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    Hey friends, I will be gone for a week starting tomorrow for a trip to Yosemite. If I reach two weeks of inactivity it means I fell while climbing Half Dome but don't take my croots pls.
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    Probably not going to have time to do Five by Five this week. Next week is a coin toss. But the Chicago Tribune's most popular feature will definitely return as soon as possible.
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    Got a 512 on my MCAT!!! (87th percentile)
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    I will do an NHL Expansion Mock Draft after Tampa gets everything posted
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    Trust the process 

    Trust the process
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    Baylor HC recently spotted in Napa Valley... rumors state he was nowhere near Berkeley, but definitely found "something much better than bagged wine"
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    Call it a coaching/confidence crisis, but I'm looking to chat with anyone regarding offensive/defensive coaching, things to look out for, etc. I want to get better. The sim deserves better.
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    Despite the constant negative press covfefe
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