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Tennessee Tumbles in Tuscaloosa

The Vols nearly take down #1 Alabama, but the defense can't keep up for long enough as Abdoul Pearson rushes it in to clinch it 26-23 in 2OT.

Ceci N'est Pas Un Pipe

The pipe stepped up this week, taking out Malcolm Davis, Norris Brooksheer, Kenji Sagatomo, and LaMichael Jones among others.

Rumblin' Raekwon

Northern Iowa RB Raekwon Thomas is looking to prove himself to NFLHC scouts, putting up 125 yards and 3 TD in a convincing win over Montana.

Fib Uring It Out

The Lions clinched at least a .500 record as they knocked off the Packers, 17-12, to jump to a surprising NFC North lead.

McLean on Me

Rice QB Eric McLean becomes the presumptive #1 QB prospect after receiving an 83 overall grade from scouts.


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    Most of the time I am emotionally sound(by force) and will talk shit to others, with in the last week, I have not been stable, and I have kept to myself (not talking shit). Tonight I find myself scouring YouTube looking for feel good videos because as far as negativity goes, I am at my wits end and will be for a couple days. Deep down inside I hate trying to be this strong for the young kids that were left behind. For those who were there for me when she passed away, I love you, and I will always be here for you.
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    Washington State HC rumored to already be planning ahead and contacting local high schools with talented croots in their JR year
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    Hey sorry guys, I've been away on vacation the past week or so. Will have last week and this week's imperialism up sometime soon.
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    No poll this week unless I can get 2 replacement pollsters. Lemme know here or in PM via site/discord if you'd want to, will be a few hours until I can get the form to you though unless you can get someone else to send it to you.
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    The Night has a thousand eyes, and the day but one; Yet the light of the bright world dies with the dying sun. The mind has a thousand eyes, and the heart but one; yet the light of a whole life dies when love is done. bleh
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    Hey everyone got some bad news. I gotta step down as Wazzu's coach. I'm pretty much drowning at work right now along with some other outside stuff and it hasn't let me put as much time into this as I want to (Obviously from my recruiting lol) So rather than try to continue and not be able to do it the way I wanted to, I'm gonna step away for right now.
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