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  1. Soluna

    CFBHC v1.6d

    Minor update for you guys. Can someone provide me the "draft" order so I can figure out which random draws I need to do.
  2. Soluna

    CFBHC v1.6d

    CFBHC v1.6d May 22nd, 2019 Pre-Release v1.6.3.26 Notes: Thanks to all those who submitted feedback to Jumbo's committee and thanks especially to Jumbo for helping me process some of the information. As usual thanks to all those I asked to test various parts of this. Thanks to the users who gave me the idea for this. General Info / Idea Requested feature suggested by a few users in the past. Builds on the coaching skills and differentiation of conferences ideas. Conferences are going to be brought more to the forefront with a dedicated area of the website catered to each conference where each can stand out as unique and show off why that conference is the best. CFBHC Added Conference Identity Each offseason conference commissioners will conduct a "conference identity" draft to determine the bonuses that conference will receive for the next season. Selected bonuses may also bestow future benefits upon the conference. The 10 conferences + Independents (functionally an 11th conference) will be seeded in a two round draft by the number of ranked teams (not receiving votes) they have in the final poll of the previous season. Tiebreaker for the ranking is the highest ranked team from each conference. If conferences are tied with no ranked teams then the order will be decided by random draw. Only for this second case the order will be inverted in the second round. During the Identity draft each conference commissioner may select an available identity (only one of each available - i.e. can be blocked for other conferences) or skip their pick to choose one of the possible alternate identities (infinite of each available - i.e. cannot be blocked for other conferences) The FCS commissioner will be allowed to choose one from 5 randomly selected ones given to them or pick one of the alternates. Going forward the FCS choices will be a random five of the top ten picks of the previous year) It is up to commissioners whether they want to select the pick themselves, delegate it, or have it up for a vote. Elect good commissioners. Drafting a non-alternate Identity also gives the conference 50 media points (MP). MP will be spent on recruiting camps, high school scouting info, and more to come in the future. Identities +10% QB Skill for the Year (+2.5% QB Skill Permanently) +10% RB/FB Skill for the Year (+2.5% RB/FB Skill Permanently) +10% WR/TE Skill for the Year (+2.5% WR/TE Skill Permanently) +10% OT/OG/C Skill for the Year (+2.5% OT/OG/C Skill Permanently) +10% DE/DT Skill for the Year (+2.5% DE/DT Skill Permanently) +10% ILB/OLB Skill for the Year (+2.5% ILB/OLB Skill Permanently) +10% CB/FS/SS Skill for the Year (+2.5% CB/FS/SS Skill Permanently) +10% K/P/LS/KR/PR Skill for the Year (+2.5% K/P/LS/KR/PR Skill Permanently) -20% Scheme Change Penalty for the Year (-5% Scheme Change Penalty Permanently) -20% Weather Penalty for the Year (-5% Weather Penalty Permanently) +10% Homefield Advantage for the Year (+2.5% Homefield Advantage Permanently) +2 Recruiting Points for every conference school (No Permanent Advantage) Alternate Identities +5% QB Skill for the Year +1% QB Skill Permanently +5% RB/FB Skill for the Year +1% RB/FB Skill Permanently +5% WR/TE Skill for the Year +1% WR/TE Skill Permanently +5% OT/OG/C Skill for the Year +1% OT/OG/C Skill Permanently +5% DE/DT Skill for the Year +1% DE/DT Skill Permanently +5% ILB/OLB Skill for the Year +1% CB/FS/SS Skill Permanently +5% CB/FS/SS Skill for the Year +1% K/P/LS/KR/PR Skill Permanently +5% K/P/LS/KR/PR Skill for the Year +1% Homefield Advantage Permanently +1 Recruiting Point for every conference school
  3. I didn't even get a vote? ILL REMEMBER THIS
  4. Man I've hoped for something like this for years. I'm not going to say thank you, I'm going to say Congratulations for the best thing I've ever seen on here.
  5. We've had some monster storms come through this week, which is a bit early for the rainy season but damn they have been violent. Anyone along the Gulf Coast have them as well?
  6. What do you think are the legitimate odds for this. I feel like it has to be a fairly decent chance, like 1 in 4.
  7. I guess Summer is over in Florida and we've officially entered Hell season because it was absurd today. I also got burned by 9 AM.
  8. To explain the computer evaluation stuff for the non-scientists:
  9. Idol As of last year all players have hard coded idols that will guide their development paths via the most recent stats from the "idol" in NFLHC. Players with an idol will develop to adjust their game similar to the perceived gameplay of their idol over time. Idols do not have to be the same scheme but will help develop game knowledge and game instinct stuff directly from the idol's background. Preferred Offense This is the offense the player either ran in high school or is most familiar with. Familiarity can be built in any offense and prior to this year all players came in with 0% familiarity in specific offenses. As of 2023 all players get 20-30% (at random) for their preferred offense to start with. The intention here is to help them transition to college from high school. Game Tape Computer weighted evaluation (with randomized error) that evaluates their skill from their high school games. Scouting Computer weighted evaluation (with randomized error) that evaluates their future potential ASSSUMING NO CHANGES to their development in the future. Does not count future impacts from coaching, idols, schemes, etc. PFF Reliability Projection How confident the computer feels in their future capability. (Accuracy) NFL Computer Projection How confident the computer feels in its skill evaluation. (Precision)
  10. Updated our schedule for next year and replaced our two coaching changes. Corley -> Parker at WR Coach and Galiano -> Lorig at ST Coordinator and Defensive Assistant. We added George Campbell and Weston Carr at WR and lost a ton of redshirt Seniors to other programs. Also RIP Tommy Stevens. We're returning 9 offensive starters, all defensive starters, and both special teamers. Opinion on next year folks? @grv413@DStack11@ajyoungmark
  11. How are you feeling about your odds for next year? Why? Who is someone on your team we should be looking out for (both obvious and non-obvious)?
  12. You! Look outside. What's rolling by? It's cloudy here, 85 F, with a light rain of love bugs.
  13. OC Josh McDaniels -8% total scheme change penalty +5% QB skill  +3% WR skill -15% WR durability $4,000,000 per year 3 years
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