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    Head Coach Trey Chaffin steps to the microphone: "It pains me greatly to say this, but after a great run at Georgia Tech, I will be stepping down as head coach. I know it isn't an ideal time, but it is time for me. I am open to any questions." Stepping out of character, I want to say a few things. I know a lot of y'all probably thought I was already gone or whatever. I never thought this day would come. Never. This site meant so much to me for so long. Some days it felt like I was online all 24 hours. Anytime I was at home I was on, as soon as I got on the bus to go across campus I'd be on on my phone, I'd be on in class, it just meant everything to me. Soluna, I know I could rub you the wrong way, and I know I truly pissed you off sometimes, but I want to thank you. This site is incredible. It really is. To everyone I've gotten to know over the years here, whether we got along or not, I am thankful for all of you. The hours spent in the shoutbox no matter the topic no matter how vicious the arguments were always fun. I am ready to step down immediately if that is what is best and there is a coach in the waiting, but I am also willing to continue as long as y'all need me too. As soon as I write this post I'm gonna go do recruiting for the upcoming week. Also, I will not be stepping down from my role within the Bengals organization. I am far more active there than I am in cfbhc. I am truly sorry for how inactive I have been for quite a while, I know it hurts the sim as a whole and especially my team and my conference. I want everyone to know I tried, I really did. I fully expected to be back up to my past activity levels in 2017, but a lot has happened in my personal life and things that I used to enjoy just don't hold my attention anymore. After graduating in december I expected to be more active, however a lot has happened since then. I won't go into any excuses, but this year, especially since March, has been really tough. Sorry this post is kinda rambly, it's late and I do feel bad about this. In hindsight I should have done this a long time ago, but every time I thought about doing it, I would convince myself I could become more active. And I would try, I really did, I would log on a few days in a row check stuff out make my gameplan, and then it would slip again. I know there is someone out there that can take care of my beloved team and players better than me. Its been fun guys, I won't just disappear, I'll still have the Bengals to be disappointed by, uh I mean to be excited about.
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    See I consider myself a pretty good corner. The best actually. Since I was the first corner ever drafted back in 2014, I thought I'd share some insight to the position and the guys I match up against. Here is the official David Wilburn Top 5 Toughest Wide Receivers, in no particular order. These are guys I've gone to war against, and every single one of these guys play at the pinnacle of the wide receiver position. Walt Peck 6-5 203 pounds, with hands made of epoxy and the moves to boot. If God made a wide receiver, he'd make Walt Peck again. He's so big and so fast, but the biggest thing to note is just how good he is at catching anything that goes his way. See here he is against Keyshawn Thompson, one of the top corners in the league. Ball's in the air, but take a look at what Walt does when it hits him. First off, he does this one handed, crazy amounts of concentration to do that when you're going at full speed. With Keyshawn draped all over you, its downright impossible. But he makes the one handed grab. Then look at his hips. He extended out his right foot, the immediately shifted his hips, rebalanced, and fell with the ball cradled between his arms with no chance of escape. That's downright unbelievable. Him and Murph have been doing it for so long, even against the tightest of coverages they can do something like that. Walt is a physical freak, but its his concentration and catching ability that just makes him so fearsome. He'll downright win the mental game against lesser corners too. Guy talks trash like no one else. If chatting was a stat on Madden, Walt would have a 99. The stuff he says about your mother... Sean Jenkins Now comes probably the most physically gifted receiver I've ever gone up against. 6'6" 182, and one key thought. Jenkins doesn't think he's fast. He knows he's fast. There's a huge difference in that. Guys that think they're fast, they never hear the safety coming. They never expect the corner to be right on them. They think they can out run the coverage. Guys that think they're fast don't last long in this league. Guys that know they're fast, like Jenkins, that's a whole nother beast. One wrong step, and as a corner you're flirting with disaster. Don't believe me? Look at what he did to my boy Mike Gradishar down in Oakland. Jenkins doesn't even go in. He does a little hop at the line of scrimmage, then its off to the races, and when he's got a head start, even if its a 10th of a second, its absolutely over. Mike might as well not have even been there, its just pitch and catch between Devy and Jenkins. Jenkins is one of the few guys in this league that knows he's fast, and everyone else knows it too. He got absolute burners on his leg that keeps everyone scared. Dan Nomellini This guy is outrageous. Probably the best receiver in the league right now in my humble opinion. I've got a lot of memories of when he played in Carolina, but watch this crazy route running he does. Look at him chop his feet. That burst of explosion. People don't talk about this much either, but Nom is probably the most sure-handed receiver to ever grace the game. Then you combine his route running ability and his intellect and you've got a dangerous combination at wide receiver. Lots of guys with Nom's measurables don't make it in this league. 6-1, 182, not that fast, none of that crazy catch range. What he's accomplished is on pure effort and hard work. Jenkins and Walt, those are some freak talents. Nom is a guy that's crafted his way into the game by using his god given talent of juking corners out their shoes. Me and him man, those were some battles. Tai Miller When people think physical receiver, they usually go with a tall, jump ball guy. That's not what I think when I think physical. Tai isn't small, but he's not the 6'5", 6'6" basketball players I have to deal with, but he's also not a jump ball specialist. What he's got is some incredible handfighting abilities, and he's probably the best receiver at using his body in this league. Michael Barber is a hell of a cornerback, but you see Tai just uses his physical advantages all the way. Hand fighting throughout the slant, then he tucks in. Ball's actually thrown a bit high, but he adjusts, makes the play, and shields it all with his body. That is some absurd talent for a guy who's really starting to blossom into his own in this league. Rodney Montgomery Now when people think of Rodney, they think he's this shorter, speed guy that makes his living getting big yards. They're wrong. Montgomery may not be the 6'6" freak that Sean Jenkins is, may not have the physicality of Tai Miller, but he's absolutely a weapon in the red zone. Why? He's got the ups and knows how to use body positioning the only way an old vet does, years and years of practice. Here he is one on one against Troy Marshall of the Ravens. Marshall's all over Rodney, doesn't take a step wrong, but Rodney just uses his great vertical leap to jump right over Troy. Then as he's falling, he does the vet move to toe tap and lean out. Toe tap for the TD, leaning away from the defender to complete the catch with as little interference as possible. He makes a killing eating the lunches of DBs that allow him to get the short catches he can turn into YAC, but that all comes from how clean he runs his routes and how he uses his body. There you have it, the toughest receivers to cover in the league. These guys may be the best in the country at what they do, but I'm always down to go another round with them! DAVID WILBURN/CONTRIBUTOR
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    For my favorite crooting moment we'd have to go back allll the way to week 5 of the 2020 season. I had put a ton of points on one of @Jumbo's quiet little 4.5's in Florida he thought he had a comfortable lead on and no one else had noticed. It was him versus another small MAC school, with no other Florida schools in the hunt. Well, when I woke up the next morning to check the fallout, I noticed Jambo had sent several shoutbox messages "looking" for me and to "meet him in Temecula in 40 min." Among a few other expletive laden insults there was this gem: "DStack can get fucked with a rusty pipe, seriously" I didn't even have to check the interface to see if I was leading on the croot. Edit: Absolutely nothing beats the draft. Especially that first round: live coverage, everyone tuned in, shoutbox is shoutboxing, the research and prep, the feeling of excitement or loss if your prospect falls to you or gets sniped just before you pick! "CAN'T WAIT!" - Bart Michael Scott
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    I remember when people took forever in the 2021 NHLHC Expansion Draft. It was horrible. I love the part where you endlessly canvass people to make their pick/protect.
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    Game Recap: Week 6 Welcome to our first ever addition to Mac Recap I'm your host Todd Greenfield. Make sure you turn in those power rankings to Jieret! And Remember IF IT'S NOT MAC ITS WACK. FUN FACT: The most hyped game this week Western Michigan vs Buffalo was the only game that wasn't decided by one possession. TNF NONE?????? FNF Western Kentucky (1-3) at Ohio (1-2, 1-0): non-conference Athens, OH - 57 F Jieret's Prediction: 34-24 Actual score: 23-20 Game summary: Ohio started the game off strong with 2 touchdowns which would happen to be the only 2 they scored this game. One on a pass play from Peters(QB) to Simpson(WR) and the other was a rush play by the one and only Owen Walton. The Hilltoppers replied with a touchdown pass of their own from West(QB) to Tate(WR). They were about to score once more in the first but the 4 star recruit Robert Mahoney wasn't having any of it and intercepted West's pass. The next to quarters were the battles of the kickers with 5! different field goals and 6! attempts. 9 for the bobcats and 6 for the Hilltoppers who would later score in the 4th with a pass to Patterson but it wasn't enough. This was a very close game that could have easily turned into an overtime if it weren't for the missed 45 yard field goal by Rodrigo Estrada. The 3-13 3rd down efficiency didn't help their case either. Both teams had a decent O-line rating but the rushing power of Owen Walton getting them into field goal position proved to be too much for the Hilltoppers. Ohio improves to 2-2 on the season whereas Western Kentucky goes down in missed field goal fashion to 1-4 on the season. Central Michigan (0-4, 0-0) at Ball State (0-4, 0-2) Muncie, IN - 56 F Jieret's Prediction: 17-13 Actual score: 20-14 Game summary: The 2 winless teams fight to be welll... the non-winless team. Central michigan still 0-0 in their conference record came in with spirits high knowing its not too late for hopes of a conference championship game in the future. The defense for ball state this game was stellar with 2 interceptions that more than likely cost Central Michigan the game. After a scoreless first quarter it was looking like it could be a very close game until Ball State scored 2 touchdowns in the second thanks to the split power of the Rb/Qb on Ball state this game. The WR Chan Pease, BST, also had a good game with his 5 for 83 yards, 1TD. In the 3rd The offense on Michigan started to wake up again with a Touchdown pass to Jaeden Lemons for the 7 points. But Ball state answered with a field goal 17-7( ). Again Michigan made a pass to Witherspoon(WR) for another 7 points and were down by a field goal but again ball state replied with another field goal 20-14(). The ball state defense would then make their mark in this game with a last drive interception to give ball state the win. Ball state improves to 1-4 on the season and 1-2 conference. Central Michigan will have to find another game to win as they drop to 0-5 and 0-1 conference. SNF Akron (3-0, 2-0) at Indiana (2-1): non-conference Bloomington, IN - 58 F Jieret's Prediction: 24-21 Actual score: 20-17 Game summary: This game was the upset of the week with a Akron squad looking to stay undefeated against a BIG 10 opponent that is not to be underestimated. Both teams started off well with a passing TD from Zamora(QB) to Burkett(WR) and the passing TD of Rupp(QB) to James(WR). Then Akron's defense held Indiana in the second and Indiana wouldn't get another chance to score until the 4th. meanwhile the 2 headed offense of Zamora and Ruff scored another touchdown in the 3rd and Josh Booth kicked a 29 yard field goal in the 2nd. 17- 7(). Indiana started to come back with a touchdown pass to Rollins(WR) and a long 42 yard field goal in the 4th. 17-17(Tied) Akron got down the field and Booth kicked a game winning field goal(34) to give Akron the 3 point lead that would not be contested. Akron improves to (4-0, 2-0) and is looking to win at Indiana next week so they can face the best Miami in a 5-0 showdown. Indiana drops to 2-2 on the season and is looking to comeback next week strong with a BYE. Toledo (2-1, 0-0) at Bowling Green (2-2, 0-2) Bowling Green, OH - 56 F Jieret's Prediction: 28-10 Actual score: 31-24 Game summary: This game was expected to be a blowout but almost ended in upset. The player of this game would go to Toledo's one and only QB Benjamin Hanson. He had a staggering 287 yards and a completion rate of 73% and 3 touchdowns... a great performance not to be diminished by his 1 interception. The game looked pretty close through the first two quarters of play with Toledo leading by a field goal 17-14( ). At the end of the second quarter Nathaniel Layne of had a chance to tie the game with a long 45 yarder that he missed after it hit the left side of the post. Bowling green took the lead against toledo in the 3rd quarter 21-17( ). Near the start of the 4th bowling Layne redemmed himself with a 28 yard field goal. Things were looking bad for Toledo who was down 24-17( ) but Hanson led his team down the field and tied the game 24-24 with his pass to Justin Evans for his 3rd TD of the game. Bowling Green had a chance to take the ball down the field for the last time but tragedy for Bowling Green struck when Levern White intercepted Connelly's pass and returned it for the game winning pick-6. Toledo improves to (3-1,1-0) on the season and Bowling Green drops to (2-3,0-3) and it looks like bowling greens mac chances are over...for now they will have to focus on getting to a bowl game. Buffalo (3-1, 0-1) at Western Michigan (3-1, 1-0) Buffalo, NY - 53 F Jieret's Prediction: 24-17 Actual score: 24-13 Game summary: This was the most hyped game for the mac this week showcasing two powerhouses of the mac going head to head. Western Michigan jumped ahead early and really would never catch back up. With two rushing touchdowns from DeSean Madison and buffalo only managing a 40 yard field goal in the the first they were down 14-3. Buffalo ended up getting a passing touchdown at the start of the second by Blair Holcomb but Western Michigan struck right back with a passing td of their own 21-10(). After the 1st half we would not see another touchdown only 1 field goal from each team... oh and a missed 42 yarder by Mohamed Saylor that didn't matter in the end. I don't think we have seen MAMADOU SMASH! shut down like this in a long time and we halve to ask ourselves... is this Western Michigan defense ever going to give...We saw them fight tooth and nail in a game against a powerful Duke team to lose by 3 points. Western Michigan improve to (4-1,2-0) as Buffalo fall further behind in the Mac race at (3-2, 0-2). BYES: Kent State (2-2), Miami (OH) (4-0), E. Michigan (0-4), N. Illinois (1-3) On behalf of the mac and our beloved mac coaches, I'm your host Todd Greenfield wishing you all good luck and a good day...and remember IF ITS NOT MAC ITS WACK! P.S. All of you! Yes you, even you, the non-MAC coach with the face! We want your MAC Power Rankings! Please send in your rankings to JIERET by Tuesday midnight EST.
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    Week 6 saw several SEC teams on a bye. With less competition, lets see the players that won this week's awards! Offensive Player of the Week WR Jarvis Ward, Texas A&M 10 receptions for 151 yards, 2 TDs vs South Carolina Forgive me if you've heard the story before, but Jarvis Ward gets another monster game and the Aggies still find a way to lose. This has to be maddeningly frustrating for a player that is on the shortlist to win this year's Biletnikoff! 10 receptions, over 15 yards a catch, 2 touchdowns, and the Aggies still drop the game! Nevertheless, Jarvis becomes the first player to win multiple weekly awards this season, congrats! Defensive Player of the Week SS Sincere Robinson, South Carolina 1 INT, 7 Tackles vs Texas A&M Sure he got roasted by Jarvis Ward, but really, Sincere Robinson plays more like a box safety / additional linebacker and had a fantastic game shutting down A&M's running attack. He even managed to find himself deep to get his first interception of the season, and was a big reason why this Gamecocks team was victorious this past week. Special Teams Player of the Week K Kai Ragsdale, Missouri 2/2 XP, 3/3 FG vs BYU Tough loss for Mizzou, but it wasn't because Ragsdale didn't play hard enough. The kicker was perfect from the field, accounting for 11 of the Tiger's 23 points. He's the first Missouri kicker to win this award since Mason Dutton back in 2017. SEC POTW Award History
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    I think the Draft is just so full of drama: who's gonna reach, who's gonna get a steal, who works well as a FO team? It's so thick with intrigue, I love it. But actually my favorite recurring part of the site is waiting for the new Master List of recruits each season...I LOVE seeing all the new talent available, and then trying to figure out who's going where, etc. Basically I just love this site in general, but the recurring things are absolutely what I get excited about.
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    I LOVE recruiting, as you can probably guess. I like the new system far more than the old, but nothing beat that absolute adrenaline rush when you were checking the results to see how you did after round 1. That would determine your entire recruiting cycle and there was SO much riding on it. I remember checking the results and seeing I landed Tom Wyman for 2 points and my hands were shaking. I still do love recruiting, in part because I remember where my team came from at the start. Originally, my team was SO bad that every recruit I got was a massive improvement on my team. I had 4 4.0s and 0 4.5+ potential players generated. Being able to get guys who could actually compete at a high level was THRILLING. Every single recruit I got was an excitement, and I loved seeing how my team could develop. It's the same way today. Recruiting is the future of your team and so much relies on the stars you can land. I love dreaming of the potential of the guys I'm gonna have on my squad and I can't WAIT to see players like Matteo Cates, Kwon Shaw, and Hooker Jackson hit the field. It is a different feel now, though, when you're recruiting players who will start 4 years down the road instead of 2. My single favorite day on the site was [2014] Week 9, Saturday Evening. The day I upset Texas. Later that night, Soluna did JuCo results while drunk. Most everyone had gone really conservative during JuCo and put all 20 of their points on one guy. I did the opposite, put 1 on 20 guys and landed SIX jucos, who were all better than anyone on my team. There's a video of my reaction to beating Texas somewhere. Still my favorite moment on the site. As an aside, we need to bring back the old school gamedays. Me, Ted, Soluna, Dean and dream yo.
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    All day job interview today. Wish me luck bois.
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    I really love the draft, the site during the draft, and mostly making fun of people for their godawful picks and trades Also when I told @DStack11 to go fuck himself with a rusty pipe for taking the lead on a croot I was gonna win with barely any points invested. That's a fond memory.
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    Honestly i love the media on this site it gets me engaged and makes me want to do other aspects well (recruiting/gameplanning) so it shows on the media.
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    There's just something special about NFLHC Draft season. The weeks leading up to it are full of mock drafts and shoutbox speculation. A lot of people are just throwing smoke, but it's still just great to see all the discussions over various prospects. Then the big night comes and practically everyone is online. The shoutbox is going crazy, the broadcast team is doing work, and internal strategic discussions are happening. I truly think it's cfbhc.com at it's best. If I had to impress a real life friend with any aspect of this site, the Draft would be it. It's the event that almost doesn't feel like we're playing a game.
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    The draft is by far my favorite part of the site. This last draft I missed days 2 and 3 but I love every second of it, even doing something moronic every time... TRADES NOT WORKING ON THE INTERFACE
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    I know objectively this is good for the Jags but it still feels gross
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    Draft is easily my favorite part of the site. I think my favorite moment in retrospect was actually the late 1st round of the 2020 draft. We weren't 100% sure what we were going to do coming into the draft but we acknowledged that we might take Brett Fisher if he was available. We ended up trading down from #22 to #29 because we weren't totally sure of the available prospects heading into that #22 pick and we figured if we wanted to take Fisher we could probably do so at 29. Of course, once we made the trade down, I fell almost irrationally in love with Fisher. I kept checking and double checking everything on him and started wanting him more and more, and as it got closer to our pick I started getting really nervous about someone jumping us for him, especially the Titans. I kind of panicked and started initiating trade talks with people, trying to move up and down simultaneously while trying to keep TheSam and Monark updated on the situation. It was absolute chaos. I think at one point I had something like 8 different tabs open on the GM chat, trying to make plans for every eventuality while also trying to throw the Titans off by pretending to want to trade down below them. I guess it didn't quite work but it didn't matter because in the end nobody ahead of us wanted to trade down, so the Titans couldn't jump us, and we ended up getting Fisher. Most stressful moment on the site for me by far, but afterwords the relief I felt that we had gotten our guy was awesome.
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    When targeting safeties goes wrong. Thank you Jeff Fisher. I can't believe I just typed that sentence in a non-sarcastic tone.
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    Winners QB Nico Kaufman, Air Force DE Marcus Terrell, Illinois
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    Pirates Pick Apart Bearcats! Pirates Defense Comes Away With 3 Int in 38-7 Win.
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    Ouch. Rough game for Chapman.
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    Please Mr. Grossman The Panthers defense was significantly improved as ILB Kelvin Grossman returns from his preseason injury
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    Yet again we matched the opposing team in total yardage in a blowout loss. I would blame the RB, but we didn't even kick FG's so I know it's not just getting stopped in the red zone, and we outrushed the Panthers by a considerable margin. This is maddening.
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    It almost feels wrong that anyone gets to walk out of that shit show with a win..
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    Sucks to lose by 1, when your field goals (including one in the 4th quarter) are 23 and 29 yards, respectively.
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    I love the draft. Everything about it. The live coverage is super fun to listen to. I love the shoutbox during it, the way everybody hypes up players and seeing everybody's reaction to picks. Scouting players to find the next superstar or late round gem is fun and interesting. A draft the I still have fond memories of and still go back and rewatch occasionally is the 2019 draft. The lead up was super fun with all the scouting and long discussions that was going on in the Ravens FO. It was the first year we had pro days so it was fun to try to incorporate that into who you were going to pick. There were some good draft memes with Alien's fishtank and Tyrone McGee getting picked. But what stood out the most is the players we drafted. This class seems like the one with most core Ravens of the future.
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    Good game, Rams. So close. We gotta stop losing these close games to NFCW contenders on missed FGs (I assume). Love to see you guys in the Super Bowl.
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    Shell Shocked Game time decision to sit starting QB AJ Jefferson forces backup Blake Shell to help lead Falcons to win in Cleveland
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    Well that hurt. Defense was legit but offense was a dumpster fire. Nick Hall come back
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    I drafted all 4 of these boys. #ProudPapa
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    Not sure what that has to do with Matt Jones, but if you want to join us I wouldn't be opposed to trying a phillyfan 2-QB system
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