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  1. ImposterCauster

    [2022] Week #12 - MNF

    very good game Falcons. Your defense keeps frustrating me so we’re really happy to come into Atlanta and escape with a very important divisional win. What are you plotting over there Mr. Dockery?
  2. ImposterCauster

    [2022] Week #12 - Saturday Evening

    Should mention that Clemson has clinched the Atlantic with this victory. Congrats Emp
  3. ImposterCauster

    [2022] Week #12 - Saturday Morning

    I don't really know how I can keep winning with an offense that has scored more than 30 points in a game once all year, but the defense has been absolutely phenomenal by my standards. ggs @deandean1998. Looks like we're even now in the head-to-head. Third time NC State has achieved bowl eligibility, coinciding with my third 6-win season as a coach. With games against Wake and UNC to close the season after next week's visit to Tallahassee, I think there's a reasonable chance I could get my best-ever season as a coach (6-7 twice, one with CMU and one with NCSU). This also marks NC State's first-ever victory over Boston College! The Eagles had outscored the Pack 325-106 in nine previous meetings. Jasiah Raji becomes NC State's second-ever 2,000-yard career receiver (Jim Umenyiora). Keith Harley (3,916 yards) is now less than a hundred rushing yards from becoming NC State's first ever 4,000-yard career rusher. Jabari Scott now has a pick in four consecutive games. Everything is up and down, especially here. Lots of stuff is happening both here and out in the real world, but it's the little victories that keep me going.
  4. ImposterCauster

    [2022] Week #11 CFBHC Takeaways

    I'd argue we were really overrated going into the game and we just had a good defensive game tbh. Still a good win because they haven't been challenged that much but it's hard to see it as more than a grind-it-out win over a team they should've beaten by more Time for the ACC Edition for the week though. 1. Duke went into Blacksburg and destroyed a Virginia Tech team that had been playing solid football, all but locking up the division for the second year in a row. The win itself wasn't as surprising so much as the nature of the win, and it serves as a very important reminder that the Blue Devils will be fighting to defend their title. 2. Honestly refer to ace's post about BT. I promise this isn't a Duke glow-up post but what BT did to a defense that had been very solid entering this week was pretty solid, and it's a performance that earns some merit in the Heisman race. 3. Same story as always, though BT gains ground on AW3 and the leader in TMac with his efficient and deadly showing against the Hokies. AW3 didn't do any harm against the Pack and leading his team to a come-from-behind win is very impressive, but it's not one of his brightest games. Pretty convinced it will be one of these three quarterbacks at this point. 4. Really hard to argue Clemson-NC State. It's not often that Clemson falls behind, and it's not often that NC State leads against a ranked team. Impressive defensive showing from the Pack and and even more impressive comeback from the Clemson offense. 5. The only upset was pretty notable for the bowl picture. Syracuse went into Louisville and upended the Cardinals. Louisville's bowl chances take a hit despite their win over NC State last week whereas the Orange gain a bit of momentum in trying to keep their bowl hopes alive. As for the title game question, it's really hard to call because there feels like there's 5 teams with very good chances to make it there, let alone win it. To me it feels like the Iron Bowl winner will play one of Clemson/TCU, but definitely don't discount Michigan right now. I'll place my odds on Auburn-TCU and it's going to be a shitfest.
  5. 11 CBs over 80+ this draft? New Orleans is a very happy place.
  6. With the Wolfpack currently in the midst of their 3rd-best season ever as a program, I thought I'd shine a light on a few behind the scenes actions for the players that are making this season possible. A few players have been making breakthroughs, with a select few either chasing a few records or even having already broken a few this season. These players might not ever get a second look on the national level, so I personally would love to make sure that their accomplishments this season and through their careers don't go unnoticed - and to keep it interesting I'll throw in their chances of surpassing the school records they are chasing. QB Jacob Eubanks 5-11 236 (Sr) Trinity (Trinity, NC) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pocket] Single-Season Touchdowns Current Total: 13 TD Personal Best: 21 TD (2021) On Pace For: 20 TD School Record: 24 TD (Donald Caldwell - 2016) Likelihood: Slight. With games against Boston College and Florida State upcoming, Eubanks might struggle to find the endzone as much as he has earlier in the season, but he's yet to have a game without a TD pass and averages 1.625 touchdown passes per game. The catch here is that Wake Forest and North Carolina make up the rear of the schedule, giving Eubanks potentially two stat-padding games. Eubanks isn't a world beater by any stretch of the imagination, but he currently stands third in career passing yards behind Caldwell and Blake Fry and has already jumped Fry in career passing touchdowns. His stability and consistency at the quarterback position has kept the passing game afloat - something that was sorely missed in the years following Caldwell's departure from the program. With only two seasons under his belt, he won't come close to touching Caldwell's other records (8,396 passing yards is nearly twice as much as Fry's 4,854 and Eubanks' 4,234 yards), but he'll likely go down as the second-best quarterback in program history. Not a high bar given the other options, but a bar nonetheless. RB Keith Harley 5-6 200 Sr Shenandoah Valley (Shenandoah, PA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Speed] Career Rushing Yards Current Total: 3,805 yards On Pace For: 4,143 yards School Record: 3,229 yards (Jeff Collett) Likelihood: MET. Having the most starts of any Wolfpack running back helps, but the record came in Harley's 39th start for the program in the win against East Carolina this season (Collett started 40 games for the Pack). The goal for Harley now is to become NC State's first-ever 4,000-yard career rusher, and with 195 yards to go and four, potentially five, games let on the schedule, this seems all but achievable for the Pennsylvania native. Harley averages roughly 85 yards per game, so look for the milestone to be hit against either of NC State's in-state rivals. Career Rushing Touchdowns Current Total: 30 TD On Pace For: 33 TD School Record: 40 TD (Jeff Collett) Likelihood: Unlikely. Whereas Harley has been able to drive up his yardage total, he has a history of struggling in the scoring department, averaging two touchdowns per three-game stretch (2/3 a TD per game). The remaining schedule won't factor in too much as Harley has only ever scored multiple times in a game on three occasions (2020 Louisville, 2021 W. Forest, 2022 E. Carolina). Expect Harley to end his career at 35 or so touchdowns, good enough to secure his second-best mark in program history. You can argue that Harley will be the player attached to my name as a coach for the coming years. Harley and I arrived on campus at the same time, and I made the bold move of starting him as a true freshman. Funnily enough, that was his best season (1,108 yards and 9 TDs) up until now (on pace for 1,133 yards and 12 TD), but he's been the rock that this offense has needed. He's no Marshawn Matthison - a player that sits in third for both career yards and touchdowns with only two seasons to his name - but he's been more than serviceable and a huge help in bringing this program back. DE Jamari Lloyd 6-1 250 (So) North Central (Kershaw SC) 3.0 of 4.0 [Blitz] Single-Season Sacks Current Total: 5.0 sacks (T-5th) Personal Best: 6.0 sacks (2021) On Pace For: 7.5 sacks School Record: 8.0 sacks (Isaac Holley - 2019) Likelihood: Major. Lloyd has been very hit and miss this season, starting off strong before fading in this bit of a dull stretch for the Pack. As it stands, Lloyd is on pace to finish half a sack behind the record, but 3 sacks in a stretch against Boston College, Florida State, Wake Forest, and North Carolina does not seem that far-fetched if Lloyd is on his game. Career Sacks Current Total: 11.0 sacks (2nd) On Pace For: 27.0 sacks School Record: 9.5 sacks (Isaac Holley) Likelihood: MET....with a catch. Lloyd is arguably the most productive defense end to ever play a down for North Carolina State, and he's only a sophomore. The fact that he's already broken the record speaks more to how disastrous the program has been historically in the pass rush, but it should also be a testament to the work ethic and ability that Lloyd brings to the team. Lloyd broke the record himself with his 10th career sack in the win over Georgia Tech in Atlanta, and he's on pace to absolutely shatter Holley's two-season mark. So what's the catch? DE Kameron Blackman 5-11 242 (Jr) Suitland (Heights, MD) 3.0 of 3.0 [Blitz] Career Sacks Current Total: 12.0 sacks (1st) On Pace For: 18.0 sacks School Record: 9.5 sacks (Isaac Holley) Likelihood: MET. The catch is that the player lined up on the opposite side of the line has been battling Lloyd for the record all season. Blackman, like Lloyd, has gotten the benefit of playing since a freshman, but his performances have exceeded that of pro defensive end and alumnus Kenneth Stanford. Lloyd has an extra year of eligibility if he chooses to stay for his senior season after next season, so chances are he'll hold the record when both collegiate careers are all said and done, but the fact that Blackman has been productive enough to be the school's first player with double-digit sacks speaks to the incredible skill of the unheralded defensive end. Blackman is about double of everything you could ever ask from a player of his potential. He's undersized and lacks the biting edge of a ton of players with careers at the next level, but his heart has never been in question and the work he puts in week in and week out shows on the field 100% of the time. Lloyd has been great off the edge in his two short seasons with the program and I assume that he'll only continue to rise as more talent comes into the team. Both have been treats to coach so far and I'm glad I get at least one more year for the two of them. CB Julian Revis 5-10 172 (Jr) South Brunswick (Southport, NC) 3.0 of 3.0 [Man Coverage] Single-Season Interceptions Current Total: 3 interceptions (T-6th) Personal Best: 5 interceptions (2021) On Pace For: 5 interceptions School Record: 5 interceptions (Jose Stewart - 2019, Kamari Cheatham - 2021, Julian Revis - 2021) Likelihood: Slight. Revis has appeared in three games this season, and he picked up an interception in each of those. Most of the picks tend to go to Jabari Scott (more on this later), and even though Revis has a good track record of picking the ball off, it'll be hard to see him grabbing another two in the coming month of games. Career Interceptions Current Total: 8 interceptions (3rd) On Pace For: 13 interceptions School Record: 9 interceptions (Sammy Pace, Kamari Cheatham) Likelihood: All but Guaranteed. There's potential for Revis to break this record this season, not to mention the fact that he'll have another entire season to break the record as the top corner on the roster. It'd be unlikely for a player that averages just over three interceptions a year to not pick up two more in the next sixteen games. Pencil this down as a sure thing; the only question is if he'll break the record this season or in his farewell season. FS Jabari Scott 6-0 209 Jr Hertford County (Ahoskie NC) 5.0 of 5.0 [Man Coverage] Single-Season Interceptions Current Total: 4 interceptions (T-4th) Personal Best: 4 interceptions (2022) On Pace For: 6 interceptions School Record: 5 interceptions (Jose Stewart - 2019, Kamari Cheatham - 2021, Julian Revis - 2021) Likelihood: Doable. The beginning of this season seemed to tell the story of Scott's previous two years with the Pack - little impact with only tackles and a pair of deflections to show. Then the Missouri game happened, and Scott got his first career interception. Then he picked off Josh Beckett. Then followed Nick Carr. Last week he got on the end of an AW3 pass. Scott has four interceptions in his last five, with run-based Syracuse being the sole team to avoid throwing it into the hands of the hungry prospect. That's a very scary stretch that could be extended against the woeful Boston College passing game. Career Interceptions Current Total: 4 interceptions (T-5th) On Pace For: 8 interceptions School Record: 9 interceptions (Sammy Pace, Kamari Cheatham) Likelihood: Slight. If Scott keeps on his tear then this might be like a hot knife cutting through butter, but only if he chooses to stay for his senior season. As it stands though, his current pace accounts for the previous two seasons of not being able to nab an interception, but as the premier highlight of this secondary, he's been relied on more than ever and boy has he delivered. Realistically his pace this season should continue with the level of quarterback play in the ACC still in a bit of a swoon. It's no Revis Island, but Julian Revis has shown consistently that he can disrupt routes and get in front of the receiver. Our defenses have never been lights out, but Revis has started on two of the top three teams in program history when it comes to forcing turnovers, including last season's program-best twelve turnovers. Revis accounts for 36% of the team's total turnovers forced over the past two seasons, and I'm fortunate enough to have a player that outperforms his expectations with every passing week. Scott is finally finding the form that I've expected from him since day one, but there's no questioning that his presence in the backfield alone has made an impact on our defense - the past two seasons (2021 and 2022) have seen the average passing yards allowed total fall to their lowest points since the 2016 season. Personally, I'm praying he sticks around for his senior season because we have so much unfinished business, but he's more than talented enough to be a hit in the big leagues. WR Jasiah Raji 6-5 207 (Sr) Manchester (Midlothian, VA) 3.0 of 3.0 [Target] Career Receiving Yards Current Total: 1,970 yards (2nd) On Pace For: 2,202 yards School Record: 2,668 yards (Jim Umenyiora) Likelihood: Near Impossible. Raji has surprisingly passed his mentor before him in Omari Ruff, but now he's taking aim at the school record set by the legendary Jimmy Umenyiora, and he's doing it as a WR2! Raji takes advantage of middling and much shorter cornerbacks opposing him, making for a great target for Eubanks and normally making a massive impact with every game. The only reason this isn't really possible is because he has to make up 698 yards in four games - for reference, the last receiver to pick up that number of yards in a full season was Marion Sims in 2016. On the bright side, Raji will become the second-ever 2,000-yard receiver in program history with just 30 more yards. Career Touchdowns Current Total: 18 touchdowns (2nd) On Pace For: 21 touchdowns School Record: 26 touchdowns (Jim Umenyiora) Likelihood: Near Impossible. Another Jimmy U record that seems far out of reach for the 6-5 receiver. Raji would have to pick up eight more scores in the last quarter of the season; the only receiver to get eight or more touchdowns in a full season was Umenyiora himself back in 2015, although three receivers, including teammates Felix Browning and Dwayne Lawton, have gotten seven. This is more just a testament to Raji's contribution to the program than him actually breaking any records - to be able to outperform the likes of Ruff, Sims, and Mike Miller without a chance of playing at the next level speaks to the dedication that Raji has shown in his four years of playing. WR Felix Browning 6-0 156 Jr Trinity (Trinity NC) 3.5 of 4.5 [Speed] Career Receiving Yards Current Total: 1,531 yards (3rd) On Pace For: 2,391 yards School Record: 2,668 yards (Jim Umenyiora) Likelihood: Doable. A big theme with the players breaking records isn't a show of explosiveness, but rather a consistent and gradual performance week in and week out. This is exemplified by Browning, a receiver with a grand total of one game of 100+ yards receiving (2022 Oregon State). Umenyiora's mark is a tall mark to top at this pace, but coming within 300 yards of the record at this current pace is astonishing, though this is ruling out the potential for a breakout senior season under a new quarterback. Career Receiving TDs Current Total: 15 touchdowns (3rd) On Pace For: 24 touchdowns School Record: 26 touchdowns (Jim Umenyiora) Likelihood: Slightly More Doable. A lot of the same from the last paragraph applies here. Browning resembles Ruff in that he's more about accumulating yardage than being a scoring threat, though he has easily surpassed Ruff in both categories. Browning is on pace for eight touchdowns this season (which would be second-best in school history), and having seven scores from the year before should show that nabbing eight to ten more scores in his presume senior season should be more than doable for the Trinity product. Was there a real point to this small article? Not really, but it's been a while since I've turned my focus on what my team has been doing, so I figured I'd shine the light on a few players that have been very important to the team's building process. Not everyone here will see action at the next level - honestly only four players on this entire team have that kind of potential right now - but seeing the smaller guys step it up and be absolutely forces on the field has made me a proud coach, especially this season. Sometimes I take this position for granted, but it really is an honor being the head man for the Pack. Sources for the article can be found here: NC State Record Book (still under revision but complete enough towards the bottom) NC State All-Time Statsheet
  7. ImposterCauster

    [2022] Week #11 - MNF

    Can't the Pipe leave the Titans alone for one week?
  8. ImposterCauster

    [2022] Imposter's Bowl Projections: Post-Week 11

    this is the one G5 match-up I would project over and over again until it no longer appeared to be the marquee G5 bowl game. both teams are having stellar seasons and don't seem to be slowing down any time soon. it's easily one of my favorite match-ups on this list period.
  9. ImposterCauster

    [2022] Imposter's Bowl Projections: Post-Week 11

    Can we don't? In all honesty though I think it'd be a fun match up. Lombardi has been balling and though our corners haven't been great, Jabari Scott has really stepped up in the secondary this year. Throw in a fair pass-rush with Jamari Lloyd and Manny McDermott and it could be a fairly interesting bout.
  10. With five weeks remaining in the regular season, in addition to the conference championship slate, it's due time to start thinking about which teams will fall just short of the postseason, which teams will slip through the back door into their own week-long football frenzy, and which teams will be destined for a shot at the summit of college football. Here I'll try to outline the teams with the likeliest shots at making the 8-team College Football playoffs as well as the probably destinations for every other team I personally project to make the field. A few notes before we kick off: All of these projections are subjective. If you disagree with a match-up or a destination or a team in the playoff field, feel free to state your thoughts in the replies. This is simply how I see the season playing out, which of course will change when I release the next set of these. The Group of Five is easily the hardest to project since they, unlike the Power 5 conferences, don't have their pecking order as, well, a pecking order. These will vary wildly until the official list is out. Projections are done in a spreadsheet that tracks every game for every team on every week. This also includes a subjective poll to account for the new changes to the playoffs. And finally, I'd like to give a thanks to Bad Online Football Amateurs, or BOFA, for sponsoring me to write this article. BOFA, as the premier media outlet in the country, aims to bring quality, accurate, and discussion-provoking media to the masses. Our first stop is a look at the playoffs picture. While I can't account for the behind-the-scenes computer polls, I can get a general idea of how the Top 8 will shape out at the end of the season. Therefore, here's how my current Top 8 pans out. Quarterfinal #1 (New Orleans, LA) Playoff #1 (Conf. Champ) vs. Playoff #8 (At-Large) Clemson Tigers (Proj. 13-0, 1st ACC) vs. Penn State Nittany Lions (Proj. 11-1, 3rd Big Ten) Clemson: ACC Champ, lone P5 unbeaten, wins on Duke and Mississippi State, #1 team in poll entering the CCGs Penn State: lone loss to Michigan, wins on Ohio State, Michigan State, and Pittsburgh, #11 team entering the CCGs Quarterfinal #2 (Miami Gardens, FL) Playoff #2 (Conf. Champ) vs. Playoff #7 (At-Large) Auburn Tigers (Proj. 12-1, 1st SEC) vs. Oregon Ducks (Proj. 12-1, 1st PAC) Auburn: SEC Champ, wins on Alabama, Texas A&M, Georgia (x2), and TCU, #2 team entering the CCGs Oregon: Pac-12 Champ, lone loss to Texas A&M, wins on USC (x2), Washington, and Stanford, #9 team entering the CCGs Quarterfinal #3 (Arlington, TX) Playoff #3 (Conf. Champ) vs. Playoff #6 (At-Large) TCU Horned Frogs (Proj. 12-1, 1st Big 12) vs. Alabama Crimson Tide (Proj. 11-1, 2nd SEC) TCU: Big 12 Champ, lone loss to Auburn, wins on Oklahoma (x2), Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech, #3 team entering the CCGs Alabama: lone loss to Auburn, wins on Texas A&M, Mississippi State, and Michigan, #5 team entering the CCGs Quarterfinal #4 (Glendale, AZ) Playoff #4 (At-Large) vs. Playoff #5 (At-Large) Michigan Wolverines (Proj. 12-1, 1st Big Ten) vs. San Diego State Aztecs (Proj. 13-0, 1st MWC) Michigan: Big 10 Champ, lone loss to Alabama, wins on Penn State, Ohio State, and Michigan State, #4 team entering the CCGs SDSU: one of two unbeatens, wins on Hawaii and Nevada, #6 team entering the CCGs Two quick notes on the field: Auburn will have by far the best resume of the teams in the field, but they'll also have the wackiest loss (Mississippi State). Voters will decide between an unblemished Clemson with a softer schedule or an Auburn team that has taken down the best but faltered down the line against a team they arguably should've beaten. Clemson takes top spot because I imagine voters will favor the unbeaten P5 team. San Diego State and Alabama offers a similar argument, although Alabama's loss is to Auburn in what is essentially a toss-up game. That's not why this note is here though. Alabama played Michigan to open the season, so it makes sense to avoid a repeat in the quarterfinal. That does pose the problem of a potential Auburn vs. TCU/Bama semifinal as Auburn will have played both of those teams. Personally not sure how this pans out but this is my take on it. And here is my projected Top 16 with special emphasis on spots 9 and 10, the two teams that I think have the best shot of making the playoffs over Penn State for that coveted eighth spot, though that's an argument for a different article. Proj. Top 8 1 Clemson 2 Auburn 3 TCU 4 Michigan 5 San Diego State 6 Alabama 7 Oregon 8 Penn State Outside Looking In 9 Texas A&M 10 Oklahoma 11 Duke 12 Pittsburgh 13 Purdue 14 Hawaii 15 Georgia 16 USC Now without further ado, here are the rest of the bowl games. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * = fill-in due to conference being unable to fill their slot ^ = 5-7 team New Orleans Bowl New Orleans, LA C-USA vs. Sun Belt UAB Blazers (Proj. 7-5, 6th C-USA) vs. Coastal Carolina Chanticleers (Proj. 6-6, 4th SBC) Camellia Bowl Montgomery, AL MAC vs. Sun Belt Akron Zips (Proj. 8-4, 5th MAC) vs. Arkansas State Red Wolves (Proj. 8-4, 3rd SBC) Disney Bowl Orlando, FL AAC vs. Sun Belt UCF Knights (Proj. 8-4, 5th AAC) vs. Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns (Proj. 9-4, 1st SBC) Arizona Bowl Tucson, AZ MWC vs. Sun Belt Air Force Falcons (Proj. 6-6, 5th MWC) vs. *Eastern Michigan Eagles (Proj. 6-6, 7th MAC) Gasparilla Bowl St. Petersburg, FL AAC vs. C-USA South Florida Bulls (Proj. 6-6, 7th AAC) vs. Old Dominion Monarchs (Proj. 7-5, 7th C-USA) Boca Raton Bowl Boca Raton, FL C-USA vs. MAC Florida Atlantic Owls (Proj. 8-4, 5th C-USA) vs. Toledo Rockets (Proj. 8-4, 4th MAC) Bahamas Bowl Nassau, Bahamas AAC vs. C-USA Temple Owls (Proj. 8-5, 3rd AAC) vs. UTSA Roadrunners (Proj. 8-4, 3rd C-USA) Detroit Bowl Detroit, MI ACC Tier 2 vs. Big Ten #8 Louisville Cardinals (Proj. 6-6, 9th ACC) vs. *Central Michigan Chippewas (Proj. 9-3, 2nd MAC) Heart of Dallas Bowl Dallas, TX C-USA vs. Big Ten #9 Rice Owls (Proj. 11-2, 1st C-USA) vs. *BYU Cougars (Proj. 8-4) -C-USA champ hands pick their bowl from the list of C-USA affiliated bowls Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Boise, ID MAC vs. MWC Ohio Bobcats (Proj. 8-5, 3rd MAC) vs. Boise State Broncos (Proj. 6-6, 6th MWC) Bay Area Bowl Santa Clara, CA Big Ten #7 vs. Pac-12 #4 Rutgers Scarlet Knights (Proj. 6-6, 9th Big Ten) vs. Stanford Cardinal (Proj. 8-4, 5th PAC) Cactus Bowl Phoenix, AZ Big 12 #6 vs. Pac-12 #7 *Colorado State Rams (Proj. 7-6, 4th MWC) vs. Washington State Cougars (Proj. 6-6, 8th PAC) New Mexico Bowl Albuquerque, NM C-USA vs. MWC UTEP Miners (Proj. 8-4, 4th C-USA) vs. ^UCLA Bruins (Proj. 5-7, 9th PAC) Texas Bowl Houston, TX Big 12 #5 vs. SEC Tier 1 Texas Longhorns (Proj. 6-6, 6th Big 12) vs. Missouri Tigers (Proj. 7-5, 9th SEC) Sun Bowl El Paso, TX ACC Tier 1 vs. Pac-12 #5 Virginia Tech Hokies (Proj. 9-3, 6th ACC) vs. Arizona Wildcats (Proj. 7-5, 6th PAC) Tampa Bowl Tampa, FL Big Ten #3 vs. SEC Tier 1 Ohio State Buckeyes (Proj. 9-3, 5th Big Ten) vs. Mississippi State Bulldogs (Proj. 8-4, 7th SEC) Pinstripe Bowl Bronx, NY ACC Tier 1 vs. Big Ten #6 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Proj. 7-5) vs. Wisconsin Badgers (Proj. 7-5, 8th Big Ten) Independence Bowl Shreveport, LA ACC Tier 2 vs. SEC Tier 2 Miami (FL) Hurricanes (Proj. 6-6, 8th ACC) vs. *Tulsa Golden Hurricane (Proj. 8-4, 4th AAC) Birmingham Bowl Birmingham, AL AAC vs. SEC Tier 2 SMU Mustangs (Proj. 7-5, 6th AAC) vs. ^West Virginia Mountaineers (Proj. 5-7, 7th Big 12) Alabama Bowl Mobile, AL MAC vs. Sun Belt Northern Illinois Huskies (Proj. 6-6, 6th MAC) vs. South Alabama Jaguars (Proj. 8-4, 2nd SBC) Liberty Bowl Memphis, TN Big 12 #5 vs. AAC Kansas Jayhawks (Proj. 6-6, 6th Big 12) vs. ^Boston College Eagles (Proj. 5-7, 10th ACC) Armed Forces Bowl Fort Worth, TX AAC vs. Big 12 #7 *Army Black Knights (Proj. 7-5) vs. *Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles (Proj. 7-5, 8th C-USA) Music City Bowl Nashville, TN ACC Tier 1/Big Ten #5 vs. SEC Tier 1 Illinois Fighting Illini (Proj. 8-4, 7th Big Ten) vs. Florida Gators (Proj. 6-6, 10th SEC) Alamo Bowl San Antonio, TX Big 12 #2 vs. Pac-12 #2 Texas Tech Red Raiders (Proj. 9-3, 3rd Big 12) vs. Colorado Buffaloes (Proj. 9-3, 3rd PAC) Gator Bowl Jacksonville, FL ACC Tier 1/Big Ten #5 vs. SEC Tier 1 Florida State Seminoles (Proj. 9-3, 5th ACC) vs. LSU Tigers (Proj. 7-5, 8th SEC) Military Bowl Annapolis, MD AAC vs. ACC Tier 2 Navy Midshipmen (Proj. 9-3, 2nd AAC) vs. North Carolina State Wolfpack (Proj. 7-5, 7th ACC) Hawai'i Bowl Honolulu, HI C-USA vs. MWC Florida International Golden Panthers (Proj. 9-4, 2nd C-USA) vs. Nevada Wolf Pack (Proj. 8-4, 3rd MWC) Charlotte Bowl Charlotte, NC ACC Tier 1 vs. SEC Tier 1 Virginia Cavaliers (Proj. 9-3, 4th ACC) vs. Tennessee Volunteers (Proj. 8-4, 6th SEC) Citrus Bowl Orlando, FL ACC #1/Big Ten #2 vs. SEC #3 Purdue Boilermakers (Proj. 9-3, 4th Big Ten) vs. Kentucky Wildcats (Proj. 9-3, 5th SEC) Frisco Bowl Frisco, TX AAC vs. MAC Memphis Tigers (Proj. 11-2, 1st AAC) vs. Western Michigan Broncos (Proj. 10-3, 1st MAC) Holiday Bowl San Diego, CA Big Ten #4 vs. Pac-12 #3 Michigan State Spartans (Proj. 9-3, 6th Big Ten) vs. Washington Huskies (Proj. 8-4, 4th PAC) Las Vegas Bowl Las Vegas, NV MWC #1 vs. Pac-12 #6 Hawai'i Rainbow Warriors (Proj. 10-2, 2nd MWC) vs. Arizona State Sun Devils (Proj. 6-6, 7th PAC) Orlando Bowl Orlando, FL ACC #2 vs. Big 12 #3 Pittsburgh Panthers (Proj. 9-3, 3rd ACC) vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys (Proj. 9-3, 4th Big 12) Orange Bowl Miami Gardens, FL ACC #1 vs. Big Ten #2/SEC #2 Duke Blue Devils (Proj. 11-2, 2nd ACC) vs. Georgia Bulldogs (Proj. 10-3, 4th SEC) Rose Bowl Pasadena, CA Big Ten #1 vs. Pac-12 #1 Nebraska Cornhuskers (Proj. 9-4, 2nd Big Ten) vs. USC Trojans (Proj. 11-2, 2nd PAC) Sugar Bowl New Orleans, LA Big 12 #1 vs. SEC #1 Oklahoma Sooners (Proj. 11-2, 2nd Big 12) vs. Texas A&M Aggies (Proj. 10-2, 3rd SEC) *Editor's Note: I'll look to pump these out every two weeks so that the final one comes after the conference championship games. Be sure to reply if you have questions or if you'd like for your voice to be heard! Causter out.
  11. ImposterCauster

    2022 ACC First Off the Bus Team

    No matter the list, no matter the team, we can't seem to land anyone on these.
  12. ImposterCauster

    [2022] Week #11 - 1 PM

    The race for offensive rookie of the year is definitely heating up. Kenyon Randall and Mike Miller have been insane this year. Jamir Sample has been a great addition for us. So glad we got him for what we did. Corey Davis stepping up is very very pleasing for me though. I’m finally a believer in our playoff chase.
  13. ImposterCauster

    [2022] Week #11 - Saturday Night

    Big win the winless Aggies! And big win for the winless Aggies!
  14. ImposterCauster

    [2022] Week #11 - Saturday Evening

    damn ggs Emp. inspired performance defensively but the offense just couldn't do enough. hurts a little more with it being close though not gonna lie