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  1. 2025 Coaches Roster (53/53) Practice Squad Injured Reserve
  2. I think we should keep a dedicated trick plays/wildcat scheme AND add them into the others. I don't want it to become too formulaic if you want to try weird shit.
  3. Okay assuming we go with my proposed option. Can you please help fill this out by copying the previously edited schemes and changing what you think should be added or removed and why. Schemes: Smash Mouth: Wing T: Wishbone: Triple Option: Flexbone: Option: Pistol: Spread: Pro Style: Run Focused 1RB; Run-Focused 2RB; Pass-Focused Short; Pass-Focused Medium; Pass-Focused Long Trick Plays: Vertical Offense: Air Raid: West Coast: Empty Backfield/5 Wide: Two questions: 1) How do you want to integrate
  4. Soluna


    Thanks to the guys helping me and Jumbo get this going. We're adding more stuff this week and would appreciate it if you could help by playing!
  5. Thursday Oct 14, 2021 Houston (2-1) @ South Alabama (0-2) Syracuse (0-2) @ Wake Forest (1-2) Old Dominion (1-2) @ FAU (0-3) Texas State (0-2) @ Marshall (0-3) UTSA (1-2) @ Middle Tennessee (0-3) Central Michigan (2-1) @ Akron (1-2) Bowling Green (2-1) @ Mississippi State (2-1) Wyoming (0-3) @ Buffalo (1-2) San Diego State (3-0) @ Fresno State (0-3) UNLV (0-3) @ San Jose State (0-3) Friday Oct 15, 2021 Pittsburgh (3-0) @ Louisville (2-1) Virginia (3-0) @ Duke (1-2) Army (0-3) @ Georgia Tech (0-3) Coastal Carolina
  6. Agreed on my gameplanning as well. Thanks for the co-sponsor!
  7. Currently you can have a secondary scheme up to 3 schemes away (not including 2RB options) from your primary one via the NFLHC Gameplan seen here: I want to propose a new system for this. My initial thought was just making it 4 instead of 3 but I think that can end up with weird schemes that don't really make any sense and might be hard to use. So in this case I'd like to have an open floor for how you would like to see primary and secondary schemes handled. Someone a few weeks ago suggested to me having a primary scheme and then a list of "correct" secondary schemes for each
  8. Excellent game! Definitely best of the year so far.
  9. Approved, 3 years left on his rookie deal with 0.75 M in non-guaranteed each year.
  10. Soluna


    Site's play at your own pace and mostly just a place to access whatever you desire in terms of trivia/puzzles/etc
  11. Soluna


    Updated with a semi-automatic Elo rank system! Check it out!
  12. Soluna


    Appreciate it! Feel free to suggest whatever. We're trying to get to a point where there's tons of things to do for all skill levels.
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