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    1. The Matt B. we expected to show up after the last few weeks: THE MATT B. WHO SHOWED UP INSTEAD
    2. Mothica - buzzkill
    3. Return touchdowns are best touchdowns
    4. SS Corey Davis - Mild Concussion (2Q) Fourth Quarter 12:37 NO Corey Davis interception (at NO 19), return for 23 yards Good to see the independent consultant doing his job and not taking cash from the League to boost ratings by keeping stars on the field
    5. I was cleaning out my Google Drive folders since there's stuff dating back to 2015 in there, and found this. At one point, I was working on a series about the lower-rated players of NFLHC - we hear constantly about the Skaggs of the world, but there's so many other stories that maybe aren't told, that are every bit as unique and important. I had a really great one chronicling Mikeal Black at Iowa that I was working on over the course of 2017 - and I have no idea what happened to it. The following had a working title of "Trapp Music", but I never expanded it further. Kern Trapp exi
    6. Another year, another chunk of roster turnover in Arizona. "There's hope to start the year, this group of guys is different," longtime punter Steve Noonan said during the Cardinals first media day of the regular season. "Except this year, it actually feels like that's believable - they're not out here doing fan service, they're making aggressive moves to put us in contention." Noonan is the longest tenured Cardinal, both actively and across franchise history. He was here before the current front office, he was here before the previous front office. He's seen it all. He's been a tea
    7. I saw it how when I had H1N1 and woke up during the middle of the school day to see this on NFLNetwork. I remember not quite comprehending what was going on and thinking it was some weird fever dream
    8. *thinks about us enough to make a meme*
    9. McManus was actually not terrible until he got hurt - a 9.0 sack season in 2021 had his potential way higher than it should have been, but he got hurt in 2022, relegated behind Samir Sample, and then this year with a chance to rotate in again, got hurt again and will likely never play for Arizona again. rory, though, I would not say contributed, at least not positively. He managed only 5.79 yards per attempt in Arizona, a trend which has continued on the other teams he’s been on, and I’m not sure why he keeps getting chances. Kareem Taylor was averaging 7 ypa and had a positive TD:IN
    10. Cardinals place ILB Peyton Roaches 6-2 224 7 LSU [Will] [0] [#] 77 on Short-Term Injured Reserve. He suffered a Moderate Wrist Fracture in Preseason Week 3 and is out for 6 weeks (making him eligible for STIR).
    11. Cardinals place CB Kayden Pritchett 6-1 161 1 Auburn [Man Coverage] [0] 70 on Long-Term Injured Reserve. He suffered a Severe ACL Rupture in Preseason Week 3 and is out for the season.
    12. Jesus Wayne continues to father this league. I don’t know if he’d be a top WR2 but I think he could still play WR2 for someone if needed Wayne Wegert 7 130 2
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