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  1. at (1 - 0 - 4) 42 Points Scored 130 8.4 PPG 26.0 739 Passing Yards 1077 147.8 Pass YPG 215.4 440 Rushing Yards 700 88.0 Rush YPG 140.0 Leading Passer: R.J. Stanford 62/96, 770, 7, 0 Jarius Jones 38/69, 362, 1, 1 Leading Rusher: O.J. Carano 66/341/3 Marshawn Matthison 40/164/0 Leading Receiver: Marcus Banks 24/304/1 Cotton Lewis 23/281/2 The Cardinals only win in the series was in their inaugural season. It featured the absolutely amazing duel of Jarius Jones throwing 148 yards to Kotar's 99. Woof. The Cardinals have started 4 different QBs (Jarius Jones, Robert Price, Rory Weston, Paul Davenport). The Giants have started 3 different QBs (Aaron Kotar, R.J. Stanford, Lawyer Johnson). So this year will feature the 5th different Cardinals QB and 4th different Giants QB to start in the series' 6th game. The only year the Cardinals and Giants did not face each other so far (in the Cardinals existence) was 2021. The Cardinals and Giants have shared the following players over the course of the last two seasons: QB Paul Davenport QB Rob Corp QB Brett Sutherland RB Joseph Saunders RB Michael Duckworth WR Butch Harper WR Ibrahim Smiley WR Tom Oldham OG Brian Olsewski DE Jermon McKnight DT Jeffrey King
  2. I don't care if my (hypothetical) kid sees a titty or anything, but I do like keeping actual porn out of the public eye, at least until theyre a decent age (Im not saying 18, but like, I dont want a 7 year old). And probably publicly advocating for killing or harming someone. As far as written censorship, though, I'm largely behind the support of openness in presenting concepts, ideas, plots, whatever. Share your side, just don't expect me to support the actual point you're making, and respect that other people have their own opinions too. Also I swear like a sailor constantly, and I hate holding that back, because cursing is pretty natural. I get it's not always appropriate for certain settings, but in the general public, why hold back? Idk I just feel like im holding my natural voice, and emphasis, back sometimes.
  3. at a sit down meal, if it takes forever and your attitude is ass, you're getting between nothing or 10% at best. If it was just average service, 15%. Great, I might give 20%. Exceptional I gave like 50% once but it was legit the best meal/service I'd had (was the 2018 NFC Championship game and she gave me 2 free beers for sticking it out through the Vikings getting obliterated, so the tip included what I would have paid for the beers + extra on top of what I would have done on the meal). at a bar, depends on attitude again. If you're just cracking a beer and walking 2 feet to me and not talking to our group, I might not tip at all, especially if we're only there for 1-3 drinks. If it's lively and playing bar dice and you actually have to mix drinks, I'll probably give 20%. haircuts I pay $20 at Great Clips no matter what. If it's a special where it's $13 haircuts, you get $7. If it's $16, you get $4. I'm in the chair for like 5 minutes on average. Delivering pizza, depends. At Oscar Mayer, the Dominos guys remembered our names and would joke with us for a bit and get $5. Some of the other places, maaaybe $2? Anyone could drop a pizza off without saying anything, I'm tipping for you being not average.
  4. My body naturally likes to sleep from 3am-11am. Always has been this way, so anytime we'd have days off for teacher's convention or inservice growing up, I'd just sleep those hours. Went amazingly when I worked second shift security as well, since I'm absolutely not a morning person by nature. Right now I usually try to get to sleep by midnight if I have to get up at 6, and try to be in bed by midnight but fucking around on my phone if I have to get up at 7. If we go out to the bar as a team after football, we'll get to bed by 3 or 4 and I'll only get 3-4 hours of sleep since my body wakes me up at my normal time. I think I probably get more done on these days than I usually do.
  5. The next players CBA? Not likely, not much they (the players) can do, and they have other things to discuss, like Goodells arbitrary god punishment powers, marijuana punishment, etc. NFL wont do anything on their own until its hitting their bottom line. The next refs CBA? Refs just signed a 7-year CBA in like September. The NFL turned down the AAF idea of a sky judge this spring, maaaaaybe they'll revisit that if theres enough clamor. They really shouldn't "go to New York" for everything, Im not entirely sure New York is watching every play of every game sometimes, and it takes away half of the reason the officials at the game are even there, to make the calls theyre witnessing in real time. Also I didnt get to see it live because I was working that Sunday, but the Vikings lost a TD late in the game this year because somehow someone committed PI on a Vikings offensive TD. Their opponent that game? Green Bay. Now Im not saying its rigged or anything like that, but two games with controversial, late calls, in division? The Packers could very well be sitting at 3-3 and the bottom of the NFCN right now. Sure, you could argue the Vikings and Lions could have put up more points, but it also goes both ways for GB - there were some calls/non calls against Philly, and they could be sitting at 6-0 right now. I know we say this every year, but reffing is the worst Ive seen.
  6. llamas

    IRL Football

    also @Vivid and I have discovered we played against the same team in HS, albeit 4 years apart.
  7. llamas

    IRL Football

    I've shared more recent football pics when I've talked about semipro, but I'll throw some of my old high school pics in here as well. Also this is my "claim to fame" when it comes to notable football players lol. Look at the last two players on the All-Area DL, we're basically equals Then this is from my first season of summer (semipro) ball when I lived near and worked in Madison (there used to be 4 summer leagues and 1 fall league so you could theoretically play football from February practices for summer league, through mid-November playoffs in fall). Below was not an uncommon sight for our team lol, I think we only had 2 or 3 games where we didn't have a bench clearing brawl to end the game. (They've since gotten kicked out of 3 leagues, for fighting.) The fall league disbanded the same year so I stuck playing with my fall team, since they moved to a spring league. (I'm #56 in the middle). Also this pic isn't action heavy, but it's still one of the most unique pictures of my football playing days. I'm the RG, and it was the only time I've been the only white player on either side of the ball lol. In high school, we had only white players with the exception of one guy who's dad is Korean. (Knowing the demographics of the town, this wouldn't shock you, especially since I'm from rural, small town Wisconsin.) On my other/current team, we have a rather large mix of diversity since we're two teams who merged into one. And while we (Madison) were known as the "hood" team of the league and only had like 6 white players on our roster anyway, playing against a team largely composed of inner-city Milwaukee players, it was still wild that this occurred - just none of the other guys showed up to this particular game lol.
  8. Also, the Cardinals have never appeared on Monday Night Football, and have not appeared on Sunday Night Football since Week 13, 2017. Curious to know if other teams have such long streaks.
  9. The Cardinals are on bye. This is the first time ever (2017-2023) that the Cardinals do not have at least one win heading into their bye. However, this also might be the hardest pre-bye schedule the Cards have ever faced. Dallas (3-3, .500) at Colts (3-3, .500) at Niners (4-2, .667) at Eagles (4-2, .667) Bears (3-3, .500) Jaguars (4-1, .800) for a combined total of 21-14, or .600. Over the last 3 years (2020-22), the Cardinals have won 2 or 3 games post-bye. 2019 they had a week 16 bye and lost W17, 2018 they did not win a game post-bye, and 2017 they went 3-4. Also the Cardinals have not won a home game since Week 6, 2022, meaning they haven't won at State Farm Stadium in over a year. The last team to come in to Arizona and lose? A.J. Jefferson and the Atlanta Falcons. Meaning AJJ has never won a game in Arizona, currently 0-4.
  10. I agree he's quite the loser for doing this. DAMN YOU JBB, LET US HAVE OUR FUN
  11. the disrespect to Aaron Ayala! I say that jokingly, but I might not be wrong.
  12. llamas

    [2023] Week #6 - TNF

    wowwww that WVU 4th quarter comeback
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