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    So a little personal but last summer I realized how much I love the site. My mom passed away last summer and I spent a lot of time just lurking on the site as an escape. You guys were pretty much the only people I could have a normal conversation with, and it really helped a lot. The anonymity of the site has lead to some shitty people and situations, but it was what I needed most. So I just want to say thank you to everyone on the site for making some of the worst days of my life a little bit better.
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    It's 1 AM here so sorry if I forgot anyone. @grv413 If I had a dollar for every message we've ever sent back and forth, I'd have a lot of dollars. It's always great coming on to the site and having that 1 in the inbox though, and it's great just talking about literally anything even though like half is NFLHC related. This site wouldn't be the same for me without you on it, if I'm being honest. Thanks for always being around. @Soluna even though you're literally the antithesis of me as a person, apparently, at least you created this site so there's one positive thing about you @smckenz3 for being the new, shittier version of Soluna. Thanks for making it easier for me to beat my rivals. But in all seriousness, you're a great dude to talk to and talk shit with. @inspiral I know I was definitely overbearing with the Jets, but I still always thought very highly of you and you're clearly an extremely intelligent person. Sorry for all the times I annoyed you with not using all our cap space. Without you I'm not sure the site would still be running as is, but I'm sure you know that. @notoriousbigej for always keeping it dank af, and for being someone who actually knows how economics works amirite @Jumanji As your mentor, I think you should cut Todd Lester. Just saying. But in all seriousness, thanks for always being around to talk shit about the Super Bowl, it helps keep me motivated. And also, for being a great guy to talk to about anything else. @SageBow @stormstopper @Bubada I always enjoy reading your work, that type of media keeps the site worth visiting. Thanks for continuously contributing (especially you storm) @npklemm There's no particular reason for this one, you're just an awesome guy so keep being you @bingo415 I didn't even know we had a rivalry... but now that we do, screw Oregon they're not even the best Ducks on this site and a Bronco is a bad mascot @deandean1998 For being the Rome to my Soluna. And also for sharing so many interests with me, and being an awesome guy to talk with, but minus points for being a Pats fan bro. @smokingcricket Even though you're clearly a better chess player than me, you still tried to tell me that I was better than you. Something about that is hilarious to me, but it also shows that you're a great guy. @DangerZoneh those plug.dj hangouts where it's literally just us still manage to be a lot of fun. And there's so many more people really... @thatfunk @Dean_Craig_Pelton @ImposterCauster @TuscanSota and many more To be honest I could probably list like half of this site. Thanks for making this a great place to hang out no matter what else is going on in my life!
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    So first, this list would always be incomplete without @alienufo, @inspiral, and especially @Soluna. I can't even begin to imagine how much time and effort they put in that none of us can even see, and they've all worked tirelessly to take this game and this site from good to great and beyond. I specifically want to highlight @TuscanSota, @Minnowsotan, @HAFFnHAFF, @ChicagoTed1, @panther553212, @DangerZoneh, @AzulCaballero, @acewulf, and @smckenz3--all the members of the Big XII. It's a lot more fun to write about the Big XII, to hype up the Big XII, and to care about the Big XII because you guys care about it too. The fact that you all buy in and take pride in it is what makes this conference special. The media makers and the data crunchers deserve a shoutout too. @bingo415, @Jumbo, @SageBow, @paperllamasunited, @ImposterCauster, @Rome, @Bubada, @Yellow_Evan, @Hagan, @Jieret, @Franz Kafka, @beeznik, @Dacder, @SlinkyJr, @GK12303, and I'm probably forgetting as many people as I'm remembering--but this is what makes this experience immersive. It's hard to care about Tennessee QB 2.0/5.0. It's hard *not* to care about Adrian Goldson, the Next Great Hope of Tennessee. I try to read as much as I can, but I especially make sure to read when someone writes an article who doesn't normally write articles. Seeing people take that step and testing the water is a wonderful thing to see. And last but not least, my own list wouldn't be complete without my brother @Darman. You've always been the closest person in my life, and I love the fact that we get to work together on here. We still make a great team. *** To answer the second question, the rivalry and smack talk are that small enjoyment that I enjoy. Whether it's @vtgorilla, HAFF, inspiral, Danger, Ted, the Lions staff, the Vikings staff, or sometimes even the Falcons and Colts' staffs (because they harbor dangerous elements such as the False Prophet and Aaron Shea) (and dang, that's a long list), I've had a lot of repartee on here, and y'all are good at dishing it back and keeping me in line. I love that as a community we're able to keep that competitive edge, but we also don't lose sight of the fact that we're all here to have fun.
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    Not gonna make a big list of people because then I'll accidentally exclude people, so I'll just say @Bubada is someone that I always look forward to his articles because they're so interesting and detailed. A small little enjoyment I have that keeps me coming back to this site daily is rubbing mayonnaise all over myself while shitposting.
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    PAC-12 Game of the Week Week 1 The Game: Colorado Buffaloes (0-0) at #2 USC Trojans (0-0) The Place: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum The Line: Colorado at USC (-11) The Time: Saturday Evening Why's this the PAC-12 Game of The Week? Actually, that's an easy question to answer: They're the only PAC-12 Matchup in Week 1! Besides that, both teams have very competent coaches, good teams, and USC is very high ranked. What to look for? USC's Three Headed Monster. USC's offense last year was one of the best in the country, and Trickett and Cordero coming back will only help. You take that with the addition of Gulla, and this offense might be even better. If Trickett ins given time to think what he's going to do with the football, this might be a looooong game for the Buffaloes. What's this game worths? To Colorado, this game is a very good chance to see their young players battling against a very good and very experienced squad. Besides that, every time you play a ranked team is a good opportunity to show to the other coaches that you are being underestimated, and Franz and his squad are ready to show the critics that they are better than the 8th team in PAC-12. USC is the number 2 ranked team in the country, was voted by the PAC-12 coaches as the favorite to win the conference this year and is playing at home. Every long road, especially a championship road, needs to start at somewhere, and USC journey starts here. The expectations are high, but, the question remain: can iliveinadreamatorium make it? Can he lead the Trojans to the PAC-12 title and the Playoffs? We will see, starting this saturday. Keys to the Game Colorado Running Game If the Buffaloes wants to win this game, Latavious Murray and their OL will have to do a heck of a job. USC's front seven, leaded by Ilan Kuhn, is not going to be an easy task, but, relying only on the passing game is not an option. If they need to convert a lot of third and longs, or, need to throw a lot the football, things might get out of hand pretty quickly. USC Limit Turnover USC have a more experienced and more talented team than Colorado. But, if they keep giving the ball to the Buffaloes, this maybe will not matter. They gotta play safe. In my opinion, the only way the Buffaloes could come away with the victory is if they win the turnover battle by a large margin. With that, the USC's team has to take care of the ball. Key Stat Seniority USC is a much more experienced team than Colorado. On average, USC players are almost one year more experienced and tested than Buffaloes' players. While Colorado's team is full of good players, they are still young, and, on the other hand, most of the Trojan's' best players have already played at least 3 years. To put thing in perspective, only 4 USC players are Fr, (Fr) or So, and just one of these players play on defense. While, on the Colorado's side, they're starting 8 players that are Fr, (Fr) or So. Key Matchups Colorado Receivers X USC Defensive Backs When you look at the Buffaloes Depth Chart, you clearly see that one of their weakest groups are their receiving core. When you take Ibrahim Herbert out of the equation, there's not too much left. You sum that with the fact that USC's DBs are one of the best units in the PAC-12, led by CB Jabari Thorpe and FS Gabe Bauman (Leaded PAC-12 in 2019 with 7 interceptions). Colorado is going to need to run effectively with the ball. If that's not the case, Evan Torres will have a hard time facing these USC DBs Ethan Tripp (USC's RT) X Josh Bain (Colorado's DE) If Trickett has time to throw the football, or has plenty of holes to run by, USC should not encounter greater problems to beat Colorado. That's why this is a huge matchup. Bain is the best DL from Buffaloes, and Tripp is the worst OL from Trojans. That means that Bain has the chance to put some pressure, and take Trickett out of his comfort zone, giving to the Buffaloes at least some chances. Best NFLHC Prospects OT Kevin Grey - USC CB Jabari Thorpe - USC P Giuseppe Bernstein - USC TE Ibrahim Herbert - Colorado
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    After Soluna, my CFBHC experience is really tied up in a couple "relationships" I've developed here. Franz Kafka and DescretoBurrito are my guys, two of the nicest people I've met in this setting. And, while its been an up and down road, I've come to respect and speak freely with Rome in a way I didn't think possible after his first second exile. Jieret, for a newer guy, and Smackems, Cmcgill, and Klemm are also really great guys that have been fun to exchange ideas with. We all seem to have approx. the same amount of life 'experience' so I feel like I relate well to them. I'm constantly impressed by Sage's knowledge of the players and the games, Storm's wit and commitment, SmokingCricket's smarts and conversational style, Jumanji's focus, and Taffy's ridiculous self-confidence. I have wonderful 'rivalries', too, with Alien, and Slinky, and Jumbo, and Jacobs, and Mimsy, and Inspiral--jovial rivalries that give a little extra meaning to matchups on the site. The younger guys, like Bmlig and Imposter, have put some of the fun back in the game for me. Though I know we all miss SHC a little As for the 'little enjoyments'--y'all know I don't love all the memes (even if some are pretty damn funny), but I absolutely eat up every bit of media or content. I've come to really appreciate the RP aspect of this...it's not what I was getting into at the beginning, but it's been fun to see who sticks with it. It's a great place...very happy to be part of this community!
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    The backbone of the community, eh? Well this is difficult and I feel like if I missed someone I'd hurt some feelings. But... alienufo, for running the NFLHC sim, is probably 2a in terms of most important person on the site. Whoever that guy is who made the interface that constantly breaks and is bad, On a similar note, Inspiral is probably 2b in terms of people I think are more important to the site, because without his work on the interfaces things would be a lot harder. Those two aside, stormstopper (and his alt account Darman) is probably the site superuser I think of first for his combination of media and presence. Jumbo is probably second on that list. bingo, Imposter, and klemm are my media picks. Dacder/GK/deandean - I don't know if I would be as good of a sport of constantly being shit on as they are (inb4 people start shitting on me), but they do it. I'm not sure if this is a backhanded compliment to them or not, but I think that memes aside they do try and participate in the community well. Rome and Rabid - I couldn't split the two of you, which is probably ironic... but two of the most opinionated users on the site in terms of strategies. It's interesting to hear their ideas. On a similar note, Ted and grv isn't a combination you'd think of often... but what they provide OOC is as interesting as what Rome and rabid do IC. Azul/Notorious/Cade - The Holy Fr@ Trinity, as they remind me what being a fun young'un was like. Plus they usually have good stories. Finally, Time and Vxmonarkxv - Get a room already you two...
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    NEVER SKIP LEG DAY Panthers remain undefeated as Pittsburgh's last minute kick comes up short Skip Gibson opened the scoring with a 46 yard field goal in the first quarter
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    Woah this is probably going to be a long post. As the second person to join the site I've seen every change to this site and the countless hours people have poured into this endevour without getting compensation, thank you everyone. specific shoutouts to admin type people @Soluna : Thank you for putting up with so many people's shit. I really appreciate the amount of work you put in here. I can never tell if you like me or not but thanks for putting up with my ass since day 1. You're a fair but tough moderator and I appreciate how you've handled the site through the years. @alienufo : thank you for running the NFL side with an even and steady hand. You're one of the more insightful people on the sight to listen to for roster composition and I always enjoy you on the draft casts. Go pack go @inspiral : thank you for providing an amazing platform with the interface. But Fuck Purdue. Go Pack go @stormstopper : thanks for all the extra shit you do to make sure we get games on time etc. Go Hawks! Other non admin people @ChicagoTed1 : thanks for jumping on with me as an OG Packer. Even though our original team plan didn't win us that first super bowl it was fun as hell working with you for multiple seasons. Go Pack Go @DescretoBurrito : thank you for joining the Packers and balancing myself and Ted out. I'm still salty you left us but I'll never forget how much fun it was thinking through the roster with you. Miss working with ya buddy. @Dacder : although I kinda just left you hanging, I'm glad that we got to work together. It was nice bringing in someone who didn't agree with my shit at all and trying to working with it @npklemm : Klemm, thanks for taking me in after my hiatus. I was having a rough go of it and found a nice landing spot with you guys. I've really enjoyed my second NFL home with you and Emp. Go Irish. @Emperor_of_Orange : Emp, thanks for being a great sounding board for ideas about the franchise. I'm glad we have a great synergy between what I'm thinking roster wise and your coaching. Always great talking strategy or shooting the shit with you. @Franz Kafka : Always great shooting the shit with you. Although you may have said I was the gentleman and scholar I think it's the other way around. @notoriousbigej : ayyyyyy #independentmasterrace forever. @believer : it's been great just talking since I've made my return to the site. To the many others on the site thank you for making it what it is. I'm sure I left out people so please don't feel personally slighted. It's hard mentioning everything and everyone from the entire site history that I'm so honored to be a part of in the Natty Club.
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    First off s/o to @Soluna, @alienufo, and the rest of the mod staff for making this all possible S/o to to all my NYG fam @believer for putting in a ton of work since he's been here, @iliveinadreamatorium for being a great person to work with and still chill to talk to even after the firing, and @Nmize0 for getting a lot of the building blocks in place and being someone I can still bounce ideas off of S/o to @deandean1998 you've become one of my favorite people on this site to talk both about the sim and just in general and I love seeing you succeed here (even if it hasn't happened much lately) S/o to that late night shout box crew @Darman, @stormstopper, @paperllamasunited, @DangerZoneh, @Emperor_of_Orange and anyone else I'm missing. The conversations maybe random and downright stupid at times, but as a west coaster I love being able to talk about anything with you guys late into the night S/o to @CadeRich5 for being a chill dude both here and IRL, we've had some wild times together and its crazy to think its all because of this random site S/o to @Jumbo for dank memez and being someone I can talk econ shit with There's probably a lot of people I'm missing, but if I had to list everyone who made this site great I would end up listing just about everyone
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    So many, Jumbo is funny and fun to talk to Emperor is the best coach on the site Ape is a damn good GM Storm is wicked smart and writes the best media LaserCats is wicked smart and the Colts aren't what they are without her All of the Mods are great Bingo is possibly the most supportive person I've ever met Rome is invaluable Bubada does great Stat and article type media Dean and Dream are tight and have great taste in music Darman and Notorious are great with the #memes Gravy is very chill Inspiral does work that make the site work Soluna is God Jumanji is wicked smart and I enjoy talking with him about stuff
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    Hey, why do I get a notification every time someone posts "1-15"? Chargers might still get a second win this year.
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    Wow so this is a lot to have to say. There are so many people here that have meant so much to me that I just know I'm going to forget someone. So I'm not gonna @ anyone or else I know I'd try to fit way too many in here. First, though, I want to say thanks to Soluna. I think that's where you have to start, isn't it? Dude, you've done so much to bring this community together and I can't thank you enough for that. I know we can butt heads at times and have had our differences, but I respect what you've done so much and definitely consider you a friend. In the same breath, I have to thank inspiral and alienufo for all they do. Inspiral has put together some of the coolest programs to allow us to play this game and I can't wait to see what he future of this site can be. And alien, I have to say you're a great NFL commish but an even better DM. I love every chance we get to play even if I can be the worst about attendance. Secondly, gotta look at my PSB squad. It might be a little cliquey or whatever but y'all are the group of guys here who I've gotten the closest too. And it all started on a podcast trying to find Dean and Dream on Facebook. It's been a long road from where we started, but I know y'all will be some of my closest friends for life. Next I just want to thank the rest of the community. Like I said, there's too many to name, too many stories to tell, but that's ok. Everyone here contributes to making this place as incredible as it is. Something like CFBHC simply doesn't work without the full investment of the community and we've done that 100fold. Every media piece, al the investment, all the immersion is what makes CFBHC so fun. I don't feel like I'm playing Madden when I'm out here discussing trades and furiously revising my draft board. I feel like I'm an actual GM and that makes this so cool. So I just truly want to thank everyone for what they've done here in making this a special place. Being a part of CFBHC got me through the hardest time of my life like it was nothing. There's a few months where if I didn't have this site I would have been incredibly lonely and I don't really know where I'd be right now, so thank you so much for that. As for the little moments, I find the best part of this site is being able to log on at quite literally any point in the day and have someone to talk to. Whether it's in plug.dj or the shputbox or there's a google hangout going on or whatever, there's always something to do. There arent many communities quite like this.
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    Who are the members you think provide the most enjoyment on this site? I don't want anyone shitting on anyone else, that's my job - let's highlight the people who you think represent the backbone of this community, whether it is for; media, fun, memes, or work. Secondarily, what are your "little enjoyments" on the site. Other than games, the draft, etc. what small moments make coming back here daily worth it?
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    I nominate Rabid for Inactivity Council.
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    @Soluna because if it wasn't for him we wouldn't be here @stormstopper @bingo415 @smckenz3 And all the other big media makers for giving this Sim's players a life and soul @Rome @Bubada for their excellent work on stats giving us points to talk about @inspiral for all the work he does behind the scenes. He doesn't get enough love And anyone who has ever been on NFL Live with me, or any other podcast. NFL Live makes its return soon!
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    I've been logging in periodically to see if gameplanning or recruiting have been setup on the interface but haven't seen anything to do with it, in fact the entire CFBHC section of my interface is gone leaving just CBBHC. I figured since we delayed the season a bit that it was still under construction however Inspiral told me that someone gave my team away (for inactivity maybe?) and to repost a request for Texas. So here I am, naked and afraid. Please let my team so I can gameplan and recruit. 1. Please list your email address and/or your reddit username at which you can be contacted. AzulCaballero 2. Before continuing, please thoroughly read the coaching course and feel free to ask questions. Confirm that you have read the coaching course by writing "Confirmed" below. Confirmed 3. What team do you want to coach? Texas Longhorns 4. Please select two backup teams (in descending order of preference) in case your first choice is unavailable. Kansas Jayhawks Texas Longhorns Wichita State Shockers Blue Mountain State 5. In three or more sentences, tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, what do you do, where are you from, why would you be a good fit here, etc. KRUSH. KRUSH. KRUSH. 6. This site can be as time consuming as you want it to be. Weekly duties can be completed in 30 minutes or less, however interacting with your fellow players throughout the week makes it more enjoyable for most people. Approximately, how much free time do you have during a typical week? At least 2 or 3 free times 7. Losing games is an inevitable reality on this site, especially when accepting newer teams. Do you believe you can handle losing? Disappointment is expected, however we have had issues with people freaking out, and even leaving the site because of losing. I lose a lot, it's cool. I lost to OU, I lose a lot with New England, I lost my team, it happens. 8. How did you find out about this site? If recommended by a friend, please post his/her username. I live here
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    Going to sneak this in before midnight on the west coast, sorry if I don't @ you, specifically! @Soluna @alienufo @SageBow @stormstopper @Jieret @Yellow_Evan @Isaac829 @Quasar @jmjacobs @inspiral = mod team and its been a great experience working with you guys, as well as mentors to me in shoutbox/PMs. Shoutout to Soluna and Inspiral for really keeping the site together. @Notoriousbigej = Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity for coaching in NFLHC and letting me become the Giants HC. You've been extremely helpful, and I've enjoyed working with you every step of the way, even with how rough the season is. @Darman = A very enjoyable person to talk to on shoutbox @bellwoodbomb611= You're seriously my right hand man in the MWC even if I don't tell you explicitly, thanks a ton for your help. @constapatedape =great conversationalist and mentor. @jumbo, @rome, @npklemm = you guys are great shoutbox presences that when yall are in there, I know its going to be lit For the rest of you that I always see on shoutbox, thanks for giving me enjoyable memories and fun times, even if I haven't met yall in person. You guys have given me a place to hangout and never be dissapointed, thank you all, much love!
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    @ImposterCauster thank you for raising Walt right, ily bb. Also I like to run gameplan ideas by imposter and they seem to work out best when I run them by him (see 2019 CMU vs Toledo) vs when I dont (2019 CMU vs Ohio). I know @Rome has had a long history with the site, but every interaction I've had with him in my time here has been positive, from working on the 2018 CFBHC Big Book to now working together in NHLHC. @bellwoodbomb611 has been a great coach, i think hed be a great coach with any NFLHC franchise and im fortunate hes caught on here. The results of our games dont show his value to the organization, especially since I figured an ideal role for him in his first NFLHC season would be as a scout, and hes far surpassed those expectations. @bmlig95 has done a solid job as a scout so far, hopefully we'll get to see more of your potential once cfb kicks off. An excellent future GM candidate for those looking for one down the road. I think we can all agree @stormstopper is one of the most positive minded, and willing to reason in debate, members of the site. I wish you weren't a dirty Bear, but you're always a Jayhawk in my heart <3 Shoutout to the rest of the late night crew @notoriousbigej @Darman @lucas95and all the others, i love getting on here during my office portion of work and then again when I get home to talk about music and, um, "adult recreational activities" and wind down my night that way. I also thoroughly enjoy the random snaps from notorious, and of @taffyowners dog. (For those who want to add me on snapchat, it's freebundy. Maybe send me a snap saying who you are on here tho so I'm not just like who tf is this) Those of you who have participated in CFBHCVision ( @Soluna @CadeRich5 @Emperor_of_Orange@iliveinadreamatorium etc) have been awesome, music is a major part of my life since I at minimum drive for 2 hours every day, and I've discovered so much thanks to all of you. More CFBHCVision PLS I could shoutout probably 75 to 80 of you really, and that's just because I haven't interacted enough with the other 30ish people. I love this community, talking about random shit and lifes problems, and I basically gained 80 new friends instead of finding a football simulator. I can't leave without thanking @LaserCats and @deathcpo though, they helped me learn a lot early on in the 2018 season, and im always willing to pass that on to new users in the future because of that.
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    Well, to be fair, Descreto voted 18 times in this poll.
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    @SlinkyJr is my favorite person on the site... hes just so damn funny
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    @Soluna for all of the hours he puts in to allow us to play this (these) game(s). @inspiral because the interface and its continued enhancements make everything better. @ImposterCauster Even though there are plenty of others who do and contribute to doing broadcasts, it has been his work that stands out to me as entertaining and most memorable. @Rome, @stormstopper @Jumbo @Bubada for their work crunching numbers, doing polls, etc. that add to the realism and information we get. @Sagebow (I'm not sure why the tags stopped working) because he, when thinking of someone who is always contributing something to the site, is the one person who really stands out to me. He's always in the shoutbox, ready and willing to talk about just about anything. He's done plenty of media too and is always a person who steps forward when the site seems to need something. When you ask "Who is the backbone of CFBHC?", I can't imagine this site without Sage. Personal thanks to @Wooden, @LaserCats, and @Jumanji for granting me a GM job with their franchises, because drafting, and all the preparation and strategizing that goes into it, is one of my favorite things in life. @everyone who has ever given me something to laugh or smile at, because this is a game, and games are supposed to be fun. @everyone who has ever laughed or smiled at one of my posts, because you get that at least 90% of what I post is a joke anyway.
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    A note to all applicants: It would be in your best interests to stay active on the site, even if you don't have a job. Again, it doesn't disqualify you if you only check in once a week or whatever, but you may miss out on a job opening while you're away. We value active coaches because active coaches are less likely to let their team fall to pieces. People who stay involved with CFBHC (via asking to be someone's unofficial coaching assistant, bumping your job thread every two/three days, and/or participating in various other parts of the board to name a few methods) look like more attractive candidates to commissioners when openings appear.
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    Oh jeez. Where do I even begin? I already know I'm gonna leave some deserving people out! @Soluna, @alienufo, and @inspiral: Shouldn't need to be said. But I really wanted to point out the hard and tedious behind-the-scenes work being done to make the various parts of the site better. I always appreciate it, and I know many others do, too. @pumph: For bringing this site to my attention, what, about 10 months ago? I might never have found this place without you, bud, and I'm grateful you did. He and Raybaxter actually took pretty good care of me those first few weeks while I was trying to get my footing on this site. @bingo415 for reaching out and seeing enough to offer me a place in the Denver Broncos' front office. He and @DescretoBurrito are a blast to work for and I'm learning an incredible amount from them. @paperllamasunited for thinking I had the chops to be MAC commissioner - or is it that I forgot to step back when you were looking for volunteers? But I think what keeps me so preoccupied with this site is the sense of immersion and investment. I shouldn't care about some computer-generated RSo 3.0 of 4.0 Speed RB from someplace in Michigan I'd never heard of, but I do (Gabriel Shields I still miss you bby); it's the stories and the media that keep me hooked. @ImposterCauster, @SageBow, @stormstopper, @TuscanSota, @jmjacobs, and many, many others help bring CFBHC to life and inspired me to add my little bit to the site. And then there's the deep-dive stuff from @Bubada and @Rome among others. It's crazy how much data mining you bring to the table, thank you for that. Finally: Even if I didn't mention you, you still rock. Seriously.
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    I don't spend a ton of time around here so unfortunately I don't have the insight many of you do. Most of my interactions come from the random shoutbox conversations so off the top of my head: @Jumbo, @Darman, @taffyowner, @smokingcricket, @stormstopper - Whenever there's an interesting conversation going on in the SB I pay attention to what these guys are saying @notoriousbigej & @CadeRich5 for the lolz @bingo415, @Jumanji, @ImposterCauster, @npklemm - Some of the sites nicest dudes @Soluna & @grv413 - Fellow Nittany Lions Shout out to @Dacder, (who I thought was a troll for the first year and half I was here), for becoming super chill over the last year or so. And finally media contributors: I don't want to name any out of fear of missing one. But, in addition to Soluna and @inspiral's work (and all other mods FTM), I don't think this site would be as successful without your regular contributions of media pieces. I'm blown away by the depth of some of the articles and truly is a reason why people keep coming back.
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    5/12/17 Current applicant waiting list, based on date of application and if applicant has been on recently: Note that this does not take into account any specific job desired, nor is this an end-all be-all of who gets an available job (although it is a strong factor). Conference Commissioners have final say in approving/denying applications. Any applicant who does NOT show a "last visited" within the last 14 days will not appear here. (This means turn off your stealth/anonymous logins) Application date: (last visited) 4/17: Jamzz (5/10) rockhead44 (5/9) Jstrick (5/7) TheJewMortar (5/5) Boogyman10 (5/8) 4/18: johnkirk (5/12) 4/21: Pooter (5/11) 4/25: GameOfJones (5/10) 5/8: gigemags11 (5/12)
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    Every recruit I don't bid on is another recruit Danger gets, so hopefully that helps you decide
  30. 3 likes
    @stormstopper for being a great commissioner of CFBs most exciting conference. His media stuff is on point and has been the inspiration for my media efforts. He also took the time to point a new grunt who just became his rival in the right direction when I first showed up a year and a half ago. @ImposterCauster also helped me out when I first joined despite only joining a few weeks before I did @smckenz3 and @vtgorilla for the friendships we have developed outside of the site and our google chat that blows up with anything from college football to the Dolphins to vtgorilla's new hiking app (seriously go check it out, its awesome!) A newer friendship with @TuscanSota based more over writing then cfbhc, but still always fun to have someone to bounce things off of @SageBow also does a fantastic job with his media pieces for the SEC.
  31. 3 likes
    Oh dear this is gonna be a long one for me. @ImposterCauster You're my buddy, you know I am here for you whenever you need me, and you're a damn good person on top of that. Also a smart as hell coach, without you and @TuscanSota Julius McIntosh would have been way worse. WAY worse. @Rome Special shout out to bringing me on the site, so direct all of your blame to him and not me @neovenator250 For being a wonderful owner, and a good friend of mine on the site. Hell without you I wouldn't have learned so much about LSU football @caesari The witty one, I know you're out at a camp right now but I adore you too. @Jumbo You helped me a ton when I joined the site, and honestly you have my back during things you probably shouldn't have my back in. I really really owe you so much thanks, and for being a good friend. @grv413 Another thank you, pretty much read what I wrote for Jumbo and it's literally the same. Why am I good friends with the Jets of all teams :/ @Jumanji Back when you were in Boston College, you were extremely helpful to me and a good person, and I think you deserve a ton of thanks. Same to you @npklemm @smokingcricket You also have my back during things most people wouldn't, and I sincerely thank you a ton for everything. You're really helpful and a good friend on the site. @Soluna for not banning me, that probably has came a bit too close from time to time. @paperllamasunited I know you get afraid of getting banned and stuff but I promise just keep your head up. @cmcgill You've been really helpful for me recently, especially in NFLHC, and I sincerely appreciate it. There are even more I've forgotten but seriously y'all are all amazing. Thank you all this site has been a positive thing on my life and I love the community here.
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    If you're asking us which version of the witch hunt system I prefer, I'd say none of the above. My concern is that this will turn CFBHC into a de facto popularity contest, moreso than it already is. The winners get to sit on the council, with whatever ancillary benefits come with it, the losers risk banishment on top of their already shit existence being from constantly shit on in the shoutbox and the anxiety associated with making ANY decision in this game as a result of said treatment. I understand the need for mods, and I fully support that. There are people here who pull a lot more than their own weight, and they have my gratitude. It's the idea of an inactivity council and the slippery slope that it represents that I take issue with. There has to be a better way of handling this problem. I have no better suggestion, and I know it's a tough situation as there are people waiting on vacancies to open up.
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    Congratulations on the new hire Coach Jamzz! Welcome to CFBHC as another new head coach this season I just want to wish you luck.
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    From now until the middle of July I'm going to be working at a summer camp. I'll still be on and able to gameplan/recruit, but I figured I'd post this so I'm not flagged for inactivity. I'll be back! Go Redhawks!
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    Thanks to to all MWC members that voted, now your MWC Preseason Teams MWC Preseason First Team QB Ryan Harris RB Xavier Valentine FB Andrew Lilly WR Reginald Lattimore TE Chance Billingsley OT Noel Tatum OG Tom Sharpe C Setu Seau DE Jeremy McKinney DT Kaden Oglesby ILB Phillip Gillis OLB Evan Walsh CB Rashawn Loftus FS Damani Crump-Jackson SS Jonah Parker K Lorenzo Rodgers P Thomas Purcell MWC Preseason Second Team QB Nico Kaufman RB Marquise Allen FB Kamari Traylor WR James Hall TE Cayden Reese OT Sebastian Parra OG Hunter Herndon C Mayor Cornelius DE Malik McDonalds DT Marlon Winston ILB Bobby Oakley OLB Aaden Payne CB Tegray Wingard FS Shamar Sutton SS Matthew Solomon K Bill Hatcher P Ari Goodrich
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    So FB, C, and CB are the only positions where Air Force does not have a 1st or 2nd team All-MWC player? If we let him get any kind of recruiting class this year.....
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    I wondered how long it would take you to realize this. I honestly had it pegged for Week 3 of the season though.
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    You're still the Texas coach and as far as I'm concerned you never lost your team; you just got detached from them on the interface. Make sure you request it there, and one of the commissioners with access will re-assign you to it.
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    You are only allowed to give 10 likes per day. You cannot give any more likes today.
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    BIRDS OF PREY FEAST ON BUFFALO Michael Hawkins tip toes into the end zone for a 35 yard touchdown reception on his was to a 10/178/1 stat line for the afternoon. The Eagles' passing game was deadly and defense suffocating in a 41-3 drubbing of the Bills in Buffalo.
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    The IndyStar WWWE'RE GOING STREAKING! Colts Defense Once Again Leads The Way As Indy Gets to .500 Aaroun Samuelsson after Intercepting Ryan Clark
  42. 2 likes
    Abraham, Cowboys Slip Past Giants Cowboys Make it to 6-1 Heading Into Bye Week
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    Still pretty new but in the month I've been here really everyone has been great. I'm really interested in making my team better long-term and everyone I've asked has been more than helpful, but of all of them I feel like @Darman has consistently put up with my stupid questions and given really great advice. As far as what makes me come back (other than the community), I loooooove the CFB posts where people get really into it. The Press Conferences, rankings, recruiting, etc. It all makes it so much more enjoyable when everyone is passionate and wants to create content to make it feel like a real league.
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    When you search a team on the interface, it shows remaining visits, pipelined state, camp state, and star recruit for the team.
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    I have no idea what this means.
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    The Buffalo News "Where Life Unfolds Daily" CHECK PLEASE! Trade Rumors Abound In Buffalo, Some Vets "Want Out" As Bills Continue Pathetic Run
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    nice got 5 Boise players in the All-MWC teams. but holy shit Air Force.
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    TRADING SPACES Coach Ted and GM Randye spend the final hours of the trade deadline going over offers and agreed upon deals.
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