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Tennessee Tumbles in Tuscaloosa

The Vols nearly take down #1 Alabama, but the defense can't keep up for long enough as Abdoul Pearson rushes it in to clinch it 26-23 in 2OT.

Ceci N'est Pas Un Pipe

The pipe stepped up this week, taking out Malcolm Davis, Norris Brooksheer, Kenji Sagatomo, and LaMichael Jones among others.

Rumblin' Raekwon

Northern Iowa RB Raekwon Thomas is looking to prove himself to NFLHC scouts, putting up 125 yards and 3 TD in a convincing win over Montana.

Fib Uring It Out

The Lions clinched at least a .500 record as they knocked off the Packers, 17-12, to jump to a surprising NFC North lead.

McLean on Me

Rice QB Eric McLean becomes the presumptive #1 QB prospect after receiving an 83 overall grade from scouts.


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    AAC Fun with Stats

    American Athletic Conference Season Stats Week 13 has come and gone, and lots of stories, and drama has unfolded in its wake. Navy beat Memphis in a huge AAC West match-up, but find themselves going on the road for an even bigger match-up next Saturday night. Navy's showdown with SMU will decide the AAC West, and the representative for the AAC Championship Game. Temple is still in control for the East, but it has not been decided just yet. Temple still has to play a struggling UCF in Orlando, as well as a hot and cold Cincinnati team. Neither one can be over looked as they both can be potentially dangerous if ignored. But even should the unthinkable happen, and Temple lose two in a row, UCF still has to beat USF if they wanna be crowned kings of the East. If they don't, ECU is still primed to take the title following their big win today over Cincinnati. They'll finish at home against an abysmal Uconn team. As of week 13, the conference standing stands as followed: 2021 AAC Football Standings Conf Overall Team W L W L East #23 Temple 5 – 1 7 – 3 UCF 4 – 2 5 – 4 East Carolina 4 – 3 5 – 5 Cincinnati 2 – 4 4 – 6 USF 1 – 4 3 – 6 Connecticut 0 – 6 1 – 8 West #13 SMU 6 – 0 9 – 1 Navy 5 – 1 6 – 3 Memphis 3 – 2 6 – 3 Houston 3 – 3 3 – 6 Tulsa 2 – 3 2 – 7 Tulane 0 – 6 1 – 8 *May be slightly incorrect With the season approaching its end, and division battles finishing up, lets dive into statistical leaders for the conference. Passing Leaders and statistics: 1) (Sr) Andre Webb 249 of 343 for 3399, 28 TD, 4 INT, 339.9 YPG, 180.44 QBR -SMU 2) (Sr) Jordan North 229 of 342 for 2843 25 TD, 9 INT, 284.30 YPG, 155.65 -Temple 3) (So) Isiah Best 214 of 326 for 2671, 23 TD, 4 INT, 267.10 YPG, 155.30 -NAVY 4) (Sr) Liam Carver 206 of 345 for 2454, 20 TD, 8 INT, 245.40 YPG, 133.95 -East Carolina 5) (Sr) Makai Stewart 175 of 294 for 2137, 23, 10 INT, 237.44 YPG, 139.59 -UCONN The two biggest names on the list are probably circled for many of the scouts picking top 10 in the upcoming NFLHC draft. Andre Webb and Jordan North are probably two of the best quarterbacks in AAC history. The duo has had one heck of a rivalry over the last couple years as their respective schools have also dominated conference play. While scouts will be examining every line of these stats and more for Webb and North, they may not take the time to look down and see a very interesting name on this list. Isiah Best. The only non senior has had about as good a sophomore season as you could have hoped for. NAVY struck gold when they landed Best, and if they can continue to add weapons, and develop this young man, in two more years, he could very well surpass the Webb and North. He is practically putting up the same numbers they are now as is. Another name who is kind of a surprise on the list is UCONN's QB, Makai Stewart. Even more impressive since he has not started 10 games like the other names on the list. Scouts with teams who pick later in the draft, who might want a project QB to develop, Stewart might be that guy. Given his inconstant coaching, and poor overall team play, the fact he is fifth in passing yards in the conference, fourth in passing touchdowns, really does say a lot about his potential at quarterback. However he is no Webb. Andre Webb, the heart and soul that is mustang football. We here in the AAC media center would not be surprised if they didn't retire his jersey in a few years. Webb currently leads the conference in just about every major passing category there is. First in yards, first in completions, first in completions percentage, touchdowns, QBR, YPA, YPG, TD% as well as last in INT%. Whatever team drafts Webb this coming draft, they are gonna have a great QB. Let's just hope they are smart enough to give him weapons to throw to, and a line to protect him. One negative some teams might be willing to point at is his number of attempts. Webb is second only behind Carver for passing attempts. It is no secret ECU has not been able to run the ball well at all this season, thus their high passing rate. You might be tempted to believe the same is true for SMU. You my friend would be wrong. SMU's starting Running back, Stephen Cunningham, is currently ranked fourth in attempts, and second in rushing yards. He is a freshman by the way, but more on him later. This is just enough to show that SMU's high passer rate has nothing to do with a lack of rushing yards. They just have an all around explosive offense. Navy's defense better be ready for this two headed monster. Rushing Leaders and statistics: 1) (So) Etano Wendt 189 Attempts, 1041 yards, 14 TD, 5.51 YPC -Memphis 2) (Fr) Stephen Cunningham 189 Attempts, 1009 yards, 10 TD, 5.34 YPC -SMU 3) (Sr) Johnny Taylor 213 Attempts, 1002 Yards, 10 TD, 4.70 YPC -USF 4) (Sr) Aaron Street 198 Attempts, 951 yards, 13 TD, 4.80 YPC -Cincinnati 5) (So) Raymond McDowell 182 Attempts, 916 yards, 12 TD, 5.03 YPC -NAVY USF has been a team that can explode on offense at anytime, against any team. One of the big reasons for that has been the consistent play of Taylor. Johnny Taylor has been scaring defense's for 4 years. Just as defensive coordinators thought they were losing one of the biggest rushing threats in the conference, 3 more young blood talanets suddenly popped up, and they are looking to make names for themselves. We already mentioned Stephen Cunningham, a redshirt freshman at SMU. SMU may be losing one legend, but from the looks of things, they are getting another one just in time. Even without a top 10, first round talent at quarterback, Cunningham would be able to lead a offense all on his own. He is second to Memphis's equally impressive runningback Etano Wendt in ypc, and tied for fourth in rushing touchdowns with USF's Taylor. A big part for the turn around for Memphis has been the play of Wendt. With a young guy at quarterback still learning the ropes, they have leaned a lot on Wendt alot to carry the team. And so far has done exactly that. With an impressive 5.5 YPC, he leads the conference in rushing yards on the season, as well as touchdowns. He should gain a lot of national interest, and become a much bigger name in the future if Memphis can keep this production out of him. One analyst reportedly said "Who?" when asked about Wendt and his future. It was fun watching Webb vs North. In the years to come, hopefully we can enjoy a similar rivalry between Cunningham and Wendt. Receiving Leaders and statistics: 1) (So) Aiden Blount 59 Cat, 914 yards, 10 TD, 15.49 YPC -SMU 2) Jr Gavin Faulk 59 Cat, 883 yards, 13 TD, 14.97 YPC -Uconn 3) Jr Omari Harden 56 Cat, 878 yards, 8 TD, 15.68 YPC -Navy 4) So Leon Burris 52 Cat, 801 yards, 7 TD, 15.40 YPC -East Carolina 5) (Jr) Garret Taylor 54 Cat, 768 yards, 8 TD, 14.22 -Temple(TE) Through the major offensive stats, 1 schools has made the top five each time. SMU. Having that level of productivity is how you end up with the best record in the conference. Aiden Blount, a redshirt sophomore, leads the conference with 914 yards receiving. The young man catching balls from Andre Webb is also one of the leaders in receiving touchdowns. He is a young player that SMU hopes to get another couple years out of. A dangerous vertical threat is always a nice thing to have, especially when you have a dangerous runner getting attention. A interesting note for this particular list is that no senior made the top five. Another fun fact is that ECU's Leon Burris is the only 3* on the list. Every other players is at least a 4* or higher. For the second time, Uconn, a conference bottom dweller, has a player in the top five for a major statistical list. When you have a quarter back throwing as well as he is, and a receiver catching, and running the ball as well as he is, not to mention leading the conference in touchdown receptions, you have to wonder what is going on in Connecticut. They should have at least a couple wins. Receivers weren't the only players to make this list though. Temple's Tight End Garret Taylor is showing he can do more than block. With 54 catches for 768 yards, the big man can run out wide and catch with the best of them. Receiving Touchdown Leaders and statistics: 1) Jr Gavin Faulk -13 TDs Uconn 2) (So) Aiden Blount -10 TDs SMU 3) Fr Jared Talbert -10 TDs East Carolina 4) Multiple players tied with 8 or less TDs Receiving leaders part 2 focuses more on the touchdown receptions. As mentioned earlier, Gavin Faulk leads the conference with 13 touchdowns. A player doing as well as he is, hopefully he gets some attention come award time despite his teams poor performance. And yet again, SMU has a leader on this list. Aiden blunt, a young leader who has a bright future ahead of him. Yet he isn't the youngest, or the most surprising player on the list. ECU's true freshman Jared Talbert, a 3* receiver out of Alabama is tied for second on the list with ten touchdowns so far this season. The young man is actually a leader as well with receiving yards, ranking seventh over all with 709 yards. ECU hasn't manage to land a big time receiver so far with Coach Weeze at the helm. However they are doing big things with 3* receivers. For defense, we will be breaking leaders up into three sections. Tackles, sacks and ints. Defense Leaders and statistics:(Tackles) 1)(Jr) Vincenzo Hickey 8 Games, 54 Tackles -Tulsa 2)Jr Byron Berry 9 Games, 48 Tackles -Uconn 3)(So) Jordan Stallings 7 Games, 45 Tackles -Temple Defensive leaders in tackles, typically though not always, are probably players who play for bad teams. The first two play for Tulsa and Uconn. They are about as bad as you get, and spend more time on defense than anything else. However just because you have a player who leads the conference in tackles, doesn't mean he plays for a bad team. Temple proves this with their sophomore ILB Jordan Stallings. Third on the list with 45 tackles, however he has only made the stat sheet 7 times. His numbers compared to his appearances tells you one thing. This man can sniff out the ball. He can avoid blockers he dance his way to the ball carrier. A team needs their QB to be their leader on offense. Often times, linebackers are consider the QB of the defense. Stallings has earned the respect of the locker room despite being a young guy. He has done that through his actions on the field. That defense is in good hands going forward. Defense Leaders and statistics:(Sacks) 1) Sr DE Abdoulaye Hannah 7 games, 13 Sacks -Navy 2) So DT Kahau Aveau 9 Games, 11.5 Sacks -SMU 3) So DE Arthur Gorman 9 Games, 10 Sacks -USF Tackles can generally be a sign of a bad team. more accurately a bad offense. The less they can do, and the less time they spend with the ball, the more time your defense is on the field and the more tackles they can get. Again this isn't a hundred percent true, but more or less, this is probably true. However sacks and ints don't necessarily hold to that same train of thought. SMU has played some fantastic defense this season. Part of that is their ability to get to the quarterback. What makes SMU's Kahau Aveau so special is that he is the only one that is a DT. In fact, among stat leaders, the next DT that shows up on the list is ranked 12th, with only 5.5 sacks. To have a big man in the middle that can bull rush his way after the QB, that is something special. He is a big man with pro level potential. We aren't ignoring the Conference leader Abdoulaye Hannah however. 7 stat sheet appearances, he has registered 13 sacks. it took Aveau 9 stat sheets to make the 11.5. Hannah is clearly trying to make the most of his senior year, helping Navy any way he can to win its first West division title. This man has wrecked teams this season. Look for him to make an impact at the next level. Defense Leaders and statistics:(Interceptions) 1) (Jr) Adam Young 5 games, 6 int -SMU 2) (So) Bryan Cunningham 5 games, 5 int -Navy 3) (So) Eli Richmond 4 games, 5 int -Memphis A team that has a defense that can force turnovers, that can keep giving their offense scoring chances, is a team that can win games. How can we prove this? Every team on this list are playing above .500. Two of them are fighting for a division title. All three teams have great offensive production. Another thing to note about all three players is that they all play the corner position. Adam young is the only player on the list to be at least a 4*. Thank you for joining us for this post week 13 fun with AAC stats. We hope you have enjoyed this, and have learned something about America's conference. Look out for another addition when the season ends!
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    [2021] Week #13 - 1 PM

    This sentence hurt my eyes
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    Seattle, WA - After a search of several days following the sudden departure of previous owner LamboThrone, the Seattle Seahawks have announced that former Denver Broncos head coach Jieret is their new majority owner. Jieret has announced that while he will be involved in the daily activities not only as an owner but as a General Manager, the Seahawks are currently looking for a talented individual to help guide the franchise through the rough times it is currently seeing. Interested parties should PM Jieret. Finally, Jieret had this to say: "Although I don't like the circumstances to led to this, I'd be lying if I said this wasn't a dream come true for me. To go from growing up a couple of hours away as a lifelong fan to running this proud franchise? Unbelievable. But I do have to thank @bingo415, @DescretoBurrito, and @Franz Kafka, these fine gentlemen took a chance on me and helped me grow and learn the world of NFLHC. You have my thanks, always. But there's a lot of work to do, so I have to cut this short here. Members, family, and fans of the Seahawks, you'll get my best every day. I promise you that. You deserve nothing less." #GoHawks
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    [2021] Week #13 - 1 PM

    I would like to apologize for the event that took place at Soldier Field today, masquerading as a football game.
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    [2021] Week #13 - 1 PM

    That one hurts. GG iggles
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    [2021] Week #13 - Saturday Evening

    Heck of a win for USC, and congrats to ASU on bowl eligibility! Fascinatig games!
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    Passing Yards 1. Felix Luck, TCU, 2829 yards 2. Christian Graha, KAN, 2421 yards 3. Ian Baldwin, OKST, 2411 yards Passing Touchdowns 1. Ian Baldwin, OKST, 21 TD T-2. Felix Luck, TCU, 20 TD T-2. Christian Graham, KAN, 20 TD Passer Rating 1. Christian Graham, KAN, 159.20 rating 2. Ian Baldwin, OKST, 158.09 rating 3. Kyler Tackett, TEX, 157.94 rating Rushing Yards 1. Solomon McLaughlin, TTU, 1542 yards 2. Kofi McCullough, ISU, 1271 yards 3. Simeon Wells, TEX, 1269 yards Rushing Touchdowns 1. Solomon McLaughlin, TTU, 21 TD T-2. Kofi McCullough, ISU, 13 TD T-2. Simeon Wells, TEX, 13 TD Yards Per Carry 1. Kyler Tackett (QB), TEX, 7.52 YPC 2. Eric Pope (QB), OKLA, 6.54 YPC 3. Solomon McLaughlin (RB), TTU, 5.67 YPC 4. Barack Holmes (RB), OKST, 5.50 YPC 5. Simeon Wells (RB), TEX, 5.47 YPC Receptions 1. Miguel Aguilera (TE), TCU, 62 receptions 2. Lamont Wilder (WR), BAY, 52 receptions 3. Finn Nielsen (WR), TCU, 51 receptions Receiving Yards 1. Miguel Aguilera (TE), TCU, 754 yards 2. Finn Nielsen (WR), TCU, 688 yards 3. Ricky Seau (WR), KSST, 686 yards Receiving Touchdowns 1. Ricky Seau (WR), KSST, 10 TD 2. Jaime Bautista (TE), KAN, 9 TD T-3. Finn Nielsen (WR), TCU, 8 TD T-3. Jeremy Bridges (WR), OKST, 8 TD Tackles 1. Amadou Weston (ILB), ISU, 63 tackles 2. Samir Sneed (ILB), TEX, 51 tackles 3. Jeremy Green (OLB), OKLA, 47 tackles Tackles For Loss T-1. David Kaiser (DT), OKLA, 6 TFL T-1. Aaron Pagan (DE), WVU, 6 TFL T-1. Curtis Jones (DE), TTU, 6 TFL Sacks T-1. Curtis Jones (DE), TTU, 9.5 sacks T-1. Noah Urlacher (DE), KAN, 9.5 sacks T-3. David Kaiser (DT), OKLA, 9.0 sacks T-3. Aaron Pagan (DE), WVU, 9.0 sacks Interceptions 1. Austin Callahan (ILB/OLB), TTU, 6 INT 2. Sebastian Byrd (CB), OKST, 5 INT 3. Bradley Spurlock (CB), KAN, 4 INT Passes Defended T-1. Raul Alarcon (ILB), KAN, 4 PD T-1. Julian Foster (FS), OKLA, 4 PD T-3. Elijah Williams (CB), OKLA, 3 PD T-3. Jaylin Dickens (SS), TEX, 3 PD T-3. Matthew Parham (SS), KSST, 3 PD Fumbles Forced 1. Adriel Sierra (DT), TCU, 3 FF T-2. Seventeen players tied, 1 FF Fumbles Recovered 1. Aidan McAlister (DE), TCU, 2 FR T-2. Fourteen players tied, 1 FR Defensive Touchdowns 1. David Tolliver (CB), ISU, 2 TD 2. Aidan McAlister (DE), TCU, 1 TD Safeties T-1. Omar Vernon (OLB), ISU, 1 SFT T-1. Kahoni Vaaelua (DE), OKST, 1 SFT T-1. Noah Urlacher (DE), KAN, 1 SFT
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    There is nothing like the feeling of getting hired to lead your favorite team. Congrats, Jieret. Your work is cut out for you, but you are the right man for the job.
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    Signing Days: Cody Sharpe, WR (SDSU)

    Cody Sharpe brings an athletic frame and good work ethic with him to San Diego. At 6'1" 212 pounds, he is a physical receiver. The coaching staff at San Diego State is delighted to add him to the team. With a developing passing attack, led by David Edmondson, it is anticipated that Cody will slot into the #2 receiver role early in his career, alongside Zion Payton, and eventually grow into the primary role. Cody is someone that the Aztec staff has followed since he burst onto the scene as a high school sophomore with a 14-catch, 4-touchdown performance in the California state quarterfinals. He has shown a propensity for route running and use of his well-developed body to shield defenders from the incoming ball. He is a willing blocker in the run game and has reasonably sound hands. Hailing from Napa, one would have thought that teams like Stanford or Cal would have been hot after Sharpe's services, but it was the Aztecs who targeted him from the start of the process and got an early commitment from the prospect. While it may seem rare for a pro hopeful to shun larger programs and sign with the Aztecs, a major selling point for Sharpe and his family was knowing that Coach Pumph is dedicated to staying with the team long-term, and has been steadily bringing in quality talent to the program. With so many other coaches changing seats so often, the stability at San Diego State has been more than inviting to recruits and their families. Sharpe will not be the only blue chip recruit to choose the Aztecs for this reason. Another factor that Sharpe admitted was part of his decision-making process was the opportunity to catch passes from Edmondson. The Sophomore quarterback has been proving that he could one day be a first day draft pick in the NFLHC, and the chance to work together appealed to the 17-year old Sharpe. "Growing up, my Dad was a big fan of John Elway, and followed his career at Stanford and then the pros", said Sharpe, "He was telling me that Edmondson reminded him of Elway, and that if I had the chance to play with a quarterback like that, that I should take it. When I took my official visit, I knew that San Diego was the place for me. The coaching staff is great, talks to players with respect, and the weather is even better than at home. It's just beautiful here." Sharpe will enroll early next spring so that he may practice with the team. He plans on studying Criminal Justice, with a Communications minor.
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    [2021] Week #13 - 1 PM

    @deandean1998 you're welcome for making Davenports contract negotiation easier
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    [2021] Week #13 - 1 PM

    Giants RBs may have fumbled a win away
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    [2021] Week #13 - 1 PM

    Sheffield wtf man
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    Big 12 News

    [2021] Big XII POTW Week 13

    OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK Solomon McLaughlin, RB, Texas Tech 31 carries for 185 yards, 3 TD; 2 receptions for 28 yards McLaughlin had West Virginia seeing his taillights for most of the afternoon, accounting for 213 total yards. And the Red Raiders needed every bit of it, as it took overtime to put the country roads behind them and get out with a win. DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK Noah Urlacher, DE, Kansas 5 Tackles, 1 TFL, 1.0 Sack, 1 FF, 1 FR Urlacher found his way into the Texas backfield over and over again. He pressured Kyler Tackett into bad decisions, including an interception and a lost fumble--all in addition to his tackles behind the line of scrimmage. SPECIAL TEAMS PLAYER OF THE WEEK Andrew Trimble, P, TCU 43.4-yard punting average, 5 punt return yards allowed Punters don't often win this award, but Trimble earned it by helping the Horned Frogs keep control of field position the whole game. He combined raw distance with good placement, drawing fair catch after fair catch while flipping the field on each punt.
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    [2021] Week #13 - Saturday Evening

    Temple (7-2) at Florida (6-3) Duke (7-2) at Clemson (5-4)* Wake Forest (6-3) at Louisville (7-2)* Kansas (6-3) at Texas (5-4)* Penn State (6-3) at Michigan (9-0)* Northwestern (6-3) at Purdue (8-1)* Washington (5-4) at Arizona State (5-4)* LSU (7-2) at USC (4-5) Auburn (9-0) at Georgia (7-2)* Missouri (8-1) at Tennessee (5-4)*
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    AAC Fun with Stats

    fun fact about Wendt, he didn't start the first two games of the season for us! he's done what he's done with 1.5 less games
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    Kansas is a very sneaky good team this season
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    Bowl eligible!!!!
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    Congratulations @Darman on clinching the ACC Coastal!
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    [2021] Week #13 - FNF

    A wide receiver, a wide receiver, my kingdom for a wide receiver.
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    This week's a bit unusual in the nation's most exciting conference, as only one game features a bowl-tier team against another bowl-tier team. Does that mean that this week's going to be uninteresting? Of course not. When you have Solomon McLaughlin (and Curtis Jones and Austin Callahan) going against Aaron Pagan, when you have Rahim Murrell going against Felix Luck, when you have Kyler Tackett and Simeon Wells going against Christian Graham, you have a lot of compelling individual matchups that will be interesting to watch no matter how the games go. And hey, if Kent State can beat Ohio then you never know when the upset bug is going to strike. So sit back, enjoy the show, and let's talk about the games. Saturday Morning Texas Tech (6-3) at West Virginia (1-8)* What happens when a defense that allows over 120 yards per game on the ground meets a runningback who averages over 150 by himself? We're about to find out pretty early in Morgantown, where the latest edition of the Solomon McLaughlin Show is about to take place. McLaughlin is coming off of one of his worst games of the year against Baylor, in which he still rushed for 111 yards and two touchdowns--but averaged just under 4.3 yards per carry and lost his third fumble of the year. Point is this: even on a bad day, McLaughlin is going to get a ton of carries and a ton of yards, and West Virginia has struggled to defend the run lately. In fact, in their last three games the Mountaineers have given up 342 yards on 58 carries. That's 5.9 yards per carry. They gave up two rushing touchdowns per game in that span, though they at least stripped Kofi McCullough while he was on his way to 156 yards and 2 touchdowns on 6.2 yards per carry. It's safe to say that West Virginia can't afford to let McLaughlin produce that much. They did limit Maurice White to 111 yards on 26 carries (which was exactly McLaughlin's production against Baylor), but given that West Virginia's going to be fighting uphill on offense it's hard to see even that being enough. Darren Lemons remains the starting quarterback after a 12-26, 132-yard, 3-interception game against Texas Tech. His 65.72 passer rating was the third-worst in a single game in Mountaineer history, and the fact that Bobby Davies's 44.82 against Oklahoma State this year is the school record is part of the reason why he wasn't immediately thrown back on the bench. It doesn't help that they're not getting enough out of Mohamed Mustafa, who's averaging 72.1 yards per game on 4.0 yards per carry with 6 rushing touchdowns all year. Texas Tech's defense won't show mercy. Watching Texas Tech's Curtis Jones and West Virginia's Aaron Pagan take turns getting after it in the opposing backfield should be a treat. Watching McLaughlin try and take out his whole team's frustrations should be a treat. But no, this should not be a particularly close game. Texas Tech 35, West Virginia 10 Saturday Afternoon Kansas State (3-6) at #6 TCU (8-1)* Growing up, purple was always my favorite color. I used to draw fictional road maps, baseball fields, and basketball courts in purple composition notebooks--some of which I still have today--with everything set in a fictional city called Purpletown. This has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that it explains why the Big XII's only purple-on-purple matchup holds a special place in my heart. Another reason: a ranked Big XII team has lost at home in each of the past four weeks, and TCU is the only ranked team in this conference in action this week. And reason number three: both teams rely on mercurial quarterbacks, meaning just about anything can happen. Luck has thrown 17 touchdowns to 8 interceptions--that's the second-highest interception total in the Big XII after Bobby Davies, but it comes on a conference-high 398 throws. (That caveat also applies to his touchdown total.) Murrell's at 17 touchdowns to 7 interceptions, though he's also lost three fumbles. Looking at recent performance muddies the water. Luck had his hot streak with 1100 yards and 10 touchdowns over a three-game stretch--only for his performance against Oklahoma State to throw cold water on that with 208 yards, 1 touchdown, and 2 interceptions on 22-37 passing in the Horned Frogs' first and only loss of the year to date. Murrell is coming off of the best game of his career, in which he completed 21 of 28 passes for 288 yards and 3 scores without a turnover. That followed three straight games of 57.1% passing or worse--but in which he also threw for 5 touchdowns to 1 interception. Would the school that produced Harvey Fagan have it any other way? Probably, but they don't get a vote. Here's what I'm getting at: Murrell needs to stay hot if Kansas State wants to do the unthinkable. An average game won't cut it against a TCU defense that can rush the passer without sacrificing anything in coverage. He's going to take hits, and that means he's a risk to lose fumbles or be hurried into picks. When Luck is at his worst, his defense has usually been able to bail him out by making the other quarterback's life miserable too. The Horned Frogs have given up just 6 passing touchdowns all season (against 6 interceptions); opponents complete under 58.5% of their passes and average under 160 passing yards per game. And that's the difference between these two teams. Sure, both Murrell and Luck are capable of turning in a gem or a stinker. But if Luck struggles, there's a Plan B. Kansas State doesn't have that; they give up 66.8% passing with 18 touchdowns to 8 interceptions (three were of Darren Lemons), and a 152.3 passer rating. Those numbers all rank 9th in the conference ahead of only West Virginia. That's the kind of defense Luck will look forward to as a way to get back on track. If Murrell outplays Luck, an upset wouldn't be out of the question--I just don't think TCU's defense will allow that to happen no matter which Luck shows up. Give me the purple Frogs. #6 TCU 24, Kansas State 10 Saturday Evening Kansas (6-3) at Texas (5-4)* Kansas-Texas games haven't traditionally been competitive, with Texas edging Kansas's 2-10 team in 2016 and shellacking them the following two years by a combined margin of 57-3. Last year's game looked to be headed in the same direction as Texas went up 17-0 after the first quarter and 34-14 at halftime in Lawrence. What followed was the single largest halftime deficit overcome in Big XII history, as Kansas outscored Texas 28-6 in the second half to steal a win. (Coincidentally, TCU would rally from a 28-9 deficit at the start of the fourth quarter against Oklahoma State mere hours later, which is itself a conference record). Largely the same team with largely the same record, Texas will look to restore order and achieve bowl-eligibility. To do so, Texas will need to go back to the well that nourished their 40-point effort against Kansas--that well is named Simeon. (You had to know that was coming.) Simeon Wells put up 147 yards on the ground against Kansas, and the Jayhawks have not defended the run particularly well this year. They give up nearly 5.1 yards per carry, they've given up 12 rushing touchdowns, and did I mention that Simeon Wells is averaging 129.8 yards per game on nearly 5.6 yards per carry? They have Kyler Tackett's arm to keep defenses honest: Tackett's 160.3 passer rating is the second-highest in the Big XII, and he's been coolly efficient with a 67.0% completion percentage, 14 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions. Of course, he just so happens to be going up against Christian Graham, the only Big XII passer ranking ahead of him in completion percentage (69.9%) or passer rating (161.6). For his part, Graham has thrown 18 touchdown passes and 7 picks. Texas's pass defense has improved over the past few games, but its overall numbers aren't where they need to be. They allow a 143.0 passer rating, which is in turn due to giving up a 64.3% completion percentage with 10 touchdowns allowed to just 4 interceptions. The defense is talented and should on paper be more in the range of TCU or Texas Tech; instead, we're still waiting on cornerbacks Damani Jeffries or Devon Braxton to record an interception for the first time this season. That's important for Kansas, whose run game has been hobbled by poor offensive line play and injuries to Rod Fulton and Armani Bello; this offense has essentially gone as Graham goes all season, and a good game from Fulton would just be a bonus. Ultimately, I don't think that'll be enough for Kansas to win it. Texas's pass defense is trending in the right direction, and it's hard to see Kansas stopping both Wells and Tackett simultaneously on the road. Kansas's 4-game win streak comes to an end in Austin. Texas 27, Kansas 24 Byes: Baylor (6-3), #18 Oklahoma State (7-2)
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    [2021] Week #13 - TNF

    Big win for Georgia Tech (5-5). This game puts them 1 away from bowl eligibility with only UNC (0-9) and Georgia (7-2) left to play. GT has to hope to take care of business against UNC because a game at Georgia for bowl eligibility is a tough situation. This is a tough loss for Virginia (5-5). They technically eliminated themselves from the ACC Coastal Title, though their chances of winning the division were slim anyways. They also put themselves in a shaky spot for bowl eligibility, with games versus Miami (4-5) and VT (6-3) left to finish the season. Virginia's hopes for a bowl dramatically decreased and GT has a great chance of making it now. UVA has winnable games versus Miami and VT but their margin of error is smaller. I think Miami is a better team than GT is, and honestly UVAs offense not performing against GTs defense makes it hard to imagine them winning their last couple of games.
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    [Poll] What's Your Fetish?

    Y'all need Jesus
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    [Poll] What's Your Fetish?

    Has CFBHC gone too far?
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