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  2. COLE-D The Vikings offense comes out stagnant, does defense no favors in Shawn Cole's Minnesota return
  3. TIL, you learn more each day and I am genuinely pleased by learning this fact.
  4. Read this: Christian Haywood, fumble recovery - 7:34 As Christian Barkley recovering a fumble. Given the way the rest of the game went, I wold not have been surprised.
  5. For allowing 5 sacks, and only getting 2 yards per carry, I'm surprised our OL managed a 7.5 OL rating. I was expecting something more in the Stanford range. Also our defense did us no favors, but the ground game didn't seem to work too well against us (2.6 avg). Granted that was all probably garbage time, but still... Teams should only run against us to test if it was too small of a sample size
  6. The Vikings traded league-leading INT man Dennis Niland this offseason, RIP me.
  7. Andrew Davis
  8. Interested in becoming a sexy young intern who answers to llamas? I mean, interested in learning the trades of nflhc? Want to learn how to coach, gm, and scout? Contact Bellwoodbomb about how the Vikings might be a fit for you.

    1. smckenz3


      @bmlig95 was interested in getting into NFLHC I believe.  

  9. Jesus, I have no idea what's wrong with that horse (I mean maybe it's smushed a bit, Taylor seems like a big dude), but here you can barely rent them for $200, much less buy them for $300.
  10. Shh bb maybe they won't notice
  11. Minnesota Vikings HC bellwoodbomb611 1 year // 3,000,000 $3,000,000 per year
  13. Minnesota Vikings at Miami Dolphins at Tennessee Titans vs Sam Francisco 49ers vs Baltimore Ravens
  14. Vikings pls.
  15. DC Mike Zimmer $4,200,000 per year 3 Years

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