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  1. lady and gentlemen, the birth of a new meme
  2. "What two people on the site have the best rivalry?" - smokingcricket This one's tough because I'm not always privvy to your guys shit-talking to each other. I have a pretty solid rivalry with Jumbo (Jets-Dolphins, Penn State-Pitt, uh political and historical...differences) that's always good for some laughs. Kafka has a great rivalry with the site - you younger members should ask him about the Kafkacurse. Obviously I have a decent rivalry with alien because I talk to him daily. Rome has a rivalry with himself about whether or not he should blow me in the shoutbox or pile on rabid after I do. Honestly we could likely have a top 100 rivalries on this site and it would be the most interesting thing I've ever read. "Who are the most underrated coaches on the site?" - Monda I purposefully left out the overrated part of the question because that is not my statement to make. I prefer the hypothetical shit-talking to actual fact-based piling on people. I actually think one of the THE most underrated coaches, especially for CFBHC, is taffyowner. He's had like 1 year with less than 9-10 wins and I think that was his first (? correct me if I'm wrong) yet he has almost no hype. Of course his team started with amazing quarterbacks but he's been consistently good for so long and no one ever mentions him. Bingo I also find weirdly underrated - we all know he's a good coach and that he does great things with his teams but I rarely see people praising what he's done with Minnesota - MINNESOTA - and turned them into a perennial 9-3 or 10-2 team. "Did you look at any of the suggestions I made NFLHC-wise in the private question forum?" - Jumbo No. ...yes. Can people please use this forum more. "How much of an effect does changing an option in your gameplan really have - like if I change my safeties from man to split coverage or change my receivers from route tree to group assigned, does it make any kind of significant impact?" - Jumbo Of course it does! I think the biggest misunderstanding here is that the sliders themselves may not change things much but the way the calculations in the sim work (from what I understand) is that everything is magnified times the skill and attribute of the player. So if you have two man coverage safeties and you switch the slider from man to zone you will be forcing them to play out of their role by two slider positions effectively changing their skill by a square value. Some players are proficient at both attributes even though they're only listed at one and I think it's every coaches' responsibility to figure out good all-rounders themselves because these are the players who will become legends. Secondarily, even though each slider may only have a small impact changing several of them quickly compounds the changes, increases the time it takes for the negative impact to return to zero, but can also catch opposing teams by surprise. I will eventually add a practice component to NFLHC if I have time that lets this be visualized for each team's coaching staff. "What do you see as the biggest difference between a good coach/general manager/franchise and an elite one?" - SageBow I think the biggest reason certain people/franchises can't take that next step is simply a failure to adapt. People force their plans onto a franchise and retain certain expectations and then never stray from this plan. Your picks don't always work out, your gameplans aren't always perfect, there is nothing you can do to mitigate all the luck/chance - the biggest thing you should be doing is minimizing the impact of the luck/chance. Additionally, and I think this is somewhat restricted by time commitment to the site, planning really does play a major part in success. People who prepare for the draft for 3 weeks tend to do better than those who wing it on the day of. Have a Plan B, a Plan C, never be surprised by anything. If your player sucks for a week, a month, a year stop giving up on them. You're the coach (or the GM), improve their career - you are literally the only thing in the game that can turn a shit player into a good one by sheer force. Even the worse players can have a role, you just have to balance it with your budget (in the NFL, in college you don't even have to worry about that!) Stop overreacting to slight swings in luck and always continue planning - challenge yourself. In the end I think the site is a bit biased towards those with more time on their hands but I think that'll always be the case and I don't really have a problem with it. Generally when I criticize an organization it is because they've broken something I've listed above: knee-jerk draft picks, winging-it trades, impatience, or inability to adapt. "Impatience and not knowing when to fire someone are kind of at odds with each other though," you might say. Yes sometimes you need to let go of your coach or your quarterback but give them their due before you cut loose. I know that a lot of you are on a team with your friends so you obviously will not fire them, just don't expect that to go well - you might need to realize together what the problem is and address is thus. I hope you guys enjoyed Q&A Friday, please feel free to discuss these answers in here. I'll answer 5 questions each friday from the list that is located here, you are welcome to add any whenever you like!
  3. Yes I know about the Duke stats, fixing it.
  4. Motown Mojo Jacksonville hangs with Super Bowl favorite Lions in OT home loss.
  5. Florida has updated their depth chart.
  6. I was thinking about this change but the problem is, it might be too late. It would be a weirdly jarring change.
  7. What I would consider is this: a scholarship offer, in addition to providing points, cancels all automatic state points on that player
  8. This isn't going to happen because the initial points represent the interest of state players wanting to stay in their home state.
  9. If you could improve CFBHC Recruiting even further, what would you change about the current system?
  10. Here's the Goaltender template:
  11. NHLHC only! If you are participating in NHLHC please create the wiki for AT LEAST your top 3 picks from the last draft. It's really easy and takes like 2-4 minutes per player. Use the stats from here: The stats are only through Week 23 but it would be great if you could commit to updating it once the final stats are out. It would take just 15 minutes to make your three players. You don't need pictures and you can make up their hometowns + birth dates based on their country. All the players should be between 18-22 in 2020.
  12. Who was your first ever starting quarterback? Where is he now? Were you happy with him - what did you learn about him and how was he used?
  13. Today's question for people who have coached NFLHC to answer: What is your experience coaching safeties? Do you carefully asssess the use of zone/split/man coverage or do you have a set you let them run the entire year? What experiences can you outline versus certain offenses with the use of either coverage type? Do you tend to go heavy man against 40+ attempt passers or heavy zone... or do you rely on the receivers not the QB to tell you what to play? For everyone else: Who are your two ideal safeties if you could pair any hard hitter with any ball hawk? Who do you think are the marquee safeties that represent these ideals and who do you think stretches the field the most?
  14. Los Angeles Rams (3-1) at Kansas City Chiefs (0-4) Chicago Bears (1-3) at Carolina Panthers (4-0)

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