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  1. I feel like their d-lines are just as bad as their o-lines.
  2. You're missing 1 Practice. The sheet was updated but the first post wasn't so it's my fault.
  3. have completed Stage 1 and 2 Practice Facilities. have completed Stage 1 and 2 Medical Facilities. have completed Completed Stage 1 and 2 Medical Faciltiies.
  4. NFLHC Weather Report for Week 13 November 29th through December 4th, 2024 Thursday, Week 12 Charlotte, NC (H: 50, L: 35 - Sunny) Sunday, Week 12 Miami Gardens, FL (H: 80, L: 67 - Sunny) Baltimore, MD (H: 48, L: 34 - Cloudy) Foxborough, MA (H: 44, L: 30 - Overcast) Indianapolis, IN (H: 50, L: 33 - Overcast) Minneapolis, MN (H: 45, L: 35 - Overcast w/ Chance of Rain at 75%) Green Bay, WI (H: 42, L: 29 - Sunny) New Orleans, LA (H: 69, L: 51 - Sunny) Philadelphia,
  5. Oh whoops, typo because I copied the post from somewhere else. Fixed.
  6. Be careful. I own like 500 games. It's a dangerous hobby.
  7. Be really careful going through Kickstarter for boardgames because a lot of it *looks* great but you end up with some pretty horrible shit fairly often. I think anyone deep into the hobby has developed their own eye for evaluation but it takes a lot of experience going through the typical cycle of boardgaming. Find a game you love -> buy all the games you find that are even 1% interesting to you -> find you only like a few mechanics -> buy kickstarters around those mechanics -> find you only like a few kickstarters -> zen collection of curated games you love
  8. Mage Knight is one of those adventure-y mostly-solo one-off games thats been great for a long time just be aware that the rulebook is absolutely atrocious and if you have no experience with heavy games will feel like you're trying to read some sort of military code. Watch a video on how to play is usually the tip for awful rule books. I would highly suggest trying Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion, it's even available at Target!
  9. Games that I know are better and are in a similar vein would be something like the following, broken down by category: Competitive MOBA-likes: Guards of Atlantis II Semi-Coop One-Session Adventures: Nemesis Competitive Dudes-on-a-Map: Lords of Hellas, Kemet Adventure (particularly solo gaming): Mage Knight Epic Month-Long Campaign: Tainted Grail, Gloomhaven I think Gloomhaven most provides what you want and is likely the most proven game. It's currently the most popular game that exists for a reason and the 1.5 rules update Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion is pr
  10. I've spent a few minutes looking around and I have found literally no discussions or references to this game on any serious boardgaming site which is honestly kind of bizarre. This honestly looks like a typical cash-grab kickstarter game with tons of flashy looking components and relatively shallow gameplay for serious boardgamers. The publisher (Fanatic Game Labs) and designer (Ionut Loghin) are basically unknown which means a lot in the hobby and is generally somewhat of a red flag. The rulebook and description are entirely full of shallow buzzwords with literally no explanation
  11. Sorry but that's not really an excuse when the notifications are going for two months. I've literally gone out of my way with notifications to let people know. Its even been discussed in the shoutbox. If you don't have time for it then pass it off to someone else. Between 3-4 roles on your team SOMEONE should be reading changelogs and looking at game threads. If no one on your team is, then why are you even playing?
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