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    With the college football season more than halfway over, it's never too early to start thinking about, dreaming about, or planning for the postseason. So with that in mind, the Chicago Tribune data labs have been hard at work developing a projection model for the remainder of the season. It's based heavily on the Adjusted Margin of Victory model, and it essentially translates the point spread into a win probability using historical data. Those win probabilities are added to each team's current win-loss record for the full schedule for the remainder of the season to project each team's end-of-season total. The win probability for every game and resulting projected standings can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uKLNz0JnOeQmyFaxqLpWtidXTx1VbvleVH0x9nmPldQ/edit?usp=sharing And with that, we'll go into a deep dive into the projected picture for every division. We'll look at the numbers and the schedules, using them to paint as complete a picture as possible of each division's championship race as well as break down which teams are in the bowl hunt. We'll highlight some teams that aren't obvious, take a look at the work teams need to do, point out areas where the numbers don't tell the whole story--and point out areas where the numbers might tell a different story than the eye test. And, of course, we'll make our best guesses for who will be the nine conference champions this season. AAC East 1. UCF (11.04-0.97, 7.07-0.93 AAC) 2. USF (10.74-1.26, 6.74-1.26 AAC) 3. Temple (8.2-3.81, 6.2-1.81 AAC) 4. East Carolina (7.31-4.69, 4.31-3.69 AAC) 5. Connecticut (4.65-7.35, 2.85-5.15 AAC) 6. Cincinnati (2.81-9.19, 1.21-6.8 AAC) The AAC East is top-heavy, but its top layer manages to make up half the division. UCF and USF are both undefeated and stand nonzero chances of remaining undefeated through the end of the season--though we expect Temple to interrupt at least one of them and challenge for the East crown. In fact, we give the Owls a 40.6% shot to knock off the Bulls and even a 32.3% chance to defeat the Knights. Either would be a minor upset, but there's a reason Temple's projected to win 6.2 conference games. East Carolina is probably not going to win the division because it'll likely take a 7-1 record (or 6-2 with a tiebreaker) and ECU's already dropped two games--but they could play spoiler against UCF (19.4%) or Temple (35.9%). Both UCF and USF have clinched bowl appearances, Temple's on the cusp at 5-2 with Cincinnati and Navy still on the schedule, and East Carolina's in strong position at 4-3 with Tulane, UMass, and Memphis all left. UConn's probably out of the bowl hunt due to facing SMU, UCF, and USF in the back half and already sitting at 2-4; Cincinnati's 1-6 but could still snag another win or two before season's end even if they won't be headed to a bowl game. AAC West 1. SMU (10.1-1.9, 6.1-1.9 AAC) 2. Houston (6.82-5.18, 3.82-4.18 AAC) 3. Tulsa (3.56-8.44, 2.9-5.1 AAC) 4. Navy (2.74-9.26, 2.37-5.63 AAC) 5. Memphis (4.33-7.67, 2.33-5.67 AAC) 6. Tulane (2.36-9.65, 2.11-5.89 AAC) SMU is probably going to win the AAC West, and not just because they're the best team in the division. They've been one of the biggest misses in the preseason projections, floating around the mid-50s after their loss to UCF instead of the upper echelon as projected. But the rest of the division's been awful, with Houston (4-3) being the only other team with a winning record. And consequently, SMU's remaining schedule is a cakewalk: the Mustangs' next 4 opponents have 7 combined wins (Memphis has 3 of them). They could sweep those and clinch the division before playing Houston in the only division game in which they might break a sweat--and even then, we give them a 74.6% chance of winning. The only way SMU could lose the division is if Houston runs the table, and the Cougars still have a road date at USF (11.4% for Houston). SMU has already clinched a bowl bid. Houston can clinch with a win over UMass (virtually assured) plus a win over either Memphis or Tulsa (favored in both). Don't rule out a Memphis bowl just yet: they're only 3-4, but if they knock out Navy and UConn in their next two games as slight underdogs then they'll just be one upset away. Our pick: UCF (87.1%) over SMU ACC Atlantic 1. Clemson (8.98-3.02, 6.25-1.75 ACC) 2. Louisville (7.82-4.19, 4.82-3.19 ACC) 3. Syracuse (5.95-6.05, 4.65-3.35 ACC) 4. Florida State (6.39-5.61, 3.92-4.08 ACC) 5. Boston College (3.73-8.28, 3.73-4.28 ACC) 6. Wake Forest (3.14-8.86, 2.14-5.86 ACC) 7. NC State (2.09-9.91, 1.09-6.91 ACC) The biggest story in ACC territory has been the rise of the Coastal and the fall of the Atlantic. With Clemson taking a stumble, Florida State and Syracuse falling off a ledge, and Boston College falling off a cliff entirely, that's left nobody to be a standard-bearer and it's left a wide-open division. Louisville got hot with a 5-game winning streak that included wins over BC and Clemson, only for FSU to get their first ACC win against the Cardinals. The Tribune numbers still like Clemson despite the Louisville loss for a couple reasons: it's arguable whether or not they're the best team in the Atlantic, but they're easily the most likely to get to a 6-2 conference record. They've got 3 in the books, they haven't played Wake Forest, NC State, or Boston College, and they've already won their cross-division games. Florida State is their most challenging game left by far (63.1% for Clemson), whereas Louisville has Virginia (10.9% for Louisville) and Syracuse has Pittsburgh (6.3% for Syracuse). Keep in mind, though, that Louisville and Syracuse play each other in a coin-flip game--one of them will be knocked out in week 12 while the other will have a shot at the division crown if they run the table (or if Clemson stumbles). As an aside, Florida State is probably out of the race already with a 1-3 conference record, though they'd be competitive in a four-way 5-3 logjam with Louisville, Clemson, and Syracuse as long as Louisville beats Syracuse. Florida State (3-4) is one of three teams in the country that is under .500 but is projected to make a bowl game--having NC State, Wake Forest, and Miami on their schedule certainly helps out with that and I'd be surprised if they didn't make it. Clemson and Louisville are near-locks to go bowling at 5-2. Syracuse (3-3) needs to win one of their next two games (moderate underdogs against Notre Dame, slight favorites against Boston College) to have a good shot; win both and they'll be a near-lock. Boston College is in too deep a hole to climb out of, and neither of the Tobacco Road schools are in the conversation. ACC Coastal 1. Virginia (11.73-0.27, 7.73-0.27 ACC) 2. Pittsburgh (10.73-1.27, 6.73-1.27 ACC) 3. Duke (9.43-2.57, 5.43-2.57 ACC) 4. Virginia Tech (5.58-6.42, 3.58-4.42 ACC) 5. North Carolina (5.15-6.85, 3.1-4.9 ACC) 6. Miami (FL) (1.71-10.29, 1.45-6.55 ACC) 7. Georgia Tech (2.39-9.61, 1.38-6.62 ACC) One of the surprises when reviewing these numbers was Virginia's projected win total nearly matching Air Force's. But at 7-0 with their best opponents already in the dust, it would be a true upset if Virginia were to lose any of the remaining games on their schedule. Their road date with Louisville is their best chance to lose (and again, only a 10.9% chance of losing), but the Cavs are a real-deal team with a tiebreaker over Pittsburgh and Duke. They don't actually need to win that game to win the division. Meanwhile, Pitt actually ranks #1 in the ACC in Adjusted Margin of Victory, so they're by definition expected to win the remainder of their games as well. They're 79.9% favorites at Duke, they're on pace to be near-locks to win at Syracuse, and the remaining three teams they play--Miami, Georgia Tech, NC State--don't have a pulse. Duke should be able to finish 3rd even if they don't beat Pitt--their last four opponents are Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, and North Carolina. They could see an upset in that stretch and still finish 9-3 (5-3), and that would still be an historic season for the program. Virginia, Pitt, and Duke have all clinched bowl bids. Miami and Georgia Tech will almost certainly be staying home, but Virginia Tech and North Carolina are still in limbo. The Hokies have a path to it: beat Georgia Tech, Miami, and either Duke or Boston College. But that's easier said than done considering that the BC game is a toss-up and they'd be 34.9% underdogs against the Blue Devils. North Carolina only needs two wins, but they also are about to hit the meat of their schedule: Virginia, Louisville, Vanderbilt, and Duke before they close against NC State. I'm not sure which of the two has the harder path. Our pick: Virginia (74.6%) over Clemson Big Ten East 1. Penn State (10.57-1.43, 8.57-0.43 Big Ten) 2. Michigan State (9.51-2.49, 6.51-2.49 Big Ten) 3. Michigan (9.21-2.79, 6.21-2.79 Big Ten) 4. Maryland (8.00-4.00, 5.00-4.00 Big Ten) 5. Ohio State (2.67-9.33, 2.67-6.33 Big Ten) 6. Indiana (3.29-8.71, 1.29-7.71 Big Ten) 7. Rutgers (1.75-10.25, 0.75-8.25 Big Ten) Penn State already has a leg up on the rest of the division with an unblemished 4-0 conference record. But Michigan, Michigan State, and Maryland aren't far behind right now (all 3-1) and have a legitimate shot at the division. Maryland's expected to fall behind as the season goes on, but this division is likely to come down to head-to-head and cross-division play. Michigan scored the first blow in the former, knocking Michigan State from the ranks of the undefeated. But the Wolverines' next four games are not enviable: at Maryland, Minnesota, at Penn State, at Wisconsin. Michigan State's two toughest games remaining are Maryland and Penn State at home. Penn State's already won two cross-division games and shouldn't have a problem with Nebraska, but they also don't face any of their division challengers until after week 12--and then they face all three in a row to close the season. If Michigan stumbles in their next four games (particularly against Penn State), then we could have a showdown for the division between Penn State and Michigan State in East Lansing during week 16--and Penn State is projected to be heavily favored at 89.3%. The bowl picture is simple: the top four teams have all clinched bowl spots, and the bottom three will not make it. Ohio State is on pace for their worst season ever, by far. They're 1-5 right now without having played Illinois, Michigan State, or Michigan. This will likely be their first-ever season in which they've been ineligible entirely for a bowl. Big Ten West 1. Purdue (10.92-1.08, 7.92-1.08 Big Ten) 2. Illinois (10.12-1.88, 7.12-1.88 Big Ten) 3. Iowa (7.26-4.74, 5.26-3.74 Big Ten) 4. Wisconsin (6.68-5.32, 4.68-4.32 Big Ten) 5. Minnesota (7.27-4.73, 4.27-4.73 Big Ten) 6. Nebraska (3.97-8.03, 2.23-6.77 Big Ten) 7. Northwestern (0.64-11.36, 0.53-8.48 Big Ten) The West is the deeper division in the Big Ten, with five teams over .500 and two projected 10-win teams. Purdue has been scoring like there's no tomorrow and Illinois's been defending like crazy--and their loss to Iowa looks less weird given how close Iowa played Penn State. The Illini are the only team currently within a game of the Boilermakers, and it's likely that the division will be decided between the two in West Lafayette in week 11. If Purdue wins that one (they have a 60.6% chance to do so), they would be two games up on the whole division with three games to play--and one of those is against Indiana. They would have to lose to both Minnesota and Iowa, and then lose the tiebreaker. If Illinois wins it, then they close with Ohio State, Indiana, Rutgers, and Northwestern--4 teams that have combined for 4 wins--and they could easily finish 8-1 with the tiebreaker over Purdue. Iowa or Minnesota would need to run the table and get lucky to even have a shot. Purdue and Illinois have clinched bowl bids. Minnesota is on the cusp at 5-2 and should be able to close it out against Northwestern--which is fortunate, because their final four games (Michigan, Purdue, Iowa, Wisconsin) are no gimmes. Iowa and Wisconsin are each sitting at 4-3. Both should reach a fifth win in week 10 (Iowa at Nebraska, Wisconsin at Indiana), and Iowa ought to be able to secure it in week 11 against Ohio State. They also play each other in week 13, so one of them will almost assuredly be in the postseason. Wisconsin also has Maryland week 11, Michigan week 15, and Minnesota week 16--none of which are gimmes, but none of which are unwinnable. Lastly, don't rule out 2-5 Nebraska! They have a huge uphill battle. They have to beat either Iowa or Penn State--if they lose both, they're mathematically eliminated. But after that, Ohio State, Miami, and Northwestern lurk. All of those are winnable. Don't bet on it without getting some nice odds, but don't rule it out either. Our pick: Penn State (75.1%) over Purdue Big XII Conference 1. West Virginia (8.81-3.19, 7.81-1.19 Big XII) 2. Kansas (7.18-4.82, 6.18-2.82 Big XII) 3. Oklahoma State (9.15-2.85, 6.15-2.85 Big XII) 4. TCU (6.65-5.35, 5.65-3.35 Big XII) 5. Baylor (6.07-5.93, 5.07-3.93 Big XII) 6. Texas Tech (7.12-4.88, 4.12-4.88 Big XII) 7. Texas (6.23-5.77, 3.23-5.77 Big XII) 8. Oklahoma (3.22-8.78, 3.22-5.78 Big XII) 9. Kansas State (5.61-6.39, 2.61-6.39 Big XII) 10. Iowa State (1.95-10.05, 0.95-8.05 Big XII) The Big XII is a logjam right now, and it's projected to remain a logjam by season's end: four teams are projected to win between 5.0 and 6.2 games in conference play to earn the right to play West Virginia in the conference title game. The Mountaineers are runaway conference favorites but not invulnerable ones--they're favored in every remaining individual game, but they're not favored to win all of them as a whole. That's okay, though: they'd have to hit a serious slump to do worse than the 7-2 record that would probably be good enough to get into the Big XII Championship Game. Whether any of the next four can hit 7-2 is the big question--otherwise, it'll likely come down to a tiebreaker at 6-3. The second highest-rated team by AMoV is already virtually eliminated from title contention--#29 Texas Tech is 1-3 and still hasn't played TCU or West Virginia. #33 Oklahoma State is next but loses the tiebreaker to #34 Kansas, who loses the tiebreaker to #43 TCU. And #46 Baylor is in the mix in theory, but their loss to Kansas State could keep them a game back and a game out. Meanwhile, the Big XII could get as many as 8 teams into bowl games--but 6 of them have a margin of error of 1.2 games or fewer. Oklahoma State's clinched a bowl bid at 6-1. West Virginia's 4-2 but should be able to make it without a problem. Kansas, Texas, and Texas Tech are all 4-3 and have a good shot--Texas's lower projection is because they only have one of the Kansas State-Iowa State-Oklahoma trio remaining whereas the other two have two apiece. Baylor's 3-3 and on a razor's edge at this point. They don't have an easy path to 6 wins, but they don't have an impossible one either. (If they don't beat Oklahoma on Thursday, it does become impossible.) TCU is also 3-3, but they should be able to sweep Iowa State and Oklahoma and find one more win somewhere. Kansas State is the weird one on this list: they're not projected for a bowl game despite already being 5-2. They just haven't been able to move the Adjusted Margin of Victory needle at all, mainly because they've beaten bad teams close (which the stat is literally designed to punish). When they beat Baylor, they were 20-point underdogs. As of now, they're 32.3% underdogs against Oklahoma and 6%-12% underdogs in each game on the rest of their schedule. But being at 5.6 projected wins means that it's still reasonable to expect the Wildcats will pull one more upset this season--and one is all they need. Our pick: West Virginia (67.7%) over Kansas C-USA East 1. Western Kentucky (7.09-4.91, 7.09-0.91 C-USA) 2. Florida Atlantic (5.59-6.41, 5.59-2.41 C-USA) 3. Old Dominion (4.65-7.35, 4.65-3.35 C-USA) 4. Charlotte (3.19-8.81, 3.19-4.81 C-USA) 5. Marshall (3.14-8.86, 3.14-4.86 C-USA) 6. Middle Tennessee (3.08-8.92, 3.08-4.92 C-USA) 7. Florida International (1.47-10.53, 1.47-6.53 C-USA) With Marshall in freefall, the East was set to become a free-for-all. So far, Western Kentucky and Florida Atlantic have risen out of the chaos, racing off to twin 3-0 starts in conference play. The numbers tend to favor Western Kentucky, who played Oklahoma State and East Carolina close and collected their three wins by an average of 12.3 points per win--though it doesn't have a way to account for FAU seeming to get hot over these last few weeks. They don't play each other until week 15 in Bowling Green, where the Hilltoppers are a 77.4% favorite. The division has a wide middle class, though, which means that either team (or both teams) could easily be tripped up once or twice before that game comes to pass. The Hilltoppers already have a win over Old Dominion, who is now Florida Atlantic's next-biggest remaining stumbling block in week 14. If the WKU-FAU game were played today, I'd take the Hilltoppers. But if we hit week 15 and that game's still a showdown for the division, it'll mean that the gap probably narrowed and Florida Atlantic would have a real shot at the crown. As for the bowl picture, the division winner will probably be a bowl team. Whoever finishes second might or might not join them--though I'd bet yes for now. Outside of that, the rest of the division will probably be staying home. C-USA West 1. Rice (7.53-4.47, 6.03-1.97 C-USA) 2. Southern Miss (6.68-5.32, 5.68-2.32 C-USA) 3. North Texas (6.28-5.72, 5.03-2.97 C-USA) 4. UTSA (5.77-6.23, 4.77-3.23 C-USA) 5. UTEP (3.59-8.41, 3.59-4.41 C-USA) 6. Louisiana Tech (1.76-10.24, 1.76-6.24 C-USA) 7. UAB (0.93-11.07, 0.93-7.08 C-USA) Rice's loss to Florida Atlantic, their first-ever C-USA loss, opened up the division. The Owls of Houston are no longer invulnerable, and they're not even technically in first place right now--that honor belongs to 2-0 UTSA. But UTSA, while not a nonfactor, is probably a longshot unless they knock off Southern Miss this week. The most likely contenders are Rice, Southern Miss, and North Texas. The Mean Green knocked off Southern Miss on the road a few weeks back, and they get Rice at home. However, they also cost themselves a real opportunity to take control of the division with their week 9 loss to FAU. Either way, the division will probably be decided between weeks 13 and 16, and it's going to hinge on Rice's performance. The Owls begin that stretch by hosting Southern Miss (57.4% Rice), follow it up with a road trip to North Texas (75.5% Rice), and close the season hosting UTSA (also 75.5% Rice). Until proven otherwise, this is Rice's division--the gap just isn't as wide as it used to be. The West could have as many as four bowl teams, but nobody's a shoo-in based on their record. Their top four projected teams are all either 4-3 or 3-4 right now, and any number of things could go wrong between now and end-of-season. I'd be surprised if 4-3 Rice and 4-3 North Texas didn't make it to a bowl. Southern Miss should be able to get there even if they lose to UTSA and Rice--but that's their whole margin of error. I think UTSA's a coin flip to get there from 3-3. Nobody else in the division has more than 1 win, so that's it. Our pick: Rice (60.6%) over Western Kentucky MAC East 1. Ohio (7.91-4.09, 6.41-1.59 MAC) 2. Miami (OH) (8.62-3.38, 4.88-3.12 MAC) 3. Buffalo (8.47-3.53, 4.47-3.53 MAC) 4. Akron (7.47-4.53, 4.11-3.89 MAC) 5. Kent State (5.02-6.98, 3.7-4.3 MAC) 6. Bowling Green (3.86-8.14, 1.9-6.1 MAC) With Miami and Akron's respective hot starts and Buffalo's hype drawing attention nationally, it's the Ohio Bobcats that project to win the MAC East after week 9. Why? Because they've been the one to knock off Buffalo (on the road) and Miami (at home), and the rest of the division's beaten up on itself. The Bobcats are 3-0 in conference play, and Akron (6-1, 3-1) is the only other team that hasn't already picked up two conference losses. Don't expect Ohio's undefeated run to last any longer since they play Toledo (22.6% for Ohio), but they'll almost certainly run their conference record to 6-1 against Kent State, Eastern Michigan, and Central Michigan before their season finale against Akron (60.6% for the Bobcats). Meanwhile, Akron still has Buffalo, Western Michigan, and Toledo left--their schedule accounts for their fourth-place projection. Miami can climb back in if they beat Buffalo (50-50) and proceed to run the table; Buffalo can do the same if they beat Miami (still 50-50) and Akron (61.9% for Buffalo). Either of them would have to make up what's effectively a three-loss deficit, though, since Ohio owns head-to-head with both. So it's safe to say that Ohio's in the driver's seat for now. As many as five MAC East teams could make a bowl game. Akron's already clinched one. The Miami-Buffalo winner will clinch one this week, and the loser will probably do so in a few weeks. Ohio will do it against a directional Michigan--unless they do it earlier by knocking off Arizona State (numbers say that's a 50-50 game, so keep an eye on that). Kent State doesn't have an easy path. They need to beat Northern Illinois and Central Michigan for sure. They also need to find a third win against Ohio, Ole Miss, or Miami (OH). Don't rule it out. But don't bet on it. MAC West 1. Western Michigan (10.15-1.85, 7.2-0.8 MAC) 2. Toledo (10.12-1.88, 7.12-0.88 MAC) 3. Ball State (3.04-8.96, 2.69-5.31 MAC) 4. Northern Illinois (3.33-8.67, 2.33-5.67 MAC) 5. Central Michigan (1.79-10.21, 1.79-6.21 MAC) 6. Eastern Michigan (1.67-10.33, 1.4-6.6 MAC) This division is simple: Unless Toledo manages to lose to both Ohio and Akron, then the winner of Western Michigan's week 13 visit to Toledo will be the division winner. These two teams are first and second in the MAC power rankings. They are far and away the best teams in the division. Heck, each team alone has more wins than the bottom four teams in the division combined. Western Michigan is ranked 1st in these projections because they see fewer opportunities for an upset outside of the Toledo game, but we give Toledo a 51.2% chance of winning this game--so we're actually picking the Rockets to win the division. The bowl picture is even simpler than the division picture: Toledo and Western Michigan will go bowling, and everyone else in the division will stay home. Our pick: Toledo (77.4%) over Ohio MWC Mountain 1. Air Force (11.85-0.15, 7.85-0.15 MWC) 2. Boise State (7.81-4.2, 5.81-2.2 MWC) 3. Utah State (5.32-6.68, 4.05-3.95 MWC) 4. Colorado State (7.02-4.98, 3.48-4.52 MWC) 5. New Mexico (4.55-7.45, 2.55-5.45 MWC) 6. Wyoming (0.23-11.77, 0.23-7.77 MWC) The only thing that could stop Air Force from wrapping up the division in the next couple of weeks is the fact that Nevada's their only conference game before week 15. They're 5-0 in conference play, which is as many conference wins as the entire rest of their division combined. Boise State's the only other team with 1 loss or fewer, and that 1 loss was to Air Force. The Falcons are massive favorites in every game but the Nevada game--and against the Wolf Pack, they're mere 14-point favorites, which translates to a 92.4% chance of winning. It would be very surprising if Air Force didn't finish 12-0, and we estimate a better than 92% probability that they run the table. Air Force is also the only team in the Mountain Division to clinch bowl eligibility, but as many as four other teams have a nonzero shot at it. Boise State and Colorado State are both 4-3 and both have Wyoming and Utah State still on the schedule. Boise also draws San Diego State while Colorado State gets New Mexico--these games are not guarantees, but they're an extra should-get opportunity if they get upset. Utah State and New Mexico have uphill battles. The Aggies are 3-4 and still have both San Jose State and Wyoming on the schedule. But even if they get those two wins, finding a 6th would take a big upset--they're much like Kansas State in that regard, but with a narrower path. New Mexico's 2-5 right now, but none of their remaining opponents are unbeatable except maybe Colorado State. Again, worth keeping an eye on but not worth betting on. MWC West 1. Hawaii (10.91-1.09, 7.38-0.62 MWC) 2. Nevada (7.15-4.85, 6.15-1.85 MWC) 3. Fresno State (6.56-5.44, 4.56-3.44 MWC) 4. San Diego State (5.53-6.47, 2.53-5.47 MWC) 5. San Jose State (3.86-8.14, 2.52-5.48 MWC) 6. UNLV (1.89-10.11, 0.89-7.11 MWC) The Rainbow Warriors! Hawaii's been partying like it's early 2015 with their 6-0 start, but the next three weeks will determine whether or not they're able to make it to the finish line whole this time. They shouldn't have a problem with UNLV. But after that, they hit the road to play Nevada, then play host to Fresno State. Hawaii, Nevada, and Fresno are the three remaining West teams undefeated in MWC play, and unsurprisingly they're the three big threats to win the division. This model sees Hawaii-Nevada as a pure toss-up, which is more of a problem for Nevada than for Hawaii. Why? Because Nevada's remaining schedule includes Air Force and road trips to Fresno State and Boise State. Hawaii gets Fresno at home and shouldn't be challenged by Wyoming or San Jose State. If Nevada can beat Hawaii, the Rainbow Warriors can still backdoor their way into the division title. If Hawaii wins, Nevada is probably out. As for Fresno State, an upset over Hawaii would go a long way for them--but as of now, Hawaii checks in as a 98.1% favorite in that game. Hawaii has clinched a bowl game, and Fresno State's low ceiling is mitigated by a high floor. They should be able to beat UNLV and either San Jose State or New Mexico to get to 6 (and frankly, they should get to 7). Nevada could earn a bowl game with a near-guarantee over UNLV and a tougher win over Boise, Fresno, or Hawaii. San Jose State's at 3-4 now, but they would have to win each of their next three games because they're not beating Hawaii or Fresno. San Diego State's on the edge. They can beat San Jose State and UNLV for sure, and they'll need to find a win over Boise State, New Mexico, or Air For--excuse me, over Boise State or New Mexico. Which means we'll know in the next two weeks if San Diego State can make a bowl. Our pick: Air Force (83.5%) over Hawaii Pac-12 North 1. Oregon (7.11-4.89, 7.11-1.89 Pac-12) 2. Stanford (7.81-4.19, 6.81-2.19 Pac-12) 3. Washington State (9.23-2.77, 6.73-2.27 Pac-12) 4. California (6.01-5.99, 3.01-5.99 Pac-12) 5. Washington (2.96-9.04, 2.96-6.04 Pac-12) 6. Oregon State (1.49-10.51, 0.24-8.76 Pac-12) The Pac-12 North race has to rank among the most compelling races of the remainder of the season. Oregon, left for dead after an 0-3 start in non-conference play, has won their last three in a row with an important win over Washington State. Stanford, one of the surprises of the season, is also undefeated in conference play and a 53.4% favorite to beat Oregon in week 10. And Wazzu, defending Pac-12 champion, sits back a game in the loss column with road games at USC (18.4% for Wazzu) and Stanford (60.6%) still on the calendar. The three teams are all projected within 0.4 wins of each other, and all are expected to pick up another loss or two along the way. That means lots of unpredictability! Why is Oregon favored to win the division if they're an underdog against 4-0 Stanford and also rated third in the division by AMoV? Two reasons: first, they're undefeated with a win over Washington State in the bank, whereas Stanford still has to play both contenders and Washington State just plain isn't undefeated. Second, Oregon dodges USC this season whereas Washington State and Stanford play them both on the road. Cross-division fights against UCLA (51.2% for Oregon) and Arizona State (60.6%) are potential tripping points for the Ducks--they're very mild favorites in both games, and could be underdogs on gameday. Stanford and Washington State aren't expected to face much resistance outside of each other and USC. Oregon has the highest ceiling but the lowest floor, and if they navigate this tightrope then the division can be theirs even without a win over Stanford. But if they stumble, then the Washington State-Stanford matchup in week 15 will decide the division--and as of now, that's just a bit better than a coin flip in Wazzu's favor. The bowl picture is essentially the same as the division picture, except with Cal in the mix as well. The Golden Bears need two wins, and Washington and Colorado are their best opportunities. They're favorites in both of those games, but those are not guarantees. We give them about a 75% chance of beating Washington and a 60% chance to beat Colorado--but if they drop one of those games, they still have a better-than-40% shot to beat UCLA and a 20% chance at upsetting Arizona. It's pretty much a coin flip whether they'll get in or not. Washington State has clinched a bowl game, and Stanford should clinch it with a win over one of the two Oregon schools. The Ducks are 3-3, so nothing's assured for them. If they lost to Stanford, UCLA, and Arizona State, they'd be one upset away from ineligibility--and given that they lost to North Carolina, an upset cannot be ruled out. But they could also wrap it up in their next four games with three wins over Stanford, Washington, UCLA, and Utah. Pac-12 South 1. USC (10.46-1.54, 8.46-0.54 Pac-12) 2. Arizona (8.04-3.96, 5.56-3.44 Pac-12) 3. UCLA (5.57-6.43, 4.57-4.43 Pac-12) 4. Arizona State (6.27-5.73, 4.23-4.77 Pac-12) 5. Colorado (6-6.01, 3.53-5.47 Pac-12) 6. Utah (1.09-10.91, 0.79-8.21 Pac-12) USC's quietly been humming along after their stunning loss to Notre Dame, and the result is that they're the projected runaway favorite in the Pac-12 South. Even with Washington State and Stanford still on the calendar, even with Cal on the road, UCLA on the road, and Arizona on the road, USC's projected to take the division by nearly 3 full games. They rank 3rd in the country in Adjusted Margin of Victory: they've had a below-average slate of opponents, but they've also hammered them by an average score of 40.2-14.3 and haven't won a game by fewer than 10 points. This team will be tested in the back half of their schedule, but they also have such a large cushion that they can afford to lose a game, maybe two, possibly three, and still win the division. They're already up two games in the loss column, nobody else in the division is particularly inspiring, and they'd have to have a huge downturn in order for any of that to change. And that would be so unlike USC to have a random midseason slump like that, wouldn't it? The bowl picture is more interesting. Nobody's locked in yet, though poor Utah's guaranteed to stay home. USC and Arizona are surefire at 5-2 with Utah still on the docket. Arizona State's at 4-3 with opportunities against Bowling Green, Colorado, and Ohio on the road--and they're surprisingly small favorites against all three with a 50-57% chance of winning each game. With Oregon and Arizona following after that, they probably need to win two of those three. Colorado's 3-3, and they range from mild favorites to mild underdogs in every single one of their remaining games. They're about a touchdown per game away from going 9-3, and a touchdown per game away from going 3-9. Fittingly, they settle almost exactly in the middle at 5.995-6.005. UCLA's sitting at 3-4, and they should be able to even up their record against Utah in week 11. With Oregon, Colorado, USC, and California coming up, they'll need to win two of those final four. Oregon is a hair under a toss-up at 48.8%, Colorado (65.1%) and California (57.4%) lean mildly for UCLA, and USC (5.0%) is probably a loss. Our pick: USC (91.4%) over Oregon SEC East 1. Vanderbilt (9.66-2.34, 5.84-2.16 SEC) 2. Georgia (9.17-2.83, 5.19-2.81 SEC) 3. Tennessee (8.03-3.97, 5.03-2.97 SEC) 4. Florida (8.21-3.79, 4.67-3.33 SEC) 5. Missouri (5.31-6.69, 3.31-4.69 SEC) 6. South Carolina (5.51-6.49, 2.6-5.4 SEC) 7. Kentucky (1.94-10.06, 0.94-7.06 SEC) One running theme so far is that teams with wins in the bank have a leg up on their competition (for good reason), and that remains true in a deep SEC East. With four teams with 1 loss in conference play, the only 4-1 team is the projected division leader. So far, we've seen very few games by the top four against each other--Georgia beat Vanderbilt who beat Florida, and that's it. Only Florida's had a date with fifth-projected Missouri so far (a Gator win); the Tigers will take on the other three in consecutive games from weeks 12-15. It's way too early to rule Missouri out given that they're only a game back in the loss column. They're going to need to start turning close losses into actual wins sooner rather than later if they want to make a run at the division, but I would bet on them spoiling at least one team's bid considering that they have a 32.3-38.1% chance to win each of those three big games. (South Carolina has a similar projected record to Missouri, but I don't think they have anywhere near the same ceiling.) The cross-division matchups are also going to play a huge role: Florida still has Texas A&M and LSU, Georgia still has Mississippi State, and Vanderbilt still has Alabama; at the same time, Missouri only has Arkansas left and Tennessee has already played both cross-division games. This division's going to play out very slowly, with week 10 being the only remaining week that doesn't feature an important head-to-head or cross-division matchup. Strap on in for the ride. The only real mystery in terms of bowl contention is whether Missouri or South Carolina will make it. Vanderbilt and Florida already have 6 wins, and Tennessee and Georgia have 5 wins plus Kentucky on the schedule. Georgia also has Georgia Tech, so if they go on a skid they still have a backstop; Tennessee doesn't have that luxury if the bottom falls out. But back to the Tigers and Gamecocks. The pair of 3-4 teams square off in week 11, a game in which Missouri is a 61.9% favorite. Missouri has more to lose than South Carolina does, because their remaining schedule's much harder. In fact, even with that win the Tigers would still need to beat Arkansas (65.1% Missouri) and score a mild upset over a top-three projected East team to go bowling. South Carolina will have Arkansas (51.2% SCar), Akron (64.1% SCar), and Kentucky (70.3% SCar) all in a row after the Missouri game, so they could plausibly win up to 7 games before they have to go to Clemson. South Carolina has the higher floor, even if Missouri has the higher ceiling. But it's very plausible that both teams could go bowling. SEC West 1. Auburn (11.01-0.99, 7.01-0.99 SEC) 2. Mississippi State (9.17-2.83, 6.17-1.83 SEC) 3. LSU (9.8-2.2, 5.8-2.2 SEC) 4. Alabama (7.82-4.18, 4.32-3.68 SEC) 5. Ole Miss (5.99-6.01, 2.31-5.69 SEC) 6. Arkansas (4.07-7.93, 2.07-5.93 SEC) 7. Texas A&M (2.65-9.35, 0.75-7.25 SEC) Last but not least, the ultracompetitive SEC West. Like its eastern counterpart, the West is a division that's going to be decided in stages over the final few weeks of the season. Alabama's win over LSU is keeping the Crimson Tide in the division race, though their subsequent losses to Tennessee and Mississippi State put them back two games in the loss column with road games against Vanderbilt (36.9%) and Auburn (17.4%) remaining on the schedule. The numbers just don't like Alabama, which ranks 31st in Adjusted Margin of Victory in a division where the top three teams are all in the top 10. And the numbers do like Auburn, but not so much as to make them more than a modest favorite. The Tigers will be favored to win out, but they're given a 64.1% chance to beat Mississippi State and just a 54.3% chance to knock off LSU. They can probably survive one loss, and they would even prefer for that loss to come to LSU because of the Bayou Bengals' loss to Bama. But if Auburn does stumble, then LSU and Mississippi State's matchup in Starkville in week 15 (54.3% LSU) could be decisive. Auburn has two significant advantages in its pocket: a 4-0 conference record in the bank (Mississippi State is 2-0, LSU is 4-1, Alabama is 3-2), and a cleared-out cross-division schedule. Mississippi State still has to go to Georgia (57.4% MSU), Alabama still has to go to Vanderbilt (63.1% Vanderbilt), and LSU still has to host Florida (79.9% LSU). I would expect Auburn to get out of this division, because they're scary good and still undefeated. But the SEC West has already bucked expectations plenty this year, and it would be even more surprising if the division suddenly stopped doing that. Auburn and LSU are already bowl-eligible, and 5-win Mississippi State and Alabama should both be able to wrap it up in their next game. Arkansas has a nonzero shot at a bowl game, but they're likely to fall to 2-6 after the Mississippi State game and would need to run the table against South Carolina (48.8% chance), Texas A&M (52.5%), Ole Miss (57.4%), and Missouri (34.9%) at that point. Texas A&M will be knocked out this week by Auburn, which leaves Ole Miss as the only remaining bowl drama in the division. The 4-3 Rebels will essentially have three opportunities: at Kentucky (57.4%), at Kent State (67.7%), or Arkansas at home (42.6%). Kentucky's a bellwether game--if they win it, they're probably good enough to beat Kent State. If they lose it, they're probably not good enough to beat Arkansas even if they do beat Kent State. Given that their projection is 5.99-6.01, the numbers think they're a definite maybe. Our pick: Auburn (73.8%) over Vanderbilt CFBHC Independents 1. Army (8.18-3.82) 2. Notre Dame (7.34-4.66) 2. BYU (6.64-5.36) 4. Georgia State (5.11-6.89) 5. UMass (0.01-12) As many as four of the five independent teams have a shot to go bowling. UMass isn't one of them: they range from a 24-point underdog to a 50.5-point underdog in their remaining games, so they're probably not going to win a game at all. Poor UMass. Notre Dame ought to join the ranks of the bowl-eligible, with a 4-3 record and status as favorites against Syracuse, Texas A&M, and Northwestern. Heck, they're even coin-flip bets against Washington State and Alabama. Georgia State is 3-4 and is a heavy favorite against both Eastern Michigan (73.8%) and UMass (>99.9%), but they're also heavy underdogs against Western Michigan (5%) and Auburn (<0.1%). Their bowl hopes rest almost entirely on a 32.3% shot at upsetting BYU in week 11. BYU would love to collect that win, follow it up with two wins over some combination of Utah State (73.0%), Cincinnati (65.1%), Oregon State (75.1%), or regular Utah (70.3%)--games in which they're significant but not overwhelming favorites. And to close out on a positive note, Army has already clinched a bowl bid, the first in program history.
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    "Suck my playoff dick. Hit the golf course losers." - Cade Nov, 27th 2016 We welcome our patron saint back to his golf course.
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    I have been tracking WR/CB matchups this season in order to find the best CB's in NFLHC. Using the logic that the #1 CB covers the #1 WR and the #2 CB covers the #2 WR, I compiled how many receptions, yards, and TDs each #1 and #2 CB have given up based on who they faced that week. I have accounted for injuries and depth chart changes weekly. Obviously, assuming that the #1 CB is responsible for everything that the #1 WR does have flaws and can't account for some things but I believe it's still a pretty good indicator of CB coverage performance. DISCLAIMER: Please use your own judgement. These stats do not factor in many things like: safety help, zone coverage, #1 CB's don't always match up on #1 WR's, quality of QB/WR faced, etc. HERE ARE THE FULL STATS: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HkDLoaI8TetegCf0yavVG1HekhwoLj3V3prprccZRnI/edit?usp=sharing Make sure to check the tabs at the bottom to sort stats and see estimated QB Rating against each player. Bubada's Cornerback Awards Best Overall CB: Dave Stokley, NE Runner-up: Justin Davis, MIA Best #2 CB: T.J. Hunter, DAL Runner-up: Stephen Mitchell-Morrison, NYG Best Rookie CB: Marquise Reed, GB Runner-up: Blake Turner, CIN Best CB Duo: Matt Cowan and Corey Quinn, SEA Runner-up: Isaiah Polsfoot and Thomas Patterson, LAR Most Surprising CB: Isaiah Polsfoot, LAR Runner-up: Jack Ramsey, TEN Most Disappointing CB: Cameron Newhouse, TB Runner-up: Ivory Hull, CHI Worst Overall CB: George Brady, NO Runner-up: Joel Prince, PIT
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    When a player signs a new contract, the guaranteed money on the first year is now considered a signing bonus, and is guaranteed on the team's salary cap for the first year of the contract. This means that if the player is then traded, the team he signed the contract with is on the hook for that signing bonus, but is not on the hook for anything past the first year. The team receiving the player in the trade will not have to pay any of the guaranteed money the first year, only the salary portion. The team receiving the player in a trade may offer to take on a portion of the signing bonus, up to 50%, in part of the trade. Example: Brian Brown signs a 5 year, 100 million dollar contract with Miami during the 2021 offseason: 5 years // 100.0 million // 50.00% Guaranteed G//10.0//10.0//10.0//10.0//10.0//Total:50.0 $//10.0//10.0//10.0//10.0//10.0//Total:50.0 Total//20.0//20.0//20.0//20.0//20.0//Total:100.0 and is immediately traded to the Bills. Miami will be on the hook in 2021 for $10 million. The Bills would be on the hook for 10 million in salary for 2021 and the full amount for every other year. Miami could make a deal for the bills to take on 5 million of the guaranteed money, in which case Miami would owe Brown 5 million on their cap in 2021, and the bills would owe 15 million (5 mil of which is guaranteed). This does not apply to rookies. This will take effect immediately during the 2021 offseason.
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    Most Pro Bowl Appearances 7 appearances: Christian Skaggs 6 appearances: Chester Henson, Vaughn Abraham, Dan Nomellini, Marcellus Peterson, Quentin Smith, Alvis Brumm, Rodney Galbreath, Andre Brooks, Gary Faneca, David Wilson, Tyrone Jones, Sean Burton Streaks 7 year streak: Christian Skaggs 6 year streak: Tyrone Jones, Sean Burton 5 year streak: Jace Brown 4 year streak: Mosi Bartos, Sid Henson, LaMarcus Smith, David Doherty, Justin Davis, Dane Wilson 3 year streak: Aaron Shea, Tai Miller, Jon Zatkoff, Ron Rice, Matt Cowan, Darius Jones Breaking a 6 year streak of being in Pro Bowl: Dan Nomellini, Marcellus Peterson, Quentin Smith, Alvis Brumm, Rodney Galbreath, Andre Brooks Breaking a 5 year streak of being in Pro Bowl: Mike Tripplett Breaking a 4 year streak of being in Pro Bowl: Curtis Lewis, Nick Hall, Scott Howard, Forrest Garrett Breaking a 3 year streak of being in Pro Bowl: Adam Newman, Jeff Mangum
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    SEATTLE SEAHAWKS STAFF MAY SUBMIT A RESPONSE UNTIL 8/17/17 at 11:59 PM EST. Gary Faneca, wide receiver for the Seahawks, recently began enjoying his early offseason in Whistler, British Columbia. Faneca and several of his close personal friends hit the ski slopes early. Faneca enjoyed his time away from football and is already looking forward to the 2021 season. Unfortunately, following the return to Seattle, Faneca noticed some issues with his back that may or may not have come from the ski trip and has come to his team to talk about the issue. However, Faneca gained 5% fitness from his outdoor adventure. 1) Have Faneca checked out by a doctor. (-10% fitness.) 2) Advise Faneca not to spend his offseason with dangerous activities and wish him well. (-10% happiness) 3) It's nothing. (+5% happiness)
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    Morgantown, WV - West Virginia University is excited to announce the first ever member of the WVU Football Hall of Fame. Todd Sykes - WR (2013-2017) Todd Sykes played wide receiver at West Virginia University from 2013-2017 and became WVU’s all-time leader in receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns. Playing at WVU from 2013 to 2017, Sykes hauled in 109 receptions for 1,244 yards and 13 touchdowns during a stellar sophomore campaign that is the gold-standard for Mountaineer receivers. Sykes completed his record-setting career at West Virginia by leading the Mountaineers to the Big XII conference championship game in 2017 with a team-high 84 receptions for 1,164 yards and 9 TDs. He became the most decorated alumni, earning three career records during his tenure. Sykes graduated as WVU’s career reception (300), receiving yards (3,609), and receiving touchdown (31) leader. Sykes’ 2014 season saw him finish 2nd in the nation in receptions (109) and 13th in the nation (84) in 2017. He was named captain of the 2017 team that would rise as high as #2 in the polls and captivated the nation with their wild ride to an 11-3 overall finish. The Super Bowl champion Miami Dolphins would take Sykes in the 6th round of the 2018 NFLHC Draft. A native of Baker, West Virginia and East Hardy High School, Sykes earned his bachelor’s degree in physics from WVU in 2017. Sykes and his wife, Clara, have two children, Laura (2) and Devin (1). Since graduation, he has played for the Miami Dolphins and San Diego Chargers of the NFLHC and currently plays for the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL.
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    Editor's Note: After a summer hiatus, I will be looking to continue this series. On the docket are Kent St and Akron. If you would like a specific player chosen for your team, please PM me or post here. Otherwise, Miami (OH) will have an article after Akron. Chan Pease makes an acrobatic grab in warmups prior to their game vs. Central Michigan "They always told me, get a scholarship or go into the military. Either way, just get out." Chan Pease is stocky for a receiver. At 6 foot 1, 230 pounds, he looks more like a middle linebacker than anything. Something about him makes it seem like he's playing the wrong position. Normally a position reserved for the prima donnas, Chan Pease refuses to conform. He sits in front of me with his brow furrowed and a steely, determined glint in his eyes. "I listened. I got out. Took me longer than I expected, but I'm out." He is referring to his home of Independence, Kansas. It's a town of less than 10,000 people that sits in the southeast corner of the state, two hours from Wichita. His house was tucked into a small, middle class neighborhood, which disguised the turmoil Pease grew up in. His mother, Tracy Hicks, rented the house from his father. "It was a strange situation," she says. "His father wanted nothing to do with us, but felt obligated to help us because he was in the public eye. He knew that helping us helped him, and so he bought the house and made us pay rent secretly while he lived downtown." Chandler Pease was the mayor of Independence for three terms and on the city council for two. Before Chan was born, he was a sheriff, and had risen to relative fame when he rescued two children who had been kidnapped. "He was a man our town looked up to," explains Tracy. "But he had issues. He was a man, and he made mistakes. They caught up with him eventually, and it was hard to see if you were on the outside. I loved him for who he was, but who he was killed him." When pressed, Chan Pease changes the subject. "I don't talk about him much. He didn't want nothing to do with me, so now I return the favor. My mom is the one who raised me. Plain and simple. He just used me when it helped him campaigning, and other than that, I never saw him." When Pease was twelve, his father died in a car wreck. He had a BAC of .16, twice the legal limit, and cocaine was found in his console. The death rocked the community, and it rocked the young Pease too. He went from a straight A student to one struggling to pass, and in 7th grade he was held back due to poor performance. The trouble didn't stop there. By his senior year of high school, he'd already been arrested five times, for various issues ranging from possession of marijuana to assault and grand larceny. He'd been put on probation, he and his mother had moved five times, and he had been to a drug rehab facility. Through all of it, football was his constant. "When I wasn't suspended, I lead my team in receiving all four years of high school. I missed half the games my sophomore and junior years because of the trouble I was getting into, but I still was an All-District selection, and as a senior, I was All-State. I was damn good." Pease sprints towards the endzone against Bowling Green, 2019. The accolades came, but the scholarships didn't. Pease had a criminal record by the time he was 18 that already featured a felony charge, and it scared away most teams. The others were scared because he wasn't the prototypical superathlete many teams were looking for in an outside receiver. Still, Pease knew that football was his ticket out of Independence. "From the time he was old enough to understand, I tried to drill it into him that he had to get out." Tracy Hicks worked nights at the hospital as a desk clerk. Most of her money went to taking care of her son and paying off her own debts. "I was stuck, but I knew he had the ability to do what I'd never done: leave." His offers after his senior season were few and far between. Six NAIA schools came knocking and came away without his commitment. "I knew I was better than NAIA," Pease says simply when I asked him why he didn't take their offers. "I chose to stay in Independence and go to ICC, because I knew in the long run it would give me a better chance at getting out." He kept his head down while attending Independence Community College. In fact, his schedule was so rigid that many of his teammates barely knew him. He would practice, work out, go to class, and then go home to spend time with his mom before she had to leave for work. He didn't talk much when he was with his team, either. Some former teammates said they didn't know his first name until they saw it in the boxscores, he talked that little. Pease brushes that off. "I had a one track mind. Everything else was a distraction." After not receiving a single D1 offer out of high school despite being a three star recruit, Pease had 10 by the time his freshman year was done at ICC. He'd set Kansas records for yards and catches in a season, with 1474 on 101 grabs to go along with 8 touchdowns. Kansas and Colorado State were widely viewed as the most likely landing spots for him, with darkhorse contenders Oklahoma State and Missouri also seen as possible landing spots. When all was said and done, Pease shocked the recruiting world and chose Ball State. Despite not giving an interview on his choice at the time, his mother told the local newspaper that he "was serious about getting as far away from Independence as possible. If Oxford had offered him, he'd be on a plane to England." Pease corroborates this story now. "Ball State was in Indiana, and I'd never been there. I didn't even need to take a visit to know it's where I wanted to be. They came to my house once. I liked the coaching staff, and I liked that it wasn't Kansas. So off I went, and here I am." Pease stretches out for an acrobatic grab, the kind BSU fans have grown accustomed to. Unfortunately the transition wasn't easy for Pease, at least off the field. On the field, his talent was apparent. But Pease didn't see the field until Week 8 of 2018, his first season at BSU, thanks to some off the field issues that once again cropped up. The details remain murky to this day. Pease explains, "I wasn't focused. I thought I took football seriously, but I wasn't focused in the classroom or in practice. Coach suspended me two games at the beginning of the season for it, and told me if I didn't work my ass off I wouldn't be part of the program come the end of the season. Then I got back from my suspension and he had me listed as the 7th wide receiver on the depth chart. Didn't matter that I was a better receiver than them. I had to earn it." There was speculation at that point that Pease was going to transfer- that he had fallen out of favor with his coaching staff, didn't want to be at Ball State, and some reports went as far as to say he had already quit the team and was waiting for them to grant him a release. But that wasn't the case. Instead, Pease was at practice, and after a bye week and the suspension that made for juicy rumors, he was suited up for the next game. Pease clenches his jaw as he recalls the articles. "I'm not a quitter," he says simply. Weeks of slaving away in practice saw him rise up the list of receivers. By week 8, he was listed as number three. Unfortunately, Ball State ran 2 receiver sets almost exclusively and so Pease only saw two targets come his way. He caught both, including a touchdown. It was his first catch in Division 1. His mother remembers watching the play unfold. "I started crying when he caught it," she explains. "It wasn't a special catch; he was open in the endzone on a short route. But my son had caught a touchdown. My son. My son." She tears up as she recalls the moment and dabs at her eyes. "It was a proud moment for me. After all he'd fought through, he'd made it." Pease feels very differently about the moment. "I broke my route off the play before and nearly caused a turnover. That touchdown was me taking care of business. I had a long way to go still." He didn't look back. After a bye week, Pease was promoted to the first string, and made the most of it. He finished the game versus Western Michigan with 6 catches for 94 yards and another score. Despite only playing in four more games after that, he ended the season leading Ball State in every major receiving statistic. He did the same in 2019, when he had a full season as the number one option through the air, and now he is doing the same in 2020. Pease has established himself as one of the best receivers in the MAC and has his sights set on the NFL after the season. Even there, he knows he will have obstacles to overcome. Pease takes a knee in front of the student section and prays before every game. "I'm thankful for my blessings." "Honestly, I'm ready. I am ready to prove myself again. I've done it every level, every year- I have to prove that I'm good enough, or that my head is screwed on straight, or that I'm committed to the program. Whether the concerns are warranted or not, they're things I have to fight. And I get why you may have concerns. But I'll be damned if I prove those right." Scouts I have talked too have mixed feelings about Pease. One lists his relatively modest numbers in a weaker conference as cause for concern, but most point to the fact that he is, at best, an average athlete with off the field concerns that still haunt him. Some mention that he gets beat on 50/50 balls, while others see his lack of speed as a barrier to success at the next level. Pease doesn't buy it. He dismisses the scouting reports with a scoff and a promise: "I'm not the biggest or the fastest guy on the field. I can't out-jump every cornerback. But that doesn't matter- I'll beat you anyways."
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    -Eagan, Minnesota It was a day of mixed emotions at Vikings headquarters, as owner paperllamasunited announced to a closed group of the closest team press that he would be taking a step back in the organization, passing general management duties on to current Vikings head coach bellwoodbomb611. A quick interview with the owner on KFAN shed some light on the move. "The goal was never to run the Vikings on my own, I came from an organizational approach in Cleveland and Baltimore, to running a one-man show at first here in Minnesota, and I myself can see the vast differences between my two major roles; rising contender who made the playoffs and drafted a fan favorite in Baltimore, versus a team seemingly on the rapid downswing with moving away a fan favorite here in Minnesota." said llamas on Paul Allen's 9 to Noon radio show. "Upon first meeting coach bellwood, it seemed like an instant mesh between us, and so I'm confident in the direction this organization is going with him at the helm, the philosophies won't change. He overcame the obstacle of never being involved in NFLHC before and having to come in right away as the coach, on a depleted roster that was no fault of his own, and it took a little while to right the ship, but he got it going as the season went on. We've mutually determined that he's better suited in a management role, but now he's got that coaching experience under his belt, which makes him versatile, and that brings a lot of value to this organization. I think this is a move the fans will fully appreciate, the players will appreciate, and it's certainly a move that I appreciate. I'm hoping to have more time to work on media, which I love to create, and be more heavily involved in other aspects of the community." With llamas stepping out of the picture as far as most roster management duties go, some question remains surrounding the coaching situation in Minnesota, as coach bellwood's contract as head coach is set to expire following the conclusion of the 2020 league year. Interested members may inquire about the position by PMing coach bellwood. The Vikings have made coach bellwood and llamas available for open interview.
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    Atlanta, GA With the retirement of our General Manager SageBow, the Atlanta Falcons are actively looking to hire a GM. Please PM me if you are interested in the position. I would also like to take this time to congratulate Sage on a successful NFLHC career and wish him a happy retirement. Having him on our staff was a joy and pleasure. We will miss him dearly. Go Falcons, acewulf
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    My games are never pretty but dammit I'm winning. GG @rocksaucesundae! I've officially doubled the all time wins for the program, and also gotten the same number of wins this season as the rest of the seasons combined.
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    THANK YOU SAGE Falcons GM retires after 2 seasons of turning around the franchise. The AJC wishes him a happy retirement!
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    We back. With the break coming to an end, there's no time to waste before action from the nation's most exciting conference is back in your stadiums and back on your TV sets. Whether it's a rematch of last year's title game superfight, whether it's a fistfight between two programs trying to break a spiral, whether it's a quarterback duel between a pair of gunslingers, or whether it's the debut of Oscar Strange, we've got you covered. With one Big XII game in each of the first four time slots, there's no need to miss any of the action--so without further ado, let's talk about the games. Thursday Night Oklahoma (1-5) at Baylor (3-3)* Beginning the week, we have a rematch of last year's Big XII Championship Game, a titanic matchup between the #4 and #7 teams in the country that both went on to the College Football Playoff. The tables have turned more than a bit on both squads, each of whom lost a lot off of last year's team, but we're looking at a high-quality matchup nonetheless despite the teams' records. Oklahoma seems to have found new life, springing free from the ranks of the winless with a 31-23 win in the Red River Shootout. And Baylor...well, they took two steps forward to open conference play before taking an epic step back by being the first Big XII team to lose to Kansas State since 2017. With the rest of Baylor's schedule being tough, with a light suddenly at the end of Oklahoma's tunnel, this game has become a postseason elimination game. So, what are we going to see? The Sooners had a lot of struggles early in the year stopping dual-threat quarterback-based offenses from doing basically whatever they wanted. They bottled up Texas's offense, though, holding Kyler Tackett to 203 yards, a touchdown, and an interception on 18-32 passing and holding Simeon Wells to 70 yards on 18 carries. They're going to want to dust off that same playbook against Baylor: just as Texas didn't really make any use out of Wells, Baylor doesn't make a lot of use out of Nasir Burden. They rely on Marcus Swartz and his downfield playmakers to move the ball in chunks. That's netted them three 40-point games, but a rare bad game from Swartz (such as his 17-32 for 190 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions against Kansas State) dooms the entire offense. Oklahoma's secondary hasn't demonstrated the ability to consistently hang with elite receivers, so expect Lamont Wilder and Hastin Rider to give them trouble--but maybe don't write them off just yet, because Oklahoma's success against Texas came right after some reportedly significant changes in their defensive scheme. Meanwhile, Oklahoma's offensive success is going to come down to one thing: can they run the dang ball on Baylor? Maurice White's 126.2 yards per game and 4.9 yards per carry lead the Big XII, and the Sooners' 61.5% run rate is higher than any Big XII team outside of Lubbock. That's not going to change after a 31-point effort, but that also isn't something that should bother Baylor. The Bears give up just 3.9 yards per carry and 81.3 rushing yards per game, and they held Texas Tech's even more run-heavy attack to just 13 points. That's the biggest difference-maker in this game, most likely. I'd normally be worried about Oklahoma's receiver depth against Baylor's secondary, but Oklahoma doesn't use their receiver depth at all. Oklahoma needs this upset to have a shot at an incredible turnaround. I think they'll be denied. Baylor 35, Oklahoma 21 Friday Night Texas (4-3) at Texas Tech (4-3)* What a difference five weeks makes. After week 5, these were two of the hottest teams in the Big XII. Texas was 3-0, having knocked off Boise State, revenge-slain Oregon on the road, and blown out Texas A&M. Texas Tech was 4-0 and exceeding preseason expectations by a lot, coming off of hard-fought wins over Washington and Oklahoma shortly after routing Boise State and North Carolina. Then week 6 came around, and the axles broke. Defense became a struggle: Texas has given up 34.75 points per game over their last four, and Texas Tech's been marginally better at 32.0 over their last three. Offense has been inconsistent and too often it's not been enough. Texas Tech hasn't won any of their three games since week 5; Texas has dropped 3 of 4, including the Red River Shootout loss and a game they managed to drop despite only allowing one touchdown. For you Big XII historians out there, this matchup conjures up memories of 2014, when Texas ended their 3-game losing streak by extending Shaun Evans's Texas Tech's misery to a fifth straight game. And the Shaun Evans reference is apt as well, considering how often Texas Tech runs the ball and how heavily they've relied on Solomon McLaughlin. Solomon McLaughlin has put up a Big XII-high 870 yards and 13 touchdowns on more than 4.5 yards per carry, and Chase Shapiro has yet to throw his 100th pass of the season. Despite Texas's strength in the front seven, that's maybe actually a matchup advantage for the Red Raiders--because that strength on paper hasn't translated all that well to the statsheet. The Longhorns gave up 142 yards and 3 scores on the ground to West Virginia, and they gave up 180 yards and 3 scores on the ground to Oklahoma. They've given up a conference-high 14 rushing touchdowns, and they've given up 112.1 yards per game on the ground. They're getting gashed up the middle, where defensive tackle Jamal Robinson's struggled in the nose tackle role while Nehemiah Staples has had to essentially play two positions and cover for will linebacker Thomas Eason. The pass defense hasn't been better-than-average either (which is un-Texas-like), but Texas Tech can't really take advantage even if they try. I think the big question in this game, though, is what Texas's offense is going to look like. Kyler Tackett's accuracy has dropped off in stages over the course of the year. He completed around 70% of his passes for three games, dropped to 65%-ish for two more, and has been in the mid-50s for the last pair. They'll need him to be consistent on a down-to-down basis against Texas Tech, which allows a 65.4% completion percentage (the second-worst rate in the Big XII) but whose safeties hold opponents under 11.3 yards per completion (the second-best). But the other trend to watch is Simeon Wells. The true sophomore has been a bellwether for the team's success: Texas is 3-0 when he hits 100 yards and 4-0 when he gets 21 carries; they're 4-3 overall. Wells earns nearly 4.9 yards per carry in wins and just over 4.1 in losses. Yes, correlation doesn't equal causation. But given that Tackett can't carry an offense by himself, that Steven Maloney is the only real playmaker downfield for Texas, and that challenging Cameron Riley is not an efficient way to beat Texas Tech, Wells has to see usage and has to be effective. I'm not really sure what to expect out of this one, but Texas Tech's last five weeks have at least made sense. Texas's haven't. I think the Red Raiders will rebound first. Texas Tech 20, Texas 16 Saturday Morning Kansas State (5-2) at #23 West Virginia (4-2)* This one could be a blowout--or it could get real fun real quick. Taking the field in this game is the best quarterback in the Big XII, and standing on the other sideline is the Big XII's most...shall we say, free-wheeling passer. Tied for second in the conference in passing touchdowns, Mohammed Foster and Rahim Murrell both bring the fireworks. Foster leads the Big XII in most statistical categories that can be defined as positive, including the following: completion percentage, yards per attempt, yards per completion, yards per game, touchdown-interception ratio, and passer rating. Elite dual-threat quarterbacks are inherently hard to contain, but Kansas State's had a bit of practice. They hassled Marcus Swartz into his worst game of the season in their first conference win since 2017. And that's not a coincidence--they do what you need to do against scramblers. They rush the passer to the tune of 11 sacks this season, they limit downfield options and avoid allowing the home-run play (10.8 yards allowed per completion), they get good help from their linebackers, and they force opponents to beat them on the ground. Sure, that means letting a scrambler scramble, but that's a second option to guys like Swartz or Foster. So that means J.C. Weldon, Elias Langston, and Jason Dupree will do what they can to establish the pass against a Wildcat defense that really can't cover them one-on-one. And do expect West Virginia to look to Mohamed Mustafa: he averages less than 4.5 yards per carry, but Kansas State actually gives up a tick more than that per game. Kansas State is going to have a devil of a time trying to stop this offense that averages more than 35 points per game. So how will they score on this defense that's given up 17 points per game over their last four games? It's not impossible. Rahim Murrell can be a capable passer when he's on, evidenced by his seven straight games with a touchdown pass and his four multi-touchdown games. He can also throw his way into trouble, as evidenced by his seven straight games with an interception and his five multi-pick games. Good Rahim has to show up on every single pass; a single mistake can turn the game on its had. West Virginia's secondary is thin, and Kansas State has four guys who can be productive. Devon Tillman needs to be a deep threat. Damani Askew and Jhonny Palacios need to show up in the red zone. Ricky Seau needs to continue his streak of doing something at all. And Elijah Humphrey needs to keep setting the table, delivering manageable second- and third-down scenarios, and punching it in at the goal line. But West Virginia's defense has gone to another level this season. They've allowed 4 passing touchdowns, 5 interceptions, and 185 passing yards per game in their last four. They've allowed fewer than 87 rushing yards per game and just over 4.2 yards per carry for the season. Kansas State could play the best game of its season and still fall short in this one--and that's just a testament to how good West Virginia's been on all fronts. #23 West Virginia 38, Kansas State 20 Saturday Afternoon TCU (3-3) at Iowa State (1-6)* The unofficial motto in Ames this week is "Third time's the charm." With the offense falling off cliff's edge under August Blank and drawing a total blank under Peter Edge, it's now a chance for Oscar Strange to get his chance under center. Strange, a fifth-year senior out of oil country in northwestern North Dakota, has bounced between third and fourth string during his time in Ames--but without anybody providing a better option, he's now being tabbed for QB1. In order for his debut to go better than Peter Edge's did...well, first, he'll have to hope TCU's defense takes pity on him. The Frog secondary might give up an above-average number of passing yards per game (234.5), but that's only because they see more reps than average. Per-pass, they've been good: their 58.65% completion percentage allowed, their 6.76 yards allowed per attempt, and their 126.2 passer rating allowed rank 2nd, 2nd, and 4th in the conference, respectively. TCU could stand to force more turnovers, and they could stand to have a better third down shutdown rate (their 70% mark is the second-worst in the conference), but there's already enough obstacles for Strange to navigate. Second, he'll need help. Can Josiah Edmonds do better than his 3.7-YPC average against a defense that gives up 3.8 yards per carry? Can leading receiver Sincere Spikes get into the form he displayed with 163 yards in a two-game span earlier this season? Can Elliott Efi, the top receiver on the depth chart, get to 56 yards in a game for the first time all season? Will a third receiving option respond to the APB put out weeks ago? If not (I'm betting on not), this is going to be a long, long day in Ames. I'd say it would be up to the defense to make this game competitive, but that unit's been AWOL as well. The Kansas State loss was the first time it didn't give up 30 points in a game in conference play--and to its credit, the defense had them dead to rights if it weren't for Shawn Reyes's pick-six. TCU's offense has been off its game the last couple of weeks, scoring 16 in a win over Kansas and 14 in a loss to West Virginia. That's the price of a freshman-heavy unit; the upside is that they also hit 30+ points in three straight games earlier in the year. Sam Milner only averages 170.8 yards per game through the air on 59% passing, throwing 7 touchdowns to 7 interceptions with one rushing touchdown; Shamar Burroughs has added 98.8 yards per game on the ground on 4.3 yards per carry with exactly 1 touchdown in every game this season. TCU's receivers haven't really done much for the offense, though: Griffin McHanna (242 yards) and Finn Nielsen (231 yards) rank 22nd and 23rd in the conference in receiving yardage, and they've combined for one game of 61 yards or better. That's really the only area where Iowa State has a real advantage over TCU, and they'd need a best-case scenario game from Strange in order to actually do anything about it. This is gonna be TCU all the way. TCU 33, Iowa State 16 Byes: Kansas (4-3), #24 Oklahoma State (6-1)
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    Week #9 OPOTW QB Tucker Dowden, Missouri 20 of 25 for 325 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT, 5 carries for 48 yards, 0 TD vs Kentucky One of the celebrated, great quarterbacks of this current collegiate era, Tucker Dowden won his first Offensive Player of the Week award last week. Unfortunately, he was unable to sit down for an interview, due to a birth in his family! We congratulate Tucker for his great performance, and wish him and his family all the best going forward with their happy bundle of joy! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Week #9 DPOTW DE Javier Grady, North Texas 3 sacks, 5 tackles vs Florida Atlantic (L) One of the greatest defenders to ever grace the collegiate stage, Javier Grady wins an unprecedented 4th National Defensive Player of the Week Title for a valient effort in a losing performance against Florida Atlantic. In lieu of Javier's interview, we were able to secure a POTW first, a coach interview with Pizzarolls. Coach, Javier had 3 sacks in an incredible individual performance, but your Mean Green still lost. What are your thoughts on his showing and the game overall? I never run out of good things to say about Grady. He's everything you'd want in a defensive captain. His competitiveness is unmatched, his work ethic is strong and his motor is a constant pedal to the floor. I know he is upset we are not at least a 0.500 team this year but he's doing a great job making the rest of the team see we can get back there if we play like winners. His individual performances are outstanding and his team work and leadership skills are growing at a steady rate. Stepping back and looking at the team as a whole, I'm proud knowing we have already broken our single season win record. That floor was low but I hope to continue to raise the ceiling as high as Javier raises his draft stock every week. Coach, Grady is the second North Texas "superstar", following former Mean Green and current New Orleans Saints receiver Sean Jenkins. What is it about this program that sees generational talents appear every so often? Grady chose us because of the culture we have here at North Texas. We talked with him back and forth a few times and he said he didn't have to consider options, he was ready to sign.. As for what it is about the program? It's hard to put a finger on one particular standout factor. I would like to think we are starting to see bigger talent show up because they see what's in store for the future of this program and want to be apart of it. Being a program in the fertile recruiting grounds of Texas, how do you see North Texas doing next season and the years to come? I think we've have had a great recruiting class so far this year. Texas just breeds football and we're in a very liberal, fun area for students to attend. I don't know if you've ever been to Denton but the culture is fantastic. I couldn't be happier with some of the guys who have already committed with us. I think in three to four years you could see us not only go above 0.500 but start actually challenging Rice and a few other teams for a C-USA title. I have really high expectations for the redshirts this year and even more for the caliber of athletes coming in this recruiting class. I wake up in the middle of the night all the time scrambling for a pen and paper, smartphone, anything i can find to jot down ideas i have about new roles for these kids and new ways to integrate them in with our upperclassmen. Great things are in the mix but right now the spot light is on the Grady Train. Where do you think Javier Grady is going to stand in the history books, not just in North Texas, but in college football as a whole? Well, he's up there. Of course I'm going to say he's top of the list. When you feed that kid's ego he leaves whole offensive lines on their backs. He chose CUSA for a number of reasons and he says that he doesn't regret it. I think he would be making the same impact in the SEC and I think the fact that he shows loyalty towards a team that, at this time, is not the most successful, it proves that he will make a monstrous impact for whatever NFLHC team that drafts him in the early first round. Win or lose he just wants to hit Quarterbacks. Thanks for sitting down with me coach. Before I leave do you have any shout outs or statements to the fans? Sorry, not really, we've got work to do. Thank you for your time. Thanks to pizzarolls for the interview this week. Best of luck to all the players in Week 10! Previous National POTW Award Winners
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    Following the default layout guidelines created a few weeks ago please take the time to create a fully updated player page for ONE player this week. Post here once you've done it. If at least 40 people do it I will post a teaser from the upcoming patch.
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    Minneapolis- With the recent shuffling of the Minnesota Vikings front office positions, there became some new openings. After a lengthy coaching search that saw many candidates apply for positions, the Minnesota Vikings would like to announce that they have decided on a new Head Coach, as well as an assistant to the team. It has been revealed that Minnowsotan will be taking over the Head Coaching responsibilities for the team. Minnowsotan has been the Iowa State Head Coach since 2014, where has had some success. He is also an avid Vikings fan. New General Manager Bellwoodbomb611 said "We're really excited to add Coach Minnow to the team. We believe that he brings a lot to the table, and are excited to add his coaching experience to our staff." In an additional move, the Vikings also held applications for a new assistant. The Vikings selected Jamzz to be the teams new head assistant. Jamzz is a newer member to the site, but the Vikings believe he has a lot of potential. GM Bellwood said "We had a lot of applications for this position, and Jamzz really stood out. I look forward to working with him and helping him grow his career." Owner paperllamasunited, General Manager bellwoodbomb611, Head Coach Minnowsotan, and Head Assistant Jamzz are now open to the press for questions.
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    It's okay, we've all lost to GK. You, a coachless C-USA team, and a guy who got banned.
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    Seems to me that his chances of starting next week have been....fried
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    Utah State is 4-4. National Coach of the Year as far as I am concerned.
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    Unfortunately, the remainder of the show cannot be shown. There was a terrible accident involving a Little League baseball game, trail mix, and our production booth. As such, the insightful and engaging analysis you have come to expect is lost and we must instead give you the bottom line picks for each game this week. Please accept our sincere apologies; we hope to have everything sorted out by next week. (The site ate my words ) Friday Night Northern Illinois (1-5 overall, 0-3 conference) at Central Michigan (1-5, 1-1): 21-14 CMU QB Matt Rowland's last game was the best game of his career, which allowed RB Makai Carr to have his highest rushing total of the year. The Chips may have figured out their offensive identity, while new coach @subsequent will need a couple of weeks to figure out the enigma that is NIU. Ball State (1-6, 1-3) at Eastern Michigan (1-5, 1-2): 27-20 New Cardinal QB Elias Carter starts his first game in two years. If he can play even a smidge better than Marquis Causey, the surrounding talent is there to lead Ball State to a win. EMU's hopes probably rest on the shoulders of QB Giovanni Shaw, as running Jamel Jamison into the Cardinals' twin towers of DT Isamaeli Afamasaga and Rashaad Malcolm doesn't look like it will end well. Saturday Morning Western Michigan (5-1) at Georgia State (3-4): Non-conference 31-17 The Broncos' offense is more balanced than people think, QB Chase Sims has quietly become the 4th-best QB in the MAC by QBR and ANY/A. (Yes, having DeSean Madison in the backfield helps a lot). When the Panthers have the ball, we expect that the Broncos focus on RB Evan Grant and see what the Panthers' mediocre passing game can do against Sean Taylor and company. Saturday Evening Buffalo (5-2, 2-2) at Miami (OH) (5-2, 2-2): 35-31 That pasting the Bulls gave UCLA last week - a passing offense as prolific as Best!Miami's - certainly makes us think that Buffalo has figured out how to help their patchwork secondary out. We still expect the Redhawks to put points on the board, but we're not sure Miami's defense can hold Blair Holcomb and MAMADOU SMASH down. Toledo (6-1, 3-0) at Ohio (4-2, 3-0): 28-24 We know the Bobcats had the Rockets' number last year. But it's really hard to pick against Toledo and their defense, which doesn't get quite as much publicity as their offense does. Ohio will likely need to dirty up this game and keep it low-scoring like last year, and put their faith in Timmy Wilhelm and Owen. Freaking. WALTON. We just don't see it happening this week. BYES: Akron (6-1), Kent State (3-4)
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    We understand the Gary has had some discomfort relating to his back after a recent ski trip. Since we are not aware of the cause of his pain, we feel it is best to approach this situation with caution. Therefore, we have decided it is best for Gary to visit with a doctor. We hope all is well with Gary and that he can get past this unfortunate inconvenience. Seahawks choose option 1
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    Neal Davis: Good morning, and welcome to this edition of The Wildcat Den on 94.1 WIP radio. Today we have coach @smckenz3 joining the show to give us a preview of Saturday's game in a segment we like to call, Know Your Foe. Welcome to the show Coach! Thanks for stopping by! Coach smckenz3: Thanks for having me Neal. Neal: After a rocky start to the year your team has been able to bounce back and reel off 4 straight wins, climbing into the AP top 25 in the process. What has been the biggest factor in this turnaround? smckenz3: Well, I think we've started getting the ball in the end-zone more often. The first couple of games we scored well, but settled for field goals far too often. Also the new-comers on defense have gelled really well and allowed the unit to play exceptionally. Neal: West Virginia is a very polarizing team when it comes to the polls. Some pollsters say they should be rated higher based on their strength of schedule and yet others say a loss is a loss. How do you feel about where your team is rated? smckenz3: Eh - Neal I don't think the polls really matter until we start to get closer to the end of the season. If we keep winning ballgames the poll will sort itself out. Neal: Mohammed Foster is having an incredible season. Over the course of the last few weeks he has begun to pick up some Heisman hype. What have you been working with Foster on as the season has progressed? smckenz3: Mo' has been fortunate to play with a lot of his skill players for 2 years at this point, they all have great chemistry. That experience and chemistry allows us to continually add new wrinkles into the offense, he's always looking for ways to improve and exploit our opponent's defense. Neal: Many pundits are talking about Foster's potential to hear his named called early if he chose to declare for the NFL draft. Is that something you guys have talked about? Do you have any idea what he is thinking? smckenz3: I want whatever is best for Mo'. At the end of the season we'll sit down and evaluate his prospects. Of course we want him to come back, but it would be hard to pass up potentially being a high draft pick. Neal: I think everyone knew that this offense was going to be something special. But the defense has been very surprising to me. After giving up an average of 36 points per game the opening 2 losses, the defense has bounced back in a big way allowing only 17 points per game since. What has this group done to improve so much? smckenz3: Our newcomers have really come together. We're also getting really good play from our secondary. The defensive line is a strength of ours and I trust them to stop the run regardless of who we're playing. That combined with the experience of our safeties has really helped Carson and Moore step up at the corner position. Neal: Saturday you host the 5-2 Kansas State Wildcats. So far this team has been baffling, scraping by teams like Florida Atlantic and Iowa State but beating Baylor and almost taking down Texas on the road. What do you make of this Wildcat football team? smckenz3: Man they've improved a lot of the past few years haven't they? They are winning games which has to feel good for coach Haff and the fans. They're on the right track that's for sure. They have different guys stepping up, that's what you want as a coach.. Guys who can make a play when you need it. Neal: What do you expect to see happen on Saturday? smckenz3: I expect us to go out there and play our game. Kansas State is a damn good football team who's sitting at 5-2 so we're certainly not going to overlook that. I expect Mo to go out and set the tempo on offense and for Hudson and the boys on the line to make Humphrey work for everything he gets. Neal: Before you go, I have to ask about your recruiting class. How has recruiting gone for you so far? What do you hope to accomplish in the last few weeks? Give me a story from the recruiting trail. smckenz3: We're actually pretty stoked about who we have comin' in so far. There's a couple guys left on our radar that we hope to get commitments from - we've been chasing a wideout from Texas pretty hard named Christian Nash, I'd love to get him paired up with Corey Easley who committed early in the year. Neal: It has been a lot of fun to track along with this West Virginia program and the progress you have made over the last 2 seasons. I'm looking forward to seeing the game on Saturday. Thanks for taking the time to join us today coach! smckenz3: Thanks Neal - it's been a pleasure talkin' with you. Neal: Well that is all the time we have folks. We will be live from Morgantown starting Saturday morning. Go Wildcats!
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    East Rutherford, NJ -- The New York Jets are waiting to find out who their first playoff opponent will be next week in the Divisional Round, but in the meantime, after a search to replace the recently ousted LDYo as the team's Head Scout, the Jets have finally settled on a preferred candidate. TazerMan will be taking the role. A relative newcomer to CFBHC, he has been looking to get a start in NFLHC and will be getting a chance with one of the league's premier organizations. TazerMan will oversee the team's college scouting, focusing on areas of need with some input in the team's war room when draft day hits. Owner/GM Jumbo and TazerMan are available for any questions.
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    Carlos Washington this season: 32 Tackles, 9.5 Sacks, 1 INT, 1 Safety
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    Spanked by 24 points put pleased with the fact we scored 28 points. The offense has been anemic all season. Maybe I'll start see more production moving forward.
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    Bowl eligible! Much closer game than I would have liked though, gg ladykiller.
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    I didn't know my victory over Texas would be so demoralizing they would go winless the rest of the season...
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    Welcome back everyone! The Big XII Network is back from vacation to provide a look into the nation's most exciting conference and how the teams stack up. We had a little issue with our print vendor this week, so this will be an all-digital edition of the power rankings. Week 8 was a light one in the Big XII with only three total games on the slate, but they were all nail-biters. Kansas State and Iowa State opened up the week on Thursday night and all week everyone talked about how it wouldn't be close. Well Iowa State had a different idea as they held the lead late in the 4th quarter, but KSU freshman Shawn Reyes snagged a interception and took it straight to the house. The Wildcats would kick the point-after and seal the victory. Kansas would come out of the gates hot against Texas Tech and play just enough defense in the second half to hold onto a 28-24 victory over the Red Raiders. Christian Graham had a very efficient day completing 71% of his passes and adding in 2 touchdowns. Finally Oklahoma State did just enough to get a victory over the Texas Longhorns. Chester Brenner only threw for 205 yards, but had a stout 77% completion percentage. The Cowboys got a nice contribution from Khalil Bell who had 95 yards and a TD on the ground. Texas showed some life on defense but there just wasn't much there on offense. Tackett and Wells had uninspiring games which can't happen if the Longhorns want to turn this thing around. Let's see how these games impact how our voters think, let's get to the rankings! 1(60) - # 23 West Virginia Mountaineers (6) - 4-2(3-0) - W4 - (-) 2(52) - # 24 Oklahoma State Cowboys - 6-1(3-1) - W1 - (-) 3(43) - TCU Horned Frogs - 3-3(2-1) - L1 - (-) 4(42) - Kansas Jayhawks - 4-3(3-1) - W2 - (-) 5(35) - Kansas State Wildcats - 5-2(2-2) - W2 - (-) 6(28) - Texas Longhorns - 4-3(1-3) - L2 - (+1) 7(25) - Baylor Bears - 3-3(2-1) - L1 - (+1) 8(22) - Texas Tech Red Raiders - 4-3(1-3) - L3 - (-2) 9(17) - Oklahoma Sooners - 1-5(1-2) - W1 - (-) 10(6) - Iowa State Cyclones - 1-6(0-4) - L4 - (-) 6 voters 10 points for first, 9 for second, etc Oklahoma State strengthens its hold on the #2 spot with its victory over Texas. The Cowboys had a slip-up against the Jayhawks a few weeks ago, but they have shown all season to be one of the best in the conference. Texas moves up in the rankings after a loss which I suspect has to do with Texas Tech's longer losing streak and the fact that the Longhorns looked competitive against the conference's clear # 2 team. Baylor had the week off but moves up after the Texas Tech loss. All-in-all it was a pretty slow week in the nation's most exciting conference. Based on our week 8 rankings the teams that should have won did, so there's not much rationale for major shakeup. Since it was a short week - let's talk about (Sr) Quarterback Chester Brenner. Brenner topped 4,000 yards in his (Jr) campaign that featured nearly 600 total passes and now NFL superstar Raheem Robinson as his weapon of choice. Chester and the Cowboys were going to throw it a lot everyone knew it and although they weren't very efficient it lead them to the Sugar Bowl. Fast forward to this season - Brenner lost his favorite target in Raheem but he's seen a 10% in his completion rate going from 58% in 2019 to 68% in 2020. He already has 21 touchdowns on the year which would put him on pace to end with 36 at the end of the regular season eclipsing his total of 31 in 13 games in 2019. The only knock that coach panther could have with Brenner is his high rate of interceptions on the year. He's already at 10 on the year which is only 3 less than his total for all of 2019. Chester spent all of 2019 knowing that he could throw the ball and it was likely that Raheem would go get it. Without the best player in the nation, it's going to take a shift in philosophy that will take time for him to implement. At the end of the day Chester has easily been one of the best quarterbacks in the Big XII. Oklahoma State is one of the favorites to make the Big XII Championship and with an explosive player like Brenner leading the way look for them to continue to make noise in the second half of the 2020 season.
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    BYE-BYE, BYE Lions fall to the Packers, losing out on first round bye.
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    Thanks for Everything Owner/ Head Coach TuscanSota retires after four years with the Seahawks TuscanSota after defeating the 49ers, his final game coaching in the NFLHC
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    This is incredible. Great work putting all this together, I appreciate the insane work that went into this!
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    This is the first game of the season that DNJ did not have multiple TDs, got an even 6.0 ypc though and the passing attack had one of its best performances this year. Defense was on point, nice to have this sort of result after an okay win over Cincy. GG weeze, you're allowed to stay on the Lightning for another season.
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    Surprised they played so well in the snow. Go Pack Go!
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    1.UCF (2) Seems on track for the playoffs. DNJ is growing on me again with his dominance of the AAC. 2.SMU Tough loss to UCF followed by another underwhelming performance. Haven't yet moved past previously documented struggles. 3.USF Beat Umass Tulane ECU and gave up too many points. Vulnerable against Temple. 4.Temple Ugly win against Houston. With their lack of running game and good QB, they remind me a lot of the 2017-18 Raiders, except Jordan North is more mobile than Nick Hall. 5.Houston Has preformed to expectations for a change this year and is coming off a close loss to Temple. 6.ECU Mildly competitive loss to USF. Season is not as brink as it appeared a few weeks ago but they're clearly not going 9-3 like I initially expected for reasons. 7.Uconn Lost a shootout to Temple in their last outing. 8.Cincinnati I guess they are the lesser of several bottom teir AAC evils. 9.Memphis At least they have a couple wins this year - I can't say that about last years Tiger team. 10.Tulane Looked ok to start the season but lost to a winless Navy team. 11.Navy Has a win after all. 12.Tulsa Boring.
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    DENVER--On the eve of the franchise's return to the NFLHC playoffs, against the detestable and underdog Raiders, the Denver Broncos organization hosted a party to honor the five players selected to the AFC Pro Bowl team. A 5-course meal catered by Owner/Head Coach Bingo415's famous barbecue restaurant was followed by introductory videos highlighting each Pro Bowlers' season. General Manager DescretoBurrito and Head Coach-in-Waiting Jieret were also honored for their roles in helping to return the Broncos to the AFC West title. The Broncos selected to the Pro Bowl following the 2020 season are: Left Tackle Gary Tomlinson Tomlinson, in his 4th year in the League out of Wisconsin, is making his first Pro Bowl appearance. He helped the Broncos offense tie for 5th in fewest sacks allowed. Center John Zatkoff Zatkoff, in his 5th year out of Alabama, returned from a devastating injury to finish the 2019 season to regain his Pro Bowl form and lead the Broncos to the playoffs as offensive captain. Running Back J.B. Blacknall Blacknall, a rookie out of Alabama-Birmingham, rushed for 1,345 yards, a League-leading (tie) 16 touchdowns, and averaged a Jim Brown-like 4.8 yards per carry. Defensive Tackle Michael Carroll Carroll, a lithe 2nd year pro out of Hawai'i, recorded 22 tackles, 5.5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles to lead the League among DTs, recovering one. Middle Linebacker Cameron Jonah Jonah, the frontrunner for the Defensive Player of the Year award, is in his 5th year out of junior college. His 82 tackles led the League, as did his 9 forced turnovers (tied)--4 INTS and 5 FFs.
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    AFC QB: Aaron Shea (IND), Brian Brown (MIA), Erik Wegert (NYJ) RB: Asante Sowell (JAX), J.B. Blacknall (DEN), Chester Henson (PIT) WR: Mosi Bartos (IND), Raheem Robinson (JAX), Tai Miller (CLE), Adrian Jankowski (CIN) TE: D.J. Gibson (MIA), Spec Davidson (KC) FB: Neil Sharper (JAX) OT: Brandon Reamon (TEN), Gary Tomlinson (DEN), Greg Sewell (PIT) OG: David Schlereth (NYJ), Robert Roaf (JAX), David Wilson (OAK) C: Jon Zatkoff (DEN), Enoch Dickenson (CLE) DT: Michael Carrol (DEN), Malik Dawson (KC), Bob Ballard (NYJ) DE: Anthony Ortiz (BUF), Benjamin Blankenship (MIA), Tyler Jones (TEN) OLB: Tyrone Jones (BAL), Jason Bryant (MIA), David Doherty (TEN) ILB: Cameron Jonah (DEN), Phillip Moore (MIA) CB: Jack Ramsey (TEN), Justin Davis (MIA), Troy Marshall (BAL), Aaron Samuelson (IND) SS: Dane Wilson (PIT), Larry Reaves (JAX) FS: Sean Burton (IND), Reshad Jenkins (NYJ) K: Alejandro Aguirre (JAX) P: Jason Sochia (JAX) KR: Marvin Washington (NYJ) Coach: Soluna NFC QB: Christian Skaggs (CAR), Jason Johnson (GB), Darrell Murphy (LAR) RB: Vaughan Abraham (DAL), Akili Wallace (ATL), Mike Latta (CAR) WR: Sean Jenkins (NO), David Gaines (CHI), Gary Faneca (SEA), Kevin Branch (SF) TE: Curtis Henry (CAR), Jerry Cipa (TB) FB: Donnie Hubbert (CAR) OT: Tron Moses (CAR), Justin Campbell (DAL), Quin Bouman (GB) OG: Jace Brown (DAL), LaMont Sheriff (DET), Jack Green (PHI) C: Sid Henson (DAL), LaMarcus Smith (LAR) DT: Earl Jackson (DET), David Medley (CHI), Jeremy Miller (NO) DE: Early Davis (ATL), Ron Rice (CAR), Michael Bruce (LAR) OLB: Derrick Martin (TB), Kenyatta Henderson (NYG), Paul Goodman (MIN) ILB: Daleroy Smart (SF), Malcolm Douglas-Scott (SEA) CB: Travis Chatman (DAL), DeAndre Hawkins (PHI), Matt Cowan (SEA), Keyshawn Thompson (DET) SS: Julio Barnes (GB), Brandon Sauter (LAR) FS: Darius Jones (ATL), Prince McGill (SF) K: Cliff Chamblin (LAR) P: Steve Noonan (ARI) KR: Christopher Johnson (PHI) Coach: Inspiral
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    also should be noted that the only player that was unanimous was Aaron Shea
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    NFLHC Record book is updated except for QB wins, consec starts, and return TDs: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=NFLHC_Record_Book
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    I always say that this kind of thing js what storm should make a career of
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    Of Note: A Nico Kaufman-less list, mostly due to the fact that he was on a buy, lets see which of the other Heisman contenders showed up! As it turns out, a lot of them did! MoFo, Matt Jones, Luke "Thick" Trickett, and Grant McConnell all put up strong performances that should keep them in the race. Super impressed by Frederick Bartlett. The junior wide out dominated Northwestern's secondary, and at times seemed like he was Purdue's star player, not Matt Jones. Where's the pass rushers at? This is the first week of the season where no one player recorded 2.0 sacks or more. Alexander Burton strong as ever, even against FCS competition the Reaper made them feel like boys among men. Shoutout to Daniel Gaston, his two turnovers sealed the deal for a monumental win for the Utah State Aggies. Keep an eye out on Seth Scott. Physical Freak. Under Franz's tutelage he's a guy that is going to give offensive coordinators headaches at the next level.
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