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  1. Mercy Killing Bengals end year with a 6 game losing streak after loss to Ravens
  2. I believe Penn State claims this too.
  3. Bye Bye Bengals Playoff chances are dwindling as Bengals lose to Steelers 41-17. Steelers WR Sam Jolley celebrates 26-yard Touchdown vs the Bengals on Sunday.
  4. And the Saints Go Marching In! Saints Dominate the porous Bengals defense to win 45-37
  5. 0-12 is very real for me this year.
  6. FAKE NEWS! Bengals owner Trey_Chaffin responds to criticism from Dolphins owner smckenz3. Bengals defeated Dolphins 27-24 over the weekend. "What smckenz3 is saying is fake news. Rather than complaining about the field conditions he should work on winning games because the Dolphins just don't win anymore."- Bengals owner Trey_Chaffin
  7. Monday Night Meltdown Joel King's lackluster performance limits Bengals in the loss to the Jags.
  8. PSU I know that it will never be available to me on the site but that would be the one that I'd want. I have thought about leaving Miami the last few years but I want to continue the rebuild here. (I also love crooting in Flordia)
  9. Please note that the results are from a blind poll. No user names were displayed on the poll, only the achievements and accolades for each coach were. This is not my interpretation of the data these are the results from the poll. http://ftw.usatoday.com.v53n.clonezone.link/cfbhc-top-10
  10. gg, Clearly Overmatched.
  11. If in the notes section that you mentioned you could add what happens if there is a potential game-winning drive or something like that then I think the proposed one is perfect.
  12. Sweet Revenge Jank's 2 TDs Leads Bengals over Bucs Adrian Jankowski WR: 8 catches for 110 yards, 2 TD
  13. Miami depth chart is updated
  14. I was brain storming about this last week and I thought that we could use a pipeline state type of system in order to not make the instate bonus so tough to overcome. First we would start by saying that each state is worth a certain amount of Pipeline points (Which could vary from year to year). So Texas and Florida would be like 20 points and states like Vermont or Wyoming could be as little as 1 point. Then each year every team gets a certain amount of pipeline points (Based on team success) to add different states to their pipeline. Then you could get a small bonus on each recruit that is in your pipeline state. This would allow teams that are in states with a smaller # of recruits to get guys that are out of state.
  15. Bengals at the Buzzer Nielsen's last second kick carries Bengals to Win. Adrian Jankowski: 119 yds. 1 TD