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  1. You don’t. You used to be able to find some of it in pro days. But now you just kinda have to try to figure it out.
  2. You definitely need a back with good vision in a zone blocking scheme. I think that’s the most important thing. And then your OL being intelligent and cohesive is probably #2
  3. @Soluna could I get the length of Watson’s missed fg in the first if you have that handy?
  4. Running back makes sense that it is plug and play right away and then production decline over time. That’s pretty well reflected irl. As for run blocking vs pass blocking I don’t really look at it too much. Ideally I don’t wanna have 5 of the same designation or really even 4. But I always value skill over the designations. In college I count being in scheme about the same as a half a star (or in 4-3 I would value a 5* 2 gap DT and a 4.5* 1 Gap DT fairly equally). So the same for OL. I would slightly prefer pass blocking tackles and run blocking iOL but I won’t go out of my way to make that happen.
  5. Then you are sandwiching your weaker guard between your best OT and C and your best guard helps support your weaker tackle at RT
  6. I always like to have my best OT at LT and my best OG at RG. And then I try to keep guys in the same position for their whole career if possible. I think chemistry among your OL is really important. The more pieces you can keep the same the better they will play.
  7. I collect pins and always try to find them when I go places on vacation or get people I know to get one for me when they go places.
  8. Players Tribune articles are probably my favorite media on the whole site. Nice work!
  9. Big 12: 34 (+5) Big Ten: 53  FCS: 49 MWC: 59 (-5) PAC-12: 49
  10. Big 12: 59 (+5) Big Ten: 53 FCS: 49 (-5) MWC: 44 PAC-12: 39
  11. I have never played D&D but I always thought it looked fascinating
  12. Big 12 : 40 (+5) Big Ten: 39 FCS: 30 Indy: 15 MAC: 30 MWC: 40 (-5) PAC-12: 30 SEC: 20
  13. I'm going to be teaching high school for the first time this school year and one of the classes I'm teaching is financial literacy. That is right in my wheelhouse, but the class has no curriculum or textbook. So I've been trying to get ahead this summer knowing that the first year teaching is usually crazy. I found an outline for a semester finance class that I've been working with to flesh out and adapt it more to a high school level and have been printing off articles and worksheets and putting them into a 3 ring binder to sort of create a textbook/workbook for students. My goal was to have it all finished before school started but that's looking increasingly unlikely so I've revised my goal to having it 2/3 of the way complete when school starts. So I'm pretty excited about that. I'm also going to take my CDL test Tuesday after having classes for that the last couple weeks so hopefully I pass it the first time.
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