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    "What two people on the site have the best rivalry?" - smokingcricket This one's tough because I'm not always privvy to your guys shit-talking to each other. I have a pretty solid rivalry with Jumbo (Jets-Dolphins, Penn State-Pitt, uh political and historical...differences) that's always good for some laughs. Kafka has a great rivalry with the site - you younger members should ask him about the Kafkacurse. Obviously I have a decent rivalry with alien because I talk to him daily. Rome has a rivalry with himself about whether or not he should blow me in the shoutbox or pile on rabid after I do. Honestly we could likely have a top 100 rivalries on this site and it would be the most interesting thing I've ever read. "Who are the most underrated coaches on the site?" - Monda I purposefully left out the overrated part of the question because that is not my statement to make. I prefer the hypothetical shit-talking to actual fact-based piling on people. I actually think one of the THE most underrated coaches, especially for CFBHC, is taffyowner. He's had like 1 year with less than 9-10 wins and I think that was his first (? correct me if I'm wrong) yet he has almost no hype. Of course his team started with amazing quarterbacks but he's been consistently good for so long and no one ever mentions him. Bingo I also find weirdly underrated - we all know he's a good coach and that he does great things with his teams but I rarely see people praising what he's done with Minnesota - MINNESOTA - and turned them into a perennial 9-3 or 10-2 team. "Did you look at any of the suggestions I made NFLHC-wise in the private question forum?" - Jumbo No. ...yes. Can people please use this forum more. "How much of an effect does changing an option in your gameplan really have - like if I change my safeties from man to split coverage or change my receivers from route tree to group assigned, does it make any kind of significant impact?" - Jumbo Of course it does! I think the biggest misunderstanding here is that the sliders themselves may not change things much but the way the calculations in the sim work (from what I understand) is that everything is magnified times the skill and attribute of the player. So if you have two man coverage safeties and you switch the slider from man to zone you will be forcing them to play out of their role by two slider positions effectively changing their skill by a square value. Some players are proficient at both attributes even though they're only listed at one and I think it's every coaches' responsibility to figure out good all-rounders themselves because these are the players who will become legends. Secondarily, even though each slider may only have a small impact changing several of them quickly compounds the changes, increases the time it takes for the negative impact to return to zero, but can also catch opposing teams by surprise. I will eventually add a practice component to NFLHC if I have time that lets this be visualized for each team's coaching staff. "What do you see as the biggest difference between a good coach/general manager/franchise and an elite one?" - SageBow I think the biggest reason certain people/franchises can't take that next step is simply a failure to adapt. People force their plans onto a franchise and retain certain expectations and then never stray from this plan. Your picks don't always work out, your gameplans aren't always perfect, there is nothing you can do to mitigate all the luck/chance - the biggest thing you should be doing is minimizing the impact of the luck/chance. Additionally, and I think this is somewhat restricted by time commitment to the site, planning really does play a major part in success. People who prepare for the draft for 3 weeks tend to do better than those who wing it on the day of. Have a Plan B, a Plan C, never be surprised by anything. If your player sucks for a week, a month, a year stop giving up on them. You're the coach (or the GM), improve their career - you are literally the only thing in the game that can turn a shit player into a good one by sheer force. Even the worse players can have a role, you just have to balance it with your budget (in the NFL, in college you don't even have to worry about that!) Stop overreacting to slight swings in luck and always continue planning - challenge yourself. In the end I think the site is a bit biased towards those with more time on their hands but I think that'll always be the case and I don't really have a problem with it. Generally when I criticize an organization it is because they've broken something I've listed above: knee-jerk draft picks, winging-it trades, impatience, or inability to adapt. "Impatience and not knowing when to fire someone are kind of at odds with each other though," you might say. Yes sometimes you need to let go of your coach or your quarterback but give them their due before you cut loose. I know that a lot of you are on a team with your friends so you obviously will not fire them, just don't expect that to go well - you might need to realize together what the problem is and address is thus. I hope you guys enjoyed Q&A Friday, please feel free to discuss these answers in here. I'll answer 5 questions each friday from the list that is located here, you are welcome to add any whenever you like! https://discord.gg/3GBn3Hp
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    Seahawks-Raiders was a classic head-to-head between top teams with a classic finish After dropping a week with crazy busy-ness, Bingo is back with a Power Rankings that looks at where teams are now, and whether they'll eventually finish the season higher or lower than where they currently are ranked. Who's gonna rise, fall, or maintain? You be the judge...let us know in the comments. Remember, if you don't like where you are in these rankings...play better! 1. Carolina Panthers End ranking (compared to now): Lower. Not many other places to go but down. Panthers are on an absolute, 2007 Patriots-level Eff the World tear right now, but the same old questions remain: can they win when it matters? 2. Green Bay Packers End ranking: Lower. I think the Packers have been the beneficiaries of some easy scheduling and some awkward defensive game plans. Those things will catch up with them. Jason Johnson is playing completely out of his mind right now, and there’s no way that will continue. Ultimately a playoff team, but not sure they’re a division champ. 3. Detroit Lions End ranking: slightly lower. The Lions have two Packer antidotes that others don’t: EJax and Keyshawn. Plus, Lecount has found his rhythm and isn’t turning the ball over. If the Defense stays decently consistent, they’ll win the North and be maybe a 2 seed in the NFC…but that’s big if. 4. San Francisco 49ers End ranking: Same. Yep, I figure the Niners luck had to run out some time, and it did bigly against the Cardinals. But I think they’ll snap back, if they keep on with their attack-oriented offense and rather stellar pass defense. I think they’ll finish in the Top 4 at the end of the season. 5. Los Angeles Rams End ranking: Higher. I think the Rams are, ultimately, the highest-ceiling team in the NFC, thus the League. Murphy will continue his stellar play back from injury, so the only real question in whether Coach Cricket will trust his gameplan enough to stick with what’s working. I think so, and I think the Rams will win the whole thing. 6. Seattle Seahawks End ranking: Slightly Lower. Seattle has played a lot of really tough games already, losing squeakers to the Broncos and Niners, while tripping up the Raiders this past weekend. I think they MAY be the odd-team out in the West, when all is said and done. But still one of the really good teams, if that’s any consolation. 7. Jacksonville Jaguars End ranking: Lower. I was surprised the Jags kept it up as long they did, but the dream start had to end at some point, and the OT monster jumped up and bit them. This team does, however, have some staying power, especially in the significantly weaker AFC. Can they hold off the Colts and Texans? I’m guessing one of those teams catches and overtakes Soluna’s men. 8. Dallas Cowboys End ranking: Lower. The game against the Eagles was interesting because it highlighted a slight turning point for both teams, in opposite directions. The ‘Boys started out so well, playing a host of lower-tier teams. They’ll come back to the middle a bit, but I think they can still possibly make the playoffs if they win the games they ‘should’ win. Will it be enough to hold off the Eagles? Not sure. 9. Miami Dolphins End ranking: Slightly Higher?? Just can’t figure these Dolphins out. The loss to the Texans illuminated a defensive flaw that I didn’t expect to see: a weakness in the short passing game. Miami outplayed the Houston in just about every respect, so that’s why they get the nod here over the Jets. I think the Dolphins are looking at an outside shot at the #1 seed, but probably a 2 or 4. 10. Oakland Raiders End ranking: Slightly Higher. The Raiders got bum-rushed by an opportunistic Seattle passing game in overtime in what turned out to be less a shock and more a realization that, largely due to some cap casualties, the Raiders just aren’t as dominant as the 2019 version. And that’s ok, they’re still playoff-good, with only a smaller margin for error than last year. 11. New York Jets End ranking: Same. Initially, I had the Jets at #9 and the Dolphins here (win versus loss on the weekend, ya know), but then I got to thinking about the things the Jets do well (passing game, pass rushing) and what the Dolphins do well (offense in general, creating turnovers). When you look at it like that, the Dolphins seem the safer pick. Throw in the losses for each time (really, the Bills???) and the Jets feel right at #11. 12. Atlanta Falcons End ranking: Lower. The Falcons get the two-win boost, despite that they’ve beaten very poor teams and their losses are to only slightly better teams. Atlanta needs to take down a boss, cause right now they are getting through the easy levels and that’s about it. We’ll see where that goes when they get into the rest of their NFC and division schedule. 13. Denver Broncos End ranking: Slightly Higher? I’m usually not much of a excuse-maker. If my team gets beat, it’s because either the other team played significantly better, or I blew it as a coach. In this case, however, I’m blaming our current standing on 1) a rookie RB with a case of the butterfingers in New England; and 2) a 50-yard kick that DOINKED off the cross-bar versus the defending Super Bowl champs. Broncos will be—barring injury—fine. 14. Houston Texans End ranking: Higher, slightly. Houston is such a boom or bust team, it’s kind of hilarious. One week, they’ll go out and look like a world-beater and knock off the previously-undefeated Dolphins. Just the week before, however, they get completely shut down by the Broncos. So, I’m guess that Rome, ol’ tinkerer, will eventually settle on a game plan and they’ll start to win consistently. The talent is there…can they catch the Jags and/or hold off the Colts? Maybe. Either way, looking like a #6 seed in the AFC. 15. Cleveland Browns End ranking: Higher. The Browns bye week hit at the worst time to enjoy their hype. They are starting to put things together, a little bit, and it’s getting pretty exciting in the Mistake by the Lake. Here’s a long shot: the Browns win every remaining division game and go .500 in every non-division game. That equals a playoff team, but how high a seed? I say a solid #3, much like last year’s Ravens. 16. New England Patriots End ranking: Higher. This team will compete in the East. They’re too talented NOT to. And they have the experience of the playoffs to rely upon down the stretch, but the bouts of inconsistency need to stop. They pounded J.B. Blacknall and the Broncos into submission on the weekend, so I’m guessing they make life interesting for the Dolphins/Jets. 17. Philadelphia Eagles End ranking: Much Higher. I expect the Eagles to win the East. Not a knock against Dallas, I just think the Eagles have the higher ceiling. It’s taken a small while for Philly to figure out all the game plan minutiae for Allan Taylor and Troy White, but I think they’ve got it now. That win over Dallas was BIG TIME. Says here the Eagles end up the #4 seed in the NFC. 18. Cincinnati Bengals End ranking: Same. I think the Bengals are properly ranked. They are a solid, if unspectacular team. Joel King has certainly improved, Ron Thomas is running well, and the up-and-down secondary is currently on a swell. So, nothing to loathe, nothing to love. Just a solid team. 19. Indianapolis Colts End ranking: Much Higher. I think the Colts will turn it around, but this weekend against the Texans is a GREAT litmus test. No one wants to play the Colts and Aaron Shea, so the F.O. needs to have patience that they pull a 180’ and get this ship pointed in the right direction. There’s a lot of football left, and I’ve got them down for the #4 AFC seed (yes, I think they’ll win the South, as it cannibalizes itself). 20. Arizona Cardinals End ranking: Slightly Lower. The Cards had a great day against the Niners. Everything went right, and the Niners’ usual luck did not shine for them in the valley of the Sun. But I think that was more outlier than trend. The Cardinals seem just one or two pieces away from a consistently winning outfit, and I think that’s on the offensive and defensive lines. Doesn’t help to play in the best division in football, where every matchup is in the other team’s favor. 21. Washington Redskins End ranking: Slightly Lower. I’m not really sure what to do with the Skins. They have SOME talent, and it was nice to Javier Fields back in action to get the win. But those wins are gonna be fewer and farther between, given their schedule and lack of depth. Hate to say it, but I think the Skins will fall to the bottom 10 at season’s end. 22. Tennessee Titans End ranking: Slightly Higher. These guys are playing with fire every time out. They have moments of quite good, and moments where I think LSU might be able to take them. But ultimately, their season hinges on the play of Xander Wiliams. Can he be the consistent QB they’ve desperately lacked? I think so, but playing in the South is just about the worst way to find out. I think the Titans are a 6-7 win club, and that’s good enough for low 20s/high teens. That’s about it. 23. Pittsburgh Steelers End ranking: Slightly Higher. The Steelers, after so much promise, now look like they’re searching for answers. The Chester Henson trade is looking less one-sided as the losses pile up (well, the Vikes aren’t any better, really) and Davenport is proving mortal. So, where do the Steelers go for answers? They need to reinvest in the a tricky, complex offense that gets Davenport and Henson on the move, utilizing their bevy of speedy ball-catchers. That could be enough to make the North a bit more interesting. Oh, and stop losing to the Ravens. 24. New York Giants End ranking: Same. Yeah, the Giants are a bit hosed. They needed to win this year, given the contracts they signed in the off-season, but that isn’t happening. And they need to play better defense, like last season. That isn’t happening. OJ Carano has been a battler for a long time, and he’s being completely wasted now. If I were the Giants, I would decide between making a push and finding an actual starting QB via trade, or exploring a complete rebuild by selling off some of their assets on D. Because I think we’re looking at a bottom 10 team at present. 25. Baltimore Ravens End ranking: Same. I think this Ravens team has the chance to get back into the top tier of the game, but it will take patience and lots of diligent moves by a F.O. that has not always showed the most cleverness. So, right now, I’ve got them finishing in the basement of the North, but not by much. I think the Ravens can win 5 games. That’s about it. 26. Buffalo Bills End ranking: Lower. Yeah, I think the Bills hit their SEASON PEAK against the Jets in week 2. Maybe I’m a jerk, maybe I’m a pessimist, but I try to call it like I see it. They have a tough schedule coming up (other than the Chiefs and Chargers) and they have very little prospects on Offense other than to give the ball to Dess and try to make Younger a game-manager. So, bottom of the East it is, maybe 3 wins. 27. Minnesota Vikings End ranking: Slightly Lower?? No idea. Someone posed this in the shoutbox: Vikings slightly above the Bears? But the Bears beat the Vikes. Yeah, and I think they are neck-and-neck for the bottom of the North, 27a and 27b. But the difference is: the Vikes have a chance to score once in a while, unlike the Bears. So what if the defense is rice paper, they at least have Vardell. I think that’s good enough for 3 more wins. 28. Kansas City Chiefs End ranking: Slightly Higher. Wow, what happened to the Chiefs? They can’t score, they can’t stop people from scoring. They can’t hold on to the ball, and Wheeler’s actually been kinda good. So, what’s going on? Well, it starts in the coaches box, and that change in leadership of the day-to-day has been tough. Now, the players need to gain chemistry and trust that the coach won’t trade them willy-nilly. Mimsy can do good things in time, I’m mostly sure. 29. Los Angeles Chargers End ranking: Same. Yeah, this seems right, mostly. The Chargers could pull some surprises throughout the season (hopefully not Thursday against the Broncos!!), but I don’t think they’ll win too many more. They knew it was gonna be a long slog, and they’re on track, more or less, for respectability in 2021. That’s gotta be good enough for now. 30. Chicago Bears End ranking: Slightly Higher. I’m very disappointed in the Bears. They worked their way down here first, so that’s why they’re below the Vikes for the time being. But I think they can pull back up a bit. I know that it’s a tough division with the #2 and #3 teams in this week’s Power Rankings, but the Bears have too good a F.O. to stay down here for the whole season. 31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers End ranking: Maybe Lower? Bucs have zero clue what to do now. They are trying to start over, but are getting no takers. They are trying the small fixes, but can’t pull the right strings. So, what to do? Push to the end. It isn’t gonna get easier, and they very well may end up on the bottom at season’s end, but they have the talent. Just keep on trying stuff. 32. New Orleans Saints End ranking: Slightly Higher. The Saints won’t go winless (unlike the Bucs, maybe…), they have three of the best players in the Conference, depending on the day. But…right now, they just can’t get out of their own way. I suppose I have them down for 3 wins. Probably better than the Bucs, but not much better.
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    Week 8, 2019. Tommy Furrey tears his ACL. Man I see the pain in his face. We're 1-5, in a winnable game against the Houston Texans and boom, our top receiver goes down. There's no happy ending here. He doesn't grit his teeth and say "win one for me." We don't go on to beat the Texans. We actually go on to lose every single game for the rest of the year. See growing up I always heard coach's favorite mantra. "Next Man Up." You know what next man up really means? It means you're not good enough to start. It means you're the Plan B. That's been me my entire life. Senior year at Boston College, guess what. K Will is fourth on the depth chart. Fourth. You look at the guys in front of me. Mosi Bartos is now a Colt. Tom Branch is killing it in Detroit. Hell even Allama Banta is repping that BC #WRU leading the charge for the LA Rams. But then there's me. Redshirt senior. Fourth. After the season I had no idea what I was gonna do. No invite to the combine. What am I gonna do with my communications degree you know? Sorry Pops but I didn't go to school, I went for ball. Day 3, 7th round, pick 191. Tampa Bay comes calling and I'm a Buc. All I can think about is relief. I went to offseason work outs, went to training camp, and guess where's K Will on the Depth Chart? Fourth. I play out the rest of my Bucs career, bouncing around as the fourth or fifth receiver on the depth chart. 2019, I don't even make it all the way through my contract. Legal loopholes, my agent knows. End up at Tennessee on a minimum contract. I'm not here to preach to the guys on the bench. It sucks. Here's all I got to say. You know what you're capable of. You alone. And as much as it sucks that you have to wait your chance, as much as it sucks hearing "Next Man Up," you have to be that guy. You have to take your opportunities and show the world what you got. Guess what, when Tommy went down in Week 8, the announcers said its over. Ain't receiver worth it in Tennessee and they've got no running game. Know what they were saying after the game? "Hello, Kevin Williams." I been here. I been fourth. But guess what, I'm first now. KEVIN WILLIAMS / CONTRIBUTOR
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    Nautical Nonsense Giants skill position players caught partying during bye week after a poor 1-3 start.
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    "I will be playing my college football at the University of Tennessee, go Vols!" Seems like a simple statement, but everything I had ever worked for came through right there. The long hours on the field honing my craft. The long hours in the gym building my strength and foundation. The blood, sweat, and tears that came as my Watertown High School Purple Tigers had the deepest run in school history my senior season. All of my dreams came through when I became a Tennessee Volunteer. See I come from an old farming family in Middle Tennessee. The Goldson's have been in Watertown since its founding, and a number of my ancestors are Volunteer Alumni. My grandpa David Goldson, was the first to complete college, going to Tennessee with the GI Bill he earned for his service in World War II. My dad went there on a baseball scholarship, where he met my mom. To some extent, I was always going to go to Tennessee, and I think I knew that in my heart. Summer before junior year, I went to camps all around. MTSU, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Memphis, Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke and Georgia. Monday through Friday I worked with a quarterback's coach and every weekend I was at a different campus trying to show what I had. Turns out scouts loved it, and I was regarded as one of the top high school quarterbacks in the country. I received offers all over, and the stress of knowing that I could only pick one team, the relationships I had formed with all these great coaches that would be broken if I didn't pick them, the fans and their expectations, I know a lot of guys say they don't care about it. It just wasn't true for me. I'm a perfectionist. I want to make everyone happy, and the fact that I could only make one fanbase happy was really hard. I saw guys like Kyle Jefferson, Bryce Thompson, Alexander Cassidy, and Christian Graham out there, and really got to see just how good those guys were. Seeing each other on the recruiting circuit often, we got to be some good friends and I still talk to those guys time to time. We talked about our offers, the schools we liked and didn't like. the coaches and their different personalities. Here I am, in this elite group of quarterbacks, and these were the guys I really found that I could talk about the stress of recruiting. April of 2019, I put on the hat and made my commitment. Sure there were some disappointed fans from other schools, but if there's one thing I learned through the process, its from my boy Bryce Thompson. "Block out all the noise, be yourself." Tennessee is coming off its greatest year as a program, making it into the final four of college football. Nationally people don't think we can repeat that feat. They say we lost too much. The best defender in program history, Anthony Miller. The most productive quarterback in program history, Julius Thomas. One of the great all time safeties out of Strong Safety U, Michael Williams. Even our top receiver Eli Austin went to the pros after his junior year. "Block out all the noise, be yourself". They don't see the work we put in. They don't see the love that Knoxville has given us. They don't see just how excited we are to prove them wrong. I've seen the Golden Boy shirts. I know just how much the fans believe in us. I'm ready Tennessee. I'm going to give you everything I have. I love this school, I'm born and bred a Vol, and we are going to do great things. See you at Neyland this season. ADRIAN GOLDSON / CONTRIBUTOR
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    TURN YOUR HEAD AND... Broncos cough up four turnovers in listless loss in Beantown One of rookie J.B. Blacknall's 2 fumbles lost on the day
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    Please update your depth charts ASAP and confirm in this thread once you've done so. Your team pages will also be updated shortly. QB Christian Coates 6-3 210 (Jr) Columbus Community (Columbus, IA) 3.5 of 4.0 [Scrambling] from Kentucky to Syracuse QB Connor Dawson 6-2 205 (So) Espanola Valley (Espanola, NM) 3.0 of 4.0 [Pocket] from Arizona State to Arkansas QB Austin Stearns 6-2 206 (Sr) Lawrence County (Moulton, AL) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pocket] from Georgia Tech to Kentucky QB Jabari Sneed 6-4 202 Jr Powell (Powell, WY) 2.5 of 3.5 [Scrambling] from Boise State to BYU QB Malik Light 6-2 215 Jr Owendale Gagetown (Owendale, MI) 2.5 of 3.5 [Scrambling] from Tennessee to Colorado State QB Harrison Lancaster 6-2 203 Sr Cook (Adel, GA) 3.5 of 3.5 [Scrambling] from Miami (FL) to UMass RB Preston Griggs 6-0 170 Sr Southwestern Illinois College (Belleville, IL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Speed] from Ohio to Northwestern RB Gabriel Shields 5-11 176 (Jr) Owendale Gagetown (Owendale ,MI) 4.0 of 4.0 [Speed] from Western Michigan to Michigan State RB Jamel Jamison 5-6 205 (Sr) Morgan Park (Chicago IL) 3.5 of 3.5 [Power] from Illinois to Eastern Michigan FB Joshua Rupp 5-9 202 Sr Acalanes (Lafayette, CA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] from San Jose State to Utah FB August Mace 6-1 243 Sr Connors State College (Conner, OK) 4.0 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] from Texas to Kentucky FB Oliver Gagnon 6-1 246 Sr Owyhee (Owyhee, NV) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] from Nevada to UTSA WR Ahe Salanoa 6-1 187 Sr New Deal (New Deal, TX) 4.0 of 4.0 [Speed] from Oklahoma to Cincinnati WR Samir Palmer 5-10 214 (Jr) Northland Christian (Houston, TX) 3.5 of 3.5 [Speed] from Oklahoma State to Arizona WR Jayden Tinsley 5-10 187 (Jr) River Road (Amarillo, TX) 3.5 of 3.5 [Speed] from Baylor to North Carolina TE Darnell McNeal 6-2 230 Sr Bourbon County (Paris, KY) 3.5 of 3.5 [Blocking] from Vanderbilt to Akron TE Jaiden Parris 6-3 235 Jr Hoosac Valley (Cheshire, MA) 3.5 of 3.5 [Blocking] from Buffalo to Arizona OT Pita Kamu 6-6 310 Sr Farmerville (Farmerville, LA) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] from Air Force to Oregon OT Arthur Haas 6-2 309 (Sr) Blissfield (Blissfield MI) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] from Purdue to Bowling Green OT Christian Ferreira 6-4 275 (Sr) Everett (Everett MA) 3.5 of 3.5 [Run Blocking] from Virginia to Wyoming OG Trevor York 6-2 314 (So) Manistee (Manistee, MI) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] from Wisconsin to Oregon OG Matthew Rector 6-5 293 Jr Gaither (Tampa, FL) 3.0 of 3.0 [Pass Blocking] from Ole Miss to Temple C Kieran Davenport 6-4 247 (Sr) Saks (Anniston AL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] from LSU to UAB C Samuel Beck 6-4 299 Sr Augusta (Augusta, KS) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] from Michigan to Stanford C Milo Goldsmith 6-4 241 (Sr) Central (Little Rock AR) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] from Louisville to Baylor DE Zion Lanier 6-2 256 (Sr) Thomas Jefferson (Bloomington MN) 3.5 of 3.5 [Contain] from Kansas to Iowa DE Darren Roberson 6-2 244 Sr Flatonia (Flatonia, TX) 3.5 of 3.5 [Contain] from Baylor to Boise State DE Thierno Hayes 6-2 250 (Sr) Bourbon County (Paris KY) 3.5 of 3.5 [Contain] from Kansas to Marshall DE Joseph Grace 6-2 240 Sr Hebron Christian (Pheba, MS) 3.5 of 3.5 [Blitz] from Georgia State to Oklahoma DE Jeremy Grey 6-2 246 Sr Aurora (Aurora, NE) 3.5 of 3.5 [Contain] from Kansas State to Oklahoma DT Thierno Pearson 6-5 313 (Jr) Rich South (Richton Park, IL) 4.0 of 4.0 [1-Gap] from Ball State to Charlotte DT Ricardo Torrez 6-3 302 Sr Manchester Central (Manchester, NH) 3.5 of 3.5 [1-Gap] from Air Force to Colorado DT Curtis Early 6-5 277 (Sr) Baker (Baker LA) 3.5 of 3.5 [2-Gap] from Miami (FL) to Florida OLB Maxim Hillman 6-1 238 (Jr) Bishop O'Dowd (Oakland, CA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Blitz] from USC to Baylor OLB Julian Nolan 6-3 240 (Sr) Patrick Henry (Ashland VA) 3.5 of 3.5 [Coverage] from Maryland to West Virginia OLB Evan Talley 6-1 250 (Sr) Portage Central (Portage MI) 3.5 of 3.5 [Blitz] from Michigan to Northern Illinois ILB Jaiden Saenz 5-11 220 (Sr) Lake Providence (Lake Providence LA) 3.5 of 3.5 [Will] from Texas Tech to Oregon State ILB Aaron Faust 6-1 235 (Sr) River Valley (Cheshire OH) 3.5 of 3.5 [Will] from Illinois to Kent State CB Elias Crawley 6-1 183 (Jr) Johnson City (Johnson City, TX) 3.5 of 3.5 [Man Coverage] from TCU to South Carolina FS Anthony Davis 5-10 204 Sr Eastern (Greentown, IN) 4.0 of 4.0 [Zone Coverage] from Toledo to Oregon State SS Jordan Harley 5-10 215 Sr Milwaukee Area Technical College (Milwaukee WI) 4.0 of 4.0 [Man Coverage] from Northern Illinois to Pittsburgh K Declan Havens 6-1 204 (So) Galileo Academy (San Francisco, CA) 2.5 of 4.0 [Power] from Nevada to Virginia Tech K Derek LeBlanc 6-1 151 (Jr) John Marshall (Chicago, IL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Accuracy] from Penn State to Miami (FL) P Tyson Evans 5-8 187 Jr Decatur (Federal Way, WA) 2.5 of 4.0 [Power] from Washington to Washington State
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    I'd suggest, if possible, to make it so that the in state bonus doesn't come into play until points of some sort get put on the player. So teams like minnesots dont get a point advantage on players they don't bid on.
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    So I see where you're coming from on this, but I disagree on the solution. I ran the numbers last year and assigned star ratings to people based on a formula (nothing fancy, just based on skill and potential) I came up with, and it basically matched up with irl numbers of 4 and 5 star recruits (~30 and ~300 respectively). I think the problem, though, is that in CFBHC it's really hard for a recruit to bust. For example, going back to 2018 (the last season we have complete stats), the worst statline for a 5.0/5.0 QB was Lawrence Pritchett, whose stats were: 194/301 (64%) for 2539 yards, 16 TDs and 12 INTs. Aside from Pritchett, none of the 10 other 5.0/5.0 QBs came close to having a TD/INT ratio lower than 2 (the next closest was Eric Jennings at 2.5), and only three had a completion percentage lower than 65%. While it's harder to assess how other positions do given how stats are presented, the same holds true with RBs. Excluding Marshawn Matthison, who at this point I think it's fair to say was being misused (sorry deandean), every 5.0/5.0 RB had >5 YPC, >1400 yards, and all but one had at least 18 TDs. In contrast, let's look at every Texas A&M (I'm using A&M since I know the program well) recruit from 2013, 2014, and 2015 who had a >.95 rating on the 247 composite rankings: 2013 Ricky Seals-Jones - Was alright but never lit the world on fire like you'd expect from the #2 WR in the country. Justin Manning - Caught 1 TD pass, then dropped out of school and then murdered a jogger with a machete. The jogger murderer was actually Thomas Johnson, got them confused. Justin Manning - Forced to quit football due to injury. Isaiah Golden - Arrested for armed robbery 2014 Myles Garrett - Will be picked in the top 2 tonight. Speedy Noil - Had a good freshman season and then had weed problems, never even came close to fulfilling his potential. Kyle Allen - Transferred due to QB mismanagement. Nick Harvey - Meh. Started last year but wasn't that great. Frank Ihenacho - Hasn't started yet for A&M. 2015 Daylon Mack - Struggled to make an impact in his first two years, we'll see if he can turn it around. Christian Kirk - Legit stud. Kyler Murray - Transferred due to QB mismanagement. So out of 11 players that were top recruits, there were: 2 great players, 5 were/are good-to-mediocre players that never lived up to their potential, 2 are no longer on the team due to transferring, and 1 is no longer on the team due to injury, and one is no longer on the team due to criminal reasons. While the transfer thing is a special case, I think think that my point still stands: players bust all the time irl, but almost never do in the sim. If I had to suggest a solution to this, it'd probably be something along the lines of decreasing the chances that players progress well, which means you'd see more 4.0/5.0 (Sr) players, or something like that. This'd mean that you'd have a reason to start a 4.0/4.0 or a 3.5/3.5 over a high potential sophomore that so far hasn't progressed well. Of course, if you were to implement changes like this, it'd impact the quality of players coming into NFLHC, which is also something that needs to be considered. TL;DR: please read the thing so I can feel validated about writing 550 words about recruiting on a fake football website.
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    That's the quickest youve done something on the site in a while
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    I Am the Greatest August 31, 2015 - A day that I will remember forever. I am a high school junior, about to start my first game. We are on the road for the season opener. East Central. Last year, we knocked them right out of the first round of the state playoffs.. After the season, we graduated 9 starters, including our QB and RB. They graduated only 2. And ranked preseason number 1 in the state, they are out for blood this time. The roar from the 22,000 fans is deafening as we run onto the field. I can sense that coach is nervous. But I am not. I am the greatest. The game doesn’t go according to plan. We don’t just lose, we get embarrassed. And worst of all, the blame falls on me. 15-37 passing for 220 yards, 1 TD, and 4 INTs. I vow that it will never happen again. Coach is rattled, and I know he has to wonder if he made a mistake in naming me the starter. I will show him in practice this week that he didn’t. I am the greatest. November 10th, 2015 - We end our season with a loss in the 2nd round of the playoffs. I’m proud of our team. Next year could be our year. I posted good numbers on the year, completing 63% of my passes for 3,806 yards. And after the first game I took much better care of the ball posting a 2.2:1 TD:INT ratio. I am the greatest. December 11th, 2015 - Coach calls a team meeting. He is accepting a new coaching position. The team is devastated, but no one more than me. Coach put his faith in me, and I was determined to win him a title next year. Now there is uncertainty around the program. There is uncertainty around our future in my critical Senior year. But I know we will be ok. I am the greatest. July 15th, 2016 - Our new coach announces his intention to transition to an option attack on offense. He names his son (a freshman) as the starter. What a terrible call. Not only is this going to cost me my senior year, it will probably cost me a college scholarship. My life’s dream was to suit up in the yellow and black as a Missouri Tiger, just like my dad did. The dream is dead. Life isn’t fair. The college scouts will never know that I am the greatest. October 30th, 2016 - The last game of the year. Senior night. I haven’t played a snap all year. We are a 2 win team. I’ve never felt more miserable. My parents tried to tell me to keep my chin up, but I know it is all but over for me. Scouts aren’t calling. No one knows I exist. On the opening drive of the game, the coach’s son takes a punishing hit from a blitzing OLB. He doesn’t get up.The doctors later confirmed that he has a broken ankle. Coach has nowhere else to turn. “Rahim, you are up.” We can’t run the option attack with me, so coach gives me free reign to call the offense. We haven’t run this offense this year, but our WRs are itching to catch some passes. The game turns into a shootout that no one expected, and at the end of the night we emerge victorious, 42-35. I complete 37 of my 44 passes for 489 yards and 6 TDs while throwing no interceptions. The fans go crazy and the team carries me off of the field. I am the greatest. I would be lying if I said I didn’t think that performance would get me noticed, get me a scholarship offer to Mizzou even. But the offers didn’t come. I was a local sensation but one game simply wasn’t enough. My career derailed by a fool of a coach who didn’t realize that I am the greatest. 2017 - I walk on at Moberly Area Community College. I redshirt my first year there. I thought redshirting would be the worst thing ever. I always told myself I would go somewhere I could play right away. But after my painful senior year in high school, this is a breeze. I win the starting job and a scholarship for 2018 and 2019 and perform at a very high level. We make it all the way to the JuCo national title game in 2019 where we lose a nail biter. I am proud of my team, but even more importantly, I am proud of myself. I know that Mizzou has Tucker Dowden as the entrenched starter, but I know that I can beat him out if given the chance. Hopefully Coach @vtgorilla returns my calls. Game tapes have been sent. I have called and expressed my interest. Now I have to wait. But I know deep down that I am the greatest. February 3rd, 2020 - National signing day. It is finally my chance to sign and play D-1 college ball. I have spoken to Coach vtgorilla and he told me that he doesn’t have a place for me. He is happy with Tucker Dowden and can’t offer me anything. I assure him he is making a mistake. After all, I am the greatest. Coach HAFFnHAFF from Kansas State is the only person who offers me a scholarship. He tells me that he would love to have me, but Julius Minnow is returning as the starting QB. It will come down to a spring football battle. We are both Juniors. The winner starts for 2 years, the loser never plays another snap. I sign in an instant. I’m not worried, I am the greatest. April 28th, 2020 - The day of the spring game has arrived. I have split reps with Julius all spring. Today is the final audition. Coach informed us that he will name the starter after the game. I feel bad for Julius. He is a great guy! He and I have grown very close throughout the spring, which isn’t something I expected since we were direct competitors. I feel bad for Julius, because I know he doesn’t have a chance against me. I am the greatest. This is my final last chance. One last shot to recognize my dreams. I won’t be denied. There are no nerves. I’m as cold as ice. It is my chance to show everyone what I have always known, that I am the greatest. ~ Written by Rahim Murrell Shoutout to @TuscanSota for editing... Community college grammar classes were not kind to Rahim.
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    Link to Part 1 A paper slid across the desk, and went right in front of me. It was a simple piece of paper - all of my personal information that I submitted to the school. There was also athletic information - which locker was mine, shoe size, pads, and jersey number. None if it caught my attention except for the statement in bold red stamped on the right hand corner of the page. Redshirt “I know how you must feel about this,” Coach said to me. He wasn’t leaning back in his chair, rather resting his elbows on the desk, in very stern expression. “I discussed this with the staff, along with the quarterbacks coach before coming to a decision. We believe this will be the best decision for you in the long run.” “Sir, I-” “Trust me, you wouldn’t be getting any playing time.” “Coach. Whether I start or not, I could be the backup! What if Marcus goes down and…” Coach sighed, and leaned back in his chair. He took a quick glance over at his wall of memorabilia: championship and rivalry trophies from his time in Houston, photos with players even before my time. An old strange bag was propped behind a glass panel. It caught me off guard, but I dared not ask about it. “Listen Caleb, we haven’t had an injury here at Baylor in years. Injuries rarely happen at the college level, thanks to our country’s progression in sports medicine. Even if disaster strikes and Marcus goes down, I wouldn’t have you as a backup.” I couldn’t understand coach’s words. I stood there, puzzled, glancing between the boldly marked Redshirt and my coach’s austere appearance. Coach motioned towards the chair opposite of his desk. “Why don’t you sit down. Do you know what a redshirt means?” “I’ll take a guess, it means I’m prohibited from all sports activities?” Coach shook his head. “Not quite.” “Then what is it?” I said, slightly annoyed. I didn’t want to be here. Coach pulled out a red practice jersey from one of his drawers, and placed it on his desk. “It’s nothing like a prohibition. More like, a suspension. You won’t be able to play on game days this season, but you’ll still be expected to participate both on the practice field and in the classroom.By redshirting you, you have an extra year under your belt - you’ll learn the playbook, become familiar with the team, and improve your athletic ability.You’ll still be considered a freshman next season, but you’ll be much more prepared for our quarterback role than you are today.” I leaned back in my chair, taking in my coach’s words, “And what role is that then?” Coach raised his eyebrows, “I don’t see you as a backup, Caleb. I see you as a starter.” ~ I closed the door to coach’s office. I quickly left McLane Stadium made my way back to campus. It was when I was crossing over the Brazos that I stopped and looked over the walkway. One thing I learned since being here - the Brazos was always green. Awfully trashy, to be correct. Still, a nice, sunny day made this river a little less disgusting than it already was. Students were on the water using kayaks and paddleboards over by the school dock. Life just seemed to pass by me in this moment, even as the reality of being redshirted began to set in. I sighed, and accepted that my career here at Baylor may be a bit longer than I expected. “Hey! Caleb!” I heard my name from across the bridge, by the law school. Zach McHale ran over, waving his arms. “So, what did coach say?” I showed him the red practice jersey. Zach gave me a look of concern. “What’s this?” “Coach is redshirting me,” I told him. “Well shit, I didn’t think he’d redshirt you.” Zach expressed. “I thought the same, myself.” “You’re still on the team though, right?” “I am, as a team player. I’m just not allowed to compete in games.” Zach sighed, “Well that’s dumb… at least you’ll get to see me on the field this season! Coach didn’t recruit a highly capable player such as myself to just sit on a bench!” Something then crossed my mind, “What are you doing over here? I thought practice doesn’t start until later today.” Zach’s face lit up, and he pointed directly at himself, “I was told that Coach Tuscan wants to see THIS guy! I’m sure he’s wanted to speak with me for awhile, probably going to tell me that I’m starting this season.” Aside from Zach’s ego, he had a point. The linebacker position was a huge question mark heading into the summer practices. I’ve known Zach for only a few days as his roommate, but the dude had some real good highlights on Youtube. I know this because he showed everyone else in our hall. “Well, best of luck to you then.” I said. “Thanks man!” Zach exclaimed, “There’s NO way anything could possibly go wrong!” ~ To be continued.
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    Burning Question: Baylor has earned the right over these past two years to consider itself a contender. How will the Bears adapt to losing their Bell cow? Last year's record: 11-3 (6-1) Key departures RB Sean Bell C David Lemons (early declaration) ILB Luke Barker Key returnees QB Marcus Swartz WR Lamont Wilder TE Hastin Rider DE Alex Whitney OLB Julian Neville CB Kyle Cunningham Impact newcomers OT Brian Chavez (junior college transfer) OLB Zachary McHale (true freshman) CB William Travis (redshirted 2019) Four-Year Recruiting Rank: 37th overall, 7th Big XII Chicago Tribune Preseason Rank: 14th overall, 1st Big XII Schedule and Projection UCLA at Arkansas California at Iowa State Texas Tech at Kansas State Oklahoma at Oklahoma State Kansas at Texas at West Virginia TCU Projected record: 9-3 (6-3) Best-case scenario: 11-1 (8-1) Worst-case scenario: 5-7 (3-6) Bellwether game: Week 4 vs. California. Baylor faces a pair of talented but thin teams to open their schedule, and California is by far the biggest challenge in their non-conference slate. The California offense will test the Baylor secondary with the combination of Leonard Norris and Hakeem Black. But just as importantly, Cal's defense is going to pose a few problems for Marcus Swartz, Lamont Wilder and the Baylor offense thanks to a lockdown secondary led by Blaine Lewis-Thompson. This is the point in the season where the Baylor offense will need to have some idea as to its identity--because if it can do that, it'll have a leg up on all the Big XII contenders who need longer to figure that out. Three Strengths Marcus Swartz returns for his senior season. With the highest 2019 passer rating (148.6) and most starts (39) of any returning Big XII quarterback, he'll bring stability to the position. Wide receiver Lamont Wilder and tight end Hastin Rider ought to make for one of the best one-two receiving punches in the country Pass-destroyer Kyle Cunningham leads a defense sprinkled with talent throughout. Three Weaknesses With David Lemons's departure, the offensive line is in bad shape. Two true freshmen are expected to start in the unit. Run game will be hard to predict in year 1 after Sean Bell, and the highly touted Miles Street is not expected to play in 2020. Getting nitpicky, but depth at outside linebacker and cornerback could be a problem against the right matchups. Outlook Over the last two seasons, Baylor has gone from afterthought to contender. They won 14 games in their first four seasons combined, and they've won 20 in their past two. They won a bowl game in 2018, then topped that by winning the Big XII South and earning a playoff bid in 2019. How will they follow it up in 2020? That depends on a few things. First of all, how will Baylor replace the irreplaceable Sean Bell? The Big XII's #3 all-time rusher is now a Cleveland Brown, leaving senior Nasir Burden to take the lion's share of snaps at halfback. His partner-in-crime in the backfield is the second factor for Baylor: can Marcus Swartz take the reins as the most experienced player on the offense? He's never truly had to carry the offense--but he's also never had an offense tailored to him, either. Finally, the third (and perhaps biggest) question is whether a young offensive line can keep the pressure out of the backfield. Assuming that a well-built Baylor defense holds its weight, Baylor has the chance to get off to a strong start. Their non-conference opponents all have something to prove (though Cal is certainly dangerous), and their first four conference opponents are all flawed as well. If they stumble early, there will be trouble. But if they can win the early games they're supposed to and parlay that into momentum and confidence toward the middle and end of the season, they'll have a shot to win their first Big XII title. Presented by the Big XII Network
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    April 27 Kansas Blue vs. Kansas White Blue: 1st Team Offense/2nd Team Defense White: 2nd Team Offense/1st Team Defense Major position battles: RB, DE, FS Minor position battles: QB Newcomers to watch: QB Christian Graham (blue), DE Jamari Callahan (white), SS Noel Barfield (white) What to watch for: Kansas is undergoing a revamp on both sides of the ball, and for different reasons. Redshirt freshman Christian Graham (blue team) is the favorite to earn the starting job at Kansas year 1 post-Jennings, though junior Kaden Cazares (white team) hasn't been ruled out for the job. Also on offense, three-year starter Jalen Clayton (white) is being challenged by junior college transfer Rod Fulton (blue). On defense, look for the longtime 3-4 program to experiment with some 4-3. True freshman Jamari Callahan (white) has a real shot to earn Marshall-bound Thierno Hayes's old starting spot over junior Chad Haywood and senior Brian Stokes (both blue) while senior safety Isaiah Heard (white) looks to hold off redshirt sophomore Richard Clemons (blue) for the starting safety spot. This is an audition, yes, but also a chance for Kansas to understand what they have heading into the all-important 2020 season. April 28 Kansas State Purple vs. Kansas State Silver Purple: 1st Team Offense/2nd Team Defense Silver: 2nd Team Offense/1st Team Defense Major position battles: None Minor position battles: QB, ILB Newcomers to watch: QB Rahim Murrell (purple), ILB Brendan Scherer (purple) What to watch for: Like their in-state neighbors, Kansas State will be breaking in a new presumptive starter at quarterback. For the Wildcats, Rahim Murrell (purple team) will take the reins of the first-team offense, joined by Elijah Humphrey in the backfield and the duo of Devon Tillman and Ricky Seau downfield. But even with Murrell looking like The Guy going forward, don't rule out Julius Minnow (silver team). The starter for chunks of the last two seasons isn't going to go down without a fight. A strong performance against the second team probably won't be enough to win him back the job, but who knows? The only other position battle to watch is between Brendan Scherer (purple) and Albert Wyatt (silver) at middle linebacker. Scherer is the bluest chip of a prospect Kansas State's had in a long time, but a redshirt appears to be in the works so he can get up to college weight. Kansas State's depth chart is largely set, so this will be more of a showcase of the team as-is than an audition for anyone. April 29 West Virginia Blue vs. West Virginia Gold Blue: 2nd Team Offense/1st Team Defense Gold: 1st Team Offense/2nd Team Defense Major position battles: None Minor position battles: None Newcomers to watch: OLB Julian Nolan What to watch for: West Virginia's depth chart is even more set in stone than Kansas State's, so we can all admit that we're all here to watch three of the best players in the country ball out. Mohammed Foster is throwing to J.C. Weldon (both gold team) while Hudson Adam (blue team) tries to chase him down. How is that anything other than must-see TV? In all seriousness, though, we ought to get a good look at the state of West Virginia's defense. With newly acquired transfer Julian Nolan (blue) in the fold at outside linebacker alongside junior college transfer Nathan Wilks (blue) at the mike, the Mountaineers are hoping that the defensive issues that plagued them will be abated in 2020. Since they face an offense that's a known quantity (and a known very, very good quantity), the Blue defensive performance will likely be the most instructive out of any Big XII unit this spring. May 1 Oklahoma State Orange vs. Oklahoma State Black Orange: Split Team Offense/Split Team Defense Black: Split Team Offense/Split Team Defense Major position battles: RB, CB Minor position battles: OLB, K Newcomers to watch: WR Jay Dunn (orange), WR Jeremy Bridges (orange), WR Samuel Barfield (black), TE Mark Westbrook (black), DT Amir Pryor (black), FS Prince Pruitt (orange) What to watch for: Oklahoma State is the only Big XII spring game that isn't divided neatly into 1st team and 2nd team on both sides of the ball. The Cowboys have a lot of young guns to watch out for, some of whom will not actually be seeing any action until the 2021 season--runningback Jamal Boyd (orange team), tight end Mark Westbrook (black team), free safety Prince Pruitt (orange), defensive tackle Amir Pryor (black) chief among them. Wide receivers Jay Dunn and Jeremy Bridges are the newcomers to watch on offense, and they'll be paired with Chester Brenner (all orange). Heir apparent Ian Baldwin has no set of slouches to throw to either: Xavier Gant, Samir Palmer, and blue-chip true freshman early enrollee Samuel Barfield (all black). The team mixing will make these two teams more evenly matched, so it'll be easier to evaluate each player's individual performance as if it's a vacuum--with the downside being that it'll be hard to evaluate whole units. Honestly, though, the individuals are what we're here to watch. Oklahoma State's recent recruiting has left them with an inordinate amount of studs. This is going to be the first glimpse at the future of the nation's most exciting conference.
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    Here is everything post week 5! Power Rankings Elo Elo Change (since season started) PF+ (Points For adjusted by opponents) PA+ (Points Against adjusted by opponents) SOS+ (SOS with games of the team in question removed) Remaining SOS Estimated Win Total (Current Wins + Probability of Win in Remaining Games) AY/A+ (Adjusted Yards Per Attempt. 100 Average, 15 Standard Deviation) Opponent's Average AY/A+ (Measuring strength of defenses faced; lower = tougher; Does not include game against QB in question) xAY/A+ (Same as QB's AY/A+, but adjusted for opponents)
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    BYE, BYE, BYE NSYNC Reunion Tour hits Cleveland's FirstEnergy Stadium as the Browns are on their bye week.
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    Nu "GOAT" Battles. 2013 Arizona State Star Quarterback QB Nu Battles 6-0 206 Sr 3.0/3.0 [Scrambling] Passing : 204/363 (56.19%) 2345 yds, 14 TD, 2 INT Rushing: 179 rushes, 1673 yds (9.35ypc), 25 TD, 9 100-yard games Pretty crazy stats, huh? Even though the 2013 season generally had pretty wonky stats he was clearly a monster for a 3/3 senior. However things took a much darker and danker turn when he was drafted. Nu came out of the draft with the whopping playerline of QB Nu Battles 6-0 206 R Arizona State [scrambling] 50. Elite. It was pretty much all down hill from there. He waited through the unbearably long 16-round draft only to be signed in the first wave of UDFA by Cincinnati for a 4 year, $2 million deal. 2014 Cincinnati Bengals Starting Quarterback QB Nu Battles 6-0 206 R Arizona State [Scrambling] 50 Passing: 64/124 (51.61%), 695 yds, 2 TD, 6 INT Rushing: 30 rush for 65 yds (2.17 ypc), 2 TDs He was at the bottom of the league (for starters) in passing yards and completion percentage as well as yards per carry for all starters whether QB, RB, or FB. He degressed -3. From superstar to meme-machine, Nu Battles has left a beautiful and irreplaceable legacy that will be unmatched for millennia. He taught me to follow your dreams even if you really suck at life and should definitely give up. He showed me that the only way to make it in this world is to meme yourself to the top. I hope that this now 28 year old washed up quarterback is teaching a new wave of high school kids somewhere to be just as mediocre as he once was.
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    With the 2020 season not too far away, the PAC-12 coaches voted on the Pre-Season Power Ranking, that will be updated weekly during the season. Here are the results: 1st - USC Trojans 2nd - Washington State Cougars 3rd - Arizona Wildcats 4th - Oregon Ducks 5th - California Golden Bears 6th - Arizona State Sun Devils 7th - Stanford Cardinals 8th - Colorado Buffaloes 9th - Washington Huskies 10th - Utah Utes 11st - UCLA Bruins 12nd - Oregon State Beavers
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    --Durham, North Carolina Springtime in North Carolina is usually dominated by talk of college basketball's March Madness more than the upcoming college football season, but in Durham, NC the football talk is getting louder and louder. With a second consecutive strong class coming into the Duke football program, students and fans of the program plan to flood Wallace Wade Stadium for the annual Spring Game. This years spring game is filled with competition and intrigue, and there is a buzz around this game that hasn't been felt around this program maybe ever. Key position battles: Quarterback: Kyle Jefferson vs Bryce Thompson Wide Receiver: Sean Spaczek vs Kaden Lloyd vs Amari Nicholson Tight End: Owen Workman vs Ahmed Guinn Defensive Tackle: Vincent Tharp vs Victor Minor Strong Safety: Brandon Brinkley vs Jordan Reeves Punter: Siaki Seumanufagai vs Rocco Goodwin Cooper Abrams (12), Kyle Jefferson (1), and Bryce Thompson (17), following a Spring Duke Practice -The Kyle Jefferson/Bryce Thompson position battle was predicted after both QBs curiously both decided to go to Duke. As of now, neither Quarterback has the job and both are fighting for it. In the early released depth chart by the Devils, Jefferson was the QB1 but Coach Darman made it clear that neither QB was ahead of the other at this point and both had a chance at starting this year. The hope for the Devils is that this Spring Game will give them a sign on who the Quarterback for the future will be in Durham. -The rest of the position battles are less complicated. Coach Darman has indicated that there is a position battle at WR, but the three players in this battle will all see significant playing time. Tight End is intriguing because both of the top 2 on the Depth Chart have been neck and neck during spring per reports from the Duke camp. Workman is thought to possibly have a slight edge because of his experience but this Spring Game could give separation. Tharp has a solid edge over Minor for the Defensive Tackle spot, same with Brinkley at Strong Safety. Both Seumanufagai and Goodwin could win the Punter position at the Spring Game this year as well. New starters to watch: RB: Christian Collins OG: David Coon Christian Collins (29) getting reps in as the #1 running back -The Duke run game in 2019 was abysmal. Both Redshirt Freshman Christian Collins and Redshirt Freshman David Coon aim to change that. Both players are raw talents, and will have their struggles over the course of this season, but they are both touted by coaches as possible NFL talent. Both of these players arrived in a recruiting class with Kyle Jefferson and Bryce Thompson and are eager to become household names among the Duke fan base in the 2020 season. For this Duke team to succeed, they need both of these guys to play well. Legends last Spring Game: ILB Ahmed Mark DT Kai Betts Ahmed Mark (59) and Kai Betts (93) prepare for their final Spring Game at Duke -Ahmed Mark and Kai Betts are two of the best players in Duke Blue Devils history. Mark, who has been All ACC twice and was named to the Preseason All ACC Second team for 2020, is the all time leading tackler at the school. Kai Betts is near the top of the record books for both tackles and sacks for the Devils all time. This last spring game should be emotional for these players as they wrap up their last spring practices at Duke University. 2020 Red-shirted players to watch for: WR Dean Stinson OT Cyrus Swartz OT Esera Mulinu'u OG Eli Segura DE Ibrahim Arrington OLB Ahmed Nicholas ILB Nate Murrell Cyrus Swartz (74), Esera Mulinu'u (70), and Eli Segura (61) hope to lead Duke's future offensive line -Dean Stinson, WR, is a player that could get playing time at a good number of Universities. However, since Duke does have some veteran talent in front of him that could limit his playing time, he will redshirt this season. He will play this spring game as both a Wide Receiver and possibly doing kick and punt returns. He should excite some Duke fans looking towards the future. -Cyrus Swartz, Esera Mulinu'u, and Eli Segura are big. The three offensive linemen stand at an average height of 6'6 and have an average weight of over 306 pounds. These three, along with redshirt freshman David Coon and Redshirt Sophomore center Adam Rapp, hope to bully the Duke Blue Devils into ACC title contention. The three true freshmen will not see the field this year, but this spring game will excite fans who get to see the future of the Duke offensive line play together for the first time. -Ibrahim Arrington and Ahmed Nicholas may play different positions, but the hope is that they will play the same role in the future. The two of them are potential impact pass rushers. Nicholas has been touted as a future NFL prospect at the outside linebacker position, and Arrington will be a long term piece in the Duke Blue Devils Defense as well. Duke fans should be excited to see these two players, both who have potential that is obvious even in short bursts. -Nate Murrell is the veteran of the redshirts. A former JUCO player, Murrell would find a starting spot on plenty of teams. However he came to Duke knowing that he would have the ability to sit out a year to get adjusted to the college game, and will be able to take the reigns from a departing Ahmed Mark for the 2021 and 2022 seasons. When Murrell gets his chance he won't be at Duke as long as these freshmen, but he has the chance to make the earliest impact.
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    "The game doesn’t go according to plan. We don’t just lose, we get embarrassed. And worst of all, the blame falls on me. 15-37 passing for 220 yards, 1 TD, and 4 INTs. I vow that it will never happen again. Coach is rattled, and I know he has to wonder if he made a mistake in naming me the starter. I will show him in practice this week that he didn’t. I am the greatest." Props to Rahim for predicting the future. Called his spring game performance.
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    Some way to include variable elements like immediate playing time, playing style vs. fit, etc. These are pretty nit-picky, but would enhance the RP.
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    Samuel Beck, Center, Stanford Dear Mom, When I was a high school junior, starting to receive offers to play football in college, you gave me a very important piece of advice. “Football is just temporary, but your education will last you forever”. I’d like to think I knew what you meant. I like to think I understood the value in picking a school not only for football, but for academics, and I tried to show you this. I worked my butt off in school. While my teammates were partying, I was studying for classes. While they were bouncing from girl to girl, with date after date, I was focusing on studying for my SAT. And it paid off. Not only did I get that football offer, but I got it to one of my dream schools, Michigan. Michigan meant more to me than just football, although that was a big part of it. Michigan is a really good school, and I was proud to go there. I was proud to not only wear the Maize and Blue on game day, but to go to class in Ann Arbor. And I tried to focus on what you taught me. I focused on not only going to team meetings, but going to classes. Not only to hit the weights, but hit the books.My football career may not have panned out the way I wished. I may not have gotten to play much for Michigan, and I probably won’t be playing next fall on Sundays. But mom I hope you’re proud of my next step. This small town Kansas boy is going to be transferring to Stanford, something I never would have dreamed of in high school. One of the best academic schools in the nation, if not the world. It may not have the football history of Michigan, but that doesn’t matter. I’m going to be playing the sport I love still, while getting a world class education. I’m going to finish my degree, and probably go pro in something other than sports, as cheesy as that sounds. I’m going to continue to show you that the 16 year old boy you gave advice to was listening. I’m gonna make you proud mama. Love, Sam
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    When it comes to quarterbacks, nobody has been luckier than me. On the day that I joined the site, I decided to take over the Boston College Eagles. I’m not even sure why I picked them. At the time, I thought they were just a normal team. It wasn’t until I posted my first depth chart that I realized what had been gifted to me. Within ten minutes, Neo posted a reply saying, “This is terrifying”. Looking over a handful of other depth charts made me even more excited about my new team. We were loaded with talent. The crown jewel of my inheritance was this kid: QB Alex Leshoure 6-1 205 (Fr) Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey NJ) 3.5 of 5.0 [Pocket] You might have heard of him before. As a coach, I lived and died by Leshoure’s play. At his peak, I was at my peak. When he hit a low, it was just as much on me. You can look at his year-to-year college performances and see exactly what I was learning and when I was finally figuring it out. He played the nine games of his freshman season with a different coach, or maybe it was just the AI. Boston College was 5-4 when I took over, and my first game came against a #3 Clemson team that was 9-0. Leshoure didn’t throw a lot of touchdowns that week, but he did earn a ton of trust by shredding that Tigers’ secondary and pulling off the upset. This was his line: Alex Leshoure, BC, 42 of 60 for 402 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT We threw a lot that game. We threw a lot in every game after that too. Nobody could stop a great quarterback and one of the best receiving groups in the country, or so I thought. I was wrong though. In my second year, the gameplan was to have Leshoure chuck the ball down the field 40-50 times per game. Like I said before, there was a lot of learning going on, and the 2016 season was the greatest learning experience in my sim career. My expectation going into the season was ACC Champion, but I found myself hoping to make a bowl game after a disastrous 1-2 start. Arizona and Texas made us look like a MAC team. Apparently you can’t always get away with the all-pass philosophy when going up against great defenses. It’s a simple concept that most people had already understood, but it took a wasted season to drill it into my head. 2016 was absolutely Leshoure’s worst season in college. He ended up posting career lows across the board - yards, completion percentage, touchdowns. Live and learn. My final two years at Boston College were dedicated to transforming the offense into a more balanced attack. We never had a great running game, but Ben Curry developed a reputation for taking over big games when opposing defenses would focus entirely on Leshoure. As the reliance on our passing game decreased, our overall offensive production went up. Again, it’s a very simple concept yet I still see coaches making the same mistakes today. Leshoure’s pass attempts decreased each year, but he set career highs in yards and touchdowns in 2017, and again in 2018. He led us to back-to-back playoff appearances, with a trip to the National Championship Game to end his career. Though we ended up losing his final game, it doesn’t take away from the four seasons that I was able to coach him. In summary, Alex Leshoure’s career was as up and down as mine. He taught me the power of a balanced offense and, perhaps most importantly, he helped me fall in love with this place. No homo.
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    Early Bird Sacks the Saints Lead by Early Davis, Falcons have one of the best games of the season against rival Saints. Falcons defense moves up to #1 scoring defense allowing 10.6 PPG.
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    What is your experience coaching safeties? In NFLHC I've been blessed to have always had a top-tier Strong Safety (Reeves in JAX & Sauter in LAR) roving the back. I've never had much more than a league average Free Safety at best, so it's hard to say about what I like in them. Based off my general game-planning experience, I feel that my coaching philosophy really does require a prominent player at Safety; both of them don't have to be great, but at least one does. I'm convinced that a large part of why 2018 Jacksonville tanked hard was the fact that Larry Reeves was absent most of the year with injury, and the back of the secondary got absolutely torched as a result. Do you carefully asssess the use of zone/split/man coverage or do you have a set you let them run the entire year? Depends on the team. In Jacksonville I usually stuck with Man Coverage in the early years and left it at that, but the defense then was built around a Cover Zero philosophy (to the extent you can do such in this sim; every player we had was a Man type). LA is traditionally an all-zone team that has been adapting to a wider variety of coverages as of late, so our Safeties play either Zone or Split depending on what I see out of an opponent (all of our Safeties are Zone types). I'd say that if I had mixed Safeties, I'd probably run a wide variety of overages, as I have in CFBHC, but I'm a little more set with the default type when I have the same types. What experiences can you outline versus certain offenses with the use of either coverage type? I think of all three coverage positions, Safeties are the most dependent on the other two for how they operate. Linebackers and Cornerbacks generally get assigned their roles first, and then I usually mold the Safeties after them. Do you tend to go heavy man against 40+ attempt passers or heavy zone... or do you rely on the receivers not the QB to tell you what to play? The only thing I look at the QB for when determining coverage plans is Pocket/Hybrid/Scrambler. Their skill level doesn't matter to me, but their play style does. I look much more carefully at WRs and TEs when creating a coverage gameplan, as their attributes and skill levels will determine what coverage I think is suitable.
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    How far will the offensive line carry the Wolverines in 2020? Overview Michigan started the 2019 season with high expectations, hoping that newly appointed HC Jmjacobs can finally lead the Wolverines to the promised land. However, the hype quickly turned into disappointment, as Michigan limped to the bowl season with a 6-6 (1-6 B1G) record. The good news for the Wolverines before the 2020 season is that the roster is still full of talent, the offensive backfield gained some experience, and that the coaching staff had a whole offseason to figure out which schemes fit the team best. However, the schedule Michigan has to face is much tougher than in the previous couple years. The OOC opponents (NC State, Fresno State, BYU) are not particularly threatening, but they are a bigger challenge than the cupcakes former HC Sophos used to schedule. The Wolverines' real problem is that besides national champion Penn State they also have to face arguably the 3 best teams from the B1G West (Purdue, Wisconsin and Minnesota). Strengths and Weaknesses OT Kyle Will 6-5 272 (Jr) Portage Central (Portage, MI) 5.0 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] OG Steven Davidson 6-3 280 (Jr) Cedar Grove-Belgium (Cedar Grove, WI) 4.5 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] C Miguel Prieto 6-4 259 (Fr) Riverside (Durham, NC) 2.0 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] OG LaMichael Harley 6-2 297 (Sr) Schoolcraft College (Garden City MI) 5.0 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] OT Nico Renner 6-6 312 Sr Delta College-Michigan (University Center, MI) 5.0 of 5.0 [Run Blocking] Take another look at that offensive line. That's right, there are four 5.0s and a 4.5 in the starting lineup. Potential-wise this is one of the best O-lines in CFB history, and everyone except the center is at maximum skill. Gabe Cooper will have days to throw the ball, and the running backs will greatly benefit from the supreme blocking this line will provide. Additionally, coach Jmjacobs has experience bringing the best out of talented O-lines, as good line play was the foundation of the success his Iowa teams had. To look at further strengths, the Wolverines defense is also looking amazing before the 2020 season. All of the starters are future pros, and the defensive line is still scary, even though Jared Self and Zion Hopkins are not on the team anymore. QB Gabe Cooper 5-10 198 (Jr) Mayer Lutheran (Mayer, MN) 4.0 of 4.0 [Pocket] RB Jaden Whitley 5-9 211 (Jr) Troy (Troy, OH) 3.5 of 4.0 [Power] You know a team is loaded when a 4/4 QB is marked as a weak link. This Michigan team is very talented of course, but the overall power level of the roster is not the only reason these player are listed here. Last season the Wolverines had almost the same stellar O-line, they had Tyrus Wilson, yet they went 1-6 in conference. If you're trying to explain the reason this offense struggled at times, you ought to come to the conclusion that the inexperience at QB and RB was the problem. Cooper is a decent player, who now has a year of experience leading this offense, so he will probably perform better this season. He is also aided by excellent line protection and a skilled receiving corps, and if the coaching staff finds the right scheme for him, I don't see any chance that the fiasco of 2019 is repeated. Key Games Week 5 @Purdue Week 14 @Penn State Week 15 @Wisconsin Unfortunately the Wolverines play their toughest games on the road. They might get to the playoffs/B1GCCG if they lose only one, but another loss probably destroys those hopes. Additionally, Michigan will face other dangerous foes during their 2020 campaign, as they host Minnesota and their bitter rival Ohio State. It is hard to say where this team will end up at the end of the season, mainly because of their underwhelming 2019 season and their strength of schedule. 8-12 wins seems like a safe and reasonable prediction; anything less than that would devastate Michigan fans and raise questions about coach Jmjacobs' ability to maintain the program's reputation as a national powerhouse.
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    Neal Davis: Good afternoon, and welcome to this edition of The Wildcat Den. Today we will be previewing the 2020 spring game. Joining us today is the coach of our beloved Wildcats, Coach HAFFnHAFF. Welcome to the show coach! Coach HAFFnHAFF: Thanks for having me! Neal: So coach, this is the first spring game that Kansas State has ever hosted. What made you decide to have one this year? HAFF: We have a team that we are very excited to show to fans this season and we just couldn't wait until the fall to preview them. Neal: So walk us through the format for the spring game. What should we expect? HAFF: Well we will play a normal 4 quarter game. When it comes to teams we have the Purple Team which is essentially our 1st team offense and our 2nd team defense vs the Silver Team which is our 2nd team offense and 1st team defense. We aren't here to see starters put up crazy stats against underclassmen. We are here to see real football against real competition! Neal: You say this will be real football against real competition. What degree of contact will be allowed in the game? Who will get the red jerseys? HAFF: This will be a full contact game. There will be no red jerseys. Neal: Interesting. So you are going to allow your projected starting QB and RB to take hits? HAFF: Absolutely. Anyone can throw pretty passes against air. Anyone can look poised in the pocket when they don't have to worry about getting hit. But that isn't how the game is played on Saturday. On Saturday you have to trust your linemen, step into the pocket, and deliver on target passes while taking shots from the blitzing defense. We want to see where we are at for real, not just make our offense look good to fans. Neal: Wow. Sounds intense! I hope that no injuries come from the game. So you mentioned that the 1st team offense will be playing together. Which QB will get the nod to work with the first team? HAFF: Rahim [Murrell] will be running with the 1s. He and Julius [Minnow] have been splitting first team reps throughout the spring, but Rahim will get the nod on Saturday. Neal: So does Rahim have the job? Or are you just leaning that way? HAFF: We are leaning towards Rahim right now. But Julius is right there in contention. We are very excited about what both of these guys have shown. And honestly, this battle won't be decided in the spring. A lot will depend on what happens throughout the summer as well. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have 2 QBs we are so high on that can push each other day in and day out. Neal: What other position battles are going on right now that we can keep an eye on? HAFF: No other position battles, per se, but there are some younger guys we are definitely excited to see on the field. RB Jaiden Givens redshirted last year but is the heir apparent to the starting RB spot when Elijah Humphrey graduates next year. They have a very similar skill set so we are excited to see what he can do running with the 2nd team offense. Jhonny Palacios will be the starting slot WR. He is also coming off a redshirt season where he showed us a lot on the practice field. We are excited to see what he can do. Abraham Swift is a senior who has been a backup center for his whole career and we are going to slot him in at LG and see if he can give us quality starts there. Felix Hovarth is slotted in at RG for his first real game action. We have true freshman FS Ahmad Winston who is expected to start for us in the fall. But perhaps what I'm most excited about is seeing the boys from Royal Valley, DT Isaiah Lawrence and OLB Brendan Scherer run with the 2nd team D. We expect these two guys to be stars for a long time for this defense, but plan to redshirt them this year to give them a little more time to develop. Neal: That sounds exciting coach! I'm ready to watch the game now! HAFF: Me too Neal. Me too. We have been working hard all spring and are really excited to put on a show for the fans before we hang up the pads for the summer. Neal: One more thing before you go coach. I need a prediction from you. Who do you think wins the game? HAFF: That is a tough one. I'm going to say the Purple Team pulls out a close game. I think the experience of Elijah Humprey and the confidence of Rahim Murrell will carry the offense and the upside of Scherer and Lawrence will show through on the defensive side of the ball. Neal: I guess it doesn't hurt that you are the one calling the plays for the Purple team? HAFF: [laughing] No I guess that doesn't hurt either. I'll give the Purple Team the coaching edge too. Neal: I'm sure your assistants will be pinning that on the bulletin board. Well that's all the time we have coach. Thanks for joining us this week on the Wildcat Den. Looking forward to having you back next week to break down the game. HAFF: Thanks for having me Neal.
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    The committee has had a pretty busy this week so we will only predict the winners. I know everyone is sad they won't get to see the usual in-depth analysis, but fret not we will be back next week with all the juicy details.. Here's the picks! Thursday, April 27th 2017 8:00 pm EST Denver Broncos (3-2) at Los Angeles Chargers (1-3) - Broncos use the motivation from their hiccup last week to crush the Chargers. Sunday, April 30th 2017 1:00 pm EST Oakland Raiders (2-2) at New England Patriots (2-3) - The Pats seem to be figuring things out and they are at home. Tennessee Titans (2-3) at Buffalo Bills (1-4) - Buffalo's pass-rush should crush an inconsistent Tennessee line. Cleveland Browns (2-2) at Cincinnati Bengals (3-2) - I'm so happy to see Jank ballin' out. He's too much for Cleveland to handle. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-1) at Baltimore Ravens (2-3) - Baltimore is playing better as of late but Jacksonville still takes the win. Carolina Panthers (5-0) at Pittsburgh Steelers (2-3) - After Shea's performance last week, Skaggs can hardly contain his excitement to play Pittsburgh. San Francisco 49ers (3-1) at Philadelphia Eagles (2-2) - Arizona beat both of these teams... San Fran is still the champs so I'm taking them.. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-5) at New Orleans Saints (0-5) - I guess I'll take the home team? I feel like Tampa is making too many changes too quickly. 4:00 pm EST Miami Dolphins (4-1) at Dallas Cowboys (4-1) - Jumanji picks the home team. Houston Texans (3-2) at Indianapolis Colts (1-3) - Harden might be the answer on the ground the Colts are looking for. If they find balance - watch out. Washington Redskins (1-3-1) at Seattle Seahawks (3-2) - Seattle is improving every week! Detroit Lions (4-1) at Green Bay Packers (5-0) - As well as Green Bay has played Detroit will be their biggest test yet. Detroit's D is the best GB has faced and wins them the game. Arizona Cardinals (2-2-1) at Los Angeles Rams (4-1) - I'd be lying if I said I understood the Cards... 8:00 pm EST New York Jets (3-1) at New York Giants (1-3) - Jets win the battle of New York. Monday, May 1st, 2017 8:00 pm EST Atlanta Falcons (4-1) at Minnesota Vikings (1-4) - If Minnesota tries to throw it 50 times on Atlanta's secondary that is going to end in disaster.
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    I really like the new recruiting system. I wasn't around for much of the old system, but this seems like a big improvement. Here are a few further improvement suggestions though: Show if an opposing team has used school and/or coach visits on recruits as well as scholarships. That would be information you would know in real life. Denote ties. Right now it is listed in reverse alphabetical order so I can't tell if I am leading or tied on guys I only put a scholarship on. Differentiate between lead sizes (i.e. if someone is within 15 of you highlight their icon, if they are within 30 they are on the board but not highlighter, outside of 30 they aren't there at all)
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    In CFBHC, my first quarterback was Will Thompson. When I first started the sim, I decided to make Thompson a workhorse, even though he was only a 4/4 and I had a 4.5/5 RB in Chester Henson. I don't really remember the decision making behind that, maybe it was something to do with the defenses I was going up against. But Thompson played fantastically in the teams first game. Going up against #9 Michigan, the Trojans fell behind 21-7 nearing the end of the first half. On the final play in the half, Thompson connected with Champ Whitaker for an 82-yard TD to bring the game back within a TD. The Trojans ended up beating the Wolverines 37-34 in OT and Thompson went 25 of 37 for 314 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT. However, whenever I stuck with the same workload for Thompson the next week, things went south very quickly. We were the #3 team in the nation, going up against an unranked Georgia Tech team that wound up finishing the season with a 5-7 record. Yet, we wound up losing the game 23-10. Chester Henson only had 11 carries the entire game and was limited to 45 yards, a feat that would never be repeated that season. Thompson threw the ball 49 times, connecting with a receiver only on 23 of those attempts, for only 160 yards. He threw only one touchdown and threw two interceptions. The next week, Chester Henson ran the ball 23 times for 301 yards and would have ran for more, but was taken out in the first half to converse energy (or at least, I assume that's what happened). Will Thompson taught me the value of two things in the sim: the value of a balanced offense and the value of Chester Henson. In NFLHC, my first quarterback was Brian Vardell. When I drafted Brian Vardell, I was attempting to use those values that I had garnered from Will Thompson and apply them to the Minnesota Vikings. I knew the need for a balanced offense and I knew the value of Chester Henson. So, when Chester Henson was still available at my pick in the first round, I knew I had to take him. Vardell was truly a wild card, at least, he was to me. In all honesty, Vardell was a panic pick. I knew I needed a quarterback if I wanted to succeed. When quarterbacks Greg Bierria and Darren Werner went off the board a few picks before me, quarterbacks that I had a higher rating on then Vardell, I knew I needed to take a quarterback soon. I scoured the list of available players to see who the best QB still available was and it happened to be Brian Vardell. I hadn't really analyzed his stats, I was just planning on being an owner, but my GM and HC had both went AWOL, which led to me hiring alwl9 right before the draft, even though he had no experience whatsoever. So, I guessed on a QB, but took who I knew to be a bonafide superstar in Chester Henson and I hoped for the best with my rookie head coach leading the way. Vardell proved himself from the very beginning to be one of the greatest picks in that draft, providing the offense with just the right amount of balance to keep defenses on their heels and to lead the Vikings to victory. While Vardell had his ups and downs throughout the season, and Henson didn't always dominate as much as we wanted him to, we found ourselves in the Super Bowl, which was a great surprise to me and alwl9. And on the night of the big game, I sat in my bedroom, listening as Dean sat in his bed reading off the script that foretold the Vikings winning the Super Bowl, while he simultaneously forgot to do his dishes. And I never could have done any of those things without the help of Will Thompson and his 2 interceptions against Georgia Tech.
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    Ken Fucking Eller brought 2016 UCLA to a 13-1 record and a bowl win over Pitt. I then somehow convinced Broletariat to draft him in the 7th round of the draft where he spent 2 years as the Eagles starter, including an inexplicable 7-9 record in his second season on an expansion team roster. He backed up AT in his first season with Philly and played just well enough in the preseason to claim the 3rd string spot in 2020. Unless we see a big, unexpected progression; KFE's days as a pro player may be numbered. God bless that beautiful bastard.
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    The most prolific passing quarterback in CFBHC history... Matty Swift. I was at a happy hour with vtgorilla and he was telling me about the site. I was immediately interested in joining and lucky enough for me Texas A&M was available. Who cares that they were 0-8, they had a good quarterback and his name was Matty Swift. How can you not immediately root for a guy named Matty Swift? The first game I coached was against Fresno State and it was an epic shootout... Two things about that game stick out. Matty Swift, TAMU, 38 of 53 for 489 yards, 4 TD, 1 INT Adrian Jankowski, TAMU, 15 for 277 yards, 2 TD - The fist thing is just the statline that Matty and Jank put up in that game.. holy crap Justin Nielsen, missed 44 yd FG - 0:02 (TAMU) - BLOCKED - Justin Nielsen only missed 1 FG in the 17 games I coached him, and it was the very first one he took.. Would have tied the game. Anyways I finished the season 3-1 in the 4 games I coached to bring the Aggies to 3-9 for the year.. Matty was so much fun to coach and I was immediately hooked on the site. The 2018 season was Matty's senior year and I wanted to go all in and get him a Heisman. I mean the dude ends up being the career passing leader and he had a coach for not even half of his career. I created a fake Heisman website for his campaign that included a link to some pre-created Matty Swift for Heisman shirts people could order. Unfortunately no one ever bought a shirt I probably should have mailed them to each Heisman voter. The Aggies ended up with one of the hardest schedules in the country playing Ohio State, Alabama, Auburn who all made the final 4 that year. We had Jank, but people forget that our 2nd WR was a 3/3, our slot was a 2.5/2.5 and our TE was a 3.5/3.5. Matty got that 2.5/2.5 WR a 150 yard 2 TD day against Oregon. There just wasn't a lot of talent on that team, but Matty put up a crazy 4,453 yard with 36 TDs and 6 Int season. Jaz Durant ended up winning the Heisman, which was fine, but Alex Leshoure got more Heisman votes and won the QB of the year award. Matty put up better numbers on a much worse team, I was pretty bummed about it all - I had let Matty down. I wanted to send Matty out with a bowl win, but alas @inspiral won the trash talk championship sending all the Matty for Heisman shirts to those in need. Matty has a great game against Purdue, but Purdue scored more points and that's that. Everyone knows how the story goes.. Matty slipped to the second round and was taken by the Chargers... Each day he sits on the bench makes me cry on the inside. Matty is still my favorite player on this site..
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    I didn't really talk about him much at all or do any hyping in his regard, but my first starting QB was this 5/5 QB named James Dale. He was also the only 5/5 and only 5 potential player on the initial roster I inherited. In my mind and in the way I used him, he was a gunslingin' throw-the-rock-down-the-field Brett Favre type, and his combine pretty much confirmed that. Obviously, I overhyped him way too much, but that was part of the fun for me back then. People can see through that type of thing though and that's why he was a 5th round pick. That said, he's a pretty good backup QB for me on the Jets right now so I can't say I'm too sad with how it worked out. Plus when Wegert gets inevitably injured for a game a year I get to see him play for my NFLHC team that's actually pretty good, so that's nice. That arm will probably keep him on NFLHC rosters, whether it's with us or somewhere else, for some time. In NFLHC my first QB was [Pro Bowl Quarterback] Onterrio Smith. I knew nothing about the sim when I conducted the first draft, but seeing PBQOS' college stats I didn't really care that he was a 71 overall. Seriously, if you don't know yet, go check them. He should have won the Heisman that year. Anyway, he was alright but not great even though he made the Pro Bowl (6 TD / 7 INT) and I kinda saw the writing on the wall that he wasn't a future NFL starter. Thus, I made the executive decision to go after a QB who would be more usable in the pros, which is why we drafted Aaron Kotar. He actually played a bit in 2015 but once we drafted Wegert in 2016 he was a full-time backup for us until he declined our contract offer and went to Pittsburgh. Still, PBQOS was not only fun to have for a year, he also became one of this site's best memes, so I regret nothing.
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    J.B. Blacknall, DEN, 19 for 89 yards, 0 TD, 3/2 F/L jesus christ
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    Duke Football does not have a prestigious history. They are among the worst programs in CFBHC History. But, things are turning around in Durham. You can sense it on the field. The players are attentive and locked in, the coaches are yelling and cheering them on. There is an aura of hope in the air. Coach Darman has made his mark on the recruiting trail the last couple of years and the fruit of that effort is starting to be felt on the field. He stands aside, watching Bryce Thompson toss out routes with Sean Spaczek. He doesn't say anything, just smiles. You can tell he has hope for this season. Duke finished 2019 3-9 and for once, that actually felt disappointing instead of expected. Coach Darman was willing to sit down and speak with us briefly. 1. You got off to a promising start in 2019 and then struggled in conference play, what's the key to avoiding that this year? Being consistent in our effort on a week to week basis. Our team is more experienced than it was last year after starting a freshman QB for the second consecutive year. We still have a lot of youth on our team so it is up to the older guys to give guidance to first year starters on how to prepare well for games and other things that can make you a successful team. 2. Everything we've seen/heard from Duke's spring has shown that Bryce Thompson has taken a huge step forward. Why stay with Kyle Jefferson? Bryce Thompson has had a good spring. All of our QBs have shown improvement. Neither one of them have won or lost the starting job at this point and Kyle is currently at the top of our depth chart because he was there last year. As spring progresses we might see a different lineup on the depth chart for all of our positions. There is never a time where there isn't a position battle. It's just a matter of who is closer to earning his starting spot. Editorial Note: Since we sat down with Coach Darman, Bryce Thompson was moved to the top of the Depth Chart. Their Respective Performances in the Spring Game: Bryce Thompson - 20-32 209 Yards, 3 TD, 1 INT 142.05 QB Rating Kyle Jefferson - 18-33 275 Yards, 1 TD, 1 INT 128.48 QB Rating 3. You have a new face to your running game, what does Christian Collins need to do this season? Christian Collins just needs to do what he did all through high school and in practices last year. Just play effective football. He's a talented player, but he is young. We expect big things from him in the future, but for now we just need him to just have fun, and put in work. We don't expect Akili Wallace from him, but just improvement from week to week. 4. How much do Kai Betts and Ahmed Mark really mean to your defense? Kai and Ahmed are our leaders. They are experienced players, and both occupy spots in the Duke record book already. Both are players who will be remembered after they leave. Ahmed is a 2 time All ACC performer and Kai Betts has the potential to do that as well. The whole defense follows their lead. What they do on the field and off the field. To have had the opportunity to coach these young men, I couldn't have been more lucky. 5. Your starting secondary has each had at least one year as a starter. How will they lean on that experience in the upcoming season? Our secondary is one of our deeper and more experienced position groups. They got beat up some last season but they all have had a strong spring. Jeremy Easter, who is our veteran leader of this group needs to get back to what worked his Freshman year in order for us to have success. Our secondary will go how he goes. He's the trend setter. If he does well he makes our entire defense better. The rest of our defense now knows how to deal with the long season and how to make improvement every week of the year and how to prepare on and off the field. 6. Lastly, what are your expectations for 2020? Week to week improvement. We have a good football team, with a good mix of youth and experience. We will get better every day, and every week. We play some good football teams, including many we have struggled with in the past. But this team has the ability to get over the hump and get us into the postseason. I don't expect perfection, but I expect for our team to put in the work to get better and better every week.
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    GRAHAM DAZZLES IN SPRING GAME Redshirt Freshman Christian Graham throws for 335 yards, 4 TD in 38-6 win Christian Graham drops back in the pocket and reads the opposing defense Christian Graham threw for 335 yards and 4 touchdowns to lead KU White to a 38-6 triumph over KU Blue in the 2020 spring game. The redshirt freshman--who was listed at the top of the depth chart heading into spring ball--likely solidified his hold on the starting quarterback position and will almost certainly become the first freshman Jayhawk quarterback to start a season opener. "I've been practicing nonstop with the rest of the 1st team, just trying to get used to their tendencies and see how I can fit in," said Graham. "We still got a whole summer ahead to get our timing down." Graham threw a touchdown pass in each quarter. He hooked up with Sebastian Huff for an 18-yard score in the first, Malcolm Davis for 7 yards in the 2nd, Rod Fulton for 22 in the 3rd, and a jump pass to fullback Nick Tubbs for 3 in the 4th. "Yeah, we ran a play for Tubby," said Graham. "Kind of snuck him under the defense, faked the sneak, and popped it right to him." The Blue offense struggled for the entirety of the game, unable to find much consistency through the ground or through the air. Junior Kaden Cazares finished 15-30 for 135 yards and an interception, and three-year starter Jalen Clayton gathered 80 yards on 20 carries. KU Blue was limited to two field goals from junior Cody Lombardi (40, 35). Clayton's performance is particularly notable when compared to that of junior college transfer Rod Fulton, who enters as a redshirt junior. Fulton finished with 84 yards rushing on 18 carries, 51 yards receiving on 3 catches, and two total touchdowns. "We're gonna need time in the film room before we decide on the final post-spring depth chart," said 7th-year coach stormstopper. "Christian and Rod were impressive out there for sure. [Wide receiver] Malcolm [Davis] was his usual incredible self, and I was pleased with what Sebastian Huff gave us as well. But Christian in particular was a standout, and we're gonna keep him working with the 1st team." While most eyes were on the two offenses, there were some impressive performances on defense as well. Senior Amir Ransom and true freshman Jamari Callahan each collected a sack for Blue while junior Chad Haywood added a sack for White. The only turnover of the game was a second-quarter interception by sophomore free safety Richard Clemons, who is pushing senior Isaiah Heard for the starting job. "Overall, I would've liked to see more out of our defense," said stormstopper. "I loved the effort I saw out of Amir and Jamari, and both Richard and Noel [Barfield] were out there making all sorts of crazy plays on the ball. I'm feeling confident at the front and back of the defense, but we can't let that middle be a soft underbelly or we're gonna be a wet tissue. That's something we're gonna work on." The real highlight of the game, though, came after time expired. Several players and coaches stayed after the game for the Train Like A Jayhawk clinic, running drills and teaching skills for kids grades 1-6. Is it too early to offer this kid a scholarship?
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    What I would consider is this: a scholarship offer, in addition to providing points, cancels all automatic state points on that player
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    I'd second that, and also suggest that a scholarship be worth at least enough to cancel out the in-state bonus so that in-state schools have to do at least the bare minimum to defend their state's recruits.
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    So at some point someone is going to have to explain to me why a 4 year starter (including this year) would just up and leave as a senior because it logistically makes no sense. Updated my depth chart nonetheless.
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    Wake Forest Demon Deacons 2019 Record: 0-12 (0-7 ACC) 7th in the Atlantic It was very ugly in Winston-Salem last season. Wake finished the year at 0-12, being one of two winless teams at the end of the season (Oregon State being the other). Not much went quite right on either side of the ball. The offense failed to hold on to the ball, being forced into 24 turnovers (four fumbles, twenty interceptions), easily worst in the conference. Elias Milner and Hemana Toma were inexplicably ineffective in the air; in fact, all but one quarterback (Max Laws) threw for more yards than the Wake duo combined. The defense struggled to take the ball away from the opposition, recording only three interceptions all season. The front seven provided little to no pressure, picking up only six sacks. Make no mistake - Wake has some talented players, but absolutely nothing clicked for them last season. Can they break the spell this season? Notable Losses: QB Elias Milner 6-2 238 Sr Notre Dame (Lawrenceville NJ) 3.0 of 3.0 [Scrambling] WR Joseph Betancourt-Zepeda 6-3 220 Sr Crest (Shelby NC) 2.5 of 2.5 [Speed] OG Nico Carlin 6-4 320 Sr Riverside (Durham NC) 3.0 of 3.0 [Run Blocking] DT Kayden Paige 6-2 297 Sr Southern Guilford (Greensboro NC) 2.5 of 2.5 [2-Gap] It's less about the players that have been lost to graduation and more about the players that new coach K3ndr!ck_L@mar is redshirting. Milner, eventually replaced by Toma in midseason, was arguably the better of the two quarterbacks stat-wise, having a higher completion percentage and a higher TD:INT ratio. Betancourt-Zepeda was Wake's second-leading receiver (339 yards, 1 TD). All of Wake's potential pro players are being redshirted this year in an attempt to prepare for the future, meaning we won't see the likes of Kyle Palmer (#1 rusher), Julio Cass (#1 receivers as a tight end), Carter Duncan (#1 LB), and De'Marius Mims (#1 safety). Notable Returners: QB Hemana Toma 6-4 237 Sr Pocono Mountain West (, PA) 3.0 of 3.0 [Scrambling] WR Abdoulaye Hawkins 6-0 212 (So) Milford (Milford, DE) 3.5 of 3.5 [Target] DE Jaylen Grayson 6-2 243 Jr Southeast Raleigh (Raleigh, NC) 3.0 of 3.0 [Blitz] DT Bryan Hendrickson 6-2 301 Sr Cumberland Valley (Mechanicsburg, PA) 3.0 of 3.5 [2-Gap] OLB Damani Patton 6-1 254 Jr Montville Township (Montville, NJ) 3.0 of 3.0 [Blitz] OLB Isaiah Booker 6-3 218 Jr Northwest (Germantown, MD) 3.0 of 3.0 [Coverage] CB Damien Burrell 6-1 191 Sr Manchester (Midlothian, VA) 3.0 of 3.0 [Zone Coverage] It's not a lot, but it's something. Toma, of course, was the other starting quarterback for Wake last season, but he struggled a lot more than Milner down the stretch, and most importantly, he failed to find the W that the Deacs desperately wanted. Hawkins returns as Toma's supposedly top target (was 3rd in receiving yards at WR1 last season). The defense sees the return of Grayson, who recorded half of Wake's sacks last season, and Hendrickson, their tackle maching in the middle of the line. Patton, Booker, and Burrell also return as playmakers, with the latter having important top cornerback experience despite falling into the #2 corner position this season. Potential Strengths: Applying Pressure - The Deacons return 100% of their accumulated pass rush from last season in Grayson, Hendrickson, Booker, and Patton. Lamont Landrum, the defensive end opposite of Grayson, is also a returning player, although his production was minimal in comparison to his teammates in the front seven. With the addition of sophomore Adrian Gamble at defensive tackle (assuming Wake properly runs the 4-3), Wake should have a much improved pass rush, and this can help a rather weak secondary in pass protection. Assuming the likes of Grayson and Booker can get into the backfield more often this season, the defense in Winston-Salem might not be nearly as poor this time around. Strength at Corner - The return of Burrell means that the Deacons do have one player with experience in the secondary, however he has fallen to #2 corner on the current depth chart. Alexander Glenn takes over as the #1 corner, and he looks to be more solid overall in coverage than he returning teammate. Burrell has experience against top receivers in the conference, actually performing decently well against the likes of Brandon Hester, Josiah McCray, and Omari Ruff. If there's going to be a positive to this secondary, it's going to be the corners somewhat holding down the fort. Potential Weaknesses: Taking the [Temporary] Reigns - A lot of positions will see first-time starters this season due to the redshirting of Wake's key players. Most notably is the temporary replacement of Kyle Palmer with senior Oscar Sanderson. The two backs couldn't be more different, with Palmer preferring to beat people out with speed and finesse, whereas Sanderson would rather pound right through his opposition. The offensive line (starting four new players) is more built for Palmer's approach, although Palmer was able to put up solid numbers despite a weak offensive line. The same probably won't be true for Sanderson; he's not as talented a player as Palmer, nor does he have the speed or energy to break off longer runs - a main reason Wake was at least competitive in some of their games. 1-Dimensional Analysis - The thing about Sanderson is, he might actually have to carry more of the load this season. With Hemana Toma returning to the starting role, the offense actually lacks a main identity. We don't know if they can run without Palmer (Toma certainly showed that he can't, picking up 15 yards on 14 carries). The passing game is almost nonexistent as well, with Toma having the lowest completion percentage, second-lowest YPA (behind Blake Fry), and lowest QB Rating. The offensive line isn't promising enough for the run game, and the receivers aren't solid enough for the passing game. What is this Wake Forest offense? Can K3ndr!ck give us the answer? 2020 Schedule: Week 1: at East Carolina (Greenville, NC) Week 3: at North Texas (Denton, TX) Week 4: Fresno State (Winston-Salem, NC) Week 5: at South Carolina (Columbia, SC) Week 7: at Georgia Tech (Atlanta, GA) Week 8: North Carolina State (Winston-Salem, NC) Week 10: at Clemson (Clemson, SC) Week 11: Duke (Winston-Salem, NC) Week 12: at Boston College (Chestnut Hill, MA) Week 14: Louisville (Winston-Salem, NC) Week 15: Florida State (Winston-Salem, NC) Week 16: at Syracuse (Syracuse, NY) What to Expect: Not much, really. The non-conference schedule doesn't look necessarily bad, but you have to consider that this is Wake Forest without their best players. ECU has enough left in the tank to make work of the Deacs, and you have to pray for Toma when Wake visits Javier Grady and North Texas. Fresno still has Ryan Harris, although we're yet to see what becomes of him without Sam Hiller-Weeden. South Carolina has too much talent, despite it never coming to fruition. In conference, there's only one game that Wake can realistically win, and that's on the road at Syracuse. Unfortunately, Syracuse still has a lot of solid pieces defensively, and Wake will eventually come up empty once again this season at 0-12 (0-8 ACC) and 7th in the Atlantic once again. Best Case Scenario: A simply average team can put together an offense and shock a few people. It's not impossible for Wake to knock off ECU and North Texas, and Syracuse is vulnerable offensively after losing Dylan Bishop to the pros. 3-9 (1-7 ACC) seems to be Wake's cap this season, and that would be a huge plus after laying an egg last season. Worst Case Scenario: There's nothing worse than an 0-12 season, and I already expect that to happen. The only thing that could be worse in Winston-Salem is if the Deacons aren't competitive in their easiest games. 2020 has already been labelled a throwaway season by the coaching staff, so there's honestly not much to expect with Wake Forest. Just get through it and move on.
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    Burning Question: Three of the best players in Cyclone history are gone. Is the Iowa State program strong enough to withstand their departures? Last year's record: 7-6 (3-4) Key departures QB Clifford Wilcox RB Arturo Pacheco WR Tom Oldham OT Harry Mock C Aden Hastings K Eric Graves Key returnees WR Elliott Efi OG Max Gavin DE Mekhi Tolbert DT Kai Voss CB David Tolliver Impact newcomers QB August Blank (redshirted junior) OT D'Neal Norris (redshirted freshman) C Russell Daigle (redshirted junior) OLB Paul Bryant (redshirted freshman) SS Laurent Daniel (redshirted freshman) Four-Year Recruiting Rank: 25th overall, 6th Big XII Chicago Tribune Preseason Rank: 35th overall, 8th Big XII Schedule and Projection at Nebraska at New Mexico at Minnesota Kansas Baylor at Oklahoma State at Kansas State TCU at Texas Texas Tech at West Virginia Oklahoma Projected record: 4-8 (2-7) Best-case scenario: 8-4 (6-3) Worst-case scenario: 1-11 (0-9) Bellwether game: Week 2 at Nebraska. The Huskers are about to go through their own struggles with the departures of Sean Hamilton and Marcus Williams, so the two programs will be fighting on relatively even strength. Both teams need to figure out who their playmakers are on offense: Nebraska's Sebastian Babb and Iowa State's Elliott Efi are the prime suspects. Both teams have some serious talent on defense to make up for their relative lack of offense. On paper, Iowa State looks a little bit better than Nebraska, but playing this game in Lincoln adds an extra wrinkle to their opener. A win here leaves the Cyclones feeling good about their bowl chances. A loss means they'll only have a couple of weeks to get their ducks in a row. Three Strengths Iowa State's offensive line should be one of the most impressive groups in the conference, anchored by elite interior linemen Max Gavin and Russell Daigle along with blue-chip D'Neal Norris. This projects to be the best defensive line Iowa State's had yet. Defensive ends Mekhi Tolbert and Jalen Pittman along with defensive tackle Kai Voss could all be playing on Sundays. Redshirt freshmen Paul "Bear" Bryant and Laurent Daniel are an immediate talent upgrade and can elevate Iowa State's defense to be among the conference's best. Three Weaknesses Replacing their top three offensive playmakers will be difficult, and matching the talent level of Wilcox, Pacheco, and Oldham is nearly impossible. Receiving corps isn't very deep: after Elliott Efi and tight end Kamari Malloy, no other Cyclone has shown an ability to consistently get open. A young linebacker corps will put more pressure on the defensive line to keep containment and bust backfields open. Outlook The first squall line has passed. With the graduation of Clifford Wilcox and Arturo Pacheco and the early departure of Tom Oldham, Iowa State will now have to build around a new identity. In 2020, that identity's going to come from their defense. With a strong defensive line, a young but talented set of linebackers, and a secondary led by David Tolliver and Kamari Wilkins, the Cyclone defense that's given up 16.6 points per game over the last two years should continue to be a force to be reckoned with. But against a tougher schedule than they're used to facing, Iowa State's defense will need to turn up the heat to another level--and perhaps more importantly, the offense will have to build a new identity overnight. The offensive line will be strong, so it'll depend on what the Cyclones see from the backfield. As of now, junior quarterback August Blank and senior runningback Avery Jeffries are slated to start. If things go south, senior quarterback Peter Edge or junior runningback Josiah Edmonds could see some time. Blank's mobility would allow for the most schematic continuity from the Wilcox/Pacheco system, but Iowa State's #1 priority on offense will be finding the combination that can be most effective. Bottom line, though: there's some upside here for Iowa State, but we're going to need to see it to believe it. Presented by the Big XII Network
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    To: NFLHC Coaches CC: Randye4 Subject: This season so far. Body: "Guys I think im doing this tanking thing wrong. Please send help" But seriously GG San Fran! Im so proud of the way my boys played out there, to come away with a W from the reigning SB champs, its an honor.
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    Arizona with that 50.6 punting avg.
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    Atlanta is pretty much a hard counter to our offense. gg Falcons We've now lost two offensive linemen for the season. As if the defense being inept wasn't enough, our OL is going to be in a tough spot for most of the season. I'm just kind of over it already.
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    Skip Gibson, 47 yd FG - 3:28 (10-10) Skip Gibson, 33 yd FG - 0:00 (10-13) Skip Gibson, 39 yd FG - 7:44 (10-16) Skip Gibson, 38 yd FG - 3:09 (17-26) GATA, Skip
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