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  1. 023244 Packet 1: personal wealth 0 stadium upgrade 1 influence 2 Practice 1 media 2 medical 1 packet 2: personal wealth 0 stadium upgrade 1 influence 1 Practice 1 media 2 medical 3 @Broletariat
  2. It was a 1 score game until there was 6:44 left though so we shouldn’t have been out of our Gameplan that badly until that point I wouldn’t think. even if it was the whole 4th quarter, 13 runs still seems like a small amount for a pistol secondary
  3. I don't even get the play calling logic sometimes. Changed from a vertical secondary to a pistol secondary to run the ball more and threw more passes than last week. And it was a 1 point game at the start of the 4th so it's not like we were playing from a big hole. I would imagine if my coach used the game plan I called instead of doing his own thing it might have worked out a little better. Losing a game in the division while also losing your rookie OT to the same injury that made your rookie TE last year go -3 is a terrible week.
  4. So you think you have what it takes to hack it on Survivor? This is your chance to prove it! Put your mettle to the test in the ultimate competition for fame and glory! Step 1: Read over the rules and let me know if you have any questions (there have been updates since season 1) Step 2: Fill out a survivor application to throw your name in the ring Step 3: Join our discord server Step 4: Wait to hear the cast announcement! Anticipated start date is next week. If you have any questions you can respond here or DM me on discord. If you would like to check out our first season, you can find the update thread here.
  5. Yeah here is a link: https://discord.gg/kgxNsrg if somebody wants to run one I can send you all my spreadsheets and stuff and I’ll play. Otherwise I’ll probably try to start one up in a few weeks again
  6. Peterson is making a strong case to remain a starter after Riggins is back from injury. He now has 2.5 sacks, 2 TFL, 1 FF, and 1 FR in 4 games
  7. Wow Jesse Scott revenge game.... idk how to even process that lol
  8. @Broletariat here you go Group 1 Personal wealth 2 Stadium Upgrades 3 Medical Funds 2 Influence 1 Group 2 Personal wealth 1 stadium upgrades 3 Medical Funds 2 Media Funds 1
  9. Oops. My bad. I'll dm you next time lol
  10. If you were designing the Gameplan to beat the Chiefs, what would you do? what team has the best chance of pulling it off?
  11. GG @smackemz I would love to see that 4th quarter too. It looks like our offense played really bad but somehow overcame a 13-0 deficit. That win makes me the winningest coach in Washington Football Team History with 26 regular season wins eclipsing the 25 wins that @nephewjack has.
  12. I’m surprised to see our linebackers thought so highly of. I’ve been pretty pleased with our defense so far this year but they have a major test Sunday night against the Dolphins. Fingers crossed they prove you right!
  13. Tanner Bowman's 15.58 yards per attempt sets a franchise record for the Washington Football Team. It's great to see him get back on track. Hopefully he can continue his strong play next week against the Dolphins.
  14. would the ST coach not be descended from the HC he is hired under in Hamilton?
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