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  1. K I've put this off long enough. Who needs their sidepost avatars updated in any way. SHC teams? Changed NFLHC teams? Let me know if you notice someone elses as well.
  2. NHLHC only! If you are participating in NHLHC please create the wiki for AT LEAST your top 3 picks from the last draft. It's really easy and takes like 2-4 minutes per player. Use the stats from here: The stats are only through Week 23 but it would be great if you could commit to updating it once the final stats are out. It would take just 15 minutes to make your three players. You don't need pictures and you can make up their hometowns + birth dates based on their country. All the players should be between 18-22 in 2020.
  3. Who was your first ever starting quarterback? Where is he now? Were you happy with him - what did you learn about him and how was he used?
  4. Where are you guys from? Attend any universities? What other hobbies do you have? I'm from Orlando, FL and I attended Penn State (which is why I chose Penn State!).
  5. Today's question for people who have coached NFLHC to answer: What is your experience coaching safeties? Do you carefully asssess the use of zone/split/man coverage or do you have a set you let them run the entire year? What experiences can you outline versus certain offenses with the use of either coverage type? Do you tend to go heavy man against 40+ attempt passers or heavy zone... or do you rely on the receivers not the QB to tell you what to play? For everyone else: Who are your two ideal safeties if you could pair any hard hitter with any ball hawk? Who do you think are the marquee safeties that represent these ideals and who do you think stretches the field the most?
  6. Los Angeles Rams (3-1) at Kansas City Chiefs (0-4) Chicago Bears (1-3) at Carolina Panthers (4-0)
  7. Wiki wednesday will be our communal way to make sure the wiki stays up to date and new stuff is continually added. Obviously not everyone will do their part but the more people help out the easier it'll be for new members to get rid on into our site. Each week I'll have a suggest page for you guys to update (could be several or just one page) and one page for you to add or correct (could be one big page or one page per user). I'd also like everyone to say what they've done for today in this thread along with any pages they'd like to see in the future, or things we could maybe move onto the wiki to streamline this horribly messy forum. If this is well enough received I'll keep track of wiki contributions and people who do a certain amount will be awarded 1, or maximum, 2 additional weekly recruiting points for putting in the effort. This week I'd like everyone to create or update their team's QB navbox through the 2020 season, see Florida's here: I'd also like you to create one player from your team that does not currently have a wiki page, see Florida QB Kristian Barfield as an example: (please also create the accompanying High School page). This shouldn't take more than 5 minutes and would really help everyone out in the future for scouting if even 40 people did this. Let me know in the thread any work that you did!
  8. "What's the difference between route tree and group assigned (on the NFLHC gameplan)? - SageBow Route Tree relies on high skill receivers and allows audibles to be called on the fly. Receivers are expected to know their role in any play and the potential changes that could be made to that role by the quarterback. Route tree assigned receivers are a much bigger threat to zone coverage. Group assigned reflects that gameplans are not defined by the players but are instead defined by the roles. For instance, third receivers are more geared into slot type routes in the pass heavy offenses regardless of the physical attributes of the receiver themselves. In short, unless you want to experiement and with my limited understanding, use route tree with strong receivers and weak quarterbacks, use group assigned with strong quarterbacks and weak receivers, experiment if you're strong at both, and quit if you're weak at both. In summary, route tree relies on the gameplan being created around the receiver, group assigned around their role independent of the receiver. "What are your thoughts on the NFC South?" - Quasar I don't pay that much attention to the NFC but I can give you a quick summary for each team and what I think: Atlanta: Great but aging defense that needs some revitalization soon. Offense is kind of a cluster with a mediocre QB, a running back that's being run out of gas faster than he should, and a fairly average receiving corps. The next two drafts are key to ensure this team doesn't fall off. Tampa Bay: No identity, no chemistry, no real goal it seems. I think the team at this point should just be rebuilt around two stars (Heiden and the best player on defense, likely Williams). New Orleans: Extremely poor drafting the last two years has led to a pretty major downfall. I think coaching isn't great but is at least acceptable. Devereaux is probably underrated but this defense needs to be entirely re-done. Stiles might be okay to keep as a third corner. Carolina: They'll finish 15-1 and then lose in the divisional round. Seriously though they are probably a top 2 team right now and anything less than 13-3 is disappointing. "Do you like the general trend of CFBHC coaches changing jobs around if they feel like they are done, or would you rather people stay in one place forever? - smokingcricket I hate the totally arbitrary changing of coaches that we have even though I'm partially guilty of it as well. I really want a system that includes pre-season goals, firing, and contracts but I know there would be far too much push-back on here to even try that. It just makes no sense to me how people are allowed to move around. I figured conference commissioners would help but 80% of them have been useless in enforcing anything. Shout out to the SEC for having a backbone the last few years with their commissioners. "What is your favorite German beer?" - smokingcricket Man it really depends on situation and whether it needs to be classy or not haha. Where I'm from (a town of like 200) all the guys between 16-50 would gather every Sunday at 10 AM to play a town-wide game of Soccer. A crate of cheap beer would be supplied for the post-game festitivites and that will always remain one of my favorite memories so I have a soft spot for that beer, Warsteiner. It's kind of cheap (for German beer) but is just perfectly crisp for drinking just after running around for two hours. I like most of the old beers that are based out of monasteries (almost entirely wheat beers). German purity law has kept some pretty sweet 500 year old recipes intact. "What methods would you use to build a smaller school up to a contender?" - Monda I feel like this is pretty obvious but it starts with recruiting. The first year or two are extremely critical and I think you shoot for building a baseline of 3.5-4.0 star players while maybe going for only one 5.0 each year, ensuring that you get them. Getting 5.0s consistently is something for a time when you have bowl game recruiting points, not 0-12 points. I've never understood the crap teams that keep trying to shoot for 5.0s to turn the program around. Just build a solid but average team of 3.5 or 4.0s, then go for the much more easily accessible 5.0s when you have 6 points more per week. I hope you guys enjoyed the first Q&A Friday, please feel free to discuss these answers in here. I'll answer 5 questions each friday from the list that is located here, you are welcome to add any whenever you like!
  9. Please create a depth chart for EACH team in the Depth Chart (Spring Games) [2020] forum along with a gameplan for EACH team in the CFBHC Gameplan forum. The team threads should be named: [2020] Penn State Nittany Lion Blue Team, etc. with the names being whatever your school uses for their spring games. (Penn State Blue & White Game) The schedule for the games is as follows: April 27th Duke Blue Devils Kansas Jayhawks ECU Pirates April 28th Temple Owls Rice Owls Kansas State Mountaineers April 29th Florida Gators Pittsburgh Panthers West Virginia Mountaineers April 30th NC State Wolfpack Illinois Fighting Illini Arizona Wildcats May 1st Notre Dame Fighting Irish Oklahoma State Cowboys Western Michigan Broncos
  10. CFBHC obviously
  11. One thing to note is that Transfers will come out before the spring games (likely Sunday through Tuesday). So please remember to update your depth charts for transfers. NOTE: You may use redshirts in the game.
  12. This is where I'll gauge what parts of the site are in most pressing need of upgrade or what features people would like to see the most. Today's discussion: What improvement, forum-wise, would you most like to see added to either CFBHC or NFLHC? Not something to do with the program directly but something that can be added via the forum.
  14. Hail to the Lion, Loyal and True.
  15. NO ONE MAY SUBMIT A RESPONSE UNTIL 11:30 PM ET 4/20/2017 Nick Hall, quarterback of the Oakland Raiders, has decided to continue playing the rest of the 2020 NFLHC season with a leg brace. "I've had issues with my right leg going back to the end of the 2017 season. I think it was a major cause of all those fumbles I had when I was hobbling along in the back of the pocket. I don't expect it'll change my game that much, hopefully I'll be good to go through with this week's practice." Nick Hall loses 20% mobility but gains 5% fitness for the duration of his usage of the brace. (Continue assuming he is using it unless a new event says otherwise).
  16. @inspiral Probably need to fix the interface
  17. Eventually I'd like to move all "stat keeping" type things to the wiki including team pages. Would be excellent we just need a good navigation box set for everything.
  18. The first ever game played in CFBHC was a 52-28 victory by the FSU Seminoles over the Syracuse Orange. It featured Christian Skaggs, Nick Hall, Tony Peaks, and David Gaines among others. I figured for the first Spotlight Tuesday it would be great if everyone that was around in 2013 could feature a bit about their team that year, whether it be a player or an amazing game they had that newer people might not know about. Additional question: If you were already coaching in 2013, who was your first favorite player? What happened to that player?
  19. It's not true.
  20. Today's question for people who have coached NFLHC to answer: Have you ever experimented with a 2RB gameplan? If you have do you prefer the pass heavier one (Pistol) or the slightly more run heavy (Flexbone/Option). What is your experience using either? Have you comboed with both attributes of running backs or do you prefer using the same one? What quarterback situation do you think fits it best. For those that have not coaches or have not used that gameplan: If you could create a 2RB system with any three nfl players (QB, RB, RB) who would be your pick and what would be your ideal target for passes (for your QB) and runs (for each of your RBs)?
  21. All jobs are listed here: Vacancies are marked as so.
  22. "Who is the best QB in sim history, and why did you answer something other than Bill Garcia?" - smokingcricket Disregarding the bizarre 2013 season and instead thinking about the career trajectories of certain players as a hole I think the best quarterback is clearly Christian Skaggs (FSU/Carolina Panthers). There's a case for Brian Brown but he's been a bit on the down low with a below average team the past 20-25 games. I honeslty think Allan Taylor may be up there just because of his skillset in college. He's by far the most consistent Scrambling QB we've had and I think that earns some respect from me. Darrell Murphy is really underhyped for how good he is. He feels kind of like Drew Brees to me where he's clearly a top 3 QB but he's just kind of forgotten in the discussion. Bill Garcia last words to be were rumored to be "ban me you fucking twat," or something along those lines. "Is there a clutch stat in the sim?" - taffyowner Is there a clutch stat? No. Is there a clutch attribute? Yes. I have to define the difference between those two here because people obviously don't know entirely and probably should be educated. Think of Madden. Acceleration is a stat from 0-99 and, at least the old Madden (no idea how it is now), attributes are conditions triggered by a player depending on a game situation and value in certain stats. For example a player may have a leadership of 95 and, in combination with the coaching attribute, that could make the leadership stat take effect at the end of the game to reduce penalties in switching between schemes. This is essentially how the whole system is set up. If a player doesn't have either the threshold of a stat or the capability to trigger the attribute the effect won't go off. There are however minor attributes that are unlisted to everyone that can be triggered by players - a lot of you have started to figure out ones that exist without definite confirmation (for example certain QBs love to throw to TEs in certain situations). I think part of the fun is letting your players personalities be built by these stat/attribute combinations and that was always my philosophy designing the sim for the site. "Is UBL still in Orlando? If not who do you go to Orlando City SC games with now?" - taffyowner UBL is indeed still in Orlando! I won't give away anything more than that because I value his privacy. I take him along to OCSC games most of the time and am not entirely sure how I'll handle that if he leaves the area. I enjoy talking to him about the site and what he thinks of everything and it's great to meet someone through a common interest that I enabled. UBL is stand up guy and much less prone to emotional responses from this site compared to me. "What is your greatest complaint about the site community?" - smokingcricket Most of the times that you guys think I rage in the shoutbox are probably exaggerations from the way text makes a personality come across. I'm never really that angry, it's just how I deal with things in the short term (ask alien, I say some pretty vile or stupid things when playing DotA but it goes away after the game is over). The one thing that causing continual trouble to me on this site is the minor sense of entitlement some people seem to have (and it frequently happens entirely out of the blue!). I'm just one guy who works 40 hours a week and enjoys sports. I'm not great at coding, just okay. I'm not great at community management, just okay. I'm not even that good of an admin, I just want to run this community and not have to think about work or life or whatever. This project is me in its entirety. Seeing someone demand I progress a team or get upset that I haven't completed something is pretty shit to be honest. It makes me feel like garbage. This is my project and not my job. Please remember that when you come visit this site. "What's the strangest play/incident/whatever that didn't show up on a game report?" - sleuthofbears I don't really read everything because there's so much shit to parse and go through. When there were only like 40-50 teams on the site I tended to read nearly everything but like I said that's kind of thinned of. Regardless, I've seen some weird plays over the seasons and some crazy coincidences that are just silly to think about. In NFLHC last year, I want to say the Falcons (?) or Panthers (?) had a series of plays where they had 3 unsportsmanlike penalties in a row on consecutive plays. The Utes had a jet sweep go for -19 or -20 a few years ago - no idea what the hell happened. There was a college coach in 2014 (I think it was a Texas-based NFLHC team that went like 0 for 13 on challenges). There's been a 98 pass that didn't go for a touchdown that confused the shit out of me because the tackle was made by a relatively slow player (like an outside linebacker)??? I see quirks from the engine all the time and I'll try to remember more when I can. I hope you guys enjoyed the first Q&A Friday, please feel free to discuss these answers in here. I'll answer 5 questions each friday from the list that is located here, you are welcome to add any whenever you like!
  23. Attributes are activated when certain stats cross a threshold but they may only be activated in certain game situations and are not off/on.
  24. NO ONE MAY SUBMIT A RESPONSE UNTIL 11:30 PM ET 4/12/2017 "We need to do something. We're only a small step off of where we were last year." Aaron Shea, starting quarterback of the Colts, gave several interviews today at the Colts' first practice after their bye week. "No disrespect to our upcoming opponents but our schedule is definitely getting easier. We need to win now and I know it. I've been practicing hard all throughout our bye and I feel fully prepared for the Steelers this week. Coach knows I've got his back." Shea gains 13% fitness and 7% chemistry with his receiving corps.

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