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    1. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #4

      Good game noodlz2!
    2. Two OOC games open if anyone would like to visit Oxford. ^_^

    3. [2020] Week #15 - TNF

      After disappointing last season we are making progress at Ole Miss! So happy Ole Miss will be going bowling for the first time since 2015!
    4. Throwback Thursday #6

      I haven't been on as much as I used to, but I miss Artenger, we worked on a lot of media pieces together, tctykilla was also a nice help when I was starting.

      where do i type it
    6. [2019] Week #11 - Saturday Evening

      Gill you have a heck of a team this year. Great game, we'll see you in Death Valley next year.
    7. CFBHC v1.3 User's Update Results

      I would love to join the group whenever it is created!
    8. What Nationality are you

      Puerto Rican/Cuban with some French/Irish.. Go far enough back, and France & Canary Islands is mainly where we'll be.
    9. [2019] Week #7 - Saturday Afternoon

      Good game Artenger! Just plain outplayed us on the field, we'll be back and give you a game next year.
    10. I'll be honest, I feel sorry for you! Haha I have to hype it up ! Sorry !
    11. Regarded as the toughest division in all of the football, we introduce you to the 2019 SEC West teams, their coaches, and finally follow up with how they are building for the future. We had a couple coach changes this past year, and now that our season is reaching the midway point, let's check in on the SEC West rankings, stats, and more! We have a storm brewing off the southern coast, make sure you stay safe. Now, I invite you to pull up your chair, grab some coffee and enjoy. Ask anyone last year, everyone would explain that LSU is simply just one step behind Alabama. A little brother effect some could say. This year, things are much different, cmcgill has done an excellent job keeping his team fresh and did some near perfect game planning this season. In week two, LSU went into Faurot Field, and edged out Missouri to keep their perfect record. Now, this team is sailing off a huge Alabama win last week and is looking to dominate Akron this weekend. (Prediction: LSU 31 - Akron 10) As far as the future, LSU grabbed two commits this past weekend, solid defensive end Roger Beltran (1*/4*), and an absolutely huge pickup in wide receiver Jarvis Heard (1^/5*). Each of these guys will instantly help his future offense and defense out, but who do we think LSU will target next? Look out for cornerback Avery Broughton (1*/4.5*), cmcgill seems like a defensive minded recruiter and I think this could easily be the next prospect he lands. With the way things are going look for LSU to be in the top 10 of recruiting classes this year. Final SEC West Standing Prediction: 1st Place Mississippi State has been playing absolutely amazing this season, much thanks to their longtime coach, Duncan. Ryder Shipman has been doing just enough through the air to allow their running back, Terrence Rodgers, to pick up big time runs. Keep in mind, their only loss was merely a field goal difference to the current #1 team in the nation, Florida State. They have dominated their schedule since then, beating Oklahoma State on the road, and Texas A&M & Virginia Tech at home. Their back end schedule is going to be brutal, but the Bulldogs have proven thus far that they are a team to beat. Watch out for their game at Air Force this weekend! (Prediction Mississippi State 21 - Air Force 20) As far as recruiting goes, Mississippi has been a bloodbath of a battle for recruits, while Mississippi State has not landed one yet, look out for them sniping wide receiver Nick Rawls (1.5*/5*) from Tennessee. This would be a huge boost to Mississippi State's receiving core and change a lot of their offensive future. Right now with the way current recruits are going, its a high risk, high reward situation for the Bulldogs, if they can pull off their targeted recruits they could land inside the top 15, however, if they don't they could be as far back at 40. Time will tell as the battle wages on. Final SEC West Standing Prediction: 2nd Place Our first new coach lands our third spot in the current SEC West rankings. Jumanji comes in with a lot of experience, and has performed very well with his team thus far. His two losses have come in the first two games of the season, losing a nail biter at Clemson, and at home to Baylor. But Jumanji, turned the ship around, and dominated Texas Tech at home, and then went to Vaught–Hemingway and beat Ole Miss handily. They now look to face Tennessee at home, check out their game this weekend on ESPN! (Prediction Tennessee 28 - Auburn 17) As of right now, Auburn has not landed any commitments yet, however things can surely change this week. Offensive guard, Cyrus Caudill (1*/5*) could be Auburn's next target, a big pickup that could surely build on Auburn's offensive line to provide assistance to their running game. Also look out for a free safety that could be in the eyes of coach Jumanji. As it stands Alabama did not pipeline the state of Alabama. A bold move, yet this will surely benefit Auburn as they now have a clear path to grabbing much needed recruits for their future squads. This Tiger team could land a lot of big players, and I originally put five stars for their class rating, but UAB and USC are currently fighting over Alabama prospects as well, and I think Auburn will wind up with a top 20 recruiting class. Final SEC West Standing Prediction: 4th Place Former coach of the Auburn Tigers, and now current coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks, Artenger has had a great start to Razorback football. Arkansas opened the season with big wins over Western Michigan and Utah State at home. Afterwards the team went on the road in two brutal out of conference games, facing West Virginia and Baylor. Both ended in losses however Artenger quickly kept his team in check coming back and firing on all cylinders as they demolished Kent State. Arkansas is a great team with a lot of potential this year, and they still have to play LSU and Alabama later this year, watch out for upsets in either of those games. As for this weekend, they will be playing their first SEC matchup this year, welcoming the Rebels to their home and hoping to have continued success. (Prediction Ole Miss 13 - Arkansas 28) Arkansas currently has not landed any commitments this year. However watch out for inside linebacker, Kahiau Afamasaga (1*/5*) to commit to Arkansas at any moment now. They also have an all around athlete in their sights, Sam Painter (1*/5*) could also be the next commit to Arkansas, only time will tell! Arkansas' talent recruiters have done quite a great job so far this year, and I look for this team to come away with a solid class. You could expect to see them in the top 25, if not the top 20. Final SEC West Standing Prediction: 5th Place Alabama has been on quite a downward spiral since winning the national championship this past year. However, I do not think they are a weak team at all, perhaps their current ranking of #5 in the SEC West standings is not giving them justice. Coach randye has coached a team that has dominated almost every game they have played in, up until week 4 of this season. In week 4 they lost a close one to a good Maryland team, and then lost a second game against LSU giving them a 3-2 record. If they are to get back into the swing of things it will start by getting a win this weekend at home against Charlotte, grabbing that momentum and carrying it through the rest of the season. (Prediction Charlotte 3 - Alabama 38) As recruiting goes, their plan of pipelining Louisiana has not paid off just yet as they have not landed a prospect. However they seem to be set on grabbing cornerback Jeremy Watson (2.5*/5*), this elite defensive back will no doubt help Alabama's future out. If they manage to land him with a nice offensive piece they could start putting together a great class for 2019. We can expect coach randye to put together another great class at Alabama, perhaps landing top 20, if not top 15. Final SEC West Standing Prediction: 3rd Place Ole Miss comes in at #6 in the SEC West standings, they've had an up and down season so far and that will only continue. Coach vida took over the team last year and has been attempting to stabilize a program that has been in a constant state of flux. Coming into the program, he noticed the recruiting tactics were very off, positions were not being properly filled, a big mess to say the least. This year, would be a rough year for Rebel fans, without a doubt a year to focus on turning around the team mindset. Going into the year they went on the road and beat Northern Illinois, and then beat Florida International at home. They then played Virginia and Auburn at home and lost handily. The results were bitter, but as expected. The program will turn around, and it will become a force in the West, but this year and perhaps the next will not hold that moment. This weekend they travel to play Arkansas, this game will definitely be a fun one to watch out for! (Prediction Ole Miss 13 - Arkansas 28) Ole Miss has started the year recruiting fairly well, grabbing the interest of some excellent athletes, however has not landed a commitment yet. Look out for free safety Patrick Simms (1*/4.5*) to commit to Ole Miss this upcoming weekend. His talents would help us against air attacking offenses and will overall make our defense a little sturdier against the long bombs. Ole Miss like a lot of these other schools has a lot of potential of landing a great class, and the year is still early, but overall they look to have a top 25 class at best. Final SEC West Standing Prediction: 6th Place Texas A&M arrives in our final spot of the rankings. Perhaps not as many expected in College Station, however this year is definitely not over yet. Texas A&M opened the season with the season opener against Texas and put on a great offensive performance, giving them the win over rival Texas. However, the Aggies would struggle playing in four straight road games, and losing all four. First, playing Virginia Tech and then Virginia. Afterwards, they played a close one against Mississippi State, and then finally last week, we saw them struggle to put points on the board against a solid North Carolina team. The Aggies can only trend up from here, and new SEC West coach, sleuthofbears is the right guy for the job. With his experience, they will look to go into the bye week and strategize how to play their back end of the schedule, and it will all start with Auburn. The good news for A&M is that sleuth has already landed some top talent from the state of Texas. Wide receiver Bobby Frazier (1*/4.5*) will surely help their passing game and offensive tackle Jared Strauss (1*/5*) will boost these Aggie's offensive line. Free safety Curtis Hunter (1.5*/4*) could be the next pickup for the Aggies, whether or not he commits, we will have to wait for, but the Aggies seem confident going forward that they will be an SEC West powerhouse yet again. This year we can expect to see Texas A&M coming away with a very talented class. Expect seeing them breaking into the top 10 of classes from 2019. Final SEC West Standing Prediction: 7th Place Check Out Last Year's Power Rankings. Oh yeah, and do you wonder what the playoff would look like if they ended at this second? Check it out.