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      Bump for Pac12jack
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      It's like a drug that there's no rehab for.
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      1. Please list your email address and/or your reddit username at which you can be contacted. u/paperllamasunited 2. Before continuing, please thoroughly read the coaching course and feel free to ask questions. Confirm that you have read the coaching course by writing "Confirmed" below. Confirmed. 3. What team do you want to coach? Colorado 4. Please select two backup teams (in descending order of preference) in case your first choice is unavailable. Remain vacant* 5. In three or more sentences, tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, what do you do, where are you from, why would you be a good fit here, etc. I'm 22 years old, originating from a small farm near a town of 1k people located almost centrally between Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay. I went to college for 1 year at a small D3 school near the Mississippi River before my life changed almost entirely (we've gone over this story before, read some past applications or slide in these dms if you really need to hear more about that, it's basically beating a dead horse by now) and I decided to leave school. I enjoy whiskey and hard ciders (perhaps a bit too much), and have been playing semipro football since 2016. I've been a lifelong fan of the Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Lightning, and collegiately follow the Kansas Jayhawks and Michigan Wolverines (with a little bit of Marquette basketball mixed in), as well as formerly following the Badgers (before i met a ton of UW students... If you're interested in the Badgers, don't let my bad experiences sour your opportunities, life is about making your own journey and living your own experiences), probably most recently in Chris Borland's last season. I still follow Russell Wilson religiously, and therefore, I guess the Seahawks are basically a 2nd team to me, though if Wilson were to leave tomorrow, my fandom for them would likely disappear with him. 6. This site can be as time consuming as you want it to be. Weekly duties can be completed in 30 minutes or less, however interacting with your fellow players throughout the week makes it more enjoyable for most people. Approximately, how much free time do you have during a typical week? *This is where I continue my asterisk by my "backup teams" list. I certainly have enough time to gameplan/recruit/etc, if I have a tie to the site (which would be, if I have a team to manage), I'm probably dropping in once or twice at the minimum throughout a typical day. However, right now, I'm working on moving to Kansas (yes, on purpose) so that I can eventually qualify for in-state tuition to what was/is my dream school (don't ask why, I've wanted to go to KU since like 1st grade, and they were the first school i applied to during my senior year of high school, and I should have gone there instead of where I did. You live and you learn, I might have never came to this site without that happening). With looking for a job/housing, I don't want to overcommit myself without fully knowing my stable personal schedule just yet. I'm interested in Colorado because one of my favorite animals is the American bison, or as the University of Colorado Boulder calls their mascot, the Buffaloes. I also don't want a P5 program that's had notable coaches such as Rome, Dacder, and Franz to fall the way of irl Kansas, basically becoming a FCS level team. If the PAC12 conference would be so interested in my services, but hesitant because of my irl moving/distractions, I wouldn't mind taking the role as Buffs coach in an interim role, filling in for the rest of the season so the recruiting class fills out, and allowing the conference commissioner to decide my future with the team beyond this season, based on my performance (participation in recruiting/having an accurate and competitive roster based upon injuries, etc). I also don't want to crush anyone else's goals of succesfully running a P5 school, so if a more-qualified candidate were to emerge, I would not be destroyed by them taking the job over me. If I were not chosen for this job, id likely wait it out until a G5 (or lower level P5) school that I have an interest in became available, rather than forcing myself into a role im not entirely excited about. At this time im also not sure about nflhc roles, though if I were to participate it would certainly be as a scout or something similar, rather than hopping into a GM or coaching job (which is probably for the best, given my hit-or-miss GM performance record at the nflhc level). I also am interested in continuing to make media, I feel bad for not publishing as much media during my time with Iowa as I had hoped to, as I feel contributing to my past conference in the Big Ten wasn't to the standard Id hoped it would have been. I have a lot of unfinished pieces in the vault. If for some reason im not in any coaching role, perhaps ill still work on publishing site media, if im permitted to do so. 7. Losing games is an inevitable reality on this site, especially when accepting newer teams. Do you believe you can handle losing? Disappointment is expected, however we have had issues with people freaking out, and even leaving the site because of losing. I lost 6 games of my first 9 at Kent State, lost 7 in a season at Central Michigan, and then lost 4 at Iowa last season, along with a few during the 2021 season. Irl my high school team went 3-6, 0-8, 1-8, and then 5-4, and in semipro I've gone 2-8, 2-7, and 5-6 thus far. Losing is just a thing that happens, it's how you overcome it that matters. 8. How did you find out about this site? If recommended by a friend, please post his/her username. Pretty sure it was a neo post on Reddit that I came across in December 2015. If for some reason the formatting is odd, let me know, I'm doing this on mobile right now.
    4. [2021] Coach Smackems sings Country Roads

      This is now one of my favorite rivalries.
    5. [2021] Week #7 - 1 PM

    6. [2021] Week #7 - 1 PM

      punched a kicking net after the 3rd player got hurt, turned around, and kicking net came back to throw hands, Let me imagine it this way, I have nothing left
    7. Ryan White, Nordic Network Auburn, Alabama Social media’s influence on the sports world has never been greater. In fact, just today, all of the top Twitter trends happened to revolve around the world of collegiate football. So it should come to no one’s surprise that…. Twitter is changing tradition. Tonight, the Iowa Hawkeyes (2-2) travel to Auburn to take on the undefeated Tigers, in a battle that could shape the season for either team. Iowa, still reeling from a loss at Indiana last Saturday Evening, is desperate for a win, and will rely on the arm and legs of redshirt senior quarterback Mikeal Black to carry them to victory. Auburn, with National Title hopes, will look to their own promising quarterback – Marcus Black. The fact that both quarterbacks have the last name Black is entirely coincidental; Twitter superfans dubbing this the #BLACKOUT, as seen at the top of the trending list, is not. As early as last Wednesday, fans of both Auburn and Iowa began a friendly twitter competition, noticing the shared surname, and then comparing the two Blacks, and eventually, some notable alums weighed in. Heisman trophy winning running back, former Auburn Tiger and current Green Bay Packer, Jaz Durant, supported his former teammate: Meanwhile, a few others, of Iowa fame, threw their names into the backing of Mikeal: Recognizing the friendly rivalry between his two Minnesota Vikings teammates Jared Lee and Jacory Kessler, but also recognizing the charity work both Marcus and Mikeal Black do around their communities, Vikings wide receiver Aaron Ayala decided to expand the challenge, extending the bet from Jaz Durant, Jared Lee, and Jacory Kessler to the entirety of both fan Iowa and Auburn fan bases. Shirts for the game can be picked up at shopncaasports.com/BLACKOUT, or in a limited supply at the game tonight. Each shirt (pictured below) comes in sizes S-XXL, choosing Iowa or Auburn, and will take $19.99 plus applicable tax out of your wallet. The front of each shirt features a commemorative logo, featuring images of both Mikeal Black and Marcus Black, along with basic information surrounding the game. The back of each shirt is unique to each school, showing allegiance to either Mikeal or Marcus Black. With all of the surrounding hype, inspired by the competition between the fan bases, and by Aaron Ayala’s recognition of their student-athletes, the University of Iowa and Auburn University decided to come together to do something special. Iowa is no stranger to wearing different uniforms. They’ve experimented in the past, wearing alternates against Minnesota. Mikeal Black scrambles against Minnesota during their Week 4, 2021 matchup, donning an alternate "Midnight" design. But Auburn has yet to change it up. They haven’t even worn white unis at home before, proudly wearing their Navy Blues at Jordan-Hare since 2013. This week, social media has changed tradition. Auburn, as the home team, will be wearing white uniforms. In honor of the two QBs taking the national spotlight, Auburn will be wearing all-whites, with black and gray trim, with an emphasis on the black. They’ve even pealed the typical Burnt Orange and Navy Blue decals off of their white helmets, opting for black and gray. And Iowa will be wearing almost entirely black unis, with a light gray trim and a steal-like numerical pattern, and charcoal gray helmets. Following the game, all uniforms from both teams will be auctioned off, with the proceeds joining Aaron Ayala’s t-shirt sale donations to Marcus and Mikeal’s causes. Players from Iowa and Auburn enjoyed taking part in a special photo shoot surrounding their alternate uniforms. Pictured are action models, ILB Elias French (left, Iowa) and Sean Meade (right, Auburn) “I never knew a last name could have this much importance,” laughed Mikeal Black in an interview earlier this week. “Now the university president is reaching out to me – the Auburn University president.” No matter the result this weekend, Twitter has shown the good-natured abilities and the reach of college football’s culture.
    8. [2021] Week #6 - 4 PM

      > How it feels to be part of the Vikings, a short story with pictures > Rams 28, Vikings 3 Certainly not a major surprise given our top 2 wrs are broken. Let's at least see how Vardell did... > Cody Albright 16/32, 132, 0-2 Wait, why did Cody Albright play? WTF HAPPENED TO VARDELLL???!!! > Brian Vardell, severe shoulder dislocation Fade me fam. Can I fire our training staff?
    9. It was me who filled in, for anyone looking to send blame though I was a pollster in 2019, and have kept my own top 49 ranking in a private excel spreadsheet for the last season and a half, so I feel I'm certainly qualified to fill in when needed. That said, vtgorilla and I likely wouldn't vote the same way - as none of us would, at this point there's too much variance and too many solid, undefeated teams to judge in different ways - so any main differences between the season trend of rankings and this week, will likely correct back to the trend once he returns for next week's poll.
    10. I entirely agree with you - and this isn't throwing shade at you - because I'm not even sure you're a top 20 team at this point. Destroying expansion teams like Troy, Texas State, and Umass, who are what id assume FCS quality at the moment with their rosters, in OOC, and SJSU being your only conference game so far, that just doesn't speak worthy of a top 5 ranking from me in my opinion. Your best OOC win might be a 35-28 win over NDSU, who actually is a FCS team. Meanwhile we have Florida who beast SJSU by the same margin of victory as you, but they've also beaten Kentucky and Tennessee by multiple scores each, and played one of the top G5 teams in Toledo and won... and Florida is considered the 11th best team. (There's other examples too.) This is not to say you're not a Top 15 team, or perhaps top 5 even, but with so many other schools still undefeated, with stronger scheudles played, I just don't see how anyone can put Nevada 4th.
    11. The 2018 Grammy Awards, Corrected.

      I didn't even pay attention to the grammys but jeeeeeez... why so much Bruno Mars love? Kendrick, Lorde and Jay-Z all had solid albums (wasn't the biggest fan of Lordes but I could see how people would like it, and there were a couple songs I vibed really well with) [and I didn't listen to all of Gambinos so I'll reserve judgment of his]. I don't know what the difference between Record of the year and Song are, but of those 5 record nominations 24k magic was my least favorite and I'm surprised Despacito didn't win song. VERRRY surprised Khalid didn't win new artist, I love putting his album on if im driving across town or just hanging out at home, very playable, relatable music. This is why the grammys aren't for me. Edit: just noticed the other things in the bottom spoiler. I'm not huge into pop, I barely listen to the radio because it's an inefficient platform for me and I hate ads, so I've only heard Praying and Shape of You. Praying seemed pretty good but watching ToddInTheShadows year end top list, a lot of people on the comments said it was slept on, so not surprised with Sheeran winning Pop Solo. Lanas new album was amazing, but I didn't listen to the rest (one friend said Joanne was a GOAT album but she's also a huge gaga fan so I'm on the fence of her opinion). I know nothing about rock these days except Portugal the Man so I'll skip that. Location and Redbone >>>>>>>>> anything Bruno mars puts out. I haven't even heard his song that won, but I can imagine it's a typical post-2011 Bruno Mars song. Ill take DAMN as best album, I didn't really like Flower Boy but I've really moved on from Tyler being in my music rotation despite being a huge OFWGKTA stan from 2011ish-2014. One friend really liked it though, but step up from his lasr album apparenrly.
    12. [2021] Week #6 - Saturday Evening

      Offense did good for the most part, except the OL and 3rd down... defense was garbage against the run (5.84avg). Not that I thought Indiana would be an easy win or a definite loss, but im starting to have doubts about our bowl odds. Still gotta play Auburn and a tough Big Ten West.
    13. [2021] Croot Maps 1.0

      https://www.zeemaps.com/mobile?group=2863204&item=169871143 Red is campus, blue are croots, yellow is a high school with multiple commitments.
    14. [2021] Week #6 - TNF

      Byron Suggs 350 yards, 3 TDs, no turnovers... loses
    15. [Shitbox Poll] Favorite Soda

      There's like 17262638726 types of Root Beer though, and you can't tell me they all taste equal