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  1. Hope you come back and visit. Thank you for playing all these years.
  2. Soluna

    [2022] Week #1 CFBHC Takeaways

    I think you're really underrating Southern Miss, they're one of the best G5 teams.
  3. Soluna

    [2022] Week #1 - Saturday Evening

    It tells you who fumbled....
  4. I want to try having this every after every week for serious discussions about what we learned this week both about specific teams and individual players. I think the guiding questions each week, if you guys are willing to contribute, should at least include: 1) Which team made a big statement this week? 2) Which player made a big statement this week? 3) Who are the current Heisman favorites and why? 4) Game of the week? 5) Upset of the week?
  5. Soluna

    [2022] Week #1 - Saturday Evening

    Jamal Trufant 26 195 3 36T 0/0 Well then.
  6. Soluna

    [2022] Week #1 - Saturday Afternoon

    This is your fault
  7. Soluna

    [2022] Week #1 - Saturday Morning

    I believe this is only the second no penalty game we've ever had actually.
  8. Without looking this up I think Brown is second but it's closer than you think.
  9. Biggest concerns I see going forward for both teams: Carolina has a problem with their linebacking corps. The Raiders tight ends went crazy and I don't think Smith, Grossman, and Brooks are good enough to prevent this. The Raiders gave up 4 sacks after losing John McKelvey to retirement. This can't continue or Nick Hall's fumble problems are going to be a major issue. He's had pocket awareness problems his whole career and this could end up being a major issue this season. Best things I saw Panthers had a good balance between passing and rushing going that just failed to lock it up at the end of the game. Curtis Henry looked good and Latta looked prepared. Nick Hall brought out the clutch factor again. It doesn't seem to matter the situation he can always pull one out of his ass.
  10. I'm doing an impact study of recruiting changes and overall coaches poll rankings for future recruiting changes and I need to have the following filled out completely. I think this is likely good to have anyway for the history of the site. I need the coaches bowl ranks of every team for every week we've ever played including possible pre-season and post-bowl coaches polls. You are free to have regular members help on this but I need every team listed, even if they haven't been ranked, and every coaches poll that exists. If for some reason a week didn't have a poll please mark that column with a red background. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qVn6hTMhzmONlVFXtbhLiIbwdTbOD3GSx3FqiPPjcdI/edit?usp=sharing @Jieret if you can coordinate this you've been excellent so far with this kind of stuff
  11. Please don't change the designations of players. For instance you have a DE listed as RE/LE. Never change player lines.
  12. Soluna

    [2022] Week 0 FCS Power Rankings

    Great article! Looking forward to what you newer guys can do in FCS. I think it'll be a really cool little side-version of the main FBS grouping of coaches. You guys, as the first ones, have a real ability to develop your own culture.
  13. Who do you guys think are the players outside of the quarterbacks who need to step up most in this game?
  14. Soluna

    [2022] Week 0 Coaches Poll

    I don't see any votes for myself? Are you guys okay?
  15. I'm actually a little surprised. I figured Kamau might have still had a chance to get the season going until you possibly struggle.