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  1. PLAYING IT CLOSE Another slim victory as the Jaguars edge towards the playoffs.
  2. I know almost no one will do this, but I'd like people to just update their 2020 season page up to this week using the formatting I have here:
  3. There's a difference between friendly banter and acting like an immature cunt.
  4. If you continue to talk like this I will ban you, fairly simple. We treat people with respect and do not allow racial slurs.
  5. What have been the best games ever on this site? Top 5?
  6. Your team was good until you traded away all your good players. Now it's not good.
  7. Each man's death diminishes me. For am I involved in mankind. Therefore, send not to know For whom the bell tolls, It tolls for thee.
  8. It's games YOU coached...
  9. For my update to recruiting last year I will be introducing a prestige system. Can everyone please help me fill out this form for every coach and college team. Inspiral may need to run recruiting rankings for missing years, if so, please help him! @inspiral If you have not coached 5 years on the site fill out the years you've been here (even if it's just a partial season) and leave the rest blank. National Championships and Heisman winners count from any year (2013+)
  10. Boston Tea Party Jaguars secure playoff bid in convincing win over New England
  11. I've warned people over the last several weeks to do recruiting and it looks like people have not taken it seriously. If you can't bother doing recruiting this site is not for you. You will be losing access to the shoutbox but are welcome to continue to post in discussion and general chat threads. I will be immediately removing the coaches from the following teams (if they are not already AI): Syracuse Orange Connecticut Huskies Northern Illinois Huskies Utah Utes Stanford Cardinal Louisiana Tech Bulldogs Tulsa Golden Hurricane The remainder of teams who did not recruit this week are on their last chance, if they miss one more time I will be removing them. Buffalo Bulls Nevada Wolfpack UTEP Miners Texas A&M Aggies Arizona State Sun Devils Bowling Green Falcons Marshall Thundering Herd Miami (OH) RedHawks Penn State Nittany Lions UTSA Roadrunners Inspiral please continue to post the teams that miss in here every week, thanks. Soluna
  12. Big Ten ------------------------------------------- Michigan State (6-0; 3-0) Mountain West Conference ------------------------------------------- Hawaii Rainbow Warriors (6-0; 3-0) Removed from eligibility: None
  13. Who was the first player who you actively felt something for beyond being a line on a website? Do you have favorite players that aren't on your team? Do you follow other players?
  14. For wiki wednesday this week I'd really only like the following template to be brought over and put on every NFLHC team's wiki page: If someone could bring it over and every franchise make sure it's on their page that would be enough for this week.
  15. Funny coming from someone with less than 2 super bowl wins.