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    I’m just pointing out something that I find ironic and funny. Hope it works out better for you this time around.


    Funny how the people who whine on the way out the door always come back a couple months later
  3. Having no cap rollover also hurts us Bc it makes our cap much less flexible. The first round picks are fine, but 2nd round picks and 3rd round picks on average making 3 times as much seems way too steep, especially when you consider a third round pick likely isn’t a starter but will be making 2.5 mil a year and a 4th round pick will make more than an IRL 2nd round pick.
  4. Rahim Murrell is a guy I feel very attached too. When he committed to me in JuCo at Kansas State he was the best player I had ever recruited and so I created an entire persona for him with media. I know he turned out to be a pretty sucky player, but I had fun seeing things through his overconfident eyes even after disastrous games. I feel pretty attached to Solomon too. @acewulf's love for him has rubbed off on me and I really hope he goes somewhere in the AFC and rewrites the record books.
  5. It's the whole Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady debate (before Manning got his ring). Is Skaggs the greatest? Can you be the greatest without playoff wins? What is more important: stats or rings? I've never been an advocate of the ring argument. IMO if you play well in the playoffs but your team falls short that isn't on you. So I would still put Skaggs as the 1B to Brown's 1A.
  6. I had no idea who Omar Anaya was so I checked my depth chart. He is a (sr) FS who has never started a game in his entire career and was slotted in as backup FS and dime back. Awesome moment for him to pick 6 in a playoff game during his last season.
  7. Good game @pumph. You have a heck of a squad that is gonna be even better next year. I would hazard a guess SDSU returns to the playoffs before OU does.
  8. I would love to be in the stadium and watch this game. Should be a good one!
  9. I’m pretty nervous about this one. I don’t particularly like how we match up with them and their offense is massively talented. Hopefully Pope and White come to play and we can get get to the next round. I really don’t want this to be the last game I coach White in. Would love to to see Rangi get to 1,000 yards on the year too.
  10. I would have loved to be in the stands watching that one. Would be heartbreaking to lose in double OT on a strip sack.
  11. Offense Quarterback QB Kyler Tackett 6-2 221 R Texas [Hybrid] [0/C] 77 QB Julius Minnow 6-2 226 R Kansas State [Pocket] [+2/C] 66 Running Back RB Solomon McLaughlin 5-10 235 R Texas Tech [Power] [+1] 82 RB Maurice White 5-11 231 R Oklahoma [Power] [+1] 82 Fullback FB Jeremy Churchill 5-9 231 R Baylor [Pass Blocking] [0] 81 Wide Receiver WR Lamont Wilder 6-1 196 R Baylor [Target] [+1] 79 WR Rangi Salanoa 5-9 165 R Oklahoma [Speed] [+1] 75 No more wide receivers... Just hand the ball to the 1-2 punch of Solomon and White Tight End TE Samuel Hardy 6-1 226 R Kansas [Blocking] [0] 80 TE Jaime Bautista 6-1 203 R Kansas [Receiving] [0/C] 77 Left Tackle OT Tyson Chadwick 6-7 291 R TCU [Pass Blocking] [0/C] 81 Left Guard OG Walter Shannon 6-5 290 R Texas Tech [Pass Blocking] [+2/C] 78 Center N/A Right Guard OG Edward Meyer 6-2 259 R Oklahoma State [Run Blocking] [+1] 78 OG Rory McKay 6-2 271 R Oklahoma [Run Blocking] [-1] 67 Right Tackle OT Benjamin Driver 6-5 266 R Oklahoma State [Pass Blocking] [+1] 77 OT Jason Dotson 6-1 275 R Oklahoma [Pass Blocking] [0] 76 Defense Left Defensive End DE Samir Sample 6-2 267 R Texas Tech [Blitz] [+1] 82 DE Noah Urlacher 6-6 259 R Kansas [Contain] [0] 76 Defensive Tackle(s) DT Ezekiel Sewell 6-5 325 R Baylor [2-Gap] [-2] 78 DT Jasiah Pickens 6-1 334 R TCU [2-Gap] [0] 75 DT Albert Duke 6-4 326 R Kansas [1-Gap] [-1] 73 Right Defensive End DE Tristan Priest 6-6 251 R Texas [Blitz] [+1] 80 DE Aidan McAlister 6-0 264 R TCU [Contain] [0] 75 Left Outside Linebacker OLB Chance Herring 5-11 231 R TCU [Blitz] [+1] 79 Inside Linebacker(s) ILB Thomas Morton 6-2 254 R Baylor [Mike] [0/C] 80 ILB Elliot McElmore 6-1 244 R TCU [Will] [+1/C] 76 ILB Samir Sneed 5-11 208 R Texas [Will] [+3/C] 69 Right Outside Linebacker OLB Omar Vernon 6-2 225 R Iowa State [Coverage] [+1] 70 OLB Moises Contreras 5-11 235 R Oklahoma [Coverage] [+1/C] 68 Cornerbacks CB Devon Braxton 6-1 182 R Texas [Zone Coverage] [-2] 81 CB Roman Blackmon 6-1 181 R TCU [Man Coverage] [+1] 80 CB Nigel Wooten 5-10 183 R Texas Tech [Man Coverage] [-1] 72 CB Lamont Carson 5-11 198 R West Virginia [Man Coverage] [+1] 70 Free Safety FS Richard Clemons 6-2 196 R Kansas [Man Coverage] [0] 74 FS Julian Foster 6-2 221 R Oklahoma [Man Coverage] [0] 69 Strong Safety SS Noel Barfield 5-10 177 R Kansas [Zone Coverage] [+1] 80 SS Jaylin Dickens 5-11 174 R Texas [Zone Coverage] [-1] 74 Kicker K Louis Dwyer 5-9 223 R Oklahoma [Power] [0] 77 Punter P Aden Evans 6-3 155 R Kansas [Accuracy] [0] 80 N/A (We don't to punt, we just score. That's why they call us "The Nation's Most Exciting Conference") Representation by team: - 7 - 7 - 6 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 2 - 1 - 1 - 1
  12. For the Eagles my ideal draft would be grabbing S Nasir Adderly or DT Christian Wilkins in the first and then coming out of the pair of 2nd round picks with RB David Montgomery and S Juan Thornhill or DT Isiah Buggs. A later round guy I would really love us to get is LB David Long from WVU. Ironically I ended up with all of those guys excluding Adderly in my first Eagles 7 round mock
  13. Tbh I had no idea if he is a RB or a WR. If he is a WR you would def slot him in at WR3
  14. Football is in my blood. Always has been; always will be. The passion started young, watching from the bleachers with my dad and listening to his old stories of playing running back for the the Faith Christian Lions. In middle school I finally got a chance to suit up in the red and white for the Faith Christian 7th grade team. Chad Wilson was our starting running back and I only got a few carries a game. I was a better athlete, but being the coach’s son has its perks. Coach Wilson gave me a few carries a game on offense, but asked me to primarily play linebacker instead. I’m always #2. In 9th grade a new coach came, Coach Hank. And with the coaching change I finally got my chance, on a level playing field, to win the running back job. I never felt more alive than I did with the ball in my hands, slashing through the line and bowling people over into the endzone. The high school coach asked me to come play linebacker for the J.V. team but I declined. I was a running back at heart, just like my dad. I was a 3 year starter in high school at running back and shared a backfield with QB Austin Bowman. Austin was a gunslinger and had great command of our offense. Our vertical style attack didn’t give me the most opportunities, but I managed to put up back to back 1,000 yard seasons as a sophomore and junior. I didn’t get any attention from the news or scouts though because of a running back from Broken Bow, TX named Shamar Burroughs. I’m always #2. Burroughs was a class ahead of me in grade, but worlds behind me on the field and yet no one could seem to see it. Burroughs played in a power running attack for the Broken Bow Savages, our rivals from down the road. He put up huge numbers in High School and led Broken Bow to 2 consecutive conference championships his sophomore and junior season. His numbers were impressive at a glance (and massively inflated by his offense) but anyone should have been able to see that I was the better player. His senior season we were the only thing standing between him and a 3rd consecutive conference title. The Savages were protecting a 3 point lead with 2:30 to go and they went into their 4 minute offense (which is pretty much the same thing as their normal offense). But OLB Jonathan Shultz burst through the line, laid a monster hit on Burroughs, and knocked the ball lose. A scrum ensued but we emerged with the ball! Three plays later, I burst through the line for a 43 yard TD run to win the game and prevent the 3-peat. It wouldn’t be the last time we would meet on the field. Shamar signed with TCU following a widely covered recruiting battle. He had all the hype going into his freshman season. Meanwhile, I quietly returned for my senior year of high school and signed with the University of Oklahoma without much fanfare. Burroughs’ “Horney Toads” and my Sooners met on the gridiron twice in our collegiate careers. The first time was in 2020, Week 11. We won 22-17 and I outrushed Burroughs 129 yards to 88. The second time was 2021, Week 7. This time we lost in a blow out 35-3. I outrushed Burroughs 98 yards to 29, but he had the benefit of a much better team. Shamar finished his college career with 3,705 yards (#9 on the Big XII leaderboard) and 48 TDs. I finished mine a year later with 6,579 yards (#1 on the Big XII leaderboard) and 68 TDs. Shamar got all the hype in high school, but I was the better collegiate player. Last I heard he was hanging out at Broken Bow, working out with the High School team while he waits and hopes for a call from an NFL team looking to add him to their practice squad. He got all the hype while I was considered second best, because I’m always #2. Soon I will play my last game for my beloved Sooners (hopefully in the National Championship) and then I will enter the NFL draft. My illustrious college career has gone by like a flash. I will always fondly remember my days in Norman, but I am looking forward to the next challenge in the NFL. I’m widely considered the #1 RB in the draft and my agent has heard rumors of a top 5 pick. And then I got the call, Solomon McLaughlin from Texas Tech has decided to forgo his senior season and enter the NFL draft. And just like that, I’m back to #2. Solomon is a fantastic player and a great guy. We got the opportunity to hang out at the Heisman ceremony and he is one of the most authentic, humble people I’ve ever met. In his 3 year career he has put up eye popping numbers. 5,587 yards rushing and 73 TDs. He is only 2 TDs away from breaking the Big XII record. He has been the entire offense in Lubbock since day one. He will get drafted before me, I’ve accepted that as a fact. But here is what you need to know about me: I have been pushed aside and cast as the 2nd best option at every step of my career. I’ve been doubted and met with low expectations, all while my colleagues have been lauded with fanfare. And every time I have risen to the occasion. I may always start as #2, but I never stay there. I always rise to the top. Solomon may be a consensus top 5 pick and I may slide in the first round; but I promise you this: the GM that writes my name on a card and hands it to the commissioner on draft day will look back on that moment as the defining choice of their career. There is no player that has ever worked harder than I will work to prove you right. There is no student of the game that has ever watched more film than I will watch. There is no team that will ever be changed more by the addition of one player than the one that calls my name. Take a chance on me, and I will make your career. I may be #2 now; but if history has proven anything, it is this: I never stay there for long.
  15. It was super close on that one since their skill + potential was the same so I went with the "backup" matching the starters designation... Also, OSU sucks
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