 Kansas - 84.8562144 Rutgers - 84.0650646 Tennessee - 83.69372687 Tulsa - 83.49455497 Texas Tech - 82.52074544 Boise State - 82.48772546 North Texas - 82.24736874 Iowa State - 81.31508748 Air Force - 79.94010683 UCLA - 78.76789747 Memphis - 78.19401351 South Carolina - 76.93770153 FAU - 76.05858733 Northern Illinois - 75.86541485 UAB - 75.36503011 Texas - 75.20286415 Colorado - 74.69755165 Buffalo - 74.32528686 Nevada - 72.34678093 Florida State - 69.36086032 Pittsburgh - 66.47176411 Virginia - 65.71212777 USC - 65.54085461 UCF - 59.59471782 Indiana - 57.13177587 FIU - 56.87017096 Virginia Tech - 55.72488897 Tulane - 53.54231307 Stanford - 53.47039487 Georgia State - 53.45964354 Connecticut - 52.79514149 Arizona - 51.65087211 Georgia - 51.38290225 Houston - 51.04344803 Georgia Tech - 51.029843 UTEP - 50.1292815 Nebraska - 49.09944349 Oregon State - 48.77852246 Louisville - 45.95120764 Florida - 45.4969399 San Jose State - 43.18914644 West Virginia - 42.90168522 Syracuse - 42.77088276 Colorado State - 41.97237939 BYU - 41.12257779 Utah State - 40.43773195 Iowa - 40.21452828 Ohio - 39.77637852 Bowling Green - 39.48409077 Wake Forest - 36.63837683 Miami (OH) - 36.47926203 Southern Miss - 35.64214881 Louisiana Tech - 30.28685283 North Carolina - 29.61002616 UNLV - 22.44935207 Fresno State - 21.14548858 Wyoming - 20.67743506 Eastern Michigan - 15.20506818 Notre Dame - 14.31982722 Utah - 11.38297043 Kent State - 10.20259171 Army - 9.661130377 Marshall - 7.978830632 Akron - 3.773498814 East Carolina - 3.675610877
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    [2019] Recruiting Rankings Adjusted

    IRL we know if a recruit visits a school, but can the same be said about a coach going to visit (in an official capacity)? I ask because I honestly have no idea.
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    If I had one gripe about the current system, it is this. For me to bid a point over UConn in Vermont is a massive tip-off that I've put points on players. I understand there's probably not a good way to structure this, since randomization would also lead to people not knowing who has been bid on.
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    [2019] AAC Crooting: Part 2 of 2

    That's a mighty big shit
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    There are multiple positions on both offense and defense which could be improved. The Bears front office has a clear vision how to build this team, and that is what we will be working for in the upcoming draft/free agency period. To answer your other question: it's hard to predict the future. There are already a lot of good head coaches/general managers in the league, you have to prove yourself to get hired. Right now I just want to learn as much as possible about coaching/roster management in this league, and we'll see what happens. I am definitely not in a hurry to get a HC/GM position, as I already learned at Illinois how valuable working with more experienced members can be instead of jumping right in the middle of things.
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    [2020] Old School Recruiting Rankings

    Here are how the conferences match up on average: 1. - 80.203 2. - 79.735 3. - 74.241 4. - 64.415 5. - 62.251 6. - 58.266 7. - 50.506 8. - 48.304 9. - 44.592 10. Indies - 21.982
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    [2019] Awards

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