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    1. HAFFnHAFF

      Podcast recommendations

      I'll second Planet Money. One of my favorite podcasts of all time. Who thought an economics podcast could be fun?
    2. HAFFnHAFF

      Update your team wiki pages for a reward!

    3. HAFFnHAFF

      NCAA 14 Be a Croot

      Oh so ironic that Pope ended up at OU. I hope he makes OSU pay for 4 seasons! also, I loled at the fell into a manhole and died comment.
    4. So if I want to specify my LBs as Sam, mike, and will do I still list lolb, ilb, rolb and hen most the alternative designations after that?
    5. 3-4 teams typically run 3-3-5 or 2-4-5. for nickel and 3-2-5 for dime.
    6. Why are some of these DEs listed as interior defensive linemen?
    7. HAFFnHAFF

      [2021] AFCE: QB Spotlight

      All hail Brian Brown. His connection with J.C. was amazing this year. Hoping to see them pick up where they left off next season.
    8. HAFFnHAFF

      Adoption Story and AMA

      You are absolutely right about those being real issues in the United States. When I made that comment I was referring specifically to children that are available for adoption in the United States. Those children are under the care of DHS and at least provided with basic necessities. They all deserve a home, but their basic necessities are provided for them by DHS. It makes me very sad how difficult the adoption process is. I wish there would be a big push for streamlining the process and placing these children in permanent homes.
    9. HAFFnHAFF

      Adoption Story and AMA

      You should enjoy it! It might not happen again for a long time
    10. HAFFnHAFF

      Adoption Story and AMA

      Thanks! We think so too. Well at least most of the time lol. My wife had a pretty difficult pregnancy with our biological son. Nothing life threatening or that would prevent us from having more biological children, but we didn't really want to go through that again. We didn't feel like our family was complete though so I suggest adoption as an alternative and it just sort of went from there.
    11. HAFFnHAFF

      Adoption Story and AMA

      Thanks! We had the same question actually lol. In Nigeria everyone speaks English. There are different tribal languages that people speak when they talk to one another but everyone knows English there and it is the primary language. The she was at was English speaking. When she was brought to the orphanage they thought she was deaf, so we thought we were adopting a deaf child. It wasn't until we were matched with her and could send money over for a checkup that they found out she had a severe double ear infection causing her inability to hear. Some antibiotics cleared that up but she is a little behind in speech development due to that time period. She will probably do some minor speech therapy next year.
    12. HAFFnHAFF

      Adoption Story and AMA

      She may have to fight my son for it. He likes football a lot more then she does lol
    13. HAFFnHAFF

      Adoption Story and AMA

      A pretty common question we have run into is why adopt internationally instead of domestically. When we entered the adoption process we were open to adopting either domestically or internationally but there were several factors that ultimately led us to international adoption. 1) only about 25% of the children in the foster care system are eligible for adoption. The rest are on a track for reconciliation with their biological parents. 2) for every newborn placed for adoption there are 20 couples waiting to adopt. 3) couples chose to adopt internationally to obtain security of custody. Adopting domestically is more complicated 4) all orphaned children need parents. Orphans in other countries face starvation, lack of clean water, sex trafficking, lack of education, and being forced into child labor. Orphans in the United States face none of these risks. 5) The biggest reason for us was that for acclimation purposes we wanted to adopt a child within 1 year of age of our son so they can be in the same classes. Given the constraints of DHS that would have been next to impossible for us. As for why Nigeria specifically we were going to do China because it is well established and only requires you to out of the country for 10 days but both parents have to be 30 and I’m only 27. So we started paperwork for the India program which is the next most well established and while we were working on it our agency sent us Ruth’s picture and we called an audible.
    14. HAFFnHAFF

      Adoption Story and AMA

      In September 2016 my wife and I decided to adopt a child. In November we were matched with a little girl from Nigeria and began the year long process of paperwork and applications. In November of 2017 we went to Nigeria and finalized the adoption in January of this year. Our local news station just ran a 3 1/2 story tonight about our process and you can find it at this link if ur interested. http://m.newson6.com/story.aspx?story=38687203&catId=112042 If any of you have ever thought about adoption or know anyone who has I would love to chat with you about how the process works and answer a questions you might have, no matter what they might be. When we started the process there were lots of questions we had that we didn’t know how to ask. So I promise no question will be offensive or anything like that. Just hit me up if ur interested at all. You can also get way more information about our journey through the blog my wife set up to chronically the process at https://haffwayaroundtheworld.com/
    15. HAFFnHAFF

      NCAA 14 Be a Croot

      It’s only fitting if Pope goes to OU lol