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  1. Winner: 49ers Final Score: 31-21 Total Points Scored: 52 MVP: Raheem Mostert Who Scores First: 49ers (Mostert)
  2. 2019 1.3 Troy Marshall CB Troy Marshall 6-1 163 4 Texas [Zone Coverage] [-1] 93 When we originally traded up, I wanted Troy and Sam wanted Early Davis and Monark was undecided and then fell the Early Davis way, and they convinced me to go with Davis as well. I drove 30 minutes to work, and in those 30 minutes the Bengals traded out of #1. Then we eventually traded up again to #3 instead of #2 and got TM, who is easily the best pick I've ever made. 2.41 OG George Greene OG George Greene 6-3 291 4 Minnesota [Pass Blocking] [0] 87 Greene has been solid, probably the best part of the Ravens OL. 2.46 DE Matthew Davis DE Matthew Davis 6-1 269 4 TCU [Contain] [0] 82 I remember Sam and I debating what to do here, we almost went Matty Swift. Davis has been underwhelming, but he's not relied on to make sacks anymore, so hopefully hes a better 3-4 run stopper than I remember. He's only gone like +2 over 4 years. 3.72 WR A.J. Byrne WR A.J. Byrne 6-1 216 4 Wake Forest [Target ] [0] 81 The Ravens needed another receiver, and it was between him and Mo Charles. The Vikings took Charles one pick earlier. We swung and missed hard on Byrne. 4.108 ILB Alexander Hardison ILB Alexander Hardison 6-1 232 4 Western Kentucky [Mike] [0/C] 86 I loved Hardison throughout the pre-draft process and we were ecstatic to nab him, I think we actually were considering him with the Byrne pick. 5.134 QB Andrew Davis QB Andrew Davis 6-3 222 4 Northern Illinois [Pocket] [0] 81 Davis probably wouldn't have been much in the pros, but he was the GOAT MAC QB at the time of his drafting, and he seemed like a decent backup, at least better than Donald Caldwell. Had I stuck around in Baltimore I think Davis eventually would have gotten a shot instead of the FishGod selection, but Im not sure it would have put them in a better spot. Davis is a FA now and I would have liked to see the Browns or someone turn to him but alas, his days are probably done. 5.147 DT Michael Black DT Micheal Black 6-5 281 5 UCLA [2-Gap] [0/C] [+] 78 Drafted to be a backup. Was a backup. 6.169 RB Marty Kiesel RB Marty Keisel 5-11 222 4 UAB [Power] [0] 78 My friend graduated college to be a police officer and I went to his grad party on this part of the draft, and I think Monark was drafting. The Diesel was... not good. My HS principal's wife once put gas in their diesel jeep while I was sitting in the office, and Im sure that was better for the jeep than Kiesel was for an offense. He was last a Redskin for some unknown reason. 7.202 OLB Eric Burden OLB Eric Burden 6-2 233 4 Florida [Blitz] [0] 76 I think Burden has actually recorded a sack or something, which is more than a lot of 7th rounders can say. 7.227 C Nicolas Slack LS Nicolas Slack 6-2 284 4 Northern Illinois [Traditional] [0] 73 I think Slack was our long snapper. He eventually became one full time, after I had left Baltimore. He is not good at it. 2020 1.24 OT Donald Reed OT Donald Reed 6-5 293 3 Virginia Tech [Pass Blocking] [0] 89 Mac Woods was already seeming to get older, and we needed OL help bad. Traded back from 16 with the Panthers in hopes of shedding some salary cap that the previous FO had left us tight, but then missed out on RBG and Ian Hendrickson. Guard still bothers the Vikings, so maybe shouldn't have done that, but Reed is coming along nicely. 3.82 CB Tomas Weathers CB Tomas Weathers 5-11 181 3 Colorado [Man Coverage] [0] 78 We really needed a CB because Devon Drummond and Jonathan Blankenship weren't cutting it and there was a run on them, and there were few CBs available even up to Weathers caliber at the time. He hasn't worked out. 4.112 WR Jacory Kessler WR Jacory Kessler 6-3 224 3 Auburn [Speed] [-1] 84 I remember Bellwood and I were both super in love with Kessler. I left to go drive for 35 minutes and bellwood had to do the drafting, and took Kessler right where I wanted him. He's been a pretty great 4th round WR, especially considering Sam and I took AJ Byrne 40 picks earlier a year before. 5.148 QB Cody Albright QB Cody Albright 5-10 237 3 Ohio State [Pocket] [-1] 79 Bad. Baaaaad. Again, we needed a backup QB to our veteran, because our only other option was, for the second year in a row for me, Donald Caldwell lol. Albright was trash, and lost his job to Brad Davis. 5.156 SS Devin Whitaker SS Devin Whitaker 6-2 193 3 Wisconsin [Man Coverage] [+1] 78 At this point I was letting bellwood draft, and he got a nice depth piece here. 6.183 P Theodore Sauer P Theodore Sauer 6-0 156 3 Nebraska [Accuracy] [0] 82 Vikings had a bottom 6 punt average this year, so might be time to cut ties with Sauer (hear this, @Jamzz? DRAFT THE PUNTING KING DAMMIT) But hard to hate on a 6th round punter who managed to stick around 4 years. 7.204 OLB Ralph Watts OLB Ralph Watts 6-1 229 3 Nebraska [Blitz] [0] 73 I know nothing about Watts other than bellwood took him. UDFA WR Aaron Ayala WR Aaron Ayala 6-1 169 4 Wisconsin [Speed] [0] 73 @bellwoodbomb611 Aaron Ayala forever 2021 1.6 WR Luke Cobb WR Luke Cobb 6-5 198 2 Florida State [Speed] [0] 82 I moved out of the GM role to let bellwood in and we hired @Jamzz, but Luke Cobb was something I have to take the credit (or lack of) for, since I really pushed us for him. His measurables were sexy, he put up numbers at Florida State, and I was thinking he could be the Randy Moss to Kessler's Cris Carter and Charles' Jake Reed. This has not been the case, from his own injuries to Vardy's injuries, things haven't clicked. Hes probably not a bad WR3 (and probably better than Treadwell lmao) but that's not what you want at all from a #6 pick 2022 1.6 RB Trevon Yeldon RB Trevon Yeldon 6-0 233 2 Oregon [Power] [0] 89 Sex. We were all over Yeldon predraft, but considered Noah Barney and Kenyon Justice as well. Pumph took them both before us, but Yeldon was 1A the entire time. If we'd known Yeldon would land to us at 6, Chad Dess never would have added the Cardinals to his wiki teams list. 2.37 SS Shaq Turner SS Shaq Turner 5-9 192 2 Texas State [Zone Coverage] [-1] 86 @cultur3 nailed this pick, I was off scouting IRL football and we were texting about this the entire time. 2.60 RB Ricky Vega RB Ricky Vega 5-10 214 1 Penn State [Speed] [0] 80 Look, we didn't expect Yeldon to be amazing right off the bat, and we were envisioning a Falcons RBBC early on. Then Yeldon just took the job. 3.78 DT Maxwell Quezada DT Maxwell Quezada 6-4 279 1 Nebraska [2-Gap] [0] 77 Quezada got hurt his rookie year and we scrapped the idea of having both a 2-Gap NT in a 4-3 (like Linval Joseph) and a 1-Gap in favor of just 1-Gaps. He actually didn't seem to be much worse than DT Jeffrey King. I think @cultur3 made this pick though so I blame him if its bad. 4.104 CB Ozzie Spillman CB Ozzie Spillman 5-10 171 2 Arizona [Zone Coverage] [+2/C] [#] 76 Lost his job initially to old ass Joel Prince who became our INT leader lmao. Spillman's career is probably as a special teamer, yould like to get more out of a 4th rounder but its not the end of the world. I think Spillman could still probably work in as a dimeback or maybe even nickel, but I also think he probably got ruined by playing WR and SS in college, and not CB. Cultur3 made this pick though so 5.159 WR Reginald Lattimore Reginald Lattimore 6-1 187 1 Air Force [Target] [+1] 76 We wanted Rentavious "RenBAEvious" Rodgers and the Falcons scooped him, so we ended up taking Lattimore. Then the Loins stole him off of our PS and now we steal their QBs. 6.177 C Mayer Cornelius Mayer Cornelius 6-2 287 1 Utah State [Run Blocking] [0] 74 We needed a backup center and took a shot. I think Cornelius may even be better than who he got traded for, Aden Hastings lol. @Jumbo fleeced us. 6.206 FS Chance Finney FS Chance Finney 5-10 219 2 Connecticut [Zone Coverage] [0] 77 We knew Finney was a developmental guy coming in, and he's spent a few years on our PS. With Free Safety being a weak spot for us, Finney might actually crack the roster this year. 7.212 QB Adrian Rupp QB Adrian Rupp 6-2 238 1 Indiana [Scrambling] [0] 75 He once beat Mikeal Black's Iowa. He couldn't even beat out Brett Sutherland for a roster spot though, who also didn't make the roster. 2023 1.8 DE Samir Sample DE Samir Sample 6-2 267 1 Texas Tech [Blitz] [+1] 83 Had a solid rookie year doing what was asked of him, especially in the TFL department. 3.69 K Harrison Hacker K Harrison Hacker 5-11 194 1 South Dakota State [Power] [+1] 86 Missed one FG all year and it was from 52, and then drilled another 59 yarder, finishing 19/20. Big pro bowl snub. 4.101 ILB Troy McClain ILB Troy McClain 6-1 232 1 Memphis [Mike] [-2] 80 Went +2 despite being behind Akeel all year. With @Kremit getting Jackie Eaton to be productive in our 4-front, I think McClain might get a shot at the Eaton role this year. Cultur3 made this pick. 5.160 DT Israel Parson DT Israel Parson 6-5 281 1 Bowling Green [1-Gap] [-3] 78 Made 4.0 sacks as a rookie and I wanted him pre-draft. I was practically begging cultur3 to take him R4 and he made us wait. He's our best DT which doesn't say much but I think he's a piece to watch moving forward, he might be a sexy DT2 one day.
  3. It was inevitable. Had to ride the hot hand though. ...And believe me, de la Cruz was the hot hand at RB, unless you want to include the Fat Man Nose Tackle TD in week 15
  4. I forgot this song (well a ton of songs) and its kinda messed up but I get really bad anxiety sometimes and this is a vibe for then.
  5. Mac was the best live performer ive ever heard across any genre. He strangely loved playing at The Rave in Milwaukee, and I was literally about to buy tickets to see him again on the day that he died, it was like 15 minutes after it went public and thats how I found out. The first time I saw him, I didnt even go to see him, it was to see Earl Sweatshirt and Vince Staples of Odd Future fame, and some relatively underground rapper wed recently discovered named Chance the Rapper. Earl and Mac were co headlining and while Earl had a solid live performance, Mac blew the entite thing out of the water. Mac had some fun songs but the ones ive really held on to are Dunno, Self Care, and The Festival, probably since Ive also been in some dark places the last few years. Mac's death was the first celebrity death for me where it wasnt just "that sucks", but actually gave me some hurt, and has been a big part of me trying to improve myself over the last year, though there have been hiccups along the way.
  6. The timing of this thread being posted is just too topical for me. Some of these are for real sadboy hours and some for mood but trying to come up.
  7. Got a pretty realistic SDSU haul (minus getting no in-state croots). Brookings is the yellow.
  8. I got curious as to how some of NFLHC's QBs stack up. Like, a lot of IRL draft bust QBs seem to get moved on from rather swiftly (Christian Ponder played 38 games with his original team, Blaine Gabbert 28, Sex Cannon 36, Kyle Boller 53, etc) and they were all the 3rd and 4th QBs selected in their draft. Draft Year Overall Pick QB Selected OG Team Still with team? Name Games Played Completions Attempts Comp % Yards TDs INTs 2017 5th 3rd ARI No Jarius Jones 43 850 1378 61.68 10639 70 29 2017 28th 4th NE No Lawyer Johnson 56 1174 1992 58.94 14236 81 51 2018 57th 3rd DAL No Taylor Rodriguez 33 477 732 65.16 6006 35 24 2018 74th 4th DEN Yes Todd Jennings 39 686 1070 64.11 8429 54 18 2019 33rd 3rd JAX No Christian Barkley 35 638 1023 62.37 7705 50 22 2019 48th 4th LAC Yes Matty Swift 67 1398 2438 57.34 16140 102 81 2020 75th 3rd TB No Devin Conroy 1 2 3 66.67 18 0 0 2020 84th 4th DEN No Eric Jennings 10 145 278 52.16 1498 6 13 2021 76th 3rd NE Yes Luke Trickett 6 91 158 57.59 1040 7 4 2021 95th 4th LV No David Oates Doesn't have any wiki stats listed with Raiders 2022 13th 3rd ATL Yes Donald Culver 19 336 601 55.91 3723 18 19 2022 33rd 3rd NE Yes Josh Beckett 5 89 176 50.57 926 6 7 2023 98th 4th DEN Yes Troy McMurray 12 150 257 58.37 1681 5 12 2023 65th 4th CLE Yes Jordan North 9 127 231 54.98 1499 7 11 So like, Donald Culver probably deserves another year based off of IRL and also Matty Swift's turnaround (could mean sticking with Culver another year turns him into a positive TD:INT ratio), and TMac also could get another year and it would be realistic in terms of games played. Todd Jennings has that sexy TD:INT ratio and comp %, so maybe he can get another look somewhere else (since Blaine Gabbert and Kyle Boller and even Christian Ponder found work elsewhere after moving on from their original teams). Also remember when Conroy had some hype coming out of college? He's thrown 3 NFL passes. Idk if he's worth giving a shot at this point since he's not exactly young anymore, but I can't imagine he'd be much worse than Josh Beckett or Matthew Dobbs were this year, or the Niners trotting Phillip Rea out there last year.
  9. Josh Rosen never struck me as being a true franchise QB but he's absolutely getting the short end of the stick. He wasn't particularly good as a rookie, but he also wasn't supposed to play as a rookie, Sam Bradford fleeced the Cardinals for like $20M. Then his head coach gets fired (seems to be a weird trend of that lately - young QBs getting their HCs axed after a year. Has happened with Daniel Jones and Baker [twice, or three times if you want to include Greg Williams lol]) and I mean I like Kyler better than Rosen but still incredibly odd that ownership was good with giving up on Rosen (the tenth pick) just one year in. The Dolphins weren't in position for him to have much support either. Like, Blaine Gabbert was the 11th overall pick and he still got 2.5 years with the Jags (and like Ponder, his rookie year was hurt by the lockout).
  10. Chris Weinke was also an older QB when he was drafted, and he went (much more appropriately) in the 4th. I get if the Browns were thinking they needed a QB with maturity or whatever, but still wtf. Rumor is the Vikings wanted either Blaine Gabbert or J.J. Watt in 2011 and then panicked. This was before Rick Spielman was the GM, I think its when we had the weird triumvirate of power or whatever it was and that was awful, which led to awful decisions like Ponder. I remember Ponder being talked about as a 2nd or 3rd rounder, and the Vikings grabbed him because our other QB was Donovan McNabb (do any of you even remember that he was a Viking lol, because I think John David Booty was more memorable), who ended up being so bad that he got benched for really raw, missed-big-chunks-of-offseason-as-rookie-because-lockout rookie Ponder
  11. Ahmed Miles Brett Sutherland Adrian Rupp Giovanni Luke Greg Killian Greg Shipp Matteo Rook Rob Corp Paul Davenport Greg Bierria Dylan Bishop A.J. Jefferson Sean Sitton Christian Barkley Rahim Murrell Ryder Shipman Hmmm what's that? Oh these are just the QBs that have been on the Cardinals roster at some point. From 2022 through 2023. Guys help I clearly have addiction issues (which is a summary of what keeps me coming back )
  12. Doug Aska has paved the way for a 1,000 yard rusher in each of the past 5 seasons now, spanning 3 different running backs (including Fred Tindale's old, journeyman ass to 1k). He's been in the league six years. 0 Pro Bowls. 0 All Pros.
  13. Mfw no Yeldon again remember last year when people said "he has plenty of time to make it" hard to have a better year than he just did 1492 Yards, 12 TDs, 3 fumbles, 1 lost, 5.14 average against and undoubted stacked box every game 1571 yards, 11 TDs, 3 fumbles, 0 lost, 4.97 avg while having lots more weapons around This is why the popular vote doesnt decide Presidential elections Also Harrison Hacker missed one FG all year and drilled another from 59. Less mad about him but still. Doug Aska has yet to make a Pro Bowl for those following along at home.
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