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After falling to #2 in the rankings, the Michigan Wolverines received some more disappointment over the weekend as they fell 17-16 on a last second field goal to the 25th ranked Penn State Nittany Lions. This loss opened up the B1G East and set up a potential deciding game in the final week between Michigan and long time rival and 7th ranked, Ohio State.


As the AFC North tries to figure out who really wants to win the division and play in the playoffs, the battle heats up as Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Baltimore all win their respective games. The Pittsburgh Steelers will play Monday night to see if they can remain tied with Baltimore for the lead at 6-6.


Recruiting season begins to wind down but there are still some major decisions to be made as teams look to fill out their classes. Will these players be able to live up to the hype? Or will they crumble under the pressure of expectations. Stay tuned to find out.


The battle for the NFC East remains hot as well, for all the right reasons as both the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys picked up wins on Sunday. The Eagles beat the Falcons 31-28 and the Cowboys beat the Panthers 31-20, making the NFC South a bloodbath as well as the league heads towards the playoffs.


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    I would like to apologize to those that have been hurt directly by my words or actions over the course of their time here. Theres probably a much larger number than the specific person I'd like to call out but please know that I do truly mean it. In particular I'd like to apologize to @deandean1998 for harmful words I've said in the past. It was taken too far and I hope this apology reaches him even if he is no longer here. I'd like to thank to Darmam in particular for talking to me personally in a responsible and friendly way. If you plan to continue to enjoy this site he can be thanked far more than what it seems. I'll be instituting some rules and site changes over the next few weeks to assure a consistent and peaceful environment on this site. Please know that I've read every single "testimonial" posted in aliens channel and every single pm I received (both on here and discord) even if I did not respond to them directly. I will spend the next few months to focus on improving the user experience on this site as a priority and hopefully we can all help in this endeavor together. Darman has had some great ideas to improve communication and general morale on the site and I can't think of a better person to help me improve the weakest aspect of this community. To those who have chosen to leave I can honestly say I'll miss you. Not everyone is my friend but I've still known some of you for quite a long time. Yes Ted even you. To those who are staying I ask only one thing, please help me in my sincere attempt to improve the site and to make sure this continues to become the best possible place for people to escape their lIves for even just a few minutes a day. To Darman, thank you for your words and thank you for lIstening. You've done far more than you can imagine. Soluna
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    The CFBHC Recruiting System

    The CFBHC Recruiting System “And Soluna said unto them ‘let there be croots’, and sure as shit there were” UPDATED AS OF 04/29/18 (2021 JUCO Changes) OVERVIEW Recruiting is constantly being upgraded and it can be hard to keep up. The idea behind this is to keep it constantly updated as changes are made so everything can be located in a central place. This is just an outline of the rules, if you are looking for tips on strategy then check out ToucanSoda's Awesome Guides! Recruiting is done weekly where coaches use their allotted weekly points to put points on any recruits they want to try to get for their team. Recruiting is due each week at Saturday night on the interface and is then processed on Sunday. Recruiting will begin two weeks before the regular season and will go until Week 14 of the CFBHC regular season. JUCO recruiting will take place the final 2 weeks of recruiting as well. THE INTERFACE All recruiting is handled on the Recruiting tab of the Interface. Points, visits, and scholarships are all handled on this page. Additional players can be added at any time by going to the page for each position you are interested in and clicking Add. Each week when recruiting is updated, school logos will appear next to a recruit. These are the teams that have put points on that recruit. Teams with red borders mean they are within 5 points of one another. If a team’s logo is there but does not have a red border, it means they are within 5 to 30 points of the leader. If there is a plus sign, it means there are other teams that have put points on that recruit but are not within 30 points of the lead. On the Interface you'll also find national recruiting rankings, highly contested recruits, and hot singles in your area. POINTS The number of weekly points a coach has to spend is based on a number of factors: 1. Base weekly points: Determined by the coaches performance in the previous season: Previous Season Results Weekly Points School Visit Points* Coaches Visit Points* Additionally, winning or losing a bowl grants you additional weekly points depending on the prestige of the bowl. This is presented in the following format: (+2/+1), where the first value is the number of points earned for winning and the second is for losing. 2. Team Prestige: Determined by the overall performance of the school throughout their entire history on the site. This is converted to additional weekly points by School Prestige times 1.5 (Rounded Down), so a 5 star school adds 7 points, a 1 star school adds 1 point. (Found here) 3. Coach Prestige: Determined by the individual coach’s performance throughout their entire history on the site. This is converted to additional weekly points by the Coaching Prestige value rounded down, so a 2.5 star coach adds 2 points, etc. (Found here) 4. Conference Prestige: Each conference is given a prestige based on performance, media, and commissioner work. The values for the 2021 season are as follows: 5. Out of Conference Opponents: Based on the previous season, additional weekly points are given (or removed) based on the average wins of the OOC teams you played: 6. Draft Bonus: The team with the most players drafted into NFLHC with gain +2 weekly points, and the teams with the most players drafted of their conference will gain +1 weekly point. 7. Bowl Challenge Cup: Every team in the conference with the highest win percentage at the end of bowl season will gain +3 weekly points. Teams in the conference with the second highest will gain +1. If there's a tie for winner all tied conferences will receive +2 instead of +3. If there's a tie for second all those conferences will receive +1. 8. Coaching Talents: These will be covered later, but certain talents can add additional weekly points. IN-STATE / BORDER STATE RECRUITS Schools get bonuses for all recruits in the same state as the school. Once a coach puts at least 5 points onto an in-state recruit, they gain a free bonus of 25 points on that recruit. Additionally, the initial points put on an in-state recruit are doubled for free up to 20 points added. For example, putting an initial 20 points on an in-state recruit will net you 65 points total (20 of your points, another 20 for the doubled value, and 25 for the in-state bonus). However if you put 30 points on the same recruit instead of 20, you would get 75 points total (30 of your points, another 20 for the maximum doubled value, and 25 for in-state bonus). School also get bonuses for recruits in border states. The border states for each team are outlined below. Once a school puts at least 5 points onto a border state recruit, they gain a free bonus of 12 points on that recruit. SCHOLARSHIPS AND VISITS Each coach will also be given 21 scholarships, 10 school visits, and 5 coaches visits which provides a one-time boost of points on that player. Scholarships give an immediate boost of 20 points. The specific point value that each visit gives will be a number within a range of points which is determined by your team’s performance in the previous season. These values can be seen above in the same table with base weekly point values. Both kinds of visits can only be used after the start of Week 5 of recruiting, but scholarships can be given at the start of recruiting. If a player that you gave a scholarship to commits to another school, you are given a half-scholarship worth half the amount of a normal scholarship in return (10 points). Coach visit values are increased to 30 points if the team had the Heisman winner in the previous season or if the coach won coach of the year. TEAM NEEDS Each coach can select two positions as their "Team Needs". Any points spent on a recruit of one of the chosen position will receive an additional 10% of the points spent for free. For example, if a coach picks OLB as a Team Need and puts 10 points on an OLB recruit, that recruit will actually get 11 points. PIPELINE STATES Coaches can select either their home state or one of their border states to be a Pipeline State. If the coach chooses their home state as their Pipeline, they will receive a 25% point bonus on any points they put on recruits in their home state. If the coach chooses a border state to be their Pipeline, they instead receive a 20% point bonus for any points spent on recruits in that state. States chosen as Pipeline states will be visible to all other coaches on the interface. HOST CAMPS Coaches can also select a state to place a Host Camp in. Coaches can only choose states that are home to schools in their conference. Coaches also are not allowed to choose their own home state for their Host Camp location. Independents are counted as their own conference for this. States with a Host Camp give a 15% points bonus on all points spent on recruits in that state. Host Camp locations are also visible to all other coaches on the interface. RECRUITING TALENTS Coaches can select coaching talents based on the following win tiers they fall in from the previous season’s results: 2+ wins, 5+ wins, 8+ wins, 11+ wins. Coaches can select one talent from each tier that applies to them. For example, a coach who won 10 games in the previous season can select one talent each from the 2 win, 5 win, and 8 win tiers, giving them 3 new talents that help with recruiting. The talents are as follows: 2 Win Choices: Strong Recruiter: +3 weekly recruiting points. School Spirit: +3 school visits. Well Traveled: +2 coaches visits. 5 Win Choices: Quality over Quantity: Your "Host Camp" state will allow a 25% bonus on recruits instead of 15%. (Host Camp states are in states where a team from the same conference is from and it cannot be the home state of the school.) Supreme Need: You receive three additional "team needs" slots. Expansive Camps: Add a border state of your choice from the table below for this season only. All recruits for that additional state will receive at least 12 points for free if at least 5 points are put on them. Choice for border states are as follows: 8 Win Choices: Home State Fortress: Recruits now start automatically with 30 points for all in-state players (instead of 25). Must have at least 5 points on them before it triggers as before. Regional Power: Recruits now start automatically with 18 points for players in bordering states (instead of 12). Must have at least 5 points on them before it triggers as before. National Exposure: Ensure two JuCo recruits prefer your program, equal to an automatic +25 points and that JuCo will have no other school preferences. 11 Win Choices: Rising Star: Receive two star players (at 12 points per week automatically added) which must be set before week one and are HIDDEN. Strong Academics: Scholarships provide an immediate boost of 28 (instead of 20). Legacy Locks: Instantly claim a 1.0/5.0 or lower player and a 1.0/3.5 or lower player of your choice from your state. (must be selected and announced prior to the first week of recruiting) Closest distance is tie-breaker. Coaches may reapply for players if they're bumped prior to the season. MEDICAL ISSUE RECRUITS Starting in 2021 recruiting, some recruits may have suffered severe injuries in their senior year of high school. These recruits are still available to be recruited but will have to sit out until they are healthy. COMMITTING So when do recruits actually commit to a school? Well if you coach Washington they probably won’t, but otherwise there are three conditions. Only one needs to be met for a recruit to pick your team, but recruits only commit starting after the 4th week of recruiting: Coaches who are the only team listed on a recruit within 30 points for 3 consecutive weeks. They are the only logo shown for 3 weeks in a row. The team has a 50 point lead at any time, starting after week 4 of recruiting. This threshold decreases by 5 points after week 4 to a minimum of 20 points. The team with the lead cannot be caught up to by any other team with the amount of weeks left. JUCO RECRUITS JUCO recruits are recruits that come in typically as juniors or seniors and have much higher skill ratings than average recruits out of high school. JUCO recruiting works much differently due to the higher skill and lower numbers of total JUCOs available to be recruited. JuCo recruiting will be a two week process and will begin towards the end of regular of recruiting. Regular recruiting scholarships, half scholarships, school and coaches visits will NOT be used. Instead coaches will be assigned the following based on the calculation described below. The formula only counts regular season games. JuCo Scholarships are worth +18 and JuCo visits are worth +16. All players may have a preferred school or family legacy towards a particular school. Recruits can have both a preferred school and a family legacy school and they don't have to be the same, however recruits with a preference from National Exposure will not have any other kind of preference on them. Additionally, there are multiple "tiers" of preference that automatically add the following points: Family Legacy: +35 points National Exposure Recruiting Talent: +25 points Primary: +25 points Secondary: +15 points Commit threshold in week 1 of JUCO recruiting is 10 or more between 1st and 2nd place. After week 2 it's just the highest, and ties will be broken using a weighted system. FIN Thanks for reading! If you have any other questions, comments, or things that I need to fix then comment away. Special thanks to Jieret for proof-reading this too! Good luck crootin!
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    Site Fully Resumes April 12th

    All games regular. Welcome back if you're still around. Spread the message so people have ample time to plan. Soluna
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    Welcome to the Chicago Tribune's By the Numbers, a statistically minded look at the contenders and pretenders of the 2021 NFL season. We're approximately at mid-season, with the trade deadline coming up and seven or eight games in the book for all 32 teams. The playoff picture is starting to take shape, but in a lot of places it's awful jumbled--so we'll take a look at the numbers and try to make sense of it. We'll go division-by-division and team-by-team to tell you what has been, what is, and what might be. Not sure yet whether this will be a recurring series--if it is, it will likely only be occasional as opposed to weekly (and it probably won't be as long as this one). Quick note: Strength of played schedule excludes games involving the team in question. Strength of remaining schedule does not--that is, if you've already played 1 of 2 games against a division opponent, that game will be counted in strength of remaining schedule. This is just due to the fact that the former adjustment is easier to put in a spreadsheet than the latter. AFC East 1. Miami Dolphins (8-0) Scoring stats: 30.25 PF/game (2nd), 15.5 PA/game (1st), +14.75 PD/game (1st) Strength of played schedule: 25-28 (.472, 21st-hardest) Strength of remaining schedule: 26-31 (.456, 25th-hardest) Projected record: 14.0-2.0 Projected finish: 1st in AFC East, #1 seed in the AFC playoffs If you didn't get the memo, the Dolphins are good. Like, really good. Like, Super Bowl favorite good. Five of their eight wins have been by multiple possessions, and it hasn't really mattered how good their opponent is. They shot down the Jets and sailed past the Raiders, and that's just the past two weeks. With a 2.5-game lead on the rest of the conference and no sign of slowing, the Dolphins are favored to get the #1 seed in the AFC and earn their first playoff appearance since 2018. If Miami gets through the Rams without a blemish, they will be at a point where the conversation should shift to whether 16-0 is a possibility. As of now, they have a 9.9% chance of doing so; winning up to that point would get them into about the 25% range. Even if they don't go 16-0, this is the best team Miami's had since their two Super Bowl wins. Enjoy this, Miami fans. 2. New York Jets (5-2) Scoring stats: 29.71 PF/game (4th), 27.14 PA/game (25th), +2.57 PD/game (10th) Strength of played schedule: 25-22 (.532, 13th) Strength of remaining schedule: 32-34 (.485, 19th) Projected record: 10.4-5.6 Projected finish: 2nd in AFC East, #6 seed in the AFC playoffs We're coming up on six years since the New York Jets watched the playoffs on TV rather than playing in them. And more likely than not, that's not going to change this year...but for the first time in a while, there's room for doubt. The Jets started 5-0, but four of those wins came by one possession against three teams they probably should have beaten anyway (plus Jacksonville). They then were routed in the division showdown against the Dolphins before being upset at home by the Broncos in overtime. What's worrying is their defense: they're in the bottom quartile of the league, and they've given up 102 points in their last three games. As long as they can still throw points on the board, though, they'll be a playoff contender. 3. New England Patriots (4-4) Scoring stats: 27.0 PF/game (9th), 24.25 PA/game (16th), +2.75 PD/game (9th) Strength of played schedule: 27-22 (.551, 9th) Strength of remaining schedule: 29-31 (.483, 21st) Projected record: 8.0-8.0 Projected finish: 3rd in AFC East, miss playoffs, #17 overall pick unlikely to convey to Baltimore; also own Miami's projected #25-32 overall first-round pick The Pats are a bit of a strange team. Their point differential pegs them as a slightly better-than-.500 team, and the back half of their schedule shouldn't be quite as hard as the front half. But the projection still calls it a wash and expects them to essentially repeat their 4-4 first half in the second half. I think what's hidden is that there's a wide range for what New England is capable of. Maybe they pull an upset over the Jets in defense-optional mode and Old Man Reggie takes revenge against the Ravens to sneak them up to a playoff bid at 10-6. Maybe they lay a dud against San Francisco or Cleveland (either of whom could resurge down the stretch) and finish 6-10 to earn a top-10 pick. ...or maybe they do neither and finish a boring 8-8. They'll also have Miami's pick next year, so slipping down in the first round wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Maybe the next J.C. Weldon will fall to them. 4. Buffalo Bills (2-5) Scoring stats: 21.1 PF/game (24th), 27.0 PA/game (23rd), -5.86 PD/game (27th) Strength of played schedule: 25-21 (.543, 10th) Strength of remaining schedule: 31-36 (.463, 24th) Projected record: 6.3-9.7 Projected finish: 4th in AFC East, miss playoffs, #10 overall pick plus Houston's projected #9 overall pick The Bills are currently projected in a crowd of teams that are all projected between 6.0 and 6.5 wins. Despite the fact that they aren't strong on either side of the ball, a finish anywhere from 4-5 to 6-3 is certainly possible because they play a smorgasbord of beatable opponents: the entire AFC North, the under-new-management Cardinals, the hapless Chargers, and the mercurial Patriots. If they sell off any assets between now and the trade deadline, it'll serve the secondary purpose of gaining the edge over other teams they're competing with for draft position. Or maybe the primary purpose. AFC North 1. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-4) Scoring stats: 22.43 PF/game (22nd), 24.14 PA/game (15th), -1.71 PD/game (19th) Strength of played schedule: 15-30 (.333, 31st) Strength of remaining schedule: 35-33 (.515, 13th) Projected record: 7.0-9.0 Projected finish: 2nd in AFC North, miss playoffs, #14 overall pick In their first seven games, the Steelers have played one team with a record above .500 (the Raiders) and one team with a .500 record (the Patriots). They haven't won a game outside the AFC North. They've provided the struggling Bills, Pats, and Lions with a win apiece. They have a sub-.500 record and a negative point differential...and they lead the division. I don't know if that's the good news or the bad news. But what's unambiguously bad news is that their schedule reverts to the mean going forward. Their next five games include 5-2 Chicago, 2-5 Cincinnati, 8-0 Miami, 7-0 Green Bay, and the 5-2 Jets. The Colts and Vikings follow, and they're capable of catching lightning in a bottle and playing better than their 2-6 record. Bottom line: the Steelers have to win tough games to stay in the division race, and that's not necessarily going to be true for everyone else in the North. 2. Baltimore Ravens (3-5) Scoring stats: 24.25 PF/game (17th), 22.63 PA/game (13th), +1.63 PD/game (13th) Strength of played schedule: 27-25 (.519, 15th) Strength of remaining schedule: 24-34 (.414, 29th) Projected record: 7.5-8.5 Projected finish: 1st in AFC North, #4 seed in the AFC playoffs, New England's projected #17 overall pick unlikely to convey The Ravens are the opposite of the Steelers. They're a game back in the loss column, but they've largely survived the hardest part of their schedule with a record that will let them compete for the division. The Bears and Jaguars are the only teams above .500 on the remainder of their schedule, but New England and Pittsburgh could be toss-up games as well. Detroit is also a wild card. They're probably going to need 8 wins to take the division, if not 9. It's going to be hard for them to get more than that, though they've been competitive in every single game other than the season-opening drubbing by Miami. The Ravens are currently the division favorite because of their potential and their schedule, but the division is so volatile that this could change again next week. 3. Cincinnati Bengals (2-5) Scoring stats: 25.71 PF/game (14th), 31.71 PA/game (31st), -6.00 PD/game (28th) Strength of played schedule: 13-33 (.283, 32nd) Strength of remaining schedule: 36-31 (.537, 8th) Projected record: 4.7-11.3 Projected finish: 4th in AFC North, miss playoffs, #3 overall pick The Bengals have played the worst schedule in the league so far and emerged with a 2-5 record from it. They upset the Bears, they outpaced the Chargers, and...that's it. The only other .500 team they played was New England, who waxed them. Most recently, they made Brad Davis and Keith Dunn look like an elite backfield. They can score, but they can't score enough to keep pace with a defense that's giving up 31.7 points per game to (again) the worst schedule in the league. The good news is that they'll be in great position to draft a premier defensive talent at the top of the draft. 4. Cleveland Browns (1-7) Scoring stats: 20.25 PF/game (26th), 25.13 PA/game (18th), -4.88 PD/game (24th) Strength of played schedule: 31-19 (.620, 3rd) Strength of remaining schedule: 21-38 (.356, 32nd) Projected record: 5.2-10.8 Projected finish: 3rd in AFC North, miss playoffs, #4 overall pick In week 1, the Browns beat the Bengals. Since then, they haven't beaten anybody--but their opponents have included six projected playoff teams and the Steelers. They've lost four games by 3 or fewer points. And going forward, the 4-4 Patriots are the only team on their remaining schedule with a .500 or better record. If there's a team that's a candidate for a second-half turnaround, it's the Browns--the problem is that any turnaround starts from a 1-7 position. If they were to go an unlikely 6-2 with wins over the Bills, Texans, Vikings, Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals, then they probably still finish a game short of the division at 7-9. A perfect run would give them a shot at the playoffs, and they play good enough defense to do it. But unless they can start to score more, we're talking about the difference between a top-5 pick and a top-10 pick. AFC South 1. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-2) Scoring stats: 30.14 PF/game (3rd), 20.71 PA/game (7th), +9.43 PD/game (7th) Strength of played schedule: 21-23 (.477, 20th) Strength of remaining schedule: 36-33 (.522, 11th) Projected record: 10.0-6.0 Projected finish: 1st in AFC South, #3 seed in the AFC playoffs What kind of CAR runs the quickest? A Jaguar, of course. The trio of Christian Barkley, Asante Sowell, and Raheem Robinson pace the third highest scoring offense in the league, and they've established the early pole position for what is currently the most important division race in the AFC. (The second place finisher is not a projected playoff team, so as of now it's win the division or go home in the South.) The biggest thorn in Jacksonville's side right now is their home loss to Tennessee on Thursday night of week 2. They followed that up with a Sunday night loss to the Jets. Other than that, they've taken care of business--including a potentially valuable win over fellow AFC contender Kansas City. Jacksonville's performance also holds up when adjusting for opponent performance moreso than any AFC team not named Miami or Las Vegas. Their schedule gets tougher down the stretch with 7 potential playoff contenders in their final 9 games. They don't have to win them all; they just have to win enough of them. 2. Tennessee Titans (5-3) Scoring stats: 29.50 PF/game (6th), 25.75 PA/game (21st), +3.75 PD/game (8th) Strength of played schedule: 23-27 (.460, 22nd) Strength of remaining schedule: 29-30 (.492, 17th) Projected record: 9.6-6.4 Projected finish: 2nd in AFC South, miss playoffs, #20 overall pick If the Titans miss the playoffs by a game, their baffling 35-20 week 3 loss to the Bills will loom large. They beat the Jaguars on the road. They've otherwise taken care of business against non-contenders, though they were gored by the Raiders and edged by the Panthers. With Wheelin' Dealin' Wheeler at the helm and a stable of wide receivers that can run wild on anybody in the league, Tennessee is capable of scoring--but they're not unstoppable, and their defense is prone to lapses. Their next four games are against teams that are .500 or better--including the home game against the Jaguars. That's likely going to be their make-or-break stretch. 3. Houston Texans (3-4) Scoring stats: 26.29 PF/game (11th), 30.86 PA/game (30th), -4.57 PD/game (23rd) Strength of played schedule: 21-26 (.447, 24th) Strength of remaining schedule: 35-32 (.522, 9th) Projected record: 6.3-9.7 Projected finish: 3rd in AFC South, miss playoffs, #9 overall pick conveyed to Buffalo The Texans have given up 94 points in their last two games, which is less than ideal. It could be worse, because one of those games was a 45-42 win over Indianapolis (hold that thought). But the defense is getting rung like a bell and things are only going to get worse with Frederick Fain out for the rest of the season. This is a very high-scoring, low-defense division with all four teams in the top 12 in over/under per game. But Houston's surprisingly solid offense and usually absent defense make them the 2nd most shootout-prone team in the whole NFL. Again, it could be worse. They'll sell a lot of tickets that way, fans will come to watch Leshoure row, and they won't have to think about the fact that Buffalo owns their next first-rounder too. 4. Indianapolis Colts (2-6) Scoring stats: 24.5 PF/game (16th), 29.88 PA/game (29th), -5.38 PD/game (25th) Strength of played schedule: 33-19 (.635, 2nd) Strength of remaining schedule: 29-29 (.500, 14th) Projected record: 6.1-9.9 Projected finish: 4th in AFC South, miss playoffs, #8 overall pick conveyed to LA Chargers Much has been made of the Colts' runningback situation, and their lack of 1st- or 2nd-round pick will make it tough to address that problem next season. While their offense ranks ahead of their defense by a lot, it's fair to place that kind of emphasis on the run game because otherwise they have the tools for a top-5 offense. They have one of the best regular-season quarterbacks in the league and a ridiculously talented set of receivers. But they still score at an average rate, and they don't hold the ball long enough to give their defense time to rest. Even with a run game, they won't win if they're allowing 30 points a game. They should get some much-needed regression to the mean with their second-half schedule, but they would need a perfect second half (and some luck) to even think about the playoffs. They're in talks to sell assets (including trading Jeremy Bell), so the front office seems to see the writing on the wall already. AFC West T-1. Kansas City Chiefs (5-2) Scoring stats: 23.29 PF/game (20th), 21.71 PA/game (10th), +1.57 PD/game (14th) Strength of played schedule: 25-20 (.556, 8th) Strength of remaining schedule: 26-41 (.388, 31st) Projected record: 10.6-5.4 Projected finish: 2nd in AFC West, #5 seed in the AFC playoffs Run the dang ball, and good things will happen. The Chiefs' two-headed bull-headed attack has worked wonders with the departure of Thomas Wheeler. Perhaps part of its success is actually just the fact that it keeps the opposing offense off the field considering that the Chiefs are still just 20th in scoring, but it's pretty frickin' hard to argue with wins over the Raiders and the Eagles. The Raiders win will be particularly valuable if things come down to a division tiebreaker; however, the loss to the Jaguars could bite them in a wild card tiebreaker scenario. Truly the best thing the Chiefs have going for them (other than being a solid team) is that their remaining schedule is favorable. They have as many games remaining against teams above .500 as they have games remaining against the Chargers (2). A win over the Titans would put them in enviable playoff position; a loss wouldn't necessarily eliminate them. T-1. Las Vegas Raiders (5-2) Scoring stats: 32.0 PF/game (1st), 19.29 PA/game (6th), +12.71 PD/game (2nd) Strength of played schedule: 25-21 (.543, 10th) Strength of remaining schedule: 32-33 (.492, 16th) Projected record: 11.4-4.6 Projected finish: 1st in AFC West, #2 seed in the AFC playoffs The Raiders possess the point differential of a team that should be 6-1 or 7-0; instead, they're on the short end of the tiebreaker with the Chiefs. Their two losses have been reasonable: a 3-point defeat to the Chiefs, and a 7-point loss to the white-hot Dolphins. They have one other competitive game on their résumé, a 30-24 win over the Colts. Other than that? They crushed the Chargers and Steelers, they smothered the Broncos, and they opted not to remember the Titans. This team has that extra gear that a contender needs, but their baseline is so high that they don't usually have to rely on it. Barring health problems, expect the Raiders to kick it up in the second half; it would be surprising (though not impossible) for them to earn anything less than a first-round bye. 3. Denver Broncos (4-4) Scoring stats: 19.63 PF/game (27th), 21.0 PA/game (8th), -1.38 PD/game (18th) Strength of played schedule: 21-29 (.420...I see what you did there, Denver) Strength of remaining schedule: 33-25 (.569, 4th) Projected record: 7.9-8.1 Projected finish: 3rd in AFC West, miss playoffs, #15 overall pick The Broncos have had a solid couple of weeks, dismissing the Chargers in week 7 before going on the road to stun the Jets in overtime in the early-going this past Sunday. If they're finding their offensive footing with 69 points in two weeks (nice), this is a really good sign for them...for next year. They just don't have a route to the playoffs at this point, even at a respectable 4-4. It's likely going to take 10 or 11 wins to get a wild card spot, and the Broncos have one of the toughest slates remaining. They have the Giants and Chargers, yes. Apart from those two, their other six remaining opponents all have winning records. That includes the Eagles, Jaguars, and Raiders once each and the Chiefs twice. And in order to truly turn up the heat down the stretch, they'll need to keep up that level of offense against opponents that aren't 32nd and 25th in scoring defense like the Chargers and Jets are. Does Todd Jennings have it in him? 4. Los Angeles Chargers (0-7) Scoring stats: 15.71 PF/game (31st), 35.43 PA/game (32nd), -19.71 PD/game (T-31st) Strength of played schedule: 18-26 (.409, 28th) Strength of remaining schedule: 37-29 (.561, 5th) Projected record: 1.2-14.8 Projected finish: 4th in AFC West, miss playoffs, #1 overall pick plus the Colts' projected #8 overall pick The Chargers are the last winless team in the NFL and currently riding a 22-game losing streak. There's about a 29% chance that they finish the season without breaking that streak. Their best chance is probably their home game against Buffalo week 12; maybe they get lucky and the Eagles or Chiefs rest starters at the end of the season. Their only competitive games so far have been against the Bengals and Giants. They still have the Raiders again, the Chiefs twice, the Eagles, and the Cowboys. They should begin considering who they want with the #1 overall pick. Projected AFC playoffs: #3 Jacksonville Jaguars over #6 New York Jets #5 Kansas City Chiefs over #4 Baltimore Ravens #1 Miami Dolphins over #5 Kansas City Chiefs #2 Las Vegas Raiders over #3 Jacksonville Jaguars #1 Miami Dolphins over #2 Las Vegas Raiders ************************************************************************************************************************************ NFC East 1. Philadelphia Eagles (7-1) Scoring stats: 29.63 PF/game (5th), 18.13 PA/game (5th), +11.5 PD/game (3rd) Strength of played schedule: 25-24 (.510, 17th) Strength of remaining schedule: 25-33 (.431, 28th) Projected record: 12.5-3.5 Projected finish: 1st in NFC East, #2 seed in the NFC playoffs By adjusted margin of victory, the Eagles are the second-best team in their own division. Part of that is owed to closer-than-expected wins against struggling Detroit and San Francisco in the past two weeks. We'll get into why Dallas is so highly rated in their own section, but let's not sleep on Philly. They're certainly one of the two best teams in the NFC, and only the Packers' undefeated record keeps the Eagles from being a projected 1-seed. They have an early 2.5-game lead in the division (2 games in the loss column), and the NFC isn't particularly deep this year. The Eagles are playing well on both ends of the field, one of 5 teams in the entire league to rank in the top 10 in scoring offense and scoring defense. They're a playoff team, and they're probably getting a bye. 2. Dallas Cowboys (4-3) Scoring stats: 26.14 PF/game (12th), 15.71 PA/game (2nd), +10.43 PD/game (5th) Strength of played schedule: 29-15 (.659, 1st) Strength of remaining schedule: 33-33 (.500, 14th) Projected record: 10.5-5.5 Projected finish: 2nd in NFC East, #5 seed in the NFC playoffs When the Cowboys win, they're dominant. They held the Giants to 3 points, Washington to 9, and both Denver and Kansas City to 6. Two of their three losses have come by one possession, and all three have come to elite teams. So adjusted margin of victory is quite kind to the Cowboys, who are rated as the 2nd-best team by that metric when their record doesn't back that up. Essentially, how much you want to believe in the Cowboys depends entirely on how much weight you put on their schedule and how much weight you put on their potential. The back half of their schedule isn't easy by any means--their next five opponents are all over .500, though none of their final four games are. There aren't that many teams they need to outpace; if they go 3-1 against the NFC South, sweep the Chargers and Giants, and find another win or two anywhere else on the schedule, they should be in the playoffs. 3. Washington Football Club (3-4) Scoring stats: 24.14 PF/game (18th), 22.29 PA/game (12th), +1.86 PD/game (12th) Strength of played schedule: 25-21 (.543, 10th) Strength of remaining schedule: 31-34 (.477, 22nd) Projected record: 7.9-8.1 Projected finish: 3rd in NFC East, miss playoffs, #16 overall pick Washington probably isn't a playoff team this year, but that's okay. There were exactly two things that mattered this season: Tanner Bowman's development, and the team's ability to build around him. They're showing positive signs on both fronts. Bowman's been solid as a rookie, and their offense has improved by 8.7 points per game. The defense has quietly snuck into average (or maybe slightly above-average) territory. They'll want to grab a signature win to build on, but they've got the makings of a solid future in the nation's capital. Watch this space next year. 4. New York Giants (1-6) Scoring stats: 9.43 PF/game (32nd), 29.14 PA/game (28th), -19.71 PD/game (T-31st) Strength of played schedule: 19-25 (.432, 25th) Strength of remaining schedule: 42-25 (.627, 2nd) Projected record: 2.2-13.8 Projected finish: 4th in NFC East, miss playoffs, #2 overall pick They won a game. In scoring a season-high 19 points (which is a horrifying phrase to write) despite David Brezina's 10 of 21 effort for 75 yards and 2 interceptions, the Giants pushed past the Chargers to earn their first win of the season. They might win another one, though it's actually harder to pick a most winnable game for the Giants than it is for the Chargers. Washington is the only remaining sub-.500 team they play. The real drama will come down to two questions: will the Giants average a double-digit point total this season, and will they find a way to sneak back ahead of the Chargers for the #1 overall pick? NFC North 1. Green Bay Packers (7-0) Scoring stats: 25.71 PF/game (14th), 15.71 PA/game (2nd), +10.0 PD/game (6th) Strength of played schedule: 20-27 (.426, 26th) Strength of remaining schedule: 29-35 (.453, 26th) Projected record: 13.3-2.7 Projected finish: 1st in NFC North, #1 seed in the NFC playoffs Green Bay is one of three teams that are clearly above the NFC pa--er, above the NFC fray. It's their defense that's been leading the way, spearheaded by Marquise Reed and Julio Barnes in the secondary. The median team in the NFL gives up about 24.4 points per game; the Packers have held every single opponent they've played below that mark. (In fairness, three of them scored 23 or 24 points. But that's the most of anybody.) What's scary is that it's hard to say whether the Packers are playing at their full potential. Dan Nomellini's been overshadowed, and Jaz Durant has tailed off. But they're winning their games, they've beaten the good teams they've played, they've beaten the bad teams they've played, and their schedule favors them the rest of the way. Expect Green Bay to get a top-3 seed, if not a bye. 2. Chicago Bears (5-2) Scoring stats: 23.0 PF/game (21st), 22.86 PA/game (14th), +0.14 PD/game (17th) Strength of played schedule: 16-29 (.356, 30th) Strength of remaining schedule; 31-34 (.477, 22nd) Projected record: 9.4-6.6 Projected finish: 2nd in NFC North, #6 seed in the NFC playoffs Like the Titans, the Bears will have one game that they look upon with regret if they miss the playoffs by a game: a defense that's normally been solid this year gave up 34 points to the Bengals for one of Chicago's two losses. The Bears are 5-2 in large part because of several close wins, a sweep of the Vikings, and a 28-14 rout of the Rams on the road--but we're still talking about a team that struggles to block, struggles in the backfield, and relies almost entirely on receiving and defense. The good news for the Bears is that they don't need to be perfect, and they might not even need to be that good depending on how the NFC South and the Dallas Cowboys shake out. Again, the NFC's not that deep this year. A 10-win season in 2018 left them short; 10 wins this year could get them in. Taking a game from the Packers would also go a long way, though they'll also need to beat back the Lions at least once to prevent any pursuit from behind. This may well be Norris Brooksheer's last opportunity to make the playoffs as a Bear, and exceeding last year's win total in the first half of the season is a good start. 3. Detroit Lions (2-5) Scoring stats: 15.86 PF/game (30th), 21.43 PA/game (9th), -5.57 PD/game (26th) Strength of played schedule: 25-19 (.568, 7th) Strength of remaining schedule: 30-37 (.448, 27th) Projected record: 6.4-9.6 Projected finish: 3rd in NFC North, miss playoffs, #12 overall pick Like the Colts, the Lions' 4-year playoff streak is in serious jeopardy after an ice-cold start. The difference is that the cavalry is coming for Detroit in a way that it couldn't for Indianapolis. Keyshawn Thompson missed time with a foot fracture, but he's back now. Rob LeCount has been out with a wrist fracture, but he's reportedly medically cleared to play and questionable for Sunday's game against Cleveland. Blake Shell has been a serviceable stopgap, but the Lions' offense simply doesn't have a big-time playmaker without LeCount. With him, their offense moves up to the ranks of the average. That said, average offense and great defense can make a playoff team, and the Lions' defense has been unwavering. This is a team that will be dangerous from here to the end of the season. A 2-5 start is probably too much of a hole to dig out of and they essentially can't afford a loss, but it's not like there's an unwinnable game on their schedule. 4. Minnesota Vikings (2-6) Scoring stats: 19.5 PF/game (28th), 27.75 PA/game (27th), -8.25 PD/game (30th) Strength of played schedule: 29-21 (.580, 6th) Strength of remaining schedule: 23-35 (.397, 30th) Projected record: 5.2-10.8 Projected finish: 4th in NFC North, miss playoffs, #6 overall pick The Vikings seem to have taken all the misfortunes of the NFC North and rolled them into one package: their offense wasn't loaded with playmakers in the first place. Both sides of the ball are dealing with serious injury issues. They're not scoring, they're not defending, and they're not winning. Except when they're playing the Bengals or the Cardinals, apparently. While the first half was the tougher half of their schedule, being down six players for the season is going to make it difficult to actually do anything about the cakelike second half. They'll get Brian Vardell back in the next few weeks, but what good will that do? Prized rookie Luke Cobb is done for the year, so there's no connection to establish between him and Vardell. There's not much to play for other than pride. That might be enough. NFC South T-1. New Orleans Saints (5-3) Scoring stats: 27.0 PF/game (9th), 25.63 PA/game (20th), +1.38 PD/game (15th) Strength of played schedule: 27-24 (.529, 14th) Strength of remaining schedule: 29-30 (.492, 17th) Projected record: 9.1-6.9 Projected finish: 3rd in NFC South, miss playoffs, #18 overall pick The NFC South is by far the most competitive division in the league. Need evidence other than the fact that every team is within 1.5 games of the top? How about the fact that the Saints are projected to be within 0.2 wins of the division lead...which is still only the third-best projection in the division. Despite injuries to their receivers, the Devereaux and Jenkins (and Jamaal Brown-Sanderson) Show is continuing to light up scoreboards leaguewide. And more importantly, they're playing a modicum of defense! Sure, it's league-average defense at best, but that's the difference between them and the reeling Colts. The Saints are 2-2 in division play: a split with Atlanta, a home win over Carolina, and a home loss to Tampa Bay. Their next six games are all non-divisional, so they'll likely have a shot heading into the final two weeks of the season. Given that both those games are on the road, they will likely need to be 1 game up entering that stretch. T-1. Carolina Panthers (5-3) Scoring stats: 25.88 PF/game (13th), 25.25 PA/game (19th), +0.63 PD/game (16th) Strength of played schedule: 31-20 (.608, 5th) Strength of remaining schedule: 32-26 (.552, 6th) Projected record: 9.3-6.7 Projected finish: 1st in NFC South, #4 seed in the NFC playoffs It is tough to imagine a playoff without Christian Skaggs, who has led the Panthers to the postseason for each of the past 5 seasons now. It's the second-longest streak in the league, and it's in danger this season. The Panthers are a solid offensive team, but not the elite unit you'd expect with the Skaggs-Latta-Jackson-Henry quartet. When adjusting for opponent, the Panthers are also a pretty solid defensive unit, but not an elite one there either. They've had one of the toughest schedules, with a loss to Green Bay and division losses to both New Orleans and Tampa Bay--the latter two could come back to haunt them. They've also picked up wins over the Rams, Falcons, and Titans, so we're still not talking about a team of scrubs. The problem is that they've had a tough schedule already, and they have a tough remaining schedule. Jacksonville, Philadelphia, and Dallas are three of their next four games; they also have to play each division opponent again. They have been in discussions to move either Jacoby Seaverns or Mike Latta, which would be surprising for a team that needs all the help it can get to stay playoff-bound in a division that could be decided by something as simple as a shift of the wind on a field goal attempt in week 17. 3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-3) Scoring stats: 28.86 PF/game (7th), 26.71 PA/game (22nd), +2.14 PD/game (11th) Strength of played schedule: 29-18 (.617, 4th) Strength of remaining schedule: 32-34 (.485, 19th) Projected record: 9.1-6.9 Projected finish: 2nd in NFC South, miss playoffs, #19 overall pick Tampa Bay is only going to go as far as Taylor Heiden takes them. When they're good, they can be really good. They're scoring an extra 4.8 points per game above what their opponents typically allow. The only team so far to hold them to fewer than 27 points in a game was the Eagles, who we've already established are pretty dang good this year. They followed up that 10-point effort with a 38-13 demolition of the Falcons, and they have a 3-0 record in division play. But even with a similar scoring defense ranking to their divisional compatriots, they've been more vulnerable to outright defensive collapses. They let up 45 to Tennessee and 38 to Philadelphia as their opening act. They've given up 35 to Indianapolis and 28 to New Orleans in their two most recent games. Good offenses don't just score on them, they torch them. But their offense is every bit as explosive as the Saints' offense, so they'll have a shot. Their schedule is chock full of games that are winnable but certainly not easy. That's the story of the NFC South, though: whoever wins those toss-up games is going to win the division. 4. Atlanta Falcons (3-4) Scoring stats: 22.43 PF/game (22nd), 25.00 PA/game (17th), -2.57 PD/game (20th) Strength of played schedule: 23-22 (.511, 16th) Strength of remaining schedule: 35-32 (.522, 9th) Projected record: 6.6-9.4 Projected finish: 4th in NFC South, miss playoffs, #13 overall pick Whereas the rest of the division is offense-first, defense-second, the Falcons have historically inverted that trend in the NFC South. That looked like a promising formula during a 2-0 start to the season with wins over the Niners and Saints. Since then, the Falcons have lost 4 of 5. They've given up 27 points or more in all four losses and 31 or more in two--that spoiled what has otherwise been a surprisingly solid offensive effort over that stretch. Three of those losses have come in division play, erasing the advantage they earned from the Saints win. And their remaining schedule doesn't have a single easy win on it given that the Lions can defend and the Colts can attack. The Falcons haven't made the playoffs since their Super Bowl run, though they came tantalizingly close last year. This skid has seriously damaged their chances of getting back. They're not in this predicament because their schedule's been overly tough; it's because they haven't been able to win enough toss-up games. Turn that around, and they're still not totally out of the running yet. NFC West 1. Los Angeles Rams (5-2) Scoring stats: 28.57 PF/game (8th), 17.29 PA/game (4th), +11.29 PD/game (4th) Strength of played schedule: 22-23 (.489, 19th) Strength of remaining schedule: 36-30 (.545, 7th) Projected record: 10.8-5.2 Projected finish: 1st in NFC West, #3 seed in the NFC playoffs If you told me that I had to pick one team to make the playoffs upon penalty of being exiled to Missouri, I'd pick the Rams. They're far and away the best team in their division. They've already built a 2-game lead, and the only other team that is capable of challenging them is stuck in third. They've earned both halves of their 5-2 record. On the one hand, they demolished Detroit (less impressive in retrospect) and routed Dallas (which I expect to look better by season's end). On the other, they dropped back-to-back games early to Chicago and Carolina and they don't have any other particularly notable wins. What's crucial to understanding their season is the fact that they've played bad opponents and beaten them by a lot. That matters! Their schedule's going to get harder in the second half, with the entire AFC East plus the Packers on their schedule. Does it matter? Probably not. If they take care of business in their four remaining division games, they likely don't even need to win any of those. Win those four division games and beat 2-5 Buffalo, and that would mathematically be enough to clinch the division. They've been elite on both sides of the ball for years. Nobody else in their division is top-10 in scoring defense or top-16 in scoring offense. The Rams will win the division by a lot. 2. Arizona Cardinals (3-4) Scoring stats: 20.57 PF/game (25th), 27.29 PA/game (26th), -6.71 PD/game (29th) Strength of played schedule: 17-28 (.378, 29th) Strength of remaining schedule: 42-24 (.636, 1st) Projected record: 6.1-9.9 Projected finish: 3rd in NFC West, miss playoffs, #7 overall pick plus Seattle's projected #11 overall pick Things started off very promising in Arizona after back-to-back wins over Seattle and Detroit to start the season. The results since then have indicated that their early success was a mirage. Both of those opponents have struggled mightily, and the Redbirds have dropped four of five since then. That's a similar arc to the Falcons, except for the fact that the Cards have lost to teams that their ornithological relatives would have beaten. It's no shame that they were routed by Los Angeles. A loss to New England makes sense. Getting routed by Washington and Minnesota, though? That's...not ideal. With a new ownership group, the Cardinals are looking to elicit a cultur3 change--but it'll be hard to pull that off given that their schedule gets ridiculously hard in the second half. The Rams are the only team above .500 that they've played so far. They'll play the Dolphins, Bears, Rams, Jets, Saints, and Packers between now and season's end. It's a young team that wasn't expected to do well, and being at 3-4 right now would have been a positive sign at season's dawn. They also own Seattle's pick that's currently trending toward the upper half of the first round. But this is probably as good as it's going to get for them this year. 3. Seattle Seahawks (3-5) Scoring stats: 17.75 PF/game (29th), 22.25 PA/game (11th), -4.5 PD/game (22nd) Strength of played schedule: 25-24 (.510, 17th) Strength of remaining schedule: 30-28 (.517, 12th) Projected record: 6.4-9.6 Projected finish: 2nd in NFC West, miss playoffs, #11 overall pick conveyed to Arizona The good news for Seattle is that they've finally figured out how to score points. Their point total failed to eclipse the legal drinking age in any of their first six games of the season. On Monday night of week 7 in Los Angeles, though, they put up an impressive 30 points on the Rams. (They lost, but still.) They followed that up by scoring 28 against Buffalo, accompanied by the return of their stout defense. Their remaining schedule isn't so strong that they're out of the hunt yet. They don't need their offense to become elite; they just need to not be at the very bottom of the league. As of now, they have 13 touchdowns and 12 turnovers, they've given up 20 sacks, and their 17.3 yards per point is the third-worst in the NFL. They're averaging 4.6 yards per carry and 7.5 yards per pass attempt, so there's a spark there. They just have to commit fewer turnovers, take fewer sacks, and convert more third downs to keep drives alive. Their defense will take care of itself. It may be too late to make a charge for the division, but the wild card race is wide open because (all together now) the NFC is not that deep this year. 4. San Francisco 49ers (2-5) Scoring stats: 23.57 PF/game (19th), 27.0 PA/game (23rd), -3.43 PD/game (21st) Strength of played schedule: 20-24 (.455, 23rd) Strength of remaining schedule: 42-25 (.627, 2nd) Projected record: 5.2-10.8 Projected finish: 4th in NFC West, miss playoffs, #5 overall pick Oh, Niners. Poor Niners. I'm not sure they're really as bad as their 2-5 record suggests. Adjusting for opponent, they're literally the opposite of the Seahawks: they're scoring reasonably well, but not really playing much defense. They have spots of hope, such as their close loss to Philadelphia on Monday night. They also have moments that show just how much things can change in 2 years, such as their blowout loss to Arizona. Their wins so far are against Seattle and Buffalo, neither of whom are particularly fervent believers in scoring. And they ain't seen nothin' yet: their next six opponents are all .500 or better, including the undefeated Packers and Dolphins. And the Rams. And the Rams again. And the Jets. All of those teams can score, and all of them ought to score. It's not going to be a fun stretch, but it'll at least outline exactly where the former champs need to improve this offseason. They'll be back soon enough. Projected NFC Playoffs: #3 Los Angeles Rams over #6 Chicago Bears #5 Dallas Cowboys over #4 Carolina Panthers #5 Dallas Cowboys over #1 Green Bay Packers #2 Philadelphia Eagles over #5 Los Angeles Rams #5 Dallas Cowboys over #2 Philadelphia Eagles ************************************************************************************************************************************ Projected Super Bowl Miami Dolphins over Dallas Cowboys That does it for this edition of By the Numbers. Until next time, whenever that time may be!
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    Ryan White, Nordic Network Auburn, Alabama Social media’s influence on the sports world has never been greater. In fact, just today, all of the top Twitter trends happened to revolve around the world of collegiate football. So it should come to no one’s surprise that…. Twitter is changing tradition. Tonight, the Iowa Hawkeyes (2-2) travel to Auburn to take on the undefeated Tigers, in a battle that could shape the season for either team. Iowa, still reeling from a loss at Indiana last Saturday Evening, is desperate for a win, and will rely on the arm and legs of redshirt senior quarterback Mikeal Black to carry them to victory. Auburn, with National Title hopes, will look to their own promising quarterback – Marcus Black. The fact that both quarterbacks have the last name Black is entirely coincidental; Twitter superfans dubbing this the #BLACKOUT, as seen at the top of the trending list, is not. As early as last Wednesday, fans of both Auburn and Iowa began a friendly twitter competition, noticing the shared surname, and then comparing the two Blacks, and eventually, some notable alums weighed in. Heisman trophy winning running back, former Auburn Tiger and current Green Bay Packer, Jaz Durant, supported his former teammate: Meanwhile, a few others, of Iowa fame, threw their names into the backing of Mikeal: Recognizing the friendly rivalry between his two Minnesota Vikings teammates Jared Lee and Jacory Kessler, but also recognizing the charity work both Marcus and Mikeal Black do around their communities, Vikings wide receiver Aaron Ayala decided to expand the challenge, extending the bet from Jaz Durant, Jared Lee, and Jacory Kessler to the entirety of both fan Iowa and Auburn fan bases. Shirts for the game can be picked up at shopncaasports.com/BLACKOUT, or in a limited supply at the game tonight. Each shirt (pictured below) comes in sizes S-XXL, choosing Iowa or Auburn, and will take $19.99 plus applicable tax out of your wallet. The front of each shirt features a commemorative logo, featuring images of both Mikeal Black and Marcus Black, along with basic information surrounding the game. The back of each shirt is unique to each school, showing allegiance to either Mikeal or Marcus Black. With all of the surrounding hype, inspired by the competition between the fan bases, and by Aaron Ayala’s recognition of their student-athletes, the University of Iowa and Auburn University decided to come together to do something special. Iowa is no stranger to wearing different uniforms. They’ve experimented in the past, wearing alternates against Minnesota. Mikeal Black scrambles against Minnesota during their Week 4, 2021 matchup, donning an alternate "Midnight" design. But Auburn has yet to change it up. They haven’t even worn white unis at home before, proudly wearing their Navy Blues at Jordan-Hare since 2013. This week, social media has changed tradition. Auburn, as the home team, will be wearing white uniforms. In honor of the two QBs taking the national spotlight, Auburn will be wearing all-whites, with black and gray trim, with an emphasis on the black. They’ve even pealed the typical Burnt Orange and Navy Blue decals off of their white helmets, opting for black and gray. And Iowa will be wearing almost entirely black unis, with a light gray trim and a steal-like numerical pattern, and charcoal gray helmets. Following the game, all uniforms from both teams will be auctioned off, with the proceeds joining Aaron Ayala’s t-shirt sale donations to Marcus and Mikeal’s causes. Players from Iowa and Auburn enjoyed taking part in a special photo shoot surrounding their alternate uniforms. Pictured are action models, ILB Elias French (left, Iowa) and Sean Meade (right, Auburn) “I never knew a last name could have this much importance,” laughed Mikeal Black in an interview earlier this week. “Now the university president is reaching out to me – the Auburn University president.” No matter the result this weekend, Twitter has shown the good-natured abilities and the reach of college football’s culture.
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    Welcome to another edition of the Chicago Tribune's By the Numbers, a statistically minded look at the contenders and pretenders of the 2021 NFL season. We're through 12 weeks of the season, and every team has 11 games in the books. Some teams are fading, some are surging, and most are right on track heading into the all-important final five. As usual, we'll take a look at the numbers to try and get a sense of where everybody's going to be where the dust settles--and also note where everyone's win projection has moved since last time. Quick note: Strength of played schedule excludes games involving the team in question. Strength of remaining schedule does not--that is, if you've already played 1 of 2 games against a division opponent, that game will be counted in strength of remaining schedule. This is just due to the fact that the former adjustment is easier to put in a spreadsheet than the latter. No blurbs this time due to time constraints, but all the numbers remain. AFC East 1. Miami Dolphins (10-1) Scoring stats: 29.64 PF/game (5th), 15.64 PA/game (1st), +14.00 PD/game (1st) Strength of played schedule: 55-55 (0.500, 13th) Strength of remaining schedule: 21-34 (.382, 30th) Projected record: 13.8-2.2 (Δ -0.2 from midseason) Projected finish: 1st in AFC East, #1 seed in AFC playoffs 2. New York Jets (8-3) Scoring stats: 30.18 PF/game (2nd), 24.82 PA/game (18th), +5.36 PD/game (8th) Strength of played schedule: 48-62 (0.436, 29th) Strength of remaining schedule: 31-24 (.564, 7th) Projected record: 10.6-5.4 (Δ +0.2 from midseason) Projected finish: 2nd in AFC East, #5 seed in AFC playoffs 3. New England Patriots (5-6) Scoring stats: 26.45 PF/game (11th), 25.27 PA/game (20th), +1.18 PD/game (13th) Strength of played schedule: 58-52 (0.527, 9th) Strength of remaining schedule: 25-30 (.455, 22nd) Projected record: 7.6-8.4 (Δ -0.4 from midseason) Projected finish: 3rd in AFC East, miss playoffs, #14 overall pick plus Miami's projected #32 overall pick; Baltimore's projected #13 overall pick unlikely to convey 4. Buffalo Bills (3-8) Scoring stats: 18.09 PF/game (30th), 26.64 PA/game (26th), -8.55 PD/game (29th) Strength of played schedule: 52-58 (0.473, 22nd) Strength of remaining schedule: 30-25 (.545, 8th) Projected record: 4.9-11.1 (Δ -1.4 from midseason) Projected finish: 4th in AFC East, miss playoffs, #5 overall pick, plus Arizona's projected #8 overall pick, plus Houston's projected #12 overall pick AFC North T-1. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-6) Scoring stats: 21.09 PF/game (25th), 20.45 PA/game (6th), +0.64 PD/game Strength of played schedule: 52-58 (0.473, 22nd) Strength of remaining schedule: 24-31 (.436, 23rd) Projected record: 7.7-8.3 (Δ +0.7 from midseason) Projected finish: 1st in AFC North, #4 seed in AFC playoffs T-1. Baltimore Ravens (5-6) Scoring stats: 24.09 PF/game (16th), 24.55 PA/game (17th), -0.45 PD/game (18th) Strength of played schedule: 55-55 (0.500, 13th) Strength of remaining schedule: 22-33 (.400, 27th) Projected record: 7.5-8.5 (Δ +/- 0.0 from midseason) Projected finish: 2nd in AFC North, miss playoffs, #13 overall pick 3. Cleveland Browns (4-7) Scoring stats: 22.27 PF/game (21st), 22.45 PA/game (12th), -0.18 PD/game (16th) Strength of played schedule: 58-52 (0.527, 9th) Strength of remaining schedule: 21-34 (.382, 30th) Projected record: 6.7-9.3 (Δ +1.5 from midseason) Projected finish: 3rd in AFC North, miss playoffs, #11 overall pick 4. Cincinnati Bengals (2-9) Scoring stats: 22.64 PF/game (20th), 32.09 PA/game (31st), -9.45 PD/game (30th) Strength of played schedule: 49-61 (0.445, 27th) Strength of remaining schedule: 29-26 (.527, 13th) Projected record: 3.6-12.4 (Δ -1.1 from midseason) Projected finish: 4th in AFC North, miss playoffs, #3 overall pick AFC South 1. Tennessee Titans (8-3) Scoring stats: 29.73 PF/game (4th), 23.45 PA/game (13th), +6.27 PD/game (7th) Strength of played schedule: 53-57 (0.482, 18th) Strength of remaining schedule: 23-32 (.418, 25th) Projected record: 11.2-4.8 (Δ +1.6 from midseason) Projected finish: 1st in AFC South, #2 seed in AFC playoffs T-2. Houston Texans (5-6) Scoring stats: 27.82 PF/game (8th), 30.55 PA/game (30th), -2.73 PD/game (23rd) Strength of played schedule: 51-59 (0.464, 25th) Strength of remaining schedule: 32-23 (.582, 5th) Projected record: 6.9-9.1 (Δ +0.6 from midseason) Projected finish: 3rd in AFC South, miss playoffs, #12 overall pick conveyed to Buffalo T-2. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-6) Scoring stats: 29.82 PF/game (3rd), 25.82 PA/game (22nd), +4.0 PD/game (9th) Strength of played schedule: 60-50 (0.545, 6th) Strength of remaining schedule: 27-28 (.491, 18th) Projected record: 7.9-8.1 (Δ -2.1 from midseason) Projected finish: 2nd in AFC South, miss playoffs, #15 overall pick 4. Indianapolis Colts (3-8) Scoring stats: 25.18 PF/game (12th), 28.18 PA/game (27th), -3.00 PD/game (24th) Strength of played schedule: 61-49 (0.555, 4th) Strength of remaining schedule: 30-25 (.545, 8th) Projected record: 5.3-10.7 (Δ -0.8 from midseason) Projected finish: 4th in AFC South, miss playoffs, #7 overall pick conveyed to Los Angeles Chargers AFC West T-1. Kansas City Chiefs (7-4) Scoring stats: 21.82 PF/game (23rd), 22.00 PA/game (10th), -0.18 PD/game (16th) Strength of played schedule: 53-57 (0.482, 18th) Strength of remaining schedule: 23-32 (.418, 25th) Projected record: 9.6-6.4 (Δ -1.0 from midseason) Projected finish: 2nd in AFC West, #6 seed in AFC playoffs T-1. Las Vegas Raiders (7-4) Scoring stats: 32.09 PF/game (1st), 20.82 PA/game (7th), +11.27 PD/game (3rd) Strength of played schedule: 55-55 (0.500, 13th) Strength of remaining schedule: 27-28 (.491, 18th) Projected record: 10.5-5.5 (Δ -0.9 from midseason) Projected finish: 1st in AFC West, #3 seed in AFC playoffs 3. Denver Broncos (6-5) Scoring stats: 20.18 PF/game (26th), 21.00 PA/game (8th), -0.82 PD/game (19th) Strength of played schedule: 53-57 (0.482, 18th) Strength of remaining schedule: 28-27 (.509, 15th) Projected record: 8.4-7.6 (Δ +0.5 from midseason) Projected finish: 3rd in AFC West, miss playoffs, #17 overall pick 4. Los Angeles Chargers (1-10) Scoring stats: 18.27 PF/game (29th), 33.73 PA/game (32nd), -15.45 PD/game (31st) Strength of played schedule: 44-66 (0.400, 32nd) Strength of remaining schedule: 34-21 (.618, 3rd) Projected record: 2.1-13.9 (Δ +0.9 from midseason) Projected finish: 4th in AFC West, miss playoffs, #2 overall pick plus Indianapolis's projected #7 overall pick Projected AFC Playoffs #3 Las Vegas Raiders (-7) over #6 Kansas City Chiefs #5 New York Jets over #4 Pittsburgh Steelers (+1) #1 Miami Dolphins (-6.5) over #5 New York Jets #3 Las Vegas Raiders over #2 Tennessee Titans (+2) #1 Miami Dolphins (-3) over #3 Las Vegas Raiders ************************************************************************************************************************************ NFC East 1. Philadelphia Eagles (8-3) Scoring stats: 27.27 PF/game (9th), 19.45 PA/game (5th), +7.82 PD/game (5th) Strength of played schedule: 58-52 (0.527, 9th) Strength of remaining schedule: 22-33 (.400, 27th) Projected record: 11.4-4.6 (Δ -1.1 from midseason) Projected finish: 1st in NFC East, #3 seed in NFC playoffs 2. Dallas Cowboys (7-4) Scoring stats: 24.55 PF/game (14th), 16.64 PA/game (2nd), +7.91 PD/game (4th) Strength of played schedule: 71-39 (0.645, 1st) Strength of remaining schedule: 22-33 (.400, 27th) Projected record: 10.7-5.3 (Δ +0.2 from midseason) Projected finish: 2nd in NFC East, #5 seed in NFC playoffs 3. Washington Football Club (6-5) Scoring stats: 23.91 PF/game (19th), 23.55 PA/game (15th), +0.36 PD/game (15th) Strength of played schedule: 53-57 (0.482, 18th) Strength of remaining schedule: 30-25 (.545, 8th) Projected record: 8.3-7.7 (Δ +0.4 from midseason) Projected finish: 3rd in NFC East, miss playoffs, #16 overall pick 4. New York Giants (1-10) Scoring stats: 13.82 PF/game (32nd), 29.91 PA/game (29th), -16.09 PD/game (32nd) Strength of played schedule: 55-55 (0.500, 13th) Strength of remaining schedule: 34-21 (.618, 3rd) Projected record: 1.9-14.1 (Δ -0.3 from midseason) Projected finish: #4 in NFC East, miss playoffs, #1 overall pick NFC North 1. Green Bay Packers (10-1) Scoring stats: 24.00 PF/game (18th), 16.73 PA/game (3rd), +7.27 PD/game (6th) Strength of played schedule: 47-63 (0.427, 30th) Strength of remaining schedule: 29-26 (.527, 13th) Projected record: 13.0-3.0 (Δ -0.3 from midseason) Projected finish: 1st in NFC North, #1 seed in NFC playoffs 2. Chicago Bears (6-5) Scoring stats: 22.09 PF/game (22nd), 24.36 PA/game (16th), -2.27 PD/game (21st) Strength of played schedule: 46-64 (0.418, 31st) Strength of remaining schedule: 28-27 (.509, 15th) Projected record: 8.5-7.5 (Δ -0.9 from midseason) Projected finish: 2nd in NFC North, miss playoffs, #18 overall pick T-3. Detroit Lions (4-7) Scoring stats: 19.73 PF/game (27th), 22.00 PA/game (10th), -2.27 PD/game (21st) Strength of played schedule: 57-53 (0.518, 12th) Strength of remaining schedule: 26-29 (.473, 21st) Projected record: 6.7-9.3 (Δ +0.3 from midseason) Projected finish: 3rd in NFC North, miss playoffs, #10 overall pick T-3. Minnesota Vikings (4-7) Scoring stats: 21.18 PF/game (24th), 26.36 PA/game (24th), -5.18 PD/game (26th) Strength of played schedule: 60-50 (0.545, 6th) Strength of remaining schedule: 20-35 (.364, 32nd) Projected record: 6.1-9.9 (Δ +0.9 from midseason) Projected finish: 4th in NFC North, miss playoffs, #9 overall pick NFC South T-1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-4) Scoring stats: 28.00 PF/game (7th), 25.27 PA/game (20th), +2.73 PD/game (10th) Strength of played schedule: 61-49 (0.555, 4th) Strength of remaining schedule: 27-28 (.491, 18th) Projected record: 9.67-6.33 (Δ +0.6 from midseason) Projected finish: 2nd in NFC South, #6 seed in NFC playoffs T-1. Atlanta Falcons (7-4) Scoring stats: 24.45 PF/game (15th), 21.91 PA/game (9th), +2.55 PD/game (11th) Strength of played schedule: 51-59 (0.464, 25th) Strength of remaining schedule: 35-20 (.636, 2nd) Projected record: 9.2-6.8 (Δ +2.6 from midseason) Projected finish: 3rd in NFC South, miss playoffs, #20 overall pick T-1. Carolina Panthers (7-4) Scoring stats: 27.27 PF/game (9th), 24.91 PA/game (19th), +2.36 PD/game (12th) Strength of played schedule: 66-44 (0.600, 2nd) Strength of remaining schedule: 32-23 (.582, 5th) Projected record: 9.72-6.28 (Δ +0.4 from midseason) Projected finish: 1st in NFC South, #4 seed in NFC playoffs 4. New Orleans Saints (6-5) Scoring stats: 24.91 PF/game (13th), 26.55 PA/game (25th), -1.64 PD/game (20th) Strength of played schedule: 64-46 (0.582, 3rd) Strength of remaining schedule: 24-31 (.436, 23rd) Projected record: 8.7-7.3 (Δ -0.4 from midseason) Projected finish: 4th in NFC South, miss playoffs, #19 overall pick NFC West 1. Los Angeles Rams (9-2) Scoring stats: 29.64 PF/game (5th), 17.36 PA/game (4th), +12.27 PD/game (2nd) Strength of played schedule: 54-56 (0.491, 17th) Strength of remaining schedule: 28-27 (.509, 15th) Projected record: 12.5-3.5 (Δ +1.7 from midseason) Projected finish: #1 in NFC West, #2 seed in NFC playoffs 2. Arizona Cardinals (4-7) Scoring stats: 18.55 PF/game (28th), 26.18 PA/game (23rd), -7.64 PD/game (28th) Strength of played schedule: 49-61 (0.445, 27th) Strength of remaining schedule: 36-19 (.655, 1st) Projected record: 5.6-10.4 (Δ -0.5 from midseason) Projected finish: 2nd in NFC west, miss playoffs, #8 overall pick conveyed to Buffalo, offset by the addition of Seattle's projected #4 overall pick T-3. San Francisco 49ers (3-8) Scoring stats: 24.09 PF/game (16th), 28.36 PA/game (28th), -4.27 PD/game (25th) Strength of played schedule: 59-51 (0.536, 8th) Strength of remaining schedule: 30-25 (.545, 8th) Projected record: 5.1-10.9 (Δ -0.1 from midseason) Projected finish: 3rd in NFC West, miss playoffs, #6 overall pick T-3. Seattle Seahawks (3-8) Scoring stats: 17.64 PF/game (31st), 23.45 PA/game (13th), -5.82 PD/game (27th) Strength of played schedule: 52-58 (0.473, 22nd) Strength of remaining schedule: 30-25 (.545, 8th) Projected record: 4.8-11.2 (Δ -1.6 from midseason) Projected finish: 4th in NFC West, miss playoffs, #4 overall pick conveyed to Arizona Projected NFC Playoffs #3 Philadelphia Eagles (-3.5) over #6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers #5 Dallas Cowboys over #4 Carolina Panthers (+2.5) #2 Los Angeles Rams (-3) over #3 Philadelphia Eagles #5 Dallas Cowboys over #1 Green Bay Packers (+2) #2 Los Angeles Rams (-1.5) over #5 Dallas Cowboys ************************************************************************************************************************************ Projected Super Bowl Miami Dolphins (-2) over Los Angeles Rams That does it for this edition of By the Numbers. Until next time, whenever that time may be!
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    Oklahoma State Fans Seek Stability In Coaching Warning: Tweets below contain adult language. For fans of Oklahoma State Cowboys, the 2021 season has been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride that everyone is ready to get off of. Before the season started, hype had reached heights that fans had not had in some time. Several mediocre seasons had built up to what looked to be a big leap forward for the program. Early previews already had them pegged as the one Big XII squad to really threaten the clear conference favorite, TCU. However, the season started off rocky. Following the departure of long-time coach panther553212 very early into the season, the university found themselves at a loss. Do they ride out the season with an interim and hope for the best? In this day and age, an interim coach can be a death-sentence for a program that seemed to have all the potential in the world. But what coach would take a job just after the season had begun? The school decided to start the coaching search in earnest. Well the prayers from Stillwater were quickly answered. Legendary coach and two-time national champion randye4 jumped at the opportunity to once again be in the national spotlight. The FAU coach seemed to be the perfect man for the job, but led the team to a 30-33 OT loss against a tough Virginia Tech team. However, the veteran coach got the team firing on all cylinders and stomped all competition in their way. Fan hype was again at an all time high. With a high powered team and a legendary coach at the helm, what could derail a season where fate seemed to be back on their side? Nobody coaches forever. Coaches have an ideal time where they see themselves riding off into the sunset of retirement, but life frequently has other plans. Coach randye4 stepped down following a big win over USC due to life events, leaving fans confused and wondering about the future of their team. The school once again found themselves scrambling to find another coach for the second time in a matter of weeks. It was clear they wouldn't be able to find another Hall of Famer like randye4, and the middle of the season is an even tougher time to get a new coach to come to campus. The school finally wound up picking ZackTyzwyz, the young coach from Utah State, as their third coach for the 2021 season. Largely unproven on the national scene, coach ZackTyzwyz had pulled the Aggies out of the pits of the Mountain West and gotten them to historic season capped off with a first-ever bowl appearance and victory. But the Cowboys were a different beast entirely, and needed a coach that knows how to lead a high-caliber team. Nevertheless, fan's hopes were cautiously optimistic. The administration seemed confident in their new choice, and the new coach inherited a healthy 5-1 team with a winnable game at home against the Kansas Jayhawks to ease into the new job. But the game ended up being a rout, with Kansas blowing out the Cowboys in front of a hopeful home crowd. Things once again seem desperate in Stillwater, and with a tough game at Texas looming overhead on Saturday night, it seems like this roller-coaster ride of a season isn't over yet. See fan reactions captured on social media below (some are explicit):
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    I am honored to be the next commissioner of the C-USA. I would like to thank all the C-USA coaches that voted and a special thanks to Rocketcan (FIU). I am replacing Isaac829 who was the conference commissioner since the beginning of the C-USA in 2018. I would like to take the foundation he built and maximize our potential as a conference. With coaching stability, we will continue to grow as a conference. I will do my best to produce media (starting with reviving the weekly roundup), ensure that every team has an active coach, and help with the site in any way I can.
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    So at the beginning of the 2020 CFBHC season @TuscanSota had the brilliant idea that the losing coach of the "Country Roads Clash" has to record themselves singing John Denver's brilliant song "Country Roads". At the time I was thinking "Sure, why not I mean I have Mohammed Foster and J.C. Weldon and they are only Juniors, I'm not losing to him anytime soon." Yeah, well that didn't work out so well. Anyway - here it is in all its glory. A few things to note: 1. I didn't play an instrument, because I have 0 musical talent. 2. I definitely multi-tasked while recording this video, because who wants to watch me stare at the screen for 4 minutes? 3. The multi-tasking caused me to mess up in the beginning.. Oh well.. 4. It's truly 4 minutes of me singing, you're not missing anything if you don't watch..
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    Matty Swift looks downfield versus the Chiefs in an AFC West showdown This week saw a winnowing to one undefeated team, and a host of others in the middle start to either make a move, or see that their star has fallen--maybe for good. Much to discuss about the ranking this week: who's too high? Who's too low? What the hell was Bingo thinking about THAT team? Keep up the discussion, but remember: if you don't like where you are in these rankings...play better! Current Favorites 1. Miami Dolphins 2. Green Bay Packers 3. Los Angeles Rams The Dolphins are 9-0, and despite an ugly roster of injuries, Miami just keeps winning. And winning in style. Blanking the Cardinals the Sunday after the “Broken Hand That Wasn’t” was a bit like the Warriors steamrolling through the Spurs without two of their best players—Eff You-Good. The Pack, who mysteriously played a collection of 2nd-teamers in the loss to the rival Vikings on Sunday, have otherwise been stellar. Jason Johnson is throwing to arguably the best set of wideouts in the game, and the defense is shut-down solid (well, let’s say bend-but-not-break solid). The Rams, last season’s regular season juggernaut, just got a lot better with a deal for Chad Dess. He’ll bring a bit more balance to the offense, which was needed to take the heat off Murhpy. The D is playing well too, and it helps that L.A. plays in the weakest division in football—yep, I said it. If They Get Hot…Look Out! 4. New York Jets 5. Philadelphia Eagles 6. Carolina Panthers 7. Las Vegas Raiders 8. Tennessee Titans Interestingly, two of these teams lost this past weekend and one was on a bye. So why did I leave them up here? Well, because they have shown that they can consistently ‘turn it on’ when needed. All have some issues: the Jets need a running game and better pass defense, the Eagles and Raiders are really dealing with injuries, the Panth-stars are one injury away from finishing last in their manically-difficult division, and the Titans don’t match up well with a power football team. But all are also capable of going on a tear in the second half of the season and even in the playoffs. I wouldn’t be surprised if a team from this list were to play in, and win, the Super Bowl. Seeds #4-6, It’ll Come Out in the Wash 9. Kansas City Chiefs 10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11. Dallas Cowboys 12. Denver Broncos 13. New Orleans Saints 14. Pittsburgh Steelers While the tier above is filled with talented, interesting teams, I feel that THIS group is going to cause the most chaos over the next 7 weeks of the season. Kansas City continues to be a pleasant surprise, but they are beginning to cut it a bit close with some of their eek-out wins. Dallas and New Orleans have fantastic pieces, but results haven’t always played out in the their favor. I expect the return of Graham Barnett to help propel Dallas forward—this team is beloved by all the advanced-stat-heads. The Bucs have been very good so far, and if they played in the NFC West instead of South, they might look as good as the Rams or Eagles. Says here the Bucs grab the #5 and give someone a run for their money. The Steelers have settled into place with RJ Stanford. Yes, it helps that they are beating up on the Browns, Ravens, and Bengals, but the Steelers will separate in the North and be a very solid #4 seed. And…don’t look now, but the Broncos are on a nice 4-game win streak, and have beat teams ranked #4 and #5 in these rankings two of the last three weeks. The bulk of the schedule is coming, but the new offensive game plan has worked wonders and the offensive line is rounding into dominant form. Will the Broncos sneak into the Playoffs? Who knows, but fan bases in Kansas City and Las Vegas are starting to look over their shoulder a bit. Good Teams with Obvious Flaws/Holes 15. Atlanta Falcons 16. Houston Texans 17. Jacksonville Jaguars These teams are going to finish with winning records (most likely) and will just miss the playoffs (most likely) because of one or two specific issues. The Jags just lost the best RB in the game, who was the focal point of their offense. You don’t recover from that type of injury over the rest of the season. If anyone can pull it off, however, it’s Soluna. The Texans, the Butchers from Houston, were the hatchet men on the Sowell hit—really, I’m just creating #narrative…I don’t think cmcgill or Rome meant to cause harm. Houston themselves don’t quite have the pass defense to make a meaningful run at the playoffs in a very difficult division. And the Falcons can’t seem to score enough points against the better teams in the League: an efficient AJJ versus the Lions is completely different ask than to be that efficient against, say, the Bucs or Panthers. Playing for Something More than the Playoffs 18. New England Patriots 19. Washington Football Club 20. Baltimore Ravens 21. Minnesota Vikings 22. Chicago Bears What has happened, Chicago? Oof. The fall has been swift and the thud of hitting the ground has been loud. A 2-game losing streak doesn’t bode well in a screwy division like the NFC Norris, where the Pack is way out front and the suddenly-adept Vikings are creeping up on the Monster of the Midway. The Patriots are perfectly as good as they are bad—5-5 almost seems too perfect for the Pats, for some reason. Talent is KINDA there, KINDA not, and the division certainly doesn’t help. The Ravens feel like exactly like the Patriots: a mediocre team that doesn’t really have an identity. At least they are trying out some new parts, and put me in the Brett Fisher is Potential Pro Bowler camp…if he gets help. The Washington Footballing Team is very intriguing—they have wins over the Raiders (last week!) and the Broncos from the West, but also rather devastating losses thrown in. Here’s guessing an upgrade from NephewJack to Brightfalls on the sidelines will show that there is some real mettle in this team. All of these clubs are playing for the future NOW—only question is: will that future direction go Up, or not so much? Jockeying for Position in the 1st Round of the Draft 23. Arizona Cardinals 24. Buffalo Bills 25. Indianapolis Colts 26. Detroit Lions 27. San Francisco 49ers In baseball, it’s about this point in the regular season when teams decide to be sellers or buyers. Well, the Bills declared already, trading away their best player to the Rams. So, the Bills move up the peg board of the 1st Round. Who will be next to declare? I’m guessing it will be the Cardinals or 49ers. Both are actually fighting the Seahawks for bottom-rung positioning WITHIN their own division, and I think we see San Fran and Arizona go for some draft capital soon. The Lions would be smart to do so as well, but it remains to be seen exactly what they have to offer. E-Jax? Keyshawn to a contender with a CB injury? Who knows, but they ought to start soon. And…I just have no words for the Colts. What the hell? That’s a Top 5 team on paper, one would assume. Yes, the WR injuries have been awful, but look no further than the Saints for an example of how to overcome that problem. So…not sure what to say about Indy. Here’s to next year…? Next Year? How About Let’s Strategize for the Next THREE Years? 28. Cleveland Browns 29. Cincinnati Bengals 30. Seattle Seahawks 31. New York Giants 32. Los Angeles Chargers I will say I’ve been impressed, a bit, with the recent play of the Giants and Chargers. Both teams made better opponents sweat in the last couple weeks as their young talent is beginning, however slowly, to develop. But they’ve still got miles to go. The Seahawks are another type of ugly: sitting here without looking it up, I can’t tell you who coaches, GMs, or owns the Seahawks. Almost as though they are not a real franchise…which is too bad for Malcolm Douglas-Scott and Kenji Sagatomo—those guys are real good. The Ohio Deuces, both at 2-7, are showing signs that ownership and consistent coaching are keeping them from any real success in the League, let alone some top end talent. I would say that there is some available talent for poaching, but I’m not even sure who to call to initiate that conversation. "Paging Tai Miller….Paging Tai Miller…Please Come to the White Courtesy Phone, the Eagles are calling!!"
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    Hey everyone, Welcome back to my Guide to Crooting and of the Like. We’re going to continue from where we left off with Part 1, where we went over preparation for recruiting your team. We covered topics such as: Scouting the recruiting landscape Analyzing your team Observing your competition Finalizing on what you’ve discovered. From those four points, we’re going to go over strategy regarding the first four weeks of the season. We’re taking the knowledge we used to prepare for recruiting, and we’re going to execute our plans. Part 2: The First Moves Before we go over targeting recruits, I would like to quickly cover Recruiting Points and Scholarships. The reason I did not bring either up in Part 1 is because I wanted to focus on preparation in broad terms - and because the amount of recruiting points each team has varies greatly. Now recruiting points: Some teams are going to have a plethora of points: Coaches who make it to the playoffs are going to find themselves with 20+ points for recruiting. For Bowl Winners and Losers, you get additional points based on whichever bowl you were selected in. If you don’t make bowl contention, you do not get any additional points. If you end up going 0-12 with your team, you have the least amount of points available. This chart in the recruiting 2.0 announcement which covers the total amount of points a team can allocate, based on their previous year’s performance. For more in-depth info on recruiting points and scholarships, I highly recommend reading the sources below: Recruiting 2.0: Overhaul of the 1.0 system - from four rounds to a full season Recruiting 2.1: Tweaks made to the 2.0 formula to balance in-state vs out-of-state recruitment JUCO: Juco Recruitment for 2.0. This does not reflect the upcoming JUCO recruitment for 2.1 Regardless of the amount of points a coach has, there are a couple of strategies one can take when allocation recruiting points and using scholarships. What I think is essential is how both are used during the first two weeks of the season. I mention this because it will be tougher to put points on a new croot you initially did NOT have points on midseason, then you will at the very start. So, let’s begin. In Step 3 from my previous article, I wrote that you should finalize on which croots you absolutely need most. Once it’s the first/second week of the season, the interface should allow you to start allocating your points. So, put some points down. How many? It’s honestly up to your discretion. But here’s a few strategies that I’ve observed during this season and the previous season. Strategy 1: The Smokescreen The idea of this strategy during week 1 is to put points down on the 3 croots on your board. Doesn’t have to be divided out evenly, you just need to put points on them. Then once you’ve allocated your weekly points, you offer scholarships to those top three, and to the top ten croots on your board.. This strategy masks your most desired targets from your competition. By throwing scholarships across the board, you’re not only putting down a claim on certain recruits, your competition won’t know who your most desired targets are until they attempt to put points down. It’s an aggressive approach to recruiting, in that you make a quick claim. Putting down scholarships early can intimidate other coaches from staying off recruits that have points allocated. Here are the downsides of this strategy: The early benefit of using a scholarship during the first week is removed when your competition also follows this tactic. This strategy will not stop another player from throwing a scholarship or their points on one of your ‘claimed’ croots in week two. Using your scholarships out early gives you less flexibility during the later rounds if you need to change your strategy. Strategy 2: Late Bloomer The idea behind this strategy is to save your scholarships during the first two weeks. You’ll want to develop a good lead on your top three recruits by putting points and scholarships down on only those recruits, while still observing the rest of your board. By waiting after week 1, you check and see if anyone else has also attempted to target anyone on your board. After developing a substantial lead on your top three, you can target other uncontended recruits, or surprise an opponent who puts points down on the board. It’s a more conservative approach to save on scholarships. During week two or three is when you’ll want to throw your scholarships on any croots that aren’t being contended for yet. Here are the downsides: The longer you wait, the more likely another player will put points down on an uncontended recruit. If everyone uses this tactic and still waits it out, a lot of recruits will have points uncontended. Please think of the croots and help them get the education (and football scholarship) they deserve. Strategy 3: Shock and Awe This strategy is a hybrid between strategies 1 and 2: You’re going to want to get on the board on as many targets as possible. The difference, however, is the players you target with points. Rather than placing points on players in-state, the focus remains on out-of-state talent. This is to put up an early lead in states such as Texas and Florida, where there is significantly more talent. By spreading points thinly, your opposition remains confused on how many points you’ve placed on that recruit. The use of scholarships is optional, but can also help you get certain out-of-state recruits if you want to sign a few players by week 4 or week 5. Once you’ve locked up your out-of-state targets, you then prioritize on claiming your in-state talent. The reason one would want to wait on in-state talent, and not spread their points thin in their home state, is because one can take advantage of the in-state bonus. For reference: The first time a coach puts any amount of points (excluding visits and schollies) on a recruit, those initial points are doubled. So even if there’s an in-state recruit on your board which by that point is on someone else’s or no one’s board, all you need to do is dump your points on that croot. It’s an easy strategy to use to enter a battle by midseason and place yourself in contention for a croot you might’ve not initially targeted early on. Strategy 4: Collusion -- Redacted. Don't do it. -- In Conclusion for Part 2 We discussed several different strategies - the use of scholarships and points early on in the season. We also discussed collusion, along with the advantages and disadvantages to using this controversial practice. We also touched lightly on in-state bonuses and how they can be used to give yourself an edge in the recruiting game. I’d like to point out as a reminder, that no one is obligated to solely use one, or any, of these strategies. Coaches are welcome to mix any of these strategies as they see fit. These strategies were written out to give coaches an idea of how they might like to recruit for their school. Not one strategy fits the needs and demands of all teams - recruiting for a Texas team is going to be 100% different than recruiting for a team in Ohio, North Carolina, and even Florida. In my next article, I’d like to expand more in-state vs. out of state recruiting and battles. I’d also like to quickly cover school visits and coaches visits. If you have any knowledge in either of these or would like to help out, send out a PM! Whether you agree or disagree with something written, let me know what you think below. What strategies do you use in the early stages of recruiting? -TuscanSota Additional Links: Part 1 of the Recruiting Guide
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    Roast Me (CFBHC Edition)

    At least he hasn't slowly quickly dismantled the best program in CFBHC history into a team that's 1 gave over .500
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    Big 12 Suggestion: After recruiting is over, each team can pick one of TCU’s 5.0s to join their team
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    CFBHC swag

    I just converted to Mormonism. No swag though.
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    You know, after every week I tend to feel inspired to boast about the vaunted teams in our rankings. There's always three or four fantastic performances from these teams that makes me want to write this articles almost immediately after the games are finished. This week though? These kind of performances were lacking. The big hitters on this list were off this week. A few more managed to fall out of the rankings with performances against conference opponents. There was nothing truly inspiring outside of a game or two. Oh, and let's not forget the massive controversy regarding one of our teams. This was a wacky week for the Bottom 10. Our Week 3 list is sponsored by Appalachian State University, who apparently wants to force involvement where it shouldn't be. Also included in our sponsors is, as always, Imposter Studios. Now on to our coveted list. *Disclaimer: this list is all satire and not meant to call coaches out for being bad or to hop on the circle jerk against people. This is my list simply to poke fun at teams for either being bad or for having very questionable results. 1. Charlotte 0-and-2ers (0-2) It was a quite week in the streets of Charlotte, at least on Saturday. There were no offensive lines to mock, no quarterbacks to praise/fear for, no defenses to watch painfully. It was a week of pure bliss for the football program, and that alone might be the biggest win of the season so far for the 0-and-2ers. Reality will reach the Queen City this week, however, as the 0-and-2ers take their talent to Boca Raton to take on the team formerly known as the Fighting Randy's of F-A-Yew. 2. UMess (0-2) Another highly-ranked team on bye this past week. After two interesting performances to open the season, the college football world might finally be posed with a rather difficult question. With the North Dakota State Bison, champions of the FCS two years ago and near-victors against Georgia Tech and ranked Nevada this year, coming to Amherst, could we finally see the FCS take down an FBS team? I'll give you a quick answer: no. North Dakota State is more of an FBS team than UMess is at this point. 3. Liberty Flamed Out (0-2) Liberty wished they could have been on bye after a riveting game against the good ol' Hilltoppers from Western Kentucky. The Riley West show took all the fire from this Flamed Out team out of Lynchburg, throwing for 376 yards and a whopping 5 touchdowns on this dimly-lit defense. Liberty's David Clevenger did his best West impression by throwing 46 times (one less than West in that game). Now all he has to do is work on the completion, touchdowns, and interceptions part of his impression for it to be perfect. We'll see how his impression comes along on the big state in Ann Arbor. 4. O-3DU (0-3) The Monarchs of O-3DU tend to crown someone else as their king during a game. This week, O-3DU went down to Houston and decided to crown Rice receivers Darius Watkins and Deontray Clay as co-kings, as the two receivers combined for 246 yards and 4 touchdowns against this royally bad defense. It's the third consecutive game in which O-3DU has allowed 35 points or more; coincidentally, it's the third consecutive game in which O-3DU has scored 10 points or fewer. They're well on their way to become the monarchs of our Bottom Ten rankings, although a date with the Charlotte 0-and-2ers might eventually decide that in the last week of both teams' seasons. 5. State of Kent (0-3) The State of Kent loves showing me what they can do to move their way up our rankings. One week after giving up 35 points in a 4th-quarter meltdown, the State of Kent showcased a more long-term meltdown, giving up an astounding 42 points in the 2nd half of their 48-9 loss to the Redhawks of Miami Ohio. In fact, it was at one point that the State of Kent actually held a lead over their in-state rivals, but they're determined to solidify their place in the Bottom Ten, and for that, I have to respect the State of Kent. 6. South Alabama Baguars (0-2) We all love a good scandal, but I will not stand for the screwing over of a Bottom Ten team. If Appalachian wanted to beat the Baguars (which they should've as it was), they could've done it without an ineligible player (who happened to be the MVP of this game). They didn't need him to beat the 0-and-2ers of Charlotte, so why did they play him against the Baguars? There are so many questions around that decision, but in the end, the Baguars failed to get a win and remain on the list. On the bright side, that win may or may not stick around for the Mountaineers? 7. UNLV Reb-Ls (0-3) At some point I have to stop punishing teams for losing to Oregon State. I can, however, punish teams for blowing a halftime lead without scoring any points in the 2nd half, as I did with the State of Kent earlier. The Reb-Ls were doing the impossible by beating the Beavers 17-10. Then the Reb-Ls realized what the bigger prize was. How else would they get name recognition if they were to leave this list? The Reb-Ls summoned their inner Kent and gave up 24 second half points in a 34-17 loss, sealing their place in the Bottom Ten for another week, thus letting the world continue to remember their existence. 8. North Carolina Tar Holes (0-2) It's a bit sudden to move the Tar Holes up two places after a bye week, but I had to account for the removal of the UAB Blamers and the Boys of Troy, and the following two teams in this list don't strike me as worthy of Bottom 8 status yet. The most inefficient offense in the Atlantic Coast Conference finds itself in what could be a reservation game for this list; they host the Kansas State Wildcats, who most notably got their hide handed to them by the Akron Zips. It's not often that we get a Power 5 stinker, but boy will this be a stinky one. 9. LolTech (0-2) Speaking of reservation games, it was LolTech who fell in a showdown against the Blamers of UAB this past week, thus earning their spot in the prestigious Bottom Ten while sending the Blamers off the list. The game itself was worthy of being on this list, with a combined four turnovers (plus a self-recovered fumble), three recorded drops, and some pretty awful passing from LolTech. LolTech went 50% in the passing game, converted 43.75% of their third downs, and converted 0% of the win. Next comes Rice. Next comes McLean. Next comes typical LolTech. 10. Florida State SemiNOs (0-3) Y'all thought I wouldn't put two ACC teams on this list, didn't you? I gave the SemiNOs the benefit of the doubt last week, but after another duck of a game against Virginia Tech, I couldn't resist the notion any longer. Red Mosher started at quarterback surprisingly, but his offensive performance was not-so-surprising. The SemiNOs have given up 30+ points in every game so far while only scoring a maximum of 16 points. Those are Conference-USA numbers. The SemiNOs are not a Conference-USA team. But the SemiNOs are playing a lot like one right now. Don't be the SemiNOs. Honorable Mentions: CC-Eww (0-2), Sinsee Bearcats (0-2), Boys of Troy (1-2), UAB Lamers (1-2), Georgia Southern-Not-State Eagles (0-2), Ineligible transfers (1-1, 2-0 if you count individual performances and not team performances) Editor's Note: Let me know what you guys think in the comments and what I can improve on when it comes to these. I'm always looking to improve the media I put out!
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    Biggest draft steal?

    Let me set the stage. It's the first round of the 2021 NFLHC draft. The Jets offices are buzzing with excitement. See, they had just come off a disappointing loss in the 2020 AFC title game to the evil Raiders. Jumbo knows though that the Jets are a great team and really just need a great wide receiver to put them over the hump. Let's rewind a bit.. Enter J.C. Weldon. Weldon lit up the nation's most exciting conference to the tune of 1,776 yards and a million touchdowns. Can you get any better than 1,776 yards and a million touchdowns? I didn't think so... Weldon and the Mountaineers destroyed the Big XII and NFLHC coaches, scouts, parents, owners, friends, fans were all clamoring to take this once in a generation talent. Secretly the evil Jets had worked out a plan to steal the Chicago Bears 5th draft pick and force poor J.C. to join their evil empire. Enter our heroes.. The lovable Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins worked out a great deal to get the #4 draft pick from the New England Patriots. Patriots and 1,776 go together right? Exactly... Knowing that such a hero like Weldon couldn't fall into the hands of the evil Jets, Miami and their GM Smackems selflessly maneuvered up and saved Weldon for the good guys. The excitement that had filled the Jets offices soon filled with sadness and frustration.
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    My run at CFBHC.com is complete. I did not want to put together a big announcement, but felt it would be worse to just walk away without saying anything. I hope someone can take the Cardinals and continue on what I feel was building in a positive direction. Also, I feel OSU could be a playoff team very soon. I have enjoyed the short time I coached that team. My time on this site has truly been one of the more enjoyable experiences in my life. Since joining this site, I have changed and grown as a person outside of here (not necessarily because of here). My first child was born 3 years ago and I am fairly sure I was checking for games to be posted while in the hospital with him (Don't tell my wife)! I have changed companies once and received a few promotions all since joining this site. My current position does not leave a lot of free time and what time I do have is occupied by my family (wife and kid), coaching baseball, and trying to get my golf handicap under 10. To the entire community, thank you for the enjoyment. Some put in a lot more work than others to make this site successful and I have always been appreciative of that effort. Soluna, You have built something special here and I wish for nothing but success for this site and, more importantly, you in whatever you do. I have a feeling that you will always be successful. You come off as very driven and focused. Those are qualities I admire in anyone. Thank you sincerely for building this oasis for me to escape to at any moment when needed. I hope to check in from time to time and see how things are around here. Until then, Thank You and Goodbye! Randy
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    It's my turn to apologise as well. The way I left was classless and uncalled for, and for that I am truly sorry. I do appriciate the apology as im sure everyone else does. If possible I would love to continue as the Cardinals head coach and OU can go to another deserving member. If not, I understand and hope everyone continues to enjoy the site.
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    Just like the title says, I got curious about some info about the First Round of the Draft All-Time and decided to make some Pivot Tables and find some cool stuff. I will include my data at the end. What started this off was a conversation between Rome and I about what specific college team had the most first rounders (i.e. the irl 2001 Miami Hurricanes had like 8 future First Rounders on that team). That will be at the end, because I felt there were some other really cool things to go through before we get there. Let's get started y'all. College Teams with the Most First Round Picks. 1. Penn State - 13 t2. Florida State - 8 t2. Michigan - 8 t2. USC - 8 t2. Virginia Tech - 8 t2. Wisconsin - 8 3. Michigan State - 7 I don't think any of those schools are particularly surprising. What's maybe surprising is who's msising: Alabama (6) Ohio State (6) Oklahoma (6) LSU (5) These schools were close, but just barely missed the cut of the "Top" Teams. Top Positions Taken 1. Defensive End - 30 2. Cornerback - 29 3. Wide Receiver - 24 There's one glaring omission, Quarterback. There have been 23 QB's taken all time. And their prevalence is going down (5 in 2014, 4 in 2015, 2 each in 2019-2021). I think part of that is how reliable first round QB's tend to be. Of all the positions taken in the first round, the one with the fewest selections is Tight End with 4 followed by Free Safety with 5. What Positions Have Teams Taken the Most? This one is a little different. I decided to see what position each team has taken by year. Here's what I found: There have been 28 Instances of teams taking a Certain Position more than once in First Round History, of those: 8 were Defense Ends 7 were Cornerbacks 3 were Quarterbacks 3 were Outside Linebackers 3 were Wide Receivers The teams who have chosen QB's twice are: Chicago (Norris Brooksheer and Mohammed Foster) Cincinnati (Blake Shell and Joel King) New Orleans (Allan Taylor and Aaron Deveraux) Only once has a team taken one Position twice in the same draft: 2016 - Carolina Panthers selected DE Ron Rice at 11 and DE Kendrick Droughns at 13. Most Common NFLHC-CFBHC Pairings? In this section, we look at which NFLHC teams have taken the most players from the same College (unfortunately, there's 15 instances of 2, no one NFLHC team has taken more than 2 from any one CFBHC team) Baltimore Ravens - Texas Longhorns LA Chargers - Alabama Crimson Tide Cincinnati Bengals - USC Trojans Cleveland Browns - Penn State Nittany Lions Dallas Cowboys - Penn State Nittany Lions Houston Texans - Ohio State Buckeyes* Houston Texans - Virginia Tech Hokies Jacksonville Jaguars - Notre Dame Fighting Irish* Miami Dolphins - Florida Gators Minnesota Vikings - USC Trojans New England Patriots - Wisconsin Badgers New York Giants - Florida State Seminoles LA Rams - Penn State Nittany Lions Seattle Seahawks - Oregon Ducks The * indicate those two picks were in the same draft. In the 2016 Draft, the Texans picked both CB DeAndre Hawkins and OT Matt Bogle out of Ohio State In the 2014 Draft, the Jaguars picked both QB Kareem Taylor and RB James Bush out of Notre Dame. Which CFBHC Team had the most Picks in one Individual Draft? That honor belongs to Ohio State in 2016. Their picks were: 13. DE Kendrick Droughns to Carolina 14. CB DeAndre Hawkins to Houston 20. OT Matt Bogle to Houston 22. RB Marcus Barry to Tampa Bay And now, the Grand Finale: Which Individual Class had the Most Future First Round Picks (not including players who were a RS)? Unfortunately, we don't have one King at the top of the Mountain. We have: 2013 USC 2014 USC 2017 Penn State All with 7. Depth Charts: The 2014 Virginia Tech Hokies and 2013 Florida State Seminoles each had 6 players eventually taken in the 1st Round. 2nd Finale, Teams with Most Future First Round Players Taken (including RS): Again, no one team stands tall. 2014 Penn State 2015 Miami Hurricanes 2015 Michigan 2015 USC 2016 Miami Hurricanes All had 6. Depth Charts: 2016 Penn State 2013 Oklahoma 2015 Virginia Tech All tied for 2nd with 5 Players taken (including Red-Shirted Players) Addition: Most Players of a Specific Position Drafted by a School This was requested by @SlinkyJr. There's a new tab called "Slinky" that summarizes this whole thing. Essentially, is there a QB U, or RB U, etc? Turns out, kind of not really. There are 4 CFBHC teams who have 3 players from a certain position get drafted in the First Round. Michigan - DE (Ron Rice, Jared Self, Carlos Washington) Michigan State - OT (Tron Moses, Robert Haynes, Mike Woods) Virginia Tech - OG (Joe Farmer, LaMont Sherriff, Jason Osorio) Wisconsin - QB (Darrell Murphy, Erik Wegert, Lawyer Johnson) Additionally, there is one occasion of two players from the same CFBHC team that play the same position get drafted in the same First Round. Florida State - 2017: Grey Brown - Detroit Glenn Boyd - Jacksonville Link to Data: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1b1DLiyM-6Yat-5whaGurIpe5OTELJ9seS16qOcLn5vw/edit?usp=sharing I'm sure there's cool stuff I'm missing, so if you find something, point it out in the comments. I'd love to see what interesting data points I missed out on.
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    Signing Days: Kareem Gaston, DT

    No one sacks like Gaston, holds two gaps like Gaston No one's hands are incredibly quick like Gaston's For his bull rush is terribly scary, Nose man, a pure paragon You can ask any linebacker charging And they know whose 3-4 they'd prefer to be on
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    2021 JuCo Recruiting Rules

    JuCo recruiting will be a two week process and will begin with Week #9 (if Inspiral is able to make the changes required by then. If he is not he will make the decision as to when it will begin). Regular recruiting scholarships, half scholarships, school and coaches visits will NOT be used. Instead you will be assigned the following based on your calculation described below. The formula only counts regular season games. 2021 Conference Base Prestige AAC: 19 ACC: 21 Big 12: 20 B1G: 25 C-USA: 13 Independents: 17 MAC: 18 MWC: 17 PAC-12: 18 SEC: 24 Sun Belt: See below. Juco Weekly Points = ((1.5 x (Wins Last Year/12)) x Conference Base Prestige ) + 3 (down from +7) but the minimum is 10 points (You cannot have less than 10 weekly points). Depending on your weekly points you will receive the below: 10-13: 2 Scholarships, 1 JuCo Visit 14-20: 3 Scholarships, 1 JuCo Visit 21-34: 3 Scholarships (down from 4), 2 JuCo Visits 35+: 4 Scholarships (down from 5), 2 JuCo Visits SUN BELT: All teams will receive 10 weekly points. Other Information JuCo Scholarships remain at +18. JuCo Visits remain at +16. All players may have preferred schools or family legacy towards a particular school. Primary preferred schools (including National Exposure recruits) automatically add 25 toward that school, secondary preferred schools automatically add 15 toward that school, family legacy adds 35 (down from 45) toward that particular school. Recruits can have preferred school(s) and a family legacy school and they don't have to be the same. Additionally, recruits who have chosen a school due to national exposure will not have any secondary or family legacy school preferences, they've decided which school they want to attend and are simply hoping to be signed by that team. Commit threshold in week 1 is 10 or more between 1st and 2nd place. After week 2 it's just the highest, I will break the ties with the same weighted system as before. @inspiral as before, the weekly display should be the same as for regular recruiting. Thanks to all the people who helped provide input as usual. Soluna
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    Hey everyone, TuscanSota here to announce that during the long mid-season break, the Baylor Bears have been able to add new, extraordinary players to our roster! The Bears look to reload after a (3-2) beginning of the season and redeem themselves to a bowl game! Let's introduce our newest players... OT Cuddly Hugglesworth 6-6 294 (So) Rocky Mountain National Park (, CO) 3.0 of 4.5 [Run Blocking] Cuddly is a player who hails from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. He is more than excited to revamp a Baylor offensive line that's been porous this season. Mr. Hugglesworth is known for his hugs, capable of putting several lineman in a hold. With the arms of Cuddly, the Bears running game will thrive in the second half of the season! Cuddly Hugglesworth waving hello to our scared opponents on the sidelines DE Yogi Bear 5-6 250 (Sr) Jellystone National Park (Yellowstone, WY) 4.0 of 4.0 [Blitz] The Bears are more than happy to bring aboard Yogi Bear from Jellystone National Park. He has quite an appetite for pic-a-niks, known for stealing many food baskets during his time at Jellystone. Rumor has it during the offseason that the Park Rangers switched out the food in their baskets for footballs. This didn't matter to the Bear, who was more than satisfied to steal the footballs and run off with them. This should translate well for the Bears on their defensive line. TE Coca~Cola 7-5 320 (Fr) The Cold North (, AK) 5.0 of 5.0 [Receiving] The Baylor Bears are happy to announce our first recruit from the Great White North of Alaska - the Coca-Cola bear! He's got smooth moves, he's got family-centric values, and most importantly - he's got a cool attitude. He can make the blocks, given his size - and when it comes down to it, he can catch the smallest and fastest of objects - even glass soda bottles! The Coca~Cola bear will make a fine addition to a Baylor Offense that's been in need of capable receivers. RB Grizlee Chubs 6-8 260 (Jr) Glacier Park (, MT) 4.0 of 5.0 [Power] The most voracious addition to the Bears is none other than Grizlee Chubs! The Baylor run-game has not been the same since the graduation of Sean Bell. Grizlee's totally legal transfer will change that for the team, and for the better! He's the kind of player who's seen more than enough action in Glacier National Park. Despite his height and weight, Grizlee's been able to match a running speed of 35mph. With speed like that, and given his build, our opponents should be scared. After all, he's a grizzly one. Grizlee Chubs on an early run outside of Waco, TX C Winnie the Pooh 4-0 120 Fr Hundred Acre Wood (, UK) 3.0 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] Don't let that short stature and round belly fool you. This is the player that almost all Baylor fans are excited about. Pooh might be naive, and slow at times - but he's steadfast and loyal to his teammates. When it comes to Heffalumps and Oozles looking to steal his hunny, 'Pooh Bear' will do almost anything to protect his prized Hunny Pots. Let's hope the same goes for the quarterback. Well, there you have it, folks! These players will make a fine addition to the Bears this season! With our next game against Kansas State, I believe that the Bears will be reloaded and restocked with plenty of talent to take their heights beyond our limits. We also hope you enjoy this April Fool's day holiday.
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    Seattle, WA - After a search of several days following the sudden departure of previous owner LamboThrone, the Seattle Seahawks have announced that former Denver Broncos head coach Jieret is their new majority owner. Jieret has announced that while he will be involved in the daily activities not only as an owner but as a General Manager, the Seahawks are currently looking for a talented individual to help guide the franchise through the rough times it is currently seeing. Interested parties should PM Jieret. Finally, Jieret had this to say: "Although I don't like the circumstances to led to this, I'd be lying if I said this wasn't a dream come true for me. To go from growing up a couple of hours away as a lifelong fan to running this proud franchise? Unbelievable. But I do have to thank @bingo415, @DescretoBurrito, and @Franz Kafka, these fine gentlemen took a chance on me and helped me grow and learn the world of NFLHC. You have my thanks, always. But there's a lot of work to do, so I have to cut this short here. Members, family, and fans of the Seahawks, you'll get my best every day. I promise you that. You deserve nothing less." #GoHawks
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    [2021] Week 5 Power Rankings

    All smiles in Jacksonville after the win over the Chiefs Week 5 is just about when the real ceilings of team become apparent--early season coaching missteps are usually corrected by now for main contenders, injuries are beginning to pile up, but not so significant that teams with a real chance are lost to the training table, and defenses are either figuring out how to defend bad offenses or they aren't. Call it the first REAL weekend of football. At least that's what I'm going with this week. Remember, if you don't like where you are in these Rankings...play better! Their Toughest Opponents Might be the Injury Report 1. Green Bay Packers 2. Miami Dolphins 3. New York Jets 4. Las Vegas Raiders The Jets were primed for an upset: scrambling QB vs. Grv, tons of injuries, no WRs to throw to besides Paul Howell…and the Jets pulled it out. Three more injuries to defensive starters put them seriously behind the 8-ball this week at the Dolphins, who look very much like a Ferrari approaching 6th gear, but with an injury question of their own in Marcus Barry. Green Bay is finding new and exciting ways to get emotionally invested in games each week, and the Raiders look like their singular mission is to get back to the Super Bowl (and maybe get Nick Hall an MVP along the way). Clearly in the Playoff Hunt, These Teams are One Injury Away from the Top Tier 5. Philadelphia Eagles 6. Tennessee Titans 7. Jacksonville Jaguars 8. Kansas City Chiefs 9. Chicago Bears The Eagles handling of the Saints in New Orleans was impressive on a couple counts, but it was no coincidence that it came with a healthy backfield. The Titans made minced meat of the Chargers, but yet another ding, this time to Tyler Jones, leaves the Training Staff as the MVP of the Tennessee sideline. The Jaguars, no strangers to exotic offenses, abruptly quieted the Kansas City cheers. Christian Barkley has not been asked to do much more than make a few throws and not turn the ball over, but he put the team on his back and threw darts. The Chiefs fell back to earth a bit, but they still have a solid cushion and a run-based offense that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The Bears beat the Vikings again, but three of there 4 wins are against Minnesota and San Fran—not the caliber wins of the teams just ahead of them. The NFC South is the Terry Crews Version of the AFC North 10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11. New Orleans Saints 12. Carolina Panthers 13. Atlanta Falcons 14. Dallas Cowboys Yes, I know that Dallas is not in the NFC South…but they really should be. They are the team that completes the South: run-oriented beasties that counter the slick-passing Panthers, edge-rushing Falcons, dual-threat Bucs, and airing it out Saints. So, for the purposes of this list, Dallas is in the South. Now…at this point, the South is a toss up, just like AFC North. Unlike the AFC North, all of these teams have legit playoff aspirations, and all would be favored by 10 points over any AFC North team. I give a slight edge to the Bucs and Saints, but only because their wins have been in-division and I think they have a bit more consistency (which is crazy to say) at QB than the Panthers and Falcons. If Dallas loses to the Broncos this weekend, they’ll be sent back to the mostly-pathetic NFC East. Slightly Above-Average Teams that Play Brutally-Tough Schedules 15. Houston Texans 16. New England Patriots The Pats are the best 2-3 team in the League, but they aren’t gonna win many more, because they have 6 more games against teams ranked higher than they are here. That, rightly, sucks for the Pats and Reggie Watkins. The Texans have shown some muscle at times, but couldn’t put it together for a home win against the struggling Broncos. And THEY play 7 more games against teams ranked above them here. That sucks for Leshoure and the Houston faithful as well. The other thing these two teams have in common: defend the pass and they have no answers. Who Freaking Knows?…5-11 or 9-7 is in the realm of possibility 17. Washington Redskins 18. Los Angeles Rams 19. Denver Broncos 20. Arizona Cardinals 21. Buffalo Bills The Rams, Cardinals, and Bills all had a bye in Week 5, which was probably good, considering what happened to the Redskins. The blasting at the hands of the Cowboys indicates that Tanner Bowman, as one would expect of a rookie, is going to have some terrible games. Accordingly, Washington is going to have an up-and-down season. I lean slightly toward more ‘up’ than ‘down’ for the Skins, but who knows. The Rams, clearly one of the more talented teams in the League, just hasn’t had a season they are used to, but have the ability to turn it on. The Bills and Cardinals appear to be identical entities: bright spots in a cloudy sky. But the Broncos are coming off a win at Houston that felt less like an aberration and more like a team (and a coach) that have shaken off 4 weeks of rust and are starting to play like division winners again. I know it’s only one week, but says here Denver walks into Dallas and beats the Cowboys for two in a row. ABSOLUTELY Should be in the Top Half of these Rankings 22. Indianapolis Colts 23. Pittsburgh Steelers These two teams are too talented not to be ranked higher. Yes, the Colts have the rest of the AFC South to contend with, and just lost to the Raiders. The schedule can be uncompromising at times. But, c’mon Colts—you have Aaron Shea in his prime. This is getting awkward. (DISCLOSURE: Colts beat the Broncos in week 1) And the Steelers should have walked away with the AFC North this season. They stole Chester Henson and had it all on a platter. Losing to the Patriots in London is only Example D of why this has been a massive disappointment in the Steel City. The Power Rankings are officially angry at both franchises for not being better right now. It’s Up to the Coaches to Makes Some Adjustments 24. Detroit Lions 25. San Francisco 49ers 26. Baltimore Ravens 27. Cleveland Browns 28. Minnesota Vikings 29. Cincinnati Bengals Baltimore, in their close Monday night loss to the Jets, showed some underrated coaching prowess, moving their secondary offense to the wishbone. That move gave them a real chance against the Jets, and opened Brett Fisher to have the best game of his career, albeit against a Gravy-coached team. That type of coaching innovation/adaptation/exploration will be necessary for all these teams, if they hope to be drafting outside the Top 5…let alone make a push for the playoffs. Kudos to Blake Shell and the Lions for getting win #1…boo to the Niners for not realizing they were playing Blake Shell and blitzing accordingly. The Best BAD Team in the League 30. Seattle Seahawks I’ll say it: the Seahawks are bad. Like, almost-lose-to-the-Giants-then-score-3-points-against-the-Packers BAD. And they deserve to be ranked here at present. But…I would wager on the Seahawks to beat the two teams below them, and half the teams ranked #24-29, so…I’m calling them the Best BAD Team in the League. And that makes them kinda fun or funny, in a way. Not Funny Ha-Ha, but Funny Uh-Oh. Who’s Getting a Win First? Answer: Neither 31. Los Angeles Chargers 32. New York Giants I now believe that, given their talent and schedules, neither of these teams will win a game this season. And then in week 7, when the Chargers beat the Broncos, I will bury my face in snow until March.
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    CFBHC swag

    So I've been coaching a virtual Purdue football team for 3 IRL years now, and like most of you I didn't really have any connection to the school beforehand. I figured I'd get a memento so if I'm still kicking it 30 years from now I'll look back and reminiscence about the virtual gridiron. So here's my one Purdue thing proudly displayed in my livingroom: Anyone else ever get something based on their CFBHC/NFLHC team?
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    [2021] Week 3 Power Rankings

    Justin Davis deflects an Aaron Shea pass Week 3 brought a couple of very interesting matchups and performances to the fore. The list of undefeated teams whittled down some, and a couple of previously winless squads got 'W's'. Who's going to stick around the top all season? Who's going to make the long journey up and down the rankings? Stay tuned, as this week we break the ranking apart for some tiered action! Remember, if you don't like where you are in these rankings...play better! The Undefiled 1. Green Bay Packers Pack are the class of the League, though one might have suspected a slightly more convincing win over the Luke Williams-led Cowboys on Monday night. A Green Bay-Miami Super Bowl would be amazing, but the Pack have to get past the über-hot Eagles and the in-division Bears. Miami : Jordan-era Chicago Bulls :: Jets : Isaiah’s Pistons. Can the Dolphins get over the hump of the Jets stranglehold on the East? Oh, and the Chiefs just keep winning. Terrence Rodgers is making a weekly pitch for the Pro Bowl…or is that the MVP trophy he’s staring at…? 2. Miami Dolphins 3. Philadelphia Eagles 4. New York Jets 5. Kansas City Chiefs 6. Chicago Bears One Loss, Feeling Pretty Good 7. Las Vegas Raiders 8. Carolina Panthers 9. Tennessee Titans 10. Arizona Cardinals 11. Atlanta Falcons I was going to label this the “One-loss Contenders,” but really I’m not sure that Arizona and Atlanta ARE contenders. They’ve played well, but the Falcons’ loss to Tampa Bay raised an eyebrow, and the Cardinals looked all sorts of lost against Tanner Bowman and Washington. Titans look legit and just had a stumble, ditto the Panthers and of course the Raiders. Damn, I hate the Raiders. Best Two-loss Team 12. Jacksonville Jaguars Why are the Jags here and not lower in the 2-loss Disappointments? Well, their losses are by 3 to the Titans and by 4 to the Jets. Yes, both were in JAX, which makes me wonder about the mental toughness of this team, but we’re going with the Jags as the best 2-loss team that will bounce back and challenge for a playoff spot. One Loss, Feeling FUCKING GREAT! 13. New Orleans Saints 14. Houston Texans 15. Washington Redskins 16. Buffalo Bills Absolutely all of these teams (yes, even Rome and the Texans) have to feel pretty amazing about being 2-1 right now. Saints are on top because their close loss to the Falcons showed lots of grit. They took Minnesota’s best shot and mostly parried it away. Bills got to Wheeler and took the Titans down a peg. Anthony Ortiz will absolutely win DPOY…he’s just been amazing. What can you say about Tanner Bowman other than wow! He was efficient versus the Broncos in week 2, and off-the-charts against Arizona. Two-Loss Disappointments 17. Indianapolis Colts 18. Los Angeles Rams 19. Cleveland Browns 20. San Francisco 49ers 21. Dallas Cowboys 22. Denver Broncos All of these teams are looking at the standings, shaking their heads, and saying “What?” Denver is the only team to win in Week 3, but looked awful in the first two weeks (though the Washington loss looks much better now, eh?). Indy ran into Carolina, and then got shelled by the Dolphins. The Rams have dropped two in a row without injuries to blame. The Niners got nipped by the Bears and then lost McBride for the season. The Cowboys actually played the Packers pretty tough, but are still staring at the Luke Williams era for a few weeks. I don’t necessarily expect any of these teams to remain down here for too long, but if they are still here around Week 6 or so, shouldn’t we just admit that they aren’t as good as expected? One Win, We’re Working Stuff Out 23. New England Patriots 24. Pittsburgh Steelers 25. Seattle Seahawks 26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27. Cincinnati Bengals “Working stuff out…” is almost too kind for the Bengals and Steelers, given their off-season front office turmoil, but it’s mostly apt for now. The Seahawks were lucky to hit the Lions without LeCount for a close win, or else they’d be lower. RJ Stanford, one week after looking like he belonged, crashed back to earth in a bloodbath. Bucs got the win over the Falcons, but need to show MUCH more consistency. One thing is clear in the Bay: DeNorris Jackson is a stud. I have absolutely no idea what is going on with the Patriots—are they the team that beat a no-gameplan Bengals by 30? Or the gang that got zipped by the Texans? Need a Win BADLY! 28. Detroit Lions 29. Baltimore Ravens 30. Minnesota Vikings 31. Los Angeles Chargers 32. New York Giants Lions and Ravens lost close ones on the road, while the Vikings put up 31 against the Saints and lost. The Chargers are beginning to show some life on offense, and it was good to see Easely make a stat sheet. The Giants could very well be in their own category of stink, but we’ll lump them here to avoid piling on. Out of these teams, I think the Ravens get a win first.
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    (I created a few little ranking compilers that have their own independent criteria in how they rank prospects based on hidden and available information. I'll turn some of them into these posted draft positional rankings. You may be able to figure out what they rate highly eventually but this might give you guys some more insight in the draft process. If everyone ranks someone low there may be issues that are hidden. If they all rank someone high he's likely good). Quarterbacks - Expected likelihood of early declarations: Low QB Matt Jones 6-3 208 R Purdue [Pocket] 83 QB Donald Culver 6-1 192 R Utah [Pocket] 81 QB Ryan Harris 6-4 213 R Fresno State [Pocket] 82 QB Will Chacko 6-1 203 R NDSU [Hybrid] 81 QB Andre Webb 5-11 213 R SMU [Pocket] 81 Running Backs - Expected likelihood of early declarations: Low-Medium RB Kenyon Randall 5-6 209 R LSU [Power] 82 RB Daveed Knox 5-11 202 R Illinois [Speed] 79 RB DeSean Dockery 5-10 201 R Louisville [Speed] 81 RB Ricky Vega 5-10 214 R Penn State [Speed] 80 RB Evan Grant 6-0 194 R Georgia State [Power] 81 Fullbacks - Expected likelihood of early declarations: Low FB Emanuelu Tuimaleali'lfano 5-8 208 R Alabama [Pass Blocking] 82 FB Zahir Willis 6-1 217 R Nebraska [Run Blocking] 80 FB Golden Bridges 6-1 221 R BYU [Run Blocking] 81 FB Cory Graham 6-1 210 R Northwestern [Pass Blocking] 76 FB Jeremy Crawley 5-8 239 R Notre Dame [Run Blocking] 76
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    [2021] Week 9 Coaches Poll

    Yes, finally Rice is ranked. First time ever. I've received votes in 18 weeks but this is the first time I've been ranked. Don't like the ominous similarities to the only other poll that a C-USA team was ranked in. 2019 Southern Miss: First team to ever be ranked in C-USA, ranked #24 in the week 9 poll. That weekend played in the first ever C-USA Saturday evening game at 4-2 Rice. Lost to Rice in 3OT. 2021 Rice: Second team to ever be ranked in C-USA, ranked #24 in the week 9 poll. This weekend playing in the second ever C-USA Saturday evening game at 4-2 Southern Miss.
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    I am pleased to announce that I will be taking over as the next commissioner of the Southeastern Conference. I would like to thank those coaches that voted in our election, and who work to keep the conference as the best in the nation. As commissioner I will try to continue the SEC's tradition of producing great media, and will do what I can to help out the site. I hope that I can fill the shoes of my illustrious predecessors as commissioner, and look forward to continuing the SEC's stellar performance as a conference.
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    You're welcome to come back. I didn't think it was particularly bad or any worse than something I said I just felt it was a sad way to see you go after over four years.
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    Combining two weeks into one? Now we're getting spicy, except not really. In truth, the work schedule of yours truly had to override the ten suckers from last week's rankings, thus leading me to combine the past two weeks into this single ranking. Don't worry, I'll still let you know how last week shaped up seeing as there was quite a bit of movement. Perennial Top 5 team South Alabama found victory in the form of Bottom Ten-newcomer New Mexico State, earning them a one-way flight out of the Bottom Ten; the Jaguars decided to take it a step further with a second-consecutive victory this week, so the bags they once donned are long gone for the time being. That's really it for last week. Everyone else kept being themselves with either crushing defeats or very tight losses with other Bottom Ten contenders. Here is how the list looked last week: 1. UMess 2. Charlotte 0-and-4ers 3. Liberty Flamed Out 4. State of Kent 5. O-4DU 6. UNLV Reb-Ls 7. North Carolina Tar Holes 8. New Mexico State ALDIs 9. LolTech 10. UConned But wait! This list is super outdated! Week 6 brought not one, but TWO newcomers. LolTech found their way off the list after just three weeks, dooming another team to the Bottom Ten. UConned, in the meantime, disappears for a week simply because their football literally disappeared from the playing field. So who takes over and joins this small group of prestigious teams? Find out below. This week's list is presented by the great folks at Great Value, providing discount products at discounted prices! There's even Great Value products of Great Value products! Also included in our sponsors is, as always, Imposter Studios. Now on to our coveted list. *Disclaimer: this list is all satire and not meant to call out coaches for being bad or to hop on the circle jerk against people. This is my list simply to poke fun at teams for either being bad or for having very questionable results. 1. UMess (0-5) We're nearly halfway through the season, and UMess is approaching some seldom-charted waters. There have been a few instances where a team wins a game over the span of two seasons, but to go two full seasons without putting a "1" in the win column? That's increasingly rare, but after back-to-back blowout defeats to Bowling Green (45-24 in Amherst) and Penn State (66-0 in Happy Valley). the opportunities for a win are quickly fading. A trifecta of Sun Belt games give hope, as does a home showdown with fellow Bottom Three member Liberty, but the fact that those are the only semi-winnable games should speak volumes about the current position of UMess. 2. Charlotte 0-and-5ers (0-5) Whereas UMess gets blown out by better teams on a week-to-week basis, the Charlotte 0-and-5ers keep losing tight games to competition arguably at the same level. A week after a semi-crushing loss to former Bottom Ten member South Flawrida, the 0-and-5ers let another former Bottom Ten member, the UAB Lamers, quite literally walk through the offensive line in sacking Chris Billings three times in a 23-21 loss. Billings is somehow still among the living, but opportunities for a victory this season are quickly approaching death, with only one Bottom Ten member left on the schedule in O-5DU. 3. Liberty Flamed Out (0-4) I was very prepared to write about this Flamed Out team last week after a 55-0 shellacking at HOME to Buffalo, but prior arrangements came up. Instead, I can write about them here! Through two games against Michigan and Buffalo (the latter of which is struggling on their own), Liberty's David Clevenger has thrown TEN whopping interceptions and has been sacked SIXTEEN times! If it weren't for the fact that the 0-and-5ers were losing to teams in consideration for the Bottom Ten, Liberty would be an easy choice for second on the Bottom Ten rankings. Will Clevenger make it through the season? Will the offense learn how to score again? Why can't Liberty and Charlotte play for the title of worst offensive line? 4. State of Kent (0-5) There were no fourth-quarter collapses these past two weeks, with the State of Kent going scoreless against Illinois (26-0) and trailing by 12 going into the half against Northern Illinois (28-16). As opposed to the reoccurring theme of the teams above them in the power rankings, there's always a feeling that the State of Kent can win games. In the MAC, that's incredibly doable, but the absence of Harrison Mullin might erase a lot of those chances at victory. Outside of WMU, Oregon, and potentially Akron, the remaining schedule isn't terribly hard for the State of Kent, but whipping that offense into shape is a must if they're to escape. 5. O-5DU (0-5) I can only go so far with that name, right? O-5DU actually played Riley West and Western Kentucky close, only to turn around with a flat 35-0 loss to the U.S. Army. Still, there's a sign of hope, and with a closing stretch of four games against Bottom Ten contenders, the opportunities are plenty for 0-5DU. That, however requires this poor offense to break their season-high of 20 points, and that's proving harder to do than my ability to come up with a backup name for O-5DU in case they finally win a game. My inbox is always open to suggestions. Their offense is not. 6. UNLV Reb-Ls (0-5) If there was any doubt about the inclusion of the Reb-Ls on this list, the past two weeks have completely cemented their place in the Bottom Ten. After Rice's Eric McLean continued his streak of impressive performances against his fourth Bottom Ten team in a row (49-14), New Mexico finally found their bite and relived a bit of the glory days with a smashing victory over the Reb-Ls (34-14). The defense has let the bottom fall out in recent weeks, and with an offense unable to live up to the school's actual name, the Reb-Ls no longer look like a threat to win games. This can change with a few toothless teams left on the schedule, including one current Bottom Ten team, but the verdict on this season is already out. The Reb-Ls could be here all season. 7. New Mexico State ALDIs (0-5) Because ALDI is the Great Value of Great Value, and the Aggies are easily the ALDI version of Texas A&M, with Utah State sandwiched in the middle (thanks to Tuscan for the name). I was reluctant to add the ALDIs on this list at the beginning of the season, but they could no longer escape the bottomless pit that is the Bottom Ten when they dropped a game to former Bottom Five member South Alabama. The ALDIs have that feel that they can win a game against the right opponent, but the South Alabama loss disproved that immediately. In their immediate wait lies a Bottom Ten near-contender, a current Bottom Ten team, and a former Bottom Ten team. Surely they can find a way to not put out a discount performance, right? 8. North Carolina Tar Holes (0-5) The Tar Holes had arguably three winnable games on their schedule. Over the past two weeks, they've lost two of those games. The offense lacked an ability to charge like a ram in a bad loss to Miami-South (23-7), then found that their defense was about as unbreakable as a small twig in a loss to Pittsburgh (34-20). Their only hope arguably lies in their season-finale against NC State, although the Tar Holes have historically bullied Duke. Without any form of running game at all, though, how possible is a win? The Tar Holes have proven to be the worst team in a slightly mediocre ACC, but they can take solace in not being the worst team in the state of North Carolina. 9. Texas-North (0-4) And here we have it: the first technical newcomers on the Week 6 rankings. Texas-North landed in the consideration group a few weeks ago with a disastrous 40-7 loss to San Diego State, and now they've cemented their place in the Bottom Ten this week after falling to then-7th ranked LolTech at home. The team clearly has a trend of building success off of one player before disappearing for a season or two, with the departure of Javier Grady once again proving this after last year's 6-win effort. Nowadays, the offense is rather dead and the defense rarely finds pressure, with last week's game against paper-thin LolTech being the exception. The good news for Texas-North is that their next four games (and five of their next six) are against teams in consideration for or already in the Bottom Ten. 10. San No-se State (0-5) The second of our newcomers! San No-se has been in consideration for a while, accumulating losses to NC State (23-13) and Bottom Ten outsider Sinsea (24-19) before finally landing on the list with a no-show against Nevada (38-7). The defense has been poor throughout the season, but the secondary in particular has been completely ravaged. The offense has no pulse on the ground and the passing game took a hit as primary target Luke Gage went down with severe hamstring tendonitis in the loss to Nevada. With the meatiest part of the schedule coming up for San No-se, there's a pretty good chance that they'll end up at 0-10 before a winnable game against the Reb-Ls arrives. Honorable Mentions: Georgia Southern-Not-State Eagles (0-4), EC-Yew Pirates (0-4), Georgia State-Not-Southern Panthers (0-4), UConned (1-3), FresNO (0-5), a proper balancing of a pretty hefty workload (0-however many days it's been since the last proper article I wrote). Editor's Note: Let me know what you guys think in the comments and what I can improve on when it comes to these. I'm always looking to improve the media I put out!
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    [2021] Week 5 Power Rankings

    I don't believe either of you will win...
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    Here are some assorted thoughts on various teams upcoming first round draft selections. All of these teams are bad so far this season so hopefully this can give them some hope in these times of need. I included some people who I think are very obvious early decs from the 2023 class. Anyway here it is: Minnesota: Most Likely Pick: RB DeSean Dockery, Louisville Analysis: The Vikings have looked surprisingly competent on offense so far this season with Vardell and Keith Dunn both performing above expectation, but I still think they ought to try and recapture the magic of the Vardell+Henson duo. Dockery is a stud and I expect his draft stock to stay high throughout the offseason leading up to the draft. The other big option for them is an EDGE rusher, especially DE. Justin Glass is old and mediocre. The team's pass defense is still bad but they've invested too much in the secondary already to keep throwing darts against that dart board so I think additional pressure from the pass rush is where they look to improve next. Primary targets here are Sebastian Smallwood and Timothy Key. They could also go for a wide reciever since Luke Cobb has improved the team so much. There are three great Wrs this year but I think Morgan Patton out of Penn State would pair especially well with Cobb and create a fearsome duo. Cleveland: Most Likely Pick: FS Seth Scott, Colorado Analysis: The Browns are honestly extremely tough to analyze here because they are the sort of team that is decent everywhere but elite nowhere (except WR1 and Center). With these sorts of teams that are solid but lacking special players when they take big time playmakers and that's exactly what Seth Scott is. He's one of the biggest ballhawks in CFBHC history with 10 interceptions last season and that sort of play would be a welcome step up from their current safety LaMichael Jones, who while competent isn't very exciting. The other big option for them I think is offensive guard to replace the soon to retire Calvin Milloy. That option would probably be better if they were further down in the 1st because this class on the surface lacks elite OG prospects. Otherwise the team is full of solid young players so while they could upgrade elsewhere I don't think it's as likely as OG or safety. Indianapolis: Most Likely Pick: CB Kyle Cunningham, Baylor Analysis: Indy has avoided picking high end corners for years now and I think it's finally starting to bite them in the ass. Forget about the run game, that pass defense is bottom 10 in the league right now despite the amount of pressure the Dline is getting. Cunningham is the best corner out of this relatively weak class for the position right now and I think he'd fit snuggly in at Indy. Other positions they could go are runningback if it turns out Otero really is done for, I actually think Ricky Vega would be a great fit here and likely available wherever they pick, maybe even in the 2nd round. As usual they could also use an upgrade at center with Xavier Cueller. There aren't many good OLBs this draft but Jabari Fletcher wouldn't be bad to replace the aging Keyuo Clark. New York Giants: Most Likely Pick: QB Matt Jones, Purdue Analysis: It looks like Davenport isn't gonna be a Giant after all and right now they're starting David Brezina so if they don't address quarterback this draft it will be an absolute tragedy for the team's fans. Matt Jones is my favorite QB of this draft so far and I think he'd fit nicely with the team they have in New York right now. I think Marcus Black could also be good if they want to go the scrambler route. Either works really but right now I favor Jones. The Giants roster is honestly just plain terrible right now so I could see them going a lot of directions otherwise. Maybe they want to get their defense going with Smallwood. They could also look to trade down and select Jarvis Ward, Morgan Patton or Tyler White at wide reciever. But as I said before, I think their #1 priority right now has to be the QB position, so unless they address that in free agency I think it'll be their pick of Black or Jones. Dallas Cowboys: Most Likely Pick: WR Tyler White, Penn State Analysis: The Cowboys are better than their record for sure but the weaknesses they've shown are still real. The roster is extremely well rounded and I don't think there are any particular problem areas bigger then WR so I look for the Cowboys to draft one of the big three (Ward, Patton and White). I think White is the most likely to be available when Dallas picks but it could be any of them. A star WR could unlock Graham Burnett and provide some balance to their offense to provide the boost they need to become true superbowl contenders. Other than wide reciever I could see them upgrading the secondary a bit with a free safety or CB2. Seth Scott would be interesting if they could grab him for example. Some of their olinemen are getting old so maybe they want to draft one for cap relief but that'd be kind of a waste IMO. Really I think the Cowboys going WR makes too much sense for it not to happen but we'll see, they could lose someone to free agency that opens up another hole before the draft. LA Chargers: Most Likely Pick: OT Alex Vasili, Penn State Analysis: Assuming he declares I would love Vasili to the Chargers. They have a lot of needs but #1 to me is offensive line which is absolutely atrocious right now for them, the worst in the league. Vasili isn't sexy but he's played well enough over the course of his career that he'd be worth it in my opinion. The Chargers have a lot of other places they could go besides OT. Their wide recievers are still bad so they could upgrade there. Aside from Oliphaunt their secondary isn't great so if they trade down they could get value there. Maybe they'll be sick of Matty Ice by the end of the season and take a chance on Black or Jones but I think in their situation it makes more sense to upgrade the supporting cast first. Pittsburgh Steelers: Most Likely Pick: QB Marcus Black, Auburn Analysis: As Sagebow has himself said publicly, RJ Stanford is most likely not the answer. If they can get their hands of Marcus Black I think it'd be an absolutely perfect fit, and I think Sage is going to aggressively pursue him assuming he declares. Matt Jones could also go here, and if the Steelers are cheeky and want to get some other positions they could probably go after someone like Ryan Harris or even Jordan North in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. If they decide to hold off on QB until a bit later on they have a couple options in the 1st. They could grab Xavier Cueller at center for a needed upgrade to their offensive line. If a good DE or FS falls into their lap that wouldn't be a bad idea either if they wish to focus on the defensive end. The other obvious need is wide reciever, and as I've said many times by now there are plenty of options at that position, any of which would work well I think. Detroit Lions: Most Likely Pick: DE Sebastian Smallwood, Alabama Analysis: The Lions' stars being murdered in a ritual sacrifice to the pipe may actually be a good thing for them going into next season if they can secure Smallwood. He'd provide a nice bit of pressure for a Dline that really isn't performing great right now. Plus, Smallwood looks to be an absolute stud and maybe the best player overall in the draft. Hard to beat that. The Lions could go wide reciever if they wanted to give Lecount some weapons in his return. Maybe they'll trade down and grab a playmaker at Free Safety like Seth Scott. With Otero gone the Lions are also prime candidates for DeSean Dockey and it honestly would not surprise me if the decision to trade Otero was made with Dockey in mind. One thing is for certain: regardless of who they choose, the Lions will be superbowl favorites next season. Cincinnati Bengals: Most Likely Pick: DE Timothy Key, Florida Analysis: DE is a pretty large hole for thatfunk's newest team with EJ McQuarters as a starter, and Key is great because he has elite stats while also being a scheme fit for the Bengals' 3-4. While Key isn't the prototypical contain guy that isn't necessarily a bad thing and it could be a nice boost to the 2nd worst defense in the NFL right now, especially against the run. The other positions I could see the Bengals upgrading are at the right side of the Oline and, maybe if they are feeling a bit cheeky, Joel King. The King has not performed up to par in Cincy so far despite a ton of support, so it's possible there's a revolution in Cincy if the right guy falls to them. Other than that the Bengals are looking pretty solid across the board right now, but we'll have to see what type of offseason disasters might beset them this time leading up to the draft.
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    Drunk inspiral
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    Just monitoring this thread to see who has the highest degree of CTE, so I can more carefully pick my trade partners.
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    [2021] Week #13 - FNF

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    The Road to Bowl Eligibility With three games remaining for each Sun Belt team, it's time to look at the teams that have a shot at bowl eligibility. There are four teams that are one win away, and two more that just need a pair of wins to be eligible. That's over half the conference that still has a shot at playing in a bowl. The stakes are huge in nearly every game left on the schedule. Lets look at each team's path over their final three games and see if we can figure out who has the best shot at going bowling: The "Outs" Georgia Southern (0-9) Coastal Carolina (1-8) The sun has already set on the Chanticleers and the Eagles. Both teams still can play for that 2-win recruiting bonus, however. The Chanticleers have three road games remaining, at Georgia State, UCONN, and Troy. The Eagles have home games against Troy and Appalachian State, and a road contest against Georgia State, but they must win two of these games. Both teams should be trying hard to play spoiler the rest of the way, particularly with recruiting advantages on the line. The "Long Shots" Georgia State (3-6) Troy (3-6) The Trojans and the Panthers each have a small chance of making a bowl. All either team must do is win their final three games. Fortunately for both these teams, they have easy schedules to close out the year. For the Panthers, this means Evan Grant must carry them over Coastal Carolina and Georgia Southern at home, and Appalachian State on the road. The Trojans must do battle with Georgia Southern and South Alabama on the road, and Coastal Carolina at home. The "Maybes" Appalachian State (4-5) South Alabama (4-5) These teams need to win two of their final three games to become bowl eligible. Neither team has an easy road, however. The Mountaineers must play Kentucky and Georgia Southern on the road, and Georgia State at home. Winning two of those games is tough, but not as tough as the road in front of the Jaguars. They have to travel to Tuscaloosa to face the Alabama Crimson Tide. After that, whatever battered and bruised players remain on their roster must travel to Arkansas State to face the best offense in the Sun Belt. Then the Jaguars finish with a home game against Troy. That's a brutal finish to the season. The "Contenders" Louisiana-Lafayette (5-4) Louisiana-Monroe (5-4) Texas State (5-4) Arkansas State (5-4) Welcome to the four-way tie for first in the Sun Belt Conference. Each of these teams must win one of their final three games to secure bowl eligiblity, but none of these teams have an easy finish to the season. Since all four of these teams are in the West division, most of the remaining games for each of these teams are against each other. Fortunately for the conference, this means that a minimum of two teams will be eligible. Lousiana-Lafayette (5-4) Remaining Games: @Texas State Arkansas State @Louisiana-Monroe The Ragin Cajuns have their hands full, but are fortunate as they are the only one of these teams to have all three of their final games in conference. Getting Arkansas State at home helps, but they'll probably be the slight underdog in all three games. Time to show some grit, Dr_Novella. Louisiana-Monroe (5-4) Remaining Games @UMASS Texas State Louisiana-Lafayette The Warhawks have the easiest schedule of the group, if any of these schedules could be called that. Playing @UMASS is a winnable game, and getting their two conference games both at home helps too. Coach jared2001usa has done well so far, and I like his chances to get one more win and put his team in a bowl game. Texas State (5-4) Remaining Games Louisiana-Lafayette East Carolina @Louisiana Monroe The Bobcats have a near impossible task in hosting the Pirates of ECU, so barring a miracle, they must look to their other two games for the win they need. Coach Rabid has been on fire lately, but can this team carry the momentum for one more game? Arkansas State (5-4) Remaining Games @New Mexico State @Louisiana Lafayette South Alabama The Red Wolves boast the best offense, best QB, best WR, and up until this week the best record in the conference. However, coming off a loss they must travel to New Mexico State, where they will be a solid underdog, then to ULL to face a game Ragin Cajuns team looking to pull the upset. Their best chance at a win is probably the finale at home against South Alabama, but even that is a tough game.
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    This feature will explore how certain positions on your O-Line are grading out compared to the rest of your o-line over the course of the year up to this point. This, in combination with your average o-line rating, should allow you to more accurately judge o-line skill and what needs replacing. I will try to make this a yearly thing in mid-season and after the playoffs.
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    You guys can use this forum to run whatever games you want (Mafia/Werewolf, Be a Player, play-by-mail chess, or whatever) as long as you keep the discussion mostly out of the shoutbox and keep gameplay confined to here. If you have any questions about whether something would be allowed feel free to post in here but you are welcome to just go for it as long as it isn't offensive and doesn't completely overwhelm the football aspect of the site. The only thing I ask is: if you can take time to post in these threads please consider responding to game threads, offering your opinion on something once a day or otherwise interacting with the main part of the site outside of just the shoutbox. Please.
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    WINNING IN THE MOMENT An unexpectedly bright present casts a growing shadow over the Chicago Bears' future Norris Brooksheer takes snaps with the first team in practice. Has he secured the starting job going forward, or is he still looking over his shoulder for rookie Mohammed Foster? CHICAGO - It was only a few short months ago that the Bears drafted Mohammed Foster with the #5 pick in the draft, signaling a drastic shift in the direction of a franchise still in search of its first playoff bid. Heading into the bye week in year 1 of the grand experiment, the Bears have already matched last season's win total, sit in 2nd place in the NFC North, and appear to have their best shot at the postseason since they fell one game short three years ago. The most surprising bit is that those two events are mostly unconnected. Norris Brooksheer retained the starting job coming out of training camp, and he's responded to the quarterback competition with his best season as a pro. Through 5 games, he has completed 64.1% of his passes for 1252 yards, 11 touchdowns, and 5 interceptions. That's good for a passer rating of 99.88, the highest of the fifth-year starter's career, which is a 15-point improvement over last season--and still only good for 17th in the league among players who have started the majority of their team's games. "Norris is our starter, and we're more than happy with what he's given us this year so far," said Bears offensive coordinator Jay Gruden. "He takes a lot of hits, but he gets back up and isn't afraid to make the next throw under pressure." Brooksheer is playing for more than just this season: he's playing for a new contract. Having arrived in the option year of his rookie deal, he's seen his salary escalate from $8 million to $14.5 million. In this landscape, that contract is a bargain, as he is the lowest-paid quarterback in the NFC North. Rob LeCount is making $16 million a year, Jason Johnson earns $17 million a year, and Brian Vardell--whom Brooksheer has beaten five times in a row--makes $24 million annually. Sources within Brooksheer's camp have previously indicated that he wants to be paid like a top-tier quarterback. Sources close to the Bears front office have told the Tribune that they want him to play like a top-tier quarterback first. Both sides agree that there has been almost zero movement toward a long-term deal. In the meantime, tensions between the two sides that began after the 2019 season and came close to the boiling point after the Foster pick seem to have cooled somewhat. If not, Brooksheer has done a masterful job of saying the right things anyway. "It's been incredible working with Mo," Brooksheer said after a Tuesday practice session. "He's got such a great passion for the game. And his style's so different from mine that I can't help but learn new things around him." Foster, for his part, has not betrayed any impatience waiting for his turn--perhaps a lesson learned from the inconsistencies of starting as early as his true freshman year at West Virginia. "My job is to be ready to go the moment they call my name," the rookie said. "Norris has been a great mentor to me and a great friend, and I think we've both been able to push each other to greater heights on the field." Quarterback isn't the only place where the rookie class has seen virtually no time on the field. Marcus Waterman's moved into the starting right tackle spot, but kicker Will Ladd was the only other rookie to see significant snaps--and he has since been demoted to the practice squad after starting 2-of-5. The offense as a whole has averaged 21.4 points per game, the #21 mark leaguewide. But armed with the 6th-ranked scoring defense at 19.6 points per game, the Bears believe that this time is for real. "This is a five-star defense by necessity," said defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin. "Everybody here knows we're paying for a five-star defense either in picks or cash or both. Anyone who doesn't wanna practice like they're the best of the league, anybody who doesn't wanna play like they're the best in the league, they know exactly where the door is." Still, most of the season remains. The Bears' four wins have come over the 1-3 49ers, the 1-4 Vikings (twice), and the 2-2 Rams. They were shellacked by the only team with a winning record they've played so far, and they still have yet to play the injury-plagued but still talented Lions or the reigning NFC North champion Packers. As they learned the hard way in 2018 after going from 10-3 to 10-6 to miss the playoffs, a good start is no guarantee of a playoff finish. But it's still a good start.
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    10 Things I like, and Don’t Like, including a very sad New York Giants offense After an extended break, here we go The State of Traded QBs There were multiple QBs moved this past offseason and regular season through trades, including a trade of starting Quarterbacks. Reggie Watkins, Paul Davenport, RJ Stanford, and Mike Thomas were all traded for, but only one of these trades has really gone well. Reggie Watkins is having an excellent season for the Patriots. He is completing nearly 70 percent of his passes, and has a 12:3 TD to INT rate. The AFC East isn’t winnable for the Pats still, but Watkins hot play so far has made this team much more interesting. For the 3 trades the results have not been good. The Giants made trades for both Mike Thomas and Paul Davenport, and still neither of them started this past week. Paul Davenport is still holding out, and Mike Thomas has been a bust so far for the team. Mike Thomas has easily been the worst QB of players who were intended to start this year. This is a family article, so I won’t show his stats. But they are bad. And he’s been benched. For David Brezina. On purpose. Maybe he has potential too. The Giants received Davenport in a trade with the Steelers for RJ Stanford. The Steelers were considered a contender in the AFC North, though that doesn’t mean a ton this season, but the Davenport holdout situation changed the trajectory. Replacing him with R.J. Stanford has had moderate success in Pittsburgh, however his production is a significant step down from the production of RJ Stanford. The Steelers have indicated that Stanford is not the answer. The Steelers may be in a precarious position of being too good for a top tier QB, and could struggle opening up their pocket books for a Free Agent Quarterback. Oregon State 2021 I recognize that the good times may not last forever in Corvallis, Oregon. But this is a program that has struggled keeping a coach and creating program momentum for their entire existence. Oregon State had won 4 games over the past 5 seasons before this one. So when Oregon State can start a season a season 4-0, even after losing their head coach in the offseason, they deserve their moment. Oregon State has even started to receive some Coaches Poll votes. While these votes are probably less indicative of their skill and level of competition, it does recognize the hill that Oregon State has had to climb to even get to this point. This is the feel good story of the college season so far, and I know there are plenty of people who want to see this team have even more success. End of Toledo 2021? [Insert video of Sad Titanic Flute playing]. If you like Field Goals, Toledo-Florida could be the best game of the season. The implications of this game were huge, as Toledo was looking to make a run to the playoffs this season through a non P5 conference. Toledo had started the season 3-0, even though they had looked shaky at times, and had the chance to launch their playoff run with a win against Florida at home. However, backed by their dominant run game and offensive line, Florida was able to pull off a double overtime victory on the road. This definitely damages the chances that Toledo has of making the playoffs, and deflates some of the self promoted hype, but Toledo still controls its own destiny. It is simple for Toledo. Win out. TCU rumbling on The Hype is real for this TCU program. Coach Danger has promoted his team heavily this season (as he does in most), and going into Conference play, this TCU team seems worthy of the hype. They have wins against talented programs out of conference in USC and LSU (who both considered themselves playoff contenders preseason), and have survived their first two conference games against Tennessee and Texas Tech. TCU hopes to finish their season strong, and not suffer from any lapses, as the pressure of the potential of playoffs creeps closer with every victory. Bears and Chiefs Surprise Starts Even the most optimistic fans of Chicago and Kansas City could not have seen this coming. Using different methods, the Chiefs and the Bears have both come out the gates at 4-1. The Chiefs have leaned on a very run heavy offense, that has prioritized ball security in the passing game, and an opportunistic defense. The Bears have gotten a good start out of Norris Brooksheer, despite shaky offensive line play. While the Bears haven’t faced an intimidating running back in their wins, the play of their run defense has been excellent. Both teams feel that they can make the playoffs, the Bears play a weak schedule to finish out the season, but the Chiefs face a more difficult schedule. Both teams have played duds of games so far this season, and will need to have consistent performances to continue their success. My Quarter Season Award Winners MVP/Offensive Player of the Year: Brian Brown MIA. It feels like Brian Brown had fallen away from the public eye to a degree these last few seasons. Quarterbacks like Christian Skaggs, Aaron Shea, Nick Hall, and Jason Johnson have gained a lot of attention in the last few seasons, at the expense of Brian Brown. But Brown is back this season. The addition of J.C. Weldon has proven to be one of the best picks in the 2021 draft this season. That’s a sentence that makes the Jets organization cringe. Brown is 5th in the NFL in passing yards, second in passer rating, and a ridiculous 13 to 1 TD to INT ratio. The Dolphins were unlucky to miss the playoffs last season, and this year they hope to take luck out of the equation in their chase for a trophy. Runner Up: Thomas Wheeler TEN, one of the best free agent signings in recent memory. Defensive Player of the Year: Carlos Washington PIT. It is strange to me that my leading candidate for this award plays for a struggling defense. But the rookie defensive end out of Michigan has come out the gates hot this year. He has 5 sacks, which is tied for 8th in the NFL, 1st in Tackles for Loss, and is tied for 2nd in the NFL in tackles. Oh, he’s also forced 2 fumbles and has a recovery this season. Not a bad start to his career. Runner up: Anthony Ortiz BUF. Is he the player you’d want to start a defensive line with the most right now? Offensive Rookie of the Year: J.C. Weldon MIA. Who gave Brian Brown a receiver? That trade was ridiculous at the time, and hasn’t aged well since. But this isn’t about bad trades, but about good plays. Weldon is first in his rookie class in Catches, Yards, and TD’s at the WR position, and has top 10 NFL numbers in each of those categories. Along with veteran receiver Greg Cobb, Weldon has helped Brian Brown get back into the MVP conversation, and he looks to dominante AFC East Defensives for Years to come. Runner Up: Denorris Jackson TB. Close battle for this number 1 position. DNJ may actually be more important to his team’s success than Weldon. Defensive Rookie of the Year: Carlos Washington PIT. See Above. Runner Up: Javier Grady/Josiah Harden DAL/ARI. It’s not really close but I needed to fill this slot. Coach of the Year: Coach Nmize KC. While I expect a different name to be here by the end of the season, Nmize has to get his props for getting an Erasmus McCready led team to a 4 win season. Will it continue? Probably not. Is it possible for it to continue? First of all, through God all things are possible, so jot that down. Giants terrible offense The Giants are averaging 6.6 Points per game. End of the Penn State Dynasty This isn’t a complete surprise to many people, including Coach Gravy. It’s not even completely disappointing either for the Penn State program, who lost the #1 and #2 picks in the 2021 NFLHC draft. With 2 losses, the Nittany Lions have most likely been eliminated from the College Football Playoff. But instead of mourning the end of this dynasty, the success of this team should be celebrated and we should look forward to a much more open season of CFBHC, with no team seeming to be as dominant as this Penn State team. Western Michigan and Illinois 2 of my favorite programs in CFBHC are Illinois and Western Michigan. What makes them my favorite programs are their coaches, FlutieFlakes and Jieret. Both of these guys are, in my eyes, top 10 college level coaches. Jieret made the playoffs with Western Michigan last season, and showed that his team deserved his place in the playoff. The Illinois team consistently has one of the best defenses in the the Big 10 and Flutie has crafted a unique identity for his squad. Neither of those two coaches have shown any indication of leaving their teams, but it would be interesting to see what they could do at a program like Texas (if it ever opened up). Panthers Struggles Christian Skaggs and the Carolina Panthers: The Panthers declared themselves as being all in before this season started. While they could still save their season in a weak division, they haven’t played like title contenders so far. Skaggs hasn’t played like an MVP candidate, and while his play isn’t bad, it is far below his normal standard, and he does lead the NFL in Interceptions so far. The Panthers have an opportunity of Thursday Night to try to get their season back on track, as they play a divisional foe in the Atlanta Falcons. The Panthers defense has been bad this year, and their offense hasn’t been good enough to overcome it. While the NFC South is a flawed, and weaker division, the Panthers can’t be lethargic, because those Tampa Bay Bucs are a talented team as well. If the Panthers can’t find their groove again, their season could be in trouble.
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    1-6-18 (Cheyenne) -- After an unexpected 2nd win in his inaugural year, the Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce is planning a day of celebration for January 7th. A parade will be run down main street, and Coach alexfall862 will be given a key to the city at an evening reception. Coach alexfall862 on the occasion: "Wow, well - this is all very unexpected. I think the defining ability of this team is to follow directions. After the disappointing loss to Georgia, I stapled a piece of paper above the locker-room door that said: Don't Not Win I think that's been the secret to our success!" alexfall862 then took questions from the press. Editor's Note: At the time of writing this article, a pair of socks have gone missing from the equipment manager's office. Box Score Below: Wyoming (1-1) at UL-Lafayette (1-1) Lafayette, LA - 85 F 1ST 2ND 3RD 4TH OT1 OT2 OT3 SCORE Wyoming Cowboys (1-1) 17 7 7 0 - - - 31 UL-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns (1-1) 10 0 3 7 - - - 20 Team Stats Comparison Wyoming Cowboys UL-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns Injuries No Injuries No Injuries Offensive Line Rating 3.8 2.9 Sacks 3 3 Punting 42.2 37.6 Punt Return Yards 16 0 Kick Return Yards 23 16 Turnovers 1 1 3rd Down Conversion 4/11 6/15 4th Down Conversion 0/0 0/0 Penalties 8/82 4/45 Wyoming Cowboys PASSING C/A YDS TD INT F/L Jasiah Howard 20/30 302 3 1 0/0 RUSHING ATT YDS TD LNG F/L Devon Seals 22 123 1 21 0/0 Jasiah Howard 6 16 0 5 0/0 RECEIVING REC YDS TD DRP F/L Israel Carlos 6 105 2 0 0/0 Kyle Laughlin 3 52 0 0 0/0 Devon Seals 2 48 1 0 0/0 David Grier 4 44 0 0 0/0 DEFENSE T/TFL SCK INT/PD FF/FR TD/SFTY Kareem Beverly 1/0 - 1/0 0/0 0/0 Samuel Mercado 2/0 1.5 0/0 0/0 0/0 Jacob Brandon 5/0 1.0 0/0 0/0 0/0 Jonah Battle 3/0 0.5 0/0 0/0 0/0 KICKING FG XP KICK DISTANCES Leonard McDonald 1/1 4/4 38 UL-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns PASSING C/A YDS TD INT F/L Jacory Colon 22/39 208 2 1 0/0 RUSHING ATT YDS TD LNG F/L Anthony Lavigne 11 24 0 8 0/0 Jacory Colon 1 -2 0 -2 0/0 RECEIVING REC YDS TD DRP F/L Michael Snowden 7 66 1 1 0/0 Tyus Whitaker 2 35 0 0 0/0 Robert Johnson 3 32 0 1 0/0 George Green 3 31 1 0 0/0 DEFENSE T/TFL SCK INT/PD FF/FR TD/SFTY Kelly Cordero 3/0 - 1/0 0/0 0/0 Darren James 5/1 1.0 0/0 0/0 0/0 Theodore Cook 3/1 1.0 0/0 0/0 0/0 Don Gibbs 4/0 1.0 0/0 0/0 0/0 KICKING FG XP KICK DISTANCES Eric Abbott 2/3 2/2 41, 28 - 46
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    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17gxom5ELNCWktU3BnHjT6qklTvmwvUo7kNQiHo4jtwY/edit?usp=sharing Up to date through the end of week 0. Darman and I will be keeping this updated throughout the season.
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    If only I can get some new guys in here everything will be better.
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    Week 11 is in the books in the 2021 season, we're at the 2/3rds mark of the season for most teams. Conference play is in full swing and the postseason dreams are being dashed or realized left and right. The teams mentioned in this article are playing for much more than just a bowl game. They're playing to join or avoid one of two lists of the immortals.....Waiting until the end of the season to find out is easy but easy isn't fun. Fun is trying to figure out who has the mental fortitude to run the table. Some are playing to join The Perfect Season list. This list is very small. Something so great shouldn't be open to everyone anyways. The club of undefeated teams stops at two: 2018 Alabama and 2019 Penn State. These two feast alone in Valhalla as the only teams to not be defeated in combat. Others are playing to avoid joining a list as long as time. Losing every game in a season is hard. 11 teams have managed to do it. 11 more are fighting the idea that they might join them in the Hall of Infamy. Undefeated Teams Team Week Away Home Away EW% Home EW% Win Probability Away Win Probability Home Chance to go undefeated TCU 12 TCU Oklahoma State 0.817 0.849 0.442 0.558 22.7% 13 Kansas State TCU 0.336 0.817 0.102 0.898 14 Bye 15 TCU Texas 0.817 0.602 0.746 0.254 16 Baylor TCU 0.577 0.817 0.234 0.766 Michigan 12 Michigan Rutgers 0.874 0.512 0.868 0.132 31.2% 13 Penn State Michigan 0.784 0.874 0.344 0.656 14 Bye 15 Maryland Michigan 0.694 0.874 0.246 0.754 16 Michigan Ohio State 0.874 0.724 0.725 0.275 Rice 12 Bye 73.5% 13 UTEP Rice 0.278 0.883 0.048 0.952 14 Rice Texas A&M 0.883 0.650 0.803 0.197 15 Rice North Texas 0.883 0.232 0.962 0.038 16 Bye Air Force 12 Air Force San Diego State 0.733 0.743 0.486 0.514 26.0% 13 Air Force UNLV 0.733 0.051 0.981 0.019 14 New Mexico Air Force 0.365 0.733 0.174 0.826 15 Bye 16 Colorado State Air Force 0.585 0.733 0.339 0.661 Auburn 12 Syracuse Auburn 0.489 0.944 0.054 0.946 61.3% 13 Auburn Georgia 0.944 0.769 0.835 0.165 14 Bye 15 Tennessee Auburn 0.655 0.944 0.101 0.899 16 Auburn Alabama 0.944 0.729 0.863 0.137 Winless Teams Team Week Away Home Away EW% Home EW% Win Probability Away Win Probability Home Chance to go winless North Carolina 12 North Carolina Virginia 0.121 0.486 0.127 0.873 63.7% 13 Bye 14 Georgia Tech North Carolina 0.526 0.121 0.890 0.110 15 North Carolina Duke 0.121 0.736 0.047 0.953 16 NC State North Carolina 0.459 0.121 0.861 0.139 Charlotte 12 Bye 28.5% 13 FIU Charlotte 0.168 0.125 0.586 0.414 14 Charlotte Marshall 0.125 0.468 0.140 0.860 15 Old Dominion Charlotte 0.156 0.125 0.565 0.435 16 Bye Liberty 12 Liberty Memphis 0.024 0.687 0.011 0.989 54.9% 13 Central Michigan Liberty 0.596 0.024 0.983 0.017 14 Bye 15 BYU Liberty 0.709 0.024 0.990 0.010 16 Liberty UMass 0.024 0.032 0.430 0.570 UMass 12 Troy UMass 0.314 0.032 0.933 0.067 36.4% 13 UMass Ole Miss 0.032 0.295 0.073 0.927 14 UL-Monroe UMass 0.592 0.032 0.978 0.022 15 Bye 16 Liberty UMass 0.024 0.032 0.430 0.570 New Mexico State 12 Miami (OH) New Mexico State 0.638 0.249 0.842 0.158 31.1% 13 Arkansas State New Mexico State 0.539 0.249 0.779 0.221 14 New Mexico State UTEP 0.249 0.278 0.463 0.537 15 Bye 16 New Mexico State BYU 0.249 0.709 0.119 0.881 Kent State 12 Kent State Bowling Green 0.063 0.471 0.071 0.929 81.1% 13 Ohio Kent State 0.622 0.063 0.961 0.039 14 Kent State Buffalo 0.063 0.598 0.043 0.957 15 Bye 16 Akron Kent State 0.560 0.063 0.950 0.050 San Jose State 12 Colorado State San Jose State 0.585 0.131 0.903 0.097 58.6% 13 Hawaii San Jose State 0.653 0.131 0.926 0.074 14 UNLV San Jose State 0.051 0.131 0.263 0.737 15 Bye 16 San Jose State San Diego State 0.131 0.743 0.049 0.951 UNLV 12 Bye 72.0% 13 Air Force UNLV 0.733 0.051 0.981 0.019 14 UNLV San Jose State 0.051 0.131 0.263 0.737 15 Bye 16 Nevada UNLV 0.935 0.051 0.996 0.004 California 12 California Colorado 0.294 0.385 0.399 0.601 19.1% 13 Utah California 0.788 0.294 0.899 0.101 14 Miami (FL) California 0.565 0.294 0.758 0.242 15 Bye 16 Stanford California 0.267 0.294 0.467 0.533 Stanford 12 USC Stanford 0.410 0.267 0.656 0.344 24.5% 13 Bye 14 Oregon Stanford 0.722 0.267 0.877 0.123 15 Stanford Washington State 0.267 0.591 0.202 0.798 16 Stanford California 0.267 0.294 0.467 0.533 Georgia Southern 12 Southern Miss Georgia Southern 0.729 0.072 0.972 0.028 66.3% 13 Troy Georgia Southern 0.314 0.072 0.856 0.144 14 Bye 15 Georgia Southern Georgia State 0.072 0.425 0.095 0.905 16 Appalachian State Georgia Southern 0.361 0.072 0.880 0.120 What the abbreviations mean EW% - Expected Winning Percentage. This is found by using a Pythagorean Expectation formula which is (PF^2.37)/(PF^2.37+PA^2.37). We dropped off the addition of the number of games in as we needed a decimal for the following calculations. There may or may not be a separate article being produced on teams playing above or below their projected Win%... Win Probability - Found using the Log5 equation. EW% Away is PA and EW% Home is PB. What does this tell us? Well to start with, it shows us what we've known all along: good teams score a lot and don't give up many points while bad teams give up a ton of points and don't score very much. This is evident in the fact that all of the undefeated teams have an EW% higher than .700 while all of the winless teams have an EW% under .300 and most are under .200. Some even dip below .100 but I'm sure we didn't need the calculations to observe that. We can also infer the expected strength of some conferences based off of these teams' opponents EW% in the upcoming weeks. One downfall of these calulations is that it doesn't factor in luck or injuries. Teams that score a lot will have a higher EW%, provided that their defense can get a stop every now and then. The same is true for the opposite, teams with stout defenses but no offense will still have a higher EW% provided they get a scoring drive every now and then. This is evident in the TCU calculations where Oklahoma State has a higher EW% than TCU due to having more PF than TCU and an equal amount of PA...but OSU is 6-2 and TCU is 8-0. Before we end this article I just want to take a moment to remember those we lost in the past week. 27-28 13-27 20-28 Come back next week to find out who lost, who won, and who is still sweating it out!
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    Day 100. I've forgotten what football feels like. It's been many moons since I've tasted victory upon my lips. I've grown quite feeble and I'm not sure how much longer I can hold on. The darkness is surrounding us all. In my cave I've tried to keep track of the days, but as my mind slips away and madness takes its place, I know the concept of time has no more meaning to me than a bucket of shells would to a ship lost at sea. Some days I wonder how it all came to this. Other days it feels like none of this really existed in the first place. Maybe I'm not real. Maybe I am. It's not for me to decide, and that gives me some solace as the days sim by. The musings of a lunatic is home to me: is air raid more pass the only scheme for a lost soul such as I? "No", the other voice says, sounding vaguely like the dying breath of my old friend Wiki. But maybe it's just the wind. Tell my croots I love them.
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    Hello fellow CFBHC and NFLHC coaches and community members! February 4th is Super Bowl Sunday--when we all enjoy the game with friends, liters/litres of beer/cola, more chicken wings than Jumbo can shake a stick at, and so much chip dip... February 4th is also the kickoff date for our Annual CFBHC Donation Drive. This Donation Drive is your chance to give back to the community that has given YOU so much. What do YOU get when you donate? * Consistent content, game reports, updates and media! * Soluna will be rolling out some new features when different benchmarks are hit in the Donation Drive--MORE INFO COMING SOON! * Peace of mind that you are contributing to an endeavor on which you spend a solid chunk of your precious entertainment time! * A way to say Thank You for the work that Soluna, Inspiral, and others put in to giving you the things you love! So that we can appropriately determine benchmarks and goals for the Donation Drive, please fill out this ANONYMOUS 6-question survey about your time, capacity, and intent: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4105530/CFBHC-Survey The Donation Drive will kick off Super Bowl Sunday, and last through February. What a great time to give!
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    [2021] Week 5 Fun Facts

    Did you know...? Conference Edition! The 's leading quarterback, Tucker Dowden, is completing 78.3% of his passes on the season? However, the Tigers are a combined 1-6 against LSU, Alabama, and Auburn, so no SEC Title for Tucker. The is a combined 33-9 on the season so far? 's leading rusher, runningback Solomon McLaughlin, has already tripled his career fumbles this season? leads the in penalty yards at a whopping 263 on the season? is the only team in the that has yet to record a defensive turnover? posted an amazing low 1.9 OL rating in a game this season? The is averaging only a 4.6 OL rating this season. The is perfectly 18-18 on the season? QB David Edmondson of is averaging 12.71 yards per ATTEMPT? 's Jamari Turner, a 4/4 corner, already has two punt return touchdowns? 's leading receiver is not Francis Brown of with 5 receiving touchdowns? It's actually Artavius Hopkins' 7 from .
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    [2021] Week #4 - TNF

    Bet the Patriots are glad they got Weldon with their #4 pick. Sure would suck if he played for a division opponent.
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