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  1. I mean you did lose to TCU so it's just a one game difference?
  2. I feel like people keep putting immediately below Penn State because of some weird memory thing. I swear I've been immediately below Penn State like 50% of the time this year. "I should rank Penn State. Oh yeah Soluna was Penn State, should do Florida too"
  3. Excellent article but this dude has not been stud at all at any point in his career.
  4. I'm looking for random great stat lines from otherwise poor players here. 2013 probably shouldn't count just to be safe.
  5. Wow I'm shocked it wasn't Montgomery before actually. It'll be Weldon in a few years @Jumbo
  6. I feel like something like this has happened to me before in real life but I can't remember what game it was.
  7. Picture Links (1) Autzen Stadium vs (5) Sports Bar (2) Notre Dame v. MIchigan vs (6) Rams in Wembley The following were eliminated from future competition: (3) USC vs Texas (8) Beastquake The following represent the new seeds for the remaining losers: (4) Diggs. Sideline. Touchdown. (5) National Championship Field (6) New Replacement (7) New Replacement (8) New Replacement
  8. That's pretty good actually damn. Would be a great practice squad captain.
  9. This doesn't necessarily mean you want to draft them, just who you are interested in seeing move on up.
  10. Don't make me bring out his stats.
  11. Well shiver me timbers, Davey Jones put up a 3 TD day with 11 yards of rushing.
  12. Great job @TazerMan! Proud of you, I thought I had this one.
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