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  1. Soluna

    Delay Thread

    No CFBHC this week and no NFLHC next week. This may change to more delays as I'm working from a hotel in Georgia the next two weeks.
  2. Soluna

    [2022] Week #12 - 1 PM

    To be fair Henson died.
  3. Note: 2023 does not include ANY early declarations as of the posting of this image (and no overalls have been altered in either direction either).
  4. Soluna

    PhillyFan3: Gone But Not Forgotten

    There's so much potential here... yet so much madness. The Tragedy of Phillyfan.
  5. 1) Which team made a big statement this week? 2) Which player made a big statement this week? 3) Who are the current Heisman favorites and why? 4) Game of the week? 5) Upset of the week?  Special Question as we approach the end of the season, who will be in the National Championship Game?
  6. Soluna

    CFBHC v1.6c

    Note: This does not apply until job changes after this year's national championship game.
  7. Soluna

    CFBHC v1.6c

    CFBHC v1.6c January 16th, 2018 Pre-Release v1.6.2.17 Notes: Thanks to all those who submitted feedback to Jumbo's committee and thanks especially to Jumbo for helping me process some of the information. As usual thanks to all those I asked to test various parts of this. General Info / Idea Requested feature suggested by a few users. Additional features related to conditional recruits will be added in the future. CFBHC Changed the coaching skills rules as follows: Abandoning a job or moving on to a new job incurs a penalty on your coaching skills as follows below: Returning to the site after abandoning a job you will have to reduce your coaching skills in any combination by a sum of 6 total points. Leaving a job you will have to reduce your coaching skills in any combination by a sum of 4 total points.
  8. I'd like to think I'll do more of these in the future but the amount of time I have for this stuff is always kind of random so we'll see, I won't make any promises. I'm trying to get more involved in looking at FCS games after somewhat ignoring them all year and wanted to see how an entirely new "league" is developing. It's interesting to see what new offenses and styles are being set up in what is essentially a developmental vacuum in terms of tactics and coaching (especially since most FCS coaches are actually relatively new). I just wanted to compile some rambling thoughts about some of the stuff I've noticed and how it's helped me grow more interested in the FCS scene. @SolutionA is doing a superb job handling what he was given and adapting when he needs to adapt and I feel like it's underrated on the site because FCS isn't as flashy as FBS. Here's NDSU's starting offense: QB: Zack McAllister (Sophomore) 3.5/3.5 - 159/241 for 1948 yards, 18 TD, 2 INT RB: Ivan Baldwin (Sophomore) 3.5/3.5 - 154 for 768 yards, 11 TD, 1 FUM WR1: Stevie Henderson (Senior) 4.5/4.5 - 44 for 698 yards, 8 TD, 1 Drop WR2: John Welch (Junior) 4.0/4.0 - 36 for 460 yards, 5 TD TE: Joshua Killian (Senior) 4.0/4.0 - 7 for 80 yards, 1 TD (sharing TE duties with a blocking TE) O-Line Average Player Rating: 2.8/3.0 O-Line Average Performance Rating: 3.63 (7 Sacks Allowed) Pass to Run Ratio: 61%/39% Schedule: W @ EWU, W vs. Northern Iowa, W vs. YST, W vs. Montana, W vs. JMU, L @ TTU, W @ SDST, W vs. Delaware, W @ Harvard North Dakota State's offense is insane for FCS level play and should be enough to get them an easy ride to (at least) the championship bracket. The Pass/Run Ratio is consistent with development of offenses in the first two years of CFBHC (The average Pass/Run in 2013 was 58/42 and in 2014 was 60/40) so it appears the trend towards 150% Pass to Run remains (this is something I've used in gameplanning for many seasons when deciding what to target on defense). McAllister and Baldwin are not the two best players in FCS but the combination of their receivers, line play, and their play off of each other makes NDSU a strong contender in the "I don't know how to defend against this shit" category of opponents. With most FCS defenders currently averaging about 2.5 skill, an offense centered around 3.5-4.5 level players is well above what is needed to dominate. @SolutionA's coaching has been superb throughout the season, with necessary changes in gameplanning at key moments and clear development shown when issues were revealed. The loss to Texas Tech appears to have been nothing but a minor inconvenience to this team and NDSU has a strong shot at defeating an FBS level team next year. OT John Torres has surrendered only 1 sack up to this point in the season and should be in the conversation for one of the best FCS linemen and with the offensive line playing a bit above their actual average player rating I suspect offensive gameplanning has a strong effect on the stability of the line. NDSU's three remaining games (two of which are @ Illinois State and @ North Dakota) should show the true adaptability of the coaching but I suspect we'll be seeing an 11-1 Bison team heading into the championship bracket. Overall, I hope to continue to monitor the development of offenses at the FCS level because it really does remind me of the site's beginning and I love that new coaches are experimenting the same way we saw experimentation at the very beginning. You can dismiss my thoughts by saying "Oh well whatever, he started with a great team and was somewhat gifted this season... and you might be right EXCEPT I think the team is still far outperforming what would have happened with AI coaches and that only be the coach. I think @SolutionA should be proud of where he's going with this team.
  9. Soluna

    [2022] Around the FCS: Week 11 Recap

    It looks like it's going to take 6-6 to make the Championship Bracket at the rate things are going. NDSU can lock up a spot with a win in their next game.
  10. All, I'd like to welcome @Jieret to the administrative staff. I've been working with some guidance from @Jumbo on how to lessen my workload while simultaneously improving the site and continuing with forward development of features that you guys have requested. Jieret will be in charge of everything relating to Transfers in CFBHC. Development of how transfers will work and will be improved will be nearly at his discretion moving forward (other than some initial guidance I will give him). He will be in charge of every facet of it. My goal is to create a Transfer Portal (so hot right now) that shows you who is likely to transfer, what their goals in transferring are, and to provide a more engaging way of dealing with transfers (and one that's far less random). With Jieret's addition I would also like to firm up the administrative contingent as more will be added in the future. As I work on delegating more stuff out I will appoint users to fill specific niches in this cabinet. As a reminder the others are: @alienufo - NFLHC Administrator @inspiral - Interface/Recruiting Administrator @Jumbo - Community Outreach Administrator @Jieret - CFBHC Transfers Administrator Also special shoutout to @Rome. While not technically an administrator, his work with the coaching skills and scheduling the past few years has been superb and helped significantly. He's basically Assistant to the Administrator. Soluna
  11. Soluna

    [2022] Week #11 - SNF

    @Rome gg see you in a few weeks
  12. Soluna

    [2022] Imposter's Bowl Projections: Post-Week 11

    TCU vs Alabama would be the most interesting week of shit talking this site has ever seen.
  13. I'm going with Option 1. Larry has been a core part of the team for nearly a decade. I have no current plans to replace him and welcome his leadership for the 2023 season.
  14. Soluna

    [2022] Week #11 - 1 PM

    Lost my shit
  15. Soluna

    [2022] Week #11 - 1 PM

    Yeah but I don't think their passing defense is that much worse than their run defense and now you're super predictable. I'm just curious about the decision to go MORE into what everyone defends against you with in game planning.