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  1. We could very realistically have Louisville-Virginia or Louisville-Duke in the ACC Championship game. I'll take "Things I'd Never Say IRL for $200" Alex.
  2. I'm not surprised tbh. We're kinda really bad
  3. Taming The Tiger Saints' offense puts on a clinic yet again in Cincinnati, defeating the Bengals 45-37.
  4. The fact that Alex Stanford is on the ballot as our only corner pleases me tbh
  5. Help me understand
  6. Sorry for the delay; I've been incredibly busy as of late. Congrats! You are hired for the head coaching job of the Syracuse Orange! First, go here and create an account with the exact same username you have on CFBHC. After you sign up, you'll see a big blue box that says: "Need a team? Click here to request a new team" Click on the 2nd part and request Syracuse. Secondly, go here and POLITELY request to have Syracuse's avatar applied to your team. And finally, head on over to the current season's depth chart thread (we're in 2020) and create a depth chart using the roster found on your team page. Best of luck, and feel free to use the shoutbox for any questions you might have. Welcome to the best damn conference in the land!
  7. Idk. ggs tho
  8. Same
  9. FTFY
  10. y tho
  11. You're being severely underrated rn. I don't see why you're not getting the votes you easily deserve
  12. Huh. Happy birthday I guess? Idk if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Either way, gg Seahawks
  13. Florida State has a Syracuse problem. The Orange hit the 'Noles with the 3-peat this year
  14. Disclaimer: you played Wake. That said your offense was fire; hope to see more of it in the future
  15. Hope everything gets better for you man. We're wishing you the best <3