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    CFBHC v1.3b June 9th, 2017 Pre-Release v1.3.1.15 Notes: As usual thanks to the members who helped test this - there weren't many this time because I got this pumped out quickly with my new additional time. I appreciate the thoughts and input you guys have made in your private feedback forum threads. Just a heads up - version 1.4 will introduce a practice schedule system that will likely be added for 2021 after commissioners help beta test and may introduce prestige and firing for CFBHC and/or NFLHC depending on beta feedback. NFLHC * Added player happiness. Happiness is a sliding value from 0-100 that represents how content a player is with an organization. Happiness is not necessarily a reflection of only team success. Happiness is a hidden value but will result in a variety of visible events. * Added three new rejection reasons for players to refuse to sign a new or extension contract: Dislike of head coach or coaching style. Looking for contender team. Looking for free agent money. * Tied NFLHC events and happiness into contract situations. Players may express requests to draft certain positions via events, ask for certain offseason signings (including other specific players) or may express dissatisfaction with a head coach or coordinator. * Fixed a bug with progressions. * Fixed a bug with receving stat output. * Fixed a minor bug with stuck gameplan changes if not updated. * Fixed a minor bug with slant passes. CFBHC * Added Conference Media Accounts. Commissioners will receive the access information for an account associated with their conference and may share the account info at their discretion. Similar to the USA Today account this should be used for players of the week, official conference news, etc. and will expand and incorporate future roleplaying aspects in version 1.4. *Added un-positioned players to all future high school recruiting classes. These players will have no position (position listed will be NA) and no attribute (attribute listed will be [None]) and will be more heavily dependent on their size and weight for progression in their first two years. Just before beginning their junior year (either (Jr) or just Jr) they will be given a position and then progress with their normal position from then on. *Added true walk-on recruits. Teams with very low player counts may be restocked with somewhat random amounts of low skill recruits in the offseason that will have a position but no attribute (listed as [None]).
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    Jason Johnson and Aaron Shea are rewriting record books in 2020 and have their teams on the path to greatness After a slight lapse in Power Rankings (sorry, work has been terrible lately), we're back with an all new and improved Tiered System that is guaranteed to last...for probably just this week. Here's my thoughts about who's in, who's needs to play better, and who's probably been looking a little too intently at college players... Remember, if you don't like where you are in the rankings...play better! Tier One -- True Title Contenders 1. Los Angeles Rams 2. Carolina Panthers 3. New York Jets 4. Green Bay Packers 5. Detroit Lions 6. Indianapolis Colts Tier Two -- Playoff Bound, Not Quite Ready for the Crown 7. Dallas Cowboys 8. Seattle Seahawks 9. Jacksonville Jaguars 10. San Francisco 49ers Tier Three -- Work to Do to Make the Playoffs 11. Denver Broncos 12. Oakland Raiders 13. Atlanta Falcons 14. Miami Dolphins 15. Philadelphia Eagles 16. Houston Texans Tier Four -- Improved, But Drafting in the Teens 17. Cleveland Browns 18. Cincinnati Bengals 19. Tennessee Titans Tier Five -- 2019? That was HOW Long Ago? 20. New England Patriots 21. New York Giants 22. Kansas City Chiefs 23. Pittsburgh Steelers 24. Baltimore Ravens Tier Six -- Serious Scouting Started in Weeks Ago 25. Arizona Cardinals 26. Chicago Bears 27. Minnesota Vikings 28. Washington Redskins 29. Buffalo Bills 30. Los Angeles Chargers 31. New Orleans Saints 32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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    Recent polling conducted has found the following opinions of head coaches in their respective cities based on game planning and the teams performance relative to overall skill: Superb: Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders, Carolina Panthers, San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Rams Solid: Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks Acceptable: Cleveland Browns, Tennessee Titans, Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals No Opinion: Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, New England Patriots, Los Angeles Chargers, New York Giants Not Acceptable: Cincinnati Bengals, Pittsburgh Steelers, Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Angry: Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints Should be Fired: Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins
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    "Which gameplan option do you feel like is the most misunderstood?" - Rome No idea to be honest. I think the primary offensive schemes aren't really fully understood by most people. Especially how to adjust them to fit the team you've built. It comes with experience though so people do eventually figure it out I think. Most everyone who has been here since at least the 2015 season is good in that regard or at least acceptable. "If time constraints forced you to downsize the simulations, would you rather only do NFLHC or CFBHC? Why?" - Rome Pretty tough actually. My quick response would have definitely been CFBHC when I built the site but I find that I'm usually more drawn to the NFL because of all the business decisions + draft outweighing the benefits from conference play and recruiting. NFLHC. "Who's the biggest bust you thought would be a great player?" - Rome Fred Tindale is the first person that comes to mind... Alex Bridgewater too. I think both were could have been amazing starters. Tindale got ruined by coaching and injuries and Bridgewater by being drafted to the wrong team. "If you play Civilization games, which Civ do you use?" - Rome I much prefer Paradox games to Civilization. Civilization is way too random with way too much "fake" depth for me. Technology doesn't make much sense although the random worlds are cool. For the Paradox games I like the Duke of Nassau (CK2), Brandenburg (EU4), Austria-Hungary (Victoria), and Germany (HoI4). "What's your girlfriend's reaction to this hobby?" - Rome She doesn't care and doesn't really like sports except esports (Dota only) and a little soccer and hockey.
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    "King Me" By A.J. Jefferson I remember exactly how I felt the day I announced I was going to play football for North Carolina. It was the day things really started kicking off for me. Don't get me wrong, I had been dealing with attention since someone found out I could throw a football 40 yards with a perfect spiral in 5th grade. There were articles leading up to my decision about how I was going to change the game forever. People were already saying that A.J. Jefferson is a surefire multiple Heisman winner. One article gave me the nickname "TD Jesus" a name that to this day I can not live down. But when I went up in front of those cameras, and told the world that this Georgia boy was headed to North Carolina to play quarterback, the gloves came off. I was no longer a protected high school phenom, I was now the savior of a college program and the hottest topic in the nation. I don't know how to describe what it is like at 18 years old to turn on ESPN and see the talking heads talking about you. It's even harder to describe what it is like to see them talking about how you are going to be the best quarterback in college football history. I hadn't even left Georgia yet, and I was already the Heisman front runner. When I was home, I had a safety net. My parents kept me grounded, my friends knew how to keep me in check, and I was able to tune out the talk for the most part. But when I packed up and moved to North Carolina, I no longer had anyone there to cut through the bullshit. I had Bo Woodall, who has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. (We were teammates before I moved to Parkview my Freshman year of high school). But if I am being honest, Bo did more harm then good. You see, Bo is a talker. Every day he would go on and on about how we were going to be the best duo of all time and no one could stop us. The world was our oyster and we were just getting started. Every day, I would walk down the street and people would come up to me just to get a look in, I was treated like a god. I won the starting job early on in OTAs, so I never really got that chance to have to take the back seat either. I'd like to pretend that I was some humble kid who took everything in stride and didn't feed my own hype, but that just wouldn't be the truth. I LOVED IT. Every second of every day I felt like I was literally the greatest thing out there. And how could I not? My new friends, teammates, random people on the street, people on tv, everyone was telling me that. TD Jesus. That was my name. people barely called me A.J. any more. I was a king. Then, I went and did maybe the worst thing possible: I played awesome in my debut. 364 yards and 5 touchdowns. I had lived up to the hype. I was everything they thought I was and more. I was TD Jesus. Except that I wasn't. The rest of the year was kind of iffy. I threw tons of TDs, I threw tons of yards, but I also threw tons of INTs. This is about the time I learned that the same people who can build you up, can tear you down to new lows you never knew existed. I became the most polarizing player in the nation. You either loved me or hated me. Was I TD Jesus? Or, was I the false prophet INT Jesus? This was the debate that I heard non stop for the next three years of college. I guess it might be a good thing that my ego was so big, because I still felt like I was on top of the world. I still believed that I was the best player in the country and that the Heisman voting was rigged against me. My real friends tried to tell me that I was becoming a real jerk. Bo even started mentioning that I needed to chill out about myself but of course, I didn't listen. Why should I? I was going to be the #1 pick in the NFLHC Draft because that's what everyone was telling me. Until I started hearing rumors that the Chicago Bears were going to pick Norris Brookshear. I couldn't believe it. Norris Brookshear? I was 10x better than he was on his best day. "The stats didn't show the whole story" is what I would tell myself. I was a gunslinger, you can't measure that. Well, the draft came along and we all know how that went. Brookshear went first, I went second to the defending super bowl champions who just got rid of their starting QB. Almost immediately, I became the worst pick ever. You know how shocking that is? To be so full of yourself that you think you are basically invincible, have most of the media telling you that you are great throughout your college career, and then in one instant, you become a total joke. It hit my pride hard. I searched for hours and hours after the draft to just find one article saying I was a great pick. The best I could find was "I think it will work out." How did I go from TD Jesus to "I think it will work out"? It destroys the soul to hear that you're all hype. That you have no talent, and that your whole career has been contrived. This is usually the part of the story where the hero gets redeemed, turns his attitude around, and has a great career. But that is not what happened with me. With no real close friends anymore to help me out, I failed at handling the negative media. I doubled down on my own hubris and continued to tell myself that I was still the best around and that the media was trying to take me down because I was the guy. Then I struggled heavily in my rookie season and the negative attention increased. Thank god for Bo Woodall. He deserves all of the credit for pulling me out of the hole I had built myself into. I was hanging with the wrong crowd. Being out and partying became the only thing I could do to get the negative media out of my head. I was obsessed with my image, and the girls and guys at the clubs fed my ego. One day, a night before practice actually, I was planning on going out on the town again. But that is when Bo barged into my room and blocked me from leaving. He made me sit down, looked me in the eyes, and said "I miss my best friend." He told me the man I have become is not the A.J. he grew up with in Georgia. We talked for hours that night, I don't know how long, but it was basically until we had to leave for practice the next morning. We talked about the good old days in our youth, our hot start in college, and how much fun the game used to be. And that is how I realized that football had stopped being fun for me. I know longer enjoyed that game I had devoted my life to. I broke down, told him I couldn't handle the negative attention I had been getting since I came to the NFL and he reminded me that I didn't handle the positive attention very well either. Everything he said was true, and he made me see that. I owe Bo everything, he saved me at my lowest point, and made me see how stupid I had been. It's a battle everyday, I am not going to pretend I am a completely different person now. I still struggle with the same things I have been struggling with, but at least now I can see that what I have been doing is foolish. That I am not some great hero, I am just another guy trying to make it in the league. I have done nothing to warrant being praised as TD Jesus and if I want to get to that level I need to make some changes. It's a long road, and a journey that will never end. But at least I get to take that journey with my best friend.
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    Freddie Falcon demands more Guaranteed Money The cornerstone of the Falcons Spirit group is holding out for a better deal. "I have 3 little eyasses to feed. If acewulf wants to see my family fed, he better cough up some money!"
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    Miami OH now has the right to no state reference, therefore Miami beat Miami FL
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    THEPATRIOT.COM: CONFERENCE USA'S PREMIER NEWS AND ANALYSIS SITE C-USA Weekly Round-Up: Week 2 THE GAMES: Florida Atlantic Owls 41 - 44 Kansas State Wildcats Houston Cougars 24 - 7 Marshall Thundering Herd UTEP Miners 21 - 28 Utah State Aggies East Carolina Pirates 34 - 31 Western Kentucky Hilltoppers Florida International Panthers 20 - 34 Memphis Tigers North Texas Mean Green 21 - 28 San Diego State Aztecs Old Dominion Monarchs 14 - 27 UNLV Rebels Southern Miss Golden Eagles 42 - 27 Rutgers Scarlet Knights Louisiana Tech Bulldogs 7 - 48 USF Bulls UTSA Roadrunners 0 - 30 #17 Georgia Bulldogs Rice Owls 24 - 31 (OT) #20 Kansas Jayhawks Byes: Middle Tennessee, Charlotte, UAB GAME OF THE WEEK: Florida Atlantic Owls 41 - 44 Kansas State Wildcats In the nation's first game of Week 2, Florida Atlantic traveled to Manhattan, Kansas, for what many anticipated would be a simple case of a P5 team paying a small school to come get crushed. The Owls had a different plan. Despite allowing over 300 passing yards to Rahim "I Am The Greatest" Murrell, randye4's new squad hung around until the end, forcing the Wildcats to come from behind in the final quarter to pull out a victory. The Owls were led by redshirt freshman running back Sean Parham's 109 yards and 2 TD and sophomore quarterback Gregory Crowder's 3 total touchdowns. OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK: QB Riley West, WKU, 20 of 30 for 285 yards, 3 TD DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK: LB Connor Hitchcock, MRSH, 1 INT, 8 Tackles QUOTES OF THE WEEK: "WKU looks scary" -Charlotte HC and C-USA Commissioner @Isaac829 "I AM THE GREATEST. BUT MY DEFENSE SUCKS." - Kansas State QB Rahim Murrell (@HAFFnHAFF) "Holy shit I did it!" - Utah State HC @ZackTyzwyz "That FAU Punter [sic] has a leg on him... Dang" - West Virginia HC @smckenz3 POWER RANKINGS: 1. Rice Owls (0-2) My conscience almost didn't let me put a winless team at #1, but after the last two seasons, Rice holds the benefit of the doubt for this spot until they lose a conference game. And if we're being blunt, most teams in this conference would kill to take a ranked P5 team to overtime on the road. 2. Southern Miss Golden Eagles (1-1) As the owner of the conference's only win through Week 2 (yes, seriously), USM gets ranked above everybody not named Rice by default. 3. Western Kentucky Hilltoppers (0-2) The Hilltoppers are rapidly becoming the Houston Rockets of CFBHC. Therefore, they get the three seed for now. 4. Florida Atlantic Owls (0-2) The Owls put up quite a fight against Big 12 team Kansas State, earning them a high spot in these rankings despite the loss. Coach @randye4, a legend from his time at Alabama, appears to already have his new rebuilding project ahead of schedule. 5-14. Everyone Else (mostly 0-2, some 0-1) Beyond that top four, it's still too close to make a meaningful call at this point. Marshall probably has the best chance of jumping out of this group, given their history the last two years, but it's all a mess for now. RECRUITING: Coming soon (Week 3)...
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    Croot fever has taken the site by storm and today we’ll be looking at 6 crooting battles involving ACC teams. 3 battles between ACC teams and Non-ACC teams and 3 Battles between ACC teams. These 6 battles could prove important to each team’s strategy in this recruiting cycle. First, we’ll look at the battles between ACC Schools and Non-ACC Schools 1.) QB Kyler Wilson Pocket 1.5/5.0 Teams in Play: ECU and UNC *Both are Starring Kyler and the list thus: ECU, UNC. Both teams have the Red Box Why it’s Important: ECU has never had an elite QB despite having solid success in the AAC. UNC has a good QB history and is looking for a new player to take the reigns. UNC is in a state of flux and are looking for a QB to steady the ship. ECU is looking to take the next step and are looking to Wilson lead them there. It’s important to note that both teams are located in North Carolina and are pipelining North Carolina, so both teams get the same bonuses. Who Will Win: ECU They have 4 more points a week and they have more star points a week going to Kyler. There’s no way they’re going to let UNC sweep in and take Kyler out from underneath them. Kyler should be a lock to be a Pirate next season. 2.) DE Ibrahim Rowe Contain 1.5/4.5 Teams in Play: Miami (FL), Toledo, and Illinois *Miami has a Red Box while Toledo and Illinois do not Why it’s Important: Miami needs playmakers everywhere. They are devoid of talent at pretty much every position and are looking for this class to bring them back to glory. Toledo is gearing up for a National Title Run in 2021 and are looking for players to carry on afterwards. Illinois is finally having real success and need guys like Rowe to continue and build on that success. It’s important to note that Rowe resides in the state of Florida and Miami is pipelining Florida, so they get an extra bonus that Toledo and Illinois do not. Who Will Win: Miami I think Miami has too much invested in recruiting Rowe to let Toledo or Illinois take him. They have the fewest points of the three, but with the 25% point bonus, they should be able to make up for that deficit. 3.) OLB Rory Foote Coverage 2/4 Teams in Play: NCSU, ECU, Navy *NCSU and ECU have a Red Box while Navy does not Why it’s Important: NCSU hasn’t had a winning season in forever and they need help on defense desperately. Foote is in a position to start right away for a Wolfpack Defense that needs serious help. As with Wilson, ECU is looking for playmakers to take them to the next step. Navy needs talent and Foote could step in right away and start for them. It’s important to note that Foote resides in North Carolina, a state in which both NCSU and ECU are pipelining. Navy has no bonuses on Foote. Who Will Win: NCSU I think ECU will get themselves in heated battle for Wilson and won’t be able to devote the necessary resources to this battle. Navy has the same amount of points as NCSU, but NCSU gets that 25% bonus, and that makes all the difference in this one. Now, we’ll look at the battles between ACC Schools 1.) RB Brayden Pepper Speed 1/5 Teams in Play: Pittsburgh and Florida State *Pittsburgh has starred Pepper and both schools have a Red Box. Why it’s Important: Pittsburgh has never had a true elite RB, and with the direction their offense is going, a shiny new elite RB is just what they need. Pepper and Winston could spend three years together in that backfield, terrorizing Coastal Defenses. FSU has had their best success as a team when they’ve had balance. And that requires a good Running Back. This current Noles team is very good, but has a glaring flaw in their Running Game. Pepper could bring back memories of Tony Peaks, Akili Wallace, and Elijah Harden. Who Will Win: Pittsburgh Those star points will be just too much for Florida State to overcome. Pepper will join the Panthers starting in 2021. 2.)OLB Mike Owens Coverage 1/5 Teams in Play: Virginia Tech and Duke *Virginia Tech has starred Owens and have a Red Box while Duke does not. Why it’s Important: Virginia Tech is rebuilding and need all the talent they can get their hands on. Owens could help them in a Coastal that will be facing Winston and Pepper in Pitt, Thompson in Duke, and Beckett in GT. They need defensive help and Owens represents that. Duke is finally arriving as a team and need players like Owens to keep them on track. Duke has a good track record with OLBs, and Owens could just be the next guy in line. Who Will Win: Virginia Tech Just like with Brayden Pepper and Pitt, those Star Points are just too much. 3.) CB Dion Sutton Man Coverage 2/4 Teams in Play: Clemson and Duke *Clemson and Duke both have a Red Box Why it’s Important: Sutton is a guy who could step in and start right away and both of these teams have aging Secondaries. Clemson lost Reed last year and will lose Douglas this year, so they need someone to step up right away next season. Duke is looking for a CB2 in 2021 and think Sutton could be the guy. The ACC has a history of passing, so the more secondary you can get, the better. Who Will Win: Clemson They just have too much firepower. They have 27 points versus Duke’s 16. Both teams are Pipelining Georgia (the state in which Sutton lives), so no team gains an advantage there. Thanks for reading, I’m always on the lookout for new battles and would like this to be a weekly series. If you have a battle you want me to talk about, please PM me the details.
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    Week 3 Preview: W2WR, Bold Predictions, Keys to the Game, and Predictions Teams in Action: TNF: Duke Blue Devils (2-0 at Tulane), Wake Forest Demon Deacons (0-1 at North Texas) FNF: NC State Wolfpack (0-2 at Rice), Miami (FL) Hurricanes (0-1 Miami (OH)) SM: Syracuse Orange (1-0 #4 Purdue), #22 Virginia Cavaliers (1-0 at Western Kentucky), Boston College Eagles (0-1 Army). Louisville Cardinals (0-1 Georgia State) SE: #25 Pittsburgh Panthers (1-0 at Virginia Tech), Virginia Tech Hokies (1-0 #25 Pittsburgh), #3 Clemson Tigers (1-0 at #5 Auburn) Teams on Bye: #9 Florida State Seminoles (2-0), Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (1-1), North Carolina Tar Heels (1-1) Thursday Night Football: New Orleans, LA: Duke Blue Devils (2-0) at Tulane Green Wave (0-1) What 2 Watch 4: Christian Collins unleashed. This seems like the kind of game where a player like Collins should shine. Tulane is stronger up the middle than they are on the outside, and the Green Wave have a decent enough secondary to give Bryce Thompson some issues. Collins has averaged 78.5 yards per game so far; he should easily beat that this game. Bold Prediction: Duke's defense picks up two+ interceptions while keeping Preston Tolliver contained. I say this only because Coach xkl has made the switch from Sam Sloan to junior Blake Norton at quarterback, and I personally think that's a very flawed move. The kid has less of an arm than Sloan, and Duke should easily capitalize on that while having big man Tolliver in their crosshairs. Defense should step up big this game. Keys to the Game, Duke offense: Take advantage of Tulane's non-existent pass rush. The Green Wave do not have playmakers on that defensive line; Thompson should be given plenty of time to find his receivers while both he and Collins should be given space to move the ball on the ground. Keys to the Game, Duke defense: Do not let Tulane get momentum. Under Coach xkl, Tulane have been a rather interesting team. While QB issues have remained a nagging pain, Tolliver has been solid. It's an offense that, when it clicks, can be super scary (as 2019 Purdue can attest). It's important to not let Tulane get those 2-3 big plays that can pick up some momentum. If Tulane is tame, this should be a walk in the park. Prediction: Duke 31-7 Tulane . As fun as Tulane can be sometimes, especially at home, I think Duke has more than enough to breeze by the Green Wave. Ahmed Mark will play a pivotal role in shutting down Tolliver, and the Blue Devils will be 3-0 and looking very sharp. Denton, TX: Wake Forest Demon Deacons (0-1) at North Texas Mean Green (0-1) What 2 Watch 4: Wake's average offense vs. The Mean Green Fighting Machine. Never in my life have I been so stoked to see a top defense end prospect go up against an offensive line as poor as the one that Wake will be fielding. This offensive line, however, is going to have to find a way to stop the Mean Javier Grady from tearing Hemana Toma an new one. If not, can Hemana Toma get the ball away in time? Wake's entire game could hinge on this alone. Bold Prediction: Oscar Sanderson breaks 100 yet again. The first-year starter out of Pilgrim's Knob did a decent number on East Carolina back in Week 1, and North Texas has an arguably worse front seven sans Grady. Assuming Grady isn't blowing up every play possible, Sanderson could be given an opening or two to capitalize on, and I fully expect the senior back to hit the century mark for the second time in as many games. Keys to the Game, Wake offense: Get rid of the ball. Toma will not have time to stay in the pocket and search for receivers this game. He will be forced out of the pocket early and often, and if he's not able to get rid of the ball, North Texas will be fully capable of capitalizing on the generous field position. Jacob Benson in the slot or Isaac Ferreira at tight end will be huge today in being dump-off targets for Toma. Keys to the Game, Wake defense: Keep Kamari Terry in the pocket. Whereas Terry has a somewhat solid arm, it's his legs that can really do damage against Wake's inexperienced front seven. If guys like Jaylen Grayson and Lamont Landrum can close the pocket around Terry without flushing him out, Wake can certainly thrive. It's tough to ask Wake to put any pressure on any quarterback, but containing and tightening the pocket is a must in stopping this North Texas offense. Prediction: Wake Forest 24-28 North Texas . Wake impressed me against ECU, but the Pirates seem to be having their own personal problems lately. North Texas isn't a giant in the Conference-USA by any means, but Wake's lack of playmakers and flimsy offensive line will spell defeat down in the Lone Star State. Friday Night Football: Houston, TX: NC State Wolfpack (0-2) at Rice Owls (0-1) What 2 Watch 4: The Ballad of Blake Fry. It's been a very sour start to the season for the Mount Carmel native, but their next opponent is a team that Fry was relatively successful against back in 2019. The times are different, yes, but it's a bit of confidence to a quarterback lacking it entirely. The Raleigh News & Observer has hinted at this being Fry's swansong with a poor performance; will #Frysman finally step up and save his job? Bold Prediction: The secondary records their first and second interceptions of the season in holding Eric McLean to under 300 yards. The best possible thing going for Kamari Cheatham and Co. is that Rice lacks a big-name receiver that can do any real damage. Keith Triplett will line up against Cheatham, and while Triplett has a clear height advantage, Cheatham is more than athletic enough to beat out the senior receiver. Jabari Scott has been waiting for his breakout game at free safety; this could very well be it. Keys to the Game, NC State offense: Avoid turnovers. Slight cop-out considering this was what I put last time, but I think it matters more here after seeing the Pack capitulate at the hands of Wazzou. Fry has thrown a conference-high five picks in two games so far, but Rice isn't Michigan or Wazzou, though they are still very scary, especially at home. If Fry can avoid the turnover bug at last, State's offense could very well come to life, especially with a slight mismatch at the WR1-CB1 matchup. Keys to the Game, NC State defense: Defensive line. Not as much of a cop-out because I'm being more vague about it, but pressure is included here. McLean is a great quarterback, but he's still young and susceptible to nerves. Whether it's Kameron Blackman or Isaac Holley or Manny McDermott, State has to find a way to get to the quarterback. Elsewhere, they have to stuff Nate Wooten. We saw great things from the D-Line against Michigan's run game, only for that to be washed away against Wazzou. If State's line returns to Week 1 form, McLean will have to beat State through the air. Prediction: NC State 24-21 Rice . Maybe wishful thinking, but with their backs up against the wall early, State takes advantage of a more manageable opponent and makes just enough plays to come away with their first win of the season, and a win they desperately need. Miami Gardens, FL: Miami (OH) Redhawks (1-0) at Miami (FL) Hurricanes (0-1) What 2 Watch 4: The evil twin makes a visit. Both Miami teams have had very successful histories, with the 'Canes recently making the College Football Playoff in 2018 after winning the ACC while the Redhawks were the premier dominant force in the MAC alongside Northern Illinois. Both took massive dives in 2019, but their seasons could not have started any different. Can the 'Canes reverse the momentum against Miami Other? Can the offense find some sort of life against a somewhat vulnerable Redhawk defense? Bold Prediction: Neither side will record a turnover. Odd and specific, but this is a really weird game. Whereas Miami ('Canes) have a poor offensive line and a decent pass rush, Miami U (Redhawks) have a more defined line without much of a pass rush. Zack Cera likely has a great game against an average Miami secondary, whereas we should see less throwing from the 'Canes when Ronnie Peterson is their running back. Keys to the Game, Miami offense: Give openings to Peterson. The sophomore running back has shown that he can make the plays on the ground to get the Miami offense moving, so it's pivotal that the offensive line gives Peterson lanes. That can be difficult against the Redhawks, but it really seems to be the best approach in this game. Keys to the Game, Miami defense: Make Cera uncomfortable. I might be sounding like a broken record, but the reason a lot of defenses tend to be bad against the pass actually falls on the pass rush; Miami provides no exception to this case. Nathaniel Harper is the man capable of stressing the Redhawks' line; if he can provide opportunities for his teammates to breach the line, the secondary might be given a bit of leeway in defending poorly-timed/rushed throws. Prediction: Miami (OH) 30-17 Miami (FL) . I actually think Nevada would prove to be a tougher opponent to the Redhawks than the Hurricanes might be on Friday. Outside of Ronnie Peterson, the 'Canes are a hot mess, and Ronnie isn't going to be able to carry them through this game, let alone this season. Saturday Morning: Syracuse, NY: #4 Purdue Boilermakers (1-0) at Syracuse Orange (1-0) What 2 Watch 4: Will Matt Jones like this? The Purdue quarterback is known for going off in big games, but Syracuse provides a rather unique challenge. Noah Tubbs is an underrated safety in the game, and Bradley Nunn has proven to be a top corner in the ACC; there's a reason the Orange have been a huge block for Florida State recently. The Orange match up quite well to this Purdue offense, but is it enough to stop the hype train that is Matt Jones? Bold Prediction: Giovanni Coley shows us why Anthony Smith is still the right selection at running back. Sadly, this won't be seen by Syracuse's non-existent coach, but Coley being listed over Smith is disrespectful to the performance Smith put up last season. Purdue's stout front seven will bring Coley back down to Earth in a game where the best running back should determine the winner. Keys to the Game, Cuse offense: Expose the linebackers. Rafa Munoz looked capable of such against Kentucky, pulling in 60 yards on just 4 catches. Purdue seems to be weakest at the linebacker position, so the Orange need to capitalize on the only potentially favorable matchup realistically. Keys to the Game, Cuse defense: Make Matt Jones have to throw to win. Generally, this is an awful idea with good quarterbacks, but in a situation where Cuse has the weapons needed to counter Jones and his receivers, the last thing they need is for Brendan Milton to have a big game. Syracuse have to keep Milton contained throughout the game; Purdue needs to be forced into having to throw the ball in order to move the offense. If this can be done, I think the Orange have a realistic chance of pulling the unthinkable upset. Prediction: #4 Purdue 38-23 Syracuse . This game has upset potential, but I don't think the Orange can generate enough pressure to unnerve Jones, nor do they have the tools to stop Milton from making Purdue multi-dimensional on offense. Coates and Coley look average at best, but Cuse hangs around for three quarters. Bowling Green, KY: #22 Virginia Cavaliers (1-0) at Western Kentucky Hilltoppers (0-2) What 2 Watch 4: A quick and easy checkmate. It'll take something special for the Hilltoppers to keep Matteo Rook from going off this game. With two receivers with relatively easy mismatches, Rook could very well throw for 400+ yards in this one. Bold Prediction: Jonathan Greer puts up 125+ yards as leading receiver. Better defenses have tried and failed to slow down Greer, leading me to believe that Greer against the entirety of this defense is a mismatch. Rook could and should find Greer open on several occasions, and I'd be far from shocked to see the senior tight end making a massive impact in this game. Keys to the Game, UVA offense: Sling it. I really can't say much about this. WKU doesn't have the secondary to stop Virginia. Throw it and you will score. Keys to the Game, UVA defense: Shut down Luka Patterson. Again, not much I can say given WKU's offense (although it was solid against ECU). Cameron Faulk and Soldier Brooks have the task of containing the 'Toppers top target in Patterson. WKU can get going if Patterson can find space, so it's important for Brooks in particular to shut him down. Prediction: #22 Virginia 42-10 Western Kentucky . The 'Toppers have kept it close with Oklahoma State and East Carolina, but Virginia can actually play defense. This should be a reassuring game for the Cavs after a relatively shaky performance against Old Dominion. Chestnut Hill, MA: Army Black Knights (1-1) at Boston College Eagles (0-1) What 2 Watch 4: Can the Eagles avoid a pitfall while recovering? Boston College hit the deck hard after falling to Iowa in what should've been a win, but now they return home to play what appears to be a much-improved Army side. Can the Eagles take care of business against a team they should also beat, or will Army have caught the reeling Eagles at the right time? Bold Prediction: There will be twice as many rushing yards than passing yards at the end of the game. Aside from both teams being more run-based this season, both quarterbacks don't seem to have great arms, and both secondaries are pretty solid. Maybe not as bold as some people like, but it's still my boldest prediction regarding this game. Keys to the Game, BC offense: Take advantage of Eddie Owens. Zahir Watts will be the focal point of the offense, but if Pickett is to throw the ball, his first glance should always be Owens against the overmatched David Finney. Keys to the Game, BC defense: Be stout against the run. Darius Butler will again be key in this game as he can plug any gaps left by the defensive line. Jamir Hurt-Braxton is the more dangerous of the two runners, but it's hard to see him getting past Butler in a 1v1. Prediction: Army 14-31 Boston College . Army always has upset potential but they never do pull through. I think this game could be easier than I made it out to be earlier, but Pickett has to play better than he did against Iowa in order for that to happen. Louisville, KY: Georgia State Panthers (0-1) at Louisville Cardinals (0-1) What 2 Watch 4: Two premier backs in the country. Evan Grant and DeSean Dockery in the same game? Sign me up. We've got arguably the most exciting running back in the country this year against a hyped up JuCo transfer. We should have a thriller, especially given that the Panthers gave Louisville issues last season. Bold Prediction: Is it unrealistic for both Grant and Dockery to break the century mark in this game? Both front sevens consist of quite a few good players, but I honestly think both backs are good enough to pull off that feat. Dockery in particular was impressive enough against Illinois' defense. Keys to the Game, Louisville offense: Bully the Panthers' at the line. If Dockery and, to an extent, Ayden Steele are going to make an impact on the ground, they'll have to be given room and time to make an impact. The Cards' line is pretty solid but has their work cut out for them against the Panthers though. Keys to the Game, Louisville defense: Limit Grant's yardage, because you won't stop him. Realistically, I don't think Louisville can stop Grant entirely, but they can surely slow him given GSU's offensive line. If the Cards can dominate the trenches defensively, then Grant can be slowed to maybe 3-4 yards per carry, which is decent but not great. Prediction: Georgia State 17-24 Louisville . Georgia State is solid despite suspect coaching, but they're no Illinois on defense, and the Cards' offense is more than capable on scoring. I don't think we'll see lots of points, but we'll see some great feature backs no matter how this game goes. Saturday Evening Football: Blacksburg, VA: #25 Pittsburgh Panthers (1-0) at Virginia Tech Hokies (1-0) What 2 Watch 4: The first conference game of the season, and it's a doozy. Pittsburgh comes in off a strong performance at rivals West Virginia, whereas the Hokies took care of Eastern Michigan. Winner takes control of the Coastal division, and for Pittsburgh, it's a crucial game in keeping up with Virginia. Bold Prediction: Trevor McKinney shuts down Samuel Ritter and picks up his first interception of what will be a great college career. We didn't see McKinney feature against the Eagles, but against a higher-profile receiver in Ritter, I think the young gun will rise to the occasion in this one. Keys to the Game, Pitt offense: Utilize Dovid Dobson more. Dobson looked impressive against the Mountaineers, and with the Hokies rolling in with a solid secondary unit, Dobson might have to play a larger role in the offense yet again. He should be a favorite of McConnell's in this game. Keys to the Game, VT offense: Win the war in the trenches. Maurice Ervin struggled to get moving against EMU's front seven; he'll need as much space/blockers as possible to prevent that from happening a second time, only this time in a big conference clash. Keys to the Game, Pitt defense: Abe Rock. It's no secret that the Hokies' will try to move the ball through Ervin, and Rock is, well, a rock in the middle of the field. The interior linebacker will clash with Ervin a lot; he either has to win these battles or hold off Ervin long enough for others to join the battle. Keys to the Game, VT defense: Don't let the slants best you. It's hard to imagine that Coach Jumbo is having McConnell throw anywhere other than the middle of the field. Dobson could be an issue for this linebacker corp, but it's important that the safeties trust in their corners and cheat up a little to help out in the middle. Prediction: Pittsburgh 27-13 Virginia Tech . Had Ralph Westfall or any of Tech's receivers been more impressive against EMU, I'd have potentially reconsidered, but I think the Hokies lack the offense to not only compete with Pittsburgh, but to compete in the ACC period. I'm weary of throw-only McConnell, but I have way more faith in Pittsburgh than Virginia Tech. Auburn, AL: #3 Clemson Tigers (1-0) at #5 Auburn Tigers (1-0) What 2 Watch 4: Two rivals and potential title contenders fighting to the nail out in the Plains. This is easily the marquee non-conference not only for this week, but for the rest of the season. Clemson comes in as national runner-ups and looked solid in beating TCU in Week 1. Auburn put on a show in their opener in Norman against the formerly-ranked Oklahoma Sooners. The atmosphere will be electric, and the game itself will be even better. Bold Prediction: Marcus Black will fail to break 250 yards passing and will not have more touchdowns than interceptions. Black is an absolute stud, but even he won't be able to break the immovable object that is Clemson's secondary. Marquise Holliday is way too good for a true sophomore, and Malachi Douglas will easily shut down Black's top target in Oscar Marroquin. Keys to the Game, Clemson offense: Corey Bolden has to step it up. Josiah McCray will be locked in an ever-so tight battle with JuCo transfer corner Kenyon Justice, and Chris Irizarry will have his hands full dealing with Tyrese Thompson. Coach Emperor has hyped Bolden in press conferences, but he'll be needed more than ever as he battles senior Thomas Mims, a proven cornerback from Auburn's 2018 team. Keys to the Game, Clemson defense: Make Black beat you with his arm. Black and running back Sean Meade are scary on the ground, but Black is totally beatable in the air with this secondary. If Meade can be kept frustrated throughout the evening, and if Black can be contained within the pocket, it's hard to see Clemson losing this game. Prediction: #3 Clemson 24-21 #5 Auburn . The Plains will be rocking, but in the end, it'll be the visiting Tigers that come away with the win by finding just enough in the passing game. Both defenses will be tough to crack in this game, but I think Clemson's will be a bit more resolute in the end.
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    Mountain West Conference Play Opener: Utah State @ Air Force The Mountain West’s Conference game schedule for the 2020 season kicks off this week with the Utah State Aggies traveling to Colorado Springs to take on the Air Force Falcons on Saturday afternoon. The Falcons have won in all four meetings against the Aggies and look to continue the streak in their first conference game of the season. Air Force is the reigning 2019 MWC champion after defeating Nevada in dramatic fashion by ending their undefeated season in the championship game. Since then, Air Force has become the clear favorite this year for the Mountain West, sitting atop the conference’s power rankings and also being the Mountain West’s only member in the most recent national rankings sitting at an impressive 11 spot. After starting the season with a bye week, Air Force showed that they deserve their hype by beating a talented Mississippi State team on the road. Redshirt senior quarterback Nico Kaufman threw for 250 yards and 2 touchdowns, while running for 94 yards and another touchdown, earning the title of MWC’s Offensive Player of the Week. The junior running back Xavier Valentine was all over the field, racking up 131 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns of his own. The Falcon defense was formidable as well, coming away with 3 sacks, 2 interceptions, and stopping Mississippi State on 12 of 15 third downs. The Aggies have had a troubled history, having a 4-44 record before the start of the 2020 season. Constant poor coaching and horrific recruiting led to countless coaching changes and even allegations of discrimination. However, after landing a long term coach and making some large changes on both sides of the ball, Utah State has started the season 1-1. After an embarrassing loss at the hands of Cincinnati which had many fans wondering if this season would be just as painful as the rest, the team adjusted and defeated UTEP for their 5th win in history. Veteran senior quarterback Travis Love threw for 202 yards and 2 touchdowns, while also adding on another rushing touchdown. Senior running back Jamal Suggs recorded 109 yards and 1 touchdown. Junior linebacker Miguel Hidalgo added 8 tackles, making him the leading tackler in the conference. However, the Aggies struggled with a poor offensive line performance, poor punting, and they only had 1 sack. The Aggies struggling with teams like Cincinnati and UTEP does not bode well for them as they face one of the most talented teams in the country. Veteran Air Force coach DescretoBurrito likely has no doubt that he will start his conference play with a win and be well on his way to competing for another conference championship. With their high-powered offense and talented defense, the Falcons should not have much trouble. The Aggies are hoping for at least a competitive game with the new coach ZackTyzwyz at the helm, though an upset seems nearly impossible. However, a highly experienced offense and solid defense could put up a fight if key adjustments are made during the week. Either way, the Mountain West Conference is excited to kick off conference competition this season and see who will rise to be the Mountain Best.
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    Leap of Faith: Saints (Finally) Win! The Black and Gold take a game from the Steelers with strong performances from Devereaux, Jenkins, Brown, and Miller Saints RB Sterling Brown goes airborne to score the game winning touchdown on a 4th quarter pass from Aaron Devereaux
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    Welcome back to the MWC Power Rankings, where this week we had a ton of senseless moving! Let's review some highlights from around the conference this week... -Air Force started their 2020 campaign off with a bang as they defeated #15 Mississippi State in convincing fashion. The Falcons maintained their chokehold on the #1 spot in our Power Rankings, and honestly it will be a surprise if they lose that at any point this season. -Hawaii and San Diego State maintained their #2 and #3 spots with wins over BYU and North Texas, respectively. Hawaii seems like the clear #2 in the conference, while the Aztecs seem like they may have a bit more proving to do after a pair of unconvincing wins against lower tier teams. -Colorado State moved up a spot in the rankings despite having a bye. I promise I didn't rig this. -Nevada got back on track this week with a nice win over Army. The Wolfpack has some work to do, though, before they get to the level they were on last season. -Pollvoters crucified Boise State after another tough loss, dropping them to #6. The Broncos need to find a way to get their offense going, and fast. With an 0-2 start, this season could quickly start to slip away if something doesn't change. -Fresno State beat one of the worst teams in the sim and moved ahead of New Mexico, who had a bye. Done. -UNLV and Utah State both picked up their first wins of the season and jumped San Jose State in the rankings despite San Jose State's respectable performance against Tennessee. -Wyoming is the unanimous last place. Time for some GK magic. The Rankings: 1. Air Force Falcons 1-0 --- 2. Hawaii Rainbow Warriors 2-0 --- 3. San Diego Aztecs 2-0 --- 4. Colorado State Rams 1-0 +1 5. Nevada Wolfpack 1-1 --- 6. Boise State Broncos 0-2 -2 7. Fresno State Bulldogs 1-0 +1 8. New Mexico Lobos 1-0 -1 9. UNLV Rebels 1-1 +1 10. Utah State Aggies 1-1 +1 11. San Jose State Spartans 1-1 -2 12. Wyoming Cowboys 0-1 ---
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    Jokes on you! We've never lost a Super Bowl
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    This is all we strive for. Good work @TheTodd15
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    Fuck you fans, solid? Have you ever even held a Slinky before? There's nothing solid about me.
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    Offensive POTW: QB Jordan North, TEM, 25 of 39 for 333 yards, 5 TD, 1 INT Jordan North could not have had a better debut Honorable mentions: RB Marshawn Miller, UCONN, 22 for 111 yards, 1 TD QB Daniel Lentz, USF, 30 of 43 for 350 yards, 5 TD, 0 INT QB Andre Webb, SMU, 25 of 37 for 309 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT Defensive POTW: CB Gavin Jennings, TEM, 1 INT, 3 Tackles, 1 TD In a good week for AAC defense, Jennings took a pick to the house Honorable mentions: CB Julius Monroe, USF, 1 INT, 5 Tackles ILB William Battle, SMU, 1 INT, 5 Tackles Special Teams POTW: K Joel Cordero, SMU, 1/1 (43) Cordero hit the only meaningful FG of AAC teams this week- coming in clutch in the 4th quarter
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    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E8uZg9dhbu511lQEOqt2VH4_eyEcnpCsz3z7UNRrrug/edit?usp=sharing As of 2019, will add 2020 after the season is over Some stats were not tracked on the wiki for particular years so that data is missing
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    Wyoming scored as many points as the state has croots
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    1.SMU (4) Won an epic classic game against TCU. Time's squad has knack for winning close games- see MSU in 2018 and Temple at home in 2019. For now, they deserve to be in the Top 15; TCU is a "name" opponent, but idk how good TCU really is and there's a good chance both teams may end up overrated. The biggest thing we learned from SMOOO than we didn't know from them before is Terrell Holland will probably be a solid RB once he goes up against AAC competition. 2.UCF No game last week but they deserve to be ranked. 3.Temple Not sure on Northwestern's coaching situation, but Jordan North's debut was a downright disaster. Only had five touchdowns (and yet this might have not been the best AAC QB performance this week). All clown jokes aside, Temple's offense picked up where it left off last year, although RB Richard Dillion is still an unknown commodity in AAC play. With that said, his opening game was just ok against a bottom teir BIG team. Not sure if I have much of an opinion on their defense. 4.USF Rather than just winning in boring fashion like USF did against Charlotte, they rocked LA Tech. Daniel Lentz had a career high five scores, and Johnny Taylor had just under 5 YPC. Their defense- after a year absence- has returned with a vengeance at least for one week, with three pick sixs and two sacks. 5.Houston "Why didn't Rickie Shaffer start last year?" is a question I've asked myself a lot last year. Shaffer did ok for going against a CUSA team, with this team? Blasting one of the better CUSA teams is better than nothing, and the defense - an underrated strength of their team during their Joel King heyday - showed up to expectations, with two picks and two sacks. Should be the clear cut 2nd best team in the AAC West if their coaching remains stable. 6.ECU Exciting win, but against WKU of all team. From the surface, Carver and Tuitama are still a solid QB-RB duo but their colleges careers are winding up, and the rest of the ECU team seems to have regressed. 7.Uconn Great fight against WSU Missouri, but to Stormstopper's disappointment they didn't pull it off. Makai Stewart is still a decent QB, and Marshawn Miller is a strong early declaration candidate. Despite playing such an exciting game, I feel like we don't really know much from this team that we didn't know last year, other than the fact their offense seems more consistent than last year so far in the first 2 games. 8.Memphis 2-0 for the first time in school history, Their defense might be a little better than last season, but on the other hand, Gavin Copleand is likely not a great QB, so Memphis picking them off twice is no real surprise. Another slightly bold observation: Miguel Cook so far appears better then Eric Todd Brian Jennings, but then against, Brian Jennings looked good on 2017 and then I don't know what happened to him- maybe he stopped working out and progressing or maybe defenses figured him out. 9.Navy Not one but two impressions on this team in what I view as an OK- not great- defeat to Michigan State. Isaiah Best is most likely a short-term fix at QB, and he isn't exactly on to the best start, but to be fair, Slinky is one of the best secondary coaches out their, and they have one of the best CB prospects this draft. Also, their kicking, at least in this game, wasn't exactly stellar. 10.Tulsa Made it halfway interesting against a good but not great Ryan Harris-led Fresno State squad. Despite having one of the best FS's in this class, Tulsa secondary is no match for the gunslinger Harris, and their offense is just meh at best, with no big name QB, RB, or WR. 11. Cincinnati Losing to Rabid by 34 is never a good sign. And with the lose, Rome lost what little chance he had at a bowl game. At this point, best to hope that running Wildcat will benefit him somehow- Temple ran Wildcat in 2016 and look at them now. 12.Tulane Their is something bigly wrong with the defense I think, but I'll give more of my $0.02 next week.
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    Oh boy it's gonna be a long season
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    Pirates Steal Win in Overtime Coach Weeze Rewarded with 10th Career Win Pirate Defense Heckles Western Kentucky Home Crowd. The 2020 season has been and exciting ride for the fans. For the Coaches and players, they would much rather have a boring, blow out game than a close exciting match in overtime. Both Week 1 and Week 2 games have been very close, evenly matched games. Thursday night, the Pirates went to Kentucky to take on WKU. The Hilltoppers fought hard and gave the Pirates an exciting game. The Pirates never could take the crowd out of the game. Going into halftime, the score was all tied up 7-7. Things seem to look up in the third quarter as they were able to add a few touchdowns to the board, but WKU was right behind them in the fourth to tie it up. They were unable to take advantage though as the Pirates manage to steal the game in overtime 34-31. The Exciting win gave the Pirates a 2-0 record on the season, a first in school history. This win also was an exciting moment for their coach as Coach Weeze earned his 10th career win with the Pirates. Taking over Last season after a rough 1-2 start, he finished the season 9-4 with a bowl win against NC State. While the team dumped Gatorade on their coach, and he celebrated with his young players, he said after the game it was a hallow victory, and an unimportant milestone. "These things are great for the staff, and fun for the players to celebrate, but we have much more important things to worry about. We are 2-0 on the season, but we aren't ready yet. Conference play opens up in a couple weeks and we are far from ready. We have a lot of young players, and things to get sorted if we want to stay competitive. UCF, USF, SMU, these are all teams fighting for that top spot. Most don't consider us in the mix, and we need to change that. We were so close last season. It game down to one game. We want to return to the Conference Championship game, and remind the country this is our Conference." The strong words echo'd through the players. Many of the upperclassmen and stars of the team agreed with him. "He is a tough man, and he says what he means. But we see it ourselves. WE see the score, we hear the media, we watch the tape. Its all right in front of us. He doesn't sugarcoat anything and we like that. We want what he wants. And you can't get their with hugs and soft words. We are going to do everything to play better, and get to where we need to be." Eli Tutatimi said after the game when he was asked about his coaches words. Eli was considered one of the top players in the conference at his position and the multiple team record setter has failed so far this season to impress anyone. He has managed only 143 yards on 33 attempts and three touchdowns. There is still time to show what he can do, as he had a few games late last season that looked as if he was in a rut. Hopefully this is just him shaking off the rust. Another area of concern has been the defense. A rather unproductive unit, they have managed only 1 sack and no interceptions in two games. A Very young unit, fans and coaches alike know they may not have the same production that they had last season after coach Weeze took over. But as the chemistry grows, and some of the young guys learns what it means to start at this level, that they become more production, and we see more take a ways, and pressure on the quarterback. They will have time to adress those changes, for now, the young Pirates enjoy their win, and Coach Weeze, whether he admits it, loves that he has reached 10 wins already. The Pirates will visit Bowling Green next Saturday and hope to leave with their third consecutive win before a much needed bye week. Following that, the Pirates open up conference play on the road in Houston.
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    Every year Buffalo gets me hyped only to let me down against Ohio
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    (Editor's note: Whoopsadoodle! Sorry, the keynote speaker spoke too long) Friday Night Central Michigan (0-1, 0-0) at Kansas State (1-0): non-conference Last Week: CMU's coaches made the team relive being on the wrong side of history (BYE), while Rahim Murrell probably thought he should have been put on defense too. (W vs. FAU 44-41) The Chippewas fell short against Oregon State, but they have a blueprint to beating a tougher Wildcat squad courtesy of FAU. Sean Parham and Gregory Crowder ran for over 180 yards and 3 TDs against K-State, and the Wildcat defense isn't anything that the Chips don't see in the MAC on a weekly basis. Is CMU able to take advantage though? Matt Rowland produced a comparable statline to Crowder (13 of 24 for 150 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT) and he isn't the runner that Crowder is. Feeding Makai Carr successfully, early, and often will keep the Wildcat offense off the field, and big Jasper Rowley could find some room against the Kansas State linebackers. BAH GAWD THAT’S RAHIM’S MUSIC For all the hype and braggadocio surrounding Rahim Murrell, he certainly took care of business last Thursday (20 of 29 for 309 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT) and will have to do so again versus the Chips. Elijah Humphrey isn’t built to pound away inside the tackles and will have to run at DEs Nazir Tatum-Kimbrough and Rory Bolin. KSU WR Devon Tillman versus CMU CB A'Shawn Ellison is the premier match-up, but how well the Chips can prevent Murrell from getting to his second and third reads will be the bigger factor in this game. Prediction: 34-31 We were REALLY tempted to pick Central in an upset; the things that CMU do well line up unfavorably for the Wildcats. But we're not sure that the Chips’ back seven will be able to fully control the K-State wideouts, and the Wildcats should escape with a late and narrow win. Due to time constraints (daughter’s graduation) we now take you to the forecasted conclusions of the following games: Kent State (0-2) at Middle Tennessee (0-1): 27-17 Kent State leading at half vs. Purdue > MTSU demolished by Penn State. Miami (OH) (1-0) at Miami (FL) (0-1): 35-27 Best!Miami (OH), because Cerawinslol. Eastern Michigan (0-2) at #24 UCF (1-0): 38-17 DeNorris Jackson builds on his Heisman campaign.
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    the players with no positions will be super fun IMO
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    Fuck me. There goes my entire team hah. I like a lot of this. Can't wait for it to implemented
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    First win! Also 16 total sacks is pretty crazy with no one one the statsheet
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    FINAL SCORE: Temple 52-0 Wyoming
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    Starting to look bleak now, even though I've played three really good teams now. gg Bubada. McLean looked super sharp again. Wishing you the best this year
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    Getting a database error. A database query error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software.
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    Excellent! Moving, as always, in a fun direction! "Get to practice, you a-holes!" Just gettin' ready...
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    Call it a coaching/confidence crisis, but I'm looking to chat with anyone regarding offensive/defensive coaching, things to look out for, etc. I want to get better. The sim deserves better.
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    Thanks Soluna. This is awesome stuff!
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    Kansas State is 2-0 for the first time in school history
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    Oklahoma State's got its swagger back.
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    Thank you for your question- The focus this week will differ on different sides of the ball. On offense, we went out there and executed our game plan for the first half, but felt a drop off in the second, which means our guys are tired, which means conditioning for the offensive unit. Our defense impressed all game, clinching it late. I would like to get more physical with their wideouts in the red zone however, which you better believe we will be drilling this week. I think we as a team can pull out more than a few more wins this season. To cite one of my previous press conferences I believe in this team's ability to make it to a bowl game this year, and it seems as though my belief may in fact be more deeply rooted in reality than many pundits give it credit for. Under this administration at Wake, winning isn't anything to obsess over, it's simply the expectation.
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    W. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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    A win over Arizona State should put them at the top of the polls imo.
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    Turning it around! Great game Eli! Go Vols!
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    Good game. I think I might have found something
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