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Spooky Scary Scramblers

The Ravens jump to 2-0 as the 0-2 Jets are still unable to overcome their fear of scrambling QBs.

No Luck Needed

Felix Luck leads TCU to 4th quarter victory over in-state foe Rice.

Y'all Got Any More of Them OLBs?

With W.M. Mitchell tearing his ACL, the Packers have 3 OLBs on IR just two weeks into the season.

Missouri Builds the Wall

And makes Kansas pay for it as they take home the victory in the Border War 28-14.

Battle for AW3 2... Me

After AW3's scorching debut, Clemson fans will be cheering him on while SMU hopes to show him he made the wrong decision.


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    So I've been thinking about this game ever since I saw the game result. And I have been looking both rosters trying to figure out what could TCU have done to try and get a better result on the field. I don't want this to be taken the wrong way or anything by anyone, but I enjoy the roster building and scheme planning side of the game and honestly want to evaluate the whole thing. There are a few things. ATH Griffin McHanna 5-10 184 (Jr) Central (Independence, OR) 4.0 of 5.0 [Speed] Currently playing WR2. He is a small, shifty guy who caught 50 passes for 660 yards and 7 TDs. He is in front of WR F.T. Grady 6-3 211 (Fr) Brackett (Brackettville TX) 3.0 of 4.5 [Target] and WR Rodrigo Marroquin 5-11 153 (Fr) St. Joseph (Brownsville TX) 2.0 of 4.5 [Speed]. Both of these guys are young and unproven, but FT caught 2 TDs in this game and made the most of his opportunity. My question here is if he is an athlete, could he fit better in the slot and allow for the larger FT Grady to be that larger WR2 on the outside opposite Finn Nielsen? RB Martin Gifford 5-10 216 (Jr) Fort Stockton (Stockton, TX) 4.0 of 4.0 [Power] RB Matteo Cates 5-9 179 (Fr) Robert E. Lee (Baytown TX) 2.0 of 5.0 [Speed] Cates looks like he could be a dynamic player in this offense. It seems out of character for a TCU team to not try and include a young, high potential player in as a starter or at least involve him in some way. With the departure of Shamar Buroughs, I know that TCU needed to find something that would fill his role on offense. But with a young guy like that and an older vet like Gifford, why not attempt to catch Auburn off guard and run Cates as a 3rd down back? He's small and a speed guy that might work well as an outlet or dump off if Auburn blitzes heavily. But on a day when the TCU running game only got 12 carries, Cates might not have helped all that much honestly. PR Byron Whitley 5-9 196 Fr Shiner (Shiner TX) 2.0 of 4.5 [Hybrid] Is not redshirting and is listed on the depth chart once. At WR6. Now, Auburn didn't punt too much today, but if you are going to have a specialist like this on the depth chart use him in the role that he is good at doing. By all means, have him on the WR depth chart, but for Griffin McHanna to be over him when he finished 5th in the conference in Punt Return yards and 8th in Kick Return yards last year... Offensive Line LT OT Tyson Chadwick 6-7 291 (Sr) Brackett (Brackettville, TX) 5.0 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] OT Richard Messina 6-2 311 Sr Ketchum (Ketchum, OK) 2.5 of 2.5 [Run Blocking] OT Marshal Anderson 6-3 265 (Fr) Shelton (Dallas TX) 2.0 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] LG OG Antonio Logan 6-1 277 (Fr) Goliad (Goliad TX) 2.0 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] C C James Kaplan 6-2 302 So Floydada (Floydada TX) 4.0 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] RG OG Josh Carlisle 6-3 323 (Jr) Cooper (Cooper, TX) 4.0 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] OG Vic Purvis 6-6 318 So Crowell (Crowell TX) 1.5 of 3.0 [Run Blocking] OG Kaili Malielegaoi 6-6 326 Fr Apple Springs (Apple Springs TX) 2.0 of 2.5 [Pass Blocking] RT ATH Hayden Breaux 6-4 245 Fr Elsik (Houston TX) 2.0 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] OT Maxwell Sosa 6-4 307 Sr Kashmere (Houston, TX) 2.5 of 2.5 [Pass Blocking] OT Solomon De La Puente 6-7 283 Fr Robert E. Lee (Baytown TX) 1.0 of 2.0 [Pass Blocking] Why are there no backups listed for Center and LG? I understand that you're thin at those positions, but they need backups. And now for the thing that I think is the biggest concern that I have with TCU going forward. Defensive scheme. A team that has the following: (#) is how many 4.0 or higher potential players they have on the roster. Blitz OLB - Will ILB (2) - Mike ILB - Blitz OLB Contain DE - 2 Gap DT (3) - Contain DE Should be running what? If you answered 4-3, you guessed what TCU ran against Auburn and ran last year as well. I have concerns for this scheme fit as it appears that TCU has the perfect build to run a fantastic 3-4 defense with both OLB Chance Herring 5-11 231 (Sr) Bryan (Bryan, TX) 5.0 of 5.0 [Blitz] and OLB Richard Farrell 6-2 236 (So) Bonham (Bonham TX) 3.0 of 5.0 [Blitz] coming off the edge to terrorize the QB or running back. And if they don't get to him, TCU has DE Aidan McAlister 6-0 264 (Sr) Lone Grove (Lone Grove, OK) 4.5 of 4.5 [Contain] and DE Aidan Morrell 6-2 266 Sr Goliad (Goliad, TX) 4.5 of 4.5 [Contain] to back that up. The edge of this defense is no joke. And with DT Kwon Shaw 6-4 284 So Port Neches-Groves (Port Neches TX) 4.0 of 5.0 [2-Gap] or DT Jasiah Pickens 6-1 334 (Sr) Rising Star (Rising Star, TX) 4.5 of 4.5 [2-Gap] staring at you up the middle, this defense should be the scariest front 7 in the country. Then why did Aiden Morrell lead the defense with 5 sacks last year with a team total of 16 which was good for 8th in the conference last year beating out Iowa State and West Virginia? I understand that there is a plethora of talent here, but it just seems like it is all mismatched. And this team seems like it is the poster child for experimenting with the new player positions. There are plenty of ways that TCU can use the talent that is on the Front 7 here to minimize opposing teams offenses. One of the DTs could be a designated Nose Tackle if you want to keep the guys fresh. Sam, Jack and Bandit are available to be used in a 3-4 and with a 2/4.5 Mike sitting at ILB3 behind 2 Wills, TCU has the depth to utilize their Linebackers in such a way so that they can get most of those quality guys on the field as possible in any situation. Conclusion: And this isn't to say that TCU is bad or anything. On offense, they are young, but they have a QB who played great against an equally great team in Auburn, a stable of WRs that are all great talents in and of themselves. A great TE that can work wonders with Luck. And 2 RBs that could be a great fit for spreading the ball around and picking up those rushing numbers you need to set all of the above up. Imagine having those WRs out on the field and having the defense guessing on a play action pass. With Luck and those WRs/TE, that could be deadly. They finished among the top in country last year on defense. On 3rd downs last season, they were 1st in the conference and the only team below 30% opposing 3rd down conversion rate which is insane and has only been done 3 other times in conference history. They are chock-full of players on that defense to shut down anyone in the country. They have the talent to do great things and can be a force to be reckoned with. But if TCU wants to run the table and possibly even win a rematch, there are definitely some things that they need to think about. All of this being said, TCU can and should easily be a favorite to win the Big 12. They have the talent and that is a credit to Danger for bringing in that talent. He is a great coach and worthy conference rival. Am I nitpicking? Probably. Hell, they only lost by 7 to a Marcus Black led Auburn team. But they have room for improvement and can be in the conversation of the best team in the country. If they assume they can out-talent teams, I wouldn't be surprised if they drop another one or two.
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    Committee Feedback Update #1

    Hey! So as promised, here's an update on some of the feedback that's been proposed by users. Feel free to comment on anything that's been proposed here and potential implementations thereof if you think you might have any potential improvements. If you want to get in any feedback for improvements, or even general comments that wouldn't go in a post like this, please do post in the committee feedback forum - thanks. Approved Feedback Request: Could we set our pass rush front 4? Some teams might want one scheme as their base, but have a better pass rush during obvious pass downs from the other. Like, maybe I want DE - DT - DT - DE as my 1st and 2nd down front four, but when it comes to passing, I would prefer OLB - DE - DT - DE. This has been approved for implementation in the 2023 season (NFLHC only), assuming no bugs in the implementation process. ___________________________ Request: Coaches would like the ability to have separate aggression sliders for offense and defense. The consensus seems to be if it’s an easy item to add it would be a great addition. This has been approved for implementation in the 2023 season (NFLHC only), assuming no bugs in the implementation process. ___________________________ Request: Change the 20% minimum dropoff per year of NFLHC contracts to a higher number to avoid gamey contracts such as those that have occurred in recent free agency periods. This has been approved for implementation starting this NFLHC offseason, though the exact change to these rules is yet to be exactly determined. Here's an example of rejected feedback --- Request: We feel the IR rules would benefit from the addition of some flexibility. A team should be able to designate a guy for return from IR regardless of how long they are out. They would just be required to sit out 8 total weeks before return. Keep the limit to 2 returners per year to limit abuse of the system. Reason for rejection: People already mess up their DC often enough by playing injured players that I don't want to make the system more flexible right now. If people can follow the rules in place, I'll consider changes. If you have any comments or expansions on what's been mentioned in here, please feel free to post! The whole purpose of this system is to engage with the community.
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    NFL Network

    Gary Faneca welcomes first son

    Gary Faneca is now the proud father of his first son. The Bills player and his wife Rachel welcomed a baby boy named Gary Michael yesterday. Gary Faneca gaines 15% fitness from the event and his player line going forward will be changed to: WR Gary Faneca Sr. 6-5 189 8 Oregon [Speed] [+2/C] 91 "I'm blessed. There's nothing else really to say," Faneca said.
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    TLDR: Deserved to lose the team, sorry for fading without contact. Life changes, and sometimes when life changes, and you cling to things you remember fondly even when it would be best to let go. My drive and activity in CFBHC has been fading. I think this was obvious seeing how I basically coasted through last season with minimal activity. Things have changed in my life (nothing bad or dire) and it really is time for me to let go. I should have done this earlier so as not to handicap the new AF head coach. I've never shared this before, but my Dad passed away just before the 2014 CFBHC season began. This site was a solid part of my life that I could escape to, and that is something I am grateful for. Participating in CFBHC these past 4.5ish years has been fun, I wouldn't have stayed as long had it not been. This is something unique, and something special. The community is what makes the site great. Thank you Soluna for not only having this idea, but for actually bringing it to fruition. I'm not going to list off other members, because there are some many of you who have made CFBHC such a great place that I don't want to leave anyone out. -DescretoBurrito Good luck to whomever takes up Air Force, it's acceleration time for a new coach at The Academy!
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    2021 was the year of Nick Hall and the Raiders. What does 2022 have in store? Welcome to a new season of Power Rankings! At the start of the new year, we'll break these down into three parts, focusing on 3 tiers of teams. Today is teams #1-12...featuring both of our Kickoff Game participants. Happy 2022, everyone! Remember, if you don't like where you are in these rankings...play better! Start of the Season Power Rankings, Part 1 of 3 1. Las Vegas Raiders Ugh, the damn Raiders occupy the top spot. And they will until they lose. Which doesn’t look likely at any point, really. One does have to wonder if their slightly underwhelming OLine will get Nick Hall hurt at some point this season. But, in all likelihood, the Raiders (puke) find yet another stud that will emerge. I’m guessing it will be Malcolm Davis. Great, another guy to hate…. 2. Philadelphia Eagles I like what the Eagles did this offseason—basically just focused on making their core better. I believe they were one Marlin Whiting injury away from winning the whole things last year, and they are my Super Bowl pick this year. I like the Eagles a lot. If they take a step back, it will be because they didn’t inject enough youth into the equation this season. 3. Miami Dolphins Miami is back in the mix, with a new selection of targets for Brian Brown to turn into demi-gods, and a new commitment to making everyone in the AFC look silly. If the Dolphins get to the Super Bowl—a distinct possibility—it’s because Coach Smackems has evolved as a schemer and Miami has evolved as a defensive force, too. I think it’s Very Likely the Dolphins make the AFCCG, what happens after is up to them… 4. Green Bay Packers Green Bay, amazingly, is flying under the radar a bit. Perhaps Inspiral is getting tired of winning trophies. Perhaps Jason Johnson looked down and realized he’s been around the sim as long as Soluna has. Perhaps everyone looking at the new shiny thing in Chicago means the Packers can continue to mash opponents—or rather, dance around them lithely—and no one will notice until we look up in Week 13 and they’ve only lost once. 5. Los Angeles Rams I debated putting the Rams this high. It appears as though Daveed Knox will be the ‘difference-maker’ the Rams have sought for sometime in the backfield, but way too early to tell. The Rams still have a stellar Defense, but if you look closely, you can see the cracks in the foundation beginning to get a little bigger. Gone is All-World Walt Peck, and in his place is O.K Walt Peck, plus a disgruntled Derrick Schwartz. Darrell Murphy is a year older, but is he a year better? Not sure. Says here the Rams MIGHT be the casualty in the NFC sandbox. 6. Tennessee Titans The Titans were THISCLOSE to a Top 5 spot…then they traded Charles Woods. It was a fantastic move them, over the long-term, but I think there will be ripples of regret about making that move this season, even if it means one more Tyler Jones double-team than planned. That is how close the Titans are to the AFC Favorite, as opposed to a team looking to contend… 7. Jacksonville Jaguars …and by “contend,” I mean contend with the other giant(s) of the AFC South, the Jacksonville Jaguars. Again, there are a bunch of guesstimates about how the Jags will do this season—we GUESS that Taylor Rodriguez will be productive in this offense; we GUESS that Sowell will shake off the rust of his injury and return to curb-stomping fools; we GUESS that the DLine will be as dominant as it was last season; we GUESS that Shamar Ware was the Steal of the Draft at his position and now no one will be able to run on the Jags—but I think we can give Soluna the benefit of the doubt. 8. Pittsburgh Steelers The Steelers are gonna be FUN to watch. Either they blow up the AFC North (and maybe the rest of the AFC as well), or their gonna completely buckle under the weight of Norris Brooksheer’s shattered ego. I’m betting on the former, but the latter is at least half as likely. First actual question, though: who’s going to defend the pass on this team? 9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Last season was a revelation for the Bucs (also: called it in these pages ☺ )—their solid team chemistry was aided by good coaching and excellent production from the quarterback, DT, and CB positions. And it led to a playoff spot. This year sees the Bucs with one more piece of the puzzle, but also facing a potential sophomore slump from DeNorris Jackson. Really, I could see them winning the South, or finishing 3rd. That’s how deep and loco the NFCS is this season. 10. Detroit Lions Perhaps this is too high for a team that completely flamed out last year. BUT…this is the team that had the best draft in the League, and then went out and obliterated everyone in the preseason. I see two problems initially, that there MAY be a QB controversy in Detroit if LeCount doesn’t start well; and that an aging defense isn’t up to the task of shutting down the Bears/Packers four times this season. BUT…the heavy money is on Kenyon Randall making neither of the above much of a worry at all. 11. Carolina Panthers I think this ranking for Carolina is a nod to the consistently good position they find themselves in at the end of every freaking season. Because I don’t think the Panthstars did much of anything this offseason to get better, other than make sure that Christian Skaggs showed up for Training Camp. I think the Panthers have to take advantage of their schedule early: beat the Raiders on Thursday night, and get a game or two up on the rest of the NFCS to hold them off at the end of the season. And give Mike Latta the damn ball. 12. New York Jets The Jets have so many questions entering week 1 after an off-season of tough choices. How will the DLine play without big Bob Ballard? How will the secondary perform? How about the Linebackers? Granted, most of those questions had at least cursory answers in other talented players ready to step in. But it would be logical to assume a slight regression from the J-E-T-S. Let’s call 11 wins a disappointment. Parts 2 and 3 tomorrow and Saturday...cheers!
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    FCS Week 0 Review Disclaimer: Being fairly new to the site, I have limited knowledge of the CFBHC world so these articles aren’t going to be the most information packed nor will they always be 100% accurate but they are intended as a quick summary of the weekly happenings inside the FCS for those that would like to follow along. Football is back and week 0 is already in the books. This week marked the start of the first fully simulated FCS season in CFBHC history with 8 out of the 12 teams in the conference taking to the gridiron to face off against each other. The other 4 teams get the opportunity to squeeze in 1 more week of practice before kicking off their campaigns next week. Friday, October 12th, 2018 New Hampshire (0-0) at James Madison (0-0) The new season got underway with a Friday night matchup featuring last year’s semi-finalists, the James Madison Dukes and the New Hampshire Wildcats who made it to the FCS national championship game and finished as runners up. This game kicked off new JMU head coach suffocations career as a Duke while the Wildcats travelled to Bridgeforth Stadium without a permanent Head Coach in place. Both teams got off to a slow start in the first half with the defenses controlling the game but JMU’s offense came out firing for the final 30 minutes. Dukes quarterback James Franklin threw for 300 yards, 2 touchdowns and a pick, connecting with his number one receiver Desmond Mercer 7 times for 124 yards and a touchdown. The ground game also had a strong outing with powerback Willie Peters gaining 125 yards off 22 carries with 2 of those finding the endzone. For the wildcats, they struggled to get anything going offensively being held to just a field goal through 3 quarters but put up 21 points in the fourth showing great determination despite the outcome of the game already being decided. New Hampshire Wildcats 24 – 41 James Madison Dukes Full Game Stats: Saturday, October 13th, 2018 Afternoon Montana (0-0) at Harvard (0-0) The Montana Grizzlies, lead by brand new head coach @aacolyte_girl travelled to Cambridge, Massachusetts where they faced off against a Harvard Crimson side that are looking to improve on last year’s disappointing 2-10 record. Employing experienced head coach @SageBowwas the first step in turning around this programs fortunes and hosting the Grizzlies at Harvard Stadium to commence the 2022 season was the second. Much like Friday’s game, these two teams came out with an obvious offseason hangover, reaching halftime with the score tied up at 7-7. The Grizzlies found their rhythm first in the third quarter scoring 2 touchdowns while the Crimson could only reply with 2 field goals. By the fourth, Harvard managed to take advantage of a tiring Montana defense by pounding the rock for 2 touchdowns to clinch the win. True Freshman Running back Cameron Whaley had a great debut for the Crimson running for 159 yards and 2 touchdowns from 27 attempts although he did lose a fumble. Meanwhile Montana’s offensive line had a performance they’d like to forget, scoring a rating of just 1.4 by failing to get any push up front for the rushing attack and conceding 2 sacks. Montana Grizzlies 24 - 27 Harvard Crimson Full Game Stats: Evening South Dakota State (0-0) at Illinois State (0-0) The Illinois State Redbirds came into week 0 with a buzz around campus as a team that finished with a total of 9 wins for the 2021 season, a vast improvement on the mere 2 wins they managed in 2019. Under new leadership from Head Coach @VerifiedThing, the Redbirds hope to continue to build on last year’s improvements. South Dakota State come off a season in which they managed 5 wins and are still looking for a Head Coach. A gritty defensive battle ensued at Hancock Stadium with neither team being able to pull out to a significant lead, which meant this game could’ve gone either way right up until the game clock hit all zeroes. Illinois State Outside linebacker Felipe Wallace made 9 tackles and recovered his own forced fumble will South Dakota State Defensive End Shaun Clemons was constantly in the backfield creating havoc with 5 tackles, 2 TFLs and a sack. Ultimately, the Redbirds moved the ball better than their opponents on offense giving the bulk of the workload to tailback Frankie Boone who ran for 122 yards and a touchdown. The Jackrabbits failed to find the endzone until the fourth quarter and relied on kicker Harrison Hacker to drill 2 long range field goals (53 and 50 yards) to keep the scoreline close. South Dakota State Jackrabbits 13 - 17 Illinois State Redbirds Full Game Stats: Night North Dakota State (0-0) at Eastern Washington (0-0) The first ever FCS prime time slot was a big one, featuring 2 heavyweight FCS programs. The 2020 FCS national champions (Eastern Washington Eagles) hosted the 2019 FCS national champions (North Dakota State Bison). While the home team Eagles are still searching for a Head Coach, newly recruited Bison Head Coach @SolutionA took his team into Roos Field to face the Eagles on the Inferno. From the very beginning, it was clear to see why both of these teams had recently won national championships as a whole host of talent took to the field on both sides of the ball. A back and forth offensive slug fest occurred on the inferno in which North Dakota State Bison Quarterback Zack McAllister had a great day throwing the football, racking up 244 yards and scoring 3 touchdowns while Eastern Washington Eagles Quarterback also had a solid showing, ‘one upping’ his counterpart to throw for 295 yards and 3 touchdowns. In the end there was only one difference between the two sides, the ground game. Bison Back Ivan Baldwin fought hard to pick up 93 yards and find paydirt twice sealing the win for North Dakota State. North Dakota State Bison 35 - 31 Eastern Washington Eagles Full Game Stats: BYE: Delaware (0-0), Youngstown State (0-0), North Dakota (0-0), Northern Iowa (0-0) Weekly Star Performers Offensive MVP Cameron Whaley – Harvard Crimson 27 carries, 159 yards, 2 touchdowns, long of 30, 1 fumble. Despite losing a fumble, true freshman Cameron Whaley stepped up in a big way in his first ever collegiate game to carry Harvard to a win over Montana. Defensive MVP Felipe Wallace – Illinois State Redbirds 9 tackles, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery. Wallace was everywhere in this game and a key factor in the redbirds defensive stand. The outside linebacker even managed to recover his own forced fumble. Conference Standings Pos. Team Record PF PA 1 James Madison Dukes 1 - 0 41 24 2 North Dakota State Bison 1 - 0 35 31 3 Harvard Crimson 1 - 0 27 24 4 Illinois State Redbirds 1 - 0 17 13 5 Delaware Blue Hens 0 - 0 0 0 6 North Dakota Fighting Hawks 0 - 0 0 0 7 Northern Iowa Panthers 0 - 0 0 0 8 Youngstown State Penguins 0 - 0 0 0 9 Eastern Washington Eagles 0 - 1 31 35 10 Montana Grizzlies 0 - 1 24 27 11 New Hampshire Wildcats 0 - 1 24 41 12 South Dakota State Jackrabbits 0 - 1 13 17 Note: Not quite sure whats happened to the table, wouldn't paste on here how I had formatted but its the best I can get it. Season Statistics Offensive Leaders Yardage - Passing 1. James Franklin (James Madison) – 300 yards 2. Samuel Conner (Eastern Washington) – 295 yards 3. Zack McAllister (North Dakota State – 244 yards - Rushing 1. Cameron Whaley (Harvard) – 159 yards 2. Willie Peters (James Madison) – 125 yards 3. Frankie Boone (Illinois State) – 122 yards - Receiving 1. Desmond Mercer (James Madison) – 124 yards 2. John Welch (North Dakota State) – 88 yards 3. Terrell Davis (James Madison) – 83 yards Touchdowns - Passing T1. Samuel Conner (Eastern Washington) – 3 TDs T1. Zack McAllister (North Dakota State – 3 TDs 2. James Franklin (James Madison) – 2 TDs - Rushing T1. Cameron Whaley (Harvard) – 2 TDs T1. Willie Peters (James Madison) – 2 TDs T1. Ivan Baldwin (North Dakota State) – 2 TDs - Receiving 1. Timothy White (Eastern Washington) – 2 TDs *T2. Desmond Mercer (James Madison) – 1 TD *T2. John Welch (North Dakota State) – 1 TD *7 more wide receivers have 1 touchdown each. Offensive Line Average 1. South Dakota State – 3.8 2. North Dakota State – 3.6 3. Eastern Washington – 3.4 Defensive Leaders Tackles 1. Felipe Wallace (Illinois State) OLB – 9 tackles 2. Delonta Cooper (South Dakota State) SS – 6 tackles *T3. Thomas Logan (New Hampshire) ILB – 5 tackles* * 8 more defensive players have 5 tackles each. Sacks 1. Marvin Lambert (James Madison) DE – 2 sacks *T2. Shaun Clemons (South Dakota State) DE – 1 sack *T2. Prince Armstrong (New Hampshire) DE – 1 sack * 10 more defensive players have 1 sack each. Interceptions *T1. Sidney Brown (James Madison) FS – 1 INT *T1. Robert Hayes (James Madison) OLB – 1 INT *T1. Trent Franklin-Cummings (New Hampshire) CB – 1 INT *2 more defensive players have 1 interception each. Team Statistics Total Offense 1. James Madison – 429 yards 2. Eastern Washington – 340 yards 3. North Dakota State – 337 yards Total Defense 1. Harvard – 241 yards 2. Montana – 262 yards 3. Illinois State – 270 yards Turnover Difference 1. James Madison - +1 T2. Harvard, Illinois State, Montana, South Dakota State - 0 3. New Hampshire - -1
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    [2022] NFL Kickoff Game Discussion

    Matchup Preview | October 18, 2018 @ Carolina Panthers Last Season: 10-6 (Lost Divisional) Las Vegas Raiders Last Season: 11-5 (Won Superbowl) Offensive Stats Comparison (2021) 5,952 Total Offensive Yards 6,062 4,881 Passing Yards 4,570 1,071 Rushing Yards 1,492 27.3 Points Per Game 31.6 Defensive Stats Comparison (2021) 5,136 Total Yards Allowed 4,674 3,878 Passing Yards Allowed 3,452 1,258 Rushing Yards Allowed 1,222 24 Sacks 35 17 Interceptions 21 22.4 Points Per Game 19.8 Injury Report Emerson Ware Shoulder (Questionable) Jahmir Rolle Wrist (Out) Carlton Sylvester Groin (Questionable) Omar Vasquez Back (Out)
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    Buffalo, New York - Just over 4 months ago, the Buffalo Bills shook up the NFL world by swapping two of their three first round picks to the Los Angeles Chargers for the number one pick and the right to select QB Matt Jones from Purdue. The Bills had made no indication of when Matt Jones would be taking over the starting QB position thus far, stating all though they were happy with Jones's progress so far, they were not ready to announce him as their week 1 starter over long time vet and former super bowl winning QB Kamau Davis. Until today. In a press release made today in a closed media session, GM and Owner Fever_ful announced that the decision had been made to go with Matt Jones as the Bills starter for the upcoming season. "Matt has done everything we have asked him too and much more, proving his dedication to improving in every facet of his game and becoming the leader that we know he can be. We've known he was the QB of the future for us for long before we drafted him, but he showed this preseason that he is ready right now to be the leader of this team", GM fever_ful was quoted as saying, adding "Kamau of course has made this a difficult decision for both myself and coach Dunkelbarger, and his competitiveness and talent at the QB position kept us up many late nights debating the best course of action for this season". When asked about Kamau's role on the team going forward, the team stated that they hoped he would continue to prepare and practice with the same fervor he has his whole career in case he is needed to take over, but also emphasized the need for him to act as a mentor for Jones and continue to teach him what needs to be done to be a successful QB as he has since Jones was selected. The buzz around Buffalo has been building since taking Jones #1, and fans of the team are as excited as theyve been since the teams inception. Now that the team has announced their intention to start Jones week 1, the future looks brighter than ever, but only time will tell if Jones will become the savior of the franchise as the front office hopes.
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    [2022] Week #0 - Saturday Night

    Toledo 2021 2022 2023
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    NFC (B)East Report The Beast of the East: Philadelphia Eagles The Eagles kicked off the 2022 season by reminding everyone why they made a run to the Super Bowl last season. The duo of Troy White and Marshawn Miller combined for 103 yards and 1 TD while Allan Taylor carved up the Packers secondary and added 29 more yards of his own on the ground. Rookie 1st round draft pick Cameron Bowden got in on the act defensively intercepting a Jason Johnson pass. Final Score: Eagles 24 - Packers 21 Question to Answer: Has Marshawn Miller shown enough to become the lead back for the Eagles? Next Week: vs. Bears (0-1) The Least of the East: New York Giants Like the Eagles, the Giants also picked up where they left off in 2021, showing everyone why they were picking #2 in the draft. Their secondary got shredded by Alex Leshour, who completed 66% of his passes for 294 yards and 3 TDs. Offensively the Giants also struggled as Lawyer Johnson completed just over 50% of his passes and threw 2 interceptions. DE Khairi Bryant was quiet in his debut, failing to appear on the stat sheet. Final Score: Texans 31 - Giants 10 Question to Answer: How long will it take Khairi Bryant to get up to speed in the NFL and have the breakthrough game everyone is anticipating? Next Week: @ Cardinals (0-1) The Rest of the East: Washington Redskins The Redskins defense was very good against the Vikings, holding them to 20% on 3rd downs and 12 total points on the day. But the offense set off alarm bells in the nation's capital. The Redskins got off to a hot start, putting up 17 points in the first half, but they wouldn't score again. Their offensive line had the highest rating in week 1, but it didn't translate into points, as Tanner Bowman looked less than stellar. It is also worth noting that their top player grade was a 6.94 to WR Sam Hiller-Weeden, and was one of the lowest top player grades of week 1. Final Score: Redskins 17 - Vikings 12 Question to Answer: Can Ricardo Reed muster enough of a rushing attack for the Redskins to maintain any semblance of balance? Next Week: vs. Titans (1-0) Dallas Cowboys The new look Dallas Cowboys offense is here, and it looked underwhelming in week 1. Graham Burnett completed just over 50% of his passes and had 2 TDs, but he also lost a fumble. The rushing attack was abysmal, totaling 3 yards on 11 carries (0.27 ypc) and fumbling once. The defense was on point though, recording 2 sacks, forcing 2 turnovers, and holding Mohammed Foster in check. Final Score: Cowboys 16 - Bears 10 Question to Answer: Is Graham Burnett ready to be the star of an offense that will be forced to rely heavily on the pass? Next Week: @ 49ers (0-1)
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    [2022] Recruiting Info

    I reset everything and ran it again.
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    The best of the best around the Conference in Week 0/1 Best Win -- Washington over #23 Minnesota The Huskies travelled to Minneapolis to take on a loaded Golden Gophers team, albeit starting some new parts, and emerged with a 38-33 win following a dramatic 21-pt 4th quarter. The Huskies were very good on 3rd down (7/13) and Jake Davis out-dueled Robert Lynch with 375 yards and 3 touchdowns. Minnesota has it's eyes on the B1G West title, and for the Dawgs to show up and show out like that is a huge boon for the Conference. Best Performance by a Quarterback -- Mike Naylor, Colorado There were so many to choose from: Bradley Hassan was up to his old tricks, Jake Davis was stellar, Marc Lockwood and Jason Baum had very solid season debuts, and even Eli Sherrill (that's Oregon State's QB, for all you haters...) had a fantastic game in the win over Kent State. Mike Naylor, however, put up video game numbers in the Buffs gigantic win over in-state rival Colorado State: 21 of 27 for 229 yards and 2 TDs passing, plus 7 rushes for 126 yards and 2 TDs on the ground, including a 61 yard dash for a score. That's 18 yards a carry for those scoring at home. Holy schnikes! Naylor, a (FR) from West Covina, CA is already a 4/4, like Hassan was last season as a (FR), and looks to be the man behind center in Boulder for a long time. Most Poop-Inducing DLine Performance -- Arizona's "T + T" Duo Good edge rushers give Offensive Coordinators and Quarterbacks nightmares. Arizona has a pair of good ones in Tyler Toney and Tyriek Humphrey. Toney had 5 tkls, 3 TFLs, and 2 sacks against SJSU, while Humphrey (possibly the more ballyhooed of the two) had 2/1 and 2 sacks also. Granted, San Jose does not have a PAC-caliber OLine, but this was a foretaste of the feast to come for these two QB-eaters. Best Performances by True Freshman -- FS Raekwon Rowe (USC) + TE Jack Booth (Oregon) Nine catches for 104 yards and a TD by Jack Booth was very nice for Oregon in the big win over CAL. And that's to be somewhat expected out of the the country's #1 TE recruit. Booth is an über-stud and will be a big part of the Oregon passing game for all three years he's on campus (). But USC's Rowe had a very nice game against Notre Dame--3 tackles and a pick. Not bad for a 2.5/3.5 true frosh from De La Salle. Coach Jumbo must be beside himself with glee, getting that kind of production from such a dice-roll. Best Chance to Start 2-0 -- USC Trojans (@ Liberty in Week 2) Coming off a very nice win over the Golden Domers in Week 0, Jumbo's Trojans head to Liberty University to build houses for the homeless play a football game. This is going to get ugly, and with a quickness. Look for Lockwood and Charles Bowser to both go over 100 yards on the ground, and for Nate Garrett to potentially tackle Liberty's President, AND all their running backs. On the other side of the coin, a couple schools have very difficult upcoming opponents: Stanford opens their season with a new coach and at #13 San Diego State; while Arizona State opens things up at #14 Ohio State in a huge battle of top class RBs. Arizona hosts #25 Nevada in a big game for the Southwest region, and Oregon hosts South Carolina, who will be breaking in a new quarterback after 4 years of Milo Condon. Best Situation for Freshman QB -- Aaron Harden (UCLA) Harden had an up and down game at #6 Oklahoma State as the Bruins held firm. Harden threw for 3 TDs but added 2 picks in a slightly inefficient performance. However, no one is set up with a group of receivers quite like Harden: Noah Tumaalii, Ronan Humphreys, and Nico Mahan are really special talents catching the football and should ease the transition for UCLA, who won't face anyone else quite as good as the Cowboys this season. If only some of UCLA's beastly linemen from 2021 were still around to protect the young Harden, he would truly be in a dream scenario.
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    Seattle looks to improve on a terrible 2021 and get Jarius Jones moving To conclude this two-part Season Opening Power Rankings, we look at teams ranked #13-32. Catch Part One here. Today, we see where some playoff contenders and the rest of the League falls to open the season. Major questions abound for all of these teams, but there is some hope as well. Remember, if you don't like where you are in these rankings...play better! 13. New Orleans Saints To borrow the old show device from The Colbert Report, I have a tip of cap and wag of the finger for the Saints FO. First, tip of the cap for going out and getting an above-average player at the ONE position you knew you needed to solidify. It could be the key to moving from 13 to a ranking much closer to the top 5. In fact, I’d even say is somewhat likely the Saints end the season higher than 13. But, the wag of the finger is for the King’s Ransom paid to achieve that singular goal. So many picks, plus giving up a weapon for Devereaux might mean that this year is all of a sudden make-or-break. 14. Kansas City Chiefs If I were to listen to Alien (but really, who does that?), I would have put the Chiefs much higher up the list. I sort of wanted to do so anyway, so the inevitable slide is that much more biting. But I like what KC did: they went out and got a guy in Josh Allen Ryan Harris that can make throws and balances their offense nicely. Terrence Rodgers was in for a ‘take the leap’ kind of season anyway, this may accelerate that even further. Super hot take: Luke Lyles will be a Pro Bowler this year. Damn, why is my division so good? Can’t you all just be terrible? 15. Indianapolis Colts Indy is so difficult to get a real read on—they MIGHT be back to the unstoppable offense and bend-don’t-break defense that saw them flying high in 2019 and 2020. Or, they MIGHT never find the balance that takes the pressure off a still-developing Aaron Shea (who, by the way, feels a heck of a lot like the AFC’s version of Young Skaggs, doesn’t he?). The lack of a running game is a meme now, but ask yourself this: does Shea have what it takes to single-handedly win a game, like Nick Hall did on Thursday night? I don’t think so. 16. Denver Broncos Nothing to see here, move along, hey look at that awesome shiny thing in Kansas City!! As discussed in the shoutbox this week, Denver is the perennial playoff contender, never a contender for the top prize. I get it. Part of that is by design (the playoff contender part, anyway), part of it might be our unsubstantiated belief in Jennings and Blacknall and solid play in the trenches. I get it. We’ll just see how this year plays out and move on from there. IF we end up in the playoffs, I’ll say I told you so. 17. Chicago Bears Interestingly, my feelings about the Bears mirror those of the new team of the Bears’ former QB. Like PIT, Chicago is either going to flame out or flare up, with first-year starter Mo Foster joined in the backfield by über-vet Vaughan Abraham. Do I wish the Bears would have done a bit more to bolster the OLine? Yes. Do I think they will have a hard time stopping everyone else in their division? Yes. Am I super pumped to watch every Bears game? Yes. 18. Washington Football Club This very well may be too low for the Football Club from our nation’s capital. I can easily see them challenging the Eagles in the East, maybe even jumping as high as the #5 playoff spot in the NFC, so strong is the battery of Bowman-to-SWH and the remarkably robust team around them. How Washington got here in basically two years after a near-death penalty from the League is really impressive. And the new FO of Stinsy and HAFF will only continue the ascent. If I had a true rooting interest in the NFC, it would be these guys. 19. Houston Texans Alex Leshoure is ready to break through. He’s got some weapons, he’s got some protection, and he’s ‘mastered’ a couple playbooks already. He’s ready. Will his coach give him the best shot to finally live up to those expectations? I have no idea, but it won’t be for lack of trying. Rome has a tricky season: he’s got Auburn to look after and the Texans to mind and I can tell there is some tension there. I’ll put it this way: if the Texans are top 15 in scoring, and top 20 in scoring defense, they will be a playoff team. If either of those things is untrue, it may be time to blow it up. 20. Dallas Cowboys I’ve already come out in favor of the new direction Dallas is preparing to take. I like Graham Burnett and I like Serwendel as a Coach and GM. I think he can make things work. At least Burnett is going to be upright while attempting 47 passes a game, unlike Nick Hall. Here’s guessing a regression to 9 wins sets the table nicely for 2023 when they finally get a gamebreaking Wideout. How’s that for franchise planning? ☺ 21. Baltimore Ravens Yep, I already know this is too low, but legitimately I can’t tell who the Ravens should leapfrog. The Defense: it’s gonna be good. Like, keep them in every game good. But I am so less sure about anything Baltimore is doing on Offense that it makes it impossible to predict where and when a win is going to come, other than over the Bengals twice. Besides, the stink of the AFC North is a difficult monkey to shuck. I will be rooting for Darrell Mack to do well…that’s about it. 22. New England Patriots You know, this team could really surprise a few folks. It’s entirely possible that the very solid draft and free agent moves this team made might position them well in the larger AFC playoff picture—but I also can’t feel good about them playing the Dolphins and Jets four times and the Pats coming away with more than 1 win. We all root for Reggie, but he’s gonna need some help. Maybe this is the year Jamel Beckham decides to make like a poor man’s JC Weldon and put the team on his back. 23. Cleveland Browns I’m sitting here trying to think of one thing that the Browns did this offseason. Without looking, can you name one thing they did? I can’t. That doesn’t mean the Browns lack talent, but I can’t tell what their identity is as a football team in any way. Nor can I deduce what they’re trying to do. So, I think the Browns, lacking any major moves at all, will take a step back because other teams in their division got better. Cleveland, meet 5-11. 24. Seattle Seahawks I so badly wanted to put Seattle higher on this list, because it’s really easy to root for Jieret and his FO. I think Seattle will be MUCH more entertaining than last season, and I think that they will jump into the #2 spot in their division, which is no small feat after their puke-tastic play of 2021. They have serious top-end talent at three or four major positions, and if Marcus Williams can put it together as he did in the preseason, look out. I’ll say 8-8 and be happy about that, Hawks. 25. Atlanta Falcons Aside from the very obvious QB controversy that will linger over the entire season, Atlanta is also lacking major talent at some very important spots. They SHOULD be able to rush the passer, which will be good because they can’t cover anyone. Nor do they have a thumper in the middle of the second level to destroy running games. Akili Wallace is gonna murder someone on the offense or coaching staff when this team starts out 1-5, and he would probably be acquitted. Long year coming in the Dirty Dirty. 26. Minnesota Vikings Hey, everyone! Remember that Minnesota has a professional football team!! The Vikes are about as under-the-radar as you can get in a division with a recent champ, a perennial favorite, and the flavor of the month. Verdell is done, I’m almost positive. But he’ll grit out another season, heck, might even surprise some folks. But really, the Luke Cobb scenario is perfectly typical of the Vikings: one step forward, two steps back, pretty much every season since 2014. This current FO has some plans, and that is very nice to see, but they won’t come to fruition for at least two more seasons, right? 27. Buffalo Bills Very tempted to move the Bills up. They drafted the best QB since Shea (yes, I think Matt Jones will be better than Bowman), and they got the mojo back on their DLine. But they still have a rookie signal caller, which means Matt Jones will look like a total rookie at least 4 games and those will all be losses. Plus, AFC East. Yuck. The Williams are trending up for sure, but still appear to be a 6 or 7 win ceiling squad this season. 28. San Francisco 49ers Duncan is a very smart guy, and a very talented coach. If you need any proof at all, note that Mississippi State…yes, Miss State!...will be a top 15 team this year in college ball. However, the disarray of shuffling the front office combined with losing your star quarterback and not really finding any sort of immediate help on the DLine is going to prove too much for even the gifted Duncan to overcome. Things will get better in the Bay Area, but right now, with the Seahawks looking better, I see the Niners with 5 wins. 29. Cincinnati Bengals The Bengals would be ecstatic with 5 wins this season. Ecstatic. Or, at least should be. Free Agency continues to be a massive mirage for this franchise, and they can’t seem to make draft picks work either. There are some pieces here (read: Jank), but there is no cohesive whole and there certainly is no abundance of talent. The Battle of Ohio series this year could be ugly. Like, really ugly. 30. Los Angeles Chargers I can’t knock a single move this FO made in the offseason, other than the sheer amount of $$ they spent on Greg Cobb. But hey, he’s a better WR than anyone we have, so who am I to criticize. There is still much to be done to get this team sniffing .500, but I think they are on their way. In fact, if Matty Swift can play even a little, I’ll be legit worried that the Bolts are gonna sneak up and beat the Broncos more than once. We’ll see, but a tepid Kudos to Pumph for getting out of the hole and onto level ground. 31. Arizona Cardinals I know folks are down on the Cardinals. I get it, it’s tough to come into a franchise that had a real plan, and shift course midstream. It’s tough. This FO may eventually figure it out, and at the very least they have a fantastic running back to shoulder the load. But I fear that my Beloved Trevon Yeldon will be hovering around 3-7 wins for half of his career, and that makes me a bit sad. Here’s hoping it’s not true. Just run the damn ball, Cardinals. A lot. 32. New York Giants Wow, was I disappointed with Khairi Bryant in the preseason. Not sure I should have been, but we heard barely a peep. Gifted with the easiest selection in modern history, the GMen must be looking forward to next couple of seasons of Bryant wrecking the quarterbacks of the NFCE. Which he will need to do for this team to have any sort of success long-term. Because right now, they are squarely in line for the #1 pick. This offense will again be historically bad, so they better hope Bryant can do some Waterboy shit and score some touchdowns. If that was the plan all along—take Bryant now, and Marcus Black next draft—I’m very impressed.
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    It's football season once again in the Best Damn Conference in the Land, but the ACC has a much different vibe after a relatively lackluster 2020 season. The tenth season of ACC football doesn't feature the division rivalries of old that would dictate who would see their way down to Charlotte for a title game appearance. Rather, it's a year of catch-up for teams not named Duke and Clemson, the overwhelming favorites to meet each other in the ACC Championship Game. Some teams, namely those in the Sunshine State, will be looking to take their youth and challenge for the spotlight after a down year or two. Others will look to try to maintain their success from last season in spite of top players taking the next step in their careers. The aforementioned frontrunners head the conference in the initial coaches poll, with the U making their return to the Top 25 for the first time since Brett Fisher's departure. Hang on, because we'll give you a few things that will hopefully get you ready for tonight's kickoff. Preseason Projections *Projections provided by the Chicago Tribune ACC Atlantic Division 1. Clemson (8.7-3.3 overall, 6.1-1.9 ACC) 2. Boston College (8.3-3.7 overall, 5.3-2.7 ACC) 3. Louisville (7.5-4.5 overall, 4.1-3.9 ACC) 4. Florida State (6.8-5.2 overall, 3.8-4.2 ACC) 5. NC State (5.8-6.2 overall, 3.5-4.5 ACC) 6. Wake Forest (5.1-6.9 overall, 2.2-5.8 ACC) 7. Syracuse (2.1-9.9 overall, 1.5-6.5 ACC) ACC Coastal Division 1. Duke (9.7-2.3 overall, 6.3-1.7 ACC) 2. Virginia (8.6-3.4 overall, 5.2-2.8 ACC) 3. Miami (FL) (8-4 overall, 5-3 ACC) 4. Virginia Tech (7.6-4.4 overall, 4.4-3.6 ACC) 5. Pittsburgh (6.3-5.7 overall, 4.2-3.8 ACC) 6. Georgia Tech (6.2-5.8 overall, 3.9-4.1 ACC) 7. North Carolina (1.1-10.9 overall, 0.3-7.7 ACC) ACC Championship Game Projection: Duke (-4.5) over Clemson How do we stack up nationally? Here we take a look at our bowl projections (Irish not included). Bowl Projections Orange Bowl: Duke (vs. Texas A&M) Orlando Bowl: Clemson (vs. Texas) Charlotte Bowl: Virginia (vs. Tennessee) Sun Bowl: Virginia Tech (vs. Washington) Pinstripe Bowl: Boston College (vs. Nebraska) Gator Bowl: (vs. Mississippi State) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Preseason All-ACC Team QB: Bryce Thompson, Duke RB: Ronnie Peterson, Miami (FL) RB: Christian Collins, Duke WR: Anthony Swanson, Georgia Tech WR: Ricky Cameron, Boston College TE: Dwayne Lawton, North Carolina State OT: Jay Campos, Pittsburgh OT: Izzy Garvey, Pittsburgh OG: Cole Fay, Virginia Tech OG: Josh Pennington, Miami (FL) C: Bryon Alexander, Clemson K: Jeremy Bouchard, North Carolina DE: Michael Britt, Boston College DE: Glenn Thorpe, Clemson DT: Emmanuel McDermott, North Carolina State OLB: Ahmed Nicholas, Duke OLB: Cameron Faulk, Virginia ILB: Soldier Brooks, Virginia ILB: Patrick Everett, Miami (FL) CB: Trevor McKinney, Virginia Tech CB: Logan Swain, Louisville FS: Marquise Holliday, Clemson SS: Jon Mallory, Boston College P: Matteo Doran, Clemson RET: Art Vogt, Louisville ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Preseason Heisman Contenders We'll be separating these by favorites, dark horses, and long shots, with reasons as to why each has a shot at taking home the most prestigious individual award in college football. Favorites: These names have been brought up often in the hype of the Heisman discussion, and you'd be called crazy to say these names won't be in the thick of the race later down the line. Bryce Thompson, QB, Duke - Widely regarded as a frontrunner alongside Marcus Black and Solomon McLaughlin, Thompson gets the pleasure on having a solid running back behind him, a sturdy offensive line in front of him, and some clearly talented receivers around him. Add in the fact that the ACC in general seems weaker, and you can expect Thompson to improve on his 4,000-yard performance last season. Akiem Williams III, QB, Clemson - Division 1 college football has never seen the skillset of the infamous AW3, a JuCo name highly sought after this past season. Ultimately won by Clemson, Williams III is expected to be a massive hit for a Clemson offense with a rapidly improving running back and some serious talent out wide. It's a very similar position to Thompson, only the weapons are better, though the potential remains untapped at eye level. Dark Horses: These names have seldom come up in the conversation and have a few issues that can keep them out of the race towards the end, but they still have the potential, and possibly luck, to be in New York at the end of the season. Josh Beckett, QB, Georgia Tech- No story has been as romanticized in college football as Beckett's story. Beckett has lit the conference aflame over the past two seasons, leading last season with a remarkable 4,478 yards passing. He returns his close friend, roommate, and stud wideout in Anthony Swanson, and though his top producer is gone in tight end Jahmir Rolle, the introduction of Gabriel Sewell could give Beckett that second reliable target that he had with Rolle. Josiah Brock, RB, Clemson - Brock found his stride late last season, eventually racking up 1,182 yards and finding the endzone 13 times without losing the football once. That was as a freshman. Brock's only getting better as he grows older, and he looks to be among the best backs in the conference by a long shot. The only thing that should hold him back isn't really in his control, as an explosive season from Williams III would easily overshadow Brock's consistent yet powerful performances. Soldier Brooks, ILB, Virginia - It's really odd putting a defensive player in a tier of players that have a reasonable shot at taking home the Heisman, but make no mistake: Brooks is far and away the best defensive player in the country. There is no player with the impact or the presence that Brooks gives this Cavalier defense, and if he can be as explosive as he was both in the backfield and in the center of this defense, there's a very real chance that Brooks could be among the finalists at the end of the season. Long Shots: These names need a few things to happen for them to even be considered for a spot in New York City, but they shouldn't dare be ruled out before the season has begun. Ronnie Peterson, RB, Miami (FL) - The leading returning rusher for last season, the talent is starting to come to Coral Gables for Peterson's final hurrah. With two experienced and exceptional guards paving the way, Peterson could find himself with more than enough room to build on last season's success. If newcomers B.J. Cornell and Darren Keys live up to their potential at right tackle and center respectively, then Peterson could easily make a name for himself as one of the nation's more dangerous running backs. Ricky Cameron, WR, Boston College - With Manny Ferguson out of the picture, Cameron is the de facto receiver in this Eagles' offense. If the passing game takes off behind new quarterback J.M. Gill, there will be no questions asked over who the man behind the resurgence will be. There's two many unknowns about Boston College's offense right now in both facets of the game. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mini Team Previews For a small appetizer, we'll discuss briefly each teams biggest strength and weakness as well as why they will win the ACC title. As you'd expect, that's a lot harder to do for some teams than others, but hey, is anything impossible? (Short answer yes) Boston College Eagles - HC deandean1998 Player Spotlight: WR Ricky Cameron. We touched on this earlier, but Cameron is the clear best player on this offense. With newcomers at quarterback and running back and leading receiver Manny Ferguson gone from tight end, it's up to Cameron to carry the passing game. We don't know how his service is going to be, but Cameron will provide J.M. Gill with a reliable and explosive target. Cameron is seen as the best receiver in the conference right now; expect him to live up to it. Biggest Strength: Defensive Experience. Many people within the conference will be familiar with the likes of Michael Britt, Finn Little, Darius Butler, William Gary, and Jon Mallory. All of these players make up the core of this Boston College defense. With very little turnover from last season and a few highly-regarded newcomers in Deondray Platt, Joan Espinoza, and Colin Judd, this defense could be fearsome and, to a further extent, elite in this conference. Boston College will likely be in most games they play this season thanks to their defensive playmakers. Biggest Weakness: Questions in the Backfield. J.M. Gill takes over the reigns at quarterback, and Jordan Godson enters the fray as a JuCo running back, stealing a job from the underachieving Jorge Tovar. We're aware of how good they are at receiver, but will the young Gill be able to feed them effectively? Will Godson live up to the hype surrounding him, or will he fall flat like Tovar? The defense might keep them in games, but it's up to Gill and Godson to get them over the hump. Why They Will Be Champions: Scoring Defense. The fourth-best defense and third-best scoring defense in the conference last year returns many pieces and adds newer and flashier ones. With Louisville and Syracuse receding and Florida State not expected to be up to snuff yet, the big challenge for this defense will be putting a stop to Clemson's projected high-power offense. It's very doable, and a low-scoring affair could very easily swing in the Eagles' favor, especially with big play receiver Cameron on the field. Clemson Tigers - HC Emperor_of_Orange Player Spotlight: QB Akiem Williams III. The biggest unknown in the conference, but make no mistake that AW3 is far and away the player with the most attention nationally. After a gruesome recruiting cycle which saw Clemson nab him over SMU in the dying weeks, coaches from across the country will be looking to see if AW3 was worth the fight. If Williams III truly does light up the conference, an already high-powered offense will take off in style, and there will be no team that will be able to put a stop to it. Biggest Strength: No Fly Zone. Once again, the pride of the Emperor's defense will be the secondary. Headlined by Marquise Holliday and featuring five players that will all likely see the pros later on in their careers, it's tough imagining most quarterbacks in this conference making too much of a dent in this defense. They'll get a shot at Josh Beckett late in the season though, if you wanna see the proof for yourself. Biggest Weakness: A Youthful Shield. A lot of talk surrounding this Clemson offense has been around the backfield and studded receiving corp, but what of their offensive line? Clearly it has talent, headed by center Bryon Alexander, but is it too young to perform at the level that this offense needs? Matt Maynard looks like a stud at right tackle, but this is his first year in action. This offense in one year's time might be one of the best in the nation easily, but can it get anywhere close to those levels this year? They might need to if they're to vie for anything more than a conference title. Why They Will Be Champions: Simply Talented. I highlighted this a bit earlier, but this team will, without a doubt, be unstoppable if Williams III is as good as the hype will tell you. There's pro-level talent at every position bar special teams and fullback. We've seen how good some returning pieces on this offense can be, and we know how unbreakable an Emperor defense can be with the right players, which is believed to be the case here. If everything comes together, this team will run over the Atlantic Division and over a Bryce Thompson-led Duke team and right into the College Football Playoff. Duke Blue Devils - HC Darman Player Spotlight: QB Bryce Thompson. Best returning quarterback in the conference? Check. Solid supporting cast? Check. Stable offensive line? Check. Heisman favorite? Check indeed. Indeed, if there are any questions about this Duke team, none will circle around Thompson outside of if he's able to take his play to new levels. Having come off a season in which Duke made the long-awaited trip to Charlotte, captured their first-ever conference crown, and slipped into the playoffs, there's a ton of hype behind the dual-threat quarterback behind the believed best team in the conference. It's no longer a question of if they can do it; rather, how much farther can he take them? Biggest Strength: Backfield Synergy. All the talk circles around Thompson, but I'd be hard-pressed to believe that part of his success doesn't come from a tight-knit relationship with running back Christian Collins. The two combined for 1600+ yards rushing last season, making this Duke team unpredictable yet efficient offensively. The Blue Devils took a hit in losing their two leading receivers in Sean Spaczek and Amari Nicholson, but the returning Dean Stinson and the new addition of Jeremy Foley should keep this offense from being one-dimensional. Biggest Weakness: Defensive Turnover. A lot of players on both sides of the ball have taken their leave, but this is more notable on the defensive side of the ball. Brandon Brinkley, Jeremy Easter, Sonny Rice, and Vincent Tharp are all no longer in this Duke defense, and the ball falls to the likes of Jordan Reeves, Samuel Gant, Julian Edwards, and Da'Quan Glover to fill these holes. The latter two are a far cry from their predecessors at defensive tackle and free safety respectively, and Reeves hasn't seen the field of play since 2020. This defense can still be good if not better, but a fair bit relies on these four players. Why They Will Be Champions: They've Been There. There's turnover, yes, but there's also a ton of studs that played in this game one season ago. While Miami and Virginia lurk as challengers to the throne, none of them can claim that they have the best player in the conference, nor can they claim that they're used to the week-to-week pressure that comes with challenging for a spot in Charlotte. A duel with Clemson in the Hornet's Nest seems incredibly likely, and while we don't know what Clemson will bring to the table offensively, you know what you're going to get out of Duke, and that's a safe as bet as any. Florida State Seminoles - HC DStack11 Player Spotlight: DE Anthony Walton. This Florida State squad suffered on both sides of the ball last season, but one player in particular who had himself a year was now-sophomore end Anthony Walton. With 10 tackles for loss, 6.5 sacks, and a forced fumble to his name, Walton appears to be the spark on this improving defense. This incredibly young but talented defense is going to need proven playmakers, and Walton will be expected to step up time and again when needed. He was big last year; expect him to be so much bigger now. Biggest Strength: Offense is Coming Home. Last season saw the 'Noles look abysmal offensively behind Red Mosher. Enter Brett England who, while not particularly great in his own right, was more than good enough to stop the ship from sinking completely. Injuries also put the offense into a misshapen mess, but with Mateo Gates and Wyatt Cornett both healthy, and with Noah Wooten a more reliable piece in the backfield, the offense should fall back into place and being looking more like the glory days with Schuler and Cobb. Okay, not that far, but it won't be last year's dumpster fire. Biggest Weakness: Can We See Your ID? This Florida State team as a whole is young. There is youth and inexperience scattered everywhere across this team, from the secondary to the linebackers to the offensive line to the receiving corp. Yes, there are a few playmakers that return from last year, but for the most part, this team is almost entirely unproven. Expect lots of growing pains, but the potential of this team should know no bounds. Why They Will Be Champions: Age Isn't Everything. It's hard to gauge just how good, or bad, the 'Noles can be. One imagines that they comfortably make a bowl game this season, but there are questions over if this team is one, or even two, years away from being a true contender. Florida State is going to have to grow up fast, but if they do, they undeniably have the talent to not only challenge this well-built Clemson machine, but to take it to Duke in Charlotte and overachieve their way to a conference title. Is the conference crown finally coming home? Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets - HC statsheetstuffer Player Spotlight: QB Josh Beckett. The Yellow Jackets have been living by a "fly or die" offensive play style for ages. Last season showed lots of promise, and this season expects to bring more or less the same with leading passer Josh Beckett ready to give his swansong. The nation's most notable volume passer has generated a lot of buzz for quite a few reasons, but all of the focus will be on his arm as the Jackets vie to send him out as more than just a few passing titles to his name. Biggest Strength: Basketball on the Grass. Everyone and their mother has heard about the infamous Beckett-to-Swanson connection, whether it be related to their actual play on the field or their stories off the field. While Jahmir Rolle no longer serves as the nation's most reliable safety blanket, his replacement in Alexander Bundy is no slouch, and the emergence of Gabriel Sewell out wide gives Beckett more than just Swanson to throw to out wide. The Jackets already had a devastating passing game, but with new weapons comes so many new possibilities. Biggest Weakness: As Strong as a Wet Paper Towel. Mayer Ludwig aside, this offensive line is everything short of special. Leonard Tharp seems to have a fair bit of potential, but he joins an offensive line that seems incredibly weak on the left side, and that's a critical weakness in a conference that includes strong right defensive ends, notably Glenn Thorpe, Samuelu Lealofi, and Jabari Jean. The Yellow Jackets gave up 38 sacks last year, and this appears to be more than just a one-season thing. Beckett needs to get the ball out fast. Why They Will Be Champions: Outscore Literally Everyone. Yes, the defense has taken strides. The secondary remains less than stellar but has a tad more promise, the linebackers had a proven leader in Tanner Madison, and Julian Mondragon looks like a promising player that can add to a pretty shallow pass rush. But if Georgia Tech is gonna challenge, they're gonna have to do what they do best: score points. Georgia Tech averaged a conference-best 31.62 points per game last year, and with the offense only getting better, expect Atlanta to be a hive of excitement with potentially shootouts following each other week after week. You can never score too many points after all. Louisville Cardinals - HC Broletariat Player Spotlight: CB Logan Swain. With the offense taking huge steps back for obvious reasons (more on that later), look for the defense to be the main focus of this Louisville team. Logan Swain comes off a season in which he lead the country in interceptions as a sophomore, and the clear captain of this defense will look to replicate this performance and turn Louisville's defense into an unbreakable force. He'll have his fair share of help of course in Zack Temple and Beckett Ring. Biggest Strength: How Are You Gonna Score? The conference's top scoring defense loses Prince Matos, but he ends up being replaced by the highly-touted Zack Temple. A linebacker group of Miles Rinehart, Beckett Ring, and Temple is easily the scariest group of linebackers in the conference. Swain and Donte Whitfield head a relatively strong secondary, and sack machine Damien Holley lurks ever-so scarily on the defensive line. Louisville's defense is loaded with studs in key positions, making moving the ball much tougher despite a few soft spots in the defense. Biggest Weakness: How are YOU Gonna Score? Between the loss of first-rounder DeSean Dockery, a new and inexperienced QB, a rather rough receiving corp, and a line that's decidedly average outside of Brady Holmes, the offense appears to be in a state of turmoil. Unlike the situation of the aforementioned J.M. Gill, new quarterback Nick Carr doesn't have the firepower around him to bail him out, nor does he have the reliable running back that Harrison Pratt was able to lean on last season. Perhaps wideouts Hikialani Feu'u and Artavius Dutton, a pair with a single reception between them last season, can step up, but that's a big ask at the moment. Why They Will Be Champions: Stalemates Aren't Losses. Dockery took the Cardinals to new heights, but his departure appears to bring Louisville back to the years where they relied on defense to keep them in games, only this looks like a defense that could straight up win them games. This team forced 15 turnovers last season, and that number will likely have to increase given the presence of a certain newcomer in the division. This team needs to be able to grind out results and make enough plays on offense, assuming they can find a playmaker that can consistently step up. It's not the biggest ask, but it's an important one for a team that could still challenge for a divisional title. Miami (FL) Hurricanes - HC ajyoungmark Player Spotlight: RB Ronnie Peterson. A big talking point in the conference was the loss of top runners Dockery and Reginald Saunders. Enter Peterson, third in the conference in rushing yards behind these two players. Whereas Jason Ledford hasn't been anything more than a game manager for the 'Canes, Peterson is the heart and soul of this offense, as has been the case since the days following Brett Fisher's drafting. With the team improving rapidly around him, it's up to Peterson to keep pounding the rock as effectively as he's been doing since he's been in Coral Gables. Biggest Strength: Raw Talent. When examining this roster, prepare to be taken aback. This team is chock full of highly-touted recruits. The biggest talking point about Miami is that they're a year away from being a true competitor, and it's easy to see when their team is absolutely loaded with 4.5-star and 5-star recruits. That alone should be enough to not count Miami out of any game this year. The potential of this team is through the roof, and you can bet that they're going to be able to tap into that this season on more than one occasion. Biggest Weakness: Raw Talent. When examining this roster, prepare to be taken aback. This tea is chock full of highly-touted recruits, but they're just that right now: highly-touted recruits. The biggest talking point about Miami is that they're a year away from being a true competitor, and it's easy to see when their team is absolutely loaded with 4.5-star and 5-star recruits that, for the most part, haven't seen the field of play yet. The potential of this team is through the roof, but the floor for this team is still rather low, and you can bet that they'r going to hit that floor this season on more than one occasion. Why They Will Be Champions: Refined Talent. Miami's recent records won't show this, but they're led by a coach that has won an ACC title. ajyoungmark has had talent on this squad before and has been able to refine it into a title-winning team, and the possibilities with this squad are so much more plentiful than they were back in 2018. If he can find out how to get the best out of his players, then the Hurricanes are going to be a serious challenger for not only the conference crown, but for a spot in the playoffs as well. Yes, they're a year away, but who's to say that they can't speed up the process? North Carolina Tar Heels - HC ObliviousLax Player Spotlight: ILB Noel Stinson. Most of the defense has fallen off, but UNC's leading tackler and playmaker from a year ago remains at the heart of this defense. From ball-hawking to jarring hits to know the ball free, and from sitting back to keep the run contained to getting in the backfield to harass the ball carrier, Stinson has proved that he can do it all. In a defense needing leaders now more than ever, expect Stinson to carry the torch for the Heels. Biggest Strength: A Pumping Heart. There really is not a lot to like about this North Carolina team, but one group that shows a fair bit of promise are the linebackers. Stinson aside, Charles Wilkins is growing into his own next to the senior linebacker, and the introduction of the young Terrence Keyes on the outside could provide a bit of a boost to the defense as a whole. Prince Gilmore has been a steady playmaker on the other side of the linebacker group for a few years now and gives the defense a fair bit of experience. The linebackers are clearly the strongest group on this defense, and it's up to them to step up and make the plays that will appear to be so badly needed this year. Biggest Weakness: An Offense in Need of a Heart. I'll put this bluntly because I don't know how else to put it: this offense is really bad. Luka Beckman is the best receiver on this team and he's shown to be nothing special by any means. There's a true freshman in Stephen Barbour starting at tight end. Kristian Noel was among the cycle of running backs last season, and his inability to pull off big runs or find the endzone or really produce at all should be a big red flag, especially considering he only lasted two games before being replaced. Mitchell Denton takes over at quarterback and could maybe provide a spark to an offense that gave the ball over a conference-worst 21 times and averaged a conference-worst 13.67 points per game. Why They Will Be Champions: One Can Dream? There are three teams that I truly cannot make a case for this year, and the Tar Heels are admittedly the worst of that bunch right now. They'll need a lot more than a few things to swing their way, but there's a chance this team could provide more of a challenge this year. If the offense finds a rhythm on the ground and Denton looks to be solid with what he has at receiver, then there's a small belief that the Tar Heels could at least contend for a bowl game. North Carolina State Wolfpack - HC ImposterCauster Player Spotlight: DT Emmanuel McDermott. A unanimous selection for the Preseason All-ACC team, it's now time for Manny McDermott to take the conference by storm. The defense fell apart towards the end last season, but McDermott quietly showed what he was capable of, picking up four sacks and three tackles for loss on the season. While the team behind him as improved for the most part, it's up to McDermott to live up to the hype and become a game-changer for this team. A big year for him could see the Pack dream of bowling, and maybe even more, once more. Biggest Strength: Offensive Security. A big part of the disastrous runs after the 2016 season stemmed to an imbalance in the offense. Quarterbacks would be swapped out regularly, and the offense never really found a rhythm to stick by, rather relying too much on the legs of one Marshawn Matthison. Gone are those days, as Jacob Eubanks is the firm starter at quarterback, and he takes a fair share of the load with senior running back Keith Harley, a consistent if not explosive runner. With weapons such as Felix Browning and Dwayne Lawton, the offense seems to be as stable as ever, even if it is lacking in general firepower. Biggest Weakness: Cutting Corners. Kamari Cheatham, while never spectacular, leaves a massive hole at cornerback. Whereas the safeties are stronger and reliable, the corner position both lacks depth and ball-hawking talent. Julian Revis takes over as CB1, and though he led the team in interceptions with five last season, he was mostly unreliable against faster or taller receivers. Damien Chatman is mostly unproven at CB2, but it's hard to imagine this group being anywhere close to consistent in helping out against the pass. Why They Will Be Champions: Defensive Playmakers. This defense really only loses Cheatham, Stuart Patterson, and Brian Tolliver, and their linebacker group is quickly becoming a reliable bunch of playmakers. Jamari Lloyd and Kameron Blackman have only gotten better at applying pressure, and a resurgence from McDermott could easily up State's sack production from last season. The offense should be consistent enough to average move than their middling average of 23.91 points per game from last season. If State can remain in games, which they should as a decidedly average team, then there's always a chance to pull off upsets and remain in the hunt. Pittsburgh Panthers - HC TheLiberator Player Spotlight: RB Brayden Pepper. I don't want to choose freshman, but Pepper brings an air around this Pittsburgh team that hasn't really been felt for a long time. Last season was a fair bit disappointing with Raymond Smiley taking snaps, but with Smiley transferring out and Pepper looking to be a stud signing early through practices, his production on the field could go a long way towards deciding the fate of this Panthers' team. Biggest Strength: This Cat Has Bite. Messiah Winston got off to a slow start in his Pittsburgh career, but the scrambler has evolved not just with his legs, but with his surprisingly accurate arm. Receiver Franklin Pineda and tight end Dovid Dobson were big targets for Winston and are back in the fray, and the emergence of Pepper and freshman receiver Kareem Jackson could be monumental to this offense. Behind a line with the two best tackles in the conference, the Panthers should emerge as one of the more explosive offenses in the conference. Biggest Weakness: This Cat Can't Leap. The most notable weakness in this defense last season was in the passing game, as teams generally passed at will on the Panthers. Only two teams in the ACC gave up more passing yards last season than Pittsburgh, and while Dominique Baptiste is slowly becoming a shutdown corner, the rest of the secondary, specifically the other corners, have a long ways to go before they can really feel safe against the likes of Beckett and Thompson. Why They Will Be Champions: Less Salt, Extra Pepper. If Pepper is the real deal, and if Kareem Jackson turns out to be as good as the tape shows, then this offense will be dangerous, scoring early and often. The Panthers won't quite be in the situation as their division rivals down in Atlanta thanks to a sturdier run defense and hope of playmakers in the secondary, but we'll likely see the Panthers aiming to win through offensive domination. Syracuse Orange - HC CoachAnson Player Spotlight: FS Logan Harley. It looks to be a down year for the Orange, but one of the game's dominant safeties looks to continue his reign for one more season. Harley was as reliable as reliable could get last season, picking the ball off six times while swatting away six more passes. With the middle of the defense particularly lacking, he and his backfield partner in Javari McGhee-Key will be forced into damage control situations at the worst, and turnover-inducing situations at the best. Expect Harley to cap off his career with a big season. Biggest Strength: A Pickett Fence. Whereas Harley is the lynchpin of a fading secondary, Boyd Pickett is the lone sturdy wall of a crumbling castle. The line outside of Pickett is rather poor, but Pickett for over half of the Orange's sack numbers last season. The pass rush has never really been called into question thanks to Pickett and outside linebacker Gavin Benner, who picked up another fourth of the sacks on his own. If there's one thing that you can expect the Orange to do, it's to make opposing quarterbacks as uncomfortable as possible, and they do that so very well. Biggest Weakness: The Floodgates Are Open. Save for Donovan Caballero, I don't see how this offensive line is gonna hold up. The Orange reside in the same division as Clemson's dominant defensive line, Anthony Walton, Jamari Lloyd, Damien Holley, and many many other pass rushers. Caballero on his own is not going to stop them all. New quarterback Connor McLean is going to have to hold on to his helmet, because he's gonna go for a very rough ride this season. Why They Will Be Champions: Maybe Next Year? This is another team I see with no real shot at contending for the division title. Other teams would have to melt down, but even then, there's too many questions around this offense in particular, with only two returning weapons, to really leave an impression. Perhaps CoachAnson finds out how to utilize his new toys. He's still got a defense that's as soft as a cloud in the middle of the field. It looks bleak in Syracuse to say the least. Virginia Cavaliers - HC beeznik Player Spotlight: ILB Soldier Brooks. Hands down the best defender in college football. An undeniable leader, an insane playmaker, and a player with a very bright future in football. There's not a lot than can be said about Brooks that hasn't already been said, but this defense is a hell of a lot better with Brooks on the field. No words need to be said about that. Biggest Strength: Award-Winning Linebackers. Soldier Brooks is all the talk nowadays, but let's not forget that Cameron Faulk was a massive hit in his freshman season and hasn't really lost the pace. Faulk sat back more in coverage last year, picking up five pass deflections while still maintaining some presence in the pass rush when called upon. They bring newcomers to the middle four, but Aden Willett and Amadou Trotter are not rookies by any stretch of the imagination. This is a special group already, but the emergence of these two would be huge for this defense. Biggest Weakness: Ol' Reliable No More? Reginald Saunders is in the pros now. In his place is Isaiah Clinton, an unproven yet talented running back. Clinton could very well turn out to be good, but it's hard to imagine that he will have the same impact this year as Saunders had in his final two years as a Cavalier. Saunders could shoulder the load for a young Mike Lucas. Lucas doesn't quite need that crutch now, but if things go south in the passing game, is Clinton going to be able to carry the offense? It seems unlikely right now, but that's just a baseless opinion. Why They Will Be Champions: A Smothering Defense. Samuel Lealofi had 14 sacks last season. He returns to the field. Steven Proctor had 12 sacks last season. He returns to the field. Soldier Brooks had 41 tackles and 8 tackles for loss last season. He returns to the field. Jaylin Fulton had 3 interceptions last season. He returns to the field. Ashton Evans had 6 interceptions last season. He returns to the field. For all the inconsistencies about their passing game that may or may not be solved, and with new questions arising in the running game, this defense can and will keep Virginia in the fight against the best of them. They'll be Duke's prime challenger in the Coastal division, and a strong defensive performance against them could take them down from Charlottesville to Charlotte. Virginia Tech Hokies - HC vtgorilla Player Spotlight: CB Lucas Freeman. A lot of eyes will be on Trevor McKinney as he looks to grow into the product that saw him fought over between the two Virginia schools a few years ago, but Lucas Freeman has consistently provided for this defense and will be expected to do just the same while McKinney finds his way. With seven interceptions and two pass deflections to his name last season, the standout corner looks to lead the Hokie defense against the massive offensive threats that lie in the Coastal division. Biggest Strength: Quarterback Harrassment. The Hokies return players that accounted for 23 of the team's 29 sacks from a season ago, with 21 of those sacks being from the production of defensive ends Mahamadou Chavis (11 sacks) and Jabari Jean (10 sacks). Only division rivals Pittsburgh and Virginia could top the Hokies' 29 sacks, but the introduction of defensive tackle Kevin Best and outside linebacker Mike Owens Jr., replacements of another 4 sacks from last season, should not only maintain the Hokies' pass rush, but improve it drastically, especially if Owens Jr. can play up to his potential. Biggest Weakness: Who's Open? The Hokies lost their trio of leading receivers in Darnell Pierre, Isiah Rainey, and Aaden Kemp, leaving Mario Watkins and his 313 yards as the leading returning receiver. He's joined be Leolani Pita and Brandon McGowan, but none of the three look to be that go-to receiver that Becket Morrison can rely on in times of need. Granted, he didn't necessarily have that last season where he threw for 3,000 yards, and Pita looks more like he can be that guy out wide, but the receiving corp in general just looks weaker overall, and that could be an issue for an offense that doesn't have that powerful downhill runner. Why They Will Be Champions: No Passing Allowed. Between a hefty pass rush and potentially two shutdown corners, it's hard to imagine teams throwing the ball often against the Hokies. If McKinney finally becomes the ball-hawking corner coaches have longed for him to be, this defense will make quarterbacks endure nightmares on the regular, which is huge in a division with Bryce Thompson, Josh Beckett, and Messiah Winston. Assuming the Hokies can find their rhythm in the passing game, this team will always be dangerous, as is to be expected from a team with divisional title aspirations. Wake Forest Demon Deacons - HC K3ndr!ck_L@mar Player Spotlight: WR Deshaun Pickens. The plan to hold on to as much talent as possible for a successful season worked out, but the backfire is that the current state of this team is the result. Deshaun Pickens and Abdoulaye Hawkins were both reliable for James Betts last season, but Pickens gets the nod here as he enters his final season as the second receiver and the man to watch on special teams. Pickens is a receiver that's bound to create mismatches in the passing game, so look for Betts to exploit any and all situations that Pickens works out. Biggest Strength: Wideouts Oversee All. There isn't much to see with this team in general, but the aforementioned Hawkins-Pickens group out wide accounted for 1500+ yards combined in the passing game. Betts has not one but two targets that he can find normally, and though the two don't necessarily have the surest hands, dropping the ball a combined 5 times, they're going to find ways to be open, and they're going to make plays. Throw in slot receiver Owen Condon, making his first career start next weekend, to the mix, and this has the potential to be one of the more dangerous receiving groups in the conference, surprisingly. Biggest Weakness: No Anti-Aircraft. De'Marius Mims and Devon Newton might be returning to their respective safety positions, but the entirety of the corner group is new and, with the exception of true freshman Vernon Fair, not looking too great. The defense will miss Alexander Glenn's six interceptions, namely because he was the only player on this defense that was able to pick the ball off. Not much is expected of these corners, and anything they do manage to do will surely exceed expectations, especially if Fair plays up to his potential. Why They Will Be Champions: Taking the Demon out of Demon Deacons. The Demon Deacons aren't expected to do much at all this year, especially after losing Kyle Palmer and Julio Cass to the draft, and you'd imagine the team itself is quite a bit stretched after the redshirting and subsequent transferring of struggling receiver Jacob Benson. That's the big news with this team, and that will likely remain the headline over the season as there doesn't appear to be much promise to this season. However, there might be enough firepower in the offense and maybe, just maybe, a few playmakers on this defense to grind out a few wins and maybe contend for a bowl game again? We've seen crazier happen.
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    so, essentially a resignation eh?
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    [2022] Week #1 - SNF

    Worse than the Colts! Worse than the Colts!
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    [2022] Around the NFLHC: Episode 0

    Shout out to @TheSam for making the official logo.
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    FCS Week 1 Review Week 1 has been and gone and the 4 teams that spent last week at home watching the games on TV finally got their chance to take the field. Week 0 had some good matchups and gave us our first look at what these teams are capable of and week 1 offered much of the same as we continue to learn more about the teams in this conference. 5 of the 12 teams were on a bye week with 6 others playing their games against one another and the final team played the FCS’s first official out of conference game against an FBS opponent. Saturday, October 20th, 2018 Morning Youngstown State (0-0) at Temple (0-0) It was kick off week for both these teams who spent the first week of college football on a bye. Youngstown State had an extra week of preparation to face off against their only out of conference opponent for the season. They travelled without a Head Coach to Philadelphia, PA to take on the Temple Owls at Lincoln Financial Field. The 2021 FCS national champions did not have a day to remember against a talented Temple Owls team that treated this game like a preseason warm up. Neither side of the football managed to generate much, with the offense turning the ball over 3 times and only converting 1 out of 9 third downs, while the defense gave up 55 points and forced 0 turnovers. This game was never going to be easy for the defending national champions but they would’ve hoped for a better outing against a strong opponent to help kickstart their season with the hopes of returning to this year’s FCS final to defend their title. The biggest positive was perhaps that they penguins got out of Philadelphia without any injuries and can turn their attentions to facing more evenly matched opponents for the rest of the year. Youngstown State Penguins 7 – 55 Temple Owls Full Game Stats: Afternoon Delaware (0-0) at Northern Iowa (0-0) These two teams commenced their seasons this week with the Delaware Blue Hens being led by offseason acquisition Head Coach @Osukid2811 into Black Hawk County to face the Northern Iowa Panthers in the UNI-Dome. Northern Iowa come into the season off a mediocre 6 win 2021 and were still searching for a head coach at the time. This game featured two potent rushing attacks that picked up most of its yardage on the ground. Senior Panther Speed back Raekwon Thomas ran well outside the tackles carrying the rock 29 times for 189 yards and 2 touchdowns but tied at 20-20 with just moments left in the third quarter a costly fumble caused by Delaware Defensive end Frank Dunlap swung momentum in the Blue Hens favour. Running back Kaden Gilmore averaged 5.5 yards per carry and 2 touchdowns with last one coming off a 35 yard run to take the sting out of the game and seal the W for Delaware. Delaware Blue Hens 34 - 23 Northern Iowa Panthers Full Game Stats: Montana (0-1) at New Hampshire (0-1) This matchup featured two teams coming into this game off the back of a week 0 loss. New Hampshire recently employed Head Coach @coachlaw06 who had little time to prepare but was said to have gotten straight to work, holding lengthy practices every day right up until gameday to try and make up for lost time. Montana’s game was only a 3 point defeat to a much improved Harvard team so Grizzlies coach @aacolyte_girl had plenty to build on from last week and had to be feeling optimistic. Through 3 quarters this game could have gone either way with the score heading into the final 15 tied at 17-17. Unfortunately for the Grizzlies, New Hampshire Quarterback Jack Mayberry came alive and broke off a 39 yard rushing touchdown from an option keeper and put the final nail in the coffin with a passing touchdown to Curt Hall. Mayberry finished the day with 264 all purpose yards and 2 touchdowns. For Montana, this was their second defeat in as many games but the Grizzlies have to remain positive. While they are not quite getting the job done on offense, the defense is playing well and they have been competitive in both their previous games. If this offense can start picking up consistent yardage then the wins should start coming in. Montana Grizzlies 17 - 31 New Hampshire Wildcats Full Game Stats: James Madison (1-0) at North Dakota (0-0) JMU took their first road trip of the season, heading to North Dakota to face Head Coach @dandidoo and the Fighting Hawks. Coming off a convincing win against New Hampshire last week, the Dukes made an interesting choice to bench starting Quarterback James Franklin for incoming transfer Cooper Fleming. Meanwhile, North Dakota’s loaded roster had been itching to get on the field after a week 0 bye and finally got to start their 2022 campaign in which they enter with a lot of hype surrounding them. From very early on in the game North Dakota established their dominance on offense with Minnesota Golden Gopher transfer Robbie Koehler leading the charge. Koehler who earnt FCS Week 1: Player of the Week honours; threw for 452 yards, completing 40/56 passes for a 71.4% completion percentage. 6 of those passes found the endzone, picking apart JMU’s secondary. Not much was seen from the ground game with the Fighting Hawks attempting a mere 3 rushes gaining 7 yards. The Dukes offense quietly had a good day through the air and on the ground putting up 31 points of their own but ultimately the defense could not keep them in the game. James Madison Dukes 31 – 45 North Dakota Fighting Hawks Full Game Stats: BYE: Eastern Washington (0-1), Harvard (1-0), Illinois State (1-0), North Dakota State (1-0), South Dakota State (0-1). Weekly Star Performers *This section has been taken over by @Osukid2811 and will be its own weekly article from now on.* Please see: Conference Standings Season Statistics Offensive Leaders Yardage - Passing 1. Robbie Koehler (North Dakota) – 452 yards 2. Jack Mayberry (New Hampshire) – 395 yards 3. Gabriel Gage (Montana) – 330 yards - Rushing 1. Willie Peters (James Madison) RB – 234 yards 2. Frankie Boone (Illinois State) RB – 189 yards 3. Cameron Whaley (Harvard) RB – 159 yards - Receiving 1. Dominick Hebert (North Dakota) WR – 184 yards 2. Desmond Mercer (James Madison) WR – 174 yards 3. Terrell Davis (James Madison) WR – 128 yards Touchdowns - Passing 1. Robbie Koehler (North Dakota) – 6 TDs *T2. Samuel Conner (Eastern Washington) – 3 TDs *T2. Zack McAllister (North Dakota State) – 3 TDs *1 more quarterback with 3 touchdowns. - Rushing 1. Willie Peters (James Madison) RB – 3 TDs T2. Ivan Baldwin (North Dakota State) RB – 2 TDs T2. Jack Mayberry (New Hampshire) QB – 2 TDs *4 more players with 2 touchdowns. - Receiving *T1. Dominick Hebert (North Dakota) WR – 2 TDs *T1. Timothy White (Eastern Washington) WR – 2 TDs *T1. Desmond Mercer (James Madison) WR – 2 TDs *2 more wide receivers have 1 touchdown each. Offensive Line Average 1. North Dakota – 4.9 2. South Dakota State – 3.8 3. North Dakota State – 3.6 Defensive Leaders Tackles 1. Felipe Wallace (Illinois State) OLB – 9 tackles T2. Eddie Mills Jr (Delaware) ILB – 8 tackles T2. Steven Tuttle (Montana) ILB – 8 tackles Sacks 1. Marvin Lambert (James Madison) DE – 3 sacks 2. Frank Dunlap (Delaware) DE – 2 sacks 3. David Miller (Montana) DE – 1.5 sacks Interceptions *T1. Sidney Brown (James Madison) FS – 1 INT *T1. Robert Hayes (James Madison) OLB – 1 INT *T1. Trent Franklin-Cummings (New Hampshire) CB – 1 INT *7 more defensive players have 1 interception each. Team Statistics Total Offense 1. James Madison – 818 yards 2. New Hampshire – 622 yards 3. Montana – 498 yards Total Defense 1. Harvard – 241 yards 2. Illinois State – 270 yards 3. South Dakota State – 306 yards Turnover Difference T1. Delaware - +1 T1. North Dakota - +1 T2. Eastern Washington, Harvard, Illinois State, James Madison, New Hampshire, North Dakota State, South Dakota State - 0
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    [2022] Around the NFLHC: Episode 1

    Timestamp: TNF - 0:00 1PM - 8:25 4 PM - 48:55 SNF - 1:22:47 MNF - 1:29:35 Inury - 1:34:35
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    Franz Kafka

    [2022] Franz's Facts: Week 1

    Welcome to Franz's Facts! Your weekly home for tidbits, nuggets, statistical leaders, and the like Week 1 STAT LEADERS Passing yards Aaron Devereaux, NO - 417 Norris Brooksheer, PIT - 380 Nick Hall, LV - 375 Rushing yards J.B. Blacknall, DEN - 125 Mike Latta, CAR - 115 Sean Bell, CLE - 102 Receiving yards Brian Gary, LV - 138 Sean Jenkins, NO - 137 Adrian Jankowski, CIN - 125 Tackles Thomas Barry, TB - 10 Daleroy Smart, SF - 8 Shah Vereen, LV - 7 C.J. Thomas, CLE - 7 Daniel Watkins, LAR - 7 Sacks Shah Vereen, LV - 2.0 Brandon Thomas, SF - 2.0 Earl Jackson, DET - 2.0 Kendrick Droughns, CAR - 2.0 Jonathan Bridges, NYJ - 2.0 Early Davis, ATL - 2.0 Anthony Ortiz, BUF - 2.0 Ray McBride, CLE - 2.0 Tyrone Jones, BAL - 2.0 Carlos Washington, PIT - 1.5 Preston Bryant, JAX - 1.5 Matthew Davis, BAL - 1.5 Michael Bruce, LAR - 1.5 (many with 1.0 sacks) Interceptions Zero multi-INT games this week Player Ratings TOP OFFENSIVE QB Aaron Devereaux, NO - 9.64 QB Brian Brown, MIA - 9.64 QB Nick Hall, LV - 9.50 TOP DEFENSIVE DE Carlos Washington, PIT - 9.72 DT Earl Jackson, DET - 9.71 OLB Tyrone Jones, BAL - 9.64 BOTTOM OFFENSIVE WR Tyler White, SEA - 3.18 WR Marcus Ratterman, MIA - 3.32 RB Evan Grant, MIN - 3.68 BOTTOM DEFENSIVE SS Dwayne Tatum, TB - 1.95 CB Andrew Boyd, KC - 2.85 OLB Nathaniel Jeffries, WAS - 3.02 Week 1 FACTS The warmest temperature this week was in Arizona Glendale, AZ - 97 F at The lowest OL rating this week was 7.84 Teams with a higher OL rating than their opponents were only 9-7 this week There were only six "severe" injuries this week TE Matt Stone - Severe Calf Pull OT Lyle Matthews - Severe Ankle Fracture OG Todd Hevesy - Severe Achilles Rupture WR Tyrus Wilson - Severe Hamstring Tendonitis RB Davey Jones - Severe ACL Rupture ILB Ernie Crawford - Severe Toe Bruise Two teams scored 10+ points in the fourth quarter 17 11 Only four teams converted more than 50% of their 3rd Downs 7/12 6/12 5/10 5/10 And a few were not as successful... 1/11 2/12 2/12 2/11 The three highest low-player ratings... Justin Nielsen, K 5.75 Kiuga Kamu, OT 5.25 John Hinton, C 5.09 The three lowest high-player ratings... Taylor Heiden, QB 6.57 Mohamed Charles, WR 6.74 Sam Hiller-Weeden, WR 6.94 Four teams had an OL rating of 8.5+ 8.74 8.64 8.55 8.53 Teams who outscored their opponents in the first quarter were 8-3 (27-30) (28-31) (17-28)
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    Week 0 is now in the books, and while many teams in the FCS have yet to play a game, let's take a look at our (hopefully weekly) FCS Power Rankings! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rank 1 James Madison Dukes (1-0) Previous Rank: N/A Quarterback James Franklin is surrounded by a set of incredible offensive weapons that put up 41 points against last year's national championship runner up. Defensively, they were also able to get it done with 2 forced turnovers despite allowing 21 points in the fourth quarter. Rank 2 North Dakota State Bison (1-0) Previous Rank: N/A Like the Dukes, the Bison got it done through the air and on the ground in hostile territory. It took a strong fourth quarter offensive push despite a poor defensive showing, to beat Eastern Washington, but they came out victorious in the end. Rank 3 North Dakota Fighting Hawks (0-0) Previous Rank: N/A Idle this week, but this team has a terrifying offense. Redshirt Senior Robbie Koehler and Austin Bright will lead the Fighting Hawks in a deep playoff run. Rank 4 Eastern Washington Eagles (0-1) Previous Rank: N/A The season did not start as they had hoped, but the Eastern Washington Eagles still look good. Redshirt junior quarterback Samuel Conner is the real deal and receivers Percy Brown and Nicholas Murphy will make sure of that. Defensively, there are some holes, and North Dakota State showed us that this weekend. Rank 5 Harvard Crimson (1-0) Previous Rank: N/A This is a very young team with lots of talented players bursting at the seam to show their true colors. A hard-fought victory over Montana earns them 4th. Rank 6 Illinois State Redbirds (1-0) Previous Rank: N/A Despite the win, the Redbirds will be looking to improve things after their first game, A very talented run game showed itself off this weekend as redshirt sophomore Frankie Boone and his 122 yard, 1 TD performance explained to us why he thinks he can take Illinois State to back-to-back playoff berths. Rank 7 South Dakota State Jackrabbits (0-1) Previous Rank: N/A Despite having one of the most talented rosters in the FCS, the Jackrabbits failed to impress last week as they fell 13-17 to a rusty Illinois State team. South Dakota State failed to find the endzone until Darnerien Hassan ran one in in the fourth quarter. Rank 8 Delaware Blue Hens (0-0) Previous Rank: N/A A very fast team, the Blue Hens have speed on the offense. It remains to be seen if running back Kaden Gilmore and talented tight end Daniel Padgett will have what it takes to elevate this Delaware team behind a very talented offensive line. Rank 9 Montana Grizzlies (0-1) Previous Rank: N/A A tough loss in Cambridge this past weekend, but the signs are there that this Grizzlies team can make quite the impact this season. Perhaps most desperately, the Grizzlies need to work on its late-game stamina as they were outscored 3-14 in the final period of play. Rank 10 New Hampshire Wildcats (0-1) Previous Rank: N/A They were 9-3 last season, but this season started off with a loss that looked closer than it actually was. This Wildcats team looks nothing like the one we saw last year in the championship game. Still, there are some positives, here. The upperclassmen will have to do what they can to hopefully emulate last week's 4th quarter throughout the season. Rank 11 Northern Iowa Panthers (0-0) Previous Rank: N/A The Jim Skinner is going to have his hands full creating holes for extremely talented running back Raekwon Thomas to run through. Defensively, linebacker James Butler will have to be all over the field if the Panthers want to make it to the playoffs this year. Rank 12 Youngstown State Penguins (0-0) Previous Rank: N/A There is a long of very young talent on the roster. Redshirt freshman Brad McCaffrey and true freshman Charles Wright are going to be stars one day, but for now, keep the hat and scarf on, Pete, it's going to be a long season. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: First time doing this, so I'm sorry if your team is not ranked highly as you think they should be. OOC feedback and criticism welcome. Also, how do you size images?
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    (Trying new CFBHC News segments that hopefully encourage people to discuss the impact of game results on the season outlook.)
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    [2022] Recruiting Info

    Recruiting will begin with the first due date being next Saturday, October 20th. If you notice any issues with your points or anything with recruits please post the info here so @inspiral can take care of it.
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    [2022] Week 1 Coaches Poll

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    Marshall Preview: Optimistic Despite Poor Preseason Prediction by Carl Benjamin, Junior Reporter With the 2022 CFBHC football season underway, fans around the country are awaiting the exciting debut of their favorite school's 2022 football team. Perhaps one of the most energized bases that is anxious to see their first game is the Marshall Thundering Herd fan nation. During the off-season, the Thundering Herd introduced a brand new Head Coach: Chem Trails from Lyons, Pennsylvania. With him, Coach Chem Trails brought on assistant head coach Owen Shroyer, Offensive Coordinator Alexander Jones, Defensive Coordinator Edward "Eddie" Bravo, and Special Teams Coordinator David Rubin. With this new blockbuster staff, the team has been working hard all summer to provide a well-oiled machine that can produce positive results for the school and the fans every game day. Pictured Above: Thundering Herd Head Coach Chem Trails speaking with the press at Monday's Press Conference. Despite this hard work, the Thundering Herd received a "low-blow" earlier this month when the C-USA commissioner released the preseason predictions for the conference. According to the predictions (which can be viewed at: http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/23728-2022-bubadas-c-usa-projections/ ), the Thundering Herd will only manage to amass an overall record of 2-10 with a division record of a measly 1-7. This is a stark contrast from last season, where the Thundering Herd finished 6-7 overall and an impressive 5-3 standing in the division. When asked about the dismal preseason prediction, a fiery Coach Chem Trails responded with optimism and energy. "I want everybody to look at this ranking. We are expected to finish 12/14th in the conference and they haven't even seen a snap. They haven't seen how hard our boys have worked all summer long. This should serve as as motivation, encouragement to prove these so-called experts wrong. It's us against the world. We have something to prove and *expletive* we are going to go out and prove it!" After Coach Chem Trails spoke, a brief joint press conference was held with Assistant Coach Owen Shroyer and Offensive Coordinator Alexander Jones. When asked about the predictions, Coach Shroyer reacted calmly when giving his thoughts. "Well, we are the new kids on the block. I don't like to see such a low rating, nor do the players or the fans. It doesn't reflect the hard work we have been dishing out all summer long. I don't know who made the rankings and quite honestly, I don't care. We will prove the predictions wrong so that at the end of the season, we can look back at the predictions and say "Fake News"". Coach Jones had a more brief, but passionate response. "They don't know what we know. They haven't studied the data, looked at the reports, none of it. It's easy to put us down from an air-conditioned office and I promise you that we will expose them! We will prevail!" Pictured Above: Assistant Coach Owen Shroyer (Left) and Offensive Coordinator Alexander Jones (Right) speaking with the press at Monday's Press Conference. Around Huntington, the fans are still optimistic. "I don't care what the commissioner says. I see something special in these boys and he can't wait for them to prove him wrong!" proclaimed local resident Roger Stone. Other fans shared the same disapproval of the commissioner's rankings. "Well, he placed himself first, so I would say he is biased" said Huntington resident Matt Drudge. With the fans showing their disapproval of the rankings, there are still some fans who are skeptical of the new coaching staff and remain cautiously optimistic. "Well, we just need to see how they do during the first 2 games. I can't make my mind up on my own, I need to see the results first, and then I'll make my opinion of the team" said lifelong Herd fan Joseph Rogan. Despite the disappointing rankings, the community, the school, and the team remain confident and prepared for their season to kickoff. The Thundering Herd enjoy a BYE for week 1 before traveling to Buffalo during week 2. Their first home game will be on week 3 when they play Bowling Green. There will be a tailgate open to fans that will include all of the coaches behind the grill. Fans can enjoy the likes of Coach Jones' Alpha Angus burgers or Coach Chem Trails' homemade "Mooch Munch". During this time, fans will have a chance to meet the players of the 2022 team while supporting local businesses and charities. Stay tuned to the Herald-Dispatch for more updates and news regarding the Thundering Herd. Go Marshall!
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