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The Game lives up to the hype this year as (10-1) Michigan traveled to Columbus to take on (10-1) Ohio State for the right to take on Purdue in the B1G Championship. After a grueling battle that took 2 overtimes to decide, it was the Wolverines who stood victorious 36-33 in what was possibly the best game of the season.


The Las Vegas Raiders and the Denver Broncos both won their games Sunday, setting up a week 17 showdown to decide the AFC West. The Raiders toppled the Chiefs 24-14 and the Broncos survived the Jaguars 27-23.


As the final week of the regular season wraps up, teams turn their attention to the conference championships and bowl season. There are some solid match ups to look forward to with big implications.


The Detroit Lions and the Indianapolis Colts won this week, while the New England Patriots and the Minnesota Vikings took losses, all becoming 6-9 on the season.


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    Umass is a joke
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    [2020] Week #6 - Saturday Morning

    USF up to #21 in the next poll Notre Dame will receive 12 votes
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    [2020] Week #6 - Saturday Morning

    Daniel Lentz, USF, 27 of 30 for 450 yards, 6 TD, 0 INT HOLY SHIT I mean it's against UMass but still
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    Now that we are a quarter of the way through the season it's time to take a look into the B1G Power Rankings. 1. Purdue Boilermakers (4-0) The current number one team in the country coming off an impressive victory against the Michigan Wolverines. It's hard to argue against them with Matt Jones and the prolific Purdue offense averaging 450 yards per game. I think Purdue is the favorite to win the West, however, I don' think they finish the season undefeated, as there are so many good teams in the West, I imagine they slip up in one game. 2. Illinois Fighting Illini (4-0) Arguably the best defense in all of CFBHC, Illinois comes in at number two. Only giving up a ridiculous 7.3 PPG, no team wants to face the Illini. The Purdue-Illinois match-up approaching could be a playoff precursor and determines who represents the West in the B1G Title Game. If illinois falters, it's because of their average offense, but average might be enough, and they remind me of the irl super bowl winning ravens. The biggest knock on them is playing in the West, they might slip up because of the offense, but I'm pretty high on the illini 3. Penn State Nittany Lions (3-1) Despite dropping a game already in the season, I believe the gap between Penn State and the rest of the B1G is relatively big. The defending national champs will not have an easy road to repeat as champions, as already seen, but luckily for Penn State, they sit in the much weaker East and I don't think Michigan, Michigan State, or Maryland can topple them. 4. Wisconsin Badgers (4-0) Trufant is the best RB in the CFBHC and he's only a redshirt sophomore. I would argue he will be better than Sowell, which is saying something considering his success at Wisconsin as well as with the Jags in the NFL. My biggest concern with Badgers is the passing part of the equation. We know Trufant will rush for 100+ yards and 1-2 TDs, but what will Jarvis do? If he performs well they can be unbeatable, but a bad or average game from him and the Badgers are very vulnerable. 5. Minnesota Golden Gophers (4-0) Lucas has taken over where Bingo left off, and has a strong passing game and the second best defense so far in the B1G after Illinois. The concern is the one-sidedness on the offensive side of the ball, ranking last in the B1G in rushing. A team with a strong pass defense like Illinois could spell bad news for the Gophers, but as usual with Bingo's Minnesota's teams, I expect Minnesota to be sitting there with a chance at winning the West in the last 2/3 weeks. 6. Michigan State Spartans (4-0) Slinky has returned and so has Michigan State's success. While I don't think MSU is as good as they appear at this point in the season, I believe in Slinky, and his strong QB play to rank them slightly ahead of Michigan at this point in the season. Joseph Thurston as been arguably the best WR in the country so far with 420 yards and 6 TDs through 4 games. The problem is the running game is struggling and they have no real other threat in the passing game. I expect something around 8-4 when all is said and done. 7. Michigan Wolverines (3-1) I might be putting myself too low based on the talent on my team, but I have not been impressed with how my team has played this season. A squeaker against NC State, a game closer than it should have been against BYU and a loss to Purdue has me ranking Michigan at 7. Gabe Cooper has done well this season, but Whitley at RB needs to improve so that I am not so one-dimensional, the x-factor on my team. Carlos Washington the JUCO transfer has been a top DE in CFBHC and has carried the defense, but the team is not playing to expectations. Maybe I'm being too harsh on myself, but for now I think this ranking is fair for my team's play. 8. Maryland Terrapins (2-1) Arguably after Michigan, there is a big drop-off in teams that have a serious chance of competing in the conference. I like Maryland, but I don't see them being a serious threat in the East. A below average passing game and passing defense does not bode well in the B1G, especially against Bowman and Davidson in the East. They won't be able to rely on the run like they have so far this season, leading the B1G in rushing yards per game. Maryland does hold the best rush defense so far, but again I don't expect this to be sustainable the rest of the year. 9. Iowa Hawkeyes (2-2) The talent is there in Iowa, but a tough schedule and some holes on the offensive and defensive side of the ball limit the potential of Iowa. With one of the worst defenses statistically so far in the B1G, and competing in the West, Iowa is probably looking at something like 6-6 when the season is all said and done. I still believe in Black and Donaldson on the offensive side of the ball, and they have a strong OL to compete in games, but if the defense doesn't improve than it won't be enough to compete with the serious contenders in the West. 10. Indiana Hoosiers (2-1) The Hoosiers have looked pretty good so far, with a top five offensive and defense. The problem is that they don't have the talent to compete in the B1G to make that sustainable. I think the team is moving in the right direction, and might be a fringe bowl team, but no more. I don't expect them to be able to beat PSU,Michigan, or MSU and make a serious threat in the East. 11. Ohio State Buckeyes (1-2) Ohio State has a QB problem. Raymond Dow has thrown for only 385 yards with 3 TDs and 6 INTs through 3 games. They aren't going to beat anyone decent with that kind of QB play. The reason I have them ranked higher than the teams to follow is the talent on the defensive side of the ball. They have an above average defense that can keep them in games, and more talent than the teams below, but without improvement at QB the Buckeyes ceiling will be pretty low. 12. Nebraska Cornhuskers (1-3) Considering how good Nebraska used to be, the Cornhuskers are very devoid of talent, and I find it hard to believe that they will make a bowl game. The only team that I think they have an above average chance of beating in the West is Northwestern, otherwise they will have to hope to get lucky against a team like Iowa and steal a game. I think it will be very difficult for the Cornhuskers to make a bowl game, but hopefully Dean will recruit well and have this team back to its former glory. 13. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (1-2) After the departure of vollmagnet, the Prophet, and Franklin, we knew this would be a struggle for the Scarlet Knights to repeat the success it had the past 2 years. Rutgers will struggle this season, and really outside of Ohio State, don't really see them having any chance of beating the top teams in the East. 14. Northwestern Wildcats (0-4) This team is young but they do have talent coming. The problem is that young talent won't do much in the B1G. Averaging a B1G worst 12.3 ppg and a B1G worst 34.5 ppg against, its hard to see where Northwestern will scrape by with wins unless it's against the fellow cellar-dwellers in the B1G. I would expect maybe 2 wins this season, and really just focus on developing the young talent and try and make a bowl game next year, because they don't really have much chance this year, especially in the West
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    [2020] MAC Preview Show, Week 6

    Last Week’s pick record: 6-1 Pick record to date: 23-3 Welcome back! On behalf of the lovely #MACtion Jenny and special silent guest star Jose Paniagua, I’m your host Bruce Baguen. But first, the ceremonial torch lighting as performed by #MACtion Jenny: Thursday Night None. Wait, what? Friday Night Western Kentucky (1-3) at Ohio (1-2, 1-0): non-conference Last Week: The Hilltoppers came out on the right side of a winless matchup (W vs. 28-10), while Ohio looked forward to proving themselves better than they’ve shown so far. (BYE) When we talk about the Bobcat offense, we normally start with Owen. Freaking. WALTON. But for this game we’ll start with Damien Arroyo, Jayden Grove, Jake Jennings, Drew Platt, and Shane Poe. These are the gentlemen who will have the task of neutralizing WKU’s best defenders, RDE Daniel Spivey (9 tackles, 2.5 sacks) and DT Benjamin Chappell (14 tackles, 1.5 sacks). Chappell in particular is a space clogger who plays much bigger than his 290-pound frame suggests, yet has enough short-area quickness to slip past an unprepared lineman and get to the quarterback. Expect to see C Jennings frequently slide to whatever side Chappell is on and engage in double-teaming. If the front five can get good seal blocks on the Hilltopper defensive line, we really like Walton’s chances to put up disgusting numbers against a back seven that would be in the lower third of MAC defenses. That in turn would really open up space for Ohio’s receivers to find intermediate areas to settle down in. With QB Riley West at the helm (64% completion rate, 1011 passing yards, 11/5 TD/INT ratio) Western Kentucky wants to be a proficient passing team and they are certainly capable of putting up the big numbers: 45 against Oklahoma State 31 against East Carolina 24 against Virginia 28 against Louisiana Tech The problem for the Hilltoppers is that except for the LaTech game, the numbers on the other side were bigger: 49 for the Cowboys, 34 for the Pirates, 56 for the Cavaliers. Those gaudy point totals look very much like the results of “throw it up to keep up” games where WKU fell behind. It says something that West’s worst game statistically (15 of 29 for 155 yards, 2/2 TD/INT) came in their only win - the Hilltoppers coasted to early lead courtesy of a pick-six then worked safer and shorter passes and their running game to a 28-10 victory. Speaking of running, WKU tapped redshirt freshman Charlie Kurtz as their new starting running back last week. It seems to the result of a philosophy change rather than a performance issue - the speedy Kurtz’s stats aren’t appreciably different from bruising former starter Gary Foley (74 rushing yards for Kurtz, 76.0 YPG for Foley). However, Ohio is arguably better defensively at the edges of their front seven than in their middle, even accounting for tackling machine ILB Calvin Blue, with OLBs Donovan Pendleton and Myles Lindsay rounding out perhaps the most complete LB corps in the MAC. Where Ohio IS shaky is in their secondary, playing converted safeties as their nickel and dime backs. The Hilltoppers may find some success if they have to go four and five-wide. Prediction: 34-24 With a, um, shaky (Yeah, let’s go with ‘shaky’) defense, the Hilltoppers’ best chance is to go into a shootout, albeit an unconventional one: Ohio scoring into the 30s and 40s probably means a 3-TD performance from Owen. Freaking. WALTON. WKU will probably have to rely on West’s arm again, but his O-line is averaging a rating of 4.2 and 1.75 sacks allowed/game; he is going to be one big bruise at the end of this game. Central Michigan (0-4, 0-0) at Ball State (0-4, 0-2) Last Week: A pair of tough non-conference games for them both with Jamel Trufant running around, through, and over CMU repeatedly - they are now well-acquainted with his shoe size (L vs. 7-35). Meanwhile, Ole Miss’ (Marquise) Laws was enforced much more diligently than Ball State’s (Austin) Laws (L at 3-24). Two teams that were expecting a better start to the year meet up to start up the long road to glory at the expense of the other. At the MAC Network we’ve been singing the praises of Ball State’s twin tower DTs Rashaad Malcolm and Isamaeli Afamasaga as a reason they could surprise in the MAC West. Well, Malcolm and Afamasaga have delivered (combined 19 tackles, 4.5 sacks) but the rest of the defense haven’t played quite as well. The only opponent held to under 100 yards rushing was Virginia (80 yards), and that’s because they weren’t particularly interested in it - Matteo Rook went 27 of 37 for 328 yards and 4 TDs. Granted, they’ve had a tough slate of games so far (@Akron, Buffalo, @UVA, @Ole Miss) but coach @lrickar1 must be getting concerned with opposing offenses doing virtually whatever they want. Fortunately for the Cardinal defense, the Chippewa offense is in just as bad a state of disarray if not worse. RB Makai Carr has struggled to find traction so far, averaging only 80.25 yards per game. CMU QB Matt Rowland hasn’t fared much better, averaging a paltry 162 yards per game while throwing 6 picks and 6 interceptions. Their offensive line has an average rating of 4.4. And then there’s the other side of the ball. 16 of 23 for 199 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT, 6 rushes for 29 yards, 0 TD. That is a statline that most MAC coaches would take if that was the average result from their quarterback. They wouldn’t be thrilled with it, but they could live with it. That is the statline for Marquis Causey’s BEST game this season. Coming into this season most observers expected Causey to take a step forward, especially with an experienced group of receivers like Siali McMullin, Chan Pease, and Jayson Zarate-Lima. But his continued struggles are the biggest reason why Ball State is winless on the year. Outside of the above-quoted game against Buffalo, Causey has not thrown a touchdown pass but has thrown five interceptions total. It’s all too easy for defenses to stack the box against Austin Laws and dare Causey to throw right now. It doesn’t help that the Chips defense is easily the stronger part of their team right now. Sophomore bookends Nazir Tatum-Kimbrough and Rory Bolin provide formidable presences off the edge, and senior cornerback A’Shawn Ellison (8 tackles, 1 INT returned for TD) does a good job working against the offense’s top wideout. Normally, Ellison vs. Pease/Zarate-Lima would be a highlighted matchup but the Cardinal gameplan may dictate otherwise - at least if things go accordingly to Ball State’s plans. Prediction: 17-13 The big question here is whose defense will force more offensive mistakes. We expect the Cardinals to feed the Chips a steady diet of Austin Laws and put Causey in caretaker mode until he gets his confidence back. We actually expect Central Michigan to do the same, but it’s the Ball State defense that will prove the difference and provide several short fields for their offense. As dynamic as Ellison is, the cornerback position is the one that might have the least potential to affect this week’s game. Saturday Morning Akron (3-0, 2-0) at Indiana (2-1): non-conference Last Week: The Zips enjoyed the view from atop the MAC East Mountain (BYE), while Indiana needed a fourth-quarter comeback to shake off pesky Tulsa (W vs. 24-21) QB Adrian Rupp is the man to watch when Indiana has the ball. The redshirt junior makes everything go for the Hoosiers, and we’re not just saying that because the ball gets hiked to him. Check out the stats in three games: 36 of 89 (68.5%) for 761 yards, 6/2 TD/INT ratio. And he does damage with his legs too (19 rushes for 135 yards and 3 TDs), so you can’t just drop everyone into coverage. Indiana is trying to find a complement for Rupp so he doesn’t wear down too much, and they’re trying Brendan Devine out after starting with FB/RB Julian Early for a couple of games. Devine had a good day against the Golden Hurricane, so there’s hope in Bloomington. (We’ll come back to this game later) Defensively, the Zips are going to lean on big Marlon Bailey to disrupt up the middle and force Rupp to decide on his Run-Pass Option sooner than he wants to. With 18 tackles and 3 sacks on the young season, the Hoosier offensive line hasn’t encountered anyone like the 6-7, 322-pound monster. Much like Rupp does for the Indiana offense, Bailey drives the Akron defense. But Bailey isn’t the only talent on his squad, his linemate Corey Brantley and SS Jadon Boykin show promise (although oddly enough, both have been blanked on the statsheet so far this year). The Zips’ shallow secondary is vulnerable to spread teams, but that’s not Indiana’s MO (only 132 yards and 1 TD combined for Indy’s #3 and 4 receivers). Akron got its dual-threat offense rolling early in the season, averaging 216 yards passing (eh) and 146 yards rushing (pretty good) per game so far. Despite the pedestrian yardage T.J. Zamora has been efficient with the ball completing nearly two-thirds of his passes and tossing five touchdowns to two interceptions so far. His rushing totals aren’t as gaudy as Rupp’s (95 rushiing yards), but he has the better backfield partner in Nathaniel Ruff (114 YPG, 4 TDs). Indiana’s defense doesn’t have the same amount of talent as their offense, and a Zamora/Ruff two-headed monster have already dispatched stop squads of similar skill levels, although LOLB Felix Hinojosa may require some scheming. Prediction: 24-21 We’re leaning homerish with this one, sure, but we’re willing to buy into the current good version of T.J. Zamora sticking around. Good!Zamora and Ruff can do some damage, but the biggest reason for picking the Zips? Last week’s Indiana game against Tulsa. A C-USA team that couldn’t keep up with Fresno State or Buffalo took Indiana to the wire by using their strong running and a timely turnover or two. Ohio State didn’t even have a takeaway but used the running game more effectively in their win against Indy. We’re willing to bet that Akron can follow the same plan. Toledo (2-1, 0-0) at Bowling Green (2-2, 0-2) Last Week: The Rocket staff’s focus was on recruiting (BYE), while Bowling Green misread the schedule and showed up to play a half late. (L at 28-41) So Bowling Green: Had Eddie Connelly completed 75 percent of his passes for 270 passing yards, averaging 11.25 Yards per ATTEMPT and threw three touchdowns (against two interceptions, but still) Ran for 167 yards with Zack Odell breaking the century mark and scoring another touchdown. ...and still got blown out. Kent State’s Quinn Benson took a Connelly pass back to the house and the dam broke; it was 28-0 at halftime. The individual stats look good for Bowling Green, but together they made for an ugly picture. A lot of the blame can be laid at the collective feet of their Falcon offensive line; a 4.4 rating and 2 sacks allowed led to a 2 for 13 third down conversion rate for the game. And really, the O-line is the story of the BG offense. Talented but very inconsistent; if they fall on their faces like they did against a less-talented Kent State defensive line the Falcons are going nowhere. And now here comes a Toledo defense only surrendering 267 offensive yards per GAME. It doesn’t matter how good Connelly and Odell are if the offensive line can’t keep the Two Dwaynes (Montgomery and Briggs) out of the backfield. Speaking of underachieving… for all the issues the Falcon offense had last week, they weren’t the only culprits in giving up a huge lead to Kent State. The vaunted Bowling Green Sack Factory is tied for last in the conference in sacks with four, and two of them came from OLB Brandon Thomas in one game. They’re also surrendering 131 rushing yards per game and allowing a 3rd down conversion rate of 34%; that percentage would be good for second in the conference if it belonged to a specific team! The Falcon defense is in a bad place right now, and new coach DJSquiggle has a lot of work to do. The Rockets are not the team you want to face with your defense in disarray. Not with Benjamin Hanson have thrown seven TDs to one pick on the season and RB Gabe Ciamo rushing for four TDs while averaging 115 YPG. Prediction: 28-10 We’re not ready to call the Bowling Green Sack Factory closed, but they may have to cut back their hours. Toledo is out to prove that it’s premature to write them off for the season, and it’s hard to see the Falcons stopping them with their current form. Saturday Evening Buffalo (3-1, 0-1) at Western Michigan (3-1, 1-0) Last Week: The Bulls’ focus was on evening their conference slate (BYE), while the Broncos forgot about saving points for this week’s contest (W vs. 44-14) It’s PRIME TIME for the MAC! Western has to be hoping this visit to the bright lights of Saturday goes better than their last, when Toledo completely shut them down in a 24-6 loss. DeSean Madison has gotten better and better every game, but the most encouraging sign for the Broncos has to be the game Chase Sims had last week against the Aztecs - 75% completion rate for 249 yards and 3 TDs? Yes please. TE Carlos Vargas (19 catches for 281 yards, 3 TDs) has emerged as Sims’ favorite weapon and will undoubtedly draw LOLB Alexander Moffett’s attention, so this could be a good game for deep threat Josh Whitt. When we talk about the Bulls defense, we start with Moffett. The true freshman (yes, you read that right) started from day one and helped compensate for losing Second Team All-MAC DT Patrick Garber to graduation. While he’s made a few statsheets (12 tackles), his coaches rave about his instincts for the game and his ability to do the little things that don’t show up in the boxscores. Someone who has shown up in statsheets? SS Thomas Gordon. The junior isn’t just a thumper in the box (21 tackles), he can ballhawk when necessary (3 INTs). Sims will have to account for Gordon at all times, as the Bulls like to move around a lot. Well, we were wrong. When Buffalo secured QB Blair Holcomb’s services last year, we didn’t think the JuCo transfer would make much of a difference. Boy, were we wrong. The Bulls stopped being one-dimensional (no matter how awesome that dimension was) and show greater offensive punch than before; an 11/3 TD/INT ratio and 266 passing YPG attest to that. The Buffalo receivers are basically the same ones from last season, so the difference between Holcomb and Stephen “I shouldn’t throw past 9” Coates is something to behold. Oh, we can’t leave the Bull running game out of this. MAMADOU SMASH isn’t putting up the awe-inspiring numbers we’re used to seeing, but that doesn’t make him any less fearsome. (105 rushing YPG, 5 TDs) Buffalo also still has the best offensive line in the MAC, and they still specialize in road-grading. Will WMU use the same gameplan they followed against San Diego State and trust Sean Taylor and company to cover the back end while focusing on the run? It worked last week, but MAMADOU SMASH is a far, far different beast. Can DTs Rocco Gifford and Silas Booker replicate their success from last week (combined 7 tackles, 2 sacks)? Prediction: 24-17 A real coin-flip game, but one that landed in the Broncos’ favor (at least in the studio) and the reason for it is one we haven’t talked about yet: Special Teams. The Bulls are asking punter Mohamed Saylor to pull double duty as their placekicker, and results have been mixed. Despite leading kickers in total points, Saylor is only 7 for 11 (63.64%) on field goal attempts while WMU’s Harry DeMarco is perfect (7 for 7). In a tough battle that should feature a lot of ugly trench warfare, the third phase of the game could decide everything. BYES: Kent State (2-2), Miami (OH) (4-0), E. Michigan (0-4), N. Illinois (1-3) On behalf on #MACtion Jenny and special silent guest Jose Paniagua, I'm Bruce Baguen for the MAC Network ("If it's not MAC, it's wack!"). Until next time!
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    [2020] Week #6 - TNF

    You Coog'd it. This sim IS like real life!
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    [2020] Week #6 - Saturday Morning

    Cincinnati (1-3) at East Carolina (2-2)* USF (3-0) at UMass (0-4) Army (3-1) at Georgia State (2-2)* Rutgers (1-2) at Michigan (3-1)* UNLV (1-3) at Duke (4-0) Toledo (2-1) at Bowling Green (1-3)* Maryland (2-1) at Ohio State (1-3)* Akron (3-0) at Indiana (2-1)
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    Trying to run as much clock off as possible so the opponent has less time to destroy their beyond Swiss cheese defense. Problem is the opponent only needs a few plays to get to the end zone
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    [2020] Week #6 - Saturday Morning

    What? 700 is a ridiculous amount of offense
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    [2020] Week #6 - Saturday Morning

    Also GG Indiana!
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    [2020] Week #6 - Saturday Morning

    I got destroyed.
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    [2020] Week #6 - Saturday Morning

    Tied for the most wins in Duke history now. Bring on UVA
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    [2020] Week #6 - TNF

    Well, I just upset Houston two years in a row.
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    [2020] Week #6 - FNF

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    [2020] AAC Week 5 POTW

    Offensive POTW: RB Marshawn Miller, UCONN, 24 for 183 yards, 3 TD Marshawn Miller had his usual monster game. Honorable mentions: WR Dean Burkhart, SMU, 7 for 100 yards, 1 TD QB Dwayne Bennett, UCF, 19 of 27 for 238 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT , 5 for 60 rushing Defensive POTW: DE Elvis Marrero, TUL, 1 INT, 0.5 Sacks, 3 Tackles Austin Copeland, USF, 1 INT, 4 Tackles A rare INT for a DE, plus a sack, but his team came up just short against IU Honorable mentions: CB Adam Young, SMU, 1 INT, 3 Tackles DE Devin Blakely, UCF, 2 Sacks, 6 Tackles Special Teams POTW: K Yakov Steen, HOU, 2/2 (28, 28) Steen hit two FG's, with one clutch in the 4th.
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    [2020] Week #6 - TNF

    I'm sick to my stomach.
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    [2020] Week #6 - TNF

    Nope not a better one
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    [2020] Week #6 - TNF

    the fact they lost this makes me sad
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    [2020] Week #6 - TNF

    Marcus Swartz has passed Robert Price for 7th on the Big XII passing touchdowns list with his 58th. He's also 7th with 8603 passing yards. Next on both lists is Graham Burnett (9066 yards, 62 pass TD). Swartz is also the Big XII's all-time leader in rushing yards by a quarterback with 1458 yards and 22 TD, giving him 10,061 combined yards and 80 combined touchdowns. He ranks third among Big XII quarterbacks in both of those categories (the records are 11,709 yards and 91 TD, both held by Eric Jennings and both accumulated solely by passing).
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    [2020] Week #6 - TNF

    Houston what happened man edit wait I got a better one, Houston: We have a problem.
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    [2020] C-USA Recruiting Commits

    Southern Miss' abbreviation is USM. SMU is some garbage team in Texas.
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