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He's Coming Home!

It took a drunken decision but it's finally happening. Lads he's coming home.

Sometimes a neutral site is a second chance...?

Raiders look to avenge their regular season loss to the Eagles in what is sure to be a memorable Super Bowl VIII.


No words needed.

Packers Head Coach Arrested

Inspiral was arrested late last night for DUI. When asked by police how many he had he responded "we/td]] fite me, soliunA DONT REAT THIS BYE".


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    Jackson Hitchcock

    1. Please list your email address and/or your reddit username at which you can be contacted. jacksonhitchcock9@gmail.com 2. Before continuing, please thoroughly read the coaching course and feel free to ask questions. Confirm that you have read the coaching course by writing "Confirmed" below. FirmedCom 3. What team do you want to coach? Western Michigan Broncos 4. Please select two backup teams (in descending order of preference) in case your first choice is unavailable. Harvard Crimson (Because I love me a snooty football team) Youngstown St. Penguins (Maurice Claret Documentary) 5. In three or more sentences, tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, what do you do, where are you from, why would you be a good fit here, etc. my name is Jackson im 15 Im from a small town in Michigan just south of Kalamazoo (My choice of the broncos), Im not really a WMU fan, I personally prefer Michigan, but I do love when the Broncos do good. Im currently attending a College Prep School in Indiana. 6. This site can be as time consuming as you want it to be. Weekly duties can be completed in 30 minutes or less, however interacting with your fellow players throughout the week makes it more enjoyable for most people. Approximately, how much free time do you have during a typical week? I have tons of freetime, starting August 15th I'll have less. 7. Losing games is an inevitable reality on this site, especially when accepting newer teams. Do you believe you can handle losing? Disappointment is expected, however we have had issues with people freaking out, and even leaving the site because of losing. Im a Lions fan losing is what I do 8. How did you find out about this site? Saw a link on uselectionatlas.org
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    [2021] AFCN: QB Spotlight

    Link to my previous article: http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/12199-2018-afc-north-qb-situation/ Baltimore Ravens Starter QB Brett Fisher 6-2 211 2 Miami [Scrambling] [0] 85 The Ravens took Fisher in the 2019 Draft to replace Watkins. He sat behind Watkins in 2020 and then got the starting nod this season. He did miss a few games (which will be a trend for this division). So, we can excuse his volume stats, but he did finish 29th in Attempts, 28th in Yards, and 29th in Touchdowns. He did finish 18th in Completion %, 10th in Interceptions, and 21st in QB Rating. As a first year starter, I think he did pretty well. We can't talk about Brett Fisher without mentioning his ability to rush. He had 63 carries for 413 yards with 5 Touchdowns. Baltimore definitely leaned into the run as their Running Backs had over 340 carries combined. There really isn't anything concerning to take away from this season for Fisher. The Ravens should still be excited for his future in the league and with the team. Backups QB Alexander Williams 6-0 187 8 Texas A&M [Scrambling] [0] 86 QB Andrew Davis 6-3 222 3 Northern Illinois [Pocket] [0] 80 QB Onterrio Smith 6-1 180 8 Miami [Scrambling] [-3] 76 Alexander Williams...why? Andrew Davis probably doesn't fit well into this offense, but he has played well in pre-season play to at least give you a little bit of ease if he has to come in for any reason. Onterrio Smith...why? Cap Hit Fisher makes $3.5 MM (50% GTD) in 2022 and $3.5 MM (50% GTD) in 2023 Williams is a Free Agent after 2021 Davis makes $1 MM (0% GTD) in 2022 and is then a Free Agent Smith is a Free Agent after 2021 Fisher is an absolute bargain for a starting Quarterback. Unless he falls off the next couple of seasons, Fisher should be around for a while. Williams and Smith being Free Agents is good, you don't want to pay these trashed old QBs past this season. Davis is only on contract for another season and he's completely non-guaranteed, which gives the Ravens great flexibility to move on from him if they choose too. Actions 1.Let Williams and Smith walk. Just, let them go away. 2. Find a QB #3. Either through FA or through the Draft Cincinnati Bengals Starter QB Joel King 6-1 220 3 Houston [Pocket] [0] 87 Joel King. Joel King. What do we think of him now? He's unhappy with his situation in Cincy (and frankly, who wouldn't be?). He's the only QB in the division who played all 16 game. The offense still revolves around Ron Thomas as shown in his volume stats. He finished 21st in Attempts, 21st in Yards, and 19th in Touchdowns. He finished 22nd in Completion %, but had the 7th fewest Interceptions, and had the 12th highest QB Rating. He wasn't the most efficient with the ball, but he avoided turnover which has been his worst flaw so far in his career. With his rookie contract coming to a close soon, what do you do if you're the Bengals? Has King shown enough improvement to offer him a long term extension? Or do you give him one more shot by exercising his option? Backup QB Greg Bierria 6-3 186 8 Auburn [Pocket] [0] 79 Greg Bierria is a saint and played in the Super Bowl. He is a National Treasure that we must adore. But, it's probably time for him to hang them up. He's long past his prime and no NFLHC team should have him as their primary backup at this stage in his career. I will always love him, but I would love for him to retire gracefully. Cap Hit King makes $6 MM (50% GTD) in 2022 Bierria is a Free Agent after 2021 Again with King, what do you do? $6 MM is a damn bargain for a starting QB, but he's gonna want a significant raise if you offer him a long term extension. Bierria should be let go. Actions 1. Let Bierria walk. 2. Find a new Backup QB in the Draft. Someone should be there in the 4th-ish that should work for you. 3. Exercise Joel King's 5th Year Option Cleveland Browns Starter QB Ryan Clark 6-1 187 6 Oregon State [Hybrid] [0] 90 Clark also missed some time this season (4 Games), but he finished 28th in Attempts, 27th in Yards, and 22nd in Touchdowns. He did finish 5th in Completion %, threw the 5th Fewest Interceptions, and had the 7th Highest QB Rating. He added 33 carries with 205 yards and 2 Touchdowns. Clark is a controversial guy. You tend to either like him or you don't. I like Clark. He'll never be near the top in attempts and yards, but he avoids picks and completes a high percentage of his passes. Backups QB Sean Hadnot 6-5 217 6 Alabama [Hybrid] [0] 77 QB Rob Zeko 6-3 183 4 Marshall [Hybrid] [0] 79 QB Matthew Dobbs 6-1 213 2 Virginia Tech [Scrambling] [+2/C] 78 QB T.J. Zamora 6-3 222 1 Akron [Scrambling] [0] 71 Hadnot and Zeko are trash, I think Dobbs has potential to be a decent backup. Zamora couldn't stop throwing picks in college. They're carrying 4 extra QBs due to the injury to Clark. And it's now time to trim that down. Cap Hit Clark makes $24 MM ($17 GTD) in 2022, $23 MM ($14 GTD) in 2023, $20 MM ($13 GTD) in 2024, $18 MM ($9 GTD) in 2025 Hadnot is a Free Agent after 2021 Zeko is a Free Agent after 2021. Dobbs makes 750K in 2022, and 750K in 2023 Zamora makes 500K in 2022 Clark's contract is a tad concerning to me. He's getting so much Guaranteed money, and by the time 2025 comes around he'll be entering his 10th year in the league. To still be paying him $9 Million no matter what (unless he retires) gives me a reason to be uneasy about Cleveland. The potential is there for him to completely fall off, and if he does, Cleveland is saddled with a bunch of dead money they can't move. Dobbs and Zamora make what they should, and since none of it is guaranteed, Cleveland has full flexibility to do what they want. Actions 1. Let Hadnot and Zeko walk. 2. Put Zamora on the Practice Squad for another season. Just to see what he does 3. Find a new backup QB. If you can get your hands on Alex Bridgewater, that would be pretty interesting Pittsburgh Steelers Starter QB R.J. Stanford 5-11 203 4 Arkansas [Hybrid] [+1] 84 After a trade with New York Giants to move Davenport, Stanford became the starter for the season. And somehow, the Steelers won the division. Even though he's not really good. He missed two games himself. He finished 26th in Attempts, 26th in Yards, and 26th in Touchdowns. He also finished 29th in Completion %, threw the 18th fewest Interceptions, and was 27th in QB Rating. He's not good, at all. The Steelers need to move on as soon as possible. He should be banished to backup duty where he belongs. Backup QB Rob Corp 6-3 203 5 Miami [Hybrid] [0] 79 QB Allan O'Hennesy 6-0 222 3 Syracuse [Hybrid] [+2/C] 76 Corp is certainly a capable backup, not a starter. He should be the short term backup (next 2-3 seasons) for the Steelers. He's limited, but he knows how run this offense fairly well. O'Hennesy doesn't fit very well and isn't very good. He probably shouldn't be in Pittsburgh next season. Cap Hit Stanford is a Free Agent following 2021 Corp makes $2.5 MM fully non guaranteed in 2022 and is then a Free Agent O'Hennesy makes 500K, fully non guaranteed in 2022 and is then a Free Agent The Steelers have almost no real money tied up in the QB position, which is nice. It gives you a ton of room to make moves and go in a new direction. Stanford should be done in Pittsburgh. Corp makes a reasonable amount for a backup while O'Hennesy makes what he should. Actions 1.Let Stanford Go 2.Find your QB of the future. You pick 21st. You could pick up Donald Culver or Kyle Davidson, although neither is ready to start. 3.Find a bridge QB. You'll need a season or two out of them, so find someone you trust. Rankings 1.Cleveland 2.Cincinnati 3.Baltimore 4.Pittsburgh
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    Thanks! Although I can't help but sense a bias with you being English and all
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    His rookie salary was $5.5 million so it should be +15%
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    This sounds good!! I was a beast on this game when I used to play it a couple of years back.
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    Seems like a fun little thing, can we name the guy Socky McSoccerface?
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    Well I don't even feel like I should be typing this, since my activity on the site has been really really low and I know how some (if not most) people feel about me. However this is a thread where I can finally kinda rant or talk about my issues and struggles since I haven't had a place to talk about it anywhere else because I fear that people will overreact and think I need counseling and stuff and I don't really have anyone to talk to IRL. My dad and I talk once in a blue moon and even that's very brief. I live with my mom but she works from 8 AM to 6 PM and doesn't get home till 8 PM and when she gets home I greet her but we don't talk besides that and I don't really talk to anyone else. I've always felt lonely and unwanted and that feeling increased massively when the summer came. I'm a only child and isolation sucks for me and being alone all day for 2 months straight isn't something I look forward to. Sometimes I don't feel like myself. Like I'll wake up and just lay in bed till 5 because I feel like life isn't important anymore to me. I wouldn't say I'm suicidal but I don't look forward to anything in life at this point and sometimes I wish I could go numb and just lay there for 8 hours straight because of how unimportant anything is for me at this point. Like I don't know but I just don't feel the same, I haven't for the past 2 years or so and just not having anyone to talk to or connect with in real life just makes it worse. To go along with that my temper basically destroyed some of my friendships I've created over the past year in a blink of an eye and I also have this weird head injury which at times doesn't even allow me to tie my own shoes without feeling pain. I don't know if I'll get better or continue to deteriorate mentally but that's where I am. I just wanna thank Bingo for creating this thread. Just allows me and anyone to talk and have a space where they feel free to talk about anything they want.
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    Favorite Tailgating Gear

    The recipe for a good tailgate is the same for having a good party. Alcohol is obvious so we'll skip that, but you must have good food, a variety of games to play and most importantly a solid playlist of music with adequate volume. I cannot overstate the music. The playlist and volume need to be flexible enough so that it can evolve with the crowd and their levels of drunkness. Approximately 10 minutes before it was time to leave for the gates, volume went to max for ultimate pre-game hype (this was mostly reserved for late afternoon/night games as the noon kickoffs meant turning up after the game). It also helps to have some kind of novelty aspect. Our tailgates were known to have no coolers, but instead the bed of a pickup lined with foam insulation, giant tarp and then filled with a literal ton of ice to cool the beverages. Topping this mound of ice would be a live lobster picked up from the local grocery store that morning. He was the dubbed the 'Rock Lobster' and was king and mascot of the beer/ice pile until ultimately being sacrificed to the grill God's a few hours later. Man, sometimes I really miss college.
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    I suppose it would be a bit hypocritical to post a topic like this and then not share something. But i’m more interested in responding to some of the general unease in this thread, mostly because I’ve been there, and am in fact still there. Perhaps it would be helpful to hear that, as i’ve moved on from a single man’s life at an high-pressure but high-reward arts startup in my 20s, to an established professional presence with a family in my 30s, I now find myself staring directly at 40 this September and...I have no idea what I SHOULD be doing, with approximately 18 aspects of my life. I have three great jobs—one full-time, two decently part-time—that I enjoy and am generally challenged by, but I cannot shake the feeling that I’m missing out on some sort of Next Thing, be it graduate school, another gig, etc. my wife is a wonderful person that is mired in self-doubt and depression over our inability to have a 2nd kiddo (and then add the guilt of having already had one amazing kid when many of our friend group are not able to have even one), but I don’t want another little one. And I have no idea how to communicate that better to her. I miss my hometown and my family (i’ve lived in Mn for too damn long) but moving now would be an absolute slog. I have options, both personally and professionally, but actually feel that I ONLY want to do one small slice of my work and then spend my days on this site. I guess what I’m saying is: problems, at various stages in life, really don’t ever go away. You just learn to adapt to them better, and agree to live with a certain size/intensity of dysfunction, if you can call it that. But everything that has made me happy (and continues to) has come from some sort of leap i’ve taken, though i’ve always been able to see the landing spot. Soluna, i’m Amazed at how you do your work, live the rich life you seem to, and still have time to give us the gift of this site. And I’m amazed at how well you write...in your second language. Perhaps a Hunter S. Thompson-inspired writing sabbatical is just what the doctor ordered. Klemm/Cmcgill—seems as though you guys might be in a similar position, where a “change agent” is necessary even if it is either unbelievably frightening or simply hard to see. I’m always on the side of “Go For It”! And you younger guys, dealing with school uncertainty and the like—yep, that’s the feeling of “what’s next” bubbling up. Just know that you can never go wrong bettering yourself, through formal education or just broad learning. I DO know that the what next from school is totally and completely normal. You have people here that can help answer those questions, or at least listen. i hope everyone knows how much they are appreciated by the various people in their lives, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.
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    We're about the same age. I completely get the feeling of apathy. I've been wanting to just do something, anything for a few years now, but just can't seem to motivate myself to do it. Whether it's something as simple as reading more, I find myself messing around on my phone for hours instead. Or write. I've always wanted to write, and I used to start little stories as a kid and then abandon them. But I haven't sat down to seriously write something in a decade. I've also had the urging to do something with my hands. Like make something out of wood. But I can't find the will to actually do it. I hope it ends, cause it sucks. This site is one of the few things I can find motivation to work on projects for. I enjoy doing the research on players/teams and writing articles or doing podcasts. But, can't seem to do that for anything else in my life.
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    Mine is less about getting something off my chest and just a general analysis of apathy at my stage in life. I've been out of school for 7 years now, have a well established job (at which I'm no where near novice level anymore, although some may debate that), a good life, and am working on generally improving my health BUT I don't feel like I'm doing anything. More importantly, I don't feel like doing anything is worthwhile, but this isn't even necessarily a problem. I always assumed your late 20s and early 30s are for experiencing the world and imbibing as much culture, knowledge, and as many experiences as one can fit but I just continue to drift on, aimless, but without really searching for a truer purpose. I experience extreme cases of homesickness quite regularly... but am too scared to take the jump. I have a well-paying job with all the benefits I could want (for living in the United States at least)... but feel like I want something else EVEN though I'm happy with my work and absolutely love what I do (on most days). I have a strong sense of abiding wanderlust... that I never follow up on. I feel like I haven't done true work since my thesis... a work that I continue to tout proudly above anything I've done since whether the importance is greater or less. I want to continue pursuing knowledge and developing an understanding in my chosen field... but on most days I just can't be bothered. I feel like I have all these grand plans, hopes, and goals that I continue to forestall with inane excuses that aren't even really excuses. It's like procrastination in all aspects of life EXCEPT I don't even feel any drawbacks from it. I just don't seem to really care. I still have the drive to create great things and to share discovery and wonder from the things I've learned. I thrive on doing guest lectures or being the first person to ever see new data in my field or to help develop understanding in all aspects that are my strength but for some reason the idea of the reward is far stronger than the reward itself. I continue to experiment with new goals and projects to hope to find a bigger sense of purpose and I never really do... and I think I'm okay with that? I weirdly feel like I'm just drifting along in some sort of endless ocean but it doesn't seem like that's actually much of a problem. Somehow I am broken between all these things I want to, and feel the need to, do but in the end it seems that procrastination for procrastination's sake is much more of a driving force. Do others around my age feel the same? I know I don't have to drive to do great things like Newton or whatever. Most people don't have this, there's a reason personalities and characters of this magnitude are limited. I'm okay with that but I also feel the need to find greater sense in life. I think I see the need for a sabbatical year or something - to just pack up and hike across Africa or something ridiculous like that. Is this the equivalent of a third-life crisis? Do others around 30 feel the same way? It's been like this my entire life but I feel like every 4-5 years there needs to be a change that I'm not sure is even required to alter happiness in any way. Sorry for my rambling, great topic bingo.
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    Coach Dean Pelton introduced as New Mexico Lobos Head Coach Late Saturday evening it was announced that Dean Pelton, the former, infamous Ohio State coach, would be announced to take over the job at New Mexico after Head Coach Cultur3's department for UCLA. Rumors were swirling around New Mexico's campus that they might land Neovenator250 as he had a fondness for the area and had recently visited nearby. After that it was rumored they may be able to convince dml1, the coach who had led the Lobos on their glorious run to #15 in the polls in 2018, to return. The Lobos eventually settled for Coach Pelton who didn't seem to have any connections to the job at all. Well at least, that's how it seems. Pelton's roots in New Mexico go back to 2014 when he visited the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell on a scouting trip. Pelton would meet a player that day who would change his life forever. DeAndre "Ball" Hawkins decided to head back home to Roswell after riding the bench as a freshman. Pelton desperately wanted a lockdown corner for Ohio State and he saw DeAndre as that man. Hawkins career at Ohio State was that of a one-and-done but his relationship with Coach Pelton was not. Hawkins and Pelton have had very similar career paths, bouncing around without finding much success. Hawkins found success in Philadelphia, Pelton found some success in his time with Old Dominion. Pelton knew he wanted to return to a smaller program whenever he returned to College Football, he just didn't know where until he remembered something Ball Hawkins had told him. "Whenever s**t gets too overwhelming, I go back to New Mexico and remember to love football again" And that's all Pelton has ever wanted.
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    I think the big positions that are likely for being forgotten about are Offensive Linemen and Tight Ends. Scott Howard has already been mentioned, but I also wouldn't be surprised if a younger guy like Donnie Allen made his way into the conversation. His stats are pretty insane for a TE especially considering that he's not played with nearly the QB that DJ Gibson or Curtis Henry has. For Offensive linemen, I'll throw in Matt Cole at center for Washington.
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    Members of the original 12th Man Kickoff Team stop a TCU kickoff return COLLEGE STATION -- Texas A&M head coach sleuthofbears has announced that in the coming 2022 season, he will be reinstituting the 12th Man Kickoff Team, a kickoff coverage team consisting entirely of walk-on players. The team was originally created by head coach Jackie Sherrill in 1983, who came up with the idea for the team towards the end of the 1982 season when he was first introduced to Aggie Bonfire. Seeing students working all day cutting down trees with axes and stacking logs, Sherrill decided that he "could find, out of 40-some-odd thousand students, 11 guys that would cover kickoffs, but have no regard for their body and be tough as nails." After a series of tryouts open to the entire student body, a coverage team of 17 players was formed. The team, which consisted entirely of non-scholarship players, was a remarkable success. Covering every kick at Kyle Field over the next five seasons, the unit led the nation twice in kickoff coverage, and never finished outside the top five. Coach sleuthofbears hopes to replicate this success in the modern era. "Obviously the game has changed too much for me to pull 11 guys straight from the student body, so all of the members will be guys who are already on the team" sleuthofbears said. "However, I think the same principle can still apply. I'm going to put some guys out there who have everything to prove and just turn them loose." Coach sleuthofbears has said that the team, in the spirit of the original, will consist entirely of walk-ons (or former walk-ons who have since been awarded a scholarship for their efforts on the field). He also hopes that the team will get fans excited and increase the already substantial home field advantage the Aggies have at Kyle Field. The inaugural 2022 team will consist of Sean Pugh, Riley Dale, Terrell Newton, Carlos Jack, Marcus Penn, Ryan Broussard, Theodore Crowell, Jon Dobbs, Andrew Henley, and Cayden Porter. "I think it's really cool. All of us are ready to go out there and prove that we're just as good as the guys on scholarship," said Broussard, a senior linebacker from Joaquin, Texas.
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    The 2021 Orange Bowl marked the 100th game in Illinois history. The program has been around since 2014 and experienced both ends of the spectrum in terms of success in the last 8 seasons. Wins and losses, players and coaches came and left, but the work ethic of the members of the program, the will go get better every day, and the support of the fans has always stayed. With that attitude it was just a matter of time for the Illini to become successful. The 2021 team singing "Illinois Loyalty" after beating Purdue Now I don’t want to go through every season and every game of the last few years; read the history books if you’re interested in that. The point is: the program went from being one of the worst teams in the Big Ten to one of the best, won 31 games (including 3 bowls) in the past 3 seasons, ranked #1 in scoring defense in back-to-back years (with a top 5 ranking this year), and attracted some of the most talented athletes in the nation. Even though conference and national titles still elude Illinois I think we had a successful last few years here and I am grateful I had the chance to coach this team. Thank you Illinois Athletic Department for giving me the job and trusting me even when times were hard. Thank you my coaching stuff for what you’ve done for the program; I know you are not in the spotlight, but I can assure you that your work never went unnoticed. Thank you players for letting me coach you, teach you, push you, laugh and cry with you. Thank you Illini Nation for your relentless support throughout the years. A Special Thank You for a Special Coach Coach Cricket – if you’re reading this – I hope your retirement party goes well. You know when I arrived to the college ranks I was pretty clueless about coaching; I mean I loved football, but had no idea how to coach a college team. Yet, you took a chance on me. I could’ve gone to Navy, Syracuse, several MAC schools and things would have turned out very differently; there’s a decent chance I wouldn’t even be coaching now if you don’t offer me a coordinator position. During those few months we worked together you taught me many things about plays, formations, and coverages, but also about leadership, patience, and mental toughness. The insight you gave me into recruiting strategy helped me to build on your success on the trail instead of ruining your work. It is your last recruiting class that led the team to an Orange Bowl victory. You prepared me for this job, and so even when times were tough I endured. And look what lowly Illinois has become now: the 2-10 seasons are long past, and the sky is the limit. So thank you again, and I wish you happy retirement years. Enjoy life; you earned it. Coach Cricket and his staff in action (2016) Additionally, I would like to take the opportunity to announce that the Illinois Athletic Department has decided to honor Coach Cricket’s commitment to the program by introducing the Cricket Award. This award will go to a senior player who shows great leadership and great commitment to mentoring younger members of our football program. The first recipient of the award is our ILB Ian Irvin. Ian did his best this season to fill the void Jamal Harley left at the ILB position, and he was the glue that held a very young Illini front seven together. Congratulations Ian, you set a high standard for this award already. Dear Seniors You sillygooses thought I forgot about you didn’t you? Well I didn’t; and I never will. Most of you guys committed to Illinois just before I arrived, and now you’re all graduating (my goodness, where has the time gone?). You came here as boys, and you leave as men. And you also leave a lasting mark on this program. You were always a talented bunch you know...it was obvious since the first day of training I held as Head Coach. I always believed that you can raise the program to new heights. Even when we lost a bunch of games in the first two years and times were hard you kept me believing, you gave me hope, and so I kept on working. Seeing you lift that Orange Bowl trophy was a moment worth every minute of work I’ve put in since my arrival. I am so proud of you. The 2021 senior class Jamari, I know I was tough on you sometimes, but as quarterback you had to learn how to take criticism and take responsibility. You have improved so much in your senior year,and look at you, you’re Orange Bowl MVP now! I wish I could have you around for another season. Tyler, you called the shots on our defense and led us to greatness. You held our secondary together despite having to play with a different partner at safety every year; I am very fortunate that I had the chance to coach you. Logan, you were our jolly joker. I played you at CB,SS, even WR, and you never failed to deliver. You are now tied for most career interceptions in B1G history; go tear it up at the next level. Daveed, Demonte: you weren’t able to spend as much time here as the others, but boy do I wish you had. You are both the most skilled players at your respective positions Illinois ever had, and you will be mighty fine pros. Ian, I praised you already and I meant every word. Joel, Ousmane, Theodore, Isaiah: you have made the decision to end your playing careers even though you all have talent and experience. I have so much respect for you, and I’m sure you all will do great things in life. If any of you is considering a career in coaching, you know where my office is. It’s hard to say goodbye, but I know you have to go - that’s how life is -, so I’m not gonna keep you waiting any longer. Goodbye my boys, hope to see you soon again. Love you all, Coach Flutie
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    IP-Gate Verdict

    Soluna, acting as supreme judge of CFBHC, in collaboration with the jury consisting of Neo, Danger, Ted, and Sophos have passed the following judgment based on the evidence presented last night as well as supporting evidence provided by 3 further community members (Jumbo, Rabid, and tcty): The following member(s) is(are) to be banned: nTirely Ed A Poe (Nevada) Colonel Sanders (Auburn) TheAlludingIllusion (Kansas State) HumphreyHumper (Boston College) Rich Rodriguez's Cat (Mississippi State) Red (Iowa State) Blue Yoshi (Rutgers) GregTheImpaler (Texas Tech) OffenseOptional (Wake Forest, Indianapolis Colts) The following members are on probation and will receive no punishment. The IP will be monitored further to determine status: A Gerudo (Oregon State) Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?! (LSU) Carpe Pullum (Army) The following member is on probation and will receive a bowl ban for the 2014 Season. Probation will continue through 2015 and will be 1-strike. HaiThere (Tennessee) Any member involved may post a formal appeal in the Town Hall forum.
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    Statement from Soluna

    You people dont know what "No witchhunts" means, so this thread is being locked.
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    Statement from Soluna

    CFBHC members, We have a scandal that came to light by total accident. Let me explain. We have several members that live with, or near, each other and tend to use each other's computer quite frequently. (e.g. Neo and Anna, Dean and Dream, Soluna and Polar, all of the people that either work or go to school together). At some point after the Neo and Anna registration (remember I was alerted they shared a computer!) I got tired of seeing all the duplicate IP messages everytime I logged in to the site so I removed it from the Admin Control Panel (ACP) assuming I would never need it again. Flash forward to today. A user named Ed A Poe joined within 5 minutes of me saying that I would be totally ok accepting up to 4 new CFBHC teams. Not that unusual but a bit strange that someone decided to join that close to an announcement like that. Flash forward to later in the day. A user named nTirely joins inquiring about another team slot. Another user? Without any advertisements that wasn't referred from anyone? This is kind of random that it happened twice in one day and the first time that's ever happened. I started generating the rosters for the new teams, so of course I needed to set their college team logo. When I went to Ed A Poe's user profile page in the ACP I accidentally clicked on the resolve IP button (it's right next to the change avatar key)... the message that followed piqued my curiosity "ALERT THIS IP HAS ALREADY BEEN USED FOR REGISTRATION". Naturally, I clicked on it. What I saw astounded me: What in the hell? Looks like 12-13 current CFBHC coaches share the same IP and all registered in several small 2-3 day bursts over a 2 month period. GasTheJoos applied for Iowa State and was rejected for his vulgar name. Two days later PokemonTrainerRed requests the same job. The initial IP that isn't shown (because this only shows DUPLICATES) of the original IP belongs to HaiThere. The only inconsistency here is that HaiThere has since moved on to another IP while ALL of those users continue to share the same IP. Naturally I checked several WHOIS resources to find out about the IP. resolves to a Verizon FIOS host (pool-173-70-49-158.nwrknj.fios.verizon.net) located in Newark, New Jersey. 25 miles from where HaiThere marked his location on the Member Map. After this initial revelation I decided to take a look at the Recruiting and Gameplan threads to determine if they're written in a similar style (which isn't necessarily an indication that it's been written by the same person but a good place to start). Well, I shouldn't have been surprised any more at this point, 80% of the Recruiting Bid titles and about 75% of the gameplan threads are formatted almost IDENTICAL. (The Recruiting bids are all titled '[2014] LSU RECRUITING R1', '[2014]TEXAS TECH RECRUITING R1', and such). All but one of the titles is always written in ALL CAPS and the points are always posted in the same way (as a simple space and number at the end) compared to 15 other different ways I've seen. While I looked over the gameplans each of the accounts in question slowly came on, ONE AT A TIME, and began updating their gameplans. I took a screenshot right before I called out A Gerudo in the chatbox as some of you saw. While the "users' were updating their gameplans they were only one for a split second to do the updating and then immediately the next "user" came on. Here's what I saw before I called it out. Notice the time stamps... all of users involved with the same IP. There are either 10 people all living together making sure to update their gameplans at the same time or we have one very addicted user. After this I went back into the user ACP database and lo and behold! Almost (except 1 exception) all of the users used outlook email addresses to sign up. What are the odds!? Especially since, other than the accounts shared by this one IP address, only 2 other users on the ENTIRE site signed up with Outlook addresses. Although I blocked out the emails for potential privacy issues nearly all of the emails were clearly made for just those account names. They weren't EXACTLY, but almost nearly identical to the username registered to CFBHC. Finally, and this is most important, HaiThere (as of a few days/weeks ago) is no longer using the IP address registered to all the others. But all of those accounts continue to use it. Before going ahead and posting this I have taken the liberty and spoken to Hai who has pledged his full assistance in figuring out what's going on and whether he may have inadvertently caused this. Can I get an explanation from any of those involved?
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    Statement from Soluna

    I, for one, want to know what the hell is going on. One thing that came to mind, when this was brought up to me, is the fact that Verizon, my ISP, is fairly common and there are millions of people who live in the Newark, NJ area (hence nwrknj.fios.verizon.net). I'm as confused as anyone about this, and would like some explanation. That said, regardless of what the explanation is, if other coaches and/or administrators/moderators wish for me to briefly step down or otherwise abandon my position until this is resolved, I will do so. Please let me know if that is necessary, as until I am told otherwise, I wish to remain head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers. Thank You.
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