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  1. ajyoungmark

    Penn State Nittany Lions Thread

    Eh not yet. We did not look prepared at all though. The offense needs some serious work.
  2. ajyoungmark

    [2022] ACC Power Rankings: Week 2

    Me at the presser:
  3. ajyoungmark

    Penn State Nittany Lions Thread

    Our offense has been disappointing in Big Ten play and that continued today. We can't run it consistently vs good teams and our WRs have been lousy. Defense looked solid today, All of TDs came in short field scenarios IIRC. Iowa's TE killed us in the pass game. Special Teams was a disaster out of the gate but Pinegar got some confidence back and Blake hit some nice punts later in the game. We need our offense to show up next week or we could be in for a long one. As long as we have #9 under center we will always have a chance. And yep I think it was just a sprain, should be good to go vs Michigan.
  4. ajyoungmark

    [2022] Week #2 - TNF

    It’s their redshirt freshman year.
  5. ajyoungmark

    [2022] Rookie Mini-Camps

    Rams will send: RB Daveed Knox 5-11 202 R Illinois [Speed] 79 K Sam Walsh 6-4 203 R California [Power] 82 FS Richard Madison 6-1 217 R Notre Dame [Man Coverage] 76 DE Leon Maimoana 5-10 265 R California [Blitz] 70 CB Jonathan McAfee 5-9 200 R Nebraska [Man Coverage] 72 OG Mendy Pace 6-2 287 R ECU [Run Blocking] 72 QB Ahmed Jarvis 5-11 223 R Wisconsin [Pocket] 77 TE Avery Pressley 6-3 229 R Florida [Blocking] 71 WR John O'Donnell-Beavers 6-4 204 R Stanford [Target] 67
  6. ajyoungmark

    Daily Discussions: Your dream job?

    Penn State Current Student and EQ Manager Fan of Team for my whole life.
  7. ajyoungmark

    [Issue] Particular Forum Access

    Could I be removed from the Bengals Forum?
  8. ajyoungmark

    Who do you support?

  9. If anyone is looking for a scout or HC for NFLHC I am looking to get back into it.

    1. Jamarquan


      Did you talk to Lucas?

    2. ajyoungmark


      Yes, Thanks.

  10. ajyoungmark

    [2021] Week #7 - Saturday Morning

    He was hurt a few weeks ago and was not in my depth chart for this week. He was ruled out until week 10.
  11. "Our student athletes must be held to the highest standards on and off the field. Bill and Kenneth did not meet our standards and they will be punished accordingly." -HC ajyoungmark Later in the week rumors started going around saying that the two individuals will be given 1 game suspensions. Head coach ajyoungmark confirmed this saying, "At Miami we do not take incidents like this lightly. Lindsey and Riddle will both be held out of our season opener against Boise State."
  12. ajyoungmark

    [2021] Preseason All ACC Team

    Great job! Hoping to see some more canes on the list by the end of the year. Patrick Everett and Akiem Pryor could have big years.
  13. ajyoungmark

    Poster Before You Game

    Boise State UCF at Boston College North Carolina at Virginia Tech at Akron Florida State Duke at Georgia Tech Pittsburgh at California at Virginia
  14. The Miami Hurricanes start the 2021 Football season looking to rebound off of a disappointing season in 2020. The Canes ended with a 3-9 record and finished 5th in the ACC Coastal. But there is hope on the Coral Gables campus. Over the last two years, the Canes have managed to land back to back top 30 recruiting classes and this past year landed the second-best class in the country. With this influx of talent coach ajyoungmark and the Hurricanes are looking to see a much-improved product on the field. 2021 Outlook Boise State L UCF L @ Boston College L North Carolina W @ Virginia Tech L @ Akron W Florida State L Duke L @ Georgia Tech W Pittsburgh L @ California L @ Virginia L Getting to a bowl game with this roster would be considered a significant victory for coach ajyoungmark and his staff. But due to the strength of schedule and the lack of experience, we believe that the Canes will finish 3-9 for the third straight year. With a lack of NFLHC talent on the roster, the Canes will struggle against many teams on their schedule. Players to Watch Offense RB Ronnie Peterson As a redshirt sophomore last season JUCO transfer Ronnie Peterson proved to be one of the best backs in the ACC. The Chabot College product rushed for 1245 yards on 300 carries and hit paydirt 13 times. Peterson was a workhorse back for the struggling Hurricanes offense and found success even while being the focus of opposing defenses. Peterson hopes to build on his performance last season behind an improved offensive line and establish himself as the premier back in the ACC. WR Joaquin Bond The redshirt freshman has yet to see the field, but he has created buzz for himself over the offseason. Bond has been showing off his strong hands and his physical style of play throughout camp, and many believe that he will be one of the starters at wideout this fall. Due to his 6-1 231-pound frame Bond is known for his ability to make catches over the middle. He will hope to be one of quarterback Jason Ledford's primary targets this fall. Defense ILB Patrick Everett Everett was the teams leading tackler as a redshirt freshman last season. He finished with 47 tackles and made seven appearances in the stat sheet. Over the offseason, Everett has focused on improving as a playmaker on defense. Look for the Olympic Heights product to force more turnovers this season and become more reliable in pass coverage. With an exceptional sophomore campaign, Everett will be seen as one of the best linebackers in the ACC. ATH Akiem Pryor Pryor is a redshirt freshman and has shown flashes of excellence at corner this offseason. Pryor has been excellent in zone coverage since his high school days but to make strides as a corner; he needs to focus on his man coverage abilities. His physical style of play allows him to handle bigger receivers and excel at bringing down ball carriers. Look for Pryor to have ups and downs in coverage this year but expect him to be reliable in run support as a corner.
  15. I am still interested in joining an NFLHC team. I would be open to being a scout or a HC if anyone is interested.