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  1. Cardinals place QB A.J. Jefferson 6-3 194 7 North Carolina [Pocket] [+1/C] 88 On injured reserve. He suffered a Moderate Shoulder Rotator Cuff in week 8 and is out for the regular season.
  2.  Latavious Murray 21 119 2 @Rome
  3. Prince Pruitt tea bagged Simeon Wells and the other 3 were in retaliation
  4. Yes I agree Fortuna Optima Glass Syringes haven't lived up to their draft position, but that will happen sometimes when you come out of college with a Sodium Nitrite. Gyrdazune monohydrate 99 % is probably the bigger bust yeah, can't believe he went 3rd overall
  5. If no one else wants it, I'll take The Long Dark off of you, but if someone else wants it feel free to give to them.
  6. Marc Bonner 2 18 0 0 0/0 Latavious Murray 3 14 0 0 0/0 Bengals running the "llamas college offense" with my best TE and best RB they just need Mikeal or Isaiah Best at QB and they can win 8-10 games and make a bowl
  7. Decapitated. Whole big thing. We had a funeral for a bird.
  8. 12:38 1st Quarter ARI Harrison Hacker, 37 yard Field Goal Cardinals 3, Chiefs 0 STOP THE COUNT
  9. Nearly 600 yards of offense. Crazy when most teams struggle to hit 300. The Texans had roughly 191 on the other side of the ball.
  10. I'm honestly surprised you didn't put the Vikings on here (though I'm glad) but did the WFT Atlanta Falcons:Alex Van Pelt - was QB coach in GB from 2014-17 and Rodgers wasn't happy that he was let go. Give veteran Matt Ryan a guy that Rodgers seemed to really like, and feels like an Atlanta hire Chicago Bears: Matt Nagy Cincinnati Bengals: Joe Brady - reunited with a certain LSU QB who he led to historic numbers Dallas Cowboys: Mike McCarthy Denver Broncos: Vic Fangio Detroit Lions: Robert Saleh - from Dearborn, went to Northern Michigan, assistant coach at Michigan State and CMU. If not here, then Houston, where he coached 2005-2010. Lions have brought in Chris Spielman to help search, Spielman played LB, leads me to believe they'll go defense and Saleh has coached LBs before. Houston Texans: Tim Kelly - has been with the team since 2014 and since they have no high end draft picks Id imagine they want to keep Watson as comfortable as possible these next couple years. Its not a sexy hire Jacksonville Jaguars: Mike LaFleur - its a left field hire to go from passing game coach to HC, but he's young (McVay), has an older brother who went from thought of as mediocre to leading GB as they sit atop the NFC, and he's got Shanahan tree experience. Los Angeles Chargers: Eric Bieniemy - Chargers have young talent in their RB stable and if Bieniemy is going to take any credit for Mahomes, he should be putting it to the test with another young QB he should be familiar with New York Jets: Brian Daboll - he's coached for every other team in the division, but thats not why I put him here. He's helped Josh Allen a lot, so I think if they stick with Darnold he's the guy they're looking at, and if they look to a different, rookie QB, whether or not its deserved he's now got the guru tag Philadelphia Eagles: If the Eagles plan to keep Wentz for one more shot, they keep Doug imo. If they go with Hurts or someone else, its wide open. Washington Football Team: Ron Rivera
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