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Wake Me Up Inside

Duke faces their second inexplicable upset of 2022, as Wake Forest wins 27-24 behind WR Owen Condon's 3 receptions for 120 yards and punt return TD.

Akilling in the Name Of

Akili Wallace puts up 119 yards and 2 TD on just 14 carries as the Falcons shock the Panthers on Sunday Night, 24-14.

Take Me Bowling, Country Roads

The 5-6 Mountaineers upset #13 Oklahoma State behind QB Martin Lake's 3 total TD to make a bowl for the first time since their 2020 playoff run.

Don't Be Dowden the Seahawks

Already having clinched the NFC West, Seattle is starting to prove their playoff chops, beating the Steelers in Heisman rookie QB Tucker Dowden's first start.


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    Who do you support?

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    Favorite Chatbox Quotes

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    Who do you support?

    I forgot to put a tiny Bronco in the football section, but oh well. pretend that its there
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    Single again?
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    Who do you support?

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    An Open Letter to CFBHC

    What exactly is a warning point? The fact that you felt the need to apologize for this says a lot about your character. It wasn't long ago that Soluna was actually called out for abusive behavior. Now that he's working on issues of his own, it's hard to imagine he'd hold a grudge against you for whatever happened. Nobody is perfect. I wouldn't sweat it too much.
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    Late to the party but have a few things to say. I think its hard, right now, in the month of July, to say that we should go ahead and create ~10-16 more openings when we have a handful of FBS programs that need to be filled. However, I think there's always an uptick in applications when the IRL seasons kick off, and I know we've been at capacity with a short wait list a few times during my time on the site. I think we certainly have the ability to fill these open positions, just depends on which part of the IRL calendar year the 2022 season kicks off in. Fortunately, we have a window of like August - October where we should be able to draw in good numbers as people are really scratching their football itch right around then. Im a little bit worried that some of the FCS teams will end up like some of the current Charlottes/Wyomings of the world and have consecutive bad recruiting years, which could ruin the programs. I havent looked at the G5-specific recruiting lists at all yet (why should I when I cant recruit off of them), but I know that a lot of these FCS schools reside in states like Montana, the Dakotas, etc, and they might be at a disadvantage for recruiting based off of location. I know Colorado is already pretty sparse on recruits (this isn't a knock on the recruiting system), and will have 3 schools (Colorado, CSU, Air Force) already looking to their neighbor states to bring in their classes. If FBS schools are already looking for any resources in the relatively dry plains states, how will throwing 3-4 teams in the Dakotas and 1-2 in Montana work out for anyone involved? And if thats solved by generating more recruits in the G5-only pool in these states, I think it starts to shift the balance a bit of the recruiting, which could be both good (in the case of a place like Wyoming) or bad. Right now, South Dakota is listed as having ND, WY, NE, MN as border states, NoDak has SD, MT, MN, WY, and Montana has ID, WY, ND, SD. These would have to be re-balanced a bit, since adding a San Diego to the croot-rich Cali - or a Texas team or a Louisiana team or a Florida team - might simply make it too hard for these schools to have proper chances at winning the FCS. At the end of the day, Im for an FCS expansion - If I hadnt just joined Colorado halfway through last year, Id love to coach one of the teams in the Dakotas or perhaps Montana, I love following the FCS (some more of you should join the FCS subreddit, there's only like 2700 subscribers so it's hard to generate discussion and content... which makes it harder for lurkers like me to get their fix ). Going to South Dakota State for a college visit during my junior year was amazing, it was easily my best college visit I went on, and I often wonder "what ifs" about if Id gone to school there. I rocked a SDSU flair on r/CFB as my secondary for a long time, and I've followed NFL scrub Zach Zenner's career with a deeper passion than is healthy. For someone like Minnow, who actually goes there, or an Ape at Illinois State, I could only see enjoyment in the sim increasing, and an extra enhancement - more media, perhaps with a bit of a "cult following" (think Jieret's MAC). I think the schools added would have to be relatively flashy though - unless you're a fan of say, a Missouri State, there's not a large appeal for me at least to go there over choosing like a Tulane or a UTEP, where there's more broad options when it comes to recruiting/OOC flexibility/images online for media/etc because they're FBS. I also don't think this is something that can be a "trial" if FBS coaches aren't allowed to retain their current jobs while going to FCS. If someone like Minnow goes to SDSU, and it's decided that FCS isn't going to work out permanently, I dont want him or other longtime, dedicated members to lose their passions for the site because they lost their longtime FBS program for what essentially was a waste of a season, while someone else swooped in and took the FBS team. It has to be a permanent move, not a trial run.
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    An Open Letter to CFBHC

    Kids are kids. Hard to fault anyone for that. Hard to say many of us, especially me have been better in the past. The measure of a man isn't checking off a bunch of boxes like we often think of growing up. For one, it's a constant process that you will fail at time and time again. Which is good, everyone fails. The difference is as you get older and become a man, you will learn what to do with your failures and how to prevent repeating them. You may even learn how to anticipate them. To me, you've always shown maturity. While it was obvious you were young and had the traits of being someone who was young, I could tell the seeds of a man were there. Keep doing what you're doing, embrace failure and your weaknesses, and continue to see growth where possible.
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    If you manage to create and/or update your team page using the same formatting and style that's been used on the Florida Gators page I'll give you an extra recruiting point per week for your efforts. Please post in this thread when it has been updated ONLY. The deadline to do this is by August 1, 2018. Here's the Florida page: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Florida_Gators Please use all the correct formatting and please don't change things like the way Bowl Games are recorded (for instance " Won Music City Bowl vs. Louisville (17-13)" in the season-by-season records). I won't punish you if you do but I really am looking for consistency across every page because it makes bulk updating and finding errors much easier.
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    Who do you support?

    Hi all. We have a long offseason ahead of us and I thought to stimulate conversation about sports in general we could all fill out this form and show each other what our favorite teams are in these sports! link: http://i.imgur.com/DFv4s.jpg?1 In my post if a team is larger than the other I prefer it over the other. Also, my list of hated teams is not totally limited to what's on my list, I just didn't feel like adding more.
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    Who do you support?

    Here's mine
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    Who do you support?

    Sorry for shitty edits but I think it gets the point across. The LeBron picture isn’t meant to be the Cavs, it is purely meant to be LeBron.
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    Who do you support?

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    Who do you support?

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    You have what many thought was going to be a superstar at QB. The previous coach brought no talent around him but hopefully you can make him a star! Good luck
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    FCS Poll

    ...but without any design sense. https://goo.gl/images/AtCFmP
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    FCS Poll

    This is a stupid thing to lobby for, but the Florida A&M Rattlers have some of the best colors and unis in the game. Would be nice to see them here...
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    Cool thank you. Let's go Charlotte, hopefully we can pick up a win next season.
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    You're approved for Charlotte! Request here for a logo for your avatar picture. The season just ended. Charlotte went 0-12. Here is your roster for this past season, it will be updated for the next season at a later time. You do not need to post a depth chart for the next season yet. Go here and create an account with the same username, this is where gameplanning and recruiting happens. The season is over so you will not need to gameplan or recruit until the start of next season but please create an acount If you do not log in for 14 consecutive days, you will be removed from the team. If you have any questions, you can send me a message or ask in the chatbox. Welcome to the !
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    I made a tool to quickly generate your All-Time Conference opponents wiki table based on storms sheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dydLSQKq1xcGzJQl3VKY9EOe9B49Sh77SoVra5jnn4g/edit?usp=sharing To use: First, you need to copy the related section from Soluna's page. Copy my sheet to your drive. Go to Storm's sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oxVeiCqeI41cn8gw3S6SEU_LGngMnTS_vwQ1CITzRXg/edit#gid=1268022900 and copy to your drive In Storm's sheet in the matchup tab- Add your team down column N for how many conference opponents you have. Add your conference opponents in column O. Copy N1-AA13 (or through whatever # of conference opponents). Go to the copy of my sheet, right-click -> Paste Special -> values only in Cell A1. Then it should generate the rows needed in the Rows sheet. Can copy into your Table but need to change CollegeSecondaryStyle and delete any empty rows of course. Let me know if any questions
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    [2021] Final MAC Power Rankings

    And here we are at last, the season's final MAC Chart of Dubious Value! I know you've been impatiently waiting, so without further ado: Remember: If you don't like where you are, welp, too late. MAC Power Rankings Post-Bowls Rank (Poll Pts.) Team (First Place Votes) Record (Conf. Record) Streak Change from Last Week 1 (72) Western Michigan Broncos (6) 12-2 (8-1) W5 - 2 (64) Akron Zips 9-5 (6-3) W1 - 3 (62) Toledo Rockets 10-3 (6-2) W3 -1 4 (51) Central Michigan Chippewas 8-5 (4-4) W1 +1 5 (45) Ohio Bobcats 8-5 (4-4) W3 - 6 (43) Bowling Green Falcons 8-5 (4-4) W1 +1 7 (41) Eastern Michigan Eagles 7-6 (5-3) L1 -3 8 (30) Miami (OH) Redhawks 7-6 (3-5) W1 - 9 (23) Ball State Cardinals 5-7 (4-4) W1 - 10 (19) Buffalo Bulls 4-8 (2-6) L1 -1 11 (12) Northern Illinois Huskies 3-9 (2-6) L6 - 12 (6) Kent State Golden Flashes 1-11 (1-7) L2 - Numbers of voters: 6 12 points awarded for first, 11 for second, etc. What an impressive showing by the members of Everybody's Favorite Conference! The MAC pretty much shocked everyone except themselves by going out and securing second place in the Bowl Challenge Cup with a strong 7-1 bowl record! Congratulations everyone, that extra crooting point will sure come in handy! The only significant movement is Eastern falling, but that's life when you're the only one to come in second. Even so, a record-setting year for the Mid-American Conference for sure. Can the MAC be even better next year? Is... is that optimism heading into the 2022 season? Perhaps.... For the 2021 season, we're signing out. See you around! (Remember...) "If it's not MAC, it's wack!"
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    Congrats to @inspiral aka that purdue guy!
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    what have I done
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