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Wake Me Up Inside

Duke faces their second inexplicable upset of 2022, as Wake Forest wins 27-24 behind WR Owen Condon's 3 receptions for 120 yards and punt return TD.

Akilling in the Name Of

Akili Wallace puts up 119 yards and 2 TD on just 14 carries as the Falcons shock the Panthers on Sunday Night, 24-14.

Take Me Bowling, Country Roads

The 5-6 Mountaineers upset #13 Oklahoma State behind QB Martin Lake's 3 total TD to make a bowl for the first time since their 2020 playoff run.

Don't Be Dowden the Seahawks

Already having clinched the NFC West, Seattle is starting to prove their playoff chops, beating the Steelers in Heisman rookie QB Tucker Dowden's first start.


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    Hey guys! In case you've forgotten, and I wouldn't blame you in the slightest since I haven't given any update on it since the initial announcement, committee feedback is now available! If you don't know what that means read here - Just to give a small update on how that's been going, we've had some discussion with Soluna and alien based on the feedback those of you who've posted in the forum have given on ideas that you want implemented. Some of them may come to fruition, some may not - we'll try to update those who specifically gave feedback on the direction their feedback might go in going forward, as we've not been great at that so far. I don't want to give too much detail here in case something changes, but if you have any further ideas please feel free to drop them in the feedback forum. But the main reason I've made this post is because, well, a lot of you have probably forgotten about the feedback forum's existence, or didn't feel your issue could be addressed by posting there, or you might have a multitude of different reasons. And I think part of the reason for that is that I haven't been to transparent with what's been going on and haven't been communicating with the community as a whole. So, I want to try to give more updates relating to the community and what's been going on to the extent I can. Similarly to Soluna's monthly admin newsletter, I'll try to give some monthly updates on what's been going on moving forward, as far as how I can reveal information, and what I and the committee have been doing to improve the user experience here. If you have any ideas as to how I can give more feedback, be more transparent, continue to improve communication between the community and the admins, or just generally be more helpful to the community as a whole, please drop me a PM here or on discord and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Just try to make sure your idea has a chance of being feasibly implemented if you do send something. -Jumbo
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    WR Benjamin Franklin - Moderate Foot Fracture
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    2022 OFF-SEASON INTERVIEW SERIES: WEST VIRGINIA Looks like @smckenz3 is teaching his defense how to tackle effectively What is your teams biggest gain and loss going into the 2022 season? It's hard not to answer this with the 14 pro potential guys we brought in during this recruiting cycle, however; I'll go with QB Martin Lake. Quarterback play was out weakest point last season, so having a guy with the talent of Lake should really get the team going in the right direction. I think our biggest loss will be RB Mohamed Mustafa. He was a 4 year starter at running back and filling his shoes is going to be difficult. Looking at the schedule, what other team scares you the most? Probably Missouri. I know they lost Dowden and Lattermore, but they have a really strong defense and a quarterback with a ton of talent. We're going to have to play our best game, which is a tall order for game one with new starters at every skill position. How do you think your team will respond after finishing in last place of the conference?I fully expect the team to continue down the path towards contention. We lost a lot of close games last year and I think we'll get some this season. Will your program finally get some consistency after the high of 2020 and the low of 2021?Yes - I think we all knew 2021 had the potential to be a difficult year if we had early declarations from 2020. We had a decent recruiting class in 2020 and a really good class last season so we're knocking on the door of contention again. We're going to do our best to bring in another good class this season, get the most of our our guys, and help them to play their best football. Finally, give us your teams record prediction and who is in the BigXII Title game. Obviously our goal is to make a bowl, so we're going to aim for that. We need our freshman to step up to make the possible. As far as the conference I think TCU and OU are the teams to beat right now.
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    2022 OFF-SEASON INTERVIEW SERIES: TEXAS TECH Solomon is back and that makes @acewulf happy What is your teams biggest gain and loss going into the 2022 season? Without a doubt, our biggest loss this offseason is Chase Shapiro. While he never was really a guy to set the world on fire through the air, his leadership and poise will definitely be missed as we try and find the answer to replace him under center. We like a lot of our younger guys, but his dual threat ability at times will definitely be missed this season. Our biggest gain is one of 2 guys. Both JUCO transfers. One on either side of the ball. Samir Sample and Graham Beck are easily the biggest additions for the Red Raiders this season. Beck brings one of the biggest receiving threats for the Raiders since Eugene Sanders. We hope his older leadership will help us as we transition to a new QB this season. A huge position of need, we were incredibly excited to see him favor us in JUCO. And the most versatile player we got in JUCO is the smaller Defensive End, Samir Sample. We love his size and fit for him next to our other star DE Curtis Jones. We are also experimenting with him as a pass rushing LB to try and get more nasty pass rushers on the field curing those crucial 3rd downs. We're incredibly excited for both of these guys. Looking at the schedule, what other team scares you the most? Not going to lie, half the conference scares me at times. I've kinda gotten to be an anxious coach at times and this season is no exception. The conference didn't send too much talent to the league, but that's because they're all still here! I can't really pinpoint one specific team because so many teams on my schedule are scary. Just way too much talent here. Make them all graduate already and let me keep my guys  What is the absolute maximum thing you will do to keep Solomon in 2023? On the field, we just need to win baby. Keeping Solomon is not going to be easy, but if we can win a lot and keep him happy and interested in playing in Lubbock, I think we can convince him to stay. But I will say, he's had a lot of carries in his time here. I actively encourage him to go chase his dreams and get those checks. He's playing on Sunday and I couldn't be happy for him, even if he goes early. He deserves it hands down. In this last week, there has been a viral video of a man fornicating with freshly made tortillas in the Mission tortilla factory and you have been rumored to be the person? Any comments on that? I plead the 5th. Finally, give us your teams record prediction and who is in the BigXII Title game. I don't have a hard schedule prediction, but I can see us winning a few games we shouldn't on paper. I'd look for us to finish somewhere in the middle of the conference and to make another bowl game. This is a fairly talented and older, experienced team. If everything gels, this could be a fun season with plenty of things to be excited about as a Red Raider fan! If I had to predict it, TCU is a heavy favorite to make the title game. So its hard to vote against them. Texas, OU and OSU are all fairly talented teams. If I had to pick one of those, its hard to not pick against OU. They lost some big pieces, but with those Offensive pieces its hard to pick against them. Not going to pick a winner though. TCU-OU for the title game. Wish I could homer it up and say Texas Tech, but there's just too much talent around the conference for us to be in there.
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    [2022] Recruiting Tiers

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=18T_Kv60IcR222YAhMvCP1kU9qfzkz2qs Spreadsheet should be updated with one postseason win counting towards win tiers where it is applicable. If you think your team doesn't have the correct win number/tier then please post in this thread.
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    A common problem for many members the past few years has been Notre Dame's situation as an Independent and with the new recruiting changes several users have suggested shifting Notre Dame's status. Beginning with the 2022 recruiting and regular season Notre Dame will be required to schedule at least 3 ACC schools (Notre Dame should work with the ACC Commissioner on this, if needed the NCAA will step in), and will be allowed to use the ACC's points for both regular and JuCo recruiting. Notre Dame thus also loses access to the G5 recruits. They will remain with the Independents for all other purposes including standings and bowl slots. @joedchi@Darman
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    2022 Season Discussion

    FBS National Champion: Gotta say TCU. Gross. FCS National Champion: NDSU has a really solid roster compared to the newly created ones. Heisman Winner: Marcus Black is a terror and will lead his team to the National Championship game most likely. NFL Super Bowl Champion: The well-scouted Rams Most Surprising Team: I think Texas will take a big leap forward by having a coach that's actually present.
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    2022 OFF-SEASON INTERVIEW SERIES: T.C.U "Put relevant caption here that fits the picture" What is your teams biggest gain and loss going into the 2022 season? Let’s start with biggest loss, because I think that’s an easier question to answer. I think that really has to be none other than free safety Matthew Dyson, who has moved on to the Bengals. He was a four year starter and an absolute staple of our roster, dating back to the 11-3 2018 team. He started in three Big XII championship games. The only players to ever do that are him and his teammates Adriel Sierra and Shamar Burroughs. While those are two losses as well, they’re somewhat mitigated by the amount of talent we have at each of those positions. At free safety, we have a young guy who I’m very excited about - Ian Worley - but he’s still got a lot to learn. Luckily the players surrounding him will have a lot of experience and hopefully he can get adjusted quickly. We’ll definitely be feeling the Dyson loss for a while, though. He was such a leader and an excellent player. As for our biggest gain, i don’t actually want to say who I’m thinking of because it’ll get to his head. *laughs* But it’s definitely Patrick Ross. I talk a lot about my players and I really try to sell them, but believe me when I tell you this - he’s the best player to enter this program since Daquan Darcey. On most other teams in the country, he’s going to be a number 1 corner and competing for awards. We get the luxury of playing him in the slot. Every day on the field he surprises us. He can run with Griff, he can high point balls over Finn, and he can tackle anyone. That being said, he does have a lot to learn as far as scheme goes. Physically, however, I’ve never seen anything like him. Looking at the schedule, what other team scares you the most? I think that has to be an easy choice, now doesn’t it? As much respect as I give the teams in the Big XII, it has to be Auburn. They’re simply loaded year in and year out and they will be a tough out. On top of that, we play them opening night so they’ll be difficult to prepare for. Marcus Black is the best player in the country and I see him winning the Heisman this year. That being said, I can’t wait for the game. Bright lights in an NFL stadium. The entire country tuning in. Starting the year off with the biggest game. It’s going to mean a lot. Luckily I learned last year that my guys don’t fold under pressure. They’ve been here before. They did it at USC. They did it against LSU. They did it in the Big XII championship. They did it in the playoffs. Hopefully they can do it again, but it won’t be easy. What kind of black magic do you perform to get those sweet sweet croots? Turns out that Horned Frog blood has some really interesting properties. Did you know they shoot it out of their eyes? Makes it easy to collect and then spike the recruits drinks with. But seriously, while I appreciate the complement, there’s no magic to it. I’ve said it before, but you have to find a way to sell your program. Make it a place that players want to play. Find guys who are getting overlooked and bring them on board. Generate excitement. Even when I got here and we weren’t a winning program, I made TCU a place players wanted to play. Alex Engram was a star in our wildcat offense. We were 4-8 but a damn fun team to watch. Now we’ve evolved past that. Now we’re winning so we don’t need the gimmicks. Now players come here because they’ve seen what people before them have done and they know that in this system they can succeed too. Continuity in coaching helps a significant amount in that regard. If you were to suddenly become the coach of another team and you had to play TCU, how would you game plan against a team thats oozing with talent? Ha ha. Well, wouldn’t you like to know? Editors Note: Yes please In reality, I wouldn’t worry too much about the game plan at all. Don’t get me wrong, it does matter. The problem is that when you’re facing a team without many holes, there’s nowhere to gameplan to and exploit. You can’t spend the whole week trying to think of ways to trick the other team and outscheme them. When you play talented, disciplined players, that simply won’t work over the course of 60 minutes. So what do you do? Focus on execution. Play your game. The one you know and have worked on all summer. Yeah, you can throw some wrinkles in there, but at the end of the day football comes down to who makes the plays and you have to make sure that your team is ready to do that. Finally, give us your teams record prediction and who is in the BigXII Title game. I really hate this question because I know what I want to say, you know what I want to say, and I know I’ll sound bad for saying it. But I’m going to predict 12-0. We’re a better team than we were last year when we went 11-1. If we get past Auburn, we’ll be in really good shape. I’m sure we can stumble somewhere along the way, but I have a confidence in this team that I haven’t had in any before. As for the Big XII title game, I think we’ll be seeing another rematch against Oklahoma State. They’re good. Texas will be good soon. Oklahoma is probably good now. But Oklahoma State already knows how to win and that will take them a long way.
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    [2022] FCS Week #0 Discussion

    Friday, October 13th, 2018 New Hampshire (0-0) at James Madison (0-0) Saturday, October 14th, 2018 Morning None. Afternoon Montana (0-0) at Harvard (0-0) Evening South Dakota State (0-0) at Illinois State (0-0) Night North Dakota State (0-0) at Eastern Washington (0-0) BYE: Delaware (0-0), Youngstown State (0-0), North Dakota (0-0), Northern Iowa (0-0)
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    Fox Sports

    [2022] Pre-Season Week #3 - 4 PM

    New England Patriots (1-1) at Arizona Cardinals (0-2) Buffalo Bills (2-0) at San Francisco 49ers (0-2) Jacksonville Jaguars (2-0) at Atlanta Falcons (1-1) Chicago Bears (1-1) at Las Vegas Raiders (0-2)
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    [2022] Pre-Season Week #3 - 1 PM

    KC looks scary now
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    Everyone had a good time though!
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    No, they are still part of the independent system for that for now.
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    I would assume night games like it would be for the FBS. We have two former champions playing in the night slot this week so I'd have to imagine that's the case
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    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1L9jmJBmShult25W3LB1MOvBx4ODockbb Please listen please.
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    Love that you're doing this stuff, but honestly most of the Saints' subsection is going directly and verbatim on our Defenses' locker room wall. Apart from feeling disrespected, nice work! It's only missing beer reviews.
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    2022 OFF-SEASON INTERVIEW SERIES: IOWA STATE Can @Minnowsotan's team "Catch" up to the competition? Haha did you see what i did there? What is your teams biggest gain and loss going into the 2022 season? I would say our biggest gain was being able to recruit depth during the off-season. This off season Iowa State brought in the most recruits in school history filling the 22 graduating players from the previous year. This also transitions into our biggest loss, Despite us keeping Skill players in our QB Vaughn Sheppard, and Running back Kofi McCullough. We suffered a lot in our Offensive Line, We lost both of our offensive guards, our center, and our right tackle from graduation. We also saw the loss of ball-hawk David Tolliver. Most of the team is here but a lot of young guys are gonna have to step up this year to fill the gaps of our former players. Looking at the schedule, what other team scares you the most? Looking at the schedule I would have to say that TCU scares me the most, Iowa State has never in the history of the sim beat TCU. TCU is the only team that we are winless against in the Big 12. Its not going to be an easy match up this year either. TCU had a top 5 recruiting class and is in the process of having a national championship caliber team. It will take a lot to beat them but we have surprised teams before. How do you expect Vaughn and Kofi to perform this season after their freshman debut's? I expect great things out of Sheppard, he showed great promise as a true freshman and played better than any other freshman QB has played for ISU. Kofi McCullough is going to be a target for most teams' defenses and I cant blame them he was the recipient of the Big 12 Freshman of the year award, and he has improved from last year. Vaughn Sheppard will take most of the load off of him and help him lift that target off of McCullough's back. Being in Big10 country with Iowa and Nebraska down the road, how is it different recruiting against those schools that the rest of the conference will usually not compete with Big10 teams for recruits? Being in Big 10 country has posed some threats. This past year Iowa beat me fair and square in recruiting. Recruiting in Iowa is different because it's a small recruiting pool in Iowa, maybe in a good year a top of the line player comes from central Iowa. In Iowa two if not more teams fight over this small pool of players until only 3.5s and lower are left. Most of the recruiting it seems like teams flood these smaller markets and hope to stronghold the in state recruits from teams like Iowa and Iowa State. You are forced to defend your home turf. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not work. Finally, give us your teams record prediction and who is in the BigXII Title game. I would be happy if we saw improvement over last year coming off of a 3 win season it was disappointing considering all the talent we had. I see us going 8-4 or 7-6 at the least. I see TCU and Kansas battling it out in the Big 12 national championship
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    Hello! Please add the actual application questions to your post, and the appropriate conference commissioner will hopefully be by soon to ask you some further questions. @rabidsnowman
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    [2022] Recruiting Tiers

    I'm not editing this. Nothing happens until someone else does.
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    Updated for the 2022 season. Good luck!
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    [2022] Recruiting Heat Maps

    lol Florida
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    Account Elevation Requests

    Harvard Crimson!
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    [2021] PCM: Matt Jones

    PLEASE READ THE SPOILER FIRST I arrived in West Lafayette on Wednesday of Week 12. I had a college visit to Purdue in 2007, but hadn’t been back since. I came back to talk with Matt Jones and Coach Inspiral. Matt Jones has been in the spotlight since he was a freshman, he started as a Red-Shirt Freshman back in 2018. He was one of the highest ranked Quarterbacks in his High School Class, and being from Walkerton, most thought he would go to Notre Dame. It’s about a 40 minute drive from Jones’s childhood home to Notre Dame stadium and he grew up a Notre Dame fan. But, Notre Dame had recruited Owen Sorenson and seemed content with him as the QB of the future. This left Purdue seemingly uncontested and Jones quickly committed, West Lafayette was only 2 Hours away. I met with Jones that afternoon after his final class for the day. We had lunch at Earhart Dining Hall on the West side of campus. We talked about college life and he asked me about “life in the big city”. Walkerton has about 2,000 people in it’s limits. I grew up nearby in Elkhart and made the transition to Chicago, where Press Coverage Magazine is headquartered. He seems nervous about going to a large city. As of right now, the Los Angeles Chargers are the frontrunners for the #1 Pick in the 2022 Draft. The other top candidate are the New York Giants. New York and LA are two of the country’s biggest cities, and could prove a difficult transition for the kid from Walkerton. I asked him about that, where he would want to play. He sat for a second and thought about it before answering: “I would like to stay close to home, I’m really close to my family and would like to be nearby. But I’m realistic, I know I won’t to Indy or Chicago and Detroit seems unlikely. I’ll probably end up in LA or New York. I would love to play for either team. The Chargers are a team who just don’t have the talent to win, but I think I could instantly bring them up. And the Giants have a great defense, but are just missing some pieces on Offense. Just like LA, I think I would instantly make them much better”. After lunch, Matt leaves for practice. I walked around campus, it’s quite nice. My memories had been unkind to Purdue, but it turns out I was wrong. Purdue is a very nice campus. It was a crisp Indiana Autumn Day, and most students were wearing jeans and hoodies. I saw a group of High School students on a tour, the guide walking backwards and telling factoids about the Campus. “Over 20 Astronauts have graduated from Purdue” “Purdue has its own Airport, and IU doesn’t” “Neil Armstrong is a Purdue Grad” “The first and only Nuclear Reactor is here at Purdue” Purdue is proud of it’s academic past, and it should be. They should also be proud of their Athletic Past. Corey Mendoza paved the way for Matt Jones to excel. Purdue flourished under Mendoza, but have gone to a new level with Matt Jones. The man behind both is Coach Inspiral.. He inherited Mendoza, but he molded him into a NFLHC Caliber player. Mendoza was Mr. Irrelevant in the 2018 Draft, being taken by the Indianapolis Colts and is still on their roster. He brought in Jones, and that has proven to be a good idea. He has lead Purdue to three consecutive 10-Win seasons and is on pace for a fourth this season (they are 7-1 prior to Week 12). After my own tour, I headed to the practice field to watch Matt Jones. He’s a talkative guy and cracks joke after joke. But, when it’s time to throw and run the offense, his demeanor changes completely. He suddenly stops joking around and gets serious, he barks orders to his Offensive Line. He tells Jude Shanks to watch for Sammy Dawkins to come on a blitz. He gives Ajani Winston a hot route (ends up being a short in route to take advantage of the open field due to Dawkins coming on a blitz). He ends up being right, Dawkins comes on a blitz and Shanks picks him up, Winston runs out three yards and cuts in. Jones hits him and Winston gains 7-8 yards on the play. Coach Inspiral is mad, not at Jones, he’s mad at Robert Devlin for not seeing that hot route coming. He tells them to run the play again, Jones makes the same calls. This time Devlin covers Wiston, instead Jones finds Milo O’Connell on a corner route. This happens play after play, even with the defense changing its formation and play calls, Jones still calls out the defense and audibles to a more favorable play. Sometimes he gets rid of the ball immediately, other he hands it off, and then he goes deep if he feels like it. After the practice, the team showers and heads to positional meetings. Purdue does these on Wednesdays of game weeks, it gives each positional group a last look at their specific assignments. They’re playing Iowa this week, a team who’s had their number over the years. This is a big game for this program, they desperately want a win. But, I’m not allowed in these meetings. So I head back to my hotel to take in the day. This is my first time meeting Matt Jones and I have a lot to think about. His confidence in himself, his performance in practice. I start thinking, do his teammates like him? Do they like his joking nature? Do they like when he gets super serious and takes over? I wake up Thursday and call Frederick Bartlett. He was a part of the same class as Jones. If anyone is going to have strong opinions on Jones, it’ll be Freddy. We meet up in the library and head off to a corner to get some privacy. Me: “So, you’ve known Matt for five years now. What do you honestly feel about him?” Freddy: “He’s odd man. He likes to have fun pretty much all the time. He plays pranks constantly, he’s telling jokes. Then all of a sudden, he’s super focused and intense. When he’s in that mood, I don’t mess with him, I just listen. It took a while to get used to, but once I did, I started to understand him better. Football is his passion. He cares so deeply about it, he’s a perfectionist. He’ll run the same play over and over and over until he gets it down pat. I’m totally opposite, I like to stay loose all the time. I hate getting that serious about anything, so we butted heads at first. After our freshman year, it got better. By last season we were totally in sync with each other. So, after all this time, I love that dude. I get him, I love being around off the field. And I wouldn’t want any other QB on the field. He’s the best. And he’s helped me with homework too, he’s a chill dude.” Me: “How did you guys butt heads?” Freddy: “He didn’t like me. He thought I didn’t take Football seriously because I wasn’t like him. I still liked to have fun during practice and joke around. He really hated that. We had a couple arguments on the field. Eventually, he realized that I was putting in work and getting better and becoming a better teammate, he started to change his mind.” Me: “Does everyone else feel the way you do? Or have others not come around to him yet?” Freddy: “I think most do. Brendan Milton has had some of the same arguments with him that I did earlier on. But, those have died away over the past couple years as they’ve gotten to know each other better. But, yeah, I think we all get him by now and understand him.” Me: “So, it sounds like it takes time to really understand how he operates. Do you think that will be a problem in the NFLHC?” Freddy: “Um, I don’t know. I think it depends on the guys around him. It could cause issues if the other guys don’t take the time and effort to work with him. But, if those guys do take that time and effort, they’ll see that pay dividends immediately on the field.” Freddy had a class to go to, so we ended our conversation. It left me a little perplexed. Freddy mentioned multiple times that you have “to get” Matt Jones. What did that really mean? My next stop was to find Brendan Milton. I met Brendan Milton at the Engineering Fountain. It’s an impressive fountain in a beautiful open courtyard between the buildings. Brendan is a JUCO Transfer from Illinois Valley Community College in Oglesby, Illinois. He’s been the starting Running Back since 2020, he’s rushed for over 2,000 Yards and 29 Touchdowns in that time. Me: “I heard you and Matt Jones didn’t see eye to eye when you first got here. Mind telling me what that was about?” Brendan: “We’re good now, but at first I hated that dude. He was constantly making fun of me, my height, my accent, everything he could. I knew he wasn’t trying to be mean, but it wouldn’t end. That just rubbed me the wrong way. Then we get on the field and he’s constantly yelling at me. I wasn’t lining up exactly where he wanted me, I didn’t run the route exactly how he wanted me to. Everything. I couldn’t do anything right. He’s a perfectionist and he expects everyone else to be too. That’s not my style. I play every play like it’s a new one. I don’t want to force my brain into thinking one way and one way only. I wanted to be free to do things differently. I thought Matt wanted me to be a robot, but that’s not what he wanted. What he was looking for was consistency, he wanted me to be lined up in the same spot every time. He wanted me to run the route the same way every time. Once we understood each other on that, everything got better between us. He still makes fun of me though, but I’ve learned to tolerate that.” Me: “How do you see that translating to the NFLHC?” Brendan: “I don’t know man, I really don’t. I think he’ll be successful just because he’s so good, but I can see other guys around him getting burnt out and wanting out.” With that our brief conversation ended. I go to thinking about that last sentence. I think we’ve all known someone we don’t necessarily hate, but have to tolerate in small doses and can’t handle them for long periods of time. If Matt Jones is like that in the locker room, I could see some guys asking for trades to get away from him. I texted Matt to see if he wanted to do lunch again. We met up at the Earhart Dining Hall, again. I didn’t wait for what I really wanted to talk about. Me: “So, I’ve talked with Freddy Bartlett and Brendan Milton. And they both said it took some time to get used to your personality. Did you feel the same way about them?” Matt: “No, not really. I get it though. I like to poke fun at my friends and teammates. I guess it’s my way of showing affection. It’s not coming from a place of hatred, it’s coming from a place of love.” Me: “They also spoke to your demeanor on the field. Brendan especially showed some frustration with you and how you treated him.” Matt: “Yeah, I guess. I just wanted him to do things correctly. He thought I was trying to change how he played, and that wasn't right. I just wanted him lined up in the right spot, I wanted him to hit his routes sharply. When it came to the running, that was all him. But in the passing game, he does things my way.” Me: “Do you think that will cause you issues at the next level?” Matt: “Maybe initially. But once I talk to my guys and let them know how I am and why I am, I think we’ll be fine. Just like I was here.” Me: “Do you really think it will be that easy?” Matt: “I might be over simplifying it, but yeah, why not? They’re still football players, they want to win just like me. Once they figure out I do this to win, they’ll get over it.” With that, he was off to his last practice before the game. Practice was just a repeat of yesterday. Matt made adjustments to the plays, and killed the defense over and over. It was just as impressive as it was yesterday. I don’t recall a missed pass by Matt in either practice. Today, instead of breaking into positional groups, they broke into Offense and Defense meetings. Again, I wasn’t allowed in. I kept thinking about my conversations today. I had to know from a former Pro how he would have reacted to Matt Jones. I met Tony Peaks 2 seasons ago when he was recovering from his ACL Tear. We’ve formed a professional relationship in that time, and when I called, he picked up. I explained to him what I heard about Matt Jones. I then asked him his thoughts. Tony: “Aaron Shea is the same way man. It sucked at first, but I got over it almost right away. He’s not doing it to control everyone or anything. He does it to get himself in the right position to succeed. I don’t think that will be an issue at all, especially if the team is noticeably better.” Me: “I was not expecting that answer. I would have thought that maybe professional pride, especially from Veterans would clash with him.” Tony: “I mean, it will at first. But as soon as they see him kill it in practice, they’ll get over it.” I ended my call with Tony. Maybe I had overestimated how his personality could affect his future career. The Boilermakers had one more day until they went for revenge against Iowa. That was one more day to watch Matt Jones. I woke up on Friday without a thought of what to do. Purdue wouldn’t have a real practice today, they would walk through the schemes they were going to run. But no real contact or scrimmaging. I went anyways, just to watch. Nothing really happened, but I did see Matt Jones act a little differently today. Maybe this was how always was on Friday’s before a game, or maybe I got into his head. After the practice, the team had one more meeting to prepare. After that meeting ended, I tracked down Matt. Me: “You were a little different out there today than you were the past two games. Any reason why?” Matt: “It wasn’t a full practice. I always joke around more. It’s not as serious, we’ve hit it hard all week and Friday is our last run through.” Me: “Ok, I thought maybe I got in your head with my questions yesterday.” Matt: “Haha, I don’t think it’s possible to get in my head with that. This is how I just am.” I left the team after that. I didn’t want to impose more than I already had. I’m sure he had a pregame ritual to go through. After getting back to my hotel, I took in the week. I came in with a pre-conceived notion of who Matt Jones was. That quickly was turned on its head, and I genuinely started to worry for his future. And then I was assured that his future will be fine. The only thing I had left to do in West Lafayette was watch the game. The game was a Noon Game, the 3-5 Iowa Hawkeyes came into town with their own 5* Senior Quarterback in Mikael Black. He’s kind of the opposite of Matt Jones in play style. Black loves to get out of the pocket and use his legs to make plays while Matt Jones lives in the Pocket. I walked around the tailgate and saw quite a few Iowa fans there. I approached one group: Me: “How do you think Iowa will do today?” Frank Thimms (Farmer from Des Moines): “I think we’ll win. We dominate Purdue. Matt Jones ain’t s***. He’ll fall flat on his face just like he always does against Iowa. Black is gonna run all over this Purdue Defense if that’s what you want to call it.” Jeff Thimms (Also a Farmer from Des Moines): “This won’t be a game, it’ll be over before half. Matty Jones chokes against us.” Me: “I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone call him Matty.” Jeff: “He’s the next Matty Swift. He’s gonna bust so hard.” It was after this conversation that I noticed quite a few Iowa fans with signs or shirts calling him Matty Jones. I guess this was his their way of trying to get in his head. I didn’t think it would work. The game started at 12:05 PM and Purdue went to work immediately. Matt Jones threw a touchdown to Ajani Winston 4 minutes into the game. After an Iowa 3 And Out, Brendan Milton pounded another Touchdown in from 3 yards out. 14-0 Purdue. Iowa had another short drive and Purdue was driving again. This time they were stopped at the Iowa 14 on 3rd Down. Out came Mark Schofield for the 35-Yard Field Goal and suddenly Purdue was up 17-0. Iowa’s next drive was better, they got a couple first downs this time, but had to punt away again. However, Matt Jones made a mistake in the next drive. He tried to find Milo O’Connell on a hitch route, but Benjamin Parris jumped the route and picked off the pass. Mikael Black went to work and found Adrian Cherry a few plays later for a Touchdown. 17-7 Purdue. Nothing else really happened in that quarter. Iowa got the ball first in the 3rd Quarter and they drove down the field effortlessly until they got to the Red Zone. Then the Purdue Defense held strong and forced a Field Goal. 17-10 Purdue. Matt Jones went to work himself, he found Oscar Franco for a 12 Yard Gain on 3rd And 10. He then found Freddy Bartlett on a 17 Yard Post Route up the middle on 3rd And 7. They were also stuffed in the Red Zone and had to settle for a Field Goal. 20-10 Purdue. Iowa scored early in the 4th Quarter on a Mikael Black pass to Justin Terrell for a Touchdown. 20-17 Purdue. Matt Jones lead the Boilermakers down the field and eventually found Oscar Franco for a Touchdown. 27-17 Purdue. Mikael Black came back onto the field. He dropped back on the Purdue side of the field for a pass when he got hit by Land Crowder and coughed up the ball. Sammy Dawkins was there to scoop up the ball, after getting a couple yards he was brought down. The next Purdue drive feature a lot of Brendan Milton. He eventually found the end zone on a 6 yard run. 34-17. Purdue. Then it was over, and Matt Jones had exorcised his Iowa Demons. I didn’t get a chance to see him afterwards, but I did see him with his parents. They do look like they’re close. I also saw Freddy give him a big bear hug after the game, both players desperately wanted to win this game. I got back in my rental car and headed back to Chicago, I had about a 2 Hour Drive ahead of me. Matt Jones really is the real deal. Any team who takes him is getting a Franchise Quarterback. But, he needs some help. He needs the right guys around him to handle his personality. Guys how want to win and are willing to work with him. I hope the best for him.
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    I am in favor. I've got 2 ACC games lined up for 2022 but I will probably need help with the 3rd. I'll double check the schedule. Time to get the Irish back to the 2016 glory days.
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    [2019] Week #1 - TNF

    Josh Beckett to Anthony Swanson, 7 yd TD pass - 9:31 (0-7) (GT) ...Touchdown.
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