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  1. Seems to me that his chances of starting next week have been....fried
  2. It's not that Brady is bad per se. There are other big flaws contributing to his rough season. Hopefully we can get those sorted out quickly
  3. I call running up the score so fuk u ggs mang. Can't wait for next season!
  4. Shoutouts to Curtis Henry. From Utah State semi-unknown to almost certainly breaking an NFLHC record in his first season
  5. Can't do it like that bb. Gotta have some numbers! Going into this final week, Aaron Devereaux is: 1st in NFLHC in passing yards T-2nd in NFLHC in passing TDs 3rd in NFLHC in completions and attempts 7th among NFLHC QBs in passer rating Doing all this behind a patchwork O-Line (two injuries to starters) Sean Jenkins is: T-9th in NFLHC in receptions 2nd in the NFC in receiving yards (3rd NFLHC) leading the NFC in receiving TDs (T-3rd NFLHC) 5th in NFLHC in receiving yards per game Sterling Brown is: 1st among NFC running backs in rushing TDs 6th among NFC running backs in rushing yards only 8th among NFC running backs in attempts
  6. Bumping this for future use. Updated through Week 9 Sat. Evening. Let me know if you find any errors!
  7. Nevada may not have nearly as good as they were last year, but they still have some fantastic players. Way better than the record suggests tbh
  8. Coming On Strong Saints pick up another win in a late season surge, toppling the Washington franchise 35-17.
  9. Shoutouts to @HAFFnHAFF and @ZackTyzwyz for making shit happen. Never would've expected K-State to be a win away from a bowl game and Utah State to not look like utter garbage. They're doing a hell of a job this year!
  10. Congrats! You are hired for the head coaching job of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets! First, go here and create an account with the exact same username you have on CFBHC. After you sign up, you'll see a big blue box that says: "Need a team? Click here to request a new team" Click on the 2nd part and request Georgia Tech. Secondly, go here and POLITELY request to have Georgia Tech's avatar applied to your team. And finally, head on over to the current season's depth chart thread (we're in 2020) and create a depth chart using the roster found on your team page. Best of luck, and feel free to use the shoutbox for any questions you might have. Feel free to PM me as well if you have any questions. Welcome to the best damn conference in the land!
  11. gg Skins tfw we're gonna be picking around the same spot as last year despite having arguably a far worse team
  12. This should be the typical rivalry we get on here, not the one we've had of recent years. Nice to see both of them back to where they belong.
  13. Almost there buddy. Almost there
  14. Oh hell yes. The more NC the better.
  15. @darkage I've gone from disliking sim Akron to absolutely loving the job you've done with them. Keep up the work man!