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    1. Once a user's application is approved please direct them to this thread. New users please post the team and conference to which you have been assigned and I will get to upgrading your account and adding your avatar as quickly as possible. Even without an avatar an approved user has the full rights assigned to him and can post and update depth charts. It may take me some time to get to you. You will also receive access to the site's chat box at this time.
    2. If you manage to create and/or update your team page using the same formatting and style that's been used on the Florida Gators page I'll give you an extra recruiting point per week for your efforts. Please post in this thread when it has been updated ONLY. The deadline to do this is by August 1, 2018. Here's the Florida page: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Florida_Gators Please use all the correct formatting and please don't change things like the way Bowl Games are recorded (for instance " Won Music City Bowl vs. Louisville (17-13)" in the season-by-season records). I won't punish you if you do but I really am looking for consistency across every page because it makes bulk updating and finding errors much easier.
    3. Soluna

      [2021] PFF Season Evaluation: Wide Receivers

      He doesn't have 65 receptions
    4. Soluna

      [CFBHC/NFLHC] Available Teams

      All jobs are listed here: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=List_of_current_CFBHC_Coaches Vacancies are marked as so.
    5. I need to ask you guys to check both your NFL and CFB team roster pages when they've been progressed and report all players who have a spacing issue in this thread. It can appear anywhere in the line (including something like 5-6 being 5- 6). Please scan carefully or this will fuck us up next offseason. Appreciate it, maybe we can crowdsource the fix while I figure out the issue.
    6. You're welcome to change the fonts to the below layout but please keep the names of units the exact same as listed here. Simply list your players below each heading, please leave a space after the last listed player per block, prior to the next heading. Minimum required sections: Offense Quarterback Running Back Fullback Wide Receivers Tight Ends Left Tackle Left Guard Center Right Guard Right Tackle Defense Left Defensive End Defensive Tackles Right Defensive End Left Outside Linebacker Inside Linebackers Right Outside Linebacker Cornerbacks Free Safety Strong Safety Special Teams Kicker Punter Longsnapper Kick Returner Punt Returner Holder Kickoff Team Hands Team Punt Return Team Inactive Redshirts Transfer Ineligible Alternative labels can be found below. These are entirely optional but would be read correctly. Each should be after it's main designation above. For example 3rd Down Running Back should be listed after Running Back
    7. Soluna

      Podcast recommendations

      I'm really into mystery/paranormal podcasts even though I don't believe basically any of it. If you like listening to good stories try one of them. Cabinet of curiosities has really good very short "weird coincidence" type stories. Lore was really good initially but has gotten worse. Astonishing Legends is really good for a critical view on weird stories from history. Other than that I think This American Life is still the best podcast that exists.
    8. You need to manually paste from this forum only. Do not paste to word and back to the site. Copy and paste from this forum to this forum.
    9. Soluna

      CFBHC v1.5e

      Compared to not taking it. But now you need to commit more points to get it to trigger so you can't get people for just 5 points. It's a huge nerf.
    10. Soluna

      CFBHC v1.5e

      CFBHC v1.5e Differentiation of Conferences / Unique Experiences Update August 9th, 2018 Pre-Release v1.5.2.2 Notes: Thanks to all those who helped testing and recommended stuff as usual. General Info / Idea Continuation of recruiting changes. This update nerfes home-state strength for base stats but emphasizes consistent strength across multiple seasons while reinforcing the capabilities of teams that do well. CFBHC * Base Weekly Point Tiers have been changed, see below. X is the team's regular season win total from the previous year. First listed (highest) tier applies to teams that fill multiple criteria. Previous Year Weekly Points School Visits Coaches Visits Natl Champion 36 + X 15 to 20 30 Runner-Up 34 + X 15 to 20 20 to 25 12-0 32 + X 14 to 19 20 to 25 Playoff Team 32 + X 13 to 18 18 to 23 11 Wins 31 + X 12 to 17 17 to 22 10 Wins 30 + X 12 to 17 16 to 21 9 Wins 29 + X 11 to 16 15 to 20 8 Wins 27 + X 11 to 16 14 to 20 7 Wins 25 + X 10 to 15 13 to 19 6 Wins 23 + X 10 to 15 12 to 19 5 Wins 21 + X 9 to 14 11 to 15 4 Wins 19 + X 8 to 13 11 to 14 3 Wins 17 + X 7 to 12 11 to 13 2 Wins 16 + X 6 to 11 11 to 12 1 Win 15 + X 5 to 10 11 0 Wins 14 + X 5 to 10 10 * Home State/Border State Changes Application threshold for home state/border state bonuses changed from 5 to 10 points. Home State free point bonus reduced from 25 to 15. Home State doubling threshold reduced from 20 to 15. Border State doubling threshold reduced from 12 to 9. * Pipeline State Home State bonus reduced from 25% to 20% Border state are unchanged. * Host Camp bonus reduced from 15% to 12% * Recruiting Talent Changes (corresponding to the previously listed changes) (Tier 2) Quality over Quantity: Host Camp bonus reduced from 22%/24%/26% to 19%/21%/23%. Required change to comply with above changes. (Tier 2) Expansive Camps Application threshold is unchanged. It remains at 5. (Tier 3) Home State Fortress: Must have at least 15 points on home state recruits before the bonus is triggered (instead of the new value of 10 from above). The intention here is to make it so that if you do commit to being a home state fortress you are a bit more limited in going into other states so while the free point bonus is much better it's now also harder to activate without committing a significantly larger amount of points before it triggers. (Tier 3) Regional Power: Must have at least 10 points on each border state recruits before the bonus is triggered (same as the new value of 10 from above).
    11. Soluna

      CFBHC v1.5e

      I'm not sure why people are asking me about having buffed home state fortress, it got nerfed pretty hard. Just FYI
    12. Soluna

      CFBHC v1.5e

      This is exactly the same system as before with some numbers changed. Not sure what you mean with "prestige system", this is EXACTLY the system used last year. There are prestige points added, but that's a really minor component.
    13. Soluna

      CFBHC v1.5e

      2020. Everything else is based on 2021. It wouldn't make sense to point it out being a different year because everything else is based on 2021.
    14. Soluna

      CFBHC v1.5e

      Regular season only. Bowls provide their own bonuses so its not needed to double up.
    15. Hope everyone is having a nice day.

    16. Soluna

      [2022] Progressions FA

      Quarterback Running Back Full Back Wide Receiver Tight End Offensive Tackle Offensive Guard Center Defensive End Defensive Tackle Inside Linebacker Outside Linebacker Cornerback Free Safety Strong Safety Kickers Punters Retirements
    17. No it applies to defensive secondary schemes that use a bandit. A 4-3 doesn't use a bandit.
    18. I was at Disney for lunch today and I'm pretty sure I saw your twin @taffyowner

      1. taffyowner


        it was probably actually me... I was and currently still am at Epcot... 

      2. Soluna


        what, I'm pretty sure I actually saw you then near the Germany pavillion around lunch time, holy shit crazy

      3. taffyowner


        Should have come up and said hi! I would have introduced you to my girlfriends family haha

    19. I don't care. Excel is not my site so if there's problems there it's not on my end. People should not be exporting and importing player lines back into the site. You should only EVER use the ones I've provided. Past issues ALL stem from people exporting to Word or Excel and then reimporting them. Do NOT do this.
    20. The specialized ones will only apply if you run a formation in your gameplan that uses that player. If you do not run a valid formation they are not used. Everyone MUST designate the normal designations.
    21. Assigned Cincinnati Bengals (to @thatfunk)
    22. I started moving NFL teams somewhat at random to front offices. I am assigning owners to the clubs and each owner should invite other team members. You should plan on migrating information from your front office forum (on the main forum) to the club. I will leave those front office forums open for quite some time but they will eventually be hidden so if there's info you want to keep, move it! Teams that have been completed and assigned: Las Vegas Raiders (to @alienufo) New York Jets (to @Jumbo) Atlanta Falcons (to @acewulf) Indianapolis Colts (to @npklemm) Seattle Seahawks (to @Jieret) San Francisco 49ers (to @Jumanji) Denver Broncos (to @bingo415) Los Angeles Rams (to @Time) Baltimore Ravens (to @TheSam) Arizona Cardinals (to @cultur3) Buffalo Bills (to @fever_ful) Carolina Panthers (to @CadeRich5) Chicago Bears (to @stormstopper) Los Angeles Chargers (to @pumph) Cincinnati Bengals (to @thatfunk)
    23. Assigned Los Angeles Chargers (to @pumph)