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  1. Don't worry, I beat the #4 team of last week (now 12) and the two teams I've lost to are a combined 11-0 and are now both ranked 13 and 14, and one of the excuses I was given for not receiving a single vote was "there were no other 2-loss teams in the poll." Clemson currently has 69 poll votes and is now a 2 loss team. Someone give me some love
  2. I meant moreso losing by only 4 to a team that was 10-2 at the time but ok
  3. I don't get our team.
  4. I have lost to the 15th and 16th ranked teams who are a combined 10-0. This week I beat then-#4, current #12 Illinois. Not even one vote
  5. Damn, started out flat and just couldn't make the comeback. Road to a bowl just got a bit harder. Gg slinky.
  6. John Garland tore Bowling Green a new one
  7. If no one else is interested, id gladly do something like this. (However I think I fall a week or two shy of the 1.5 years rule). If others are interested, by all means, let them do it, though, I love reading all of the content and headlines all of you guys always produce.
  8. Mfw Mikeal isnt even an honorable mention Mikeal Black, IOWA, 20 of 29 for 260 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT Also had 5/38 and a score on the ground.
  9. Just realised neither of my players with picks made the stat sheet
  10. If I did my math right, Mikeal Black finishes his 2020 OOC slate with the following stat line: Mikeal Black, IOWA, 56 of 84 (66.66%) for 719 yards, (8.55yds/att) 5 TD, 1 INT, (155.82 rating) 18 Car, 122 yds, (6.77avg) 2TD. Not too shabby considering we faced UCF, BC, and Oklahoma, and not some Sophos-level cupcake schedule.
  11. I remember watching this on tv instead of doing homework. I was tempted to do my homework instead, the game was so terrible
  12. I would love to be the coach at Kansas, but I don't think I could take it over if storm ever left. It's storms program here, id want to build my own identity. (Plus im pretty sure azul would murder me for taking Kansas, id probably end up like Charlie Weis.) I was hesitant to come to Iowa for the same reason, it's jmjacobs built program, but with the bridge between us that is the 2019 season, the worst period of Iowa football, I knew someone had to rescue them. (And i like being in the Big Ten, and Chad Greenway went to Iowa, and he's my favorite player of all time at any level). I'll probably never leave Iowa unless Storm and Azul have moved on from Kansas, and the future of the program is bleak.
  13. I played a C at OG last year at CMU, it didn't go terribly. He was too good to not have on the field over my other backup guards who probably wouldn't even start in FCS. When I recruit I try to go for bigger OL, avoiding guys who weigh less than 265ish. When drafting OL id like to think of going with the same principle idea, but certain OL (we had decently high grades on Lucas Hopkins, and particularly Russell Benson-Gifford, by the time the draft rolled around, and they are listed at 261 & 260 respectively) can get away with it if I view them as having a better collegiate background or pedigree. I like to play skill over size really, but I view bigger tackles (Arthur Taylor is like 6'8") as right tackles, especially if they are run specialists
  14. Mikeal you beautiful slut, why couldn't you do this last week
  15. 8 sacks and only one guy made the sheet?