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Tucker Dowden shined in Week 0 leading the Missouri Tigers over the West Virginia Mountaineers behind the strength of a 402 yard 4 touchdown day through the air.


Indianapolis Colts quarterback Aaron Shea seems to be in mid-season form after throwing for 488 yards and 7 touchdowns against the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night.


Oklahoma State makes a big time move signing former Alabama Coach randye to a contract. randye appeared for his inaugural press conference sporting a new haircut.


After a questionable call by Pittsburgh Steeler brass to not try to negotiate with holdout QB Paul Davenport, it was announced that panther would be selling the team. Fans hope for a brighter future but are stuck in a pretty dim present.


Hockey is back! And the Chicago Blackhawk's rookie sensation Anatoli Kolchenyuk picked up right where he left off notching yet another goal early in his rookie campaign.


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    [2020] Pre-Season Week #4 - 1 PM

    Eugene Sanders was who I wanted to be our WR4 going into the preseason. His stats this preseason: Eugene Sanders, NYJ, 4 for 28 yards, 0 TD,1 DRP Eugene Sanders, NYJ, 2 for 22 yards, 0 TD Eugene Sanders, NYJ, 4 for 51 yards, 0 TD, 2 DRP Eugene Sanders, NYJ, 3 for 41 yards, 0 TD, 2 DRP Total: 13 receptions for 142 yards, 0 TD, 5 drops He is not who I want to be our WR4 anymore.
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    CFBHC Brackets!

    Join the group here below. 3 entries per player. Password is "sock". Good luck! http://games.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2017/en/sharer?redirect=tcmen%3A%2F%2Fx-callback-url%2FshowGroup%3FgroupID%3D1648383&groupID=1648383
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    [2020] Pre-Season Week #4 - 1 PM

    Also if anyone did not see, Soluna mentioned in the shoutbox it was a bad tear and he could be our first 2020 retirement :(.
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    [2020] Pre-Season Week #4 - 4 PM

    TIL: This Game plan doesn't work with that line.
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    Andrew Davis
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    [2020] Pre-Season Week #4 - 1 PM

    Miles Collins is not making any friends in the Meadowlands.
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    [2020] Pre-Season Week #4 - 1 PM

    Rip Brad Weathersby
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    Be a Sim (Sims 3 BaP)

    you lil bitch my boy man ork is a player of the highest order, both he and his girl gonna be on that couch all day
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    Cleveland going undefeated and winning super bowl.
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    who the fuck is John Varela? Did the Bears have a "Watch a lucky random fan play a game as QB" promotion for this game or something?
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    Oh phew, thank goodness
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