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Steelers ILB Aaron Mathis continues his dominating rookie campaign, posting 8 tackles, 1 PD, and 1 FF in a 24-13 win over Carolina.

Read the Room, Butterball

Seattle made a huge statement on Sunday Night Football, beating the Packers 31-10 behind RB Marcus Wililams' 185 yards and 2 TD.

What's the Difference?

Giants win on a missed field goal, or Cowboys lose on a missed field goal?

Carlson Is Real

Chargers RB Israel Carlson, the #9 pick in the 2024 draft, put up the 3rd most rushing yards in a game in NFLHC history: 228, along with 3 TD, against Arizona.


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    I think FS Kordell Atkins 6-1 187 (Fr) Pottsboro (Pottsboro TX) 2.0 of 4.5 [Zone Coverage] from TCU got missed can you double check
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    Spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dREtw1o82Glv5vy3pzeR7K7zh3tonDHfvZsyiuRF-4E/edit?usp=sharing Hardship waivers granted: RB Amir Turner Jr. 5-8 195 (Sr) Louisburg College (Louisburg NC) 4.0 of 4.0 [Speed] (Missouri) The following players have entered their names into the NCAA Transfer Portal: PHASE 1 HAS BEGUN AND ENDS Saturday, May 2 2020 at 11:59 EDT. Follow the instructions here: Do this even if you have no players transferring out. PMs (or Chatbox messages) will be sent out throughout the day to coaches if they have players who do not have a "Very High" likelihood to transfer. Another post will be placed here when all PMs (or Chatbox messages) are sent. If you receive a PM (or Chatbox messages), players with "Very High" chances to transferring will not be mentioned. You may still use points on them if you wish, however. NO PLAYERS SHOULD BE ADDED OR REMOVED FROM DEPTH CHARTS UNTIL THE FINAL TRANSFER RESULTS ARE POSTED.
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    Due to PM limits, some coaches may receive their notification via chatbox instead. PRAISE CHATBOX.
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    nah he wants to ride the bench his whole career lol
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    The Central Michigan Chippewas enter the 2024 season fresh off their first Mid-American Conference Championship in school history. The Chippewas don’t have a lot of questions heading into the season, as they return all but six players from last year's team. The biggest question mark is on the offensive line, where three starters from last year have moved on. However, coach NASCARlson77 is confident that there won’t be much fall off from last year's production. “We lost some proven players on the line this off-season, but we like the talent that is replacing them. It also helps to have a proven veteran QB in the backfield who can help to ease that transition.” Chippewa fans got their first look at the 2024 Chippewa team during the annual Maroon and Gold game. This year’s spring game utilized a first team offense vs. the first team defense and second team offense vs second team defense format. Given the attrition on the offensive line, the coaching staff had to be pleased with the performance as they graded out high against their defensive counterparts giving up only one sack on 52 pass attempts from Byron Suggs. In the end, some 4th quarter heroics from the talented Senior signal caller allowed the Maroon team to escape with a 21-20 victory. Since becoming a starter, Suggs has demonstrated his ability to throw the ball and the coaching staff gave him the green light. Suggs clearly enjoyed the exhibition, “It’s always fun to get back on the field and play. Coach told me to go out there and sling it so that’s what we did. We have a lot of threats on this offense so it’s fun to get the ball into their hands.” Chippewa fans should rejoice that Suggs opted to return for his final season. His ability should put them in the heat of the MAC race and make them a favorite in the West Division. Let’s take a look at who stood out in this year’s Maroon vs Gold game. WR Joseph Aikman (Senior) 9 catches, 98 yards No surprise here as Aikman is Suggs favorite target. The two have an unreal chemistry which resulted in Aikman hauling in 91 catches for 1,312 yards and 9 TD’s. These two are best friends off the field and should be tough to stop again this season. RB Onaje Coleman (Freshman) 19 carries, 89 yards 1 TD The Chippewa staff was very impressed with Coleman in spring ball and he capped it off with a strong performance in the spring game. With Daveed Huff back, Coleman will almost certainly redshirt, but he took advantage of the opportunity to show what he can do. WR DaeSean Daniels (Freshman) 5 catches, 53 yards, 1 TD DaeSean Daniels is a player that people around the team have been excited to see get on the field. He’s small in stature, but is a gifted athlete. With Aikman and Peppers in front of him, Daniels should figure in as a third option and has a chance to be a difference maker. Daniels will also likely see action as the return man on special teams DE Jacob Gardner-Ware (Freshman) 4 tackles, 1 TFL Gardner-Ware was the highest rated recruit to sign with the Chippewas last season. The staff has said the plan is for him to redshirt, but the talented defensive end shows a lot of promise for the future.
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    Me to CJ: We can go shitpost for shitpost baby
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    CFBHC Warzone

    Drop your Activision accounts below so we can all group up and play if available. Mine is MasonHAsher - I am pretty much on every day at random times. Mostly late afternoon/nights.
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    CFBHC Penitentiary Mafia (Sign Ups)

    Since no one wanted to start this, fine, I'll take the hit. This would be using pumph's version, and he has given me the details. Thank you @pumph! It has 28 roles, so we will play if that many people are interested. Please only sign up if you are somewhat active (expectations are at least a post a day) as there are a lot of moving parts in this version. 1. Kirby 2. cmcgill 3. Jumbo 4. anonemuss 5. Quapax 6. nemolee.exe 7. Osu 8. fever_ful 9. jmjacobs 10. jared2001usa 11. brightfalls 12. CadeRich5 13. GK23 14. imerman 15. VerifiedThing 16. Jamzz 17. Dacder 18. FlutieFlakes 19. SageBow 20. sleuthofbears 21. SyndaKyt 22. Time 23. Dean_Craig_Pelton 24. Hagan 25. grv413 26. MasonAsher 27. vtgorilla 28. HAFFnHAFF
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    CFBHC Penitentiary Mafia (Sign Ups)

    Dibs on bad guy Kirby looking sus imo
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    FCS coaches if you want to send me info on (SR) Transfers either as legit shit or smoke screens, I'm planning on doing the (Sr) transfer article again
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    It was well-documented that ILB C.J. Thomas was very unhappy with the Cleveland Browns organization during the 2023 NFLHC season. Thomas was reported as asking for a trade during the season multiple times and also had incidents that included visibly giving up during a 38-7 loss to the Colts in Week 11, fighting with CB Devon Braxton following a 44-7 loss to the Titans in Week 12, and calling out the coaching staff after a 34-16 loss to the Redskins in Week 15. The Browns did end up getting a win in Week 17, but it was very clear Thomas did not want to stay in Cleveland on his $5.75 million fifth year option, so he was traded to the Bills for WR Jarius Shaw-Dodd and a 4th round pick that the Browns ended up using to acquire ILB Mark Craig. Thomas fired off a storm of tweets on Wednesday trashing the Browns organization, accusing the Browns front office members and coaches of various transgressions and mismanagement. ___________ C.J. Thomas · @DawgToDawg · 6h I don't understand why anyone would play for the @Browns organization voluntarily! Cutting my boy @RyanClarkTheQB with no succession plan, while he still had a lot of money on his deal, was one of the worst moves in NFLHC history! Everyone even said so at the time! /1 C.J. Thomas · @DawgToDawg · 6h Most of the players the team brought in before the new front office came in were lazy and didn't want to #PutInTheWork so it was obvious we were doomed anyway. I'm a winner. I've always enjoyed winning. The second they cut Ryan I knew it was a tanking season... so did everyone else. /2 C.J. Thomas · @DawgToDawg · 6h It was frustrating for everyone. Jordan North never looked great in practice and Matthew Dobbs is a career backup for a reason. I love my boy Sean Bell but that was all we had going on offense. Do you know how hard it is to go out to play defense knowing that in all likelihood, your efforts will be /3 C.J. Thomas · @DawgToDawg · 6h for nothing since the offense is more likely to go 3-and-out than score? What's the point of even playing? Me and Cam Marshall asked the front office to try to bring in some new blood at QB with nothing. I asked Vrabel to keep up the aggressiveness but we were soft all season. /4 C.J. Thomas · @DawgToDawg · 6h The offense was putrid but the defensive effort led to us allowing the most points in the league because no one cared. Everyone knew we were more talented than that, but no one wants to play for any of the coaches on that team or the GM. How could you blame anyone after they basically abandoned us /5 C.J. Thomas · @DawgToDawg · 6h personnel wise? It's hard to believe they stuck with Jordan North for 9 games when he was effective in none of them. At least Dobbs was a leader on the field. Anyway, the point of this rant is, to all my fellow players, avoid Cleveland if you can while the current brass is in place. /6 C.J. Thomas · @DawgToDawg · 6h I wish all of the luck in the world to Zach Lombardi, he seems like a great kid, but does anyone really believe Cleveland will do anything with him? Because I don't. /endrant ___________ Jim Otto · @NFLHCInsiderJimOtto · 5h @DawgToDawg (Bills ILB C.J. Thomas) went on a Twitter tirade today, trashing the Browns organization and warning fellow NFLHC players to not play there. From what I can tell, the Browns organization was not happy with his effort or influence last season, either. ___________ I Love My Brownies · @Gpodawund · 1h Like we need an overrated middle linebacker here poisoning the team every time something doesn't go his way. Hope you don't start losing any games Bills fans, because CJ will start telling everyone that he's the only one who cares! #Overrated
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    2024 Twitter expanded to a 350 character limit, wake up sheeple
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    Several of these "tweets" are over 280 characters long. Are these even real tweets? Could this be fake news?
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    “What do you mean he's gone?!” Chaos reigned in the Giants front office. It was only a week away from the draft and news had just come in that star defensive end Tyler Ashworth was missing. Well, Ashworth didn't have the stats of a star, or the measurables, but he was Dean's team MVP of 2023 despite sitting on the bench, and now he was gone. But Ashworth wasn't the only one missing. Across the league players had gone missing. Kenyatta Henderson, Aaron Shea, Keyshawn Thompson. Gone. Nobody knew where they could be. And nobody wanted to be the first to mention the only possible explanation. It was too terrifying to bear. Anulos. “Turn on the TV! Quickly, turn it on!” a frat-bro looking guy with bleached blonde hair called from the back. Hagan, the owner. Someone scrambled to turn on the old CRT monitor that was the only TV the Giants owned. Sign of the times. There he was. Anulos was the same beast as always, but his form had changed. He now had the body of an alligator and the head of a jaguar. Sickening. He stood, flanked by his cronies Tyrone Jones and newly recruited Carlos Washington. Years ago it had been Kotar, until he offended Anulos. Poor bastard. “It is I, Anulos, here to return to my rightful place at the top of NFLHC. This time it will be the Jaguars who shall rule. You may be wondering what I have done with your players. Rest assured, I have not killed them. Soon they will serve me. This is my official warning: if you stand in my way, you will die.” Oh god. This is bad. And to make matters worse, Dean is walking towards you. “Hey, listen,” Dean starts assaulting you verbally, “you need to find out where Anulos has hidden the players and recover Ashworth. He's absolutely critical to the future success of this franchise”. “This is pretty important,” you begin, “Maybe you should handle it personally?” “Can't,” Dean says, already walking away, “Gotta dig deeper into my research on the prospective UDFAs from this draft class. If I were you, I'd start by talking to some other general managers. Maybe Dacder out of Detroit, or something”. Before you can argue further, he's gone. As you stand, contemplating the enormity of the task before you, a whisper in the wind. “Go to the pirate king, his booty shall hold the answers”. When you turn to see who it was, you see a cloaked figuring disappearing into the crowd. Where to start, with phone calls or an adventure? https://www.strawpoll.me/19724377
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    CFBHC Warzone

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    West Virginia University - 2010 - Management Information Systems Duquesne University - 2013 - MS - IT Leadership
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    [2024] NBAHC Draft

    On behalf of @NateTheGreat (Pick selected in private) Pick #73: Miami Heat select PF Jarius Brewer 6-8 259 R Western Kentucky [Slasher*] @cmcgill
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    You decide that going behind Dean's back is a bad idea, but surely he can't refuse to give up a mere 7th rounder for potentially universe saving information? You take out your phone... ….“No,” Dean flatly refuses your request. Before you can even try to explain why this is a trade he needs to make, Dean has hung up the phone. Well, looks like you won't be trading a 7th after all. You turn to Pumph. “Are you sure you can't just give me the information?” “Absolutely certain. Now, if I can't get a 7th out of this, I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to leave. I'm a very busy man after all.” Defeated, you step outside. You'll have to find the man with the answers without the aid of pumph. But who could it be? Where could you even begin to look? Perhaps he's on a submarine in the middle of the ocean, far away from Soluna's grasp. Maybe he's hidden in plain sight, betting that Soluna doesn't have the surveillance and intel to find him? Only at this point do you notice a massive poster on the building across the street. THE MAN WITH THE ANSWERS: Q&A. My god! He's right here! You check the time and the Q&A is actually already ongoing! You and Kotar rush across the street, but then... Tragedy strikes. Kotar is hit by a bus. It's only going, like, 5 miles per hour, but Kotar is still lying on the ground, seemingly unconscious. But something doesn't add up... Wait a minute. We're in Los Angeles, and a BUS just hit Kotar? That isn't possible. LA doesn't have public transit. You look into the driver's window, and inside is none other than Raheem Robinson! Incredibly, the impact from the collision with Kotar has completely totaled the bus. Raheem gets out and makes a run for it. Raheem, an agent of Soluna, is within your grasp! But the man with the answers awaits. It's possible the man with the answers is a fraud, but perhaps he holds the key to solving this mystery once and for all! On the other hand, Raheem surely has insider information! Oh right. And Kotar is lying on the ground, potentially dying. Maybe you should take him to a hospital. What choice will you make? https://www.strawpoll.me/19906785
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    The NCAA Transfer Portal: Overview

    For @cultur3 and others
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    [2024] Transfer Points by school

    Correct, fixed.
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    Can we get this man some season tix on the house??
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    Unfortunately - it appears that the Jets rebuild is progressing pretty well. Nice media.
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    University of Adelaide, will graduate in 2023 - doing a double degree in Chemical Engineering and Science.
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    I currently go to UNLV, but I'm graduating this summer! Class of 2020 with a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology!
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    What Are You Reading?

    With quarantine and all I've gotten into reading a little bit more. So far I've read: Prelude to Foundation by Isaac Asimov Foundation by Isaac Asimov Foundation and Empire by Isaac Asimov I would rate all of these around a 4/5. Prelude and Foundation and Empire are in more of a chronological conventional story while Foundation is more of a collection of short stories, but they all have their charm. And I'm in the middle of reading: Lyndon Johnson's War: America's Cold War Crusade in Vietnam by Michael H. Hunt Them: Adventures with Extremists by Jon Ronson I plan to finish the Foundation series and then probably the last AGOIAF book.
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    [2024] NBAHC Draft

    Pick #76: Washington Wizards select SG Grant Williams 6-4 231 R Tulane [Blocker] @Ahven D'Gale
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