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  1. To those who didn't vote for me, you're so full of: S ugar H oney I ce and T ea
  2. Big Ten: 59 (-5)FCS: 114 (+5)MWC: 71
  3. Hi, working on this now. Had to go to the doctor over a two-day anxiety attack and haven’t had much time to sit down. So sorry for the delay.
  4. Been struggling a lot recently and it's starting to affect my performance both on the site and outside of here. I've had a lot of difficulty dealing with hard dips in my mood and it leads to me turtling up and shutting everyone out, and it's unhealthy to both me and everyone that tries to get me through it. These spirals have become more and more common and they get more and more dangerous and it's gotten to a point where I'm at a breaking point regarding it. I'll be seeing a psychiatrist soon to get a proper diagnosis (I've never felt that my bipolar diagnosis from years ago covered everything) and I'll start going to therapy again in hopes of improving myself. I really need support through this because I can't do this alone anymore; this really feels like a make or break time for me and I'm so afraid that I'm not going to make it through this. I'm really sorry to anyone that's been affected by my extreme shifts before. I promise I'm trying to work on it and I promise that I'm doing my best.
  5. Can start this tonight/tomorrow at the earliest. Have a prior accommodation to make (due tonight at 9pm EST) but I'll be on it as soon as I can following that
  6. Big Ten: 84 (-5)FCS: 109 (+5)MWC: 51
  7. Big Ten: 79FCS: 69 (+5/nice)MWC: 74PAC-12: 22 (-5)
  8. Not necessarily here to continue the Toledo bashing, but do you think a Toledo team that was ranked 12th in the Pre-Season AP Poll (source) and 9th in the Pre-Season Coaches Poll (source) during the primed #Toledo2021 year only to finish outside of the MAC Championship Game and with an Alabama Bowl victory over newly-formed ULL would be considered a success story?
  9. Miss you already man. Rome got himself the best possible option for GM and that team is going to be dangerous in a year or two. Best of luck and kill it over there in the AFC!
  10. This has to be Toledo right? For as much as they've been self-hyped, having just one 10-win season and failing to come close to #Toledo2021, as well as making just one MAC Championship Game appearance (an upset loss to Ohio), you would think they would have something to show for it. It's not really piling on death but it's clear that his Toledo teams never achieved and now their window might finally be shut, as has death's Toledo career.
  11. Big 12: 24 (-5) Big Ten: 58 FCS: 64 (+5) MWC: 59  PAC-12: 39
  12. Bring Me The Horizon // sugar honey ice & tea
  13. If we're going by canonical CFBHCVisions, this is easily my best result. I wasn't even sure that this was gonna be the song I submitted from the new album but hey it worked!
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