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Matt Jones and his #4 Purdue Boilermakers continue the chug along to a B1G West division championship and possibly more following their 38-21 win over Nebraska on the road.


Things continue to click in Miami and the Dolphins were able to remain undefeated Sunday Night with a 35-19 win over the New York Jets. The acquisition of rookie WR J.C. Weldon seems to be just what the doctor ordered.


#12 Arizona bounced back in a big way following their surprising loss to the Utah Utes last weekend. Smacking the Colorado Buffaloes 45-10 behind an offensive explosion from QB Sam Parish and his weapons


Misfortune strikes again in Minnesota as the Vikings get beat down 45-11 by the Baltimore Ravens in their own house. On top of that, their already injury plagued team picked up four more injuries. Was that headline a stretch? Why yes...yes it was.


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    I am honored to be the next commissioner of the C-USA. I would like to thank all the C-USA coaches that voted and a special thanks to Rocketcan (FIU). I am replacing Isaac829 who was the conference commissioner since the beginning of the C-USA in 2018. I would like to take the foundation he built and maximize our potential as a conference. With coaching stability, we will continue to grow as a conference. I will do my best to produce media (starting with reviving the weekly roundup), ensure that every team has an active coach, and help with the site in any way I can.
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    I am pleased to announce that I will be taking over as the next commissioner of the Southeastern Conference. I would like to thank those coaches that voted in our election, and who work to keep the conference as the best in the nation. As commissioner I will try to continue the SEC's tradition of producing great media, and will do what I can to help out the site. I hope that I can fill the shoes of my illustrious predecessors as commissioner, and look forward to continuing the SEC's stellar performance as a conference.
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    Recruiting is starting to wind down (JuCo excepted), and with the long break it makes a person look forward to the promise of next year and next year's croots even though we're not even halfway through the 2021 season. But when has that ever stopped meanyone? In this post I take a look at the 2022 projected rosters for the teams of the East division, and a bit further than that based on their current rosters and recruiting classes to date. Some notes before we begin: +1.0 progression is assumed for all players. An in-position player will ALWAYS be listed ahead of any out-of-position (OOP) players, no matter how much better/worse they are. This is done to show any potential holes. If there is a better OOP option, though, he will be mentioned in the analysis. Defense style (3-4, 4-3) chosen based on best guess of available personnel. LS/KR/PR will not be listed unless the team has specialized players at those positions. Akron Zips Analysis: 2022: Much like this year the 2022 Zips will lean on the defense, especially DT Jeremiah Clarke and MLB Devin Frazier. QB Griffin Donahue and RB Shontrell Driver are a potent one-two punch on offense, but there isn't much else there. Kind of like how Akron is this year, actually. After that: If Akron wants to continue competing for the MAC East title the 2022 recruiting class will be crucial to raise the talent floor. 2021's class has lots of bodies but very little quality (only 9 of 23 commits have potential above 3.0). The WR and OLB positions look to be especially weak with only five 2022 freshmen (true or redshirt) total among these groups, and only one with a potential greater than 3. Bowling Green Falcons Analysis: 2022: Somewhat surprisingly there are still some very good players on this Falcons squad. Bowling Green projects to have the safety duo in the conference in FS Brody Grimes and SS Antonio Jackson, and assuming guard Derrick Briggs doesn't declare he and C Jonas Zambrano still provide significant push up the middle. But the pieces around them.... Yes, that really is only one actual CB in that group. He is currently the only CB on the entire roster, including the 2021 recruiting class. After that: Bowling Green's coaching carousel has cost them over the last few years and is reaching into this year. Coach @Kirby absolutely needs to finish strong in recruiting this year (find some corners!) and sign some quality players next year to halt the Falcons' talent drain. Buffalo Bulls Analysis: 2022: For a primer on why recruiting class quantity matters as much as quality, see the Buffalo Bulls. Back-to-back years of tiny (10-11) classes leaves new coach @Wooden scrambling to find warm bodies, even though they've pulled in the likes of Blair Holcomb and Alexander Moffett during that time. None of the 2021 redshirts should crack the starting lineup, and there isn't anyone in the 2021 recruit class who currently is ready to help now. The big caveat is if the Bulls can hold off Army for blue-chip (2.5 of 5.0) CB Laquon Boston. But those offensive and defensive lines are bad, even if you slot center Julien Milner (projected 3.0 of 3.5 Run Blocker) in for LG Pete Culp. Think of how worse this looks if C D.J. Wilkinson were to declare for the 2022 draft (unlikely). After that: Unless the Bulls land Boston, there really isn't any significant help on the horizon. Even with Boston that's only one hole of many to patch (WR, any line position), so the coaching staff has a LOT of work to do to return the Bulls to their place in the upper half of the division. Kent State Golden Flashes Analysis: 2022: Kent is probably still at least a year away from contending for the division, but @TazerMan's care and attention to the Golden Flashes starts to bear fruit this year. The expected emergence of C.J. Williams means that medically redshirted FB Harrison Mullin can FINALLY play his natural position, and with only nine seniors among the expected starters the offense and defense will have time to develop serious chemistry with each other. DE Geno Mason will give Kent State a pass rush they haven't had in... a really, really, long time. After that: Kent State could actually be the favorites for the MAC East in 2023 and 2024, but after that depends on today. Even with the quality of their 2021 recruits (3 players with 4-4.5 potential) it's still only a 4-man class. It needs bodies, don't starve the class! Miami (OH) Redhawks Analysis: 2022: Probably the 2022 MAC East favorite, the Redhawks should return virtually everybody. With a still-explosive offense and another year of development on the defensive side (especially in the secondary), Best!Miami is ready to set everyone's defenses on fire one more time. After that: The defense will be okay for a bit, but nine of the eleven projected starters on offense are seniors in 2022. Who takes over? The only QB who will definitely be on the roster after Zack Cera graduates is Zac Donald, and as a 2.5-star he would probably struggle to fill one of Cera's shoes. And there's only one WR who will be on the roster after 2022. Without a lot of care and attention the Redhawks could go first-to-worst after 2022. Ohio Bobcats Analysis: 2022: Or maybe you like the look of the Bobcats as 2022 MAC East champions; Ohio and Miami definitely are the favorites in that division. Austin Lowe will have potential 1st-round pick Aaron Thibodeaux to catch passes over the middle while Jeffrey Flowers will find room outside. CB Shawn Tillman really should meet his full potential at this point, but again we're only projecting a 1.0 increase for all players. He will anchor a defense that is transitioning from depending on outstanding linebacker play to one that harasses the QB into bad decisions. That kicking game isn't looking too promising though, and we've seen plenty of times where a shaky placekicker left game-winning points on the field. After that: Perhaps trying to extend Ohio's window new coach @Chad_Michael went with a unique strategy of focusing on players that could contribute immediately, even if it meant their ceilings were capped. But with a small class to show so far (six commits in 2021), the Bobcats will need to expand their scope in order to replenish their two-deeps. While their potential for a drop-off isn't as severe as rival Miami's, there's quite a few spots that will bite them in the rear if they're not paying attention. As things stand there isn't a placekicker or punter on the roster after 2022, for example.... Jieret's first guess at 2022 MAC East order of finish: Hopefully you enjoyed this (very rough and incomplete) look ahead at the MAC East division! The MAC West will follow soon. Until next time!
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    Apologies on formatting, etc. I'm on mobile: You are approved for Iowa. Please post in the account elevation thread and apply on the interface for Iowa. Please also post a depth chart and be sure not to change the redshirts, etc. as the season is currently ongoing. Welcome back to the . Clarification on mid-season move: This is was something I was concerned with doing with the rules we currently have in place. I asked other commissioners and soluna on how to handle this job, Oklahoma (not sure if ted is getting it back), and Tennessee. In my opinion these types of jobs shouldn’t sit open all year when there is major interest and the majority of recruiting has finished already just because of the rule. I think the no move rule applied much more when we had tons of openings, now that there are only 3 or so jobs open at a time I don’t think this is as much of an issue as it was in the past. With no current new applicants, wrigley being an irl Iowa fan, I feel as commish it’s in my best interest to fill the role with the best choice possible, rather than having AI for the foreseeable future. Given the unusual season currently and the long break, now is the best time for the change to occur. We view this as a case by case basis. No one is jumping ship for UTEP, etc. (no offense) but if a job like Michigan was to open up, that should be viewed differently. As I believe this, Oklahoma, and Tennessee are in that same boat of a big role opening mid-season.
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    AAC News

    [2021] Midseason Recruiting Grades

    I was waiting until after Week 8 to do this, but with the break we need something to hold us over. So gather your supplies, kids, and make sure your parents sign this grade card or you get detention! 1. USF Grade: A National Rank: 4 Stars: DE Freddie Williams 6-5 243 Fr Palm Harbor University ( FL) 1.0 of 5.0 [Contain]; TE Christian Bingham 6-1 211 Fr St. Thomas Aquinas ( FL) 2.0 of 5.0 [Receiving] I really like what USF is doing, but I'm curious about how it pans out at the top of the class. They signed a lot of 3.5s for depth that could be starting elsewhere in the conference, so they're set up well for the future. Their two studs are a Contain DE, which often isn't the "ideal" style for a defensive end, and a TE. Both of these guys could and probably will be good, but it will be up to Yellow Evan just how high their ceiling goes. 2. UCF Grade: A National Rank: 11 Stars: SS Samir Smallwood 5-10 189 Fr Lake Highland Prep (Orlando FL) 1.5 of 5.0 [Zone Coverage]; DT Marc Lattimore 6-4 333 Fr Hillsborough (Tampa FL) 1.0 of 5.0 [2-Gap]; OLB Joshua O'Conner 6-3 234 Fr Chamberlain (Tampa FL) 3.0 of 4.5 [Coverage]; WR Warren Norris III 6-3 154 Fr Chattahoochee (Chattahoochee FL) 3.0 of 4.5 [Speed] UBL's class here will be the real deal for the entirity of their careers. He adds two players who can make immediate impacts, yet still have a high ceiling, as well as two great pieces on defense a few years down the line. I'm curious where they go from here now that most of the work is done, but even if they go purely depth, they have a lot of good starters in this class. 3. SMU Grade: A National Rank: 19 Stars: SS Major Diggs 6-2 207 Fr W.B. Travis (Austin TX) 2.0 of 5.0 [Man Coverage]; CB Jermaine Whitehead 6-0 177 Fr Shelton (Dallas TX) 1.0 of 5.0 [Man Coverage]; CB Moussa Dawson 6-0 162 Fr Comanche (Comanche TX) 3.0 of 4.0 [Man Coverage] Holy pass defense, batman! Time adds 3 future NFLHC players to his secondary for the next 4 years, two of which should make immediate impacts! Perhaps the most physical secondary in the conference will be found at SMU. Add in a handful of skilled weapons on offense and some front seven support and SMU will winning a lot of 42-10 games in 2024. 4. ECU Grade: B+ National Rank: 30 Stars: K Brian McLane 5-9 164 Fr Southeast Raleigh (Raleigh NC) 1.0 of 5.0 [Accuracy]; OG Lucas Aragon 6-5 284 Fr Southeast Raleigh (Raleigh NC) 1.0 of 4.5 [Run Blocking]; ILB Mario Redd 6-1 226 Fr Southern Guilford (Greensboro NC) 1.0 of 4.5 [Mike] When a kicker "stars" in your class, that's a problem, but ECU adds a lot of 4.5s behind him so they pass. This class in general surprises me in a good way. ECU quietly put together a pretty good class and they'll benefit from it down the line. They don't have a lot of recruits at only 11, but with 8 future pros in this class so far, they will make the AAC East interesting. 5. Navy Grade: C+ National Rank: 43 Stars: C Tavarreus Johnson 6-2 269 Fr Northwest (Germantown MD) 1.5 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] Ranked 43, but I'm pretty down on this class. With only 6 players, you'd expect a lot of high potential guys, right? Well, not quite. They have two fives, one of which is a great center. But the other is a Kick Returner. They've got some good pieces on the defensive side, including a 4.5 OLB, but the lack of depth and a lot of situational talent like KR and LS in what they do have makes me really sour on this class. 6. Temple Grade: B- National Rank: 45 Stars: CB Bobby Matthews 6-0 165 Fr Susquenita (Duncannon PA) 1.0 of 5.0 [Zone Coverage]; OT Karl Koehler 6-7 279 Fr Trinity (Camp Hill PA) 1.0 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] Temple is also pretty highly ranked, boistering the top half of the AAC. 7 out of the 8 players signed are 3.5+ for Alien and they're pretty well spread out. Not a whole lot I can really say either way about this class, just that I like its balance. 7. Houston Grade: B National Rank: 53 Stars: WR Mohamed Barrett 6-1 212 Fr Amarilla (Amarillo TX) 2.0 of 4.5 [Target]; C Clinton Polk 6-3 297 Fr Bastrop (Bastrop TX) 2.5 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] I'm giving this class a better grade because I like that they have some potential plug-and-play for a team that has struggled historically for consistent recruiting success. 53rd overall while in Texas is kind of shitty, however. This is a good start for the resurgence of Houston, but not where they should get comfortable being. 8. Tulsa Grade: C+ National Rank: 64 Stars: CB Maxwell Kraft 6-0 194 Fr Vian (Vian OK) 1.0 of 4.0 [Zone Coverage]; DE Lardarius Rucker 6-2 268 Fr Mineral Wells (Mineral Wells TX) 2.5 of 4.0 [Contain] Another class I'm pretty surprised about. They're about half way down with their class (14 of a possible 30) and they've added a combined 8 recruits of 3.5-4.0 potential. There's a lot to like about this class as a basis going forward. 9. Memphis Grade: C+ National Rank: 68 Stars: OT Graham Watters 6-4 292 Fr Gordonsville (Gordonsville TN) 1.0 of 4.0 [Run Blocking]; DE Zachary Maldonado 6-7 269 Fr Cumberland County (Crossville TN) 1.0 of 4.5 [Blitz] Really good defensive end out of Memphis, a pair of 4s, and then a bunch of 3.5s to fill out the class. I like this class for Memphis, but it'll struggle to get them past the SMOO machine. Maldonado could be really good, however, if taken care of by Monark. 10. Cincinnati Grade: C- National Rank: 79 Stars: CB DeVante Nesbitt 6-1 190 Fr Little Miami (Morrow OH) 1.5 of 4.0 [Man Coverage]; SS Gavin Goode 6-2 194 Fr Ada (Ada OH) 2.0 of 4.0 [Man Coverage] Cincinnati has signed 16 players, but only 6 are 3.5+ potential. With one of those being a 4.5 Punter, there isn't a lot of top end talent. The pro potential talents brought in fill immediate needs and seem to mesh well with what I've done in the past few classes, but I could be doing a lot better. With the fewest points in the conference and my heavily recruited state, it's hard to be too rough on myself, but I expected better. 11. Tulane Grade: D National Rank: 94 Stars: OG Austin Sommer 6-2 277 Fr Natchitoches Central ( LA) 1.0 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] Louisiana is a great state to be in recruiting wise, so being so low is terrible for Tulane. They've only signed three players total and don't look good going forward. Very rough. 12. Connecticut Grade: D- National Rank: 120 Stars: OT Arthur Hathaway 6-7 277 Fr Taft School (Watertown CT) 1.0 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] 13 players, 1 of a 3.5+ potential. VERY rough for Connecticut. They're definitely going wide with their class and sweeping up to develop depth, but they really failed to make an impact on any of the good players in the Northeast. Very disappointed, but the coach is new and I feel like he may be struggling. Hopefully he reads this and reaches out to one of the successful coaches like Time or UBL for advice.
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    Stepping in for a traveling Jumbo, here's this week's Power Rankings in the Conference of Champions!! 12. Stanford Cardinal (0-5, 0-4 PAC) It’s going to get worse before it gets better, Cardinal fans. This team has nothing going for it, except a solid recruiting class coming in. But even that pushes wins off for at least another season, and Coach Stinsy has not shown the acumen yet to devise a winning game plan. Hell of a recruiter, though. Stanford will walk into Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday morning and walk out bruised and battered and 0-6. Next: @ Notre Dame, Saturday Morning 11. California Golden Bears (0-5, 0-3 PAC) Honestly a team with Leonard Norris and BLT should be winning at least SOME games. Cal went into Seattle and lost to a team that was playing with no confidence, and no real emotion. Didn’t matter, still lost. Good thing Quasar is hitting the croot trail pretty hard, because the Bears need parts up and down both lines, and in the linebacking corps for sure. Zachary McFadden has been OK, but Naquon Barner should come in and start right away. Why am I already talking about next season? Because this one, save for the least exciting The Game in the history of the sim, is already over for the Bears. Look for UCLA to put up 40+ on Cal on Thursday night. Next: vs. UCLA, Thursday 10. USC Trojans (1-4, 1-2 PAC) I’m putting USC down here because the Marc Lockwood injury is the most significant injury in the Conference to date. Oregon got up 24-0 in the Coliseum before giving up two late touchdowns. Bernard Shook ain’t too shabby, and Nate Garrett is clearly a monster (a true freshman monster at that...) but right now, the Trojan trenches are being swallowed up by opposing linemen. Both sides. I’m next exactly sure where SC’s next win is going to come from, but I think they can get to 3 wins on the season, which would be disappointing given Jumbo’s rep, but understandable with injuries turned back on. Next week—not going to be pretty: Trojan’s will get Barack’d by Holmes at the Cowboys. Next: @ Oklahoma State, Saturday Evening 9. Colorado Buffaloes (3-2, 1-2 PAC) Yikes, the Buffaloes got buffaloed by Arizona in the Saturday afternoon slot, 45-10. Murray couldn’t get going, Evan Torres couldn’t take care of the ball, and the defense decided to sit this one out, mostly. The Buffs have a tricky remaining slate and a lack of top-line talent. Most baffling: what happened to Seth Scott? The reigning DPOY in the Conference of Champions has been essentially AWOL this season. Have opposing coaches learned to not throw is his direction? Says here the Buffs struggle to .500 the rest of the season, but could make a bowl game with a couple upsets. Next: @ Oregon State, Saturday Evening 8. Washington State Cougars (3-2, 2-1 PAC) What a win for the Cougs! Maybe the best non-conference win of the season for the PAC-12 saw Wazzu walk into Death Valley and proceed to treat Clemson like the crap orange-clad meatball that they are. Coach Ape got the better of his Indianapolis Colts FO colleague Emperor_of_Orange, with freshman QB Bradley Hassan leading his squad to a solid performance with 280 yards and 2 TDs. TE Eduardo Cantu was stellar: 8 catches for 105 and a score. Wazzu started so poorly, but with Ape’s coaching, they are turning it around quickly. Back-to-back OOC contests in the middle of the season are strange, but the Cougars will be happy to return to the Palouse and host an Army team that is only so-so. Says here the Cougs might actually challenge for the PAC-12 North title after all… Next: Army, Saturday Afternoon 7. Washington Huskies (3-3, 2-3 PAC) One week after an UGLY loss to the surprise Beavers, DeanDean and the Hooskies bounced back against the Golden Bears. The Cal Curse struck the Huskies, as WR Charles Kemp went down with a season-ending ACL tear, the 3rd time Cal has taken out an opposing wideout. It was essentially the only setback for Washington on the day. Jake Davis was Good Jake Davis, throwing for 302 and 3 TDs with a pick. The offense was 50% on 3rd down, and got some help from the defense that came up with a pick and 2 sacks. Washington jumps over Colorado on the strength of their even season record. In fact, there’s not a ton to say about the Huskies, because they are the most average team in the league. The coaching staff should spend the bye week recruiting like crazy. Next: BYE 6. Arizona State Sun Devils (3-2, 2-1 PAC) News Flash: the Devils are good. Israel Carson is a stud, and Parker Townsend is getting it done running and throwing. The defense is not too shabby either. The Sun Devils held Northern Illinois (yeah, but still...) to 6 points, secured 2 INTs, and were in QB Charlie Stanford’s pocket all day long with 3 sacks. ASU could play the role of spoiler—next week (vs. Utah) and all season. They need to get a bit more creative on 3rd down, but their OLine continues to play at a high level, opening holes for Carson. Against the Utes, ASU will have to play extremely well in the back 7, but more importantly need to counter-punch against that Utah defense, and try to keep Culver and Co. off the field. I think this is a barometer game: if the Devils win, they’re shoo-ins for a decent bowl game. If they can’t conquer the Utes, Sparky might be staying home after the Territorial Cup. After Utah, they go to Westwood and duel with Steven Gore, then host Damian Dailey and the Vanderbilt Commodores. Yikes. Next: vs. Utah, Saturday Evening 5. Oregon Ducks (4-1, 3-1 PAC) The Ducks walked into the Coliseum and walked out with 1) a victory (hooray!); and 2) no injuries for the first time this season. Trevon Yeldon was his usual heroic self, gaining 150 yards on 25 carries for 2 TDs, but the game ball actually went to (SR) QB Michael Coe for the first 250+ yard passing game in two seasons (special shoutout to wideout Kristian Hope for 101 receiving yards). Up next for the Ducks is a visit from the surprisingly inept Houston Cougars in a weird mid-season OOC game. Houston has tons of talent, but coaching thus far has been suspect and the Cougs are 1-4 on the year. Oregon will be hard-pressed to win this one, I fear. After that, a trip to Pullman could be tricky. Next: Houston. Saturday Afternoon 4. UCLA Bruins (3-2, 1-2 PAC) What is UCLA doing playing UTSA in the middle of the season? Good question, but it’s just one a handful of odd PAC-12 OOC matchups in the next few weeks. Steven Gore, his arm in bubble wrap while not directly on the field of play, lit up the Roadrunners for almost 400 yards and 5 touchdowns. Please never play that game again, CFBHC schedule-masters. The Bruins travel to Berkeley for a matchup with the Golden Bears that could prove dangerous: Cal has severely injured 3 (!!!) opposing WRs this season. If Jay Arreola were to sustain a major injury, Steven Gore might not know what to do with himself. Next: @ California, Thursday 3. Oregon State Beavers (5-0, 3-0 PAC) The Beavers, nature’s most ridiculous mascot, spent the bye week (I assume) congratulating themselves on beating the Fuskies to run their sterling record to 5-0. The schedule continues to look favorable before turning down right ugly: after hosting the Buffs this week, then a trip to Berkeley and the winless Bears, the Barkrats get a visit from the hapless UMASS Minutemen. If OSU runs it up to 8-0, which is completely plausible, its get REAL real quick: Utah, Arizona, Arizona State, and what will be a bitter Civil War with Oregon is an absolutely nasty finish to the season. Still, the faithful cowherds in Corn-vallis are erecting statues to quarterback Ralph Julian, running back Lloyd Samuels and new coach Joopear. We’ll see how long this charade is allowed to play out. But hey, they're ranked, so whatever... Next: vs Colorado, Saturday Evening 2. Arizona Wildcats (5-1, 4-1 PAC) Wildcats looked beastly in shutting down the Buffs in Boulder. Shane Strong sat this one out and promptly watched his backup, Jonah Mobley, rip off big run after big run to the tune of 126 yards and 2 TDs. Sam Parrish also showed up big-time, as did the defense, in limiting Latavious Murray to 3.72 YPC and forcing two Evan Torres picks. Arizona is perhaps the most complete team in the league, and the loss to Utah is still a bit baffling. They’ve also been relatively healthy, and should be at close to full-strength following the Bye week. Next: BYE 1. Utah Utes (5-0, 4-0 PAC) The Fighting Donald Culvers (yum, Culver’s...) had to fight back from a slight deficit against the wretched Cardinal. But Culver’s 4 TD (to 4 different pass –catchers, no big deal) would provide the right boost for the Utes. A little problem on the horizon, however, is the loss of top wideout Graham Adam to a severe concussion. It could prove a little more than even Donald Culver can handle in a classic trap game before the emotional matchup @ BYU in the Holy War. Looking ahead at the Utes schedule, (ASU, @BYU, UTEP, Oregon State, @Cal, @Oregon, Colorado), only the trip Eugene could stand in the way of undefeated season for the Utes, IF ASU doesn’t get the job done this week. Who would have seen that coming at the start of the 2021 season? Next: at Arizona State, Saturday Evening
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    CBBHC Bracketology: 3/7/18

    (1) Kansas vs. (8) Texas Tech (4) Boston College vs. (5) Ball State (3) TCU vs. (6) Virginia (2) Arizona vs. (7) Connecticut (1) Michigan State vs. (8) Charlotte (4) Duke vs. (5) New Mexico (3) Louisiana Tech vs. (6) Nebraska (2) Florida vs. (7) Stanford (1) Purdue vs. (8) Utah State (4) Western Kentucky vs. (5) Arkansas (3) Notre Dame vs. (6) West Virginia (2) Indiana vs. (7) UCLA (1) Kentucky vs. (8) Eastern Michigan (4) Pittsburgh vs. (5) UNLV (3) SMU vs. (6) Florida Atlantic (2) Florida State vs. (7) UTSA First Four Out: USC Oklahoma State Oregon Buffalo Next Four Out: Illinois Vanderbilt Clemson California Let me know what you guys think, feel free to tear this apart.
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    Dallas, TX The Dallas Cowboys would first like to congratulate our former GM joedchi on his transition to the ownership of the Pittsburgh Steelers. joedchi has been an important figure within the Cowboys organization for several seasons, and his presence will be missed. To replace joedchi, the Cowboys have named team owner and head coach serwendel to the GM position. serwendel served as the Cowboys GM from 2014 to 2017, leading the Cowboys to two division titles in those 4 years. By promoting from within, the Cowboys remain committed to our current direction as a franchise. The floor is now open for questions.
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    Through Gameday 29, Maryland has played the toughest schedule to date with Ole Miss playing the easiest. Rank Team W L SOS 1 Maryland 7 10 0.6812 2 Indiana 12 1 0.6630 3 Washington 6 7 0.6629 4 TCU 13 1 0.6350 5 Texas A&M 5 8 0.6175 6 Penn State 7 7 0.6170 7 North Carolina State 4 12 0.6136 8 Nebraska 9 6 0.6111 9 Boston College 12 4 0.6096 10 Gonzaga 11 5 0.6038 11 Stanford 10 3 0.5956 12 UAB 1 14 0.5952 13 Louisville 6 9 0.5926 14 Washington State 10 7 0.5919 15 LSU 9 7 0.5872 16 Hawaii 10 7 0.5820 17 Alabama 6 10 0.5808 18 Virginia 11 4 0.5721 19 Middle Tennessee 0 14 0.5714 20 Wyoming 3 12 0.5687 21 Texas Tech 8 4 0.5663 22 Iowa 6 8 0.5648 23 Central Michigan 2 12 0.5644 24 Ohio 1 15 0.5591 25 Memphis 1 15 0.5561 26 Tennessee 5 8 0.5511 27 California 9 5 0.5505 28 Notre Dame 13 3 0.5495 29 Oregon State 2 12 0.5450 30 Boise State 2 13 0.5388 31 Southern Miss 0 15 0.5388 32 Northwestern 2 11 0.5380 33 Texas 2 13 0.5368 34 Kansas 15 1 0.5367 35 Houston 9 4 0.5349 36 Oklahoma 0 16 0.5349 37 Louisiana Tech 13 1 0.5303 38 Duke 16 2 0.5301 39 Kent State 5 10 0.5280 40 Tulsa 4 8 0.5276 41 Virginia Tech 2 13 0.5268 42 South Carolina 7 8 0.5266 43 Western Michigan 0 13 0.5246 44 North Carolina 8 6 0.5233 45 Tulane 7 6 0.5230 46 Temple 7 8 0.5222 47 Mississippi State 5 8 0.5189 48 Wisconsin 6 9 0.5189 49 Bowling Green 3 10 0.5167 50 Minnesota 10 6 0.5163 51 San Jose State 4 11 0.5147 52 BYU 8 6 0.5131 53 Arizona 11 0 0.5128 54 Colorado 8 7 0.5099 55 USC 9 4 0.5085 56 Florida 13 0 0.5079 57 Utah State 12 3 0.5049 58 Arkansas 11 2 0.5030 59 Georgia 4 9 0.5027 60 USF 6 9 0.5000 61 Baylor 4 9 0.5000 62 Marshall 2 14 0.5000 63 Rutgers 4 10 0.4974 64 Georgia Tech 3 13 0.4954 65 Rice 2 12 0.4949 66 Georgia State 0 11 0.4936 67 Cincinnati 1 14 0.4928 68 Pittsburgh 13 3 0.4914 69 Colorado State 9 8 0.4868 70 Michigan 6 7 0.4839 71 Buffalo 13 5 0.4836 72 Syracuse 7 8 0.4828 73 Miami (FL) 8 8 0.4820 74 Wake Forest 7 10 0.4816 75 Akron 3 11 0.4800 76 Purdue 14 2 0.4796 77 Michigan State 13 1 0.4796 78 Clemson 11 6 0.4788 79 UCLA 13 3 0.4783 80 Florida State 15 1 0.4779 81 Western Kentucky 14 3 0.4756 82 Northern Illinois 6 8 0.4721 83 Auburn 3 13 0.4709 84 SMU 13 1 0.4688 85 Ball State 11 2 0.4667 86 Florida Atlantic 10 4 0.4667 87 West Virginia 8 3 0.4658 88 Arizona State 2 11 0.4629 89 Utah 6 10 0.4608 90 Kansas State 3 9 0.4606 91 Kentucky 15 2 0.4602 92 Old Dominion 6 9 0.4589 93 Air Force 3 11 0.4569 94 Vanderbilt 12 3 0.4559 95 UTEP 2 11 0.4511 96 Oregon 11 4 0.4510 97 Illinois 12 3 0.4508 98 Missouri 8 6 0.4485 99 New Mexico 13 3 0.4484 100 Miami (OH) 6 10 0.4414 101 San Diego State 7 8 0.4398 102 Navy 4 9 0.4302 103 Army 3 10 0.4286 104 Oklahoma State 11 5 0.4245 105 UNLV 10 2 0.4198 106 Iowa State 4 9 0.4190 107 North Texas 2 11 0.4185 108 Nevada 8 6 0.4162 109 ECU 6 8 0.4108 110 UTSA 13 3 0.4074 111 Charlotte 12 4 0.4057 112 Connecticut 10 5 0.4051 113 Ohio State 10 4 0.4000 114 UCF 7 6 0.3882 115 Fresno State 7 8 0.3827 116 Toledo 10 6 0.3785 117 Eastern Michigan 12 4 0.3773 118 Florida International 8 7 0.3768 119 Ole Miss 5 10 0.3641
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    In part two of two, we look ahead to what the starting lineups of the West could possibly look like in 2022. The MAC East's look-ahead can be found here: http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/21369-a-look-ahead-forecasting-the-2022-mac-east-teams/ And again, the notes: +1.0 progression is assumed for all players. An in-position player will ALWAYS be listed ahead of any out-of-position (OOP) players, no matter how much better/worse they are. This is done to show any potential holes. If there is a better OOP option, though, he will be mentioned in the analysis. Defense style (3-4, 4-3) chosen based on best guess of available personnel. LS/KR/PR will not be listed unless the team has specialized players at those positions. Ball State Cardinals Analysis: 2022: Maybe the most exciting special teams in the conference with actual return specialists. Two of them to boot! Outside of that the Cardinals look to have some serious weapons in Damani Laws and Steven Moya. Unless coach @npklemm chooses to throw either of his true freshman QBs into the fire immediately, Phillip Good will be keeping the seat warm in 2022. He probably will be a game-manager type of QB, being asked to take care of the ball and maximize the chances Laws and Moya can hurt the opposition. The defense should be pretty solid, helped by the fact that nearly every defensive recruit from the 2021 class can step in right away if needed. Having SS DeAndre Simms doesn't hurt either. Add in klemm's coaching pedigree and Ball State is most likely to be the third MAC West bowl participant after Toledo and WMU. After that: The Cardinals have their QB of the future in Erik Parker, now they need to prop up the offense around him. The last couple of recruiting classes slanted to the defensive side of the ball and Parker will likely get just a year to play alongside Laws and Moya, so finding more skill players and talented o-linemen will be crucial in keeping Ball State's upward momentum going. Central Michigan Chippewas Analysis: 2022: With QB Byron Suggs, RB Daveed Huff, TE Jasper Rowley, and ATH/WR Joseph Aikman, Central Michigan has the foundation to be one of the better offenses in the conference. The question will be how the surrounding pieces hold up - the offensive line won't be as concerning as it was in 2021 but it still isn't a comfortable foundation that the Chippewa offense can rely on yet. The defense should STILL has DEs Nazir Tatum-Kimbrough and Rory Bolin for what feels like the 17845th year in a row, and once again the two bookends will be asked to provide enough pressure to compensate for what looks to be an average at best defense. DT Kareem Lindsey will need to step up and make the duo's lives easier. This team can make a bowl, but they won't have much wiggle room. After that: ...it's hard to say, actually. Central feels like a team that created a good talent floor and now needs to start building upon it. If the Chips can do that successfully while leveraging the Byron Suggs Era as long as they can, CMU could seriously threaten the Toledo-WMU hold on the MAC West title. But if they recruit poorly and don't attract enough quality recruits to Mt. Pleasant, several more years of around-.500 ball could await them. Eastern Michigan Chippewas Analysis: 2022: Giovanni Shaw is a good QB that has been asked to do too much on his own for virtually his entire career. In his final year he finally gets some help in the form of stud RB Tyler Pearson. But the same bugaboo that's plagued Eastern's offense over the last few years - the line - is still an issue in 2022. Pearson is much more talented than previous starter Chris Morton, but first contact with defenders may occur at or behind the line of scrimmage much more than he'd like. The Eagle defense is... there. Unfortunately for them two of their best defenders (Julien Rinehart and Mosi Gary) play the same position, and outside of junior SS Ibrahima Griggs there isn't anyone else starting that really scares opposing offenses. After that: As with Akron, EMU has plenty of bodies but not as much quality coming. 2021's class currently has 21 commits but only five with a 3.5 potential (none better than that). The previous class (featuring Pearson, 4-star FB Ned Hansen) will prop the Eagles up for a year of two, but consistent recruiting of 3.5-4 star players are needed to continue filling in the holes. It may be a few years yet before EMU has a solid roster from top-to-bottom. Northern Illinois Huskies Analysis: 2022: Northern Illinois still has some talent. As a combined group their linebackers/secondary could be among the best in the conference. QB Charlie Sanford (or Emmett Mast, depending on the QB competition I expect coach @subsequent to run in spring practice) will probably feel as comfortable as any NIU QB has felt in a while, considering their offensive line will be the best it's been in several seasons. If things fall the right way and the schedule isn't too unforgiving, the Huskies have a chance to compete for a bowl game in 2022. After that: After 2022 is where things could really fall apart for the Huskies. With only two CBs and one WR recruited in 2020 and 2021 to date, Northern Illinois runs the very real risk of starting walk-ons and second-string OOP players on the offensive and defensive boundaries for years to come. They also need to replace a free safety and have a plan for when McNeal and Linn depart. They will also need to rebuild their talent floor in general so QB Emmett Mast then QBOTF Brody Hill aren't playing with a collection of 2.5-star players. A rebuild over 2023-2025 looks to be coming is what I'm saying. Toledo Rockets Analysis: 2022: Toledo is a tough team to forecast. Let's address the big omission first: RB Gabe Ciamo isn't listed because I honestly believe he declares after the 2021 season. He's been a 5.0 of 5.0 in both the 2021 and 2020 seasons and if the 2021 senior RB class is as meh as @Bubada thinks, it makes sense for Ciamo to jump early. The other big question is at QB, where true freshman Mario Pierre (2.0 of 4.5 Scrambling) could start depending on how @deathcpo wants to tailor the offense. Where there is no question is on the lines - both of them actually. It's unreal that the Rockets have four 5-stars on that offensive line, but that's the world we live in and whoever is under center is going to be very well protected. The defensive front four will likely eat almost every offensive line they face, and while there are downgrades at RB and the cornerbacks Toledo still has enough talent to easily be one of the best teams in the MAC in 2022. After that: The 2020 recruiting class was a disaster outside of JuCo. After starting off with a bang by signing 5-star OLB Blake Gauthier, Pierre, and CB DeVante Gilliam the Toledo 2021 class has bogged down with only ten commits, although they currently are leading on 4.5-star WR Atamu Tatupu and 4-star RB Alvin Hines. The bill for these recruiting classes starts to come due in 2023. The offensive line and Pierre will keep the Rockets competitive, but there is a clear drop-off in talent after 2022. Toledo has 11 seniors on their their projected 2022 lineup and while one or two positions will receive talent upgrades after graduation (QB, OLB), most will be downgrades and some positions don't even have a replacement on the current roster. Then the Rockets lose another seven starters to graduation after 2023. There is enough here to build on and deathcpo deserves the benefit of the doubt for his body of work, but the Rockets could fall back to the MAC West pack if they don't find longer-term answers to their upcoming holes. Western Michigan Broncos Analysis: 2022: Another year of DeSean Madison pounding the ball down the defense's throat and Chase Sims throwing it over their heads when they get too close to the line of scrimmage. A simple formula that's worked well over the last couple of years and will probably work just as well this year. Although losing LT Marc Allen to graduation and the NFL is a big loss all in all the Broncos offense should still perform at a high level. The defense is retooling on the fly with three freshmen expected to start in 2022, and fourth slotting in at nickel back. While the linebacking corps still need another year to look ready for prime time and the secondary isn't quite at the lofty standards of the Sean Taylor era, the defensive line will be very good. But make no mistake, it's the Western offense that should have them competing for the 2022 MAC West title. After that: WMU's 2021 recruiting class is currently ranked 26th in the nation, but they're not done - they currently lead for 4-star Texas DT Leonard Landrum. The Broncos are putting their playoff appearance to good use on the recruiting trail, and it seems to be creating a solid foundation that should keep them competitive over the next few years. The bigger questions are these: When Madison leaves, will the WMU tradition of excellent running backs (Emmanuel Fields, Gabriel Shields, DeSean Madison) finally run its course? And with pocket QB Gabe Baker, pass-catching TE William Griggs, and WR Viliamu Vainu'upo all coming to Kalamazoo in 2022, will this signal a shift in the Broncos' offensive philosophy moving forward? Jieret's first guess at 2022 MAC West order of finish: * * *Flip WMU And Toledo if Ciamo does stay for his senior season. I hope you enjoyed the Look-Ahead. While these articles come with huge caveats, hopefully the commentary provided something to chew on for the coaches, fans, and observers of Everyone's Favorite Conference! (Now watch JuCo completely render these articles obsolete.) Soon we will return you to your normal MAC Network ("If it's not MAC, it's wack!") content. But if you have any suggestions, comments, or errors you'd like to discuss I'd love to hear them. Until next time!
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    [2021] Week 7 C-USA Roundup

    Winners Losers Conference Leaders * Janoris Callahan (WKU), Gerald Sykes (RICE), Aaron Darling (MTSU), Carter Ragland (USM), and Keith Kemp (MRSH) have 3 INTs. Standings PFA= Points For Average PAA= Points Against Average Recruiting Major Commitments: Will begin tracking next week
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    Pittsburgh, PA Good morning everyone. Hope you're all having a wonderful morning here in Pittsburgh. I would like to start off this press conference with a message to all Steelers fans across the country. Thank you. Thank you for keeping strong and cheering for our Steelers. We're almost halfway through the season, and we remain undefeated against our AFC North Rivals. Despite hardships from the preseason - with the contract issues revolving Paul Davenport and with the franchise becoming up for save - we've managed to start a foundation for a stronger Steelers organization to build upon for years to come. While it's unfortunate that our Sagebow is no longer part of the organization, I hope for the best for him. He arrived in Pittsburgh with a vision to build a strong, formidable team. During my search, my goal was to find someone with a similar vision to what Sagebow had in mind for the franchise. An owner who can oversee the rebuild and set a course for the franchise to inevitably reach our goal for the Lombardi trophy. To Steelers fans everywhere, I am happy to announce our new Owner and GM, @joedchi. Joedchi comes from the Dallas Cowboys organization, where he took the role of General Manager. During his time with the franchise, Joedchi's drafted players which are considered a staple to the franchise: Graham Burnett, Taylor Rodriguez, Adrian Robinson, Erasmus High, Carlos Cruz, and Emmanuel Slade. In his first season with the franchise, he helped put together the 2018 which would go on and win Super Bowl V. Joedchi looks to repeat the same success he's had in Dallas, and help bring the Steelers to prominence. With Joedchi joining the organization, I will return to my original role as Head Coach for the Steelers. Stinsy remains as our Scout, and will help the both of us prepare for our weekly match-ups and with scouting talent for the organization. I will now open the press conference to any questions. TuscanSota
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    Head Coach TuscanSota takes the podium in Pittsburgh for a special conference. I'm not sure any of you know, but Sagebow has retired from the site due to real life situations. He is no longer the Owner and GM of the Pittsburgh Steelers; and to my knowledge, he no longer coaches at the University of Tennessee. We are sad to see him leave at this time; however, we here in Pittsburgh understand when priorities need to be taken, and that we must do what we can for our own personal interests. We bid SageBow farewell, and hope that he is able to take care of his personal and professional matters and that we may see him one day return to the site. As the current head coach, I would like to announce that I am taking over as Interim-Owner of the Steelers. I will be handling all Owner and GM duties as best as I can for the rest of the season. I would like to state now that this position is temporary, and I will explain why. Last season, I announced my retirement from the Seattle Seahawks as both owner and head coach. I left on good terms with Lambo, and I explained here that there were personal matters I needed to take care of, and for future involvement, that I focus solely on CFBHC. The reason I rejoined NFLHC is that SageBow approached me with a plan for the Steelers and he believed that I could help him steer the franchise in the direction he wanted. After further negotiations, I was brought aboard to take care of the Head Coaching duties, while he focused on front-office duties. Through my experience so far, I can happily say I've enjoyed working with Sage and I've enjoyed helping mentor our current head scout, Stinsy. We had a very good, tight-knit group, and I personally believe we are on the cusp of turning around this organization. As the interim-owner of the Steelers, I will commit and do my best to bring this team to the playoffs. However, I know that in the long-run I will not be able to maintain this franchise due to the same IRL reasons as before. From now until the end of the season, I will be looking for a permanent owner to take control of the franchise. I will be seeking someone who shares the same passion for this franchise that Sagebow has, someone who wants to see the Lombardi trophy within the halls of the Pittsburgh Steelers headquarters. If you are interested in purchasing the Pittsburgh Steelers, please message myself and AlienUFO. I shall now open the press conference to those who would like to ask questions.
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    CBBHC Gameday 33 Games to Watch

    - vs - SMU should win handily but could be looking ahead to their showdown with Tulane. - vs - Florida State needs this to stay a game back of Duke. - vs - The four teams behind Michigan State and Indiana battle. - vs - See above. - vs - Jockeying for position behind TCU and Kansas. - Top 4 teams all in action against teams at the bottom of the standings. - vs - Kent State needs this to stay 1 back of Buffalo. - vs - Must win for both teams. - vs - Cal gets a chance to to take down the conference leader. - vs - Must win for Arkansas to keep pace.
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    1. Record: 12-2 (4-0) Good Wins: TCU (10-1), Missouri (6-4), Washington State (7-6), Michigan (6-5) Best Player: F John Adams 6-6 227 Jr Portland Christian (Louisville, KY) 2.0 of 3.0 [Stretch] 2. Record: 8-3 (3-0) Good Wins: Kentucky (13-1), Texas Tech (7-3), Colorado State (7-6) Best Player: G Arnold Henry 6-5 199 Jr Cornerstone Academy (Gainesville, FL) 2.0 of 4.0 [Shooter] 3. Record: 9-1 (2-0) Good Wins: SMU (11-1),Buffalo (9-4), Washington State (7-6) Best Player: F Steven Hughes 6-11 250 (Jr) False River (New Roads, LA) 2.0 of 4.0 [Protector] 4. Record: 9-3 (3-1) Good Wins: Charlotte (10-3), Hawaii (7-6) Best Player: F Scott Farley 6-6 227 Jr San Juan Diego Catholic (Austin, TX) 2.0 of 4.0 [Stretch] 5. Record: 10-3 (2-1) Good Wins: None Best Player: G Vincent Bentley 6-1 187 Jr Albemarle School (Elizabeth City, NC) 2.0 of 3.5 [Slasher] 6. Record: 6-6 (2-1) Good Wins: Utah (6-6) Best Player: F Stephen Steele 6-11 255 Jr Vero Beach (Vero Beach, FL) 2.0 of 3.5 [Protector] 7. Record: 5-7 (3-1) Good Wins: None Best Player: F Jeffery Peck 7-0 243 Jr Wythe (Wytheville, VA) 2.0 of 4.0 [Protector] 8. Record: 2-11 (2-2) Good Wins: None Best Player: G Damian Smith 5-11 157 So Hemphill (Hemphill, TX) 3.0 of 3.5 [Shooter] 9. Record: 2-11 (1-3) Good Wins: None Best Player: G Doug Chalmers 6-2 168 Jr Leechburg (Leechburg, PA) 3.0 of 4.0 [Slasher] 10. Record: 2-8 (0-2) Good Wins: None Best Player: G Chris Niemeyer 6-3 186 Jr Guthrie (Guthrie, OK) 2.5 of 3.0 [Shooter] 11. Record: 0-11 (0-3) Good Wins: None Best Player: G Charles White 6-4 207 Jr Ingram Moore (Ingram, TX) 2.0 of 3.0 [Shooter] 12. Record: 0-12 (0-2) Good Wins: None Best Player: G Clarence Rodgers 6-1 190 Jr Centennial (Franklin, TN) 2.0 of 2.5 [Slasher] 13. Record: 0-12 (0-3) Good Wins: None Best Player: G Michael Gonzalez 6-1 184 Fr Potts Camp (Potts Camp, MS) 2.0 of 2.5 [Slasher] 14. Record: 0-12 (0-3) Good Wins: None Best Player: G Michael Santiago 6-5 206 So Bullock County (Union Springs, AL) 1.5 of 4.0 [Shooter]
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    1. Please list your email address and/or your reddit username at which you can be contacted. jimmypoo02@gmail.com Reddit: Rocksaucesundae 2. Before continuing, please thoroughly read the coaching course and feel free to ask questions. Confirm that you have read the coaching course by writing "Confirmed" below. Confirmed! 3. What team do you want to coach? San Jose State Spartans 4. Please select two backup teams (in descending order of preference) in case your first choice is unavailable. Iowa Hawkeyes or Tennessee Volunteers 5. In three or more sentences, tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, what do you do, where are you from, why would you be a good fit here, etc. I hail from Oregon, my favorite school is Wazzu. I don't really expect to win a lot of games with them, at least for several years, but I like the challenge and the group we have here. 6. This site can be as time consuming as you want it to be. Weekly duties can be completed in 30 minutes or less, however interacting with your fellow players throughout the week makes it more enjoyable for most people. Approximately, how much free time do you have during a typical week? 7-8 hours a week 7. Losing games is an inevitable reality on this site, especially when accepting newer teams. Do you believe you can handle losing? Disappointment is expected, however we have had issues with people freaking out, and even leaving the site because of losing. Losing is apart of any game. I am pretty even keel when it comes to life, I don't really see myself getting mad over losing. 8. How did you find out about this site? If recommended by a friend, please post his/her username. I saw an old post on Reddit about this site and game. I coached SJSU for a little over a season, and left do to circumstances in life, but I am back now.
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    [2021] MAC Power Rankings after Week 7

    A week without too much action has come and went. With only two games involving MAC teams, did that equate to a lot of status quo in the rankings? To the chart! Remember, you should probably vote if you don't like your ranking. And play well. That too. MAC Power Rankings After Week 7 Rank (Poll Pts.) Team (First Place Votes) Record (Conf. Record) Streak Change from Last Week 1 (58) #19* Western Michigan Broncos (3) 5-0 (3-0) W5 - 2 (57) #16* Toledo Rockets (2) 4-1 (3-0) W1 -1 3 (50) Miami (OH) Redhawks 4-1 (3-0) W1 - 4 (41) Akron Zips 2-3 (1-2) L1 - 5 (39) Ball State Cardinals 3-2 (2-1) W3 - 6 (35) Ohio Bobcats 3-2 (2-1) L2 - 7 (30) Bowling Green Falcons 3-2 (0-1) W3 - 8 (28) Buffalo Bulls 2-3 (0-2) L1 - 9 (21) Central Michigan Chippewas 2-3 (1-2) L3 - 10 (16) Northern Illinois Huskies 1-4 (1-1) L1 - 11 (9) Eastern Michigan Eagles 0-5 (0-3) L5 - 12 (6) Kent State Golden Flashes 0-5 (0-2) L5 - Numbers of voters: 5 12 points awarded for first, 11 for second, etc. * Coaches' Poll Ranking, week 7. The only change is at the top, where Toledo (barely) drops to second again. Everyone else? So, there just isn't much to discuss from Week 7. Neither game provided many significant talking points unless you want to re-hash how WMU RB DeSean Madison made a near-300 yard, 3 TD performance from WMU QB Chase Sims a mere footnote. But Week 8 promises to change that. This Week's MAC Slate... is full. And oh my are there some spicy games on tap: Thursday Night Northern Illinois (1-4) at Liberty (0-5) Friday Night Central Michigan (2-3) at NC State (3-2)Eastern Michigan (0-5) at Ball State (3-2)* Saturday Morning Miami (OH) (4-1) at Buffalo (2-3)* Saturday Afternoon Miami (FL) (3-2) at Akron (2-3) Bowling Green (3-2) at Ohio (3-2)*Western Michigan (5-0) at Kent State (0-5)* Saturday Evening Vanderbilt (3-2) at Toledo (4-1) Byes: None The MAC Network's Pick to Click: Vanderbilt Commodores (3-2) at Toledo Rockets (4-1). Lot of important games on the schedule, but this OOC bout is critical for the Rockets. The dream of #Toledo2021 is on life support, so this high-profile game against a second visiting SEC squad is a must-win for Toledo in order to make the playoffs. Bowl Watch! Are we that far into the season already? Guess so, even though 2021's inaugural Bowl Watch only features one team. Bowl Watch is your one-stop shop for seeing which teams from Everyone's Favorite Conference are, could, or won't be making a bowl. Let's take a look! Eligible with win this week: W. Michigan (5-0) "If it's not MAC, it's wack!"
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    I'll keep this brief but I want to thank @serwendel, @Yellow_Evan, and the entire Dallas Cowboys organization. The Cowboys are a class organization and there's a lot of values that I will bring with me to Pittsburgh. You took me in while I was starting out and I wish you guys nothing but the best. To the Pittsburgh fans, I want to to let you that I came in to finish what sagebow started. He brought quality guys with him in @TuscanSota and @stinsy and as an organization, we wanted to make sure we kept them in place. The team is off to a nice start and that's something we can build upon. There's talent on the roster and guys that can lead this team to where we want to go. The end goal is winning Super Bowls and beating up on the Bengals, Browns, and Ravens in the process. We want the fans to be able to enjoy a championship parade. But there's work to be done and we won't rest until the Steelers are on top. Thank you
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    CBBHC Gameday 31 Games to Watch

    Here are some marquee matchups for today. - 0-4 vs. 0-4 - Only 1 team can be winless in conference. - 5-2 vs. 8-0 - 2 Teams among 7 battling atop the ACC. - 6-1 vs. 5-2 - See above. - 11-4 vs. 12-4 - Winner helps their tourney case. Loser probably is on the outside looking in for now. - 0-7 vs. 0-5 - Middle Tennessee and the loser of this game remain winless in conference. - 0-4 vs. 0-5 - Only 1 team can be winless in conference. - 3-0 vs. 7-1 - Winner takes over 1st in the MAC West - Gonzaga 6-1 vs. 6-1 - Winner stays atop the Mountain West with 1 loss with Utah St and UNLV. - 4-1 vs. 5-1 - Winner stays 1 loss behind Arizona. Loser drops 2 back. - 7-1 vs. 4-0 - Winner takes over 2nd in the SEC behind Florida
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    CBBHC Mid-Season Power Rankings: THE GOLDEN EAGLE METHOD Stats and Power Rankings for a whole country of basketball teams is hard. People don't like doing things that are hard. In fact, I'll be bold enough to say that people prefer things that are easy. That's why I've developed my Power Ranking Metric using the easiest thing of all: Playing the University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles in CBBHC. Enter the GOLDEN EAGLE METHOD. This season, Southern Miss and Quality Basketball go hand in hand like a Grizzly Bear with chainsaws for arms at a children's petting zoo. Southern Miss, currently 0-15, is averaging 39.1 points per game while their opponents average 101.2 points per game when playing them. This is an average point differential of 62.1 points. It's dire over there, but instead of just verbally dunking on them I figured we might as well give them a purpose. What if Southern Miss was the measuring stick that we used to determine the best teams in the country? Granted, this only gives us 15 teams right now (16 counting our Golden Eagles), but by the end of the season we can give a 24-team power ranking and that sounds like a tournament to me. I present to you the the 2018 CBBHC Mid Season Power Rankings, determined by who had the best point differential vs Southern Miss. THE GOLDEN EAGLE METHOD T-1: Stanford (81, 17-98) T-1: Utah State (81, 27-108) 3: Western Kentucky (76, 33-109) 4: UTSA (73, 39-112) 5: Texas Tech (70, 29-99) 6: San Jose State (67, 30-97) 7: Oklahoma State (66, 34-100) T-8: USF (62, 40-102) T-8: Florida Atlantic (62, 44-106) 10: Kentucky (55, 38-93) 11: Florida International (54, 38-92) T-12: UNLV (53, 44-97) T-12: Rice (53, 54-107) T-14: Boise State (39, 53-92) T-14: UAB (39, 67-106) 16: Southern Miss (-62.1, 101.2-39.1) (Full disclosure, I honestly had no idea I would be tied for first. Just did it for fun, hope you all enjoy)
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    Mid-Season PAC-12 Awards Leaders

    With the season almost to the half way point here are my updated predictions and odds for PAC-12 individual season awards. Not much as changed on the offensive side but a few newcomers have emerged on the defensive side. Offensive POY: Donald Culver – (SR) QB Utah Culver has lead the Utes to a 5-0 start including a road win at #5 Arizona. He has thrown 12 TD passes to only 1 INT, both best in the PAC-12. He still leads in completion percentage (67.5%) and #2 in yards per game (321.3). The Utes have a tough schedule remaining and will need Culver to continue his level of performance to have a chance to win the PAC-12 crown. Current odds: 2-1 Trevon Yeldon – (JR) RB Oregon Yeldon has continued his domination through 4 games averaging a conference best 177 rushing yards per game. He is #1 in yards per carry at 7.38 (min 15 carries) and #1 in rushing TDs with 8. He also has 2 receiving TDs. As the focal point of the Oregon offense he should continue to put up monster numbers for the remainder of the season. Current odds: 2-1 Jay Arreola – (JR) WR UCLA/ Steven Gore - (SR) QB UCLA Yes I know this is a "player" of the year award but it is difficult to separate Arreola and Gore, a dynamic duo leading the PAC-12's best passing attack. Arreola still leads the PAC-12 in catches (31), receiving TDs (6), and receiving yards per game (119.5) Through 4 games. Gore leads in passing TDs (13) and passing yards per game (356). More wins as the season progresses could help their stock continue to rise. Current odds: 6-1 Offensive FOY: Bradley Hassan – (FR) QB Washington State Hassan has a slight advantage here as he has continued to impress with a QBR of 167.36 while throwing for 10 TDs and only 2 INTs. He still leads the PAC-12 with the highest yards per attempt (9.63). Current odds: 2-1 Israel Carlson – (FR) RB Arizona State Carlson has rushed for 138 yards per game and is tied for second in the conference with 6 rushing TDs. Current odds: 3-1 Defensive POY: DeSean Barkley – (JR) CB Colorado Barkley continues to lead the PAC-12 with 4 interceptions through his first 3 games. No other conference player has more than 2 interceptions. Current odds: 2-1 Tyrek Humphrey – (SO) DE Arizona Humphrey has taken over the PAC-12 lead in sacks (6) and tackles for loss (5) while tallying 21 tackles which ranks 5th in the conference. Current odds: 3-1 Defensive FOY: Nate Garrett - FR LB USC Garrett leads the conference in tackles (30) which moves him to the top of the list. He also has 1 interception on the season. Current odds: 2-1 Adam Gibson - FR DT California Gibson has compiled 3 sacks, 9 tackles, and 2 tackles for loss through his first 3 games. Current odds: 4-1 Alpha Goldman – (FR) DT Arizona State Goldman has compiled 2 sacks, 9 tackles, and 1 tackles for loss through his first 2 games. Current odds: 6-1 Special Teams POY: Sam Walsh - (SR) K California Walsh has made 9 of 9 extra points and 7 of 7 field goal attempts, including a long of 54 yards. He is currently the only PAC-12 kicker with made field goals of more than 50 yards (2 of 2). Current odds: 3-2 Jamari Turner - (SR) CB Oregon State Turner currently leads the PAC-12 with 2 punt return TDs. Current odds: 5-1 Coach of the Year owensr37 - Utah Current odds: 3-1 Jim Henson - Oregon State Current odds: 4-1 Both coaches still have their teams undefeated. owensr37 moves in front after the Utes pulled of an upset on the road at Arizona but this is far from decided.
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    So at the beginning of the 2020 CFBHC season @TuscanSota had the brilliant idea that the losing coach of the "Country Roads Clash" has to record themselves singing John Denver's brilliant song "Country Roads". At the time I was thinking "Sure, why not I mean I have Mohammed Foster and J.C. Weldon and they are only Juniors, I'm not losing to him anytime soon." Yeah, well that didn't work out so well. Anyway - here it is in all its glory. A few things to note: 1. I didn't play an instrument, because I have 0 musical talent. 2. I definitely multi-tasked while recording this video, because who wants to watch me stare at the screen for 4 minutes? 3. The multi-tasking caused me to mess up in the beginning.. Oh well.. 4. It's truly 4 minutes of me singing, you're not missing anything if you don't watch..
  23. 6 points
    CLEVELAND -- As confirmed a few days ago, Isaac829 has decided to sell his ownership stake of the Cleveland Browns. The new owner, Dean_Craig_Pelton, will be running the team as owner and general manager. Dean has been with the organization since the inception of the team. Isaac wishes Dean good luck with the future of the team.
  24. 5 points
    Wasn't prepared for the MAC bagmen until later on in the season, had to make up for the lost time recruiting by finding some guys that can fill out the roster and hopefully fill some holes and get some playing time immediately. Hopefully will have a solid recruiting strategy next season (thanks to your and beeznik's help) and can start shaping the team more efficiently in recruiting at the start of next year . . . or bolt for $ and avoiding playing Western Michigan for the rest of my life.
  25. 5 points


    Just you wait...I'll beat Michigan
  26. 5 points
    We should expand the tourny to 68 like irl so I can also miss the cut for that too.
  27. 5 points

    Ultimate CFBHC Bracket Round of 64

    The First Four is over. There were 27 total votes in this round. In the 12 Seed match up for the NFL, the winner is........ Dan Marino with 15 Votes to Ray Lewis' 12 votes. In the 16 Seed match up for College football, the winner is...... Reggie Bush with 16 Votes to OJ Simpson's 11 votes. In the 12 Seed match up for NFLHC, the winner is.......Justin Campbell with 16 Votes to Enoch Dickinson's 11 votes. In the 16 Seed match up for CFBHC, this was the closest match up of the First Four, the winner is..... Jaz Durant with 14 Votes to Dylan Bishop's 13. Now for the reveal of the full bracket. In the NFL Bracket 1) Tom Brady vs 16) Adam Vinatieri 8) Reggie White vs 9) Johnny Unitas 5) Joe Montana vs 12) Dan Marino 4) Lawrence Taylor vs 13) Barry Sanders 3) Jim Brown vs 14) Randy Moss 6) Peyton Manning vs 11) Ronnie Lott 7) Walter Peyton vs 10) Dick Butkus 2) Jerry Rice vs 15) Brett Favre Voting: https://goo.gl/forms/9jxcwOGckLGR6LXn1 In the College Football Bracket 1) Herschel Walker vs. 16) Reggie Bush 8) Rocket Ismail vs 9) Tony Dorsett 5) Earl Campbell vs 12) Charles Woodson 4) Tim Tebow vs. 13) Vince Young 6) Deshaun Watson vs 11) Roger Staubach 3) Bo Jackson vs. 14) Ernie Davis 7) Jim Thorpe vs 10) Doak Walker 2) Archie Griffin vs 15) Deion Sanders Voting: https://goo.gl/forms/zqbpiKw23pa69NM33 In the NFLHC Bracket 1) Brian Brown vs. 16) Dane Wilson 8) Marcellus Peterson vs 9) Walt Peck 5) Keyshawn Thompson vs 12) Justin Campbell 4) Tyrone Jones vs. 13) Scott Howard 6) Vaughn Abraham vs 11) Nick Hall 3) Christian Skaggs vs. 14) Akili Wallace 7) David Wilburn vs 10) Andre Brooks 2) Alvis Brumm vs 15) Sean Jenkins https://goo.gl/forms/TbY3leS9aZUY4qlk1 In the CFBHC Bracket 1) Norris Brooksheer vs. 16) Jaz Durant 8) Aaron Blakely vs 9) DeNorris Jackson 5) Anthony Miller vs 12) Alex Leshoure 4) Tunch Richardson vs. 13) Grey Brown 6) Shane Easley vs 11) Brian Hernandez 3) Philip Moore vs. 14) Adrian Jankowski 7) Mike Gradishar vs 10) Matty Swift 2) Tanner Bowman vs 15) Mohammed Foster Voting: https://goo.gl/forms/XNkpEex0T31AvHd02 Voting is open
  28. 5 points

    CBBHC Standings

    CBBHC Standings are updated on the wiki. http://cfbhc.com/wiki/main/index.php?title=2018_CBBHC_Division_I_men's_basketball_season Let me know if there's any interest in having a top 25 CBBHC poll and if you're willing to vote. I can put together a voting form if we have some interest.
  29. 5 points

    The Ultimate CFBHC Bracket

    On the 8th Day. I created the Ultimate CFBHC Bracket. Last year for March Madness, I created the Movie Madness Bracket. This year it will be more football focused. No bracket can top this one this year. It is the Ultimate CFBHC Bracket after all. This bracket is not simply full of matchups of CFBHC players. It is much greater. We have included NFLHC players too. And in a greater show of my power as a bracket curator, this bracket will also include players from the ranks of the real NFL and College Football. What can I say except... You're welcome? The rest of the bracket will be revealed March first. But like Prometheus giving fire to ancient Man, I have decided to give you a taste of my civilization changing gift. The First Four. In the NFL 12 Seeds Quarterback Dan Marino vs. Middle Linebacker Ray Lewis For College Football 16 Seeds Running Back Reggie Bush vs. Running Back O.J. Simpson The NFLHC region 12 Seeds Offensive Tackle Justin Campbell vs. Center Enoch Dickinson And finally CFBHC 16 Seeds Running Back Jaz Durant vs Quarterback Dylan Bishop Below are summaries of each players accolades and a link to vote. Have fun!
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    I feel like most times we say this, its a joke, but i say this in the most sincere way possible. Darmen is the true mvp. Thanks for keeping us all together, so we can all continue to enjoy this site. And to you directly Soluna, you really don't get the appreciation you deserve for essentially doing a full time job for free. The amount of man hours that going into this site on a regular basis from siming games, updating the croot list, updates to the sim itself, keeping the site up, so on and so forth, is unbelievable. For that, we truly can't thank you enough. I've been around probably close to a year and a half, and while you and i have had our moments, this really has been one of the best online experiences i've ever had. The jaguars had the best season in a decade, and all i was doing at the games was trying to get a connection so i could check the games to see if i had won or not. You've created something special here. Hard to imagine it all started with a list of names on a piece of notebook paper. You're a good guy with a good heart for keeping this going all these years. Thank you for all you do.
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    CBBHC Gameday 32 Games to Watch

    Here are some marquee matchups for today. - 6-2 vs. 5-2 - Loser drops 3 back of Duke and most likely out of the conference race. - 7-0 vs. 7-0 - The top spot in the Big Ten and potential #1 seed on the line. - 0-17 vs. 14-1 - Southern Miss has lost by 81 twice. This game will challenge that mark. - 6-1 vs. 3-2 - Can Washington hang with the conference elite? - 5-1 vs. 4-2 - Oregon needs a quality win for their tournament resume.
  32. 4 points

    CBBHC Bracketology: 3/13/18

    (1) Michigan State vs. (8) Virginia (4) UTSA vs. (5) UCLA (3) Purdue vs. (6) West Virginia (2) Duke vs. (7) Illinois* (1) Florida vs. (8) Oklahoma State* (4) Western Kentucky vs. (5) Notre Dame (3) Kentucky vs. (6) Boston College (2) TCU vs. (7) Florida Atlantic (1) Kansas vs. (8) Stanford (4) Arkansas vs. (5) Pittsburgh (3) SMU vs. (6) UNLV (2) Arizona vs. (7) Charlotte (1) Florida State vs. (8) Eastern Michigan (4) Ball State vs. (5) Utah State (3) Louisiana Tech vs. (6) New Mexico (2) Indiana vs. (7) Vanderbilt* First 4 Out: Oregon Ohio State Clemson Buffalo Next 4 Out: Houston USC Texas Tech Gonzaga Green indicates the team has moved up at least one seed since the last bracketology Red indicates the team has moved down at least one seed since the last bracketology * indicates that this is the team's first week "in" the tournament
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    Rocksaucesundae new application

    Welcome back! If you want them back, @notoriousbigej took over SJSU to hold it for you in case you returned. But no worries if you want to go to a different team!
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    Smackems, come to Minneapolis, I'll give you some voice lessons. Raw talent is there, need some technic honing
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    Offensive Player of the Week: RB DeSean Madison, Western Michigan. 24 rushes for 206 yards, 3 TDs. Just in case you weren't sure if the Mad Dog was a good player, he decides to break the 200-yard mark against Eastern Michigan. He continues to lead the conference in rushing yards (781), rushing YPG (156.20), and TDs (13), and continues the strong WMU traditional of punishing running backs after Emmanuel Fields and Gabriel Shields. Accordingly, this is his third POTW honors this season. Defensive Player of the Week: DT Silas Booker, Western Michigan. 6 Tackles, 1 TFL, 2.0 Sacks. You'd be tired and need the misters too if you were as busy as Silas Booker was last Saturday. The redshirt sophomore was a terror against the Eagles, virtually camping out in EMU's backfield all day. Even though this was a week with only a couple of MAC games, the statline Booker produced would be a legit case for Defensive POTW in any week. It's hard to believe this is only his first-ever award. Special Teams Player of the Week: K Harry DeMarco, Western Michigan. 6/6 XP, 1/1 FG (made 46). Speaking of tired Harry DeMarco's right leg probably needed some ice after the game, because he did a lot of kicking in this game. While a lot of DeMarco's didn't have a high degree of difficulty, the 46-yarder he booted through the uprights is his longest on the season. This makes Harry's third POTW award. Congratulations to all the winners! Previous 2021 winners: MAC Players of the Week, Weeks 0/1 MAC Players of the Week, Week 2 MAC Players of the Week, Week 3 MAC Players of the Week, Week 4 MAC Players of the Week, Week 5 MAC Players of the Week, Week 6
  36. 4 points

    Iowa opening

    The two newest MWC members already looking to move to a big job after less than a full season here. These hoes ain't loyal.
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    I would like to apologize to those that have been hurt directly by my words or actions over the course of their time here. Theres probably a much larger number than the specific person I'd like to call out but please know that I do truly mean it. In particular I'd like to apologize to @deandean1998 for harmful words I've said in the past. It was taken too far and I hope this apology reaches him even if he is no longer here. I'd like to thank to Darmam in particular for talking to me personally in a responsible and friendly way. If you plan to continue to enjoy this site he can be thanked far more than what it seems. I'll be instituting some rules and site changes over the next few weeks to assure a consistent and peaceful environment on this site. Please know that I've read every single "testimonial" posted in aliens channel and every single pm I received (both on here and discord) even if I did not respond to them directly. I will spend the next few months to focus on improving the user experience on this site as a priority and hopefully we can all help in this endeavor together. Darman has had some great ideas to improve communication and general morale on the site and I can't think of a better person to help me improve the weakest aspect of this community. To those who have chosen to leave I can honestly say I'll miss you. Not everyone is my friend but I've still known some of you for quite a long time. Yes Ted even you. To those who are staying I ask only one thing, please help me in my sincere attempt to improve the site and to make sure this continues to become the best possible place for people to escape their lIves for even just a few minutes a day. To Darman, thank you for your words and thank you for lIstening. You've done far more than you can imagine. Soluna
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    East Cincinnati (2-4) (0-2) Week 1: vs L 23-38 Week 2: @ L 10-38 Week 4: vs L 13-35 Week 5: @ W 24-19 Week 6: @ L 7-35 Week 7: vs W 37-24 Connecticut (1-4) (0-2) Week 1: vs W 42-17 Week 2: @ L 21-23 Week 4: vs L 31-37 Week 5: @ L 20-31 Week 7: @ L 7-35 East Carolina (1-4) (1-1) Week 0: vs (Charlotte, NC) L 6-45 Week 3: vs L 13-24 Week 4: @ L 20-27 Week 5: vs L 14-45 Week 7: @ W 23-10 Temple (4-2) (2-1) Week 2: vs W 26-14 Week 3: vs L 28-34 Week 4: vs W 27-20 Week 5: vs W 34-31 (OT) Week 6: @ L 25-28 Week 7: @ W 31-10 UCF (2-3) (1-1) Week 0: vs L 9-24 Week 3: @ L 6-10 Week 4: @ W 28-24 Week 5: vs L 3-23 Week 6: vs W 20-17 USF (3-3) (1-1) Week 1: @ L 21-35 Week 2: vs W 37-20 Week 4: vs L 3-37 Week 5: @ W 28-3 Week 6: vs W 31-16 Week 7: @ L 10-19 West Houston (1-4) (1-1) Week 1: vs L 20-34 Week 2: @ L 31-41 Week 3: vs L 13-35 Week 5: @ W 45-14 Week 7: vs L 10-31 Memphis (3-2) (1-1) Week 2: @ W 31-14 Week 3: vs W 30-14 Week 4: vs L 24-28 Week 6: @ L 16-31 Week 7: vs W 35-7 Navy (4-1) (3-0) Week 2: vs L 35-38 Week 3: @ W 38-13 Week 4: @ W 35-13 Week 5: @ W 52-0 Week 6: vs W 28-25 SMU (4-1) (2-0) Week 0: vs W 36-33 (OT2) Week 3: @ L 15-49 Week 4: @ W 41-16 Week 5: @ W 23-3 Week 6: vs W 35-7 Tulsa (2-4) (2-0) Week 1: vs L 3-31 Week 2: @ L 27-30 Week 4: @ L 7-28 Week 5: vs W 31-20 Week 6: @ L 13-16 Week 7: vs W 19-10 Tulane (1-5) (0-3) Week 1: @ L 7-38 Week 2: vs W 23-7 Week 4: @ L 16-27 Week 5: vs L 0-52 Week 6: @ L 16-31 Week 7: vs L 10-23 Notables So far the West is dominant vs the East at a 9-4 record Temple is the East Division leader at a 2-1 record but there are 3 teams that are still a game behind Everyone in the west except Tulane (Because they suck ass) has a clear shot at the West Title Is the AAC P6? Not even close. They are 2-17 against P5 Opponents (Yes that's a correct stat)
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    CBBHC Available Teams

    Should probably wait until the end of the season to fill this. Wouldn't want to influence the results of the Power Rankings
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    funny how everyone in the east called the west shit
  41. 3 points

    CBBHC Update - Post Game Day 21

    Remaining Unbeaten Teams Team W L Kansas 11 0 Florida State 10 0 Arizona 9 0 Florida 8 0 Remaining Winless Teams Team W L Akron 0 9 Cincinnati 0 9 Georgia State 0 9 Ohio 0 10 Southern Miss 0 10 UAB 0 10 UTEP 0 10 Western Michigan 0 10 Memphis 0 11 Middle Tennessee 0 11 Oklahoma 0 11
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    1. Please list your email address and/or your reddit username at which you can be contacted. Reddit: Dr_Novella 2. Before continuing, please thoroughly read the coaching course and feel free to ask questions. Confirm that you have read the coaching course by writing "Confirmed" below. Confirm 3. What team do you want to coach? UL-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns 4. Please select two backup teams (in descending order of preference) in case your first choice is unavailable. Tennessee Volunteers, Iowa Hawkeyes 5. In three or more sentences, tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, what do you do, where are you from, why would you be a good fit here, etc. My name is Zach, I am a student/cook, age 23, and I am from California. I think I will be a good fit because I am passionate about simulation games. I like putting everything together and watching the simulator do its thing. Combined that with my love of football and I don't see myself struggling to fit in. 6. This site can be as time consuming as you want it to be. Weekly duties can be completed in 30 minutes or less, however interacting with your fellow players throughout the week makes it more enjoyable for most people. Approximately, how much free time do you have during a typical week? Hard to get an exact amount, but I am usually free evenings and mornings. More busy during summer but I don't doubt my ability to get things going without running out of time or never being on. 7. Losing games is an inevitable reality on this site, especially when accepting newer teams. Do you believe you can handle losing? Disappointment is expected, however we have had issues with people freaking out, and even leaving the site because of losing. I'll admit I am very much not a fan of losing, however I always keep it off site. I might rage a bit, but I won't let it make me lash out on site or quit. I've been to therapy to deal with that. 8. How did you find out about this site? If recommended by a friend, please post his/her username. I was googling sim games and I found a reddit post where you got mentioned. Clicked the link and bam. Here we are.
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    lol.. Of course you put Bowman vs. Foster... Let it go, the deserving man won the Heisman.
  44. 3 points

    Ultimate CFBHC Bracket Round of 64

    smh darman can't let the Tanner Bowman vs Mohammed Foster for heisman argument go
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    Just want to make sure all C-USA coaches are made aware of the change: @McWovin @Rocketcan @KBlack47 @Bluebolt77 @Fenix @Duke3456 @TheTacoOfDoom @Ricky Campbell @Wonderbread @Osukid2811 @LamboThrone @boogyman10
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    I want to wish joedchi and the Steelers the best of luck. Hope to see you guys in the Super Bowl in the next few seasons!
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    Iowa opening

    Iowa you say
  48. 3 points

    Iowa opening

    Ssh... don't tell my current AD.
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    [2021] Vikings Announce New Ownership

    vikings missin me rn
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    Minneapolis- Following the resignation of owner paperllamasunited, the Minnesota Vikings have announced that GM bellwoodbomb611 will be taking over the teams ownership duties in addition to his current GM duties. Bellwood announced that Minnowsotan and Jamzz will remain in their current positions as Head Coach and Head Scout, respectively. With regards to the new ownership, Bellwood stated that he doesn't anticipate any major shakeups in team philosophy. Owner/GM bellwoodbomb611, Head Coach Minnowsotan, and Head Scout Jamzz will now be available for questions.
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