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Steelers ILB Aaron Mathis continues his dominating rookie campaign, posting 8 tackles, 1 PD, and 1 FF in a 24-13 win over Carolina.

Read the Room, Butterball

Seattle made a huge statement on Sunday Night Football, beating the Packers 31-10 behind RB Marcus Wililams' 185 yards and 2 TD.

What's the Difference?

Giants win on a missed field goal, or Cowboys lose on a missed field goal?

Carlson Is Real

Chargers RB Israel Carlson, the #9 pick in the 2024 draft, put up the 3rd most rushing yards in a game in NFLHC history: 228, along with 3 TD, against Arizona.


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    Tuesday game night

    Election is Tuesday. It's gonna suck. I want to avoid the world and I'm gonna try to avoid shit. So I am thinking about doing game shit. So if anyone wants to do game playing let's do it. Even if I break and follow the election super tight it might help others. I got zombies and warzone and civ 5 to contribute to play. Stay safe y'all idk what will happen on E Day but I feel like it'll be chaotic
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