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    With Soluna saying that at least 3 NFLHC front offices are expecting retirements this offseason, I will wait to officially hire anyone for the Chargers. I don't want to bring anyone on before they get a chance to explore every opportunity they might want to. Thanks everyone for your patience.
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    Sorry I haven't been around much recently guys. I fucked up recruiting last week (didn't allot all of my points) and generally have been late with a lot of stuff. Work and my personal life have gotten in the way and I'm sorry it's detracted from my availability on the site. I'll be back to full gear soon and won't miss anything else. Love all you guys <3.
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    NFLHC Record book is updated except for QB wins, consec starts, and return TDs: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=NFLHC_Record_Book
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    I miss CBBHC

    I miss CBBHC
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    Guys sorry about the fantasy league, it wasn't filled and yesterday wasn't a good day for me for various reasons so I didn't have time to change settings, I'm currently at this very moment flying above Venezuela, should be back to the States in about 3 hours. I think another league should be starting up soon by another member of the site. Again, my apologies.
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    Still working on Recruiting Guide Part 2. Was there anything specific y'all wanted me to cover? Recruiting points? First few weeks? Scholarships? Visits?
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    I am return 

    I am return
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