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  1. QB Darion Harrison from UF is not getting enough hype!
  2. Welcome to the site! Glad to have you - I would suggest pairing with a more senior member to get some help and advice. Who do you hope to build your offense and defense around?
  3. Rooney - Are You Afraid?
  4. CFBHCVISION XVIII Past Winners: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD USE THE BELOW FORMAT SO I DONT HAVE TO LOOK STUFF UP AND PLEASE STOP VOTING FOR YOUR OWN SONGS - ITS NOT ALLOWED. Submissions will be open until Friday @ 6 PM Submit votes to me via PM. Please fill out the following ballot with Artist - Song (user that submitted): 1st (12 Points): Artist - Song 2nd (10 Points): Artist - Song 3rd (8 Points): Artist - Song 4th (7 Points): Artist - Song 5th (6 Points): Artist - Song 6th (5 Points): Artist - Song 7th (4 Points): Artist - Song 8th (3 Points): Artist - Song 9th (2 Points): Artist - Song 10th (1 Point): Artist - Song 11th (Alternate for DSQs): Artist - Song For example: 1st (12 Points): Unknown - Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel (Jumbo) 2nd (10 Points): Unknown - O Tannenbaum (Soluna) 3rd (8 Points): Popular Artist - Popular Song (WantedToLose)
  5. POS ARTIST SONG SUBMITTER PTS #Voted #1st 1 Robert DeLong Don't Wait Up Jumbo 133 20 5 (Jamzz, Darth, Tazer, llamas, imerman) 2 Lawrence Taylor Bang Bang stinsy 125 16 4 (Imposter, Isaac, Cade, Ape) 3 Bring Me The Horizon Sugar Honey Ice & Tea Imposter 112 15 2 (Taco, stinsy) 4 The Rubens Hoops Tazer 93 15 1 (Minnow) 5 Cosmo Sheldrake Come Along Jamzz 84 16 2 (Jieret, Rabid) 6 Brand New Waste Ape 77 12 2 (TheSam, GigemAgs) 7 William Fitzsimmons Fortune Dacder 73 10 2 (Smackemz, Tuscan) 8 Anri Remember Summer Days Tuscan 69 9 1 (Acewulf) 9 Tyler Childers Feathered Indians GigemAgs 58 11 0 10 MeWithoutYou The Fox, The Crow and the Cookie Darth 57 9 2 (Dacder, Cultur3) 11 Digable Planets Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat) Jieret 52 12 0 12 Choker Lucky TheSam 48 10 0 - Won Tiebreak with 3 2nd place votes 13 Purity Ring Begin Again Azul 48 10 0 - Lost Tiebreak with 1 2nd place vote 14 blackbear I hope your whole life sux llamas 45 9 1 (Azul) 15 Donna the Buffalo Dance in the Street Smackemz 43 10 0 16 Chase & Status End Credits Isaac 40 8 0 17 Old Crow Medicine ShowFlicker & Shine Minnow 39 7 0 18 Flatbush Zombies Your Favorite Rap Song imerman 35 5 1 (Jumbo) 19 Two Steps From Hell Star Sky Soluna 33 8 0 20 Pieces of A Dream Say La La TacoOfDoom 31 9 0 21 Fatter Than Albert Fever and Chills Acewulf 30 6 0 22 Stemm Face the Pain Cade 24 7 0 23 Angelmaker Bloodthirster Culture3 22 2 1 (Soluna) 24 Goddesses of Bagpipe Shipping up to Boston/Enter S... Rabid 21 4 0 Congratulations to @Jumbo for his first win after like 8 top 5 finishes. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place receive 500/250/100 points respectively.
  6. @ImposterCauster@CadeRich5@TazerMan
  7. Yeah I announced it on the shoutbox a while ago. I'll probably still do this eventually but it didn't work with how the offseason was structured.
  8. people comment about this on literally every single event I've ever posted but fitness represents overall morale, physical fitness, and other stuff
  9. Soluna

    Board games

    Played 7th continent and beat the Swamp of Madness on Saturday. Been playing a ton of Churchill single player. I'm currently playing a game of One Deck Dungeon solo.
  10. Soluna


    I'm bumping this since so many people have been interested in joining. Join up!
  11. @Jieret@TheTacoOfDoom@acewulf@Minnowsotan@ImposterCauster@smackemz@CadeRich5@TazerMan@llamas@GigemAgs
  12. @Jieret@TheTacoOfDoom@acewulf@Dacder@Minnowsotan@ImposterCauster@smackemz@CadeRich5@TazerMan@rabidsnowman@llamas@Azul@GigemAgs
  13. I like getting information from my pre-season games sue me.
  14. The first year of the contract would be 2024 so it's a renegotiation. That's what the mid-season signing option for him indicates sorry.
  15. Can something go bad if it was never nutritious to begin with?
  16. What are your experiences with offensive lines, their qualities, how to improve them (outside of swapping out players) and gameplanning? One thing I'm curious about in particular, does anyone have an experience boosting their O-line rating by rotating blocking tight ends in or around?
  17. I actually collect Moose things, it's something I forgot and I have a VAST collection. It's my favorite animal so my mom gives me exclusively moose things.
  18. I need to push my guy a little bit because I don't think most people have heard of him even if he started last season. Darion Harrison, my QB, is gonna be electric with my offense.
  19. Boardgames, rocks/minerals/fossils, DnD miniatures and miniature paints, trophies of CFBHC members I've met, Soccer scarves, and Lego Modular buildings and special edition stuff related to space.
  20. Soluna


    Here's one from mine that made me laugh because of the absurdity.
  21. You have to play a card before it's effect can happen so yes he loses 3 points. Play a card > Resolve its effect
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