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  1. I honestly have no idea what to expect from Hurts. The team he has around him should be fully capable of a playoff run out of the Big XII though. I think they probably have a pretty good shot to get to the playoffs but I don’t think Hurts will be dominate enough to win the Heisman. Def not the number 1 pick. But I think it’s really funny how we have become transfer QB U
  2. Holy crap this is amazing! I wanna print this and put it in a binder lol

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    Week 1 @ Tulsa Week 2 vs Virginia Tech Week 5 @ Auburn
  4. I've got week 15 circled on the calendar. Should be a great game!
  5. I accept this preseason championship and kindly request that it be added to my achievement sidebar as it is likely the only championship I will ever win.... Also what? How?
  6. For me it would depend heavily on what I recruited next year. But since you can’t know that at this point I would say the RB would be who I used it on. A good RB can take over a game.
  7. He isn’t gonna have any trouble getting to his full potential and I liked the idea of getting him reps as a freshman since there isn’t anyone that’s really better than him
  8. A few notes: I would def run 4-3 with this group instead of 3-4. Your DTs would be out of scheme but I think it's easier for a 2-gap DT to 1 gap then it is to put blitzing DEs on the edge in 3-4. Zavala vs Carmichael is an interesting debate at RB. I think I would start the 3.5/3.5 but I would definitely try to get the 2/4 on the field and see how he does
  9. Freeman vs Madison is a really interesting one because Freeman comes in as a 3/4.5. I definitely wouldn’t redshirt him and would try to play with getting them both on the field. It would be nice if one of them was a speed back. I’ve never run a 2 RB system but am probably looking at that myself this year. At DT I would play Chappel over Yazzie. I value scheme fit at about 0.5 which makes them roughly equal but Yazzie can be redshirted and Chapel can’t. I would definitely play the new K. A 1/5 isn’t gonna be that bad. Def not worse then what you had last year.
  10. I'm really looking forward to seeing Lincoln Riley turn a 3rd straight transfer QB into a Heisman trophy winner and 1st overall draft pick while still losing in the first round of the college football playoffs
  11. Offense: 12 --> 0 = 12Defense: 18 --> 0 = 18Special Teams: 8 --> 0 = 8 Clock Mgmt: 11 --> -1 = 10Discipline: 9 --> 4 = 13 Youth Mgmt: 10 --> -1 = 9 Coaching Feat: Strength in Growth
  12. If I stay steady after a final 4 year and my recruiting is better than my 2022 performance I will be thrilled.
  13. If you are interested in joining a unique BAP mode in OOTP check out the signups currently happening in the BAP Club.  10 of 25 spots currently filled.

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