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    1. The injury must be season-ending as defined by the medical injury google doc. The injury must occur prior to the 5th game of the season for the school which the student attends. Medical redshirts still count towards the players five year limits and cannot be taken by players who have already redshirted through the regular means.
    2. Once a user's application is approved please direct them to this thread. New users please post the team and conference to which you have been assigned and I will get to upgrading your account and adding your avatar as quickly as possible. Even without an avatar an approved user has the full rights assigned to him and can post and update depth charts. It may take me some time to get to you. You will also receive access to the site's chat box at this time.
    3. [CFBHC/NFLHC] Available Teams

      All jobs are listed here: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=List_of_current_CFBHC_Coaches Vacancies are marked as so.
    4. This is part of v1.4. If there are any issues with a game report where something doesn't make sense or it seems something is missing post a question in here and I'll respond with the fix instead of going back and fixing old reports.
    5. Eurovision 2018

      I really like this song: The Rybak song is good but it's really boring and simple. It'll get top 5-10 but shouldn't win.
    6. Eurovision 2018

      Time to get the discussion started, hype! Current top 7 favorites: Israel: Bulgaria: Estonia: Czechia: Netherlands: Spain: France:
    7. [2021] Week #9 - SNF

      how long does Kafka keep this up? are we taking bets?
    8. I don't know how many people would be willing to help with this but I'd like it if we could keep track of various "wiki style" historical things in this workbook. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oQZlNUSFE2sO1IK1YYzVZRYy620lXDsvTXno5fM00Nc/edit?usp=sharing We've had issues with the wiki for a while and have lost several members who worked hard on keeping our history down. I think an easy to access workbook like this would actually be pretty helpful to quickly look stuff up for articles. I know not many will be interested in this but I'm hopeful we could possibly do it, adding sheets is welcome to!
    9. So you guys know, in addition to rebalancing the current choices for the 4 recruiting talent tiers I will be adding a fourth choice to each. Can you guys please make a thread titled "Recruiting Talent Ideas" in the private feedback forum and suggest ideas for things that the talents could add. Nothing is too crazy, try to come up with awesome unique stuff if you can. More points and such is obvious and easy to come up with - I'm looking for unique things that would improve the site a ton! Go Crazy!
    10. paperllamasunited

      Okay I'll approve this since the Pac-12 is still trying to figure out what they're doing.
    11. [2021] Week 8 Headlines

      Sunday Night Slaughter Colts are left in the dust on the backs of young guns Sowell and Robinson
    12. 2021 JuCo Recruiting Rules

      Inspiral has full authority to move this as far as he deems necessary. I'm expecting at least two more weeks if not more.
    13. 2021 JuCo Recruiting Rules

      JuCo recruiting will be a two week process and will begin with Week #9 (if Inspiral is able to make the changes required by then. If he is not he will make the decision as to when it will begin). Regular recruiting scholarships, half scholarships, school and coaches visits will NOT be used. Instead you will be assigned the following based on your calculation described below. The formula only counts regular season games. 2021 Conference Base Prestige AAC: 19 ACC: 21 Big 12: 20 B1G: 25 C-USA: 13 Independents: 17 MAC: 18 MWC: 17 PAC-12: 18 SEC: 24 Sun Belt: See below. Juco Weekly Points = ((1.5 x (Wins Last Year/12)) x Conference Base Prestige ) + 3 (down from +7) but the minimum is 10 points (You cannot have less than 10 weekly points). Depending on your weekly points you will receive the below: 10-13: 2 Scholarships, 1 JuCo Visit 14-20: 3 Scholarships, 1 JuCo Visit 21-34: 3 Scholarships (down from 4), 2 JuCo Visits 35+: 4 Scholarships (down from 5), 2 JuCo Visits SUN BELT: All teams will receive 10 weekly points. Other Information JuCo Scholarships remain at +18. JuCo Visits remain at +16. All players may have preferred schools or family legacy towards a particular school. Primary preferred schools (including National Exposure recruits) automatically add 25 toward that school, secondary preferred schools automatically add 15 toward that school, family legacy adds 35 (down from 45) toward that particular school. Recruits can have preferred school(s) and a family legacy school and they don't have to be the same. Additionally, recruits who have chosen a school due to national exposure will not have any secondary or family legacy school preferences, they've decided which school they want to attend and are simply hoping to be signed by that team. Commit threshold in week 1 is 10 or more between 1st and 2nd place. After week 2 it's just the highest, I will break the ties with the same weighted system as before. @inspiral as before, the weekly display should be the same as for regular recruiting. Thanks to all the people who helped provide input as usual. Soluna
    14. Live updating this as I check each position for errors and dumb names. Thanks for the help @inspiral. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1y95r6uXdRqQ1AjVQgPVejWsX27_YD0-oSSjsqBTqCKQ/edit?usp=sharing
    15. I'll post a thread in this series every now and then, who has the best WR group? Why? EDIT: NFL for clarification.
    16. CFBHC Mocks the 2018 NFL Draft Interest Thread

      If my Fins are available I'll take them.
    17. [2021] Week #8 - 1 PM

      I think the time the Giants beat the Panthers in the playoffs might be better.
    18. Who do you think is in the running at the moment? Who would you like to see it win? Is it going to be another QB? What do you think?
    19. I want to try to have a weekly thread for the SNF NFLHC game so there's more hype around it and maybe more discussion. Real SNF games tend to have more hype around the players and pretty much everyone knows the game of the week. If you guys don't care for it that's fine, just wanted to give more involvement from people a shot, especially since there's more new users than we've had in like 2 years. Week #8 SNF: Jacksonville Jaguars (4-2) at Indianapolis Colts (2-5) Top Players: RB Asante Sowell, WR Raheem Robinson, TE Derek Harrison Top Players: QB Aaron Shea, WR Mosi Bartos, FS Sean Burton Top Storylines Will Christian Barkley's QB play be enough? Can the Colts get a running game going? Top Matchups Asante Sowell vs Colts D-Line Colts O-Line vs Jaguars D-Line
    20. Did I mess up? I saw JAX-IND as SNF on a discussion thread.
    21. How many 100 yard rushing games have you had in the last 3 seasons?