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  1. Switching up Tuesdays to keep it interesting with some ideas from reddit. Which current NFLHC backup QBs do you think have the best shot at being a starter somewhere and/or would do the best in a starter role? If possible suggest a possible trade scenario or new team where your guy may fit right in.
  2. Where are you guys from? Attend any universities? What other hobbies do you have? I'm from Orlando, FL and I attended Penn State (which is why I chose Penn State!).
  3. Following the default layout guidelines created a few weeks ago please take the time to create a fully updated player page for ONE player this week. Post here once you've done it. If at least 40 people do it I will post a teaser from the upcoming patch.
  4. No, please use the exact guidelines from Kristian Barfield's page. Don't use "High School" as a tier 4 header, use "Early years" as a tier 3. Follow it EXACTLY. The whole point to all my work was to standardize it. It seems now I've standardized the tables everything else is getting changed.
  5. Saying they can help you with anything including game plan is a clear circumvention of the rules. Just because you claim their help is optional doesn't make it right.
  6. Did we not have a post from alien about roles on the team and what they're allowed to do? This is clearly exploting the contract system. I am launching an investigation into this matter as a bypass of the system I implemented.
  7. "Nick, you looked so beautiful that night, fucking your division rival."
  8. I've warned people over the last several weeks to do recruiting and it looks like people have not taken it seriously. If you can't bother doing recruiting this site is not for you. You will be losing access to the shoutbox but are welcome to continue to post in discussion and general chat threads. I will be immediately removing the coaches from the following teams (if they are not already AI): Syracuse Orange Connecticut Huskies Northern Illinois Huskies Utah Utes Stanford Cardinal Louisiana Tech Bulldogs Tulsa Golden Hurricane The remainder of teams who did not recruit this week are on their last chance, if they miss one more time I will be removing them. Buffalo Bulls Nevada Wolfpack UTEP Miners Texas A&M Aggies Arizona State Sun Devils Bowling Green Falcons Marshall Thundering Herd Miami (OH) RedHawks Penn State Nittany Lions UTSA Roadrunners Inspiral please continue to post the teams that miss in here every week, thanks. Soluna
  9. It's okay, we've all lost to GK. You, a coachless C-USA team, and a guy who got banned.
  10. Kings of the AFC Jaguars approach bye for AFC Wild Card Weekend
  11. Please don't include pages that are not complete, especially don't include them in the "Updated through 2019" category if they aren't fully updated through 2019. Example: Intended: Just putting stats with no supporting information is not what I intend with these. I've spent a ton of time making guidelines and example pages. Please use them :(.
  12. Are you sure, because with your roster I think he's actually doing pretty great.
  13. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS STAFF MAY SUBMIT A RESPONSE UNTIL 8/17/17 at 11:59 PM EST. Gary Faneca, wide receiver for the Seahawks, recently began enjoying his early offseason in Whistler, British Columbia. Faneca and several of his close personal friends hit the ski slopes early. Faneca enjoyed his time away from football and is already looking forward to the 2021 season. Unfortunately, following the return to Seattle, Faneca noticed some issues with his back that may or may not have come from the ski trip and has come to his team to talk about the issue. However, Faneca gained 5% fitness from his outdoor adventure. 1) Have Faneca checked out by a doctor. (-10% fitness.) 2) Advise Faneca not to spend his offseason with dangerous activities and wish him well. (-10% happiness) 3) It's nothing. (+5% happiness)
  14. Guidelines Coming soon. Requirements for New Pages CFBHC Players TBA NFLHC Players TBA Layout Help Database of tables for statistics, contract info, recruiting, injuries, etc:
  15. What is your opinion on run block offensive line players versus pass blocking? How do you break it down for your QB? How would you break it down for Allan Taylor? For Christian Skaggs? For Nu Battles?
  16. Players highlighted in red are beginning to question possible retirement which may affect contract negotiations or future NFL events. Please continue to keep these players highlighted with red text on your team page and depth chart. Players highlighted in orange are unhappy with their situation (last season's depth chart, team performance, and/or coaching) and are somewhat vocal about it which may affect contract negotiations or future NFL events. Please continue to keep these players highlighted with yellow text on your team page and depth chart. Players highlighted in green are encourage by the some aspect of the current team (last season's depth chart, team performance, or coaching) and are somewhat vocal about it which may affect contract negotiations or future NFL events. Please continue to keep these players highlighted with yellow text on your team page and depth chart. Atlanta Falcons Arizona Cardinals Chicago Bears Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Houston Texans Los Angeles Chargers Minnesota Vikings New Orleans Saints Philadelphia Eagles Seattle Seahawks Tennessee Titans Retirements
  17. Travis Chatman is the best CB
  18. K I've put this off long enough. Who needs their sidepost avatars updated in any way. SHC teams? Changed NFLHC teams? Let me know if you notice someone elses as well.
  19. All jobs are listed here: Vacancies are marked as so.
  20. This is my favorite type of post.
  21. Pick two of your favorite NFLHC players, they don't have to be on your NFLHC team but no one else should have chosen them and update them to follow this layout: Make sure everything that is represented on Reeves' page is somehow represented on yours. Please don't use jokes in the write ups and please make sure the matching "Current Roster" thing on the bottom is updated (unless they're retired). Ideally you could update two and create one for a person who doesn't yet have a page but I'll take just doing 2. Please help me with the wiki!
  22. Isaac can fix this easily. I could but I'm a bit busy atm.
  23. For my update to recruiting last year I will be introducing a prestige system. Can everyone please help me fill out this form for every coach and college team. Inspiral may need to run recruiting rankings for missing years, if so, please help him! @inspiral If you have not coached 5 years on the site fill out the years you've been here (even if it's just a partial season) and leave the rest blank. National Championships and Heisman winners count from any year (2013+)
  24. From #2 to #1 Jaguars lock down #1 seed with victory after riding high all season behind #2 pick Raheem Robinson.
  25. I AM THE KING!!