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    Army vs Navy Kent State at Akron Miami (OH) at Ohio Central Michigan at Western Michigan Northern Illinois at Ball State New Mexico at Wyoming Rice at #24 Houston Rutgers at Maryland As you guys are such a great community, in remembrance of today, I donated money to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation in every active coaches name.
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    As the month of July begins here on CFBHC it's time we took a look back on the month and a look forward to what July has in store. There are plenty of stories to be told between the players and their coaches, it's helpful to have someone on the inside to give you a look. I hope you enjoy the first of a continuous series, as I introduce CFBHC Insider Monthly. It's content may be short in the first issue, but the writers and I are certain as we continue this series will only become better and better as the months go by. We hope you enjoy. For optimal viewing please follow the link below. Afterwards view in full screen. *It is mobile friendly.* http://www.flipsnack.com/1aVida/cfbhc-insider-july-issue.html
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    You guys may have noticed that some stuff has changed. We'll be under construction for a little while but hopefully overall it will be a better and more manageable experience. Among the things you can expect: A selection of backgrounds and themes based on conferences/champions. The text editor has been improved. Better and more functional shoutbox. Better and easier moderation options. Far far far more customizable on my end letting me improve your experience much easier. Three years is a long time for an online community to last. I hope you guys enjoy it. Soluna
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    I'm thankful for all of you! ...except all you bastards who complain so much...
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    All, I'd like to welcome Broletariat aboard as a developer so we can hopefully, finally, get our own fully automated system in place for future seasons of both CFBHC and NFLHC. Our plan heading forward will be two-fold: Soluna - I will head the administrative side as well as providing project guidance. We will indirectly involve the entire community in the decision making on the project through a variety of initiatives (that will be outlined in the future) although we will have final say on the course of development. Broletariat - He will do the majority of coding and development in conjunction with my algorithms and ideas. We're going to try an "open style" of development to keep people informed and present information as we develop it. We'll do this as follows: Public Development Forum - A new forum that will come up shortly that will provide a space for us to move stuff from our private development forum as necessary. Development Polls - Occasionally in the new forum I will post polls that will have an impact on our development, anyone is free to vote in them as long as they are open. Developer Diaries - Either of us will occasionally post in-depth looks at features that have been developed and are ready to show of OR a vision towards an upcoming module in development. Keep in mind that, no matter how amazing an idea sounds, we might just not have the capabilities of doing everything. A simulation as complex as I know most of you wants just isn't feasible as you would essentially be simulating life... but we will do our best. You guys can play a major role by staying active with any polls or feedback we ask of you. Thanks, Soluna and Broletariat
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    SMALL WONDER: The Story of CFBHC's First Great Upset 1. 2014, the second season in the life of CFBHC, did not start pleasantly for Head Coach DangerZoneh and the TCU Horned Frogs. A 35-7 blowout loss at Ole Miss to open the season, followed by a 42-14 drubbing at the hands of the 20th ranked Tennessee Volunteers left Coach Danger scrambling for answers. A week 3 Thursday night win over the Duke Blue Devils did little to remove the specter of the 2-11 opening season record of the Frogs, but did give the faithful a small dose of hope as fullback Alex Engram rumbled for 111 yards and 3 touchdowns in Durham. That tiny ray of sunshine was quickly blotted out, as TCU lost its next five games. Missouri won 31-14 in Waco behind three touchdowns from quarterback Gerald Bright, while TCU managed just 205 yards of offense. Nebraksa blitzed the Horned Frogs 31-21 on a neutral field in Kansas City, with TCU quarterback Johnny Green providing the lone Horned Frog highlight with a dazzling 34 yard TD run. Green and Engram did their best, but couldn’t compete with Christopher Brooks and All-Big-12 running back James Otero, who led Kansas to a week 6 shootout win over the Frogs, 35-31. In Stillwater, OK, TCU walked into a defensive buzzsaw in the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The Horned Frogs turned the ball over twice and could get no offense rolling as the Cowboys slammed the door 24-0. The week 8 loss to the mighty Oklahoma Sooners had an outcome that diminished even the 42-21 final score. Defensive captain Ray Lee Coia was lost for the season after taking a blind hit on an interception return by Sooner Tai Miller. Both players suffered broken arms, and TCU was suddenly staring at a 1-7 record, and entering a contest with the #4 team in the land, the defending Big-12 champion, the hated Texas Longhorns, WITHOUT their best player and inspirational team leader Coia. 100 miles to the southwest, the flagship program in the state of Texas was flexing muscles first stretched in a dominant 2013 campaign that saw the might Texas Longhorns win the Big 12 with an 8-0 record en route to a 11-3 Cotton Bowl winning-season. 2014 was to be the year Texas would challenge for the national title, beginning the season ranked #2 and opening with 7 straight wins before a mid-season bye in week 8. Wins over Arkansas, Pittsburgh, and Navy, all in Austin, showed that the Longhorns could handle three very different types of offenses with their thoroughly stout defense. Travelling to West Point turned into a walk over Army. The visiting Minnesota Golden Gophers, with All-American OJ Carano, gave Texas a scare in Darrell Royal Memorial Stadium in a narrow 21-17 win for the Longhorns. Iowa State provided little resistance in Ames, rolling over for 28-3. With the bye week looming, Texas snuck past a game Kansas State squad with kicker Gino Chiaverini providing the bulk of the scoring in a 16-14 win in Austin. The Longhorns, and Coach DollaBill, were certainly looking forward to the Red River Rivalry game with Oklahoma following the bye and an easy date with the 1-7 TCU Horned Frogs. The clouds were beginning to part for the Longhorns, the path to the Playoff clear and present. 2. When CFBHC began in 2013, most teams were at the mercy of their sim-generated rosters, which were, to some extent, based on the school’s all-time “prestige.” Usual college bluebloods like Alabama, USC, Michigan, and Texas were generated with rosters that helped their coaches overwhelm teams with less traditionally-powerful rosters. In the case of the Longhorns, and first coach DollaBill, that initial roster led to an 8-0 Big-12 campaign, finishing 11-3 in 2013. TCU found themselves severely short on generated talent, and that was compounded by rotating through three coaches in 2013—Coach HookEm, clearly a puppet coach installed by a bitter booster from Austin, departed following a 1-4 start. Coach Pepper was hired, only to lose two games before receiving his pink slip. Stability finally arrived in the form of Head Coach DangerZoneh. The Horned Frogs finished a devastating opening slate at 2-11, with Coach Danger managing a closing 1-5 record playing in a modified Big 12 Conference with Houston, Rice, UCF, and Boise State. Just how deficient was the TCU initial roster? Saying that TCU was severely overmatched talent-wise in this game would be a major understatement. The TCU team only had 4 players total that had a potential rating of 4 and only one of those players had a potential rating of 4.5. From a skill perspective only one of those players had reached 4.0 and that was fullback turned running back Alex Engram. To put in perspective how vastly different the talent level between the two teams was TCU’s average skill-level on offense was a measly 2.36 and an even lower 2.09 on defense. That brought TCU’s average starting player to a skill level of 2.22 which is comparable to a C-USA team. Texas on the other hand was chock full of talent. If you examined the depth-chart for the 2014 Longhorns you would find that they only had one starter below a 3.0 skill rating and that was a redshirt freshman right-guard who had a potential rating of 4.5. The only TCU player who would have a chance to start on this Texas team was fullback Alex Engram and that would have been a toss-up since he shared the same rating as his Texas Counterpart. The Longhorns had twice as many (8) 5.0 Potential players as the TCU team had 4.0 and 4.5 potential players. Texas oozed talent at every position and realistically TCU was outmatched at every position. They play the games for a reason, however; and what those ratings don’t measure is the amount of heart and pride that TCU had during that game. 3. It was a picture-perfect day for football in Fort Worth, Texas on that November Saturday evening. The attitudes on the field couldn’t be more different as the Texas Longhorns were calm, cool, and confident heading into their matchup with the 1-7 TCU Horned Frogs. Texas saw this game as a formality on their way to Dallas for famed Red River Rivalry with Oklahoma. The Longhorns had been brilliant all season and their confidence was apparent as the teams took the field. Sterling Brown, Running Back: “We had it rolling, man. We had a little scare against Kansas State and Minnesota, but this year was our destiny. We had the defense, we had the offense, we had the kicker. They were a speed bump to roll over on our way to Dallas for the Oklahoma game.” John Jones, Quarterback: “Our offense had been clicking pretty well against some really good defenses. I could hand the ball off and watch Sterling do his thing. Our offensive line was opening up holes all over the place. Yeah, we gonna kill TCU...they were so small! And when they lost Coia, he was the only one that could have provided a challenge.” Boomer Roberts, Defensive End: “They had this great big back, Engram, who was a fullback playing running back. Dude couldn’t run, it was that simple. Shut down the running game, from him and the quarterback, and TCU is done. Our D-line was ready and out-weighed their O-line by something like 100 lbs. That’s four guys versus five.” Gordon Moreland, Cornerback: “I don’t think we really considered their passing game much of a threat at all. They had maybe broken 200 yards once in the previous 8 games, so we were mostly concerned with coming up to help stop Engram the giant.” TCU on the other hand entered the game without their defensive captain Ray Lee Coia and his loss weighed heavily on the team during warmups. From the pressbox it almost seemed like the Longhorns were about to take on a high-school team, but a sense of looseness started to come over the team. This was a school that was given no chance by anyone, the media predicted a blowout, the Longhorns didn’t respect TCU, and it started to sink in that they literally had nothing to lose. Vagas Strong, Inside Linebacker: “We were down. Most of us weren’t even sure it was worth practicing that hard. I mean, we were on our third coach in less than 20 games, we had barely won anything. I came to TCU to get a science degree, but since I had played a little football in high school, Coach said to try out for the team and here I am starting...against Texas...as a senior walk-on. You get a bit star-struck.” Johnny Green, Quarterback: “We just didn’t have anything to lose, that was our mindset. But at the same time, we didn’t have any expectation about winning, not against those guys. I know I can play a little, but we were overmatched. Watching film just put that in our minds.” Andre Gaffney, Defensive End: “When Ray Lee broke his arm, we were hopeful he could play a little with the arm in a cast. Looked like he was gonna play even on Wednesday, but then the docs and coaches said he was out. So that meant Kory Sapp had to step into his place. So we got a freshman stepping into the shoes of a senior, our leader. Yeah, that’s not gonna be good.” Head Coach DangerZoneh, TCU: "I'm not sure there was a feeling of doom going into the game, honestly. We were 1-7 but had actually played a lot of teams close. We felt that the we had faced the best defense we were going to see all year in Ole Miss and the best offenses with Kansas and OU. Our boys believed we could win, That being said, I'd be lying to you if I said I thought we'd win - or even really be that close." The Longhorns elected to receive the opening kickoff and sophomore WR Jacky Walters would take the kick out to the 25. John Jones would lead the Texas offense out on the field, but they wouldn’t stay very long when 2 short Sterling Brown runs and an incomplete pass on 3rd down would lead to a Ken Phillips punt. Johnny Green would lead the Frogs out on the field, and like the Longhorn offense, they would have little success leading to another 3 and out. Lightning would strike as Sterling Brown would take the ball right off the left tackle Brandon Reamon for a 43 yard scamper and Texas score giving them a 7-0 lead. The TCU offense would come back on the field and after 3 more plays they would give the ball back to Jones and company. The field position game would work out well for the Longhorns as Jones would complete passes to Walters and Billy Williams to get into field goal range where Gino Chiaverini would knock in a 40 yarder to make the lead 10-0. Another TCU drive ended poorly as QB Johnny Green would stare down his receiver and give Texas CB Gordon Moreland the perfect chance to pick it off. John Jones would get the opportunity to lead another Texas drive that ended with a Jacky Walters TD on a short 11 yard crossing route to extend the lead to 17 as the 1st quarter ended. John Jones, Texas QB: “We got on the field and things just felt...slow. Like we couldn’t get going. Punt for a series, get the ball back, and then Sterling rips off this awesome run around right end for the opening score. We’re thinking: “Ok, now we’re moving, no worries.” Brandon Reamon, Texas Left Tackle: “Two good early drives, 10 points. Gordon gets the pick to put us at their 30 with 1:00 to go in the quarter. After Jones hits Jacky on that crossing pattern, it’s 17-0 at the end of the first and we’re already thinking about what kind of post-game dinner we’re gonna have.” Johnny Green, TCU QB: “Well that was a stupid throw, the interception. I totally rushed the out route and threw it before the receiver was really even ready. That guy made a nice jump on the ball and grabbed it. Wouldn’t have been a problem if it were on the other end of the field, but giving it back to them on our side hurt.” Feeling the game starting to slip away from them the Frogs would receive the ball to start the 2nd quarter and reach deep into their bag of tricks. , Johnny Green would lead a methodical drive that included a healthy dose of Alex Engram, along the way Green would complete passes to tight end Tony DeMarco and WR Patrick Womack and suddenly the anemic Frog offense was driving down the field. Once the Horned Frogs reached the red zone that’s when coach DangerZoneh decided to pull a little trickeration. Here’s what it sounded like on the Frogs Radio Network “Johnny Green steps under center for 1st and 10 on the Texas 18 yard line. The ball is snapped, Johnson is coming around behind the quarterback it looks to be a wide receiver sweep, wait… he’s dropping back to throw.. DeMarco’s open in the end-zone and it’s caught!!! Touchdown Frogs!!!!!!” The play would bring excitement to the crowd and get cut the Texas lead to 17-7. Butch Johnson, TCU WR: “When Coach called the double-pass, it was the 2nd time that season that it had been called, but the first for me at the X. I was pumped. Tony got a little separation from their linebacker and I hit him with a perfect spiral. I didn’t have a big day catching the ball, so I was just excited to help out in some way.” Dan Bruce, TCU DE: “That got the whole sideline fired up. We were down, but that was a great drive and a great play. We got a little pep in our step.” Texas would not be fazed initially as they were set to receive the kick. Coach DollaBill wanted to get back to his bread and butter and pound the undersized TCU defense. However, the stadium would fall silent, as on a routine sweep, Sterling Brown would be taken down by redshirt Freshman Kory Sapp and he would stay down. The team doctor would diagnose him with a knee injury and he would be forced to miss the remainder of the game. Texas would balance the attack out and grab two more field goals before the half to take a 23-7 lead into the locker room. Gino Chiaverini, Texas K: “The long one was tricky because the wind picked up right as I kicked it, I didn’t think it was gonna go. Hitting at the end of the half was easier...the offense did good just getting me in the middle of the field, and 40 yards is pretty simple with no wind. Sucks to lose Sterling, though.” John Jones: “We knew we had to answer that trick play, and we did, pretty quickly. Just stalled out on 3rd down. We wanted to go in with 30 at half...that would have put it away. But when Sterling went down, we lost a juice in our run game, kind of made it easier for them to load up on the pass.” Brent Ring, TCU ILB: “We were able to hold them to Field goals, which helped. The trick play gave us a bit of momentum and our D played pretty well toward the end of the half. I didn’t really see what happened with We were going in without the lead, but we felt like maybe, if we executed a little better, we could get back into the game.” Halftime...where coaches make their money as motivators and master strategists... Alex Engram, TCU RB: “Coach kept telling the Defense that they were in control. He just kept repeating that: you’re in control...you own this game...you’re in control. Those of us on the offensive side, well we started to get that mindset where we jumped on the defense’s momentum.” Andre Gaffney: “We had a little success at the end of the half, and Coach made a fantastic decision to move us to a 3-5 front to better help with the short passing game. He said we were gonna put 11 guys in coverage at one time...we were like: “Coach, don’t do that!” He really meant just changing up coverages giving the QB as many looks as we could.” Coach DangerZoneh: ““I gathered them in and looked at them and said ‘Are they special? Are they better than anyone we’ve played so far? We’ve faced better teams than this. We can beat these guys. Trust me. Play our game and we’ll win.’ And that’s all I said. After that I stopped game planning. They didn’t need me to yell at them, they knew what they needed to do. Ray, on the other hand, got emotional. He got in the defense's face and was the leader he had been all season, even in a sling. Afterwards, I could see the fire in their eyes. I knew something special would happen." Jacky Walters, TEX WR: “We knew we were gonna throw the ball a little more with Sterling out. I was hoping for a big day. Their DBs were shaky in the first quarter, but you could tell, they just meant to hurt you after the second quarter. They were trying to kill us.” Willard Arnold, TEX ILB: “Having a little cushion of 23-7 felt great. We’d given up maybe 100 yards is all in the first half, some on penalties, and then the big trick play. We definitely thought we still had the physical advantage, so we were confident at halftime. Coach didn’t really give us any new looks or anything…” As the teams came out of the locker room for the second half, there was a noticeable difference in the swagger of the TCU Horned Frogs. The team was amped up, they were confident, and they believed they could pull the upset. The Frogs would return the kick to the 27 yard line and Johnny Green would go to work in the spread offense, which coach adjusted to during the half. Green ran the read-option to perfection, switching between hand-offs to Engram, QB keepers, and quick passes to Johnson and DeMarco. Green would lead the Horned Frogs all the way to the Texas 38 yard line, where they would call a Power-O off the RT for Alex Engram. “Engram takes the hand-off from Green and navigates behind the RT, he breaks through the line and is into the second-layer of the defense. Arnold gets around his block.. Engram bowled him over! There goes Alex Engram.. He could take it all the way home Touchdown!!!!! What a run folks by Alex Engram, he absolutely runs through Willard Arnold.. The extra point is good bringing us closer and a 23-14 game. Willard Arnold: “I’ve never been hit like that on a run EVER. Engram straight ran over me. I was backpedaling a little after getting around the block, but that guy trucked me good.” Boomer Roberts: “I’ve never seen Willard get hit like that. The part that was unfair was that Engram turned on the jets after running over our leading tackler. He was a fullback playing running back...what?” Butch Johnson: “I didn’t think Engram could run that fast, especially after knocking that dude flat on his ass. He took off!” Texas would take the kick looking to styme the Horned Frogs sudden momentum. Jones and the Longhorns would start the drive at the 26 yard line, but there was noticeable difference in the way they were playing. Jones would complete a nice pass over the middle to Walters to grab a first down, and Billy Williams would catch another pass to give the Longhorns a second first down, but the TCU defense dug in and forced a punt which landed at the TCU 8 yard-line. Johnny Green would pair with Alex Engram to lead another methodical TCU drive getting first down after first down with smart reads on their read-option plays and smart passes thrown in when the Longhorns would stack the box. The Frogs, who had taken up nearly 7 minutes of game clock, would drive all the way to the Texas 19 yard line. “The Frogs are in the redzone, 1st and 10 from the Texas 19. Green is under center, DeMarco comes in motion, the ball is hiked and it’s a handoff the Engr.., no wait it's a QB keeper! Green goes off right tackle slips through the arms of Arnold, and there he goes folks!!! Touchdown Frogs!!” The extra point was good bringing TCU within 2 23-21. John Jones: “We wanted to answer their touchdown run with a sustained drive, if not a score. We made two first downs, but then had to punt. Our O-line just didn’t have a lot of fire at this point, with a 9 point lead.” Johnny Green: “They pinned us at the 8 yard line, so we had 92 yards to go to this thing to a field goal. The big guys up front just started going to work, and Coach was calling some nice variations on our standard option set. Alex and I were finding some holes with a stretched out front 7.” Butch Johnson: “Johnny had some clutch throws on that drive, but he really did it with his legs. That drive ate up, what, like 7 minutes of game time?! Keep their offense on the side, let our boys go to work. That TD run from Johnny was a thing of beauty.” Gordon Moreland: “I spent that whole drive on a island, so I just got a front row seat for the butt-whipping our D-Line was getting...from these scrubs! We’d seen their QB do some nice things on film, but that run was slick.” Willard Arnold: “I should have had him wrapped up for a 2 yard gain, but he slipped out. I got freaking beat for two scores in the 3rd quarter. Not a good one for me. Our defense walked off the field sweating and hands-on-hips breathing hard.” Texas would get the ball back and go to work. Jones would lead a methodical drive down the field, and in a rush to get one more play off before the quarter ended they would call a Draw with backup running back Hugh Ledbetter. Ledbetter would get smashed however and the ball would pop loose allowing Vagas Strong to recover for the Horned Frogs. Vagas Strong: “After Johnny’s touchdown, we were fired up. Brent hit their backup tailback and popped the ball loose, right at the end of the quarter. I looked up, and saw the ball, and jumped on it!” TCU would not capitalize on the turnover, however; and would be forced to punt after a quick 3 and out. The Longhorns would come back on the field in good position, and drive down the field to set up another 40 yard field goal. The field goal attempt would go right through the uprights giving Texas a 26-21 lead. Coach DollaBill sensing it was time to put the game away went into his bag of tricks and pulled out the onside kick. TCU wasn't ready for the call and the Longhorns were able to recover the kick, giving them a chance to extend the lead and put the game out of reach. Vagas Strong: “They hit a field goal, no problem. We hadn’t given them anything since the first quarter. We called that a win. Then they try this bullshit onside-kick…” Andre Gaffney: “I’m on kick return team, and we were not ready for that. Nice for them to have a little momentum to pick that up, but we’re all like “why did they do that?” Good if it works, and it did...but it didn’t matter.” Texas had great field position and a chance to put the game away. The drive started with a short Ledbetter run, but on 2nd down Jones would take his chance. “Jones takes the snap and rolls out to the right, he sees the tight end crossing the other way and fires, but there's Kory Sapp!! Sapp picks the ball off! Sapp picks the ball off! The freshman replacing senior leader Ray Lee Coia has made the biggest play of the game!” Kory Sapp, TCU OLB: “Jones was rolling out and he looked back across the field to the tight end. I was coming across the middle from behind the play, so I saw everything. Must have just missed me in his view. Easiest INT I’ve ever had.” Johnny Green would lead the TCU offense out on the field with a chance at taking the lead. The drive didn't start as planned when he was sacked on first down. Second down Green was able to find a crossing Butch Johnson to get the ball deep into Texas territory. The pass was followed by a quick Alex Engram run to get the ball to the Texas nine yard line. “Green under center, two receivers split out wide, he takes the snap and rolls out right. Womack breaks down the middle, he's got a step, Green fires the pass. Touchdown!!! Lord, he caught the ball Touchdown Horned Frogs!!!! The extra point is good, folks we have the lead, the Horned Frogs are beating the number four team in the nation 28-26. Andre Gaffney: “We told the offense to go down and get the lead...we’d done our job.” Alex Engram: “The D played out of their minds all game...we had to do our part. We thought that Coach’s adjustments--making the game about tough vs. tired--really opened things up for us in the 2nd half. We just mimicked the 3rd quarter drives...they were done.” Boomer Roberts: “I thought the sack was going to end their drive, but that QB made some plays with his feet and kept their drive going. And the receiver made a hell of catch on the touchdown.” Gordon Moreland: “Heck of a catch...that’s not my guy, but I got caught in a motion-switch and he just beat me to the spot. Nice catch.” Vagas Strong: “Holy shit, we were leading Texas! The crowd was crazy, some lady ripped her shirt off right behind our bench. We were all fired up!” Texas would take the kickoff and promptly go three and out and punt the ball to TCU. The Frogs would gain 9 yards, but were unable to convert forcing a punt which Walters returned to the Texas 28. John Jones would be sacked on first down making it 2nd and 18. The Longhorns suddenly playing very tightly would gain 3 yards on a busted Walters screen making it 3rd and 15. Promptly the Longhorns would be called for holding making it 3rd and 25 from their own 3 yard line. “It's 3rd and 25 from the 3 for Texas and Jones takes the snap, he hands the ball off the Ledbetter, Andre Gaffney breaks through and tackles him behind the line, folks did he get him in the end zone?! They're calling it a safety!!! Gaffney with the safety and TCU takes a 30-26 lead, the crowd is going crazy!!!” Kory Sapp: “The play before, their Left Tackle got up a little slow. I thought for sure they’d pass the ball on 3rd and 25 from their own 3. Nope, handoff to the backup. Andre was right there.” Brandon Reamon: “I twisted my ankle after getting rolled up the play before. I just didn’t have good footing for a run, and he made a great play. I’m sorry it wrecked our season, but it was about the only time he got me all game.” TCU took the safety and promptly went three and out, the killer being a Butch Johnson drop on what would have been a first down. Johnny Green: “We were too hyped for the next possession...we dropped an easy pass, their D-line got some penetration. Had to kick, put it back on the D, baby.” Texas would go to work and John Jones was locked in finding Walters on a crossing route, and Williams on a deep fade that would put the Longhorns in the redzone. “Jones is under center, he motions Walters out wide, and takes the snap. Walters breaks wide out towards the back off the end-zone, Jones lofts it up there, bit there's Curtis Howard!!! That's the ballgame folks, Curtis Howard intercepts the ball and the TCU Horned Frogs have just upset the number four team in the nation!!!!!!!” John Jones: “Getting the ball back was probably a bit luckier than we deserved. But we made the most. Hit a couple of crossing routes and one deep out. Put us in good position, just inside the red zone. I made the wrong read, that’s all. Should have checked down.” Andre Gaffney: “Curtis locked that guy up good. A true freshman making that play, easily the biggest in his life. Awesome!” Curtis Howard, TCU CB: “I didn’t really get my head turned, but since we were in the endzone, I figured it had to be a fade, and it just came down so slow. It was just sitting there.” After the game, players and coaches from both sides found themselves at a loss for words to describe the scene. Johnny Green: “Just couldn’t believe it. We held our own and knocked off the #4 team in the country. We hadn’t had much to smile about, but this was a day we’ll never forget.” Alex Engram: “Man. That was a great game. We just stuck to our gameplan and played with more intensity than I could have imagined. Execution, especially in the 2nd half, was amazing. The O-line played great for us, and our Defense was awesome.” Andre Gaffney: “Something I’ll always remember, and tell my kids about.” Coach DangerZoneh: “Could not be prouder. So many players made big plays in big situations. Alex, Johnny, Curtis, Kory - all of them. I can't say enough." Brandon Reamon: “We didn’t think we’d go into that cow-town and lose to a bunch of 2-star and no-star recruits. No Sterling really hurt the offense, and Jones didn’t have one of his best games.” Gordon Moreland: “Kind of couldn’t believe it! Clock hit all zeroes, and we just stood there like zombies.” John Jones: “You come in so confident and so ready to play well. When you hit a snag like that, it takes you completely by surprise.” 4. Buoyed by the homestanding win over Texas, TCU won their next two games, over Baylor (17-14) and Iowa State (10-3), before a season-finishing loss to the Red Raiders of Texas Tech (34-7). But finishing the season at 4-8 hardly dampened the spirits of Coach Danger and his crew. The coaching staff got right to work identifying the kinds of players they would need to pull off a similar upset in the future. TCU grabbed a couple of studs in the 2014 JuCo recruiting sweepstakes in RB Bradley Cooley, TE Paul Carter-Williams, OT Charles Mahan, and a pair of Free Safeties Andrew Wright and Quinn Cooper. The overall 2014 recruiting class was ranked in the Top 10 by numerous services and featured eventual All-American wide receiver Jamel Beckham. 2015 began with much promise, still riding the high of knocking off mighty Texas. However, the youth movement needed one more season to develop, and the Horned Frogs lost their first six contests before finishing 3-9. The Horned Frogs were unable to repeat their success versus Texas in Austin in 2015, as the Longhorns enacted a measure of revenge with a 51-7 victory over a young TCU squad. Another stellar recruiting off-season saw TCU again surge in the national eye, and 2016 saw the Frogs sneaking into the Top 25 for parts of the campaign. A season-opening loss to the Georgia Bulldogs was the only blemish through much of the season--TCU went on to win 8 straight before finally dropping consecutive games to Oklahoma and, yes, Texas. The Frogs did finish the regular season with a win over Baylor, leading to a win in the school’s first bowl game, the Bourbon Bowl over Ohio State. Flipping their record from the previous season completely around, TCU finished 2016 10-3. It led to even bigger things, and bigger wins, in 2017 (13-2, a Pinstripe Bowl win over Air Force and Top 5 national ranking, but with a loss at Texas in week 12) and 2018 (won first 11 games, lost final three including Conference Championship Game to Kansas and Alamo Bowl to USC). In the 2018 season, TCU was finally able to recreate their famous victory over Texas, bringing their all-time record versus the Longhorns to 2-4. 2019 began with the same promise, and a Top 10 national preseason ranking, but the talent losses from the Horned Frog heyday led to a dismal 1-8 opening to this current season, of course including a 31-27 loss to Texas. But the mark was clear: the 2014 TCU Horned Frogs found the right mix of emotion and execution to pull off the most remarkable upset in site history. Several players from the game went on to be drafted in the NFLHC draft. Jacky Walters, Alphonso Greisen, and Alex Engram can reminisce about the game together as they now share the same uniform suiting up for the Miami Dolphins. Willard Arnold plays a big role for the New England Patriots starting at inside linebacker for them. Offensive Tackle Brandon Reamon, a freshman during the game, was drafted in the 2018 draft by the Tennessee Titans and currently is their starting left tackle. Harry Whiteside, a freshman slot receiver for the Longhorns, currently is a starter for the Kansas City Chiefs. Willie Wood is manning the safety position in New Orleans and finally Gino Chiaverini is still kicking field goals with the Atlanta Falcons. Texas, for its part, did not exactly let the defeat to TCU in 2014 derail their future success. But it certainly dampened the spirits of the 2014 campaign. The next week, Texas went to Dallas for the Red River Rivalry game against #15 Oklahoma. They came out flat and uninspired in a 24-14 loss. With the dream of a national title season evaporating, Texas dropped a third straight game to Oklahoma State (10-7) before re-grouping and closing out the regular season with two wins, over Texas Tech (35-7) and Baylor (35-7). The solace of a Meineke Car Care Bowl proved just beyond inspiration as the Longhorns closed out a disappointing 2014 season with a loss to Pittsburgh, 35-21. Coach DollaBill, midway through a potentially promising 2015 season which finished 7-6, was dismissed for IPGate violations. Replaced by former Arizona State head man AzulCaballero, the Texas faithful felt they had finally found their man. 2016 was a turnaround for the Burnt Orange, as the Longhorns responded to Azul’s coaching with a 12-2 season, Big-12 championship, and close loss to Notre Dame in the Peach Bowl, to finish ranked #5 in the country. But it was all a prelude to the magical 2017 season. Texas, despite a 2OT loss to the West Virginia Mountaineers in week 8, ran the table all the way to a National Title, defeating Nebraska in the title game. 2018 and thus far in 2019, the dice haven’t fallen as grandly for the Longhorns, but a National Title is worth its weight in gold in the land of CFBHC, and much is forgiven after. Texas came back from their disastrous night in Fort Worth in 2014 stronger than ever.
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    Thanks everyone, but especially those who've been here since the beginning!
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    Dear diary, I was drafted by the Colts. It was very cool. All of my friends were happy. I was on TV! Hi Mom and Dad! Then I got a trip to Hawaii! It is far away so I took a plane ride! Then I did all kinds of cool things! Like surfing! And there was a beach! And at the end of the night I went to sleep. It was a very fun trip!
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    After 222 days, 21 hours, and roughly 20 minutes of online time, and five CFBHC seasons, five SHC seasons, (almost) four NFLHC seasons, and one CBBHC season, I'm retiring. Between the job I started a few months ago, my recent engagement/wedding stuff, and buying a house, I just won't have the time I'd like to devote to the site. To say it's been fun would be the understatement of the century. A ginormous thanks goes out to Soluna for the billions of hours of work and all the money, blood, sweat, tears, etc. that he put into making this site and keeping it all rolling. When you take a step back, it's pretty remarkable how a bunch of (mostly) strangers came together to spend all day online playing a forum football simulator together. The Dawgs finished with our fourth straight 10-win regular season. The Saints are aiming for a Super Bowl trip. Bayern took home our elusive league title. Georgia CBBHC team is awful. Couldn't ask for a better way to go out! Thanks to Soluna, the rest of the mods, and all the users for a great ride. P.S. Wedding date is April 23, 2016...HYPE!
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    What if I told you... that sometimes even scoring 40 can you lose you a championship? Soluna: "That was the defining moment of my college football coaching career, there just isn't much else you can bring." What if I told you... that in a game with 700 yards of offense, it would be decided by just 1? Norris Brooksheer: "It really was just amazing, to have that whole season come down to just that one moment." Pete Choboian: "Looking back on it now, I really can't believe how that game ended... everyone fought so hard. " What if I told you... Ian Smith's crowning moment came on the final play of his college career? ...and propelled ChicagoTed1 into the CFBHC History Books... ...CFBHC Films presents "Sooner or Later" - the story of the 2015 Oklahoma Sooners.
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    With August here and a brief break in the simulations, we are back with the second issue of CFBHC Insider to get you through the next two weeks. With content put out by some of the best writers on the site, I invite you to kick back and enjoy this month's issue of CFBHC Insider. We have a lot of games to come in August, and we can look forward to more college football upsets! Be sure to catch next month's issue in the beginning week of every month. Thank you SageBow, Imposter, Bingo, npklemm, and all the other members that offered their help with this. I hope that you enjoy. For optimal viewing please follow the link below. Afterwards view in full screen.*It is mobile friendly.* August Issue of CFBHC Insider Need more? Check out the.. July Issue
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    Welcome to 2016! WIth the anticipation of the standalone building and the stopping of development for the old sim we will begin the year with some major changes to a dated forum (along with a final release for the old sim, coming soon). The key thing I wanted to focus on for these sets of changes is the divide between people (such as myself) who would prefer much more hard core roleplaying and those that would prefer to keep it simple and not as serious. I have, for now, decided to bridge the site at some point in the middle. More roleplaying will be better and, while some roleplaying is going to be recommended, you can still get by not participating in this part of the site at all. The RP Subforum Conference commissioners will receive official conference accounts to post official conference news. Coaches will need to roleplay in comments and threads they create in this subreddit. They will receive benefits, benefits, bonuses, or traits attached to their account based on how they act in both coaching and personality. Acting negatively will cause consequences such as recruiting point losses, negative traits, and even coaching/bowl suspensions. Assistant coaches: You will be able to hire offensive and defensive coordinators that each come with their own unique traits to boost your program in ways that you want. If you are ever suspended for any reason you may designate a coordinator to take over for you. Traits: A post detailing possible traits, how to acquire them, and what they provide will be created in the near future. There will be an additional FAQ thread relating to this at the same time. General Discussions: These will be split, please keep RP-level discussion in this forum and remove smack talk to the non-RP forum. Realistic press conference: I have not quite formatted how these will work yet but there will be better media within the RP sub. Recruiting will provide more in depth news along with additional High School information. The non-RP Subforum Everything here will remain the old way along with non-RP press conferences and joke threads. I will detail each point more as I work on them, if you have any questions please PM this account. The old Soluna account will be reverted to regular member to deal with only personal sim gaming. Thanks!
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    Additionally, Navy will move to the AAC (schedules will need to be adjusted accordingly for OOC). Georgia State will move to Independent until the creation of the Sun Belt occurs. Also, Marshall, Rice, and North Texas will join the above 11 programs to create the new 14-team conference. This drops the AAC to 12 teams which means each division there will play 2 cross-division games. The open spot in the MWC (left by North Texas) will be replaced with: New divisions are as follows: AAC East: Cincinnati, Connecticut, East Carolina, South Florida, Temple, UCF AAC West: Houston, Memphis, Navy, Tulsa, SMU, Tulane MWC Mountain: Air Force, Boise State, Colorado State, New Mexico, Utah State, Wyoming MWC West: Fresno State, Hawaii, Nevada, San Jose State, San Diego State, UNLV C-USA East: Charlotte, FIU, Marshall, Middle Tennessee, Old Dominion, WKU, Florida Atlantic C-USA West: Louisiana Tech, Rice, North Texas, Southern Miss, UTEP, UTSA, and UAB Also the following game report will be the official game report beginning with the first game of next season
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    NO ONE MAY SUBMIT A RESPONSE. Sammy Grey, recently selected by the Bills with the 179th pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, has had an extremely successful pre-season. Grey has really shone throughout training camp and has impressed local reporters, pundits, and most importantly, the fans. "I think we found a diamond in the rough," says James, 23, of Buffalo. Grey recently started a charity benefiting children with Multiple Sclerosis. "My younger brother Zeke has MS and I know how tough it can be on a family. I hope that this charity grows with my career in the NFL and we can improve the lives of at least a couple of family's in Western New York." The Bills have been extremely impressed with all the work Grey has put in this offseason both on the field and off the field and expect him to become a long-term starter in the NFL. Grey gains +5% starting fitness, the Bills gain +2% media standing, and Grey improves his overall by 1. His new player line is: FS Sammy Grey 5-10 214 R Washington State [Man Coverage] 78
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    WR DeSean Jenkins 6-4 195 2 Wake Forest [Speed] 64
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    With the playoffs just a few minutes from beginning here is a quick preview for your wildcard weekend! Here are the previews for today's teams! Picks: Saturday, April 23rd, 2015 #3 Detroit Lions #5 Miami Dolphins Sunday, April 24th, 2015 #5 St. Louis Rams #3 Denver Broncos Sorry I didn't have much time to put this together, I wanted a couple articles written up, but ended up working a little longer than I expect last night. Enjoy the games today!
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    CFBHC v1.3 February 14th, 2017 Pre-Release v1.3.84 GENERAL The two week inactivity period will be replaced with a court composed of three elected judges that may decide at their discretion or at the request of a user that a member is not participating in the site at the level which they should be. *Do this however you want and I will run elections. If you want to have people run under the promise of a stricter policy versus a looser policy feel free to form parties! Members have a term limit of 4 terms and elections will be at the beginning of every season (including before 2020) or if a spot on the court is needed to be filled. Gameplay Changes *Increased fumbling by a 15% for RBs, 15% for QBs, 35% for WRs. *Rescaled tackling ability as a function of overall rating for SSs. *Decreased catching ability as a function of overall rating for WRs and TEs. *Decreased the impact of kicking power for accuracy kickers. *Decreased the impact of kicking accuracy for power kickers. *Added Jr. and III to the name generation. Bug Fixes *Fixed a calculation bug for the fitness of OGs. *Fixed an issue where kickers were not accurately using their attributes for extra points. NFLHC Coordinators and Coaching Clinics – Offensive and Defensive Coordinators can be hired and will provide player, team, or progression bonuses. *Coordinators may be hired as a head coach. They have preprogrammed selection of game plan options that they will adapt to the opponent each week while mitigating the scheme change penalty. *Coaching clinics will add permanent traits to users on the site. Clinics will be scheduled during the offseason onto a calendar similar to the rookie minicamps (see below). Player Character – Player’s now have a built-in character that can be good (charity events) or bad (player discipline). Events – Randomized events that can affect player characteristics, add flavor to injury, personal discipline, coaching, etc. *Events include but are not limited to: player discipline, news, interviews, PFF rankings, coaching tiers, fan opinions, etc. Referees – Referees impart their flavor on a game and may lead to more or less penalized games. Ejections have been added and will be noted in the game report. Position change requests – Each offseason a thread will allow teams to request a positional change for one or more of their players (the limit being each player may only transition once per year). *Once a player has switched position they will progress according to their new position. Rookie Minicamps – Beginning with 2021 NFLHC season there will be an offseason calendar that each team must fill out. Each team will receive a limited number of work out days and a schedule of positional minicamps to choose from (some overlapping!). Players participating in these mini camps will received published information about performance. Depth Chart changes – New features and requirements. *Inactive – Add at the tail end of your NFLHC depth chart (where redshirts are in CFBHC). These are players that will be completely held out of a game (will not travel) and may be used for character issues, injuries, or “dog house” situations. *Players placed on the inactive list will respond accordingly. Injured players will use the time to recover, character issue players may respond positively or negatively through events, and “dog house” situations may encourage the player to play harder (or less if he dislikes the coach!). Improved Stats – Added several more detailed statistics to game reports including drops, missed field goal information, and labeling players who have blocked kicks. *Drops (DRP) – receptions that were dropped by receiver miscues. *Missed FG Information – wide left, wide right, hit the upright, etc. *Blocked kicks – Consistent information as to who blocked it. *Sack totals – Removed sack yardage lost from the running box for QBs and added a new section that shows sacks given up by each team. *Reworked game report to be more inline with NFL.com format and added “long” categories for rushing and receiving. Example below, // would be replaced with an actual table cell border: K. Davis // 15/27 // 270 // 3 // 1 // 36 A. Sowell // 16 // 107 // 1 // 1/0 // 18 R. Robinson // 6(1) // 88 // 1 // 0/0 // 26 Categories as follows: QB Name // COMP/ATT // YDS // TD // INT // LG RB Name // ATT // YDS // TD // FUM/LOST // LG WR Name // REC(DRPS) // YDS // TD // FUM/LOST // LG CFBHC Bowl Selection Chairmen – Each conference will elect a Bowl Selection Chairman (BSC) that may be different from their conference commissioner. Every BSC must be available after the final week of CFBHC games to meet with Soluna and the other BSCs in a conference call to select bowl participants according to their conference’s rules. *Further information about BSC elections will be posted in the near future. Other *Added UMass Minutemen.
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    Saturday afternoon begins the first College Gameday of the 2018 football year, our hosts will be taking a look at college football on a national scale. Florida State vs Ohio State will be a hot topic of discussion come Saturday, here are some stats to help you get up to speed with this out of conference matchup. First let's take a look at each of the team's resumes. QB - RB Comparison: QB Benjamin Schuler, FSU, 123 of 176 for 1718 yards, 13 TD, 2 INT QB Cody Albright, OSU, 108 of 157 for 1480 yards, 12 TD, 4 INT RB Elijah Harden, FSU, 94 for 628 yards, 8 TD RB Moussa Goode, OSU, 111 for 590 yards, 4 TD Tune in this Saturday (1/30/16) afternoon at 4:30PM EST (3:30 CST) for College Gameday!
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    THE SEAHAWKS HEAD COACH MAY SUBMIT A RESPONSE UNTIL 11:30 PM ET 2/7/2017 Post-draft images have emerged of Marcus Williams celebrating in a room with friends. It is very clear Marijuana was smoked at the party based on materials seen in a variety of images posted to facebook, twitter, and instagram. The league may look into the situation but it is unclear if Williams participated in any drug abuse. The Seahawks have been asked to reach a decision on this rumor: A ) Suspend Marcus Williams for 1 pre-season game (team decision). B ) Suspend Marcus Williams for 1 regular season game (team decision). C ) No punishment (team decision). D) Let the commissioner handle the punishment (whether their should even be one).
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    "In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie, In Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields." While Armistice Day is mostly celebrated intermingled with Veterans Day on November 11th I just wanted to thank you guys again for the, in general, peaceful nature of this site. We hate each other often over trivial things but no one really carries any grudges forward (or so I hope!). November 11th is a day that for European and British Commonwealth Nations signifies the end of WW1 ("at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day in the eleventh month in the year of our Lord 1918 the guns fell silent") and large-scale memorials were held today in locations that would otherwise be trivial. Ypres, Belgium. Verdun, France. Gallipoli, Turkey. Why does the Poppy symbolize Armistice Day? It was the only thing that would grow in the fields littered by artillery shells and human remains and the only life that returned to No Man's Land for quite some time after the battles ended. Whether you celebrate Armistice Day, Veteran's Day, or just think of your nations Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, take some time today to think about Peace. Do something good, help someone. 20,000,000 people died in World War I (military and civilian). My family lost 9 men in the span of 2.5 years. Germany lost 5% of its total population, France 4%, Serbia 26%. As is tradition, once a year I've been making a donation in the name of a site to a cause or event that I think we can all agree on - so this year I will create a sponsorship at the Douaumont Ossuary in Verdun, France for us. The Ossuary serves as the final resting place for 15,000 soldiers and the remains of upwards of 100,000 more that could never be identified. Visiting the site is a life changing experience that I encourage you all to undertake at some point in your life. A graveyard was created for as many soldiers as they could fit on the mountainside. All unidentified remains were placed into the base of a memorial ossuary. Most soldiers you are looking at in the pictures below we're between 16 and 25. This is our age group. French. British. German. All gone. Why did this happen? Pride, nationalism, and ignorance. We are better than this. "They went with songs to the battle, they were young, Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow. They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted, They fell with their faces to the foe. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them." A short ways away from Douaumont are the remains of a small village, Fleury-devant-Douaumont, where you can see what these sites look like even a hundred years later. The artillery shell holes are still evident. Life has still only barely returned.
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    1. Please list your email address and/or your reddit username at which you can be contacted. franzkafkacfbhc@gmail.com 2. Before continuing, please thoroughly read the coaching course and feel free to ask questions. Confirm that you have read the coaching course by writing "Confirmed" below. Confirmed 3. What team do you want to coach? Colorado Buffaloes 4. Please select two backup teams (in descending order of preference) in case your first choice is unavailable. Texas Christian defensive coordinator 5. In three or more sentences, tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, what do you do, where are you from, why would you be a good fit here, etc. I'm a 27 year old lawyer living in Atlanta, GA. I was a coach here from 2013-2017 and think I'd be a good fit. 6. This site can be as time consuming as you want it to be. Weekly duties can be completed in 30 minutes or less, however interacting with your fellow players throughout the week makes it more enjoyable for most people. Approximately, how much free time do you have during a typical week? Now that life has settled down for me (married 6 months ago, moved into new house, etc) I'll have a good amount of time to post. 7. Losing games is an inevitable reality on this site, especially when accepting newer teams. Do you believe you can handle losing? Disappointment is expected, however we have had issues with people freaking out, and even leaving the site because of losing. As long as the Kafkacurse doesn't return, I'm good. 8. How did you find out about this site? If recommended by a friend, please post his/her username. I found this site a few years ago on Reddit. After applying for a position, that conference's commissioner will send you one or two easy questions to verify that you have read the coaching course and possess a basic knowledge to how the game works. Once you've completed all these steps, you will be approved to join CFBHC!
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    I expect that you've worn my patience thin. I gave you three chances, somehow each progressive attempt showed you giving less of a fuck. I'm tired of your trolling or supreme idiocy, whatever you call your existence. At least 5 members have spent a combined 20+ hours helping you do something that should take 5-10 minutes to complete. You're either unwilling to learn the rules, unwilling to figure stuff out unless it's handed directly to you on a platter, or have the thought capacity of a camel. You are free to reapply after you take a reading comprehension class. Banned.
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    Positional Mini-Update Thanks to the coaches who helped with this.
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    Electronic Arts has just announced and provided screenshots of a bundle of games they plan to release this year focusing on the NFLHC, and specifically certain players within the league. The following screenshots and descriptions are official and taken directly from the EA broadcast: TD Jesus Football 2017: This year the premier of TD Jesus Football brings new creative and skillful gameplay into the mix, creating a more satisfying gaming experience than ever before! In this game, you will have the ability to choose which defender you throw any given interception to! Throw INTs with never before seen freedom! Jim Otto Football Life 2017: Have you ever just wanted to be rich, even though you didn't deserve it? Then this is the game for you! Watch actual NFL players on your flat screen TV, fuck hookers and snort crack, you have $40,000,000 baby! There are even added Fishing and Golf minigames, and an investment challenge where you have to watch your agent correctly start your long-term stock investment plans! The Legend of James Dale Continues Never had the skill to make it in the NFL? Then this is the simulator for you. Sit on the bench, hold clipbooks, take early showers, chat with teammates, sideline reporters and others, show up late to games and watch as nobody cares! Gray Corbin's Pee Wee Football 2017 In this challenging game, first you'll have to convince the Pee Wee officials that yes, you really are 7 years old. Use your height to your advantage and don't let the secret slip while you pwn noobs on your way to the state championship! Do you have what it takes to slaughter 2nd graders in a high contact sport? The Entire bundle will go on sale for $60, or $30 per individual title starting in September.
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    Thanks to inspiral, who will be in charge of running the sim for this (via the interface) and especially to him for developing the entire system that will be used. Depth Charts, gameplans, etc will all be in the spirit of CFBHC/NFLHC (easy to learn, hard to master), scheduling, games, and of course our very own CBBHC Tournament will all be available on the interface. CBBHC seasons will be shorter than real ones and act mostly as an offseason CFBHC bridge although we might extend them to add more games. You will control the CBBHC team of the school that you play in CFBHC. New users who want to play but only joined CFBHC as coordinators can join as non-football basketball schools (Marquette, Georgetown, etc). Obviously you don't have to play if you don't want to, in which case your school will not be represented in the sim. Here are some highlights from the upcoming release of CBBHC, release date TBD. (all below "screenshots" are subject to change by actual release) PF Adam Williams 6-8 266 Fr (Indianapolis, IN) [Zone] 80 PG/SG - Shooting/Driving SF/PF/C - Zone/Man Offensive Schemes: * Princeton offense (focused on cutting movement/passing - all players) * Dribble drive offense (focused on kick outs and penetration - 3s and PG, SG) * Pick and roll offense (post play, penetration, and kick outs - 3s and SF, PF, PG) * Triple-post offense (post play - SF, PF, C) * Grinnell offense (quick shots, many substitutions - 3s and all players) Offensive Shooting: * More inside (additional focus on SF, PF, and C) * Balanced * More outside (additional focus on PG and SG) Offensive Tempo: * Shoot early (more mistakes but helps against teams with poor stamina) * Set play (less mistakes, more time taken off the clock) Defensive Schemes: * Zone defense (defends the inside well, but leaves the 3-point line less defended) * Half-court man defense (one-on-one matchups worse against good inside players) * Full-court press defense (maybe better for athletic but not particularly skilled teams - good stamina/strength/vertical/etc. and poor man defense/zone defense) * Half-court zone trap defense (fatigue faster and more mistakes, focused on turnovers, defends outside better than zone defense) Defensive Press: * Only when behind * Balanced * All the time Defensive Pressure: * Play tight (might lead to more fouling, less open shots) * Balanced * Play passing lanes (less fouling, more open shots) Player Substitutions: * Never * Slightly * Frequently
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    "What's the difference between route tree and group assigned (on the NFLHC gameplan)? - SageBow Route Tree relies on high skill receivers and allows audibles to be called on the fly. Receivers are expected to know their role in any play and the potential changes that could be made to that role by the quarterback. Route tree assigned receivers are a much bigger threat to zone coverage. Group assigned reflects that gameplans are not defined by the players but are instead defined by the roles. For instance, third receivers are more geared into slot type routes in the pass heavy offenses regardless of the physical attributes of the receiver themselves. In short, unless you want to experiement and with my limited understanding, use route tree with strong receivers and weak quarterbacks, use group assigned with strong quarterbacks and weak receivers, experiment if you're strong at both, and quit if you're weak at both. In summary, route tree relies on the gameplan being created around the receiver, group assigned around their role independent of the receiver. "What are your thoughts on the NFC South?" - Quasar I don't pay that much attention to the NFC but I can give you a quick summary for each team and what I think: Atlanta: Great but aging defense that needs some revitalization soon. Offense is kind of a cluster with a mediocre QB, a running back that's being run out of gas faster than he should, and a fairly average receiving corps. The next two drafts are key to ensure this team doesn't fall off. Tampa Bay: No identity, no chemistry, no real goal it seems. I think the team at this point should just be rebuilt around two stars (Heiden and the best player on defense, likely Williams). New Orleans: Extremely poor drafting the last two years has led to a pretty major downfall. I think coaching isn't great but is at least acceptable. Devereaux is probably underrated but this defense needs to be entirely re-done. Stiles might be okay to keep as a third corner. Carolina: They'll finish 15-1 and then lose in the divisional round. Seriously though they are probably a top 2 team right now and anything less than 13-3 is disappointing. "Do you like the general trend of CFBHC coaches changing jobs around if they feel like they are done, or would you rather people stay in one place forever? - smokingcricket I hate the totally arbitrary changing of coaches that we have even though I'm partially guilty of it as well. I really want a system that includes pre-season goals, firing, and contracts but I know there would be far too much push-back on here to even try that. It just makes no sense to me how people are allowed to move around. I figured conference commissioners would help but 80% of them have been useless in enforcing anything. Shout out to the SEC for having a backbone the last few years with their commissioners. "What is your favorite German beer?" - smokingcricket Man it really depends on situation and whether it needs to be classy or not haha. Where I'm from (a town of like 200) all the guys between 16-50 would gather every Sunday at 10 AM to play a town-wide game of Soccer. A crate of cheap beer would be supplied for the post-game festitivites and that will always remain one of my favorite memories so I have a soft spot for that beer, Warsteiner. It's kind of cheap (for German beer) but is just perfectly crisp for drinking just after running around for two hours. I like most of the old beers that are based out of monasteries (almost entirely wheat beers). German purity law has kept some pretty sweet 500 year old recipes intact. "What methods would you use to build a smaller school up to a contender?" - Monda I feel like this is pretty obvious but it starts with recruiting. The first year or two are extremely critical and I think you shoot for building a baseline of 3.5-4.0 star players while maybe going for only one 5.0 each year, ensuring that you get them. Getting 5.0s consistently is something for a time when you have bowl game recruiting points, not 0-12 points. I've never understood the crap teams that keep trying to shoot for 5.0s to turn the program around. Just build a solid but average team of 3.5 or 4.0s, then go for the much more easily accessible 5.0s when you have 6 points more per week. I hope you guys enjoyed the first Q&A Friday, please feel free to discuss these answers in here. I'll answer 5 questions each friday from the list that is located here, you are welcome to add any whenever you like! https://discord.gg/3GBn3Hp
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    Version: 2.0.0 Recruiting reworked entirely. Instead of bidding in rounds recruiting will now become a weekly event that can secure you players at any time. Each team will have a weekly allotment of points they can choose to spend on recruits however they want. A certain number of schools leading the bidding will be visible at any time. Players will commit when a certain threshold/ lead is built by any team. Schedule Bids are weekly and blind. (Monday - Saturday). Live public bids are updated. (Sunday) Declarations are processed. (Sunday) Changes Recruiting begins with Week #2 and continues every week there is a game (if games are on hold for whatever reason, there will be no recruiting) until Week #16 for a total of 15 weeks of recruiting. **New Ability** Offer Scholarship - Each school gets 21 scholarships that can be extended to players. You may only use 1 per player for an immediate boost of 20 points on that player. If a player who you've previously extended a scholarship offer too declares for another team you get that offer back, but any previously used scholarship offers will only be worth 10 points. **New Ability** Schedule a School Visit - Each school gets 10 school visits that can be extended to players. You may only 1 per player for an immediate boost that is randomly given between two sets of points based on your previous season results, see spoiler #2 below (to simulate how much a player may care about the visit). School visits can only be scheduled after Week #5. **New Ability** Schedule a Coaching Visit - Each school gets 5 coaches visits that can be extended to players. You may only use 1 per player for an immediate boost that is randomly given between two sets of points based on your previous season results, see spoiler #2 below. Coaching visits can only be scheduled after Week #5. **New Ability** Pipeline State - Each school can declare one pipeline state where they receive a 10% bonus on points spent. (For example if Penn State selected California and spent 10 points in Week #1 on a talented QB there, 12 points are added to the player). The Pipeline state must be set prior to recruiting starting and can be changed during the offseason. If the home state is selected as the Pipeline state the bonus is 20% instead. Pipeline states will be public, to be displayed on your interface team profile. Regions and subregions removed. Recruits now automatically start with 25 points for all in-state schools. Recruits now automatically start with 12 points for all in certain bordering states (not all) as detailed below, to represent the likelihood of players preferring to remain in their "region" (replaces hard regions). Players will commit at any if they either: (1) Cannot be caught in points by anyone behind with the number of weeks left or (2) have at least a 50 point lead at any time during recruiting. Weekly points will be given out as follows, highest result counts if multiple apply: Each week the three leading schools will be displayed next to the player. If multiple are tied for any point value, the school displayed will be alphabetical. Any additional schools that have put points on the player will be shown at Inspiral's discretion (I would prefer a +X, where X is the number of schools). Schools that are more than 30 behind the leading school will not be displayed. Client Side:
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    In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields.
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    I would like to start off by congratulating Emperor and the Clemson Tigers on a great win last night. It was a very disappointing loss for our squad, but a deserving victory for Emperor’s team. Congratulations! I would also like to congratulate our 2019 Senior class at Alabama for an outstanding career that included 44 wins, 2 SEC championships, 3 final fours, and 1 National Championship. After taking time to reflect, it is now time to look forward to the future and what that means for all of us. For me, it means that it is time to step down as the Head Coach of Alabama. I knew this day would come and I have struggled with whether now is the right time for this move or not. After some deep thought, I believe it is in the best interest of the program to remove myself and give someone else an opportunity with this team. Hopefully, someone who can dedicate the amount of time that this program deserves moving forward. While I have enough time to do the minimum work moving forward, there have been some changes in my real life work (all good) that will prevent me from putting in the maximum time/effort, most times. I am very proud of what I have built here at Alabama and do not want my lack of focus to be a reason for decline. Before moving on, I do want to reflect for a moment on what has been accomplished in my time here at Alabama. 6 Seasons at Alabama: Record 66-19 SEC Record 35-10 Playoff Record 7-2 National Championships – 2 SEC Championships – 3 Final Four Appearances – 4 Playoff Appearances – 4 National and SEC Awards (players) – 7 All American Selections – 8 All-SEC First Team Selections - 28 2016 SEC Coach of the Year I have reached out to SageBow about the future coach at Alabama. While the final decision lies with him, I have requested some input to my successor. I hope to see someone takeover that has a passion for Alabama football and plenty of time to dedicate to continuing our tradition of success Nationally and in the SEC. For me, I do not know what the future holds in CFBHC. For now, I will take some time to reflect on what I have accomplished here at Alabama and maybe look to the future sometime down the road. (This does not change anything in NFLHC for me or the Arizona Cardinals.) I am happy to stick around and answer any questions at this time.
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    "Who is the best QB in sim history, and why did you answer something other than Bill Garcia?" - smokingcricket Disregarding the bizarre 2013 season and instead thinking about the career trajectories of certain players as a hole I think the best quarterback is clearly Christian Skaggs (FSU/Carolina Panthers). There's a case for Brian Brown but he's been a bit on the down low with a below average team the past 20-25 games. I honeslty think Allan Taylor may be up there just because of his skillset in college. He's by far the most consistent Scrambling QB we've had and I think that earns some respect from me. Darrell Murphy is really underhyped for how good he is. He feels kind of like Drew Brees to me where he's clearly a top 3 QB but he's just kind of forgotten in the discussion. Bill Garcia last words to be were rumored to be "ban me you fucking twat," or something along those lines. "Is there a clutch stat in the sim?" - taffyowner Is there a clutch stat? No. Is there a clutch attribute? Yes. I have to define the difference between those two here because people obviously don't know entirely and probably should be educated. Think of Madden. Acceleration is a stat from 0-99 and, at least the old Madden (no idea how it is now), attributes are conditions triggered by a player depending on a game situation and value in certain stats. For example a player may have a leadership of 95 and, in combination with the coaching attribute, that could make the leadership stat take effect at the end of the game to reduce penalties in switching between schemes. This is essentially how the whole system is set up. If a player doesn't have either the threshold of a stat or the capability to trigger the attribute the effect won't go off. There are however minor attributes that are unlisted to everyone that can be triggered by players - a lot of you have started to figure out ones that exist without definite confirmation (for example certain QBs love to throw to TEs in certain situations). I think part of the fun is letting your players personalities be built by these stat/attribute combinations and that was always my philosophy designing the sim for the site. "Is UBL still in Orlando? If not who do you go to Orlando City SC games with now?" - taffyowner UBL is indeed still in Orlando! I won't give away anything more than that because I value his privacy. I take him along to OCSC games most of the time and am not entirely sure how I'll handle that if he leaves the area. I enjoy talking to him about the site and what he thinks of everything and it's great to meet someone through a common interest that I enabled. UBL is stand up guy and much less prone to emotional responses from this site compared to me. "What is your greatest complaint about the site community?" - smokingcricket Most of the times that you guys think I rage in the shoutbox are probably exaggerations from the way text makes a personality come across. I'm never really that angry, it's just how I deal with things in the short term (ask alien, I say some pretty vile or stupid things when playing DotA but it goes away after the game is over). The one thing that causing continual trouble to me on this site is the minor sense of entitlement some people seem to have (and it frequently happens entirely out of the blue!). I'm just one guy who works 40 hours a week and enjoys sports. I'm not great at coding, just okay. I'm not great at community management, just okay. I'm not even that good of an admin, I just want to run this community and not have to think about work or life or whatever. This project is me in its entirety. Seeing someone demand I progress a team or get upset that I haven't completed something is pretty shit to be honest. It makes me feel like garbage. This is my project and not my job. Please remember that when you come visit this site. "What's the strangest play/incident/whatever that didn't show up on a game report?" - sleuthofbears I don't really read everything because there's so much shit to parse and go through. When there were only like 40-50 teams on the site I tended to read nearly everything but like I said that's kind of thinned of. Regardless, I've seen some weird plays over the seasons and some crazy coincidences that are just silly to think about. In NFLHC last year, I want to say the Falcons (?) or Panthers (?) had a series of plays where they had 3 unsportsmanlike penalties in a row on consecutive plays. The Utes had a jet sweep go for -19 or -20 a few years ago - no idea what the hell happened. There was a college coach in 2014 (I think it was a Texas-based NFLHC team that went like 0 for 13 on challenges). There's been a 98 pass that didn't go for a touchdown that confused the shit out of me because the tackle was made by a relatively slow player (like an outside linebacker)??? I see quirks from the engine all the time and I'll try to remember more when I can. I hope you guys enjoyed the first Q&A Friday, please feel free to discuss these answers in here. I'll answer 5 questions each friday from the list that is located here, you are welcome to add any whenever you like! https://discord.gg/3GBn3Hp
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    If you use the navmenu you can navigate to the Donation page. Browse > Donations I will have donation goals listed here that I would like to meet for a variety of things that will be explained in those goals. Any donation of at least $7.50 will get you 30 days of the "donator" member group which allows you to have infinite PM space, infinite likes per day, infinite image uploads, and allows access to non-default themes. (At the moment there is only an under-construction white theme - but expect there to be conference and team related teams as I make them). Once I get everything fully working I will add 2017 Stretch Goals of stuff to be added once those donations are hit. Bowl Sponsorships will become a thing again but will be a certain amount per year in addition to other things. You WILL NOT receive any further sim-related info for donating. The sim will always remain free. Soluna Exact Donation Breakdown 7.50-14.99 = 30 Days 15.00-22.49 = 60 Days 22.50-29.99 = 90 Days 30.00+ = 120 Days
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    Season records that have already been broken: Season records that may be broken this week:
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    2019 CFBHC National Championship Game National Championship Game (Miami Gardens, FL/+7/+6) Semifinals (Location, Loser's Recruiting Points) Game #1 - Peach Bowl (Atlanta, GA/+5) Game #2 - Fiesta Bowl (Glendale, AZ/+5) Quarterfinals (Location, Loser's Recruiting Points) #1 vs #8 (Glendale, AZ/+4) #2 vs #7 (Arlington, TX/+4) #3 vs #6 (New Orleans, LA/+4) #4 vs #5 (Miami Gardens, FL/+4) Alamo Bowl (San Antonio, TX/+3/+2) vs Armed Forces Bowl (Fort Worth, TX/+2/+1) vs Bahamas Bowl (Nassau, BH/+2/+1) vs Bay Area Bowl (Santa Clara, CA/+2/+1) vs Birmingham Bowl (Birmingham, AL/+2/+1) vs Boca Raton Bowl (Boca Raton, FL/+3/+2) vs Cactus Bowl (Phoenix, AZ/+2/+1) vs Charlotte Bowl (Charlotte, NC/+3/+2) vs Citrus Bowl (Orlando, FL/+3/+2) vs Detroit Bowl (Detroit, MI/+2/+1) vs Famous Idaho Potato Bowl (Boise, ID/+3/+2) vs Gator Bowl (Jacksonville, FL/+2/+1) vs Hawai'i Bowl (Honolulu, HI/+2/+1) vs Heart of Dallas Bowl (Dallas, TX/+3/+2) vs Holiday Bowl (San Diego, CA/+3/+2) vs Independence Bowl (Shreveport, LA/+2/+1) vs Las Vegas Bowl (Las Vegas, NV/+3/+2) vs Liberty Bowl (Memphis, TN/+2/+1) vs Miami Beach Bowl (Miami, FL/+3/+2) vs Military Bowl (Annapolis, MD/+2/+1) vs Music City Bowl (Nashville, TN/+3/+2) vs New Mexico Bowl (Albuquerque, NM/+2/+1) vs Orange Bowl (Miami Gardens, FL/+4/+3) vs Orlando Bowl (Orlando, FL/+3/+2) vs Pinstripe Bowl (Bronx, NY/+3/+2) vs Rose Bowl (Pasadena, CA/+4/+3) vs St. Petersburg Bowl (St. Petersburg, FL/+2/+1) vs Sugar Bowl (New Orleans, LA/+4/+3) vs Sun Bowl (El Paso, TX/+3/+2) vs Tampa Bowl (Tampa, FL/+3/+2) vs Texas Bowl (Houston, TX/+2/+1) vs
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    Sunday night with two seconds remaining on the game clock, after a series of Dorenbos carries, Redskins kicker Bryan Ray trotted out onto the field. Three points back, he knows he has to make this kick. This is his job. Miss, and he'll be about as popular around D.C. as our nations congress. It's a 48 yard attempt, his second from that distance of the night. The other one? He doesn't want to think about the other one. Punter John Collins is set to receive the snap. The eyes of all 82,000 in attendance are locked on him. But there's only one pair of eyes he cares about, those belonging to Lt. Carlos Cruz standing on the Cowboys sideline. How the tables have turned... When the Cowboys drafted Lt. Cruz in the 2018 draft, it put these two kickers back into the same division once again. Cruz attended The United State Air Force Academy, while Ray attended Colorado State University. Ray graduated following the 2016 season, and was signed as an undeclared free agent by Washington for the 2017 season. Sunday's meeting is the fifth between these two kickers. Theirs is quite simply, the greatest kicking rivalry you've never heard of. His teams 0-4 all time against Carlos, Byran stood there. 48 yards, time for one snap. Bryan had been in Carlos' shoes before, helpless as a kick unfolded. It was in 2016 when the tables were turned and it was Bryan standing on the sideline as Carlos kicked a 48 yarder to win the game as time expired. The Rams were #19 in the nation, and that one win away from winning the division, with it a spot in the MWC Championship Game and a potential entrance into the playoffs. The stakes weren't so high this time, but it's the Redskins looking at a playoff spot. The goalpost streamers flutter in the wind. The snap. The kick. Everyone looks on as the kick goes wide left with the refs whistling that Dallas had called timeout. Now knowing what the wind had done, Bryan compensated for the followup. This kick is the difference between a loss and overtime. The snap. The kick. It's good! After celebration, Byran trots back to the Redskins sideline, but not without a smile and a wink to his college coach, Slaughterhouse-five on the opposite side of the field. In overtime the Cowboys defense grinds the Redskins offense to a halt at the 8 yard line. Here it is. His moment. His chance to shake the proverbial monkey off his leg. Just 25 yards. The snap. The kick. Redskins win! The fans erupt! Bryan is mobbed by his teammates. In five meetings, Bryan is 6 for 7 in field goals (25, 25, 28, 39, 48, 52, missed 48), Carlos is 7 for 7 (29, 35, 40, 40, 43, 44, 48). Bryan is under contract through 2020, Carlos through 2021 (non-guaranteed). Barring some craziness that would pit the two against each other in the NFL playoffs, they won't meet again this season. The two met briefly before heading to the locker rooms. A handshake, a nod, “Until next year”.
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    The 2020 season is almost upon us, and you don't want to wait for the evidence to roll in before you start up your hot takes--but at the same time, you want to be able to say "I told you so" once the season ends. Over the past few weeks, the Chicago Tribune statistical team has been designing a model to rank every team in the country this season (except UMass). Based loosely on SBNation's S&P formula, the Tribune formula takes into account every program's performance last season (as measured by adjusted margin of victory), their past four years of recruiting, and the amount of production returned from last year, all based on what has shown correlation with past end-of-year Adjusted Margin of Victory rankings. Thanks to caesari and bmlig95 for helping get the necessary statistics together. Without further ado, here is the full list of all 118 FBS teams that are named things other than UMass (since there is no past data for the Minutemen). Who is too high? Who is too low? You decide. 118. Middle Tennessee (C-USA) 117. Florida International (C-USA) 116. Florida Atlantic (C-USA) 115. UAB (C-USA) 114. Charlotte (C-USA) 113. UTEP (C-USA) 112. Tulsa (AAC) 111. San Jose State (MWC) 110. Oregon State (Pac-12) 109. Wyoming (MWC) 108. UNLV (MWC) 107. Old Dominion (C-USA) 106. Louisiana Tech (C-USA) 105. Kent State (MAC) 104. Miami (FL) (ACC) 103. Wake Forest (ACC) 102. UTSA (C-USA) 101. Cincinnati (AAC) 100. Utah State (MWC) 99. Miami (OH) (MAC) 98. New Mexico (MWC) 97. Western Kentucky (C-USA) 96. Memphis (AAC) 95. Colorado State (MWC) 94. Central Michigan (MAC) 93. Southern Miss (C-USA) 92. Kentucky (SEC) 91. Georgia State (Independent) 90. BYU (Independent) 89. Marshall (C-USA) 88. Eastern Michigan (MAC) 87. Navy (AAC) 86. Akron (MAC) 85. Kansas State (Big XII) 84. Tulane (AAC) 83. Houston (AAC) 82. NC State (ACC) 81. Army (Independent) 80. Ball State (MAC) 79. Ole Miss (SEC) 78. Washington (Pac-12) 77. Buffalo (MAC) 76. North Texas (C-USA) 75. Rutgers (Big Ten) 74. Northern Illinois (MAC) 73. Florida (SEC) 72. Stanford (Pac-12) 71. Ohio (MAC) 70. Bowling Green (MAC) 69. Boise State (MWC) 68. North Carolina (ACC) 67. Fresno State (MWC) 66. Notre Dame (Independent) 65. Northwestern (Big Ten) 64. Syracuse (ACC) 63. Indiana (Big Ten) 62. Arkansas (SEC) 61. UCLA (Pac-12) 60. Georgia Tech (ACC) 59. Texas Tech (Big XII) 58. Louisville (ACC) 57. Utah (Pac-12) 56. Arizona State (Pac-12) 55. East Carolina (AAC) 54. Boston College (ACC) 53. Duke (ACC) 52. Texas A&M (SEC) 51. Nebraska (Big Ten) 50. Rice (C-USA) 49. Ohio State (Big Ten) 48. Iowa (Big Ten) 47. Colorado (Pac-12) 46. Hawaii (MWC) 45. Connecticut (AAC) 44. San Diego State (MWC) 43. South Carolina (SEC) 42. California (Pac-12) 41. Missouri (SEC) 40. Georgia (SEC) 39. Tennessee (SEC) 38. UCF (AAC) 37. Michigan State (Big Ten) 36. Temple (AAC) 35. Iowa State (Big XII) 34. Western Michigan (MAC) 33. Virginia (ACC) 32. Oklahoma (Big XII) 31. Kansas (Big XII) 30. West Virginia (Big XII) 29. TCU (Big XII) 28. Oregon (Pac-12) 27. Texas (Big XII) 26. Vanderbilt (SEC) 25. Oklahoma State (Big XII) 24. Alabama (SEC) 23. Pittsburgh (ACC) 22. Wisconsin (Big Ten) 21. USF (AAC) 20. Air Force (MWC) 19. Virginia Tech (ACC) 18. Florida State (ACC) 17. Minnesota (Big Ten) 16. Maryland (Big Ten) 15. Nevada (MWC) 14. Baylor (Big XII) 13. Arizona (Pac-12) 12. Mississippi State (SEC) 11. Illinois (Big Ten) 10. Washington State (Pac-12) 9. USC (Pac-12) 8. LSU (SEC) 7. Auburn (SEC) 6. Purdue (Big Ten) 5. Toledo (MAC) 4. Michigan (Big Ten) 3. SMU (AAC) 2. Clemson (ACC) 1. Penn State (Big Ten) A few notes: Once again, the Big Ten projects to be the strongest conference in the country. Defending champion Penn State tops the preseason rankings, returning an extremely high percentage of an undefeated title team--including quarterback Tanner Bowman, wideout Morgan "General" Patton, wrecking ball Shamar Ware, and all-around destroyer Shane Easley. But they'll face stiff competition within their own division from #4 Michigan, as well as the threat of two top-11 teams in the West (Purdue, Illinois). On average, the Big Ten West is the 2nd-strongest division in the country--behind only the Big Ten East. Is this the year of the G5? The likes of UCF, Air Force, SMU, Temple, Toledo, and Nevada have constantly vied for the title of G5 superpower, but none have managed to break the green ceiling. No G5 team has ever defeated a P5 team in a playoff game, and only 2014 Boise State (against FSU) and 2016 Air Force (against Wisconsin) were able to keep it within one possession. Toledo and SMU both look to be the cream of the crop. They've maintained top-10 recruiting classes over the last four years, and that's meant that their young guys are seeing a lot of playing time--which in turn means that they don't lose a lot of production year-over-year yet. Both finished just outside of last year's AMoV top 25, but both could be poised for flying leaps into the top 10 this year. The Big XII is a difficult conference to project this year, and perhaps this lends some insight as to why: seven of its ten teams are located in the 25-35 range. #85 Kansas State and #59 Texas Tech lag behind while #14 Baylor lands ahead of the pack. The fundamental problem is that the teams that have hit the recruiting trail hard are losing a lot of production, whereas the teams that are returning most of their production have had some lean recruiting years. The ten teams projected to make the most improvement over last season's finish (from 10 to 1) are: Georgia Tech, UCLA, San Diego State, USF, Michigan, Nevada, North Texas, SMU, Arizona, and Duke. No pressure. The ten teams projected to regress the most from last season's finish (again from 10 to 1) are: Arizona State, Oklahoma, Boston College, Arkansas, Miami (FL), Nebraska, Tennessee, Ohio State, Syracuse, and Rutgers.
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    *Increased fumbling by a 15% for RBs, 15% for QBs, 35% for WRs.
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    After a brief moment, the head coach walks up to the podium. The press conference was notably larger than the last time he addressed his audience, but this did not deter him. After taking a few sips from a bottle of water, he looked ahead and gave a deep breath. I hope everyone's doing well today, thank you for showing up. As I stated before, I needed to take a few days off to think over some things. And so I am here, to state a few things - mostly the serious ones first. During the last few days, I’ve cut myself off from all unnecessary media, and used only what I deemed necessary. I thought about my habits, and how they affect not only my behavior but also those around me. To help you recognize the spot I’m in, I’m no longer in college. While 20 something’s still go out every so often, we’re in a different stage where we aren’t necessarily partying in a college environment. The main focus goes from studying, (for some, also work), partying, and socializing, and to one more generally focused on careers and responsibilities. So, I'm going to be straight forward on what happened. On Tuesday, I ended up driving home after a happy hour. I was not in the right mindset. Even if it was five to ten minutes away from where I lived, I not only put myself in danger, but the lives of others as well. Upon realizing this later that evening, along with the help of a few others, I decided this wasn't where I wanted my life to be heading. On two different broadcasts on CFBHC College Gameday, I’ve celebrated in honor of my team winning or Houston Coogs winning. While I’m not going anywhere via transportation, it doesn’t help to put footage of one’s self drinking on YouTube, where it remains there until the internet dies, and it doesn’t feel the same when physically drinking by yourself in your own home. I’ve also had on my mind on the situation involving Baylor. For those who don't know - the first real football game I’ve witnessed was Baylor v TCU in 2011. First game of the season, pretty much the first game of what I would call the Baylor Renaissance. With the recent events going on at Baylor, and yes, I’m talking about the scandals, it seems like the last four years have been a lot more sinister. Baylor football wasn’t the definition of my four years at Baylor, but you can understand that it was a great part of the student body during that time. When I now talk to friends that have either graduated or still attend the school, it seems like they are all distancing themselves away from the program and the university. With the scandal in mind, and with the two statements above it, I realized that I could cast a bad image on both the school and myself here on CFBHC and real life, if I continue along my current path. The situation with the real Baylor football program will continue to be investigated, but I want to hopefully be a better representative and show people that there’s good folk here at Baylor, and that we do care both for the students, alumni, and those who know us as being associated with Baylor University. So, I want to thank those who stuck by and reached out to me, I really appreciate that. I will do my best to stay responsible both as a head coach, and as a fellow human being. To start, I will commit by doing the following: Not drink alone. Only drink in the company of others, if they will also be drinking. Promote safe drinking and responsibility, if choosing to drink. Call an uber or walk, if I’m ever going out. By doing these things, I hope to be a better individual who coaches at the school he attended and loves. I would also like to address the following on my commitment here to the site: I will remain the head coach at Baylor University until further notice. (Those open jobs in Washington State looked REALLY promising though) I will remain the owner of the Seattle Seahawks. Pokemon Y BaP will resume once the release date for Pokemon Sun & Moon draws closer. I promise. I have a few things prepared for the Baylor offseason, as well as beyond, that could be entertaining. If you have knowledge on running an rpg or strategy game here on the site, PM me. I might need your help. Thank you for your time. Now if you will excuse me, I have a bowl game to prepare for. -TuscanSota
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    NEW YORK - One of the hottest items this past holiday season was the highly praised Pro Bowl Quarterback Onterrio Smith Football 2016. A video game where you get to control your favorite Pro Bowl Quarterback Onterrio Smith. The player is able to relive great moments in the career of Pro Bowl Quarterback Onterrio Smith. Increase your swag points by partying harder and get with as many sorority skirts before college time runs out! You'll have the chance to relive Pro Bowl Quarterback Onterrio Smith's outrage when you're snubbed the Heisman and cope with it through a destructive lifestyle. There is also a mini-game that allows you take the field and dominate the NFLHC as Pro Bowl Quaterback Onterrio Smith himself.
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    Games this week are all bumped back a day because I celeberate on the 24th and won't be around at all tomorrow. TNF will be on Friday, FNF on Saturday etc. There will be NO GAMES at all next week because I have grv coming down and will be busy all week. Cheers and Happy Holidays
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    NO ONE CAN SUBMIT A RESPONSE. Aaron Devereaux, starting quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, recently used some of his off-season time to go out and buy himself a new car. "I've been driving the same Corolla I've had since Freshman year of college. I just never thought it was worth upgrading. I'm not a big car guy." Always fearful of car salesmen, Aaron took his friend Mike Thomas, backup quarterback on the Saints car shopping. "Aaron's got this thing man, it doesn't make no sense. He thinks car salesman are scary like snakes or some shit." Mike convinced Aaron to buy a brand new Aston Martin. "Your starting quarterback can't be driving a Corolla. What is that," Thomas said laughing. The two guys enjoyed their day. Good on you Aaron. Aaron Devereaux and Mike Thomas gain +6% chemistry.
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    NO ONE MAY SUBMIT A RESPONSE. Rob LeCount (Detroit Lions), Thomas Wheeler (Kansas City Chiefs), Aaron Shea (Indianapolis Colts), and Brian Vardell (Minnesota Vikings) hosted their annual Golf Tournament to benefit children suffering from Multiple Sclerosis at Pebble Beach Golf Links this past weekend. The group managed to raise over $200,000 for the cause. In attendance were the following players in addition to the hosts: Rodney Montgomery (Cincinnati Bengals), Jeremy Miller (New Orleans Saints), Brian Glenn (Seattle Seahawks), Chris Hoag (New York Jets), Michael Barber (Washington Redskins), Randall Jones (Oakland Raiders), Larry Reeves (Jacksonville Jaguars), Gary Faneca (Seattle Seahawks), and Todd Lester (San Francisco 49ers). Brian Glenn won the tournament shooting a 74 (+2). All host players receive +11% fitness to start the season. Attending non-hosts receive +7% fitness to begin the season.
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    Best Overall Draft: Green Bay Packers I think this is a pretty general consensus. Inspiral had two incredible players fall in his lap early, snatched them up, and had Soluna declare it to be possibly the best 1st round ever. It's hard to ruin that. So while their following picks weren't incredible, they certainly didn't hurt the Pack. Lucas Hopkins has some major flags, but if he gets over his demons, he turns into a very good value for Green Bay. Justin McCain, a 3rd rounder with high potential, highlights their midround selections. Also Considered: Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns Worst Overall Draft: Minnesota Vikings Minnesota took projects in the middle rounds after not really addressing a crucial need in the 1st. While Donald Reed is certainly a good prospect, the Vikes had too many other needs to grade that pick too highly. They took some projects in the midrounds who won't be immediate contributors, such as Jacory Kessler and Cody Albright. Not having a 2nd round pick hurt, too. With division rivals all having markedly good drafts, Minnesota falls further behind in the race for the NFC North. Also considered: Houston Texans, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Best Prospect Name: Richard "Dick" Pitts Funny as hell. Especially after 5+ hours staring at a computer drafting. Also Considered: Dwayne Carter, Kenji Sagatomo, Ousmane Green Best Value Pick: Zion Hopkins, 77 OVR, LA Chargers I'm slightly biased because Zion was pretty much my favorite prospect in this class and we tried to move mountains to get him. It didn't work out for us, but it certainly worked out for the Chargers, who were able to grab the high upside DT in the early 3rd round. He'll slot in nicely and could conceivably make an impact from the start of this season. I'm really excited to see how quickly he grows into the NFL game. Also considered: Russell Benson-Gifford (DEN), JB Blacknall (DEN), Dylan Hastings (SF) Highest Bust Potential: Jared Self, LAR Self has had a lot of critics, and it was probably a reach to take him at 21. While it could pan out, there is high risk associated with him. Self was a major underperformer on the same college line that my best value pick was featured on, and his failure to show up in certain games has been hashed through many times. Ultimately, he lends himself to extreme skepticism, even if the pick wasn't one of the worst in the 1st round from a needs standpoint. Also Considered: Isaiah Hall (KC), Curtis Henry (CAR) Biggest Riser: Graham Burnett, 7th overall Burnett was obviously the best QB on the board this draft. However, several mocks featured him picked in the late 20s or falling out of the 1st round altogether. Of course, with QB being the premium position it is, we never saw such a fall materialize. Instead, the Cowboys swooped in and took him in the top 10, ahead of college standouts such as Akeel Morris, Marquise Reed, and Christian Okonkwo. Also Considered: CJ Thomas (5th Overall), Shah Vereen (14th Overall) Biggest Faller: RB JB Blacknall, 52nd Overall This spot very easily could have gone to Akeel, who some mocks had going in the top 5 only to see him fall all the way to the Bears at 13. Franklin went from mocking in the mid first to falling all the way to 39th, behind the likes of Eli Austin and Tom Oldham. But Blacknall entered the draft tied for the highest overall rating of any RB and early mocks pegging him as an mid-to-late first rounder. Instead, Blacknall tumbled, and was the 6th RB off the board in the back half of the second round. Also Considered: Akeel Morris (13th Overall), Michael McBride (32nd Overall), WR Benjamin Franklin (39th Overall) Worst Pick: Aaron Blakely, TB, 4th Overall This one doesn't need explaining, as it's been bashed enough. Also considered: None. Most Sinister/Evil Genius Pick: Sean Hamilton to the Carolina Panthers If there was one QB that all other QBs would develop well behind, it would be Brian Brown. If there were two, they would be Brian Brown and Christian Skaggs. And while Hamilton may never see postseason success during his stretch in Carolina, he'll certainly learn how to be a very good quarterback, and in a few years, he'll be quite the commodity. Also Considered: Russell Benson-Gifford (DEN), Aden Hastings (NYJ) Best Meme of the Draft: TRADES ARENT WORKING IN THE INTERFACE Also considered: Nevadajack, The Cow, Corey In The House
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    Previous Posts: Class of 2014 Class of 2015 Everyone says you can't truly grade a draft correctly until three years into the future. Lets take a look back and see how the players from the first round of the 2016 draft turned out! These ratings go from 1-10, with 1 being a total bust and 10 being a total stud. Note that ratings may not be consistent with previous articles. For this article, all the statistics are from 2016 to 2018. 1. QB Erik Wegert 2. WR Mosi Bartos 3. DE Curtis Lewis 4. DE Dennis Niland 5. RB Akili Wallace 6. OT Blake Pile 7. OLB Kenyatta Henderson 8. QB Todd Lester 9. QB Aaron Devereaux 10. OG Jace Brown 11. DE Ron Rice 12. DT Jeremy Miller 13. DE Kendrick Droughns 14. CB DeAndre Hawkins 15. DE Ulysses Smith 16. CB Matt Cowan 17. TE Danny Patrick 18. OG LaMont Sheriff 19. CB Antonio Burch 20. OT Matt Bogle 21. OG Jimmie Shelton 22. RB Marcus Barry 23. DE Bill Young 24. CB Justin Davis
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    Yeah but the Bengals had OL injuries this year and that's something that no other running back has had to endure. If they were healthy things would've been different. It reminds me of that one time where the Bengals would've won the Super Bowl if Blake Shell hadn't been hurt, which reminds me of that one time the Bengals would've won the Super Bowl if Rob Blackmon hadn't been hurt.
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    With a new year comes new hot topics and new videogames to create for those hot topics. This past weekend Electronic Arts unveiled their plans for NFLHC Simulator 2018, which includes 4 brand new minigames seen before, focusing this time more on those behind the scenes of your favorite NFL stars. Escape the Pipe, 2018: In this terrifying horror game you will have to escape certain injury from the Pipe and watch as it claims such victims as Brian Brown, Tron Moses and Chester Henson along the way. You might be fast, but do you have what it takes to outrun a monster? NFLHC GM Simulator 2018: Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a General Manager in the NFL? Well look no further. In this exciting game you will have to battle through endless trade offers from the Kansas City Chiefs, survive brutal lowballings from the Detroit Lions and repair irreversible damage done to your franchise by past GMs. Only the greatest survive this true test of skill and courage. The Legend of James Dale Continues Continued: Never had the skill to make it in the NFL? Then this is the simulator for you. Sit on the bench, hold clipbooks, take early showers, chat with teammates, sideline reporters and others, show up late to games and watch as nobody cares! Patriots Simulator 2018: An expansion to GM Simulator 2018 focusing on the exploits of the deandean era Patriots, in this game you'll be expected to make horrible trades, destroy your team's cap situation, lose all of your draft picks and completely destroy your future while still managing to not get fired! Can you do more damage than deandean? The Entire Bundle can be purchased for $60, or each individual title for $25 starting this December. If you're a real NFLHC fan you'll be sure to pick it up.
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    *From the campus of THE Ohio State University, this is "The Breakdown"!* I'm your host, Johnny Walker; alongside Nick Upshaw- current Linebacker for the Cincinnati Bengals and former Bednarick and Butkus award winner at Ohio State; and last but not least, former B1G Offensive Player of the Year Award winner and UM quarterback Rob LeCount. Thanks for being here today gentlemen. Let's jump right in- Michigan is the obvious favorite here, having downed the majority of opponents, and doing so one of the tougher schedules in the country. Rob, what do you like so much about this Wolverines squad? LeCount: Michigan has always been a successful group. You see, Michigan just has raw ability, and lots of it. For example, take the sensational Sophomore running back Edwin Forster. He's had just a sensational year, running for 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns at this point. Now if you mix that with the coaching ability of Sophos, you have an almost unstoppable attack. JW: Rob, you mentioned the ability of Michigan coach Sophos. How do you think Dean_Craig_Pelton stacks up? LeCount: I would take Sophos every time. No disrespect to Coach Pelton, but there is no way another coach in the country can stack up. JW: Well, Rob,you might be surprised. Let's take a look at Pelton's stats as they stand right now. LeCount: Okay, well I respect those stats, but I guarantee you that Coach S's are way better. JW: Okay, we'll have a look at those too. JW: Well, maybe not as much of a diffenence as Rob would've imagined. Your thoughts on this, Nick? Upshaw: Yeah, I think I have an idea of what's going on here. It seems as if Michigan is just pulling in the better talent, and that's all the difference between these two competitive coaches. I think the injury to OSU's starting 5.0 Quarterback may have been a contributing factor to the down season this year, so I would call these two coaches pretty much even. JW; I gotta say, I agree with you, Nick. There isn't a discernible difference between these two. Now- onto the quarterback matchup. I'll show you guys the stats and you can discuss it it an open conversation. Sound good? LeCount: Wow... *sneers* Melvin Jefferson is super shitty. Upshaw: Hey! Take that back! LeCount: Go to hell! JW: GENTLEMEN! Please calm down, we're on live television for goodness sake. Upshaw: *sighs* Fine. Well, it's obvious that UM has a pretty good quarterback under center, but what's even more obvious is that OSU has had very little sucess with the youngun under center. They need to have more developed backups, although you can't really blame them for having an injured player. JW: Anyways, before one of you gets out of hand, *glares at Rob LeCount* let's get to the predictions already: Consensus: Michigan 35 - Ohio State 21 Thank you for your time! From all of us here at "The Breakdown", good night, and good luck.
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    2017 NFLHC Draft: A reflection of one of the craziest draft days in site history. Draft days are always one of the most cherished and memorable events on the site. The drama and excitement are second to none when it comes to the future of every organization. Plans that many on the site have tried to hide from each other for the past few months finally come to fruition over the span of 3 days. The 2017 Draft was one of the most interesting of any of our drafts with a lot of storylines whirling around the league. To fully appreciate the events that took place over those days, we need to look back at some trades, games and announcements that truly made that draft into the crazy spectacle it was. The Trades The biggest piece of the puzzle we have to discuss is the expansion of the league. The 2017 season had 8 new franchises enter the league putting the league total to real life numbers at 32 teams. This was the biggest and last expansion to date with a huge Expansion Draft taking place to help these teams become competitive. The divisions were set up to be the same as the real life NFL divisions. This also impacted the Draft itself with these 8 teams getting the top 8 picks. These “lottery” picks were incredibly valuable as some of these teams would be inclined to trade these away to acquire more talent instead of opting for that one star talent guy. Of these 8 picks, 5 of them were traded away. We’re going to go through each one of these trades from the bottom up to see what all was traded and what each team received. They are as follows: 8th: Tennessee Titans: 1st (8th), 3rd(72nd) [Robert Haynes], [Chris Reed] for San Fransisco 49ers: 1st (12th) , 2nd(44th) [David Doherty], [Willard Love] 7th: Pittsburgh Steelers: 1st (7th), 7th (249th) [Grey Brown], [Robert Crews] for Detroit Lions: 1st (25th) , 5th , Quinn Bouman, Art Mills [Carnell Meadows], [Nick Grant], Quinn Bouman, Art Mills 6th: Philadelphia Eagles: 1st (6th) [Mike Gradishar] for Oakland Raiders: Rodrick Milligan, Jim Milloy, 6th (225th) , 7th (257th) Rodrick Milligan, Jim Milloy, [Ken Eller], [Marcus Carver] 4th: Kansas City Chiefs: 1st (4th) [sean Jenkins] for New Orleans Saints: 2nd (33)*, 2nd (61) , 3rd (93)** , Terry Patton [brett Bailey]*, [Dewey Tomlinson], [James Redd]**, Terry Patton *Ended up as Cincinnati’s pick through trade ** Ended up as NYG’s pick through trade 2nd: Washington Redskins: 1st (2nd), 2nd (39th) [AJ Jefferson], [Kelly Meier] for Atlanta Falcons: 1st (32nd), 3rd (96)***, Javier Fields, Fred Preston, Tom Scott, Mike Bledsoe, Zach Fiore [Michael Barber], [Logan Hunter]***, Javier Fields, Fred Preston, Tom Scott, Mike Bledsoe, Zach Fiore ***Ended up as Denver’s pick through trade This is a huge amount of trades for the first few picks in the draft, but not all of it ends there. 18 of the original 32 1st round picks were affected by trades in some form or fashion. This number hasn’t been seen and hadn’t come close until the 2019 draft where the total was off by 1 trade. It truly was an absolutely crazy few weeks of people getting trades together and having the addition of the new expansion teams. The Picks The mindset of all of the front offices of the teams in that 8 pick span and what was going through their mind during each of these picks. I have asked for interviews from someone in the front office of all of these top 8 picks. 1st: Chicago Bears: Norris Brooksheer, QB Oklahoma Here we have the face of the Big 12 and Bears organizations Stormstopper: Stormstopper: “We were never particularly close to trading the #1 pick. We had a few talks, but they didn't progress anywhere and we never officially put it on the trade block. We decided that we were guaranteed a chance to draft the franchise quarterback and we might as well take it--that, and we never got the home run offer it would've taken to get it. We waited until after the combine to make our decision, but we decided that either Norris Brooksheer or Jarius Jones could be our guy and we weren't going to trade the pick. Heading into the offseason, I was a Brooksheer fan and Darman was a Jefferson fan. Maybe it was because those were the guys we were most familiar with given that I was in the Big 12 North with Brooksheer and Darman was in the ACC Coastal with Jefferson. Maybe it was because Jarius Jones was under the radar relative to a Heisman winner and the most hyped player ever. When we started looking at them more closely, Jefferson kind of faded. His combine basically sealed the deal--we figured he'd be high-maintenance and we weren't going to be able to put what we'd need around him. The combine's also what pushed Brooksheer into the lead--his private workouts and his college stats painted a pretty clear picture of what he was and what we thought he could be, and we thought he had a higher ceiling than Jarius Jones. The rest of the draft was about putting pieces around Brooksheer and a bit of filling out our team. Our #1 priority after the #1 pick was getting an offensive linemen. We ended up getting his teammate, Bob McMahon--which was disappointing due to the wealth of tackles in that class but inevitable once we traded so far down in the 2nd round. We also got Peter Foster, who'd put up so few stats at Baylor because he was the #2 receiver in a run-heavy offense. Those guys didn't progress particularly well, but they also played outside their ideal roles--we hope to move McMahon to right tackle and Foster to the slot and that'll hopefully give them a spark. Our best value picks were probably Matthew Brewer from Texas (OG, 4th round) and Trevor Reed from Alabama (OLB, 6th round)--they didn't put up stats, but they progressed well in year 1 and we had a process to go find them. We also got Butch McCullough in the 5th, threw him into the fire at CB1, and it was a disaster. Gary Faneca destroyed him in game 1, and I honestly think we broke him. He's slid pretty much all the way down the depth chart and might never play again. Poor Butch. But that CB situation helped us get the #1 pick the next year, and that got us Ivory Hull and Fred Huber, so there's some silver lining.” 2nd: Atlanta Falcons: AJ Jefferson, QB North Carolina I am representing the Falcons for this pick and the trade beforehand. Ace: “Oh boy. This is always a doozy to go through. I guess I’ll start with the trade. We had just come off of a Super Bowl win. Things were great! We knew that Randy was leaving for Carolina, but we were pretty sure that we could land a decent replacement and all would be good. We wished him well on his journey and knew he would be a stud no matter where he went. It hurt to see him go, but he is easily one of the best football minds on the site and wanted to have a bit more challenge than just coach our team. So we move forward with offseason stuff. We start talking about the draft and what kind of ideas we had. We threw out the idea of trading up to a top 5 pick. We had conversations at the time about where we wanted the offense to go and how the team was built and we were in agreement that we wanted to have a balanced offense. At the time, we had not done much experimentation with Javier and he pretty much was asked to just not lose games. We never had really gameplanned to have him really try and run a pass oriented or even a basic balanced offense. He was asked to do his thing 15-20 times a game and to hand off the ball to Akili/any running back we had. We ran the philosophy of defense first, and run out the clock with the run game to close, low scoring games. What we were afraid of was that people knew this plan and to try and keep people on their toes we’d have a system where we could go any direction we wanted on the offense spectrum. Javier had a game or 2 that year where it seemed that he wouldn’t be a good fit for the plan we had in motion and would not be able to handle a higher burden in the offense. So we had in our mind that Javier was destined to be this game managing QB. The thing we saw was 3 shiny brand new QBs that looked like the real deal. Brooksheer just came off the Heisman, Jarius looked fantastic almost going to the National Championship and AJJ was this hyped up kid who was racking up huge offensive numbers. We decided to pull the trigger and go through with a trade. Negotiations stalled with a few teams, but the Redskins were pretty cool about it and were willing to take a bunch of players instead of asking for picks. We decided we’d unload Javier, one of the older RBs on the roster, an OT that we could replace in the draft, an ILB, and a lower rated WR on the depth chart. In our minds, we gave up some depth guys or people that we could replace fairly decently. RB was taken care of with Akili, QB was taken care of with the 1st round pick, ILB still had some talent, OT was the reason why we swapped 2nds and pick Meier and the WR wasn’t doing much in the first place. So now onto the selection process in who we selected. We were interested in the top 3 QBs at the time and around the time that we had the idea to trade up was when Iowa played Penn State in the Conference Championship/Playoffs and got punched in the mouth. I don’t remember the score exactly, but it was a fairly bad game overall for Iowa and Jarius came out with something like 2 INTs. That was the last performance we had for Jarius and that left a bit of a sour note in my mind for him going into the scouting process. The top 3 that year were eerily similar in terms of the workout. They each had a strength, but were fairly balanced overall. Brooksheer was accurate, AJJ had the arm and Jarius was had the mental game down. Now we had the mindset of wanting a change. We still had that last game against Penn State in our minds and decided to lean more toward Brooksheer and AJJ. We went through and broke down game by game how each QB and compared this to the strength of defense and team that they played. We were blown away when we saw that AJJ was fairly consistently putting up 300+ yards virtually every game. Brooksheer had the accuracy, but when it came down to pure philosophy we were leaning toward AJJ. His arm checked out as stellar and he had the stats to back it up. He seemed to make good decisions with that Junior year of just 2 INTs and seemed to have everything we wanted in a QB. We were of the mindset that he would have this cannon of an arm to bolster our passing game with the looming threat of Akili on the horizon. We had it in our mind that Brooksheer was the accurate QB that could do it all, AJJ was a project but had the highest ceiling with the potential to really use that arm to make us a more rounded offense and Jarius was the safe, high floor guy that we felt was very similar to Javier. We wanted to move in a different direction than what we had so we chose AJJ.” Since this trade was so controversial, I decided to add in brightfalls on the other side of the discussion on this pick. brightfalls: “If a deal wasn't put in place, we certainly would've targeted one of the top three quarterbacks, with a strong bias towards Jarius Jones. I liked the idea of Grey Brown or Tunch Richardson as well, but since we were essentially beginning a franchise I knew a quarterback would probably be the best idea to build a team around. I thought AJJ was too much of a gunslinger in college for my liking, and really liked Jarius' and Norris' leadership and pro-style capabilities which I knew I wanted out of a quarterback. My reasoning behind a desire to trade the pick was that I wanted to create a solid base, and get the most value out of a singular pick. So, I was entertaining lots of trade ideas. Our two choices came down to a trade with Houston for Harold Simmons and some spare parts, and obviously the trade with the Falcons for Javier Fields and some spare parts. I'm pretty happy with how that situation turned out. We also had an offer from Detroit that included OT Andrew O'Neill, but obviously I was more inclined to go with a deal that included a starting QB. Javier's performance with the Falcons in 2016 was very solid, and I was thrilled to get him and the Falcons 1st for our 1st and 2nd picks. Once I knew I would have #32, I looked at where we were at post-expansion draft and knew I wanted to target a CB since I felt it was an extremely important position to have a solid starter at, and my favorites that I knew would be around were Laurent Christensen and Michael Barber. The Dolphins made that decision pretty easy for me in the pick prior to mine, and I've been very happy with Barber leading our secondary. If I hadn't selected him, I think this team would be scrambling for defensive help a lot more than we already are. I've been very happy with our choice and satisfied with Javier's progress and the development of our picks from 2017, especially considering the difficulties that some other expansion teams from 2017 have had in the quarterback department. However, it will certainly be interesting to keep an eye on the continued development of the top 3 QBs from the draft as they progress into excellent franchise QBs and leading faces of the NFL.” 3rd: Buffalo Bills: Anthony Ortiz, DE Oklahoma State Ndunkelbarger69 will be representing the Bills for the discussion on the Ortiz pick. Who were you originally targeting with your pick? Dinkleburg: “I was always targeting Ortiz for as long as I can remember. There was a brief moment (maybe like a day) where I considered Jarius Jones but after Ortiz's combine he was my number one guy.” What players were on your short list for that pick? D: “My shortlist at the time included, (Ortiz, Jarius Jones, Brooksheer, AJ Jefferson and Sean Jenkins) pretty much your typical shortlist for a top 5 pick at that time.” Did any picks above you impact your pick? D: “Nope Ortiz was my guy so I was very happy to see him still there.” Did you consider any other trades to either trade up or down in the draft? D: ”I really loved my top two guys in Ortiz and Jarius Jones so I considered a trade but I was asking for way too much and stayed put.” How did that pick influence the rest of your draft? D: “I realized i didn't want Robert Aikman to be my starting QB so I made sure to go get Erasmus in the 2nd.” Are you happy with the pick you made? D: “I am very happy with the pick and wouldn't change the pick if I could go back in time.” Do you think you made the right choice? D: “I do think I made the right choice just because it can be difficult to find that franchise Elite Dlineman. Although the same could be said for QB but I don't regret my decision whatsoever.” Any other things you’d like to add in regard to the 2017 draft? Reactions of who other people picked? D: “My initial reaction was that the 2017 draft as a whole was amazingly fun and really got me hooked on this site. Initially I was pretty surprised when my top two guys ( Ortiz and Jones) fell when you guys picked AJ but by no means was I as surprised as the rest of the site. I thought it was a good pick and just hasn't worked out in your favor yet.“ 4th: New Orleans Saints: Sean Jenkins, WR North Texas neovenator250 was gracious enough to sit down with me and discuss his selection of Sean Jenkins. Who were you originally targeting with your pick? Neo: “Well, when we traded up, we had one guy on our mind and that was DE Anthony Ortiz out of Oklahoma State. Pass rush was something we wanted to address and make a priority and Ortiz was easily the best prospect for that.” What players were on your short list for that pick? Neo: “Outside of Ortiz, who was our #1 target by far, the #2 guy on our board for most of the offseason was OT Grey Brown. Milling around after that on the board were WRs Sean Jenkins and Tai Miller, CB Mike Gradishar, and OT Robert Haynes. At first, I actually preferred Tai Miller to Jenkins. Coach Bingo was a big proponent of Gradishar for a while. After going through the evaluation process, though, we all came to a consensus with Sean Jenkins as the guy we wanted after Ortiz.” Did any picks above you impact your pick? Neo: “We knew going in that Chicago and Atlanta were going to take quarterbacks. The one thing we were waiting on was Buffalo's decision. If they took Ortiz, we would take Jenkins. If they went in another direction, Ortiz was still our guy.” Did you consider any other trades to either trade up or down in the draft? Neo: “Since that offseason would have the last of the expansion drafts, GM Franz Kafka and I decided to use the players we couldn't protect from selection to maneuver in the real draft and pick up extra selections. We did this to great effect and ended up with multiple first and second round selections.” How did that pick influence the rest of your draft? Neo: “Well, once we'd taken Jenkins, that meant we needed to look elsewhere for DE help. With our second 1st rounder, we took OT Wesley Dawkins as BPA and in Round 2, we double-dipped at DE. Had we gotten Ortiz at #4, we likely would have targeted Miami WR Sonny Beckett at #21 and then looked for O-Line help in Round 2.” Are you happy with the pick you made? Neo: “I'm still a little salty about Ortiz, but I couldn't be more pleased with Sean Jenkins. He's been as advertised as a receiver and is one of the best return men in the NFL. Guy is absurdly dynamic.” Do you think you made the right choice? Neo: “Without question.” Any other things you’d like to add in regard to the 2017 draft? Reactions of who other people picked? Neo: “I'm still salty about the Chiefs grabbing FS Rob Hamilton in Round 3. I tried to trade for him immediately after Day 2 of the draft concluded. then I tried again after the season. Then when we had some preliminary talks this offseason, I took a half-hearted shot at it.” 5th: Arizona Cardinals: Jarius Jones, QB Iowa I was able to sit down with former Cardinals Owner LDYo for an interview about the selection of Jarius Jones. Who were you originally targeting with your pick? LDYo: “I believe our big board was as follows for our #5 pick 1) Sean Jenkins 2) Anthony Ortiz 3) Mike Gradishar All 3 were top prospects at their position and we knew they'd give us a fantastic piece for the big puzzle going forward. Me Crimson and Tammath all had the same philosophy of being sensible in our drafts. We didn't expect immediate success and were planning on building for the long term. That meant acquiring the best talent we could on a BPA basis where possible.” What players were on your short list for that pick? LDYo: “As above, we knew one of the players would be available because we were certain the top two QB's (in our opinion) would be gone by our pick (Jarius and Norris). Before Jarius fell to us it was going to be whoever was left out of the above 3 players. Did any picks above you impact your pick? LDYo: "Of course, it flipped everything upside down. We went into the first round completely confident in our strategy and just letting the chips fall. When it came to our Pick and Jarius was sitting there we suddenly had some thinking to do, it caused a brief period of chaos but we settled down pretty quickly. Initially we considered still rolling with Mike Gradishar, we REALLY liked him as a player but ultimately Jarius was too good to turn down. It was the sensible decision and picking up our franchise QB in our first draft really set us up going forward. Jarius would have been #1 on our board if we thought we stood any chance of getting him, we didn't though, and then all of a sudden he was there at pick 5.” Did you consider any other trades to either trade up or down in the draft? LDYo: “We put out the feelers for trading down when Jarius fell to us just because he was highly thought of and him falling to #5 was kinda unprecedented. We decided within the first minute of our pick we'd take him if no one decided to bite on a ridiculous trade offer but put the feelers out there anyway. It was worth using the allotted time we had to see if we could force any hands or have people jump on the opportunity but we weren't actively shopping the pick. We just waited out the time and happily picked Jarius when the clock ran down.” How did that pick influence the rest of your draft? LDYo: “It didn't really influence the rest of our draft that much to be honest. We fully intended to roll with Sam Armour for our first year who we picked up in the expansion draft, we didn't expect immediate success and so we weren't gonna throw the boat out to make a competitive team straight away. We knew it would take time and we were prepared to go a couple of seasons building through the draft and with smart FA signings before starting to look at adventurous trade opportunities.” Are you happy with the pick you made? LDYo: “We were extremely happy with the pick we made. We never expected a franchise QB to fall into our lap and were certain Norris and Jarius would be gone. We weren't interested in taking the "risk" on A.J Jefferson. We were over the moon and happy to have been proven wrong in our assumptions!” Do you think you made the right choice? LDYo: “I'm certain it was the right choice. We still considered Gradishar but the impact Jarius would have for our team was too much to pass up. To acquire such an essential piece in our first year with our first pick took a weight off our shoulders. We've no doubt we made the right choice.” Any other things you’d like to add in regard to the 2017 draft? Reactions of who other people picked? LDYo: ”Probably to no ones surprise our strongest reactions of the draft were to the 4 picks before us, when the Falcons selected A.J with the 2nd pick our war room went mental. We were waiting out the following 2 picks hoping neither team would pick Jarius or trade the pick to someone who did. Needless to say there was quite a bit of cursing and nervous chatter and then an eruption when he made it to our pick. Day 1 of the 2017 draft was a memorable one for the Cardinals to say the least.” 6th: Oakland Raiders: Mike Gradishar, CB Alabama For the Raiders, I met up with the NFL commissioner and Head everything for the Raiders alienufo. Who were you originally targeting with your pick? Alien: “Mike Gradishar” What players were on your short list for that pick? A: “Tunch Richardson” Did any picks above you impact your pick? A: ”No” Did you consider any other trades to either trade up or down in the draft? A: ”No” How did that pick influence the rest of your draft? A: “Allowed me to fill my ILB hole with my other 1st rounder, Alex Martin.” Are you happy with the pick you made? A: ”Yes” Do you think you made the right choice? A: ”Yes” Any other things you’d like to add in regard to the 2017 draft? Reactions of who other people picked? A: “The Cardinals had the spot above me, and were 100% going to take Gradishar which would have ruined my plans, but since the Falcons took AJJ instead of Jarius Jones at #2, they decided they couldn't pass up on Jones.So that worked in my favor.” 7th: Detroit Lions: Grey Brown, OT Florida State SlinkyJr was kind enough to meet up with me for the discussion on the Lions pick. Slinky: “When we traded up originally we were targeting Mike Gradishar. We believed he would be a top 5 CB and wanted to pair him up with Keyshawn Thompson. It had been a wet dream of mine for awhile. By draft time our Shortlist consisted of Anthony Ortiz (we held out some hope he might slip to us), Mike Gradishar, Grey Brown, Brandon Sauter, Ryan Robinson, and Robert Haynes in that order. Once again alienufo took our man like he had done every year prior. We were so close to having the best secondary in the league by far :-( but when it was all said and done we got to choose between Grey Brown and Brandon Sauter. At that point Robinson and Haynes had fallen off our shortlist. We did not consider any other trades in that round, Pittsburgh offered us a very favorable deal so we took it. I'm not sure picking Grey Brown changed much of our draft. We had a plan of positions we needed: OT, CB, WR, ILB, TE, and DE so really it just changed the order in which we did it. I'm extremely happy with our pick and I know jmjacobs is too. Grey Brown is a stud muffin. I mean any of the 3, Gradishar, Brown or Sauter whom we were targeting would have been awesome but we're very happy we went Brown over Robinson and Haynes. I also think we made the right choice of Brown over Sauter. I love Sauter to death and he's amazing but our secondary is awesome without him and having Brown allowed us to move O'Neil and not lose much. In regards to the whole QB situation, Sophos, jmjacobs and I all had differing opinions on who the top QB was, we were actually scouting all of them because that was the year we ended up making the LeCount trade. I would've taken AJ first, jmjacobs liked Jarius Jones and I believe Sophos wanted Brookshear. definitely the most interesting QB situation we've had in a draft class” 8th: San Francisco 49ers: Robert Haynes, OT Michigan State I was able to sit down with Jumanji and Duncan345 of the San Francisco Front Office for thoughts on the 49ers pick. Who were you originally targeting with your pick? Jumanji: “Robert Haynes” What players were on your short list for that pick? J: “Haynes, Grey Brown, Ryan Robinson” Did any picks above you impact your pick? J: “Our top two were Haynes and Brown. When Brown went, it was an easy choice.” Did you consider any other trades to either trade up or down in the draft? J: “I don't remember the specifics of other deals, but we were actively trying to trade into the top 10 to get a tackle.” How did that pick influence the rest of your draft? J: “Our OT need was gone after the pick.” Are you happy with the pick you made? J: “Yes. After the Combine, Haynes was at the top of our board” Do you think you made the right choice? J: “Yes” Any other things you’d like to add in regard to the 2017 draft? Reactions of who other people picked? J: “I secretly wanted Gradishar. We were never going to take him unless he was there when the big 3 OTs were gone. Oakland took him before that and got themselves a great player.” What If? One of the biggest questions that gets asked with moves and trades like this are the what ifs. Imagine the way the league would be if some of these moves haven’t happened. What happens if Chicago takes Jarius over Brooksheer? What happens if Atlanta takes Jarius over AJJ? What happens if Atlanta doesn’t trade for the #2 pick and sticks with Javier? Would Buffalo still be looking for a QB if they take Brooksheer ot AJJ at #3? What happens with the Saints if they get Ortiz like they had hoped? Who do the Cardinals take at #5? Who does Oakland take at #6? What happens if the Oakland-Philadelphia trade doesn’t happen? What happens if someone like Tunch Richardson or David Doherty goes in the top 8 picks instead of falling all the way to the teens? What happens if Offensive Rookie of the Year Mike Latta went in the 1st round and who would have taken him? The league starts to have its own Butterfly Effect in regards to moves and selections people made in this draft. It happens every draft, but with the amount of teams entering the league and moves made at the top of the draft order it is hard not to think about the different scenarios that might have occured. AJJ as a Bear. Jarius as a Falcon. Gardishar as a Cardinal. Ortiz as a Saint. There are countless different ways we could cut these hypotheticals. There is no telling how the 2017 season and 2018 draft would have panned out if some of these moves hadn’t happened. The draft is a very trying and exciting event for a everyone on the site. It gets your adrenaline pumping as you wait to see who falls to you and where a player lands in the order of the picks. People get heartbroken as a player they were hoping to land goes 1 pick in front of you and you have to scramble to try and find a replacement for the guy you had your heart set on. The drama is like no other event that we hold. The sheer amount of surprise when someone makes an unexpected move is some of the reasons why this site is so addicting. The time and effort we all put in for the love of the site is why we are so invested in the results of the draft and why it can turn into a bloodbath sometimes. So here’s to many more of the hysteria filled 3 day clusterfucks known as the NFLHC draft. As I end this article, I have included the relevant career stats of the top 8 picks from the 2017 draft as they can be quantified on the stats wiki page. Career Stats 2017-2018 1. Norris Brooksheer: 32 Games: 605 of 1022 for 7529 yards, 45 TDs: 24 INTs, 59.19% completion percentage 2. AJ Jefferson: 30 Games: 480 of 785 for 6667 yards, 37 TDs: 27 INTs, 61.14% completion percentage 3. Anthony Ortiz: 16 Games: 53 tackles, 15.5 sacks, 2 FF, 3 FR, 1 TD 4. Sean Jenkins: 28 Games: 102 catches for 2174 yards and 21 TDs 5. Jarius Jones: 32 Games: 635 of 1051 for 8109 yards, 55 TDs: 23 INTs, 60.42% completion percentage 6. Mike Gradishar: 16 Games: 70 tackles, 1 FR, 11 INTs, 3 TDs 7. Grey Brown: Still starting at Left Tackle, Currently a 91 overall 8. Robert Haynes: Still starting at Left Tackle, Currently a 88 overall Thank You! I would like to take the time to thank all of the people that helped out with this article including the Front Offices of the picks that I focused on that were gracious enough to help out with the interviews and Sage for helping proof this article before it went out to the public. This is an article that is very close and dear to me as this was the draft that fully cemented my involvement on the site and truly gave me the passion for draft time. I hope to at some point do this for other drafts, but as I’m sure you can figure I have a deep connection to this draft in particular. Thank you for reading. I will be back later in the week to do a bit of cleanup if I need to on formatting and other cosmetic things (namely getting a goddamn image to lead off the fucking article.) Feel free to ask questions as you see fit!
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