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No Harris, No Problem

Chiefs backup QB Erasmus McCready came in and did his best Ryan Harris impression, throwing 2 TDs and leading KC to 52 points.

Tempers Flare in Jacksonville

A fight broke out at the end of the Jaguars 35-28 win over Houston, leading to 4 player ejections.

Return of the King

Bengals QB Joel King threw 3 TD and led the Bengals to an upset win over Pittsburgh on TNF.

Cooley Runnings

Falcons RB Bradley Cooley clinched a win for Atlanta over Dallas on Monday Night with a 44-yard rushing TD to cap off overtime.


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    CFBHC / NFLHC stat dump

    I've had this spreadsheet sitting on my computer for a while, with nothing upcoming I figured I'd give a link in case anybody wanted to peruse for memories, enjoy https://drive.google.com/file/d/15psQItOpNSlfFRAhfWhrvt8fsTuU96Or/view?usp=sharing
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    CFBHC / NFLHC stat dump

    when you casually mention is passing conversation that you have the original tablets of the book of Mormon
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