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  1. How do you prioritize receivers in your depth chart? Do you find success mixing in TEs? How about RBs? Do you ever play around with the Tight End depth chart and substitute in O-Line for your blocking TE (the 2nd TE)?
  2. I can fix this when I'm home
  3. You may have noticed the site theme has changed. This is not a permanent change - I'm simply stress testing this light design. After a few days I'll reopen the dark one and people will have a choice. If you guys think this light one is good the only thing I will be asking is to have someone constantly update the slider with CURRENT news. Would there be any interested people? (Requirement: you have to have been on the site for at least 1.5 years) Soluna
  4. Animal Abuse Jaguars look to rebound after mauling by Packers.
  5. "Which gameplan option do you feel like is the most misunderstood?" - Rome No idea to be honest. I think the primary offensive schemes aren't really fully understood by most people. Especially how to adjust them to fit the team you've built. It comes with experience though so people do eventually figure it out I think. Most everyone who has been here since at least the 2015 season is good in that regard or at least acceptable. "If time constraints forced you to downsize the simulations, would you rather only do NFLHC or CFBHC? Why?" - Rome Pretty tough actually. My quick response would have definitely been CFBHC when I built the site but I find that I'm usually more drawn to the NFL because of all the business decisions + draft outweighing the benefits from conference play and recruiting. NFLHC. "Who's the biggest bust you thought would be a great player?" - Rome Fred Tindale is the first person that comes to mind... Alex Bridgewater too. I think both were could have been amazing starters. Tindale got ruined by coaching and injuries and Bridgewater by being drafted to the wrong team. "If you play Civilization games, which Civ do you use?" - Rome I much prefer Paradox games to Civilization. Civilization is way too random with way too much "fake" depth for me. Technology doesn't make much sense although the random worlds are cool. For the Paradox games I like the Duke of Nassau (CK2), Brandenburg (EU4), Austria-Hungary (Victoria), and Germany (HoI4). "What's your girlfriend's reaction to this hobby?" - Rome She doesn't care and doesn't really like sports except esports (Dota only) and a little soccer and hockey.
  6. Recent polling conducted has found the following opinions of head coaches in their respective cities based on game planning and the teams performance relative to overall skill: Superb: Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders, Carolina Panthers, San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Rams Solid: Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks Acceptable: Cleveland Browns, Tennessee Titans, Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals No Opinion: Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, New England Patriots, Los Angeles Chargers, New York Giants Not Acceptable: Cincinnati Bengals, Pittsburgh Steelers, Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Angry: Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints Should be Fired: Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins
  7. CFBHC v1.3b June 9th, 2017 Pre-Release v1.3.1.15 Notes: As usual thanks to the members who helped test this - there weren't many this time because I got this pumped out quickly with my new additional time. I appreciate the thoughts and input you guys have made in your private feedback forum threads. Just a heads up - version 1.4 will introduce a practice schedule system that will likely be added for 2021 after commissioners help beta test and may introduce prestige and firing for CFBHC and/or NFLHC depending on beta feedback. NFLHC * Added player happiness. Happiness is a sliding value from 0-100 that represents how content a player is with an organization. Happiness is not necessarily a reflection of only team success. Happiness is a hidden value but will result in a variety of visible events. * Added three new rejection reasons for players to refuse to sign a new or extension contract: Dislike of head coach or coaching style. Looking for contender team. Looking for free agent money. * Tied NFLHC events and happiness into contract situations. Players may express requests to draft certain positions via events, ask for certain offseason signings (including other specific players) or may express dissatisfaction with a head coach or coordinator. * Fixed a bug with progressions. * Fixed a bug with receving stat output. * Fixed a minor bug with stuck gameplan changes if not updated. * Fixed a minor bug with slant passes. CFBHC * Added Conference Media Accounts. Commissioners will receive the access information for an account associated with their conference and may share the account info at their discretion. Similar to the USA Today account this should be used for players of the week, official conference news, etc. and will expand and incorporate future roleplaying aspects in version 1.4. *Added un-positioned players to all future high school recruiting classes. These players will have no position (position listed will be NA) and no attribute (attribute listed will be [None]) and will be more heavily dependent on their size and weight for progression in their first two years. Just before beginning their junior year (either (Jr) or just Jr) they will be given a position and then progress with their normal position from then on. *Added true walk-on recruits. Teams with very low player counts may be restocked with somewhat random amounts of low skill recruits in the offseason that will have a position but no attribute (listed as [None]).
  8. Please use the following format for your 2020 Season wiki page, please go back and use this schedule format for previous season pages as well. Notice how the date is the week of the season, the time is TNF/FNF/Saturday Morning/Afternoon/Evening and there are location, stadium, opponent (and ranking if necessary) and whether it is a conference game or not. Please don't use any other schedule format.
  9. My complaining last week got me a point.
  10. NO ONE MAY SUBMIT A RESPONSE. After several days of record rainfall Paul Brown Stadium crews have lost control of the grass situation. "It's a nightmare," said Groundskeeper Michael Smith. "We were already having trouble with the grass due to a weed problem and now it's completely run away on us. Fortunately the weed is also dead." "Weed? What weed? Where?" Bengals General Manager DangerZoneh responded in a press conference at the Stadium today. "We may need to bring new grass in. Hopefully the next home game is unaffected." Michael Smith added, "I'm working hard to find new sod but it's going to be a definite issue next game." Both teams involved in the next home game at Paul Brown Stadium will have their likelihood of fumbling be increased by 50% and the likelihood of injury is increased by 30%.
  11. NO ONE MAY SUBMIT A RESPONSE. Ryan Frey, defensive end for the Eagles, recently appeared for an interview on Sirius XM's The Blitz to talk about his involvement, along with several other Eagles' players, in local community projects. "I'd like to call on Eagles fans to come out to their local Habitat for Humanity on Saturday and help provide supplies or skilled work constructing houses for the less privileged. I will be there along with Allan (Taylor), Cameron (Whelahan), Jack (Green), and DeAndre (Hawkins)," Frey said during the interview. "I will also be inviting thirty children from social welfare programs to come attend the next Eagles' home game as my personal guests of honor. They'll be allowed to come on the field during pre-game warmups and will each receive football gear and an invite to our summer football camp." Ryan Frey has gained +5% fitness, the Eagles have gained +4% media standing, and Allan Taylor, Cameron Whelahan, Jack Green, DeAndre Hawkins have gained +2% fitness.
  12. What is your dream school to coach on here? Let's say every school was open, who would you want to take? Are you at your dream school already? Do you see yourself ever leaving it willingly?
  13. I'm printing this out and taping it to the top of the CFBHC trophy cabinet in my apartment