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Tiger! Tiger! Burning Bright

#1 Auburn wins the championship with a decisive win over #6 TCU, becoming the kings of the 10th CFBHC season.

Pack Up The Playoffs

The Packers steamrolled the playoffs, defeating the Dolphins by 20 to win Super Bowl IX; this is their second title in three seasons.


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    ACC News

    ACC Quarterback Rankings: Preseason

    ACC QB Rankings: Preseason Greensboro, NC-- Every week the ACC will be releasing positional rankings. For rankings during the season, the positions will be together all in one article, but for the preseason it will be individual by position. The first article in this series is the Quarterbacks. 14. Harrison Pratt - - Harrison Pratt ends up on the end of this list, but undoubtedly is in a better position than some other players near the bottom of the rankings. He has a simple job this year. Hand the ball off to the best player in the ACC Desean Dockery. If he is required to do too much, this Louisville team will struggle. Teams will key in on Dockery, which could give Pratt opportunities to show some flashes, but that feels doubtful for the first year starter. Last Years Stats: No Stats 13. Mike Lucas - - Mike Lucas is one of a handful of QBs in the ACC who have to replace star QBs at their school. Mike Lucas has the unique challenge of having to do it as a true freshman. He will have more help than some, with running back Reginald Saunders and wide receiver Hunter Crenshaw. However, this is a team that will not be able to rely on a QB to bail them out and will experience some growing pains as Lucas brings in a new era for the Cavaliers with new Head Coach Beeznik. Last Years Stats: No Stats 12. Messiah Winston - - There was a lot of change for the Pitt Panthers this offseason. Star QB Grant Mcconnell and WR Adam Coles left school for the NFL at the conclusion of 2020, and Head Coach Jumbo left for USC. The cupboard on offense is pretty empty for the the redshirt freshman Winston, who has the challenge of following some very good QBs at Pitt, but with little help around him. Freshmen tend to struggle in their first year starting, with the exception of some exceptional players, and it is hard to imagine Winston being any different. Last Years Stats: No Stats 11. Sebastian Norwood - - The Tarheels replace oft criticized QB Max Laws with the true freshman Norwood. After not landing 5.0 potential QB Kyler Wilson, UNC was able to snag Norwood in the recruiting period, ensuring that they were able to have some level of talent at QB. Norwood will face a tough challenge this year, with a running back group that is inexperienced, and doesn’t have a ton of talent, and receivers who have little upside as well. It is hard to imagine Norwood having much success in this offense as Coach Carl begins to see the impact of years of poor recruiting. Ultimately, it would not be surprising to see Norwood at the end of this list by the end of the season. Last Years Stats: No Stats 10. Jacob Eubanks - - The Wolfpack struggled at the QB position last year, and it is unclear whether first time starter Jacob Eubanks will be able to change anything. NC State switched between two QBs in 2020, neither one to provide what was needed for this team to compete in the ACC. Coach Imposter chose not to give the ball to Andrew Crockett, who started 1 game last year and struggled in that start, and instead give the ball to Eubanks to start the year to replace Blake Fry. Blake Fry also struggled, so the bar for competency for a QB is low for the Pack. This NC State offense will most likely struggle this year, especially if they cannot run the ball, and Eubanks may not be able to help out very much. Last Years Stats: No Stats 9. Jason Ledford - - Ledford leads a Miami team that is looking for the light at the end of the tunnel for a program that was reduced to shambles before Coach Youngmark took over. Reinforcements are coming for the Hurricanes, but this is another transition season for the Canes. Last season Ledford was the better of the two QBs who started games. However, that was mainly because the other starter, Aiden Benton was bad. With more talent in the run game with JUCO transfer Ronnie Peterson taking the load from the pass game, the hope in Miami is that Ledford won’t have to do too much. However, this is a Miami team that will have to win games despite Ledford, and not because of him. Last Years Stats: (6 games) Passing, 50-90 (55.56%) 3 TD, 6 INT, 624 Yards, 111.46 Passer Rating. 8. Red Mosher - - Red Mosher has the tough task of replacing FSU legend Benjamin Schuler. Adding to the difficulty of that task, is that All World Wide Receiver Luke Cobb has graduated, and the Seminoles don’t have anyone that comes close to replacing him. Though that itself would be impossible. However, while Cobb exits, the team’s leading receiver in the 2020 season, tight end Wyatt Cornett, returns. Red Mosher will have have to make connections with Cornett in order to have success. The rest of the receiving corps for FSU is young, or not talented enough to support a QB who is in his first year starting. Mosher could have a tough year for the Seminoles, as they enter an uncertain time for their program. Last Years Stats: No Stats 7. Beckett Morrison - - Morrison replaces Ralph Westfall, who was solid but unspectacular for the Hokies in 2020. Morrison’s biggest challenge this season will be his lack of weapons, but Coach Brightfalls will hope to use Morrison as a multifaceted weapon himself. The Offensive Line at VT is solid, and the Hokies have a solid Tight End threat in Senior Darnell Pierre. Throwing the ball could be a struggle for this team, but the hope in Blacksburg is that Morrison is able to make plays with his legs. Last Years Stats: No Stats 6. Jamal Armstrong - - Which Jamel is the real Jamel. The 2020 Jamel who turned in a very disappointing season in which the Clemson Tigers won the Orange Bowl despite his play, or the 2019 Armstrong who had a very strong year, but with more talent on the offense than on the 2020 team. Armstrong has less talent on this team than on either of his two previous years, which doesn’t bode well for this year. If he can’t improve on his 2020 production, he will end up lower on this list. Maybe Jamel will take on the challenge and will be able to adjust and have a production senior season. Or maybe it will be another long season for the Clemson Senior. Last Years Stats: Passing, 248-438 (56.62%) 20 TD, 18 INT, 2769 Yards, 116.57 Passer Rating. 5. James Betts - - Betts is another first year starter at the QB position. He won’t have to do much to make Demon Deacon fans forget about 2020 starter Hemena Toma. Betts represents an unknown variable for the Wake Forest team, who has talent on the offensive side of the ball. This offensive support is ultimately what leads Betts to be ranked at this position over similarly talented QBs. Last Years Stats: No Stats. 4. Josh Beckett- - Beckett being at 4 shows how shallow the ACC is for QBs this year. Beckett came into Georgia Tech as a highly regarded prospect, and going into his redshirt Junior year, it feels like his talent has not been realized yet. Beckett has suffered from hands off coaching by Coach Chaffin, but with a new sheriff in town, Beckett is looking to have a comeback year. Beckett has good weapons in WR Anthony Swanson, and TE Jamir Rolle, and looks to use them to move up this list. Last Years Stats: Passing, 249-440 ( 56.59%) 23 TD, 16 INT, 2816 Yards, 120.33 Passer Rating. 3. Christian Coates - - The second year man at Syracuse had the unenviable job of replacing Heisman winner Dylan Bishop. Coates had a solid freshman year and looks to build upon that. The Orange hope to have more stability this season, after a year with inconsistent coaching. Coates will be held back from his full potential though, because of a lack of weapons on his offense. Coates will be leaned on a lot by his team to produce this year. Last Years Stats: Passing, 196-311 (63.02%) 15 TD, 9 INT, 2395 Yards, 137.86 Passer Rating. Rushing, 52 Rushes, 309 Yards, 5 TDs. 2. Miles Carmichael- - A newcomer in the ACC, the JUCO transfer will have the targets and the opportunity to succeed for this Boston College team. Carmichael is a relative unknown, as he has never played on this level before, but given his weapons and the talent that many profess that he has, Carmichael has a chance to shine in the conference. Last Years Stats: JUCO, No Stats. 1. Bryce Thompson - - Of the returning QBs, Thompson definitely outpaces the competition, and he should be the best QB in the ACC, even with several JUCO transfers. Thompson has a deeper WR Corps from the year before, an improved offensive line, and running back Christian Collins should be improved after a solid freshman season. Bryce Thompson looks to lead his program to another level, after bringing the Devils to their first bowl game in 2020. Last Years stats: Passing, 227-370 (61.35%) 21 TD, 9 INT, 2704 Yards, 136.60 Passer Rating. Rushing, 49 Rushes, 150 Yards, 9 TDs.
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    AAC News

    AAC Linear Championship

    Starting play in the great season of 2014, the American Athletic Conference has had a proud, varying history on the gridiron. With one of the least stable casts in CFBHC, it's important to remember the former members of the nation's greatest conference. To achieve this, we here at the Roman News Network have decided to trace the linear conference championship all the way back to the very first conference game! While the road would be paved with numerous bodies, whose who held the title tended to do some in dominating fashion. Strap in as we ride the rollercoaster that is the American Athletic Conference! Reign #1 - Air Force Start: Week 1, 2014 Defenses: 0 The conference gets off to a wonderful start as we kick off a conference game the very first weekend. The high flying Falcons would take on former PAC-12 member Hawaii in a memorable game. However, they barely got to sit in the throne before a usurper would appear. Reign #2 - Boise State Start: Week 4, 2014 Defenses: 5 Victims: Air Force (C), Colorado State, San Diego State, Houston, UCF, East Carolina The early days of the AAC would be dominated by members of the current Mountain West. No team demonstrates that dominance like Boise State, then lead by Brian Brown. After clipping the wings of the Falcons, they would run through their future MWC mates before bashing some names you will see prominently later. The Broncos would hold onto the championship throughout the rest of the season, capping it off with an AAC Conference Title! Reign #3 - Hawaii Start: Week 7, 2015 Defenses: 1 Victims: Boise State (C), Air Force Boise State would start their 2015 with a bye and five straight OOC games, so we take a bit to get into any title bouts. The Brian Brown-less Broncos could not hold onto their title, however, falling to Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii. The Warriors would ground the first champion, Air Force, before stalling in their second defense attempt. Reign #4 - Fresno State Start: Week 11, 2015 Defenses: 1 Victims: Hawaii (C), Nevada Boy, oh boy, is the early AAC weird. Not only would two future MWC teams compete in its inaugural game, but the future conference completely dominates the history of the title for the first two seasons. Don't tell @Dacder about this, but Fresno actually holds a title reign. An upset win over Hawaii and again over Nevada would make this reign noteworthy. But they wouldn't be able to hold onto the title long enough to take it to the MWC, which starts up in 2016. That chance would go to... Reign #5 - Boise State (2) Start: Week 13, 2015 Defenses: 0 Victim: Fresno State (C) Our first repeat champion! I feared, going into this, that the title would make its way to the Mountain West and never return due to the champion never playing an AAC opponent in OOC. But, thankfully, with zero successful defenses in this reign, the Broncos second chance would end much, much earlier than the first. This also marks the last time a non-member (currently) would wear the big gold. Reign #6 - Houston Start: Conference Championship Game, 2015 Defenses: 7 Victims: Boise State (C), Tulane, Northern Illinois, Cincinnati, SMU, East Carolina, Georgia State, Rice THE BIG COUG IS HERE! Marking the first time a real American team would win the big gold (much to the chagrin of those socialist Mountain West teams), Houston would strike fear and assert their presence with authority. The longest reign up to this point, the Cougars would obliterate pretty much every team that got in their way. Notable non-AAC bodies would include the Huskies of the MAC, the Owls of Rice, and the current Sun Belt big fish in Georgia State! Enjoy this, as most of those teams never appear again. Two teams to keep an eye on? Cincinnati and SMU. Reign #7 - Central Florida Start: Conference Championship Game, 2016 Defenses: 6 Victims: Houston (C), Marshall, Georgia State, Tulsa, East Carolina, Connecticut, Temple Houston could not complete the year reign, falling to the Knights of Central Florida in 2016. UCF would return in 2017, running through most of their conference slate. With initial appearances by Temple and Connecticut, as well as a weird reminder that Marshall use to be a TRUE American, this might be the easiest of the long reigns we'll see. None of these teams, outside of the initial victory, would be very challenging. Reign #8 - South Florida Start: Week 16, 2017 Defenses: 0 Victim: UCF (C) A rather uninspiring reign, but one that matters. South Florida would take their in-state rival's crown and wear it proudly into the conference title game. But, about that... Reign #9 - Houston (2) Start: Conference Championship Game, 2017 Defenses: 9 Victims: USF (C, 2), Tulsa (2), Memphis, Tulane, UCF, Navy, SMU, East Carolina The King returns! Houston would seize their destiny from the Bulls and hold onto it for a very, very long time. This is the first reign in which we see multiple defenses against the same team as Houston would beat USF AND Tulsa twice. The streak encompasses both the 2017 and 2018 AAC titles, a hefty feat which may never be repeated again. The sheer dominance of this Houston team is staggering. Unfortunately, once the (Joel) King leaves, Houston's reign quickly ended. Reign #10 - Temple Start: Week 7, 2019 Defenses: 3 Victims: Houston (C), Cincinnati, UCF, USF @alienufo makes an appearance as champion! Beating the now King-less Cougars, the Owls would rack up three quick defenses in the middle of the season. As they did not manage to capture the conference crown, you could call Temple a transitional champion. And you would be a jerk. Reign #11 - SMU Start: Week 14, 2019 Defenses: 4 Victims: Temple (C, 2), Cincinnati (2), Houston A 5-game stretch that only sees SMU play 3 unique opponents! SMU would take the title from Temple in Week 14 and almost immediately defend it against them in the conference title game. SMU would squash Cincy and Houston between the matchups, and then rodeo the Bearcats in 2020. Not the most diverse resume, but you can only play who you get scheduled against. Reign #12 - Central Florida (2) Start: Week 8, 2020 Defenses: 6 (Current) Victims: SMU (C, 2), Cincinnati, East Carolina, Connecticut, Temple, USF Is it any surprise that the national runners up would be holding the Big Gold (TM)? No! Like SMU before them, they would defend the belt against the very team they took it from in that season's conference title game. Unlike SMU, this UCF run has yet to lose it! The Knights have represented the AAC well in other territories, including the previously mentioned national runners up position. Can UCF become the second team to hold the title for a full year? Only @Time will tell! Fun Facts Most Reigns: 2 (Houston, UCF, Boise State) Most Successful Defenses: 16 (Houston) Longest Single Reign: 10 (Houston) Most Title Bout Losses: 5 (Cincinnati, East Carolina) Most Title Bout Losses in a Single Season: 2 (Boise State, Temple, SMU, Cincinnati (twice)) Not only has Cincinnati lost two different bouts in the same season, but they have happened in the last two seasons! Does 2021 bring along a third double-loss? Memphis is the first team UCF plays in 2021. Can the Tigers become more than just a footnote in AAC Linear Championship history? 8 different teams only appear in history once, in a losing effort. USF and Air Force both had only a single game with the belt, losing their first defense. Houston has the best record in title bout games at 18-4 (81.8%). Runner up? UCF at 14-4 (77.9%). Worst record with a win? USF's 1-4! 20%? Do better, @Yellow_Evan!
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    SEC Storied: Top SEC Quarterbacks of All Time As we await the 2021 season, I've gone back through the years and found some of the best SEC QBs Matty Swift Career Stats: 49 Games, 1447 Completions, 2322 Attempts, 62.32%, 16589 Yards, 115 TDs, 31INTs The definition of a volume passer, Matty Swift started for 4 straight seasons at Texas A&M. Partnered with Adrian Jankowski, Swift put up absolutely bonkers numbers. Aaron Devereaux Career Stats: 40 Games, 807 Completions, 1254 Attempts, 64.35%, 10061 Yards, 77 TDs, 18 INTs Devereaux. An SEC icon. A national champion. One of the very first legends of the site, Devereaux dominated the SEC for 3 years before declaring early for the NFL draft. Honestly a 1A/1B situation between him and Swift. Aaron Shea Career Stats: 38 Games, 750 Completions, 1103 Attempts, 68%, 10148 Yards, 80 TDs, 18 INTs Shea was a star the second he stepped on campus in Columbia. Shea sports the best completion percentage of a three year starter in the SEC, as well as being one of only four QBs to throw for over 10k yards. Sean Sitton Career Stats: 25 Games, 788 Completions, 1286 Attempts, 61.28%, 9297 Yards, 81 TDs, 26 INTs Sean Sitton belongs in the SEC HoF if for only one reason. It only took him 2(!!!) seasons to put up the second most passing touchdowns in SEC history. Yancey Musgrave Career Stats: 37 Games, 836 Completions, 1293 Attempts, 64.66%, 10181 Yards 71 TDs, 25 INTs Yancey Musgrave was memed into history by infamous user mpost, but his numbers speak for themselves. He rounds out the 4 QBs to pass for over 10,000 yards. Justin Hunter Career Stats: 42 Games, 716 Completions, 1126 Attempts, 63.59%, 9333 Yards, 62 TDs, 23 INTs Hunter is known for orchestrating one of the greatest upsets in site history, the "Mississippi State Chance". In addition to knocking off FSU, Hunter started for four years for the Bulldogs. Erasmus McCready Career Stats: 30 Games, 593 Completions, 865 Attempts, 68.55%, 7596 Yards, 53 TDs, 11 INTs McCready is probably the best QB in the history of the Crimson Tide. A National Champion, McCready won plenty of top tier matchups for the Tide in his 2 years as the starter.
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    ACC WR Rankings: Preseason Greensboro, NC -- The rules for this ranking is different than for the QB and RB list. Not every team will be represented on this list. Some teams will have 2 players on the list, and it will only be a top 10 in the preseason. The 2 best receivers in the ACC in 2020 went to the NFL, which leaves a void at the top of the best WRs in the ACC list. There is a lot of young talent at this position, and there are players who aren't on this list who could breakout and find their way onto this list. 10. Andrew Harrison - - Harrison faces the tough task of having to catch passes from Jamel Armstrong. Armstrong struggled last season with more seasoned receivers, and Harrison becomes the number 1 option as a redshirt freshman. Harrison is a talented player, but has a tough road ahead of him in what could be an anemic Clemson offense in 2021 Last Years Stats: No Stats 9. Felix Browning - - The NC State offense faces some potential difficulties in the 2021 season. A season after getting little production from their QBs and in the run game, the Wolfpack look to rebound with a better offensive performance. Along with RB Keith Harley, Felix Browning will be one of the primary playmakers for the Wolfpack. The QB situation is a complete unknown, and having a generally inexperienced WR corps will not make things easier. The Wolfpack need big things out of Browning this season as he hopes to build on a promising freshman season. Last Years Stats: 12 Games, 36 Receptions, 422 Yards, 3 TDs. 8. Amari Nicholson - - A second WR from the Duke Blue Devils is part of a unit that possibly is the deepest in the ACC. This receiver group has the benefit of having possibly the best QB in the ACC as well, and will be in a very balanced offense. The trio of Nicholson, Spaczek, and Stinson will give Bryce Thompson a lot of weapons as the Devils hope to march towards their first ACC Title. Last Years Stats: 12 Games, 32 Receptions, 320 Yards, 3 TDs. 7. Franklin Pineda - - The Pittsburgh Panthers lost the top 3 WRs on their depth chart after the 2020 season. This included the second best WR in the ACC last season, Adam Coles. No one expects Pineda to come close to Coles production, but there is no question that he will be expected to be the Alpha in that WR group. Pineda will have to be the primary playmaker for the Panthers, as they try to acclimate freshman QB Messiah Winston to college football. Last Years Stats: No Stats 6. Eddie Owens - - The second player on this list from Boston College, this sophomore WR will pair with Ricky Cameron to give BC a potentially explosive offense. Owens and Ricky Cameron may be the best WR tandem in the ACC this year, and will help work in QB Miles Carmichael as he gets adjusted to D1 football. Both of these WRs are young talents who should terrorize defenses for years. Last Years Stats: 12 Games, 43 Receptions, 622 Yards, 6 TDs. 5. Deshaun Pickens - - Pickens joins the Wake Forest team as a transfer, and is looked to to immediately lead this receiving group. Pickens will bring a big body target to this Demon Deacons squad, and will be used to bring balance to this Wake Forest offense in 2021. Last Years Stats: No Stats 4. Sean Spaczek - - The Senior WR from Duke is probably just glad that he will get to have the same QB for 2 years in a row. Spaczek has had a new freshman QB for each of the first 3 seasons of his career. However, this year Spaczek will lead a deep WR group in catching passes from second year QB Bryce Thompson. Spaczek is closing in on the Duke All Time Receiving yards record, and looks to have a big season in his senior campaign. Last Years Stats: 12 Games, 60 Receptions, 846 Yards, 9 TDs 3. Hunter Crenshaw - - Purely in Yards per game, Crenshaw is the leader in the ACC among returning players. However, his production could be hurt with the Cavaliers possibly switching to a more run heavy offense with the graduation of Matteo Rook. Crenshaw will be an essential safety valve for the freshman QB Mike Lucas as he transitions to college football. Last year Crenshaw was a number 2 option, but he will prove to be a solid number 1 option for this young Virginia squad. Last Years Stats: 14 Games, 76 Receptions, 997 Yards, 11 TDs 2. Anthony Swanson - - If anything, Anthony Swanson will have a lot of opportunities this season. He had a productive season in 2020 and looks to build on that this season, and Georgia Tech wants to translate some of their talent to wins. Swanson and QB Josh Beckett have shown chemistry on and off the field, but Beckett needs to be better for GT to have success. If Beckett is more successful, it will only make Swanson look better. Last Years Stats: 12 Games, 68 Receptions, 885 Yards, 9 TDs 1. Ricky Cameron - - Ricky Cameron is one of the good young WRs in the nation, and the best in the ACC. Of the returning WRs in the ACC, Cameron lead the ACC in yards per game last season, and has a chance to take an even bigger step in the 2021 season. Cameron benefits from having a good QB in Miles Carmichael, and will receive many opportunities to receive the ball. Last Years Stats: 12 Games, 72 Receptions, 982 Yards, 8 TDs.
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    As usual, the Pac-12 is laden with junior and senior talent who hope to make a big splash in the 2022 NFLHC Draft. The conference's playmakers don't simply reside with the veterans, however. Let's take a look at the Pac-12's top 10 underclassmen for 2021. OLB Sam Caron 5-11 228 (So) Williams (Williams, CA) 4.5 of 5.0 [Blitz] 2020 stats: 45 tackles, INT, 7.0 sacks, FR Why he's on this list Caron could be the Pac-12's top outside rusher this season after a strong 2020 year and even stronger offseason. Kafka and the Buffalo coaching staff will lean hard on Caron this year. DE Quincy Hobson 5-11 261 (So) Ripon (Ripon, CA) 3.5 of 5.0 [Blitz] 2020 stats: 29 tackles, 9.0 sacks, FF Why he's on this list Hobson has his eyes set on some serious Pac-12 hardware this season after leading the Pac-12 North in sacks last season. If he progresses like we all anticipate, he could lead the Pac-12 in sacks and impact plays. QB Jake Davis 6-3 227 So Skyline (Sammamish WA) 3.5 of 5.0 [Pocket] 2020 stats: 58.84%, 2,357 yards, 17 TD, 14 INT, 127.77 rating Why he's on this list Davis could have the biggest transformation from year one to year two as he leads a rejuvenated Huskies squad. His OL averages 3.3/4.2 and he has three receiving targets at or above 4.0 skill - look for big time improvements from the Washington signal caller. ILB Nate Garrett 6-2 251 Fr Vernon Kilpatrick (Malibu CA) 3.0 of 4.5 [Mike] 2020 stats - N/A Why he's on this list Garrett is one of the Pac-12's top incoming freshmen and was instantly inserted into the Trojan starting lineup. Jumbo will need big things out of Garrett to compete for the Pac-12 South this year. OG Will Groves 6-6 316 Fr Eastlake (Chula Vista CA) 2.0 of 5.0 [Run Blocking] 2020 stats: N/A Why he's on this list Groves will be the Cougars' starting left guard and has as high of a ceiling as any OL in the league. He's definitely on the raw side, but could be a freshman All-American if he puts it all together this fall. RB Israel Carlson 5-7 229 (Fr) Navajo Prep (Farmington NM) 4.0 of 5.0 [Power] 2020 stats: N/A Why he's on this list Carlson was National Scout Team Player of the Year last fall and has been itching to get on the field all spring. Look for him to have a 1,000+ yard/10+ TD season for the Sun Devils. DE Donte Floyd 6-1 253 (So) Harrisburg (Harrisburg, OR) 3.0 of 4.5 [Contain] 2020 stats: 19 tackles, 4.5 sacks Why he's on this list Floyd burst onto the scene last year as a freshman and finished second on the team in sacks. WIth Daniel Cuevas commanding double teams on the other side, look for Floyd to feast this fall. OT Emil Colon 6-7 327 (So) La Cueva (Albuquerque, NM) 3.5 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] 2020 stats: 13 starts Why he's on this list Is there a better looking young offensive tackle in the nation than Emil Colon? He's got elite size and quickness to go along with the strength of a teenage ox. RB Zachary McFadden 5-10 190 (So) Mammoth (Lakes, CA) 3.0 of 4.5 [Speed] 2020 stats: 1,253 yards, 15 TD, 4.56 ypc Why he's on this list McFadden had a fantastic first year for the Golden Bears and looks to continue that in his sophomore season. Cal looks to be a contender in the Pac-12 North and McFadden will be their bellcow. WR Noah Tumaalii 6-4 225 (Fr) Vernon Kilpatrick (Malibu CA) 3.0 of 4.5 [Target] 2020 stats: N/A Why he's on this list Tumaalii starts the season as UCLA's third wide receiver in a pass-happy offense. He provides a big body and will likely be a major redzone target for Steven Gore
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    Last season the SEC voted in its inaugural class of legends to the SEC Hall of Fame. Below are the worthy players that have entered the record books as representatives for their teams and the Southeastern Conference as a whole. Aaron Devereaux, QB, LSU (2013-2015) 3x SEC OPOTW, 1x National Player of the Week 2x SEC Offensive Player of the Year (2013, 2015) 3x All-SEC First Team QB (2013, 2014, 2015), Davey O'Brien Award Winner (2015) 1 National Title (2013) Heisman Runner Up (2015) 31-10 collegiate career record 2013: 233-383 for 2540 yards, 23 TDs, and 6 INTs 2014: 252-376 for 3207 yards, 24 TDs, and 5 INTs 2015: 260-388 for 3710 yards, 27 TDs, and 7 INTs Career Stats: 745-1147 for 9457 yards, 74 TDs, and 18 INTs. 152.36 Collegiate Career QBR, 8.24 YPA, 65% Completion Rate Tyrone Jones, OLB, LSU (2013-2014) - UNANIMOUS SELECTION 2x SEC Defensive Player of the Year (2013, 2014) 2x All-SEC First Team Linebacker (2013, 2014) 1 National Title (2013) 2x All-American Linebacker (2013, 2014) Heisman Runner Up (2014) Dick Butkus Award (2014) Chuck Bednarik Award (2014) 2013: 69 tackles, 3 INT 2014: 132 tackles, 10 sacks, 1 INT Career Stats: 201 tackles, 10 sacks, 4 INT Mike Gradishar, CB, Alabama (2013-2016) 1x SEC Defensive Player of the Year (2016) 2x All-SEC First Team Cornerback (2014, 2016) 1x All-SEC Second Team Cornerback (2015) 1 National Title (2014) 2x All-American Cornerback (2014, 2016) 2014: 27 Tackles, 8 INT, 3 TDs 2015: 25 Tackles, 6 INT, 1 TD 2016: 28 Tackles, 8 INT Career Stats: 80 Tackles, 24 INT, 4 TDs Tunch Richardson, ILB, Alabama (2013-2016) 3x All-SEC First Team ILB (2013, 2014, 2016) 1x All-SEC Third Team ILB (2015) 1 National TItle (2014) 1x All-American ILB (2016) Chuck Bednarik Award (2016) Dick Butkus Award (2016) 2013: 55 Tackles, 3 Sacks, 1 INT, 1 FF, 1 FR, 1 TD 2014: 125 Tackles. 4 Sacks. 2 INT, 1 Safety 2015: 60 Tackles, 3 Sacks, 1 INT, 1 FR, 2 TD 2016: 98 Tackles, 2 INT, 1 FR Career Stats: 338 Tackles, 10 Sacks, 6 INT, 1 FF, 2 FR, 3 TD, 1 Safety John Zatkoff, C, Alabama (2013-2015) 3x All-SEC First Team Center (2013, 2014, 2015) 1x All-American Center (2013) 1 National Championship (2014) Congratulations to all these players! Welcome to an exclusive 5 player club as SEC Hall of Famers Players by Teams - 3 - 2 All Others - 0
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    Welcome to this edition of Pac-12 Power Rankings! Here, we'll rank the top 10 players in the conference (preseason) 10. QB Sam Parish 6-1 200 (Sr) River Road (Amarillo, TX) 4.5 of 4.5 [Pocket] Parish is the second-leading returning QB in terms of rating and has a much improved WR corps this season. Couple that with the security blanket of Shane Strong and Parish could have a breakout year. 9. OLB Phillip Davenport 5-11 226 Jr Cholla Magnet (Tucson, AZ) 5.0 of 5.0 [Blitz] Davenport had a strong 2020 season (32 tackles, INT, 3.0 sacks, FR) and could vie for Pac-12 POTY this season. He leads a veteran Wildcat defense with high hopes for the 2021 campaign. 8. DE Quincy Hobson 5-11 261 (So) Ripon (Ripon, CA) 3.5 of 5.0 [Blitz] Hobson burst onto the scene last season with nine sacks and a forced fumble for the Cougars. After an incredible 1.5 progression this offseason, he's primed for a double-digit sack year in 2021. 7. OT Riley Greenfield 6-7 311 (Jr) Mid-Pacific Institute (Honolulu, HI) 5.0 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] Greenfield kept David Oates upright last season and could go down as one of the top linemen in Wazzu history. NFLHC GMs, this is a prospect to definitely keep an eye on. 6. OLB Sam Caron 5-11 228 (So) Williams (Williams, CA) 4.5 of 5.0 [Blitz] Caron was one of the top defensive freshmen in the country last season and hopes to take on a leadership role this fall. The Buffaloes will have to rely on Caron & Co. if they want to take the next step and challenge for the division 5. WR Samuel Gulla 6-3 189 Jr Harper (Harper, OR) 5.0 of 5.0 [Target] Gulla is the Pac-12's leading returning receiver after hauling in 13 TD and nearly 1,200 yards last season. The Trojans will need to rely on Gulla in Jumbo's first year at the helm. 4. CB Eric Hall 5-11 177 (Jr) Eastern Guilford (Gibsonville, NC) 5.0 of 5.0 [Man Coverage] Like BLT, Hall ended the season with seven interceptions and struck fear into every Pac-12 QB. He hopes to help the Wildcats challenge for Pac-12 supremacy in 2021. 3. CB Blaine Lewis-Thompson 5-11 193 Jr Monterey (Monterey, CA) 5.0 of 5.0 [Man Coverage] BLT was an All-American last season and the best lockdown corner in the Pac-12. He ended the year with seven INT and could push for a first round draft grade with a strong junior season. 2. FS Seth Scott 6-2 193 (Sr) Colorado Northwestern Community College (Rangely CO) 5.0 of 5.0 [Man Coverage] Scott is the reigning Jim Thorpe Award winner and All-American free safety for Colorado. Last season, he led the nation in INT (10) and added 54 tackles. He hopes to lead the Buffs to their third consecutive bowl in 2021. 1. RB Trevon Yeldon 6-0 233 (Jr) Powers (Powers, OR) 5.0 of 5.0 [Power] Last year, Yeldon led the conference in yards (1,545), touchdowns (24), and yards per carry (5.52). He should be on every preseason Heisman list and begins the year as the top running back in the nation.
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    The ACC lost over 25,000 passing yards, and returns around 11k yards. 10 people who started at QB last year graduated, 6 returned. NC State and Miami both started 2 QBs over the year. Neither of the QBs that NC State or Miami started last year are returning (they combined for 7 games). So there are only 4 QBs who started a game for ACC teams who are slated to start again this year. Crazy. And this type of graduation seems to be widespread in the ACC
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    Nice except I'm in the north not south
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    Here you go. Post here for your avatar http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/19031-account-elevation-requests/
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    I'll have to look at that some time then. When I used to try crooting on mobile any field I had to input a number into usually went back to 0/acted like I never did anything with it.
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    Underclassmen to watch for article pls
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    Due to misreporting 5th year option salaries for 2018 first rounders, the Bengals and Texans will both be assessed a $2,000,000 cap penalty in 2022.
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    Shhh we traded you for Utah
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    If you can't tell by now, I'm really leaning on Georgia Tech bouncing back offensively with Statsheetstuffer as coach. I respect him as a coach, and while the defense may be lacking, Beckett and Swanson and tight end Rolle could have a big year.
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    This is great! Excellent work, Commish.
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    Couple others I’ll add for my defense ILB Aaron Mathis 6-3 223 So Shorecrest (Seattle WA) 3.0 of 5.0 [Will] The other 5.0 from two cycles ago in WA. Had a silent Freshmen year but is looking for a bounce back year now that he’s going to be the top ILB in Pullman and his partner in crime OLB Cameron Maxwell 6-2 230 (Fr) North Thurston (Lacey WA) 3.0 of 4.5 [Coverage] who redshirted last year and will make his debut this season.
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    You're approved for Western Kentucky! Request here for a logo for your avatar picture. We are in the preseason, plenty of time to prepare for the season. Go here and create an account with the same username, this is where gameplanning, scheduling, and recruiting happens. Also stay on the site and request for a team. If you have any further questions, concerns, or comments don't hesitate to ask in the chat. Welcome to the greatest conference in America, !
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    Watch out for my boy, the “bowling ball”, RB Israel Carlson 5-7 229 (Fr) Navajo Prep (Farmington NM) 4.0 of 5.0 [Power]
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    Parish, Davenport, and Hall. 3 of my boys making me proud
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    Zona with 3/10 of the list yikes that’s a scary squad
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    SMALL WONDER: The Story of CFBHC's First Great Upset 1. 2014, the second season in the life of CFBHC, did not start pleasantly for Head Coach DangerZoneh and the TCU Horned Frogs. A 35-7 blowout loss at Ole Miss to open the season, followed by a 42-14 drubbing at the hands of the 20th ranked Tennessee Volunteers left Coach Danger scrambling for answers. A week 3 Thursday night win over the Duke Blue Devils did little to remove the specter of the 2-11 opening season record of the Frogs, but did give the faithful a small dose of hope as fullback Alex Engram rumbled for 111 yards and 3 touchdowns in Durham. That tiny ray of sunshine was quickly blotted out, as TCU lost its next five games. Missouri won 31-14 in Waco behind three touchdowns from quarterback Gerald Bright, while TCU managed just 205 yards of offense. Nebraksa blitzed the Horned Frogs 31-21 on a neutral field in Kansas City, with TCU quarterback Johnny Green providing the lone Horned Frog highlight with a dazzling 34 yard TD run. Green and Engram did their best, but couldn’t compete with Christopher Brooks and All-Big-12 running back James Otero, who led Kansas to a week 6 shootout win over the Frogs, 35-31. In Stillwater, OK, TCU walked into a defensive buzzsaw in the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The Horned Frogs turned the ball over twice and could get no offense rolling as the Cowboys slammed the door 24-0. The week 8 loss to the mighty Oklahoma Sooners had an outcome that diminished even the 42-21 final score. Defensive captain Ray Lee Coia was lost for the season after taking a blind hit on an interception return by Sooner Tai Miller. Both players suffered broken arms, and TCU was suddenly staring at a 1-7 record, and entering a contest with the #4 team in the land, the defending Big-12 champion, the hated Texas Longhorns, WITHOUT their best player and inspirational team leader Coia. 100 miles to the southwest, the flagship program in the state of Texas was flexing muscles first stretched in a dominant 2013 campaign that saw the might Texas Longhorns win the Big 12 with an 8-0 record en route to a 11-3 Cotton Bowl winning-season. 2014 was to be the year Texas would challenge for the national title, beginning the season ranked #2 and opening with 7 straight wins before a mid-season bye in week 8. Wins over Arkansas, Pittsburgh, and Navy, all in Austin, showed that the Longhorns could handle three very different types of offenses with their thoroughly stout defense. Travelling to West Point turned into a walk over Army. The visiting Minnesota Golden Gophers, with All-American OJ Carano, gave Texas a scare in Darrell Royal Memorial Stadium in a narrow 21-17 win for the Longhorns. Iowa State provided little resistance in Ames, rolling over for 28-3. With the bye week looming, Texas snuck past a game Kansas State squad with kicker Gino Chiaverini providing the bulk of the scoring in a 16-14 win in Austin. The Longhorns, and Coach DollaBill, were certainly looking forward to the Red River Rivalry game with Oklahoma following the bye and an easy date with the 1-7 TCU Horned Frogs. The clouds were beginning to part for the Longhorns, the path to the Playoff clear and present. 2. When CFBHC began in 2013, most teams were at the mercy of their sim-generated rosters, which were, to some extent, based on the school’s all-time “prestige.” Usual college bluebloods like Alabama, USC, Michigan, and Texas were generated with rosters that helped their coaches overwhelm teams with less traditionally-powerful rosters. In the case of the Longhorns, and first coach DollaBill, that initial roster led to an 8-0 Big-12 campaign, finishing 11-3 in 2013. TCU found themselves severely short on generated talent, and that was compounded by rotating through three coaches in 2013—Coach HookEm, clearly a puppet coach installed by a bitter booster from Austin, departed following a 1-4 start. Coach Pepper was hired, only to lose two games before receiving his pink slip. Stability finally arrived in the form of Head Coach DangerZoneh. The Horned Frogs finished a devastating opening slate at 2-11, with Coach Danger managing a closing 1-5 record playing in a modified Big 12 Conference with Houston, Rice, UCF, and Boise State. Just how deficient was the TCU initial roster? Saying that TCU was severely overmatched talent-wise in this game would be a major understatement. The TCU team only had 4 players total that had a potential rating of 4 and only one of those players had a potential rating of 4.5. From a skill perspective only one of those players had reached 4.0 and that was fullback turned running back Alex Engram. To put in perspective how vastly different the talent level between the two teams was TCU’s average skill-level on offense was a measly 2.36 and an even lower 2.09 on defense. That brought TCU’s average starting player to a skill level of 2.22 which is comparable to a C-USA team. Texas on the other hand was chock full of talent. If you examined the depth-chart for the 2014 Longhorns you would find that they only had one starter below a 3.0 skill rating and that was a redshirt freshman right-guard who had a potential rating of 4.5. The only TCU player who would have a chance to start on this Texas team was fullback Alex Engram and that would have been a toss-up since he shared the same rating as his Texas Counterpart. The Longhorns had twice as many (8) 5.0 Potential players as the TCU team had 4.0 and 4.5 potential players. Texas oozed talent at every position and realistically TCU was outmatched at every position. They play the games for a reason, however; and what those ratings don’t measure is the amount of heart and pride that TCU had during that game. 3. It was a picture-perfect day for football in Fort Worth, Texas on that November Saturday evening. The attitudes on the field couldn’t be more different as the Texas Longhorns were calm, cool, and confident heading into their matchup with the 1-7 TCU Horned Frogs. Texas saw this game as a formality on their way to Dallas for famed Red River Rivalry with Oklahoma. The Longhorns had been brilliant all season and their confidence was apparent as the teams took the field. Sterling Brown, Running Back: “We had it rolling, man. We had a little scare against Kansas State and Minnesota, but this year was our destiny. We had the defense, we had the offense, we had the kicker. They were a speed bump to roll over on our way to Dallas for the Oklahoma game.” John Jones, Quarterback: “Our offense had been clicking pretty well against some really good defenses. I could hand the ball off and watch Sterling do his thing. Our offensive line was opening up holes all over the place. Yeah, we gonna kill TCU...they were so small! And when they lost Coia, he was the only one that could have provided a challenge.” Boomer Roberts, Defensive End: “They had this great big back, Engram, who was a fullback playing running back. Dude couldn’t run, it was that simple. Shut down the running game, from him and the quarterback, and TCU is done. Our D-line was ready and out-weighed their O-line by something like 100 lbs. That’s four guys versus five.” Gordon Moreland, Cornerback: “I don’t think we really considered their passing game much of a threat at all. They had maybe broken 200 yards once in the previous 8 games, so we were mostly concerned with coming up to help stop Engram the giant.” TCU on the other hand entered the game without their defensive captain Ray Lee Coia and his loss weighed heavily on the team during warmups. From the pressbox it almost seemed like the Longhorns were about to take on a high-school team, but a sense of looseness started to come over the team. This was a school that was given no chance by anyone, the media predicted a blowout, the Longhorns didn’t respect TCU, and it started to sink in that they literally had nothing to lose. Vagas Strong, Inside Linebacker: “We were down. Most of us weren’t even sure it was worth practicing that hard. I mean, we were on our third coach in less than 20 games, we had barely won anything. I came to TCU to get a science degree, but since I had played a little football in high school, Coach said to try out for the team and here I am starting...against Texas...as a senior walk-on. You get a bit star-struck.” Johnny Green, Quarterback: “We just didn’t have anything to lose, that was our mindset. But at the same time, we didn’t have any expectation about winning, not against those guys. I know I can play a little, but we were overmatched. Watching film just put that in our minds.” Andre Gaffney, Defensive End: “When Ray Lee broke his arm, we were hopeful he could play a little with the arm in a cast. Looked like he was gonna play even on Wednesday, but then the docs and coaches said he was out. So that meant Kory Sapp had to step into his place. So we got a freshman stepping into the shoes of a senior, our leader. Yeah, that’s not gonna be good.” Head Coach DangerZoneh, TCU: "I'm not sure there was a feeling of doom going into the game, honestly. We were 1-7 but had actually played a lot of teams close. We felt that the we had faced the best defense we were going to see all year in Ole Miss and the best offenses with Kansas and OU. Our boys believed we could win, That being said, I'd be lying to you if I said I thought we'd win - or even really be that close." The Longhorns elected to receive the opening kickoff and sophomore WR Jacky Walters would take the kick out to the 25. John Jones would lead the Texas offense out on the field, but they wouldn’t stay very long when 2 short Sterling Brown runs and an incomplete pass on 3rd down would lead to a Ken Phillips punt. Johnny Green would lead the Frogs out on the field, and like the Longhorn offense, they would have little success leading to another 3 and out. Lightning would strike as Sterling Brown would take the ball right off the left tackle Brandon Reamon for a 43 yard scamper and Texas score giving them a 7-0 lead. The TCU offense would come back on the field and after 3 more plays they would give the ball back to Jones and company. The field position game would work out well for the Longhorns as Jones would complete passes to Walters and Billy Williams to get into field goal range where Gino Chiaverini would knock in a 40 yarder to make the lead 10-0. Another TCU drive ended poorly as QB Johnny Green would stare down his receiver and give Texas CB Gordon Moreland the perfect chance to pick it off. John Jones would get the opportunity to lead another Texas drive that ended with a Jacky Walters TD on a short 11 yard crossing route to extend the lead to 17 as the 1st quarter ended. John Jones, Texas QB: “We got on the field and things just felt...slow. Like we couldn’t get going. Punt for a series, get the ball back, and then Sterling rips off this awesome run around right end for the opening score. We’re thinking: “Ok, now we’re moving, no worries.” Brandon Reamon, Texas Left Tackle: “Two good early drives, 10 points. Gordon gets the pick to put us at their 30 with 1:00 to go in the quarter. After Jones hits Jacky on that crossing pattern, it’s 17-0 at the end of the first and we’re already thinking about what kind of post-game dinner we’re gonna have.” Johnny Green, TCU QB: “Well that was a stupid throw, the interception. I totally rushed the out route and threw it before the receiver was really even ready. That guy made a nice jump on the ball and grabbed it. Wouldn’t have been a problem if it were on the other end of the field, but giving it back to them on our side hurt.” Feeling the game starting to slip away from them the Frogs would receive the ball to start the 2nd quarter and reach deep into their bag of tricks. , Johnny Green would lead a methodical drive that included a healthy dose of Alex Engram, along the way Green would complete passes to tight end Tony DeMarco and WR Patrick Womack and suddenly the anemic Frog offense was driving down the field. Once the Horned Frogs reached the red zone that’s when coach DangerZoneh decided to pull a little trickeration. Here’s what it sounded like on the Frogs Radio Network “Johnny Green steps under center for 1st and 10 on the Texas 18 yard line. The ball is snapped, Johnson is coming around behind the quarterback it looks to be a wide receiver sweep, wait… he’s dropping back to throw.. DeMarco’s open in the end-zone and it’s caught!!! Touchdown Frogs!!!!!!” The play would bring excitement to the crowd and get cut the Texas lead to 17-7. Butch Johnson, TCU WR: “When Coach called the double-pass, it was the 2nd time that season that it had been called, but the first for me at the X. I was pumped. Tony got a little separation from their linebacker and I hit him with a perfect spiral. I didn’t have a big day catching the ball, so I was just excited to help out in some way.” Dan Bruce, TCU DE: “That got the whole sideline fired up. We were down, but that was a great drive and a great play. We got a little pep in our step.” Texas would not be fazed initially as they were set to receive the kick. Coach DollaBill wanted to get back to his bread and butter and pound the undersized TCU defense. However, the stadium would fall silent, as on a routine sweep, Sterling Brown would be taken down by redshirt Freshman Kory Sapp and he would stay down. The team doctor would diagnose him with a knee injury and he would be forced to miss the remainder of the game. Texas would balance the attack out and grab two more field goals before the half to take a 23-7 lead into the locker room. Gino Chiaverini, Texas K: “The long one was tricky because the wind picked up right as I kicked it, I didn’t think it was gonna go. Hitting at the end of the half was easier...the offense did good just getting me in the middle of the field, and 40 yards is pretty simple with no wind. Sucks to lose Sterling, though.” John Jones: “We knew we had to answer that trick play, and we did, pretty quickly. Just stalled out on 3rd down. We wanted to go in with 30 at half...that would have put it away. But when Sterling went down, we lost a juice in our run game, kind of made it easier for them to load up on the pass.” Brent Ring, TCU ILB: “We were able to hold them to Field goals, which helped. The trick play gave us a bit of momentum and our D played pretty well toward the end of the half. I didn’t really see what happened with We were going in without the lead, but we felt like maybe, if we executed a little better, we could get back into the game.” Halftime...where coaches make their money as motivators and master strategists... Alex Engram, TCU RB: “Coach kept telling the Defense that they were in control. He just kept repeating that: you’re in control...you own this game...you’re in control. Those of us on the offensive side, well we started to get that mindset where we jumped on the defense’s momentum.” Andre Gaffney: “We had a little success at the end of the half, and Coach made a fantastic decision to move us to a 3-5 front to better help with the short passing game. He said we were gonna put 11 guys in coverage at one time...we were like: “Coach, don’t do that!” He really meant just changing up coverages giving the QB as many looks as we could.” Coach DangerZoneh: ““I gathered them in and looked at them and said ‘Are they special? Are they better than anyone we’ve played so far? We’ve faced better teams than this. We can beat these guys. Trust me. Play our game and we’ll win.’ And that’s all I said. After that I stopped game planning. They didn’t need me to yell at them, they knew what they needed to do. Ray, on the other hand, got emotional. He got in the defense's face and was the leader he had been all season, even in a sling. Afterwards, I could see the fire in their eyes. I knew something special would happen." Jacky Walters, TEX WR: “We knew we were gonna throw the ball a little more with Sterling out. I was hoping for a big day. Their DBs were shaky in the first quarter, but you could tell, they just meant to hurt you after the second quarter. They were trying to kill us.” Willard Arnold, TEX ILB: “Having a little cushion of 23-7 felt great. We’d given up maybe 100 yards is all in the first half, some on penalties, and then the big trick play. We definitely thought we still had the physical advantage, so we were confident at halftime. Coach didn’t really give us any new looks or anything…” As the teams came out of the locker room for the second half, there was a noticeable difference in the swagger of the TCU Horned Frogs. The team was amped up, they were confident, and they believed they could pull the upset. The Frogs would return the kick to the 27 yard line and Johnny Green would go to work in the spread offense, which coach adjusted to during the half. Green ran the read-option to perfection, switching between hand-offs to Engram, QB keepers, and quick passes to Johnson and DeMarco. Green would lead the Horned Frogs all the way to the Texas 38 yard line, where they would call a Power-O off the RT for Alex Engram. “Engram takes the hand-off from Green and navigates behind the RT, he breaks through the line and is into the second-layer of the defense. Arnold gets around his block.. Engram bowled him over! There goes Alex Engram.. He could take it all the way home Touchdown!!!!! What a run folks by Alex Engram, he absolutely runs through Willard Arnold.. The extra point is good bringing us closer and a 23-14 game. Willard Arnold: “I’ve never been hit like that on a run EVER. Engram straight ran over me. I was backpedaling a little after getting around the block, but that guy trucked me good.” Boomer Roberts: “I’ve never seen Willard get hit like that. The part that was unfair was that Engram turned on the jets after running over our leading tackler. He was a fullback playing running back...what?” Butch Johnson: “I didn’t think Engram could run that fast, especially after knocking that dude flat on his ass. He took off!” Texas would take the kick looking to styme the Horned Frogs sudden momentum. Jones and the Longhorns would start the drive at the 26 yard line, but there was noticeable difference in the way they were playing. Jones would complete a nice pass over the middle to Walters to grab a first down, and Billy Williams would catch another pass to give the Longhorns a second first down, but the TCU defense dug in and forced a punt which landed at the TCU 8 yard-line. Johnny Green would pair with Alex Engram to lead another methodical TCU drive getting first down after first down with smart reads on their read-option plays and smart passes thrown in when the Longhorns would stack the box. The Frogs, who had taken up nearly 7 minutes of game clock, would drive all the way to the Texas 19 yard line. “The Frogs are in the redzone, 1st and 10 from the Texas 19. Green is under center, DeMarco comes in motion, the ball is hiked and it’s a handoff the Engr.., no wait it's a QB keeper! Green goes off right tackle slips through the arms of Arnold, and there he goes folks!!! Touchdown Frogs!!” The extra point was good bringing TCU within 2 23-21. John Jones: “We wanted to answer their touchdown run with a sustained drive, if not a score. We made two first downs, but then had to punt. Our O-line just didn’t have a lot of fire at this point, with a 9 point lead.” Johnny Green: “They pinned us at the 8 yard line, so we had 92 yards to go to this thing to a field goal. The big guys up front just started going to work, and Coach was calling some nice variations on our standard option set. Alex and I were finding some holes with a stretched out front 7.” Butch Johnson: “Johnny had some clutch throws on that drive, but he really did it with his legs. That drive ate up, what, like 7 minutes of game time?! Keep their offense on the side, let our boys go to work. That TD run from Johnny was a thing of beauty.” Gordon Moreland: “I spent that whole drive on a island, so I just got a front row seat for the butt-whipping our D-Line was getting...from these scrubs! We’d seen their QB do some nice things on film, but that run was slick.” Willard Arnold: “I should have had him wrapped up for a 2 yard gain, but he slipped out. I got freaking beat for two scores in the 3rd quarter. Not a good one for me. Our defense walked off the field sweating and hands-on-hips breathing hard.” Texas would get the ball back and go to work. Jones would lead a methodical drive down the field, and in a rush to get one more play off before the quarter ended they would call a Draw with backup running back Hugh Ledbetter. Ledbetter would get smashed however and the ball would pop loose allowing Vagas Strong to recover for the Horned Frogs. Vagas Strong: “After Johnny’s touchdown, we were fired up. Brent hit their backup tailback and popped the ball loose, right at the end of the quarter. I looked up, and saw the ball, and jumped on it!” TCU would not capitalize on the turnover, however; and would be forced to punt after a quick 3 and out. The Longhorns would come back on the field in good position, and drive down the field to set up another 40 yard field goal. The field goal attempt would go right through the uprights giving Texas a 26-21 lead. Coach DollaBill sensing it was time to put the game away went into his bag of tricks and pulled out the onside kick. TCU wasn't ready for the call and the Longhorns were able to recover the kick, giving them a chance to extend the lead and put the game out of reach. Vagas Strong: “They hit a field goal, no problem. We hadn’t given them anything since the first quarter. We called that a win. Then they try this bullshit onside-kick…” Andre Gaffney: “I’m on kick return team, and we were not ready for that. Nice for them to have a little momentum to pick that up, but we’re all like “why did they do that?” Good if it works, and it did...but it didn’t matter.” Texas had great field position and a chance to put the game away. The drive started with a short Ledbetter run, but on 2nd down Jones would take his chance. “Jones takes the snap and rolls out to the right, he sees the tight end crossing the other way and fires, but there's Kory Sapp!! Sapp picks the ball off! Sapp picks the ball off! The freshman replacing senior leader Ray Lee Coia has made the biggest play of the game!” Kory Sapp, TCU OLB: “Jones was rolling out and he looked back across the field to the tight end. I was coming across the middle from behind the play, so I saw everything. Must have just missed me in his view. Easiest INT I’ve ever had.” Johnny Green would lead the TCU offense out on the field with a chance at taking the lead. The drive didn't start as planned when he was sacked on first down. Second down Green was able to find a crossing Butch Johnson to get the ball deep into Texas territory. The pass was followed by a quick Alex Engram run to get the ball to the Texas nine yard line. “Green under center, two receivers split out wide, he takes the snap and rolls out right. Womack breaks down the middle, he's got a step, Green fires the pass. Touchdown!!! Lord, he caught the ball Touchdown Horned Frogs!!!! The extra point is good, folks we have the lead, the Horned Frogs are beating the number four team in the nation 28-26. Andre Gaffney: “We told the offense to go down and get the lead...we’d done our job.” Alex Engram: “The D played out of their minds all game...we had to do our part. We thought that Coach’s adjustments--making the game about tough vs. tired--really opened things up for us in the 2nd half. We just mimicked the 3rd quarter drives...they were done.” Boomer Roberts: “I thought the sack was going to end their drive, but that QB made some plays with his feet and kept their drive going. And the receiver made a hell of catch on the touchdown.” Gordon Moreland: “Heck of a catch...that’s not my guy, but I got caught in a motion-switch and he just beat me to the spot. Nice catch.” Vagas Strong: “Holy shit, we were leading Texas! The crowd was crazy, some lady ripped her shirt off right behind our bench. We were all fired up!” Texas would take the kickoff and promptly go three and out and punt the ball to TCU. The Frogs would gain 9 yards, but were unable to convert forcing a punt which Walters returned to the Texas 28. John Jones would be sacked on first down making it 2nd and 18. The Longhorns suddenly playing very tightly would gain 3 yards on a busted Walters screen making it 3rd and 15. Promptly the Longhorns would be called for holding making it 3rd and 25 from their own 3 yard line. “It's 3rd and 25 from the 3 for Texas and Jones takes the snap, he hands the ball off the Ledbetter, Andre Gaffney breaks through and tackles him behind the line, folks did he get him in the end zone?! They're calling it a safety!!! Gaffney with the safety and TCU takes a 30-26 lead, the crowd is going crazy!!!” Kory Sapp: “The play before, their Left Tackle got up a little slow. I thought for sure they’d pass the ball on 3rd and 25 from their own 3. Nope, handoff to the backup. Andre was right there.” Brandon Reamon: “I twisted my ankle after getting rolled up the play before. I just didn’t have good footing for a run, and he made a great play. I’m sorry it wrecked our season, but it was about the only time he got me all game.” TCU took the safety and promptly went three and out, the killer being a Butch Johnson drop on what would have been a first down. Johnny Green: “We were too hyped for the next possession...we dropped an easy pass, their D-line got some penetration. Had to kick, put it back on the D, baby.” Texas would go to work and John Jones was locked in finding Walters on a crossing route, and Williams on a deep fade that would put the Longhorns in the redzone. “Jones is under center, he motions Walters out wide, and takes the snap. Walters breaks wide out towards the back off the end-zone, Jones lofts it up there, bit there's Curtis Howard!!! That's the ballgame folks, Curtis Howard intercepts the ball and the TCU Horned Frogs have just upset the number four team in the nation!!!!!!!” John Jones: “Getting the ball back was probably a bit luckier than we deserved. But we made the most. Hit a couple of crossing routes and one deep out. Put us in good position, just inside the red zone. I made the wrong read, that’s all. Should have checked down.” Andre Gaffney: “Curtis locked that guy up good. A true freshman making that play, easily the biggest in his life. Awesome!” Curtis Howard, TCU CB: “I didn’t really get my head turned, but since we were in the endzone, I figured it had to be a fade, and it just came down so slow. It was just sitting there.” After the game, players and coaches from both sides found themselves at a loss for words to describe the scene. Johnny Green: “Just couldn’t believe it. We held our own and knocked off the #4 team in the country. We hadn’t had much to smile about, but this was a day we’ll never forget.” Alex Engram: “Man. That was a great game. We just stuck to our gameplan and played with more intensity than I could have imagined. Execution, especially in the 2nd half, was amazing. The O-line played great for us, and our Defense was awesome.” Andre Gaffney: “Something I’ll always remember, and tell my kids about.” Coach DangerZoneh: “Could not be prouder. So many players made big plays in big situations. Alex, Johnny, Curtis, Kory - all of them. I can't say enough." Brandon Reamon: “We didn’t think we’d go into that cow-town and lose to a bunch of 2-star and no-star recruits. No Sterling really hurt the offense, and Jones didn’t have one of his best games.” Gordon Moreland: “Kind of couldn’t believe it! Clock hit all zeroes, and we just stood there like zombies.” John Jones: “You come in so confident and so ready to play well. When you hit a snag like that, it takes you completely by surprise.” 4. Buoyed by the homestanding win over Texas, TCU won their next two games, over Baylor (17-14) and Iowa State (10-3), before a season-finishing loss to the Red Raiders of Texas Tech (34-7). But finishing the season at 4-8 hardly dampened the spirits of Coach Danger and his crew. The coaching staff got right to work identifying the kinds of players they would need to pull off a similar upset in the future. TCU grabbed a couple of studs in the 2014 JuCo recruiting sweepstakes in RB Bradley Cooley, TE Paul Carter-Williams, OT Charles Mahan, and a pair of Free Safeties Andrew Wright and Quinn Cooper. The overall 2014 recruiting class was ranked in the Top 10 by numerous services and featured eventual All-American wide receiver Jamel Beckham. 2015 began with much promise, still riding the high of knocking off mighty Texas. However, the youth movement needed one more season to develop, and the Horned Frogs lost their first six contests before finishing 3-9. The Horned Frogs were unable to repeat their success versus Texas in Austin in 2015, as the Longhorns enacted a measure of revenge with a 51-7 victory over a young TCU squad. Another stellar recruiting off-season saw TCU again surge in the national eye, and 2016 saw the Frogs sneaking into the Top 25 for parts of the campaign. A season-opening loss to the Georgia Bulldogs was the only blemish through much of the season--TCU went on to win 8 straight before finally dropping consecutive games to Oklahoma and, yes, Texas. The Frogs did finish the regular season with a win over Baylor, leading to a win in the school’s first bowl game, the Bourbon Bowl over Ohio State. Flipping their record from the previous season completely around, TCU finished 2016 10-3. It led to even bigger things, and bigger wins, in 2017 (13-2, a Pinstripe Bowl win over Air Force and Top 5 national ranking, but with a loss at Texas in week 12) and 2018 (won first 11 games, lost final three including Conference Championship Game to Kansas and Alamo Bowl to USC). In the 2018 season, TCU was finally able to recreate their famous victory over Texas, bringing their all-time record versus the Longhorns to 2-4. 2019 began with the same promise, and a Top 10 national preseason ranking, but the talent losses from the Horned Frog heyday led to a dismal 1-8 opening to this current season, of course including a 31-27 loss to Texas. But the mark was clear: the 2014 TCU Horned Frogs found the right mix of emotion and execution to pull off the most remarkable upset in site history. Several players from the game went on to be drafted in the NFLHC draft. Jacky Walters, Alphonso Greisen, and Alex Engram can reminisce about the game together as they now share the same uniform suiting up for the Miami Dolphins. Willard Arnold plays a big role for the New England Patriots starting at inside linebacker for them. Offensive Tackle Brandon Reamon, a freshman during the game, was drafted in the 2018 draft by the Tennessee Titans and currently is their starting left tackle. Harry Whiteside, a freshman slot receiver for the Longhorns, currently is a starter for the Kansas City Chiefs. Willie Wood is manning the safety position in New Orleans and finally Gino Chiaverini is still kicking field goals with the Atlanta Falcons. Texas, for its part, did not exactly let the defeat to TCU in 2014 derail their future success. But it certainly dampened the spirits of the 2014 campaign. The next week, Texas went to Dallas for the Red River Rivalry game against #15 Oklahoma. They came out flat and uninspired in a 24-14 loss. With the dream of a national title season evaporating, Texas dropped a third straight game to Oklahoma State (10-7) before re-grouping and closing out the regular season with two wins, over Texas Tech (35-7) and Baylor (35-7). The solace of a Meineke Car Care Bowl proved just beyond inspiration as the Longhorns closed out a disappointing 2014 season with a loss to Pittsburgh, 35-21. Coach DollaBill, midway through a potentially promising 2015 season which finished 7-6, was dismissed for IPGate violations. Replaced by former Arizona State head man AzulCaballero, the Texas faithful felt they had finally found their man. 2016 was a turnaround for the Burnt Orange, as the Longhorns responded to Azul’s coaching with a 12-2 season, Big-12 championship, and close loss to Notre Dame in the Peach Bowl, to finish ranked #5 in the country. But it was all a prelude to the magical 2017 season. Texas, despite a 2OT loss to the West Virginia Mountaineers in week 8, ran the table all the way to a National Title, defeating Nebraska in the title game. 2018 and thus far in 2019, the dice haven’t fallen as grandly for the Longhorns, but a National Title is worth its weight in gold in the land of CFBHC, and much is forgiven after. Texas came back from their disastrous night in Fort Worth in 2014 stronger than ever.
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