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    1. I tend to think the only net worth we truly have is the impact we have on others in life
    2. Not sure if I work yet or not during draft, will respond in here when I find out
    3. DE Emmanuel Knox 6-2 245 2 Washington State [Contain] [0] 76 ILB Vinnie Masterson 6-3 254 1 Purdue [Mike] [0] 78 @Ape Chirp Confirm
    4. Fond du Lac High School in Fond du Lac, WI. They are also Cardinals so Im fine with either
    5. #8 DE Samir Sample 6-2 267 3 Texas Tech [Blitz] [+1] 86 - Decline signed extension #30 OT Aaron Walls 6-7 273 3 Utah State [Pass Blocking] [+1/C] [+] 85 - Decline
    6. I started my football season 3 weeks ago, tomorrow we play our 4th of 10 regular season games. Was hoping to make the playoffs again but we've been struggling a bit, so the next 8 weeks could either be super long and bad, or progress into something fun. I wasn't supposed to play OL this year, was supposed to be exclusively defense like last year, but so far have started at RG, LT, and RT in back to back to back games, and lined up against a DL who played at Memphis. Think Im taking a week off in July but well see. Would like to go west to Dakotas or maybe even Yellowstone at some point, or my friend is moving to Florida next week so maybe visit him, but I just had to buy a new vehicle so Im trying to be more conservative with my money. My sister just moved to Michigan south of Detroit so maybe Ill just do a little "stay in the Midwest quick trip."
    7. Been there a couple times, would def recommend the Sleeping Bear Dunes if walking in nature/looking at lakes is your thing
    8. We had claimed him on waivers so technically we’d have been allowed to pick it up since it’s the same contract, so if you claimed him from us when WE waived him then you’d be allowed to
    9. In 2024 Jared Calloway wracked up 47 tackles, 4TFL, and a PD in the Cardinals bandit role. He was a backup SS. in 2025 we tried doing the same with Tywan Tafoya. He had 16, 2TFL, a sack and a FR.
    10. I honestly didn’t even know he was on a team post-Cardinals of 2023
    11. This is why I think the signing bonus being spread evenly could be a good play sign a player for this contract year 1. Year 2. Year 3. Year 4 4M GTD 4M. 4M. 4M 7M base. 6M base. 4M base. 3M base after year 1, they trade (or cut) the player pre June 1: 12M dead. 0. 0 post June 1: 4M dead. 8 dead. 0 and acquiring team just takes the base salaries, no bonus. could also add void years of JUST bonus, no base and the player could hit FA but you’d spread out the GTD over those years: year 1. Year 2. Year 3. Year 4. Year 5 3.2M GTD 3.2. 3.2. 3.2. 3.2 7M base. 6M base. 4M base. Void. Void you could still have sign and trades, which don’t really happen IRL but happen here, and little would change from the current setup for those, since we have the trading teams keep the year one GTD. The difference is they’d take all the GTD.
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