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  1. I'm adding a notes section for next week that would write down kick/punt returns plus any interesting stuff
  2. Oh I forgot for some reason, will add soon.
  3. Please provide feedback here on the game report.
  4. Please vote on this game report change. I'm trying to save time as I no longer have a ton of free time to dedicate to this site. We may have to move to games every 10 days or every two weeks but I'm trying to save that. Current Game Report Alternative Suggested Change (with a kicking section added in new with distances made/missed, and maybe PR average)
  5. Please add the correct colors
  6. ....did you read my post? It's for your conference.
  7. Can each conference please create the following template and include the navbox on the bottom of the conference wiki page. I will not sim Week 2 games until every conference has done this. Should be easy! (This has something to do with an upcoming feature, please help me)
  8. What has been your greatest failure on the site? What one moment or action do you most regret and why? What did you think about it immediately after it occured and what do you think about it now?
  9. Typo you had 0 sacks.
  10. SECOND HELPINGS Jaguars get win against rival Texans to improve to 6-1
  11. I get no enjoyment from the football stuff anymore. It's entirely work for mostly ungrateful people who constantly want change. I enjoy hockey and it takes no effort.
  12. While I appreciate the posts I was not looking for improvements to the sim. I was looking for ways to reorganize the forum. I will be replacing improvement Thursday beginning next week.
  13. Yeah I'd rather close the site.
  14. Please provide ideas for stuff you think the website needs most immediately whether it relates to the site or sim. Keep in mind cost of time to create anything you suggest. What would you like to see? Integration wise, additions, features, etc.
  15. Same thing as last week but for NFLHC this time. Any help is appreciated.

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