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  1. Damn, Vandy came back with a vengeance. As did Gabby Shields, but he wasn't quite as effective despite getting that win over Toledo.
  2. Please bring back Artenger's voice of gold. I still miss it tbh Coolio was also pretty dope. I have no idea why he disappeared out of nowhere but he did and it made a few of us a bit disappointed. He was so excited about the sim too Shoutouts to ethan_agan. I was only one for like a month or two before his unfortunate situation happened, but he was a cool dude. I along with a few others hope he's doing okay and that his situation has improved.
  3. Alongside other conferences, I'll be keeping the ACC Statbook for the 2020 season. If you are a member of the conference and would like to help with this, please shoot me a DM and I can give you permissions. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ovW2QXOuryYSKRdBNAKpvYxrIxbOKZTwP3qugSxLjpg/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Damn, it hurts way more when it goes to OT. gg Jacobs, best of luck moving forward 0-2 against Michigan, still 0-x against ranked teams. I'll get it one day
  5. Joining NFLHC. For real though, the heart attacks I gave myself in my first season at CMU were a result of the Buffalo and EMU games. Nearly identical situations in back-to-back games. Go all-in on the run against Mamadou Wynn and Mark Macleod only to lose the game to two pretty bad QBs. I almost missed out on a bowl game because of those games and doing the opposite against Manny Fields and WMU. Tl;dr teams with good running backs can still throw the ball
  6. Tulsa is really really bad. And Buffalo is kinda good
  7. SMU yes (#12), UCF no
  8. Trouble in N-0-LA Saints struggle to find answers as last remaining winless team, lose 21-14 in Minnesota.
  9. Me rn: :^)
  10. Why isn't [insert meme QB here] the greatest QB of all time omg? Seriously though, I think the Brooksheer-Brown battle for best all-time can be hotly debated for hours on end. They're two of the greatest to ever toss the pigskin, and they were absolutely incredible in their own separate ways. As a newer user, I love seeing this because it allows me to immerse myself in some history before I arrived. Keep up the great media, Franz!
  11. YE is making the dopest media possible because, like his teeth that just got removed, he is wise :^)
  12. Fire up Chips?
  13. Who's this Jim?
  14. Air Force has a player at every position sans center, fullback, and cornerback. The conference is literally just Air Force.
  15. C Brandon Pederson 6-2 267 Fr Mitchell-Baker (Camilla GA) 1.0 of 1.0 [Pass Blocking]

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