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  1. That would be the ultimate poetic irony. The guy I recruited and abandoned destroys my season.
  2. GG @Rome. Not really how I expected that to play out. Nice to see Brohm shine under the big lights. I was afraid this would be the game that made me regret playing him over Pope.
  3. This isn’t a game I feel good about at all. Auburn’s roster is completely stacked. This is a game where playing Brohm over Pope could come back to bite me. Hopefully he can take care of the ball and we take care of business on the road. Would feel much better if this was a home game.
  4. I love Shane Kruse. Kid is off to a great start in his career. Hopefully KSU keeps building!
  5. A Redskins player has been named player of the week every week so far. #KeepTheStreakAlive
  6. Arlington, TX - The Redskins road tripped to Arlington coming off of the worst offensive performance of the last 2 seasons and searching for answers. Enter Patrick Burke. Burke, elevated to the #1 WR role with the injury to Sam Hiller-Weeden, scored a TD and had 120 yards receiving on 9 receptions. Rookie TE Frank Moffett also got in on the action with 84 yards receiving. Moffett seems to be building good chemistry with QB Tanner Bowman and it has paid off early for the Redskins. RB Maurice White notched his first 100 yard game and for the 4th straight game his efficiency increased. On the defensive side of the ball, the Redskins pass rush was stone walled for the first time this season. Graham Burnett was only sacked 1 time in 56 drop backs. But the defense proved it can win in other ways, intercepting Burnett twice and deflecting 3 more passes. They held the Cowboys to a 51% completion percentage and 5.4 yards per attempt. The Redskins now turn their eyes to the Meadowlands where they will conclude their 3 game road trip against the New York Giants before returning home to host the Philadelphia Eagles. With wins against both the Redskins would be firmly in the drivers seat of the division when Sam Hiller-Weeden returns. Many may be tempted to look past the Giants to the Eagles, but that would be a mistake. The Redskins already lost to one rookie QB this season. Another loss would be catastrophic.
  7. Huge win for us on the road without Sam. Maurice White gets his first 100 yard game in this one and his ypc has climbed in every game so far. Big game by Patrick Burke who really stepped up without Sam and another nice showing by Moffett. Hate to see the struggles from Royal. He had such a promising rookie season but has struggled to replicate that success early this season. This is the first game I have ever had 2 TEs show up on the stat sheet in either college or NFL. Defensively the secondary really stepped up for us. I'm surprised that we only got 1 sack in 56 drop backs. Props to the Cowboys OL for containing our pass rush.
  8. Jokes on them, he was on the bench lol
  9. So does Nick Hall die bc his arm falls off or because he gets crushed behind this offensive line?
  10. I'm really excited to see what Elijah Williams does in the NFL. On his career he has 12 INTs, 16 pass breakups, and 3 TDs. He came out as an 82 so far but I think he is a prime candidate to move up to an 83 (and hopefully improve his -2 locker room presence). Another guys I'm interested to see is Amral Brown. He had a great season last year coming in out of JuCo and probably would have left early if not for the glut of top flight RBs already graduating. Also, I just don't wanna have to play him anymore in Bedlam.
  11. I don't feel like I can rely on any part of my offense yet. The running game has been up and down, Brohm has been up and down, etc. We have been able to survive slow starts and inconsistency so far on the offensive side of the ball because the defense has been incredible. But we can't afford a slow start against Auburn. Hopefully we survive that one and then continue to gel and become more consistent as guys settle into their roles throughout the season.
  12. Yeah preseason I woulda been happy with 2-1 here. But after our start I expected to win. So the loss of the game and SHW puts us in a pinch. The good news is the Eagles lost and we play the Cowboys so with a win we are back tied atop the east. Please hurry back Sam.
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