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    1. [2018] Stanley Cup Final

      Vegas Golden Knights vs Washington Capitals (all start times 8 p.m. ET) Monday, May 28, 8pm: Capitals @ Golden Knights | NBC Wednesday, May 30, 8pm: Capitals @ Golden Knights | NBCSN Saturday, June 2, 8pm: Golden Knights @ Capitals | NBCSN Monday, June 4, 8pm: Golden Knights @ Capitals | NBC *Thursday, June 7, 8pm: Capitals @ Golden Knights | NBC *Sunday, June 10, 8pm: Golden Knights @ Capitals | NBC *Wednesday, June 13, 8pm: Capitals @ Golden Knights | NBC Tuesday, June 5 up to Thursday, June 14, Midnight: shitty baseball season for 30 teams and fanbases, or super after party for one fan base * - if necessary Knights are 2-0 against Caps this year. I'll keep updating this thread with neat shit throughout the series. Ovi pls.
    2. Thoughts on New Anthem Rule

      CBA expires right around the corner. The players will use this as one of their issues, the owners will compromise by taking 2-3% more of the revenue. "Non-issue" in 2-3 years. Keeps giving the NFL that sweet DoD money, keeps giving the owners a larger slice of the revenue. Kaepernick has been garbage since teams figured out his offense. In 2016 he was basically a bottom tier starter/high end backup, and lost his job to Blaine fucking Gabbert. He struggled while inside the pocket. Before the season he'd reportedly been involved in trade talks with Denver, but wouldn't take a pay cut. Then he went and had his garbage 2016, and opted out of his contract. He had interest from Seattle. He had reported interest from Baltimore, until his girlfriend (Aldon smiths ex, so you know shes a real keeper) ruined those chances by insulting the owner and Ray Lewis. Now he's legally challenging the league. All of this is not to mention that hell be 31 rhis season, and many teams opt for younger backups they can hope to develop. Kaepernick might be "blacklisted", but who's to say he didn't blacklist himself by making every GM across the league independently think, hey, Kaep just isn't worth the distraction as a #2 QB. Personally, I don't give a fuck what players do before or after games, I watch football for the football content, from 15:00 in the 1st to 0:00 in the 4th. I prefer players who are out and active in the community - Chad Greenway, Thomas Morstead, Steve Gleason all have foundations that benefit the community, the Kendricks brothers have a football camp for kids, Russell Wilson is almost always at the hospital, etc - as my favorite players, but really, who cares what players do, there's always going to be douchebags in the league like Michael Bennett, Adrian Peterson, Gregg Williams. Brett Favre was a known womanizer. Marvin Harrison even maybe killed a guy, and people loved Marvin. At the end of the day, were all people. But we need to quit pretending that outside of 60 minutes of football gameplay, the NFL isnt a business, and it's a business first before football. Go kneel at your office, or your manufacturing job, etc. And you'll probably have to meet with HR, possibly being terminated, because you agreed to comply with the company, and the company comes first. The NFL, unfortunately, is the same way. If you as a football fan want to join the protesting players, don't support the nfl. Don't buy jerseys or hats, don't buy tickets, don't watch the games on tv or official mobile apps and just stream it instead. No nfl licesned gear, no beers or sodas that have nfl branding. None of it. The biggest way to show your support for anything is with your dollars, or a lack thereof.
    3. The Arizona Republic

      Week 13, 2021 NO MORE ARTies vs LA An early game pass from Cardinals' QB Taylor Rodriguez intended for WR Art Baber (left) is intercepted by L.A. Rams CB Thomas Patterson. Less than a month into a potential career resurgence, Baber suffered a severe achilles rupture that will end his season, and possibly his career. While Baber left the game early due to injury, the rest of the Cardinals also seemed to check out early, as an anemic offense (241 yards, 3 turnovers) and a porous defense (460 yards, 6 TDs) allowed the Rams to win 44-10 in Glendale.
    4. [2021] Week #13 - FNF

      Also Latavious Murray 25 180 3 AYYYYYYYYY
    5. Played OG and DE in middle school, was supposed to be the tight end but our line was dumpster juice and I was better at blocking than the actual linemen. Freshman year I was supposed to only be the swing tackle/guard because we didn't have a JV team and I was only 5'10" 180. Both of our starting senior guards were suspended academically 3 games and I ended up being only the 4th freshman in school history to start a game since 1941. By the time the seniors returned I was apparently good enough to start over one of them at left guard, and would never lose the starting role. Didn't play defense the first two years of high school. Junior year I started playing both ways at OG and DT. Made 2nd Team All conference OLine, and the conference commish told me I was the best pulling guard in the area. My senior year we switched to 8man, and I became basically the left tackle since we only ran formations with 3 linemen. Also played DE. Earned 1st Team All Conference for both Oline and Dline, leading blocking for the schools single season rushing yards and TDs leader, and adding 7.5 sacks. Also made the local papers All-Area team, which covered a larger area and all football divisions and not just 8man, for DLine (along with current Penn State player Robert Windsor, so you could say im just as good as him I should use some of you Penn State connections to get them to recruit me 5ish years later @Soluna @grv413 ) Could have tried out for two D3 schools, one I would have to switch to coverage OLB because of my size and they brought in like 16 other freshman to compete for 2 spots to even "grayshirt". The other was a private school where if I made the team they'd cover half (which would still be almost 20k/year), and if I didn't id have to pay full and walk on. Decided to hang it up... Until 2 years later when I joined semipro. Played special teams and had 2 sacks at dtackle in limited D time, earning Special Teams Player of the Year for the team. Last year I played and started at guard 9 games for a team in Madison during the summer league, and switched to situational 3-4 end for fall ball. Started keto, lost a ton of weight and became a WR for 2 games until I sprained and dislocated my ankle. Came back 5 weeks later and started at RB in the playoffs since we only had 16 guys show up. Now this year I bulked (and fattened) up a bit so I'm not getting shoved around as much, and play about 40% of snaps per game at 34 end or nose. TLDR; Middle school - OG DE 9th & 10th - OG 11th - OG & DT 12th - LT & DE, "as good as a recruit " Semipro - ST, DT, OG, DE/NT
    6. [2021] Week #13 - TNF

      Also aaaaaay my Kent State croots won a game
    7. [2021] Week #13 - TNF

      Dammit I thought I played tonight. Rip Iowa bowl chances, shoulda played UMass and Liberty instead of Auburn and Mississippi State
    8. Change my View

      I don't disagree at all, if I'd had Iowa schedule some cupcakes this year instead of purposely scheduling Auburn and Mississippi State (because after the tear we went on at the end of last year, I figured, hey, if we can do it again, we can compete for a Playoff spot), I think people would view Iowa differently this year. Despite Iowa playing both of them on the road and playing very closely, I think most people just look at the W-L column. Iowa is 3-6 right now, but give them two lower level CUSA or Sun Belt teams, and they're 5-4 with a shot at making a bowl, rather than having to run the table
    9. Change my View

      Llamas is the best scout Arizona has had, CMV
    10. [2018] Conference Finals

      Now with updated, "fancy" schedule
    11. [2021] Week #12 - Saturday Evening

      HOW DID I NOT NOTICE LOSING TO CMU FOR THE 3RD TIME IN 4 YEARS??? UP HIPS! (That's shaping up to be quite a rivalry. Suggsy following in the footsteps of Walt )
    12. SumoHC Signup Thread

      Sena Kobayakawa
    13. All-Time starting 5

      Well just have someone throw a bunch of coke in the air like LeBrons talcum powder, summoning the spirit of Bias for the remainder of the game.
    14. [UFHC] Event 1 Results, Event 2 Discussion

      WOOOOO MAIN EVENT. Bingo is going down. How can I say so with such certainty? Is it the arthritis in my wrists and knees talking? Is it the near-certain CTE my brain is ruined by after years of playing in the trenches in football? Or perhaps the nagging ankle I sprained, dislocated, and possibly did worse to that i have to wear a brace for if I do anything athletic? No. It is none of these. It's the facts of morality. While I don't know of physical limitations I may have against my opponent, Bingo has never publicly stated that he doesn't engage in the practices of puppy and kitten killing. He also is the coach of Oregon, and hasn't publicly announced where Chip's other shoe is, or when it will fall. Furthermore, I'm sure he's failed to properly punctuate a sentence before, which can be drastic, changing "let's eat, Grandma", into a far more evil "let's eat Grandma." Simply addressing these issues now, after they've been made public, would only be backtracking for my opponent. Should a potential puppy killing, knowledgeable about projectile foot attire, Grandma-eating fighter be awarded with a win this UFCHC 2 bout? No. Which is why I will be the hero we all need, settling this public outcry, and beating Bingo's ass.
    15. All-Time starting 5

      PG Tyler Ennis SG Jimmer Freddette SF Len Bias PF Anthony Bennett C Hasheem Thabeet 6th: Fab Melo Coach: Larry Krystkowiak