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  1. thanks! If you shoot an email to that address we will get you what you need. I really appreciate it.
  2. A lot of you probably know that my wife and I adopted internationally in 2017. I talked about it here back then and answered questions a lot of people had. Well we are nearly 2 years into another adoption. This adoption should have been finalized in December but was delayed due to the political unrest in Hong Kong. Then it should have been completed in May but COVID slowed things down and pushed it back to June. Then in June it was pushed back indefinitely, to the point that our case worker is making plans to redo the visa medical appointment when it expires in October. We have had the opportunity to Skype with our daughter 3 times now and it is getting increasingly more difficult for her to understand that we are actually coming because usually you Skype 1 month before you come. We have received the court order that awarded us guardianship, but we are unable to travel to bring her home because of Hong Kong travel restrictions. Our agency has told us the best thing to do is contact US senators and representatives so we put out a plea to our friends and family to do that with overwhelming response. The problem is that our sphere of influence is largely Oklahoma based. They have received enough to start looking into it but they told us they need more help from other states. So if any of you would be willing to contact your senators and representatives on our behalf I would be forever grateful. My wife has everything you need to do so. If you would e-mail her at BepJones@Gmail.com and just say you want to help adopting families bring their child home, she will send you the letter and everything you need.
  3. I would be surprised if I finish in the top 8 this season as projected. My team is pretty young (except the OL which is like all seniors). We have a new RB and QB and are young at WR. Then on the defensive side we are pretty young at LB and CB. I think we have a lot of potential but I fully expect us to turn in some poor performances due to the youth at key spots.
  4. that’s a good point. It’s a convenient role claim that’s only purpose is to protect himself now. Had it been made a day or 2 ago it could have helped eliminate another person from being looked at as potential wolf. vote swipet
  5. What we know for sure is that the Alpha is still out there and he always shows as town. We know Jared is town. And it seems likely that the mafia isn’t very experienced. That’s the only way the kill order with brightfalls and time confirming their role claims makes sense.
  6. I still think there is only 1 wolf left which would have the be the alpha so it would have to be someone who showed town or hasn’t been looked at yet. I mentioned a while back I was suspicious of swipet and how inactive he has been. The way he flipped his vote last time almost seemed like a way to pander to me based on me accusing him to get me off his trail... idk
  7. I’m not really sure what I’ve done to garner suspicion. Vote Qupax
  8. dang it lol. I just counted the total lol.
  9. I believe that’s everyone that is left
  10. I think it’s pretty obvious Jared is the fool. He was all in on grv very early and then he got lynched and was town and Jared was never all in on someone again
  11. I was voting for Cade because we was being a moron in this thread. It seemed like he was intentionally trying to be antagonistic to maybe be too obvious or something.
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