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    1. dang that hurts. It’s the end of an era. It’s a shame we couldn’t get these guys a ring before they retired. I feel a big step back coming in Washington this offseason.
    2. Back a day later with less disappointment to look at the game closer. Bowman had a clutch drive to get it to OT leading a TD drive in 70 seconds but it looks like he couldn't get it done in OT. At the end of the day, you aren't going to win an NFC title game when you throw a pick at the 11 and settle for FGs from the 8 and 16. 5 total redzone trips with only 2 TDs just isn't gonna get it done against such a good team. It was also Bowman's worst passer rating since week 9 of the 2023 season and Maurice White's lowest rushing total since week 8 of the 2024 season.
    3. Sigh… another year, same result… GG @stormstopper
    4. Wow Bowman showed up this week. Nice to see him the offense hitting their stride and the defense getting a lot of pressure too. Hopefully we can string it all together next week and avenge our late season loss to the Bears. GG Seattle
    5. I would love to take my talents back to Oklahoma to continue the quest to dethrone TCU
    6. Congratulations to Tanner Bowman, Nick Ramos, Matt Cole, Jonathan Bridges, and Tre’Davious Dikes on their Pro Bowl selections! I’m a little surprised that Ramos made it in, I’ve never thought he got enough credit league wide for how good he is. I hope their alternates are ready to step in when they are unavailable for the Pro Bowl 👀
    7. Career Records Passing: Completions: Tanner Bowman (1,946) Attempts: Tanner Bowman (3,092) Yards: Tanner Bowman (22,733) Touchdowns: Tanner Bowman (159) Completion %: Tanner Bowman (63%) Yards Per Attempt: Javier Fields (7.95) Passer Rating: Javier Fields (94.89) Touchdown %: Javier Fields (5.7%) Interception %: Tanner Bowman (1.9%) Rushing: Carries: Ricardo Reed (1,029) Yards: Maurice White (4,653) Touchdowns: (49) Yards Per Carry: Maurice White (4.92) Longest Run: Maurice White (71) 100 Yard Games: Maurice White (19) Receiving: Receptions: Sam Hiller-Weeden (526) Yards: Sam Hiller-Weeden (6,884) Touchdowns: Sam Hiller-Weeden (47) Yards Per Reception: Steve Warner (14.08) Defense: Tackles: Cameron Whitney (326) Tackles for Loss: Jonathan Bridges (34) Sacks: Jonathan Bridges (37) Interceptions: Michael Barber (26) Passes Defensed: Cameron Whitney (19) Forced Fumbles: Isaiah Riggins (8) Fumble Recoveries: Derrick Martin (5) Touchdowns: Tre'Davious Dikes, Patrick Parks (3) Safeties: 4 players tied with 1 Statsheets: Fred Romanowski, Cameron Whitney (59) Kicking: PAT Made: Bryan Ray (140) PAT %: Bryan Ray (98.6%) Field Goals Made: Thomas McMahan (83) Field Goal %: Bryan Ray (86.8%) Long FG: Neal Watson (52) Total Points: Thomas McMahan (350) Season Records Passing: Completions: 2024 Tanner Bowman (445) Attempts: 2024 Tanner Bowman (695) Yards: 2024 Tanner Bowman (5052) TDs: 2025 Tanner Bowman (36) Completion %: 2025 Tanner Bowman (65%) Yards Per Attempt: 2017 Javier Fields (8.4) Passer Rating: 2025 Tanner Bowman (102.7) Rushing: Carries: 2020 Ricardo Reed (353) Yards: 2023 Maurice White (1635) Touchdowns: 2024 Maurice White (19) Yards Per Carry: 2023 Maurice White (5.7) Receiving: Receptions: 2024 Ty Royal (121) Yards: 2024 Ty Royal (1498) Touchdowns: 2024 Ty Royal (14) Yards Per Reception: 2023 Ty Royal (15.6) Defense: Tackles: 2024 Derrick Martin (107) Tackles For Loss: 2025 Jonathan Bridges (17) Sacks: 2025 Jonathan Bridges (15) Interceptions: 2023 Tre'Davious Dikes (7) Passes Defensed: 2025 Tre'Davious Dikes, 2024 Thomas Barry, 2024 Derrick Martin (6) Forced Fumbles: 2025 Isaiah Riggins (4) Fumbles Recovered: 7 players with 2 Touchdowns: 2025 Anthony Brown, 2023 Tre'Davious Dikes (2) Safeties: 4 players with 1 Kicking: PAT Made: 2023 Neal Watson, 2025 Mason Williams (56) PAT %: 2025 Mason Williams (100%) Field Goals Made: 2022 Thomas McMahan, 2024 Mason Williams (31) Field Goal %: 2018 Bryan Ray (90.1%) Total Points: 2024 Mason Williams (147) Returning: Kick Return Touchdown: 2017 Adrian Allen, 2024 Jesse Scott (1) Punt Return Touchdown: 2018 Adrian Allen, 2024 Jesse Scott (2) Kick Return Yards: 2024 Jesse Scott (970) Punt Return Yards: 2021 Eddie McFadden (356) Miscellaneous: OL Rating: 2022 (8.46) Punting: 2022 John Collins (45.86) 3rd down %: 2023 (43%) Single Game Records Passing: Completions: Tanner Bowman (37) - 2025 Week 4 vs NO Attempts: Tanner Bowman (53) - 2025 Week 4 vs NO Yards: Tanner Bowman (497) - 2025 Week 4 vs NO Touchdowns: Tanner Bowman, Javier Fields (5) Completion %: Tanner Bowman (85.3%) - 2025 Week 8 vs KC Yards Per Attempt: Tanner Bowman (15.6) - 2024 Week 4 @ TB Passer Rating: Tanner Bowman (158.3) - 2023 Week 7 @ CIN Rushing: Carries: Jeff Collett (27) - 2018 Week 3 vs ATL Yards: Ricardo Reed (155) - 2019 Week 16 vs NYG Touchdowns: Jeff Collett (3) - 2018 Week 3 vs ATL Yards Per Carry: Maurice White (8.0) - 2023 Week 17 @ PHI Receiving: Receptions: Sam Hiller-Weeden, Ty Royal (11) Yards: Adrian Allen, Ty Royal (178) Touchdowns: Steve Warner, Ty Royal (3) Yards Per Reception: Ty Royal (31.5) - 2024 Week 4 @ TB Defense: Tackles: Thomas Barry, Cameron Whitney (12) TFL: 5 players with 3 Sacks: Isaiah Riggins (2.5) - 2024 Week 17 vs NYG Interceptions: Miles Gray (2) - 2023 Week 15 vs CLE Passes Defensed: 9 players with 2 Forced Fumbles: Isaiah Riggins, Fred Romanowski (2) Fumble Recoveries: Anthony Brown (2) - 2025 Week 8 vs KC Touchdowns: Anthony Brown (2) - 2025 Week 8 vs KC Kicking: PAT Made: Neal Watson, Mason Williams (7) Field Goals Made: Thomas McMahan, Neal Watson (4) Total Points: Thomas McMahan (16) - 2021 Week 13 @ LAC Coaching Records: Career Wins: HAFFnHAFF (48) Career Winning %: HAFFnHAFF (71.6%) Best Record: 2023 (14-2) Deepest Playoff Run: 2024 NFC Title Game
    8. I think he had 299 yards in 4 games or something crazy like that. I was still excited about him until he went -3 and was a TC problem. You will never convince me he wouldn't have been a star if he didn't get injured.
    9. We have a few positions that have been issues since I took over the team that we still haven't been able to solve, but the one we did solve was TE. When I took over in 2022 our TE was TE Tony DeMarco 6-3 247 6 TCU [Receiving] [+1] 85. He was never a big difference maker for us. He had 45 receptions for 562 yards, and 2 TDs that season which was 4th on the team in both receptions and yards. In 2023 he regressed a point and we drafted Frank Moffett in the 4th round and he won the starting job for us. He was on a tear until he tore his Achilles. So we went back to DeMarco who struggled to the point that we traded a 4th round pick to the Dolphins for Oscar Fisk who came to Washington and immediately tanked. The following offseason we traded for TE Darren Jones, who was in a contract year, from the Bucs. We didn't have to give up much, so figured it was worth it to add another weapon to the offense and finally fix the TE position. Except it didn't fix the position. Jones had 583 yards receiving for us and averaged under 10 yards per reception in one of the worst years of his career and we let him walk in free agency. He promptly went back to Tampa and had a rebound season so I don't really get it. BUT, in last year's draft we traded down from pick 30 to pick 39 with the Rams and picked up a 3rd and 6th round pick. At 38 (after leaping someone that didn't pick in time at 38) we took Carlos Avery who has had a great year for us. He has 79 receptions for 958 yards, 9 TDs, and 12.1 YPR. His receptions is 2nd on the team, yardage is 3rd, and TDs tied for 1st. I don't know what it is about him that finally clicked with Bowman, but I'm thrilled with how the pick turned out for us.
    10. Someone goes afk or has draft issues resulting in 10 picks in a period of less than 2 minutes and a meltdown in the chat box
    11. Washington votes yay 1 influence @Dr_Novella
    12. Not how you want to start a game giving up a 103 yard kickoff return. But other then that a pretty good performance to clinch the 1 seed! Fingers crossed we can coax another year out of Walter Adair.
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