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The Game lives up to the hype this year as (10-1) Michigan traveled to Columbus to take on (10-1) Ohio State for the right to take on Purdue in the B1G Championship. After a grueling battle that took 2 overtimes to decide, it was the Wolverines who stood victorious 36-33 in what was possibly the best game of the season.


The Las Vegas Raiders and the Denver Broncos both won their games Sunday, setting up a week 17 showdown to decide the AFC West. The Raiders toppled the Chiefs 24-14 and the Broncos survived the Jaguars 27-23.


As the final week of the regular season wraps up, teams turn their attention to the conference championships and bowl season. There are some solid match ups to look forward to with big implications.


The Detroit Lions and the Indianapolis Colts won this week, while the New England Patriots and the Minnesota Vikings took losses, all becoming 6-9 on the season.


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    New York Giants: The End of A Dream

    My apologies. Just trying to lighten the mood. Besides, you might be able to trade for a decent GM, for say, I don't know, next year's 3rd round pick?
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    Nah I got the joke, it was just lame and I'm not in the mood for that shit right now
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    New York Giants: The End of A Dream

    DStack, headcoach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Don't you think this is a bit of a knee jerk reaction? Don't you think you should just casually ride out Dream as GM and just kinda 'see what happens?' I certainly enjoy having GM Dream in the NFC East.
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    [2020] Pre-Week 1 Power Rankings

    You know, now that I have distance from it, I agree with you about both. Losing Vollmagnet is big deal for KC, and the Pack maybe just needs a little luck.
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    [2020] Pre-Week 1 Power Rankings

    Really glad to see my favorite article series back for 2020! Gotta disagree with the Chiefs though, I see them as way overhyped given the massive question marks they have right now. I also think GB is a bit underrated---but I am biased there lol.
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    We Are The MAC: Sean Taylor

    Me either..
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    Looks like my team took up one of my favorite pastimes: feasting on some beaver.
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