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  1. Due to personal issues that are nobody's business, I will resign this team, effectively immediately. Have fun everyone, this site is a hoot!
  2. Honestly SMU, I agree with you 100%, I don't think that my squad will get into unless we won like 8 total. And I totally agree that I had a pretty lax first 3 opponents. I got exited when we were only down 24-21 after 3 quarters to Houston and my QB BOlton threw two picks in the 4rth quarter. Honestly, I may not win another game all year but you can'y ever say that I don't lobby for my troops, lol, right?
  3. What are your thoughts about Tulsa? I am cool with not being on the Bowl list for now, but we have 3 wins and only need 3 conference wins to make 6, lol. Not saying that I will get 3 conference wins.
  4. We think that this game gives us the confidence that we can at least be competitive with them. We really need to shore up our defense, and we know that, but I think that holding Houston to mid-30s is not too bad. Right now, w see ourselves as middle of the pack, but we are hoping to build off the experience today and learn from it.
  5. I think that we did well against our non-conference opponents, like any good team should do. As far as today, we were beaten by a better team, no bones about it. I think we played well and I think Bolton is as good as King head-to-head, but the rest of their team is better than us right now. We need to regroup and get some conference wins and reach our goal of a bowl game.
  6. "We really think we proved that we belong with the big boys of the AAC. We held our own against the best team in the Conference for 3 quarters. We thought our offense played well, but we understand the holes in or defense, but King looks good against more teams than just us." Now taking questions....
  7. Yeah, 17 of 33 for Nesbit is kinda surprising.
  8. Coach, this is "Kip Pressley" of Tulsa Area Sports Weekly. With King having the reputation for lighting people up, how were you guys able to stay ahead of their high powered offense? I don't think anyone had K-State as a favorite and yet you pulled off a huge win. Is this a sign of things to come or is Houston Possibly a little weaker than we thought?
  9. At 42-14 even, this game should have been a huge blow-out. We let them get back into the game on our inability to cover their targets in the hurry-up. I think our defense was gassed and it showed. We had no pass rush in the 4th quarter. Also, I think the game ball will go to Bolton, with Hammands a close 2nd. But Bolton had no picks today, which is just as important as lots of yards and touchdowns.
  10. I think that is definitely going to be addressd. We possibly need to make a change at special teams coaching staff. This game should not have been only a 10 point final.
  11. I think that a lot of those yards were 4rth quarter yards that they got during hurry-up but the point remains that we gotta clamp down hard on our defense. Great question sir. When you know they gotta throw and you still can't stop it then there is a problem.
  12. "We thought that we needed a lot less than 550 yards to get a win today, but we are glad our offense put that many yards up. We are disappointed that we gave up far too many touchdowns in the 4rth quarter to make the score much closer than the game actually was, but in the end a W is a W. We know we gotta clamp down on defense next week against Houston and not give up the long plays that we gave up today. We thought Bolton played well today with 380 yards and we also had 180 yards rushing. Can't complain about that kind of balance on offense". We will now open the floor to questions.
  13. Tulsa wins again. Quietly having an okay year so far.
  14. Best of luck to all the AAC this week! Tulsa will be watching with great interest.
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