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  1. Defenseless in the Hornet's Nest Saints can't stop Skaggs-Henry connection as Panthers rout Saints in Charlotte.
  2. D.C. Ver, Charlotte Observer Coach Cade, how would you rate rookie tight end Curtis Henry's performance, and what changes if any will be made for the upcoming game against the Eagles' much stouter defense?
  3. I really wish we didn't miss out on Shah Vareen. He's gonna be so good
  4. Cover your eyes, Vikings. This is gonna be rough :/
  5. Reasons why I'm becoming an alcoholic: 1. Saints defense
  6. This game definitely lived up to the hypye!
  7. Saints-Panthers: defense is optional Can't wait for the start of the season! I expect more of these in the future
  8. Rookie QB out of BYU. Wasn't very impressive with the Cougs these last two seasons imo
  9. Reports coming from the Saints organization that Head Scout caesari has disappeared without a trace, more at 7...
  10. Don't mess with the kind folk down in Nawleans
  11. Broncos I swear I played passively! I swear!
  12. I appreciate the work vollmagnet put in for the Chiefs. As a fellow head coach, I wish him all the best moving forward.
  13. Y'all member Picklejuice? I member
  14. 7th-round pick
  15. I expected as such considering we switched defensive shape entirely. I made an error in not doing that last week, sadly. Still liked what I saw from Chapman!
  16. Tits just can't catch a break these days
  17. Will Fuller really cannot run the ball. The Broncos have some sexy draftees, damn. Donald Garcia showing some value.
  18. Ryan Poole is a nice guy
  19. For the record, every team now has their own navigational box. You can edit and customize it to fix your stuff and all, but they do exist and you do not have to create your own.
  20. Stiles please I want to believe. FUCK YOU DANGER WE WERE ALREADY THIN AT GUARD
  21. Ooooh yummy
  22. Damn, looks like we can't trade one of 'em
  23. I've added this to everyone that's put Category:Position on their player pages.
  24. Fixed issues with Toledo-WMU. You had left quite a few remnants from copypasting the CMU-WMU format onto that page. Also added team logos.
  25. It's okay bb; the Cyclones will always have 2011 Welcome to the site! If you have any questions, feel free to PM a commissioner or ask in the shoutbox!

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