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    1. I have less votes than Temple really. Also I feel like Georgia shouldn't be punished this quickly. It's only an issue if it's happening every game; for one game it seems harsh.
    2. Happy 4th Birthday CFBHC

      Thank you to all who frequent and contribute to this site - it wouldn't be around without any of you. I'm happy we've made it 4 years. I'm glad I now signed up for this journey. Enjoy today and thank you for your contributions, everyone - sincerely. You guys will get a small "gift" later today. Soluna
    3. Due to a second severe concussion early in his career Adam Coles will have a modified injury (replacing the regular severe concussion) He will be out for the next 6 games, questionable for 3, probably for 2, healthy. Coles may reevaluate his future in the NFL.
    4. This is part of v1.4. If there are any issues with a game report where something doesn't make sense or it seems something is missing post a question in here and I'll respond with the fix instead of going back and fixing old reports.
    5. Kadeem Martin will take a seat for Week #2. The Browns wide receiver will be suspended one game for violating the NFL's rules on unnecessary roughness, the league has announced. The suspension stems from Sunday's 33-27 win over Cincinnati, in which Martin hit Bengals wide receiver Brandon Lane with a late shot to the head while the receiver was down and out of bounds after the play was whistled dead. Lane was identified to be concussed and would not return. The sixth-year cornerback apologized to Lane after the game.
    6. Pet Picture Thread

      Show us pictures of your pets! Whether they are cats, dogs, fish, birds, lizards, hamsters, or whatever, show us! I have 3 cats but I can't get to a picture until I get home.
    7. NFLHC Staff Firings

      Use this thread only if you wish to fire a coordinator before his contract ends. You are responsible for 50% of that season and any future seasons left on the contract.
    8. [2021] Week #1 - 1 PM

      Panthers never posted a practice schedule before their game and are assessed a -20% starting fitness for the season.
    9. [2021] Week #1 - 1 PM

      Bengals did not do inactives and had 51 players listed for gameday. First strike, second strike will be punishment and delay of game, third strike will be forced removal of staff and delay of game.
    10. Two University of Miami football players were cited this week for having marijuana in their on-campus apartment, a UM Police report says. William 'Bill' Riddle and Kenneth Lindsey were charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana on Monday. The police report says a residential assistant walking outside of the residential complex on campus smelled a "strong odor of burnt cannabis emanating in the air" around 12:15 a.m. Monday. He called University police who found the apartment and knocked on the door. A suite mate identified Riddle as the person who occupied the room that the odor was coming from. Once inside the room, officers found a cloud of smoke and a styrofoam cup that police say appeared to be used as an ash tray. Riddle and Lindsey were in the room. Officers asked Riddle where the cannabis was and he said it was in his top drawer. There were two small bags of marijuana and Riddle and Lindsey admitted to each owning one of the bags, the report says. Both players were issued a notice to appear and an on-call dean was notified. Riddle is a sophomore wide receiver who has not seen any game time. Lindsey is a highly touted freshman cornerback. He previously was cited with marijuana possession during his official visit to Florida State.
    11. Once a user's application is approved please direct them to this thread. New users please post the team and conference to which you have been assigned and I will get to upgrading your account and adding your avatar as quickly as possible. Even without an avatar an approved user has the full rights assigned to him and can post and update depth charts. It may take me some time to get to you. You will also receive access to the site's chat box at this time.
    12. New England Patriots quarterback Reggie Watkins has announced, via his twitter, that he will be invited twenty physically disabled youths to come to the season opener versus the Jets. They will be able to go onto the field, meet players from the patriots, talk to the coaching staff, and two have even been selected for the opening coin toss. "I love my community, always have and always will, and now that I'm in Boston I thought it would be great to show my new home what my home truly means to me." When asked whether he plans to host another quarterback camp, as he did in Baltimore last year, he replied "Yeah of course, I'm trying to square away the logistics of everything but I don't see why not." Watkins gains 8% starting fitness and the Patriots gain 2% fan opinion.
    13. [CFBHC/NFLHC] Available Teams

      All jobs are listed here: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=List_of_current_CFBHC_Coaches Vacancies are marked as so.
    14. Dillonscott

    15. Paul Davenport, former Quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers, is seeking a trade or release after the organization refuses to acknowledge his hold-out. For each week that he is not traded or released the team's chemistry will reduce by 5%. Additionally the following players have shifted down in opinion and are upset with the organization for how players are treated. Fan support has been reduced 15%. QB Allan O'Hennesy 6-0 222 2 Syracuse [Hybrid] 76 OG P.B. Holmes 6-4 293 2 Purdue [Run Blocking] 86 DT Quentin Smith 6-8 294 7 Ohio State [1-Gap] 92 OLB Bill Gehrke 5-11 241 5 USC [Coverage] 78 SS Dane Wilson 6-1 178 6 LSU [Zone Coverage] 94
    16. These need to be done at the beginning of the week. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cpUZsguSG5tpuUNXzCNUY9Js8rhb6w2k7E7TxGfsPlU/edit#gid=1988681161 Bengals, Browns, Chiefs, Chargers, Giants, Redskins, Panthers, Saints are all out of compliance for this week - since it's week 1 there will not be a punishment except a significant decrease to the starting values that practice provides for these teams. You need to have this done a week before your game (as the practices take place the week before your game). If you continue to miss on these you will suffer severe repercussions.
    17. [2021] Inactives - Week #1

      Jaguars Inactives: QB Benjamin Schuler 5-11 200 R Florida State [Pocket] 76 RB Rasheed Kent 6-1 205 5 Minnesota [Power] 79 DE Tony Shaw 6-6 280 4 Florida State [Contain] 71 DT Travis Williams 6-5 270 5 California [1-Gap] 73 ILB Timmy Flanigan 5-8 233 5 Florida State [Will] 75 OLB Brett Wilson 6-1 235 3 Louisville [Coverage] 74 CB Donnie Thomas 6-3 171 3 Kentucky [Zone Coverage] 72
    18. Ivory Hull, who lost his mother to breast cancer over the summer, will be wearing specialty pink cleats for the Bears' season opener against the Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis on Sunday. Hull had taken time off during training camp for personal reasons to attend to his mother's last wishes and hopes that her memory will help him through the season. His teammates helped him significantly in his time of need, especially CB Samuel Shaw and FS Alyn Namath. (-3% starting fitness, +5% chemistry with Shaw and Namath only; if Hull get's an interception he will play at 10% higher skill level the following week, each week after will degrade his additional skill value by 2% until it returns back to his regular value)
    19. [2021] Hold Outs

      If youv'e been notified of a player's hold out this will be your thread to attempt to offer a new contract. Once per week you may offer a new contract the same way you would privately in your forum except you post the offer here. I will respond with yes/no. You get 4 chances before the player will request a trade or will hold-out the entire season. Consecutive offers do not have to occur in consecutive weeks but the player is to be placed on the inactive list until this is resolved.
    20. CFBHC only for now, NFLHC same as before
    21. Your stuff will be due Sunday by 6 PM ET this season. I'm going to need a decent amount of time to do stuff. Soluna
    22. Please request a player to convert to another position here. His new overall will be dependent on physical skill and past experience in the new position. Once converted, they may not be converted back for at least 1 year. Don't bother with joke requests, I will deny stupid shit.
    23. Introductions

      Where are you guys from? Attend any universities? What other hobbies do you have? I'm from Orlando, FL and I attended Penn State (which is why I chose Penn State!).
    24. Brisket or Pulled Pork?

      Keep it civil.