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  1. Created a player page for both Taylor Randolph and Mikeal Black ( Cant access google docs at work apparently so recruiting info isnt perfect, but its a start. Also created Atwood High School
  2. I feel like scholarships aren't worth enough, but I'm not sure what a good number for them would be. IRL if I get a scholarship offer for a full ride from an out of state school, or can pay my way to an instate school, im probably taking thay full scholly. I also am not sure about the instate bonus at all. IRL Wisconsin's spring roster has something like 52 of 103 people on it actually having gone to HS in Wisconsin. Meanwhile SIM Wisconsin hauled in 35 croots last year at the signing deadline, 33 of which were from Wisconsin. It just seems like an odd ratio, and while I don't think random shotgunning was perfect in the old system, i think out of state recruiting is discouraged a bit too much. Perhaps we could make scholarships worth more, but you only get so many over a 4 year period. A player with a scholarship might be less likely to transfer later down the road, and you could award a guy who walked on and played great with one of your scholarships, rather than risk him transferring elsewhere where someone else might give him one.
  3. HOLMES FORECLOSED While Holmes and crew faltered in loss to Green Bay, Vikings begin "looking elsewhere" at kicking position
  4. I'm salty Oklahoma got two good DEs, mostly because i wanted to see what those 1.0 skill frosh could do with the big boys in the XII. This is nothing against Ted, but that was a HUGE gift from the transfer gods. (Also i play Oklahoma in OOC and was hoping I could destroy that line ) Can't say I'm mad about landing DE Zion Lanier 6-2 256 (Sr) Thomas Jefferson (Bloomington MN) 3.5 of 3.5 [Contain] from Kansas to Iowa though, hell be a good addition to the Iowa defense.
  5. When I first joined Kent State, the roster was (and still is) absolute trash. I didn't know what to run offensively, but I noticed the freshman QB, John Garland, had passed for like 292 yards against Purdue earlier in the 2018 season. So I was like, hey, the RB on this roster is clearly terrible, let's throw the ball a ton.... John Garland, KNT, 26 of 69 for 228 yards, 0 TD, 5 INT Eventually we got the hang of things, winning 3 games to end the 2018 season. His sophomore year last year wasn't great, i have him down for 164/287 (57%) 2056 yards (7.16/att) 10 TD, 8 INT, and another 371 ground yards with 6 ground TDs. Given that Kent State had 18 billion coaches last year, id say that wasn't terrible. He enters 2019 as a junior, the assumed starter of another hapless Kent State squad.
  6. Interested in joining Path to the Draft as a guest/substitute panelist for the 2020 season? PM paperllamasunited 

  7. The good news is we led Green Bay by 10. The bad news is everything else.
  8. Using this, im favored against Boston College, UCF, Northwestern, Ohio State, and Nebraska for my 2020 schedule. If I can somehow manage to beat all of them and steal a game against Wisconsin or Minnesota I'll be happy.
  9. DE Nazir Tatum-Kimbrough 6-1 243 So Edgewood (Ashtabula, OH) 4.0 of 4.0 [Contain] 6.0 sacks, 14 tackles in 2019 DE Malachi McKnight 6-0 261 (Jr) Manistee (Manistee, MI) 4.0 of 4.0 [Contain] 3.5 sacks, 22 tackles in 19 DE Donte Pennel 6-2 253 (Jr) Valley Forge (Parma Heights, OH) 4.0 of 4.0 [Contain] 3.0 sacks, 28 tackles DE Michael McKinney 6-1 246 Sr Northfield (Northfield ,MN) 3.5 of 3.5 [Contain] 4.0 sacks, 14 tackles Rory Bolin - 28 tackles, 7.5 sacks. #GetRoary4Rory
  10. Mfw no Rory Bolin who had 7.5 sacks last year as a freshman, 1.5 more than his teammate Nazir
  11. How exactly does one come into the football manager position at a college? Asking for a potentially interested friend
  12. Ive never been the coach at the nflhc level, but give me a power back and a speed back in a 2RB set, and id be happy. The Power back would hopefully be running inside more often, and the speed back would take pitches and outside handoffs. Then on passing downs, the power back would hopefully pass protect, while the speed back (think a Jaz Durant type player) is catching passes in the flats or on screens. I could also see two different ways to go at QB with this. A mobile threat (think AT/Lester, perhaps to some extent Ryan Clark) could run a good read option out of this, but a pocket passer (Murphy/Barkley/Watkins) could keep a defense honest about having to respect the pass. I'd like to see the Browns run it with Clark/Sean Bell/Nathan Wilson in an ideal world.
  13. DENY THIS APPLICATION, THEN BAN THEM! (Sincerely a KU fan and potential KU student). Nah, welcome to the site, someone will be along shortly to deal with your app. Feel free to ask any questions.
  14. Vikings: ILB Cleveland Merrill 6-1 236 5 Ole Miss [Will] 95 // 3 years // 2 years // 36M // even Restructured deal: ILB Cleveland Merrill 6-1 236 5 Ole Miss [Will] 95 2 years // 24.0 million // 50.00% Guaranteed G//9.0//3.0//Total:12.0 $//6.0//6.0//Total:12.0 Total//15.0//9.0//Total:24.0 DT Jared Lee 6-5 313 5 Florida State [2-Gap] 84 // 3 years // 2 years // 12M // even Restructured deal: DT Jared Lee 6-5 313 5 Florida State [2-Gap] 84 2 years // 8.0 million // 50.00% Guaranteed G//2.5//1.5//Total:4.0 $//2.5//1.5//Total:4.0 Total//5.0//3.0//Total:8.0
  15. TOO MUCH TO BEAR Playing in their third straight road game, Vikings fall in OT after blowing late 10 point lead. Peter Foster returns a 4th quarter punt 55 yards for a touchdown. The score came in part of a 17 point run by the Bears, and helped highlight the Vikings weak special teams unit, which allowed all 13 of Chicago's points scored following the close of the 3rd quarter.

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