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    Hey guys. It has been almost two months since my dad had a stroke and he's making slow but steady progress in terms of speech! I have been away from football to take care of my dad, and haven't been attending off-season workouts with the team. My diet is pretty clean, but I really want to be in shape for spring ball in April, so I'd love any tips or workout plans you might recommend! For reference, I am a 5'10" 260 nose tackle.
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    Milligan, Frey, Whiting and company are all looking forward to spending quality time with Skaggs this weekend.
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    So far, so good: 16 for 16 in the first round.
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    The Baylor Bears would like to offer a Football Scholarship to Tai Miller Jr. for the 2038 CFBHC Season
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    Interested in becoming a sexy young intern who answers to llamas? I mean, interested in learning the trades of nflhc? Want to learn how to coach, gm, and scout? Contact Bellwoodbomb about how the Vikings might be a fit for you.
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