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    NO ONE CAN SUBMIT A RESPONSE. Tai Miller's wife, Shawna, recently gave birth to a son, Tai Jr. Tai has been overjoyed by this recent addition to his family and has worked hard in pre-season workouts with his new-found energy. Tai Miller gains +13% fitness and +3% chemistry.
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    Cowboys vence a los Gigantes para abrir la temporada de la NFLHC T-Rod sólido. Abraham, defensa dominante como vaqueros explosión gigantes desgraciados 28-6.
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    Playing Minnesota's secondary is like hanging with a girl and you have this feeling like you're definitely gonna get some tonight and then like 10 minutes into the date she's already taking your pants off and just going to town, and then expects nothing in return and just leaves in the morning. When you walk out to the kitchen she's made coffee for you and a note that just says "let's do this again sometime"
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    Jaguars head man Soluna has his team on the rise Here's where it all begins...the birth of another season. And with it, the first edition of the Power Rankings. How was your team's off-season? Preseason? Got an injury you're dealing with? It all applies here at Rankings HQ. Remember, if you don't like where you are in these rankings...play better! (or don't be a dunce in the off-season)! 1. San Francisco 49ers Until someone knocks off the champs, they'll stay right here. Their off-season gave no indication of the fire-sale of previous Super Bowl champs, so here's guessing the talented trio out in the SF front office has some more good luck and another trick up their sleeves. 2. Oakland Raiders I'll bite and give the Raiders the AFC top spot (sorry, Jets) simply due to the growth of Manny Spears and keeping almost everyone else (save Marvin White) together. (Good gravy, please, someone knock off the Raiders.) 3. Philadelphia Eagles Last year's #2 out of the NFC only got stronger this off-season. They found a suitable back-up to Allan Taylor in case of injury, and they strengthened their team via the draft. Could be that the force that has been building for some time in Philly finally hits its apex this season. 4. New York Jets While the off-season has seen more turmoil in the Jets player room than they'd probably like, there is no doubting this team's past accomplishments, the stability in the FO, and the unique star power on both sides of the ball. The question remains: when will an aging defense catch up to them--this season? Next? 5. Detroit Lions Perennial preseason favorite Detroit looks like a team that can absolutely win a title. They improved in the off-season mostly by maintaining their nucleus and growing together. Is this finally the year for the Loins? 6. Indianapolis Colts Have they found an answer at running back? Does it matter with that offense? (Yes, it's nice to have Tony Peaks back.) More troubling for me, however, is how they got lit up by the Jets in the AFC Divisional round. They D-line is strong (Goodwin ), as are the safety positions. But those CBs may still get roughed up a bit. And the big question is an OT starting at C. 7. Kansas City Chiefs This may be a tad high for the Chiefs, but I'm gonna err on the side of Mimsy plugging all the holes...until I see that they don't work. Rodgers should be great at RB, and the two rookie DEs have good ceilings, if little experience. Their opening week tussle with the Jags will shed some light on where they are... 8. Carolina Panthers Seems kinda like another year of dominating in the regular season, only to flame out in the postseason. At least CadeRich5 has some coaching time under his belt now. Here's betting the Panthers get their first playoff win...if they get there! 9. Los Angeles Rams Big question here is if Jeremy Henry can keep them afloat for the first 3 weeks of the season. If so, I bet Murphy comes back well and leads this team to good things. They were on the path until his injury last year, and their off-season wasn't a disaster. 10. Jacksonville Jaguars This may be a bit premature, but here's guessing Soluna and UBL have some serious stank to put on teams. Whomever starts at QB will have weapons around them, and the talent on the lines is coming along, ditto the defense. Rich Moore/Haywood/Jay Wade is a pretty solid threesome on D. 11. New England Patriots Last season's surprise Playoff team returns basically everyone (who know what kind of slap on the wrist the Commish will apply for the KJ Richards fiasco) and that should be good enough for another Playoff run, if not more. I like almost every position on this team save WR (and OLB 2). Did they give Lawyer enough weapons? 12. Seattle Seahawks The League's biggest offensive makeover is about to launch in Seattle. New QB (Jarius Jones), new RB (Booker T.) could translate into hyper-drive for this previously defensive-minded team. Okonkwo at DT brings a needed upgrade there as well. #12 might end up being really low for these guys... 13. Denver Broncos Building slowly after another solid draft, the Broncos are looking to overcome a disappointing Playoff miss in year 2 of the Bingo/Descreto (and now Jieret) reign. How will Jennings mesh with veteran WRs? How will Blacknall and Rambo work together in the backfield? Can our secondary stop anybody? 14. New York Giants We all knew they had some big names on D, but no one could have predicted just how dominant that D was. And good thing, because the offense was putrid. That side of ball may not have improved much at all in the off-season, but the D stayed strong. They'll take a step back, but they'll still beat a few folks. 15. Washington Redskins* (not a real team name) 'Skins were just a few games away last year, and by most accounts they did just fine in the off-season. This is likely a tad high, but I believe in the coaching. Now, if they could fix the back half of the Defense, that'd be great. 16. Baltimore Ravens B'more takes a big slide in losing Booker T. It showed in the playoffs when he was gone. They didn't have a great off-season, but still have enough talent to notch a few wins. Big question: can the Ravens hold off the North any longer? 17. Chicago Bears I know this is too low for the Bears, but can't really make the justification for higher (could be swayed flopping them for the Skins). Brooksheer being out for a while doesn't help. But they got better in a number of places, especially maturity and talent on the D-line. 18. Atlanta Falcons Took a solid leap forward with another great draft. This team knows how to accumulate talent. Can they put it together for a nice run? Remains to be seen, but I'll feel like 9 wins would be a solid campaign. 19. Miami Dolphins Again, I could be tempted to put them a bit higher, but it didn't seem like the Off-season Gods were smiling on South Beach. They have talent, but some of the FO decisions leave me scratching my head. 20. Green Bay Packers Last season was a real disappointment for the Cheeseheads and their work at the draft was the perfect antidote. They had some proactive results in FA and looked really good in the preseason. Still work to be done, but I forsee a challenge to the Lions in the North. 21. Cleveland Browns Another worldbeater in the preseason, I think Browns can put it all together this season. They have talent on Offense, and solid players on D. They're a bit thin at all positions, but the top end is there, minus the secondary. Who knows...Ryan Clark to Tai Miller should be worth at least 7 wins. 22. Pittsburgh Steelers No, I don't love the WRs, and there are some defensive holes...but a full year of the Davenport Express (now featuring Chester Henson!) should mean a nice bump for the Steel Curtain. 23. Houston Texans I'll probably regret this later, but it's just difficult to see what the long-term strategy is in H-town. The Texans will probably love Leshoure in his debut season (the wait must have been so painful), and that could pay off big time in the end. But this season? I'm thinking a 7-9 campaign would be pretty good, actually. 24. Arizona Cardinals This team is lacking top-end talent on Defense, but the addition of two key pieces on O (Kareem Taylor and TE Emmanuelu Lesa...yep, calling it) will mean the Cards can put up some serious points this season. 25. New Orleans Saints Pains me to say it, but the awesome Aaron Devereaux-to-Sean Jenkins combo (with a side dish of Sterling) will simply not be enough to overcome the disappointment that is the secondary. 26. Tennessee Titans After the hospital ward that was the Titans in 2019 rolled the dice on Xander Williams at QB, anything is a possibility for this team. For now, this ranking is appropriate, but I can see it being way to low by week 10. Those Linebackers...Oh. My. God. 27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers I'd love to say I'm a believer in the movement in Central Florida, but I'm not sure I could truly identify what the strategy is there. I'm sure that Blakely will be good, but pick #4 good? Who knows. Here's hoping Taylor Heiden reverts to his 2017 awesomeness. 28. Cincinnati Bengals The logical progression for a team with this kind of talent is to pick up 2 wins--that would mean 6. Seems about right. 29. Dallas Cowboys Honestly, Dallas could go anywhere from 20-30, depending on how well the QBs play. But they went with the long-term solution during the draft, instead of the quick fix. So, I'm guessing they go somewhere between 6-10 to 9-7. 30. Buffalo Bills IF they get some decent play from the backfield, and IF the D-line dominates like it did last season, then this is criminally low. I'm just not banking on both of those circumstances to come true. 31. Minnesota Vikings The biggest tumblers in the rankings. They almost made the playoffs last season, but lost their best player and didn't do a ton to help improve the situation on Defense. I think 2020 will be a long, cold season in Minneapolis. 32. Los Angeles Chargers Happy to wrong about this for a franchise of nice FO folks, but I think they hitched their star to the wrong QB and haven't done a ton to build around the talent they did have. 5-11 would be amazing.
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    Raheem can catch, throw, and run, is there anything he can not do? Wow – what an opening week to the NFLHC season. We had clutch overtime plays from Nick Hall and Todd Lester to lead their respective teams to victories. Soluna deployed trick plays in a thrashing of the Chiefs, the Chargers shocked everyone, and the Jets showed the league they won’t settle for just appearing in Super Bowls. The committee of Smackems was able to open up the season with a tidy 11-4 record, 12-4 if you include Jumanji’s correct Dolphin prediction. Week 2’s Smackems’ Game of the Week is the Eagles and their stout defense taking on the Panthers and their high-flying offense. This game offers such a stark contrast in styles that it really should be a beauty to watch. Once again, the winner will be bolded in white. On to the picks! Miami Dolphins (1-0) at New England Patriots (0-1) The Patriots are coming off an embarrassing Week 1 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. Unfortunately for them, their competition can only get tougher from there. Thursday night, they will be taking on the 1-0 Dolphins. Miami will look to repeat last week's dominant performance, as they destroyed the Buffalo Bills by a score of 36-7. Already firing on all cylinders, Brian Brown and company should have the edge. While the Patriots have the potential to pull an upset, there are just too many question marks surrounding their defense after last week's abysmal showing. The Dolphins take this one. courtesy of Jumanji New York Jets (1-0) at Buffalo Bills (0-1) – The Jets opened up the season with a bang by drubbing the Ravens 31-14. The score was never close as Wegert lead the Jets to a 31-0 lead before Baltimore added points in garbage time. Buffalo traveled to Miami and was not able to get pressure with their star-studded defensive line in a 36-7 loss to the Dolphins. I think the Jets are the best team in the division, I think week one’s decimation of a really good Baltimore defense shows that to be true in the early going. Buffalo has a shot if their defensive line can put pressure on Wegert and force him to make mistakes, I think they will get pressure but I do not think it will be enough. I think the Jets take this one in Buffalo. Cleveland Browns (0-1) at New Orleans Saints (0-1) The Browns opened up the season with a chance to beat Tennessee on a last-second FG that sailed wide left. The Saints on the other hand were never in it as Christian Skaggs tore apart their questionable secondary 48-21 in Charlotte. The game is an interesting one to choose, I think looking at it quickly I would go New Orleans, however; if I look a little more closely at Cleveland’s roster I think they have enough pieces to exploit the weaknesses in the Saints secondary. I think Tai, Marconi, and Mitchell provide just enough firepower to give Cleveland a puncher’s chance of scoring with New Orleans – I think Sean Jenkins comes back this week with a monster game, but I am picking Cleveland in the upset. Cincinnati Bengals (1-0) at Baltimore Ravens (0-1) The Bengals were able to travel to Atlanta and get the upset in week 1, but it did not come the way anyone expected it to come. The defense, highly considered the weakest part of the Bengals, was able to bend but not break and hold Atlanta to only 13 points. King did not have a spectacular opener with all his new toys, only having 209 yards and 2 picks to go along with his 2 TDs. The Bengals have a lot of balance, but I believe that Baltimore’s defense is one of the better units in the league, and they will be looking to bounce back from an awful performance in week 1. I think King is going to struggle, and I think the Ravens should be able to put enough points on the board to win their home opener. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-0) at Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0) The most talked about game from week 1 has to be the Jaguars drubbing of the Chiefs, where Raheem Robinson, and all his trick play glory, rushed and passed for a Touchdown to go with his 4 catches. The Steelers got a nice victory over Tampa, where Davenport had a super-efficient game through the air completing ~78% of his passes. I love the intrigue this game brings, Davenport has been on fire ever since panther gave him the reins last season, he adds a dynamic level to the Steelers offense, but Soluna is putting together a team in Jacksonville that’s going to be so difficult to plan against every week. He has trick plays in the bag now, and he’s going to be able to pull It out when teams aren’t expecting it especially with Josh McDaniels as his OC. I think Pittsburgh is moving in the right direction, but I think Jacksonville is moving there more quickly Indianapolis Colts (0-1) at Green Bay Packers (1-0) The Packers had a nice opening week win over Arizona and inspiral has to be excited about the play of both the defense and the offensive line. However, this week they face a significantly tougher challenge in the Colts, who lost an OT heartbreaker to the Raiders. I think the Colts are considered by many to be one of the favorites to potentially represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, especially if they can get their running game going. Peaks didn’t have a great game last week, but Heard was able to break off a big run for a touchdown to alleviate some of the pressure off of Aaron Shea. I still really like the Colts and I think they will go into Green Bay and get the victory here. The Packers are on an upswing, but I don’t think they are ready to take down championship caliber teams yet. Los Angeles Chargers (1-0) at Tennessee Titans (1-0) The Chargers opened up the season with a surprising win over the Patriots while the Titans were able to hold on with a victory over Cleveland. The Chargers used a really strong 4th quarter from Will Thompson to get the upset, I think Thompson helps the Chargers win now but I think they are still at a talent disadvantage. I also think Tennessee is a better team than last year’s record indicates with strong contributors at key positions on offense and young talent on defense. I like the Woods and Jones combo on the line – I think it’s too much for the Chargers to overcome… *Philadelphia Eagles (1-0) at Carolina Panthers (1-0) It was a toss-up between this game and the 9ers/Broncos game for the Smackems’ Game of the Week, but I went with this one. The Eagles struggled on offense in week 1, but their defense, specifically their secondary gave the Redskins fits all game forcing Fields to throw 3 interceptions. In fact, the only touchdown scored by the Skins came on a kickoff return for a TD in the 3rd quarter. It’s no secret that the Panthers decimated the Saints secondary, Skaggs was able to toss a neat 6 TDs in their week 1 victory. The Panthers will be able to score, that should be a given, so I think the key to this game is going to be how the Eagles offense responds? I think the Eagles end the season with their offense clicking, but I think the Panthers take this game. Their offense is already firing on all-cylinders and their defense played pretty well against a potent Saints offense. Atlanta Falcons (0-1) at Chicago Bears (0-1) Both of these teams struggled to put points in the board in their week 1 losses. Chicago can point directly at their abysmal running effort as the main culprit in their shutout, Honeycutt was only able to muster 14 yards on 11 carries and that’s just not going to get it done. Atlanta seemed to be able to move the ball against Cincinnati but would too often settle for FG attempts as they got into Bengal territory. I think Atlanta looked like they were a little closer to figuring it out during the 1st week, they were able to move the ball, they had good rushing numbers, I will take them in a road win. Houston Texans (1-0) at Detroit Lions (1-0) Detroit was able to pummel the helpless Vikings in a game where Rob LeCount had little issue getting the ball out to his receivers. One potentially concerning takeaway from their week 1 victory is that James Otero was never able to get going and barely broke 2 YPC on 17 carries, that’s not going to get it done long term. The Texans came out of the gate and made a defensive statement as I discussed in the Chicago preview, they held Honeycutt to around 1 YPC and were able to snag 2 Brooksheer passes as well. Leshoure had a nice game, but the question is how will he do when one of the best CBs in the league is blanketing his best target? The Houston rushing attack didn’t perform well enough to give me confidence that Houston can steal this one, I’m going Detroit here. Oakland Raiders (1-0) at Kansas City Chiefs (0-1) Nick Hall and the Raiders had a clutch performance in their victory over the Colts. Hall looked as good as always and rookie defensive end Shah Vereen came in right away and got a sack in his first action. As good, as Oakland was last year they really struggled to get after the quarterback, so if Vereen is able to consistently get pressure on the QB watch out. By now, everyone knows that Kansas City lost to trick-plays, but I think there’s some deeper issues here. Rodgers had an okay game, but how much of that was because of the defensive game plan? They had issues stopping the run and pass – I think they’ll get it figured out eventually but trying to get it turned around against one of the best teams in the league is not ideal. I’m taking Oakland. Dallas Cowboys (1-0) at Washington Redskins (0-1) Dallas looked great in their opening victory over the Giants; Vaughan Abraham thrashed the Giant defense for over 120 yards and ~6 YPC. The Skins really struggled on offense, and as of today it’s uncertain how healthy Javier Fields will be going into this game, if he plays at all. Both defenses played well in their opening games, but with the uncertainty surrounding Fields’ status for the game I am going to take Dallas to open up the season 2-0. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-1) at Minnesota Vikings (0-1) I’m struggling to find any positives for the Vikings after their week 1 loss. Their running game looked bad, Vardell had an inefficient game through the air, and their defense and special teams were outclassed by the Lions. Tampa at least is able to hold their hat on Heiden and Richard Wilson’s performance against Pittsburgh, both were able to play well in an otherwise fairly lopsided affair. I’m taking Tampa in this one – they have more talent. Seattle Seahawks (0-1) at Arizona Cardinals (0-1) Even though Seattle lost the opener to Denver, Coach Tuscan has to be proud of the way the defense played in that game. They held the Broncos to 15 points and did a good job of making life difficult for new QB Todd Jennings and RB J.B. Blacknall. There is a lot of talent on this offense, so I have no doubt that they will get that side of the ball figured out. Arizona really struggled to find any traction in their loss at Green Bay, they were inefficient in the running game and that made it difficult for Kareem to find any rhythm in the passing game. Based on the way Seattle looked in week 1 I think they make strides on the offensive side of the ball and take the victory. New York Giants (0-1) at Los Angeles Rams (0-1) The Rams took the defending Super Bowl champs to overtime, they have to be pleased with the effort that their team was able to put forth in that game. They roll with backup Jeremy Henry for one more week; Henry had a pretty solid outing in week 1, but threw a costly pick that allowed San Fran to kick a game tying FG. The Giants have been trying to figure out their offense since the beginning of the preseason and still haven’t hit on a game plan that allows them to effectively score points. I think the Rams win this one and get to 1-1 with starter Darrell Murphy coming back next week. San Francisco 49ers (1-0) at Denver Broncos (1-0) This is another potentially great primetime game to match our awesome slate of primetime games from week 1. By now it’s no secret that I really love the Broncos, I think by the end of the year they are going to be in the discussion as one of the best teams in the league. Their defense is rock solid and I am betting that Bingo figures out the best way to utilize both his new QB and RB. They held one of the best WRs Gary Faneca to a total of 33 yards on 3 catches, and Charles Johnson exploded with 3 sacks. The 49ers played a great game in their opener against the Rams, the offense looked in mid-season form and the defense played opportunistic football that led them to an overtime victory. I like Lester’s ability to move around in this game, it should really help him when the Broncos send a blitz and give his bevy of speedsters a chance to get open. In an early season game, I’m definitely favoring San Francisco. Week 1 record – 11-4 Overall record – 11-4 Jumanji’s Week 1 record – 1-0 Jumanji’s Overall record – 1-0
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    Can Prince McGill lead the 49ers to victory in week 1? Welcome everyone to the first edition of the Smackems' NFLHC Predictorama. Each week I'm going to take a stab at predicting every non Miami Dolphins game. However, don't fret folks I've enrolled Super Bowl winning owner Jumanji to make our weekly Dolphins pick. I believe someone else did something like this last year, but hey the more the merrier right? More Media!!!! I'll designate the weekly "Smackems Game of the Week" with a star, this game is the cream of the crop that week and should be a downright dooooozy. This also might be a little obvious, but just in case ya missed it, the predicted winning team will be bolded in white. Without further adieu let's get to pickin'!! Los Angeles Rams (0-0) at San Francisco 49ers (0-0) - The Super Bowl Champs start our 2020 NFLHC season with a familiar foe the Los Angeles Rams. The 9ers and Rams squared off 3 times last year with San Fran getting 2 victories including a win in the playoffs. These are normally very evenly matched teams, but with Rams star QB Darrell Murphy out for the first few weeks of the season it becomes a tall order for backup Jeremy Henry to overcome. The safeties aren't rookies anymore and Pitt Panther star Michael McBride has been brought in to help the defensive line. The 49ers deliver the fans a victory on ring night. Buffalo Bills (0-0) at Miami Dolphins (0-0) - "This game hinges on how well the Dolphins' offensive line can contain their intimidating counterparts. It's no secret that the strength of the Buffalo Bills is their defensive line. Even while starting four rookies on defense, the Dolphins should be able to handle this Bills offense. While Dess has built up an impressive reputation, he's shown that he can't do it all on his own. The Bills did little to improve their passing game and, unless Brian Brown gets knocked out early, I don't see them winning this one." courtesy of Jumanji. Baltimore Ravens (0-0) at New York Jets (0-0) - The Jets have reached 2 straight super bowls but have yet to claim the title as they open up the season with the defending AFC North champion Baltimore Ravens. New York coach grv, fresh off his college national championship, looks to take a Jets team that is returning its whole team from the previous year to new heights. New outside linebacker Daquan Darcey looks to improve an already stellar defense. The Ravens bring one of the best defenses in the league, but with the loss of star Booker T. Washington, have a lot of questions on offense. I don't think the Ravens will be able to score and the Jets have enough firepower on offense to take this one pretty easily. Cleveland Browns (0-0) at Tennessee Titans (0-0) - What can you say about Tennessee? After a injury-riddled 2019 season the Titans look to rebound in 2020 with good health. They bring in former Seahawk Alexander Williams to lead the offensive charge with 2019 breakout player Kevin Williams. Highly touted rookie Tyler Jones will look to get after Browns QB Ryan Clark, but the Browns bring in 3 rookie starters on defense with the additions of C.J. Thomas, Cameron Marshall, and Gabriel Beauchamp. I like the the moves the Browns made in the off-season and I think they will be much improved this year, I'm taking them in a slight upset. Cincinnati Bengals (0-0) at Atlanta Falcons (0-0) - The Bengals are definitely the front runners for the splashiest off-season award. Ending the 2019 season with a historically bad offense they went out and added All-Pro wideout Rodney Montgomery and former college sensation Adrian Jankowski to shore up a really weak group of pass catchers. Ron Thomas is one of the best backs in the league so it falls on Joel King to take a big leap in season 2. Atlanta was cruising along last year until an injury to QB A.J. Jefferson derailed their playoff hopes. They bring in former Oregon standout Eric Jennings to pair with 2019 rookie Early Davis. Akili Wallace is hard to stop for anyone, but the Bengals' defense is pretty bad so look for him to run wild. They'll win some games with their offense, but this isn't one of them. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-0) at Pittsburgh Steelers (0-0) - A battle of former front office mates as rabid's Bucs take on panther's Steelers. The Steelers ended the 2019 season as one of the hottest teams in the league winning 6 out of their last 8 games after switching to Paul Davenport at QB. Chester Henson comes to town looking to add another level of dynamism to a team that sports a fairly decent defense on paper. The Bucs bring in new safety Aaron Blakely in one of the more odd draft stories of all time. I like the Steelers in this one, I think Davenport continues his roll and Henson makes them harder to game-plan for. New York Giants (0-0) at Dallas Cowboys (0-0) The Cowboys looks to rebound from a poor showing in 2019 and get Vaughan Abraham going. First round pick Graham Burnett looks to open the season as the 2nd string QB, but the Cowboys sport one of the best offensive lines in the league. The Giants sport one of the best defenses in the league, but don't have a lot of offensive fire-power outside of O.J Carano. I like the Cowboys in this one, I think it will be low scoring but they will pull it out. New Orleans Saints (0-0) at Carolina Panthers (0-0) - Both of these teams can put the ball in the end-zone, and I don't expect anything less in this game. However to say the Saints struggle on defense would be an understatement, but they are trending in the right direction with the addition of FA George Brady and rookie Corey Davis. Causter will coach them up, but it's a tall task to open the season in Charlotte against Christian Skaggs and his new toy Curtis Henry. The Panthers sport a pretty good defense as well and with the return of Mike Latta I expect even more fireworks on offense. I think the Saints will score, but I think the Panthers will score more and get a few stops.. Arizona Cardinals (0-0) at Green Bay Packers (0-0) - The Packers had arguably one of the best draft classes in the league to pair with their already excellent set of receivers. Ted is a great coach, but it's clear Arizona is in the midst of a full-scale rebuild. I don't know what else to say about this one except I think Green Bay wins big. New England Patriots (0-0) at Los Angeles Chargers (0-0) - The Patriots are fresh off an appearance in the 2019 playoffs and shored of both sides of the line with the drafting of Taylor Randolph and the acquisition of DT Rich Moore. An unfortunate injury to kicker Brad Weathersby puts them in a tough situation on special teams. I don't foresee it being an issue against the rebuilding Chargers who are in need of help at a lot of positions. Patriots win big. Chicago Bears (0-0) at Houston Texans (0-0) - Chicago made some big acquisitions this offseason adding Akeel Mitchell and Kevin Harris to their linebacking core. They also bring a high powered duo of wide receivers that should overwhelm the Houston CBs.. I think Rome is a good coach and their success this season depends on his ability to learn how to best utilize Alex Leshoure. I'm taking Chicago in this one - I like the additions they made. Denver Broncos (0-0) at Seattle Seahawks (0-0) - This has potential to be a great game. Seattle brings in new quarterback Jarius Jones to pair with Gary Faneca and new RB Booker T. Denver has their own set of new toys with Todd Jennings taking over the helm at QB and J.B. Blacknall taking over the feature back duties. I'm really high on Denver this year, I think they have a chance to unseat Oakland in the division. Seattle will make it tough but the Broncos pull it out. Washington Redskins (0-0) at Philadelphia Eagles (0-0) - The Redskins bring is stellar wideout Sam Hiller-Weeden, who's a guy I really hoped would fall to me at 19. Philly is the defending division champs and came oh so close to representing the NFC in the super bowl, but bring in rookie OLB Martin Whiting to add firepower to a solid defense. Washington will make a run at it, but I think Philly takes it. Detroit Lions (0-0) at Minnesota Vikings (0-0) - The Lions are perennial favorites each year and this year should be no different. They bring in Jeremy Cook and James Otero to add some firepower to that offense. Minnesota had a questionable off-season and brings in a brand-new coach to start the season. I think bellwood ends up being a good coach, but opening up with the best team in your division is no fun. Lions win this one handily. Kansas City Chiefs (0-0) at Jacksonville Jaguars (0-0) - We're now in year 2 of the Soluna rebuild in Jacksonville, and he was able to snag superstar WR Raheem Robinson. Asante Sowell had a stellar rookie campaign and should find even more holes now with a playmaker like Raheem on the outside. Kansas City had a great year last year, but then traded their best CB and his replacement immediately tore his ACL. Kansas City also loses their head coach from their playoff campaign. I think they'll be fine, but expect Jacksonville to win this one. *Indianapolis Colts (0-0) at Oakland Raiders (0-0) - The Smackems' game of the week features two AFC powerhouses in the Colts and Raiders. The Raiders got off to a sensational start last season before an unfortunate series of running back injuries really hurt their chances to go all the way. The Colts hope that Tony Peaks's return will bring some balance to their pass heavy offense last year. This game features 2 of the best QBs in the league each sporting a great set of weapons to throw the ball too. I like Oakland in this one - I think the home crowd will help them pull it out. .
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    Jason Johnson looked good in week 1 after a rough 2019 season The major jumps and drops after Week 1 games are so fun for the Power Rankings to reconsider. Some games were illuminating, other more confirming. Either way, it's great to have the NFLHC back again! Remember, if you don't like where you are in these rankings...play better! 1. San Francisco 49ers à The Champs roll on in a tight one with the Murph-less Rams. Offense is good, defense looked a little shaky. Strength-on-strength MNF matchup with Denver in week 2. 2. Oakland Raiders à Raiders hold on to #2 with an OT victory over the Colts in Oakland. Nick Hall was clutch, Rex Walsh is making folks forget about Marvin White, but the D got ripped a couple times. 3. New York Jets +1 Jets bossed the Ravens, thus the bump up. Wegert looked like he was back in college, and Paul Howell is still one of the most lopsided trade pieces in the history of the game. 4. Philadelphia Eagles -1 Got the win, but didn’t look super convincing doing it. The drop in spots is mostly due to the Jets looking REAL good, less the Eagles looking suspicious. But, it does highlight the lack of growth on the offensive end. 5. Detroit Lions à Not much more to say about the win over the hapless Vikes: LeCount was awesome throwing against 3rd graders. 6. Carolina Panthers +2 Holy Skaggs-to-Henry meatiness! Lined up against the Saints secondary, this was completely unfair from the jump. Skaggs don’t hurt ‘em. 7. Indianapolis Colts -1 Sorry to have to drop them at all. Went into the Black Hole and almost came out with a win. Colts are gonna be good, but will look over their shoulder all season at the… 8. Jacksonville Jaguars +2 Wow. Raheem the Dream does it all. Bonus points to Soluna for winning with Trick Plays. In the previous Power Rankings I highlighted Wade (INT) and Haywood (FF, FR, 6 tkls). 9. Los Angeles Rams à I’m gonna leave them here for playing San Fran really tough on the road without Murphy. Rams could have a really nice season. 10. Denver Broncos +3 The D looked super good, the offense less so. I’m giving us a bump for the road win, and the decent efficiency numbers in the revamped run game. Big game on Monday coming up… 11. Seattle Seahawks +2 Little bump for the Hawks despite the OT loss. That D is really good, but Jarius is going to need to get on the same page as his WRs soon. Running game isn’t gonna help much. 12. Miami Dolphins +7 Huge win for the Dolphins (even though the Bills are a mess). Smackems is gonna be an upgrade on the main headset, and Brian Brown looks like he wants some hardware back. 13. Kansas City Chiefs -6 This is actually being kind to the Chiefs after giving up 41 to the Jags. Rodgers didn’t look great, and the revamped DLine looked…outmatched. Long way back for the Arrowheads. 14. Green Bay Packers +6 Nice start for the Pack…JJ-to-Nom is unstoppable, and the D looks improved. NFC North is gonna be DET/GB, then the rest… 15. Washington Redskins* (not a real team name) à Keeping them at #15 due to playing the Eagles tough in Philly. Fields throwing 3 picks was bad, the Defense holding AT & Co. down is good. 16. Houston Texans +7 Pretty solid bump for the Texans for two main reasons: shutouts are awesome, and Leshoure’s first go was a success. He’s only gonna get better, and the Defense has some real horses. 17. New England Patriots -6 Not a good look losing to the Chargers—this should be a bigger drop. But it was on the road and perhaps they’re working out the game plan still. I KINDA have faith they’ll figure it out. 18. Pittsburgh Steelers +4 Should be higher after a big win. Davenport continues his unbelievable winning percentage as a starter, but the big surprise was the defense playing well. If Henson really gets going, watch out. Likely AFCN faves right now. 19. Dallas Cowboys +10 Very nice throwback win for the ‘Boys…watching Abraham go off for 120+ and a score is the real answer to the surprisingly bad 2019 effort. T-Rod looked like a solid starter in the NFLHC and that should be enough. 20. Cincinnati Bengals +8 Good road win for the KittyKats. Joel King played fine and the running game was passable. The defense definitely stepped up and finished off the game for Danger’s Dudes. Bengals have the talent, need consistency and chemistry to continue. 21. Los Angeles Chargers +11 Ayy! Way to go Chargers! The reason for the big bump: they’re resigned to a season of Will Thompson and that’s the right answer. Still a lot of holes, but hey, can’t argue with a season-opening win over a playoff team. 22. Tennessee Titans +4 Nice to have the monkey off the back, eh Titans? Congrats, even if it came on a missed Cleveland FG. Kevin Williams is the man, but they’ll need more from the run game to go with the defensive effort against the Browns. Titans could get torched by really good passing offenses, but if they control the ball, they should be a 7-9 win team, possibly more. 23. Atlanta Falcons -5 After all that bluster and hype in the off-season, that was sure a dud from the Falcons. The stat lines weren’t nearly as bad as the whole package, but when you lose at home to the Bengals, you drop hard. Pick it up, Atlanta. 24. New York Giants -10 Ugh, no other way to put it. Even the vaunted Defense from 2019 looked like a wet noodle, as Vaughan Abraham had a sweet day. Stanford is clearly not the answer, and OJ Carano (god bless thee, Golden Gopher) is another year older and step slower. Giants are looking at a 6 win ceiling unless they change things up in a hurry. 25. Chicago Bears -8 Speaking of yuck, getting shut out is one thing. Getting blanked by the Texans is an entirely different matter: it’s not like anyone is going to confuse Houston ’20 with the 2019 Giants. Chicago has no running game, putting it all on Brooksheer’s shoulders. And that proved to be a faulty strategy. 26. Baltimore Ravens -10 I couldn’t decide how to rate this performance for the Ravens because I think the Jets are actually just really good. But: the Ravens bread and butter is defense, and they gave up 31 points. Moussa Goode may prove to be a quality back, but he isn’t right now. Why not wave the white flag now and put Fisher in? 27. Cleveland Browns -6 Ryan Clark’s backups won all four preseason games. That’s about it. When the games mattered, Cleveland could only muster 17 points in Nashville. I still think the Browns could make it interesting in the North, because anybody can. But looking like another long season by Lake Erie. 28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -1 Possibly the most disappointing performance of week 1. Yes, it was on the road, and yes the Steelers have some serious momentum. But the Bucs put up essentially no effort in a lazy 38-17 loss. 38!!! Frank Williams is not gonna be happy there forever. Heiden had a solid game, but not much on the scoreboard to show for it. 29. Arizona Cardinals -5 Still a long ways to go, Cards. If you had been ripped 38-13 by the, say, Raiders, I would have been more forgiving. But the Packers took you behind the woodshed and showed you what it really means to build a team in a hurry. Jarius didn’t play that well, but I bet Ted wished he were getting the play calls instead of Kareem. 30. New Orleans Saints -5 Yikes. Devereaux fought back gamely, but where the hell was Sean Jenkins? He gets the “El Stinko” of the week for not even making the stat sheet. We knew the D was gonna be bad, but 456 and 6 touches for Skaggs? P-U. 31. Buffalo Bills -1 I’m not really sure what to say to Bills fans today. There was a brief window last season where your poo didn’t stink and the D-Line was everything. Then you missed the playoffs, and had a rough off-season. Then the puke job in Miami. Oof. 32. Minnesota Vikings -1 Vikings have the talent to win 4 games this year. But won’t.
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    Eugene Sanders was who I wanted to be our WR4 going into the preseason. His stats this preseason: Eugene Sanders, NYJ, 4 for 28 yards, 0 TD,1 DRP Eugene Sanders, NYJ, 2 for 22 yards, 0 TD Eugene Sanders, NYJ, 4 for 51 yards, 0 TD, 2 DRP Eugene Sanders, NYJ, 3 for 41 yards, 0 TD, 2 DRP Total: 13 receptions for 142 yards, 0 TD, 5 drops He is not who I want to be our WR4 anymore.
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    Anthony Newson, CIN, 20 of 30 for 375 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT Q B C O N T R O V E R S E Y
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    Note that this is my opinion on who would play the best in 2020 only, it is not a projection for their whole career.
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    Editor's Note: Ohio is next. If you are a MAC team and have a specific player you'd like one of these articles written about, let me know here or in my inbox. Otherwise I'll choose. The article after Ohio will be from Miami OH unless I have another request. Haywood after breaking up a crucial 3rd down pass in the 2019 MAC Championship. A 1993 Toyota Camry is rarely called beautiful. In fact, it's rarely worth calling one a car anymore. But as Adam Haywood sits on its hood, he pats it with such pride you would think it just won a Best In Show ribbon. "I call her Gloria," he says. And then he does it. He calls her "beautiful." When you start her up, Gloria sputters and coughs like she has the nastiest cold you've ever seen. "Give her a minute," Haywood tells me, although he seems to be assuring himself. When he's satisfied that she's still alive, he points to the dash and gives a knowing chuckle. "two hundred thousand, three hundred and twelve miles. I've only had her for about 25,000 of those, but it feels like longer." Why the hell have I asked to examine a college football player's clunker? The answer to that question is tricky. You see, I don't care about the car; as reliable as ol' Gloria probably is- and Haywood has told me at least three times that she's "as steady as they come"- I am not here to learn about her. I'm here to learn about Haywood. A big part of who Haywood is lies in the metal frame of Gloria. In fact, at one point, every part of Haywood lay within. Gloria was more than a college car to Haywood. At one point, she had been his lifeline and his shelter. That 1993 Toyota Camry, with the big dent in the wheel well and the side mirror that was duct taped on, had once been home to a homeless Adam Haywood. When he had nowhere else to turn, he had Gloria. She's been the only constant in his life ever since. Haywood is known for his trash talk before each play. "I want to own real estate in every receiver's head," he explains. Haywood isn't one to make excuses. He owns up to everything that's happened to him with a ferocity usually reserved for a 1990s rapper. He revels in his past, even when many tell him to forget it. "It's part of who I am," he explains. "I'm a dog now because I was a pup who grew up. And I wouldn't be where I am today without life giving me its best shot." Despite his obvious athletic ability, Haywood didn't play football until he reached the 10th grade. He was too engrossed in other pursuits- at one time, he wanted to be a soccer star. Then he got into basketball. Then he got kicked off the basketball team for smoking cigarettes in the locker room. "It was my high school basketball coach who got me to play football. Not because I wanted to at the time, though. Just because he wouldn't let me play basketball no more. I hated him for it at first, but looking back... couldn't have been better for me." Haywood stepped on the field as a raw but talented player. In his sophomore year he was a major contributor to Brookhaven's semifinal run. They ran a Tampa 2 defense in which Haywood thrived. In the quarterfinal game he lead Brookhaven to a 59-35 win behind an Ohio single game record 5 interceptions. He continued to explode onto the scene, being listed among all major recruiting sites in the Top 100 and garnering interest from schools all throughout the Midwest. It was the spring of his junior year when Gloria entered his life. "I bought her with the money I earned bagging groceries," Haywood explains. "I hadn't had a car before that. Usually I rode my bike to school, or my grandma would drop me off. But she died that spring, so I knew I had to get myself a ride." His maternal grandmother, Loretta Kingston, was the woman who raised him. His mother died when he was just six years old, and his father was never around. "She was my saving grace. She was the only one who looked out for me. When she died, the only thing that kept me going was knowing I needed to make her proud." So he bought Gloria. The original intent was for it to get him to and from both school and work, and nothing more. But being a full time student, he couldn't devote enough time to his job to keep his grandmother's apartment, and he was evicted two months later. "I didn't tell nobody about it." Haywood's ferocity returns as he explains those months. "I'd shower in the locker room at school in the mornings before anyone got there, and at night, I'd drive to a park and camp out there. Usually, I ate only the school lunch and whatever I could afford during my lunch break at work. It wasn't the best times, but I got through it." Haywood stresses the idea of 'getting through it' throughout the course of our meeting. It seems to be his mantra. Just get through it, and everything will be alright on the other side. Haywood slept in his car from April of his junior year of high school until December of his senior year, when it got so cold he finally broke down and asked for help. "I didn't think I needed anyone at that point. My grandma had been my caretaker, and when she was gone, I thought I could get by on my own. And I did, for awhile. When my friends got suspicious, I played it cool and told them not to worry. I wasn't worried. Or at least I didn't think I was. I didn't realize how lonely and helpless I was until it got cold." His high school offensive coordinator and math teacher, Dee Fisher, was the man he went to for help. Fisher remembers the night well. "I woke up to a knock on my door at about midnight. School was just letting out for the Thanksgiving holiday, and football season was over, so I hadn't seen Adam in about a week. But there he was, a hoodie drawn tightly around his face, standing on my porch. I didn't know what was happening at first. We knew he'd been struggling, but we had no clue he was homeless. He was good about sneaking around and hiding it, I guess. But there was no doubt in my mind that we had to take him in for good when I saw him there. So from that night until he left for college, he stayed with us." Fisher became a surrogate father to Haywood over that next spring. When Haywood struggled in school, Fisher tutored him. When Haywood debated where to play ball, Fisher was there with counsel. "Coach Fisher helped me out a lot," Haywood admits with a shrug. "He's my guy. Only person I would die for, and that's a fact." Eventually, Signing Day rolled around and Haywood made his decision. Despite interest from much larger schools and being in Ohio State's backyard, Haywood decided to make the trek two hours north to Toledo to play for Coach Deathcpo. When asked about his decision by the local news station after his signing, Haywood shrugged. "I want to go somewhere and be the best ever. So I'm going to Toledo. I'm gonna start from day 1, and I'm gonna ball out from day 1. Watch me." Haywood celebrating an INT he returned for a TD. He has 3 pick 6s in just 2 years starting. While it seemed crazy, Haywood backed his words up by dominating as a freshman during summer camp. Although he was originally slated to only be the fourth corner on the team, he blew away his coaches with his natural ability even as he still was learning the intricacies of a college defense. "We recruited a guy who was one of the best zone corners in high school, and then asked him to play man coverage right out of the gate," Deathcpo explained. "The kid is a phenom." As he lays on the hood of his car now, hands behind his head and eyes closed, he smiles. "I can do it all," he says confidently. "I may look like a zone guy, but I ain't never played a down of zone coverage since I got here [to Toledo]. And that's a fact." Haywood took no time becoming the darling of Toledo's defense. As a true freshman, lining up against the best receivers on each team the Rockets faced, Haywood recorded 6 INTs. Whenever he went anywhere on campus, he wore a hoodie with the drawstrings pulled tight so that he wouldn't be pestered by giddy fans. He spent hours upon hours in the film room, dissecting tape with his position coach, and the rest of the time he spent in his dorm, playing NBA 2k19 and avoiding the spotlight. The same thing happened in 2019. 6 more interceptions, and still more recognition. Receivers recount tales of his legendary trash-talk. Kenneth Harrison, the Miami Redhawks star receiver, shudders as he thinks back to his only meeting with Haywood. "I was a redshirt freshman, and the man broke me. He was a true freshman who held me to zero catches. I think his hands got on more throws that day than mine did. And before every play, he would give me a grin and ask me when I was gonna make it hard for him. I never did." As such a vocal player on the field, a casual fan may expect Haywood to eat up the relative fame that came with being one of the stars of a D1 football program, but it was the opposite. Haywood continued to avoid being noticed around the campus, and stuck to the football facilities for most of every day, whether in season or out of season. When I pressed him about it, he waved me off nonchalantly. "I'm not an ass. I believe I'm the best, but I let my results speak for themselves. I don't need everybody constantly telling me how great I am to keep me going. I never had that growing up, and look where I am. Why would I change that?" He pauses, then expands, to make sure that I know that he's serious. "And I do believe I'm the best. Any cornerback who doesn't believe that about themselves isn't gonna last long." Throughout his first two years in college, Gloria has remained a fixture in his life. While he has a bed in the football dorms now, he still on occasion naps in her backseat after practices. She keeps him grounded, even as the hype surrounding him continues to build. As he prepares to enter his junior season, he's one of the leaders of the most talented team in the MAC, and Deathcpo has left no doubt about that. Haywood's success will directly affect the Rockets' season. "I like the pressure. I like being uncomfortable. Nothing big ever comes from being comfortable. I hate working out, lifting weights and all that, but I do it because that's how I get ahead. That's how I become the best. Complacency don't have no place in my life." Haywood slides off the hood of his car and walks around back. He pops the trunk and grabs a sweater, pulls it over his head, and then points at the pile of clothes he pulled it from. "That was my closet at one point. My bedroom was the seats. I didn't get to where I am because life treated me right." I asked him if he harbored resentment towards life, due to everything it had thrown at him. He considered the question for awhile. "Nah, I got football. I play angry. But off the field, I got good people around me and I want to make them proud. I don't have the time or the energy to be constantly angry. I was raised better than that." He pats Gloria's roof, then smiles at her like you might imagine a kid smiles at his crush at prom. It was a big, childlike smile. "My grandma gets a lot of the credit for raising me. She was my rock. But when she was gone, all I had was Gloria. And she became my rock." I put my things away, shook Haywood's hand, and thanked him for his time. I was thinking about the interview, trying to frame this story about a football player that didn't have much to do with football. It was a curious predicament, but as I turned away, he called my name and I turned back to see him climbing in the door, the grin still plastered on his face. Then he said it. "Isn't she beautiful?" I couldn't help but agree.
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    Oh, Snap! Titans snap something other than their legs, snapping a 14 game losing streak
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    Note that this is my opinion on who would play the best in 2020 only, it is not a projection for their whole career.
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    The Arizona athletic department is excited to announce the inaugural class of inductees to the Wildcats Ring of Honor. The class includes 4 players and 1 coach. The player inductees are FB Michael Behrens, QB Taylor Rodriguez, WR Tyrone Cunningham, and CB Daron Haag. All received All-Pac-12 honors and Behrens was an All-American selection. The coach inductee is Neovenator250 who lead the Wildcats to their only Pac-12 conference championship in 2017. The athletic department is planning a ceremony to occur during halftime of a 2020 home game (TBD).
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    The people of the world thank you for this addition, based god Soluna.
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    There were a lot of things I said would happen this season. I made 20 bold predictions in the preseason (2 for each team), predicted the results of every game before the season, and predicted every game for almost every week throughout the season. This is a quick look at how often I'm right and how often my predictions go udders-up. Preseason Bold Predictions: Baylor Baylor wins the Big XII South for the first time since 2014 - correct The team's interception count takes a steep dropoff (from 17), as does Kyle Cunningham's (from 7) - half credit: team interceptions fell to 12 (29% dropoff), Cunningham's only fell to 6 Iowa State Arturo Pacheco wins the Doak Walker Award - not particularly close The Cyclones finish tied with or behind Oklahoma in the North standings - finished 3-4 to Oklahoma's 6-1 Kansas Eric Jennings ends the year as the Big XII career leader in passing yards - correct: 11709 yards Jennings throws 12+ interceptions for the second straight year - thankfully incorrect Kansas State Julius Minnow sets at least two Kansas State single-season passing records (completion percentage, passer rating, YPA, yards, or touchdowns) - zero records set Kansas State’s conference losing streak continues through the season - correct Oklahoma Graham Burnett leads the Big XII in passer rating for the 2019 season - correct: 167.68 Oklahoma gives up the highest yards allowed per carry average in the Big XII - they gave up the second-fewest, actually Oklahoma State Raheem Robinson passes Tai Miller to become the Big XII’s all-time leader in receiving yards, finishing over 4000 for his career - correct: 4517 Oklahoma State becomes the first Big XII team to reach 0-7 against a single opponent (Oklahoma) - incorrect: 35-17 TCU TCU’s defense allows fewer than 15 points per game - incorrect: 28.42 TCU’s offense scores fewer than 20 points per game - incorrect: 21.17 Texas Simeon Wells rushes for more than 1200 yards (or 100 yards per game) as a true freshman - correct: 1412 (108.6 per game) Texas misses a bowl game for the first time in school history - incorrect: won the Cactus Bowl Texas Tech Texas Tech enters the final three weeks of the season in contention for the South title - correct: loss to Baylor in week 14 eliminated Texas Tech For the 5th time in 7 years, Texas Tech finishes with 5 or 6 wins, no more and no less - incorrect: 7 wins West Virginia Mohammed Foster breaks off 3+ touchdown runs of 50 yards or more. Mohamed Mustafa finishes 10th or worse among Big XII runningbacks in yards per carry - incorrect: 6th Score: 8.5/20 (42.5%) Preseason game predictions: Baylor: 9/12 Iowa State: 6/12 Kansas: 7/12 Kansas State: 12/12 Oklahoma: 7/12 Oklahoma State: 8/12 TCU: 4/12 Texas: 10/12 Texas Tech: 6/12 West Virginia: 10/12 Score: 79/120 (65.8%) Weekly game predictions: Week 1: 6/8 Week 2: 5/6 Week 3: 3/7 Week 4: 6/7 Week 5: 4/5 Week 6: 4/6 Week 7: 4/5 Week 8: 5/6 Week 9: N/A Week 10: N/A Week 11: 2/4 Week 12: 5/5 Week 13: 2/3 Week 14: 5/5 Week 15: 6/6 Week 16: 3/4 CCG: 0/1 Bowls: 4/8 Score: 64/86 (74.4%)
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    Reasons why I'm becoming an alcoholic: 1. Saints defense
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    Los Angeles Rams (0-0) at San Francisco 49ers (0-0)
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    East Rutherford, New Jersey The New York Giants are announcing they are splitting ways with General Manager iliveinadreamatorioum. After having been a member of the organization since the 2016 season it has been increasingly clear that the Giants organization and Dream have different expectations on how the franchise should be operated. Owner Notoriousbigej will assume GM duties immediately and HC believer is secure in his position for the time being. I now open for questions.
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    Who were this week's studs and duds? STUDS Christian Skaggs, QB, 32 of 50 for 457 yards, 6 TD - 133.1 QBR Arrest warrant has been filed for what Skaggs did to the Saints' defense on Sunday. E.J. McQuarters, DE, 2 sacks, FF, FR, 3 tackles EJM came up big for the Bengal defense in their impressive week one showing. Raheem Robinson, WR, 4 catches for 75 yards 3 carries for 45 yards, TD 2 of 2 for 27 yards, TD Robinson did it all in Jacksonville's big win over Kansas City. Charles Johnson, DE, 3 sacks, 4 tackles Johnson helped the Broncos' D flex their muscles in a dominant week one performance. Daleroy Smart, ILB, 2 FF, FR, 8 tackles Smart picked up where he left off last season - wreaking constant havoc for opposing offenses. Curtis Henry, TE, 12 catches, 160 yards, 2 TD It was a long day for the Saints. Nick Hall, QB, 25 of 34 for 329 yards, 3 TD, 133.1 QBR Hall was nearly flawless against a stout Indianapolis defense. DUDS Sean Jenkins, WR, Not on statsheet Jenkins was nowhere to be seen in the Saints' disappointing season opener Jarius Jones, QB, 15 of 25 for 137 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT, 41.6 QBR Jones laid an egg in his Seahawks' debut. Quincy Honeycutt, RB, 11 carries for 14 yards Ew. Shawn Cole, RB, 10 carries for 16 yards Cole went to the Honeycutt School for Running Backs Javier Fields, QB, 17 of 30 for 195 yards, 0 TD, 3 INT, 36.8 QBR Fields' completed 66.7% of his passes to a human being on Sunday. Norris Brooksheer, QB, 29 of 46 for 241 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT, 58.3 QBR Never good when you've got a pair of duds on the same team.
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    My apologies. Just trying to lighten the mood. Besides, you might be able to trade for a decent GM, for say, I don't know, next year's 3rd round pick?
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    Coaches Head Coach Traits None Offensive Coordinator - Josh McDaniels -8% total scheme change penalty +5% QB skill +3% WR skill -15% WR durability Defensive Coordinator - Richard Smith +4% ILB/OLB progression +5% ILB fitness -4% OLB aggressiveness Captains (One Offensive, One Defensive, One Special Teams) WR Mark Walker 5-11 190 6 Florida [Speed] 79 ILB Richard Wilson 6-2 231 5 Oregon State [Mike] 87 CB Marcus Farmer 6-1 177 5 Louisville [Zone Coverage] 70 Offense Quarterback QB Byron Harper 6-3 225 2 Utah [Hybrid] 80 QB Christian Barkley 6-3 211 1 Texas Tech [Pocket] 83 QB Kamau Davis 6-2 218 5 Indiana [Pocket] 89 Running Back RB Bradie Sapp 5-11 185 6 Virginia Tech [Power] 77 RB Asante Sowell 6-3 194 1 Wisconsin [Power] 87 (3rd Down) Running Back RB Bradie Sapp 5-11 185 6 Virginia Tech [Power] 77 RB Asante Sowell 6-3 194 1 Wisconsin [Power] 87 Fullback FB Neill Sharper 6-2 212 5 LSU [Run Blocking] 86 Wide Receiver WR Raheem Robinson 6-3 192 R Oklahoma State [Speed] 83 WR Tyrone Turner 6-5 202 R Eastern Washington [Target] 74 WR Mark Walker 5-11 190 6 Florida [Speed] 79 WR Taylor Eifert 6-3 208 1 Nebraska [Target] 80 WR Curtis Settles 6-0 207 2 Penn State [Speed] 83 WR Robert Curtis 6-5 213 1 BYU [Target] 74 Tight End TE Jordan Kemp 6-3 225 R Georgia [Blocking] 80 TE Amir Nassib 6-0 229 1 Cincinnati [Receiving] 70 TE Derek Harrison 6-1 251 6 Rutgers [Receiving] 94 Left Tackle OT Rafael O'Donnell 6-5 310 R Colorado State [Run Blocking] 80 OT Thomas Donaldson 6-4 302 4 Virginia Tech [Run Blocking] 78 OT Ryan Stallworth 6-5 293 3 Kentucky [Pass Blocking] 72 Left Guard OG Jason Peterson 6-7 291 1 Michigan State [Run Blocking] 72 OG Robert Roaf 6-7 267 4 Michigan State [Run Blocking] 92 Center C Patrick Ena 6-5 306 4 Texas A&M [Pass Blocking] 83 OG Jason Peterson 6-7 291 1 Michigan State [Run Blocking] 72 Right Guard OG Ian Meyer 6-5 289 3 Georgia Tech [Pass Blocking] 66 OG Dave Young 6-4 296 4 Oregon [Pass Blocking] 85 Right Tackle OT Toma Pinati 6-1 313 R Buffalo [Run Blocking] 76 OT Glenn Boyd 6-6 311 3 Florida State [Pass Blocking] 86 OT Mahamadou Dennis 6-3 257 1 TCU [Run Blocking] 80 Defense Left Defensive End DE Thomas Conley 6-4 263 1 Missouri [Contain] 75 DE Preston Bryant 6-8 280 3 Michigan State [Blitz] 84 Defensive Tackle(s) DT Ronald Barker 6-4 299 R Boston College [2-Gap] 80 DT Larry Holmes 6-6 275 3 LSU [1-Gap] 74 Right Defensive End DE Ethan McCall 6-0 263 R Nevada [Blitz] 70 DE Shamar Manning 6-1 276 2 Florida State [Contain] 78 Left Outside Linebacker OLB Hugh Boerigter 6-2 251 4 Stanford [Blitz] 75 OLB Jeff Williams 6-2 237 5 Wisconsin [Coverage] 88 Middle Linebacker(s) ILB Melvin Cooper 6-2 227 4 Tennessee [Will] 77 ILB Christian Haywood 6-3 243 1 Arizona [Mike] 86 ILB Richard Wilson 6-2 231 5 Oregon State [Mike] 87 Right Outside Linebacker OLB Donnie Bavaro 6-2 239 5 Florida [Coverage] 85 OLB Brett Wilson 6-1 235 2 Louisville [Coverage] 75 Cornerbacks CB B.J. Dawkins 5-11 176 6 Washington State [Man Coverage] 76 CB Marcus Farmer 6-1 177 5 Louisville [Zone Coverage] 70 CB Cody Hanna 5-11 196 1 Clemson [Man Coverage] 67 CB Jay Wade 5-10 211 1 Alabama [Zone Coverage] 82 CB Gary Chamberlain 6-1 174 4 Notre Dame [Man Coverage] 82 Free Safety FS Jake Pugh 5-11 193 3 Florida State [Man Coverage] 73 FS Kevin Johnson 6-0 174 2 Syracuse [Man Coverage] 81 Strong Safety SS Mark Dean 5-10 205 1 Nevada [Zone Coverage] 78 SS Larry Reeves 5-11 204 6 Tennessee [Man Coverage] 89 Special Teams Kicker K Alejandro Aguirre 5-11 198 1 Oklahoma [Accuracy] 87 Punter P Jason Sochia 5-10 169 3 Notre Dame [Accuracy] 93 Kickoff Specialist K Alejandro Aguirre 5-11 198 1 Oklahoma [Accuracy] 87 Kick Returner WR Curtis Settles 6-0 207 2 Penn State [Speed] 83 Punt Returner WR Curtis Settles 6-0 207 2 Penn State [Speed] 83 Holder QB Byron Harper 6-3 225 2 Utah [Hybrid] 80 Long Snapper OG Jason Peterson 6-7 291 1 Michigan State [Run Blocking] 72 Kickoff Team (10 Players, not including the Kick Returner) TE Jordan Kemp 6-3 225 R Georgia [Blocking] 80 TE Amir Nassib 6-0 229 1 Cincinnati [Receiving] 70 WR Tyrone Turner 6-5 202 R Eastern Washington [Target] 74 WR Mark Walker 5-11 190 6 Florida [Speed] 79 WR Robert Curtis 6-5 213 1 BYU [Target] 74 ILB Melvin Cooper 6-2 227 4 Tennessee [Will] 77 CB Marcus Farmer 6-1 177 5 Louisville [Zone Coverage] 70 CB Cody Hanna 5-11 196 1 Clemson [Man Coverage] 67 FS Jake Pugh 5-11 193 3 Florida State [Man Coverage] 73 SS Mark Dean 5-10 205 1 Nevada [Zone Coverage] 78 Hands Team (11 Players, to be used during Onside Kicks) TE Derek Harrison 6-1 251 6 Rutgers [Receiving] 94 TE Jordan Kemp 6-3 225 R Georgia [Blocking] 80 WR Raheem Robinson 6-3 192 R Oklahoma State [Speed] 83 WR Taylor Eifert 6-3 208 1 Nebraska [Target] 80 WR Curtis Settles 6-0 207 2 Penn State [Speed] 83 ILB Melvin Cooper 6-2 227 4 Tennessee [Will] 77 CB Jay Wade 5-10 211 1 Alabama [Zone Coverage] 82 CB Gary Chamberlain 6-1 174 4 Notre Dame [Man Coverage] 82 FS Kevin Johnson 6-0 174 2 Syracuse [Man Coverage] 81 SS Larry Reeves 5-11 204 6 Tennessee [Man Coverage] 89 Punt Return Team (10 Players, not including the Punt Returner) TE Jordan Kemp 6-3 225 R Georgia [Blocking] 80 TE Amir Nassib 6-0 229 1 Cincinnati [Receiving] 70 WR Tyrone Turner 6-5 202 R Eastern Washington [Target] 74 WR Mark Walker 5-11 190 6 Florida [Speed] 79 WR Robert Curtis 6-5 213 1 BYU [Target] 74 ILB Melvin Cooper 6-2 227 4 Tennessee [Will] 77 CB Marcus Farmer 6-1 177 5 Louisville [Zone Coverage] 70 CB Cody Hanna 5-11 196 1 Clemson [Man Coverage] 67 FS Jake Pugh 5-11 193 3 Florida State [Man Coverage] 73 SS Mark Dean 5-10 205 1 Nevada [Zone Coverage] 78 Inactive None
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    FROM DREAMS TO NIGHTMARES Giants start the seaon by firing GM Dream and suffering a crushing 28-6 loss to Dallas
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    Raheem Robinson to Asante Sowell, 8 yd TD pass - 11:56 (14-37)
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    Despite Nevada making the #8 seed and almost going undefeated in the regular season before losing a heartbreaker to Air Force. They’ve lost talent such as WR Darius Goode, DE Ethan McCall and the No. 14 pick in ILB Akeel Morris. At the same time, either current talent has gotten better such as QB Jordan Godwin, OLB Evan Walsh and FS Isaac Watkins, or They’ve added new talent through HS or even Redshirts such as Redshirts RB Tom Honeycutt and DT Andrew Barron and Freshman HSs DE Da’Quan Darden and OLB Jordan Butler. They will be title contenders, but will they improve further and take the next step or take a step backwards and fall out of the playoffs. ROSTER Top 3 Offensive: QB Jordan Godwin 6-0 190 So Pleasant Grove (Grove, UT) 4.5 of 4.5 [Pocket] TE Mason Parks 6-1 232 (Jr) Gabbs (Gabbs, NV) 4.0 of 4.0 [Receiving] RB Tom Honeycutt 5-11 228 (Fr) Tonopah (Tonopah, NV) 2.0 of 4.5 [Power] Top 3 Defensive: OLB Evan Walsh 5-11 218 Jr Truckee (Truckee, NV) 5.0 of 5.0 [Coverage] DT Andrew Barron 6-2 318 (Fr) Hayfork (Hayfork, CA) 2.0 of 5.0 [2-Gap] FS Isaac Watkins 6-0 194 So Hilltop (Vista, CA) 3.5 of 4.5 [Zone Coverage] Top Special Team: ATH Phillip Crow 6-1 180 (So) Valley (Bakersfield, CA) 3.5 of 5.0 [Accuracy] Notable Offseason Additions: WR Ibrahim Woods 6-2 186 Fr Beatty (Beatty NV) 1.5 of 4.0 [Speed] DE Jesse McKay 6-7 257 Fr Temecula Valley (Temecula CA) 2.5 of 4.0 [Contain] CB Tegray Wingard 6-0 200 (Jr) Salem Community College (Carneys Point NJ) 4.0 of 4.0 [Man Coverage] DE Da'Quan Darden 6-5 253 Fr Elmira (Elmira OR) 1.5 of 5.0 [Blitz] OLB Jordan Butler 6-0 221 Fr Mountain View (Las Vegas NV) 1.5 of 5.0 [Blitz] Notable Offseason Subtractions WR Darius Goode 6-5 232 Sr Kishwaukee College (Malta, IL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Target] DE Ethan McCall 6-0 263 Sr Western Nebraska Community College (Scotts Bluff, NE) 4.0 of 4.0 [Blitz] ILB Akeel Morris 6-5 234 Jr Silver Stage (Silver Springs, NV) 5.0 of 5.0 [Mike]: Quick Thoughts: Akeel leaving really leaves a big hole in that LB core and having Shaver replace him doesn’t help their situation but adding Butler to complement Walsh on the side really their OLB position. They really worked quick to add more talent to their DEs after McCall left. They added another good CB to help that core. Nevada should’ve worked on improving that O-Line but that aside, a pretty successful recruiting cycle. Three Key Storylines 1. Can Nevada continue like normal without Akeel Morris This is possibly the biggest storyline throughout the MWC, their team is very solid throughout but without their glue guy Akeel, will Nevada start to collapse? Akeel has been maybe the greatest player in Nevada history, joined the hometown team, was a tackling monster, and propelled Nevada to that national stage. He had 231 tackles, 7.5 sacks and 4 INTs and also was a 2 time Dick Butkus award winner, a Jack Lambert Trophy winner, and a 3 time All-American. He’s the Prototypical LB everyone wants to have. The production he created will never be matched for a long time, but now with Walsh and Butler on the outside, they might be okay to continue but they will feel the loss of Morris. 2. How will they fair with several freshman being thrusted into starting jobs With players like Woods, McKay, Darden, Butler, Honeycutt and Barron having to take starting positions as either a redshirt or true freshman, will they be able to produce or reduce? These players were brought in to produce right away as to replace former players, the problem is that these are freshman and they might not produce at the level you want, sure, they are freshman, but this is a legitimate contender and to be relying on freshman so heavily might not be a good thing, but they could turn out and become a good role player for this season and maybe be a vital part. 3. Will they be able to reach the promise land again this season Nevada, a team coupled with losses of veterans and additions of youth, might or might not make the playoffs again, last year they snuck in over Minnesota as the #8 seed, but can they do the same this season? Nevada’s roster has had half of their team revamped and changed, hopefully for the better. This team ended off the season 12-2 after losing in a heartbreaker to Nevada on a 53 YD FG by Lorenzo Rodgers and losing to the #1 Clemson and had Akeel declaring early for the draft. They have no great replacement for Morris as Shaver will be the starting ILB and Shaver’s decent at best and Goode left and Nevada only has O’Neill and Woods to replace him. But that doesn’t mean everything is bad, Buter can pair up with Walsh and Darden and McKay can work together. Only time can tell. Scenarios Best-Case Scenario Nevada’s Freshman can pick up where the whole team left off and end off the season undefeated and top 3 in the poll, they make the playoff as the #5 or #6 seed and lose in first round as Honeycutt wins the Jim Brown Trophy and Walsh wins the Dick Butkus award and is a All-American along with Godwin. Worst-Case Scenario Nevada can’t create chemistry with each other and start off with a rough start, by the time they start doing good it’s too late and they don’t make the playoffs and make the bowl, which they lose and left to think what could’ve been. What do you guys think, Will Nevada Progress or Regress?
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    A statement from Redskins coach nephewjack: While we certainly have faith in Javier going forward as our quarterback, we're not going to take any risks with our players' health. At the same time, it's a little early to rule him out for the entire year, and on the advice of team doctors he'll sit until we have a better handle on the full situation. We'll be waiting for an update on his condition, and in the meantime, we have complete confidence in Yancey's ability to step up under center and make this season a successful one, regardless of how long Javier's injury may keep him out.
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    Thanks for tuning in! As you'll remember, last time we revealed players 15-11. Here are the voting results from the fans as to whether these players were overrated or underrated on our list: Ranking Player Rating Description 15 ILB Andre Brooks (Lions) 2.83 Somewhat Underrated 14 DE Ryan Frey (Eagles) 3.33 Somewhat Overrated 13 OG David Wilson (Raiders) 2.58 Pretty Underrated 12 SS Dane Wilson (Steelers) 3.83 Incredibly Overrated 11 OG Jace Brown (Cowboys) 2.75 Kinda Underrated Now, it's time to reveal the rest of the players on our list! These are the top 10 players in NFLHC, the very best of the very best. When points are revealed, each player got a certain number of points from each ballot cast. A first place vote was worth 50 points, second place vote worth 49, etc. Player #10 Player #9 Player #8 Player #7 Player #6 Player #5 Player #4 Player #3 Player #2 Player #1 Thanks for tuning in for all these lists! Here is the ranking of all players who received votes: Who should have made the list that didn't? Who was really overrated? Any further comments?
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    I was ready to call Curtis Henry the greatest tight end we've ever seen, but then I realized he was playing the Saints.
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    Nah I got the joke, it was just lame and I'm not in the mood for that shit right now
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    DStack, headcoach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Don't you think this is a bit of a knee jerk reaction? Don't you think you should just casually ride out Dream as GM and just kinda 'see what happens?' I certainly enjoy having GM Dream in the NFC East.
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    Cleveland going undefeated and winning super bowl.
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    Adrian Jankowski, CIN, 9 for 209 yards, 3 TD
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    THE REDSKINS GENERAL MANAGER MAY SUBMIT A RESPONSE UNTIL 11:30 PM ET 3/23/2017 Javier Fields may have suffered a partially torn rotator cuff in the week one loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. The recommendation by doctors would be for a second opinion that may take a week to come through but to at least leave him out of the active roster during the next game. The Redskins have been asked to reach a decision on Thompson's injury: A ) Do nothing. Javier Fields will be ready for week 2. B ) Rest Fields and wait for second opinion. Javier Fields will be inactive for week 2 and may be inactive in future weeks depending on the opinion of the doctors. Doctors may also hold him out longer than just committing to the surgery (including the next offseason). C ) Commit to rotator cuff surgery. Javier Fields will be out until the 2021 season.
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    Because it's Week 1, a lot of shit just isn't available yet due to a lot of dividing by zero (Your opponent has only played one team, you, so your SOS is 0/0, for example). But here is what I CAN give you: Elo Rating (1500 is average. Variance is upped this year because I felt like the numbers did not correct themselves quickly or strongly enough last year): Elo Change (just change in Elo from the start): Pythagorean Difference (Difference between actual wins and expected wins based on PF/PA. Sort of a measure of luck. Sort of.): AY/A+ (Adjusted Yards Per Attempts, assigning yardage to TDs and INTs. From PFR. 100 is average, 15 is the standard deviation. Uses 2019 results to help adjust it into context):
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    Skaggs & Sons: Open for Business Curtis Henry explodes for 12 catches, 160 yards and 2 touchdowns
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    Don't let the Packers offense putting up 38 points distract you from the fact that the Bears were shut out.
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    My question is this: Which of your coordinators are you going to fire so that you can comply with the stated coaches contract rules that the head coach must always make more than one of the coordinators?
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    Killing Fields: Eagles defense feasts as AT and Co. struggles
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    Marquise Reed, 71 yd INT return for TD - 7:00 (21-7)
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    Offensive Player of The Year QB, Andre Webb, SMU Defensive Player of The Year CB, Adam Young, SMU Freshman of The Year CB, Adam Young, SMU Coach of The Year Time, SMU 1st Team All Conference Offense QB: Andre Webb, SMU RB: Denorris Jackson, UCF FB: Eli Tuitiama, ECU TE: Joshua Darby, Navy WR: Dean Burkhart, SMU WR: Lamont Crawford, Temple OL: ECU DE: Guillermo Murphy, USF DE: Rodney Randolph, Temple DT: James Blue, USF DT: Darius Greene, Uconn OLB: Salvatore McKinney, Temple ILB: Sebastian Chaney, ECU ILB: Levi Hankins, Temple OLB: Gregory Jenkins, Temple CB: Adam Young, SMU CB: Jasiah Francis, ECU FS: Andre Buckner, Tulane SS: Cameron Whitney, Uconn P: Cooper Waller, ECU K: Dylan Stone, Temple KR Mario Ruff, Cincinnati PR: Adam Young, SMU 2nd Team All Conference QB: Daniel Lentz, USF RB: Marshawn Miller, Uconn FB: Ricky Lewis, Temple TE: William Bouchard, ECU WR: Ramon Stewart, USF WR: Claudio Howard, USF OL: SMU DE: Jayden Love, Memphis DE: Jaden Westbrook, SMU DT: Arthur Ireland, SMU DT: Zachary Blake, Temple OLB: Zaire Finney, UCF ILB: Luca Carrol, UCF ILB: Lowell Vaughn, USF OLB: Logan Ware, Houston CB: Willie Berry, UCF CB: Shawn Burden, Uconn FS: Sergio Munoz, SMU SS: Blake Goodwin, SMU P: Sean Bagnard, UCF K: Joel Cordero, SMU KR Lamont Crawford, Temple PR: Gavin Otto, Tulane
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    I'd say that's a pretty fair assessment of the PHI @ CAR game. Skaggs is going to score (unless we break him too) so it's going to come down to how much our defense can get in the backfield, limit the damage and how well our offense can control the ball/clock. We're probably going to need a big special teams/defensive play to win this one in Carolina. I like our chances beating this team at the end of the season or playoffs when the weather is cold/shitty than at the beginning of the season when it's warm and sunny. Can't wait, should be a good one.
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    Darth Paul Paul Howell puts up 6 catches, 131 yards, and a TD against his former team as the Jets win 31-14
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    who the fuck is John Varela? Did the Bears have a "Watch a lucky random fan play a game as QB" promotion for this game or something?
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