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      1. Lots of sacks and TFLs and QBs having a hard time throwing, I’m always giddy watching those because I loved playing DL more than anything. Nail biter into the 4th, anxiety the whole time, “there’s still time to come back...”
      2. The IRL Vikings always seem to be loaded with them. We had Eric Bienemy back when Adrian Peterson just came into the league, Jerry Gray was our longtime DBs coach under Zimmer, Leslie Frazier played for the Bears but ended up a Vikings coach, currently have Keenan McCardell at WR coach, etc. In fact we’ve barely had any Vikings end up as position coaches. Scott Studwell ended up in the front office but other than him, hard to find much. I don’t know if I’m supposed to weigh in much as only a GM and not an owner, but I think it would be a lot better to not assign former players to only the team
      3. Troy Marshall swatting the ball away like a fair food vendor swatting yellow jackets in July. Dude must remember the 2019 wild card his rookie season.
      4. Vaughn Abraham had a major impact on the game obviously, but he also had a MAJOR impact on the Bears and the Cardinals. A coveted FA in 2022, VA narrowed his final two teams down to Chicago and Arizona. The Bears won out, leading to the Cardinals looking for a different option at RB. The Cardinals, knowing there was no way Yeldon was going to fall to 6, signed Chad Dess, which in turn, created the Chad Dess rule in Free Agency. Then Yeldon fell to 6, sending Dess to Tennessee where he’s helped them be successful the past few seasons. There was no way Yeldon was going to be Pro Bowl c
      5. Minnow do you even Vikings fan, the whole fan base is probably clamoring for Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Wide Dog to play guard
      6. HEY! I’ll have you know my contributions of Ummm Quinn Benson? and playing FB Harrison Mullin at RB, and playing John Garland in an Air Raid against Purdue very much built Kent State. Had to show them what not to do
      7. This makes me so sad because it feels like just yesterday @bellwoodbomb611 and I were planning the Vikings future and building around Vardy and he got to go out with TD strikes to Cobb and Kessler, guys we really loved who we drafted specifically with that vision in mind. But it was also a poetic way for Vardy to go out, losing a thriller to the Bears, showing off the magic but not being able to come away with the W.
      8. Oklahoma State First Name: Cal Last Name: Clay Position: Center Secondary Position (Optional): PF Jersey Number (No digits higher than 5): 4 Dominant Hand: Right Playstyle: Bob Ross - he’s big in the paint Skin Tone: 1-10: (1 darkest, 10 lightest) 10 Hair Style/Color: (Describe it, they got tons of em) flowing mullet, dark in color Facial Hair: (Same as hair) porn stache Height: ft'in"(Don't be too crazy here) 7’0” Weight: lbs 280 Wingspan: 95 Tattoos: (Describe what ya want I can probs get close) scantily clad woman wrap
      9. This happened in one of my semipro games, occasionally you’ll get an actual NFL or college ref come get side work since we played in spring/summer, which was the case which was pretty sweet. I don’t know his name off hand but I’ve seen him on a crew on TV before so that was cool. We’re in Kenosha, on defense down like 41-18, 2 minutes left. Ball at our like 40. Ref comes up to us DLinemen, “I know this great place down the street with tacos, if you hold them out of the end zone I’ll buy all you fat guys some tacos.” Were on like our backup backup backup free safety who has never play
      10. Cardinals have a new post in 2024 mid-season re-signings
      11. Cardinals place CB Austin Copeland 6-0 203 R USF [Man Coverage] [-1] [+] 74 on injured reserve. He sacrificed himself so that llamas may sign one more practice squad player away from a different team this season, by suffering a Severe MCL Rupture in Week 16. He’s out for the year.
      12. Logan Henderson - Bite My Tongue
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