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  1. This is obvious to people who have been around but the site is currently on hold. I may continue it in the near-ish future (probably NFLHC at least) but until then it's maintenance mode here for shoutbox and game purposes. Feel free to hang out, play mafia, do whatever you guys want. I'll keep you updated if something happens with ample time before anything comes back. Hope everyone is well, Soluna
  2. Soluna

    [2024] Week #3 - FNF

    Army's gameplan is not valid. The secondary scheme is not available for that primary.
  3. I got supplies. This is projected to come ashore in my home town of Sebastian/Vero Beach. Cat 2 or less is nothing concerning anyway, should be fun.
  4. The Falcons defense is really something. I think they've been overshadowed by the Lions and Ravens but it's clearly the third best defense IMO.
  5. You should post the updated scorigami chart
  6. Getting steamrolled by your backup RB was not in any of the outcomes I was expecting. Congratulations on winning last year, once again. Well deserved!
  7. Soluna


    gg @Osu close game
  8. Christ that's a long time ago. Do you know what IRL date that was?
  9. Prior to this season: In 3-4 schemes: Reduced DE blitzing 20% base value Increased OLB blitzing 20% base value In 4-3 schemes: Reduced OLB blitzing 20% base value Increased DE blitzing 20% base value I'll dump more in here from before the season when I find time
  10. Soluna


    gg @jared2001usa Crazy 3-2 game for @caesari
  11. Soluna

    [2024] Week #1 - FNF

    They ran wildcat shit
  12. Soluna


    1 promotion/relegation spot, or 2?
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