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Delay of Games

Only NFLHC games this week; only CFBHC games the following week; back to normal after that.

It Takes Two

It took two overtimes for Minnesota to top Illinois on a clinching run by RB Tredaveon Jennings.

Sometimes, It Be Ya Own Self

The Saints ruin their undefeated season by running trick plays, as punter Adonis Rosa throws an interception. You'd think people would have learned by now.

What Happens in Reno

Nevada upsets #6 Duke 17-13 by shutting down QB Bryce Thompson; true freshman Damon Goode had a pick for the Wolf Pack.

Cardiac Cards

The Cardinals were down 17-0 in the 4th quarter... and put up 21 points to win. WR Marcus Banks caught a 40-yard TD pass with a minute left to cap it.


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    Draft Schadenfreude

    Some good and bad in here: 2019: I was still very much learning the ropes, taking part in my first draft, but the one player that I absolutely fell in love with was Mike Woods, the OT that went #5 overall. I tried to move up to get him, but it was just too costly. I had him at #1 on my board and felt that if I could get him, he'd be a cornerstone to the rebuilding franchise. Hard to say that I got sniped with him being so talented, picked at #5, when I was picking at #11, but because I did have a few discussions with the Bills about moving to #5, I still think about that draft, and in hindsight, should have absolutely paid through the nose to get that tackle this team has so badly needed. 2020 2nd Round: Really wanted JB Blacknall in the 2nd round. Even though we had two picks before the Broncos had one, he "slipped" to the Broncos to haunt me for the next 8 years. Especially with the draft, your best ability is AVAILability. Not being there for Day 2 of the draft is still haunting our offense. 2020 4th Round: Was praying that Sam Chapman fell to us with the 99th pick. Went to the Jets at 95. He's been about what I expected. Not great, but certainly worthy of starting and surely capable. 2021 4th Round: I wanted OLB Terrence Plummer very, very badly. Overnight between R3 and R4, I traded up as high as I could (2nd pick in the round), after trying to get the #1 pick from Bubada. Then saw him take my guy. Plummer looked like a freak athlete that could sit for a year and then jump in as a valuable later-round pick. Not one bit disappointed in who I wound up taking in the #2 spot. Grabbed another freak athlete, TE Damian Mason, who has every tool needed to succeed. There's just a HOF TE getting most of the reps. But Mason has really excelled in preseason work, and has played well in a few starts, and even getting a TD as TE2 on occasion. So I'm not shedding any tears about missing out on Plummer, but I do think the guy could still develop into a good one. 2022: Had three Top-15 picks, and there were so many options available to us. Got exactly who I wanted with the first two picks, and was actually trying to trade up again to be able to get three Top picks to take Yeldon. It just didn't work out, though at times it looked close. But at #15, I was not prepared at all for Jarvis Ward to be on the board. I was trying to move down a few spots since I knew people wanted Ward and were trying to get #15. I just couldn't get the right deal quickly enough. The guy I wanted to take at #15 was OT Kyle Will. But I also figured that I might be able to trade back and get him, and OT had several other options that I liked, but Will was the top one for me. The clock was ticking, and I had 5 teams all trying to trade with me to get the pick. It was overwhelming and I couldn't get a deal done. I panicked, thinking that if I picked Ward, it would buy me more time to trade him, and if I couldn't, I was still getting the top WR prospect in the draft. I was still working the phones until the Raiders traded up and grabbed Will at #20. Maybe I was being greedy, but I didn't like the 2022 draft after the top 30-40 players, and didn't have roster space for extra players anyway, so in trading down, my options were limited in what I saw as valuable. Most teams were not interested in moving 2023 picks, so making a deal was harder for me. In hindsight, while I like Ward and think he's going to grow into a solid pro for us, it was not the right pick for us. He's not been the impact rookie that people had thought he could be, and on my team, Will would have been a better building block than Ward. Of course, our passing offense has really opened up, and having Ward in the lineup has helped. He's just not J.C. Weldon, nor did I think that was what I was getting. But the short version is, the Raiders sniped me for Will while I was trying to find a deal to trade down to get him.
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    She said yes everyone! Thank you for all the kind wishes.
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    [2022] SEC Week 6 Season Outlook

    WEST pt. 1 Alabama #2 Record:5-0 Notable Games Left: Week 9 @MSST, Week 15 LSU, Week 16 @Auburn Departing Seniors: QB Linus Petty 6-1 198 Sr Hinds Community College (Raymond, MS) 4.0 of 4.0 [Scrambling] RB Abdoul Pearson 6-1 228 (Sr) Hazlewood (Town Creek, AL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Power] RB Tolani Catingub 5-8 207 (Sr) Northeast (Macon, GA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Power] WR A.J. Edwards 6-4 217 Sr Prattville (Prattville, AL) 5.0 of 5.0 [Speed] WR Zahir Wall 6-5 208 Sr Jones County JC (Ellisville, MS) 5.0 of 5.0 [Target] WR Alex Dubose 6-1 198 (Sr) Wilcox County (Rochelle, GA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Target] DE Deontre Graham 6-7 244 (Sr) Louisburg College (Louisburg, NC) 5.0 of 5.0 [Contain] DT Walter Koehler 6-7 316 (Sr) Vernon (Vernon, FL) 4.5 of 4.5 [2-Gap] ILB Calvin Tucker 6-4 236 (Sr) Wallace Community College Selma (Selma, AL) 5.0 of 5.0 [Mike] FS Samir Driver 5-11 198 (Sr) Lake Gibson (Lakeland, FL) 5.0 of 5.0 [Man Coverage] K Jason Damico 5-7 193 (Sr) Chattahoochee (Chattahoochee, FL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Power] Top Recruits: FS Erick Daniels 5-10 195 Fr Saraland (Saraland AL) 3.0 of 5.0 Zone Coverage ILB Javon Freeman 6-4 225 Fr North Delta (Batesville MS) 1.0 of 5.0 Mike OG Mason Mullins 6-5 294 Fr Marion County (Guin AL) 1.5 of 5.0 Run Blocking Arkansas Record: 1-4 Notable Games Left: Week 10 @Ole Miss, Week 12 North Texas, Week 15 Missouri Need to win these games or will not have the recruiting points to compete in the SEC. Departing Seniors: QB Connor Dawson 6-2 205 (Sr) Espanola Valley (Espanola, NM) 4.0 of 4.0 [Pocket] DT Marlin Downs 6-3 271 (Sr) Southwest Mississippi Community College (Summit MS) 4.5 of 4.5 [1-Gap] ILB Xavier Darden 5-11 213 (Sr) Fort Scott Community College (Fort Scott, KS) 4.5 of 4.5 [Will] FS Terrell Bradley 6-2 192 (Sr) Todd County Central (Elkton, KY) 4.0 of 4.0 [Man Coverage] Top Recruits: SS Michael Dwyer 6-1 198 Fr Pulaski Academy (Little Rock AR) 1.0 of 4.5 Man Coverage OLB Ousmane Dawkins 6-4 236 Fr Ocean Springs (Ocean Springs MS) 3.0 of 3.0 Blitz Auburn Record: 4-0 Notable Games Left: Week 11 @ Texas A&M, Week 13 @LSU, Week 14 Georgia, Week 16 Alabama Typical ridiculously tough SEC West schedule. Departing Seniors: QB Marcus Black 6-6 225 (Sr) Plainview (Plainview, AL) 5.0 of 5.0 [Hybrid] OG Charlie Cooper 6-7 282 Sr Northeast Mississippi CC (Booneville, MS) 5.0 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] OG Kieran Moser 6-2 278 (Sr) Georgiana (Georgiana, AL) 4.5 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] OT Kendall Gresham 6-5 275 Sr Copiah-Lincoln CC (Wesson MS) 4.5 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] DT Jordy Magana 6-0 304 (Sr) Lawrence County (Moulton, AL) 4.0 of 4.0 [2-Gap] CB Miles Keys 6-0 194 (Sr) Saint James (Montgomery, AL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Man Coverage] Top Recruits: ATH Donte Delmas 5-11 150 Fr Walter Wellborn (Anniston AL) 3.0 of 5.0 Speed C Grant Pace 6-2 246 Fr Edward Little (Auburn ME) 3.0 of 4.5 Run Blocking CB Stephen Alarcon 5-10 192 Fr Colbert Heights (Tuscumbia AL) 1.0 of 5.0 Zone Coverage LSU #18 Record: 3-1 Notable Games Left: Week 7 Ohio State, Week 13 Auburn, Week 15 @Alabama Departing Seniors: TE Ibrahim Covington 6-3 195 (Sr) Empire (Duncan, OK) 4.0 of 4.0 [Receiving] OT Brendan Lowe 6-2 260 (Sr) Westminster Academy (Opelousas, LA) 5.0 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] DE Tyrone Rivers 6-4 258 Sr Gordon College (Barnesville GA) 5.0 of 5.0 [Contain] DE Brian Batista 6-0 251 (Sr) LaSalle (Olla, LA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Contain] OLB Jaden Pierson 6-3 240 (Sr) Fultondale (Birmingham, AL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Coverage] CB Eddie Quarless 5-10 193 Sr Carroll (Monroe, LA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Zone Coverage] FS Jeremy Whitehead 5-11 206 (Sr) White Knoll (Lexington, SC) 5.0 of 5.0 [Zone Coverage] SS Timothy St. John 6-1 187 Sr Southwest Tennessee Community College (Memphis, TN) 5.0 of 5.0 [Zone Coverage] K Thomas DeLuca 5-8 199 (Sr) Marble Falls (Marble Falls, TX) 4.0 of 4.0 [Power] P Angelo Holman 6-4 194 (Sr) Jackson (Masillon, OH) 4.0 of 4.0 [Power] Top Recruits: WR Dwayne Diggs 6-0 159 Fr Northwest (Opelousas LA) 1.0 of 5.0 [Speed] SS Terrence Burnett 5-11 188 Fr Franklinton (Franklinton LA) 1.0 of 5.0 [Man Coverage] OG Riley Stark 6-3 316 Fr Franklinton (Franklinton LA) 3.0 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] K Alexander LeRoux 5-11 170 Fr Westminster Academy (Opelousas LA) 1.0 of 5.0 [Accuracy] Mississippi State #24 Record: 3-2 Notable Games Left: Week 13 @California, Week 15 @Texas A&M, Week 16 Ole Miss I think they lock up bowl eligibility with these three games. Departing Seniors: WR Ryan Childs 5-11 150 (Sr) Enterprise (Brookhaven, MS) 5.0 of 5.0 [Speed] DE Jerraud Blount 6-7 254 Sr Jefferson Davis Community College (Brewton AL) 4.5 of 4.5 [Blitz] ATH Devin Ruff 6-1 233 (Sr) Paxon (Jacksonville, FL) 5.0 of 5.0 [Mike] K Martin Nye 6-4 195 Sr Shiner (Shiner, TX) 4.0 of 4.0 [Power] P Alan Velez 6-3 191 (Sr) Southeast Bulloch (Brooklet, GA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Power] Top Recruits: OG Tugger Duncan 6-5 268 Fr Callaway (Jackson MS) 1.0 of 4.0 [Run Blocking] ILB Dante Barfield 6-3 253 Fr Northeast Jones (Laurel MS) 2.0 of 5.0 [Mike] Ole Miss Record: 2-3 Notable Games Left: All of them. It's a fight for bowl eligibility. Departing Seniors: QB Rafael Higgins 6-4 210 (Sr) Ashville (Ashville, AL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Scrambling] WR Antonio Caldwell 6-0 189 Sr Pensacola Catholic (Pensacola, FL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Speed] OG Max Ordonez 6-3 307 Sr Moss Point (Point, MS) 4.5 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] OLB Gabriel Keene 6-0 239 Sr West Limestone (Lester, AL) 4.5 of 4.5 [Blitz] Top Recruits: OLB Tavarreus Streeter 6-4 233 Fr Durant (Durant MS) 2.5 of 3.5 [Coverage] CB TeJay Scales 6-2 184 Fr University Christian (Flowood MS) 1.0 of 3.5 [Zone Coverage] all name team candidates here Texas A&M #10 Record: 4-0 Notable Games Left: Week 7 Alabama, Week 8 @Georgia, Week 11 Auburn Departing Seniors: DT Anthony Hayes 6-1 295 (Sr) New Deal (New Deal, TX) 4.0 of 4.0 [1-Gap] Top Recruits: OT Greg Kowalski 6-5 260 Fr DeLeon (DeLeon TX) 1.0 of 5.0 [Run Blocking] SS Alphonse Thorpe 6-1 204 Fr Bridge City (Bridge City TX) 1.0 of 4.5 [Zone Coverage] ILB Darius Gordon 6-2 236 Fr Groveton (Groveton TX) 1.0 of 4.5 [Mike] PR Jahmir Ross 5-11 201 Fr Van Vleck (Van Vleck TX) 1.0 of 4.5 [Specialist] Top Recruits: OT Greg Kowalski 6-5 260 Fr DeLeon (DeLeon TX) 1.0 of 5.0 [Run Blocking] SS Alphonse Thorpe 6-1 204 Fr Bridge City (Bridge City TX) 1.0 of 4.5 [Zone Coverage] ILB Darius Gordon 6-2 236 Fr Groveton (Groveton TX) 1.0 of 4.5 [Mike]
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    [2022] Week #7 - TNF

    > > > > > > > > > > > ...
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    [2022] Around the NFLHC: Episode 6

    TNF - 00:15 1PM - 3:39 4PM - 29:21 SNF - 52:30 GOTW (LV v Miami) - 56:58 Injuries - 1:04:58 Bonus Content - 1:10:50 Real special bonus content this week. Please check it out.
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    [2022] SEC Week 6 Season Outlook

    EAST Florida Record: 3-2 Notable Games Left: Week 9 Auburn, Week 12 Georgia, Week 13 @Missouri Departing Seniors: OT Saul Cervantes 6-3 315 (Sr) Andalusia (Andalusia, AL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] OLB Ryan Bailey 6-3 216 Sr Broward Community College (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 5.0 of 5.0 [Blitz] ILB Abdoul Ridley 6-2 247 (Sr) Eunice (Eunice, LA) 4.5 of 4.5 [Will] Top Recruits: DT Kavon Palmer 6-1 282 Fr Port Charlotte (Port Charlotte FL) 2.0 of 5.0 1-Gap DE Jermaine Burks 6-2 253 Fr Sebastian River (Sebastian FL) 1.0 of 5.0 Blitz CB Jeremyah Brown 5-9 162 Fr Archbishop McCarthy (FL) 1.0 of 5.0 Man Coverage ILB Nate Wilson 6-0 232 Fr DeLand (DeLand FL) 1.0 of 5.0 Will Georgia #7 Record: 5-0 Notable Games Left: Week 12 Florida, Week 14 @ Auburn Departing Seniors: OT Shane McCord 6-6 290 (Sr) Baker (Mobile, AL) 5.0 of 5.0 [Run Blocking] OLB Nathaniel Snow 6-3 238 (Sr) Wayne County (Jessup, GA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Blitz] ILB Tyler Pennel 5-11 241 (Sr) East Central CC (Decatur, MS) 5.0 of 5.0 [Will] ATH Dominique Dawkins 6-2 199 (Sr) Raines (Jacksonville, FL) 5.0 of 5.0 [Man Coverage] P Derek Perkins 6-3 165 (Sr) Curry (Jasper, AL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Accuracy] Top Recruits: WR Jacob Wilder 6-0 176 Fr Northwest Whitfield (GA) 1.0 of 5.0 Speed ILB Rory Cavanaugh 6-2 242 Fr North Forsyth (Cumming GA) 2.5 of 4.0 Mike OLB Fernando Garcia-Velasquez 5-11 226 Fr Richmond Hill (Richmond Hill GA) 2.0 of 4.5 Blitz Kentucky Record: 3-1 Notable Games Left: Week 7 at Mississippi State, Week 11 at Georgia, Week 16 at Louisville Departing Seniors: QB Elijah McManus 5-10 196 (Sr) Norphlet (Norphlet, AR) 5.0 of 5.0 [Pocket] OG Miles Herman 6-3 259 (Sr) Cloudland (Roan Mountain, TN) 4.0 of 4.0 [Run Blocking] OG Sam Brennan 6-1 309 (Sr) Dixie Heights (Covington, KY) 4.0 of 4.0 [Run Blocking] DE Calvin Farmer 6-2 248 (Sr) Sullivan East (Bluff City, TN) 4.0 of 4.0 [Blitz] Top Recruits: OLB DeAndre Oliver 6-1 230 Fr Irwin County (Ocilla GA) 1.0 of 3.5 [Blitz] CB Micah Samuel 6-1 164 Fr Alonso (Tampa FL) 1.0 of 3.5 [Man Coverage] C Prince Braxton 6-1 259 Fr Cumberland County (Crossville TN) 1.0 of 3.5 [Run Blocking] Missouri Record: 3-2 Notable Games Left: I think Missouri should legitmately expect to compete and win every game they have left on their schedule. Especially if they want to remain a top level program Departing Seniors: WR K.J. Strauss 5-11 163 (Sr) Shades Valley (Irondale, AL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Speed] TE Noah Graham 6-1 221 Sr Northwest Shoals Community College (Muscle Shoals, AL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Blocking] OT Giovanni Foster 6-7 263 (Sr) Fulton City (Fulton, KY) 4.0 of 4.0 [Run Blocking] C Gregory Cunningham 6-4 271 (Sr) J.S. Clark (Opelousas, LA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] DT Victor Grace 6-6 308 (Sr) Briarcrest Christian (Eads, TN) 4.0 of 4.0 [1-Gap] ILB Edward Lay 6-3 224 (Sr) West (Knoxville, TN) 4.0 of 4.0 [Will] OLB Kaz Hadley 5-11 242 Sr Rend Lake College (Ina, IL) 4.5 of 4.5 [Blitz] Top Recruits: DE Travanis Ponder 6-4 246 Fr Malvern (Malvern AR) 2.5 of 5.0 [Blitz] LS Gavin Worley 6-2 248 Fr Mammoth (Mammoth Lakes CA) 1.0 of 4.0 [Traditional] RB Jamero Turner 5-7 194 Fr Gladstone (Covina CA) 1.0 of 5.0 [Power] WR Grover Gibson 6-2 211 Fr Central (Phenix City AL) 1.0 of 4.5 [Target] South Carolina Record: 1-3 Notable Games Left: Week 15 at Georgia, Week 16 at Clemson Departing Seniors: RB Kenny Ames 6-1 201 (Sr) Hernando (Brooksville, FL) 4.5 of 4.5 [Speed] FB Devin Marion 5-11 254 (Sr) White Knoll (Lexington, SC) 4.0 of 4.0 [Run Blocking] WR Dave Bruce 6-3 166 (Sr) Aiken Technical College (Aiken SC) 4.0 of 4.0 [Speed] TE Timothy Muse 6-1 215 (Sr) Curry (Jasper, AL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Blocking] OG Jaden Myers 6-4 267 (Sr) Huntsville (Huntsville, AL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] DE Emmanuel Womack 6-1 258 (Sr) Senatobia (Senatobia, MS) 4.0 of 4.0 [Contain] DT Charles Drummond 6-3 313 (Sr) South Pontotoc (Pontotoc, MS) 4.0 of 4.0 [2-Gap] OLB Micah Hairston 6-0 254 (Sr) Lake Highland Prep (Orlando, FL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Blitz] ILB Alejandro Mejia 6-1 238 (Sr) Lee Central (Bishopville, SC) 4.5 of 4.5 [Will] SS Ryan Garvin 6-2 193 Sr Abraham Baldwin College (Tifton GA) 5.0 of 5.0 [Man Coverage] Top Recruits: OG Charles Tatum 6-4 336 Fr Clarksville (Clarksville TN) 2.0 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] WR Emmanuel Atkins 6-4 152 Fr Rock Hill (Rock Hill SC) 1.0 of 4.5 [Speed] ILB Greg Schlosser 6-3 258 Fr Seneca (Seneca SC) 2.5 of 4.5 [Mike] OLB Noah Greene 6-4 227 Fr Crescent (Iva SC) 1.0 of 5.0 [Coverage] WR Dean Michaud 5-10 184 Fr Calhoun Falls (Calhoun Falls SC) 1.0 of 4.5 [Speed] CB Markus Johnson 5-11 200 Fr Rock Hill (Rock Hill SC) 1.0 of 4.5 [Man Coverage] Tennessee Record: 3-2 Notable Games Left: Week 9 Georgia, Week 11 at Alabama, Week 13 South Carolina Departing Seniors: FB Jesse Whitney 5-8 234 (Sr) Port Sulphur (Port Sulphur, LA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Run Blocking] TE Arturo Negron 6-1 238 (Sr) Hargrave Military Academy (, VA) 4.5 of 4.5 [Blocking] OG Donald Kendrick 6-7 272 (Sr) Alma (Alma, AR) 5.0 of 5.0 [Run Blocking] K Patrick Major 5-9 180 (Sr) Cumberland County (Crossville, TN) 4.0 of 4.0 [Power] P Francesco Fay 6-4 195 Sr Stockton (Stockton, MO) 4.0 of 4.0 [Power] Top Recruits: ILB DeSean Thomas 6-3 259 Fr Baker (Mobile AL) 1.0 of 5.0 [Mike] OT Roman Graham 6-3 260 Fr Gordonsville (Gordonsville TN) 1.0 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] WR James Jones 6-3 150 Fr Cumberland County (Crossville TN) 1.0 of 5.0 [Speed] OT Nicholas Farnsworth 6-1 299 Fr Covington (Covington TN) 2.0 of 5.0 [Run Blocking] C Oscar Madsen 6-1 250 Fr Sheffield (Memphis TN) 1.0 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] Vanderbilt Record: 1-4 Notable Games Left: Week 9 Memphis, Week 13 at Ole Miss, Week 15 Kentucky If Vandy can win these three games, they'll only be one win short of bowl eligibility. They would need to steal one from one of the top teams in the conference to make it. Departing Seniors: FB Kaden Mobley 6-1 258 (Sr) Todd County Central (Elkton, KY) 4.0 of 4.0 [Run Blocking] WR DeAndre Felder 6-5 216 Sr Sevier County (Sevierville, TN) 5.0 of 5.0 [Target] TE Messiah Gresham 6-1 225 (Sr) Washington County (Springfield, KY) 4.5 of 4.5 [Blocking] OT Michael Becker 6-3 261 (Sr) Chattahoochee Valley Community College (Phenix City AL) 4.5 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] OLB Damian Dailey 6-0 230 (Sr) Central (Little Rock, AR) 5.0 of 5.0 [Blitz] SS Kyle Henley 5-10 186 (Sr) Lynn Camp (Corbin, KY) 4.0 of 4.0 [Zone Coverage] Top Recruits: DT Jamal Wiggins 6-1 308 Fr Craigmont (Memphis TN) 1.5 of 4.0 [2-Gap] DT Damian Stack 6-7 316 Fr Whitehaven (Memphis TN) 1.0 of 5.0 [1-Gap] DE Robaire Chavis 6-7 245 Fr Fulton (Knoxville TN) 1.0 of 5.0 [Contain] DE Darron Givens 6-5 248 Fr Gleason (Gleason TN) 1.0 of 4.0 [Contain]
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    Well boys. Today is the day I propose to my girlfriend of 2 1/2 years. Wish me luck!
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    Recruiting Review Purdue Class ranking: Big Ten - #1, National - #4, Previous National Rank - #3 (-1) Commitments – 12 New Commits: CB Wendell Willis 5-10 165 Fr John Marshall (Chicago IL) 1.0 of 4.5 [Man Coverage] P Andrew Horn 5-8 202 Fr Loyola Academy (Wilmette IL) 1.0 of 4.5 [Power] QB Isaac Keating 6-3 199 Fr Irving (Irving TX) 1.0 of 3.0 [Hybrid] Previous Commits: OT Jack Green 6-4 309 Fr Ben Davis (Indianapolis IN) 2.5 of 5.0 [Run Blocking] OG Gabe Weber 6-7 322 Fr LaPorte (LaPorte IN) 2.5 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] OT Shane Hadley 6-7 258 Fr Fountain Central (Veedersburg IN) 3.0 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] SS Kristian Jennings 5-11 189 Fr Winchester (Winchester IN) 2.0 of 4.5 [Zone Coverage] DE Andre Polk Jr. 6-0 266 Fr Winchester (Winchester IN) 1.5 of 4.5 [Blitz] RB Julius Mosley 5-8 226 Fr Paoli (Paoli IN) 1.5 of 4.5 [Power] WR Jahquil Bush 6-4 193 Fr Culver Community (Culver IN) 1.0 of 4.5 [Speed] DT Walter McIntyre 6-1 303 Fr North Central (Farmersburg IN) 1.0 of 4.0 [1-Gap] CB Tristan Robertson 5-11 188 Fr Joliet Catholic (Joliet IL) 2.5 of 3.0 [Man Coverage] Two more weeks in the books and not much change for that Purdue guy and his Boilermakers. Purdue sees themselves drop one spot in the national rankings, but still leads the B1G and remains within the top five nationally. Leading the way for this new crop of commits is CB Wendell Willis. Willis, a 4.5 star recruit, made the choice to leave the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois and venture over to West Lafayette, Indiana. The Boilermakers have some skill in the secondary so Willis is unlikely to see the field as a freshman. Also pledging their commitment to Purdue was fellow Illinois native, and strong footed punter, Andrew Horn. With current starter A.J. Houser set to graduate, Horn could potentially see some action in 2023. The Boilermakers currently have 12 prospects committed and Coach inspiral will be looking to put the finishing touches on this strong recruiting class. Illinois Class ranking: Big Ten - #2, National - #11, Previous National Rank - #12 (+1) Commitments - 13 New Commits: DT Griffin McRae 6-5 322 Fr Loyola Academy (Wilmette IL) 1.0 of 4.5 [2-Gap] WR William Huff 6-3 199 Fr Canton (Canton IL) 1.0 of 4.0 [Target] DT Isaraelu Cahill 6-1 298 Fr American (Hialeah FL) 1.0 of 3.5 [1-Gap] OLB Nicolas Sandoval 5-11 234 Fr Ohatchee (Ohatchee AL) 1.0 of 3.5 [Blitz] Previous Commits: OT Anthony Carlin 6-3 277 Fr Hot Springs (Hot Springs SD) 3.0 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] FS Quincy McClain 5-11 189 Fr Joliet Catholic (Joliet IL) 1.5 of 5.0 [Zone Coverage] OG Julius Dennison 6-2 262 Fr Wheaton North (Wheaton IL) 1.0 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] K Gabe McAuley 5-11 195 Fr Northview (Bratt FL) 1.0 of 4.5 [Power] SS Amari Childs 6-2 190 Fr Morgan Park (Chicago IL) 2.0 of 3.5 [Zone Coverage] DE Isaac LeBlanc 6-0 243 Fr Lakeland (Lakeland FL) 2.0 of 3.5 [Blitz] FS Cory Pryor 6-2 191 Fr Kashmere (Houston TX) 1.5 of 3.5 [Zone Coverage] DE Kelvin Saldivar 6-3 259 Fr Brevard Christian ( FL) 1.0 of 3.5 [Blitz] DE Benjamin Moss 6-2 236 Fr Williams (Williams CA) 1.0 of 3.5 [Contain] Up a spot to #11 are the Fighting Illini of Illinois. Coach FlutieFlakes continues his hot streak on the recruiting trail securing four commitments. Headlining this group are in-state talents Griffin McRae and William Huff. Coach FlutieFlakes continues to address the defensive line, and Defensive Tackle Griffin McRae will fit in nicely on that defense. With two 5 star defensive lineman currently redshirting for Illinois, that front line could wreak havoc for many years to come. Wide Receiver, William Huff, also figures to be a nice addition to an already deep receiving corp for the Illini. Coach FlutieFlakes has put together an impressive class thus far with 13 commits. He’s also currently in the running to add a couple more very impressive recruits to this class. Iowa Class ranking: Big Ten - #3, National - #26, Previous National Rank - #51 (+25) Commitments - 10 New Commits: OG Anthony Maxwell 6-7 300 Fr New Holstein (New Holstein WI) 1.0 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] CB Marcedes Payton 6-0 177 Fr Durant (Durant IA) 1.0 of 4.5 [Zone Coverage] TE Andrew Abrams 6-1 204 Fr Riverside (Oakland IA) 1.0 of 4.0 [Receiving] QB Kaden Gant 6-0 185 Fr Crestview (Crestview FL) 1.0 of 3.5 [Hybrid] WR Curtis Valentine 6-0 199 Fr Liberal (Liberal MO) 1.0 of 3.5 [Target] Previous Commits: FS Rashard Pitts 6-0 203 Fr Woodbury Central (Moville IA) 2.0 of 5.0 [Zone Coverage] DT Marquise Moss 6-6 293 Fr Mayer Lutheran (Mayer MN) 2.0 of 3.5 [2-Gap] WR Richard Jordan 6-2 168 Fr Belle Plaine (Belle Plaine MN) 1.0 of 3.5 [Speed] OLB Elliot Spencer 6-3 215 Fr DeLaSalle (Minneapolis MN) 1.0 of 3.5 [Coverage] OLB Ayden Brito 6-2 216 Fr Ritenour (Overland MO) 1.0 of 3.5 [Blitz] One of the biggest jumps in the national rankings comes from Coach wrigleyfan and his Iowa Hawkeyes. On the backs of three commits rated 4 stars or higher, Iowa leaped from #51 to #26 in the nation. Highly recruited Offensive Guard, Anthony Maxwell, and Cornerback Marcedes Payton, were key signings for the Hawkeyes. Maxwell could potentially slide into one of the starting guard spots if the Hawkeyes think he’s ready to fill that role. Likewise, Payton could find himself in a starting role with the departure of star Cornerback, Benjamin Parris. Tight End Andrew Abrams is another solid add for Iowa, but will likely take a redshirt with Alec Rowell currently holding down the starting spot. Michigan Class ranking: Big Ten - #4, National - #33, Previous National Rank - #33 (No Change) Commitments - 4 New Commits: FS Cordarelle Washington 5-11 185 Fr Muskegon (Muskegon MI) 1.5 of 5.0 [Man Coverage] Previous Commits: WR Antonio Jackson 6-3 214 Fr Portage Central (Portage MI) 3.0 of 5.0 [Target] OLB Nathaniel Dawson 6-3 220 Fr Bellevue (Bellevue MI) 1.0 of 4.5 [Blitz] K Colin Powell 5-10 185 Fr Cass Tech (Detroit MI) 1.0 of 4.0 [Accuracy] The Wolverines have had a quiet two weeks, only securing a commitment from one player. However, they got a good one in Free Safety, Cordarelle Washington. Coach jmjacobs may be playing his hand slowly, but there’s no denying the recruits that have committed are of a high caliber. Expect Junior A.J. Wallace to man the starting FS spot, with Washington taking over after his departure. Penn State Class ranking: Big Ten - #5, National - #39, Previous National Rank - #16 (-23) Commitments - 4 New Commits: None Previous Commits: WR Savion Saunders 6-1 232 Fr Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey NJ) 1.0 of 5.0 [Target] CB Jerricho Grant 6-1 191 Fr Mount Carmel Area (Mount Carmel PA) 1.5 of 4.5 [Zone Coverage] DT Romeo Hyde 6-1 306 Fr St. Joseph's Prep (Philadelphia PA) 1.0 of 4.5 [1-Gap] TE Michael Lofton 6-4 191 Fr Episcopal (Jacksonville FL) 1.0 of 4.0 [Receiving] No new commits for the Nittany Lions so we’ll check back with them in a few weeks. Ohio State Class ranking: Big Ten - #6, National - #40, Previous National Rank - #62 (+22) Commitments – 6 New Commits: WR Dajuan Page 6-3 199 Fr St. Xavier (Cincinnati OH) 1.0 of 5.0 [Target] OG Eric Lawson 6-7 281 Fr River Valley (Cheshire OH) 1.5 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] Previous Commits: K Cameron McCoy 6-1 206 Fr Spencerville (Spencerville OH) 2.5 of 5.0 [Power] LS Marcus Reardon 6-2 247 Fr Greenville (Greenville OH) 2.0 of 4.5 [Traditional] QB Colin Weeks 6-7 226 Fr Norwood (Norwood OH) 1.0 of 3.5 [Pocket] CB Gavin Sproles 5-10 175 Fr Stebbins (Riverside OH) 1.0 of 3.5 [Man Coverage] In the previous review, I gave some flack to Coach fever_ful because their two highest commits were specialty players. Fast forward to this week, and the Buckeyes have secured commitments from two high end players on the offensive side of the ball. The commitments of 5 star Wide Receiver, Dajuan Page and 4.5 star Guard, Eric Lawson, have propelled the Buckeyes up 22 spots to #40 in the nation. Both Page and Lawson are upgrades to anyone currently on the Buckeyes roster, so there’s a good chance that both are starters from day one in Columbus. The buckeyes still have 15 scholarships to fill so it will be interesting to see how they round this years recruiting class. Minnesota Class ranking: Big Ten - #7, National - #57, Previous National Rank - #57 (No Change) Commitments - 3 New Commits: OG Derrick Pagan 6-4 262 Fr Dodgeville (Dodgeville WI) 2.0 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] Previous Commits: DT Marcus Major 6-0 318 Fr Elgin-Millville (Elgin MN) 1.5 of 5.0 [1-Gap] DE Mamadou Newton 6-6 239 Fr Benilde-St. Margaret's ( MN) 1.0 of 3.5 [Contain] The Golden Gophers continue to hold down the #57 spot in the national rankings, just as they did two weeks ago. There wasn’t a lot of news to report in Minneapolis, but Coach lucas95 has added a coveted piece to the offensive line with the commitment of Guard, Derrick Pagan. Pagan is a player that can contribute immediately to this Golden Gophers squad. Coach lucas95 has a very talented team on the offensive side of the ball and the addition of Pagan will only make that unit stronger. Northwestern Class ranking: Big Ten - #8, National - #61, Previous National Rank - #89 (+28) Commitments – 11 New Commits: DT Xavier Williams 6-3 331 Fr Hales Franciscan (Chicago IL) 1.5 of 5.0 [2-Gap] FS DeAndre Hargrove 6-0 195 Fr Bryan (Bryan TX) 1.0 of 3.5 [Man Coverage] SS Preston Dix 5-11 191 Fr Canton (Canton IL) 1.0 of 3.5 [Man Coverage] WR Delonta McDowell 6-4 174 Fr Manistee (Manistee MI) 1.0 of 3.5 [Speed] OG Ibrahima Dickens 6-4 290 Fr Fleming Island (Orange Park FL) 1.0 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] C Cayden Barner 6-1 299 Fr Keystone (La Grange OH) 1.0 of 3.0 [Pass Blocking] Previous Commits: WR Rakeem Vereen 5-9 168 Fr Perham (Perham MN) 1.0 of 3.5 [Speed] CB Julius Boston 5-9 190 Fr Wayne County (Jessup GA) 1.0 of 3.5 [Man Coverage] DT Garrett Howe 6-2 313 Fr Roberto Clemente Academy ( IL) 1.0 of 3.5 [2-Gap] CB DeShaun Tubbs 5-10 190 Fr Southeast Bulloch (Brooklet GA) 1.0 of 3.5 [Man Coverage] TE Jadiel Palma 6-5 200 Fr Rich South (Richton Park IL) 1.0 of 3.5 [Receiving] The Wildcats built of their initial five commits with Coach robcarlson77 and staff securing pledges from another six prospects. Northwestern was able to secure a commitment from their top target, 5 star Defensive Tackle, Xavier Williams. Williams will be the highest rated player at the DT position and figures to be a starter from day one. The other commits all figure to factor into the future plans, but will need some time to develop their skills once arriving in Evanston. Rutgers Class ranking: Big Ten - #9, National - #67, Previous National Rank - #50 (-17) Commitments - 8 New Commits: K Nicolas Booth 5-11 185 Fr St. Joseph Regional (Montvale NJ) 1.0 of 3.5 [Power] TE Case Gibson 6-4 198 Fr Hanover Park (East Hanover NJ) 1.0 of 3.5 [Receiving] Previous Commits: DE Cameron Berry 6-2 242 Fr Dwight Englewood (Englewood NJ) 1.0 of 5.0 [Contain] OLB Matt Stearns 6-4 218 Fr DePaul Catholic (Wayne NJ) 2.0 of 3.5 [Coverage] WR Walt Ambrose 6-2 230 Fr Woodland Regional (Beacon Falls CT) 1.5 of 3.5 [Target] WR Kwamie Simpson 6-1 214 Fr Hanover Park (East Hanover NJ) 1.0 of 3.5 [Target] QB Lucas Norman 6-4 234 Fr Dwight Englewood (Englewood NJ) 1.0 of 3.5 [Scrambling] ILB Israel Shaw 6-3 209 Fr Friends (Wilmington DE) 1.0 of 3.5 [Will] Not a whole lot to report with the Scarlet Knights this week. Coach vollmagnet added two more signings, both with a 3.5 star rating. Kicker, Nicolas Booth figures to be the next starter when Junior Josh Christiansen departs Rutgers. Tight End Case Gibson could also find himself in a starting role within a year or two. Nebraska Class ranking: Big Ten - #10, National - #79, Previous National Rank - #58 (-21) Commitments - 5 New Commits: None Previous Commits: TE Mychal Baxter 6-1 190 Fr Aurora (Aurora NE) 1.0 of 4.5 [Receiving] QB Calvin Murphy 6-3 228 Fr Stephenson (Stone Mountain GA) 2.5 of 3.5 [Scrambling] OLB Gabriel Wagner 6-0 217 Fr Vienna ( Austria) 2.0 of 3.5 [Coverage] C Jonathan Hillman 6-2 252 Fr Maplewood-Richmond Heights ( MO) 1.0 of 3.5 [Run Blocking] OT Filipo Leiataua 6-7 275 Fr Millard North (Omaha NE) 3.0 of 3.0 [Run Blocking] Nebraska is the second team to not add anyone to their recruiting class, so like Penn State, we will check back in with the Cornhuskers during the next review. Maryland Class ranking: Big Ten - #11, National - #82, Previous National Rank - #80 (-2) Commitments – 7 New Commits: OLB Quincy Waters 6-1 228 Fr Northwest (Germantown MD) 1.0 of 4.0 [Blitz] K Leonard Jackson 6-4 216 Fr DeMatha (Hyattsville MD) 1.0 of 4.0 [Power] DE Nicholas Beasley 6-7 255 Fr Mount Carmel Area (Mount Carmel PA) 1.0 of 3.0 [Contain] Previous Commits: ATH Desmond Beal 6-3 219 Fr Wilson (Washington DC) 1.0 of 4.0 [Will] CB Samuel Rouse 6-1 204 Fr Southern (Oakland MD) 1.0 of 3.5 [Man Coverage] OG Peter Whalen 6-2 307 Fr Northwest (Germantown MD) 1.0 of 3.5 [Run Blocking] FS Hakeem Douglas 5-10 213 Fr Southern (Oakland MD) 1.0 of 3.5 [Zone Coverage] Maryland Coach, TheSam, brings his class total to seven commits with the addition of 3 more recruits. Linebacker Qunicy Waters is a nice piece to the defense, but with a strong linebacker corp, he should have the benefit of taking a redshirt which will allow him to get acclimated to the expectations of a college linebacker. Kicker Leonard Jackson is another good get for the Terrapins. He, too, will have the luxury of taking a redshirt as current Maryland kicker, Logan Callaway, should be back for his senior season. Indiana Class ranking: Big Ten - #12, National - #90, Previous National Rank - #101 (+11) Commitments – 6 New Commits: OT Quinn Weir 6-4 261 Fr Terre Haute South Vigo ( IN) 1.0 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] LS Rickie Patrick 6-2 270 Fr St. Thomas Aquinas ( FL) 1.0 of 4.0 [Traditional] Previous Commits: ILB David Evans 5-11 206 Fr Rockville (Rockville IN) 1.5 of 3.5 [Will] K Jackson McKenna 6-1 151 Fr Pope (Marietta GA) 1.0 of 3.5 [Accuracy] WR Giovanni Mills 6-0 229 Fr Wesley Chapel (Wesley Chapel FL) 1.0 of 3.5 [Target] TE Buster Parris 6-1 201 Fr Frankfort (Frankfort IN) 1.0 of 3.5 [Receiving] Coach Jamzz breaks into the top 100 and checks in at #90 nationally. The big commit for the Hoosiers was in-state Offensive Tackle, Quinn Weir. Indiana doesn’t have a ton of depth on the offensive line, but may have just enough to provide Weir with a redshirt opportunity, which would provide him an opportunity to develop his skills and benefit the Hoosiers in the long run. Michigan State Class ranking: Big Ten - #13, National - #91, Previous National Rank - #92 (+1) Commitments – 6 New Commits FS Lavonte Nunn 6-1 218 Fr Rockville (Rockville IN) 2.5 of 4.0 [Man Coverage] TE Kamar Iverson 6-0 228 Fr Houghton (Houghton MI) 1.0 of 3.5 [Blocking] Previous Commits: TE Eddie Houston 6-0 244 Fr White Pigeon (White Pigeon MI) 2.0 of 3.5 [Blocking] OT Raymond Rudolph 6-4 318 Fr Monroe (Monroe MI) 1.5 of 3.5 [Run Blocking] OT Matthew Holden 6-5 278 Fr Monroe (Monroe MI) 1.5 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] CB Maru Sititi 5-9 174 Fr St. Philip Catholic Central ( MI) 1.0 of 3.5 [Man Coverage] The Spartans added two more commits to their class this week. Coach SlinkyJr was able to reach down into the Hoosier state and secure the services of Free Safety Lavonte Nunn. Nunn, is a 4 star recruit, but has the skillset to start immediately for the Spartans. I imagine we will see this young man in the starting lineup for game #1. The Spartans were also able to reach into the Upper Peninsula and secure a commitment from Tight End Kamar Iverson. Iverson is the second tight end in this class and isn’t quite as developed as future teammate Eddie Houston. The Spartans do have a bit of a logjam at the tight end position, so opportunities for Iverson may be limited. Wisconsin Class ranking: Big Ten - #14, National - #106, Previous National Rank - #86 (-20) Commitments – 3 New Commits: P Theo Gannon-Whitmore 6-0 164 Fr Arthur Hill (Saginaw MI) 2.5 of 3.0 [Accuracy] Previous Commits: RB Ian Hill 5-6 196 Fr White Lake (White Lake WI) 1.0 of 4.0 [Speed] DT Jalen Banks 6-5 301 Fr Napoleon (Napoleon MI) 1.0 of 3.5 [2-Gap] It’s been a slow start to the recruiting season for Coach taffyowner and the Wisconsin Badgers. Wisconsin currently has three commitments and finds themselves as the only B1G team outside the top 100. There are still several weeks of recruiting left for things to work themselves out, but we know the Badger faithful will be expecting Coach taffyowner to improve the standing of this recruiting class. **Bold indicates a key commitment**
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    Crootsmas Carols and Stories

    I have a little crootle, crooted out of CA. And when it's redshirted and ready, then crootle I shall play. Oh crootle, crootle, crootle, crooted out of CA. Oh crootle, crootle, crootle, then crootle I shall play. It has a lovely body, with legs so strong and thicc. When it gets all tired, benched for throwing a pick! Oh crootle, crootle, crootle, with legs so strong and thicc. Oh crootle, crootle, crootle, benched for throwing a pick! My crootle's always playful. It loves to juke and spin. A happy game of football, my dynasty shall begin. Oh crootle, crootle, crootle, it loves to juke and spin. Oh crootle, crootle, crootle, my dynasty shall begin. I have a little crootle, crooted out of CA. And when it's redshirted and ready, then crootle I shall play. Oh crootle, crootle, crootle, crooted out of CA. Oh crootle, crootle, crootle, then crootle I shall play.
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    Wanna hear some pretty music tonight? 8pm Central, Friday, nlca.com/cflive for a live broadcast of my christmas concert. Enjoy!
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    [2022] Around the FCS: Week 6 Recap

    FCS Week 6 Review Ten out of twelve teams in action this week with eight playing against each other, two playing their out of conference opponent for the year and the remaining two teams had byes. Week 6 saw some interesting results which continues to move the middle pack of the conference around. I've decided to scale the article back a little as I felt it was getting text heavy and was moving away from the general summary I had original planned these recaps to be. I'm still playing around with content/layouts and would be grateful for any feedback people may have on the articles, whether its things you'd like to see, things you aren't interested in or otherwise. Saturday, December 1st, 2018 Morning James Madison (3-1) at Virginia Tech (3-1) Closer than anyone would’ve guessed, JMU gave Virginia Tech a scare in which the Hokies narrowly managed to clinch the win in the 4th quarter. Neither team ran the ball particularly well but both quarterbacks were airing it out which made of some exciting offensive and defensive plays - a combined yardage of 523 yards, 5 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. James Madison Dukes 24 – 31 Virginia Tech Hokies Full Game Stats: Illinois State (3-1) Northern Illinois (2-1) The second solid FCS display against an FBS team this week. Whilst they didn’t steal a victory Illinois state will be feeling happy to have kept their game close. The Redbirds actually had a better offensive display putting up 298 yards compared to the Huskies 283 and if it wasn’t for two interceptions thrown by Phillip Stephenson the game could’ve been even closer. Illinois State Redbirds 14 – 26 Northern Illinois Huskies Full Game Stats: Afternoon Delaware (2-2) at Montana (0-4) Things are really not looking good in Montana as the Grizzlies suffered their fifth straight defeat. Their offense continues to trend downward as they managed a mere 100 all-purpose yards and 3 points. Delaware looked good scoring 4 touchdowns, 2 on the ground (Gilmore) and 2 through the air (Guzman). Delaware Blue Hens 31 – 3 Montana Grizzlies Full Game Stats: Harvard (1-3) at South Dakota State (1-3) The Crimson returned to winning ways in this close contest largely thanks to Running back Cameron Whaley who ran for 126 yards and 2 touchdowns, he also had his first game without a losing fumble. The Jackrabbits will be disappointed not to keep their momentum going after last weeks win but two interceptions thrown by Quarterback Calvin Koehler halted any kind of fourth quarter comeback. Harvard Crimson 27 – 20 South Dakota State Jackrabbits Full Game Stats: Youngstown State (1-3) at North Dakota (2-1) North Dakota still look unstoppable on offense and have yet to lose in conference play. Quarterback Robbie Koehler continues to generate FCS MVP buzz as he led the Fighting Hawks to another comfortable victory throwing for 345 yards and 3 touchdowns with 1 interception. Youngstown State failed to score in the first half and turned the ball over twice but had a much better showing in the second scoring 2 touchdowns but by that point the game was already over. Youngstown State Penguins 14 – 34 North Dakota Fighting Hawks Full Game Stats: Northern Iowa (1-3) at Eastern Washington (2-2) Despite their record Eastern Washington have been an offensive powerhouse this year but were held to just 302 yards and 24 points (both of which is their lowest of the year) as they slip to 2-3 after suffering their third narrow defeat of the season. For Northern Iowa, they have been on the up and up after starting the season 0-3 and are beginning to look dangerous. Tailback Raekwon Thomas has led the charge in the last couple of games, running for 128 yards and a score against an Eagles Defense that ranks 3rd in the conference. Northern Iowa Panthers 27 – 24 Eastern Washington Eagles Full Game Stats: BYE: New Hampshire (1-3), North Dakota State (4-0) Conference Standings Season Statistics Offensive Leaders Yardage - Passing 1. Samuel Conner (Eastern Washington) – 1572 yards 2. Robbie Koehler (North Dakota) – 1489 yards 3. Zack McAllister (North Dakota State) – 1067 yards - Rushing 1. Raekwon Thomas (Northern Iowa) RB – 659 yards 2. Cameron Whaley (Harvard) RB – 627 yards 3. Frankie Boone (Illinois State) RB – 497 yards - Receiving 1. Percy Brown (Eastern Washington) WR – 477 yards 2. Stevie Henderson Sorensen (North Dakota) WR – 470 yards 3. Dominick Hebert (North Dakota) WR – 433 yards Touchdowns - Passing 1. Robbie Koehler (North Dakota) – 17 TDs 2. Samuel Conner (Eastern Washington) – 15 TDs 3. Zack McAllister (North Dakota State) – 11 TDs - Rushing T1. Ronan Bentley (North Dakota) – 8 TDs T1. Cameron Whaley (Harvard) RB – 8 TDs T2. Raekwon Thomas (Northern Iowa) RB – 7 TDs *1 other back with 6 rushing touchdowns. - Receiving 1. Percy Brown (Eastern Washington) WR – 7 TDs 2. Stevie Henderson (North Dakota State) WR – 6 TDs 3. Dominick Hebert (North Dakota) WR – 5 TDs *2 more wide receiver have 4 touchdowns. Offensive Line Average 1. North Dakota – 4.03 2. North Dakota State – 3.83 3. Eastern Washington – 3.34 Defensive Leaders Tackles 1. Eddie Mills Jr. (Delaware) ILB – 27 Tackles T2. Aaden Rodgers (South Dakota State) ILB – 25 tackles T2. Edwin Fitch (Youngstown State) OLB – 25 tackles Sacks 1. Tavarreus Ricks (South Dakota State) DT – 5 sacks T2. Shaun Clemons (South Dakota State) DE – 4 sacks T2. Marvin Lambert (James Madison) DE – 4 sacks Interceptions T1. Tristan Garrison (North Dakota) FS – 3 INT T1. Franklin McCloughan (Harvard) CB – 3 INT T1. Sidney Brown (James Madison) FS – 3 INT *1 other defensive player has 3 interceptions Special Team Leaders Field Goal % 1. Gabriel Butler (Montana) – 100% 2. Harrison Hacker (South Dakota State) – 87.5% 3. Jeremy Thomas (Northern Iowa) – 87.5% Longest Field Goal Harrison Hacker (South Dakota State) – 55 yards Punt Average 1. Larry Cole (Eastern Washington) – 38.02 yards 2. Andrew Franklin (North Dakota State) – 37.93 yards 3. Alejandro Enriquez (South Dakota State) – 33.72 yards Team Statistics Total Offense 1. Eastern Washington – 1784 yards 2. James Madison – 1677 yards 3. North Dakota– 1589 yards Total Defense 1. North Dakota State – 984 yards 2. North Dakota – 1337 yards 3. Eastern Washington – 1360 yards Turnover Difference 1. North Dakota State - +5 T2. Eastern Washington - +3 T2. James Madison - +3
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    [2022] Week #7 - TNF

    2 Game Winning Streak! #Dynasty /s The Circle of Suck lives on.
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    [2022] Around the NFLHC: Episode 6

    Really solid bonus content.
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    [2022] SEC Week 6 Season Outlook

    SEC IN THE TOP 50 RECRUITING RANKINGS 1 - Florida :florida: 3 - LSU :lsu: 6 - Auburn 13 - South Carolina 15 - Georgia 16 - Tennessee 28 - Alabama 31 - Vandy 34 - Missouri 36 - Texas A&M 48 - Mississippi State
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    OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK QB Matt Ballard, Ohio State (23 of 34 for 300 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT vs Maryland) Honorable mentions: QB Evan Perkins, Michigan (22 of 34 for 304 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT vs Michigan State); RB Franklin Riggins, Nebraska (26 carries for 164 yards, 2 TD vs Northwestern) DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK SS Kameron Myrick, Minnesota (1 INT, 5 tackles, 2 PD vs Illinois) Honorable mentions: OLB Tyler Matthews, Maryland (1 sack, 6 tackles, 1 TFL vs #23 Ohio State); FS Jermaine Mingo, Wisconsin (1 INT, 4 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 PD vs Akron) SPECIAL TEAMS PLAYER OF THE WEEK K Chase Greenfield, Wisconsin (4/5 FG made from 41,28,34,30 yards vs Akron) Honorable mentions: K Greg Reilly, Minnesota (3/3 FG made from 40,29,33 yards vs Illinois); P Leonardo Hein, Iowa (43.3 yard punting average vs #9 Penn State)
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    [2022] Week #7 - TNF

    28 is correct. Ritter missed his attempt. That 3 points shouldn't be in the box score.
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    [2022] Around the FCS: Week 6 Recap

    On the rise but not looking forward to being dominated by Robbie Koehler this week. Big defensive performance needed!
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    [2022] Week 6 Coaches Poll

    No votes all season, then lose to UTEP and get five points?
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    Crootsmas Carols and Stories

    From the day we arrive on the shitbox And blinking, step onto the site There's more to croot than can ever be crooted More to insult than can ever be insulted There's far too much to take in here More to lose than can ever be lost But the insults rolling by Through the shitbox up high Keeps great and small on the endless round It's the circle of croots And it moves us all Through despair and hope Through failure and love Till we find our place On the croot rankings In the circle The circle of croots It's the circle of croots And it moves us all Through despair and hope Through failure and love Till we find our place On the path unwinding In the circle The circle of croots
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    Storrs, Connecticut- The University of Connecticut announced the hiring of CoachBerry18 today. He will be tasked with leading a Huskies program that has fallen on some hard times recently, starting with Thursday night’s game at Cincinnati. Coach spoke about the opportunity and the challenges that lay ahead. I’m excited to get going here. I think this is a great opportunity to coach division one football at a high quality institution. I’d like to thank everyone involved in the hiring process. That being said, I’m glad the process has come to an end and we can finally get down to business. Obviously with the game on Thursday, there isn’t much time at all to prepare but this will give me a chance to learn about what kind of team we have and gain valuable information about our players. With regard to Cincinnati, I know their record isn’t the best, but that’s a good football team and it will take a great game on our part to beat them. We will give our best though, that is what this program will be built on, determination, grit, and effort and that starts Thursday night. It’s a great opportunity for our program and for our kids and I hope we take full advantage of it. Coach will now take questions from the assembled media.
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    2017/8 Bowl Pick'em

    Relevant info about players skipping their bowl games to prepare for the draft: http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/25443485/players-skipping-college-football-bowl-games-nfl-draft?platform=amp
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    2022 Top Quarterback Recruits

    We gotta pump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers.
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    [CFBHC] The CFBHC Recruiting System

    The CFBHC Recruiting System "Where Everything's Made Up and the Points Don't Matter" UPDATED AS OF 10/07/2018 (v1.5f) OVERVIEW Recruiting is constantly being upgraded and it can be hard to keep up. The idea behind this is to keep it constantly updated as changes are made so everything can be located in a central place. This is just an outline of the rules, if you are looking for tips on strategy then check out ToucanSoda's Awesome Guides! Recruiting is done weekly where coaches use their allotted weekly points to put points on any recruits they want to try to get for their team. Recruiting is due each week at Saturday night on the interface and is then processed on Sunday. Recruiting will begin two weeks before the regular season and will go until Week 14 of the CFBHC regular season. JUCO recruiting will take place the final 2 weeks of recruiting as well. THE INTERFACE All recruiting is handled on the Recruiting tab of the Interface. Points, visits, and scholarships are all handled on this page. Additional players can be added at any time by going to the page for each position you are interested in and clicking Add. Each week when recruiting is updated, school logos will appear next to a recruit. These are the teams that have put points on that recruit. Teams with red borders mean they are within 5 points of one another. If a team’s logo is there but does not have a red border, it means they are within 5 to 30 points of the leader. If there is a plus sign, it means there are other teams that have put points on that recruit but are not within 30 points of the lead. On the Interface you'll also find national recruiting rankings, highly contested recruits, and hot singles in your area. POINTS The number of weekly points a coach has to spend is based on a number of factors: 1. Base weekly points: Determined by the coaches performance in the previous season: Additionally, winning or losing a bowl grants you additional weekly points depending on the prestige of the bowl. This is presented in the following format: (+2/+1), where the first value is the number of points earned for winning and the second is for losing. 2. Team Prestige: Determined by the overall performance of the school throughout their entire history on the site. This is converted to additional weekly points by School Prestige times 1.5 (Rounded Down), so a 5 star school adds 7 points, a 1 star school adds 1 point. (Found here) 3. Coach Prestige: Determined by the individual coach’s performance throughout their entire history on the site. This is converted to additional weekly points by the Coaching Prestige value rounded down, so a 2.5 star coach adds 2 points, etc. (Found here) 4. Conference Prestige: Each conference is given a prestige based on performance, media, and commissioner work. The values for the 2021 season are as follows: 5. Out of Conference Opponents: Based on the previous season, additional weekly points are given (or removed) based on the average wins of the OOC teams you played: 6. Draft Bonus: The team with the most players drafted into NFLHC with gain +2 weekly points, and the teams with the most players drafted of their conference will gain +1 weekly point. 7. Bowl Challenge Cup: Every team in the conference with the highest win percentage at the end of bowl season will gain +3 weekly points. Teams in the conference with the second highest will gain +1. If there's a tie for winner all tied conferences will receive +2 instead of +3. If there's a tie for second all those conferences will receive +1. 8. Coaching Talents: These will be covered later, but certain talents can add additional weekly points. IN-STATE / BORDER STATE RECRUITS Schools get bonuses for all recruits in the same state as the school. Once a coach puts at least 10 points onto an in-state recruit, they gain a free bonus of 15 points on that recruit. Additionally, the initial points put on an in-state recruit are doubled for free up to 15 points added. For example, putting an initial 15 points on an in-state recruit will net you 45 points total (15 of your points, another 15 for the doubled value, and 15 for the in-state bonus). However if you put 30 points on the same recruit instead of 15, you would get 60 points total (30 of your points, another 15 for the maximum doubled value, and 15 for in-state bonus). School also get bonuses for recruits in border states. The border states for each team are outlined below. Once a school puts at least 10 points onto a border state recruit, they gain a free bonus of 9 points on that recruit. SCHOLARSHIPS AND VISITS Each coach will also be given 21 scholarships, 10 school visits, and 5 coaches visits which provides a one-time boost of points on that player. Scholarships give an immediate boost of 20 points. The specific point value that each visit gives will be a number within a range of points which is determined by your team’s performance in the previous season. These values can be seen above in the same table with base weekly point values. Both kinds of visits can only be used after the start of Week 5 of recruiting, but scholarships can be given at the start of recruiting. If a player that you gave a scholarship to commits to another school, you are given a half-scholarship worth half the amount of a normal scholarship in return (10 points). Coach visit values are increased to 30 points if the team had the Heisman winner in the previous season or if the coach won coach of the year. TEAM NEEDS Each coach can select two positions as their "Team Needs". Any points spent on a recruit of one of the chosen position will receive an additional 10% of the points spent for free. For example, if a coach picks OLB as a Team Need and puts 10 points on an OLB recruit, that recruit will actually get 11 points. PIPELINE STATES Coaches can select either their home state or one of their border states to be a Pipeline State. If the coach chooses their home state as their Pipeline, they will receive a 20% point bonus on any points they put on recruits in their home state. If the coach chooses a border state to be their Pipeline, they also receive a 20% point bonus for any points spent on recruits in that state. States chosen as Pipeline states will be visible to all other coaches on the interface. HOST CAMPS Coaches can also select a state to place a Host Camp in. Coaches can only choose states that are home to schools in their conference. Coaches also are not allowed to choose their own home state for their Host Camp location. Independents are counted as their own conference for this. States with a Host Camp give a 12% points bonus on all points spent on recruits in that state. Host Camp locations are also visible to all other coaches on the interface. RECRUITING TALENTS Coaches can select coaching talents based on the following win tiers they fall in from the previous season’s results: 1-3 wins, 4-6 wins, 7-9 wins, 10-12 wins. Coaches can select one talent from each tier that applies to them. For example, a coach who won 12 games in the previous season can select one talent each from the tiers, giving them 4 new talents that help with recruiting. Additionally, many of the talents in each tier scale with the number of wins earned, making talents more powerful with more victories. Finally, each tier also has a Mastery Talent that can only be chosen if you have the maximum number of wins in each tier. So a coach can only select the Master Talent in the 4-6 win tier if they have 6 or more wins. The talents are as follows: Tier 1 Choices (1/2/3 wins): Strong Recruiter: +1/+2/+2 weekly recruiting points. School Spirit: +1/+2/+3 school visits. Well Traveled: +1/+2/+2 coaches visits. Mastery Talent - Diversified Recruiting: Gain +1 weekly recruiting points, +1 school visit, and +1 coaches visit. Tier 2 Choices (4/5/6 wins): Quality over Quantity: Your "Host Camp" state will allow a 19%/21%/23% bonus on recruits instead of 12%. (Host Camp states are in states where a team from the same conference is from and it cannot be the home state of the school.) Supreme Need: You receive 2/3/3 additional "team needs" slots. Expansive Camps: Add a border state of your choice from the table below for this season only. All recruits for that additional state will receive 12/14/16 points for free if at least 5 points are put on them. Choice for border states are as follows: Mastery Talent - International Recruiting: Allows access to a completely independent recruiting list of international recruits, competing only against other schools that took this talent. Points are shared between this list and normal recruiting but visits cannot be used. Tier 3 Choices (7/8/9 wins): Home State Fortress: Recruits now start automatically with 29/31/33 points for all in-state players (instead of 15). Must have at least 15 points on them before it triggers. Regional Power: Recruits now start automatically with 19/21/23 points for players in bordering states (instead of 12). Must have at least 10 points on them before it triggers as before. National Exposure: Ensure 1/2/2(+1 with a secondary preference) JuCo recruit prefers your program. Mastery Talent - Over the Top: Improves JuCo scholarships from +18 to +30 and JuCo visits from +16 to +30 and also receive an additional JuCo Scholarship. However, this comes at the cost of reducing your regular weekly recruiting points by -5. Tier 4 Choices (10/11/12 wins): Rising Star: Select two Star Players to receive 8/10/12 weekly points for free. Strong Academics: Scholarships provide an immediate boost of 27/29/31 (instead of 20). Legacy Locks: Claim two 1.0/4.0 players (or lower) from your state instantly/Claim a 1.0/4.5 and a 1.0/4.0 (or lower) from your state instantly/Claim a 2.0/4.5 and a 1.5/4.0 (or lower) from your state instantly. Mastery Tier - Undiscovered Talent: Create a recruit (there will be a thread - subject to name and school approval by Soluna) and receive him as part of your recruiting class instantly. Max skill/potential for each position: QB (2.5/4.5), RB (2.5/4.5), FB (1.0/5.0) WR (1.0/5.0), TE (1.0/5.0), OT (2.5/4.5), OG (1.0/5.0), C (1.0/5.0), DE (2.5/4.5), DT (1.0/5.0), ILB (1.0/5.0), OLB (1.0/5.0), CB (1.0/5.0), FS (1.0/5.0), SS (1.0/5.0), K (2.5/4.5), P (1.5/5.0), LS (1.5/5.0), KR (1.0/5.0), PR (1.0/5.0) G5 RECRUITING LIST In additional to recruiting from the overall national list of recruits, schools in G5 conferences (AAC, MWC, MAC, CUSA, Sun Belt, and Independents minus Notre Dame) will have access to a separate list of recruits that schools in P5 conferences will not have access to. Schools from the before listed schools will be able to put points into either the regular master list or the G5 master list as they please. The G5 Recruits list will work entirely the same as the other one. With the exception of the restriction for which school have access to this list it will function exactly the same as the other. Points/Visits/etc are shared between the two. COMMITTING So when do recruits actually commit to a school? In order for a player to commit there are three conditions. Only one needs to be met for a recruit to pick your team, but recruits only commit starting after the 4th week of recruiting: Coaches who are the only team listed on a recruit within 30 points for 3 consecutive weeks. They are the only logo shown for 3 weeks in a row. The team has a 50 point lead at any time, starting after week 4 of recruiting. This threshold decreases by 5 points after week 4 to a minimum of 20 points. The team with the lead cannot be caught up to by any other team with the amount of weeks left. Additionally, keep in mind that CFBHC teams are limited to 85 players on their roster. As a result, teams are currently allowed to recruit up to a maximum of 21 players per year. JUCO RECRUITS JUCO recruits are recruits that come in typically as juniors or seniors and have much higher skill ratings than average recruits out of high school. JUCO recruiting works much differently due to the higher skill and lower numbers of total JUCOs available to be recruited. JuCo recruiting will be a two week process and will begin towards the end of regular of recruiting. Regular recruiting scholarships, half scholarships, school and coaches visits will NOT be used. Instead coaches will be assigned the following based on the calculation described below. The formula only counts regular season games. JuCo Scholarships are worth +18 and JuCo visits are worth +16. All players may have a preferred school or family legacy towards a particular school. Recruits can have both a preferred school and a family legacy school and they don't have to be the same, however recruits with a preference from National Exposure will not have any other kind of preference on them. Additionally, there are multiple "tiers" of preference that automatically add the following points: Family Legacy: +35 points National Exposure Recruiting Talent: +25 points Primary: +25 points Secondary: +15 points Commit threshold in week 1 of JUCO recruiting is 10 or more between 1st and 2nd place. After week 2 it's just the highest, and ties will be broken using a weighted system. FIN Thanks for reading! If you have any other questions, comments, or things that I need to fix then comment away. Special thanks to Jieret for proof-reading this too! Good luck crootin!
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    Draft Pick Ownership Chart

    Currently, view-only, until I get feedback on it. I could open it up for everyone's use to be user-maintained, be the sole "keeper of the chart", or pass it on to someone else for them maintain. Whatever you all (or just Soluna and Alien) think is best. With the deadline approaching, I thought this would at least be useful for everyone. Please review, check for errors, and let me know if and how you'd like to see it tweaked. I think spelling out the conditional picks would be wise, but I didn't feel like doing that right now, and some of them are rather complicated. For now, all potential picks involved in conditional deals are listed and marked with an asterisk. Let me know if there is a more clear way to show perhaps the most-likely option, or what you want to see from it. I picked through the trade block as best I could, but if a deal wasn't titled "2022 draft pick" for example, I didn't include it. PM me any omitted deals, linking the deals would be appreciated. I could also color-code who owns the picks instead of just using black text, if you think that helps you see all of a team's picks more easily. I know for some of you, the colors do not show up as intended (especially purple, for some reason). On my screen, they are perfect, and I like it that way. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15sl5DDMkYR8wAqAlkWC9qCssXSoP4CRJRemzJjMnd6w/edit?usp=sharing
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