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    1. ImposterCauster

      [2021] PFF Season Evaluation: Wide Receivers

      Playing Jank and Monte twice a year apiece would've been really fucking scary. Monte on his own is scary enough
    2. ImposterCauster

      Daily Discussions: Your dream job?

      I’m home bitches
    3. ImposterCauster

      What are you optimistic about for the 2022 season?

      [deleted because mobile is a big dumb, although I am THAT excited]
    4. ImposterCauster

      What are you optimistic about for the 2022 season?

      I have the pieces for a strong O-Line! And my defense is maturing very quickly! This team should make a bowl game, which is something I’ve been lacking for the past two seasons now. Saints need to fill 1-2 holes to finally become a playoff team/division winner. It’s ours for the taking but we have to do this smart.
    5. ImposterCauster

      What is your favorite vintage collegiate logo?

      Older NC State logos range from pretty nice to super cute. I wish Tuffy was still a part of the main logo, though the diamond is a personal favorite
    6. ImposterCauster

      [2022] Coaching Contract Extensions

      HC vollmagnet 3 years // $14.2425 million $4.7475 million per year
    7. ImposterCauster

      DC Gus Bradley

      Signed. The Gus Bus is back in NOLA
    8. ImposterCauster

      ACC Coach of the Year

      People do it at Wake and get voted COTY. I do it at State once and don’t even get a vote #BiasedAF All jokes aside, you really turned around a shitty Wake team and made them competitive against teams like Duke, which is a marvel of its own. Fully deserving of this award imo. That won’t stop me from reminding you that State took it this year though
    9. ImposterCauster

      [2022] Re-signings

      Saints, through laptop troubles and all, are ready to go
    10. ImposterCauster

      DC Gus Bradley

      DC Gus Bradley $1,925,000 per year 3 years
    11. ImposterCauster

      DC Gus Bradley

      DC Gus Bradley $1,750,000 per year 2 years
    12. I love you Mr. Schefter
    13. ImposterCauster

      [2022] Post Progressions Mock Draft

      If the Bucs take Cheatham I might just off myself