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Éireannach Go Bragh

Notre Dame pulls off the first big upset of the season, defeating #14 Michigan by 10 points.

Luck of the Aggies

Former TCU QB Felix Luck is now a member of the UC Davis Aggies, thanks to the NCAA Transfer Portal.

Week 1 Kickoff: Seahawks @ Packers

The defending champion Green Bay Packers host the Seahawks to kick off the 2023 NFLHC season, the 10th in league history.

Place Your Bets!

The Betting Market is now open, place your bets for a selection of weekly games with some prop bets, such as Super Bowl odds.


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    2023 NFLHC Players of the Week - Week 2 CHIEFS QB RYAN HARRIS, COLTS FS SEAN BURTON & COLTS WR KEITH SETZER NAMED AFC PLAYERS OF WEEK 2 Quarterback RYAN HARRIS of the Kansas City Chiefs, free safety SEAN BURTON of the Indianapolis Colts and wide receiver-special teamer KEITH SETZER of the Indianapolis Colts are the AFC Offensive, Defensive and Special Teams Players of the Week for games played the second week of the 2023 season, the NFLHC announced today. OFFENSE: QB RYAN HARRIS, KANSAS CITY CHIEFS Harris completed 23 of 34 passes (67.6 percent) for 319 yards with four touchdowns and no interceptions for a 136.8 passer rating in the Chiefs' 31-21 win at Miami. This is the second consecutive week in which Harris has been honored with a Player of the Week Award. DEFENSE: FS SEAN BURTON, INDIANAPOLIS COLTS Burton had 2 interceptions, 1 pass defended, and 5 tackles in the Colts' 28-14 win over Arizona. SPECIAL TEAMS: WR KEITH SETZER, INDIANAPOLIS COLTS Setzer had 118 kick return yards and a kick return touchdown in the Colts' 28-14 win over Arizona. FALCONS RB AKILI WALLACE, REDSKINS LB DERRICK MARTIN & LIONS WR ARTEMIO RAMIREZ NAMED NFC PLAYERS OF WEEK 2 Running back AKILI WALLACE of the Atlanta Falcons, linebacker DERRICK MARTIN of the Washington Redskins and wide receiver-special teamer ARTEMIO RAMIREZ of the Detroit Lions are the NFC Offensive, Defensive and Special Teams Players of the Week for games played the second week of the 2023 season, the NFLHC announced today. OFFENSE: RB AKILI WALLACE, ATLANTA FALCONS Wallace ran for 128 yards on 15 carries and scored 2 touchdowns in the Falcons' 17-13 win over Green Bay. DEFENSE: LB DERRICK MARTIN, WASHINGTON REDSKINS Martin had 6 tackles, 2 sacks, and 1 tackle for loss in the Redskins' 31-10 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. SPECIAL TEAMS: WR ARTEMIO RAMIREZ, DETROIT LIONS Ramirez scored a punt return touchdown and tallied 114 punt return yards in the Lions' 28-7 win over New Orleans. This is the second consecutive week that the NFC special teams player of the week award was won by a player playing against New Orleans.
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    With week 2 done, the Sun Belt's coaches voted and ranked how they view each team in the conference. Let's take a look at what they think: Notes: 1 - UL-Lafayette remain the undisputed number 1 team in Sun Belt, receiving all the 1st places votes. 2 - The same can be said about Troy and Appalachian State, who received all the votes for 9th and 10th places, respectively. 3 - We saw some movement on the upper middle class of the conference. Every team between 2nd and 6th place changed. 4 - Both Georgia Southern and Arkansas State went up 2 positions. Arkansas State started the season ranked 8th, and is in the 3rd place now. 5 - Coastal Carolina can be considered the biggest loser. They went down 4 positions.
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    What do you look like?

    Haven't posted in here in years. This last weekend I was in my semipro league's All Star game, I didn't know anyone took pics until today, figured I'd share some of me since they kinda fit in here. ~23 months ago, I had newly converted to WR from being a 4-3 edge rusher, dropping weight and working on my routes. My QB told me I ran "the most crisp routes" he'd seen in semipro. This is me then (#40 obviously lol, I don't think 3 is running routes any time soon.) About one week after the above pic was taken, I was set to debut in my first game as a WR, but had to go play in the middle line on kick return first. While blocking on the return, someone else tripped while holding up their block, sending the kick coverage guy rolling into the ground. He ended up rolling up onto my leg, and my left foot stayed planted under said player, while the rest of me hit the ground right. I ended up tearing my Achilles in addition to spraining my ankle. My WR days were done. Last year I worked on getting back into being a DL, but we switched from a 4-3 to a 3-4 with a new HC and new DC. The new HC hated me, the new DC knew me from the year before (when he'd been the OC) and tried to work me in, and I finished with 1 sack and a few pressures on roughly 30 defensive snaps. An extremely underwhelming year, and I thought about hanging it up. This year, I was talked into playing by our owner because our old DC (the one from 2 seasons ago, when I was playing WR) was coming back, along with a bunch of older vets, for "one last run." We were going to run a hybrid defense, and I'd be the primary backup edge rusher. A month before the season, our DC passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. I saw him on Saturday for practice - and he was gone on Wednesday. He was a huge mentor to our new new HC, the guy who had been DC a season prior and OC before that. A lot of people who had bought in on our Coach's philosophies, found themselves new teams to play on, or leagues with better reputation. When I went to our scrimmage, I ended up being forced to play both ways, at guard (which I played, very undersized, at during the spring season of 2017) and 3-4 DE, and we had no back up linemen. When the regular season started, we actually merged with a team from Milwaukee who had been going to fold since they didn't have enough guys, so we were loaded with defensive players. We only had 6 offensive linemen, if you included me. So I ended up being our starting LG, and put on some weight so as to not be rag dolled around. We actually ended up signing 2 more OL as the season went on, but we also lost our starting C and LT to injury for the year in the first 3 weeks. We ended up finishing one game out of the playoffs, and I actually had to play both ways in 2 of our 8 games due to injuries on our defensive line, finishing with 2.5 sacks and a safety. I wasn't expecting to make the All Star game, especially since I hate playing OL. I could do it in high school when I was undersized at 180 but so was everyone else in our conference. In semipro, we get actual NFL sized players though, 6'3"+, 330+ DL. I'm 5'10" lol. But those two games of defense apparently helped push me into the game. This is me now (still #40), in all of my fat glory. Now that the season is done, I'm looking forward to doing keto again and maybe competing with some of the exercise times you guys have been posting on Strava, and dropping out of OL weight. Our MLB just retired and is going to be our DC going forward, so I'm hoping to take his spot if I come back for another season. Playing DE at All Star game, I ended up hitting the QB right as he threw and it forced a wild pass that fell incomplete. Playing LT at the All Star game. Someone told me to go in at fullback but when I got into the huddle they didn't have a LT lol, lucky me. We ran a swing pass to the RB on this play. The North team didn't have a ton of players, so we lent them a RB and WR, and we ended up winning 40-8, but all 8 of their points were scored by the players we lent them. Looking forward to sharing some non-fat llamas pics in the future lol.
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    Hanzo Genji - Contributor Listen, First I want to point out that I love WVU football as much as anyone in the world, but I think the athletic department needs to seriously consider this to be a make-or-break year for coach smackemz and the football staff. I understand, it sounds a little outlandish at first but if take a step back and look at the whole situation and I promise a good portion of you will agree with my statement. Initially, coach came in and turned the program around winning 18 games during his 1st 2 seasons, including a blow-out win in the 2020 conference championship game. The highs were great as Mohammed Foster won the school's 1st Heisman trophy, J.C. Weldon and Hudson Adam picked up All-American births, and we made the 2020 CFBHC playoffs. The highs quickly eroded as the program struggled to an unacceptable 2-10 record during the 2021 season where I'm pretty sure I could have performed better as a quarterback than what was being put on the field. At the time the regression was understandable with the early departure of MoFo and Weldon plus the graduation of Adam, Dupree, and others from the 2020 team. Recruiting was great that year and the optimism was high in the program. Fast forward to 2022 and the team turned it around and pulled an upset over Oklahoma State to get to 6 wins for the year and a birth in the Texas bowl where they would lose again to LSU. At the time, like everyone else, I was pretty excited about the direction of the program. We had outperformed the Chicago Tribune's projections and got into a bowl early, but now as I look back the team's performance in its 6 losses by 4 or less is really concerning to me. The team lacks discipline and drive when the games get close and I think that 100% comes down to poor coaching by smackemz and the staff. Now here we are in 2023 and the team looks as clueless as ever in these close games. This was the year the team was supposed to take a leap and get back into the upper portion of the Big XII and the start of the year has frankly been unacceptable. The offense and production from Martin Lake has been uninspiring, the defense plays great for 97% of the game and then gives up huge scoring plays that frankly comes down to poor preparation from the staff. Take this for example. WVU lead UVA 14-6 going into the half of the Week 2 game in Charlottesville. Our brilliant coach made 0 adjustments and we came out and could only muster 6 points total in the 2nd half, while giving up big play after big play to the Cavaliers. The end result is another close loss in a mountain of close losses that define the smackemz era. Combine that performance with the killer pick 6 that Martin Lake threw in the opener against VT that cost us the game and you have a trend of a team that kills itself when the bright lights are on. Remember the 18 wins in the first 2 years. Smackemz has only won 8 of the past 27 games since that playoff birth in 2020. That's shouldn't be acceptable regardless of how deep the talent void was coming off of that season. The fact of the matter is there are hot up and coming coaches like @GigemAgs at Hawaii or @mahrowkeen at UTSA at these G5 programs who could come in and elevate this program to the next level. Maybe all these close losses indicate a coach who is elevating a lesser team to higher standards, but its starting to look like a coach who can't win the games necessary. Losing games affects recruiting, which hurts the product on the field, it's a killer cycle and if this season doesn't turn around quickly I think the athletic department needs to make a move. The people of West Virginia deserve better, the University deserves better, and we as fans deserve better than a middling uninspiring coach and program.
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    BOFA ACC Week 2 Stock Up Stock Down

    Week 2 Stock Up/Stock Down Here at BOFA ACC, we want to have a Stock Up/Stock Down each week. So here is the Week 2 Stock Up Stock Down. Here is how it will work. After each week there will be four categories for judgement. Whether a team or players stock is going up moving to the next week, whether it is going down, whether it is holding steady, or whether it is simply unclear. Momentum will play a factor in it, conference and national context will matter, and the results of games other than ones a team or player played in will be taken into account for this. As the schedule goes on, less teams will likely be in the Unclear and Holding Steady category. When the conference schedule starts, results by other teams will start to impact teams not involved. Whether in the conference race or in the national landscape. But for now, BOFA ACC presents: Week 2 of Stock Up/Stock Down. Stock Up Duke Blue Devils - Duke scheduled some heavy weights non conference this year. Alabama was a good test for a Duke team that is looking to play in their third consecutive ACC Championship game. It was an ugly win for the Blue Devils, who escaped mostly because of a poor special teams performance by Constantine Hamlin. Still, a win is a win and Duke fans will be happy about that. The pros, the defense and special teams for Duke played well. The big question mark to look forward to going forward is the efficiency of the offense. They didn’t necessarily play badly, but Bryce Thompson fumbled and getting the ball into the end zone proved difficult with Duke relying on a couple short field goal makes to win this game. Virginia - I think Virginia is the third best team in the ACC. They didn’t do anything to disprove this in three point win against West Virginia. Mike Lucas didn’t play a good game, but pulling out this tough win is a good sign for the Cavs. Virginia seems like a team that will win the games they should win, but may not win games they aren’t supposed to. This isn’t a season altering or defining win for the program, but it helps their chances to continue for me to consider them the biggest challenger to Duke’s attempt to win the ACC Coastal. Pittsburgh - The Panthers took care of business in a non conference battle with Temple. Pittsburgh started out fast and pretty much ended the game before half time was over. Pittsburgh has an inexperienced, but talented roster and they will ride the steady hand of Quarterback Messiah Winston this season. Pittsburgh has a tough trio of games coming up, but bowl eligibility still looks like a strong possibility for this team. If Winston can continue to be a versatile threat for the Panthers, Pitt could be a factor in the ACC Coastal race as well. Right now, they are probably the fourth best team in the division, but the gap between two and four isn’t very large. Clemson's defense and Demarion Moore - A two parter here. Clemson was never in danger of losing this game. A lot of teams would have just gone out, done their jobs, and moved on to the next week. The defense of Clemson and running back Demarion Moore put an exclamation mark on an otherwise unremarkable game. Starting with the defense. They held Northern Illinois to seven rushing yards, and recorded five interceptions. Led by Darius Banjo, who had two interceptions and took one to the house, the defense of Clemson was suffocating. It’s no surprise that they outmatched Northern Illinois passing attack, but the degree they did it was frankly amazing and should scare any team that comes across their way. The other star for Clemson in this game was Demarion Moore, the freshman running back who has put together two outstanding games to begin his college career. Yes, the opponent was sub par, but a freshman putting up 218 yards on nearly ten yards a carry and four touchdowns in his second career game is enough to land Moore on this list a second straight week. Moore showed his breakaway speed with a 57 yard touchdown run as he and the Clemson offense stayed marching. ACC - After an up and down week for the ACC, the conference went out and had a good week. No team got upset this week, and a few teams gutted out some tough wins. It’s unlikely that the conference will produce more than two ten win teams, but winning early in the non conference schedule helps out with getting more teams bowl eligible. The ACC is among the worst of the Power Five conferences, but the top two teams have the talent to be among the nation’s best, the next tier features a bunch of young teams who will continue to play and grow together. Boston College - The Eagles had a bounce back performance in week two after a week zero dud. Their game against South Carolina was actually tied going into the fourth quarter, until Boston College scored two touchdowns in the final frame to win the game. The defense feasted against Gamecock Quarterback Aiden Peters, and pitched a shutout in the second half which gave the offense time to win the game. Nothing has changed for Boston College in terms of potential bowl eligibility, but Boston College should be looking for momentum against a less talented Old Dominion team before they kick off their ACC schedule against Clemson. Boston College faces a favorable ACC schedule going forward, and the positives coming from this win should erase some of the bad taste that was likely in the mouths of Eagles fans going into the game. Stock Down Trevor McKinney VT - Sometimes after the highest highs, the lowest lows will come in. That was shown in a big way for McKinney in his matchup with Lukas Dykes of the Oklahoma Sooners in week 2. No way to put this lightly. McKinney got lit up. Oklahoma had a pretty big talent advantage on Virginia Tech's defense, but it became even bigger when the star and Preseason All BOFA McKinney failed to hold his own against Dykes. Dykes had 8 catches for 128 yards matching up against McKinney, with a touchdown reception to his Holding Steady Syracuse - The Orange maintain their holding steady spot after week 2. This week, they ended on the plus side of the scoreboard with a win against Army. Though early in the season, this represented a must win game for Syracuse, as their schedule gets rough in the next few weeks. They feel like an underdog to make a bowl, but without this win it would be pretty much impossible for them to make it. Outside of running back Gabe Ramsey, the offense struggled. The defense however, led by Javari McGhee-Key (a name that just rolls off the tongue), played a second strong game to open the season. If the offense wakes up, they may be able to pull off that extra win they need to get bowl eligible. Georgia Tech - Honestly, after next week it will be hard to put Georgia Tech at this spot. They were unclear last week, mostly because it was hard to fault them for struggling in a new offense and with a new coach after week one. They played well against Arkansas. Arkansas is not great, but they have some decent talent spread across the roster. The Yellow Jackets are probably closer to a stock up than a stock down this week, because they did improve from week 1. They won’t surprise people by winning a ton of games this year, and they really can’t disappoint. Their stock will be more determined by how the young talent plays, versus the results of the game, with the exception of most likely the UNC game and the NIU game. NC State - Nothing that NC State has done so far should be particularly exciting for the fans, except that they have started out 2-0. That’s about where I predicted that the Wolfpack would be through two games, and holding steady on their current win projections is a good sign. Next week they face off against a Louisville team that is better than the Wyoming team they handled, which is a matchup that could turn NC State into a surprise bowl contender. NC State has done nothing so far that makes them more likely to make a bowl this year, but they have put themselves in a position where they could potentially steal a bowl spot. Unclear Louisville - The Cardinals beat North Texas by four points. North Texas isn’t a great team, so some red flags should come up from this performance. Louisville needed a fourth quarter touchdown to win this game, and their performance in the run game on both sides of the ball was troubling. Louisville needs to find a way to get more balanced on offense, as Nick Carr dropped back a shocking 55 times and only completed 28 passes. The good news for Louisville is that they won. The bad news is in how they did it, and the fact that a win against North Texas shouldn’t be the only good news. When they play NC State next week they will have to be better or they could start seeing hopes for a bowl appearance start to shrivel up.
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    Austin, TX The Longhorns first game is in the books and we have all of the takes and analysis right here for you. Matchup: @ UTSA (0-1) (Loss to Hawaii 37-21) The Longhorns started the season on the road in San Antonio. This was a rematch from a year ago when the Longhorns won in a Double OT thriller (a game made because Coach Ape allegedly said he would “dad dick” the Roadrunners). The bad blood and rivalry grew even further in JuCo Recruiting when both programs went after Sam Milner heavily, with his eventual landing spot being Austin. Only 80 miles separates the Alamodome and Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium. Our point is this has quickly developed into a legitimate rivalry since Coach Ape and Coach @mahrowkeen have taken over the two programs. The Roadrunners came into the season with a lot of hype around the program and their rising status in C-USA. Coach Mahrowkeen is a fearless OOC scheduler and didn’t do himself any favors opening the season with the top 25 ranked Hawaii. The Rainbow Warriors were able to stop the Roadrunners at a neutral site, making incumbent QB Justin Radford look inefficient (17/27) but he was still able to throw 3 TD passes. The game was a little closer than it looked. If UTSA was able to stop the return TD they gave up we could potentially be talking about a different end result. Even after a loss both Stormstopper and Jumbo ranked the Roadrunners as the favorite before the matchup with Texas (-8 and -7.5 respectively) Game Recap After some light smacktalk before the game and some long stares during the coinflip the Longhorns and Roadrunners played an even first quarter, ending the first frame tied at 7-7. After the first is when the Longhorns really turned it on. Sam Milner led the Longhorns to 14 points and a lead they wouldn’t let go of again. The Longhorns were able to hold the Roadrunners to just 10 points after the first quarter. And ended the game up 35-17. Individual Highlights Lets start with the performance that has the whole nation abuzz Sam Milner 24/30 339 yards 4 TD 5 Rushes 25 Yards Sam Milner is a changed man. No one was sure if his performance in the spring game was a sign of this or one of the quality of the defense. People still had a sour taste in their mouths from his tim at TCU early in his career. He was inefficient and eventually was benched for Felix Luck. Without a way back on the field he transferred to Junior College. This is where Milner decided to make a change. He started taking his nutrition more seriously and started to study game film more intensely. He also started to work out with private QB coaches to help with his accuracy and reads. All of this led to this moment. While its just a game, its a validation of all his hard work on his way back to a P5 program, and now there is buzz about a potential Heisman award. We at LHN arent going that far yet but will say that Milner has now proven that he’s ready for the spotlight again Freshmen showing up. Dontae Alford 19 Rushes 74 yards 1TD Shaq Dixon 228 APY (9 Catches 152 Yards 2 TDs, 76 Return Yards) Natrone Benjamin 4 Catches 72 yards 1 TD Coach Ape has said that he wouldn’t push his young guns to play too quickly but this trio of true freshman showed up this week in a big way. Lets start with Alford. He has the hardest job of replacing Simeon Wells production at the running back spot. He did admirably in his first game finding pay dirt once and averaging 3.89 YPC. While not spectacular this kind of steady production is exactly what the Longhorns need to pair with Sam Milner (and Benjamin Lockwood in the future). Shaq Dixon caught the attention of the nation with his eye popping performance. Playing out of the slot he had a team high 9 catches and 152 yards, finding the end zone twice. He paired that with 76 return yards. He truly lived up to his OW moniker that he tagged himself with. Shaq’s performance will surely put some more emphasis on himself going forward but for now he will be in the running for FPoTW and last of the trio was Natrone Benjamin. Coach Ape made this young man one of his main targets last year and its paying dividends for him. He was tied for the second most receptions and had the second yards receiving this week. He did have a fumble but didnt lose it and like his fellow true freshmen he found the end zone. The future in Austin is looking bright with these three. DL Questions Answered? There was a lot of questions about the defensive line coming into the season. Jamal Robinson is playing out of position, Zion Gaines needed to start showing up more and Thomas Sanders might be league average (read: not good) at best. All three of these players recorded a sack this week. They were instrumental in shutting down Justin Radford and giving the Longhorns a win. We can’t say for certain that all questions are answered but for now some of the critics of this move have been quieted. Looking Forward Next Weeks Opponent: TCU Milner’s Revenge? We hope so here at LHN. LHN is a production of Ape Media and Natty Club Media.
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    [2023] Around the FCS: Week 2

    Around the FCS: Week 2 Recap A collection of whoopings for you all this week as the FBS beats up on FCS... although when the roles are finally reversed its going to be pretty sweet for us in the FCS (and hella embarrassing for the FBS team that loses) Results Friday Evening (1-1) Eastern Washington 17 - 48 Memphis (1-0) Memphis dispatch the Eagles with ease in this one, leading 35-0 at the half. Even so Samuel Connor turned in an alright performance, it wasn't his best outing by any stretch but when you let him sling the ball 53 times, hes going to put yards up. I think this one is more on the defense, specifically the secondary as the Tigers put up 360 passing yards and 6 touchdowns. Game Leaders Offense TE Jerome Ouellette - 10 receptions, 112 yards, 1 TD QB Cooper Spillman - 33/60, 360 yards, 6 TDs, 1 INT Defense CB Jose Land - 7 tackles, 1 INT ILB Greg Causey - 6 tackles, 1 INT, 1 TD (1-1) North Dakota 17 - 31 Northwestern (1-0) Not bad from the coachless Fighting Hawks, they were actually leading this game until the 4th quarter where strong depth, experience and rotation prevailed causing Northwestern to pick up the win. I wouldn't be happy if I was the Wildcats, nearly got caught out and North Dakota should be proud of their efforts. Game Leaders Offense WR Myles Chambers - 9 receptions, 128 yards, 1 TD RB Makai Denson - 21 carries, 128 yards, 2 TDs Defense OLB Darnell Major - 5 tackles, 1 TFL ILB Griffin Paul - 7 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 PD, 1 FF Saturday Morning (1-1) Delaware 10 - 31 Purdue (2-0) Delaware should be damn proud of their performance against a good FBS side, the scoreline doesn't really reflect the game where the Blue Hens made the Boilermakers sweat for 3 quarters. They looked good last week and they looked good this week, exciting times for Delaware fans. Game Leaders Offense RB Barack Holmes - 20 carries, 102 yards, 1 TD WR Andrew Bond - 9 receptions, 110 yards, 1 TD Defense OLB Roger Odom - 3 tackles, 1 INT DE Landon Crowder - 5 tackles, 2 TFLs, 2.0 sacks (0-2) Florida A&M 3 - 52 Florida (2-0) It's over FAMU, big brother can't hurt you anymore! Not a pretty one here but went as expected, least the Rattlers escaped Gainsville, FL with no injuries and can now turn their attentions to conference play. Statistically the Gators had a huge day with seemingly half the roster being in contention for offensive and defensive game leaders. Game Leaders Offense TE Nick Scott - 4 receptions, 51 yards RB Robert Harden - 23 carries, 184 yards, 3 TDs Defense SS Stephen Barrett - 7 tackles CB Darrelle Dickerson - 2 tackles, 2 INTs Saturday Afternoon (2-0) North Dakota State 31- 20 New Hampshire (1-1) The Wildcats hype came to an abrupt end as Love and Co ran into the well drilled national champion. Perhaps giving Kenneth Love more touches would have changed the outcome but I respect New Hampshire for trying to remain balanced, its a long season and I'm sure Love will see plenty of carries, no point burning him out now. As for the Bison, they looked hot as usual and will be looking to keep building on these performances to keep the number 1 spot in the conference. Game Leaders Offense RB Daniel Taylor - 16 carries, 74 yards, 1 TD RB Kenneth Love - 11 carries, 56 yards, 1 TD Defense CB DeSean Gay - 3 tackles, 1 INT OLB Daniel Dugan - 2 tackles, 1 INT (0-2) Montana 14 - 48 Illinois State (1-0) The Illinois State Redbirds commence their campaign with a solid win, granted it was against Montana (who actually scored points this week, woo!) but they still look scary. It's early doors but I think Devon Wardwell and Frankie Boones are just getting started... look for them to put together these performances every week as they make their push for a national championship. What about the Grizzlies you ask? Yikes. Game Leaders Offense QB Gabriel Gage - 18/34, 192 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTs QB Devon Wardwell - 25/35, 308 yards, 3 TDs Defense DE Barry Russell - 4 tackles, 1 TFL, 1.0 sack FS Todd Werner - 4 tackles, 1 INT Saturday Night (0-1) Youngstown State 23 - 28 UC Davis (1-0) Welcome to the conference Felix Luck. Unfortunately Youngstown State had to be first team to find out just what Luck and the rest of this Aggie attack was all about (spoiler they pass, alot) but I don't imagine they will be the last. Look out FCS and look out last years Player of the Season recipient Samuel Connor there is a new kid of the block. Game Leaders Offense QB Brad McCaffrey - 24/42, 289 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT QB Felix Luck - 28/51, 333 yards, 4 TDs, 1 INT Defense DE Charles Wright - 4 tackles, 1 TFL, 2.0 sacks CB Andrew Jones - 4 tackles, 1 INT (1-1) James Madison 21 - 17 Portland State (0-1) An interesting game in which JMU should've won more comfertably considering the Vikings are a first year team with no head coach but both teams put up almost identical performances with both the offensive and defensive game leaders have very similar nights. The Dukes were more clinical to start the game and that was the difference in this one. Game Leaders Offense RB Samuel Jones - 24 carries, 128 yards, 2 TDs RB Rashaad Rivers - 25 carries, 150 yards, 1 TD Defense CB Will King - 2 tackles, 1 INT CB Daevion Small - 2 tackles, 1 INT Byes: Harvard (0-1), South Dakota State (0-1), Northern Iowa (0-1), Yale (0-1) Standings
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    [2023] Week 2 Computer Poll

    BCS COMPUTER POLL Week #2 - 2023 Rank Trend Team Record Points 1 +7 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 1-0 82.78 #1 for the first time! I think we've seen all we need to see. Let's just start the playoffs now.
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    UDReview: The Weekly Blue Hen [Week 2 2023]

    This Weeks Blue Hen is... Running Back Barack Holmes (Barack after his first career TD for UD) At this point everyone has heard of Barack Holmes, the running back who enjoyed immense success in a heavy passing offense at Oklahoma State. After his week 1 performance the whole FCS will be watching him. In week 2 he was still fairly impressive considering the competition. Barack is one of a select few UD players that has a chance to go to the NFL after his time with the Blue Hens is over. Holmes said of his time at OSU, " I loved coach @Kremit he gave me a great home at OSU and I thank him for allowing me to do all that I did there, however, I felt like the best option for me and my future career was to move on. Coach Osu told me that I could be one of the greatest players on one of the best teams in the FCS." Coach Osu spoke very highly of Holmes,"From the first day of practice I could tell that Barack was gonna be a special player for us. Not only is he a great player physically, but he has some of those mental attributes that you can only learn by being a redshirt senior." Holmes found himself as a captain after being at camp for just a few weeks. Many of his fellow teammates called him a natural leader. Barack continues the trend of great running backs at the University of Delaware. Going all the way back to the wing-t days great runners have always come thru UD. This is also the second straight year a transfer player has come in and immediately started. Last year Kaden Gilmore came in a and made a pretty big impact early. Holmes is a whole different breed in comparison to Gilmore. Barack has shown already that he has the skill to do big things this year. The game plans so far have been very Cameron Whaley esc. but will probably end up being a little more Balanced to get some of those receivers involved. Regardless of how the game plan changes it can pretty much be guaranteed that Barack Holmes will be a big part of it.
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    Anyone named this can't be trusted.
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    Sam Milner is a changed man. And what a debut for ATH Shaq Dixon 5-11 177 Fr Woodsboro (Woodsboro TX) 2.5 of 4.0 [Speed]. 9 rec, 152 yds, 2 TD for a slot WR. Must be nice to know what position he is after only one game while TCU is still trying to figure out what Griffin McHanna is in his senior season.
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    BCS Computer Poll

    [2023] Week 2 Computer Poll

    table { width: 100%; border-spacing: 0; } table td { padding: 3px; } tr { background-color: #FFF; } tr:nth-child(even){ background-color: #EAEAEA; } table.boxscore tr { background-color: #fff; } table.boxscore td { font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 90%; text-align: center; border: 1px solid #D3D3D3; border-right: 0px; border-top: 0px; } table.boxscore td:first-of-type { border-left: 0px; } table.boxscore tr:first-of-type td, table.boxscore tr:last-of-type td { border-bottom: 0px; } table.compare td { font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 80%; text-align: center; } table td.block { height: 35px; text-align: center; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 100%; background-color: #00004c; color: #fff; font-weight: bold; } table td.teamspecific { width: 49%; min-width: 400px; display:inline-block; } table td.teamspecific td.stat{ text-align: left; } table td.teamspecific td.name{ text-align: left; } table td.teamspecific td.stat.name{ width: 11%; background-color: #BBB; font-weight:bold; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 80%; } table td.teamspecific td.label { width: 35%; background-color: #BBB; font-weight: bold; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 80%; text-align: left; } @media (max-width: 840px) { table td.teamspecific{ width: 100%; } } BCS COMPUTER POLL Week #2 - 2023 Rank Trend Team Record Points 1 +7 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 1-0 82.78 2 +4 Oklahoma State Cowboys 2-0 78.86 3 - Tennessee Volunteers 1-0 76.58 4 +22 Oklahoma Sooners 2-0 76.34 5 +18 Southern Cal Trojans 2-0 74.81 6 -5 Oregon Ducks 1-0 74.38 7 +2 Ohio Bobcats 1-0 74.05 8 +34 Iowa Hawkeyes 2-0 72.62 9 +2 Purdue Boilermakers 2-0 72.25 10 +9 Colorado State Rams 1-0 72.17 11 -9 Texas Tech Red Raiders 2-0 69.75 12 +6 Rice Owls 2-0 68.02 13 +33 Indiana Hoosiers 2-0 66.33 14 -7 Florida Gators 2-0 65.92 15 +6 Mississippi State Bulldogs 2-0 65.52 16 -1 Toledo Rockets 2-0 64.50 17 -3 Ohio State Buckeyes 2-0 64.42 18 -14 Texas A&M Aggies 1-0 59.87 19 +84 Michigan Wolverines 1-1 59.02 20 +27 Virginia Cavaliers 2-0 58.91 21 -4 Boise State Broncos 1-1 57.41 22 +32 LSU Tigers 1-0 57.32 23 -13 Georgia Bulldogs 1-0 57.05 24 -12 FAU Owls 1-0 56.81 25 -12 TCU Horned Frogs 1-0 56.70 Dropped from Rankings #20 Auburn, #16 Virginia Tech, #22 Western Michigan, #5 Central Florida, #25 Clemson, #24 Hawaii Receiving Votes - Friendly reminder that this doesn't start to make sense until about Week 5.
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    Saturday Night Baylor (1-0) at Boise State (1-0) (+6) Both Baylor and Boise State opened their season with impressive wins on the road. Now, it's time to prove that if they can do it once, they can do it again. The Bears left no doubt against Houston, taking a 17-0 lead after the first quarter and rolling to a 41-20 victory. Boise State's win over Kansas was tighter, but they held off a late rally and held the Jayhawks to just 16 points for the day. Javorius McNeil made his presence felt from the right outside linebacker spot, sacking Christian Graham once and intercepting him another time. He's a problem, and left tackle Joshua Hyde will have his hands full dealing with him. Outside linebacker Aboubacar Chester and defensive ends Elijah Aponte (who also had a sack against Kansas) and Jon Snell add to Boise State's ability to rush from the edge where Baylor's offensive line is at its weakest and where Miles Street most likes to run. Boise's defensive front is not as strong in the interior where freshman Andrew Wheatley anchors the Baylor line flanked by a couple of guards who are going to get pro looks in a year or two. It'll be interesting to see how Baylor handles that on the ground: will they go up the middle where Street's speed is less useful or continue to try to get Street out wide into space and bet on him still being an advantage? He looked reinvented in the first game of his junior year, popping off for 128 yards and 2 touchdowns on 25 carries. If that's a permanent improvement, watch out. And even if it's not, Caleb Olmsted looked much-improved and demonstrated great chemistry with Maleek Abioye-Afua. He threw for 241 yards on 19-of-26 passing with two touchdowns through the air and a third on the ground, and his #1 receiver had 7 of those catches for 105 yards and a score. As long as the line can keep the heat off of him (or as long as he can use his feet to evade pressure), he can pick on a Boise State secondary that is Malachi Coles and not much else. On defense, I really like what Baylor brings to the table in this matchup. Boise State may look to run it more than the 19 times they carried against Kansas (for 104 yards and a touchdown, all by CeeCee Henderson), but their blocking could use some major work as true freshman Naiquon Crosby found his way into the backfield far too often for the Broncos' liking. Baylor is not a good team to practice blocking against. Zachary McHale is a monster, as he demonstrated with 6 tackles (1 for loss), a sack, a pass breakup, and an interception against Houston. Defensive ends Samuel McGee and Alexander Talbert combined for Baylor's other sack. They held Cooper Christianson to 26 yards on 14 carries, and harried Omar Workman into 19-of-38 passing for 207 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. In the defensive backfield, redshirt freshman Raekwon Sewell had his first career pick from the dimeback spot--the secondary is even deeper than it looked at first blush. And, of course, Garrett Powers is due to make an impact any day now. As long as they limit Henderson, I don't think Ian Hansen beats them--not even with a couple of very good receivers led by Major Linton. Baylor's defense should have an answer for everything Boise State can do, and Boise does not have an answer for the pass rush or for Caleb Olmsted. I'll lay the points and take Baylor. Baylor 31, Boise State 20 Marshall (1-0) at Texas Tech (1-0) (-28.5) The eighth and final game of the week brings an end to our marathon. This game will feature a matchup between a team that's already matched last season's win total and a team that's already matched last season's passing yardage total. ...Okay, only one of those is actually true. The Thundering Herd went on the road on opening day, taking Bowling Green right down to the wire and coming out with an upset win. It wasn't the prettiest of affairs, but Marshall created opportunities with their defense and took advantage of them. They held A.J. Coyne to 23-of-45 for 240 yards through the air. Although Coyne threw for 2 touchdowns, he threw a pick to Maxwell Cahill and got stripped on an Enrique Mendez sack. Runningback Calvin Alexander had just 43 yards and a touchdown for the Falcons, and he coughed one up on a Shawn Hayes strip that Jermon Watts recovered for Marshall. They made no less than eight havoc plays: 2 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, an interception, a pass breakup, and 2 fumbles forced. Surprisingly, none were created by star linebacker Milo Mize. Those are the type of plays they would need to make against a heavily favored Texas Tech to make this a close game by the time the second half rolls around--let alone to pull an unthinkable upset. But Texas Tech had about as clean of a game as you could ask for in their first effort in a new offense (against a P5 opponent, no less). They kept the ball secure, committed just 30 yards of penalties, and most importantly were efficient through the air and on the ground. Hayden Dyer was dynamic: 142 yards and 3 scores on 21 carries. Grayson Gillette was more productive than any Texas Tech quarterback has been in a long time: 231 yards and 2 touchdowns on 19-of-33 passing. Gillette's who I'm more focused on in this one. Marshall's defensive front has a few solid pieces--Mize, Mendez, and Hayes chief among them--but their secondary is not going to keep up with these Red Raider receivers. Gillette will have plenty of time in the pocket to pick it apart. Big XII all-time sack leader Curtis Jones and company will not afford the same courtesy to Marshall. The Herd made plenty of mistakes on offense: Francesco Griffiths wasn't any better than Coyne (23-of-40 for 235 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT), and they got lucky to avoid a third turnover when Danny Suggs's fumble rolled out of bounds. Griffin Ames was effective on limited duty with 86 yards and 2 scores on 17 carries. That's not likely going to repeat itself against this front. Curtis Jones and Zac Huntley were both very effective against Nebraska from their respective defensive end spots. Maybe fullback Cole Chappell provides some pressure relief. It won't be enough. I also wouldn't expect any effort to throw to bear much fruit given that Texas Tech can make an offense pay at any level of the defense. Marshall doesn't have the receivers to go one-on-one with the Texas Tech corners. Austin Callahan is lurking at the linebacker level; he was a pick machine as a freshman and had a pick-six (and a pass breakup, and a tackle for loss, and 6 total tackles) against Nebraska. Curtis Hunter and Robert Brantley (2 PD against Nebraska) are there to clean things up deep. Texas Tech is the more talented team, and they have the personnel to beat back anything Marshall tries to toss at them. I think they'll take their second straight blowout win. Texas Tech 49, Marshall 14 Byes: Kansas (0-1), #1/#1 TCU (1-0)
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    OLB Derrick Martin Celebrates After Sacking Steelers QB Norris Brooksheer Washington D.C. - Derrick Martin was jettisoned from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, an organization that drafted him in 2015, in a trade with the Washington Redskins in exchange for OLB Nathaniel Jeffries and a 4th round pick. Following the bombshell announcement Martin said, "It is always tough getting traded. I'm one of the fortunate few that has spent my entire career with one organization. My family has put down roots here and I have developed some great friendships with my teammates. I'm sad to see the end of my time as a Buccaneer, but I'm excited to get to D.C. and see what this new chapter holds." It didn't take Martin long to make the most of his new situation, being named a training camp standout by the staff and generating a lot of buzz heading into the season. He notched the highest player grade in both weeks 1 and 2 for the Redskins and 6 tackle, 1 TFL, 2 sack performance in week 2 against the Steelers earned him NFC Defensive Player of the Week honors. 2 weeks into the season Martin ranks #2 in the league in sacks with 3.5 despite playing as a 4-3 OLB. Coach HAFFnHAFF said, "Derrick is the ultimate professional. He came in right away and we asked him to change schemes and he picked it up faster than anyone I've ever coached. He is one of the most intense guys in every practice and is fully bought in and has his sights set on a deep playoff run."
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    Oh c'mon now
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    [2023] Week #2 - Saturday Night

    Great night for the PAC-12!!! Way to go, Hooskies! Streeter gonna be aight, I guess. Riley Sharp looked a little more stable, but raise your hand if you had Quinn Branham as the Trojans’ leading reciever, like, ever. I know it was ULM, but Mike Naylor has to have 11 more games like that. Buffs and Cardinal dominant against lesser programs. Break up the 2-0 Baylor Bears! Just Stop!
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    QB Akiem Williams III 6-3 235 Sr Hutchinson CC (Spring TX) 5.0 of 5.0 [Scrambling] RB Timmy Mark 5-10 191 (Sr) Baker (Mobile AL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Power] FB Sean Denton 5-10 200 Sr North Dakota State College of Science (Wahpeton, ND) 4.5 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] WR Josiah McCray 6-1 199 (Jr) LaSalle (Olla LA) 5.0 of 5.0 [Target]ATH Marquise Reed 6-1 173 Jr St. Stephen's (Austin, TX) 5.0 of 5.0 [Man Coverage] WR Corey Bolden 6-1 188 Jr Pineville (Pineville, LA) 3.5 of 3.5 [Speed] TE Quentin McCullough 6-7 240 Jr Christ Church Episcopal (SC) 4.5 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] OT Carlos Gothard 6-8 290 (Sr) Abbeville (Abbeville SC) 5.0 of 5.0 [Run Blocking] OG John Tripucka 6-3 308 (Sr) Liberty (Liberty SC) 5.0 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] C Byron Alexander 6-3 299 Jr Rock Hill (Rock Hill SC) 4.5 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] OG Nicholas Quick 6-6 260 Jr Pineville (Pineville, LA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] OT Maxwell Carmichael 6-7 264 Sr Georgia Military (Milledgeville, GA) 4.5 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] DE Glenn Thorpe 6-0 271 (Sr) St. Thomas Aquinas (FL) 5.0 of 5.0 [Contain] DT Kris Lewis 6-3 274 Sr Lancaster (Lancaster SC) 4.5 of 4.5 [Pass Stop] DT Marcus Brown 6-5 331 (Jr) Hebron Christian (Pheba MS) 4.5 of 4.5 [2-Gap] DE Alex Fulcher 6-2 268 Sr Itawamba Agriculture (Fulton MS) 4.5 of 4.5 [Run Stop] OLB Jamir Sample 6-2 231 Jr Lakeland (Lakeland FL) 4.5 of 4.5 [Run Man-to-Man] ILB Steve Pointer 6-0 229 Sr Lake City (Lake City SC) 5.0 of 5.0 [Run Zone] ILB Barty Tillman 6-2 222 (Sr) Baptist Hill (Hollywood SC) 4.5 of 4.5 [Run Zone] OLB Jeffrey Yeager 6-1 251 (Jr) Sebastian River (Sebastian, FL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Blitz] ATH Marquise Reed 6-1 173 Jr St. Stephen's (Austin, TX) 5.0 of 5.0 [Man Coverage] CB Nate Tensi 6-0 196 Sr Greer (Greer SC) 5.0 of 5.0 [Man Coverage] CB Malachi Douglas 6-1 184 (Sr) Southside (Gadsden) (Southside AL) 5.0 of 5.0 [Zone Coverage] FS Marquise Holliday 6-1 198 Jr Cook (Adel, GA) 5.0 of 5.0 [Zone Coverage] SS Samir Ware 5-11 200 Sr Pearl River CC (Poplarville, MS) 4.5 of 4.5 [Man Coverage] K Greg Duper 6-0 171 Jr Lower Richland (Hopkins SC) 4.5 of 4.5 [Power] P Matteo Doran 5-7 187 Sr Taylor County (Butler, GA) 4.5 of 4.5 [Power]
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    Oh thank God. I agree with @SolutionA that it is just Montana, but that won't stop me from being ridiculously hyped for the rest of the season. The only thing we need to work on is our O-Line. 3.2 rating and a sack given up? Unacceptable (/s, kinda)
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    Nittany Boiler

    Sun Belt Week 2 Quickie

    Sun Belt Conference goes 3-5 in Week 2. Georgia Southern, Georgia State and Arkansas State with wins. Louisiana - Monroe, Troy, South Alabama, Coastal Carolina and Texas State with losses.
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    The Pitt Panthers have started their season on a good note with a convincing victory against cross state rival Temple. The 31-14 game was one of RS JR Messiah Winston's best performances of his career, with 245 passing yards and 2 passing TD's combined with an additional 89 rushing yards and a TD on the ground. His main targets in the game, Atamu Tatupu and Kareem Jackson, both were excited to get out on the field and are looking to be a deadly one two combo for any CB's the Panthers will face. (Atamu Tatupu after making his first TD catch as a Panther) Christian Cowart and Dominique Baptiste both pulled in interceptions and after the game Baptiste commented that Cowart was an honorary member of the Sniper Gang, the self given nickname of the Pitt secondary, as they had a bet that if Cowart got an interception in the first game of the year he would be in. This is a large change from the disorganized Panthers of the Spring, who could not even get a spring game together. Coach Liberator apologized to the fans for this before the season started. Saying "Somehow we got the 'Pitt Panther' instead of 'Pitt Panthers' on the form for the field, some student showed up with a panther at the field and none of us wanted to go out to get the darn thing off the field. The fans kind of enjoyed it until it tried to eat the band director, then everyone got scared and left. By the time we got on the field and warmed up it was already 10PM and we couldn't get the next weekend scheduled because there was a country concert." Coach Liberator said that next year there won't be any screw ups like this again. The main disappointment of the lack of a spring game was that freshman QB Joey Wolfe was not able to show off in front of the fans. Coach Liberator commented "We are red shirting him this year if we are able, but if Messiah goes down at all he will likely be in the game. We aren't hesitant to burn the redshirt in order to be as competitive as we can be right now." That's all for this month's Panther round up, good luck to the Panthers next week as they take on rival Penn State to try to become the Champions of the Commonwealth!
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    [2023] Week #2 - Saturday Night

    Sic'em GG @Azul
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    BOFA ACC Week 2 Stock Up Stock Down

    Eat shit emoji battle. You're all idiots. I have no problem with VT Stock Down, obviously. I do have a problem with giving UVA the "3rd best in the conference" because they accomplished the same thing VT did the week before. And VT did it with a larger margin of victory. If teams just go up and down based on the recency of winning, then I question what we're trying to accomplish with the series....a weekly summary would be better suited. I also think the reality is that the third spot doesn't matter much because we're all about to get stomped by Duke and Clemson.
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    9/14 - #21 Iowa State vs #20 Iowa (?) 11/23 - #21 Iowa State vs Kansas (?) December - Iowa State Bowl Game (?) If we get tickets to any of these games through my Dad's work, I’ll be attending. @imerman @DarthJarJar Looks like we might be at some games together!
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    [2023] Week #2 - Saturday Evening

    Arizona State spookiest 0-2 team in the nation. Q U A L I T Y L O S S E S U A L I T Y L O S S E S (also I see you Pitt)
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    [2023] Week #2 - Saturday Evening

    I'm ready to start playing some AAC teams... this QB will be the death of me.
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    @stinsy early candidate for GM of the year.
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    Saturday Evening West Virginia (0-1) at East Virginia (1-0) (-9) Evening begins with one objective in the nation's most exciting conference: conquer the Commonwealth. West Virginia continues the tradition of playing East Virginia every odd-numbered year (except for 2013), and they've won all four bouts so far. In order to make it five, they'll need to pierce an East Virginia defense that ranked 3rd in points per game last season and shut out South Alabama in their opener last week. This remains a very good defense, but after some serious attrition it's also become a very young defense. Gone is Ashton Evans and his 9 interceptions. Gone are defensive ends Steven Proctor and Samuelu Lealofi and their combined 11 sacks and 7 tackles for loss. In fact, gone are 7 of the 11 players who made a statsheet on defense last season. But remaining is Soldier Brooks, and that's a pretty big deal. He had 61 tackles (6 for loss), 2 pass breakups, and 3 forced fumbles last season. In front of him are a pair of very talented freshman defensive linemen: defensive end Jamir Woodson and nose tackle Kareem Gaston each had a sack and a tackle for loss against South Alabama. (Woodson also stripped South Alabama quarterback Carter Hill.) On either sideline is a talented cornerback, as both Jaylin Fulton and Bucky Drake had an interception last week. That's a few potential pitfalls, but careful planning can make most of them a manageable issue. East Virginia starts freshmen at both outside linebacker positions, sophomores at the other defensive end spot and at will linebacker, and neither safety inspires much confidence. As long as the West Virginia offensive line holds up, you have to like Martin Lake-to-Corey Easley against this secondary. That was also the case week 0 against East Virginia Tech, though, until Trevor McKinney decided otherwise. The Cavaliers don't have a defensive back of his caliber, but Soldier Brooks can take over a game too. So if West Virginia can run the ball even with Soldier Brooks lurking, then their offense is going to get whatever it wants. If they can't, it's going to be on its heels. If they split the difference, West Virginia's defense is no slouch either. They did have a bit of an explosiveness problem, giving up a 41-yard carry to Victor Ross and a long touchdown catch to Brandon McGowan. East Virginia's an offense with playmakers. Mike Lucas was a 62.8% passer last year with 3209 yards, 25 touchdowns, and 8 interceptions, and the trio of Jude McCain, Damian Hector, and tight end DeAndre Streeter give him three very big targets with good hands. (I do mean very big; they're all 6-4 or 6-5.) They also have newly minted starter Robert Green, who had 121 yards, a touchdown, and a 44-yard scamper against South Alabama. He's got afterburners. I'm just not confident East Virginia can block for him because 2 sacks and 2 tackles for loss allowed against South Alabama isn't a good look--but if they can, this offense's explosiveness is worrisome. Worrisome enough for me to pick the Cavs. East Virginia 31, West Virginia 21 East Virginia Tech (1-0) at #3/#2 Oklahoma (1-0) (-20.5) After putting a hurting on in-state foe Tulsa, Oklahoma heads home to open their season against an East Virginia Tech team that edged West Virginia back in week 0. This may well be a trade convention for pass defense as well, as Trevor McKinney takes on Elijah Williams in perhaps the greatest meeting of cornerback talent since the last time Keyshawn Thompson practiced alone. Both of these teams proved capable of running the ball. Victor Ross put up 102 yards and a score on 22 carries for the Hokies, and Jaiden Douglas finished with 117 yards and two scores on his own 22 attempts. Both also showed a preference to throw it and both looked good but not great through the air. Beckett Morrison completed 60.6% of his passes for 240 yards and 2 touchdowns, but threw a pick to Bronson Stinson. Nick Brohm in his debut was at 59.4% with 204 yards and one touchdown through the air. For the Hokies, Morrison's performance was just enough; for the Sooners, Brohm's performance was basically the cherry on top of a blowout sundae. But this time, even the slightest mistake by either quarterback could turn into six points the other way with McKinney and Williams lurking in the secondary. Each already has a pick-six to their name this year, and Oklahoma also got a scoop-and-score from freshman linebacker Jeremy Small off of a Max Abel strip. That's something to zoom in on: Oklahoma has an experienced, talented, and fearsome defensive front whereas East Virginia Tech's is the opposite. The Hokies didn't give up a ton of big plays to West Virginia, but they also didn't get into the Mountaineer backfield like Oklahoma got into Tulsa's. Five sacks and three tackle for loss are an excellent performance by any defense against any offense, and they held Timothy Lima to 22 yards on 13 carries to boot. (Lima also didn't look good at all against Oklahoma State, so that could be a him problem.) Max Abel can hit the quarterback. So can Jeremiah Melvin. And David Kaiser, Tyler Baughmann, and Lorenzo Croft--that's five different rotational defensive linemen who can crush a backfield. East Virginia Tech's offensive line has good pieces like Max Elmore, but that pressure is going to get to them. That's the biggest difference between these two teams in my view. The biggest point of concern is whether the Oklahoma safeties can handle everything coming deep over the middle to Leolani Pita, Leon Marsh, and slot receiver Brandon McGowan. But East Virginia Tech also has the same issues to contend with against Lucas Dykes, Chase Reardon, Aiden Caldwell, and Tion Sproles, and Nick Brohm will have more time in the pocket to exploit those issues than Beckett Morrison will. I think East Virginia Tech will play Oklahoma tightly, but the Sooners will pull away by the end. #3/#2 Oklahoma 34, East Virginia Tech 20
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    It’s been said that Coach mahrowkeen is still on the sidelines trying to figure out what the hell happened... ”That Milner, he’s so good. He’s so good. He’s so good...”
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    [2023] Week #2 - Saturday Afternoon

    Well OU's trash defense allowed waaaay more points than mine did but I guess he stumbled into more points than me so a deal is a deal. $5 incoming.
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    Last Weeks Top 3 that receive points: @smackemz with 2:52:19 total exercise time. (500 Points!) @grv413 with 2:26:14 total exercise time. (400 Points!) @npklemm with 2:01:05 total exercise time. (300 Points!) Went over 1 hour total exercise time for the week: @inspiral2 (100 Points!) who is Brad A. (100 Points!)
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    Welcome back loyal readers and gambling addicts. @Ape is here for you (even though he now has full time employment) and will dish out his own shit advice. Lets look at FNF results UConn (+21) @ UAB: the meme and legend grow. COACHLESS UConn is 2-0. They went on the road and won outright. Maybe no coach is how they break the curse. 1 W EWU @ Memphis: Not close but Imma just say damn boys run the ball. LT @ Tulane (-5): I knew this would be close but I thought Tulane had enough to win by more than 5. They didnt though. 1 L Army @ Syracuse (-4.5): Cuse looks like they arent going to put up a bunch of points this year, but they have a stingy defense. They covered in this low scoring affair. 2 Ws Cal (-11.5) @ K-State: woah buddy what a great game. Not even mad I got this one wrong because this was the best game of the night. 2Ls North Dakota @ NW: North Dakota played 3/4 of the game perfectly for the upset and lost it in the 4th. MTSU (+2.5) @ Arkansas State: I really didnt know much about either team so heres some facts. MTSU’s QB is Tim Pritchard. The two teams had 88 passes combined. And I lost. 3Ls UTEP @ EMU (+6.5): Tyler Pearson 22 Rushes 195 Yards 2 TDs 84T Long. Enough Said. 3Ws NMSU @ Georgia Southern (-8.5): NMSU put in 3 quarters of good work. They couldnt close it out though. But GASO didnt cover. 4 Ls. Friday Record: 3-4 Overall Record: 41-18-1 Saturday Morning Arizona (0-1) at Cincinnati (1-0) (+8.5) Arizona played a lackluster game against Oklahoma State but I think they are better than that showing. Cincinnati to me is kinda in that mass of teams that I’m not 100% about. 8.5 is one of those tricky lines. Do I think AZ wins? Yes. Do I think they win by 2 scores?.... Cincinnati +8.5 South Carolina (0-1) at Boston College (0-1) (-8) Nice user match of @Hagan v @Dean. BC looked flat game one, they really need to get the ground game going to be successful I think. Gimme SC +8 Northern Illinois (0-0) at Clemson (1-0) (-27) Sorry NIU, MACtion might be Magic but Clemson is going to murder your poor defense. Clemson -27. North Texas (0-0) at Louisville (0-0) (-12) I don’t know much about Louisville but I respect @Broletariat as a coach. UNT isnt up to their level. Give me the Cards. Louisville -12 Wyoming (0-1) at NC State (1-0) (-20.5) Wyoming is one of those teams thats just never gained traction in the sim (sorry to Wyo’s coach who I forgot but know exists). Im going to put my faith in @ImposterCauster. NC State -20.5 Delaware (1-0) at Purdue (1-0) (no line) No line. Love you Barrack Holmes but putting Very Low as the odds of FCS win here Oregon State (1-0) at Central Michigan (0-0) (-14.5) I think Suggs will dominate the Beavers. They have a win but its against NMSU. Give me the Chips and that sweet sweet 5.0 QB. CMU -14.5 UNLV (0-1) at Toledo (1-0) (-20) Coachless UNLV is going to be awful give me Toledo all day. Toledo -20 Florida A&M (0-1) at Florida (1-0) (no line) No line but forecast says no Upset possible.  Saturday Afternoon Tulsa (0-1) at Oklahoma State (1-0) (-18) TULSA GOLDEN HURRICANES...will get destroyed by Okie State. OKSt -18 please Iowa State (1-0) at Iowa (1-0) (E) A true toss up. I dont have a coin in reach so I’ll go with my conference and go Iowa State. ISU Texas (0-0) at UTSA (0-1) (-8) This will be close. Sam Milner pls. Texas +8 Akron (1-0) at Ohio State (1-0) (-24) I’m going to stop taking these big lines one day but I’m also not trying to disrespect Ohio State again. OSU -24 Florida International (0-1) at Illinois (0-0) (-18) I think FIU will be in a fun CUSA East battle later this year but Illinois has been and continues to be well coached and well recruited. Illinois -18 San Diego State (0-1) at Wisconsin (0-1) (+11.5) SDSU will be looking to prove they arent some kind of paper tiger. They will need to win this one and the other 10 on their schedule more than likely. I think @pumph is going to have his boys ready. Call me crazy going against a home dawg. SDSU -11.5 Kent State (0-0) at Missouri (0-0) (-33) Jesus these huge lines are going to kill me but I just dont think Kent State is good enough. Mizzou -33 North Dakota State (1-0) at New Hampshire (1-0) (+26.5) I dont think NDSU is nearly 4 TDs better than NH. Kenny Love lets go. NH +26.5 Montana (0-1) at Illinois State (0-0) (-11) Will Montana get 100 yards? I hope no. ISU -11 Lock it in. Saturday Evening Temple (0-1) at Pittsburgh (0-0) (+3) In- State Rivals. Temple looking to prove the Mississippi State game was a fluke. 3 point line that might push. Going against the Home Dog again (this could get ugly as hell guys not gunna lie). Temple -3 UCF (1-0) at Miami (FL) (0-1) (-6) Miami has to put all this talent together at some point right? 6 points is just enough to pique my interest in UCF but I’ll go with the team I think who is more talented. Miami -6 Navy (1-0) at Rice (1-0) (-4.5) Rice had a close one against South Carolina and had some people turning their head. I think it was just an adjustment game without McLean. This should be a great game but I’m going to roll with the Owls and hope I don’t look a fool. Rice -4.5 Alabama (0-0) vs. Duke (0-0) (-11.5) 11.5 is too much for me. I think BT is great but Roll Tide Roll (with 11.5 points). Bama +11.5 West Virginia (0-1) at Virginia (1-0) (-9) The Virginias fight. Soldier Brooks is a beast but 9 is one of those lines where I get iffy on. Ill take WVU +9 Virginia Tech (1-0) at Oklahoma (1-0) (-20.5) Both of these teams looked good in their first games. I don’t know if OU is 3 TDs better than a very well coached VT team. Gimme VT +20.5 Vanderbilt (1-0) at Michigan (0-1) (-11) I think this should be a low scoring affair. Michigan lost to ND in a big Week 0 game and will have to make some adjustments to win this one. I think they will but wont cover. Vandy +11 LSU (0-0) at Michigan State (0-0) (+8.5) I believe this has bene labeled the game of the week and could have easily been flexed to that Week 0 slot. LSU is a legit top 5 team. MSU has an amazing QB. I’m going with the home dog and hoping for a close one. MSU +8.5 Arizona State (0-1) at Mississippi State (1-0) (-18) I’m not betting against that dude Storm until I get burned by him again. ASU put up a fight against OSU and can do the same here but Storm is so electric and I think he’ll beat the Sun Devils D. Big line but Bulldogs. Mississippi State -18 Saturday Night Baylor (1-0) at Boise State (1-0) (+6) Azul will try to continue his Big 12 revenge tour. Baylor looked better than I thought they would in their first game but I’m going with fellow NCM Member Azul and the smurf turf. Boise +6 Marshall (1-0) at Texas Tech (1-0) (-28.5) Marshall was someone I was really right about in their first game against a really bad opponent. TTU isnt going to play around though. Give me TTU -28.5 Buffalo (0-1) at Stanford (0-1) (-9) I hate -9 lines. I think Stanford will win. Not confident in the cover but fuck it. Stanford -9 New Mexico (0-1) at BYU (1-0) (-12.5) New Mexico got their ass whooped by one Cougar team already this year. I don’t think BYU is as electric or good as Wazzu. Feeling risky gimme NM +12.5 Hawaii (1-0) vs. Washington (0-0) (+6.5) Wow Washington getting almost a TD at home. This is a great matchup. Huge poll booster for whoever wins. Ill take the points though because it will be close I think. Washington +6.5 Louisiana-Monroe (1-0) at Colorado (0-0) (-20) UL-M is a very good Sun Belt Team. Thats been proven to not really matter against P5 teams though. I think Colorado barely covers. Colorado -20 USC (1-0) at Utah (1-0) (+12.5) USC looked shakey in their first game. I think they might get tripped up here. Utah +12.5 Youngstown State (0-0) at UC Davis (0-0) (E) Felix Luck. UC Davis. James Madison (0-1) at Portland State (0-0) (+20) couldn’t pay me to take Portland State right now. JMU -20 Honestly there were a ton of big lines this week and I rolled with a lot of favorites. This could be really good our really bad. Illinois State -11 is my surest bet. No way Montana even gets close. I like South Carolina +8 also. This week I’m more pessimistic about than last. The lines are harder to make a firm call on (nice job @stormstopper) Happy betting everyone. All betting advice is only of @Ape and Ape Media (a subsidiary of Natty Club Media) can’t be held responsible for loss of points due to following his opinions. If you have a problem gambling please call 1-800-GAMBLER
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    [2023] Week #2 - FNF

    Yikes, rough slate for the C-USA. We went 0-4 against other G5 teams with every loss being a one-score game. On the bright side, finally got to see this guy on MTSU: SS Jaylin Glenn 5-10 199 (Jr) Cloudland (Roan Mountain TN) 4.5 of 5.0 [Zone Coverage]. He was played as a nickel CB his FR year and he was the #1 CB his SO year. Never made a statsheet, I think. MTSU just got a coach and doesn't have a depth chart yet so I'm assuming the AI put him at SS where he belongs. 7 tackles, 1 INT, 1 PD, 1 FF in his first game at SS, good start.
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    Welcome back loyal NCM/Ape Media readers to the Week 2 Picks Against The Spread Review. @Ape was sitting at an Overall Record of 41-18-1 before the Saturday slate of games. Let's see how he fared for the weekend games. Saturday Morning (Omitting 2 FCS v FBS Games) Cincinnati (+8.5): Arizona came to town and was able to pull off a double digit victory over Cincy behind a strong game by Christian Noonan. 1 L South Carolina (+8): JM Gill was able to go off on the Gamecocks and they weren't able to effectively move the ball through the air. 2 L Clemson (-27): Clemson covered and more. This offense is very scary. 1W Louisville (-12): Louisville won but didnt cover. @Qupax made it a really close game. Coming within a TD. 3 L NC State (-20.5): Wolfpack won big, but not big enough to cover. 4L Central Michigan (-14.5): CMU lost outright. oooof 5 L Toledo (-20): Toledo made UNLV look silly. 2 W Saturday Afternoon Oklahoma State (-18): Killer B's won by 32 and murdered the GOLDEN HURRICANES. 3 W Iowa State (E): Iowa was able to pull off a 3 point win in this rivalry game. 6 L Texas (+8): Longhorns demolished expectations and won big over UTSA outright. 4 W Ohio State (-24): Game was basically over by half. but Bucky didn't stop scoring. 5 W Illinois (-18): Jordan Harrison had a strong opening game and the Illini won big. 6 W San Diego State (-11.5): SDSU won (and Wisconsin went to 0-2 oof) but didn't cover. 7 L Missouri (-33): Somehow Mizzou covered a 33 point line. 7 W New Hampshire (+26.5): @TheSam put up a good fight and the Wildcats and the points was the right move. 8 W Illinois State (-11): Somehow Montana scored 14 points but they gave up 48 to ISU. Love it. 9 W Saturday Evening Temple (-3): Pitt laid the wood on Temple. Eli Siegel looks kinda lost out there. 8 L Miami (-6): Miami was able to put together a win over UCF but did not cover and people will still be questioning this team. 9 L Rice (-4.5): Rice looked to get a little steadier and put together a 10 point win. 10 W Alabama (+11.5): This was a really close game and Bama plus the points was an e-z bet. 11 W West Virginia (+9): WVO moved to 0-2 but they played UVA super close (3 points). 12 W Virginia Tech (+20.5): Don't know if this game was more of a statement on OU or VT but OU blew out the Hokies. 10 L Vanderbilt (+11): Another close game with a biggish line. I'll take the wins where I can. 13 W Michigan State (+8.5): Isaac Tyson looked good but Sparty wasn't able to keep it within 8.5. 11 L Mississippi State (-18): Storm Whittaker looked human and the bulldogs didn't cover. 12 L Saturday Night Boise State (+6): The revenge tour lasted for a week. Baylor won by 2 TDs. 13 L Texas Tech (-28.5): There were only 26 TOTAL points scored in this game. 14 L Stanford (-9): Stanford won by 2 TDs so that awkward -9 line didn't bite me. 14 W New Mexico (+12.5): was feeling risky and got bit by it. oops. 15 L Washington (+6.5): Washington won outright and should move up in the polls a nice amount. 15 W Colorado (-20): Colorado won huge at home thanks Buffs. 16 W Utah (+12.5): Finn letting me down. Utes couldn't get in the end zone. 16 L UC Davis (E): FELIX LUCK (throws a lot but won the game). 17 W JMU (-20): JMU won but this game was way closer than expected. 17 L Saturday Record: 17-17-0 Overall Record: 58 - 35- 1 Well this weekend was a very hit or miss one. My overall record still floats above .500 though so I'll take it. We will be back when Week 3 lines are released. All betting advice is only of @Ape and Ape Media (a subsidiary of Natty Club Media) can’t be held responsible for loss of points due to following his opinions. If you have a problem gambling please call 1-800-GAMBLER
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    [2023] Week 2 Computer Poll

  38. 2 points

    [2023] Week 2 Computer Poll

    +6 for Rice, they must've beat a pretty good team
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    In the "Weekly Stats Standouts" series, we're going to look each week, at the top performers, both players and teams, in each category. PLAYERS Passing Yards Rank Player College Yards Opponent 1 Eugene Salas 350 Passing TDs Rank Player College TDs Opponent 1 Eugene Salas 4 Rating Rank Player College Rating Opponent 1 Eugene Salas 141.20 Rushing Yards Rank Player College Yards Opponent 1 Justin James 118 Rushing TDs Rank Player College TDs Opponent 1 Justin James 2 Catches Rank Player College Catches Opponent 1 Troy Buckley 10 Receiving Yards Rank Player College Yards Opponent 1 Troy Buckley 107 Receiving TDs Rank Player College TDs Opponent 1 Karl Craig 1 Tackles Rank Player College Tackles Opponent 1 Reece Matthews 8 Tackles for Loss Rank Player College TFLs Opponent 1 Russell Nadeau 3 Sacks Rank Player College Sacks Opponent 1 Nijrell Reed 1 TEAMS Punting Rank Team College Punting Opponent 1 Coastal Carolina 46.5 O.L Rating Rank Team College O.L Opponent 1 Texas State 3.3 Most Offensive Yards Rank Team College Yards Opponent 1 Georgia State 409 Most Offensive Points Rank Team College Points Opponent 1 Georgia State 35 Most Turnovers Rank Team College Turnovers Opponent 1 UL-Monroe 2 Most Return YDs Rank Team College Yards Opponent 1 Troy 84 Less Penalty Yards Rank Team College Yards Opponent 1 South Alabama 72 Less Yards Allowed Rank Team College Yards Opponent 1 Georgia Southern 247 Less Points Allowed Rank Team College Points Opponent 1 Georgia Southern 17 Most Turnovers Rank Team College Turnovers Opponent 1 Arkansas State 1 Less Return Yards Allowed Rank Team College Yards Opponent 1 Coastal Carolina 20
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    [2023] Week 2 Computer Poll

    I appreciate the absurdity of the computer trying to figure things out with a small amount of data. +84 for Michigan is hilarious
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    [2023] Week #2 - Saturday Night

    Welcome to the college game, D'Onta! I think you'll do just fine. Also I've never been so happy to owe the site $20 before, thank you based Jake! GG @GigemAgs.
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    BOFA ACC Week 2 Stock Up Stock Down

    That is a fair point. Let me explain my thought process a bit on Virginia and teams moving based on winning and losing. A lot of it is impacted by the national scene, level of opponent, and the impact on how that game impacted how I think their season should go, and how the game impacts their outlook for the future of the team. Until conference schedule starts, or games of national importance are played, teams will get more credit for winning games (or individual players will be more highlighted like for Clemson when they beat teams they easily beat). I also think there is a decent gap between the top 2 acc teams and the next tier(teams like UVA, Miami, Pitt, BC, FSU) and the tier after that is pretty close to tier 2. With the preseason expectations thing, I didn't think VT was really negatively impacted by losing to Oklahoma. So they didn't move down in the stock down and I guess is kind of in an implied holding steady (though the team as a whole hasn't been included in either of the first two weeks which it probably could have been after week 0. I just wanted to highlight the stars). I think UVAs win was a key win to getting them to where they envision themselves getting or even possibly exceeding their goals. I will say though, several teams stayed in the holding steady category even after wins in weeks 0-2. Usually that will happen if the team beat a team they should (by a margin they should win by) or lost to a team they should (by a margin that isn't super disappointing). As the season goes on, the methodology and reasoning should become more clear especially after this feedback you've given.
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    I'm a senior now so I get a really sweet deal on tickets. I'll be attending all the home games on the schedule, still looking at attending Duke in Atlanta since its only like a 3 hour drive from Tuscaloosa. South Carolina I wanna try to go to as well, Texas A&M is too far so thats a no-go, and Mississippi State is just a hop over the border so that will be easy to go to as well. I also hope to be attending the SEC Championship, College Football Playoff Semi-Final, and Championship. If we make it that far I will purchase tickets to every game I can afford.
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    I’ll be at all the Maryland home games and hopefully I’ll get to go to a road game but I doubt I will.
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    I'll be in Atlanta to watch Duke defeat Alabama on the 31st. Unless I'm able to swing a trip to Durham or a trip to a bowl game if we get one, that might be the only college football game I watch in person all year.
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    [2023] Week #2 - Saturday Evening

    Brakes pumped on Mississippi State a little bit, it also helps Ohio States stock since they got some shit for a close win over Arizona State. Isaac Tyson you can only do so much. Second straight week of Clay not producing like he did with McLean, good win for Rice though.
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    National POTW Award: Week 1 Offensive POTW QB Nathan Singletary: 24/37 294 yards 3 TD, 9 carries 102 yards 2 TD @ UNC Defensive POTW OLB Dean Fagan: 7 TKL 3 TFL 1.0 Sack 1 FF vs Washington State Special Teams POTW PR Amir McLeod: PR TD vs UTSA Freshman POTW OLB Naiquon Crosby: 5 TKL 2 TFL 1.5 Sacks 1 FF vs Boise State @sleuthofbears @GigemAgs @stormstopper
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    [2023] PFF NFL Top Ten: Week 2

    close game against Miami and beat the defending champs. Definitely a strong start. or maybe AT is overrated
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    [2023] PFF NFL Top Ten: Week 2

    What the Eagles are doing without their starting QB is impressive. The Chiefs are way better so far than I was expecting.
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    [2023] Week #2 - FNF

    Tyler Pearson is a first round pick in 2026
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