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  1. That's cold...
  2. Eagles got Alshon!!!!!

  3. I mean that's fine but that just means no one will ever award contracts longer then a year which isn't realistic. Imo U can't be active if u didn't do ur job. It doesn't matter if u logged in or not
  4. To me there is a huge difference between not going you job and doing it poorly. If they aren't doing it period they should be fired and not have their contract bought out. If they are just doing a poor job then u should have to eat part of the contract when u fire them
  5. Well that is thoroughly depressing... bold prediction for 2020: Rahim sets at least 2 KSU single season passing records
  6. Don't worry about it... sometimes people on this site are irrationally rude over a simple question that could be easily answered. I thought the same thing you did initially until Storm pointed out the possibility of a 2RB system
  7. Yeah I'm hoping so too. Otherwise I'm gonna be blowing up the Big 12 news forum this season lol.
  8. Nice feature Tuscan! I was kicking around doing some sort of stories like this for my 2 recruits from the same HS that are redshirting this year. I really miss blogs though. My wildcat den stuff and little running features like this seem so out of place each being their own topic in the Big XII forum. Also hate that I lost my archived Wildcat Den blogs...
  9. Neal Davis: Good afternoon, and welcome to this edition of The Wildcat Den. Today we will be reviewing the 2019 season and taking a look ahead to the 2020 season. Joining us today is the coach of our beloved Wildcats, Coach HAFFnHAFF. Welcome to the show coach! Coach HAFFnHAFF: Thanks for having me! Neal: Well coach I know your offseason schedule keeps you pretty busy, so lets jump right in. Let me hear your thoughts on the 2019 season. HAFF: Well Neal, 2019 was a rough season for us. My expressed goal prior to the start of the season was to make a bowl, and we obviously came up short there. Failing to win a conference game for the 2nd year in a row is also a tough pill to swallow. But I'm proud of the effort that our guys put in each and every week. Even when we lost our final 7 games of the year our guys never stopped battling every day in practice. That is an attitude you can't coach into kids that don't already have it, and I think it will pay dividends in 2020. Neal: Shoot straight with me coach, did you really think this team was capable of getting to a bowl game? Most national pundits picked KSU to have a rough season, citing a large talent gap between them and every other team in the Big XII. HAFF: Of course I did. There were a lot of reasons for optimism heading into 2019. Julius Minnow had established himself very well down the stretch in 2018, we were bringing back all of his WRs. Our secondary was improved over the 2018 group. The big unknown was how the team would handle losing both Gary Richardson and Dylan Stewart. But Elijah Humphrey had a great year rushing for over 1,000 yards in his first year as a starter. Neal: So it sounds like you expected the passing game to carry the offense and the rushing attack to struggle, and yet the opposite happened. Humphrey had an outstanding year and Minnow really struggled. What do you think led to that? HAFF: Well Humphrey is a fierce competitor and a very confident man. He had been around to see Dylan Stewart for 2 years, learning from his game and patiently waiting for his chance. And when he got it he surprised everyone except probably himself. Neal: What about Minnow? What do you think lead to his struggles in 2019? HAFF: I Minnow was impacted by Stewart's graduation more then anyone else on the team. Going back to last year Stewart was the guy who was the most outspoken in support of transitioning the offense more into Minnow's hands. You can't overstate how important it was to a true freshman to get that sort of support from the legend of KSU folklore. But beyond that, when Stewart graduated defenses weren't forced to stack the box anymore and Julius just struggled throwing against more pass oriented defenses. Neal: Which brings me to the next question: Who will play QB in 2020? We saw Minnow benched for Higgins who was then benched for Minnow again in the season finale. But to make a murky QB picture even cloudier, you landed JuCo transfer Rahim Murrel. What does the QB picture look like for 2020? HAFF: I expect Julius and Rahim to compete for the starting job. Aiden Higgins will land the backup role, and the loser of the QB battle will probably redshirt. Competition has always brought out the best in Julius and we expect him to make a strong push for the starting job. We are still assessing what we have in Rahim, but we are very excited to see them both on the field in the spring game. Neal: Lets switch directions for a moment and talk about your recruiting class for a moment. Now you played things very close to the vest when we talked during the season, and rightfully so, but how do you feel about how your recruiting class turned out? HAFF: I'm very pleased with how the class came together. Our goal was to keep as much home grown talent as we could, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I think we landed some guys that will make a big impact for us down the road. Neal: Who do you project to make an impact in 2020? HAFF: Not very many people. These guys were stars at the High School level, and we expect them to star for us at the collegiate level, but it is an entirely different ball game up here, and they will need some time to adjust. The majority of the class will redshirt in 2020. I know that isn't the exciting answer the fans want to hear, but the simple truth of the matter is elite teams don't play very many freshman. Now we are a long ways from being an elite team, but that is our end goal. The one guy who looks to come in and play immediately is Ahmad Winston at FS. We have a big need there and he looks to be ready day 1. But never fear, there will be some new faces for fans to root for from guys who redshirted out of our 2018 class. We expect Jhonny Palacios to make an impact at WR. He had a fantastic spring last year and a lot of fans were disappointed he got the red shirt last season. Felix Horvath will get a look at RG, Terrell Wodard will get a chance at DT, Shawn Reyes will get a chance at OLB, and Dylan Holliday will compete for reps at CB. Neal: So What was your biggest disappointment on the recruiting trail? HAFF: Well we knew going into it that we needed help in the secondary. That isn't a secret, everyone knows we are thin there. We had our eye on Mario Heard from Shawnee, OK early on and we were after him hard. But it became apparent to us that he was heavily favoring Oklahoma State. By then we became aware of his teammate, Jaiden Witherspoon, but we were too late in the game on him and he committed to Oklahoma. So whiffing at CB was the biggest disappointment or our class. Neal: So on the flip side, what was your biggest surprise? HAFF: Well the obvious is Rahim. We weren't even looking at a QB transfer, we were fully committed to Julius Minnow. But Rahim called me and said, "Coach I'm coming if you will give me the chance to compete for the job." And how could you say no to that? But the real biggest surprise was landing 5* LB Brendan Scherer. We went toe to toe with Kansas and were trailing them the entire time. We even considered taking him off of our board a half dozen times but each time we just couldn't do it. I mean how do you take off a kid with so much potential that you have invested so much in? Well fast forward to week 15, his high school team mate, 4.5* DT Jonah Caruso signs his letter of intent. After the photo shoot we are walking back to my office and he asked me about Brendan and I told him it seemed like Brendan was leaning to Kansas. Well Jonah calls him up while we are in my office and says, "Hey I just signed my letter for Kansas State, when are you signing yours? " And he talks him into coming for a campus visit the next weekend. Two days after that visit Scherer signed with us. Neal: Wow. Well here is hoping that the boys from Royal Valley can anchor the center of that defense for the next several years. Coach I would love to talk with you some more about the 2020 season but I know you are a busy man and the producer has been telling me we are out of time for the last 5 minutes, so we better cut it off here. HAFF: Well thanks for having me and I look forward to coming back to preview 2020 with you. Neal: Thanks for your time coach!
  10. Ok, I think I have everything. Please let me know if there are things I need to change. Team Page 7 Player Pages Devon Tillman Tioga HS Julius Minnow Quinter HS Aiden Higgins West Central HS Rahim Murrell Moberly Area CC Matthew Mayfield Medicine Lodge HS Brendan Scherer Royal Valley HS Jonah Caruso Royal Valley HS 5 Former Player Pages Harvey Fagan Kapun Mt. Carmel High School Allen Cooper Buhler HS Marshall Newman Lisbon HS Julien Daly Butler County Community College Dylan Stewart Fort Scott CC QB navbox Player navbox Team navbox Conference navbox Rivalry Pages KSU - ISU Sunflower Showdown KSU - WVU 2020 season page
  11. Wildcat Wild-Card... That has a nice ring to it. Great stuff as always storm! Looking forward to the day I can actually compete in the gauntlet that is the Big XII. Slow and steady. I desperately need to hit 6 wins this year so I can get some more recruiting points.
  12. Aiden isn't a good fit for the offense we are gearing up to run. He was a great fit with our running attack led by Dylan Stewart, but has struggled in the passing game. So so that leaves us with Julius and Rahim. Watching the 2 of them battle it out in practice will be one of the most intriguing things in this offseason. Both will have their chance to win or lose the job. I suck at wiki stuff :/ I may try to figure it out again though.
  13. Welcome to Sports Science. Today we will take you inside the numbers with advanced analytics to project the success of the 2020 Kansas State Wildcats compared to the 2019 Wildcats. The 2019 Wildcats went 3-9, an improvement over their 1-11 2018 campaign. Kansas State graduated 3 starters at the end of the season, all from the defensive side of the ball. 4.5* ILB Julien Daly was selected in the 6th round by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and 4* FS Christopher Figueroa and 3.5* SS David Frazier both went undrafted. In his 2nd recruiting class, Coach Haff landed 25 recruits. Notable recruits include 5* LB Brendan Scherer, 4.5* Juco QB Rahim Murrel, 4.5* DT Jonah Caruso, and 4* OL Maxim Kelly. Haff also landed 7 3.5* recrits and 6 3* recruits, along with 8 walk-on players. Although only 2 of these recruits project to start in 2020 and 10 of them project to redshirt, the Wildcats appear to be building the foundations of a roster that will allow them to compete in the Big XII and prove that they belong in a power 5 conference. That class was good enough for the 53rd rank nationally (up from 106th the year before) and 6th in the Big XII. So moving beyond the coach speak and diving into the numbers, how does this team's roster project to stack up against last year’s version? The Offense Offensive Line Starting off in the trenches, the 2020 Wildcats are equal to, or an improvement over the 2019 Wildcats at every position. As a unit, the offensive line’s overall star rating has improved from 15.5 to 17.5, and their potential rating has improved from 17.5 to 18.5. Verdict: Slightly Improved Pass catchers The 2019 WRs are also much improved over their 2018 counterparts. The top 3 WRs on the depth chart are all back from last season and made significant improvement over the offseason. The group has increased their skill rating from 8 to 10 and their potential rating has increased from 10.5 to 11.5 In 2019 true freshman TE Damani Askew made an immediate impact, leading the team in receptions and TDs over the first 3/4 of the season. He is back this year (albeit with a less then favorable +0.5 progression) and ready to do some damage in 2020. The top 2 TEs on the depth chart have a combined rating of 5.5 compared to 4.5 last season. However, their overall potential stayed the same at 6.5. Verdict: Significantly Improved Running Backs There is no real change at the RB position as Elijah Humphrey returns for his senior year, but the Wildcats do see a small improvement at FB. Overall the RB group raises both their combined skill ratings and combined potential ratings from 6.5 to 7 Verdict: Slightly Improved Quarterback Julius Minnow struggled mightily in 2019, and was even benched for a couple of games in favor of Aiden Higgins. The landing of QB Rahim Murrel does not bode well for Minnow's career with the Wildcats, but it does dramatically help this offense. The skill rating at QB jumps from 2.0 to 3.5 this season with the potential rating moving from 4 to 4.5. Verdict: Dramatically Improved Overall Overall the offense has improved dramatically from a 36.5 rating last season to a 43.5 rating this season. Their potential rating has also been upgraded from a 45 to a 48. In 2020 this offense should be in much better shape then it was in 2019. While poor QB play limited the Wildcats in 2019, they look to be an offense on the rise in 2020. Defense Defensive Line This year the defensive line sports an overall combined rating of 13. This is a small improvement over the 2019 version, which held a combined rating of 12. The potential of the unit increased from 13.5 to 14.5, but there are a duo of redshirted DTs that will significantly bolster this unit in 2021. Verdict: Slightly Improved Linebackers Bad news: ILB Julien Daly is gone. He was the heart and soul of this defense a year ago. Good news: 5* LB Brendan Scherer could be the first first round draft pick that the Wildcat's have ever had on their roster. Bad news again: Scherer is very raw and will most likely redshirt in 2020, so this linebacker group will be in a hole this season. Overall the linebackers have a combined rating of 9.5. This is compared to last season when their rating was 11. The potential of the linebackers is 10, down a point from 11 last year. But again this group landed a future star that will contribute in 2021 and beyond. Verdict: Significantly Worse The Secondary The Secondary was better then expected in 2019, but still not up to par in the Big XII. This year's secondary failed to improve at any position and looks to be the weakness of this defense once again. Overall their combined skill rating dropped from 14.5 to 13 and their combined potential dropped from 16 to 15.5. Verdict: Slightly Worse Overall Overall the defense regressed in both terms of skill and potential from 2019 to 2020. Losing 3 high profile starters isn't easy on any team. Luckily there are some good recruits who will be learning the system in 2020 and ready to make an impact in 2021. For this year the defense skill rating drops from a 37.5 to a 35.5 and the potential rating drops from a 40.5 to a 40.
  14. Wow, great article as always. Here is hoping Seau has a better year behind better QB play from Minnow/Murrell in 2020
  15. I'm sure I will get back to it at some point. But it was wearing on me enough I stopped being on much out of self preservation. I think these are actually my first comments on the site in like a month lol...

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