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    NO ONE CAN SUBMIT A RESPONSE. Tai Miller's wife, Shawna, recently gave birth to a son, Tai Jr. Tai has been overjoyed by this recent addition to his family and has worked hard in pre-season workouts with his new-found energy. Tai Miller gains +13% fitness and +3% chemistry.
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    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13mgg9wf9Ro7VmSO2uJlC2_FpcV754dZVG17rSmxyy_c/edit?usp=sharing I will use the same document from here on out, new years will be tabs at the bottom.
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    Interested in becoming a sexy young intern who answers to llamas? I mean, interested in learning the trades of nflhc? Want to learn how to coach, gm, and scout? Contact Bellwoodbomb about how the Vikings might be a fit for you.
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