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    1. If any team is looking for a scout noodlz2 is looking to learn NFLHC and be a part of

    2. Soluna

      Daily Discussion: Talk about Dynamic Duos

      Since there hasn't been a real answer I'd like to see a very adaptable GM work with a very adaptable Head Coach. inspiral working with DStack would be excellent but obviously won't happen. Broletariat with alien is a similar combination in my mind.
    3. Soluna

      Florida Times-Union

      It's Over The end of a miserable season tolls the bell for the beginning of a long off-season
    4. All standings updates should be completed on the wiki again now that it's up.

    5. Soluna

      [2021] Week #17 - 1 PM

      does he count as a scrambler?
    6. Soluna

      Florida Times-Union

      Darkest Hour Sowell's loss exposes depth weaknesses a season over
    7. Yeah I think in the end this shouldn't make any difference for truly great teams but prevents people scheduling 4 shit teams to get an easy playoff appearance.
    8. Soluna

      CFBHC v1.5d

      No they're inherent to the player. Yes players can change during progressions.
    9. Soluna

      CFBHC v1.5d

      CFBHC v1.5d Differentiation of Conferences / Unique Experiences Update Part 4: Locker Room Atmosphere June 16th, 2018 Pre-Release v1.5.1.4 Notes: Thanks to all those who helped testing and recommended stuff as usual. General Info / Idea Moodiness and leadership are now simulated for all players in NFLHC and will have an impact on their performances or their ability to lead. NFLHC * Added locker room atmosphere. Will be represented as follows: RB Calvin Jones 6-4 208 3 Georgia Tech [Speed] [+2] 76 Already progressed teams will have the values added. Values range from -3 to +3. Players who have a value of 0, which will be most players, will not have their value displayed. (May change, TBD) Players with a more negative value will react poorly to losses or if they're upset (yellow player line) but will tend to play well if the team is doing well or if they are happy (green player line). Players with a more positive value will react better to poor results, are less upset at benchings, and are more likely to be leaders. A team that has a combined locker room atmosphere at -8 or lower is consisdered to be in a troubled state and will suffer chemistry hits. A team that has a combined locker room atmopshere at -12 or lower is considered to be in a toxic state and will suffer major chemistry hits. * Added leadership support. Will be represented with a "/C" attached to the locker room atmosphere value in the player line. Captains will raise roster morale with wins and will impart their locker room atmosphere on a larger number of players depending on whether the team is doing well or not. A more negative player can be a captain but may impart his negative behavior on others in the team if the team isn't doing well. A positive locker room captain is seen as a team leader and has little drawback. Trading or refusing to re-sign someone who had once been a positive presence captain may impart a negative effect on the roster if the player is still in their prime.
    10. Soluna

      Predict the 2021 CFBHC Playoff Seeds!

      Purdue Missouri TCU Air Force Auburn Michigan Ohio State Utah
    11. Soluna

      [2021] Open Awards Voting

      https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdCw9Wtx2zKEzuPvpjzU3Kd1epo6p4RE3sa7DEc9Xod7XJ3gw/viewform?usp=sf_link Please vote ASAP
    12. Soluna

      [2021] SEC Network: Week 16 Recap

      Season ball goes to Ethan Newby I think is the most appropriate thing to say here.
    13. This is probably how all of the conference awards should be formatted!
    14. Now that we've finally fixed the wiki we are in dire need of people updating their pages. History from the first few years is already being lost and it's troubling! I'm going to start a little series where I teach you how to make or fix the wiki page for your team. Part I - The Infobox Navigate to your team's page on the wiki. Such as www.cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Florida_Gators The infobox is the little inset information box on the top right corner of the page that gives you a quick run-down of the team. To add it, add the following code at the very top of your page (if it already exists just make sure it's the same as this and update every category: My comments are going to be found after the "//" on each line. When you put this file onto your page make sure you delete any leftover space, any //, and my entire comment from each line that has them. {{Infobox NCAA football school | TeamName = Florida Gators | FirstYear = 2013 // First year in the sim please. | Image = Gator_logo.gif // You can name this whatever you want. If the image doesn't exist when you create your page it'll display a red 150px link instead. Click on it and it'll take you to a page where you can upload the logo. | ImageSize = 150 | HeadCoachDisplay = Soluna | HeadCoachYear = 2nd | HCWins = 16 | HCLosses = 8 | OtherStaff = | Stadium = Ben Hill Griffin Stadium "The Swamp" | StadiumBuilt = 1906 | StadCapacity = 88,548 | StadSurface = Grass | Location = Gainesville, Florida | League = NCAA | ConferenceDisplay= [[SEC]] // Make sure you find the proper page name of the conference for this and put it in between [[ and ]]. This is how you link to another wiki page. So in this case it's linking to the page titled "SEC". | ConfDivision = Eastern | ATWins = 68 // All-time wins, update everything from here down please. | ATLosses = 46 | BowlWins = 3 | BowlLosses = 3 | PlayoffApps = 1 | Playoffs = | NatlTitles = 0 | NatlFinalist = 0 | ConfTitles = 1 | DivTitles = 2 | Heismans = 0 | AllAmericans = 2 | AllConference = 17 | Color1 = Orange // This, and the 3 things below it are the team colors. You can just google this but most every page should already have it. | Color1Hex = FF4A00 | Color2 = Blue | Color2Hex = 0021A5 | Color3 = | Color3Hex = | Color4 = | Color4Hex = | FightSong = "The Orange and Blue", "You Can Call Me Al" | MascotDisplay = Albert | PagFreeLabel = | PagFreeValue = | PagFreeLabel2 = | PagFreeValue2 = | WebsiteName = | WebsiteURL = }}