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McLean With It

Rice QB Eric McLean, taken by the Giants, becomes the 10th #1 overall pick, and is the first from a non-P5 school.

Rocket Men!

Toledo players were the final two picks of the draft, giving them Mr. Irrelevant (SS Isiah Poole) and allowing them to become the school with the most total players taken in the 2023 draft.

Trades. Trades Everywhere

10 of the top 12 picks in the draft were traded, the most notable of which involved the Colts moving up to #3 from #18 where they eventually took Georgia CB/FS Dominique Dawkins.

3rd Round Kicker? I Barely Know Her!

South Dakota State K Harrison Hacker (#69 to the Cardinals) and Cincinnati K TJ Bendbrook (#77 to the Houston Texans) both went in the 3rd round, extending the NFLHC trend of highly selected kickers.

Our Picks

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[2022] ESPN: Reggie Watkins To Test Free Agency
Reggie Watkins has rejected his latest offer from the New England Patriots and will test the open market. Watkins came to New England by way of trade from Baltimore before the beginning of the 2021 season. He was immediately named the starter. He had a very successful season, completing over 65% of his passes for over 4,000 Yards and 34 Touchdowns. The Front Office loved him and he loved New England. There were no rumors of discontent or that Watkins wouldn't sign back with the Patriots. He was coming off of a contract that was paying him $5.5 Million, and he had definitely earned a higher contract. What that would like was up for debate, but experts all agreed that it would be raise. His rejection of the deal and willingness to leave New England for more money sent shock waves through the league. The deal was rumored to be around the 3 Year, $53 Million Range, and that proved to not be enough to bring him back. Sources close to him have told ESPN that he wants north of $20 Million per season. Fortunately for him, there are a couple teams who might need Quarterbacks. The Cardinals released both Kareem Taylor and Taylor Rodriguez and could certainly need a starter and have the cap to sign Watkins. Another option could be the Jets. They may not be able to satisfy Wegert's contract demands and would need a new starter. Another option is the Atlanta Falcons. AJ Jefferson hasn't exactly been great in Atlanta, and the Falcons could decide to move on at the QB position and take on Watkins to be their starter.
A dark horse option at this point would be the New England Patriots. As we've stated, Watkins was happy in New England, the Pats are banking that his time in New England could influence him to come back to the Pats if they offer a deal equal to that of the Cardinals, Jets, or Falcons. It seems doubtful, but if the Pats keep up the pressure and keep offering increasing contracts, we could see Watkins going back to New England.
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[2022] Top 10 NFLHC Free Agents
Another year of re-signings is done, and we've got some exciting free agents about to hit the market. Surprisingly, the top of the class is not quite as good as last year's was, but there are still some quality players that should be available on the open market. Too many of them are former Jets for my liking, but that's the cap's fault.
That said, some things do never change. The Bengals once again did not re-sign a single one of their players and the Jets once again will see multiple players appear on this list. Unlike last year where there was a top 7 and 3 more mediocre "top" free agents, though, this year I'd say there's a top 3 and 7 more mediocre "top" free agents.
So, the following are, in my opinion, the top 10 players that are hitting the market in the second(!) NFLHC free agency where multiple actual good players will be on the market.
1. RB Vaughan Abraham 5-10 201 8 LSU [Speed] [-1] 94
Former team: Dallas Cowboys

Vaughan is probably the player with the best overall career that's ever hit the market. The 7-time Pro Bowler and about as many time All-Pro, and all-time NFLHC career rushing leader, was let go without so much as a contract offered in a somewhat surprising move by Dallas as - with the Rodney Montgomery trade also occuring recently - the team seems to be transitioning into a more pass-based offense behind former #7 overall pick Graham Burnett. The rumor mill seems to be trending towards Vaughan chasing money while he's still elite rather than a ring since, well, he's already won a ring. The teams that I could see trying to sign Abraham include the Bears, Seahawks, Chiefs, Cardinals, Texans, Chargers, Patriots, Bills, Giants, and Redskins.
Projected 2022 team: New England Patriots

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[2022] SEC Quarterback Battle Analysis Part I
Florida Gators
The Competitors: Darion Harrison (Freshman), Brody Kowalski (Sophomore)
What you need to know: Head Coach Soluna has publicly stated to be challenging the notion that he cannot address the concerns of having a scrambling quarterback and there's no reason to think this has been a ruse. He has one year of experience with Allan Taylor in Jacksonville and the need to get the offense going in year one post-Ethan Newby sees the need to identify a playmaker. Kowalski is likelier the safe option, but the 4 star hybrid might be looking at an uphill battle to get real game-time reps. High performance ratings in spring practices and a dominating spring game are the only thing that I see changing the outcome of this battle.
Projected Week 1 Starter: Darion Harrison (Freshman)
Why that may change: If Kowalski can really shine during the spring games or if Harrison really struggles to get it going in September this may shift really quickly.
Texas A&M Aggies
The Competitors: Nathan Singletary (Junior), Ben Fuchs (Freshman)
What you need to know: There's not really a quarterback battle in College Station. Singletary is entering his third year as the starter and has been vital in shaping the Aggies' resurgence since 2019. Fuchs, however, is the heir apparent, and if the season goes south early may see some time to speed up development.
Projected Week 1 Starter: Nathan Singletary (Junior)
Why that may change: An early injury may force Fuchs to start at some point during the season but Singletary likely locked in the starting role long before Fuchs appeared on campus.
Ole Miss Rebels
The Competitors: Justice Watkins (Senior), Rafael Higgins (Senior)
What you need to know: The Rebels have an interesting decision to make. Watkins is a former JuCo transfer senior entering his fourth year of eligibility while Higgins is entering his fifth. Both have shown similar values in skill and potential and neither has really managed to set himself apart. This battle will very clearly come down to perceived performance in the preseason and, more importantly, whether Watkins will be redshirted for next year. As the establish starter Watkins likely has far better chemistry with his offense but newly incoming coach Hugh Freeze may be looking to leave his mark with a change to Higgins.
Projected Week 1 Starter: Rafael Higgins (Senior)
Why that may change: I actually expect Watkins to start but the likely outcome in my mind is that Watkins is redshirted and Higgins will start.
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